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File: 7498f23d76f2cbc⋯.jpg (42.24 KB, 255x151, 255:151, cbtsem.jpg)

ec0eaa No.117654

Matthew 7:7 "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:"

John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

We are Restoring the Republic of America

Americas Military + Navy Intelligence, the NSA, the Q group and more have conducted an unprecedented python approach of The-One-PedoRing-To-Rule-Them-All with over 4,289 sealed indictments fueled by the massive NSA information powerhouse [KEY] turned good under Admiral Rogers.

We are living in historic times, and we've been handed a Map of what's to come, and what's going on in this war between Patriots and Clowns.

Here's the catch: The CIA/MSM has lulled the normies into what Q calls Fantasy Land and they cannot handle the Truth. Solution? Sincere Patriots [STONE].

We are the dot connectors. We are the excavators of obscured facts. We are who we've been waiting for our whole lives. We are the Storm, and we are the Calm Center inside it.

Our goal is simple:

To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. We have been chosen to spread the word and to ease and assist the transition of our world.

>Perhaps he could not in good conscience see the world burn.

Can you?

Suit up lads, we will have Peace through the Strength of our Understanding and give Clarity through our Memetic Spread.

ec0eaa No.117658

Latest Q posts

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==CONFIRMED BY Q== ID: 462c9a




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The reason the linked post didn't work anymore is that it was from a General that fell off the board. You can find old posts that are archived (thank you BO for including archive feature!) here: https://8ch.net/cbts/archive/index.html

ec0eaa No.117661

Grab yourself a Qmap in the format you prefer and fight alongside fellow Patriots for God and Country

>News unlocks message.

>Future proves past.


Interactive Qmap


Keep this open, search keywords when news hits and share relevant Q posts for autistic diggers. Search by signatures to unlock?

We're all apart of the greatest timeline we've ever known.

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ec0eaa No.117662

Our Memetic Ammo. Meme Dumps


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They Fear Our Confidence. Give them No Quarter.

ec0eaa No.117664

Latest Findings - It's All Happening

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Atlanta Airport on Lockdown >>>/cbts/115000

Is Kim Jung Un Missing? >>>/cbts/113962

Is Lynn DR Panicking? >>>/cbts/113606

Trump heading back to the WH >>>/cbts/114155 & is there any code in the image filename? >>>/cbts/114262

Raid at the Pentagon? - >>>/cbts/113736

Federal Judge Orders A Total Recount Of Alabama’s Senate Race - http://americanrevolution.co/ breaking-federal-judge-orders-a-total-recount-of-alabamas-senate-race.html

9/11 Insider Trading by Stratesec? - >>>/cbts/113742

Our efforts are hitting mainstream - http://www.thegatewaypundit .com/2017/12/a-whos-who-of-deep-state-criminals-liberals-and-elites/

Inspector General Michael Horowitz War vs. The Obama Administration - https://threadreaderapp.com /thread/942227779579498496.html

Sealed Indictments Press Reports - >>>/cbts/110870

Update on current reps and senators not running for re-election - https://ballotpedia.org/List_of_U.S._Congress_incumbents_who_are_not_running_for_re-election_in_2018

UNMISSABLE - Read the map as a game of chess - >>>/cbts/112732

Tarrot Backfired on the Cabal - A Reading of the 2017 Economist Cover - >>>/cbts/112933 & >>>/cbts/112972

Victorious Top-Get 12/17/17 >>>/cbts/112233

NEW Thread - Strange NWO deaths - >>>/cbts/114171

NEW Thread - PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) / IPCE (International Pedophile and Child Emancipation) - >>>/cbts/113080

THREE New Connection Maps Dropped - John Podesta | Podesta, Todd & Claire | Laura Silsby - >>>/cbts/113393

_RED_ Military Inteligence & The Marine Corp - >>>/cbts/112845

Theory on big picture cbts meaning of Q's signatures and keywords >>>/cbts/103679

Theory on Project Blue Beam false flag >>>/cbts/108765

The New Order of Barbarians - Dissertation laying out the NWO plan in detail >>>/cbts/112937 & >>>/cbts/113132

Owl symbol on FBI's Telecommunications Intercept and Collection Technology Unit (TICTU) - >>>/cbts/112507

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Digging into names Q mentioned - Do we have a thread for these at all?

We have so much info on these to collect from back threads otherwise, if any anon would like to take the torch.

Ian Cameron

McKinsey & Company

Clowns In America

Dr. Emmett J. Rice




Vanderbilt / Anderson Cooper Findings >>>/cbts/112490

Wives and Husbands Findings >>>/cbts/112522

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Trump and Admin News 12.13.17 >>>/cbts/112540

ec0eaa No.117665

Q Resources

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ec0eaa No.117667

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In The Event A Baker Is Needed


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Title: CBTS General #XX: ??????? Edition

Post: From pastebin copy the first section and paste it to the thread as a reply. Continue down. Sections are broken by +++POST BREAK+++

Freshest Dough from Sunday 17th at 6pm ET: >>>/cbts/115178

o7 Captain Mike Green o7

fa0190 No.117668


This is New York. Deep sea port. Center of commerce. London has no port.

7cefbd No.117669


There was a woman on a past cbts thread (no clue which one but was probably early December) who was freaking out on here saying she figured it out and that everything was for nothing…blah…blah…because the "three branches would become one"!! What does that mean Anon?

0af30d No.117670


>And many others have pointed out, text has NO MEANING IN RUSSIAN.

Sure it does. Let me break it down.

БАЖЕ is the name of a russian walnut sauce.

БАЖЖЕ is a sick pun - XX rated walnut sauce. Two Ж characters.

БАЖЖЕ77 is XX-rated Russian walnut sauce with a Crowley reference.

Walnut sauce is pedo code for minors of color.

Catalog shows asian boy and black girl.

Text fits EXACTLY.

Case closed.

ec0eaa No.117671

Give us this day our daily bread

and forgive us our faggotry

as we forgive those who are fags to us

and lead us not into spreading this gloryfagging cancer

but deliver us from the global cabal anyway, we'd appreciate it.


8ec7d3 No.117672

File: c9cb174b0063f41⋯.jpg (980.02 KB, 1440x1733, 1440:1733, Screenshot_20171218-102305.jpg)

Pope & Pre Pubescent Boys have a pizza party on his 81st

What a nice eff you!

fa0190 No.117673


100% Agree with this anon.

9461e7 No.117674


Damn, that's were the 67th Special Operations Squadron 'Nightowls' are stationed…




4b2986 No.117675

File: ed22d2cbac6e6cb⋯.png (268.46 KB, 800x547, 800:547, Ari.png)

d9cddd No.117676

Need a new anon baker and anyone who bitches about shitty bread can hang themselves in an oven. All we need is a thread. The rest is gravy.

fa0190 No.117677


3 branches of government?

f14c4e No.117678


nice but you ended it with a curse…

c61501 No.117679


Not sure why this is no longer linked here but it's a great PDF Qmap with built-in

search function, includes all Q posts AND anons' posts to which Q responded.

https:// anonfile.com/Y9J3m6d4b0/Q_Map_12_15_2017v1.pdf

7f3786 No.117680


A general is completely counterintuitive imo, make them go to the hundred of other threads.

f532eb No.117681

Thank you baker

f532eb No.117682

Wonder if ATL was to move ms 13?www.breitbart.com/texas/2017/12/16/trump-deporting-ms-13-is-cheaper-than-jailing-them/amp/?__twitter_impression=true

3c06e6 No.117683


and the 488 Intel Squadron - RC135 and linguists

d9cddd No.117684


No. They're to post random crap in here so I can yell at them while I shitpost.

2f5154 No.117686

There are literally no follow ups to the ATL shutdown! Just, 'oh they got power back. The end.'

fa0190 No.117687


You think they want to report on a takedown of their people?

7f3786 No.117688


Fair enough, their bread was shit anyways.


I'd do it if I had any information.

faecb7 No.117689

File: 5fbaaad304cda0d⋯.jpg (39.83 KB, 627x395, 627:395, 5fbaaad304cda0dfd8014eb22b….jpg)

File: 34ca4b04904ac2f⋯.jpg (52.26 KB, 629x395, 629:395, 34ca4b04904ac2ff2cb7527ad9….jpg)


Has been previously touched upon. I remember finding these in one of the Meme threads. Happy Hunting

f14c4e No.117690


isnt that how it works?

0e6f5a No.117691


Nobody is asking about redundancy protocols

fa0190 No.117692


https://www.nbcnews.com /storyline/airplane-mode/power-back-atlanta-airport-hundreds-flights-still-canceled-n830691

596149 No.117694


An electrical fire that also took out the backup power. Kek

2324b7 No.117695

Thank you, Baker. Now please quit yet bitchin'.

2f5154 No.117696


No but i do haha

9461e7 No.117697


Shots fired at US Air Force base in Suffolk after 'car tries to force its way in'


As I understand the 'Nightowls' are taking part in Q team operations.

Was this an attack by a Rothschild puppet?

7cefbd No.117698

File: b0044e36d57e09f⋯.png (582.33 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_9077.PNG)

I think Kazakhstan is important!! Pic related!!!

fa0190 No.117699


Me too anon :)

fa0190 No.117700


Yes, we are dealing with the Karzarian mafia… Of course it's important lol. You gotta be a shill at this point

d53afc No.117701

File: 39e0a799e5f9046⋯.jpg (418.45 KB, 2683x1766, 2683:1766, GWBOwl3.jpg)

File: 0e6eafaea8aa8ff⋯.jpg (409.26 KB, 2683x1766, 2683:1766, gwbOwl2.jpg)

File: d0bab5f881977ae⋯.jpg (407.83 KB, 2683x1766, 2683:1766, GWBOwl1.jpg)

7f3786 No.117702


Which are likely electronic to some degree which means the NSA / 'Literal Q Group' probably already owned the shit out of them while watching the results on a realtime ultra high definition video satellite which was designed to study the migration patterns of ants and grasshoppers.

f83ba9 No.117703

File: dc4c082d69a13e0⋯.jpg (25.49 KB, 427x240, 427:240, FCC-Illuminati-Crowd.jpg)

Gannett is just one intersection in the VAST WEB that protects the center


THAT is the topic that came up when all the problems happened & the trolls came in

Get off this Gannett Tangent


The KID DIDDLERS are laughing their asses off


Don't be lead astray again Patriots!!!

4b2986 No.117705

File: f056399e7856f62⋯.png (305.52 KB, 800x688, 50:43, Walnutsauce.png)

I cannot find a literal translatuon on a translator but found this:

fa0190 No.117706


>The KID DIDDLERS are laughing their asses off


>Don't be lead astray again Patriots!!!

Agreed. Anyone who tries to redirect PEDO investigations will reserve themselves a proper place in hell. I guarantee it.

761f60 No.117707


Its from what is called the '/pol prophecy'

Freaking out woman was not reading the whole prophecy– the most KEY portion of it says these plans were laid long ago, BEFORE the founding of America. (i.e. Rothschilds.)

The 'three branches would become one' was to happen under Hillary–undermining the US and combining the separate legislative, judicial and executive branches into one. Remember, she wasn't supposed to lose.

The globalist cabal have a sick sense of karma; they figure that giving us 'hints' about their plots (as in the /pol prophecy, the Rofschild AMA and I Pet Goat II) absolves them of any blame. Because if we are told they are taking over, and we do nothing about it, and we LET them take over..then its on us.

a73081 No.117708


Only a curse if it's directed at a living thing. Otherwise just an expletive.

e0e0cc No.117709


I had always thought that until this moment. Three branches of military?

803bbc No.117710

Meme idea, too busy here. HRC tied to the stake with wood all around, DJT bending down with burning torch to light it all and says, "You're fired!"

fa0190 No.117711



This anon has some insight that seems legit.

fa0190 No.117712


https://www.washingtonpost.com /world/national-security/federal-appeals-judge-announces-immediate-retirement-amid-investigation-prompted-by-accusations-of-sexual-misconduct/2017/12/18/6e38ada4-e3fd-11e7-a65d-1ac0fd7f097e_story.html?utm_term=.57ffe8f6e0ad

4b2986 No.117713

File: 859ad993aac0e2d⋯.png (524.88 KB, 800x872, 100:109, Sauce.png)

Walnut sauce

4ead28 No.117714


Red pill v Red meat

385110 No.117715

RFI ? 4 Q : clearify AC Graffic, walnut sauce 77, pedo cult, or gannett. Redirect lost annonfags please.

6c6be1 No.117716


When was the term walnut sauce created? Gannett has be around since the early 1900's. Why can both be true?

0e6f5a No.117717


9th Circuit ;)

803bbc No.117718

>>117107 re: spider.

Spider = spider monumental statuary all over the world that is purported to contain nuck-leer stuff? As in perhaps pre-positioned WMD used for nuck-leer blackmail?

Pic related → >>104320 and >>104393

and also circa General #116.

I have no direct knowledge of this, just image memory.

e8a997 No.117719

The New York Times‏Verified account


12m12 minutes ago


"There's no illusion about the storm that's coming," said Representative Tom Cole, Republican of

947aef No.117720


Beautiful. Stay strong patriot.

4b2986 No.117721

Whether Ga nn e tt or walnut sauce, the truth will eventually come out. Soon, I hope. Q did say to notice the paper AC was reading.

f532eb No.117723

Just heard from ct friend, last night all military who were heading home for leave, received a recall muster, to return to base.

No reason given.

0af30d No.117724


Not sure - not a gay pedo :)

I think the genius of this pic is that it LOOKS like Gannett. Deliberate.

37defb No.117725



I noticed this too. A lot of people showed up to say "this isn't the place to talk about Pizza Gate"

They always use PIZZA instead of pedo to give them playsible deniability

Yes, it was at the same time someone realized Gannett also spells tangent, but WHO CARES??

We already know there are tons of businesses that participate in covering up the crimes at the center

The reason the trolls came in was bevause WE FINALLY HIT their ACHILLES HEEL

They "can't live without" their lifestyle of feeding off torture & sado-masochistic sex with infants & children

THAT'S what they're protecting, not a stupid newsletter

32df93 No.117726

stem cells in the blood of the young does rejuvenate,,,,those that think its wack


0e6f5a No.117727

Panther owner to sell team after sexual accusations

565a17 No.117728



Probably some anon mentioned it before, but "dar" in spanish is verb "to give"…

In "Sum of all Fears" spinnaker said: "[…] And gave it to them."

As for "ESS" … the only thing that comes to mind is in german "es" means "it", but that might be too long a stretch and inaccurate, as it's not "ess".

4ead28 No.117729


Right, go back and look at what else Q said about AC. Gannett is the right track.

f532eb No.117730



000000 No.117731

Anons, is you're digging into mongolia, obsessing over gannett, reading long threads on celebrity gossip, or obsessing over aliens and reincarnated pharoahs then the shills have become smarter than you.

the shills are getting better and more involved. Stay focused on relevant digging.

What Q questions are still unresolved?

Is there any use of the word "insurance policy" in the wikileaks emails?

What do we know about rosenstein?

Which military brass could be counted on to back Trump in the event of a coup or martial law?

Do we have a map of associations between military brass and the Clinton machine?

What is the percentage of Obama, Clinton, and Bush appointees in Washington?

What has no such agency stated publicly recently?


565a17 No.117732


Yeah, Uranium One: U1 – CA – EU – NK

37defb No.117733


Don't forget they use terms already in existence

If there's no legitimate meaning, the term would not be chosen

761f60 No.117734


Well its not over. The Rothschilds plan for complete control of world economics, is measured in terms of centuries.

f532eb No.117735


Sounds like a feasible explanation to me

99fe1f No.117736

its good to listen to Q but never trust blindly. we r not sheep. even our President has a controller… how come we never hear about kissinger? Keep an open mind.

also.. do u guys expext me to believe that Q group wud know in advance of a terrorist attack at atl and let those guys place bombs and wait for the 17th to occur??? either 1 they r in on it or 2 there where no bombs & Our white hat OpSec got wind of some very bad ppl trying to leave the country.

10 darkness i dont think is that airport. .. but i guesd time will tell..

6d7e08 No.117737


Exactly. The shill activity after GANNET is mentioned is evidence enough to confirm. Takin flak when right on target. Pretty obvious.

3c06e6 No.117738


Dar esSalaam means "house of peace"

No need to force it into something it isnt

f532eb No.117739

Has anyone updated the Q spreadsheet?

