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File: ecdbada380d94ac⋯.jpg (83.62 KB, 600x600, 1:1, tfw this is real life.jpg)


What's dyniggers endgame?


Crashing /b/ with no survivors.


File: 5867ae2ebfebb5e⋯.webm (2.7 MB, 640x480, 4:3, ULJ3.webm)


>What's dyniggers endgame?

stick around to find

<in the mean time, just hunker the bunker


File: 724b70c726636a8⋯.jpg (103.85 KB, 975x650, 3:2, 724b70c726636a839eae207c19….jpg)


File: 7d775ecf0f07695⋯.jpg (35.44 KB, 640x597, 640:597, poo accident.jpg)

Honestly think he's going all in to "prove" he was right.

Guy gone mad. Before this image shit he and his cronies were mass banning at random, people bailed, PPH dropped, blames "cancer", gets spammed by a bot, fails at crontrolling the spam bot, loses his shit, bans all images, can't admit that he's a fuckup, goes all in on proving PPH is failing because of too much cancer.



You can't even have fun shitposting about the topic of pedophilia anymore, I've gotten multiple week bans from Dysnigger for making guaranteed reply posts like "What if the child consents tho?", and even multiple week bans for fucking REPLYING to an op who was discussing the topic of pedophilia with the ban reason "replying to pedo". The stupid nigger might as well require every post to be approved by moderation before it is posted at the rate his stupid ass is going. Everything he has done further shits up /b/ and it has never been this bad.



Fuck man same thing here. Some idiot made a post about a friend having a fourteen year old gf and I replied posing as a loli, clearly a very sarcastic reply and I even admitted I was being a lying little shit to get OP butthurt. I got banned immediately for posting CP. That was the literal reason. When I appealed I asked dysnigger if he was retarded for not being able to comprehend what he was reading, as I was clearly not posting CP (didn’t even post a single image) and trolling. It was blatant. His response was extending my ban to a month. I wish I had screenshot that bullshit. This is just one example of the bullshit these mods are pulling. Dysnigger has completely fucked /b/ into the dirt. I’ll just stay in the /bunker/ until the massive amount of cocks in his ass finally splits him in half and kills him.



I got banned for replying to a thread where the OP was asking if he was ugly. If you can't shitpost on /b/ then where can we? Does he not get how silly threads are fun?


It's only a matter of time until it breaks. Some new /b/ will rise from this, /bunker/ might as well do.


I'm just waiting for pedos to post their cp as ascii images to get around Dysniggers latest bowel movement. All he managed to do is fuck over the majority of average /b/ users.


>crying about moderation




Why aren't you posting on /b/ then? :^)

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