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File: 846eaf420f2a031⋯.jpg (146.71 KB, 800x473, 800:473, cbts__.jpg)

ad3021 No.125725

Matthew 7:7 "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:"

John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

We are Restoring the Republic of America

Americas Military + Navy Intelligence, the NSA, the Q group and more have conducted an unprecedented python approach of The-One-PedoRing-To-Rule-Them-All with over 4,289 sealed indictments fueled by the massive NSA information powerhouse [KEY] turned good under Admiral Rogers.

We are living in historic times, and we've been handed a Map of what's to come, and what's going on in this war between Patriots and Clowns.

Here's the catch: The CIA/MSM has lulled the normies into what Q calls Fantasy Land and they cannot handle the Truth. Solution? Sincere Patriots [STONE].

We are the dot connectors. We are the excavators of obscured facts. We are who we've been waiting for our whole lives. We are the Storm, and we are the Calm Center inside it.

Our goal is simple:

To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. We have been chosen to spread the word and to ease and assist the transition of our world.

>Perhaps he could not in good conscience see the world burn.

Can you?

Suit up lads, we will have Peace through the Strength of our Understanding and give Clarity through our Memetic Spread.

ad3021 No.125727

Latest Q posts

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Graphic >>>/cbts/121779

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==CONFIRMED BY Q== ID: 462c9a




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Anyone disputing this is Q, read >>>/cbts/119171 & >>>/cbts/119214

>>99480 ID 7681cc

>>99500 ID 7681cc

>>99525 ID 7681cc "Shall we play a game?" 18:27:05,

reposted vetbatim @ 18:43:38 w/ !ITPb.qbhqo in >>>/pol/11043832 , authenticates cbts ID 7681cc

>>99548 ID 7681cc


Grab yourself a Qmap in the format you prefer and fight alongside fellow Patriots for God and Country

>News unlocks message.

>Future proves past.


Interactive Qmap


Keep this open, search keywords when news hits and share relevant Q posts for autistic diggers. Search by signatures to unlock?

We're all apart of the greatest timeline we've ever known.

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Remember, we have this entire board to report our research and creations. Find-or-create the thread that digs into an area you're curious about and share great findings back here.

ad3021 No.125729



Blast the left and

Blast the right.

Wherever evil lurks,

We shine our light.



Memes #1 >>2

Memes #2 >>61078

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ad3021 No.125731

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12.17.17 >>>/cbts/119162

Recent Findings & News - Enjoy The Show

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NEW Thread for significant finds found in general cbts threads - >>>/cbts/116764

The Storm

Possibly (+++) and (++) are complete; and we have moved on to + >>>/cbts/120740 & >>>/cbts/120740

Why are drops highlighted by POTUS shortly thereafter? >>>/cbts/123120

Coincidence or message?

Trump ends today's speech with: "Great re-Awakening" >>>/cbts/120258

Speech timestamp - 28 min speech at the 26:00 mark. The finale - https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=nxdTCfRDhSs

How do you capture a very dangerous animal? >>>/cbts/119450 & >>>/cbts/120603

Cryptic Posts [WRWY] >>>/cbts/119568 & >>>/cbts/119580

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Walnut Sauce. Does the Cooper doc say Walnut Sauce in Russian? >>>/cbts/118901 & >>>/cbts/118768 & >>>/cbts/119635

Follow the wives - www.washingtontimes.com /news/2017/dec/17/nancy-pelosis-super-pac-keeps-donations-from-backp/

The VER company and the cryptic post >>>/cbts/118828 & >>>/cbts/119817

GANNETT's log in system >>>/cbts/119476


This is happening +

>www.washingtonexaminer.com/ trump-white-house-relaunching-obama-era-petition-site/article/2643878

>www.mycentraljersey.com/story/ opinion/readers/2017/12/18/letter-media-blame-fake-news-rep/108725234/

>next one is juicy

>stocknewspress.com/2017/12/17/ jp-morgan-may-have-just-lost-faith-in-realogy-holdings-nyse.html

>last but not least- AI

>www.irishtimes.com/opinion/ breda-o-brien-no-one-ever-asks-when-the-foetus-is-due-1.3328703

Soros news from today https://www.yahoo.com /news/billionaire-george-soros-betting-big-200800726.html & >>>/cbts/121170

Obama let Hezbollah off the hook" https:// www.politico.com/ interactives/2017/obama-hezbollah-drug-trafficking-investigation/

Pelosi and D's pocket campaign cash from owners of sex-trafficking website - washingtontimes.com/


Call for UN Peacekeeping Force in Chicago - https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=_P23-cYQCXk&feature=youtu.be

Atlanta Airport Blackout fully laid out. Flights to Mexico and Cyprus DURING blackout. Thread & graphics - https://twitter.com/ ScottAnthonyUSA/status/942829062392774657

Atlanta flights which left yesterday inc. cargo planes - https://twitter.com/ @scottanthonyusa

Atlanta tweet thread - >>>/cbts/119848

Amtrack Derailment from the Tom Hennegen and Stew Webb Report - https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=zHgTJGnbylo

RAF Mildenhall, a US Air Force base in Norfolk placed on lockdown - https://www.express.co.uk /news/uk/893835/raf-mildenhall-norfolk-lockdown-us-air-force-base-security

Was the RAF Mildenhall intruder trying to get to a PLANE? - http://www.dailymail.co.uk /news/article-5191109/US-airforce-base-Suffolk-lockdown.html#ixzz51eGFzJHh

Mildenhall - USAFanon provedes context >>>/cbts/119511

Sealed Indictments Press Reports - >>>/cbts/110870

Re-election Update on current reps and senators not running - https://ballotpedia.org/List_of_U.S._Congress_incumbents_who_are_not_running_for_re-election_in_2018

Unmissable - Read the map as a game of chess - >>>/cbts/112732

Tarrot Backfired on the Cabal - A Reading of the 2017 Economist Cover - >>>/cbts/112933 & >>>/cbts/112972 & >>>/cbts/120585

ad3021 No.125732

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Thank you for your patience.

ad3021 No.125735

Latest Archives

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>Archive: https://pastebin.com/pQR1CN49

In The Event A Baker Is Needed


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Title - enter in the 'Subject' field: CBTS General #XX: ??????? Edition

Post: From pastebin copy the first section and paste it to the 'comment' field. Continue down and add sections as replies. Sections are broken by +++POST BREAK+++ in the paste.

Last batter used: https://pastebin. com/MAMfZkUS , edited from https://pastebin. com/rYVaXKdH , edited from https://pastebin. com/edit/GAU32mj0 (#138)


Update this line with the link to the pastebin file you used to bake this bread.

o7 Captain Mike Green o7

5f5444 No.125760

File: 0de57d3c9cae6e1⋯.png (67.28 KB, 1056x816, 22:17, SUSAN RICE MCKINSEY.png)

Oh what a tangled web we weave…

f42a9e No.125772


Nice graphic… But I hate seeing Flynn's name up there with those scum

c4dbdd No.125779

[tex]\color{red} How to READ the map [/tex]

Read Hillary in wonderland


The Connection is the bloodlines to William the CONQUEROR

ALL PAST presidents but one are direct descendants of William the Conqueror

45 Total presidents -1 Van Buren - Trump


A map is a connection between two points (think treasure map) *you are here —- Treasure

The map is the family tree / bloodlines and William the Conqueror is the KEY (he also wrote the doomsday book)

5f5444 No.125781


Me too but hopefully it shows how the cl0wns have woven the web to do that to him... any & all other ideas welcome, I'm in meme mode right now - using the spreadsheet and whatever else I find using these tools >>>/cbts/111700 & >>>/cbts/119941

f42a9e No.125787


Interesting AF… Got some more on this to show how this aligns?

de84f7 No.125790


Put == around your text to make it red.

Like so

9966bd No.125795

File: d05799340926dbe⋯.png (829.98 KB, 810x1440, 9:16, Attach2264_20171219_135350.png)

File: 86a70e932fdc308⋯.png (763.71 KB, 579x1029, 193:343, Attach2265_20171219_135355.png)

File: 6c2e36a0609d686⋯.png (931.16 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Attach2266_20171219_135401.png)

Story seems weird. Hotlanta likes it hot…but not this hot.

706944 No.125797


meaty PDF - Soros right hand man.

This story was QUICKLY forgotten following Spacey and all the other bullshit

Keep this in the back of your mind. Im looking up the mentioned people and companies

Doe company in NYC?

Its like it doesnt exist!

7fa152 No.125798

File: bb4d45af065caa5⋯.png (585.51 KB, 650x433, 650:433, pizza-packet.png)

do you guys remember PIZZA PACKET?

check this out

found it last night while checking out some insta accts

fcef2a No.125800






c7da84 No.125801


It does have the pedo-swirls on the website

http://www.pizzapacket. com/

68c9df No.125802


orange=33 in english gematria

william of orange. . .

dutch royals funded the revolution.

think new amsterdam.

trump is scotch/bavarian, also related, not a coincidence.

7fa152 No.125804


pizza packet was investigated like before we even knew what it meant

then i was searching something totally different and found matthew mclellan the pizza_industry_spokesperson

ec80d4 No.125805

File: 22f474a1b29680a⋯.png (60.4 KB, 498x717, 166:239, chessunicodehtml.png)

I didn't think about the HTML numbers for chess until i saw this:


89aac3 No.125806


>http://www.pizzapacket. com/

They also have masonic pillars and arch.

982bbd No.125807

Paul Bush was an English Bishop in the 16th century

https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Paul_Bush_(bishop)

With the late 19th century gnostic revival among the French occultists, we saw not only an introduction of the apostolic lineages into the growing assembly of occult orders at that time, but even the introduction of new gnostic lineages into the collection of succession lines passed on from wandering bishop to wandering bishop.

https://sites.google. com/site/gnostickos/orders

68c9df No.125808


house of orange = desposyni


9a4ad4 No.125809

So I came up to an interesting problem while lurking and digging…

BO tells us Q is posting as Anon.

Q mentioned that the emergency trump put in order only last 90 days,

2 orders of emergency have been signed and one doesnt have a time limit as its the upending of retirement for some pilots

The other that is a public health state of emergency. Ends around dec 28th.

Just like Q said… but WHAT does that public health have to do with this???

d701b8 No.125810

File: 0b7f3ebb3e07a42⋯.jpg (45.34 KB, 632x342, 316:171, Capture.JPG)

Holy cow ANONS!

James Comey talking about NUREMBURG!

We got em, fellas!

090bd7 No.125812





>House of cards.


Congress? Does each side of the triangle have a game metaphor assigned to it?

15e24c No.125813

File: 287282817fa04aa⋯.jpg (155.34 KB, 792x576, 11:8, hebrew-solomon-key-parchme….jpg)

File: c4ef4722187f68e⋯.jpg (185.75 KB, 677x595, 677:595, circumpunct-ra-symbol-senm….jpg)

File: be33a2ea85f64e1⋯.jpg (141.91 KB, 850x468, 425:234, hebrew-solomon-key-parchme….jpg)

File: 1412a6ec6ef042f⋯.jpg (175.1 KB, 628x1012, 157:253, lost-symbols-Vatican-angel….jpg)



See our friend Wayne Herschel's work:

Is this a KEY?

http:// www.thehiddenrecords.com/key-of-solomon.php

Lays it all out for us. Merry Christmas EVE anon friends!

ec80d4 No.125815


Whys is the T in brackets? [T]

fff382 No.125816


how did he steal 2 cars?

7fa152 No.125817


quote was started mid-sentence

go look at what he left out of that quote

b39c90 No.125819


[T]rump that's just my 2 cents.

d676e2 No.125820


The phrasing made it seem this was in regards to the church. Used (P) and (R) which we know what R was.

7376ae No.125822


Last thread Anon was looking for pope + black eye politicians memes. There are already a bunch of black eye memes in

Memes #1 >>2

Memes #2 >>61078

Memes #3 >>107604

including montages showing politicians & pope. Have a look-see. Open Meme thread, use CTRL-F to search on keywords Pope, Black eye, Vatican, etc.

Then make more if these don't strike your fancy.

090bd7 No.125824


Baker, >>>/cbts/122123 is listed twice in bread.

c7da84 No.125825


Mirror image spell

fff382 No.125826


>how did he steal 2 cars?

it would help if i actually read the part about there being 3 chimps

d17ecc No.125828


Because it was not capitalized in the original quotation. Probably taken from the middle of a sentence.

c4dbdd No.125829

thought Hillary; "I daresay it's a French mouse, come over with William the Conqueror

"William the Conqueror, whose cause was favoured by the pope, was soon submitted to by the English, who wanted leaders, and had been of late much accustomed to usurpation and conquest. Edwin and Morcar, the earls of Mercia and Northumbria -""

Hes mentioned 2x in Hillary in wonderland

Also if you read the book with a open mind you can see its got a lot of hidden meanings

Princess D for example

717605 No.125830

Has there been a discussion about the graffiti tag? anything interesting? Where can I find it? Looked everywhere. Ty

ec80d4 No.125831


I see.

"The qualities of a good prosecutor are as elusive and as impossible to define as those which mark a gentleman. And those who need to be told would not understand it anyway. A sensitiveness to fair play and sportsmanship is perhaps the best protection against the abuse of power, and the citizen's safety lies in the prosecutor who tempers zeal with human kindness, who seeks truth and not victims, who serves the law and not factional purposes, and who approaches his task with humility."

–Robert Houghwout Jackson

"(February 13, 1892 – October 9, 1954) was United States Solicitor General (1938–1940), United States Attorney General (1940–1941) and an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court (1941–1954). He is the only person in United States history to have held all three of those offices. He was also the chief United States prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials."

9f2cb4 No.125832


This is standard practice when you start quoting someone mid-sentence. [T] indicates the 't' was lowercase in the original (because it was in the middle of a sentence) and you're capitalizing it here so that your sentence-leading quote starts properly with a capital letter.

Sorry if that's overkill. Basically means he's cherrypicking a bit.

df0cc7 No.125834

File: a950872ef84af29⋯.jpg (51 KB, 327x768, 109:256, cbtsmccainmcboots.jpg)


To play devil's advocate: how can we be certain that this signals Comey is in fact /our guy/ ? I want to believe.

fff382 No.125835


there was a 5th boot

c91627 No.125836

File: 6c834dc2318374d⋯.png (1.24 MB, 812x1500, 203:375, Trump_Trolling_Level_Purpl….png)

d676e2 No.125837


If you like this kinda thing, I came across a Nassim Haramein a few years ago. Great physicist researcher. I understand you may not have 8hours to drop on this, but its truly interesting how he connects things. Seems very similar to where Tesla was.


de84f7 No.125838


It doesn't. It might be Comey signalling to other elites that Nuremburg trials are coming.

ec80d4 No.125839



TY for info and clarifying.

