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File: c32ab39236b757d⋯.png (429.26 KB, 508x440, 127:110, asdasdasda.PNG)


Liberal Party loses Quebec byelection by a landslide after plans for consultation on systemic racism backfire

In what has been described as a "crushing defeat", Liberal Party of Quebec got utterly manhandled in the voting booth, scoring an abysmal 18% of the vote in contrast to the CAQ (Coalition Avenir Quebec)'s 51%. In no uncertain terms, PM Couillard's plans for a consultation on systemic racism is seen as largely responsable for the loss. The "Louis-Hebert" riding, located in Quebec City, had been a liberal stronghold for the past 14 years.

https:// archive.fo/1F2dQ

>Two Quebec City MNAs say the Liberals' consultation on systemic racism might have contributed to their party's crushing defeat Monday night in a byelection in the Quebec City riding of Louis-Hébert.

>Huot said people he has spoken with have told him they aren't comfortable with the province's decision to go ahead with the public consultation in the fall.

Couillard had announced plans for the consultation after the Mosque Shooting in January. The proposed consultation was to be composed of 15-20 non-profit activist orgs representing various minorities and LGBTQTBHWY groups. Outside of (((Montreal))), this announcement was widely criticized, with opponents arguing that the consultation was essentially a public flogging of the Majority by a kabal of professional victims. Critics also argued that the fact that the consultation was to be held behind closed doors was not conducive to open debate.

Having read a number of journalists' op-eds and published comments from readers in response to this story, it appears that the Quebec public is not as receptive to the Liberals' extreme poz as one would think.

What does this mean for Quebec politics in the near future?


The French give me hope that people can wake up over here. Whenever I hear "muh based Alberta" it makes me want to choke, they have no idea about the situation on the ground. Quebec is at least ten years ahead of us, and that's assuming we aren't going the wrong way around the race track.

The images from Quebec far right demonstrations make for some good propaganda opportunities. I know the groups themselves paint themselves in the most civ cuck light possible, but just having images of other Canadians standing up is important for the future of NS movements in Canada. God speed any Quebecanons.



>The French give me hope that people can wake up over here.

Quebec has the advantage of being made up mostly of a single ethnicity; therefore you sidestep the psychological barrier associated with standing up for your race alone. I'm sure that none of the old guard journos that criticized the Liberals for planning this consultation would even consider themselves as 'white'. They rightly perceived it as a cynical attempt at political maneuvering since of course the Liberals main voter base is non-white (as in the ROC). Couillard has also taken a lot of heat for depicting french nationalism (not separatism, mind you, just general nationalism) as 'radical' - similar to how Merkel refused to hold a German flag on TV in that one clip. That shit doesn't fly here at all. Another benefit of the QC demographics is the divide between lingustic lines - many non-whites are anglos so they are essentially left out of the mainstream conversation in many respects. A lot of darkies keep a very low profile due to this fact, so Quebecers are not submitted to a constant airing of grievances to quite the same extent as in English Canada.

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