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The Importance of Free Speech: Motion 103 and Islamophobia

Deborah Weiss speaking at the C3RF conference.

Islamophobia is literally pseudoscience. Consider too that if someone actually has "phobia" (an irrational fear of something) that it is classified as a mental illness. If Islamophobia were a real mentall illness (it's not), would be it appropriate to put people in jail and/or fine them because of their illness?

Fuck Islam and fuck the Neo-Marxist anti-white coalition of liberals and Muslims that are stripping our rights away.

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File: c996e73e43561ac⋯.png (93.75 KB, 1080x454, 540:227, (((C3FR))).PNG)

File: fa66668edcc8a95⋯.png (74.08 KB, 1083x358, 1083:358, (((C3FR)))2.PNG)

File: bd6c4916b0f4ce0⋯.png (100.06 KB, 1084x465, 1084:465, (((C3FR)))3.PNG)

File: d63bf934753d057⋯.png (482.95 KB, 561x395, 561:395, (((C3FR)))4.PNG)


>(((Deborah Weiss))

Oy gevalt, the golem is out of control

Typical fucking jews, absolutely no self-awareness.

>Open the bordahs goyim

<Oy vey, all these muslims hate us

>Hate speech isn't free speech

>We must be free to criticize the muslims because they persecute jews - uh, i mean vulnerable minorities

OP, were you aware that this was essentially a jewish conference. No kidding, look at pics related. The Chosen are all over it. I'm curious to see whether (((they))) get a pass for this blatant bigotry on display - oh wait, what am I saying. Of course they will. Amusing to see the kikes mobilizing against their trusted golems. Feeling the heat are we?



>OP, were you aware that this was essentially a jewish conference.

Oy vey! I was not, anon, my apologies. I appreciate your superior shekel detection algorithms.

So basically, all part of the plan:

>import muslims

>use muslims as spearhead of Marxist coalition to genocide whites/annihilate the West

>loss of freedom ensues

>kvetch, flame hatred for muslims amongst the Western goyim

<you are here

>genocide whites

<do whites fight back?

>redirect white survival rage towards other goyim, including muslims

>(((Greater Israel)))

<do whites passively accept cultural and physical genocide?


>microchip the surviving mud goyim




>So basically, all part of the plan:

(((They))) always have a plan; doesn't always mean it won't get messy. The cardinal flaw of the kikes is and always has been chutzpah - hubris, but more kosher. It's all down to pride and greed; they want it all, and will cut all possible corners to get there. The kikes are great at manipulating the lemmings but in reality they're far from the brightest, they always can count on some smarter gentiles to polish things. Left to their own devices they end up in situations like this one: ply and guilt the goyim into opening the floodgates, destroy the checks and balances that bind civil society and OOPS; millions of jew-hating muzzies have free reign and the goyim have legislated themselves into silence and inaction.

The thing with kikes is; the upper echelon jews knew they were going to put some of their own in danger with this insanity but they put the big picture first. The survival of the Tribe on a macro-level. They'll kvetch until they can work this to their advantage. The underlying point of Weiss' talk was that muslims are bad goyim because of anti-semitic sentiment and killing queers; they're obviously not fighting for free speech per se with this one, regardless of what the 4th pic of my previous post claims. Exactly the same thing as with (((Ezra Levant))) and the rest of the totally BASED Rabbi Media; posturing as freeze peach warriors but it's always just misdirection and smokescreens to endear themselves and hide the real culprit.



>The survival of the Tribe on a macro-level.

I suspect too that part of the plan is to encourage more diaspora jews to make aliyah in Israel. As the fire rises, more and more jews will flee the West.

The question is: How do we retake our country from the third world hordes, while simultaneously destroying Israel? no blackpill pls

Also, what will happen during a civil war with regards to the huge number of Chinese in Canada? Surely many of them are Red Chinese sleeper cells with a great deal of funding.



>The question is: How do we retake our country from the third world hordes, while simultaneously destroying Israel?

<The art of leadership, as displayed by really great popular leaders in all ages, consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention into sections.

<The leader of genius must have the ability to make different opponents appear as if they belonged to the one category

From Mein Kampf.

In our minds, there is no problem here. Natsocs can hardly be accused of confusing one enemy for another. It's all quite limpid. Unfortunately for most it is much more muddled. One thing is certain: Israel would not survive 6 months without its Jewmerican scarecrow. To reduce its influence in the USA is to neuter much of its power. However, the global institutions the kikes have put in place since WW2 are dispersed and diffuse. Just because we recognize there is but a single end boss doesn't mean there aren't multiple priority targets; the U.N. for one, the Council of Foreign Relations of course. The solution for the disenfranchised among us is to continue building, amassing minor victories and focusing on the small minority of volk who are potentially receptive. The rest of them can burn.

For the chinese, it's hard to say what will happen, other than that their takeover of the West coast will continue unabated. Their funding is probably significant, and they have the ethno-nepotistic tendency to pool resources and band together and such. The yellow threat is certainly the most significant non-jewish racial threat here today.


There's nothing irrational about fearing islam. As an expansionist, colonial religion that has no insight into proper social frameworks or even a self-sustainability plan for nations they control, they are a plague that is driven by greed. It should be feared - and as all diseases, a cure developed and deployed.

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