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File: b85e4a2e8740789⋯.jpg (11.21 KB, 214x39, 214:39, logo.jpg)

File: 883fe239b62e50d⋯.jpg (4.16 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.jpg)

File: 88b04898eaa3b45⋯.jpg (6.43 KB, 293x98, 293:98, jewgle.jpg)


Google spending $500k on development and delivery of NewsWise

>TORONTO, Sept. 19, 2017 /CNW/ - The Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF) and CIVIX are pleased to announce NewsWise, a news literacy program made possible with $500,000 in funding from Google Canada.

>With the aim of tackling the issue of fake news, the CJF and CIVIX will work together to provide over 1.5 million school-aged Canadians (ages 9-19) a deeper understanding of the role journalism plays in democracy.

>"Fake news accelerates distrust in our institutions, including distrust of the trained media who spend so much time trying to hold the powerful to account," says David Walmsley, chair of the CJF and editor of The Globe and Mail.

>"If we're going to foster trust in journalism, we need to reach the next generation of news consumers and ensure they understand the role journalism plays in our society. This initiative provides an arena to engage a younger audience and to ensure they're equipped with the skills to identify reliable sources of information."

>NewsWise will be developed by CIVIX, the organization behind Student Vote, and CJF's network of academics and journalists. The program will be a part of the Student Vote activities, rolling out to coincide with the Ontario provincial election in 2018, and other upcoming local and provincial elections, culminating nationally with the 2019 federal election.

>"Access to reliable news sources is critical to fully engaging in the democratic process," says Taylor Gunn, President and CEO of CIVIX. "Giving young Canadians an understanding of the role journalism plays in our society and the knowhow to find and filter information is essential in nurturing an informed citizenry for the long term."

>The Student Vote program reaches 7,500 schools in the country, representing 98 per cent of Canadian school boards. Showcasing the role journalism plays in a healthy democracy, the program will provide Canadian students with the tools and knowledge to find and filter accurate information online. CJF will engage Canada's journalism community in supporting the delivery of the program.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Quality OP, been busy as hell so it took me a while to get around to digging. So CIVIX labels themselves as "non-partisan" but considering one of their top funders is an Ontario govt. agency (Trilium Foundation) that seems like bullshit.

Interesting side-note; one of CIVIX's board members is also vice-chairman of Hill&Knowlton Strategies, a resolutely Liberal-leaning PR firm. Even more interesting, H&K Strategies' CEO and President is a certain (((Goldy Hyder))) - also a major player in Century Initiative, a group of oligarchs and kikes pushing to increase Canada's population to 100M by 2100. But I digress.

Student Vote, first off, seems like a heavily regimented political programming scheme for kids; Teachers must attend something called "Democracy Boot Camp" in order to properly guide the Student Vote process, so it's anything but "hands off". Kids are then encouraged to talk (or preach) to their parents regarding the "proper" candidate etc etc. The Program seems massive as you stated, 98% of all Canadian schools… I'm getting a "communist red guard" vibe from this tbqhwy.

Just as the goal of Student Vote seems to be to raise a new generation of unwavering diversity zombies, NewsWise approaches media literacy from a similar angle. the Canadian Journalism Foundation is funded by the large leaf Banks as well as the major print media outlets; the objective being to cultivate a new source of readership for the Old Guard of the MAYNE STREEM METEOR. I'm very curious about the following sentence though

>the program will provide Canadian students with the tools and knowledge to find and filter accurate information online

What "tools" could that be? If ((((((((((((Google)))))))))) is involved there must be some plan to roll out a heavily curated and kosher web browser. Either way this is quite alarming. Good find, OP.

File: b42d90699c59fa9⋯.png (367.66 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, HowToDealWithTheLeaf.png)

File: 65f42829d0cba83⋯.jpg (81.63 KB, 646x960, 323:480, Antifag1.jpg)


Nova Scotia anons, watch out. Antifa is trying to set up shop in Halifax and have already opened a few of their pet businesses.