7fa152 No.125840


it's a cry for empathy

c91627 No.125841


give me your picture and what you want it to say and I'll make it

000000 No.125842









While these shills are thinking that they had me fooled about being a king and some BS prophet.



20% public and 80% covert……so I did that exactly. KEK.






717605 No.125843

CNN Amanpour

« Lifting the Veil on life for ordinary North Koreans «  on now

090bd7 No.125844


>as impossible to define as those which mark a gentleman. And those who need to be told would not understand it anyway

It's a perfect description of chan culture.

89aac3 No.125846





Let's hear this shit.

5b0d6c No.125847




1c8a1c No.125848

File: 6de67728c590314⋯.jpg (96.39 KB, 880x495, 16:9, MW-EE076_soros__2016012711….jpg)

File: 0933e15a509e968⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1055x740, 211:148, istock_000023765401_small.jpg)

this is a reach, but could the owl be Soros? His eye bags are similar.

Then maybe:

[p] = pope

[r] = roth

[a] = arabs

[y] = soros ( owl > eyes > y )

c7da84 No.125849


Just tell us. We've been waiting long enough.

Put us in the hospital desu!

e72db5 No.125850


Goods, or STFU

0f96f3 No.125851


spill or shill

e72db5 No.125852


I like it

534359 No.125853

15e24c No.125854



CICADA 3301 puzzles also pointed to the stars for a key to cyphers.


>As above, so below.


ec80d4 No.125855


I think you're correct.


"He was also the chief United States prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials."



0f96f3 No.125856


photoshop the owl's eyes and the beak on him?

d701b8 No.125857


George sOrOs?

Owl Rock Capital.

I'd say so.

5f3424 No.125859

= For whichever Anon keeps posting links to here on twatter =

please send them here instead

< reddit .com/r/TheCalmBeforeTheStorm/

1c8a1c No.125860


props! nice connect

89aac3 No.125861


> soros ( owl > eyes > y )

CICADA 3301 are the enemy.

740d13 No.125862


anyone find it odd that he started that with [T]?

15e24c No.125863


should have been:


>As above, so below.

ea0055 No.125864



My wildest dream involve fucktard larpers like you neck deep in a septic tank with Loretta Lynch on the toilet.

0f96f3 No.125866


lurk more, already explained above

534359 No.125867


Did we take out another side of the triangle?

6f948b No.125868


T for Trump he cant say it so code

99cf4c No.125869


Signifies an excerpt from a quote.

15e24c No.125870


Oh? Sauce??

Well, cicada was first step on path to here, so be that as it may.

000000 No.125871





369 steps ahead of these shills.

c7da84 No.125872





I have no fucking clue of how to embed youtube but this song is funny ATM

8b0992 No.125874


Shill alert.

BO, get on it.

5cab93 No.125875

I have a theory on bishops and castling. Castling is supposed to be a way to keep the king safe, and the globalist Castle would be fleeing to Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan would be extremely safe for a few reasons:

1. Landlocked. Russia to the north, China to the East, and Stans to the south. Safe from US Navy.

2. Mountainous terrain. It would be like trying to invade Afghanistan.

3. Big. 9th largest country in the world. Plenty of places to hide.

4. Possibly has old Soviet nukes.

Castling can only be accomplished if the Bishop and Knight are out of the way. The fact that the bishop was captured means the King can't castle.

ec80d4 No.125876


Very good. I concur.

89aac3 No.125877


All the puzzles lead towards some sort of engagement by a strange group. Google the dude who solved cicada. I also got a warning in my spirit to stay away from this puzzle after working on it for a while.

eb7c08 No.125878

"19 OPs [now].

Operators active.

Operators in harms way.

POTUS awake.

No sleep during OP.



I would wager that these OPs revolve around getting his tax bill!

740d13 No.125881


fuck off, I hadn't seen the post yet since I was replying to the Comey post faggot

d676e2 No.125882

Incase anyone is interested, press briefing with SHS coming up


396be9 No.125883

740d13 No.125884



090bd7 No.125886


>19 Operators

>a matter of National Security

Maybe from the President's own military force? I don't remember what it's called, JSOC?


Could be something here.


This. Memes don't need to send normies anywhere, but if they do, send them to plebbit.



Plenty of occult symbology in its architecture has been covered on Jewtube by various people. Plausible.

9fb505 No.125887


Could you at least put Trumps face over that ass of a pedophile? Would be great meme to send to tweeter and to the DNC, but not with that face.

de84f7 No.125888


This is a stoned nigger who draws his shit on pieces of paper and uploads them rotated by 90 degrees. You WILL be disappointed.

000000 No.125889







fff382 No.125890

File: 173ef87dd287565⋯.jpg (2.28 MB, 2400x1600, 3:2, SpecialPlaceCampDavid.jpg)

Fresh Camp David Meme

c9f6dc No.125892


The "Rouge Shill" said Kazakhstan was one of the trigger words. Elaborate on occult symbolism?

89aac3 No.125894



534359 No.125896

0f96f3 No.125897


I'm just saying either you spill it or you are a shill and get banned.

090bd7 No.125899


>can't into grammar

>has big revealings

>delivering nothing

Get fucked by niggers faggot.


On it, give me a few.

4c3752 No.125900

House just passed tax bill

912cc0 No.125901

Tax Bill passed

e8ed73 No.125903

Remain at battlestations lads, Tax bill just passed in the house.

My prediction: it will go to the senate, and upon passage, the storm will intensify.

5b0d6c No.125904


You haven't given us anything. Right now you are a distraction.

fff382 No.125905

File: 2f3afc6e8745272⋯.jpg (2.24 MB, 2400x1600, 3:2, SpecialPlaceCampDavid.jpg)



58ca29 No.125906

File: 14e820456897436⋯.png (6.61 KB, 962x752, 481:376, Soros Qwl.png)

d676e2 No.125908

GOP Tax Bill is passed the house.

000000 No.125909






0f96f3 No.125910


House MD? Cool.

Storm rustling intensifies.

e6afad No.125911


He’s been shilling this garbage for weeks …just filter him and life becomes so much easier.

ec80d4 No.125912

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What time is Sanders going to start?

5b0d6c No.125913


Time for the senate to step up. We all know this is the tougher vote.

c7da84 No.125914


Why does Baron wear a soccer outfit?

0f96f3 No.125915


He's a kid, they do dumb shit.

fff382 No.125916



c7da84 No.125917


How to embed?

c4a63f No.125920

File: 116878ecf2b0936⋯.png (1000.45 KB, 826x584, 413:292, screenshot-www.infowars.co….png)

I would really appreciate if anyone could help me relate the current news in regards to UN Forces in Chicago to information provided by Q. Thanks

15e24c No.125921


Comey? Oh, wait, I had it wrong, following ref is about Mueller, not Comey - my bad.

Still a great read rhough, it makes perfect sense - resonated with me. The whole friggin' (brilliant) plan / chess game:

https:/ /twitter.com/drawandstrike/status/942867271009042432

89aac3 No.125922


Law of Inversion? Check.

Multi-layered Symbol? Check.

Links to Owl? Check.


fff382 No.125923

File: 902d00c114e71d4⋯.png (11.01 KB, 309x331, 309:331, embed.png)

0f96f3 No.125924


The reaction when Baron reveals himself as Q…

cef68b No.125925


Below Text field click arrow show more options &limits

c7da84 No.125927

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


thanks anon

7fa152 No.125928


they just passed tax cuts in the house, prolly <2m

c4a63f No.125929


Sorry forgot to add the link.

https:// www.infowars.com/commissioner-in-talks-with-un-to-put-troops-on-the-streets-of-chicago/

de84f7 No.125930


You know that crazy homeless dude in the town square who everyone tolerates because they don't have the heart to be unkind to him even though he's batshit insane? This is like that.

090bd7 No.125931


https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=203yJAU0R1w


775d34 No.125933


UN forces will go in and clean out Obummer and the D's mess they created. Also hide/scrub the source of Obummer's $65K of hot dogs and pizza that was flown to the WH

1717ff No.125935

File: 2468ee9ff56ce7c⋯.jpg (100.24 KB, 634x845, 634:845, Joel-Rich.jpg)

11c39f No.125936

Its amazing what a little indictment can do to pass legislation =)

c91627 No.125937

File: c606fc6ed5dd3ca⋯.jpg (624 KB, 1008x1500, 84:125, alice_wonderland_house-of-….jpg)

090bd7 No.125938


Why ask why?


When you could be killing yourself.

ea0055 No.125939



After the senate passes the tax bill, we don't need the repuglicunt senators anymore.

IOW, all hell breaks loose.

371561 No.125942

File: 8660114e2499831⋯.jpg (8.37 KB, 244x207, 244:207, helper science.jpg)


Trips confirm

7fa152 No.125943




Soros = Σορος = coffin (greek)

e7b3d1 No.125944

File: c0bb952cccef11e⋯.jpg (498.54 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, opsactive.jpg)

ec80d4 No.125945

Sanders on Now!

1c8a1c No.125946

File: 6b9d9a7593a4bc7⋯.jpg (682.18 KB, 1254x990, 19:15, soros-owl.jpg)


enough wasted time, now back to digging

89aac3 No.125947

207f09 No.125948


What time does the Senate vote?

090bd7 No.125949



>/comfy/ autism

0f96f3 No.125951



I think the term you're looking for is the village idiot.


It's called suiciding yourself from an ambush and getting killed mid self defense.


Kek, great work, post the untexted one so it can be memed.

5dd356 No.125952

There's a rap group called 4 owls if i recall correct :D

ea0055 No.125954



You didn't deliver jack shit.

Larp or shill. You're not the first to try this "insider and I know everything" tactic.

Don't matter to me anymore … Filtered.

396be9 No.125955

d4b634 No.125956

Has anyone looked at Soros wiki page? Legal name Gyorgy Schwartz… born in Hungary? Just a little info

eb7c08 No.125958


I thought we took out the Saudis weeks ago… Hope the fact that 2 legs are up doesn't this mean Saudis are back in play. Hope it is just distinguishing that the "Soros" leg has been taken out…. really… we should be down to a single +

5dd356 No.125959

4Chan, 4Owls, 4 Seasons etc…

6f948b No.125960

Trump is actually the 44th president

Grover Cleveland is counted twice, because another President held office between his first and second term

so is the 43 connections the blood line to (((them)))

38e0fe No.125961

File: cd0f96509ac12cb⋯.jpeg (157.91 KB, 960x823, 960:823, 8157701C-596B-4DAB-A6E4-C….jpeg)

File: ee40b0cc1ca3880⋯.jpeg (279.38 KB, 1223x811, 1223:811, 951D5D49-69A3-43CB-9CA6-2….jpeg)

Marine general’s son laid to rest at Arlington. Father - General Kelly Son - Col Robert M. Kelly More questions than answers. Why is Potus surrounded by General? #QAnon


e72db5 No.125962






Confirmed fucking shill bot

c4a63f No.125963


Are the UN Forces not but of the Globalists Plan? That is what I heard

89aac3 No.125964


SA++ is the base.. GONE

/ \ are the sides ROTHS ++ and SOROS (OWL) +

45d302 No.125965


I call JSOC "the agency", professional killers.

1c8a1c No.125966

File: 8c2451051155e8e⋯.jpg (658.72 KB, 1254x990, 19:15, soros-owl-notext.jpg)


Meme hard

89aac3 No.125968



d17ecc No.125969


Like it. Glad someone put that image to use.

e72db5 No.125970


No coincidences.

5dd356 No.125971


Nice info!

eb7c08 No.125972


OK, makes sense!

396be9 No.125973

ec80d4 No.125974

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Sanders mentioned Disney's animatronic Trump.

7376ae No.125975

File: 2e755acca835059⋯.jpeg (165.37 KB, 1211x720, 1211:720, Fake Aliens 600.jpeg)

What is a Green Screen?

c4a63f No.125976


Tax Bill: The bill passed on a 227-203 vote.

Interesting… listen to the video

http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/12/19/house-approves-final-tax-reform-bill-as-trump-eyes-major-legislative-win.html

c91627 No.125977

File: 5519ec9f26158ae⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1464x830, 732:415, and_were_just_getting_star….png)

396be9 No.125978


JSOC is super kek! Love them!

7533b5 No.125980

File: 26626b3cfb52c9d⋯.jpg (74.47 KB, 880x495, 16:9, Soros whoooooo.jpg)


Here you go!

804a7f No.125981


Senate votes today as well.

Home stretch!

d676e2 No.125982


Invesco, are based in ATL too. Just interesting.

c7da84 No.125983

File: 4f4bc675672bc54⋯.png (586.34 KB, 600x600, 1:1, soros2.png)

7fa152 No.125984

File: 2e681c27c0d5546⋯.jpg (60.32 KB, 720x720, 1:1, remember-face.jpg)

just remember this face

i have a feeling we'll all see it soon

de84f7 No.125985


Not shill. Our village idiot.

0664cc No.125986

NEWB. Lurking for over 30. My idea/conjectures on latest Q drops. Needs some more research. Working on. My comments marked in bold. Not sure if it will post as such.

MFLASH_BREAK_ News FLASH? Another BREAK in the Triangle?

/\* /\ /\* Three parts of Triangle. Families. One removed, so not complete triangle. Also, no * for one partial Triangle. Reinforces.

Shall we play a game? Chess

Map is critical to understand.

Future unlocks past./

DECLAS_ATL_(past). Declassified tech.-defense contractor in Atlanta. Same contractor who gets “IAD” (See below-Future unlocks past. What contractor?)

News unlocks map.

Find the markers.

10 & [10].

12/7 – 12/17. Something that happened between.

Concourse F.

Terminal 5.

Private_operated plane (OP)? POP. Program we have. Operating Program.Pilotless Operated Plane.

ATL -> IAD Defense contractor with Atlanta site, given IAD contract. (See below on IAD)

Extraction/known. Extraction of known asset/person?

Dark. Atlanta Airport, so no witnesses to who being extracted. GS, BHO?


Learn double meanings. That’s what occult like to use in Elite Families. Now down to two. No SA

SHUTDOWN. Govt. shutdown, or something else shutdown. POP with GS or BHO?




Q/POTUS-4 [10]


“Special Place” Bottom of the ocean, or Israel? POP used for GS flight so no casualty to pilot, if first. Q previously dropped.

Why are drops highlighted by POTUS shortly thereafter?

Coincidence or message?

“The Great Awakening” POTUS said in speech. 1700’s- Brit. Came to America and preached.

