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File: 5a80cd4bf3eed76⋯.jpg (7.14 KB, 262x154, 131:77, CBTS14.jpg)

64d22a No.198079

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of the body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.” ― Thomas Jefferson

Jeremiah 29:11 "‘For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the Lord. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.’”

We are Restoring the Republic of America

Americas Military + Navy Intelligence, the NSA, the Q group and more have conducted an unprecedented python approach of The-One-PedoRing-To-Rule-Them-All with over 4,289 sealed indictments fueled by the massive NSA information powerhouse [KEY] turned good under Admiral Rogers.

We are living in historic times, and we've been handed a Map of what's to come, and what's going on in this war between Patriots and Clowns.

Here's the catch: The CIA/MSM has lulled the normies into what Q calls Fantasy Land and they cannot handle the Truth. Solution? Sincere Patriots [STONE].

We are the dot connectors. We are the excavators of obscured facts. We are who we've been waiting for our whole lives. We are the Storm, and we are the Calm Center inside it.

Our goal is simple:

To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. We have been chosen to spread the word and to ease and assist the transition of our world.

>Perhaps he could not in good conscience see the world burn.

Can you?

Suit up lads, we will have Peace through the Strength of our Understanding and give Clarity through our Memetic Spread.

64d22a No.198081




17/12/25 - CHRISTMAS DAY

>>172761 to >>172726



Graphic >>183550

17/12/23 - SATURDAY





>>158144 to >>158096

>>158162 to >>158138

>>158219 to >>158194, >>158202


ZULU TIME definition: >>178049



>>158980 to >>158952

>>159016 to >>158980


Graphic >>183585

17/12/22 - FRIDAY

>>148746 to >>148634

>>148761 to >>148729

>>148848 to >>148751


>>151134 (Wikileaks Stringer?)


>>154468 to >>154372

>>154505 to >>154429

>>154535 to >>154477

>>154583 to >>154493

>>154682 to >>154644

64d22a No.198083




Notable Posts From the Previous Bread(s)

>>184925 Dec 26 stand, Dec 27

>>184800 It's [0] in the countdown

>>184805 Radio Silence

>>183552 OP IS BIG. The Wrath is REAL.

>>181689 More decoded stringers

>>168555 NEW - Stringer thread has a decode, folks. It involves Seth Rich and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


>>184094 Chrissy Teigen, John Legend and 2 others apparently detained at LAX. Flight our Planefags were tracking earlier today

>>182981 Our Planefags tracing the flight above earlier today >>184448

>>184614 LAX shut down

>>184297 LAX passenger must have been 'a big fish.'

>>184893 Uranium Passenger?

>>184700 Top Kek


Washington Crossing the Delaware


>>172153 , DoD Tweet




http:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/147433975/#q147433975


BIGLY: Petition for Disclosure, Find the Exchange:

https://twitter .com/ABCPolitics/status/943866651803611136

https://www.whitehouse .gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-blocking-property-persons-involved-serious-human-rights-abuse-corruption/

More info: >>140461

>>120430 (Petition)



=Why We Break Links=


Recent Activity


64d22a No.198084




Alien / Disclosure Related >>26613

The Asia Foundation >>15984

A peek into (((they))) >>2422

Bloodlines and Y >>7705

CEO/President/Notable Resignations here with date >>146483

Clinton Cabal & Swamp Creatures >>1411

Executive Order Human Rights Violators >>140461

FBIAnon AMA Transcript >>137237

Godfather III >>2078

Hefner, CIA, RAZVI Traverse >>3952

Hunt For Red October >>3102

Isreal & Zionism >>1398

Indictments & Arrests >>3163

Metaphysical & Esoteric Q >>1391

Missle Research - Why has Q mentioned missile as 'missle' twice? >>147334

North Korea >>1342

Occult, Symbolism & Leadership >>4249

Q Signatures >>2198

Q Stringer Central >>2300

Rothschild Family >>1362

Rothschild Family Summary >>139091

Red Cross >>40157

Report Strange NWO Deaths >>114171

Sidley Austin Digathon >>15139

Saudi Arabia & M.E. >>1327

Sealed Indictments >>4409

Snow White and AI Science >>123576

Soros & NGOs >>1367

The British Connections >>117841

Titanic >>106

Vatican, Knights Templar/Malta, Jesuits, FM >>1346

>>189447 ← Stringers, military courts

**Broken links have been removed.


64d22a No.198086





New QMap PDF freshly baked https://anonfile.com/43C4q9d5ba/Q_s_posts_-_CBTS_-_3.12.0.pdf

