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Mixed-race couples challenge Kahnawake marry out, stay out law

>More than a dozen people appeared in court Tuesday to challenge a Mohawk Council of Kahnawake law that prevents non-Indigenous people from living on the Mohawk territory south of Montreal. It's known as the "marry out, stay out" law. These mixed-race families argue the Mohawk council's residency laws are unconstitutional and discriminatory.

>Among those challenging the law in Quebec Superior Court is, Waneek Horn-Miller who grew up in Kahnawake. Because she married a white man, her family cannot live together in her home community.

>"As Indigenous people, we have very strong ties to the land where our ancestors are, and I also feel very strongly about contributing to my community," Horn-Miller said. She said she wants to help build Kahnawake and move it forward.

>Horn-Miller was a teenager during the 1990 Oka crisis, a land dispute that resulted in the death of a provincial police officer, when she was stabbed in the chest by a soldier's bayonet while protecting her younger sister.

>Horn-Miller now lives in Ottawa but said she desperately wants to move back to Kahnawake. "I don't believe you should have to pick between your heart, which is the love of a wonderful man which has made my life incredible, and my community," she said.

>For the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake, the law is a tool with which to protect the community's culture, traditions and even language. Joe Delaronde, spokesperson for the council, said that people in his community are disappointed the dispute is now before a non-Mohawk tribunal.

>"The real concern for us is that a community law is being challenged in a Quebec court when, really, we've made that determination all along," Delaronde said outside the courtroom in Longueuil. The council feels "extremely strongly" that the matter should be decided internally, he said.

>The bottom line is that non-Indigenous people are welcome in the community but cannot live there, Delaronde explained. "The fact of the matter is, we are on a postage stamp next to Montreal surrounded by Quebec, Canada, the United States, everybody," Delaronde said. "It's very difficult to maintain identity, language, culture."


Sad day for the Mohawk people. Regardless of your opinion on how subhuman the redman is, we can all agree that forcing a people to accept race mixing is the first step towards killing that people. The Mohawk, via these purity laws(of which any white Canadian should be envious), have been able to keep their traditions and people alive for generations longer then other tribes.

Now this is being attacked, and of course by the usual suspects. I know what your thinking what do the kikes have to do with this one. This one is pretty simple and obvious.

>Waneek Horn-Miller



Miller of course is the 3rd most common Jewish surname in North America, right behind Cohen and Levy. Just a (((coincidence))) I'm sure! Another name that pops up is Fragnito, don't know much about Italians, but that surname is connected to a jewess author. Combined with this being challenged outside the Mohawk tribunal system and instead being at the mercy of the western (((jewdicial))) system.

Articles are unclear about who the judge is, but here is the list of superior court judges at that particular court house: Jean-Jude CHABOT, Carole JULIEN, Chantal MASSE, and Sophie PICARD. No idea about French jews, someone will have to help me with spot the kike in that group.

The Mohawk people have been under assault for these laws since as far back as the 90s. I would imagine if I dig there will be a kike connected to nearly every challenge. Racial purity laws like the Mohawks have is the ONLY way to truly keep the kikes out, and the yids know it.

Sad to see the leaf teepee nigger thread fell off the other board. Was going to post about it there. Like it or not, if this continent is to be saved from the brown masses, fascist whites are going to need to work together with fascist natives to throw off the shackles of globalist control.

Not the first time Miller and Fragnito have caused shit there either. Apparently every Mohawk election they attempt to vote, despite being removed from the band member list.


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