POTUS today. POTUS mention of The Great Awakening in speech.

Unlock? Does ”The Great Awakening” comment Unlock the map?

CLAS_OP_IAD_(future). Classified Op. Icbm Anti missile Defense. POTUS-“multi-layered missile defense.”

How about a nice game of chess? NK or Iran fires ICBM, we counter with above.

SPLASH. Result of our counter move, missile misses target.

FOX THREE. NK or Iran attack fails due to our IAD, we use our missiles to destroy key targets/players.


000000 No.125987






207f09 No.125988


Senate's the more tense vote. Still think we have it. Do you know what time the vote is?

5dd356 No.125989

>>125980 "Suck it up George, Game Over"

5f5444 No.125990

File: 4e878f42c7f754e⋯.png (78.6 KB, 820x834, 410:417, taken.png)

207f09 No.125991


Where are you dropping?

337747 No.125992

File: 6f6ad8a35b0b498⋯.jpg (1.53 MB, 1276x1516, 319:379, 19_OPs[now]_POTUS_awake_gr….jpg)



c91627 No.125993

File: 0de1cc282baa6a9⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1486x840, 743:420, Train_Derailment.png)

804a7f No.125994




The action has now moved to the Senate, which is expected to vote on the bill, possibly on Tuesday evening.

d4b634 No.125996

Wonderful work from Sanders! as always!

086c95 No.125997


I've been following your posts from the beginning.

I'm pretty lost on the 369 aspect, especially the 369 degree circle, and the math aspects, but I think you're 100% legit and I genuinely, genuinely want to hear what you have to say.

207f09 No.125998



3fb248 No.125999


FFS Seriously? Really?

ec80d4 No.126000


Does this mean that Fox is going to purify Disney?


0e57ad No.126002

Find the markers.

10 & [10].

Find these three markers: "10", "&", [10] in the stringers.

98ca94 No.126003



found this, seems interesting, I'll start digging. Can someone make a thread please ? I'm not very confident in my ability to write proper english, at least I understand it very well.

090bd7 No.126004


Because they aren't just Generals, but also have a personal vested interest in justice being served?


My money's on the 19 operators being JSOC/affiliated.


5dd356 No.126005

Double meanings can be anagrams, riddles, puzzles etc..

d4b634 No.126006


Yes… said he escaped Nazi Germ as well. Why change name? Is that common for immigrants from Europe?

d17ecc No.126007


If you have info then post it and cut the theatrics, drama queen.

d4b634 No.126009


Or legal name had bad ties and needed to ditch it?

d676e2 No.126010

UFO question up on deck

de84f7 No.126011


Very good work anon.

>Shall we play a game? Chess

I think the answer to this particular question is Global Thermonuclear War

804a7f No.126012


10 days, 10 hours, ATL already solved.

12/7 to 12/17

10 Hours w/o power

15e24c No.126013

UFO's and Aliens in press conference!

Sarah says there are Aliens sitting among them!


c7da84 No.126014

Maybe he just made it US George to avoid the faggy Dzorgy pronouncement of his name


cc9db3 No.126015

Thank you baker for the 🍞… any one remember this story from last year???


c7da84 No.126016


Sauce or it didn't happen

48b51b No.126017


what are oyu talking about?

cc9db3 No.126018


Sure she meant it as a joke

16be27 No.126019

Funny during Press Briefing, someone asking about UFOs and weather or not Trump believes in them…lol

804a7f No.126020


He changed his name because he helped NAZI's

e7b3d1 No.126021

File: 4ef53963fb31a2f⋯.jpg (388.06 KB, 1254x990, 19:15, gsq.jpg)

16be27 No.126023


The guy was asking about aliens, and his cellphone went off. She was joking!

d4b634 No.126024


Who is this?

0f96f3 No.126025


This would explain the CIA ties…

cc9db3 No.126026


He changed his name to hide his past

e6b678 No.126027

ATL Terrorism now in MSM play

b0e08d No.126028


looks good. leave out the text. let the image speak for itself. make people seek out the meaning.

c91627 No.126032

File: de20efbe2b759df⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1466x818, 733:409, aliens_amongst_you.png)

dd2775 No.126033


Those two ships that were involved in collisions are ICBM intercept capable anon.

804a7f No.126034


All nonsense to distract from bad news.

As long as they keep people stupid and away from their very dirty hands, people will not understand and they think this will keep POTUS from putting them into jail.

Bad mistake. Nothing can save them now.

740d13 No.126035


suck it. I've been lurking for years.

d4b634 No.126036


Could be.. but why change from Schwartz to Soros? I know plenty of white Schwartz americanos!

98ca94 No.126037



there are a lot of material it seems, it may take a while for one person. We need coordination

ea0055 No.126038


Our main stream "news" media is the laughing stock of the world.

After the swamp is cleaned, Sarah needs to boot the morons and invite new-media journalists in for the pressers.

It's really a fucking sham in there at this point.

Sarah has the patience of a saint.

I'd be in jail for 2nd degree murder if I had to deal with those cunts.

14ca2a No.126039


Pretty sure that's big news in that post. Heavy hitters and many answers to QMAP. I think you might be the shill.

DOOOOOO ITTT Truthanon we know you have goods.

16be27 No.126040


OMFG! Seriously?

People, it'll be available on YouTube later! Go watch and see for yourselves.

This is fucking stupid.

b39c90 No.126041


Top Kek!

7376ae No.126042

File: 9edd9266cb2067b⋯.jpeg (51.33 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Fake Aliens 104.jpeg)

File: 8f438ee94f7bbb6⋯.jpeg (59.63 KB, 852x480, 71:40, Fake Aliens 103.jpeg)

File: 6d225ff215d0931⋯.jpeg (289.41 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, Fake Aliens 102.jpeg)

396be9 No.126043


Okay, just realized you are mentally retarded. Sorry.

f42a9e No.126044


Please get in here and get us on track

This thread is all over the damn place.

We need focus… a target.

c4a63f No.126045


I am sorry, I am not understanding why you would think UN Forces in Chicago to be a good thing. I also heard that there UN Forces waiting to take over Law enforcement in a lot of places in the US

f33d47 No.126046


I didn't mean that. I thought you saw the post had replies and proceeded to post anyway (my mistake).

ea0055 No.126047


Then knock your self out and waste your time on that larper.

You deserve what you get if you insist on being an easily led moron.

396be9 No.126049


Agree. Need guidance.

99cf4c No.126050


Game theory.

Thus the various "game" theologies in governance and finance.

15d6f0 No.126051

Tax bill is to be voted on tonight. Better take your naps now because its going be a another late night.

912cc0 No.126052


What is a hologram

c7da84 No.126053

They are really going to try bluebeam on us. Kek.

This will be an awesome time to be told to the grandkids we'll never get!

Start the bluebeam spotlight! MY BODY IS READY!

d701b8 No.126054

Hey guys..

who is running this board?

I deleted a post. Then deleted it again to be sure it was gone.. got this error:

Invalid argument supplied for foreach() /8chan/howitzer-base/http/inc/display.php:54

is this relevant at all or am I just hunting for shit?

howitzer? like M777 Howitzer?

https:/ /en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M777_howitzer

d4b634 No.126055


Right we are too focused on what has already happened rather than what could/will. McCabe testimony today will tell a lot IMO

e6b678 No.126056


Yes was a joke because his cellphone started talking sounded like siri

740d13 No.126057


no sweat

396be9 No.126058


It is the craziest worst thing possible.

Just a globalist NWO fuckhead shill. Ignore.

6458fa No.126060


How about Schwarzenegger

090bd7 No.126061


BO isn't active enough here cleaning house of the shills.

89f096 No.126063


I think its already passed?

16be27 No.126064


>Yes was a joke because his cellphone started talking sounded like siri


c7da84 No.126065


just a foreach loop on non existing element, nothing to worry about other than the enduser shouldn't see the error.

No worries mate.

f42a9e No.126067


Precisely… It's like we all just watched a cryptic movie and are talking about what the hell we just watched and what it meant.

I want to know what "movie" is coming soon to theatres.

207f09 No.126068


Passed the House. The Senate votes tonight. Then it goes to POTUS' desk.

951f3a No.126069


He should just fuck off… this forum is for figuring the qmap out if this prick wants to put himself on a pedestal while dangling an imaginary carrot he can just fuck right off… he isn't one of the team if that is how he operates.

15d6f0 No.126070


You're giving millions of parents hope for a bright future for their children. Not something they had before POTUS was elected!

89aac3 No.126071


It's not a good thing, but the Mayor can't authorize UN on US soil LOL.

982bbd No.126072


Franz Xaver Schwarz was the minister of finance for the nazi party (NSDAP)

It is estimated that the party had more than 1 billion german Marks as cash at the end of the war, all money disappeared.

https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Franz_Xaver_Schwarz

aa22fd No.126073

Serious question. When the three sides of the triangle are taken out & the obvious bad players are taken care of what is going to happen to all the other big players that aren't being necessarily revealed with this excersize? For example Bill Gates & his depopulation agenda, Michael Bloomberg & his foundation that is used for nefarious purposes for child trafficking. There are so many videos on YouTube of other things people are trying to bring attention to. Just don't want to see everyone just being satisfied that the major players are taken care of & just go back when the Q job is done. We've only scratched the surface.

775d34 No.126074

If you need something to do how about making Circle diagrams and Meme's for the masses.

Or you could just keep bleating like a lamb

d4b634 No.126075


Schwarzenigger? Dont know her…

14ca2a No.126076


But you are just yelling and giving us nothing while he is dropping the answers to QMAP and he has for like a month now.

So does that make you the moron?

15d6f0 No.126078

89f096 No.126079


Ahh I see my mistake

98ca94 No.126080



http://www.william1.co.uk/w1.html Wow

We need to know what to find, any ways to create a bot able to sniffing through the website for keyword ?

090bd7 No.126084


What if Soros wasn't just a Nazi collaborator, but was a son of a high level Nazi?

0f96f3 No.126085


It is called google…

d4b634 No.126086



804a7f No.126088



PHP warning.

"Invalid argument supplied for foreach()"

very common issue in PHP. No big deal.

de84f7 No.126089


'Shall we play a game?' is a specific reference to the movie War Games. Matthew Broderick's character hacks in to a govt computer and gets this prompt. One of the games he can play is Global Thermonuclear War. 'How about a nice game of chess?' is another quote from this film.

6f948b No.126090

Just asked about UFOS at press con

d676e2 No.126091





Q/POTUS-4 [10]



>HW Bush Sr

>W Bush



>Trump (is he one of the 5 or carter)

c7da84 No.126092


What if Soros was an ass raping faggot alien

Don't what if please

d4b634 No.126093


Right, or we are seeing the movie 10 minutes at a time and need to predict what the next 10 minutes will be like

e1e986 No.126095

Did they extradite the upside-down AW from Saudi Arabia to the USA?


e6b678 No.126096


You left out the moon landing done in the Mojave dessert with all the Hollywood talent

ea0055 No.126098


You are sheep.

090bd7 No.126099


>triggered nigger

It's called brainstorming. You would know that if you weren't a dense niggerbrain.

0f96f3 No.126100


Search for:

donald site:www.william1.co.uk

ec80d4 No.126101

File: f72a4a727ba2c8c⋯.png (68.89 KB, 255x179, 255:179, soYos.png)

f42a9e No.126102


I thought this referenced the times he verified he was with POTUS… 4 being the [10] timestamp 2 17:03:XX, 10 sec. before Trumps tweet. ???

804a7f No.126103


If POTUS tweets "The Storm" msg I may crack a few beers and get cozy….

15d6f0 No.126104

Shills & clowns getting nervous about what is going to happen after that tax bill is signed?

16be27 No.126105



Proper words is sheeple

337747 No.126106


"12/7 - 12/17" likely refers to the fire training in ATL on 12/7 up to 12/17 ATL blackout - already covered previously

"Private_operated plane (OP)?" That's a big no on POP. It likely refers to a plane that departed from a FBO [Fixed Base Operator] & not the main ATL terminal; i.e. private plane, not "pilotless". This plane carried out the OP target.

"Shutdown" likely refers to shutdown of ATL - look closely at my pictures of the "fire" damage and look at how the steel conduit & cement were melted with precision…no accident.

"Special Place" refers to previous Q posts re: G.S; There was also a plane I tagged earlier that departed ATL at 6:27pm during the blackout for LGG Belgium, which is the closest airport for The Hague. The Hague prosecutes war crimes and crimes against humanity. International court.

"How about a nice game of chess?" likely refers to War Games movie, 1984, where WOPR determines that the only way to win is to not play.

It could also refer to the Commodore 64 game/program that taught beginners how to play chess move by move.

74e481 No.126107

Off topic, but does anyone get the sense that MegaAnon is Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

0f96f3 No.126108


Make some popcorn.

0d62d2 No.126109

File: 78a6024b8240fae⋯.jpg (113.81 KB, 650x744, 325:372, Harmonic Diamond.jpg)


gift from Heaven

use in memes

de84f7 No.126110


Bug in 8chan. Of course if you try and delete something twice, that doesn't really work in computing. Anons will be requesting that you vacate this web site using the imperative for extra emphasis.

e6afad No.126111






>>>125911 (You)

>Confirmed fucking shill bot

Oh look …our first snowflake melting down today …you poor thing …lol reeeeeeeee


c468fa No.126112

File: 56f5e2ad7b5c1c4⋯.jpg (101.98 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 21d8cj.jpg)

c7da84 No.126113


I know what brainstorming is but don't do it here. Do it in your head.

What if questions are dumb.

What if Merkel was the Sister of Hillary Clinton. You see. Just dumb without any leads.

3fb248 No.126114



f42a9e No.126115

My norm Dad is asking how the tax-bill passed if the House is on recess… Seems like a legit question.

Was recess delayed or something?

6e650d No.126116


>CICADA 3301

Seemed like a honeypot to identify John Nashes and take them out of circulation.

15d6f0 No.126117


"How about a nice game of chess?" likely refers to War Games movie, 1984, where WOPR determines that the only way to win is to not play.


e6b678 No.126118


Wonder who the 2 stand ops are, guess they get them later

6458fa No.126119


Doesnt MA always reject Q as authentic?

bd4ccf No.126120


Don't bother including carter

Q/POTUS-1 -> Bush Sr

Q/POTUS-2 -> Clinton

Q/POTUS-3 -> Bush Jr

Q/POTUS-4 [10] - ONog


5f5444 No.126121


Why are drops highlighted by POTUS shortly thereafter?

Coincidence or message?