Alt Link to PDF Above https://dropfile.to/2UrnCy7

Interactive: https://qcodefag.github .io (has search function, also a section for answers)

Graphic: >>161446 >>161453 >>163079 >>178717 (Grand Q-Map(s))

Text: [4chan] https://pastebin .com/vTs4pdpC | [8chan] https://pastebin .com/dfWVpBbY

PDF: https: //anonfile .com/02A1q4d1b6/Q_Map_12_26_2017_v1.pdf

PDF: For Spider Web Mapping: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ti7o7za7ahpztdk/q%20print.zip?dl=0

>Alt Link to PDF Above https: //dropfile.to/2UrnCy7

The Book of Q: https://pastebin .com/g893uTTk (pdf, parts I-V)

Q Database: http://www.db-q .com/ (has posts, search, glossary, legend, timeline & quiz)

Spreadsheet: https://app.smartsheet .com/b/publish?EQBCT=7e06675d22854a069d313fb6e08b2444

Spreadsheet (Q & A) Guidelines >>>/cbts/182132

Q turned A: https://anonfile .com/ncw5Xdc7b5/QturnedA.pdf

Wiki: Need a proper wiki.

Thread archives: http://qarchives .ml/

CSV file of Q posts, time stamps, and POTUS Twitter: https://ufile. io/nmyy0


CheatSheetAnon 40,000 ft. perspective: >>134020

How to read the Q map: >>133263

Tools & Information

Mapping tools: >>111700, >>119941

Free information: >>152634

For site archival: https://archive .fo/

Marine Codes: marineparents .com/downloads/CP04-AppdxB-Acronyms-Abbreviations.pdf


Prayer Requests: >>55606

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CBTS 8ch.net Threads Archive list -> https://pastebin. com/ci7PGKS0 [includes direct links to Q posts]

CBTS 8chan Board Archive -> https://8ch. net/cbts/archive/index.html

CBTS 4chan Threads Archive list -> http://pastebin. com/8zHit7mA [includes direct links to Q posts]

4chan Trip-Q Archive -> http://archive.4plebs. org/pol/search/tripcode/!ITPb.qbhqo

Pastebin of of Links posted 4pol -> https://pastebin. com/A97LLKZL

Search archive.is for cbts and topic threads http://archive. is/offset=50/https://8ch.net/cbts/res/*




Through tempest, storm

And darkest night,

Anons don't rest

'Til things are right.



Memes #1 >>2

Memes #2 >>61078

Memes #3 >>107604

Memes #4 >>142207

Memes #5 >>189835 (Now accepting images)

Infographs >>10

Bulk Image Download from Meme Threads

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→4h 356 files from #4, 27Dec2017, 84 Mb. https://anonfile. com/i9g4red7b5/CBTS_Memes_4h.zip


64d22a No.198089




If a baker is needed and you decide to step up for God & Country,

Simply read the instructions at the top of the batter paste. It's so easy.

When you're done, make a pastebin . com of your recipe for the next baker.

Don't forget to update the last batter below.

Last batter edited from: https://pastebin.com/WHwRfeRs (#211)




→ Coax them in the right direction. Open minds gradually without bludgeoning or traumatizing. Tactics differ depending on what they already know, and their openness to unsettling new info. Aim for slight to moderate cognitive dissonance (>>134272). Remember that too much too fast can turn normies away. Hammer on current news topics.

have been posted to Memes4 thread in three parts:




Derived from this source file: pastebin.com/mYN5J74B

(The original pastebin it came from is here: pastebin.com/JUp6vUDe and it contains some additional links that did not get retrieved from the archives, but I think maybe this is enough redpill tactics for new meme-droppers to learn the skill…)

Dif'rent strokes for dif'rent folks. Your call, Anons. But don't mention 8chan, please.


o7 Captain Mike Green o7

o7 Seth Rich o7

Q asked us to pray. Every Good thought helps.

