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/canpol/ Meta Discussion

/canpol/ Rules:

1. This will probably be a slow board, but keep pointless shitposting to a minimum regardless.

2. Defeatists will be warned, then banned. Keep it constructive.

3. No 'east vs. west' or 'frog vs anglo' D&C. Actually, no D&C period. Save that bullshit for regular /pol/.

Please note that the point of this board is not to fragment /pol/'s user base, but rather to provide a Canadian-centric base of operations and the impetus for long-term planning and discussion. Otherwise, certain types of threads which are usually pruned by /pol/ moderation such as book or self-improvement threads are welcome.

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Chinese Demands: Recognize Us As "Nation Builders of Canada"

>A book with a weird title, Canada's Chinese Gene, was released this summer claiming that Chinese-Canadians "should be recognized as nation builders, instead of immigrants." The book was written in the language of its author, Guo Ding, who looks like a prototype member of the Chinese Communist Party.

>Guo Ding dedicates himself to the promotion of Chinese culture in Canada as a TV producer for Omni Mandarin. He says that in order for Canadians and Chinese to get along it is very important for everyone to understand that Chinese people have been culturally and genetically an intrinsic component of the Canadian nation throughout history.

>Chinese-Canadians were there [in Canada] over 150 years ago and Chinese ancestors played a key role in building the Canadian Pacific Railway, which was the foundation of the federation. They were not just cheap labourers, but nation builders.

>He chose the word "gene" for the title because he wants Euro-Canadians to understand that there is no such thing as a "Euro-Canadian" since Chinese genes are part of their genetic make up. Euro-Canadians need to understand that Chinese did not come "from the outside” but have always been inside the genes of Canadians.

>Ding says he is a man with good intentions. He wants Canadians learn to view the current arrival of millions of Chinese as a normal continuation of past trends. There is nothing to be worried about the sinicization of cities like Richmond and Markham since Canadians are already genetically Chinese to begin with. Once Euro-Canadians come to understand that they don't have an identity of their own, Chinese can reciprocate by not building 10,000-square-feet houses on Canadian farmlands.

>Chinese-Canadians will develop a deeper connection with Canada once they are recognized as co-equal creators of the nation. They will happily put English signs in their businesses.


This is how most promoters of diversity are described notwithstanding the vacuity of their arguments. The facts are clear: Chinese immigrants played a microscopic role in Canada`s history. In 1901, 96 percent of the Canadian population was European in origin; there were only 17, 043 Chinese immigrants (born outside Canada) relative to a population of 5.3 million. Vancouver, with the highest Chinese proportion throughout Canada’s history, was virtually a White European city from its beginnings in the 1870s to the 1980s. In the 1950s, when the city had been fully developed into a metropolis, the British accounted for about 75 percent of the population, and other Europeans accounted for about 18 percent, whereas the Asian proportion (Chinese and Japanese combined) accounted for only 3 percent.


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Canada Will Officially Apologize to LGBTQ2S+ People on Nov 28.

Well, yet again we see more appeasement towards disgusting sodomites. Nov 28 will be the day Trudeau aka Castro Jr will apologize for so called wrong doings in Canada's past. Just another day in Wiemar Republic Of Canada.

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Jews Infect All

Mixed-race couples challenge Kahnawake marry out, stay out law

>More than a dozen people appeared in court Tuesday to challenge a Mohawk Council of Kahnawake law that prevents non-Indigenous people from living on the Mohawk territory south of Montreal. It's known as the "marry out, stay out" law. These mixed-race families argue the Mohawk council's residency laws are unconstitutional and discriminatory.

>Among those challenging the law in Quebec Superior Court is, Waneek Horn-Miller who grew up in Kahnawake. Because she married a white man, her family cannot live together in her home community.

>"As Indigenous people, we have very strong ties to the land where our ancestors are, and I also feel very strongly about contributing to my community," Horn-Miller said. She said she wants to help build Kahnawake and move it forward.

>Horn-Miller was a teenager during the 1990 Oka crisis, a land dispute that resulted in the death of a provincial police officer, when she was stabbed in the chest by a soldier's bayonet while protecting her younger sister.