565a17 No.117740


Just trying to find a simpler route than via Daressalam/Tansania …

6c6be1 No.117741


Yeah, I see it a bit differently. Pretty sure the Trump administration has a good handle on the pedos. What I am not sure about is if that "stupid newsletter" through it's foundations funneled money to "community organizations" that then used companies like Spitfire to stage the violent protests.

d95534 No.117742

BREAKING: Jayda Fransen, the member of Britain First who got retweeted by Donald Trump, has been suspended on Twitter for an unknown reason. Free speech at risk?


Hope everyone moves off twatter once the censorship becomes obvious and they crash and burn

a73081 No.117743

File: 43f4f923626c3f5⋯.png (454.16 KB, 1242x2072, 621:1036, IMG_8389.PNG)

Image results for bing search of баже

0e6f5a No.117744


Insurance policy - WTC insured at twice their value. Claims filed as two separate incidents. Owner paid over $4B

4c2f2a No.117745

fa0190 No.117746


Oh I know, but good luck now. People are almost awake.

4ead28 No.117747


Yep, also fits with what Q said about the crumbs, in total, being a map. Connecting points on the map, etc.

I get the pedo stuff is real. at the 40k ft and below level, it gives this cabal the blackmail material they need to keep the 2nd tiers in line.

The other stuff (andreno/ritual sacrifice) might be true, but for me that is over 40k feet. Needs to be taken out, for sure, but it isn't the stuff you're going to red pill your mom or your crazy liberal cousin on.

4e79ce No.117748

File: 7bb407dfc2d7af6⋯.png (819.55 KB, 1440x719, 1440:719, giantinvertedspider.png)


These spiders are on the Netflix series Stranger Things.

‘Stranger Things 2’: David Harbour Teases Giant Spider Monster & Sentient Upside Down

https:// heroichollywood.com/stranger-things-2-harbour-spider-monster/

5a783e No.117749


She had bled out — that much was clear. But the body of the woman on coroner Jim Ribe's examination table told a more disturbing story. Many of the thousands of people murdered each year in America die in this manner and, generally speaking, the underlying injury lies elsewhere — a gunshot, a stabbing, blunt force trauma. What Ribe saw before him now was uniquely distressing. The average human vessel contains about 5 liters of blood. She was found with less than a teaspoon.

Her name was Iana Kasian. She was 30 and Ukrainian, with dark eyes and jet-black hair. There were bite marks on her face
 and defensive wounds on her arms and wrist. But most of the blood loss had occurred, Ribe saw, because Kasian had been scalped. "I have never seen this before," he testified. "I doubt if any forensic pathologist in this country or abroad has ever seen this outside of, perhaps, wartime."

A director that murdered his girlfriend and she did not have much blood left in her.

aa138a No.117750

July 10th Plane Crash Mississippi Q talked about.

33 degree Latitude. Message?


a73081 No.117751


That rofschild AMA was quite a read. Shame it's not complete anymore, unless you know somewhere I can find the full version.

99fe1f No.117752


i think thats a bad idea. the sheep will only see their prospective … its a better tool that msm: cnn etc.. they control the narrative with 30 sec of how alt media is bs … we need to b on there to disrupt their programming & get ppl to think not listen blindy

2f5154 No.117753

Trumps tweet about leaving Camp David and it being "a special place" was tweeted from @potus @readonaldtrump & @whitehouse. He wanted that tweet to be seen!

fd9244 No.117754

File: 3bd4fed4b0e2c3c⋯.png (211.4 KB, 1605x903, 535:301, 2017-12-18 (2).png)

Very Interesting

aa138a No.117755

File: 311b2e7505d6530⋯.jpeg (53.5 KB, 1440x496, 90:31, polls.jpeg)

ef2a2b No.117756


osama was hiding in camp david dude trust me

9461e7 No.117757

File: 49801ef30950f20⋯.jpg (1.4 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, Owls 12dec2017.jpg)






So, last Thursday (14 dec) I linked a post from Q to the 67th SOS Nightowls...


by remembering and backtracking the post from HF COMM with a photograph of an tattooed arm with an owl, with written on a piece of paper:

"Owls move and live in the darkness. But, we are good beings. 11/12/2017."


And now there's an attack on that Airbase???


There are NO coincidences!

000000 No.117758


>Three branches of military?

no, they've divided the world into three regions (trilateralism). They are saying those three regions shall become one- one world government.

3040cd No.117759

50 or more humvees and transports just showed up at ucsb in california. unprecedented. mp and ng. pray

0e6f5a No.117760


Modern medicine was created by grants from Standard Oil. All chemical companies are in Pharma.

d9cddd No.117761


Well, fuck.

832650 No.117762


The problem though is that the public has to see both the vast web of interlocking busineses, foundations and organizations and people connecting them together and the darker stuff. It's a lot easier to redpill with the former than the latter, and frankly, we will never have the irrefutable smoking gun evidence of their sick shit. NSA/MI has it. Not saying it shouldn't be investigated, it should; just saying that no one is really working on showing the network of the former.

d53afc No.117764

File: 4557c2bdd45a1e4⋯.jpg (175.7 KB, 689x687, 689:687, HillaryBeFiredYo.jpg)

2f5154 No.117765


Let's get 'em!

fd9244 No.117767

File: b4f832991546b1f⋯.png (251.28 KB, 1629x916, 1629:916, 2017-12-18 (4).png)

a73081 No.117768


Can you elaborate? Did you mean to reply to my post?

5a783e No.117769


This is perfect.. more info will come out through this lawsuit! Fusion GPS being sued by the Russian Oligarchs named in the Fake Russian dossier.

Imagine the can of worms and names that will have to be revealed. They are going to have to open ALL of their paperwork for the lawsuit!

f532eb No.117770


This morning?

c0e800 No.117771

Saw this tweet. I admit I do not know, but it looks important to me

by Graham Davis


#QAnon #FollowTheWhiteRabbit

UPDATE: Cracked (!)

#ATL - Power out [10] hours - Dark.

_Conf_term[5] =

Concourse F Term(inal) [5]


Private OP=private owned plane


000000 No.117772


beat it shill

fd9244 No.117773

File: a851b0068e8b264⋯.png (149.74 KB, 1635x919, 1635:919, 2017-12-18 (5).png)

276347 No.117777

Pedophilia is THE KEY

803bbc No.117778


Fuckin' A!! Thank you!

000000 No.117779


>how come we never hear about kissinger?

Don't know. Kissinger is a member of the Pilgrim's society, along with John D Rockefeller, the Queen of England, Adam Schiff, et al.

f438fd No.117780


Well may have been a bomb(s), most of those are triggered by cellphones so maybe thats why the black out. Or bad actors had a bug out plane and they grounded it.

Wonder how early Chick-fil-a got the word to start prepping food.

9461e7 No.117781


Problems with what he says, Schlomo?

Here's some more…


3d442b No.117783


Terminal F = Number 6

The map is a stretch with the number 5. It is just a key for International Atrium and not the actual terminal number. Unless the OP was related to that specific location.

7a430e No.117784

File: b3d9ce986aff7a5⋯.jpg (184.78 KB, 927x1009, 927:1009, HilKnows.jpg)

45f35f No.117785


Probably to help out with this:

Santa Barbara Now Under Voluntary Evacuation Orders as Thomas Fire Continues to Burn

December 17, 2017 at 10:45 am by Evelyn Spence


0e6f5a No.117787


You mentioned AMA.

Here is a bunch of sauce.

https:// www.google.com/search?q=standard+oil+medicine

000000 No.117788


>Pretty sure the Trump administration has a good handle on the pedos.

Nope. Watch the Obama AIDS special. Sean Penn and Bono have stepped in to fill the void. They're getting the flow of children going again, most likely kidnapped children from the slaves on Penn's plantation in Haiti.

d9cddd No.117789


Look at the sliding shill fucks and agenda schizos not noticing this.

0e6f5a No.117791

File: a4e1e093f75d2b4⋯.jpeg (607.2 KB, 2151x1187, 2151:1187, 1A78CDC4-E3B1-4008-BE2F-E….jpeg)

File: 5992b702ea8dd21⋯.jpeg (377.68 KB, 2118x1217, 2118:1217, 8FF2F92C-7A54-4440-BEA6-D….jpeg)

99fe1f No.117794

https:// youtu.be/o0yxkH0Lx2k

^^^ THIS

Roy Potter

2f5154 No.117795

1b3600 No.117796


>Fusion GPS being sued by the Russian Oligarchs named in the Fake Russian dossier.

Sweet! Not only do we get all the info, we get to see them sued into penury and maybe even jail.

fce108 No.117797

I need your attention for like 5 minutes and go to this fuckin website…

I was doing some fucking research and stumbled upon a group called the "Sahara Group"

I went to the website and was shocked by what the introduction graphic was and it became a spider web after the animation was over

you have GOT to check this shit out



watch it….watch the whole fucking thing dudes

what the ever loving FUCK …..

I then went down a rabbit hole and cant find much…WHAT THE FUCK

seriously yo its a graphic animation of a meteor hitting the planet and it then it branches out and eventually the whole earth explodes and then it ends and goes into a spider web

these fuckin people…

947826 No.117799

File: 811b8ec040154d7⋯.png (34.45 KB, 1360x430, 136:43, mass mutual.png)

File: 7c80c0e974329c8⋯.png (18.6 KB, 652x630, 326:315, shill post.png)

this shill


posted this list of no-no words


i did some really small digging and come up with this.


and this


mutual gave me

"Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company"

I think there is more to it.

cf9d63 No.117800

File: bc040af0a3ae134⋯.jpg (213.27 KB, 1418x780, 709:390, 35663qreata34.jpg)

NK is building a sick playground for the elite.

Where are all the citizens?

Have they been carrying out sick biotechnology experiments? bioweapons?

The city of Pyonyang looks empty.


Look at all the new buildings - who are they for?

Why are they all color coded?

Like a marker for satellites or bombs?

30975a No.117801

CERN is at the heat of the World Wide WEB


4b2986 No.117802

File: c2a3d93271c7439⋯.png (516.78 KB, 800x910, 80:91, Pelosi.png)

6dc861 No.117803


A/ This isn't the general public (its the most Red pilled people on Earth

B/ Gannett is no red pill nor is any company that protects Pedos

If people don't realize what is so closely gaurded, the companies that do it are moot

>>>Get back to pedophiles & watch the shills come in. Bill Clinton traveling over 3 dozen times to an island full of trapped teens & children is a real redpill. Explain to me how you can redpill someone about the "massive network" that covers for Pedos without talking about pedophilia

Gannett = Tangent


eda4b6 No.117804

2f5154 No.117805


Oh shit!

2f5154 No.117806

Do u have the link?

a8df47 No.117807


I think NK is more than just an elites playground. I think the whole fucking state is a model for how the NWO is targeted to be structured. Complete and total submission to the leaders, even as you are suffering in agonizing poverty. It is where they are working out the kinks.

0e6f5a No.117808

File: 7b6b089a833f600⋯.jpeg (533.75 KB, 1536x2016, 16:21, 30ABD661-D527-49C5-9EC9-E….jpeg)



Here you go fgt.

6dc861 No.117810


Thank you! This is what they've known all along & they don't want to give it up

Royals have been drinking the blood of youth & even bathing in it for millenia

710726 No.117811


there was a DJP (Delta Private Jets) flight that made its way out of ATL during the mess headed to DC (IIRC; pretty sure it was DC)

5a783e No.117812


Yeah it is going to get REAL good. The Fusion GPS lawyers are trying to get the suit thrown out. Here is part of the story:

The three primary investors in Moscow’s Alfa Bank — Mikhail Fridman, Petr Aven and German Khan — filed a libel lawsuit against Fusion in October. Fusion’s dossier, written by former British spy Christopher Steele, says two of them engineered cash bribes to Mr. Putin. The dossier also implies that the bank colluded with Mr. Putin to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election by hacking Democratic Party computers.

The lawsuit describes the three billionaires as international businessmen who became “collateral damage” in Fusion’s war to destroy the Donald Trump campaign.

“This is a defamation case brought by three international businessmen who were defamed in widely disseminated political research reports commissioned by political opponents of candidate Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election cycle,” says a Dec. 12 filing in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

“The reports are gravely damaging in that, directly or by implication, they falsely accuse the plaintiffs — and Alfa, a consortium in which the plaintiffs are investors — of criminal conduct and alleged cooperation with ‘Kremlin’ to influence the 2016 presidential election,” says the complaint by the New York law firm Carter Ledyard & Milburn.

Fusion responded in court by relying on Wikipedia and its press citations to paint a dark picture of three oligarchs who, the media say, capitalized on Russia’s freewheeling post-communism era to engage in financial scandals.

Fusion depicted the three as publicity-seeking financial titans who are public figures under U.S. law.

Unlike private citizens, public figures face a high bar in libel lawsuits. In this case, the Russian businessmen, if deemed public figures, must prove that Fusion spread the dossier charges with malice — meaning the opposition research firm knew its accusations were untrue or showed reckless disregard for the truth.

On that basis, lawyers from Zuckerman Spaeder asked U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon to dismiss the lawsuit.

710726 No.117813

DPJ rather

2324b7 No.117814


My, my, Ninth Circuit Appeals Judge Kozinski has retired in disgrace. The federal bench certainly has some sickos on it. Who here remembers the case of First Circuit Bankruptcy Judge Robert Somma, who retired after getting arrested for Driving Under the Influence whole wearing a woman's dress, fishnet stockings, and ugly blue eyeshadow? Afyer he designed in disgrace he attempted to rescind his resignation. Read all about it here (http://archive.boston.com/news/local/articles/2008/04/02/us_judge_in_dui_rethinks_quitting) and here (http://www.bostonherald.com/news_opinion/local_coverage/2008/05/judge_nabbed_sexy_dress_bench).

Boston radio host and writer Howie Carr (on Twitter as @HowieCarrShow) will surely have more info, cuz some of the old Boston Herald articles have been archived and I'm too cheap of a bastard to pay for access.

710726 No.117815


opverify is a blockchain script command

0af30d No.117816

File: 972b07e829d7ba3⋯.jpg (16.46 KB, 320x272, 20:17, 1505509208928.jpg)


Digits would appear to confirm.

0e6f5a No.117819

Amtrak high speed train derailment

ea3887 No.117820

File: 9e46f42efe2e842⋯.jpg (141.82 KB, 440x438, 220:219, HildogOnFireYoureFired.jpg)

File: 6203e76c4915582⋯.jpg (132.19 KB, 414x412, 207:206, HildogOnFireYoureFired2.jpg)


Couple versions..

e54b59 No.117823

Snow white refers to the sleeping masses. When the great awakening happens, change will be easier

d9cddd No.117824



da391b No.117825

https://twitter. com/NBCNews/status/942787565526175749

6dc861 No.117826


"Pedophilia is the key"



5a783e No.117827

c8313c No.117828

File: 26f595d65641ceb⋯.png (337.68 KB, 650x659, 650:659, Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at ….png)

3d442b No.117829

File: 722e999c43e5c01⋯.png (465.31 KB, 623x696, 623:696, DOJ.PNG)

ea3887 No.117830


well shit.. I guess so.

0e6f5a No.117831

File: 584b20dcf7b5de2⋯.jpeg (480.15 KB, 1536x2014, 768:1007, 0442B8AA-C512-4004-9AB1-9….jpeg)



Washington State

4e79ce No.117833

3935ce No.117834

I wonder what politicians use Trip adviser/ Expedia.com

in 04 TA was bought by Expedia.com/ ICA

ICAs' chairman is Barry Diller


Barry Diller is a wealthy Dem, who helped/ and is deeply connected to Pediwood.


f5de8f No.117835

File: 1f5028422bba67f⋯.jpg (350.46 KB, 1080x990, 12:11, 20171218_082016.jpg)


32df93 No.117836

The vampire stories where not stories.

fce108 No.117837

File: 33bff3ab52f94a5⋯.png (215.72 KB, 934x503, 934:503, darnkess connex.PNG)


Dar es Salaam

North Korean Embassy

Globalist action - fingerprints all over this place

Soros - Clinton Global Initiative

d9cddd No.117838



Bring it on, deep state.

1b3600 No.117839

c8313c No.117840


damn thing fell off a bridge into traffic it seems

https://www.cnbc. com/2017/12/18/amtrak-train-derails-near-seattle-onto-the-i-5-freeway.html?__source=twitter%7Cmain

fe7b39 No.117842

eda4b6 No.117843

attempted murder at q train platform


The NYPD says a Hispanic man and an Asian man approached a 41-year-old man who was standing on the southbound "Q" train platform. They punched him in the head, causing him to fall on the platform. His head was hit by a train as it entered the station in Midtown Manhattan.

