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New Captain at the helm

File: 8d5697c4ad2cd2e⋯.jpg (2.35 KB, 125x93, 125:93, 1387113893179.jpg)


The board needs some banners. They should be 300x100 exactly, PNG or JPG. Should I add costume flags, dice rolling, Oekaki or something?


File: 295fd5b6bfa56a3⋯.jpeg (21.37 KB, 480x360, 4:3, images (15).jpeg)

Needs more Blackbob Niggerpants.




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I'm gonna gas the Kikes!


>We're gonna gas the Kikes!


>We're all gonna gas the


>Gonna, gonna gas gas


Holy shit, how the fuck did Hillenburg get away with it?

File: aad80630f292f0c⋯.jpg (90.46 KB, 668x854, 334:427, Profile_-_Elsa.jpg)


Why doesn't she become a nudist?


Damn, you're so fucking boring.

File: 37fd2056ddd1459⋯.jpg (17.79 KB, 438x428, 219:214, anime.jpg)


>tfw you take a dump so big it literally gapes your asshole


File: b73207d4e5f46ca⋯.jpg (461.72 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, 1560298122425.jpg)


But mommy said i couldn't shove the shampoo bottle up my buttholes anymore.

File: 031dd746a96c13e⋯.jpg (27.86 KB, 255x249, 85:83, 0b18c6c4aad00a93ad89e9a181….jpg)


Post here if you've just escaped the hell-hole that is 8/co/'s moderation team

>banned for discussing cartoons

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No, cartoons are supposed to be ugly an not respect the laws of perspective.



Start a rumor that editfag prime is back and over here.



>~200 posters

The UID count is wildly overinflated for most of the top boards, there's maybe 50 people at most who still use /co/.

You niggers should have migrated to a new board the moment it became apparent the shift key cuck/"hey /tv/" mongoloid were given free reign of the place and the no fun allowed faggot vol that beyonder's dumbass hired started banning any and all joke posts.

Now you're left with a tiny fraction of /co/'s former population and there's no getting those numbers back at all since this whole site is borderline dead outside of the top 5 boards.


/comix/ would be a better alternative to /co/ than this place.


Glad someone came to be a BO for this board

File: 34643e04454a85d⋯.jpg (58.2 KB, 757x433, 757:433, mfw coconut cream pie.jpg)


Hello /cartoon/,

What's your favourite Teen Titans Go! episode? Do you like Coconut Cream Pies?

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File: 2d774262ba805dc⋯.jpg (21.06 KB, 313x475, 313:475, hello stranger got any pie….jpg)

One Raven for luck!


File: 613e35368f71fdd⋯.jpg (40.88 KB, 282x473, 282:473, help I need pies.jpg)

I need strength for today…


File: 7fd15494be1fd2b⋯.jpg (64.79 KB, 529x520, 529:520, sick Raven2.jpg)

It wasn't enough from one perspective, it was from another.


File: 6b7b1b858293828⋯.jpg (47.04 KB, 561x677, 561:677, TT Raven8.jpg)

I'm waiting…


File: e43ecae5da96203⋯.jpg (63.59 KB, 739x735, 739:735, demon TT3.jpg)

Oh yes…

File: d50c14e1ec478d6⋯.jpg (260.89 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, 1554092573089.jpg)


Vicky, Franky, or Wendy?

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Redheads a shit.





Wendy for wife, Vicki for crazy intense pre-marital sex. Frankie as the kids' nanny who I might fuck while Wendy is on a trip to Vegas with the girls and Vicki is in prison for abusing other people's children.

File: 3c8ba573f7aa91f⋯.jpg (39.73 KB, 612x566, 306:283, IMG_20190609_112310_620.jpg)


We mutsy detroy then chin a

File: e5a2cf349c31d64⋯.jpg (289.27 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, israel.jpg)


Alright im going to break the ice. How do we stop the hook nosed vampires from destroying western animation?

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No, they're capable of revolution. For example, Jews tried to create a Bolshevik revolution in Germany and Germany created a revolution designed to make them go away.


File: 0e0ca9cec9cc8e0⋯.png (481.35 KB, 697x706, 697:706, Maurecia as a princess ang….png)


Western animations was born "destroyed" really, cartoons are supposed to be ugly like this.



>cartoons are supposed to be ugly

Yeah nah fuck off retard




File: 87b70a95325d424⋯.png (194.36 KB, 607x346, 607:346, thundercats.png)


>Western animations was born "destroyed" really, cartoons are supposed to be ugly like this.

Let me guess; you're not white?


Lets have a waifu thread everyone! :^D

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she's the reason i have a midget fetish



she will always be the queen of toons



Listen buddy you wont call the stuff they make at Taco Bell a real taco would you?