>Horn-Miller now lives in Ottawa but said she desperately wants to move back to Kahnawake. "I don't believe you should have to pick between your heart, which is the love of a wonderful man which has made my life incredible, and my community," she said.

>For the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake, the law is a tool with which to protect the community's culture, traditions and even language. Joe Delaronde, spokesperson for the council, said that people in his community are disappointed the dispute is now before a non-Mohawk tribunal.

>"The real concern for us is that a community law is being challenged in a Quebec court when, really, we've made that determination all along," Delaronde said outside the courtroom in Longueuil. The council feels "extremely strongly" that the matter should be decided internally, he said.

>The bottom line is that non-Indigenous people are welcome in the community but cannot live there, Delaronde explained. "The fact of the matter is, we are on a postage stamp next to Montreal surrounded by Quebec, Canada, the United States, everybody," Delaronde said. "It's very difficult to maintain identity, language, culture."


Sad day for the Mohawk people. Regardless of your opinion on how subhuman the redman is, we can all agree that forcing a people to accept race mixing is the first step towards killing that people. The Mohawk, via these purity laws(of which any white Canadian should be envious), have been able to keep their traditions and people alive for generations longer then other tribes.

Now this is being attacked, and of course by the usual suspects. I know what your thinking what do the kikes have to do with this one. This one is pretty simple and obvious.

>Waneek Horn-Miller



Miller of course is the 3rd most common Jewish surname in North America, right behind Cohen and Levy. Just a (((coincidence))) I'm sure! Another name that pops up is Fragnito, don't know much about Italians, but that surname is connected to a jewess author. Combined with this being challenged outside the Mohawk tribunal system and instead being at the mercy of the western (((jewdicial))) system.

Articles are unclear about who the judge is, but here is the list of superior court judges at that particular court house: Jean-Jude CHABOT, Carole JULIEN, Chantal MASSE, and Sophie PICARD. No idea about French jews, someone will have to help me with spot the kike in that group.

The Mohawk people have been under assault for these laws since as far back as the 90s. I would imagine if I dig there will be a kike connected to nearly every challenge. Racial purity laws like the Mohawks have is the ONLY way to truly keep the kikes out, and the yids know it.

Sad to see the leaf teepee nigger thread fell off the other board. Was going to post about it there. Like it or not, if this continent is to be saved from the brown masses, fascist whites are going to need to work together with fascist natives to throw off the shackles of globalist control.

Not the first time Miller and Fragnito have caused shit there either. Apparently every Mohawk election they attempt to vote, despite being removed from the band member list.


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Canadian social media

I want to make this thread so we can track and keep our eyes on traitors and subversives in our government with a watchful eye.

Nationalist Canadians don't really have much of a force on social media from what I've seen.

We can use this thread so we can collect data and combat it accordingly.

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Students For Western Civilization


SWC is founded on 3 convictions:

That our universities are corrupt. Our universities have become subverted by an overwhelming leftist bias which has created a toxic, anti-intellectual culture, characterized by——among other things——an extreme antagonism and hostility towards white people. Although created as apolitical institutions guided by the pursuit of the truth, and for the benefit of all society, today our universities function, effectively, as tax-payer-funded Marxist think-tanks and platforms for a narrow spectrum of leftist, partisan agendas.

That our immigration/economic systems are turning Europeans into minorities in the countries where we live around the world. This is significant because the countries where we live are democracies and in a democracy the majority rules. If we become minorities in the democracies where we live then we will lose the ability to rule ourselves. We will lose our autonomy, our powers of self-determination, our ability to elect our leaders and choose our own destinies.

That these phenomena constitute entirely legitimate grievances which run counter to our perceived interests and that we have, not only a “right”, but a duty, to protect and assert those perceived interests as we see fit.


To genuinely explore ethnic and cultural politics in a forum which, unlike our universities, does not exclude rightist, conservative or ==Eurocentric perspectives.==

To organize for and advance the interests of European peoples.

To promote and celebrate Western Civilisation.


SWC is based out of Toronto and is composed primarily of students and alumni of Toronto universities, but young people across North America are encouraged to contact us.