836596 No.117844

File: d8d832ef05298a8⋯.jpg (384.59 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, image.jpg)


Did u receive the screenshot of ONLY plane leaving ATL during blackout? (Pic related)


c8313c No.117845


Now that I'm thinking about it….holy shit..you derail a train ONTO the I-5 FREEWAY!

The I-5 runs from Canada to Mexico…its one of the biggest commercial lanes in the world. And a train just landed on it a day after the world largest airport shut down for 10 hrs.


2f5154 No.117846

I'm dedicating my entire day to enjoying watching the news roll out….

f36d6b No.117847


Good Lawd! Dem Digits!

I think you're right anon. Hit the Jackpot+

32df93 No.117848

1b3600 No.117849


>On that basis, lawyers from Zuckerman Spaeder asked U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon to dismiss the lawsuit.

Even if successful, what do you think the team from ZUCKERMAN/Spaeder charge per hour? Just the legal bills will crush them, kek.

45f35f No.117851

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

710726 No.117852


I saw that plane as well as an MD88 headed for O'Hare and a Cargo Airlines plane bound for Europe - all three took off during the blackout

5133f1 No.117854


Plugging my own new thread here:

THE SWAMP: The British Connection/s




All help would be greatly appreciated. Have a good day anons :)

19dc1e No.117856

https: //youtu.be/dnLCK3knuY8

e53d2f No.117858

I don't want to respond directly to 1 1 7 6 7 0, but FUCK, NO! Walnut in Russian is "грецкий орех."

f36d6b No.117859

Why are pedo pics getting deleted?

0e6f5a No.117860



4b2986 No.117861

f36d6b No.117862


I mean showing elite pedos. Bad choice of words

836596 No.117863


Nice… Another take down. So they stopped using planes. And tried a train.. Naaaa… Better not.

They cant use cars to escape either. Cause cars r hacked.

4e79ce No.117864



d9cddd No.117866


Just noticed they said "a" russian walnut sauce. So a sauce that has walnut as a primary ingredient.

7ba75b No.117867

Friendly reminder that there’s a prayer request thread. I think we’ll need lots of prayer this week.

<Prayer Request Thread


836596 No.117868


Pls get screenshots, have add to batter. These r no coincidences. Blackout was in the stringers.

PPL were taken out, extracted, or whatever.

We NEED those destinations, find out who owned those planes etc.

>LETS DIG! This is HUGE!

b82cf8 No.117869


7/10 is not a date. Q says 7 out of 10 plane crashes are targeted kills

2f5154 No.117870

Have we been good enough for Trumpy Claus to give us multiple presents for Christmas??

99fe1f No.117871


Its interesting, on here, how everyone thinks they r in the "know" when in fact all of this has been a controlled narrative. God forbid anyone does research outside of Q for fear of being called a shill or banned.

i am greatful for all the hard work that has been done by anons & for Q group OpSec .. keeping everyone safe.

But i'm also not a monkey here for someone/group to control my strings. Like Ive said in the beginning, hope for the best prepare for the worst. none of us know what is going on but THEY DO. keep that in mind.

If u find a lead that isnt Q related, dig & report back. all the alien stuff, keep on a separate board.

6c6be1 No.117872


Sabotaging the train tracks has been common in WA as has ANTIFA blocking the tracks. Many ANTIFA at Evergreen College near where the train derailed.

d9cddd No.117873


I got a train! On the I-5.

f36d6b No.117874


Really? Let's just gloss over elite pedophilia cuz "Trump has it handled"?

Shouldn't you be in jail Podesta?

c61501 No.117875


That's your take but not everyone agrees with you.

2f5154 No.117877



565a17 No.117878



Didn't follow it to its destination -- but it went somewhere near NY. Where did it land ?

1b3600 No.117879

Things are moving quickly this morning. We need to keep a log of happenings.



https://www.washingtonpost.com /world/national-security/federal-appeals-judge-announces-immediate-retirement-amid-investigation-prompted-by-accusations-of-sexual-misconduct/2017/12/18/6e38ada4-e3fd-11e7-a65d-1ac0fd7f097e_story.html?utm_term=.57ffe8f6e0ad





b1be66 No.117880


Stands to reason if we will be seeing marshall law.

836596 No.117881


Pls add the 3 planes leaving a blacked out ATL and the train crashing onto interstate to batter.

Also: UK dimplomat female REBECCA DYKES got murdered in lebanon yesterday. NWO related. Details on weird deaths thread.

>diggers needed on weird deaths thread. Simple digging. Pls help paint the picture. Tx.

555f35 No.117883


Posted this once and it didnt go through. But I seen this first hand years ago. I was going through Leukemia IV's saline. But there was an old black man that was getting sicker and sicker. One day he came in looking gray and I mean gray. Didnt look black at all. The next day he wasnt there. Two days later he returned looking fantastic. His color returned, he was talkative and even looked younger. We all asked what happened and he said "He gave me some of that young blood" Meaning he got a transfusion. Months later he still died but I'll never forget it. Also, if you donate blood, they do not use a person that is 49 years are older for transfusion. Only for blood products like medicine.

e1407d No.117884

Good morning stormvolks

As a test I posted information connecting the clintons and bushs to Mongolia on another site and it got scrubbed.

Food for thought.

803bbc No.117885


Seriously, will buy a round of drinks in your name for that one, hopefully soon.

f438fd No.117886


Yup I am betting leftists, this state is full of them and I hate it, member R said to take to the streets, it's on.

4bd049 No.117887


>>117777 (you)

>>117777 (you)

>>117777 (you)


>>117777 (you)

4e79ce No.117888


The I-5 train derailment definitely looks like cutting off escape route to Canada

4a411c No.117889

DETROIT (WWJ) – It could be a month before experts can determine the origin of what’s thought to be human organs found at a Detroit wastewater treatment plant Friday.

A worker at the plant on West Jefferson found what appears to have been a kidney or liver –the second such discovery in two days.

Police evidence technicians took the organs to the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s office to determine its origin: human or animal.

f438fd No.117890

Anybody else watching the live Sessions speech on eradicating violent crime?

4e79ce No.117891


All of these body parts turning up sure does seem like somebody is panicking and trying to get rid of evidence

f5de8f No.117892


Excellent work, anon.

803bbc No.117893

File: d73ebf7c87ffd47⋯.jpeg (47.75 KB, 600x306, 100:51, ESPN quits.jpeg)

Breaking: ESPN President Quits Due To "Substance Addiction"

http://www.zerohedge. com/news/2017-12-18/espn-president-quits-due-substance-addiction

Pic related

f438fd No.117895


No, they would just stop the train, they won't run it off the track, it's leftists

e2167e No.117896


Roths, Rockefellers, Saudis, Popes, Cabal, whoever you are: You are now on notice that this shit is not OK. We know you are listening. We have figured you out and we know your hoaxes, diseases, and all around bad acting that you've inflicted on the world for far too long.

You are now being called out and no longer tolerated by the people of planet Earth from here on until the end of time.

7ba75b No.117897

ea3887 No.117898

File: 02728d69a238692⋯.jpg (62.29 KB, 460x276, 5:3, AdamAndEveSchiff23423456.jpg)

4e79ce No.117900


I keep going back to this and the whole "bloodlines" comment from Q. Mass disasters and shooting always trigger people lining up to donate blood. Al Gore was busted with a suitcase full of blood. Maybe these elites are also constantly refueling on young blood kind of like getting an oil change.

45f35f No.117901

Amtrak derailment onto the I-5 freeway south of Seattle is 'massive,' police say

-First responders are treating the incident as a mass casualty, according to KIRO 7.

-Some injuries are reported, Amtrak said in a statement.

-All lanes of the southbound freeway are closed, the Washington State Department of Transportation said.


836596 No.117902


One of those planes went to israel… YESSSSS. Soros brought to "very special place" ISRAEL (very special.. Toss the letters around)


803bbc No.117903

File: a856576c429b541⋯.jpeg (88.38 KB, 661x764, 661:764, Pelosi Dems sex website.jpeg)

https://twitter. com/B75434425/status/942792412442910721

Pic related

a8df47 No.117904

File: 514dde9a7d7c3f8⋯.jpg (198.9 KB, 1200x801, 400:267, ac1.jpg)

Pedo.. as in the sick artistry in this picture of Aendersoon Coper and his mum Glloria VVanderbuilt?

2f5154 No.117905


Screenshots for these?

bb2530 No.117906

File: b9f58f4676d2a83⋯.png (612.55 KB, 1332x1194, 222:199, ATL_Enjoying_the_show.png)

4b2986 No.117907


On a bridge over a major highway…sheesh

dd4658 No.117908


The 3 branches are the Roths, royals, and pope. They made an agreement to share power in order to control the planet…for a while. The NWO plans that would have been carried out if HRC was pres were to consolidate these (3 branches become one). Instead, it looks like they will each be struck at the root.

39238e No.117909

Something is going on at ATL again.

Inbound flights are being diverted away from the airport.

Southwest flight was on final and initiated a go around. (SWA210 PHX-ATL)

555f35 No.117910


Yes events make ppl donate blood. I remember 9/11. We had so many blood donations coming through we couldn't keep up on processing it.

836596 No.117911


Looks like altered pic. Photoshopped. So ething weird with that pic

803bbc No.117912

File: 8afabdc40a3e3ed⋯.png (526.94 KB, 915x1012, 915:1012, ClipboardImage.png)


BREAKING NEWS: NEW PHOTO: Massive damage following huge train derailment near Olympia, Washington State. Incident command is treating the incident as a mass casualty event. People are injured.


https://twitter. com/BreakingNLive/status/942793388532920320

9857b8 No.117913



Pedophilia is key

32df93 No.117914

pedo's are usefull pawns ,to those that use young blood ..

bb2530 No.117915

>>117777 totally agree maps

e2167e No.117916


yes, and organ transplants as often as needed. therefore, organ trafficking networks.

45f35f No.117917


"treating the incident as a mass casualty"

No reported deaths I think.

That's good.

710726 No.117918

File: 8bf283e16fc4d06⋯.png (155.6 KB, 1354x862, 677:431, mem-to-atl-fdx754-b767.png)

File: 774b062cea8e78f⋯.png (205.57 KB, 1357x869, 1357:869, atl-to-ord-dl2809-md88.png)

File: 34f90a8f2dc239a⋯.png (246.23 KB, 1355x869, 1355:869, atl-to-iad-dpj47-cessna-c5….png)

File: f90872d755371b6⋯.png (207.48 KB, 1362x985, 1362:985, atl-to-lgg-liege-belgium-i….png)


here are the screenshots of one flight from memphis into ATL during obvious time of power outage as well as the three flights I took notice of that left ATL during the outage

fce108 No.117919


but…doesnt soros kinda like..control Israel in some way…zionists of a feather type shit?

Id rather him be HERE..I thought the special place was Camp David as per POTUS tweet

803bbc No.117920

File: 54e6a280099fe2b⋯.png (723.56 KB, 1098x922, 549:461, ClipboardImage.png)

Derailed Amtrak train plunges off bridge onto I-5 lanes south of Tacoma

pic related (sorry)

http://komonews. com/news/local/derailed-train-falls-off-bridge-onto-i-5-lanes-south-of-tacoma

God bless the injured and help the rescuers.

1b3600 No.117921

13ba6e No.117922


>The globalist cabal have a sick sense of karma; they figure that giving us 'hints' about their plots (as in the /pol prophecy, the Rofschild AMA and I Pet Goat II) absolves them of any blame.

The law of intention. However the smarter ones can jujitsu the evildoers with these clues. I do this all the time, as I'm sure we and Trump has.

fce108 No.117923


"Lab Rat" graffiti

lmao ah the irony

d95534 No.117924

from live feed, but not confirmed. This was a NEW train. running on newly laid tracks. Something off about this.

a8df47 No.117925


It looks clean in an ELA on fotoforensics

http://fotoforensics. com/analysis.php?id=2d26b5df76352e8a7ecd4158104106a6c7bafd67.203670

39238e No.117926


Take a look at the radar right now.

Inbound flights diverted and nothing taking off.

4b2986 No.117927

File: b2a775407bc31d5⋯.png (325.53 KB, 800x538, 400:269, W.png)

c8313c No.117928

Guy on FOX just reported that evidence shows the train hit something

e53d2f No.117929


There is no Russian sauce, walnut or otherwise, that is called bazhe or bazhzhe or close to that. There is a Georgian walnut sauce that is called satsivi.

ea3887 No.117930

File: 72b2aab5200438d⋯.jpg (118.72 KB, 1080x990, 12:11, ChelseaClintonLeavesChurch.jpg)

555f35 No.117931


Also, you guys remember when Hillary had her little episode when they had to practically carry her to the van? Then later on in the day she was fresh as a daisy… Plasma and oxygen…..

447bb4 No.117932



False flag to take control of news cycle because of the coming bombshell?

fe6bc2 No.117933

ok, really interesting reading about ATL power outage.

Meganon posts from yesterday. Calls out Q in a not very nice way and makes you wonder about his posts….


82d8fb No.117934




Delta Airlines Stock Shorted

Or Soros Shortsale

10 day contract on the shorts?

10 days of Delta Airlines short selling?

8 bombs would have crashed delta stock

standard Soros protocol for making money

ef2a2b No.117935

File: 08086b2543a12ed⋯.png (138.1 KB, 750x747, 250:249, railroads.PNG)

9857b8 No.117936

File: 5e4ec3c1e2ec634⋯.jpg (324.65 KB, 1013x681, 1013:681, Screenshot_20171213-151943.jpg)

File: c38c870d4fd7987⋯.jpg (760.18 KB, 1440x983, 1440:983, 2017-12-18_11.49.34.jpg)

e1407d No.117937

Considering the attention being taken away from the pedophilia I wonder how many are here from Heart Progress and NAMbLA since most are elderly boomer generation types with a lot of time on their hands

bb2530 No.117938

>>117716 there are two thoughts - go to Urban Dictionary look up walnut - that is one theory - and that would coincide with the AC photo

the other is the PZ theory of black kids

sauce = orgy though

every time we work on that picture the shit starts in here - pretty much a confirmation we are kicking the hornets nest

fe6bc2 No.117939


she mentions ATL airport gun running December 2014, shit…..

1b3600 No.117940


>I'm dedicating my entire day to enjoying watching the news roll out….




32df93 No.117941

Long shot ,, walnut sauce = virgins blood

b9e127 No.117942

Scientist who discovered prion - infection protein cause Kuru etc.

Imported young kids for New Guinea highlands.


6c6be1 No.117943


This is also happening near the derailment:

"Activists staging largest protest against PSE gas storage facility"


13ba6e No.117944

fce108 No.117945


Its not that pedophilia doesnt have our attention

its just that we need to stick with solid evidence as it comes out

its all leading up to it anon. we start at the bottom and work our way to the top

children is used as currency. we all know it.

but there is not alot of HARD evidence.

So we take out the ones at the bottom. They have nothing to lose anyway. The birds are singing if you know how to listen

836596 No.117946


The nternational "cargo" plane flew to Belgium, liege airport, if I am correct? I smell mossad, dont u? CARGO flight.. Sure.. A strikepackage bravo tD? Soros off to israel.. Warcrimes cour. Merry x mas georgy. (Just speculating away)

45f35f No.117947

Lakewood mayor predicts deadly accidents from high-speed train service

Tuesday, December 5th 2017

"LAKEWOOD, Wash. - City leaders gave a chilly reception to a new high-speed rail plan for Amtrak trains that starts running later this month.

The idea is to use the Sound Transit tracks that cut through the city and open them up to Amtrak trains. However, huge safety concerns remain."


f14c4e No.117948

File: b45b961b6a8e939⋯.gif (292.12 KB, 255x138, 85:46, they_live_gannett.gif)

bb2530 No.117950


100% agree anon, top kek

c8313c No.117951

FOX just reported that section of track was JUST inspected and part of a grand opening on FRIDAY of Amtracks new service line in this area. FOX anchors keep insinuating that this MEANS something….its weird. GTG to work.

e1407d No.117952


Out of curiosity what would you consider hard evidence?

