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File: 4f38310df177703⋯.jpg (12.53 KB, 463x275, 463:275, CBTS10.jpg)

1e5cb4 No.189017

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of the body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.” ― Thomas Jefferson

Jeremiah 29:11 "‘For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the Lord. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.’”

We are Restoring the Republic of America

Americas Military + Navy Intelligence, the NSA, the Q group and more have conducted an unprecedented python approach of The-One-PedoRing-To-Rule-Them-All with over 4,289 sealed indictments fueled by the massive NSA information powerhouse [KEY] turned good under Admiral Rogers.

We are living in historic times, and we've been handed a Map of what's to come, and what's going on in this war between Patriots and Clowns.

Here's the catch: The CIA/MSM has lulled the normies into what Q calls Fantasy Land and they cannot handle the Truth. Solution? Sincere Patriots [STONE].

We are the dot connectors. We are the excavators of obscured facts. We are who we've been waiting for our whole lives. We are the Storm, and we are the Calm Center inside it.

Our goal is simple:

To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. We have been chosen to spread the word and to ease and assist the transition of our world.

>Perhaps he could not in good conscience see the world burn.

Can you?

Suit up lads, we will have Peace through the Strength of our Understanding and give Clarity through our Memetic Spread.

1e5cb4 No.189019




17/12/25 - CHRISTMAS DAY

>>172761 to >>172726



Graphic >>183550

17/12/23 - SATURDAY





>>158144 to >>158096

>>158162 to >>158138

>>158219 to >>158194, >>158202


ZULU TIME definition: >>178049



>>158980 to >>158952

>>159016 to >>158980


Graphic >>183585

17/12/22 - FRIDAY

>>148746 to >>148634

>>148761 to >>148729

>>148848 to >>148751


>>151134 (Wikileaks Stringer?)


>>154468 to >>154372

>>154505 to >>154429

>>154535 to >>154477

>>154583 to >>154493

>>154682 to >>154644

17/12/21 - THURSDAY

>>139686 to >>139380







>>139851 to >>139840




>>142996 to >>142811





>>143223 to >>143179





>>145418 to >>145408






>>146058 to >>145983


>>146147 to >>146134

>>146268 to >>146142

>>146328 to >>146206

>>146454 to >>146326


1e5cb4 No.189022




Notable Posts From the Previous Bread(s)

>>184925 Dec 26 stand, Dec 27

>>184800 It's [0] in the countdown

>>184805 Radio Silence

>>183552 OP IS BIG. The Wrath is REAL.

>>181689 More decoded stringers

>>168555 NEW - Stringer thread has a decode, folks. It involves Seth Rich and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


>>184094 Chrissy Teigen, John Legend and 2 others apparently detained at LAX. Flight our Planefags were tracking earlier today

>>182981 Our Planefags tracing the flight above earlier today >>184448

>>184614 LAX shut down

>>184297 LAX passenger must have been 'a big fish.'

>>184893 Uranium Passenger?

>>184700 Top Kek


Washington Crossing the Delaware


>>172153 , DoD Tweet




http:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/147433975/#q147433975


BIGLY: Petition for Disclosure, Find the Exchange:

>>139686 to >>139380

https://twitter .com/ABCPolitics/status/943866651803611136

https://www.whitehouse .gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-blocking-property-persons-involved-serious-human-rights-abuse-corruption/

More info: >>141931, >>140461

>>120430 (Petition)

>>139851 to >>139840

>>142996 to >>142811 (Exchange)


=Why We Break Links=


1e5cb4 No.189025




Alien / Disclosure Related >>26613

The Asia Foundation >>15984

A peek into (((they))) >>2422

Bloodlines and Y >>7705

CEO/President/Notable Resignations here with date >>146483

Clinton Cabal & Swamp Creatures >>1411

Executive Order Human Rights Violators >>140461

FBIAnon AMA Transcript >>137237

Godfather III >>2078

Hefner, CIA, RAZVI Traverse >>3952

Hunt For Red October >>3102

Isreal & Zionism >>1398

Indictments & Arrests >>3163

Metaphysical & Esoteric Q >>1391

Missle Research - Why has Q mentioned missile as 'missle' twice? >>147334

North Korea >>1342

Occult, Symbolism & Leadership >>4249

Q Signatures >>2198

Q Stringer Central >>2300

Rothschild Family >>1362

Rothschild Family Summary >>139091

Red Cross >>40157

Report Strange NWO Deaths >>114171

Sidley Austin Digathon >>15139

Saudi Arabia & M.E. >>1327

Sealed Indictments >>4409

Snow White and AI Science >>123576

Soros & NGOs >>1367

The British Connections >>117841

Titanic >>106

Vatican, Knights Templar/Malta, Jesuits, FM >>1346

**Broken links have been removed.


1e5cb4 No.189027





New QMap PDF freshly baked https://anonfile.com/43C4q9d5ba/Q_s_posts_-_CBTS_-_3.12.0.pdf

Alt Link to PDF Above https://dropfile.to/2UrnCy7

Interactive: https://qcodefag.github .io (has search function, also a section for answers)

Graphic: >>161446 >>161453 >>163079 >>178717 (Grand Q-Map(s))

Text: [4chan] https://pastebin .com/vTs4pdpC | [8chan] https://pastebin .com/dfWVpBbY

PDF: https: //anonfile .com/02A1q4d1b6/Q_Map_12_26_2017_v1.pdf

PDF: For Spider Web Mapping: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ti7o7za7ahpztdk/q%20print.zip?dl=0

The Book of Q: https://pastebin .com/g893uTTk (pdf, parts I-V)

Q Database: http://www.db-q .com/ (has posts, search, glossary, legend, timeline & quiz)

Spreadsheet: https://app.smartsheet .com/b/publish?EQBCT=7e06675d22854a069d313fb6e08b2444

Spreadsheet (Q & A) Guidelines >>>/cbts/182132

Q turned A: https://anonfile .com/ncw5Xdc7b5/QturnedA.pdf

Wiki: Need a proper wiki.

Thread archives: http://qarchives .ml/

CSV file of Q posts, time stamps, and POTUS Twitter: https://ufile. io/nmyy0


CheatSheetAnon 40,000 ft. perspective: >>134020

How to read the Q map: >>133263

Tools & Information

Mapping tools: >>111700, >>119941

Free information: >>152634

For site archival: https://archive .fo/

Marine Codes: marineparents .com/downloads/CP04-AppdxB-Acronyms-Abbreviations.pdf


Prayer Requests: >>55606

1e5cb4 No.189033




CBTS 8ch.net Threads Archive list -> https://pastebin. com/ci7PGKS0 [includes direct links to Q posts]

CBTS 8chan Board Archive -> https://8ch. net/cbts/archive/index.html

CBTS 4chan Threads Archive list -> http://pastebin. com/8zHit7mA [includes direct links to Q posts]

4chan Trip-Q Archive -> http://archive.4plebs. org/pol/search/tripcode/!ITPb.qbhqo

Pastebin of of Links posted 4pol -> https://pastebin. com/A97LLKZL

Search archive.is for cbts and topic threads http://archive. is/offset=50/https://8ch.net/cbts/res/*




Through tempest, storm

And darkest night,

Anons don't rest

'Til things are right.



Memes #1 >>2

Memes #2 >>61078

Memes #3 >>107604

Memes #4 >>142207

Infographs >>10

Bulk Image Download from Meme Threads





If a baker is needed and you decide to step up for God & Country,

Simply read the instructions at the top of the batter paste. It's so easy.

When you're done, make a pastebin . com of your recipe for the next baker.

Don't forget to update the last batter below.

Last batter edited from: https://pastebin.com/WHwRfeRs (#211)




→ Coax them in the right direction. Open minds gradually without bludgeoning or traumatizing. Tactics differ depending on what they already know, and their openness to unsettling new info. Aim for slight to moderate cognitive dissonance (>>134272). Remember that too much too fast can turn normies away. Hammer on current news topics.

→ Redpilling normies >>97407

→ More Tactics >>59190

→ Podesta art shock method >>59208

→ Another shock and awe method >>65924

→ Communication tactics >>54386, >>54454

→ Redpill method >>87100

→ Start small, plant seeds >>90725

→ Ask questions; lead them to discover answers themselves >>90948

→ Go slow >>91419

→ How to go viral >>100487

→ How she redpilled her sister >>105708

→ Recipe for redpilling, esp. women >>133947

Dif'rent strokes for dif'rent folks. Your call, Anons. But don't mention 8chan, please.


o7 Captain Mike Green o7

o7 Seth Rich o7

Q asked us to pray. Every Good thought helps.

53b64d No.189091


Did anything come of the Jake Tappers tweets? And that stuff about McCain?


Is there any suspicion that McCain was the one picked up off the ATL flight last night?>>189075

6893f5 No.189093

File: e773d00ec71f05f⋯.png (166.25 KB, 230x373, 230:373, Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at ….png)

Thank you, Baker!

f69bf0 No.189094

thank you baker , much comfy .

53b64d No.189096



6893f5 No.189101

File: 8e4b9b934ee5613⋯.png (480.4 KB, 1007x615, 1007:615, Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at ….png)

File: 83d536adfb3ed5c⋯.png (182.9 KB, 1041x464, 1041:464, Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at ….png)

https://truepundit.com/ fbi-awans-security-clearances-forged-granted-access-to-congressional-intel-despite-falsified-vetting/

53b64d No.189110


I'm looking back at #218 and it seems like it never even came up in the discussion again.

f69bf0 No.189126

DE2206 flight from frankfurt .. looks curious but i am not a planefag .

495dee No.189127

a24565 No.189128


Nice work anon !!!

Notice the Asia Society check out its director former U.N. official for Haiti


579b0d No.189129



Thursday's links stale. plis remove/change 4mat danka.

7729e9 No.189130



339be2 No.189131

Barrick logo is Mezuzah

54c953 No.189132

who agrees everything Q say's has meaning?

b35b74 No.189133


Posted before. Most missed it. Thank you for the re-post. Relevant. More than you think.

8664cf No.189135

Have y'all tried not baking for like an hour after the bread has rose? Run some of the shills off?

3dabdc No.189136

File: ba11347775fea0b⋯.jpg (139.46 KB, 611x413, 611:413, L-%26-R2.jpg)


>Are you suggesting that Q is AI?

b35b74 No.189138

POTUS Twatter pic changed. But no new twat….yet.

a00b62 No.189141



Anons we had on the last thread someone who w as trying to give us guidance.

Here are the posts





I will also list the Q posts related to Awan or Pakistan



Help me dig?

f91169 No.189142

File: bd502ae53dee5d0⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x1163, 1080:1163, Screenshot_20171227-151621.jpg)


be98b5 No.189143

In previous thread somebody wrote

“I don’t want to live in a country where my president can just decided I’m a terrorist and throw me in GITMO without a trial..” (or something to that effect..)

NEWS FLASH! It’s called the PATRIOT ACT and you’re about 15 years too late to be concerned now, dingaling!

ef1093 No.189145


I say taint the bread and poison the fuckers

53b64d No.189146


Has it been this crazy consistently since last night? It was like this until I got off here at 4 am. Seems like it hasn't changed or its even the same people,

6893f5 No.189147


I'm still stunned at the highlighted line: this type of overt government malfeasance regarding security clearances is very common

53b64d No.189148





3cd32b No.189149


Nice link to St. Georges flag. P could be Prince (William or Harry - Harry is in the media a lot and was meeting with Obumma quite a lot).

Could White White mean the White Tiger clan that Ben Fulford talks about?

543790 No.189150


Yes.. Yes… Ai.. yes.. Fully automated Ai.. like Robocop.. or robo-indiana jones..

Comon guys.. get the head out of that shit.. its like your all retards.. i belive in Ufos.. but common.. you will laught when you look back what your writing.. your all fucking time wasting shit.. but better than being outside.. someone can see you. fuck what

7996d2 No.189152


remember what Q said was the keystone….yeah that.

a2efd1 No.189153

Rumors from a Redditor at Disney right now.

98161c No.189154



fcdf62 No.189155


There was this though…



8e79b3 No.189156


>>189017 CHECK! Someone claiming to be Q cannot trip.

ef1093 No.189157


Need it?

54c953 No.189158


lol. when it's over you'll be dust in the wind.

7729e9 No.189159


wonder how many more will get caught.

be98b5 No.189160


Does it work in /pol??

2d06c5 No.189161

File: fc61c5940de2cdf⋯.jpg (107.18 KB, 800x472, 100:59, cbts-cbts.jpg)


main image is shit. Here's a better version for next bread.

997f67 No.189162


Yeah. Clinton Global Initiative solicits colleges via the Hult Prize and U and T's pretty hard into it/CGI in general, surprise surprise. On a side note Bertil Hult's a fun one to look into it--I'm not enormously familiar with Swedish media but from what I can translate they regard him as a corrupt motherfucker:

"Hans bolagsnätverk redovisar knappt någon vinst och betalar knappt någon skatt.

Trots det växer miljardären Bertil Hults företagsimperium i rasande fart (Clark, 2013)."

aka The billionaire Bertil Hults company network does not declare

any profit and pays almost no tax but his business empire grows in a furious pace.

a2efd1 No.189163

File: 18c6bb9a8c6a589⋯.png (34.54 KB, 915x119, 915:119, Disney.png)


Pic related.

b0c207 No.189166

Fox showing POTUS live at Palm Beach Fire Station!

79880d No.189167

Trump talking LIVE right now!

495dee No.189168


don't care... post some shit... who gonna jail?

be98b5 No.189170


You’re a hero to us all

f9855f No.189171


^^ THIS!!!

I was wondering how that dude got in the door.