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Upper Canada Law Society will undergo name change but thats not enough

After non whites and shit libs deemed the Upper Canada Law Society name elitist and not inclusive to "New Canadians" it will now have its name changed to appease the growing number of invaders who can't connect to our historical past. Now besides the name changing it would seem that wasn't enough as the old saying goes "give an inch and they'll take a mile". The invaders now want a complete overhaul on what should promoted and put at the forefront regarding being lawyer.

>It’s proving to be one of the most divisive topics in that profession this year, and appears to be sparking even more debate at Ontario’s legal regulator than when its board wrangled over changing the institution’s name. (The Law Society of Upper Canada will become the Law Society of Ontario on Jan. 1.)

>It’s the statement of principles.

>In September, the law society sent an email to Ontario’s nearly 60,000 lawyers and paralegals reminding them of the requirement to come up with a statement that “acknowledges (their) obligation to promote equality, diversity and inclusion generally, and in (their) behaviour towards colleagues, employees, clients and the public.”

>The statement of principles was a recommendation from the law society working group, Challenges Faced by Racialized Licensees, which spent four years looking into those challenges. All the recommendations were adopted unanimously by the law society’s board last December, with three abstentions.

>Licensees can either choose a statement template provided by the law society or come up with their own, but they must indicate on their annual report to the regulator that it’s been done.

>There has since been a flurry of open letters to the law society and op-eds in newspapers — mostly from white men — since the law society’s September email went out, decrying the statement of principles as a violation of freedom of expression.

>The requirement will be challenged at the law society’s next board meeting in December, while a law professor has gone to court seeking an injunction to stop the law society from enforcing it.

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RCMP's Basic Refugee Questionnaire Deemed "Discriminatory"

Questions asked to migrants intercepted at the Quebec border by the RCMP causes outrage

Labeled "troubling", "shocking", and "discriminatory" against Muslims, the 40-point questionnaire was used as a screening tool on migrants crossing the border illegally in and around the Lacolle, QC area this summer. After voicing his "outrage" on the subject, Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale ordered the usage of the questionaire to be stopped.

French article on the subject from Le Devoir

>http:// archive.is/2BjfZ

Toronto Sun article

>http:// archive.is/DCXVx

Notice that nowhere in these articles are the words "crossing illegally" used - the migrants concerned by the questionnaire had not made a formal request for asylum, nor had they applied for citizenship through the usual means. We know literally nothing about their background, beliefs, or place of origin, hence the usefulness of asking a series of key questions before we accept them in our fucking country.

Critics argue the questionnaire unfairly targets muslims; the questions that sparked the most controversy include "What is your opinion on women who don't wear the hijab?" and most crucially "What is your opinion of ISIS and the Taliban?", though the questionnaire (which i will post later) also included a number of run-of-the-mill questions such as "Have you ever committed a criminal offense?" and "Why did you not come to a border crossing?"

(((Mitchell Goldberg))), President of the (((Canadian Association for Refugee Lawyers))), stated:

>« These questions are not at all relevant. I may be in disagreement with an individual on religious grounds, but that does not imply that this person is a security threat. These are the types of questions asked in the leadership race for the conservative party. »

From the Toronto Star article:

>Speaking in Vancouver on Friday, Ahmed Hussen described the Mounties’ interview guide as unacceptable, saying it is incompatible with the government’s anti-discrimination policy.

>That line of questioning is simply not consistent with the way we do things in Canada,” Hussen said. “It is unacceptable. It is against our values as a society to treat everyone equally.”

Fo Niemi, president of the CRARR (Commitee on Research-Action on Race Relations) stated that the questionnaire was a

>"contemptible and discriminatory practice. What are we actually researching via these types of questions? What message are we sending?"

This is another example of the encroachment of (((human rights))) theology into domestic affairs. The trend towards severely crippling the border authorities' ability to screen and refuse applicants continues.

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Census Data Release Thread

2016 Census Data Release On Ethnicity, Housing, and Natives Incoming

Well everyone, time to see just how much damage has been inflicted upon our Nation(fuck the state) since our last semi-decadely census update. Releasing tomorrow October 25th is data on: "Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity" aka white genocide, Housing, and Aboriginal Peoples. This is arguably the most important release of the census data to the Euromerican people. This thread is for predictions, discussion of the data and some light raging over numbers.

