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File: f509f0b2a7461a0⋯.png (61.46 KB, 330x386, 165:193, Canada_Census_2016.png)


2016 Census Data Release On Ethnicity, Housing, and Natives Incoming

Well everyone, time to see just how much damage has been inflicted upon our Nation(fuck the state) since our last semi-decadely census update. Releasing tomorrow October 25th is data on: "Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity" aka white genocide, Housing, and Aboriginal Peoples. This is arguably the most important release of the census data to the Euromerican people. This thread is for predictions, discussion of the data and some light raging over numbers.

Census data is incredibly important to any political cause, some of the most important data to be collected for revolutionary individuals in fact. Understanding this data gives us a working map of what areas best to target for propaganda, which areas to avoid and go to when spending time with our families, which areas need the help of NS the most and which areas need to be cleansed. At the very I implore you least look closely into the census data from your area of operation(get up off your ass and do something if you have no operation ongoing faggot) to help you better understand what you have to work with.

Ruralfags, don't get blackpilled looking at the numbers. We know that things are going to be bad for our people. Let this be an inspiration to stand up, rather then a weight to hold you down. For cityanons like myself, who are already living in the dark hell of diversity, know The Light Of Truth is always there, a shining beacon to those who seek to see The Light.



<https:// archive.fo/X4Nf3

Salient points:

>On Census Day, 21.9% of the population reported they were or had ever been a landed immigrant or permanent resident in Canada. This proportion is close to the 22.3% recorded during the 1921 Census, the highest level since Confederation.

>The majority (60.3%) of these new immigrants were admitted under the economic category, 26.8% were admitted under the family class to join family already in the country, and 11.6% were admitted to Canada as refugees.

>For the first time, Africa ranks second, ahead of Europe, as a source continent of recent immigrants to Canada, with a share of 13.4% in 2016. Asia (including the Middle East) remains, however, the top source continent of recent immigrants. In 2016, the majority (61.8%) of newcomers were born in Asia.

Here comes the propaganda, they couldn't help themselves.

>In addition to contributing to the social and economic development of the country, immigrants and their descendants play a significant role in shaping and enriching the ethnic, cultural and linguistic composition of the Canadian population. The 2016 Census results released today show the various facets of diversity in Canada.

More than one in five Canadians are foreign-born


Two in five Canadian children have an immigrant background

Welp. Can't say any of these numbers are surprising in the least. Prairiefags seem to be the hardest hit by the recent waves of subhumans, at least according to the census.

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