277761 No.198190

File: 06236d1c4d5c07e⋯.jpg (67.26 KB, 472x750, 236:375, Devil.jpg)


Fresh & Yummy. TY, Baker!

85ee3f No.198197

Thank you for the fresh bake, Baker!

8f61f0 No.198200


Wasnt sure it was ready, lets dig in

fb757e No.198201

Here is what Q has had to say relevant to NK:

Some things must remain classified to the very end. NK is not being run by Kim, he’s an actor in the play. Who is the director? The truth would sound so outrageous most Americans would riot, revolt, reject, etc.

Would it blow your mind if I told you BO has been to NK and perhaps there now? Why did his administration do little to slow their nuclear and missle capabilities? Who feeds NK w/ strategic intel? Iran? What deal was done with Iran under BO? Why was the deal sealed under a top secret classification? Why wasn’t Congress notified? Why after BO left office all of a sudden NK has nukes and the tech to miniaturize for payload delivery within the US? What about NSA CIA DI etc all confirming tech won’t be in place for 5+ years (statements made in 2016). Why is all of this relevant and what does it tell you? Big picture is rare.

What a coincidence the mountain that housed NK’s nuclear weapons and testing collapsed. Unbelievable timing. I wonder if critically important materials as well as scientists aka the bomb makers were inside when it happened. Shocking no global news agency suspects we had nothing to do with it. Enjoy the crumbs.

How did NK obtain Uranium? How did Iran obtain Uranium? Why did BO send billions (in cash and wire) to Iran? Why the cash component? Was the hostage component a cover? For what? Could any of the cash component be handed off to other people? How many planes carried the cash into Iran? Did all land in Iran? Did all land in the same location? Why is this relevant? Who controls NK? Who really controls NK? Don't think of a single person. Think of a powerful entity. Why is this important? Why are wars so important? Who benefits? What does hostage refer to? Who can be held hostage and controlled by NK having miniaturized nuclear weapons? Where is BO TODAY? Where is VJ?

Why did BO send billions in cash to Iran? Why wasn't Congress notified? Why was this classified under 'State Secrets'? Who has access to 'State Secrets'? Where did the planes carrying the cash depart from and land? Did the planes all land in the same location? How many planes carried the cash? Why is this relevant? What does this have to do w/ NK? What does this have to do w/ SA/CF cash donations? What does this have to do w/ ISIS? What does this have to do w/ slush funds? Why is SA so vitally important? Follow the money. Who has the money?

Who controls NK? Who really controls NK? Who controls several agencies within the US, EU, and abroad? Why is No Such Agency so vital?

U1 – CA – EU – ASIA – IRAN/NK Iran Deal. Why is this relevant? Re-read drops re: NK / Iran. (Y) What does it mean to be covered in gold? Which couple was photographed covered in gold? The public release was a mistake. Who released the picture? Who has all the information? (Y) What does it mean to be covered in gold? Can you locate one other pic w/ Y head covered in gold? What does this represent? /_\ THE SUM OF ALL FEARS. Q

U1 - CA - EU - ASIA - IRAN/NK Where did it end up? What was the purpose? Who was suppose to win the election of 2016? Why was the Iran deal kept from Congress and placed at the highest level of classification? Meaning, a United States Senator could NOT review the deal but other foreign powers could. How much money was hand delivered by plane(s)? Why in cash? Where did the plane(s) actually land? What was the cover? Who paid for BO to attend Harvard? Why would this occur pre-political days? Who was the biggest contributor to the CF?

NK _ SpaceX.

What if NK had miniature nuke payload delivery in 2004? What if NK had ICBM capability since 2009? What if the previous tests that failed were staged? Why would this be relevant? Who is involved and why? Biggest cover up in our history. U1 - CA - EU - ASIA\NK. Iran deal. Russian reset.

