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Ravenposting HQ

File: b1ad619bb0300e5⋯.png (748.05 KB, 1302x2125, 1302:2125, first hunger games1.png)

390c16 No.317

/caco/ has attended her first Attention-Hungry Games. Sadly, we have lost, but we made a great run.

The later AHGs' results will be posted here as well.

390c16 No.318

File: 8c5cbb6239d0bee⋯.jpg (35.01 KB, 287x491, 287:491, what did you said about my….jpg)

I've typed a really long post, pushed something accidentally and it's gone! Now I have to do it again…

390c16 No.319

File: b3be35710116a69⋯.png (785.13 KB, 1624x1776, 203:222, first hunger games2.png)


She has failed to destroy us.

>first day

Maybe because we are 2D? Or she is racially biased against half-demons?

>first night

A (((merchant))) denies us service! Nein, nein, nein!

>second day

I don’t know what the Great American Challenge is…

>second night

Ugh. Why did we trusted this ugly thing? Maybe it was nice?

>third day

It was a big mistake to trust >>>/bflo/ but >>>/5/ is our friend.

>third night

The superior form of animation wins!

>fourth day

Auch! This must be the result of the constant Coconut Cream Pie diet…

>fourth night

I can understand him. We are a very attractive board:1

>fifth day

This is really interesting. An occult board gets a letter from Fate itself, that they are the only one who can destroy us. And we are the user of black magic, of sorcery, of the forbidden arts. It’s incredible. He failed as well.

>fifth night

Maybe we thought they are Beast Boy? Or they thought we are delicious, because of the coconut cream smell?

>sixth day

A bad habit tried to defeat us and failed! We are victorious again!

>sixth night

An anime girl thinks ’’we’’ are pervs? Don’t make me laugh.

>seventh day

Hehe, we ignored the unfunny meme. But this is another evidence, that we are attractive.

>seventh night

This could be a glitch? I guess we have won anyway…

>8th day

So the girl who thought we are a creepy perv, joins us? And the just guy really wants our attention. Cute.

>8th night

The night when Raven falls… >>>/h8s/ is now our enemy!

298bb2 No.323

you will never win

29782c No.376


lmaoing @ your life

053b40 No.384


imagine having to wake up every morning and be Maisieposter

Post last edited at

43e583 No.386

If the spam is this bad now, imagine what it'll be like if you do win the AHG…

b15c7e No.414


>editing posts

the absolute state of Maisieposter

Edit: Here I am Ravenposter.

Post last edited at

390c16 No.423

File: d4a3c4045160e80⋯.jpg (58.79 KB, 450x403, 450:403, help she is taking me away.jpg)

We have entered our second Attention-Hungry Games.

1e43bb No.474

File: 47599ac71c03b46⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1889x5366, 1889:5366, 1531415604549.png)

Just gonna leave this here so you know who shat up your thread.

1e43bb No.475


*board, whatever

1e43bb No.593


You can't hide your shame with more black dicks, Zach.

Zachary Keith Hasbrouck

585 Longbrook Avenue

Stratford Connecticut


c1655f No.689

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


390c16 No.784

File: 2210993a3f251ab⋯.png (191.27 KB, 672x764, 168:191, second hunger games.png)

Our second Attention-Hungry Games went really poorly…


Could have been a winning tactic.

>first day

I think they tried to kill us in the previous competition. Also it's a bad habit.

>first night

She's a fellow cartoonish board, of course we went along well.

>second day

We have met out doom by the hand of >>>/ausneets/ - another sworn enemy!

Everything looked so well and suddenly, we died… Too bad dark magic is not allowed in the games…

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