As far as I'm concerned that's sitting on a laptop that belonged to Weiner in a folder named "Insurance" but the DOJ has been threatening to sue the cops involved with Eric Garner's death.

f14c4e No.117953

File: 1fcf3bbe1791a90⋯.jpg (18.18 KB, 500x500, 1:1, tegna.jpg)



>ignore gannett

de1cb1 No.117954

Has anybody caught that Kim Jong Un wasn’t at the day of remembering ceremony for his dad? It was the national day of mourning in NK, a massive occasion, you’d have thought he’d show up to that… what do the clowns have him doing instead?


https://www.dailystar .co.uk/news/latest-news/667694/kim-jong-un-missing-kim-jong-il-death-memorial-north-korea-news-latest

d9cddd No.117955


Bazhe: fish in a nut sauce apparently.

2f5154 No.117956

13ba6e No.117957




They're still using ESS switches in the nork phone system?

2b9e3e No.117958


Ok, so if kids are the key then the stone is what? Like a litteral sacrificial stone that they are offered up on? Gannett peak?

73edd4 No.117959

If Soros protestors caused train derailment, those protestors are gone for domestic terrorism.

e53d2f No.117960


OK, I googled now, and there is a Georgian walnut sauce called bazhi, transliterated into Russian as Бажи or Баже with one ж. I didn't know about it. It's so obscure and so far fetched and so unrelated to the doubling of the Ж sound, which you don't do as easily in Russian as you double consonants in English, that I find the whole idea of Anderson Cooper reading a newsletter by this name completely unbelievable. If you want to run with this idea, be my guest.

6fa9c6 No.117961


What I thought I read yesterday said stops in NY (it may have been Newark, that sticks in my mind for some reason), then Liege, Belgium, then to Israel.

000000 No.117962


ELA can be used to spot a (bad) fake but isn't proof of authenticity.

e0e0cc No.117963


thanks. she does have good info. I have not been to 4ch since the creation of cbts

13ba6e No.117964


>Ok, so if kids are the key then the stone is what?


Stoned kids are more DTF and forget they were raped. (It's just psychosis, goy, you weren't raped.)

08347b No.117965

File: 0303163c95932d8⋯.png (842.04 KB, 884x666, 442:333, 1513550245840.png)

halfpol has the original draft of Comey's remarks on Hillary.


e1407d No.117966


in this context:

Key = pedophilia

Stone = compromised puppets willing to say and do anything to keep the flow of kids going

ef2a2b No.117967

6c6be1 No.117968


Just throwing out an idea. Is it possible both are true? Gannett is the fake news. Perhaps individuals within Gannett coined the play on words with what walnut came to be known for.

They have done so with other matters.

"Gannett, the publisher of USA Today, will spin off its digital media businesses into a new company called TEGNA, the unlikely name of which was created by rearranging some of the letters in "Gannett."

Gannett CEO Garcia Mortore said in a statement that the name is a "nod to the more than 100 year-old history of Gannett." TEGNA will oversee 46 TV stations and websites including Cars.com and CareerBuilder.com, which had been the most profitable pieces of the parent company.

The invented name, only a few hours old, quickly came in for its share of ridicule from wags on Twitter:"


836596 No.117969


Maybe u r right.

putin and hungary both want him..

Lets give georgy 2 putin 4 x mas LOL

39238e No.117971

File: 57b83a92dd3fd8b⋯.jpg (54.59 KB, 1187x598, 1187:598, atl.jpg)

Flights are being diverted away from Atlanta.

Nothing taking off and all inbounds appear to be headed to alternate airports.

2f5154 No.117972


This warms my heart honestly

a8df47 No.117974


The picture came through pintrest. I found it using google search. Pintrest had its source from a website called ecelebrityfacts. com

2f5154 No.117975


That is def something to watch

ec0eaa No.117976


Any word/twatting from passengers at the airport?

e0e0cc No.117977

File: d5a2f42c24426fd⋯.jpg (37.06 KB, 254x177, 254:177, 74471108b4e4aead1c1abfce21….jpg)


What would make him miss such an event?

32df93 No.117978

key=pedo ?

stone= vampire? roth++ queen soros

google soros transplant and rockerfeller

45f35f No.117979

File: 7980aebd6405100⋯.png (561.55 KB, 785x1043, 785:1043, ATLnarrative.png)

To compare and contrast with our info.

39dc40 No.117980





Insider info

b1be66 No.117981


House of peacekeepers? UN?

fc6e1c No.117982


and Diddy wants to buy it, fire Cam Newton to give Kapernick a job. These people really are stupid

fe6bc2 No.117983


Anonymous ID:/LKbd7EN Mon 18 Dec 2017 01:41:38 No.153676124 Report

Quoted By: >>153676408 >>153677058 >>153677200 >>153677929


That Jew cargo plane was loaded with W-80 nuclear warheads…

This is the Minot Airbase Bent Spear event except this time the fucking Kikes pulled it off. The power to the Atlanta airport was cut to blind nuclear detection..

Those fuckings Jews want W-80's because not only can they deliver them, they can arm them. If they are used in Syria or Iran, the radionuclide profile gives it a return address of the U.S.. Leaving the Kikes hands clean.

These fuckers are gonna get us all cooked. The Jews feel they have nothing to lose.

de1cb1 No.117984

Incident at RAF base in Suffolk, UK that homes the US Air Force. Not really a lot if info on this atm.


http://www.bbc .co.uk/news/uk-42401585

836596 No.117985


Just like WTC was JUST fireproofed….

f14c4e No.117986





The pope had pizza with little boys so he could send these glowing clown faggots our way.

0e6f5a No.117987

File: 60dec62b2cb9f82⋯.jpeg (241.07 KB, 1192x1228, 298:307, BF77CCD5-B333-4692-ABE4-0….jpeg)

Last reported speed 81mph

fc6e1c No.117988


looks like shit

d95534 No.117989

BREAKING VIDEO: Injuries & casualties reported at Amtrak derailment, Today was first day of service for this route from Seattle to Portland


Maiden voyage….

f0adf2 No.117990


> the whole idea of Anderson Cooper reading a newsletter by this name completely unbelievable

Reading Russian

In his work office (he's wearing a microphone)

A whole stack of them (the daily pedo journal?)

In front of guests (the photographer)

Please. It's Gannett you fucking retards. The point was that AC and the rest of the industry get their daily talking points from a CIA front company. Maybe you are jaded here on infinite chan, but to most of the world that is a huge red pill to swallow.

d9cddd No.117991

Bazhe from http://www.olegcherne .ru/proekty/11-570-bazhe-recept/

Fish in a nut sauce. But is it walnut?

Cut and pasted from that page:


9bae0b No.117992


Pope been around much longer….

ea3887 No.117993

File: 60d4a8ecbbdbd47⋯.jpg (61.34 KB, 460x276, 5:3, AdamEveSchiffBinLaden.jpg)

4e79ce No.117994


Thank you good wise owl

bb2530 No.117995

File: b010d58b99131cc⋯.png (570.86 KB, 1196x1194, 598:597, the_show_ATL.png)

File: 456b8a728eedfd3⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1262x1036, 631:518, the_show_TRAIN.png)

a8df47 No.117996


I wonder who was on that maiden voyage.

8f965c No.117997

File: db97cfb2541d32a⋯.png (455.15 KB, 625x896, 625:896, Amtrak.png)

bb2530 No.117998

>>117991 good job anon, deep digging on that topic

f14c4e No.118000



13eeaf No.118001

385110 No.118002

Walnuts look like testicles. Sauce= sperm. ie bust a nut. Walnut Sauce…

9857b8 No.118003

File: 5209d015a51dd7d⋯.jpg (99.59 KB, 1332x289, 1332:289, Screenshot_20171218-115921.jpg)









What time did the crash occur Eastern Standard time?

If you don't think they'd derail a train to derail the board, you don't know your enemy

Elite pedophilia comes up & BAM… hot new topic

836596 No.118004


Wow 81 mph derailing onto freeway… U cant make this shit up. SPEED!!!!!!

fe6bc2 No.118006

3935ce No.118007

Is there a place where connections, (i.e. HRC connections in the US only, AND HRC connections Globally only.)?

just thinking it might be a little bit easier to have two circles, that meet in the middle.

d9cddd No.118008


Yes, it's walnut.

ba9798 No.118009


Thank you Owl. Be well!

710726 No.118010


https://twitter .com/GeorgWebb/status/942770704545705984

>Mildenhall investigators on the way to G4S in Chelmsford,UK? You think one plane crash will stop Mattis. Ps - congrats on the CDC evac. Bill Swing’s precious Petri dishes.

836596 No.118011


Maiden voyage? Remember Titanic and Hindenburgs maiden voyages??


803bbc No.118013


Sorry. I am Harvester, usually 1-2 threads behind. Checked my breaking news & saw this, didn't know others had already posted. It comes into the current thread late. It is hard for me to be focused in two threads at once, I jump to the end of the current and miss the recent 20 mins. Have mercy, Anon. Just trying to do a job here.

5c83c8 No.118014


I see this as someones babble based on tribulation in Rev. The 3 branches refer to the 3 main Abrahamic religions. United by the AntiChrist, who flies a black flag over the Dome of the Rock. AntiChrist powered by the dragon. Two prophets witness during this time with miracles (the two voices).

a8df47 No.118015


Hindenburg was not maiden, but yes that was my allusion.

e1407d No.118016


Amtrak train 501 was traveling southbound from Seattle when it derailed along Interstate 5 about 7:30 a.m. I'm assuming Pacific Standard time

82adbb No.118017


I'm on flight aware now looking at a live view of KATL and everything looks normal. Planes departing and landing

1bc1df No.118018


Is that you Justin?

565a17 No.118019


I believe you're referring to the 4X-ICB coded plane that went to Liege and was the last big plane to leave ATL (acc. to fr24 around 1:30 pm). It was a cargo plane (no livery) from CAL.

The C56X was a Cessna business jet that apparently was allowed to leave ATL past 11 pm. It probably went to IAD, as the image in >>117844 suggests. Was just asking because FR24 did have destination blank, so I tried to follow it yesterday.

5133f1 No.118020


From where?

836596 No.118021


Canuck pm cuck invited?? Front row seats?

00f1d7 No.118023


Regarding happenings at Atlanta Airport:


8a8bbd No.118024


What makes you think that?

803bbc No.118026


Nobody thought this was important last night? I thought an insider was dropping important info about what is going to happen today, some kind of airborne plague thing that /ourguys/ were going to defeat via space weapons…


Anonymous (You) 3 hours ago 0fca1e No.117441

Similar images?

(1) Plague green gas mask guy Denver airport mural >>116535 pic related

(2) American "astronaut" knocks out green mask guy in 8 sec. WMV video posted circa 11 PM EST 12/17/17 here:

https://media.8ch. net/file_store/32f0bc6896288b4f6942dcf9b2a517f1555f16105d38cfd453fb02107a801aeb.webm

Sorry, I'm on a different thread harvesting, didn't know if anybody had already pointed out this similarity. Does that help decode the 8 second video?


(C-c-crawls back into hole)

836596 No.118027


Maiden voyage.. Big shots get invites… Usually

f0a25c No.118028


Old dude on Fox News reported UFO's reported at the time of this crash! I had to do a double take. WTF is really going on

4ead28 No.118030


Your whole day gets better when you filter these glowfags.

"Muh Ruthian Walnut Thauth!"

a8df47 No.118031

1b3600 No.118032

File: 35da42611fde6fe⋯.png (168.67 KB, 1715x1078, 35:22, Natuashish.png)


Wise owl, Google not helping.

19dc1e No.118033

https: //livestream.com/abeldanger/events/7982789?origin=event_published&mixpanel_id=13b098512391224-070977193-5e683277-1aeaa0-13b0985123a115f&acc_id=26520858&medium=email

Atlanta Electrical Issue Related To Las Vegas Underground?

Agent Chips, I have sent a message to Mr Huerta with regards to your request for her to get in touch with you regarding Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC). Regarding this Atlanta power outage, I am wondering if the construction is circling around the same data center that is being implemented in Las Vegas, Nevada as Las Vegas has displaced Denver as NWO western capital after Iron 99 destroyed the underground facility at KDEN. Not certain myself, but everything and I mean everything I read may not make sense that very minute, but it most certainly finds its way back to my stored knowledge. Can be my biggest downfall. I can follow you, your words, your shift in a story (always coincides with topic), and I refer to it as a gift to 'going down the rabbit hole and not coming back out until I get the truth'. Recall Vegas data center is built underground and it's running between countries. So Bluffdale Utah, Atlanta and Vegas will all have underground facilities to connect to the 11 international centers including Alice Springs, capeche? Agent SUPERSPORT, Niagara AD G: Alice Springs + underground + FIELD MCCONNELL + pedophile G: Denver + Iron 99 + E6 + underground

de1cb1 No.118034


Diversion he believes hmm, will look into it. Thanks anon

000000 No.118035



God damnit you guys… 5 seconds on jewgle. Here's the attributed source.

https://archive. fo/40o34

And highest res I could find…

https://i.pinimg. com/originals/f7/da/ec/f7daec350f1a0751081713ee473207a6.jpg

eda4b6 No.118036

8f965c No.118037


70 passengers

13eeaf No.118038


I just searched it and it worked for me….its an innuit relocated community in newfoundland

fce108 No.118039


I heard that too.

But thats just the thing, I only "heard" about it.

I havent seen it for myself.

Hard evidence is physical proof that can not be disputed and proves a crime beyond a shadow of a doubt. Like DNA evidence or surveillance footage or multiple witness testimony WITH added proof (like documents or transactions)

Something that PROVES a party of being guilty.

Soft evidence is witness testimony alone.

Right now weiners laptop contents to us, the regular people, is a theory because we have only HEARD of the contents but have not seen it for ourselves. Fake news and disinfo is everywhere so until I see solid proof, it's a theory.

I know in my soul these people are evil and traffick children. But the law is the law. Thats how they have gotten away with it for so long. Everybody involved was silenced and given a fat paycheck to stay quiet.

As Q said, they never thought she'd lose.

Now theres a new sheriff in town and the 'silent' ones have been building a case for years. gathering evidence (((they))) thought was destroyed.

How do I know?

Clintons emails, for example. Wiped..with like a cloth, right? nah bruh…not at all

eda4b6 No.118040


can someone type it out? i cant read everything.

39238e No.118041


Something fucky is going on. The live view radar on my screen was showing flights diverting. Clicking on those flights opened new window that showed radar track diverting. Did this with multiple flights.

Saw your post and refreshed the radar map and everything was back to normal?

9857b8 No.118042

File: 4ef485125bca331⋯.jpg (790.37 KB, 1385x1819, 1385:1819, Screenshot_20171218-121202.jpg)

File: 582bf29f028c19d⋯.jpg (229.84 KB, 1440x830, 144:83, Screenshot_20171218-121052.jpg)


30 minutes after this post, a train details & therefore the board

Sick SOBs. Do NOT put it past them

984ef2 No.118043

CDAN mumbling that Chris Cuomo was moved to CNN after a child porn investigation


Oops, Andrew

fa0190 No.118044

File: 606d9bb40852a34⋯.png (253.35 KB, 1197x814, 1197:814, sahara.png)

13ba6e No.118046


Oh no, that sucks!

8a8bbd No.118047


True, I mean its just a train. 70 on board according to a report

f438fd No.118048


This was the first run of a new high speed track, maybe it was nothing and just liberals trying to build things with no money or brains

ea3887 No.118049


Train derailing after being checked for grand opening and UFO's were seen at the same time… Hmmmmm..

e85ad1 No.118050


good idea

803bbc No.118051

File: 259053b68674d7c⋯.jpeg (96.96 KB, 900x500, 9:5, Soros Traitor humanity.jpeg)

Soros traitor to humanity

Following up on the purple Soros theme in prev. thread, a picture of the evil motherfucker for your dart board.

13ba6e No.118052




6c6be1 No.118054


The Derailment was very near Joint Base Lewis-McCord.

KOMO news now reporting multiple fatalities.

Live feed in link.


fce108 No.118056


There are lines on both the West and East coast in Canada. Rumors are local pol[ice?] warn off independent people.

Fact: lots of kids up north in the native reserves.


900 population

700 under 18

There is news of this in Canada





f0adf2 No.118057



Jake Tapper is also an good possibility. He and his wife are huge fans of Alefantis, Comet Pizza and Bucks next door.

>On the Tapper side, he was inexplicably denied the position as host of "This Week" - twice - while on ABC. He then left for CNN, which raises suspicions as to why he didn't get the job on "This Week" but also made his move to CNN seem like a natural move.