If you are in Halifax a shop known as Antifashion has opened and they have begun putting their graffiti around town. Most noticeably the stone wall below Citadel Hill was covered in Right Wing VS Antifa shitposting for a while.


>that second pic

I swear to Christ if someone harms my pupper I will snap and go on a killing spree the likes of which the world has never seen before.



Looked up the clothing store; is it the one on Agricola & West? Seems like some generic normalfag hipster bullshit. Are you sure they're affiliated with the actual Antifa?

If so, hopefully they implode in a hilarious fashion no pun intended like that Commie Vegan restaurant in Michigan

>https:// archive.fo/2Nmea

>Customers complained about waiting over 40 minutes for a sandwich; the restaurant’s hours were variable because the hours were set by group decision, and the restaurant often publicly espoused its devotion to communist heroes and principles, even featuring a mural of Marxist leaders and murderers Che Guevara and Mao Zedong making and serving vegetarian food

>When the diner offered a free meal to Grand Rapids police officers as a ‘thank you’ for keeping their neighborhood safe, local socialists complained that the business was abrogating its core ideals by siding with fascists and supporting ‘nearly all-white police force in this era of police violence.’”


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Embedded is a video of Antifa beaten an innocent man in Quebec, unprovoked. He suffered severe injuries.

Here is the CBC article about the incident: https://archive.fo/L6ZRV

The CBC is openly lauding the activities of Antifa. The article describes Antifa as heroicly fighting "racism and neo-Nazism". The entire article reads like a recruitment campaign for Antifa, even highlighting the efforts of one of their leaders, a woman who converted to Islam 16 years ago.

>Today, the movement calls itself Antifa — a term first coined almost a century ago in Europe, short for anti-fascist. It aims to make members of groups such as La Meute, the organizer of the Quebec City far-right march, so uncomfortable in the streets that they'll be forced back into the shadows.

>The Antifa groups share values such as having a horizontal structure with no recognized leaders and a common belief in a world without borders.

>Antifa activists were out in force last month at Montreal's Olympic Stadium, where a far-right group had planned to condemn asylum seekers being housed there. The far-right group cancelled, and instead, the migrants were welcomed.

The CBC article basically sanctions the view that violence is acceptable against "fascism":

>"Fascism seeks to eradicate anyone who doesn't agree with it," he told CBC. "You can't do anything but defend yourself."

>On that point, both the Montreal and the Quebec City Antifa militants agree that, under some circumstances, physical violence is necessary.

>"Fascism needs to be eradicated with fists," the Quebec City activist said.

>"We need to do better at choosing the targets of physical aggression," the Montreal activist states, singling out the group Atalante as "a full-on, neo-Nazi outfitPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I don't know that much about Quebec tbh. I know you lot are very nationalist so I'm guessing just like in Ontario the real fire rises outside of the cities.



>For Le Moyne, that perceived attack on religious freedom was personal: She converted to Islam in 2001 and now wears a hijab.

"Yes, I'm Muslim, but I'm still punk. The punk in me really hasn't left," she says.

Being this much of a useful idiot… I'd be curious to know how this cunt manages to reconcile the punk ethos (anti-authoritarian, anti-conformist) with the most restrictive religion on earth.

I briefly considered attending this very rally but La Meute are a bunch of civnat faggots so i didn't, but this whole debacle didn't make the left look very good. (((CBC))) can spin it all they want, I doubt that the Quebec population outside of Montreal is even remotely sympathetic to their cause.

File: b3453de696aeb38⋯.png (531.6 KB, 626x714, 313:357, diversity.PNG)


Well lads it looks like the head somali savage in charge of immigration is making sure there isn't a single white spot left untouched by diversity. Oh the joys of the Trudeau Sr legacy.

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.



Rage is only pointless if it's squandered.

Let the rage flow and use it approximately.

>this push for rural immigration will not work

No it won't. Rural lads aren't cuckd live their urban counterparts. They will make these cunts feel the fire.