RED CROSS RED RED. NK. Hussein. ASIA. Why was that STRINGER sent out? Decode. News unlocks message. Future proves past. Where is the RED CROSS? Runs deep. Children. Pray.

95b53e No.198203


Much love, Baker, as always but

>>196551 does not belong in the batter.

1682a2 No.198206


I really pray it leads somewhere. VP Pence still has to swear him in on the 3rd, so there's still that. I mean, Pence could turn to the camera and say... "Ladies and gentlemen, please turn your attention to the big screen (scenes of Clintons, Soros, Obamas, Albadine and others in cells appear...) Marine MP's take Jones by the arms...

Not that I can expect that now... Surely if Moore presented such striking evidence and the Judge ignored it, then the judge had to have broken some laws... How much longer must we endure this madness?

Trump could announce tomorrow that half the government were aliens and flip off their holographic disguise and tells us the earth was flat and I could handle it easier than this maddening waiting game where we seem to be slowly but surely getting no where.

902c9f No.198207



85ee3f No.198208


November 27, 2017

This former A- list celebrity/actress is now a permanent A list celebrity who doesn't do anything but make appearances. She also had sex with a man this weekend. Why? Her boyfriend owes him money. Her boyfriend is foreign born an an infamous A list celebrity/rapist.

Pamela Anderson/Julian Assange

http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2017/12/blind-items-revealed-3.html

1682a2 No.198209

And thank you, Baker… God bless you!

85eb64 No.198210


Planefags at 700, sir!

f12f82 No.198211


I keep getting pulled in the direction that that's the true head of the snake.

3a1889 No.198212

gotta love Tom Fitton.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qfodU9z_L8

64d22a No.198213


Ok, muh bad. I'll take it out. Was supposed to just be a summary.. 'butfuckit'

0d9719 No.198214


Well, hate to tell you but THIS.... Is just a small lie compared to the REAL coverup! Frogs in a pot of water!!! Only praying POTUS lives up to his RESPONSIBILITY! way past 71 1/2 weeks!

b48f64 No.198215


>condo bldg....

Dancing Bear phase 2: 219 E Durant Ave.


S**** Gupta


219 E Durant Ave

Aspen, CO 81611

www.spokeo. com/CO/Aspen/219-E-Durant-Ave

277761 No.198216


Quick update on the skies, pls.

f12f82 No.198217


STFU – CrazyDaysAndNights is usually on target

4904eb No.198218



with respect to




it's more than that... there were also twelve tribes of Israel

there was the House of Judea

the babylonians


it's all "mystery babylon" paganism

they follow satan (aka NOT GOD) in different ways

649da1 No.198219

Thank you to the Anon for the link on

Hansjorg Wyss at the end of the last thread

261e65 No.198220





It's ((Jews)) and many other useful lackeys - they certainly form a big part of the (((globalist))) crime syndicate. After essentially crushing the last remaining decent nation in europe that posed a threat to them aka Germany, they are now in the process of openly committing genocide by rape and replacement of OUR PEOPLE.

Wrapped in lies that are dropping their veils on daily basis now, they openly tout and flaunt their success in destroying the west, russia, and America, as well as any other nations and people on earth that poses a rival to ((their)) insane racial and ethnic hatred for others.

There are many useful idiots and (((useful goys)) among globalists, but the core is largely made of ((jews)) and other ((semites)) such as arabs, muslims, etc. They are all cut of the same cloth - bandits, criminals, traffickers, swindlers, thieves, and liars. "Synagogue of satan" "pedo prophet worshippers" "first black slavers" "money changers" "human traffickers" etc etc etc.

Jesus called them out, and he was crucified for his counter semitism and pro-humanism.

WAKE THE FUCK UP. Judeo-christianity is a LIE that was foisted on American and western Christians by ((those)) who destroyed us. There is only one Christianity , one West, one Russia, one sovereign nations. These ((criminals)) from near east and their lackeys and useful idiot accomplices whether they are sitting at the top of the pyramid or bitching and moaning and committing criminal acts in our everyday lives MUST BE EXTERMINATED and DESTROYED. Our children will not have a future with them in existence. ((Their))blatant criminality and thumbing their noses at our people while they victimize, insult, and violate our children MUST BE DRAGGED OUT TO LIGHT AND EXTERMINATED TO THE LAST SPECK OF DUST.