“Special Place”






9:01 AM - 17 Dec 2017

As a candidate, I promised we would pass a massive TAX CUT for the everyday working American families who are the backbone and the heartbeat of our country. Now, we are just days away…

Q/POTUS-4 [10]



12:31 PM - 16 Dec 2017





12:05 PM - 16 Dec 2017

TAX CUTS will increase investment in the American economy and in U.S. workers, leading to higher growth, higher wages, and more JOBS!




6:52 AM - 16 Dec 2017

Congratulations to two great and hardworking guys, Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, on the success of their just out book, “Let Trump Be Trump.” Finally people with real knowledge are writing about our wonderful and exciting campaign!




7:12 PM - 15 Dec 2017

Donald J. Trump Retweeted RepKevinBrady

Great job Kevin, we are all proud of you!

[Rep. Kevin Brady:

This morning I singed the final conference agreement between Senate and House on #TaxReform. This is a big win for all Americans]




3:34 PM - 15 Dec 2017

Rep. Kristi Noem

A lot of tough decisions got us to this point, but we’re closer than we’ve been in 30+ years to a fairer tax code that keeps more money in the pockets of hardworking Americans. Proud to sign my name to the Conference Report. READ THE BILL>> http://noem.house.gov/taxreform

Learn double meanings.

337747 No.126122






Q/POTUS-4 [10]


I interpreted Q/POTUS-4 [10] as a hint to 4, 10, 20 or DJT, indicating his position in this list.

e60d3f No.126123


The T is in brackets because it is only a partial quote. The full quote is:

“The qualities of a good prosecutor are as elusive and as impossible to define as those which make a gentleman. And those who need to be told would not understand it anyway. A sensitiveness to fair play and sportsmanship is perhaps the best protection against the abuse of power, and the citizens safety lies in the prosecutor who tempers zeal with human kindness, who seeks truth and not victims, who serves the law and not factional purposes, and who approaches his task with humility.”

United States Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson, April 1, 1940

d4b634 No.126124

Soros dad was Tivadar Soros - born Theodor Schwarz. Franz Xaver Schwarz had 7 siblings. Cannot find their names

b39c90 No.126125

Well truth beknown, there's a very special place in hell for George Soros. Maybe Q's special place for him is the same place?

ec80d4 No.126126

File: 23270c2bb21308e⋯.png (69.24 KB, 255x179, 255:179, soYos2.png)


Thanks for the inspiration.

804a7f No.126127


SHUTDOWN - POTUS ending Muellar investigation.

e72db5 No.126128


…. what?

f42a9e No.126129

Wait… I'm a bot? Fucking sweet! I always to be a robot.

d676e2 No.126130


Interesting too. Im just scratching my head. Trying to stay present. We have alot of silk to spin- and may not spin it quick enough. It was =Dark [10]= that I was jumping from.

aa22fd No.126131


FU. Been here since day 1. Tried to bring attention to a video at 5 this morning but this board was too busy having a therapy session with each other for feel good moments & atta boys.

e72db5 No.126132

e72db5 No.126133


No, I wasn't saying you're the bot. I was confirming the nutcase all caps psycho was the bot, and agreeing… JFC….

bd4ccf No.126135



directory name

666930 No.126136

f42a9e No.126137


The 4, 10, 20 thing could be 2 things…

DJT, as in the 4th, 10th and 20th letters of the alphabet, or if read backwards based on Jew-Gematria, it gives Hebrew words/letters that mean "ensnare, calamity/destruction, victory"… I'm cool either way, tbh

090bd7 No.126138


Fuck yourself nigger I'll engage other anons in my brainstorming if I want. If you don't like it filter me you faggot.

What if Soros wasn't just a Nazi collaborator, but was a son of a high level Nazi?

7fa152 No.126139

File: 1d8241042b40406⋯.png (644.69 KB, 853x383, 853:383, tarr.png)


SR was an op to infiltrate DNC

>mpd vice officer derek tarr

e72db5 No.126140

0f96f3 No.126141



f42a9e No.126142


But… I want to be a robot.

e6b678 No.126143


Q/POTUS-1 -> Bush Sr

Q/POTUS-2 -> Clinton

Q/POTUS-3 -> Bush Jr

Q/POTUS-4 [10] - ONog


Well FREEDOM 1-43 I would guess means Pres 44 isn't which is bho

Maybe your chart is missing Carter so Bush Jr is the 10 inditements

e72db5 No.126144



Uz a bot

d4b634 No.126145


https://www.geni.com /people/Franz-Schwarz/6000000032998400430


c7da84 No.126146


No you won't. You're just looking stupid without providing leads. moron.

804a7f No.126147


SOROS caught, code says.

"Special place is Camp David" per POTUS.

Q said we have a "Special Place" for GS (George Soros)

Hence, Soros was extracted from ATL on 12/17 and being kept at a Very special place - CAMP DAVID. POTUS left Camp David right around the time GS was caught.

Flight from ATL to IAD (Dulles) is only 80 miles from Camp David.

Makes sense to me.

92d1ac No.126148

File: e639fc6b6681ec1⋯.png (50.12 KB, 964x625, 964:625, Bros of FXS.png)


Oh shit

f42a9e No.126150

16be27 No.126151


…damned entitlements…

14fd4c No.126152




Product RED is owned by (ONE CAMPIGN)

spokesperson: Bono

President and CEO (runs): Gayle Smith

Founders:Bono and Bobby Shriver (Arnold's S's former brother in law)

Gayle Smith was appointed by BHO to be USAID administrator in 2015

She took over RED in 2017

d4b634 No.126153



https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki /Tivadar_Soros


3fb248 No.126154


FFS, This is ancient history but keep beating the dead meat…

f42a9e No.126155


Can anyone confirm Camp David has a detention center/holding-cells? Thought it was just a Pres retreat

ea0055 No.126156


This makes sense to me.

cc9db3 No.126157


Military base

f42a9e No.126158

I agree that this is what the tweet implies tho

090bd7 No.126159

File: 31e5c7cb1690827⋯.jpg (16.79 KB, 300x400, 3:4, 1496278283778.jpg)



f92b4e No.126160


When AI shitposting gets too good, they'll demand bitcoins for their shitposts & bankrupt those bastards.

cc9db3 No.126161

As far as I know all military bases have a holding center or a brig or stockade or whatever branch it is it’s called by. If not there is usually one close by at another base

e72db5 No.126162

d17ecc No.126163


Very good. Gonna share.

92d1ac No.126164

And I thought that Nationalsocialism was an alternative for this system… Fuck this shit if Soros results to be son of Franz Xaver Schwarz's brothers

7d3800 No.126165

File: e5bd82f88480299⋯.jpg (13.3 KB, 451x300, 451:300, Eye-of-Soros.jpg)

File: 95b29444d7ab393⋯.jpg (86.08 KB, 620x320, 31:16, Soros-OZ-Clinton.jpg)



Wasn't Soros dead for about a year already?

bd4ccf No.126166

File: 4d92ad1cb62397d⋯.png (8.02 KB, 144x172, 36:43, s-snaketrans.png)


Make the S's snakes (with a better snake pic of course)

f42a9e No.126167

File: fd18c9f9234e06c⋯.png (42.12 KB, 679x111, 679:111, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

"Agile" just acquired Gannett's primary data-center…

982bbd No.126168


Good find, could explain how George S. and his brother got rich so fast

d676e2 No.126169


Good info. Thanks for this.>>126091


>Gayle Smith

Also a member of CFR.


090bd7 No.126170


You just exposed yourself as a tourist. This isn't the place for you new friend.


Keep digging Soros is their weak spot. He's unironically literally a Nazi.



f92b4e No.126171


Some one died this year. Was it an old Rothschild or something? I remember it was on fucking frog day or some shit

c04cda No.126172


Navel/Marine base

337747 No.126173


This makes the most sense to me as well. GS could be held at Orange One underneath "Special Place" Camp David that is secured by the USN.

c7da84 No.126174

What if George Soros was Adolf Hitler his toyboy?!

d701b8 No.126175


TRUMP cannot end Mueller investigation.

This must come from Rosenstein, or Mueller must resign or announce that the investigation is complete.

7d3800 No.126176



92d1ac No.126177


Rockefeller I think

f42a9e No.126178


Enough about my penis… Stay focused

c91627 No.126179

File: 61191d98fa83ca6⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1460x816, 365:204, gannett or БАЖЖЕ77?.png)

cc9db3 No.126180



3fb248 No.126181


100% & watching our MSM in foreign nations like say, Russia get continuously eviscerated by Putin with their infantile behavior makes me weep.

534359 No.126182


But we know how MSM is. Is it possible that the rail line didn't investigate, and now they're paying off media to say it was a speed accident so that they can blame it on the train's engineer?

99cf4c No.126183


>Oh look …our first snowflake…



7fa152 No.126184


Trump CAN end it, but won't.


f92b4e No.126185



David Rockefeller Dead on International Frog Day

15d6f0 No.126186

4f0477 No.126187

File: f6dc91870229898⋯.jpg (80.59 KB, 598x393, 598:393, Rev3.9.jpg)

It seems an anon was seriously trying to tell you something today.

He got banned for speaking out.






















124918 (banned)



Jesus Christ. He has Sacrificed himself for you. Now (((they))) nailed him too!

de84f7 No.126188


Who would win? A Rockefeller or a fucking frog?

c7da84 No.126189


I've been on these boards before you was even born. Day 0 faggot

f42a9e No.126191

File: f86ba6b91147894⋯.png (63.8 KB, 687x121, 687:121, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

I don't know if we settled on who is "BISHOP" yet… but here's my guess.

f42a9e No.126192

133rd Bishop…Occult number?

7d3800 No.126193

File: 7fb0cce9ef9a5bf⋯.jpg (26.15 KB, 383x395, 383:395, Clintons.jpg)

Q Collection

https://mega .nz/#F!NmJFSToI!O4r_Iz_-dFT37YCbBfLksg

6458fa No.126194


Do you think a retreat for commander in chief doesnt have underground bunkers, high security, military?

534359 No.126195


>Keep digging Soros is their weak spot. He's unironically literally a Nazi.

Did anyone meme that yet?

6e650d No.126196

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f42a9e No.126197


I do now…

2fbb6d No.126198

A few years back a house stenographer starting yelling in the chambers that members were lacking God. What did she know? Her name was Diane Reidy.

a6fec3 No.126199

f42a9e No.126200

Did anyone ever translate what the fuck what graffitied on the overpass where the Washington train derailed?

7376ae No.126201



Explain symbol =/= ?

fff382 No.126202


his name was seth rich>>126193

sauce please

de84f7 No.126203


Yes I'm sure Sarah Mullally is the secret power behind the global cult of child traffcking. Context anons. Context.

74e481 No.126204


Yes….but the information runs mostly parallel. I think her biggest complaint is that Q's events can be too specific and then they don't happen when stated. She is a stickler stating that dates of future events are speculative due to changing environments and circumstances. I'm not doubting Q's intentions, but sometimes events don't happen as predicted due to shifting timelines, and that seems to be a huge complaint of MA. She goes out of her way to not state dates because of that and is critical of Q for that, but the information is mostly parallel.

30e752 No.126205



>he moon landing done in the Mojave dessert with all the H


UFO's, BlueBeam and War of the Worlds appear to have some very interesting parallels in the context of what has been learned about the way the control structures work.

000000 No.126206






-Profits susan rice and ian

ALSO in that same Q POST.


b241b3 No.126207

File: 5ba2f1f6d8457ae⋯.jpg (163.37 KB, 738x496, 369:248, CULT OF SATAN.jpg)


>The Vatican is evil and the Pope is evil.


30e752 No.126209


=/= == !=

534359 No.126210


>Diane Reidy

You mean this?


f42a9e No.126211


I know, I know… But check out her wiki… And, it's the most powerful position in the Anglican Church of England. Just checking all possibilities. Eating a wide net.

337747 No.126212

File: cd484c7b99fef7e⋯.jpg (100.5 KB, 799x536, 799:536, raven-rock-portal-b.jpg)


Orange One

out to Raven Rock

de84f7 No.126213


Talk about REAL MA please, not the fucking LARP that said Q was a bunch of social media interns.

a3bdbb No.126214

File: 0cc7997c1400275⋯.png (320.25 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20171219-151151.png)

No time this week, but we DO have this, right?

0f96f3 No.126215


If I read it it sounds like an old smoker's cough.

2332ba No.126216


I'm thinking the same thing Anon. It's remote, secure and guarded by marines. If HVPs are housed there, they can be kept out of sight for longer. No need for cells. The whole place is secure. Sa is keeping its HVps in a hotel.

d17ecc No.126217


= / = means "is not equal to."

000000 No.126218





just read that page and follow your gut.

c7da84 No.126219


=/= == !=

0e6666 No.126220


>derek tarr

Wait… whhhhat?

Tarr is the source of that (SR was an OP)… or Seth==Tarr?

090bd7 No.126221

File: 8eeb83f953334a1⋯.jpg (188.37 KB, 1024x776, 128:97, 1494738306819.jpg)


You definitely haven't been, JIDF.


Wrong title, that's exactly the kind of thing Democrats like.

7fa152 No.126222

File: ab5f73221cd2b6c⋯.jpg (82.69 KB, 720x960, 3:4, caris-james-wtf-lauren-kre….jpg)

does anyone recognize this baby?

ae3430 No.126223

File: 6271ebf02a30152⋯.jpg (239.06 KB, 735x556, 735:556, splash.jpg)


Who might BISHOP (cult) be?

I reckon he gave us the answer in this post:


>Find the markers.

>10 & [10].

>12/7 – 12/17.

If you go back to 7th Dec Q dumped a load of photos.

One of the photos was taken by the SPLASH agency.

Q signed off that post with SPLASH.

It was one of PODESTA and Huma.


a3bdbb No.126225

Bragging history on the train.

Click on "insurrection news" to get contact info and full current issue.


30e752 No.126226



Nad twingle.

60fb78 No.126227


ten ppl in 44's admin?

7fa152 No.126228

f42a9e No.126229


Oh, nice catch… How does this related to FOX THREE tho?

3fb248 No.126230


Please copy & paste more of that esoteric Soros info…fascinating

98ca94 No.126231


I'm french, what do you need me to do ? I can check the french page of that article.

bd0b52 No.126232

File: b2d4c3b1c181f77⋯.jpg (59.61 KB, 749x594, 749:594, fox_mulder.jpg)


Gawd, the roll out on operation #foxmulder is gonna be EPIC levels of cringe!

b3d728 No.126233

File: c053ce816ddf39b⋯.jpg (150.6 KB, 976x549, 16:9, hrc funny portrait.jpg)

File: 06b34268290274c⋯.jpg (89.6 KB, 640x400, 8:5, hillary portrait4.jpg)

File: 0e9e094b562bd49⋯.jpg (61.44 KB, 600x384, 25:16, 21d42y.jpg)

File: 2025e5f1e5bd073⋯.jpg (141.1 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 21d6gi.jpg)

fcef2a No.126234



Is it possible Seth Rich is still alive and in witness protection?