>doing what we're doing, even if very few are ready to listen.

Indeed you're correct. I've been seeing a lot of resentment towards non whites among Canadians. They feel the country is being invaded and given away. Now I'm not talking about the majority but its something.



>They feel the country is being invaded and given away.

Every single Canadian I've spoken to in the past two months has shared this sentiment, and I'm also talking CBC watching/reading/listening normies. They narrative is beginning to crack.



Fug I didn't proof read. I meant appropriately.


File: f7dc05dccb7297b⋯.jpg (392.24 KB, 2800x1095, 560:219, 1st battalion at valcartie….jpg)


The fire is rising its now our chance to mold the future.


File: d2cf3d447f2829d⋯.png (7.05 KB, 287x123, 7:3, oy btw.PNG)


>Rage is only pointless if it's squandered.

This. The whole system is designed to break whites one way of another; either by anesthetizing us with futile pleasures or - in the case of the racially-conscious - causing us to lash out indiscriminately and sacrifice our freedom. This is what the hotheads don't get. Both of those outcomes are a net loss for our cause, and I couldn't give less of a shit about PR; it's about choosing the appropriate target when the time comes, or as you said, channeling the rage into something constructive. Personally, I think that it's not even necessary to hate your enemy, I try to look at (((them))) as obstacles, and their destruction as a duty, no more no less.

File: 654f7542338812e⋯.png (2.26 MB, 1344x807, 448:269, KingNigger.PNG)


An organization called Canada2020 has invited Obama to be the keynote speaker at a "lunch event" in Toronto on sept. 29th.

>“President Barack Obama in Toronto will be the biggest political event of the year, bar none,” said (((Bruce Heyman))), former U.S. Ambassador to Canada and newly appointed special adviser to Canada 2020.


What the fuck is Canada2020 and why should we give a shit?

In their words:

>Canada 2020 is Canada’s leading, independent, progressive think-tank working to redefine the role of the federal government for a modern Canada.

>We do this by hosting events, producing original research, and starting conversations about Canada’s future. Our goal is to build a progressive community of people and ideas that will move and shape governments in the future.

Sounds pretty fucking jewish right? You have no idea. More to come in following posts. For the time being, it's important to note that the event is closed to the media, and entrance will set you back 10k (for a table of 10, no individual price). It's clearly a fundraising scheme, but for whom and why?

6 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: fbca51e18a8e788⋯.png (584.44 KB, 1579x904, 1579:904, 2020.PNG)

File: 11ac588edc6e610⋯.png (98.64 KB, 966x1027, 966:1027, 2020 2.PNG)

Advisory: Leaders of the global progressive movement meeting in Montreal this weekend.



File: 7020a4de11a8f97⋯.png (413.25 KB, 1404x993, 468:331, Screenshot-2017-9-15 MEDIA….png)

File: bd0567a02d237dc⋯.png (423.57 KB, 1404x993, 468:331, Screenshot-2017-9-15 MEDIA….png)

File: 0e9c24fd4a49022⋯.png (421.21 KB, 1404x993, 468:331, Screenshot-2017-9-15 MEDIA….png)

File: a641d30f61fc112⋯.png (410.71 KB, 1404x993, 468:331, Screenshot-2017-9-15 MEDIA….png)

Here is the line up




Nothing makes me rage harder then that guys face. Thanks for the heads up amerianon.

Was to find info on the "Women in the World" summit that was earlier this week and was looking for any crossover between the two besides Turdeau but came up with nothing. Does seem to be a creation of the Jew York Times, so I'm sure they are connected somehow.



Just my vpn m80. I'm a canuck.







Jesus H. Christ, this conference's faggotry is going to reach diamond-tier levels of density.


