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File: 263e85dbb16cef5⋯.jpg (18.44 KB, 600x300, 2:1, Edmonton-Logo1.jpg)

File: 90b5a37aa9016a5⋯.jpg (43.53 KB, 677x437, 677:437, MayorKikePleaser.jpg)

File: 3f740c98d7ee309⋯.jpg (190.32 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, (((diverse)))candidateswar….jpg)


City of Edmonton Votes for City Council Monday October 16th

Thought I would make a thread for a bit more local politics, would like to see more of them around here.

Official information for the election:

>Candidate list edmonton.ca/ city_government/municipal_elections/official-candidate-list.aspx(sorry archive doesn't work)

>ward information https://archive.is/3mVrX

I'll be honest even living in the city I don't have much interest in our local elections this time around. The general sentiment around the city is to not rock the boat, and everything seems like it will be going that way. The mayor is seen as not having a single serious challenger, one of his "biggest" competitors is running on a platform of bringing back smoking in public buildings. Over half the city thinks none of the council should change. The ones who think like that are far less likely to vote, but that is the general mood here.

Not much news about it outside of the liberal press, and they are starting to learn that shining light onto controversial candidates is a bad idea. Local news doesn't tell me much about if anybody running is even a light version of /ourguy/. As well the candidate forums have been as boring as the city itself.

It's been really hard to care this election, as most of the discussions have been about LRT line extensions(mostly about how the poor and new immigrants rely on them so much and how we should definitely build them so the niggers can live in my neighborhood) and how to further combat racism in Edmonton(kek) by being more welcoming and supportive of newcomers(read:gibs). I have yet to see anyone so much as mention the plan to declare Edmonton a sanctuary city, and have definitely haven't seen anyone actually coming out against it. I'm sure the press wouldn't even print that however as they never want immigration itself to be an election issue outside of a gibs generator. Barely anybody is talking about protecting voters or increasing property taxes. Everything revolves around what gibs they want the city to pony up with.

A lot of news outlets are claiming that Edmonton will have the lowest voter turnout ever for the upcoming election but I believe that to be false. I suspect that this election will have the most (((diverse))) group of voters the city has ever seen while all the white men stay home.

Remember guys, living in the cities can be fucking depressing, but Hitler didn't rise to power in a hamlet. Local politics are just as important, and maybe even more so, then federal politics.


The race is so boring here that we don't even get any colorful characters like they do in Calgary. At least they have this guy to fan some flames.


All we get is a Persian guy who had all his campaign car windows smashed in by "racists". Fuck smash some real muzzie windows or something if your gonna do it, ancient Aryans are still Aryans.



>Thought I would make a thread for a bit more local politics, would like to see more of them around here.

As would I.

>Local politics are just as important, and maybe even more so, then federal politics.

Absolutely - and not only because local politics are arguably easier to infiltrate. It's actually shocking to see the caliber of no-name people running for local government in some cities; in Lévis, QC for instance the challenger is a former delivery man running on the usual "change for change's sake" platform. That could be one of us. I have wet dreams of getting my shit together and becoming mayor of a small town tbqh.

Honestly I'd be very curious to know whether some of the prairie border town local elections are focusing on the migrating nigger issue - i'm sure there's a fair bit of resentment to be cultivated in some areas where the poz hasn,t completely permeated yet.



>I have wet dreams of getting my shit together and becoming mayor of a small town tbqh.

Cities are very important, but it shouldn't be understated how much of a puzzle a nations politics are, and how all pieces are required to make a complete picture of that nation. Small towns are just as much a part of the puzzle as any other part of it. Going to be mighty hard to feed our nation when the state collapses without the help and trust of small town people and most importantly their leaders.

Will be looking through the candidates today, and will try to pick a best option for each ward for anons going to vote. Also I should probably start getting used to posting here via Tor. Never know when they might step up the assault on like minded individuals.


Hit quite a snag in my investigations of the candidates, particularly with incumbents and who the fuck actually voted for the motion on looking into an "Access Without Fear" policy. Since I can't find out who voted for that one (motion hash ae5f2cbb-8ecf-48d8-aaff-7817bd76fd78 check for yourself) I'm going to assume all incumbents who attended the meeting where it passed are traitors who will not escape the rope on the day of reckoning regardless of their pleas.

Don't vote for Don Iveson(mayor), Bev Esslinger(ward 2), Ed Gibbons(ward 4), Scott McKeen(ward 6), Mohinder Banga(ward 12). These are the attendees of the meeting where the motion to consult on making Edmonton a sanctuary city passed.


File: 4d053e9bbbc25b7⋯.png (72.22 KB, 1106x181, 1106:181, access.PNG)


>Access Without Fear

Had to google it. I guess its a better name than "Public Services Without Paying Taxes" - holy shit what jewish fuckery is this? The search results reveal multiple Canadian cities implementing the same policy with the exact same name - no doubt you were already aware of that. Obviously this implies some form of organized campaign; a google search revealed that "Access without fear" is included in Cities of Migration's "Good Ideas" section. That name may ring a bell if you are aware of the Canadian Metropolis Project, CoM are one of its major partners. Also, take a look at pic related, a list of CoM's partners. No surprise there.

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