DEFEND THE FUTURE OF YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR PEOPLE. DESTROY THE LIES of cuckservative 'civic nationalism' and recognize that these conflict have, and always will be, tribal and ethnic in and racial in nature.



Q is not a motherfucking cuckservative, though even now it is still inopportune to openly and directly wage a frontal war against these ((scum)). Make no mistake however: HE KNOWS THE SCORE, AS DOES EVERY ONE OF US PATRIOTS.

b48f64 No.198221



Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent

www.cnn. com/profiles/sanjay-gupta-profile

f5696e No.198222


Sanje Gupta?

ff24ae No.198224

File: 78f3cddd3d994d9⋯.jpg (257.51 KB, 616x1468, 154:367, blow-job.jpg)


About the "Malta: Plane blown into airport building by strong winds" story, checked the weather report and found something odd

"Strong Winds"?

1c1a4d No.198225

File: ab632c1c5337f6e⋯.png (571.48 KB, 858x617, 858:617, stephen-paddocks-brother.png)




074009 No.198226


That was a list of the "helper" posts - does not belong at all. Hope BO bans their asses.

c656fc No.198227


A disrespectful threat to POTUS.

Thinks this is a game.

5b4b6a No.198228

Anon prediction:

POTUS 2018 State of the Union Address will be "glorious"!

a12867 No.198229



I've never watched/listened to the following in full, yet, but have it anyway...

Roy Cohn - The CIA Pedophile Ring Leader - An Evil Mechanism of Political Control

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yRVhOCw3LY&t=11s

ee1f7c No.198230

File: 5143927f55e9294⋯.png (52.07 KB, 236x230, 118:115, Screenshot-2017-12-28 deep….png)

File: 0080bedf5f8d1f9⋯.png (190.99 KB, 948x287, 948:287, Screenshot-2017-12-28 YouT….png)

it's working … google is angry

85ee3f No.198231


Right. So what could be UP with THIS?

b48f64 No.198232


see >>198221

>Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent

www.cnn. com/profiles/sanjay-gupta-profile

0d9719 No.198233


to clarify, 7.6 BILLION frogs in the same pot. A few (comparatively) like me jumped out.

57cab8 No.198234

File: dec0c0a5ffa7f53⋯.jpg (172.51 KB, 864x578, 432:289, bhogitmo7.jpg)

File: e8c80e41d867777⋯.jpg (168.1 KB, 864x578, 432:289, bhogitmo8.jpg)

b9c72d No.198235

File: bbd70a8023b01e3⋯.jpeg (167.47 KB, 750x364, 375:182, 81A7A850-1614-45A1-97B2-5….jpeg)


My apologies, I must be missing what you’re getting at. Are you referring to this tweet

ea477b No.198236


Lmao sorry, i always fuck up the spelling to that word. English isnt my first language

277761 No.198237

File: 28051b9abc0407f⋯.png (122.29 KB, 633x570, 211:190, Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at ….png)

File: 620d8d33894c9e0⋯.png (123.62 KB, 665x544, 665:544, Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at ….png)


Don't expect much. (yet holding out hope I'm wrong). Gov't releases are usually underwhelming.

http://www.judicialwatch.org /wp-content/uploads/2017/10/JW-v-State-2800-Abedin-Weiner-emails-00684.pdf

5fe50b No.198238


FREEDOM Caucus member on Fox again yesterday.


http://insider.foxnews. com/2017/12/27/desantis-congress-will-get-answers-how-fbi-used-trump-russia-dossier

https://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Freedom_Caucus

902c9f No.198239


also found out that him and his brother belong to an advertising agency called E&B advertising with more addresses

4921 Sw 25Th Place

Cape Coral, FL 33914

fb757e No.198240


There is only 2 real clues in this.

1. NK is not being run by Kim; and

2. Don't think of a single person. Think of a powerful entity.

The rest is speculation based on what we think we know. Certainly lots of suggestions that Iran and NK are part of the bigger picture. As is Canada, the EU and Asia?