>Rise of toxic politics of identity and division, resurgence of authoritarian regimes

Top fucking löl, I wonder what "regime" they're referring to. That is the jewiest thing I've read in a while. Truly goes to show the level of sociopathy of these faggots; decrying the "wrong kind" of authoritarianism while praising governments that arrest people for faceberg posts. Wonder if they consider constant bombings and acid attacks to be equally toxic and divisive - oh wait, what am I saying.. That's just "part and parcel" of living in a big city. (((Progressivism))) has to die.

File: 2f1d6cbe7f1ab9c⋯.png (28.25 KB, 316x316, 1:1, Canada_150.png)



The Maple Leaf, for better or for worse, is the symbol of Canada. It appears in our original flag, it is in the title of our original anthem, and a red one features prominently in the latest incarnation of the flag. There is probably nowhere on the planet that the red maple leaf is not known as meaning Canada.

I began to take notice during the lead up to Canada 150 celebrations, when the recent "mosaic leaf" was being plastered everywhere. It barely looks like a maple leaf. During the unveiling of the Diversity Gardens project in Winnipeg, the centerpiece of the gardens is known as "The Leaf" a 6000 sq foot facility. You would think it would have been designed to resemble a maple leaf, the leaf of Canada but instead it has an elliptical leaf as the leaf design.

I didn't really think anything of it until I was reading the (((cbc))) this morning and noticed they had a picture of a car in the Ottawa fag parade. This car features an elliptical leaf on the front of the car in pride colors. It just seemed like a strange coincidence.

I guess the point of this post is: has the elliptical leaf as a symbol shown up anywhere else in Canada? Who is behind the design of "The Leaf" at diversity gardens? Who is behind the car that appeared at pride with the elliptical leaf symbol?

The elliptical leaf appearing where there should be a maple leaf just doesn't sit right with me.

2 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Can I only add one pic/post here?

It was set at 1 for some reason, now back up to 4

>elliptical leaf

The fag parade one sort of reminds me of a feather tbqh, maybe a nod to the noble savages that are the true owners of this land. sarcasm

As for the 150 leaf, I definitely found it hideous from the getgo and perceived the, as well, as a a reference to faggotry. Apparently its 13 sections refer to the 13 provinces and signify 'togetherness' but according to the desgin contest winner - some mystery meat skank ofc - there's no mention of a link between the vomit-inducing rainbow colors and homosex per se. But let's be real…

>The multi-coloured iteration gives a feeling of diversity while the red one shows pride and unity.

Fucking disgusting. the 150th was a gigantic virtue-signal as expected. If anyone was expecting any solemnity or rememberance of our actual history as opposed to its meme version they must have been dreaming,


Apparently the 'outrage' from the design community over the flag had nothing to do with its repugnant modernist structure but rather with the fact that she 'only' received 5k for the design. Seems to me she was wildly overpaid.




<spoiler>Thanks for the board fix</spoiler>

You are probably right about the fag car. It is easy to just be seeing patterns where there are none if patterns are what your looking for. I'll just have to wait and see what the government branding of upcoming events will look like.

>History of the 150

I would like to know more. Can you point me towards some good books on the subject of our past. Hard to find good reads on our country that haven't been kike'd. Searching for them usually comes up with sources that are liberal at best.


File: a47b2349b9e817e⋯.pdf (587.21 KB, Lament for a Nation - geor….pdf)


>board fix

No worries. About the Diversity Gardens™, I had to look it up to make sure you weren't memeing.

>The Leaf

>The Indigenous People's Garden

>The Cultural Mosaic

I want off this ride


>an exploration of the human connection with plants and nature will showcase our nation’s extraordinary multicultural heritage. Visitors will discover the role plants have in shaping the life and identity of their community and their country – past, present and future.

100M to commemorate 'our' extraordinary multicultural heritage.. That's the last 46 years, what about the other '104' ? (excluding the pre-confederation era). We don't need a 100M reminder of that faggotry, I get a very evocative picture of it whenever I go to toronto

>History books

I should probably make a 'book club' kind of thread, been meaning to do that. In the interim I do indeed have some suggestions; not general history per se but targeted History more like.