Seth Rich still alive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5BbECSUK3M

090bd7 No.126235


I don't think so but it's the leftist's (((crypto)))nite. All of the Nazi-themed fear propaganda the leftists in MSM/Hollyjew/politics/tech-left have programmed their zombies with can be used to short circuit it by showing they're being manipulated toward their own destruction by actual Nazis to see them where they don't exist.

a0256d No.126236


Sorry Anons, I am a semi newfag with a history in /b/ 4chan. so I have a hard time knowing where to post replies to specific Q posts. Appellate is Court of Appeals. https://www.thefreedictionary.com/Apellate+court

666930 No.126237

This thing is the easier to understand. Maybe I'm beginning to know Q, or he's beginning to write easier because we're so dumb lol


/\* /\ /\*

>Saudi done, Rotschild not done, Soros done but covert

Shall we play a game?

>(pay attention to chess memes in Q posts)

Map is critical to understand.

Future unlocks past.


>Atlanta is declassified, we can talk openly about it

News unlocks map.

>As usual, news make map easier to understand

Find the markers.

10 & [10].

>The markers are the post/tweet announcing events

12/7 – 12/17.

Concourse F.

Terminal 5.

>The news on 7/12 give crumbs about 17/12 events

Private_operated plane (OP)?



>They made an extraction regarding a private plane flying from ATL to Washington



Learn double meanings.

>He says we must find double meanings on the words dark and darkness





Q/POTUS-4 [10]


>He's hinting that the most important events he talked about, are always confirmed by Potus tweets

“Special Place”

>This is an example

Why are drops highlighted by POTUS shortly thereafter?

Coincidence or message?

>Of course it's a message. To whom? Us? I don't think so. They're communicating via 8ch/Twitter with someone else? Is this board a "safe" comm of a sort?

“The Great Awakening”

POTUS today.


>This is the tweet of today. What does it mean? It means this:


>A classified operation is taking place/will take place in Washington airport. Can't say anything more about it (it's still classified for us), but the tweet unlock the message if you can decode it

How about a nice game of chess?



>This I don't understand because I'm no expert of military code…


Anyway, I think Q messages are easier than we think: he's not sending numerology or masonic or occult hint. He's only trying to give real info without giving real proof of what he's doing.

ae3430 No.126238


Podesta in their sights


The Storm is Upon Him!

912cc0 No.126239

File: 196d4cf9d14e89c⋯.jpeg (84.4 KB, 750x745, 150:149, DD353D5A-606C-46BF-98A9-C….jpeg)

3fb248 No.126240


Shoot me this train is off the rails.

60fb78 No.126241





#44 Jihadi-O = ten ppl

#45 - DJT

d676e2 No.126242


Hah- Camp David was made, based on my research, Eisenhower made it for alien meetings and other secret meet ups they didn't want happening in DC


f42a9e No.126243

File: aba07fa7bc48cbd⋯.jpg (122.03 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DEtmVhZUwAEz5Na.jpg)

What's up with the red shoes?

000000 No.126244



Look at the statues in that area and notice the amount of mansions/castles and wide open areas. not normal compared to other parts of france which have open areas.

Huge random unexplained population drops.

740d13 No.126245


that would explain the family shutting down any investigation

4042e1 No.126246




There´s a new´s update,recent connections and the latest q posts in there too


read the post´s in the Thread, maybe someone else have already given that Answer


it could very well be that your Answer was given before (in all the 800+ Threads)


Is the Information you gonna post, backed up by a source, or your own knowdlegde experience ?

Are you just responding to someone that triggered your Believe ?

Do you contribute to Q relevant things?





*now go lurk till you die, and if you rise from the dead, dig,meme, do whatever you do best*

565c3e No.126247


franz xaver

charles francis(franz) xavier, founder of jesuit order

charles xavier=professor x (xmen)

f092f2 No.126248


POTUS could then interrogate GS himself.

436b68 No.126249


you are cows or something (translate from arabic=)

f42a9e No.126250


God willing… Podesta is the scum of the earth

7d3800 No.126251

File: d316fdee99087cd⋯.jpg (305.92 KB, 1243x631, 1243:631, Soros Extracted.jpg)

There's definitely and event occurring. The only private jet allowed to leave Atlanta, like the Saudis on 9-11.


Q Collection

(((mega))) .nz/#F!NmJFSToI!O4r_Iz_-dFT37YCbBfLksg

30e752 No.126252


>possible Seth Rich is still alive and in witness protection?

Given what's been going on, I'd say 'yes'.

f42a9e No.126253


Really?… We need to get the exact on this. Talmudists refer to gentiles as cattle. Could be significant.

d4b634 No.126254


No add some sauce?

534359 No.126255


They already do see Nazis where they don't exist. Real target would probably be Antifa sympathizers, the ones still on the fence. They might still be redeemable.

982bbd No.126256

File: 8ae7156d98ad409⋯.png (208.12 KB, 526x590, 263:295, schwarz.png)


NSDAP had 1 billion mark at the end of the war, under the signature of Schwarz.

Sauce: The Nazi Party 1919-1945: A Complete History (book)

4042e1 No.126257



There´s a new´s update,recent connections and the latest q posts in there too


read the post´s in the Thread, maybe someone else have already given that Answer


it could very well be that your Answer was given before (in all the 800+ Threads)


Is the Information you gonna post, backed up by a source, or your own knowdlegde experience ?

Are you just responding to someone that triggered your Believe ?

Do you contribute to Q relevant things?





*now go lurk till you die, and if you rise from the dead, dig,meme, do whatever you do best*

429905 No.126258

Just saw congressman green the guy that moved to empeach trump with a cast on his right hand on cspan ??

407970 No.126259


12/7 -12/17 10 days after ATL airport fire drill

ATL-IAD was private plane DoJ non-callsign

Extraction from ATL - I would say good guys intercepted hit on a good guy arriving ATL Concourse F Terminal 5. Good guys protected and retrieved good asset.

Shutdown double meaning ATL shutdown 10 hrs, Govt shutdown loomng, bad guys shutdown, I-5 shutdown by train wreck (Q said counter move by bad guys)

ATL was dark for 10 hrs. darkness= bad guys in action, darkness=evil around us.

Q/POTUS may be q verifications close to POTUS times 1-5 with 4th time occurring on 12/10th(?)

Special Place= refer to Trump tweet about Camp David. CD has holding facility for bad guys Where's Soros?

unlock? with key? veiled reference to keystone(?)

CLAS_OP_IAD= foreshadow classify op happening at Dulles in next 2-3 days.

game of chess refers to later post about Bishop. I intepret this to mean key people in web that are being removed. each piece=key person. maybe BHO spider/king, bishops may be Holder, Lynch, etc. pones are low level people. Q references 12 deals turned down. Pones looking to save asses?

SPLASH (all caps) is mil acronym Search Procedure Land, Air & Sea Hunting or could be missile destroyed; target impact.

FOX THREE could be launch of active radar guided missile or Fox= foxtrot3 or FFF. FF could mean pentagon (fort fumble) 3rd side(?)

sequence of SPLASH & FOX THREE I'd guess related to inbound missile that was intercepted.

f42a9e No.126260


Schwarz means "black" in German…

"Black Money"?

74e481 No.126261

Has Q's reference to Speed been decoded?

I certainly hope Amtrak train wasn't the prediction (reference). It would imply previous knowledge and the inability to stop it.

337747 No.126262


Nice digging. That's spot on point.

fff382 No.126263


he should have answered the phone

16be27 No.126264


He did pay to shut up a sexual harassment case he had against him in Texas.

b39c90 No.126265


The Black Hand is a nickname some folks had for Soros.

7d3800 No.126266

President went for an overnight on Sat. to Camp David and met with several cabinet officials including VP. What was the reason? Why there specifically and not in DC?

5f5444 No.126268


I didn't figure it out, I saw another anon posted it and then put it into the spreadsheet and shared it again.

d676e2 No.126270


What I was more thinking too. Why I thought presidents currently alive. Who are the 10?


7fa152 No.126271

File: b7dda65cc8adeee⋯.jpg (93.08 KB, 920x616, 115:77, jimmy-baby.jpg)

5f5444 No.126272

File: fdf95aef59823e8⋯.png (61.15 KB, 1056x816, 22:17, use.png)

3fb248 No.126273


Hell yes… can you please do one with a greasy rat tail hanging out of the corner of his mouth?

99cf4c No.126275


>Fake and gay.


>Some sort of jewy jew tryna do jew shit.


30e752 No.126276


Re; Seth Rich

This happened before DJT so it it would have had to have been done in the middle of a very hostile administration by a very powerful group acting against the prevailing powers. Unlikely.

f42a9e No.126277


When there was talk of alien-disclosure disinfo/FF, there was also mention of "Black Money". related?

407970 No.126278

Out of curiosity, does CA highways have surveillance cameras near site of train derailment?

f1b6bd No.126279


He said something like BISHOP (cult)

that would fit

0e6666 No.126281


Agree with the witness protection theory.


Derek Tarr was one of the responding officers when Seth was shot. Then Tarr left MPD.

Do we have a picture of Tarr? Is Seth==Tarr?

cc9db3 No.126282


Need to go back to CBTS #111 for that info

f1b6bd No.126284


looks like one of the Olsen twins

7fa152 No.126285


bishop sits right next to the queen on chess board

other bishop sits close to king



cc9db3 No.126286



5f5444 No.126288


THANK YOU anon see: >>126272

We don't need to answer questions answered 350 threads prior. We need to put the information already gathered into output to SEND OUT into the normiesphere!

6458fa No.126289


Isnt the dad a perv

c468fa No.126291

anyone else notice the senate is voting on [10] hours of debate?

090bd7 No.126292


What's in that lonely shipping container anon?


Some anon a few threads back said they are made from human skin.


Of course they do. My point is, how do you deprogram someone programmed to see Nazis everywhere? You show them how literal Nazis did the programming.


Black money was in a Q post no? This connection is really roasting my lightly salted almonds.


That's a shopping basket, you can do the rest of the sick math. Poor girl she must have justice.

775d34 No.126293


Same name of the group that assassinated Prince Ferdinand

fcef2a No.126295




Haha! That would be awesome. Lets hope so.

Seth, if you're reading this:

You are a patriot.

Thank you.

We will make you proud

69ce68 No.126296

File: 607e596bf18b75c⋯.jpg (125.22 KB, 820x492, 5:3, memequeen2.jpg)

Yes all the evil germans changed their name

98ca94 No.126297


I'll start right away thanks anon

bf7c7b No.126298

Regarding Train Derailment:

I just saw this article. Pictures of Madigan (Army) treating patients in the hospital.


717605 No.126299


V interesting.

You seem to know your stuff. I’ve posted a couple of times and need some feedback.

Could you take a look please & let me know if I might be onto something or not? So I can let it go or not. Ty v much



f42a9e No.126300


My bad… Wanted to identify if it was disinformation being thrown our way is all.

7d3800 No.126301

File: d38a0d6ae3b6132⋯.png (287.51 KB, 500x500, 1:1, #Get Podesta.png)


Download the Anonfiles images archives while they are still available, and this too:

Q Collection

https://mega .nz/#F!NmJFSToI!O4r_Iz_-dFT37YCbBfLksg

7fa152 No.126303


that guy in the pic is unknown to all of us

i found him by searching property records

they went back and filled in peoplefinder, intellius, spokeo, etc. with addresses for tamara page after she was outed as RR wife

but they didn't update those county property records


this family (((kresge))) has several profiles for themselves - same people, different friends, locations in tx, pa, oh

and this pic w/ #carisjames

3fb248 No.126304


Wool Lickers has a nice ring with trigger bonus.

ef6a85 No.126305

What’s with all the UFO Stuff as of late? Last night we had some weird shit over Queen Creek, AZ (local news) and now their talking about aliens on the pres conf. Is project blue beam coming soon?

ec80d4 No.126306

File: c978104e8d5c369⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, animatrump.png)

File: 6a690927bc8d499⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, animatrumpwords.png)


Right after George Washington:

"I, Donald John Trump do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States. And will, to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States. So help me god."


"From the beginning, America has been a nation defined by its people. At our founding, it was the American people who rose up to defend our freedoms and win our independence. It is why our founders began our great constitution with three very simple words… We the people. Since that moment each generation of Americans has taken its place in defense of our freedom, our flag and our nation under God. These are the achievements of the American spirit. The spirit of a people who fought and died to bring the blessings of liberty to all our people. Above all to be American is to be an optimist. To believe that we can always do better and that the best days of our great nation are still ahead of us. It's a privilege to serve as the President of the United States. To stand here among so many great leaders of our past and to work on behalf of the American people."

337747 No.126307


FOX THREE also refers to the" launch of an active radar-guided missile (such as the AIM-120 AMRAAM and AIM-54 Phoenix)" as Q also confirmed here >>121409. Phoenix is the USSS codename for McCain.

SPLASH = Huma/Podesta?

FOX THREE = AIM-54 'Phoenix' = McCain?

34a646 No.126308



blue hats in my america? I don't think so.

>blue hats are global mercs that fuck shit up to justify globalist NATO occupation.

337747 No.126309


Copy. Let me look.

30e752 No.126310


Research "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast and apply modern technology. Distraction technique used by the elites.

6458fa No.126311


I see no patients

3da71b No.126312

File: 55b049c77d62d5f⋯.png (153.92 KB, 616x405, 616:405, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

just tweeted out right now >>125725

cc9db3 No.126313


Looks like joint training to me.