I wondered the same about HA, too, for that matter.

89695d No.189172


Post on /pol and post link to confirm ...again

5852ac No.189175

File: 0010aab38fbe182⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1903x612, 1903:612, lr.png)

Did anybody notice this? Look at Trump's spelling of children in this tweet.

70c562 No.189176


Fine, you're free to leave, anon.

The DoD pic was something anons made a big deal out of. Q team never claimed that it had anything to do with what they were posting. Only anons did.

Q team has, however, stressed the connection between Q team and POTUS posts. This is irrefutable.

Getting educated on WW happenings may seem like a waste to you. Like I said, feel free to leave with God's blessings.

e21038 No.189177


From last thread

>https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=tlaHubJ-fKk&t=0m30s

Nice share... See, when I hear Putin saying shit like this, I don't see how anyone can say he's a bad-guy. Seems BASED AF to me. Seems Christian. Seems right.

4c6e4b No.189178



Usually Q finish he's sentences with a dot.

27cfed No.189179

Remember what Q said…


Something else is happening in the background.

72103a No.189180

File: 6fee43deaf275d4⋯.jpeg (238.13 KB, 749x1200, 749:1200, 0501E4C6-5FA4-492D-9984-8….jpeg)

New anti human trafficking law in India, huge crackdowns. Pic related and sauce…

https:// timesofindia.com/india/new-anti-trafficking-law-soon-life-term-for-repeat-offenders/articleshow/62274195.cms

e21038 No.189181


Oh yeah… UMCJ means death to pedos! ;)

6893f5 No.189185


my thought as well

f9855f No.189186


Probably not a mistake, given previous posts on here.

e21038 No.189187


UCMJ… My bad

ef1093 No.189188


Point made.

79880d No.189189


It's live

be98b5 No.189190



de8f08 No.189192


Sedition takes you to a whole new level.

Also, if certain agencies, courts, and public office holders are corrupt and comped, there are different rules. Off to Gitmo you go.

997f67 No.189194




Jesus do the spooks have an automated timer for when a new thread gets created?

f918e6 No.189195

Yes, the power outage is a distraction and a message to those who are connected to the park.

21dca6 No.189197

i wish the real Q can post so i can filter all these fake ones.

5852ac No.189198


lr - lynn rothschild?

6893f5 No.189199


HA got the deep state smoke & mirrors special

e21038 No.189200

39d018 No.189202


Fake Q....

d2029f No.189203

File: 12c067170d5e8b5⋯.jpg (56.67 KB, 431x469, 431:469, 21rd3x.jpg)

File: 04127244291f8b9⋯.jpg (57.32 KB, 468x436, 117:109, 21rd14.jpg)

Disney may be a distraction, but normies will surely wake the fuck up with it

026f2d No.189204


>what happened to sticks and stones

Well faggot. This place got over ran thanks to some ‘support muh patreon’ famewhores. The people said famewhores attract are fucking leftyfags that try to be ‘edgey’ and watch le (((alt-right))) conspiracy theory videos on (((jewtube))) with the sound turned off and CC turned on as to not raise suspicion by their cuckold ‘partners’. They then bring the ‘muh feelz’ bullshit here acting like moral fags trying to atone for 40 years of sucking MSM tip and sitting around doing NOTHING for the betterment of humanity. Now they sit around watching Ellen with their (((tablets))) on h8 Chan lurking to be triggered to spout some self righteous bullshit

e0e43c No.189205

Scandal-plagued UN “High Commissioner for Human Rights” Zeid bin Ra'ad Al Hussein (shown) is planning to step down this summer, according to news reports.

f2e910 No.189207


is a unicorn just a dickhead? why is the unicorn chained on the royal arms? is this a subservient bloodline to lion/judah? notice that lion and unicorn are red and white. judah south, dan north. england and scotland: red/white + vs blue and white x. combine them and you get the union jack(ob). north and south kingdoms of egypt/scotland/USA. red white and blue are the colors of egyptian ceremonial crowns again dealing with N/S. white house and red square. the white house (per hetchet) is a treasury. catching on yet?

f69bf0 No.189208


thought same

f47166 No.189209


Might be

Good brain anon

a00b62 No.189210


>>148016731 says

Follow HUMA

Who connects to HRC/CF to SA?

Why is this relevant?

What is Muslim Brotherhood?

Who is Awan?

What is the Awan Group?

Where do they have offices?

Why is this relevant?

Define cash laundering?

What is relationship between SA & Pakistan?

Why is this relevant?

..and it continues.

98161c No.189211

Q must be here somewhere. There's an uptick in shills and fake fags.

f22700 No.189212



b7c727 No.189213


Military tribunals in the United States are military courts designed to try members of enemy forces during wartime, operating outside the scope of conventional criminal and civil proceedings. The judges are military officers and fulfill the role of jurors. Military tribunals are distinct from courts-martial.

A military tribunal is an inquisitorial system based on charges brought by military authorities, prosecuted by a military authority, judged by military officers, and sentenced by military officers against a member of an enemy army.

The United States has made use of military tribunals or commissions, rather than rely on a court-martial, within the military justice system, during times of declared war or rebellion.

Most recently, as discussed below, the administration of George W. Bush sought to use military tribunals to try "unlawful enemy combatants", mostly individuals captured abroad and held at a prison camp at a military base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

997f67 No.189214


It gets crazy every time a new post is made. But some of it's probably just kids trying to make waves, meh. Filter option is fantastic.

4c6e4b No.189215

edf7b1 No.189216

Gents, I give you this

Leftist hypocracy never ends

Check ties to COAL production investments. This kukker needs to go away.

Tom Steyer

https:/ /www.nytimes.com/2014/07/05/us/politics/prominent-environmentalist-helped-fund-coal-projects.html

4dca0d No.189217


>Just looked back at the 7 references Q made to "Fantasy land", but nothing immediately connects those posts to the actual Disney/Fantasyland.

Because Disney is a distraction. Is there a non-Disney Fantasyland?

21dca6 No.189218


i think thats the "Hussein" Q was referring to!

i posted it about 3 times but no one wanted to help me dig

70c562 No.189219



I'm with you on this one.

chi'dlr'en or chi'ldr'en = LDR

Lynn de Rothschild

f9855f No.189220


No tripcode.

e0fb30 No.189221

53b64d No.189222


Nice! The anon lastnight that seemed to be trying to drop crumbs said McCain was picked up last night but I see he tweeted 4 hours ago.

79a081 No.189223



Enough of this. The BO is working with Tracy to keep newfags AWAY from here so you can get on with your digging. Anyone threatening or doxing here will get banned and all their comments will be deleted. There will always be dipshits who follow links against advice. Filter and GET TO FUCKING WORK. PETER MUNK.

The individual who made these threats is gone. I don't give a fuck who he is or what he's done.

- The Board Owner

e21038 No.189224


Good for them, I guess.

3cd32b No.189225


Exactly. Check his ID 543790

b35b74 No.189226


Told you.

5852ac No.189227

b3fd3d No.189228


> Is there a non-Disney Fantasyland

Please read the spreadsheet

Fantasyland is the fake world media creates for you - it's unreality.

cdf04f No.189229

More background on Peter Munk and why he is so important in this story, this is just a weave to help people see the 40k ft view.

Gold and silver price suppression is necessary in a fiat money system. The central banks cannot operate their money printing usury scam in a free market. PM was always their front man and represents their interests.

Barrick sold forward massive future contracts to deliver gold that drove down prices. Then they covered their shorts at lower prices. This whipsaws the price to fleece longs so they could control markets. JPMorgan said only gold is money, everything else is just credit. US Constitutional money is gold and silver, not federal reserve notes. Covered in gold can mean the elite who hoard all the gold.

Kitco gold in Canada is a part of the scheme as well and has been operating under bankruptcy protection now for several years. Go to Richter. Ca and look under their insolvency cases. K for Kitco. Owe several hundred million in fines and taxes over a scam to create fake recycled supply. They also supposedly “store” millions of ounces of physical metals (no audit despite criminal charges against owner).

The fiat money system Federal Reserve is owned and controlled by the elite bloodline. Money and interest has flowed to them for generations. Their wealth is their power and now DJT has sealed it from them.

3cd32b No.189230


That isn't Q. Look at his other posts.

0949e6 No.189231

File: 6dbfc64ba22be3a⋯.jpg (356.33 KB, 1192x1076, 298:269, LDR SATAN.jpg)

a833e0 No.189233



3cd32b No.189234


Nice pick up guys .

3dda28 No.189236


I like this one a lot….

026f2d No.189237

Boomz tripping all over to sound so proud pointing out fake Q. Quit feeding (You)s and shitting up boards you stupid fucking cunts

db0070 No.189238


I don't think that's Q. Note the ID # is f47166. That ID appears in a number of shill posts

495dee No.189239


wat this

70c562 No.189240


Not a tripcode

f9855f No.189241


I wonder if Snow White was an employee. She looks rather fat for them to have chosen her for that role.

fa0249 No.189242

File: 9c3f3b359f416fe⋯.jpeg (151.12 KB, 355x719, 355:719, 6795BFBE-C8F9-44D9-BFB8-D….jpeg)

File: e81fd12ca199e6f⋯.jpeg (162.52 KB, 362x720, 181:360, 094AABBD-D590-4727-9BF2-6….jpeg)

Danish ice cream company before and after international merger

f69bf0 No.189243



1e5cb4 No.189244


Oh, thank you!


Ok. True.




Hi Q! :)

7729e9 No.189245

Just to throw this out there for those losing patience. There's a very accurate saying. "Even the best laid plans fail upon contact with the enemy" ish. Good chance a few needed more chasing than planned. We've seen enough already to be confident that something is in the works for the elites. 40+ senators and congresspeople… how many CEOs just "retiring" instead of changing employers… success or fail… SOMETHING big is coming, and it's gonna be a show either way. I just hope they livee up to THEIR, RESPONSIBILITIES! Been a lot more than 71 weeks

552c6a No.189246

Im surprised no one has connected tavistock to any of this.

70c562 No.189247



fcdf62 No.189248


Lets pray he was!

53b64d No.189249


Fake trip?! all bolded??

997f67 No.189251

Side note–Plane Twatter is still on the flight she said had gotten rescheduled for hers and boarded 12 hours ago, incessantly tweeting/posting while on plane. ANA 175 (the flight she was on) isn't even due to take off for another 45 minutes. Might be nothing, could be something fuck it.

0be6cd No.189252


Impostor Q

79a081 No.189253


Not Q. Takes orders from Q.

5c7ab7 No.189254


Missing t in stay/say

aed383 No.189255


I will believe this is Q when the BO confirms trip not working. Otherwise larpshill

a833e0 No.189256



fuckin fake newfags git lost

19ef29 No.189257

File: 8489d21f97b534e⋯.png (336.14 KB, 415x380, 83:76, Screenshot-2017-12-27 Meme….png)

7267d7 No.189258


Godspeed,Get em!

3cd32b No.189259


Now we have merged, let me tell you about the "ice cream" business…. kek

1e5cb4 No.189260


You are a fucking moron!

Did you not read any of what was posted earlier?

e0e43c No.189261


https ://www.thenewamerican.com/world-news/asia/item/27803-furious-at-trump-disgraced-un-human-rights-boss-to-step-down

e21038 No.189262


When are these photos from?

a2efd1 No.189263




Not Q. Look at what else he's posted in this bread. Check his ID.


de8f08 No.189264


Gtfo you dumb nigger.

Go. Quickly. Lazy fucks dont get to post on this board. Lazy fucks post at reddit.

d2029f No.189265


Nice to see ya, buddy

be98b5 No.189266

Normally when something like this happens, you have THOUSANDS of ppl with NOTHING to do.. they take to social media and post pictures of everybody standing around waiting

On twitter.. there’s NOTHING! Just news articles about the power outage

Tells me there’s no cell phone service in Disney

Just like ATL

8e79b3 No.189267



e92bda No.189268


Not green=not a tripcode

Captcha: Oyim HQ

53b64d No.189269


cdf04f No.189270


For real, live now.

say not stay. CAPS important. Get on it Autists.

a3bb85 No.189271


Yeah! Welcome back Q.

70c562 No.189272


Anons, click on the ID and go see this fag's other posts. Not Q.

b7c727 No.189273


Is Lynn hot in the sack?

d2c3fc No.189274


fake. bold.

b35b74 No.189275


Told you AGAIN I could feel. Go back to the posts.

I dont fool around with something so serious.

b3fd3d No.189276



Now fuck off retard

53b64d No.189277




3dda28 No.189279

NOT Q! TRIP IS IN BOLD! Fake fake fake fake fake

d2029f No.189280


Found them just doing a search. I dont believe they are related but they drive the message home and make normies research the real events they are referring to

f9855f No.189281


Yes, you're right. That tripcode is in the name field.

65a2a8 No.189282


SCALPS! Give us some SCALPS!

aed383 No.189283

New fags….. Don’t respond to shills or anyone claiming to be Q without trip. Let oldfags handle that shiznet

997f67 No.189284





Not Q–get back to Munk.

70c562 No.189285

>>189277 ← Correct

4f43dd No.189286



21dca6 No.189287


how about you suck my cock?

i posted plenty of stuff about that "hussein"

but 0 responses.

98161c No.189289


Why? Trip fag. I thought tripfags were to be banned? Mod?

6fa3b6 No.189290


As I recall, the Awans had some affiliation with a used car dealership, and Hezbollah was apparently laundering money via used cars (recent BH_ news). Connection?

f69bf0 No.189291




FUCK , thanks and fuck off imposter cock gobbler

90c15b No.189292


Michael McMahon whistleblower

cbe483 No.189293


Great catch, anon!!! There are no coincidences. Even something as seemingly insignificant as a timestamp can be important. There was clearly a lot of time and effort into putting this all together. Not sure what it means just yet, but it will all be revealed.