Census data is incredibly important to any political cause, some of the most important data to be collected for revolutionary individuals in fact. Understanding this data gives us a working map of what areas best to target for propaganda, which areas to avoid and go to when spending time with our families, which areas need the help of NS the most and which areas need to be cleansed. At the very I implore you least look closely into the census data from your area of operation(get up off your ass and do something if you have no operation ongoing faggot) to help you better understand what you have to work with.

Ruralfags, don't get blackpilled looking at the numbers. We know that things are going to be bad for our people. Let this be an inspiration to stand up, rather then a weight to hold you down. For cityanons like myself, who are already living in the dark hell of diversity, know The Light Of Truth is always there, a shining beacon to those who seek to see The Light.

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Edmonton City Council Election

City of Edmonton Votes for City Council Monday October 16th

Thought I would make a thread for a bit more local politics, would like to see more of them around here.

Official information for the election:

>Candidate list edmonton.ca/ city_government/municipal_elections/official-candidate-list.aspx(sorry archive doesn't work)

>ward information https://archive.is/3mVrX

I'll be honest even living in the city I don't have much interest in our local elections this time around. The general sentiment around the city is to not rock the boat, and everything seems like it will be going that way. The mayor is seen as not having a single serious challenger, one of his "biggest" competitors is running on a platform of bringing back smoking in public buildings. Over half the city thinks none of the council should change. The ones who think like that are far less likely to vote, but that is the general mood here.

Not much news about it outside of the liberal press, and they are starting to learn that shining light onto controversial candidates is a bad idea. Local news doesn't tell me much about if anybody running is even a light version of /ourguy/. As well the candidate forums have been as boring as the city itself.

It's been really hard to care this election, as most of the discussions have been about LRT line extensions(mostly about how the poor and new immigrants rely on them so much and how we should definitely build them so the niggers can live in my neighborhood) and how to further combat racism in Edmonton(kek) by being more welcoming and supportive of newcomers(read:gibs). I have yet to see anyone so much as mention the plan to declare Edmonton a sanctuary city, and have definitely haven't seen anyone actually coming out against it. I'm sure the press wouldn't even print that however as they never want immigration itself to be an election issue outside of a gibs generator. Barely anybody is talking about protecting voters or increasing property taxes. Everything revolves around what gibs they want the city to pony up with.

A lot of news outlets are claiming that Edmonton will have the lowest voter turnout ever for the upcoming election but I believe that to be false. I suspect that this election will have the most (((diverse))) group of voters the city has ever seen while all the white men stay home.

Remember guys, living in the cities can be fucking depressing, but Hitler didn't rise to power in a hamlet. Local politics are just as important, and maybe even more so, then federal politics.

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Plans for Consultation on Systemic Racism Costs Liberals Quebec City Riding

Liberal Party loses Quebec byelection by a landslide after plans for consultation on systemic racism backfire

In what has been described as a "crushing defeat", Liberal Party of Quebec got utterly manhandled in the voting booth, scoring an abysmal 18% of the vote in contrast to the CAQ (Coalition Avenir Quebec)'s 51%. In no uncertain terms, PM Couillard's plans for a consultation on systemic racism is seen as largely responsable for the loss. The "Louis-Hebert" riding, located in Quebec City, had been a liberal stronghold for the past 14 years.

https:// archive.fo/1F2dQ

>Two Quebec City MNAs say the Liberals' consultation on systemic racism might have contributed to their party's crushing defeat Monday night in a byelection in the Quebec City riding of Louis-Hébert.

>Huot said people he has spoken with have told him they aren't comfortable with the province's decision to go ahead with the public consultation in the fall.

Couillard had announced plans for the consultation after the Mosque Shooting in January. The proposed consultation was to be composed of 15-20 non-profit activist orgs representing various minorities and LGBTQTBHWY groups. Outside of (((Montreal))), this announcement was widely criticized, with opponents arguing that the consultation was essentially a public flogging of the Majority by a kabal of professional victims. Critics also argued that the fact that the consultation was to be held behind closed doors was not conducive to open debate.

Having read a number of journalists' op-eds and published comments from readers in response to this story, it appears that the Quebec public is not as receptive to the Liberals' extreme poz as one would think.