5f3424 No.126314

File: 2ac959fe9ce89ca⋯.gif (2.98 MB, 960x540, 16:9, ezgif-4-324f7850b5.gif)

For whichever Anon keeps posting links to here on twatter

< Send them to reddit instead

> reddit .com/r/TheCalmBeforeTheStorm/

98ca94 No.126315


Should I focus only on Guéret or the entire Creuse ?

ef6a85 No.126316


I know that broadcast well. I used to be quite a fan of old radio shows. Helped pass the time at work when we could wear headphones.

f42a9e No.126317

File: 1176b29354e7ea8⋯.png (143.51 KB, 656x549, 656:549, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

More on Gannet acquisition by Agile

ec8c9a No.126318

File: 449a2a00d3571a2⋯.png (189.1 KB, 678x444, 113:74, screenshotAtUploadCC_15137….png)

File: d712e4fd9183aa9⋯.png (164.43 KB, 644x458, 322:229, screenshotAtUploadCC_15137….png)

Two recent posts on Twitter from Whitehouse

16be27 No.126320



c91627 No.126321

File: 8bb204c39734742⋯.jpg (23.32 KB, 480x318, 80:53, Silver_Fox_Propaganderson_….jpg)

d4b634 No.126322



5f5444 No.126323

File: ffbb91aaaa9508d⋯.png (72.12 KB, 1056x816, 22:17, SUSAN RICE MCKINSEY2.png)

repostan with a white background. Feedback appreciated - ideas for other graphics appreciated

fff382 No.126325

File: cb373388a8e35a6⋯.png (42.33 KB, 941x211, 941:211, DeepinScreenshot_select-ar….png)

File: 27491e86bd79b1f⋯.png (54.69 KB, 961x409, 961:409, DeepinScreenshot_select-ar….png)

775d34 No.126326


I don't want them there just as much as you and I'll cross the boarder from the North to help expunge the blue cancer

fcef2a No.126327


New baker,

Is it possible to add a tribute to Seth Rich along with the one from Mike Green from now on?

d701b8 No.126328

File: 6c80d231785e045⋯.jpg (51.04 KB, 585x428, 585:428, Capture2.JPG)



Last Tweet DEC 17.

c04cda No.126329


I hope the blindfolded him before the put him in the hole.

bf7c7b No.126330


I wasn't going to say anything to influence others opinions. I thought it was odd that local news posted the pics saying it was patients from the train - patients no one has pictures of being transported.

d4b634 No.126331


'These people are sick'

429905 No.126332

File: ea38217bc407349⋯.jpeg (2.93 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 41ED5FF3-AF6B-448E-B8A8-6….jpeg)

Looks like a broken thumb to me maybe he couldn’t get his hand out of the cookie jar fast enough before POTUS slammed the lid shut lol

3da71b No.126333

File: 962f41d0b9b65c6⋯.png (46.15 KB, 606x218, 303:109, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

File: 6594fe3b43e0584⋯.png (50.97 KB, 627x223, 627:223, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)


last night there was speculation when the next a disaster would happen for the other classes of vehicles. we've had airport and train so far… now these

0f96f3 No.126334


New national security should also look into sites like FB, Twitter and MSM in general forbidding people from speaking the truth and prefering to spread disinformation and enemy communist propaganda.

There should be a law against restricting free speech, even when it triggers mentally unstable lefties.

30e752 No.126335

413542 No.126336

File: e50d7964ee213a2⋯.jpg (205.41 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DRMGY_aW0AAes_l.jpg)

da fuq?

https://twitter.com/ >HillaryClinton/status/942103788890021888

84c2bf No.126337

can i get a hear hear from any anon's that the time to stop hiding has arrived? anybody/ if this war is lost we die. it's really that simple. if Q has not conveyed that you are brain dead. if you don't get that you are brain fucking dead. i hear… put a link with a space 50 times a day… they are shills trying to scare you. what fuck is that going to do? "they' know who the fuck you are anyway. are we fucking stupid? open the fuck up. slowly but open up. a pill is as big as you make it. but make it. WE CAN'T HIDE.

912cc0 No.126338


These people are stupid. He’d be the last one I’d have push this narrative. Everyone can see right through him. Lost all credibility.

ae3430 No.126340


Nice thinking.

The FOX THREE = Phoenix =McCain would certainly fit with other Q logic progressions.

Also fit with the MAVERICK stringer too.

16be27 No.126342


I think they would be bigger accidents than that, for instance cruise boat sinks or something big like that.

527edb No.126343


Nice find.

Q pointing us to Huma or Podesta. Bishop gone = Podesta arrested?

f81678 No.126344


>The other that is a public health state of emergency. Ends around dec 28th.


6458fa No.126345


Since Q said the bad guys did this in retaliation of ATL success, I wonder how much is real and how much false flag like a warning to say, " we can override control software."

c91627 No.126347

File: 10d70dea5c07889⋯.jpg (338.96 KB, 2048x1366, 1024:683, put_on_your_red_shoes.jpg)


Silver and Red Shoes

Before undertaking her journey, Dorothy is given the “silver shoes”, who represent the “silver cord” of Mystery Schools (Dorothy was wearing ruby slippers in the movie due to a last minute change by the director, who thought that the color ruby looked better against the Yellow Brick Road).

In occult schools, the silver cord is considered to be the link between our material and spiritual selves.

bd4ccf No.126349


Democrats or their voters actually don't give a fuck. Only when a conservative does it.

f42a9e No.126350


Hang on… McCain, McConnel and Kerry are always running around together. (Graham too). Is there something FOXy about this bunch?

3da71b No.126351

File: 48618d0e4426d82⋯.png (69.44 KB, 616x403, 616:403, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)


this probably isn't a code… but interesting regardless

527edb No.126353


If it was retaliation, would have to be for someone big like GS or BO

35709a No.126354


very good… tips hat

ec80d4 No.126355

File: dbc00821eb781bc⋯.png (73.64 KB, 255x179, 255:179, soYos3.png)


Rush job. Got to go soon.

3cfdf5 No.126356

Doc "Operation mockingbird" Sanja Gupta is the only one who has talked to McCains doctors.

82cd59 No.126357


Is it one of the "Parker" kids from Sandy Hook?

64706f No.126359


Makes sense to me.

Is FoxThree simply f3, a position on a chessboard?.

I need to match qmap to ppl to chessboard.

5dd356 No.126360

So what's the status on GS now ? I missed Q posting….

090bd7 No.126361


McStain and his crooked Navy Admiral father and grandfather are corrupt functionaries of the military industrial congressional complex. It wouldn't be beyond him to get some more firecrackers shot off for evil. He's scum and his hanging must be livestreamed for the country to heal.


The timing is too coincidental.we know there's no such thing as coincidence


>founded in 2015

They aren't making acquisitions through organic growth, 2 years isn't long enough for that. They must have big money behind them, so it's a shell entity. There's more to this.



Brilliant. That has hashtag written all over it, this one could stick.

8def1e No.126362


Excellent idea

337747 No.126363

File: a9146c7d42bfd4a⋯.png (6.93 MB, 2390x1542, 1195:771, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)


Knats is a dealer in that area. He's a Labrat, aka drug dealer likely. He posts his 'art' where he's available. Changes place to place. See image of change in location.

f42a9e No.126364


Yeah, that's the silver-cord and golden-bowl allegory shit… Wrong rabbit hole… The red shoe shit with Podesta and crew has got to be pedo related.

7fa152 No.126365


good eyes, anon

6458fa No.126366


Agreed. If you look at Q's latest posts he said it was retaliation

30e752 No.126367


Out there, but F3 on most computers in use finds the next search match.

fcef2a No.126368








New baker,

>Is it possible to add a tribute to Seth Rich along with the one from Mike Green from now on?

30e752 No.126370


"Propaganderson" is good.

1717ff No.126371


not the baker lol, but I agree

912cc0 No.126372


I did see some interesting plane activity around Mexico City last night. But I feel like it would be somewhere else than Mexico. If it were there, I’d expect it would be a bigger event than that. But, nice job keeping your eyes peeled. Worth keeping in mind in case it become more relevant later.

f42a9e No.126373


That's just fucking hilarious… Love Jr.

f284f8 No.126374


I recall reading that it was from the first responders marking which cars they had checked.

912cc0 No.126375


He’s savage lol

fcef2a No.126376



717605 No.126377


As anagrams have recently played an important part in the Q unveiling , I thought I’d take a look at the graffiti on the bridge of the Amtrak derailment. Apologies if this has already been done. I did check in the thread devoted to this subject though.

Am I correct in seeing


This gives a multitude of imperfect anagrams ( ie none I can see with the 10/ 11 letters) but anagrams of this LABRATKNAT(S?) put together do create an interesting sentence:

Atlanta >Blatant> Arab >Al Akbar >Attak


1. I might be starting a real conspiracy theory or unwittingly joining one already circulating and for that I’m truly sorry. So I’m ready to stand corrected.

2. The good guys shouldn’t need to wreck a train to get a truth bomb out. Was this unintentional though? ( last Q post)

3. A good guy tagged the bridge to get the message in a photo to release but the bad guys derailed a train in revenge.

4. ISIS did it ( but why in that case would they use “blatant” in their hidden mission report?) unless of course blatant was completely unintentional. It would sound more like an angry reaction than an admission of intent by ISIS.

5. Graffiti art is known as “Tagging” which led me to think about Q’s use of the word in relation to Tony Podesta’s effort to flee the country and his plane being forced to return by a Military Tag. He also added we would hear about this in the News but to my knowledge we haven’t.

6. Is Attack misspelt as ATTAK because the bombers were unsuccessful and countered?

7. I have found other words that could also be related but I’m giving it further thought before posting.

Continuing on from my post




Bridge where train derailed has the above tag.

Other word searches brings up


TransTalk (Raytheon 2 way translation device)

Alan Batt (ACF)

AB Strakt ( Microsoft)

ART Kanal

BK Astana ( Kazakhstan basketball club)

START Lab - optical media ( Sony)

Trans AKT - online transactions

A.Baskar Indian politician

SAR Balan ( in Iran)

Star Bank -community Bank

START lab - Optical media

Trans AKT

TRANS.TBL - Red Hat. Download mirrors

Al Akbar


Al Askar

ALBARKA - Banking group for global Islamic service for Arab world.

ARALTAS Internet Heraldry store

ARTBALT- museum in Baltimore


ASR Bank -Dutch Bank

ABARTA - press- Coca Cola




7d3800 No.126378

File: 649ab5a0412b828⋯.jpg (283.48 KB, 880x974, 440:487, Hillary Going DOWN!!!.jpg)


There is definitely a pernicious double standard ongoing here with the Demoncrats able to get away with murder, treason, Russia collusion, etc. all the time and every little thing Trump/the Republicans gets put under a microscope for 6 months. But yet no Republicans have to balls to go after the Demoncrats dirty double dealing, they just lie there and take a beating from the press/Demoncrats all the time constantly.

f81678 No.126379


>Anyway, I think Q messages are easier than we think: he's not sending numerology or masonic or occult hint. He's only trying to give real info without giving real proof of what he's doing.

Yes! Finally, someone states the obvious - TY.. Stop wasting cycles on useless digs

090bd7 No.126380






Are you saying they using children from their trafficking in false flag ops?

7fa152 No.126381

File: beb1b2b044e0773⋯.jpg (3.53 MB, 6000x4800, 5:4, parker-family-sandy-hook.jpg)

File: c9d99b8fcb9bb0e⋯.jpg (136.23 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, lauren-and-james-kresge-of….jpg)



do the parents look familiar

4042e1 No.126382



There´s a new´s update,recent connections and the latest q posts in there too


read the post´s in the Thread, maybe someone else have already given that Answer


it could very well be that your Answer was given before (in all the 800+ Threads)


Is the Information you gonna post, backed up by a source, or your own knowdlegde experience ?

Are you just responding to someone that triggered your Believe ?

Do you contribute to Q relevant things?





now go lurk till you die, and if you rise from the dead, dig,meme, do whatever you do best!

f42a9e No.126383


Exactly… There are no cohencidences

d676e2 No.126385








So not quite to 10 yet but heres what I had:



H. Clinton (Huma not counted cause she wasn’t on the team)

Susan Rice





c43aa5 No.126386


hahahhahahaha. i;m sorry but gtfo out of here with this crap.

6f948b No.126387

Meet the maverick judge and powerful lawyers in AT&T's case to win Time Warner

Judge Richard Leon is a George W. Bush-appointee who has served on the US District Court for DC since 2002. On Tuesday, he was randomly assigned to the case – one of the biggest antitrust showdowns to hit a Washington courtroom in years.

Randomly chosen?

6aa06f No.126388


These Soros memes are cracking me up

0e6666 No.126389


>Fox Three

Fucking retards need to go back and review


Q confirms what he meant by SPLASH and FOX THREE

30e752 No.126390


>Randomly chosen?

There are no coincidences on something like this.

090bd7 No.126391


>first pic

That fucking witch looks so evil. Is it too much to ask for a pack of feral niggers to rape and bludgeon her to death?

d701b8 No.126392

Splash - Darryl Hannah & Tom Hanks.


Tom Hanks stars in new Washington Post movie comes out 12/22

Washington Post header "Democracy Dies in DARKNESS"

Maybe I'm autistically retarded.

15e24c No.126393


Totally agree anon, was weird - some thought CIA/NSA recruitment tool, etc.

Had lots of old history / occult type stuff (just like we're dealing with now, eh?)

So, only recently with Q Anon did it occur possible that it was a recruitment tool by the quiet underground MI (Q Team) as a sleeper support group in preparation for the current storm, and that some of the stringers are intended for those 'members' who can decode them.

Just a theory, nothing more than that to go on.

Peace to you Anon.

717605 No.126394


You don’t have to swear :/

It was just for some help. Sorry I bothered you.

God bless anyway

16be27 No.126396



>Bridge where train derailed has the above tag.

If you zoom in on the part of LABRATS, you will see the word NATURAL sprayed on top of LABRATS in green.

7fa152 No.126397


https://www.f acebook.com/lauren.kresge

6458fa No.126398


You have to be a shill

3fb248 No.126399


They got rich off of State Dept. deals…search Wikileaks, corruption for 50+ years.

912cc0 No.126400


Could the Q/POTUS lines are in reference to different events that include some sort of “shutdown”? As in there’s multiple meanings to shutdown. The one that includes [10] is showing that was the 4th event so there’s one more shutdown.

fcef2a No.126401



except for "Robbie Parker's" left earlobe

48a480 No.126402

Has anyone gone autistic on ATL footage? Have meant to but have no time.

I recall hearing last night reports about smoke and operators making people move in and/or out of the smoke in a way that didn't make any sense to them.

e92bbd No.126404


Been away a few days and shit really came through huh?

I was screaming about the Gannett shit linked above in a less technical way (I said I think it's an intranet) so thank you to the Anon who went further and listened.

I can't find the Q post in the bread about the 19ops active / potus awake. Who wants to hit me?

Love you Anons no homo

bf7c7b No.126405


The local coverage is still sketchy and keeps changing. Until confirmed otherwise, I believe POTUS and team intervened and staged the accident.

982bbd No.126408


His brother went to London after the war, George to US. both had a few hundred million in a short time.

7fa152 No.126409


>what is photoshop

090bd7 No.126410


I don't use Faceblack.

337747 No.126411


No, there was speculation regarding the graffiti on the bridge where the train derailed, which from my analysis is unrelated.

82cd59 No.126412


Where are you going with this?