2a90c8 No.189295

File: 0fff2ed57a2f24a⋯.jpg (135.59 KB, 689x623, 689:623, Papal.jpg)

The Papal Connection ?

On September 23, 2015, Schiff urged members of the Nobel Prize committee to grant Pope Francis a Nobel Peace Prize

aed383 No.189296

Don’t get triggered. >>189287

be98b5 No.189297


Filter em, bruh

Out of sight out of mind

9280fe No.189298


What is the problem with ZH?

No problem with ZH, but first rule here is don't talk about cbts. Public links bad.

b35b74 No.189299


Read back in my posts. There are others in here. Some with vast resources…And a lot of frustration.

6c7d3a No.189300

Gents, I give you this

Leftist hypocracy never ends

Check ties to COAL production investments. This kukker needs to go away.

Tom Steyer

https:/ /www.nytimes.com/2014/07/05/us/politics/prominent-environmentalist-helped-fund-coal-projects.html

f918e6 No.189301

Guess with all this (((noise))) we're on the right track about Peter Munk being the pointman for the gold scam that's created a huge financial bubble, but they can't do much if in jail and the market is ready for it

2a0667 No.189302


Thanks for the info.

https://twitter.com/ c_bigly/status/946040551782191106

2d06c5 No.189303




Yes. I do remember.

Everything has meaning.

Disney is a distraction.

Senate & Congress = puppets (not all)(power shift).





112d59 No.189304

File: 1671613d2277517⋯.jpg (21.57 KB, 296x450, 148:225, 9781400067213.jpg)

7267d7 No.189305


Now I know what a Douche looks like,really dude.

eae1ec No.189306

Triple two! We've arrived!

f69bf0 No.189307


yawn , deez nutz >>.your mouth .

4c6e4b No.189308


He can see you.

He can hear you breathing.

Tick tock.

e4af4d No.189309

File: 88fe4450c19cd6f⋯.jpg (61.09 KB, 611x691, 611:691, gertler.JPG)

b7bfcd No.189310


damn, shillz deep today.. maybe has to do w planes rerouted :]]]]]

1e5cb4 No.189311


Oh you fuckin fag.

b7c727 No.189312


After 30 years in the legal profession, No, I'm not a moron. I have a high iq and a doctorate and I'm well read in the literature 5 languages. . Cf. your 38 units in community college. Youre probably a mental midget compared to me, truth be known,

f9855f No.189313


If you have difficulty seeing bold vs. not, right-click and use inspect to see what the class of the span it's in is. This one's in the name class. A real one will be in a span with a tripcode class.

543790 No.189314




19ef29 No.189315

File: 70c749e22f77343⋯.png (422.14 KB, 415x380, 83:76, Screenshot-2017-12-27 Meme….png)

b3fd3d No.189316


Oh I thought you meant you saw a link *here* to a ZH article. I gotcha now. there are a lot of oldfag cross-posters there tho, and typically they would know not to link to here.

70c562 No.189317

File: 37d4e4f337f9246⋯.png (479.75 KB, 858x633, 286:211, Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at ….png)

Some fresh crumbs to dig. BHO just retweeted this organization. Pic related.

1e5cb4 No.189318



543790 No.189319

aed383 No.189320

With shills this deep, many good habbenings. Desperate cunts

f47166 No.189321




744780 No.189322


Yes, that was my point - that the "Fantasy land" Q was referring to in his posts (not Disney) was being taken down, and that the power down at the one IRL was a signal of that which would be tegraphed via it making the news. After the ATL power down it is certainly possible.

b35b74 No.189323

BO, check all the boxes, analyze and affirm the details, double check…

There are other forces in here. And it is not just the shills who are getting frustrated.

e0fb30 No.189324


boner intensified

b7c727 No.189325


*of five languages - case you are a typically obtuse typo fag . Dont worry, I wont school you all day, you cant afford it.

4c6e4b No.189326


Did Q ever mention the Pope?

What did he say?

3cd32b No.189327


The same trolling ID 543790. Look at previous posts before claiming to be Q…


b3fd3d No.189328


Oh you're an anarchistfag or lolbertarian. That explains a lot and will ignore you completely now fuck off.

53b64d No.189329


This is ridiculous today!

cbe483 No.189330


Ugh! That painting has got some similarity to that statue we saw last night. I think it was from Teigan's Twitter or something. EVIL! Perfect for LdR's living room though.

79a081 No.189331


Thanks for the laugh. Enjoy your ban.

5852ac No.189332

OMG - seriously?? When somebody comes in claiming to be Q, don't be so friggin quick to believe. You all look like a bunch of fanfags at a teenybobby concert. At the very least, do a search on his id before going apeshit over a larper!

f9855f No.189333


By the way, in the site I'm building, I eliminated that kind of confusion by not putting the tripcode next to the name. Is it possible to do that here? it's a slight programmatic change.

a24565 No.189334


Plz ban this loser

53b64d No.189335

Its the 27th. BIG things going down.

b7c727 No.189336


At what number is iq considered genius?

What is average iq?

What is your iq?

Factor the differences.

f69bf0 No.189337

e21038 No.189338


Welcome back Q… I owe you an apology. I was being impatient and got a little salty toward you (got deservingly banned for 5 days, but stayed following). I learned my lesson. Let's MAGA!

eae1ec No.189339

File: 77cf4a01296ba5b⋯.jpg (71.02 KB, 625x462, 625:462, 77cf4a01296ba5b3c99c3dece4….jpg)

112d59 No.189340

A power outage to disable something. Forces something to reseet….how can we get schematics of the electrical system at Disneyland, specifically Fantasyland? Blueprints? What construction company built it?

aed383 No.189341

All tingly >>189324

1e5cb4 No.189342


Hey fucktard!


495dee No.189343


but rtards cant do the maths

a833e0 No.189344

disney is a distraction


f5de43 No.189345


Shit aint cool bro. Shit aint funny.

b7c727 No.189346


You know what's difficult? A lot of these creep are underground dwellers.

0949e6 No.189347




eae1ec No.189348

7c8444 No.189349


n'am sayn?

79880d No.189350

File: 17895059e95e43d⋯.jpg (39.95 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, DSFVbivVoAAhA7U.jpg large.jpg)

The White House Twitter account just posted this:

>President Trump has unleashed oil and gas development by expanding access to resources and the infrastructure needed to get them to market. More:


de8f08 No.189351


Read the map you dumb fucking putz.

Don't waste peoples' time by trying to "solve" things that were understood a long time ago.

That s why nobody answers. If you are too lazy to catch up you are not worth engaging.

Read, don't type.

aed383 No.189352


Focus on task at hand. Can’t give shills an inch

3cd32b No.189353


How the fuck did that fag get the same trip only bolded? I'm kinda a newfag and don't know how it can be possible…

5852ac No.189354

LDR is that you? Once we saw your initials in the Trump tweet, you started freaking out and going full boar fake Q

eae1ec No.189356



6893f5 No.189357

70c562 No.189358


Agreed, anon. Based on Stringers decoded and Q team's timeline, I'm guessing there are some private military tribunals happening at the moment… and everyone is wondering why POTUS is silent. POTUS is there. So is Q team.

5852ac No.189359


Subject line

a24565 No.189360


It’s not a trip code he entered it as his name

997f67 No.189361


Munk bought Trizec Properties from the Bronfman family in 2005, sold it to Blackstone and Brookfield Properties in 2005.

"In 2001 it sold some noncore assets for $417 million, with $238 million remaining after it made payments on the debt.[5]

By 2002 the company was still selling Canadian assets, and it also was selling European assets. Its new focus was American high rise, urban office towers. In 2002 the company received permission to convert to an REIT. Trizec Properties Inc. was to be traded on the New York Stock Exchange and Trizec Canada was to trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange.[11]

In 2006 Brookfield Properties and Blackstone Group acquired the company. The payment price was $4.8 billion and the new owners assumed debts of $4.1 billion."

Brookfield and Blackstone are the two largest real estate managers in the world and competitors.

Think real estate. Property. Securities. Unusual security trading around 9/11, unusual changing of hands in property. Who benefited? Who made the most, and how?

27cfed No.189362

File: c24b616b21f5686⋯.jpg (284.12 KB, 754x1100, 377:550, Q Disney distraction 12nov….jpg)




Future proves Past!!!


6c7d3a No.189363


Could we please kill the flame war and back on point


f9855f No.189365


Psst!! It isn't him!

79a081 No.189366

54dfa8 No.189367


Real trips are never bolded he just typed it as his name

b862bf No.189368

Just getting in here today. I'm sure Disney power outage was mentioned given the bread title, but was it discussed that the outage occurred in FANTASYLAND?

eae1ec No.189369


Well, it's going down today, but I think we've still got, like, ten hours.

53b64d No.189370

File: 399d540d724f2b0⋯.jpg (49.77 KB, 696x249, 232:83, a698fbc7f3571cdb8db8415182….jpg)

File: 72b49b955771bcc⋯.jpg (75.88 KB, 640x480, 4:3, DRyn_1QUQAAYX0c.jpg)

File: e6ce0ad6674e1e0⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 1200x769, 1200:769, iu.jpg)

These are needed for morale boost.

0949e6 No.189371

f69bf0 No.189372


she should spend her time getting rid of that spare tire gut .

2a0667 No.189373

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3cd32b No.189374


kek. See what happens when we are hovering around a target. They try to distract us.

96b6c3 No.189375


[L]yn de Roths not where supposed to be?

4c6e4b No.189376

Why did he include Putin?

https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/147433975/#147434025

b3fd3d No.189377


Regular Federal law or UCMJ. The graphics I posted were based on Sedition as defined in federal law, some lolbertarian muh-all-federal-laws-r-bad objected. So I posted the federal law for him. Understand now?

0949e6 No.189378


EAST COAST is what the rumors were this morning in the podcast

1e5cb4 No.189379


>After 30 years in the legal profession,

Explain this one then:


3dabdc No.189380


Can't be seditious against a materially fraudulent state.

b35b74 No.189381


Good start…

And watch other Anons posts in reply carefully…Did I say "Hello, Q" when "he" arrived?

Small details critical. Vast resources…Frustration.

1e5cb4 No.189382

File: f2c16fdca9af1a1⋯.png (11.81 KB, 255x248, 255:248, GLowingCIA.png)

Perhaps we should shut down the breads for an hour or so.. let the shills go back to their heavy petting of farm animals and we can start it up again. Give some time to research and such.

aed383 No.189383



3cd32b No.189384


kek that seems too easy. fucking namefag

b7c727 No.189385


Sadly, SCOTUS has approved numerous unconstitutional laws and acts, the IRS, FRB, IRC etc etc etc. That should all be undone, as should the USA corporation itself. Proving that the Constitution is "supreme" not SCOTUS.

eae1ec No.189386

0bba77 No.189387

File: fb385c62a89a9aa⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1018x1236, 509:618, _Cohen_Cooper_Griffin.png)


RealHousewivesFag(it)…. I'm with you

These fuckers are all connected.

Mid December I started meme-ing them

997f67 No.189388


He's right. Snowden leak = limited hangout re: CIA, Snowden = new generation's Oswald, handed the docs and groomed on how to be the socially acceptable anti-establishment darling while Clowns get their dents in against No Such Agency.

53b64d No.189389

Pray. Focus on the mission.

19ef29 No.189390

File: 9b97a87d94a86ef⋯.png (159.5 KB, 490x531, 490:531, Screenshot-2017-12-27 Meme….png)

e21038 No.189391



b7c727 No.189392


Agree 100%

54c953 No.189393

i will not allow another satanic evil POS…

\wtf does he mean by another? hmmmm?

1e5cb4 No.189394


Your a fucking lost cause…filtered fuctard

eae1ec No.189395


Or just start filling up the threads with dissinfo. Hide in among the fray.

5852ac No.189396


So what else can we glean from this Trump tween besides him pointing the finger at LDR?

54dfa8 No.189397


fake and gay?

4c6e4b No.189398


What is the meaning of this ^^^ ?

333afe No.189399

Please alert us to any tweets that contain

a broken link or an error that will instantly get

mega coverage on.

That's where we strike!

997f67 No.189400


Fuck them, filter and follow my posts and I'll do the same, we got this anons.

aed383 No.189401


You betcha!

b35b74 No.189402


Wrong meme.

d8df8c No.189403


Fake Q

2d06c5 No.189404

File: ea4dc0eae319c82⋯.jpg (398.22 KB, 598x484, 299:242, fantasyland-disneyland.jpg)


I posted a pic in previous thread.

0bba77 No.189405

>>188812 I forgot the >>




a2efd1 No.189406


Yep. Some intel:

Rumors in the park are that the outage is caused by a fire. Same story from the ATL outage (exactly 10 days ago).

54dfa8 No.189407


You can glean that it seems to be fake

aed383 No.189409

Whatcha got? >>189381

53b64d No.189410


fake fucking Q people!!!

997f67 No.189411

6275d5 No.189412

I have a feeling the Founding Fathers knew the Constitution wouldn't last long once thier generation was gone. But they also knew that it had to be created and needed to be powerful enough to make sure the citizens will always fight for it.

Look now we have arrived at a tipping point where you have a large portion of citizens questioning it and calling it outdated.

The important thing is that no other document had ever existed before in our written history, thus changing the game forever. Leading us to this moment in time. I imagine something like this was always their plan from the start.

f47166 No.189413

Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don’t know what to do. Love!