What does this mean for Quebec politics in the near future?

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Art and the Overton Window: Strength in Numbers

Red-pilled Art Workshop Thread


Who can deny the pivotal role played by art in winning hearts and minds? Not everyone of us is fit/ready for local politics or large-scale organization, but we may have creative skills that can serve a parallel purpose.

<Art is not merely an imitation of the reality of nature, but in truth a metaphysical supplement to the reality of nature, placed alongside thereof for its conquest. - Friedrich Nietzsche

The objective of this thread is to get anons motivated to create and perhaps collaborate on explicitly red-pilled artistic projects, with the ultimate goal of disseminating it into the Canadian normalsphere and plant some seeds therein. I am the first to admit that on many occasions, decent ideas of mine would have benefitted from a valued second opinion or another similarly-inclined mind to help flesh things out. Here are some things that are suitable for both this thread, and a national board like this one.

1. Give an anon some writing tips

2. Provide feedback and encouragement

3. Seek an anon's assistance for your project

4. Show an anon the ropes to get him going, if applicable

5. Help an anon out of a creative roadblock

As per the nature of this board, artistic works that have no explicitly pro-white/red-pilled bias are not appropriate for this thread, although indulging in them on your own time are obviously beneficial.

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Oshawa man jailed five months for anti-Muslim graffiti at bus stops

OSHAWA — A judge has sentenced a man who scrawled anti-Muslim graffiti at bus stops in Durham Region to five months in jail.

Joseph Porco shows little insight into the harmful nature of his conduct, Ontario Court Justice Ferhan Javed said in handing down the sentence Thursday, Sept. 21.

“Mr. Porco’s message left black marks on a public bench but even after the words are scrubbed away with a guilty plea, it leaves stains that may be more permanent,” the judge said. “Mr. Porco’s message was both hateful and hurtful to the community and needs to be deterred.”


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The Real Threat of "Anti-Islamophobia" Bill M-103 to (Jewish) Free Speech

The Importance of Free Speech: Motion 103 and Islamophobia

Deborah Weiss speaking at the C3RF conference.

Islamophobia is literally pseudoscience. Consider too that if someone actually has "phobia" (an irrational fear of something) that it is classified as a mental illness. If Islamophobia were a real mentall illness (it's not), would be it appropriate to put people in jail and/or fine them because of their illness?

Fuck Islam and fuck the Neo-Marxist anti-white coalition of liberals and Muslims that are stripping our rights away.

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Montréal Mayor Bows to Kike Pressure, Changes Street Name

Nobel prize winning biologist erased from local toponymy

article link:


The Kikes are at it again, this time using the holohoax (obviously) to guilt Montreal's rotund faggot mayor into renaming a street that was named after surgeon and biologist Alexis Carrel, Nobel Prize Winner, inventor of the first perfusion pump and pioneer of cardiovascular surgery.

>Montréal, August 9, 2017 – La Presse reported today that the Montréal toponymy committee has selected new names for a road and a park named for Alexis Carrel. The name changes are reportedly expected to take place within 6 months.

>In reaction to the news report, Eta Yudin and Rabbi Reuben Poupko, Vice President and Co-President, respectively, of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA-Quebec), issued the following statements.

>"In 2015, CIJA-Quebec approached the municipalities of Montréal, Boisbriand and Chateauguay to request that they remove Alexis Carrel’s name from their toponymy. Only the mayor of Montréal, Mr. Denis Coderre, decided, last year, to remove this Nazi sympathizer from his city’s place names. We are pleased to learn that these place names are incompatible with the universal principles of equality and human dignity will soon become a thing of the past,” stated Ms. Yudin.

One can only imagine the horror that these poor paras- uh, I mean (((citizens))) went through, being constantly reminded of the evil nazis every time they went to temple.

According to wikipedia, his 'involvement' with the nazis was only alleged, never proven. What is the cause of all the kikes' rump rustling, then?

From wikipedia:

>For the insane and the criminal, he endorsed the use of gassing for euthanasia.

Sounds like my kind of guy. He also praised the the 3rd Reich:

>"(t)he German government has taken energetic measures against the propagation of the defective, the mentally diseased, and the criminal. The ideal solution would be the suppression of each of these individuals as soon as he has proven himself to be dangerous."