717605 No.126413

d4b634 No.126414


If you dont think Huma is apart of 10… HRC was working for her.

16be27 No.126415


Are you really so retarded that you think that movie has ANYTHING to do with what is going on here?

GTFO and go back to watching your Disney Family Channel.

f42a9e No.126416


I mean… There are no coincidences… But I think you just had an autistic coincidence. Maybe…

f42a9e No.126417


I mean… There are no coincidences. But I think you just had an autistic coincidence. Maybe.

b3d728 No.126418

File: fe0a6d56c57b1b4⋯.jpg (124.21 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 21dcg8.jpg)

File: e25cfe1f21d2d62⋯.jpg (79.23 KB, 539x500, 539:500, 21dbri.jpg)

d17ecc No.126419

Fox Three

Code used by NATO Air Force pilots to indicate the launch of an air-to-air active radar guided missile.

Example: "I'm in position for a AMRAAM, Fox Three."

84c2bf No.126420

any baker. i have something. i'm old and one fingered typer. ok. so we have a map of voters. all red surrounding every city. i'd like a meme that convey's that. something like… dems revolt! were surrounded before they figured it out… and dems concentrated themselves in cities (much like rats) and were exterminated… i mean look at the maps… they are fucked… can't grow food on concrete. help… i need to red pill a nation of morons. THANK!

ec80d4 No.126421



16be27 No.126422


Above the LABKNATS, my bad.

30e752 No.126423


2x kek

090bd7 No.126424


Yea I noticed it. I think it is. Anyone have a gap with both the train overpass and downtown Seattle fence LABRAT pieces together? Would help to compare side by side.

7fa152 No.126425

File: 85f868510c90be9⋯.jpg (19.89 KB, 400x400, 1:1, kresges.jpg)


i found our friend robbie parker the other night

d07148 No.126426


And now you know why Mr. Green wanted to impeach the president, and seemed to be in a hurry to get it done. Priceless!

d676e2 No.126427


I think shes part of her own case is all. But ive been wrong alot during all of this. But right too so who knows ;P

fff382 No.126430

File: bdd8b6d7cb4e9af⋯.png (7.82 KB, 748x62, 374:31, fox3.png)


>Fox Three

>Code used by NATO Air Force pilots to indicate the launch of an air-to-air active radar guided missile.

>Example: "I'm in position for a AMRAAM, Fox Three."

checked and confirmed

f42a9e No.126431

File: 97b57e280ebfe48⋯.png (118.6 KB, 853x581, 853:581, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

FOX THREE = Mission success… Hence, if "SPLASH" referred to Podesta, his ass is grass.

717605 No.126432


No worries

15e24c No.126433



Then again, many of the codes being used now are military, so probably nothing. Don't think it's an important avenue to pursue at this time, would be a distraction.

4b7ec4 No.126434



6458fa No.126435



eb5438 No.126436


You're welcome!!

I was hoping some anon/s more tech savvy than me would be able to take it further too..

Very interesting that the next day:



16be27 No.126438


Just don't want my lil fuckup to get taken out of proportion, ya know.

f42a9e No.126439


Right? Looks like their trying to hide something.

ec80d4 No.126441


It's definitely not SPLASH the movie.



and read down from there.

30e752 No.126442


>Right? Looks like their trying to hide something.

Or adding a point of access.

20fb93 No.126443


Any way to overlay highways that lead out of state?

d701b8 No.126444

Autism kicked in.

Splash > Darryl Hannah & Tom Hanks > Mermaid

OPERATION MERMAID DAWN > Post movie release date 12/22 > Democracy dies in Darkness

https:/ /en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Tripoli_(2011)

The Battle of Tripoli (Arabic: ‎ maʻarakat Ṭarābulis) was a military confrontation in Tripoli, Libya, between loyalists of Muammar Gaddafi, the longtime leader of Libya, and the National Transitional Council, which was attempting to overthrow Gaddafi and take control of the capital. The battle began on 20 August 2011, six months after the Libyan Civil War started, with an uprising within the city; rebel forces outside the city planned an offensive to link up with elements within Tripoli, and eventually take control of the nation's capital.

The rebels codenamed the assault "Operation Mermaid Dawn" (Arabic: ‎ ʻamaliyyat fajr ʻarūsat el-baḥr). Tripoli's nickname is "The Mermaid" (Arabic: ‎ ʻarūsat el-baḥr) (literally "bride of the sea").[13]

f42a9e No.126445


They acquired some building-space too

bf7c7b No.126446


Have read them. Give me your theory.

30e752 No.126447


>Give me your theory.

48b621 No.126448


Such optimism and happiness! I am hopeful for tomorrow and a clean nation. Thank you Q and POTUS-MAGA!

bd4ccf No.126449


Thats cuckservatives for you. Luckily those days are coming to an end. The right will become more radical - less muh greatest ally and more scorched earth memetic warfare.

c7ed5f No.126450


Chicago talking about putting a foreign army on the ground?!

http://www.theblaze .com/news/2017/12/19/un-peacekeeping-troops-in-chicago-might-solve-deadly-violence-in-black-community-official-says

6f948b No.126451


Shouldn't Fox 3 come before Splash not after?

30e752 No.126452


>They acquired some building-space too

Screwed that last post up.

This stinks of high heaven. Timing is really suspect.

e92bbd No.126453


Thanks bro


I'm glad you found that info. Now knowing that's a personalized news dashboard really reiterates that he's receiving his fake news CIA nigger bullshit in this manner.

Kudos on the find

82cd59 No.126454


Ah. Indeed it seems you have. Good find.

a9a360 No.126455


This will never happen. It'd be the shortest 'invasion' in modern history.

d676e2 No.126456


Correct- IE:

"Eagle 20"

"Fox Three"

If you watched Independence Day ever in your life you know this.

7fa152 No.126457


it was by accident, too

these people are morons

fcef2a No.126458

File: 27b20ee8bc47563⋯.jpg (111.63 KB, 833x588, 17:12, c9d99b8fcb9bb0e1f2ac3d5de1….jpg)

File: ad530e81038b77f⋯.jpg (373.6 KB, 1909x1235, 1909:1235, beb1b2b044e0773dc96005f475….jpg)




Ok. Im convinced.

Thanks anon.

Explantion please?

Im just now trying to wrap my mind around this.

Is the cabal this bold?

Apparently so…

fff382 No.126459


UN tanks already in Chicago

e6b678 No.126460


Maybe high level Saudi in jet, attempted hit, we foiled, we let him go. There was a missile launched at Riyadh and was foiled. Maybe we hit bad Saudis at ATL and we are cleaning out the bad ones that were intercepted in SA and jailed.

337747 No.126461


No, not related.

e842e9 No.126462


Google Soros foundation and look at all the swirly PEDO logos…..jus sayin

ad3021 No.126463

The batter has been updated with corrections, considerations, and suggestions.

Petition to mods:

1. Unsticky CBTS General #141.

2. Keep up the good work.

f42a9e No.126464


Well, my theory is they are doing something they are not supposed to be doing, and passed data/real estate off to someone not under surveillance, or under suspicion. What thing they are not supposed to be doing is a mystery to me tho… But, Q wanted us to see "Gannett" for a reason. So, something is there.

30e752 No.126465


An active UN troop on US soil would activate every tinfoil hat militia guy in the country. It would be over very quickly. (But it might be nice and messy and the cabal likes that kind of shit.)

8d30b8 No.126466


Maybe im dumb but after all the focus on anderson cooper. Shepard Smith is on Fox at Three

f81678 No.126467


>>News unlocks message.

>>Future proves past.


Be patient and watch!

ec80d4 No.126468

File: 1b7a507ea241273⋯.png (8.35 KB, 431x214, 431:214, Not SPLASH the movie.png)


Not SPLASH the movie. Q confirmed this in pic.

16be27 No.126469


It's Chicago, they don't understand the constitution and what it says about foreign soldiers.

0a0073 No.126470


like so?

82cd59 No.126471


We know he's a crisis actor, of course. Famously so. What are you concluding from your newest findings?

b3d728 No.126472

File: 23c75779341ada8⋯.jpg (81.28 KB, 562x499, 562:499, 21ddbi.jpg)

16be27 No.126473




15d6f0 No.126474


Yes! Aside from stringers, most of the answers are in front of your face. Don't over think it.

7fa152 No.126475


a new address listed for tamara page (after I had outed her as roxanne / RR wife) led me to look at county records for property ownership then dox the owners on fb

turns out it was a lucky find

413542 No.126476

someone wants to know if that that plane that took off during the Atlanta blackout was connected in anyway to Raytheon

e92bbd No.126477


Why are we on laughing Robbie. I missed this.

15d6f0 No.126478

7fa152 No.126479


that emilie parker was one of the babies on jimmy comet's instagram

30e752 No.126480


> look at all the swirly PEDO logos

Be careful - it is very common in graphic arts to use swirly things - it shows continuity. Swirly triangles, yeah….swirlies in general - maybe not. Don't spin out on this too much.

8d30b8 No.126481


Thanks for verifying

0621fb No.126482


In the US army most forward observers (fisters) go by fox call signs. "Splash over" is used typically by artillery gunners over comms during fire mission to denote munitions fired. "Splash out" is used by the observer over comms to confirm observation of impact.

84c2bf No.126483

lol. funny! can you do the meme?

30e752 No.126484


Could be. Digging.

e92bbd No.126485

30e752 No.126486


>Shepard Smith is on Fox at Three

ding ding ding

bd4ccf No.126487


There's no legitimate excuse for having an armed UN force in america vs the national guard.

It will pave the way for a civil war within minutes which is exactly what (((they))) want once they start killing nogs.

82cd59 No.126488


Well, that does add something quite interesting to the truthful narrative, doesn't it?

7d3800 No.126489

File: a5f82cb947a865e⋯.jpg (26.91 KB, 780x170, 78:17, Hillary-signing-fellow-sat….jpg)

File: cb2ddc3879722a0⋯.jpg (23.77 KB, 188x300, 47:75, Pedophila & Empire- Satan,….jpg)

File: e5540f041b9880b⋯.jpg (788.73 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, SATANISTS ETERNAL PUNISHME….jpg)

File: 2596a4abcf75dda⋯.jpg (6.09 KB, 150x150, 1:1, satanic-democrat-logo.jpg)


It is dangerous for non-Christians to deal with this subject, because EVERYTHING in Washington DC, including the entire CIA, is just one great big satanic cult deep inside.

Deal with it.

090bd7 No.126490




>not a real tld

Definitely an intranet, where gci obviously stands for Gannett Co., Inc.



f42a9e No.126491


So, FOX THREE would mean target located… SPLASH, target hit?

6458fa No.126492


Bad player extracted from Atl by Trump team, taken to Camp David. Bad guys retaliate by derailing the train as show of force. Q explained this. You havent read his posts from last night and this morning

de84f7 No.126493


That's it :)

337747 No.126494


KNATS is a local dealer there….he's a LABRAT (drug-dealer/natural) – completely unrelated to train event.


The City Hall of Dupont, WA had a "staff event" posted on their calendar for a training exercise on Mass Casualty events. This training was taking place adjacent to the accident. It's being kept dark. Why? Who was the contractor that hosts that type of training? We need a name for this organization.

84c2bf No.126495


holy fuck read the fucking Q threads. why are you here? READ THE FUCKING THREADS!

e6b678 No.126496


Yes pilots call SPLASH when they take out a plane.

fcef2a No.126497


You are brilliant ,but damn near made me drop my beer lol!

Any way to run this through a facial recog app?

How can they be THIS bold?

6458fa No.126498

Taking a break. Too many newfags on here. Ill come back when theyre all asleep

d676e2 No.126499


That was the 'news' to me. Saying it all comes from one source. Back years ago, agencies waited til AP/Reuters confirmed a story before running with it. With something like a portal from Gannett, it explains why all the news is the same channel to channel minus your local happenings. This is the fake news though- they push a story to the major outlets- to cover and misdirect an actual story happening else where. Its all just diversion tactics and mockingbird in full force- that is what the point I thought was.

0621fb No.126501


No fox three would be the observer. "Splash over" would be shots fired and "splash out" would be rounds observed

8ade49 No.126502


Not the same people. Sorry you are reaching/distracting the board.

0a0073 No.126504


TY, for this explanation.

090bd7 No.126505


This. As anons know there's usually a (((drill))) the same day as an actual false flag attack to be used as cover/distraction/deniability. If any anons dig up threads I'll pull. I would but I'm on something else ATM.

f42a9e No.126506


K, so who got "Splashed"… Unless splash is a double meaning in its use here, this does not mean Podesta, necessarily.

15d6f0 No.126507

I don't think we need to look into each and every detail of the pedophilia. The point was to see just wide spread it was and to leave no doubt that it is happening.We need to be patient and see what happens tonight/tomorrow after this bill gets put through. That will unlock more.

f81678 No.126508


Something similar happened out here in San Bernadino (and elsewhere, I'm sure) "Training Events" taking place near false flag events

69ce68 No.126509

File: 836fb1a1d91355c⋯.jpg (100.76 KB, 666x500, 333:250, memesoros.jpg)

6f948b No.126510

=Must be close to the target =

775d34 No.126511


Do you mean Operation Jade Helm?

6fd3b3 No.126512


First picture: where`s her wedding ring?

527edb No.126513

House passes the tax bill today. Senate next tonight.

God bless America!

84c2bf No.126514

holy fuck… people are actually still talking about… splash lingo. this planet is fucked… we are dead.

cc9db3 No.126515

Someone wrote a news article on qanon.


e92bbd No.126516


WAS THIS VETTED?! sorry I'm a fucking latefag

QRD plz

eb5438 No.126517


>Definitely an intranet, where gci obviously stands for Gannett Co., Inc.


60fb78 No.126518



Amtrak train was doing 80 in a 30 zone, per the NTSB and local station

15d6f0 No.126519


That's good. More extraction?

f42a9e No.126520


Perhaps, material/documents related to "Op Mockingbird" were transferred to Agile… What would be the giveaway for this? Not sure where to begin digging. I mean, unless they transferred Ander Coop with it Lol

6f948b No.126521


Its a BOT shill Attack we must be close

fcef2a No.126522




Following trails>>126477

4cf387 No.126523


Well would that EO give him the power to control all travel in and out of the country for 90 days? Like the ability to shut down airports? It doesn't have to be an actual health emergency, we just need the power it would give… do you have the emergency EO info?

d64efd No.126524


And, Army fire support forward observers (enlisted) carry the MOS of 13F. F in Army phonetic language is foxtrot, or fox for short.