Read more at http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/entertainment/people/donald-trump-quotes-57213#CBxvLqLQyfLqwW7T.99

dc0c11 No.189414


Link in Batter is DEAD:

>Alt Link to PDF Above https://dropfile.to/2UrnCy7


aed383 No.189415

Planefags here?

ef1093 No.189416


I’ll believe it is Q when we see a major actor in cuffs for treason on all the news channels

f42599 No.189417


Yup, I agree, Anon. Nothing is insignificant. That's why I posted. I know of some bad people, in real life, who never thought they'd get connected to a criminal conspiracy, but what sunk them was a document footer, in 7 point font, that appeared in a document it shouldn't have. An old lady in the typing pool noticed that damn footer and it tied everyone together. So ya never know. . . . Thank you.

eae1ec No.189418


This is what we're on now?


Not shill slide material?

47f6fa No.189419


Smoke'n them out!

b7c727 No.189420


Thank you. Rome wasnt burnt down in a day and we wont rebuild it in a day either.

f42599 No.189421


Thank you, Anon. I agree, the connections between Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper definitely should be explored. Let's not forget, it was Andy Cohen who posted the Instagram picture of Andersoon Cooper reading papers that led us to Gannett and opened up a firestorm here. Thank you. This is why I dropped what I had, relative to Chrissy Teigen's and John Legend's stuff last night.

2a0667 No.189422

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e21038 No.189423


Yep… I'm aware. Thanks

4c6e4b No.189424


Under current conditions a Military Tribunal can only trial members of the armed forces or also civilians?

Under martial law they can trial civilians. Any explanations?

f42599 No.189425


Go for it, Anon! If you know anything about John Legend's birthday that may be noteworthy, please let us know. That's the whole reason I posted that stuff about the Real Housewives. One never knows where a fact will lead, so please let the facts rip. Thank you.

2d4d23 No.189426

JL just learned that the DOJ really means it when they say, "Do not try to leave the country." Cabal fails. Escape via California terminated. Send to Gitmo.


aed383 No.189427

2e5112 No.189428


Careful with Lisa Haley. She sometimes has good info, but she's mostly a cuck shill fearmonger

21666d No.189429


What about in a declared state of emergency? Lawfags want to comment?

54dfa8 No.189430

So fake Q losers and fake GEOTUS tweets?? Why are they still here???

f69bf0 No.189431

imperator rex just tweeted multi piece , about mccian and the dossier .

3dabdc No.189432


Pretty sure I am as well. I see the future, and not fortune teller bullshit either. I call it chrononautics.

(I also get mad, mad crushes on Pleadeain girls, but that's another discussion.)

b3fd3d No.189433

File: f1a7626e42febd4⋯.jpg (63.09 KB, 539x604, 539:604, 1471975671781.jpg)

So apparently the muh-US-is-a-corporation-so-all-lawz-r-illegal is the new shilling technique.

>they're not sending their best

RULE OF LAW is awfully scary to those who have broken the laws and stand to lose their freedom because of it.

a00b62 No.189434




https ://59steps.wordpress.com/about/

My name’s Steve Royston. I spend much of my time in the Middle East, was born in the UK, and have personal and business ties to the USA, Ireland, Malaysia, France and more than one of the GCC countries. In my blog I reflect on politics, education, business, books I read, music I hear, movies I see. I look at most things through the prism of history. I feel privileged to live in a region where spoken and written history began.

The Middle East is a land of where civilisations, empires and great religions have mingled, mutated and succeeded each other, sometimes with violence, sometimes in peace. Sumerians, Hittites, Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians, Parthians, Byzantines, Umayads, Abbassids, Fatimids, Mongols, Franks, Ottomans, Saudis, French and British – all have contributed to the cultural and physical gene pool. The gods of Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Rome, Carthage and Mecca have fought for the hearts of the faithful, to be supplanted by the great religions of the Book – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Today, the Middle East is still at the heart of things. The key to prosperity and deprivation, to peace and conflict way beyond its boundaries. It’s a land of kindness, hospitality, resentment, envy, plenty, destitution, wisdom, foolishness and hope.

You could say that of many parts of the world. But this is where western civilisation began. It’s beyond compare in many ways.

abf8e5 No.189435



Sorry if any of this has been repeated….late to the munk funk….

Out of Toronto… which aligns with recent airport happenings

Developed a hotel and resort complex in "his beloved" Fiji in 1968

Has ties to Clintons:


and Bushes:


I'll keep looking…

90c15b No.189436


Thanks. Plebbit was keen idea for new fags. Hopefully they fuck off and stay there or lurk moar!!

19ef29 No.189437




1e5cb4 No.189438


National Emergency is a temporary form of martial law.

763452 No.189439

FIJI and Munk:

"The international entrepreneur developed a luxurious hotel and resort complex in his beloved Fiji in 1968."

https:/ /www.thestar.com/business/2014/04/29/10_things_to_know_about_peter_munk_as_he_bids_bon_voyage_to_bay_st.html

e2c5cd No.189440


Both, Who ever is involved

2a0667 No.189441


She has some interesting info about the SPLC in that video.

47f6fa No.189442


D before the L in Children?

b35b74 No.189445


POTUS didnt twat…..When will he twat?

997f67 No.189446


There is leeway when civilians are found to be acting in violation of laws of war.

"The law of war is a legal term of art that refers to the aspect of public international law concerning acceptable justifications to engage in war (jus ad bellum) and the limits to acceptable wartime conduct (jus in bello or international humanitarian law)."

Look back at the executive order.

70c562 No.189447

File: ed2f8c5a95a1fff⋯.png (1.49 MB, 2084x1196, 521:299, Stringer decode1.png)

File: 14671c2dc9a081f⋯.png (776.02 KB, 1670x1202, 835:601, Stringer decode2.png)

File: 12dd9dda669e061⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1983x1274, 1983:1274, Stringer decode3.png)

File: c6ebf99a907056e⋯.png (2.18 MB, 2136x1265, 2136:1265, Stringer decode4.png)

Pics are extremely relevant to what is going down. I just said private military tribunals.

53b64d No.189449

Has there been any more movement from NK about launching satellites?

f918e6 No.189450


Adding to your dig

1999 Peter Munk connects with communist Milo Đukanović a communist, smuggler who was never charged for being one because his

>highly sophisticated traffic was organized top-down by Serbian and Montenegrin officials, aided by middlemen, Swiss banks, and Italy-based secret agents

In 2004, while government helicopters were flying the likes of Peter Munk around to inspect properties in Montenegro

b0c207 No.189451

File: d85c1da48e9620e⋯.png (53.35 KB, 382x708, 191:354, 11-12-17.png)


Someone was asking when Q said "Disney is a distraction" 11/12/17 post

53b64d No.189452


Why is this person still able to post!

5852ac No.189453


October 8, 2012 tweet

Look it up

6ed6e6 No.189454

File: a73099b576eeb92⋯.jpg (58.27 KB, 945x552, 315:184, Bush being told about 911.jpg)

File: 9e53624675d8c69⋯.jpg (177.32 KB, 640x805, 128:161, desktop-1423764659.jpg)

File: b00790c02f41424⋯.jpg (83.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, bush.jpg)

Q keeps saying that more people are good than we think and he specifically said that after mentioning Bush… so?

Titanic = Plan to get rid of J.J. Astor

9/11 = Plan to frame Osama Bin laden and bring down George W Bush due to his connection to them.

Billions: Military Budgets-

Bush Jr FY2002-09* $634.9 “ “ “

Clinton FY1994-2001 $418.0 “ “ “

Bush Sr FY1990-93 $513.4 “ “ “

Huge increase in spending on the non-corrupted Military?

Why did SS change Bush's code from "Tumbler" to "Trailblazer"? - Because, to sum up many hours of my research he has done a surprising number of awesome things in the shadows. - But let's take the most obvious data-point. Osama had nothing to do with 9/11 - and Bush is connected to Osama. - Do you see what the plan was? Al-Waleed had set up the worlds most elaborate framejob and when it happened they didn't take Bush out why? Cause he hid everything behind State Secrets.

This is why Trump has been reluctant to unleash State Secrets - because the Media would just revive the Bush plan…… - Bush also did this


He read a famous letter that is partly famous due to it being hoax. Bush also said about Trump being sworn in.

"What should characterize my reaction is it was a beautiful experience," Bush said.


Now take all that and think about how we even have the Military on our side at all? What did Bush hide behind State Secrets? I get the feeling this is why the shills were trying so hard to push us against Bush - cause they know they have an entire conspiracy they carefully set up for it. - Of course bush's dad was CIA - but why did Reagan pick him then? I bet because Bush was like Mueller only he didn't get his 2nd term to unveil everything. Why would anyone who did what the CIA give that quote that admits how horrible it is?

I have a lot more to back this up but I just wanted to put this out there again - I gave this in much rougher form two days ago and the more I research the more it all ties together.

b35b74 No.189455



ROYSTON POTTER. Former U.S. Army Colonel. Known on here. Quiet recently, suddenly.

e2c5cd No.189456


Hi Q, hope your Christmas was well. We are winning and your gonna tell us good news…

f9855f No.189457

File: 133a1c28de8b9eb⋯.jpg (38.52 KB, 713x185, 713:185, TripcodeFormat.jpg)

To the site owner:

This is how I prevent tripcode confusion. Is it possible to do that here? Don't put tripcode next to name or put an obvious background color in the CSS so that it's obvious whether it's a tripcode or part of a name. It's a very minor fix either way. Putting a background color on the tripcodes can possibly be done in the CSS. Given what just happened on the board, I think it would be worth doing.

0379ef No.189458


Thank you Q!

997f67 No.189459


Bitch yes thank you

424a57 No.189461

File: ceba7db54738c48⋯.jpg (56.45 KB, 474x290, 237:145, you_have2go.jpg)


adfc96 No.189462


It's not showing it's in the air, just scheduled

b7c727 No.189463


"Any person subject to this chapter" is where you would look next.

b7466e No.189464


Faggot get fucked

53b64d No.189465


Fake Q! Same fake Q as before!!

54dfa8 No.189466


It's fucking fake you goddamn retards!

Baker needs to do some cleaning or this bread is fucked.

aed383 No.189468

1e5cb4 No.189469


>There is leeway when civilians are found to be acting in violation of laws of war.

But that leeway is at the discretion of the commanding officer.

f42599 No.189470


Good find, Anon! I archived that articke on Chrissy Teigen dishing about John Legend in the Illuminati. Split link here: http://archive. is/7Y1NL.

I reckon Chrissy Teigen's days could be numbered, now that she's had Legend's baby, because she talks an awful lot. LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS.

f9855f No.189471


Why haven't those posts been DELETED? Can someone do that?

f62d3f No.189472


That artwork above the mantel…

8df821 No.189473

Power outages in lots of places. Disney at the moment. https://poweroutage.us/Area/State/California

5852ac No.189474

do a search on fake Q's id ( e26e44 )- look at all he's posted. This is not Q. This is a fucker who put Q's tripcode in the name slot. This is why it shows up bold. Get a clue!

a2efd1 No.189475

Disney park spokesperson just said the black out was a result of a transformer problem.

What's the likelihood of that somewhere on the scale of Disneyland?

adfc96 No.189476


Been 24 hrs since he last posted

8e79b3 No.189477

File: 0e0974c402411ed⋯.png (9.82 KB, 928x156, 232:39, whathappened.png)

half-chan fags: what became of this? I followed the convo as far as the ID would go. they posted some code but it was never explained.

aed383 No.189478


6db4d2 No.189479

Someone kindly tell the us code ucmj jailhouse lawyer anon fag about executive order Dec 21 2017 human rights and corruption to have him btfo

2d4d23 No.189480

File: 7558b4f8e6cd476⋯.jpg (29.41 KB, 640x216, 80:27, rickross-jayz-johnlegend.jpg)

Before he was Gitmo-Prisoner-Z, he was jay-z.

b35b74 No.189481


Is that normal?


70c562 No.189482

>>189447 ← Stringers, military courts



Save the pics off somewhere where you can zoom in on them and read. A lot of work was put into these stringers.

This is likely what POTUS and Q team are up to today. They're doing it behind closed doors.

d3e540 No.189483



997f67 No.189484


Hold up–military or defense budgets. Defense budgets include black budgets, and Clowns fall under that.

aed383 No.189485


Ty. This one has puzzled me

b7c727 No.189486


The charging prosecutors will figure out what laws to use in the charges against each defendant. If theyre in Gitmo, it will be federal law though, "Military Justice bears the same relationship to justice as military music does to music."

f42599 No.189487


Awesome work, Anon. Good for you, meming the connections between the Bravo network, CNN, and all the pop culture stuff that they cram onto our TV screens. It's all connected, to be sure.

b35b74 No.189488


How long for Q?

0bf5e6 No.189489

The shills are in full throttle. You can smell the desperation.

3cd32b No.189490


The Provost Marshal is the only person who can press charges on a sitting member of parliment (in this country - I would think it is similar in murica).

53b64d No.189492


They had posted a picture of Ivanks and said something like Death to Ivanka and then Q called their phone. They made the "list" of people now being investigated by team Q for threats against POTUS' family.

1e5cb4 No.189493


They STILL wouldn't get it!

I give up and filter it.

adfc96 No.189494


Dig what, they are Pakistan military, they laundered money and spied on the DNC clowns that allowed their fake security clearance, wtf has not been discussed?

2d06c5 No.189495

File: e2987d472dbfcce⋯.jpg (137.04 KB, 736x736, 1:1, ldr.jpg)







Original ← pic related

aed383 No.189496


Excellent work by Anon

f69bf0 No.189497


hi loser

b7c727 No.189498


The jury will be made up of military men.