13ba6e No.118058

File: 9c0784bef4e875a⋯.jpg (12 KB, 300x200, 3:2, 2366_large-300x200.jpg)


>The I-5 train derailment definitely looks like cutting off escape route to Canada

Trips. Yes, Vancouver is a hotspot.

39dc40 No.118059


Sounds a bit like the titanic

5eba85 No.118060


Woah… That Twitter account posted the A C00per photo on his account on 12/14 and the other person I follow following them… non other than J Brower - one of the people suspected to be Q… very interesting.

d9cddd No.118061



The walnut sauce newsletter theory seems to have legs. Especially when you take into account the image of the older man with the young girl with it.

So why hasn't the image been scrubbed like Q was expecting?

1b3600 No.118062


Got that. This was Google news. Nada. Same with search in the cbc.ca/news. Nada.

Got the bootlegging and education articles, but nothing about kids outside of that. Will keep digging.

000000 No.118063

fa0190 No.118064


No idea. Too late now lol

9857b8 No.118065

File: 8cba1ea3bc63f99⋯.jpg (917.13 KB, 1440x1733, 1440:1733, c9cb174b0063f41f0c66b06752….jpg)



So, minutes after the Pizza Pope & Pedo topics in the post below



fa0190 No.118066


13 foot pizza.

fe7b39 No.118067


related links

Pedeophila in the Btittish Monarchy site:https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net

fca8a0 No.118069

10 Days

Enjoy the the show

Is this it.

Are we in the middle of the show!

13ba6e No.118071

File: 862f1bf1983cce1⋯.jpg (158.25 KB, 749x1099, 107:157, CxeCNPGVIAU4J_2.jpg)

File: 21e5e00550df07d⋯.jpg (15.89 KB, 400x400, 1:1, RiPqf0v2_400x400.jpg)



Oh boy, there is so much going on regarding this now behind the scenes… Mann Act stuff, international trafficking…

fa0190 No.118072


>Are we in the middle of the show!

I think the show started yesterday.

d9cddd No.118073


If that was just pizza, then I bet he's really regretting it now.

13ba6e No.118074



fa0190 No.118075


Fucking epic genius.

317af4 No.118076

I don’t know about you Anons, but I would avoid travel for a bit.

fc69e0 No.118077

File: 5309249ad4aff05⋯.jpg (65.15 KB, 930x488, 465:244, Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at ….jpg)

Let's stick to the big fish people. The crime syndicate.

Podesta bomb



For-Profit Activity of President Clinton (i.e., Bill Clinton, Inc.)

Independent of our fundraising and decision-making activities on behalf of the Foundation, we have dedicated ourselves to helping the President secure and engage in for-profit activities – including speeches, books, and advisory service engagements. In that context, we have in effect served as agents, lawyers, managers and implementers to secure speaking, business and advisory service deals. In support of the President’s for-profit activity, we also have solicited and obtained, as appropriate, in-kind services for the President and his family – for personal travel, hospitality, vacation and the like. Neither Justin nor I are separately compensated for these activities (e.g., we do not receive a fee for, or percentage of, the more than $XX million in for-profit activity we have helped to secure for President Clinton).

6c6be1 No.118078


Curious. Troyer, who is the talking head for law enforcement in Pierce County just said in the live presser - "we are being told about victims" and he "doesn't really know." I would hate to negate any person lost - but something doesn't seem right about this story. Inclined to believe it was staged.

37ec1e No.118079



note image file name: "railroads.PNG"

note grid: 4 row, 3 col. or could be 3 divided by 2

ec0eaa No.118080

Nothing gets by you idiots, does it?


Alert the nearest tard guard and have them loosen up the helmets.

Meanwhile, not a fucking peep about this:

Twitter from DJT: twitter. com/realDonaldTrump/status/942721681130483712

>Ivanka Trump will be interviewed on @foxandfriends.

>3:42 AM - 18 Dec 2017

Today's interview w/Ivanka: youtu. be/cnLNSRRkeYo?t=22m5s

On NATSEC strategy:

"comprehensive national security strategy within the first year… another amazing milestone… nothing will surprise you, he's been unbelievably consistent in the war against ISIS and extremism…"

"This is so important to him… that he wanted to share with the American people himself."

If there's even one of you numbskulls not watching the POTUS NATSEC address later, find the nearest bottle of bleach and chug that shit. In fact, deep throat the bottle, I imagine that won't be hard for most of you.

89ed8c No.118081


Holy shit! Good catch

b888b9 No.118082

so what is the train derailment distracting us from?

7cefbd No.118083


The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a U.S. government agency that oversees securities transactions, activities of financial professionals and mutual fund trading to prevent fraud and intentional deception. The SEC consists of five commissioners who serve staggered five-year terms.

fa9691 No.118084

File: dc8aba2cebb6d7e⋯.jpg (456.63 KB, 1013x1000, 1013:1000, Screenshot_20171117-195712.jpg)



I can totally see EVIL HRC saying "just derail a train…that will change the topic" & laughing after she cackles it

>>>Thread Derailment

fa9691 No.118085


Was it really 13 feet long??!!

The Pope pizza with boys!!

19dc1e No.118086

File: 41f1ee3dd1982b6⋯.jpg (36.39 KB, 560x313, 560:313, Dcjustice.jpg)

7c4f57 No.118087

Guise which bread did Q say clicky, clack, clickity clack.. t(R)ain off track?

f0a25c No.118088


It was live. I'm listening to it at work. Let me see what I can do

fca8a0 No.118089

File: c460575b4f850a0⋯.png (163.58 KB, 500x715, 100:143, 500px-Canada_Newfoundland_….png)


Natuashish is an Innu community in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The community is inhabited by the Mushuau Innu First Nation.

fa0190 No.118090


Yes, it was 13 feet long. I shit you not.

ed8a09 No.118091



Fake and gay.

Not Q. And neither is JBrower.

Kabamur is a fucking gay LARPer.

Just stahp.

bb2530 No.118092

File: 194ba8c5195d238⋯.png (1.03 MB, 2674x572, 1337:286, Daily_Beast.png)

>>117670 "Daily Beast" wants to get some of the Walnut Sauce too

7c4f57 No.118093

File: 38953484754271e⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1596x1026, 14:9, Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at ….png)

2f5154 No.118094

Did they officially call the AL election BTW or should we expect updates yet?

13ba6e No.118095

File: b9e016adbab183b⋯.png (182.46 KB, 2000x2664, 250:333, 2000px-Quebec_Autoroute_15….png)

File: 012785c7c861bd3⋯.png (17.52 KB, 217x289, 217:289, 217px-Quebec_Autoroute_55.….png)

File: 7130db7d165c83f⋯.png (34.91 KB, 601x601, 1:1, 601px-NB_95.svg.png)


Now you just need to seal off the eastern escape routes.

2b9e3e No.118096

Interesting correlation to the clowns and pedo stuff. There is a group of freemasons called the shrinners. Within that group there is another called the jesters. To become a jester you have to be invited, you cant just join. The jesters are known to be the creepiest and scary of all the freemasons. Dig and you will conect many dots, youll notice that police guard their "events". They are into everything. Think eyes wide shut on steriods.

a27ca1 No.118097


747 cargo flight to Israel. Soros designated as "enemy of the state". Now trump can't be called anti Semite by sending him there 4d chess

e1407d No.118098

Just trying to sum up the most latest events:

One of America's busiest airports has a fire in the power generation facility, people are kept on site for over 12 hours and cell service is cut.

A high-speed train derailment occurs just after the track was inspected and it blocked traffic on a busy highway connecting three countries (Can, USA, Mex)

Pope has a 13' pizza for his 81st birthday

2f5154 No.118099


Um never?

fa9691 No.118100


Pedophilia anon

fa0190 No.118101




fa9691 No.118102


It was a slap in the face

We're Phucking Coming for you Pontifex

984ef2 No.118103


The first commenter is usually the dead on one in these blinds, and I personally hope it's Cuomo for the New York implications.

Tapper is my second guess.

Just because that one blind was about Jeb Bush doesn't mean Marco Rubio isn't a faggot.

13ba6e No.118104



Northern Canada is pedo paradise, mostly because there is nothing to do but huff gas and enjo kosai.

1bc1df No.118105


Go back to watching Thomas the Tank Engine, shill.

76f61b No.118106


used to be in a band long time ago. played for shrinners get together at a hotel. after playing moved equip out and left conf room. forgot a mic stand. went back in to get it and they had a live sex show going onstage. just sayin.

fce108 No.118107


I was just reading about it..sounds seriously fucked up

kids sniffing gas and killing themselves?

and ive only read one article…very strange

aced03 No.118108

I think that had to do with the false flag Bangladesh guy but i forget why but people were talking about that song by black sheep! I think ur on to something anon


2324b7 No.118110


Possibly related to this tweet saying that True Pundit was going to "bring the house DOWN" yesterday? http://archive.is/nRf7Z I'm cautiously optimistic because the 24 hours have passed. True Pundit's been counting down on releasing information damaging to Congress (regarding 30 to 50 members resigning, I believe). The countdown went from 72 hours to 48 hours to yesterday's post saying 24 hours. TIME'S UP, TRUE PUNDIT. DO YOUR JOB. So far, nothing, but maybe someone related to the Amtrak "accident" was shitting bricks. On an aside, I have driven on that stretch of Rte. 5 in Washington and it is one perilous road, even without Amtrak trains flying off bridges and landing on your car. I feel so bad for the victims and I cannot wait to hear who the dignitaries were who were riding on this train's "maiden voyage."

4ead28 No.118111


What consolation prize did Jeb get, though?

e85ad1 No.118112

File: b57c745bd665b7a⋯.png (186.01 KB, 428x491, 428:491, iu.png)

8f965c No.118113


I'm comfy

13ba6e No.118114

b888b9 No.118115

airport on sunday = 1

train derailment = 2

what should we expect tomorrow = 3

and up until there has been 10.

4ead28 No.118116


Some secret, dark society that is. You're alive to tell us about it.


cc1ae8 No.118117


there is a book on the ROJesters and interstate sex trafficking. keep digging. "royal order" being the key words. there is tons of info on this available.

bb2530 No.118118

File: 799a248519874ee⋯.png (2.59 MB, 1552x1068, 388:267, 13_foot_pizza_luciferians.png)

b28357 No.118119


Someone posted this on halfchan the other day. Is there a better source around yet? Might be the fake news feedback loop.

1bc1df No.118120


Guac bowl, a kiss from his mom, and a pocket full of turtles.


aced03 No.118121


Yea and they have that little chubby naked statue thing omg i can't find it someone here has to know what it is! it's like a school mascot or something?

2f5154 No.118122


What the actual!

a27ca1 No.118123

people of color orgy > walnut sauce

fca8a0 No.118124


Wow! did your daddy touch you when you where young is that why you are so mad.

c1125f No.118125


also several airplane and helicopter crashes last 24 hours

2ae167 No.118126

DAR = Democrats & Republicans

NK = North Korea

ESS = Election Systems and Software

76f61b No.118127


kek. that was prolly just lightweight stuff for them. shocked the hell outta me tho.

803bbc No.118128

File: e235b4dd57d2f1b⋯.png (179.13 KB, 1100x300, 11:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Repost IMO very important.

This anon is helping us decode an early part of Q's posting.

US → CA → EU → Asia

means the shipping route for all kinds of contraband to Asia by sea, train and land.

^^^^^^^^^ This ^^^^^^

<I feel like nobody is listening to me.

317af4 No.118129


Yup! Same here.

fa9691 No.118130


Nice Anon




73edd4 No.118131

The questions are this.

Who was on the train?

Did protestors block the track?

Good actors would not let this shit go down.

89ed8c No.118132

File: c8d50259fd5964b⋯.jpg (8.64 KB, 225x225, 1:1, clap.jpg)

4ead28 No.118133


Fucking hell, I'm eating lunch.

2f5154 No.118134


I like where this is going…

ed8a09 No.118135

Meanwhile, TPaine keeps dropping munitions on McCabe:

FBI Sold the Bitcoins it Confiscated From Silk Road for $48 Million – Did the Russians Buy? Now Worth $2.1 Billion. Was McCabe Involved in the 'Auction?' Was His Russian Buddy?

317af4 No.118136


Amtrack just carries people.

1bc1df No.118137


But, no bias in the investigation. Nah.

BTW, still think Mueller is /ourguy/ ?

2b9e3e No.118138


Mirth is king

af7f50 No.118140


Well, air and land so far. Will something at sea be next?

e85ad1 No.118141

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


mentioned the 13 year affair here on the NicoFromLB Q analysis posted at kabamur's twitter:

https://youtu.be/ 0WXBN4MXOR8

99fe1f No.118142


welp, looks like i'll b driving from now until 2019…

7c4f57 No.118143

File: 7ff3ccec99e0c1e⋯.png (902.04 KB, 628x1150, 314:575, Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at ….png)


Whatcha havin?

9787ab No.118144

Anyone who can give me an update on whats going on for the past 3days? Im busy being a good goy worker

b888b9 No.118145


good point.

just hope there's not one from space.

4798ee No.118146


i thought it was an Israeli plane going to Belgium ( EU NWO capital)

000000 No.118147


wtf do you use google… R U glowfag? duckduckgo

4e79ce No.118148


Pope 81…train traveling at 81 mph

984ef2 No.118149

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Betsy DeVos (née Prince)

b28357 No.118150


You Sir, are a monster.

73edd4 No.118151

I shit you not.

77 people transported to hospital

aced03 No.118152

ANONS HELP why were people singing engine engine number 9 off the new york transit like…the black sheep song on the threads after the recent Bangldesh bomb scare guy? It was all over the damn thread but why???????

f0a25c No.118153


Disregard, after re listening he says the PEOPLE inside the Amtrak cars must have been like UFO's

4b2986 No.118154

File: 1cd9ec56c8c17a4⋯.png (258.92 KB, 800x1149, 800:1149, K.png)

4ead28 No.118155

File: 64513feeb2b615e⋯.png (871.72 KB, 1128x710, 564:355, north korea night photo.png)


Sorry. Not understanding the connection between North Korea and darkness.

32df93 No.118156

File: 0a593845bd654be⋯.jpg (795.88 KB, 1840x1227, 1840:1227, vandebiltmansion.jpg)

I also think the vanderbilt mansion looks

a bit like a vampires lair.

https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg23331184-300-old-blood-can-be-made-young-again-and-it-might-fight-ageing/ different article..

We can not deny the young blood rejuvenates now science has proved this..

bb2530 No.118157

File: bc40d9a3db0bd57⋯.png (80.61 KB, 1198x428, 599:214, Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at ….png)

>>118123 I know most people are committed to colored…. but this is out there too

73edd4 No.118158

File: a081b33dc6f5777⋯.jpg (127.03 KB, 1440x706, 720:353, IMG_20171218_174007.jpg)

2bda0b No.118159


If you can't find it. It could be an internal site in the gannett intranet that he printed it from.

89ed8c No.118160

File: 4e9367aeaba8924⋯.jpg (102.36 KB, 610x310, 61:31, cringe-feature.jpg)


e85ad1 No.118161

File: 476753f19884177⋯.jpg (38.81 KB, 600x788, 150:197, 476753f19884177bcd04edf9ca….jpg)

2b9e3e No.118162


Notice the buttplug? There is an old religion stating that one can steal anothers energy by raping in way of anal penatration. Activates the pinal gland. Sex magic.

3935ce No.118163

Totally thought this was legit! And I'm still digging. BIG time political association and openly defiant of Abrahamic faiths



af7f50 No.118164


I'm not going to be eating the beef jerky I was planning on having soon.

e1407d No.118165


A direct message to the pope that he'll be derailed? Wishful thinking on my part


Copied from slideshare. net

>The Establishment of the Royal Order of Jestersaboard the S.S. Wilhelmina

>A male fraternal organization with nearly a century of history behind it, the Royal Order of Jesters was initially established by Shriners aboard the S.S. Wilhelmina in 1911. The founding members were part of an Imperial Council that had embarked on a visit to the Aloha Temple in the Hawaiian Islands. The chartered Wilhelminasailed from San Francisco on February 15, 1911, with nearly 70 Shriners on board.

>During the voyage, past Illustrious Potentate George Filmer and other leaders organized avariety of games and activities to pass the time atsea. After an evening of dancing and merriment, a midnight meeting commenced in the smoker,which led to historian A.M. Allison’s suggestion of creating the new order. With George Filmer enthusiastic about the idea, a Ritual (or Book of Play) was prepared and the details of initiations hashed out. With the motto "Mirth is King” as its guiding principle, the original cast of Jesters consisted of 13 members and a director.