File: 4bd5fe2ff7f291f⋯.png (85.71 KB, 285x249, 95:83, ClipboardImage.png)


I was wondering with how shitty the line up seems to be with CN. Failed reboots and with netflix and the like only getting more popular; will CN even be around in the near future? Do you give a shit?


I think it will be around for a couple of years at least. I watch cartoons online anyway so I will still be able to watch stuff I like. If it goes under I'd be somewhat sad and unsurprised. That channel has been run into the ground by their shitty management but I'd also be sad due to the nostalgia I had for it.


File: c23fc6df512af17⋯.jpg (209.43 KB, 768x1080, 32:45, listen to me.jpg)

I think it won't go away. It broadcasts some stuff like Steven Universe, which is really popular among demented people, the current Transformers-cartoons, which are popular among kids and fans, Powerpuff Gilrs, an all-time classic, and my personal favourite, Teen Titans Go, which is popular too.

Literally every household has a television, and it's less fuss to have the kid sit in front of a channel that broadcasts cartoons, then to gather cartoons for them and play them through USB or something. I'm talking about small kids, who don't have smartphones yet.

If everything still fails, they could still try to boardcast nostalgic things to apply to us older viewers, but I guess that won't happen.


cable TV has been in decline since the early 10s. CN will still be around but only as a streaming service. why do xennials have to mess everything up



The internet has adblock. Cable TV doesn't.

File: 270d76050176f61⋯.jpg (53.56 KB, 1040x737, 1040:737, 270d76050176f61c33b0ea9c13….jpg)


John K. was the last great american animator and he could've achieved a lot, if only he had been able to navigate the politics of cartoon-making.

He also fucked a couple underage girls. So fucking what. If he had been active 50 years ago, nobody would've minded him porking nubile girls. Did you know that a 30 yo. David Bowie had a threesome with a 13 yo and his wife? Yeah, nobody gave a shit.

Did you know Charlie Chaplin fucked underage girls constantly and he even married 3 minors during his life? Yeah, nobody gave a shit. Oh yeah, Elvis Presley dated Priscila Presley since she was 14 yo; he was 25. Guess what? Nobody gave a shit. Hillary Duff, the disney girl, was being fucked by a 30 yo when she was 17. Nobody gave a fuck.

This is the thing. Wheter you want to see it or not, the cultural landscape is built upon blood, sweat (slave sweat) and semen. That's what all these men did. That's how Harvey Weinstein built the biggest propaganda machine in history and put America miles away from any other ass backwards culture. He fucked a few whores in the process, who cares? John K. brought the last glimpse of genius to a dying industry, he fucked a couple underage girls in the process. Who cares?

The me too movement cock blocks these men and now you are going to see the consequences of it.The crumpling of the cultural landscape, and the fall of the american empire down the line. Finally, ask yourself why the me too movement is comprised of old hags that nobody finds attractive anymore. This includes these animators chicks.

Also, did you know the bitch that started metoo actually fucked a minor when she was like 40? Nobody gave a shit.

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You know where to go back to.



did you ever see tawog? there's nothing like it on TV. it brought me back to the early SpongeBob era of episodes


Lol looks like a bunch of roasties got triggered by the natural law that men wanna fuck women as young as they can. If there's grass on the field then you can play ball. Fuck all these cucks that wanna stick every guy with some diseased 30 year old whore that can't pair bond because she's had more partners then a baseball team. They could have married young instead of being whores for a decade and a half if they really wanted a husband.



>get told to go back for even suggesting that john k could have just used his hand instead

>I'm the one who's triggered

File: 7b63bd34cfa1ffb⋯.jpg (54.94 KB, 598x453, 598:453, you-know-your-a-lazy-redne….jpg)


You guys are just a bunch of racist anti semitic losers

Stop blaming the Jews you lazy redneck trailer trash morons


wrong board retard



It's almost never not the jews.

File: b5963e5af406c1c⋯.jpg (20.63 KB, 488x427, 8:7, b5963e5af406c1cd1b6b5e4fb7….jpg)


Se are the cartoons board ny dudes!


File: e36ccdc4223aa8a⋯.png (193.4 KB, 483x352, 483:352, 1498691007303.png)

cartoons?! WTF!


File: 2794ce0f3f18906⋯.png (118.43 KB, 411x497, 411:497, calarts girl.png)

God bless California, Canada and Australia. (and now Mexico apparently)

but FUCK """France""".

File: 9fc0c95bc375527⋯.png (262.75 KB, 1237x828, 1237:828, capture_20190607212801.png)


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