70dfd7 No.189499



Link relevant: http://www. crf-usa.org/america-responds-to-terrorism/military-tribunals.html

Basically, the laws are a little sketchy, but the authority of the military to detain threats to national security and prosecute them under tribunal is recognized and has been upheld by Congress and SCOTUS.

To quote the relevant parts:

" Most experts seem to agree that it is constitutional to try by military tribunal non-citizens accused of terrorism. But there are other concerns about President Bush's order. The American Bar Association assembled a task force of legal scholars to study the president's order. The task force questioned the use of military commissions against non-citizens who are actually in the United States when captured. It cited court cases holding that aliens, even those not lawfully within the country, are entitled to due process protections contained in the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth amendments. It argued that such individuals should not be tried by tribunals. Other experts, however, argue that the Quirin decision does permit trial by tribunal of even U.S. citizens who enter the country to violate the law of war "

I would say that Trump likely had certain citizens abroad detained … to be prosecuted for criminal behavior against other nations. While foreign citizens were detained, here, as foreign operatives. But, that is just taking some educated shots in the dark, as none of us know for certain that there are people in jail. That may be the 'holy shit' moment - is the realization that Trump has been negotiating the prosecution of our citizens under foreign courts for crimes committed against their nations.

abf8e5 No.189500


Here is a little more Munk for you… check this out…..excerpt:

"..Barrick Gold’s chairman, Peter Munk, last night- and it puts another piece of the puzzle together. Mr. Munk is a member of the Jewish National Fund– an organization founded at the Fifth Zionist Congress in 1901 that currently owns 13% of the total land in Israel. The purpose of this organization was to buy and develop land in Palestine for the settlement of Jewish people"


53b64d No.189501


WTF?!?!?!? Ban this ^^^^^^^^^^^

bf1600 No.189502


God Bless you!

aed383 No.189504


Posted to twatter yesterday

eae1ec No.189505


Absolutely. GREAT dig. Turned on. Boner time.

cbe483 No.189506


Imran Awan and his wife (no name given)

https:// www.infowars.com/rep-franks-awans-seek-immunity-for-significant-disturbing-testimony-against-wasserman-schultz/


Awan Group: current operations in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and the newest addition China and United States of America.


http:// www.awangroups.com


bf1600 No.189507


This is Q!!!

495dee No.189508


tell me the future or post some hotties

ef1093 No.189509


Watch the news…….

b16c3f No.189510


chi "ldr" en

if you take the word just below "chidlren" and do the same with letters 4,5 and 6 you get :

inc "die" nts

Then the last words of the tweet : "death penalty"

de8f08 No.189512

Awan group and Pakistan is mentioned in the Nov 4 crumb from Q.

-i.e., the story George Webb is pursuing

An anon asked about this earlier today. I think it is the only mention of Awan and their money laundering.

a2efd1 No.189513


It isn't. That's not a tripcode. It's bold.

f9855f No.189514


It's fake. The source code around the tripcode is wrong.

b3fd3d No.189515


Of course. I'm not arguing either way, just trying to point out for the mong nigger that there is also Federal law against Sedition. I'm not the one who will decide which law to try them for breaking, just citing the federal law. It was specifically in reference to the graphics posted in the last thread.

These people are goddamn retards.

15f0be No.189516




have been posted to Memes4 thread in three parts:




Derived from this source file: pastebin.com/mYN5J74B

(The original pastebin it came from is here: pastebin.com/JUp6vUDe and it contains some additional links that did not get retrieved from the archives, but I think maybe this is enough redpill tactics for new meme-droppers to learn the skill…)

(((For the dough……….)))

18f8c3 No.189517


Perhaps that's why Benjamin Franklin said, when asked what kind of government they had created, was "a republic, if you can keep it." We are keeping it Anons. Death to the tyrants, shills, pedos and clowns. Literally.

1e5cb4 No.189518


Nice. Added to batter..

f2e910 No.189519


disney is a distraction. sidney is a distraction? fantasy i land.

420f07 No.189520



b35b74 No.189521

adfc96 No.189523


Wonder whos ashes are in the leopard urns, also notice the kids on the fireplace hardware

53b64d No.189524

Planeanon B,


"Your friends on twatter miss you. Hope you are well. All your great crumbs went down the rabbit hole."

Am I missing something??

Peter Munk personally destroyed the gold market by selling forward production at low prices. As CEO of the biggest gold company in the world he betrayed his share holders and is a traitor to the industry and gold stackers everywhere.

6ed6e6 No.189525


You know, I have no idea, it's just one of a ton of data points in my research - it's actually an irrelevant one but I liked the contrast. I'll have a much more solid version of this soon, I run db-q.com and I have been spending so much time going through wikileaks and making graphics - fuck - but its' a long story and I just wanted to let people know about this, cause it was both shocking to me as I also thought Bush was a bad guy - but it struck me as extremely important to get this info out cause it suddenly made perfect sense why the shills were acting the way there were. Remember VQC? He had this post about 9/11 being Bush's fingerprints and I noticed it being removed and censored - yet the shills can't do that - our side can - that's when I got suspicious and it appears Q might not want to say it cause he knows how loaded Bush's name is. but the truth is the truth and i'll have much more of it soon for all you - I got a Q confirm btw on my Titanic bit - I'm hoping he confirms this but I probably need to present my wikileaks based data as evidence. so much to comb through…..

bf1600 No.189526


Is the Storm Upon us?!!

e21038 No.189527


Fuck off, glow-nigger!

0bf5e6 No.189528


Fake Q Alert!

dc0c11 No.189529

File: 7cc69c1324b3712⋯.jpg (130.9 KB, 500x375, 4:3, HandlingSovcits.jpg)


I might need to take a break, I feel like there's codewords in there when there probably isn't.

Pic unrelated.

552c6a No.189530


How do you do that, search that is?

e0e43c No.189531

Please someone make memes on John legend being illuminati.

1e5cb4 No.189532


I like that!

08135f No.189533


That a real tweet from Trump ? Timestamp, sauce ?

5852ac No.189534

333afe No.189535



Try again

You losed

2d4d23 No.189536


Awesome. Good job.

0949e6 No.189537



412c08 No.189538


Is this Q? Don;t look or sound like Q!

53b64d No.189539

We need to be digging on Peter Munk! Stay on track!

9de621 No.189540


Is Horowitz ourguy?



eae1ec No.189541


headline related?


4b197e No.189542


Yes it is. Go to his twit feed and find it.

a2efd1 No.189543


It is. From 2013, I think. Google Trump Twitter fast trial death penalty and should come up.

70c562 No.189544


The last of those pics was posted to the Stringer thread 11 days ago. Good thing I had them backed up. The first 3 entirely dropped off the Stringer thread. They date back much further than that!

b0c207 No.189545


Fox just showed POTUS live at Palm Beach Fire Dept.

f69bf0 No.189546

please block fake q

026f2d No.189547


Just a simple phone call between uncle Donnie and myself. I invited him over for a beer and a Russian pee pee hooker. NBD

b7c727 No.189549


Look idiot, I knew more about law that youll ever know 25 years ago. I'm not opining here about the constitutionality of this particular federal statute because I havent examined it in that context. It is a current and valid law and is used in military tribunals and court martials. Youre clearly no expert. Try 1 year of Con Law after you get your B.A. Thats whats called, a start.

e21038 No.189550





1e5cb4 No.189551


Nice. Got it.

a2efd1 No.189552


Actually, don't Google. DuckDuckGo.

Old habits die hard.

12ab7b No.189553

Actually, they are in Tokyo now …not gitmo …she just tweeted …does anyone not check sources anymore? Ffs


be98b5 No.189554


Thanks anon!

0bf5e6 No.189555



27cfed No.189556


Q posted on nov 12:


…and a few days ago again, but can't find it back… :(

And now power out at Disney??

No coincidences!!

Something big is going down. Wait and see!

f9855f No.189557

If the site owner could please change that CSS and put a background color on the trips, fake Q's like that one will be so obvious, they'll be hounded off the site from the first post.

af36b0 No.189558


Thank you, Q!

bfd02e No.189559



5852ac No.189560

File: 5d2d2868eff5840⋯.png (847.33 KB, 1881x825, 57:25, ldr.png)

cbe483 No.189561


The other anon might be right that it is Royston Potter, but this was certainly a very curious comment for this Steve Royston to make…

>The gods of Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Rome, Carthage and Mecca have fought for the hearts of the faithful, to be supplanted by the great religions of the Book – Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

be98b5 No.189563


God fuckin damnit stop responding to him

f69bf0 No.189564


70c562 No.189565


That fits with the graphics I posted in this bread. The death penalty is definitely on the table. Great work, anon!

0949e6 No.189566

File: 9fd6288431a0666⋯.png (405.86 KB, 406x317, 406:317, FAKE Q.png)


See the ID

Top and Bottom

12ab7b No.189567


You seriously going to try this crap again? Ffs

21f66b No.189569

File: 6b7340c04d038ab⋯.png (114.73 KB, 362x374, 181:187, Screenshot from 2017-12-27….png)

>>189150 >>189303 >>189314 >>189319 >>189327

look at ID: >543790 .. stop being retards and do some leg work ffs

^^ clown shill


^^ fake AND GAY .. u goyz have f'n phone, use it.. look at twitter.. either you are sheep, bots, or retards

9de621 No.189570

Q !UW.yye1fxo

Q !UW.yye1fxo

Hows it not Q?

aed383 No.189572

Got good response on twatter. Normies ate them up >>189544

997f67 No.189573


Interesting side note–Ramen Twatter started torrent tweeting again. Had a feeling she was going to conveinenetly switch to text/no video or photo once she decided to tweet her flight landed in Tokyo.

Check ANA 175., flight she was on, then check the "hours ago" on her Tweets. Doubt she went to Gitmo or anything like that but I can assure you her and her husband did not end up leaving this country.

If I turn out to be wrong I'm wrong, but I can't say it won't be interesting to see this pan out.

21dca6 No.189574

twitter .com/realDonaldTrump/status/255294883680632833

link to Chidlren tweet

633ef8 No.189575


Did he delete it later? I don't see it on his feed

f5de43 No.189576



2d06c5 No.189577


a bunch of Disneyland workers were protesting for higher wages and got arrested.

08135f No.189578


Thanks anon. Found it in 2012-10-08:

twitter. com/realdonaldtrump/status/255294883680632833

f69bf0 No.189579



54c953 No.189580


i've reached rage.

pull me back. no. stay away. the pain. the anger. i want to love. taken from me. innocence. tornado. evil. despair. hidden. secrets. shhh. death. kill. murder. soul in heaven. body in hell. trust. no more. hate. i can't. i never learned. mommy. daddy. help me. no answer. knife. chants. cleansing. thank you. free. forgive. pray.

9af78a No.189582


goddamn newfags reddit nigs go back to TBeanz site.

a00b62 No.189583



Here is an excellent summary of the AWANs.

Video by George Webb.

Facts also covered in reports from

Daily Caller

True Pundit

Fox News (partially)

Gateway Pundit

Judicial Watch

Rep Louie Gohmert

https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4Wfr1__k0M

2a0667 No.189584


(i) missng in incidents on your post. but i hope you're right.

0bf5e6 No.189585


If you can't tell that Q is fake then get the fuck out of here.

e21038 No.189586


Not today, I take it

b7c727 No.189587


About 75% of the Federal govt, including most of the agencies, is not constitutional, but allowed by the Courts under this corporate USA entity, which we should get rid of.

112d59 No.189588

Bombs away.

Merry Christmas.


What if "Bombs away" means bombs have been removed or disabled? Maybe the power outage disabled bombs hidden in Fantasyland as well as the SHUTDOWNS in airports?

2d06c5 No.189589


It's from 2012 - this anon resaved it horribly..and removed most of the 411

561897 No.189590


Awan has dealership, containers run off ship to trucks via US Highway CCCTV capturned trucks enroute to Canada. Also has family members working at VA HOSPITALS with access to US Armed Services personnel files. 400 truckloads of haLal hot dogs coming by trucks from Pakistan for super bowl

5852ac No.189591

"Q" is ldr trying to distract from Trump outing her for who she really is. #flyeaglesfly

0bf5e6 No.189592


Filtered for caps abuse uselessfag.

f9855f No.189593


Right tripcode, wrong place in the source code. Real tripcodes aren't bold like this one. Name field is bold, tripcode isn't. Now, if the site owner could make the difference more obvious than that, it'll go a lot better here. This has become quite the distraction.

0949e6 No.189595


The BOLD tells us it is FAKE

Look at my name NO "Q" for example

BO this is just so new fags see it.

a00b62 No.189596


Thank you Anon.

More digging, coming right up.

420f07 No.189597

is it just me or is julian assange only tweeting in what appears to be spanish now?

70c562 No.189598





This is a great resource for POTUS tweets. Good sauce.


f96d21 No.189599

e21038 No.189600


Fuck any video by (((George Webb)))… Seriously?

98161c No.189601


How old are you? 10? GTFO here.

2450e1 No.189602


Many bake.

5c7ab7 No.189603


And there’s never a return/space before he signs Q.

bf1600 No.189604

File: ba1b0893ac376dc⋯.jpg (397.98 KB, 1779x1334, 1779:1334, IMG_9498.JPG)

Why did Q's post on last thread get deleted? What am I missing? Pic related…Q's old post and one on last thread

6c7d3a No.189605


Hotel Romeo Charlie?

53b64d No.189606


Nuke him!

2a0667 No.189607


Yaw as B mob

52fb93 No.189608



ef1093 No.189609




b3fd3d No.189610



I just posted the federal law for the idiot who thought it didn't exist.