7f1db5 No.118166


I think more research should be done on this. Anyone looked at the Delta's stock price and activity?

0a1c36 No.118167


there was some guy beeing arrested by police that day who screamed it, together with something about DJT and Allah uh Akbar stuff

thats what brought that up if i remember correctly

fa0190 No.118168

4ead28 No.118169


Thanks, anon. I still thought it was Rubio. This is too good.

317af4 No.118170


Wtf is with 77

2ae167 No.118171


Speaking of vampires

Ever read up on Brahm Stoker?

Where you think he got the idea from?

An evil blood drinking count…..think about it.

b28357 No.118172


Ayylmaos arrive in a populated area, derail a train, and then leave?

Are these aliens /ourguys/?

b888b9 No.118173


this can't be accurate.

78 passengers, 5 crew.

Some people were able to climb out of train and make it to the triage area on their own.

0a1c36 No.118174


was meant for


f14c4e No.118175


how much for a manual?

bb2530 No.118176

>>118154 da fuk?

2324b7 No.118177



Let's not forget, too, Anons, that at least ONE guy named Podesta is involved in the shipping biz. Old Sergio Podesta patented a "System for handling container cargo and a novel ship and lifting device." Patent's available here: http://archive.is/dCtf6 .

It says the Inventor, Sergio Podesta, is from Italy, but it's still worth looking into any connections to the doofuses in the U.S. who were just forced to shudder The Podesta Group, IMO.

852018 No.118178

fca8a0 No.118179


No a bicycle seems like the safest option.

a27ca1 No.118180

(infobattle) AJ reporting squad of un-vehicles parked on Kellogg wearhouse in MD 70mi outside of district of criminals

7c4f57 No.118181


Stay away from the tuna as well

fa35dd No.118182


Anyone have eye-witness testimony of anything? This could be absolutely massive if true.

4b2986 No.118183


Sorta like the Titanic on it's maiden voyage

852018 No.118184


Yes! I wonder if that's relevant here..spoopy.

0e6f5a No.118185


POTUS National Security speech at 2:00 Eastern?

000000 No.118186







They want marketers and not some random autist on cuckchans.

I already had a bunch of custom scripts to look for keywords so very easy for me.

I was "recruited" through https:// www.warriorforum .com/

Become a verified warrior and you will see the special "special" offers.


Payment was either a check mailed through Time Warner or Bitcoins but this meant you got them at end so no profiting here. If I had chosen bitcoins then I would received it today and they MUST be cashed immediately, you are not allowed to hold on to them.



































317af4 No.118187


I’m thinking that’s part of the false flag of it

555f35 No.118188


Look at the pic. NK is very dark. SK not so dark but more light. Old joke goes… Wouldnt be hard to take out NK they only have 3 lightbulbs.

99fe1f No.118189


anyone special on that train?

"rollout" .. yup, that happened

4ead28 No.118190


yeah, this. Early news can be a coded message. Revised numbers can be reported later.

b28357 No.118191


Thanks, noble shill.

d95534 No.118192


77 to hospital. 70 on train. 3 confirmed dead so far.

Several eyewitness reports saying people walked out of the train (end carriages) don't need to be a mathematician to see the numbers don't quite add up. Ofc early days.and media not reliable. but weird. numbers. always the numbers.

a27ca1 No.118193

larp larp bye bye Soros Israel thinks you're "enemy of the state"

4ead28 No.118194



710726 No.118195


they said 81mph and now some dude called in on FOX News saying there's a 35mph curve in the vicinity and that it was possibly going 18mph and said "but i don't know where they got that from" re: 18mph

bde209 No.118196


Levites, man.

From (((Toronto))) too.

549c2c No.118197

I love the name of this bread

852018 No.118198


You are one of us now anon! Tell us more anon.

0a1c36 No.118199


here´s the orig Tweet

twitter.com /Breaking911/status/939938279134253058/video/1

"Donald Trump , 45 President, Number 9, Engine Engine Number 9, Allah uh akbar x5"

6c6be1 No.118200


The information keeps changing. No one taken to hospital, then Troyer does not know. Now it's 77 - highly unlikely. The train was going 18 mph - then the train was going 81 - then 18. It was stated no one was ejected, all victims inside train. No visuals.

aa138a No.118201

Was Prince of SA - mohammed bin salman in Las Vegas during shooting?

Was this an assassination attempt gone wrong?

Mohammed bin salman may have been targeted by bin alwaleed talal - who later got strung up by his feet.

Paddock was a patsy and the 59 dead was a distraction?


b888b9 No.118202


there was 78 passengers, 5 crew.

your numbers are wrong.

evacuation buses have shown up on the site now to bus people to a different location…2 buses.

sitting here watching it on tv now.

80bd93 No.118203


A body double was used. Too many differences in weight, hairstyle, and facial features.

1183e7 No.118204



Yea tell us more anon we love all caps

c0e48b No.118205

File: 583daf0bf9a7261⋯.jpg (281.16 KB, 474x671, 474:671, 332636646282.jpg)

Dear anons, remember why you are doing this

Not because of some elaborate internet LARP

Not because of some political personality or movement

Not because of any selfish or false reason

But because you BELIEVE. In a better future, for yourself and the ones dear to you

and for all of us.

Thank you anons, please keep this goal in focus at all times. This will hold you rock steady and no force will misguide you. Love is the solution for everything.

707953 No.118206

File: fd862bda0e64d0e⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 1413x2460, 471:820, 2017-12-18_12.43.58.jpg)








CLEARLY the Vatican doesn't live under a rock

>>>They are REVELING in it!

13 Foot Pizza with LITTLE BOYS in the room

(with that creepy ass root thing in the back)



0e6f5a No.118207

File: d99af19a386476a⋯.png (1.87 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 48478692-994E-48ED-B278-F0….png)

00f1d7 No.118208

58c862 No.118209


Young blood to be used in ultimate rejuvenation trial

https://www.newscientist. com/article/mg22329831-400-young-blood-to-be-used-in-ultimate-rejuvenation-trial/

aa138a No.118210


bin alwaleed talal owns the top 4 floors of Mandalay (Paddock was one floor under).

Perhaps the other Prince was his "guest" but it was a set-up to take him out as he was closing it.

The guy in the video looks like THE Prince

d95534 No.118211


Ill grant you that. Initial numbers not reliable. just wait and see i guess.

1bc1df No.118212

What are we close to that would cause the sudden appearance of turncoatshill?

Keep digging on the train derailment, anons.

b888b9 No.118213

98f7de No.118214

555f35 No.118215


I remember that theory. Didn't care for it.

af7f50 No.118216


Wouldn't tale much of an EMP blast to wipe out the NK electrical grid. Probably need just a few dry cell batteries wired in series to power the thing. I bet the anons here could make one.

1bc1df No.118217

Mueller's fucking Pelosi for 13 years needs to be dug into.

Turncoatshill appears immediately after we see a twat of that.

7c4f57 No.118218


Don't miss 'Unicef' on all the kids shirts. Likely a money funnel like the Red Cross et al.

98d4d3 No.118219

Secretary of Treasury Mnuchin was holding up newly printed dollar bills to send message to evil cabal that their owl symbol is no longer on the bill,

Their symbolism will be their downfall.


1b3600 No.118220


>wtf do you use google…

Did, DDG and ixquick, nada. Google is last resort. Also talisman if Google is censoring news, it is.

fa0190 No.118221


There's still an owl on the new bill you shill

e85ad1 No.118222

File: f9ce32f32014e5b⋯.jpg (242.24 KB, 1273x589, 67:31, 129a55d95cf48ead1ae660c8fd….jpg)

b2abd8 No.118223


Yes. He and Trump were meeting in Vegas that night. MS13 were the shooters and it was an assassination attempt.

Q has already gone over this back in middle Nov crumbs

3cdd9d No.118224

Questions, may be something.

1. was the train derailed to keep it from reaching seattle?

2. If so what cargo was it carring?

3. Who was riding?

4. Did the train car fall on a car? Who was in that car?

5. Who are the dead?

Dont know where this came from… but I heard train was going slow.

6. Did something hit the train instead of train hitting somthing?

Looking at footage in msm doesnt seem right to other derailments.

6c6be1 No.118226


Those are Madigan Army Medical Hospital ambulances. Have you seen Tri- Med ambulances yet? They are white with blue writting.

Would not be unusual for Madigan to respond in that location - but Tri Med should be there too and I haven't seen them yet.

984ef2 No.118227

Imagine you had independently searched many of Shillanons terms in relation to Belt and Road before CBTS had started. My favorite is Gwadar.

He's got some good shit anons. Enjoy it.

bb2530 No.118229

File: b0aeb3ba8d67186⋯.png (2.26 MB, 1538x1168, 769:584, 77_sent_to_hospital.png)

d95534 No.118230

from livefeed, there had been a train ran on the track before the first passenger train ran on it. Track was tested (ofc) So why did it derail when track was sound?

1bc1df No.118231


Pretty easy to derail a train, honestly.

No real track security. Anyone could wedge a metal bar to cause derailment.

I can't believe it doesn't happen more often.

fa0190 No.118232


Numerology > Truth in the MSM

000000 No.118233


maybe so. All their symbolism has multiple levels and meanings, but your take is consistent with biblical prophecy.

76f61b No.118234


yeah, uh, sounds a bit like desperate folks wanting to discred mueller because they know he's in it to save his own ass. but pelosi? eeeeewwwyuuuuuckgagvomit. not even him. just my 2 p.

549c2c No.118235








2b9e3e No.118236


Resembles the mothman prophecy's

f438fd No.118237


Trump tower, right, this looks like BS

1183e7 No.118238



Look up Vlad the Impaler that's who Dracula is….


4798ee No.118239










The question now is: Who Just inspected the tracks.. I suspect new company.. or compromised.. just like Bus company worked on elevators just b4 9eleven

000000 No.118241






b28357 No.118242


Yeah, a lot of that rings bells. Take it on advisement for now.

fa0190 No.118243


77 is the US cabal under leadership of bush sr. All shit linked to him is 77, that's his number.

4798ee No.118244


Bush^ company

e1407d No.118245


What's with the word(s) on the bridge?


984ef2 No.118246

File: 1d19d45983dc9fb⋯.png (305.05 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20171218-125528.png)

Shillanon A+

fa0190 No.118247


BUSH = 77

707953 No.118248


So it is 77 not Gannett. I thought that from the start because if Gannett ever used that stylized font, there would be evidence on the Net

>>Absence of evidence is Evidence of Absense

This whole Gannett thing was planted by pedo protecting shills anyway

1bc1df No.118249


I see right through you, shill.

d95534 No.118250




track fully inspected and tested.

30975a No.118251

File: ae195a8e15344d8⋯.jpg (11.69 KB, 165x140, 33:28, g-77.jpg)

File: 692a0c98bfaffb5⋯.png (172.93 KB, 350x350, 1:1, logo.png)

803bbc No.118252

File: 5393fbc899832b9⋯.jpeg (418.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Contraband cargo 1.jpeg)

File: ac42a18323cd280⋯.jpeg (162.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Contraband cargo 2.jpeg)

File: ceba4442ffe97b2⋯.jpeg (375.73 KB, 1300x741, 100:57, Contraband cargo 3.jpeg)

File: 408ebdecc91b26c⋯.jpeg (290.52 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Contraband cargo 4.jpeg)

>>118128 Let me 'splain it to you, Anons. It's a visual. We're talking worldwide network for transporting any kind of contraband, no questions asked, and little or no inspection across parts of Asia even for radioactivity.

60f004 No.118253

FWIW for those in the doubt - the symbolism is a necessity in terms of coordinating actions and synchronizing orders using public media while retaining secrecy.

The symbolic language is gibberish to most, but those with the key now have insight into the elite's mode of communication.

fa0190 No.118254


ShillAnon knows stuff. Too many hits, maybe some disinfo, but worthy of inspection.

58c862 No.118255


>'Young blood' anti-ageing mechanism called into question

https://www.nature. com/news/young-blood-anti-ageing-mechanism-called-into-question-1.17583

317af4 No.118256


Hmmm imagine that. Daddy bush.. fucker is one dangerous mofo. Wheel chair has no bounds for what he wants.

cc1ae8 No.118257


note the presence of Dyncorp. child trafficking to afghani warlords was made public, yet government $ contiued to flow. dig moar

fa0190 No.118259


There was a season of The Wire that focused on international shadow figures and massive human trafficking.

30975a No.118260

707953 No.118261


The Spooks are here to make sure we focus on the train & not the PEDO-TICIAN topic that started filling the board

e1407d No.118262


Dyncorp finally shows up

>DynCorp VP Arrested In Pedo Ring

>Major General James Grazioplene, former VP of DynCorp was arrested as part of a child sex for profit ring. Grazioplene's crimes were said to have occurred between 1983-89 while he was stationed in Bosnia. He has been charged with six counts of sex with a minor and collusion with the Serbian mafia in sex trafficking underaged girls. This comes as part of a lengthy investigation by the Trump administration into child sex trafficking during which many prominent people have been arrested (a fact seemingly lost on the MSM).


fa0190 No.118263

Yes, fuck the train. Let's hunt PEDOPHILES.

4ead28 No.118266


Oh, I don't know… news that will ROCK THE HOUSE maybe?

a27ca1 No.118267


False flag by trump? Nobody inside the train?

e1407d No.118268


Should have added this:

>The Maj. Gen. is subject to prosecution under the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) after an Article 32 hearing for which there is no statute of limitations, unlike civilian law. Grazioplene graduated from West Point in 1972 and served until his retirement in 2005.

UCMJ doesn't have a statue of limitations…hehehehe HAHAHAHAHAH HAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA

c6567d No.118269

popping in and out. has anyone figured out the pic in the corner of AC papers? been trying with no luck. any ideas?

710726 No.118270


"What types of stuff can you put in a diplomatic pouch?"

"What is a diplomatic pouch?"

"Can a diplomatic pouch cover an entire shipping container?"

fc6e1c No.118271


he held it up because it now has his signature on it.

000000 No.118272


dude, either quit talking to the shills or hang yourself. pick one

fa0190 No.118273


Yes, the AC riddle is solved. Look back

8a8bbd No.118274



My guess is WSDOT

(Washington State Department of Transportation) - I'm digging around here to see

45795a No.118275


We are not doing "shit". Keep your smelly filthy words to yourself. If it is too hot in the kitchen, GET OUT! GET OFF THE BOARD. WE DON'T TOLERATE VICTIMS HERE.


If you don't want to help, then LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

bde209 No.118276


>Q says 7 out of 10 plane crashes are targeted kills

Not hard when the air crew are all in a cult too. Someone has to stay in the wreckage, brother/sister.

f0adf2 No.118277


Cerberus Capital - the three headed dog that guards Hades

Global investments are chaired by Dan Quayle, the VP under GHWB (so…CIA?)

Owns DynCorp - private industry CIA (based in McLean) featured heavily in Wikileaks, busted for pedo parties

0e6f5a No.118278

DuPont - Cabal name

fce108 No.118279


He said AF1 was in Vegas, not Trump specifically.

It could of been anybody in his cabinet

bb2530 No.118280


exactly - the right half of the top of the T is missing… it's. 7

b59e82 No.118281


That's my thread this is so surreal b/c it all makes sense in my head and if what it really implies is true you all are in for a YUGE surprise!!


waaahhhhhhhhhooowwwww this timeline is spoopy

549c2c No.118282



05d811 No.118283


Didn’t these cunts import some afghani twink for lapdances?

>inb4 muh proofs

Fuck off you faggots are a year late

549c2c No.118284


0af30d No.118285


Be gentle to bakers anon. Shit job. I know.

a27ca1 No.118286


lights mark the spots where clowns are operating I think.

b28357 No.118287


Go back to it.

05d811 No.118288


Fuck off with your /x/ tier larp

1bc1df No.118289


Maybe. But the pedo shit is pretty well covered. Has been since the start.

It just seemed that Turncoatshill suddenly appeared when we started digging into the train.

I try to pay attention to the timing of these lazy assholes showing up.

They don't work until they have to … lazy government fucks.

b28357 No.118290


They did indeed.