It's important to note that, in the medical sphere of the time, advocating for eugenics was hardly a marginal phenomenon.

Any guesses on what the new street name will be? (((Mordechai Richler))) Crescent ? (((Leonard Cohen))) Boulevard?

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Google spending $500k in schools to combat fake news

Google spending $500k on development and delivery of NewsWise

>TORONTO, Sept. 19, 2017 /CNW/ - The Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF) and CIVIX are pleased to announce NewsWise, a news literacy program made possible with $500,000 in funding from Google Canada.

>With the aim of tackling the issue of fake news, the CJF and CIVIX will work together to provide over 1.5 million school-aged Canadians (ages 9-19) a deeper understanding of the role journalism plays in democracy.

>"Fake news accelerates distrust in our institutions, including distrust of the trained media who spend so much time trying to hold the powerful to account," says David Walmsley, chair of the CJF and editor of The Globe and Mail.

>"If we're going to foster trust in journalism, we need to reach the next generation of news consumers and ensure they understand the role journalism plays in our society. This initiative provides an arena to engage a younger audience and to ensure they're equipped with the skills to identify reliable sources of information."

>NewsWise will be developed by CIVIX, the organization behind Student Vote, and CJF's network of academics and journalists. The program will be a part of the Student Vote activities, rolling out to coincide with the Ontario provincial election in 2018, and other upcoming local and provincial elections, culminating nationally with the 2019 federal election.

>"Access to reliable news sources is critical to fully engaging in the democratic process," says Taylor Gunn, President and CEO of CIVIX. "Giving young Canadians an understanding of the role journalism plays in our society and the knowhow to find and filter information is essential in nurturing an informed citizenry for the long term."

>The Student Vote program reaches 7,500 schools in the country, representing 98 per cent of Canadian school boards. Showcasing the role journalism plays in a healthy democracy, the program will provide Canadian students with the tools and knowledge to find and filter accurate information online. CJF will engage Canada's journalism community in supporting the delivery of the program.

Sounds like some really great stuff doesn't it? Combating (((fake news))) is something anyone could get behind. But something tells me they won't be combating (((fake news))) but rather fakenews™.

About The Canadian Journalism Foundation

>Founded in 1990, The Canadian Journalism Foundation promotes excellence in journalism by celebrating outstanding journalistic achievement. Our signature events include an annual awards program featuring a must-attend annual industry gala where Canada's top newsmakers meet Canada's top news people. Through J-Talks, our popular speaker's series, we facilitate dialogue among journalists, business people, academics and students about the role of the media in Canadian society and the ongoing challenges for media in the digital era. The foundation also fosters opportunities for journalism education, training and research.


>CIVIX is a national registered charity dedicated to building the habits of active and engaged citizenship among young Canadians. CIVIX provides experiential learning opportunities to help young Canadians practice their rights and responsibilities as citizens, and connect with their democratic institutions. Student Vote, the flagship program of CIVIX, is a parallel election for students under the voting age coinciding with official elections. In the 2015 federal election, 922,000 elementary and secondary students cast a Student Vote ballot from approximately half of all schools in Canada.




Some other info about civix

>CIVIX was born through a merger between Operation Dialogue and Student Vote – two non-partisan organizations with a significant history of engaging Canadian youth.

>Operation Dialogue was established by the late Warren Goldring of AGF Management in 1999 to promote good citizenship through information and dialogue with the goal of enhancing each individual Canadian’s appreciation of our country.

Is Goldring a kike name? It sure fucking looks like it. Big investment banker this guy was.

Student votes looks like the people behind the faux election games they have at schools that basically serve the purpose of making kids with conservative ideals feel like outcasts and shilling the virtues of the (((parliamentary democracy))) scam.

Sure more digging can be done on these organizations. Anyone have any experience with Student Votes and Operation Dialogue?

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N.S Anon Thread

Nova Scotia anons, watch out. Antifa is trying to set up shop in Halifax and have already opened a few of their pet businesses.

If you are in Halifax a shop known as Antifashion has opened and they have begun putting their graffiti around town. Most noticeably the stone wall below Citadel Hill was covered in Right Wing VS Antifa shitposting for a while.