1- "Lament for a Nation", George Grant. Must read, you probably know this one already.

2- "First Nations? Second Thoughts." by TOm Flanagan. Very objective look at the aboriginal question from the very beginning to today.



Thank you for the book suggestions. Look forward to reading them.


File: f1b242968040b32⋯.mp4 (4.01 MB, 720x480, 3:2, Sheboon in the wild.mp4)

File: 8f770c6b0c734f7⋯.mp4 (5.37 MB, 720x480, 3:2, Smug immigrants-Diversity ….mp4)


They have a few Diversity gardens videos up on Youtube. It's supposed to be in fucking Winnipeg and the first minute or so is some mini-coon frolicking in a field. The level of propaganda has to be seen to be believed.

Notice how smug the wetback is in the other clip.

>"The best thing about Canada is you get the best from every culture, put it in a cocktail and say "This is Canada"


At least the commentors are not as pozzed as you would expect

File: ba0d294d7151dfa⋯.jpg (53.36 KB, 430x562, 215:281, eee4cf9d9cf15da107cc8483c6….jpg)


got the papers to start up a local political party today, wrote a manifesto, would like someone to look it over for me.

8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.




Japan has had it at 12 for a long time, Mexico as well, it wouldn't be too unreasonable, at 12 you're strong and smart enough to work safely in most jobs, you have developed interest in sex by then, so you can understand it enough to consent to it, and you're old enough to start contemplating things like economics, thus being able to vote.

I don't want to look like a pedophile though, given that I've decided to legalize CP (which theoretically would lower the amount of child sexual abuse and child sexual assault, as well as make it easier for the police to identify and arrest rapists of children).



>National Libertarianism

You lost me already. Lolbertarianism is a meme for a reason. You want to reduce the government to its simplest expression and stay out of cultural affairs? Congratulations, you've already been subverted before you've even taken office. Jew-funded civil society organizations will be more than happy to pick up the slack. Game over, thanks for playing. Libertarians assume that maximizing personal freedom is a net benefit, and that every citizen will act in the same atomized and disinterested way, somehow coalescing into a harmonious whole. They won't.

>Immigration: Anyone applying from a country with an average IQ that is below 90

At least that excludes niggers; but i get the distinct impression that you're advocating for civic nationalism; so high-IQ chinks and pakis are A-ok in your book? This country will be minority white in 20 years but at least the immigrants will be smart, right? If you're going to create a fringe party with no hope of being anointed by the oligarchs, at least have some include some elements that would appeal to the racially-conscious.

>Registering their religious status during the application process as something that is not an Abrahamic faith

What the fuck is this bullshit? I disapprove of the State of the Christian church ever since the 1`6th century at least, but you've just excluded literally millions of hard-working whites with solid family values. Let me guess, if a meth-addled demi-queer pagan applied he'd be alright, but a heterosexual Christian wouldn't? Come on, give me something to work with.

> All citizens who are under the age of 25 are prohibited from being employed by a business

This is garbage; having a job as a youth builds character and a sense of financial responsibility,

> they will instead be able to be given the death penalty

Death penalty for pedos is obligatory, approved.

>including the recordings of all criminal acts, including those acts which are sexual in nature (including CP)

ThisPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Thank you very much for your critique, here's my responses:

1. Immigration: I think it might be better to have a sakoku policy, a closed country, where no one can enter or leave, might be interesting to see how Canada can function as a completely self-sufficient colony, with it's borders entirely locked down, at least until this shit all blows over (and if it doesn't, we'd at least be insulated from the coming shitstorm or a third world Europe).

Alternative Immigration: We will have a closed country for 25 years, during this period, no one except the politicians, their security, the military, and the intelligence services will be permitted to cross the borders, whether to enter or leave the country, a wall will be constructed around all the borders of the country, including along it's coasts, and will be patrolled by armed immigration control officers, any foreigners who happen to be in the country, for any reason, when the closed country is declared will be held within the country, and made into citizens, anyone who attempts to enter following this declaration will be deported, anyone who attempts to leave will be criminally prosecuted.