32df93 No.118291

They have isolated GDF 11 as the active

component in the young blood ,that is responsible for rejuvenation…

984ef2 No.118292


I fight to free my people

242e79 No.118293

File: f0f8b705b1fb538⋯.jpeg (134.17 KB, 934x1200, 467:600, 5a37fe3915a10.jpeg)

File: 3b647fc7c6e0b22⋯.jpeg (159.48 KB, 1125x696, 375:232, 5a37fe4622723.jpeg)

Potential decode of Qanon message Cracked (!) ATL - Power out [10] hours - Dark. _Conf_term[5] = Concourse F Term(inal) [5] INTERNATIONAL DEPARTURES Private OP=private owned plane

d715e8 No.118294


Sauce…or shill

af7f50 No.118295


If I'm not moosetaken, AF! is not the actual plane per se, it's only AF1 when Trump is on it.

bb2530 No.118296

>>118235 correct as well

4c2f2a No.118297

U.S. Attorney Tells Crony Obama Judge that Imran Awan Will Flee to Pakistan if Judge Removes Ankle GPS Monitor


3da2e7 No.118298


So dumb it hurts

8a8bbd No.118299



Or these guys

(Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission)

ec0eaa No.118300


>If you don't want to help

>criticizing anon that helped


>being this stupid and allowed to live

Christ save us all…

Here, listen to some nice patriotic music while you wait for POTUS to speak on NATSEC and drop crumbs: youtube. com/watch?v=t0JckObVWhk

Kindly STFU now.

9606db No.118301


“What Q questions are still unresolved? Is there any use of the word "insurance policy" in the wikileaks emails?”

Been lurking CBTS for some time, first contribution so excuse any shitty formatting. But this anon’s post caught my eye and dug around a bit. Found this email on Wikileaks from Huma to HRC in 2011 under the Clinton archive. Relevance…?


“Pervez Musharraf wrote about it in his memoir — until last year it was unclear what the North did with that technology. That mystery ended last year, when North Korea showed a visiting American nuclear expert, Siegfried S. Hecker of Stanford University, a working centrifuge facility. Dr. Hecker described the type of centrifuge as one that seemed very close to the Pakistani design.”

“Dr. Khan was placed under house arrest in 2003, after it came to light that he was selling the technology he used to help design Pakistan's nuclear weapons. He has since claimed that he had evidence that many in the Pakistani establishment knew about his dealings, and provided the letter to back up his claims.”

“”He gave me this several years ago, and though he didn't explain his motivation, I suspect he saw it as an insurance policy," said Mr. Henderson, who is at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. "He saw it as a crucial document that could completely reverse the accepted narrative that he was a rogue agent."”

“There are reasons to be skeptical about the letter's origins. It is written in better English than most North Korean”

242e79 No.118302

File: a55c888f1882873⋯.png (748.4 KB, 971x788, 971:788, 5a37fcfa215d1.png)

Tweet [:13] … "Special"

b888b9 No.118303

mayor of lakewood called an accident would be imminent along this track due to being in such bad condition.

he said that exactly 2 weeks ago from today.

c6567d No.118304


i know the gannett/ walnut sauce tangent that has been going on forever. talking about the pic in the corner. theory of "pedofish" was thrown out but might have found something so want to know before i look silly/shilly.

e1407d No.118305


You can use DuckDuckGo for the search and see a great number of Dyncorp pedo stories

From Veterans Today:

“Based on what has happened in Afghanistan these past 14 years, if you are a pedophile it looks like the best job to have would be a member of the Afghan government, be an Afghan cop or soldier in training, or be an American contractor or soldier in Afghanistan. How shameful, sick and sad.


b2abd8 No.118306


I think it is one of things that goes both ways. The 7/10 crash was definitely a targeted kill. The crash has the evidence of foul play by the way it exploded.

You can also make the claim based off of evidence that 7 out of 10 crashes are targeted kills. So I think both are correct answers

b28357 No.118307


Why even bother, they should have been holding that fucker at a black site and waterboarding him for everything he knows.

31a6b4 No.118308


Yes, Anne Rice nailed it - blood lines, church, kiddos, dna mod, vampires preying on sleeping masses. For years thought she KNEW, like from the inside sort of perspective. Hubby had some weird poetry - she put the call out for him. crazy.

710726 No.118309


it was out of power for 12 hours tho

it was 11:55am EST off and 12:0Xam EST on

source: first tweet was 11:57am saying "it went out 2 minutes ago" and i also think they said on the news the time of 11:55am

on time source = news said "right after midnight" and atlairport tweet w/ video

and F = 6 not F = 5

what's the explanation of that

1bc1df No.118310



I can smell the clown and shariablew panic …. stinks like fat chicks.

4a411c No.118311

I wonder if any important people were on that train or any people that knew too much?

7c4f57 No.118312


The VIRGIN Islands huh. VIRGIN, coincidence?

fa0190 No.118313


GANNETT = TANGENT is valid, and not related to the image from AC

It's a weird play on walnut sauce in cyrillic with 2 XX symbols look back

b28357 No.118314


Gannett/walnut is pretty much sorted. Both correct.

4bd049 No.118315

File: c55bd3c80452b30⋯.jpg (521.66 KB, 1064x1366, 532:683, Screenshot_20171218-130616.jpg)


Check it

08347b No.118316

File: 77e3b68797daaa0⋯.png (150.24 KB, 355x378, 355:378, gawowett.png)

6c6be1 No.118317


WSP spokesperson just said she is unsure where victims were taken. Not plausible as Madigan Ambulances are on scene. She also said something else that was interesting, that WSP would try to coordinate with the base (Lewis McCord) to use their access roads as I-5 was blocked.

a27ca1 No.118318


Wreckage don't appear to be 81mph crash. Back half of train should've crashed into the front cars at that speed.

d95534 No.118319

Make me laugh at the cbsn live feed. Keeps bringing up track maintenance when it was a brand new track that had been tested the day before with a train with officials the day before. As per their own reporting. Amnesia? or trying to re frame the narrative.

ebb319 No.118320


Re-read the map. Q asks "Was Trump in Las Vegas" then answers his own question "why was he there" he encouraged tracking Air Force One known stops that day. Of course AF1 is whatever plane Trump is on. I interpreted it as AF1 (original) landed somewhere and another plane went to Vegas in secret with Trump aboard. Seems like low hanging fruit for aviation anons. Would really clear up the Vegas picture.

3935ce No.118321

For December, the full moon, the "Long Night Moon" occurs on December 3, 2017. The last quarter moon is on December 10th. The waning crescent moon passes just north of Mars on the morning of December 13th, and then north of Jupiter the following morning; this is also the peak for the best meteor shower of the year. The Geminids will begin coming out of the northeast shortly after sunset, and peak at about a meteor a minute about 3-4 a.m. on the 14th. The moon is new December 18th. First quarter moon is on December 26th.

c6567d No.118322


which is why i am asking about the pic. boy, boy/girl … thinking maybe the pic in the corner since the others were pics. just a thought.

f0adf2 No.118323


>AF1 was in Vegas, not Trump specifically

Wouldn't be AF1, if not Trump

Trump would not 'secretly' go to Vegas in the 747 - its a bit conspicuous, no?

Possibly went to Area51 then Janet flight to Vegas

But then why not meet somewhere more private

>that whole theory seems stupid

8a8bbd No.118324


Yes I heard something about a 'base' & how military are being asked to donate blood, because regular people have a harder time getting there.

Interesting & strange occurrence?

fa0190 No.118325


Some suggested some kinda pedo catalog

31a140 No.118326


They probably have four or five lawyers on the case - couple partners, two or three associates - all billing on the matter daily. The most junior associate probably spends most of the day billing on it, since he'll be doing all the research and doc review, and even his time is gonna be $250-$300/hr. It'll cost them likely between $50k and $100k per month. It's a lot, but not ruinous for a firm without solvency issues.

e0e0cc No.118327



fe7b39 No.118328


Research material on Pedo


Huge research files on all issues, 450 pages


Here are some great tools anons..

b2abd8 No.118329


ATL was down for 12 hours. noon to almost midnight.

4a411c No.118330

The train is connected to the SPEED signature in Q drops

The train was going 80mph

7c4f57 No.118331


Oh because you said so….back up with sauce niggerbrained cunt faggot shill

c32d38 No.118332

Could you? Would you? On a train?

99fe1f No.118333


that is an Evil group. a congress women called them out… was fleed to another country for saftey .. theres a yt video of her


c6567d No.118334


not the logo in between the pics. the pic itself. been bugging me since q mentioned the pics. not the logo.

b28357 No.118335


There is a boy/girl image available on dreamstime that matches that shape perfectly. Literally boy/girl.

bde209 No.118337

File: dfd04884153fee6⋯.gif (40.15 KB, 418x652, 209:326, labmap.gif)

7f3786 No.118338


If there was any doubt about to what degree the swamp is being drained, this should remove all doubt.

d95534 No.118339


Precisely. The train my be able to go 81mph on this track. It wouldn't on a bend Crash would be far more devastating if going at full speed.. Due to a previous crash there are cameras on the track and on the engineer. The MSM are so stupid. Or propaganda. Scratch that. Defiantly propaganda. Its a New track. With new train. with many safety features. This stinks.

7ca9e3 No.118340

Long but interesting read. Lots of connections. Started with Cerbrus Capital. CEO John Snow > Freedom Group > sex rings > its all fucking related

s://media.8ch. net/file_store/32f0bc6896288b4f6942dcf9b2a517f1555f16105d38cfd453fb02107a801aeb.webm

984ef2 No.118341

File: 8fef8f9c7c0a0c4⋯.png (223.04 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20171218-131112.png)

9606db No.118342


And linking to NYT article Huma sent…


More relevance…

Takeaway from article I can make of the article…

Nuclear tech > Clowns > Pakistan > NK = nuclear enabled NK?

4a411c No.118343


Q SPEED signature?

e1407d No.118344


Nice trips of truth.

I remember Cynthia McKinney, she later spoke about how she got out of government because of the inaction of dealing with pedophilia and DynCorp. Didn't know they flew her out of the country though

c6567d No.118345


thank you. finally got an answer. everyone is so worried about the darn logo they weren't getting that i was talking about the pic in the corner. off to dig. later.

f0adf2 No.118346


>a weird play on walnut sauce

Fuck, people - get a grip.

Frank Ernest Gannett (September 15, 1876 – December 3, 1957) was an American publisher who founded the media corporation Gannett Company in 1923

https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Frank_Gannett

4ead28 No.118347


Also International flights are routed through terminal F, which is the 7th terminal. All other terminals are T (the original one) and A, B, C, D, E

ebb319 No.118348


Many breadcrumbs have multiple correct interpretations. "SEC conf will be analyzed" could be the Airport as well as the states surrounding Alabama (SEC Country) that the Dems bussed in fraudulent voters from.

aaeeec No.118349


Seriously . . . . and now walnut sauce? Sad . . . .

3b8572 No.118350


81 MPH [9] Godspeed…

30975a No.118351

8f965c No.118352

File: ee852ef1994af41⋯.png (55.57 KB, 631x461, 631:461, JBLM.png)

File: 4aa2fce3603e77e⋯.png (381.12 KB, 636x733, 636:733, orion.png)

I looked to see what else is in Tacoma…

and found this:

a tweet from Joint Base Lewis-McChord


"NASA in town to evaluate Orion spacecraft"

A single plus sign??

A spacecraft??

1183e7 No.118354


Back to pedo hunting – there are innocent children out there that need saving!!!

cc1ae8 No.118355

the base that just fired on an attempted 'break-in' is the center of ongoing ufo and other conspiracy theories www.thesun.co.uk/news/5162185/us-fighter-pilots-reveal-close-encounter-with-ultra-fast-ufo-that-outpaced-their-f-18-jets/

000000 No.118356

"Come back when there is that accident, and try to justify not putting in those safety enhancements, or you can go back now and advocate for the money to do it, because this project was never needed and endangers our citizens"

Said mayor of neighboring town exactly two weeks ago.

https://archive. is/IadBu#selection-5619.1-5619.225

bb2530 No.118357

File: 958ab1cafdf7054⋯.png (293.48 KB, 1342x862, 671:431, Anderson_Cooper_Mom_favori….png)

984ef2 No.118358


Dyncorp. Afghanistan. Cerberus.

Aga Khan.

bde209 No.118359




>wat for Hitler…I mean CSI goy

fa0190 No.118360


Fuck you. Gannett is valid. So is this. Hunt the pedos.

9c734e No.118361


I put that together as well. There was a tweet yesterday asking who the man in handcuffs was taken off a private plane. I thought George Soros.


99fe1f No.118362


so mamy quest on this…

did he mean on july 10th? those planes?

did he mean in genral…? all aircraft that go down… 7 were hit jobs? … what about the planes that couldnt b found in Asia?? vanished? anyone significant on there? did they really crash or redirected for organs?

or is this related to 9 11? ¯\(°_o)/¯

588072 No.118363


Ole Dammegard said in one of his YT-videos that special numbers of victims and time or dates reported by MSM is code speech for "we" did this.

He meant the 'elites'.

It's not a message (code) to the public but to those the 'elites' want to teach a lesson.

76bb64 No.118364

Re: ATL power outage (Cargo Plane to Europe): From half chan: (https://archive.4plebs.org /pol/thread/153647332/#153676124)

Anonymous ID:/LKbd7EN Sun 17 Dec 2017 22:41:38 No.153676124 Report

Quoted By: >>153676408 >>153677058 >>153677200 >>153677929


That Jew cargo plane was loaded with W-80 nuclear warheads…

This is the Minot Airbase Bent Spear event except this time the fucking Kikes pulled it off. The power to the Atlanta airport was cut to blind nuclear detection..

Those fuckings Jews want W-80's because not only can they deliver them, they can arm them. If they are used in Syria or Iran, the radionuclide profile gives it a return address of the U.S.. Leaving the Kikes hands clean.

These fuckers are gonna get us all cooked. The Jews feel they have nothing to lose.

f438fd No.118365

Wonder if the Carolina Panthers owner sex abuse is a hit to make him sell and P Diddy wants to buy, the Carolina Black Panthers

58c862 No.118366


01 November 2017

Infusions of young blood tested in patients with dementia

…trial grew out of earlier ‘parabiosis’ experiments

http://www.nature. com/news/infusions-of-young-blood-tested-in-patients-with-dementia-1.22930

710726 No.118367


post it

7c4f57 No.118368


The MSM has been hitting that story hard here. Reporters keep saying stuff like wow I guess there really are aliens. Creeping me da fuq out

f14c4e No.118369





Also note "Little Tikes" in that list. Strange coincidence…

Also DynCorp = White Helmets = ISIS

fa0190 No.118370


Get ready for fake aliens and invasions. Get ready for project blue beam. get ready for the great deception talked about in the bible.

1183e7 No.118371

anymore leads on The Roeper School? My research has turned up the Bondy family out of Nazi Germany connected to the school.

3b8572 No.118372









star chart orion & dragon


Last is Michael the Soldier, who battles against the Dragon: “And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.” Revelation 12:7, 8.


Contrary to popular opinion, Michael here represents Christ as He battles this dragon.

Orion=Michael=Christ=Thor=He who slays Satan=Savior

No coincidences….

e1407d No.118373


This Aga Khan??

>Aga Khan calls Canada a leader among nations

>The Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the world’s 15 million Shia Ismaili Muslims, got repeated standing ovations in the House of Commons.

628231 No.118374

File: bb70ca056bd1e60⋯.png (67.51 KB, 255x201, 85:67, ClipboardImage.png)

check this out.

0af30d No.118375



91ea10 No.118376


If the current owner has to sell due to sex abuse, how long do you think P Diddy will last as owner before he has to do the same thing? My $$ on 32&1/2 seconds.

242e79 No.118377


fucking scum

fa0190 No.118378


Aga Khan will take down the Canadian PM

99fe1f No.118379


this is why i didn't get when q said which agency isn't corrupt… because Sims of our mil is .. they hired these fuks and no action was ever done to stop them

1bc1df No.118380


THIS is why the redirect shilling is so heavy right now.

b28357 No.118381

4bd049 No.118382


Wow… nice anon! Going for the jugular!


b28357 No.118383

984ef2 No.118384


Interesting family history regarding their bloodlines.

Aga Khan Foundation.

Iranian fifth column.

Nuclear proliferation.

bde209 No.118385

File: da629694e6ba9f6⋯.jpg (65 KB, 600x404, 150:101, 2014-3-6-dogs-playing-poke….jpg)


>local pol[ice?] warn off independent people

Local cops like pizza too.