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Antifa attacks innocent man unprovoked in Quebec

Embedded is a video of Antifa beaten an innocent man in Quebec, unprovoked. He suffered severe injuries.

Here is the CBC article about the incident: https://archive.fo/L6ZRV

The CBC is openly lauding the activities of Antifa. The article describes Antifa as heroicly fighting "racism and neo-Nazism". The entire article reads like a recruitment campaign for Antifa, even highlighting the efforts of one of their leaders, a woman who converted to Islam 16 years ago.

>Today, the movement calls itself Antifa — a term first coined almost a century ago in Europe, short for anti-fascist. It aims to make members of groups such as La Meute, the organizer of the Quebec City far-right march, so uncomfortable in the streets that they'll be forced back into the shadows.

>The Antifa groups share values such as having a horizontal structure with no recognized leaders and a common belief in a world without borders.

>Antifa activists were out in force last month at Montreal's Olympic Stadium, where a far-right group had planned to condemn asylum seekers being housed there. The far-right group cancelled, and instead, the migrants were welcomed.

The CBC article basically sanctions the view that violence is acceptable against "fascism":

>"Fascism seeks to eradicate anyone who doesn't agree with it," he told CBC. "You can't do anything but defend yourself."

>On that point, both the Montreal and the Quebec City Antifa militants agree that, under some circumstances, physical violence is necessary.

>"Fascism needs to be eradicated with fists," the Quebec City activist said.

>"We need to do better at choosing the targets of physical aggression," the Montreal activist states, singling out the group Atalante as "a full-on, neo-Nazi outfit."

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Diveristy reaching every inch of Canada

Well lads it looks like the head somali savage in charge of immigration is making sure there isn't a single white spot left untouched by diversity. Oh the joys of the Trudeau Sr legacy.

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Canada2020 Hosts Former NigNog in Chief at Toronto Event

An organization called Canada2020 has invited Obama to be the keynote speaker at a "lunch event" in Toronto on sept. 29th.

>“President Barack Obama in Toronto will be the biggest political event of the year, bar none,” said (((Bruce Heyman))), former U.S. Ambassador to Canada and newly appointed special adviser to Canada 2020.


What the fuck is Canada2020 and why should we give a shit?

In their words:

>Canada 2020 is Canada’s leading, independent, progressive think-tank working to redefine the role of the federal government for a modern Canada.

>We do this by hosting events, producing original research, and starting conversations about Canada’s future. Our goal is to build a progressive community of people and ideas that will move and shape governments in the future.

Sounds pretty fucking jewish right? You have no idea. More to come in following posts. For the time being, it's important to note that the event is closed to the media, and entrance will set you back 10k (for a table of 10, no individual price). It's clearly a fundraising scheme, but for whom and why?

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Cultural-Marxist Destruction of the Maple Leaf as a symbol of Canada


The Maple Leaf, for better or for worse, is the symbol of Canada. It appears in our original flag, it is in the title of our original anthem, and a red one features prominently in the latest incarnation of the flag. There is probably nowhere on the planet that the red maple leaf is not known as meaning Canada.

I began to take notice during the lead up to Canada 150 celebrations, when the recent "mosaic leaf" was being plastered everywhere. It barely looks like a maple leaf. During the unveiling of the Diversity Gardens project in Winnipeg, the centerpiece of the gardens is known as "The Leaf" a 6000 sq foot facility. You would think it would have been designed to resemble a maple leaf, the leaf of Canada but instead it has an elliptical leaf as the leaf design.

I didn't really think anything of it until I was reading the (((cbc))) this morning and noticed they had a picture of a car in the Ottawa fag parade. This car features an elliptical leaf on the front of the car in pride colors. It just seemed like a strange coincidence.

I guess the point of this post is: has the elliptical leaf as a symbol shown up anywhere else in Canada? Who is behind the design of "The Leaf" at diversity gardens? Who is behind the car that appeared at pride with the elliptical leaf symbol?

The elliptical leaf appearing where there should be a maple leaf just doesn't sit right with me.

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Made a political party + manifesto

got the papers to start up a local political party today, wrote a manifesto, would like someone to look it over for me.