2: Religion: the Abrahamic faiths are Semitic, Socialistic, Degenerate, and Expansionist, it does not matter if the followers have become the complete opposite of what their holy book recommends over the centuries, there is always a backdoor for the jewish influence to creep in, last I checked, the assholes in the SJW were quoting Jesus in order to promote their ideology to me, only to be surprised to find out I was actually anti-christian, but the christian shit works on minorities about 80% of the time, and they take that shit literally, if I cut out christian influence, I cut out that 80% of leftist minorities.

3: AoM: Addressed above, it's 12 now, 12 because getting them into the working world as early as possible is, as you mentioned, ultimately a good thing, also, since they are post-pubertal and interested in sex past this point, the sexual experience would not be as traumatic as it would for anyone before this point.

4: I want CP and Snuff to be legal for the reasons given above, I want less children Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>anyone who attempts to leave will be criminally prosecuted.

B-but why wouldn't you want non-whites to leave? You claim it 'might be interesting' if all entry and exit was forbidden; as a pure thought experiment or am i missing the plot? Ultimately they all should go back. Period. I understand that, as an official party platform, that may be mildly controversial but it's not by banning all exits that this country is going to get any whiter. Is this a LARP thread and I'm just too tired to notice?

> the Abrahamic faiths are Semitic, Socialistic, Degenerate, and Expansionist

Socialist? In some respects but as a National Socialist that's not exactly the element that bothers me. Is the top-ranking clergy left-wing? Well yeah obviously, the Vatican has essentially been pushing for more refugees since Pope Francis came into office. But you haven't addressed my point that White christians would be excluded according to your rules. Forget about leftist minorities, there shouldn't even be any minorities period. As for the jewish influence, like I said, the social freedom you espouse leaves room for atheist jews to do what they do best.

>I want CP and Snuff to be legal for the reasons given above, I want less children to be abused, and I want pedos and serial killers to be caught

There are ways to do that without legalizing CP ffs; you're just following the lolberg playbook on that one. If a climate of sexual liberation is tolerated - as you say it would be - it's a breeding ground for all types of disgusting behaviors and fetishes, including CP and the like. Like I said, the State should clearly send a message to the public that this behavior will not be tolerated, no matter whether it 'leads' to child abuse or not. And it does.

>I will have the support of the people, with the internet not being locked down at all, the canadian people will put forward good things about my reign

>my reign

Stop larping

>the free market also acts as a darwinian selective measure

ahem, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>deliberately avoiding the ethnostate

Yes, this needs to at least have some appeal to normies, and, though whites will be the target demographic, we should not shut out the possibility of attracting non-whites as well, if this is to be a thing, it needs to have as many supporters as possible, it's all about optics, those who disregard optics in lieu of ideological purity, are so counter-productive, they might as well be shills.

>stop larping

I'm just following Stefan Molyneux's recommended playbook, people want to side with whoever will ultimately win, and they look for conviction as an indicator of whether your movement will win or not, I'm showing my conviction, that I'm serious about this, and that I

want victory at any cost, this should win me support, according to Molyneux's hypothesis.

>Atheist Jews

With all immigration on lockdown, and that includes imports + exports of goods and services, there will be no means of importing migrants or exporting jobs, and with no central banking, and with it a gestalt currency, they will have no means of leveraging political power.

>Just reciting the lolbertarian talking points

That's because they are correct, the fact that they remain consistent on this, and actually engage these points when they are addressed, is actually a testament to this, the Jews behind our problems never push for free markets, they push for a regulated economy, from medicare to social security to anti-discrimination laws, and then push for more and more regulations, the likes of Rand, Rothbard, Hoppe, and Mises were never a part of the problem, despite being Jewish, there is a reason the Israeli lobby and the Jewish media disowns and denounces them, just look at all the hate Rand received for her work.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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