32df93 No.118386

spirit cooking ,young blood,pedo's

dots connect in my fucked up head

99fe1f No.118387


why the fuk aren't these guys persecuted?!

bde209 No.118388

File: 2585b5373d3e144⋯.gif (12.61 KB, 200x252, 50:63, logo-masonic-blood-donor.gif)

d715e8 No.118389

Train Derailment….SPEED???

3b8572 No.118390






7 and 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!






7 stars of Orion 7 stars Ursa Major symbolizes reflection AKA mirror

6c6be1 No.118391

On Fox, with Harris, eyewitness says military first on scene due to proximaty to base.

4ead28 No.118392


That is a parody account and no tweet like that on the page.

bde209 No.118394


Trump people helped infiltrate and shut down one of their ops, actually

068087 No.118395


Well spotted

76bb64 No.118396


Yeah….but I seriously doubt Q ops would put innocent people in harms way.

6c6be1 No.118397


May be a parody account but ANTIFA from Olympia area have routinely sabotaged the tracks.

31a6b4 No.118398

File: 780ddbd925f497a⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1264x793, 1264:793, sahara06.png)

File: fc2fe39fd828884⋯.png (22.86 KB, 280x419, 280:419, sahara05.png)

File: 8b7a925c515db0a⋯.png (158.44 KB, 967x361, 967:361, sahara04.png)

File: ff8fc425ea48319⋯.png (408.28 KB, 599x602, 599:602, sahara03.png)


Don't get derailed and set off track vs PEDO.

Weird weird. Cited as recruiting scam.

Asharami = I Am Sahara

859b07 No.118399


If that's actually the reason that train derailment happened, then hello terrorist organization declaration. Round up those Soros stooges with extreme prejudice.

1183e7 No.118400

File: c676d4d6f1404d7⋯.png (585.1 KB, 800x893, 800:893, screenshot_450.png)

4ead28 No.118402


Maybe so, but posting an account that is a parody that does not have that tweet on it accomplishes…. what, exactly?

710726 No.118403

File: 3bcb735ea829619⋯.png (42.95 KB, 628x402, 314:201, coop-pizza-lover.png)

984ef2 No.118405


3b8572 No.118406

File: 2d2a3a17ab73193⋯.png (332.07 KB, 600x450, 4:3, a1a.png)



Meme magic Shadilay!

6c6be1 No.118407

Just saw this:

Jack Posobiec

🇺🇸‏Verified account @JackPosobiec

2m2 minutes ago

Antifa site IGD deleted an article where the Puget Sound Anarchists took credit for pouring concrete on railroad tracks in Washington State. Archived here #Amtrak


a27ca1 No.118408


No she's was on (infobattle) being interviewed by AJ. She's a patriot. Not all D and black politicians are in the club

bb2530 No.118409

File: a93c4997c72efd1⋯.png (385.76 KB, 1552x1206, 776:603, Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at ….png)


look up "fonts that support Cyrillic" and look at the NAMES of the fonts - looks like coded communication

https ://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/list/language/cyrillic

6c6be1 No.118411


Jack Posobiec

🇺🇸‏Verified account @JackPosobiec

2m2 minutes ago

Antifa site IGD deleted an article where the Puget Sound Anarchists took credit for pouring concrete on railroad tracks in Washington State. Archived here #Amtrak


9c734e No.118412


Holy shit! These sick people support mass murder. Cement on the tracks! WTF! OMG! And this is only day 3!

3b8572 No.118413



7 is the number of Revelation guys….

two 7, 77 two constellations with 7 stars, it's all there in the Bible too…spelled out for you clear as day

0af30d No.118414



Anons this is a professional working for his 14.50 an hour. DO NOT ENGAGE.


>Anons, is you're digging into mongolia, obsessing over gannett, reading long threads on celebrity gossip, or obsessing over aliens and reincarnated pharoahs then the shills have become smarter than you.

>the shills are getting better and more involved. Stay focused on relevant digging.

Yeah, absolutely!

>What Q questions are still unresolved?

That's right - we need to focus!

> Is there any use of the word "insurance policy" in the wikileaks emails? Is that a Q question?

Fuck off. Why do we need to know?

>What do we know about rosenstein?

Objection. Relevancy.

>Which military brass could be counted on to back Trump in the event of a coup or martial law?

All of them. Next.

>Do we have a map of associations between military brass and the Clinton machine?

No. Because there isn't one that matters right now.

>What is the percentage of Obama, Clinton, and Bush appointees in Washington?

A wonderful time-wasting rabbit hole of NO use whatsoever. Seriously how is this useful?

>What has no such agency stated publicly recently?

Nothing. STFU.

40a5d3 No.118415


I've been seeing more reports of 11 hours, not 10. Power was lost around 1pm. Full power restored just before midnight. 12 - 1 = 11 hours.

4ead28 No.118416


Fine! I'm not arguing that Antifa doesn't advocate it or is not involved. I'm asking why post a picture of a fucking PARODY account?

1183e7 No.118418


Chicago is FAMOUS for it's pizza so is it any stretch of the imagination to see that Obama and many other dirty dogs come out of the pizza capital of the world?

fce108 No.118419


Lmao but dude that intro.. the meteor and then it blows up the whole fuckin earth…

Definitely worth looking at for all the anons

Just took look at it ..

eda4b6 No.118420

File: 8984598f088322f⋯.jpg (12.95 KB, 275x183, 275:183, Download (75).jpg)


these guys? canadian maple leaf even looks like a + lel (with some fantasy)

803bbc No.118421

File: 223eb5d18d740ed⋯.jpeg (653.64 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, Contraband cargo 5.jpeg)

File: 70228de25389e69⋯.jpeg (330.21 KB, 1300x734, 650:367, Contraband cargo 6.jpeg)

File: 3c3f87acb93618f⋯.jpeg (591.15 KB, 1980x1318, 990:659, Contraband cargo 7.jpeg)

File: 360f6f61bc80b74⋯.jpeg (280.07 KB, 1686x474, 281:79, Contraband cargo 8.jpeg)

4d06f1 No.118422

803bbc No.118423


Q stated or implied that after the nation as a whole is secured, justice will pour down to the state and then local level. Damn right there are dirties all the way down, and plenty of them. We can all think of some.

9606db No.118424


Well, this fella has a web of very interesting connections. NK, Iran and Libya.


e1407d No.118425


On the topic of Little Tikes and DynCorp:

Cerberus Capital -> Management -> Subsidiaries -> Little Tikes

Safeway Inc.

DynCorp International

Blue Bird Corporation

YP Holdings

Spyglass Entertainment

Little Tykes

archive. fo/jFKGb

bde209 No.118426


Look for a woman (madam) making reference to being a queen and such. They rarely come out and admit it. Yes, police are blackmailed (Trump collects tapes).

c1125f No.118427


Revelation 16 : The 7 cups with the 7 last troubles …the verses mention frogs, verse 13


b2abd8 No.118429


That would seem logical. But you forget one fact about the white house. No and it means absolutely no outside food is allowed to be in the white house that wasn't prepared by the WH chef and staff. So when Obama brought in 25k of Hot dogs and Pizza flown in, it wasn't about food. Hot dogs and pizza is code and that is exactly what was flown in from Chicago, not food.

ec61c0 No.118430

File: 84d660c825b5763⋯.png (299.51 KB, 2864x1623, 2864:1623, podesta.png)

bde209 No.118431


>You're alive to tell us about it.

Not everyone can be enticed to Batavia to drink Captain Morgan rum.

628231 No.118432


It may well be a parody account, but there is such a tweet.


40a5d3 No.118433


Trump wouldn't derail a train and kill/injure Americans.

000000 No.118434


read the account … not parody

parody anon is shill

549c2c No.118435


Agreed. Wake up Anons.

1b3600 No.118436


OH God, I didn't need that mental image. Geriatric sex, eww.

bde209 No.118437


Export from Canada via Halifax, Saint John or Montreal

af7f50 No.118438


Not in a million years.

803bbc No.118439

>>117703 That is one powerful picture, Anon.

2ae167 No.118440


Why would 80's be getting shipped via public airport? From where, to where?

UPS? Fed Ex? WTF?

Hard to believe that one.

Hard to believe a jet full of newks are pulling into ATL.

Newk security pretty tuf - pull that kind of caper off would take big chutzpah

fa0190 No.118441


Montreal is MAFIA as FUCK. Gonna be a lot from MTL.

e1407d No.118442


Also home of the Hell's Angels

4a631f No.118443

File: 8530015bea5b336⋯.jpg (181.98 KB, 675x380, 135:76, SKIPPER.jpg)

ESPN President John Skipper resigns citing substance abuse as the reason.


Mmmm, why would a media boss who is also a co-Chair of Disney Media Networks (ABC, Disney Channel, ESPN, Freeform) resign at this moment in time?

I wonder whether someone running Disney would have any connection with HRC?

I don't know, maybe launching an initiative to empower girls through sport. I'm assuming via the medium of Ping Pong.


ad01bf No.118445


this is so cool!

000000 No.118446


>Anons this is a professional working for his 14.50 an hour. DO NOT ENGAGE.

you're glowing in the dark buddy.

bde209 No.118447


Too much heat. Thinking more from Saint John. Not many people know it's a deep water port.


f48632 No.118448


State Dept plane running from US to Columbia was contracted via Dyncorp. Tail number just so happened to match Epstein helicopter. Also happens to crash with the pilot surviving but his name isn’t released by state Dept. Search ‘Epstein helicopter tail number dyncorp plane crash pilot’ or similar to find the coincidence.

1183e7 No.118449


It was black hats fo sho

fa0190 No.118450



And a large hatian gang community.

549c2c No.118451

File: 938bd9d00a91086⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 989x742, 989:742, trumps-mcdonalds-order-pac….jpg)

File: 48c144065bd496f⋯.jpg (131.81 KB, 1024x750, 512:375, donald-trump-kfc.jpg)


You sure about that?

e1407d No.118452


May I ask where Obummer would get $65,000 worth of pizza and hot dogs from in Chicago?

fa0190 No.118453


Heat? Montreal is the most corrupted port in Canada,everyone knows it's completely owned by the Mafia. Just like the Wire.

1bc1df No.118454


I lived in Chicago. There is nothing special about Chicago pizza.

And it is NY that is famous for it's pizza, not Chicago.

Chicago is famous for its murders and corruption.

803bbc No.118457


>The globalist cabal have a sick sense of karma; they figure that giving us 'hints' about their plots (as in the /pol prophecy, the Rofschild AMA and I Pet Goat II) absolves them of any blame. Because if we are told they are taking over, and we do nothing about it, and we LET them take over..then its on us.

I believe their Satanic religion compels them to pre-announce everything major they intend to do. That way they think they get credit for it from their master.

4ead28 No.118458

File: c535e4aabdd326c⋯.png (104.84 KB, 568x247, 568:247, antifa-parody.png)


I've read it for months, shill. It is a parody account.

4bd049 No.118459



This depiction is very accurate

fce108 No.118461

Q !ITPb.qbhqo (ID: /jAm9Qi+) 11/12/17(Sun)14:52:34 No.149140639


This is not a game!



Do you believe in coincidences?

How many coincidences do you need before you believe?

This is the biggest insider drop in the history of the world.



Patriots don’t sleep.

40,000ft. v. necessary to understand [US]/SA/global events.

Paint the picture.

Decrease altitude (we will not fly that high again).

Higher the altitude greater the [risk] of conspiracy ST.

Many cannot/will not swallow.

What is No Such Agency - Q group?

Who has clearance to full picture?


SIS is good.

+++Adm R+++

What agency is at war w/ Clowns In America?

How does POTUS shift narrative?

(New) Age of Enlightenment.

80% covert.

20% public.

What has occurred over [th]e last several months?

C-info leaks?

Operations (think SA + ???)?

CNN sale?

What co’s rec large cash injections by Clowns In America (public)?


Who does [i]t hurt?

Who control[s] the MSM?

Primary objective from beginning: POTUS discredit MSM.

[W]hy is this relevant?

How is information transmitted?

How are people inform[e]d?

Why was Sarah A. C. attacked (hack-attempt)?

Why was Op[e]ration Mockingbird repeated?

Why was Jason Bourne (CIA/Dream) repeated?

Think social media platforms.

Who are the Wizards & Warloc[k]s?

What council do the Wizards & Warlocks control?

Think Snowden (inside terms dropped).

Alice & Wonderland – understood.

Snow White – understood.

Iron Eagle?

Godfather III?


Everything has meaning.

Disney is a distraction.

Senate & Congress = puppets (not all)(power shift).



e85ad1 No.118463

File: b9826e2f7cb7226⋯.jpg (371.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ga power damage_1513599922….jpg)


What does SEC mean, also SECFAIL-490b?

What flights were at gates f-1 to f-14 between 12 and 1 yesterday? Who was on those? Trying to dig on this.

Pic of the fire starting point per news today.

b2abd8 No.118464


Does that look like the fucking White house? Don't be ignorant.

1183e7 No.118465


These pictures were taking during the campaign before he became POTUS!!!

fce108 No.118469

November 5, 2017 11:53 pm

UserID: L8quGPI9 PostNo: 148185905

Social media platforms.

Top 10 shareholders of Facebook?

Top 10 shareholders of Twitter?

Top 10 shareholders of Reddit?

Why is SA relevant?


Controlling stakes in NBC/MSNBC?

Controlling stakes in ABC?

Controlling stakes in CBS?

Controlling stakes in CNN?

Investor(s) in Fox News?

Why is this relevant?

What is Operation Mockingbird?


Who is A Cooper?

What is A Cooper's background?

Why is this relevant?

Snow White.

Godfather III.



bde209 No.118471

File: 39901547273b74a⋯.jpg (555.28 KB, 959x1200, 959:1200, gols27z3.jpg)

File: cfbb10ca6cdde7a⋯.jpg (113.56 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, cfd43e4b-4e7e-487c-85fd-9c….jpg)


Remember, weedman's legalizing pot to protect "the children." Who's child?

803bbc No.118473

Another big time loser asshole is Wolf Blitzer. Can't wait to see that bitch perp walked.

fce108 No.118475

November 5, 2017 6:41 pm

UserID: L8quGPI9 PostNo: 148143562

Who is the Queen of England?

How long in power?

With power comes corruption.

What happened to Diana?

What did she find out?

Why was she running?

Who did she entrust to help her flee?

What was the cover?

Why is this relevant?

Why now?




Bad actor.

London Mayor.



Connection to Queen?

British MI6 agents dead.



What was reported?

What really happened?

Why is this relevant?



Secret society.





Why are migrants important?


What are assets?

Define assets?

Why are migrants so important?

What are assets?

Why are migrants so important?

What are assets?

Why are migrants so important?



Who follows?

What political leaders worship Satan?

What does an upside down cross represent?

Who wears openly?


Who is she connected to?

Why is this relevant?

Spirit cooking.

What does Spirit Cooking represent?


What is a cult?

Who is worshipped?

Why is this relevant?

Snow White

Godfather III



af7f50 No.118478


Agree. I had pizza in Chicago years ago and it gave me indigestion. Greasy or something. Maybe my experience was atypical.

fe7b39 No.118480


Thanks anon, I have only been "lurking" since early on, doing my own digging.. I will share my resources with the group. Happy Hunting!

Alice and Wonderland, alternative theory.

Alice Baily = (Lucis Trust)

Wonderland = U.N.



628231 No.118481

File: 3c6e416300500f9⋯.png (718.89 KB, 1344x864, 14:9, Capture2.PNG)

Can't really comment on parody or not, but don't let anyone tell you the post doesn't exist.

fa0190 No.118483


>igestion. Greasy or something. Maybe my experience was atypical.

No, typical. Deep dish pizza is deep fried almost.

7c4f57 No.118486


All that loose skin and mothball smelling queefs, gag.

bde209 No.118487


>Montreal is the most corrupted port in Canada

They own SPVM SQ and CSIS. Not other agencies that are watching them.

Saint John benefits from the masonic look-the-other-way thing. Holy Saints John anyone? (Same deal with St. John, Nfld.)

242e79 No.118488


these things parody or not.. kinda counter productive.

6c6be1 No.118489

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

14s14 seconds ago

The train accident that just occurred in DuPont, WA shows more than ever why our soon to be submitted infrastructure plan must be approved quickly. Seven trillion dollars spent in the Middle East while our roads, bridges, tunnels, railways (and more) crumble! Not for long!

e1407d No.118490


I know of a HA that works in the Greater Toronto Area with troubled kids but his own kid sells pot to the Scarborough area.

They protect their own, and fuck the rest, literally

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