That is ALL.

It's really fucking simple.

It exists, that is the federal statute.

That is ALL I was saying.

It's really, really fucking simple.

Holy shit, calm your tits anon and stop being such a holier-than-thou faggot.

d2029f No.189611


She isnt an eagle, more like a gay vulture or albatross

997f67 No.189614



You see a Geolocation on there? Look through her husband's NGO/Clinton Global Initiative connections via MacArthur Foundation–really opportune time for Hillary with her planning her campaign and all. Bail conditions apply to rich people too but damned if they don't have a difficult time accepting that :-p.

d2029f No.189615

File: 30e857ccb291c51⋯.jpg (53.7 KB, 625x363, 625:363, 21rf64.jpg)

1e5cb4 No.189616


More or less get the memes out into the public.

0bf5e6 No.189617


I stopped reading at George Webb.

be98b5 No.189618

File: 0a5c56a10f0cec6⋯.png (645.22 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 3EF5FDF9-2364-4F81-93C9-A6….png)

Loving every minute of this

5852ac No.189619


His account is compromised for now. You can follow #wikileaks for updates

bf1600 No.189620


Never mind…ffs

f5de43 No.189621


Banhammer coming soon

12ab7b No.189622


They weren’t on ana175 the second flight …they left different flight round 2 am pst

2450e1 No.189623


GTFO shill

633ef8 No.189624

File: ad8d75105934f10⋯.jpg (496.86 KB, 1466x982, 733:491, Lynn Washington Deleware.jpg)


5b07df No.189625


That was back in 2012. I am thrilled that it was part of what he wanted to take care of, way back then. MAGA

b7466e No.189627


Ones all in bold, which isn't Q…..


2d47ab No.189629

Thank you for everything, Q, but I am starting to lose hope that the bad guys are really going down, e.g. Clinton, Obama, pedos, etc. Please give us patriots some more explicit info. We need more public revelations. Thank you!

bf1600 No.189630


Lynn, is that you again?

e21038 No.189631


God bless you… George Webb is a Mos_ad-nigger, shill.

e50aec No.189632


Nov 1 Q post..

. The initial wave will be fast and meaningful. It will send a signal to others immediately and you’ll see the tide turn (not even the MSM can hide and rest assured some will be jailed as deep cover agents). He uses Fast similar to trump tweet

a24565 No.189633


Look carefully at both posts real trip code isn’t bold the one in bold is fake he just put the trip in subject line

f9855f No.189634

Seriously, making the tripcodes more obvious should be like a 30 second fix. Please do it.

5852ac No.189635



a69d74 No.189636

Look you newfags coming here and shitting on the board…


And if you would read the top, maps, etc., that would be grrreeeaaatttt

b7c727 No.189638


You have to know WHO is being charged and for WHAT underlying facts, before you start willy-nilly applying laws. The laws that the feds assert as applicable will be set forth in each indictment or other type charge.

a4cc2b No.189639


Stick the flag into her pooper

bf1600 No.189640


Just saw that…damn its been a long day at work and my autism isn't at its best.

026f2d No.189641


Go back

633ef8 No.189642

70c562 No.189643

Ignore or filter fake Q, folks.

I choose not to filter because the twat may be on the same VPN as myself and I may filter myself in the process.

a7d485 No.189644


In lieu of actually cleaning up here and banning good anons

The board owner, "Baruch the JIDF scribe"


a69d74 No.189645


Damn it the real Q isn't bold….READ MORE!!

aed383 No.189646

Agreed Anon >>189610

dc0c11 No.189647

I'm gonna planefag while you guys deal with the shills. If the power got cut in orlando that may mean an extraction.

0bf5e6 No.189648

newfags just read the fucking spreedsheet and redpill your friends. While you're at it fuck off.

90c15b No.189649


Bomb averted?

112d59 No.189650

File: a2b7dcd5b47ed3e⋯.png (35.81 KB, 632x200, 79:25, data=uz5QiLV6GfRcky6wpfzYP….png)

Closest Military Base to Disneyland:

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton


Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton's mission is to operate a training base that promotes the combat readiness of the Operating Forces and the mission of other tenant commands by providing training opportunities, facilities, services and support responsive to the needs of Marines, Sailors and their families.

Can we get a planeanon to monitor incoming/outcoming tracffic during the Disneyland blackout?

79a081 No.189651


Don't tempt me fag.

99c700 No.189652


Is that his tell? your v. you're

5b07df No.189653




Really, you are trying so hard to fake Q's trip code. But it is so not working.

We are simply laughing AT you!

9de621 No.189654


Ok. That helps. I can see the diff. I just hope i can remember that for more than a day!

21f66b No.189655


I don't trust GW

bf1600 No.189656


I just caught it as soon as I posted! Ffs I'm an idiot fag!

a833e0 No.189657

File: bf7a2d683bf6814⋯.png (220.65 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)

2d06c5 No.189658


Definitely not today. We should be so lucky to get real news that fast! LOL. Great images for memes though.

19ef29 No.189659

b7c727 No.189661


The American Experiment. At this point, it is failed and in attempted recovery. But we are nowhere close to restoring the actual Republic.

579b0d No.189662


Good one, have a (you)

70c562 No.189663


Oh, nice! Just discovered a new filter feature. Filter fake Q on "Name"! Q never uses a name. Fake Q just went POOF!

6c7d3a No.189664


Zoom to area 24


2a0667 No.189665


Disneyland is in CA.

c9d8dc No.189666


Disneyland. Disneyworld.

Horse a piece, you know?

6e981e No.189667

File: 84606ed650d6260⋯.jpg (88.87 KB, 474x875, 474:875, NK Tech.jpg)

We noticed!

eff0ca No.189668

Sorry Baker for so many shills making your bread moldy. Thank you for your service, patriot!

a24565 No.189669


When you finish the samich mommy made to your 28 year old ass back to the basement and play your typical 16 hours of Xbox

b80560 No.189670

File: 9e1874ac3144486⋯.jpeg (157.64 KB, 750x483, 250:161, A91C8FF9-3D74-42EB-B127-9….jpeg)

47f6fa No.189671


The apostrophe is used to replace missing letters in contractions

1e5cb4 No.189672

Wow! That fake Q must be racking up the shillings!

2d06c5 No.189673


Plenty here to yell a reminder at you!

fb582f No.189674



Aaand? Waiting for the other shoe to drop. (((Who))) pushed it through? THAT person has their ass in a sling. When the Awans are proven to have provided classified intelligence to a foreign intelligence service or terrorist organisation, then, what we have, is TREASON.

466fcd No.189675

File: 66fb5752459d445⋯.png (224.81 KB, 980x400, 49:20, Screenshot-2017-12-27 BREA….png)


Look at the date shit stick.

cbe483 No.189676


Yeah, my real life bad people got busted after a psychic read me. There are no coincidences. Keep up the good work!

d2029f No.189677

026f2d No.189678


Just go back Shirley. The view is on soon

50ea77 No.189679


He’s not. He does from time to time.

8664cf No.189680

Lurkfag here

When filtering somebody is only for this bake or does that filter carry over to next?

a833e0 No.189681

File: 336b70e554a2475⋯.png (501.93 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)


N/a to N/a

dc0c11 No.189683

19ef29 No.189684

File: 7e3f3b7c514a0c4⋯.png (426.75 KB, 490x409, 490:409, Screenshot-2017-12-27 Meme….png)

0bf5e6 No.189685


Who fucking cares? Just fucking filter the filth.

e540b6 No.189686






f918e6 No.189687

File: a55e70ee9f04f2b⋯.jpg (19.22 KB, 418x434, 209:217, protestbarrick-cashflow1.jpg)


I fell down this hole fast:

From Sakura Saunders who got funding from what sources claim she said was the TIDES Foundation but then the author of the article backtracked in the next page, never striking-through the first report though and claiming only the Mennonite Church of Canada funds her.

The point the author was trying to make is illustrated in the img, Soros and Munk use a charitable organization called the TIDES Foundation to donate to a ProtestBarrick.net website so that wealthy donors can launder their money at the taxpayers expense and creating a honeypot for activists.


archive. fo/pOZj5

3cd32b No.189688


That ain't Q!

9d6f35 No.189689

roseanna barr just tweeted

Roseanne BarrVerified account @therealroseanne

Pray for the children of this world who are held in slavery. Those of us who have fought long & hard for them have quickened heart beats 2night. #MAGA

70c562 No.189690


It carries over. In the case of fake Q, it's a good filter to keep on forever. Q never uses a name. So →

Triangle → Add filter → Name

You will never see a fake Q again.

0bf5e6 No.189691


Just did.

6893f5 No.189693


It has to be someone highly placed (for the green light), 7th floor involvement for sure

b7c727 No.189695


Enemy combatants not in uniform. They can be charged with treason and sedition under the USCMJ. But I'm sure that there court-appointed military defense lawyers will bring up jurisdiction, applicable laws and so forth, so you neednt worry about their rights. They will get the same perfect justice as their goat-loving cell buddies got.

70dfd7 No.189696


You should have been able to tell just from the verbal pattern. Then from the pattern of posts that engage in pedantic displays.


I have a lot of faith in the Asian nations. They may have their own corruption issues, but they seem to be trying to crawl out from under the incestuous mess out of Europe, rather than collude with it. A globally orchestrated take-down would do well to involve them.

We arrest foreigners who are up to no good… they arrest our citizens who are up to no good. Prosecute them outside of the courts that would normally be stacked in their favor and then let the media try to figure out how they want to spin that loaded gun.

Kind of speculating from the hip. We just assume that these types of things won't happen - but what is interesting to note is who has the power to negotiate to extradite prisoners? That is a power almost entirely held by the President… and if the President says "Why should I negotiate to free a corrupt individual from a place where they got themselves hemmed up?" - then Congress has to make the argument for why pissing off, say, China or Japan over one of these bad actors is a good idea.

2024da No.189697


Remember what everyone else said: stop fucking namefagging.

47f6fa No.189698


The apostrophe is used to replace missing letters in contractions

96b6c3 No.189699


Pendleton airport code is KNFG.

All i can read when i see that is "newfag" lol

be98b5 No.189700

Fantasyland lost power= DARK FANTASY ?

ermahgerddd a conspiracurr

4b197e No.189701

File: 5922304ab528b6e⋯.png (54.63 KB, 829x151, 829:151, Screenshot 2017-12-27 at 3….png)

File: 5cbc8e345171f45⋯.png (79.3 KB, 676x293, 676:293, Screenshot 2017-12-27 at 3….png)

NSA IG appointed…

Recommended by IG Horowitz…worked for him at DOJ..

https://www.nsa.gov /news-features/press-room/press-releases/2017/robert-storch-nsa-ig.shtml

2a0667 No.189702

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

St. Pete details

21f66b No.189704

GLF4 … wasn't able to find intel on flightaware.. no info on plane .. left Hi

5852ac No.189705


https://twitter .com/realdonaldtrump/status/255294883680632833?lang=en

eae1ec No.189706

File: 2d6c2e5603cd6dd⋯.png (36.28 KB, 210x210, 1:1, 2d6c2e5603cd6ddee095d90107….png)

Should be two new rools:

1) Fake Name/Trip fags IMMEDIATELY filtered, without warning

2) Retards who respond, and have to figure out what's going on ALSO IMMEDIATELY filtered.

Saves on time, resource, and energy.

ZERO tolerance work zone! Work, or you're FIRED!

8664cf No.189707



Would be nice to able to perma filter a few but take what I can get

Back to digging

b28cf3 No.189708

File: 10978dbecedc105⋯.jpg (119.75 KB, 787x514, 787:514, a change.JPG)

70c562 No.189710



>>189680 ← Do this on Name, not ID

Perform this action on one of fake Q's posts. It won't filter the twat's ID, but the fake Q "tripcode" which isn't a tripcode at all. You'll still see the real Q team when they show up.

8df821 No.189711

Funny that the Disney power outages is in 'Fantasy Land'

2d06c5 No.189712



>His account is compromised


twitter.com/JulianAssange - this is the only real account for JA, but it's absolutely been compromised - for awhile now. He most likely is NOT the person behind the tweets/re-tweets.

Could his account actually be controlled by someone else? Some say JA is a double agent and Wikileaks has been compromised for some time now. Could JA be working for Russia and CIA? Is he really a Rothschild puppet?

b7c727 No.189713


The lack of constitutionality of the corporate USA govt is a very serious issue for the future (we hope), but it wont come up in this context. These people are just treasonous and seditious criminals, and that would be just as true in 1789 or 1865 as now.

2e5112 No.189714

State of Emergency declared in Oswego NY over snowstorm


a833e0 No.189715

File: cf01086dd1bb38f⋯.png (490.12 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)


one more

0bf5e6 No.189717

What's new, Q?

0bba77 No.189718


maybe read the meme threads too… and the previous day's bread

70c562 No.189719

>>189690 ← Do this on Name of fake Q

65a2a8 No.189720


Hey, if you're gonna be trapped in a goddamn embassy for seven years, you might as well take the opportunity to learn their language.

54c953 No.189721


biggest and most important take from this tweet i got was this… let anybody challenge this twatter statement. any takers? …fuck no there won't be. this is ONE thing even the most brainwashed will not back potus on. it's going to be a brand new year.