413542 No.126525

Did TruePundit's 72 hour drop rock yet?

f81678 No.126526


No, I meant this:

https://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/2015_San_Bernardino_attack

Seems to be common when things like this go down

fff382 No.126527


never habbened…

fcef2a No.126528


Ugh. Agreed. Just replying to a post.


afb451 No.126529

Ignore if so.


Search Procedure Land Air and Sea Hunt.

Argentina sub still MIA?

0621fb No.126530


19D are also trains in fire support.

f42a9e No.126531


My thoughts as well… Patriots are cooperative, not faggoty

775d34 No.126532


Right, like the Florida homocaust. got it

84c2bf No.126533


why are you here? fuck you… dig on stories and stop worrying about FAMEFAGGING. DIG FUCK FACE ON Q DROPS>

0621fb No.126534



eb5438 No.126535


As Q said -

On 6 Nov:


On Nov 13


534359 No.126536



Oh, you're good!

fcef2a No.126537

cc9db3 No.126538


I wonder if these. Are just posts to warn his budddies of impending arrest.

64706f No.126539


So what was splashed?

Splash before FOXTHREE would indicate an attack averted

5f3424 No.126540

File: 2b7376048d3ebd9⋯.png (125.39 KB, 490x276, 245:138, Screenshot-2017-12-19 Say ….png)

2dc641 No.126541


War games and Sum of all fears - both films about imminent nuclear war based on disinfo supplied by bad actors

337747 No.126543


Correct. Find what is common. Who is organizing these training events. It is likely some dot-org.

Also, notice the NEWS how these police chiefs in Las Vegas, Charlottesville, etc. have all "retired" quietly afterwards. Why? Pull public records on property taxes, etc. and see if there are changes in lifestyle, spending…

http://www.foxnews .com/us/2017/12/18/charlottesville-police-chief-retiring-effective-immediately.html

15d6f0 No.126544


ddf73d No.126545

Regarding the Executive Order it is still on the Whitehouse website if you search for it, now listed under 'presidential actions'?


7fa152 No.126546


they are stupid, remember that.

drinking is bad for you



090bd7 No.126547


This. As anons know there's usually a (((drill))) the same day as an actual false flag attack to be used as cover/distraction/deniability. If any anons dig up threads I'll pull. I would but I'm on something else ATM.

534359 No.126548


I do recall that he declared a state of emergency about then. The stated purpose was drugs.

d64efd No.126549


Everybody is required to know it. Had to teach it to a bunch of 88M's and 91B's.

c21c0d No.126550

File: f4d1457213c0493⋯.png (603.41 KB, 532x468, 133:117, david in atlanta.png)

did some body get the david star in the first pic in this post?


6e650d No.126551


>imminent nuclear war based on disinfo supplied by bad actors

Mockingbird or (((the usual gang of idiots)))?

f42a9e No.126552

File: 75b4fbb17e4c0de⋯.png (161.6 KB, 664x474, 332:237, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

This may be stretching… Agilealliance.com… "Cooper, A"

From the book "Extreme Programing and Agile Methods"

Connection between Agile (who just acquired Gannett data centers) and Anderson Cooper?

58ca29 No.126553

File: ac40e380dff0124⋯.gif (368.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, may-the-schwartz-be-with-y….gif)

30e752 No.126554


Looks like a lens artifact from the DSLR camera lens. Don't spin out - look at the lamp on the right. It is just an LED light.

090bd7 No.126556


Kikel marks the spot.

f399b6 No.126557

US Navy fighter pilots will say "Fox Three" over the radio when they fire a radar guided missle to let friendlies know there's a missle out there and to keep clear. (Infrared guided missiles are "Fox Two". Technically firing guns would be "Fox One". But if a jet is close enough to fire his gun, it's probably a bit too intense to be talking on the radio at that point.)

The pilot would call, "Splash" to indicate the plane is hit and going down, meaning it's going to fall into the ocean.

In other words, we got one of the bad guys.

0a0073 No.126558


Please make more memes like this. Most people have no idea, how they could be deceived.

de84f7 No.126559

File: 891539f4d9cc917⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1000x3000, 1:3, anderson.png)

Anderson pic explanation progress.

337747 No.126560

File: e862110cf387e34⋯.png (2.8 MB, 1292x1344, 323:336, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)


This isn't Q&A…SPLASH has been covered and mentioned by Q in previous posts - the map.

4b7ec4 No.126561


PLEASE SHARE MORE INFO. I am all eyes and watching and waiting.

b09565 No.126563

printable dropbox will be updated tonight

>printable dropbox will be updated tonight

printable dropbox will be updated tonight

>printable dropbox will be updated tonight

t. dropbox anon

7376ae No.126565


Future QEII giving Nazi salute 1932 with family.

http://time.com/39 63542/queen-elizabeth-nazi-salute/

1717ff No.126566


Fucking bazhe bullshit.

0621fb No.126568


If it's AF. On ground it would be call sign. Since Q was talking about operators in harm's way I'm thinking either SF or rangers on ground.

775d34 No.126571


I asked Q if it was Podesta but they never replied, God I do hope it is though

0621fb No.126572


I bet that was a slow process

eb7c08 No.126573

A few smart cookie anons here! They seem to have some insider intel:


Trump has invoked emergency orders. He has 90 days without congressional approval. Orders were invoked on or about October 28 meaning he has until just after Christmas to restore. GS is in Camp David now on House arrest with others attempting to make deals (among the 12 deals today). Reminder that Camp David is a US Military installation operated by Marines and Navy.

Connection between HRC and KSA (Alice & Wonderland) is about to be revealed (aka the great awakening) now that Bishop (Alwaleed) has been extradited and is in US custody.

Note that the drive time from Atlanta to DC is about 10 hours. ATL power outage was 11 hours. TARGET could have been offloaded and transported via vehicle to avoid "crash" of target transport.

Trump's Christmas present will be to give us our country back.

Learn to read the map. Start at the beginning."

f21660 No.126575

Google has "project OWL" and. "Analytical Owl".

de84f7 No.126578


ешьте свою мать, сатана

337747 No.126579


Fox Three also launches 2 types of missiles; one is the 'Phoenix' guided missile. Could also be telling us the target is Phoenix, USSS codename for McCain. Longshot, but possible alt explanation.

0621fb No.126580


Reading over qmap is like listening to military comms.

f42a9e No.126581

File: b87c0e24ea7ae57⋯.png (108.23 KB, 599x536, 599:536, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

e6999c No.126583


>ID: 000000.


I am ready

cc9db3 No.126584

File: 0dcd447dee0c660⋯.png (270.77 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 8E612B48-FDCB-4A23-B736-9D….png)


7d3800 No.126585

File: 2d6dedefc946dce⋯.jpg (16.11 KB, 480x270, 16:9, Suitcase Cash Hillary.jpg)

I'm still trying to figure out how Hillary lost the election…

Was it the Russian Uranium Deal?

Was it Wikileaks?

Was it Podesta?

Was it Comey?

Was it having a sexual predator as a husband?

Was it Huma Abedin’s sexual predator husband Anthony Weiner?

Was it because the Clinton Foundation ripped off Haiti?

Was it subpoena violations?

Was it the congressional testimony lies?

Was it the corrupt Clinton Foundation?

Was it the Benghazi butchering?

Was it pay for play?

Was it being recorded laughing because she got a child rapist off when she was an attorney?

Was it the Travel Gate scandal?

Was it the Whitewater scandal?

Was it the Cattle Gate scandal?

Was it the Trooper-Gate scandal?

Was it the $15 million for Chelsea's apartment bought with foundation money?

Was it her husband's interference with Loretta Lynch & the investigation? Was it her having debate questions stolen & given to her?

Was it her own secret server in her house?

Was it the deleting 30,000 emails?

Was it having cell phones destroyed with hammers?

Was it the Vince Foster murder?

Was it the Gennifer Flowers assault & settlement?

Was it the $800,000 Paula Jones settlement?

Was it calling half the United States deplorable?

Was it the underhanded treatment of Bernie Sanders?

Was it the Seth Rich murder?

Was it the Uranium One deal?

Was it Bill's impeachment?

Was it Scalia?

Was it the extensive body count?

Was it the lie about being under sniper fire in Bosnia?

Was it the $10 million she took for the pardon of Marc Rich?

Was it the $6 BILLION she "lost" when in charge of the State Dept.?

Or was it because she is a hateful, lying, power-hungry, overly ambitious, greedy, nasty person?

Gee I just can’t seem to put my finger on it

b241b3 No.126586

File: 1c8d105864160b6⋯.jpg (39.88 KB, 449x597, 449:597, CLOWN SHILL.jpg)

15d6f0 No.126587

This re: 19 spec ops?

https://www.rt.com/ uk/413624-men-arrested-terror-offences/

Q you've done well keeping these quiet. They are hard to find.

cc9db3 No.126589



0a0073 No.126590


Excellent. Make more of these. People need to understand this.

5900b3 No.126593

Missile intercepted over SA capital Riyadh just seconds before it slammed into royal palace..

Why is this relevant?

6f948b No.126594

Shill tactics every time we mention something they go off on endless tangent

They will now prolly start tanget tangent

4b7ec4 No.126595


Agreed. I am ready. PLEASE SHARE !

f42a9e No.126598

Is there any way someone can confirm whether or not the Cooper pic is English for "Gannett" or Cyrillic for some pedo-shit? Need confirmation on what to dig into here… Both seem to bear fruit.

64706f No.126599


You were one of the flags saying 10 days of darkness, before I insisted there was a period … why the reverse order, splash first.

1717ff No.126600


The faggot is using TOR.

84c2bf No.126601

life or death… you choose joke on you?… or fuck them die… choose now or DIE.

ad3021 No.126602






fff382 No.126603


>Excellent. Make more of these. People need to understand this.


>>ID: 000000.


kek at that check

58ca29 No.126604

File: c7fd7942b162b67⋯.jpg (332.07 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Schiff.jpg)

884aea No.126605


When that was mentioned yesterday

He responded your thinking too hard on this one

The implication was that a missile was fired by DJT and the Bishop got shot down.

Then we went into super over analytical autistic mode as usual.

4cf387 No.126606


Remember Q said that just because someone was invited to an event didn't necessarily mean they were an "insider"

ec8c9a No.126608


Note that we find relevant tweets on not just Potus, realdonaldtrump, DJTjr, Whitehouse and others. We should monitor them all. >>126318

Whitehouse tweets these.

7d3800 No.126609

File: d5babd9876371d9⋯.jpg (30.38 KB, 390x236, 195:118, DOWNLOAD NOW.jpg)


LEAK IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

775d34 No.126610


>Clinton campaign mocks Catholics, Southerners, ‘needy Latinos’ in emails

Wikileaks mostly :)

740d13 No.126611


I love that guy. He does an interview every Wed. with a local talk show host where I live. Smart man.

64706f No.126616


It was because the white hats told hrs they were so far ahead that they didn't need to cheat

090bd7 No.126617


Totally possible anon, don't short yourself.


>cunt makes $1.5M/yr writing dear diary

>muh glass ceiling

<and for niggers

>make millions/yr playing with balls and making rhyming sounds

<muh systemic racism

Leftist whores confirmed niggerbrained subhumans.


wtf i love overwhelming evidence now


Prevented reversal of the good SA coup?

69ce68 No.126621

Lipman and gendar dynamics???

does that prove she is new world order ,it does in my book

e6b678 No.126623

File: df515a339dc114f⋯.jpg (55.5 KB, 600x376, 75:47, hrcsa.jpg)

7d3800 No.126625

File: df4f7ff63c091dd⋯.jpg (540.58 KB, 2200x1700, 22:17, EXTREME DANGER - EVIL PEOP….jpg)

And you believe this is legit?

They really do.

Q has become a false idol, being worshiped.

Notice how he's convinced people to accept Martial Law, even.

Scary to see so many jump on board so blind and eager.

These are times of great deception. You will be tempted with many ops that feel good and urge you to toss aside your discernment. I'd recommend against doing that, personally.

Q Collection

(((mega))) .nz/#F!NmJFSToI!O4r_Iz_-dFT37YCbBfLksg

d17ecc No.126628

Tax bill hits snafu in Senate, must be voted on AGAIN in the House after Senate fixes.

69ce68 No.126631

gendar dynamics is about not reproducing,

a population cut down..by stealth.

24d816 No.126632



As much as I follow numerology etc…he's definitely not being "that" cryptic". It's nice to see others that agree. However deeper meanings do exist…so metaphysical threads really should stay separate imo

f21660 No.126633

Three from DC area hilled in Indiana plane crash.

Chicago tribune

fcef2a No.126635


Ageed. They are stupid.

Yes, drinking is bad, but at least it doesn't yell at me for being on CBTS lol. Shit gets stressful. I cant stop thinking about Q. It doesnt work out very well at home & work, but nobody will even listen to the facts. Ugh. It takes a toll after a while. Therefore, I beer. For now.

b39c90 No.126636


Quit huffing keyboard cleaner, you degenerate piece of shit.

cc9db3 No.126638

File: b04ac25157e1803⋯.png (468.47 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 0E91E8AB-4C90-45E3-9440-5F….png)


2c2e25 No.126639

File: 327c30446d41cdc⋯.jpg (36.29 KB, 600x314, 300:157, kOeMzghl.jpg)

OpenSociety twatt is fubar

https: //twitter.com/OpenSociety/status/943029369097867264

84c2bf No.126641

Q knows if you lie. so does God. repent is a word. FUCK is a word. don't confuse good and evil bro/sis. don't confuse good and evil bro/sis. >>

don't confuse good and evil bro/sis.

CONF>>> do not confuse good and evil…

912cc0 No.126648


“Cantilena was a former chair and voting member of numerous FDA advisory committees.“


090bd7 No.126650


>child on left

f21660 No.126651

One was Dr. Louis R. Cantilena Jr., a professor of medicine and pharmacology at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland, according to Dr. Richard W. Thomas, the university's president. His daughter, Amy, also died, Thomas said in a statement.

Killed in Indiana crash. Were from DC area

15d6f0 No.126655


Interesting. Military Dr.

44546f No.126656

4b7ec4 No.126659

912cc0 No.126664

eb7c08 No.126666


>Chicago tribune

Deep State or \ourguys\?

http://www. chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/ct-indiana-plane-crash-identification-20171219-story.html

9b4056 No.126667


12 'stand' and 12 offers now rejected

171375 No.126670


Replace the "-" with a 4 and you have your answer.

e1e986 No.126678


Probably the missile shot down over Riyadh last night right after Q posted.

912cc0 No.126680


Interesting way to look at it. Hadn’t thought about yet. Then it would look like there are two with ‘mod’ as in modify

e05e8d No.126682


Assume GS is in custody. Is this a veiled threat? "We have pics of your people with prostitutes?"

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