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File: 863b19a8d75c3ed⋯.png (587.81 KB, 620x349, 620:349, Alexis-Carrel.png)


Nobel prize winning biologist erased from local toponymy

article link:


The Kikes are at it again, this time using the holohoax (obviously) to guilt Montreal's rotund faggot mayor into renaming a street that was named after surgeon and biologist Alexis Carrel, Nobel Prize Winner, inventor of the first perfusion pump and pioneer of cardiovascular surgery.

>Montréal, August 9, 2017 – La Presse reported today that the Montréal toponymy committee has selected new names for a road and a park named for Alexis Carrel. The name changes are reportedly expected to take place within 6 months.

>In reaction to the news report, Eta Yudin and Rabbi Reuben Poupko, Vice President and Co-President, respectively, of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA-Quebec), issued the following statements.

>"In 2015, CIJA-Quebec approached the municipalities of Montréal, Boisbriand and Chateauguay to request that they remove Alexis Carrel’s name from their toponymy. Only the mayor of Montréal, Mr. Denis Coderre, decided, last year, to remove this Nazi sympathizer from his city’s place names. We are pleased to learn that these place names are incompatible with the universal principles of equality and human dignity will soon become a thing of the past,” stated Ms. Yudin.

One can only imagine the horror that these poor paras- uh, I mean (((citizens))) went through, being constantly reminded of the evil nazis every time they went to temple.

According to wikipedia, his 'involvement' with the nazis was only alleged, never proven. What is the cause of all the kikes' rump rustling, then?

From wikipedia:

>For the insane and the criminal, he endorsed the use of gassing for euthanasia.

Sounds like my kind of guy. He also praised the the 3rd Reich:

>"(t)he German government has taken energetic measures against the propagation of the defective, the mentally diseased, and the criminal. The ideal solution would be the suppression of each of these individuals as soon as he has proven himself to be dangerous."

It's important to note that, in the medical sphere of the time, advocating for eugenics was hardly a marginal phenomenon.

Any guesses on what the new street name will be? (((Mordechai Richler))) Crescent ? (((Leonard Cohen))) Boulevard?


More detailed list of Carrel's contributions to Western medicine:

Vascular suture

>Between 1901 and 1910, Alexis Carrel, using experimental animals, performed every feat and developed every technique known to vascular surgery today." He had great success in reconnecting arteries and veins, and performing surgical grafts, and this led to his Nobel Prize in 1912.

Wound antisepsis

>During World War I (1914–1918), Carrel and the English chemist Henry Drysdale Dakin developed the Carrel–Dakin method of treating wounds based on chlorine (Dakin's solution) which, preceding the development of antibiotics, was a major medical advance in the care of traumatic wounds. For this, Carrel was awarded the Légion d'honneur.

Organ transplants

>Carrel co-authored a book with famed pilot Charles A. Lindbergh, The Culture of Organs

>Charles Lindbergh

Here we fucking go, it all comes around full circle. Fucking jews still can't let go of the fact that Lindbergh called them out for their warmongering during WW2. In any case, clearly Carrel's achievements deserve a street name at the very least, although considering it's in Montreal we're talking about a dubious honor at best. These goddamn oven-dodgers are, once again, erasing gentile accomplishments from History and has anyone in Canada stepped up to call out the jew?



Go after City Councillors for violation frogspeak.



>Go after City Councillors for violation frogspeak.

Care to elaborate?

Btw, there are apparently 11 place names in Quebec that include the word 'negre' (i.e. nigger) and although there was a minor fuss from some black activists to change them it never went anywhere because the even the black community (2,9% of the population) barely gave a shit. When the jews get involved though, it's clearly another story. Goes to show you where the power lies.


File: 0df28a07696ea73⋯.png (935.28 KB, 1502x845, 1502:845, trudeau-leaf-kikes.png)


I had not heard of CJAC….. imagine my shock




Yeah they were formerly known as the Canadian Jewish Congress, i.e. the flagship of top-tier Canadian kikery.

From further down the article:

>Since 2002, Alexis Carrel has completely disappeared from French toponymy. We invite the mayors of Boisbriand and Chateauguay to follow Montréal’s example by eliminating place names that pay undue tribute to a supporter of the Nazis’ racist and pseudoscientific aberrations,” added Rabbi Poupko.

Evidently, France already accomodated their jewish overlords a while back. Gotta love the authorative tone of that last part "racist and pseudoscientific" Racist, sure, but pseudoscientific? I'm guessing their choosing to ignore the recent genetic research that confirmed that, in fact, the darker races are very much intellectually inferior.

There's always a sinister motive behind something apparently innocuous such as changing a street name; it's a manifestation of submission and the acceptance of the jewish monopoly on the interpretation of history.


The absolute power these kikes wield here is beyond disgusting.



>The absolute power these kikes wield here is beyond disgusting.

Indeed. I'm sure you noticed the new 10$CAD bill - it appears old John A. is a little too problematic. They aren't wasting any time

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