9280fe No.189722


Protip - VIPs often have no origination/destination listed. Look at where the flight appears to be heading or coming from. If it isn't of interest, ignore it. I follow stuff in IAD and GAO given what's going on. (Not at the moment though)

5852ac No.189723


Yeah, sorry about that - I'm an idiot. I tried to post a better one but it wouldn't let me post twice. But the link will take you there.

be98b5 No.189724

File: f64210f1208c9ae⋯.png (842.31 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, 2EF5925B-0CFA-4255-B839-C2….png)

File: 9533284b1fc5c3c⋯.jpeg (99.23 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 15B2621C-5A6A-4EB9-BC7F-3….jpeg)

File: 62f3134b925dfb2⋯.jpeg (97.87 KB, 750x752, 375:376, 10392498-73B9-4F5E-91FF-5….jpeg)

4dca0d No.189725



>Funny that the Disney power outages is in 'Fantasy Land'


>Funny that the Disney power outages is in 'Fantasy Land'

Perhaps the Fantasyland that isn't Disney just lost their power.

6893f5 No.189726


Entries N/A to N/A ==> is that unusual?

fb6791 No.189727


Drop the Disneyland shit…pedos are everwhere and there going to seek out jobs anywhere they can get close to kids. I was surprised the numbers for them weren’t higher.

Also doubtful those pics were taken at the parks.

9280fe No.189728


Also, flightradar24.com doesn't get the origination information as reliably as flightaware.com. Check both.

f69bf0 No.189729


GW said Trump slept with a 13 year old a few months back , no doubt he removed video as it is his M.O

b7c727 No.189730


This is not even a good fake. Must be the same fag who made Soetero's birth cert.

3fa3b8 No.189731


Awans Group using MS-13 were murdering car dealers in DC and VA that would not sell their dealerships to Awans Group. They pulled cars from everywhere sent out with goods like dope, arms and yellow cake. Put on shipping containers.

112d59 No.189732

b28cf3 No.189733


Julian assange's account was deleted- not suspended or inactivated. Deleting all of his account data provided them the capacity to register his screen name again. That's why the Navy had Julian assange in quotes- it's not assange.

b6aa7c No.189734





e3d296 No.189735

File: d36f6bac587461c⋯.jpg (53.85 KB, 640x480, 4:3, car5q.jpg)

997f67 No.189736


GOOD WORK, thank you ←will join digging

19ef29 No.189737


i have 0 desire to use unconstitutional law to restore a constitutional Republic… are we not better than our enemy?

and i definitely don't want to plant wrongthink in the publics mind.

b7c727 No.189738


Because libtards dont think he should tweet while observing criminal proceedings.

eae1ec No.189739


Been on my mind a while

b3fd3d No.189740


> These people are just treasonous and seditious criminals, and that would be just as true in 1789 or 1865 as now.

And that is the point I was making. NOW, right now we have laws against sedition. NOW, right now, these scumbags who have broken those laws a can be arrested and tried under those laws.

That is all.

I am not here to argue about whether or not the US is a corporation or any of that shit. Just making graphics. Sedition is currently illegal. Am making output for the public and that is a salient point: it is illegal NOW under regular ol' federal law (as opposed to UCMJ).

That is all.

70c562 No.189741


Download these images and review offline. A lot of work went into these by some BRILLIANT autists. It's being added to the next bread, but get a jump on it. This is definitely going down… and, yes, the death penalty is in play.

8664cf No.189742

I filtered somebody and lost the whole bread but like 5 pieces??? Can I undo this?

Sorry never filtered b4 and the first time I do lose the whole bread

b28cf3 No.189743


CTBS could be the new snopes.

da709b No.189745


I think it's more likely he is a double agent the other way around. Lots of info on him working with the bad guys early in his life, maybe forced to, and now getting his revenge on them. The idea has been around a long time but when Q had us look into the wives there was more specific info about the things he supposedly worked on for them. Maybe he was mkultra'd as a kid and finally broke away. Either way it looks like he's been working for the US gov his whole life.

b6aa7c No.189746



6c7d3a No.189747

Area 24 Pendleton



2568e5 No.189748

File: 8d5d41698d85a77⋯.png (477.71 KB, 661x409, 661:409, Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at ….png)

0379ef No.189749


Go to settings, top right, and erase.

3253f6 No.189750






ben hur




219a91 No.189751

Why are libtards stumping their libtardo shit here?

9a16b6 No.189752

Defense official: Rapists, murderers received clearances - Sept. 2017

The federal government security clearance backlog has led to convicted felons, including murderers and pedophiles, to be given interim clearances, a senior government official said during a national security conference this week.

The federal government security clearance backlog has led to convicted felons, including murderers and pedophiles, to be given interim clearances, a senior government official said during a national security conference this week, McClatchy's Washington D.C, news bureau reports.

Daniel E. Payne, head of the Defense Security Service, spoke at the Intelligence & National Security Summit in Washington on Sept. 6, where he said about 100,000 people hold interim clearances while working for companies with Defense Department contractors or at 13,000 cleared facilities and plants around the country as they await a full comprehensive background investigation, McClathcy reports.

According to the article, it takes about one year for a full top security clearance investigation, and Payne said the backlog is so great that the Pentagon has very little choice but to offer interim clearances to keep weapons development programs running, but added that discovering later that murderers, rapists and pedophiles have had access to classified information is very dangerous.

https://federalsoup.com/ articles/2017/09/06/defense-official-rapists-murderers-recieved-clearances.aspx

7ac236 No.189753


Hi Lynn

be98b5 No.189754


Go to options-top right - filtering and remove

b7c727 No.189755


I follow him closely. He may be traveling.

579b0d No.189756



So in Portugal there's this red cross foundation… Idk if it is relevant but if you go to there website..

add www. to following


you get these intenational links to other organizations..










I cant dig more. might be dead might not.

Shadilay and wat not

0bf5e6 No.189757


Top kek!

be98b5 No.189758


Stopppp answering shilsllllslslslslslslsl

48d928 No.189760


Def imposter, anon. Filtered this shillniggers ID yesterday so their post doesn’t even show up for me.

a00b62 No.189761


…and you will notice that I listed other sources with similar info.

Don't kill messengers…


b0c207 No.189762


May 2017 Debbie Wasserman Schultz Threatens Capitol Police Over IT Staffer Investigation

observer .com/2017/05/debbie-wasserman-schultz-capitol-police-investigation-imran-awan/

412c08 No.189763


Fuck George Webb and his rambling bullshit over 50 one minute videos ALL DAY LONG!

70c562 No.189764


Just in case you didn't see the other anons' replies, go to options at the top-right of the entire page, click Filtering, and remove.

68692d No.189765



8e79b3 No.189766


Just think what CBTS could be!

a833e0 No.189767




thank you will keep in mind, novice flightanon

1e5cb4 No.189768

File: 313e79dfffbd6b9⋯.jpeg (41.66 KB, 765x492, 255:164, DJTTweetFakeLol.jpeg)

b28cf3 No.189769

>>189136 Q isn't but the poster that goes by the name !rrelevant (or something like that) definitely is (not real AI, just the closest thing we have)

be98b5 No.189770


He’s an Israeli Mossad SHILL

Controlled opposition just like Alex jones paid by time warner cable

997f67 No.189771


Give Operation Condor and Assange holding tight at Ecuador with little to no confirmation he's still actually there, I'm actually kind of leaning towards the spooks either having a hold of him or having him compromised.

As for Snowden, he was a spook shill to begin with so it doesn't matter if they did anything with him.

639f2e No.189772

Anyone notice during POTUS speech at firestation were the letters "cue" (Q) right next to his head the entire speech

2d06c5 No.189773


Cool. Makes sense. I'm just adding that it seems like it's been compromised since last year.

90c15b No.189774

See Gw's YT vid today on NCMEC. They went by there and tried to get an interview with someone. Were given runaround. Bullshit org kidnapping and trafficking children, controlling flow of info and impeding investigations.

e21038 No.189775


God, I love my president.

997f67 No.189776


*Or dead of course. Either way after Christmas there's no reason to put any stock in what he tweets.

8664cf No.189777



Haha thanks I couldn't see your replies but I did figure it out shoulda looked more b4 posting

9280fe No.189778


There was a 2014 review of polygraph tests that referred to this. One can tell by the spacing in the wording that the redacted numbers of failed opsec screening breaches was in the hundreds - this was a review of NRO.

b7c727 No.189779


I might have to focus on him, so No. I cant take that much dumbing down.

50ea77 No.189780


Was that today? Haven’t been able to watch the news

112d59 No.189782

10 things you might not know about Peter Munk

The colourful 86-year-old founder of Barrick Gold Corp. officially sails into the sunset Wednesday.

By LISA WRIGHTBusiness Reporter

Tues., April 29, 2014

After 30 years building Barrick Gold Corp. into the world’s largest bullion miner, 86-year-old business icon Peter Munk is calling it a career. The fedora-wearing magnate officially steps down as Barrick’s chairman at the company’s annual meeting Wednesday, signaling the end of a very colourful era in the gritty mining business.

Here are 10 things to know about one of the industry’s most flamboyant characters as he leaves the Bay St. building:

1. When Hungary was invaded by Nazis in 1944, the then-teenaged Munk and his well-to-do family fled their Budapest home on the famous Kasztner train, which carried 1,600 Jews to freedom in Switzerland.

2. He actually started in the stereo business, and counted Frank Sinatra and Hugh Hefner among his first company’s fans. In 1956 he started Clairtone Sound Corp. in Toronto, building and installing high-quality sound systems.

3. The international entrepreneur developed a luxurious hotel and resort complex in his beloved Fiji in 1968.

4. He loves reading biographies and was a big fan of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

5. Before he got into gold, he was an oil and gas man. He formed Barrick Petroleum in 1980 to invest in the lucrative industry.

6. He is linked to Watergate — the hotel complex, anyway — through his former commercial real estate firm Trizec Properties, which owned the famed Washington landmark for a while among its vast portfolio of properties.

19ef29 No.189783

96d1af No.189784



466fcd No.189785


Fake twat

026f2d No.189786


>could be

Think of what h8 Chan USED to be… back to (((kikebook))) m8

0379ef No.189787


So !rrelvent definitely is real AI but not really? Stop typing.

333afe No.189788


The more you tell 8chn to drop Disneyland

the more they will dig it.

You should know this.

be98b5 No.189789



54c953 No.189790

ok off topic but i think important. look at the ten commandment's. think. easy to not do. very easy actually. in a sane world anyway.

67b60c No.189791

File: 3d5467e6a58e3e3⋯.png (758.85 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 7A8A2400-2FBA-4EB8-8D48-7A….png)

Interesting flight out of LAX.

639f2e No.189792



Yes just watched it on Fox twatter

2d06c5 No.189793


Thx for the xplain. Makes sense.

a00b62 No.189794


see video in>>189583

full explanation of Awans and all of the ties…

6893f5 No.189795


Is "blocked" unusual?

4a6615 No.189796


They are not civilians any more.

They are enemy combatants.

be98b5 No.189797


True true

70dfd7 No.189798



Funny as those are, I am fairly certain those are memes, not actual twitter postings. Not sure if the goal was for a meme, or to try and get people to spread the perception we can't fact-check ourselves.

b7c727 No.189799


Youre a real scholar.

8e79b3 No.189800


Joke lost on you, faggot.

f9855f No.189801


Not just that, but legitimate researchers got caught up in that distraction. Simple fix: put the following in the CSS for the tripcode class:

background: yellow:

That will make the tripcodes obvious in all posts, past and future.

466fcd No.189802

729645 No.189804


When I tried to delete my account, I was told it would take 30 days before gone for good.

50ea77 No.189805


Thanks, I’ll go check it out

9280fe No.189806


On it.

2d4d23 No.189807

997f67 No.189808


*privileged see this is why you don't have a job, go read a book son goddamn

639f2e No.189809

https:// mobile.twitter.com/FoxNews/status/946136735255355392/video/1

abf8e5 No.189811


Some more info….This one doesn't mention Munk directly in the context of the article, but it does mention him making a very sizable contribution, possibly to the Clinton Foundation. Not sure if that is who it was for, but the core of the article speaks to Frank Guistra's connection/donations to the Clinton Foundation, and also includes mention of Carlos Slim, so maybe we need to keep our eyes/ears out at that level as well… what a tangled web they weave….

>Giustra, Slim donate $100-million each to Clinton Foundation


"While the CGSGI may be the single largest charity initiative by the mining sector, Mr. Giustra's contribution follows previous large-scale donations by other industry heavyweights from Canada.

…"Mr. Lassonde has donated millions through his own active philanthropic efforts as has his Franco-Nevada co-founder and long-time business partner Seymour Schulich. Mr. Schulich recently gave $22.5-million (Canadian) to the Technion-Israel Institute, which is naming its chemistry department after him. His past gifts have included $27-million to York University's school of business and $20-million to McGill University's faculty of music. Barrick Gold co-founder Peter Munk gave almost $61-million to charity last year alone including $37-million to the Toronto General Hospital, $18.5-million to the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and $5-million to the University of Toronto"

21f66b No.189812


he also said he was going on to CNN to have an interview … wtf does cnn interview humm??

Also, all is "leg work" that he does.. going to places that other ppl have been murdered/died .. yet nothing happens to him??? odd, no?

GW .. paid actor…

a00b62 No.189813


Did you notice I listed others sources of the same information?

It's foolish to focus on the messengers…


b28cf3 No.189814

10 days



the 10 days started on the 17th. Darkness is today, and Trump hasn't posted yet today. Maybe darkness means Trump going dark. It would be smart for Trump right now, since everyone knows the baby rapers will try to kill him before the first.

aa443f No.189815

2f8f59 No.189817

Need to focus on the missing "i". Q said it was important. And now the tweets from Potus missing or displaced "i".

Space x launched 10 iridium satellites on a Falcon 9 rocket 22.des.


Iridium satellites can focus Sunlight on a small spot on Earth, as it was written on wikipedia yesterday, now its gone.

112d59 No.189818

A question fellow anons:

Is the map supposed to be used to predict the future or just understand events after they have happend?

b7c727 No.189819


Please explain the parties, underlying facts, all applicable law and procedure and the likely results. You have no clue who is being charged, for what, how, or where. The only real clue so far is that it's federal, rather than state law. Could be both in many cases.

a00b62 No.189820


he's been on the golf course all day

5b07df No.189821

Twitter is trending about Most Admired man.

We need some meme maker masters to get on it.

It seems Gallup has BHO as the most admired man for the 10th year in a row and it is the first time a new President didn't get it.

I have already replied in a tweet and this where Meme makers need to come in.

What I said in the tweet is:

LOL Is that the same polling company that said from their polls, @HillaryClinton was going to win by a landslide over @realDonaldTrump ? LOL #MAGA Polls don't matter. The job matters. Enjoy your polls - reality is different.

Lets make memes about polls being Bullshit and fake.

1e5cb4 No.189822


Yep, that would fix that problem.

At least until they start using the CSS codes in the name slot.

639f2e No.189823

4b197e No.189824


https://twitter.com/ FoxNews/status/946136735255355392

b7c727 No.189825


It's you who is simple.

466fcd No.189826


Oct. 8 2012

aed383 No.189827

Happened to me too. Removed filter >>189742

0379ef No.189829

File: 265424f5afc65b7⋯.png (411.51 KB, 629x557, 629:557, 1514412698120.png)

a833e0 No.189830




dont think its either of these but they are in the area on same path

bc06ae No.189831


Can't wait to freeze his assetsoff2

840218 No.189832

Just saw on space.com russia lost communication/control with a satelitte they launched yesterday

eae1ec No.189833


Used to be useless garbage and packed with self aggrandizing dribble.

Go drink your drain-o , faggot

f9855f No.189834


Yes. A little more complex would be to go into the code and change the location of the tripcode. That takes a bit more time, depending on how long it takes to find it.

e21038 No.189836


The CIA makes CBTS look like James Bond…

1e5cb4 No.189838


Just goes to show even POTUS needs a break from the grind.

9280fe No.189839

File: 08ce10bc24a4bc1⋯.png (5.7 KB, 144x104, 18:13, blocked.png)


Could be this. Remember…flightaware gets more data on flights. Use both.

68692d No.189840


It's implied that it should be able to "predict" planned operations. Watching events unfold and relating them back to Q's posts is supposed to help validate Q and provide examples of how the posts predict future events.

997f67 No.189841


Goddamn. Guess the reason Canadians are so nice is they get ideologically processed through their 4 years into becoming "O soury" robots on account of Canada having a lot of their own domestic Soroses.

12ab7b No.189844


The map allows us to confirm our research. A future event happens, we come back and find our research to understand the fuller picture. Future confirms past.

f69bf0 No.189845



Watching this , heading in the right direction.

f421fe No.189847


red october

e21038 No.189851


Fair enough

b35b74 No.189852


You misread my post. Part of a contuning series.

How long for Q NOT posting…Asked the same for POTUS just before.

Details, Anon, details.

763452 No.189855


We re told that he's on the golf course all day. Do you really believe this?

f918e6 No.189856


The loud ones got thrown into the looney ward for speaking out against (((them)))

b35b74 No.189857


You misread my post. Part of a contuning series.

How long for Q NOT posting…Asked the same for POTUS just before.

Details, Anon, details.

eff0ca No.189858


I guess his Asian trip was unsuccessful in shopping for a new handler. lol

9bb7bf No.189859


Interview was in canada in october at the invictus games, so no he isn’t in the UK

1e5cb4 No.189860

New bread >>189803

>New bread >>189803

New bread >>189803

>New bread >>189803

New bread >>189803

>New bread >>189803

New bread >>189803

>New bread >>189803

New bread >>189803

>New bread >>189803

f9855f No.189861


It would still be possible to detect, but it won't be obvious. If they figure that one out, that fake code will still appear inside the name span. It'll be a span within a span.

e21038 No.189862


Raman-hair Schultz should be sniffing ass in GITMO.

1e5cb4 No.189863


Now that would be a working solution.

Separate name and trip with date or something.

70c562 No.189864

Fill this bread, anons.

840218 No.189865


Fuck that didnt occur to me

a00b62 No.189866


I hear that he pushes so hard for so many hours a day - that his staff really do have to run to keep up with him. Brilliant man - able to juggle many issues at the same time. He is not inclined to taking vacations, but gets refueled on the gold course. Was a competitive athlete as a youth. Loves winning.

8d983b No.189867

File: 44a9dd93421d1d9⋯.png (139.44 KB, 480x139, 480:139, 9e880a46-aeb0-4109-8d2a-72….png)


>luciferian arrogance

They're just assmad, literally.

db01bc No.189868

File: 4290e361578fc53⋯.png (116.8 KB, 949x689, 73:53, tides_foundation.png)


here's some TIDES Foundation connections

997f67 No.189869


BHO is the whitest fucking president we've ever had, no bullshit

0bf5e6 No.189871


Duly noted. I'll delete that post on it being disinfo.

f9855f No.189872


That's how I did it on my site after I learned that the tripcode could be faked.

8664cf No.189873


I think you'd be humbly surprised all the business that goes down a golf course

a833e0 No.189874





a00b62 No.189876


I meant gets refueled on the GOLF course

a833e0 No.189877

da709b No.189878


If "The US" really wanted to get him out of the Ecuadorian consulate, it would really easy. Offer Ecuador something they want….threaten to take something away…whatever, US is much more powerful than Ecuador. But if SOME US people want to get him and OTHER US people are working with him, then that could explain the situation. Likewise, some UK people will want to get him and some will be working with him (meaning he works for them). Just no way you can put out over 10million docs over 10 years with no one ever once slipping in a little mistake to discredit you - unless ofc you're getting your docs from your boss, who's some top guy in US intelligence

Plus wikileaks isn't a wiki at all. It's the exact opposite. Wiki - any one can edit the documents. Wikileaks - no one edits anything ever. That kind of "mistake" stands out to people who work with computers and they immediately look for the "other" meaning, maybe "We Kill Leaks".

1e5cb4 No.189880



abf8e5 No.189881

More Munk / Barrick….

Looks like Soros has been a fan… see a few articles where he takes big positions and then gets out… fits perfectly into the gold market manipulation theories a lot of AU bugs have.

>Billionaire George Soros buys US$263.7 million stake in Barrick Gold, but Street still chasing rally - May 17, 2016


> Billionaire George Soros Sold $112 Million of This Gold Miner - September 1, 2014


f94942 No.189882


If you're surprised, you haven't been paying enough attention for the last twenty years.

e21038 No.189884

b3fd3d No.189885



The graphic compilation of his posts, therefore, is not the map itself. We are supposed to build the web of connections between the people, places, times, businesses/govts/organizations & activities he mentions in his crumbs. That is the map.

f918e6 No.189886


Thank you! I was missing this one

47f6fa No.189887

Burnt Bagel?

https://www. yahoo.com/news/burnt-bagel-blamed-st-louis-155028778.html

997f67 No.189888


Spot on–ask the fucking First Nations people about that. smh

763452 No.189889


Fully agree. Trump is busy, not relaxing.

8c0d4a No.189891


I can't find the upvote button?

112d59 No.189892


Why? How does revealing knowledge of future actions help Q/GEOTUS? They are in control. Do they need our help for anything else except redpilling family/friends after SHTF?

It is like dropping breadcrumbs to your kids about what they are getting for Christmas. Ugh. Maybe I am thinking too deep into this. I need a break.

3cd32b No.189893


kek, nice one

9280fe No.189894


That's going to IAH - Houston. Is there a reason this is interesting? Use flightaware.com to match the flight and get the info if flightradar24 doesn't show the info.

9bb7bf No.189896


I thought the same earlier easy mistake to make anon

12ab7b No.189898


There isn’t one.

125218 No.189899

just heard steven d kelly started a qanon fakecrook group. might be inderesting

9280fe No.189900


Oh…and all caps are gay. Evolve.

729645 No.189901


OAN showed POTUS "live" today in Florida with a group of firefighters.

f69bf0 No.189902


i dont think so , all info blocked on flight radar, not positive though

1e5cb4 No.189903


I think ya got it!

791405 No.189904


OMG, this is a gem!

aed383 No.189906

Concerning >>189832

1e5cb4 No.189907


d ← very important

a833e0 No.189908


thats what i did, dont think its interesting just mathced the flight anon posted to flightaware because they have more info

9280fe No.189909


You shouldn't be here.

21f66b No.189910


did this land in YuCCa??

2d06c5 No.189911


meme's a bit blurry

e21038 No.189912


Take his asset's coat… and don't give it back.

50ea77 No.189914

File: 3e13209cd57f11d⋯.jpeg (898.62 KB, 750x1191, 250:397, E0CAB157-DF64-4F19-A845-2….jpeg)


This one seems interesting. Almost looks like an escort

997f67 No.189918


Securities manipulation/profit, like every other major fucking event these assholes have created in the last 80+ years because they could, is why the Twin Towers fell.

I didn't even vote for Trump, and I'm worried about his domesitc economic policies, with that being said–where is his heart? What geographic location?

How many friends did he possibly lose on 9/11, and what do you think someone like him would do if he started to look into things?

Securities manipulation, movement of real estate and the associated entities mergers/buyouts is fucking key anons. Munk, Soros…. We can connect them all.

a00b62 No.189920


"It is the first...in a series"

This puzzles me...

6fe446 No.189924


Interesting. Elite and corporate infiltration of schools is old school blue-pill scheme. Ask the Rockefellers and such..

Found this article of a bunch of students in Toronto protesting Peter Munk.

"University of Toronto students staged a protest Thursday against philanthropist Peter Munk's $35 million donation for a new school on global affairs."

"The protesters were opposing Munk’s $35 million gift last year for a new school of global affairs, which they claimed is tainted by allegations that Munk’s international gold mining operations are guilty of pollution and human rights violations."

https:// www.thestar.com/life/parent/2011/04/07/u_of_t_students_protest_munk_donation.html

3d95ca No.189927


50K screaming Marines and a few corpsman at Camp Pendleton. LOL

881d20 No.189928


It's up your ass

840218 No.189929


It was launched from Ukraine where I believe there is a heavy Clowns presence

adfc96 No.189930


Was looking for helicopters but I am guess they drove them out and will transfer somewhere.

I mean where would Pedophile candy land be? duh? all Disneyland has underground tunnels, thats host the casts get around without walking past people, could be some crooked shit there.

9280fe No.189931


Try not to post things that don't add interesting information. Confirm things yourself and if you find something remarkable, then mention it. Otherwise it just fills the board with digital diarrhea.

112d59 No.189932


Understood. Thanks anon. I needed that focus.

997f67 No.189934


Ay–what's the location/trajectory for that thing? USAF refueller plane emergency landed in Scotland a couple hours ago? Smaller two planes might be possible.

2d06c5 No.189935


No. I believe it's for private planes. planefags need to confirm.

23af19 No.189938

filling the bread

b16c3f No.189940


I guess the "too" (two) many incidents" followed by "–" meant 2 typo errors in the message, one obvious in "chidlren" to show which kind of typo error to look for. Then the word "incidents" had not really its place in the context, so it should have been choosen for a specific purpose.

Well that's a possibility.

9280fe No.189942

db01bc No.189943

fill da bread!

f69bf0 No.189945


it looked like one from frankfurt did a few hours ago , so much going on my brain is on overload though .

997f67 No.189946


Yup yup. And Carnegie lest we forget.

27cfed No.189947

File: f65f47195188dbb⋯.png (73 KB, 594x173, 594:173, Q for god and country 11de….png)



Found it. (Pic)

Q post from December11th:



Earlier posted on November 12th:

Disney is a distraction


Then posted again 'FREEDOM' on December 25th:


Disney outage is definately part of the operation, albeit meant as purpose for distraction.

a00b62 No.189948


Don't put that out on social media.

Fools will think it is real

POTUS is taking enuf incoming

6c7d3a No.189949


you bet brother

The Presidents Own


54c953 No.189952


bro… board is psssst. if you know what i mean. from now until it is not psssst. Q is going to be silent. oops. puter slowing down. these people are stupid. psssst. no posts in storm… a reason… bad. as said… stay calm… know what i mean? banned? we see.

2568e5 No.189954


I live here….0 odd traffic today

50ea77 No.189955


Off the coast of Cali headed toward Hawaii. Larger plane coming from NY but the two blocked planes started in LA.

2d06c5 No.189957

File: 350c73340058e02⋯.jpg (104.38 KB, 900x720, 5:4, pray.jpg)


4ef475 No.189960


Double-checked, It's genuine.

a833e0 No.189961


what? anon was drawing attention to a BLOCKED flight.

we would have wasted time following it, i confirmed it was a commercial airliner.

d2c3fc No.189963



Mossad, or at the least verified disinfo. Just enough truth to attract sheep.

38536a No.189966


Assange was an abused child.

I believe there's a ring of them helping to wipe off the cabal. But I haven't any proof of course

001e60 No.189967


Most appropriate meme of that photo as of yet!! You get a devils food cake cookie! Kek!

633ef8 No.189968


The pics are real; the costumes they're wearing are photoshopped

47f6fa No.189969


For GOD & Country means FREEDOM?

89695d No.189970

File: f8184ae444cfc79⋯.png (207.76 KB, 446x490, 223:245, diamond.png)


>s Gallup has BHO as the most admired man for the 10th year in a row and it is the

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