Has anyone solved this?

277761 No.198242


Pls make some of Hillary too.

Great work!

902c9f No.198243


15645 Ocean Walk Cir Apt 215

Fort Myers Fl 33908

85ee3f No.198244

More from the "illuminati crowd"

Nov. 30, 2017

This permanent A list rapper knows there are multiple women who are about to expose him for the hundreds of times he has cheated on his wife, so is hoping his admission of a few women will cover for the hundreds. Nice try.

Jay Z/Beyonce

http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2017/12/blind-items-revealed-2_2.html

6174a3 No.198245


My pleasure.

I've been digging into him since Podesta's emails were released. He's rotten to the core. He's the one who bought up our land (Bear Ears, for example) and turned it over so Hussein could list it as a protected park. He called it "strategic environmentalism" – lock up the mineral rights so he wouldn't have competition globally.

3a1889 No.198246

Is Sarah Sanders on Vacation?

0736b2 No.198247

gotta love gerome corsi

anon lurker and digger

wh press credentials



investigative reporter extraordinaire


one of twenty two decipher



57cab8 No.198248


Thanks. I got to build a good template for her.

b9c72d No.198249



0d9719 No.198250


EU and Asia storms follow US. Canada definitely involved with U1. Trudeau donated to CF as well, so yes (?)

f12f82 No.198251


Why are we focusing on low level pawns? Why not go straight to the top?

277761 No.198252


TY, look forward to it.

1bd36f No.198253


This is from voat/pizzagate

Part 1

"Remember when Obama paid out $1.7 Billion “hostage” money to Iran, which incidentally is the world’s worst country in child sex trafficking.

http ://hotair.com/archives/2016/01/17/iran-getting-1-7b-from-u-s-in-debt-and-interest/

http ://english.aawsat.com/theaawsat/news-middle-east/iran-is-ranked-no-1-globally-on-human-trafficking-list

http ://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2015/08/03/state-dept-iran-among-worlds-worst-in-child-sex-trafficking/

So, who is Iran’s lobby in Washington, D.C.?

It is an organization called NAIC, National Iranian American Council and it is very controversial for its involvement in terrorist organizations.

“The pro-American, Iranian freedom activist Hassan Daioleslam “documented over a two-year period that NIAC is a front group lobbying on behalf of the Iranian regime.” The National Iranian-American Council (NIAC) was recognized as “Iran’s lobby” in the U.S. despite the link between Iranian improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and the Iraq War, with some of those Iranian IEDs killing Americans fighting the insurgency.”

http s://conservativebase.com/iranians-expected-to-donate-more-cash-to-hillary-for-president-campaign/

How is NAIC associated with Hillary Clinton and money transfer? Consider this from the link below:

“Hillary Clinton is expected to attend a fundraiser being hosted by one of the nation’s most powerful businessmen, social media giant Twitter’s executive chairman Omid Kordestani and his wife Gisel Hiscock. Kordestani was born and raised in Iran. Also participating will be National Iranian American Council (NIAC) board member Lily Sarafan and Noosheen Hashemi, who serves on the pro-Iran advocacy group Ploughshares, a major funder of the pro-Iran agenda.”

https ://conservativebase.com/iranians-expected-to-donate-more-cash-to-hillary-for-president-campaign/


8308a5 No.198254

New Trump Tweet


In the East, it could be the COLDEST New Year’s Eve on record. Perhaps we could use a little bit of that good old Global Warming that our Country, but not other countries, was going to pay TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS to protect against. Bundle up!

72a796 No.198255


Love it!

907010 No.198258


It was in reference to the stolen skull of Geronimo




Plz no



Y North Pole anons? Y anonnnnnnnsssssS?!



you guys know I'm trying to behave myself. fml

send halp

ea477b No.198259

File: 926d023a82bd093⋯.jpg (33.57 KB, 647x167, 647:167, screenshot-2017-12-29.jpg)

someone yesterday or the day before that said something like

"Eastcoast is next"

fc10a3 No.198260

File: 6f50e98ba0acd23⋯.jpg (55.92 KB, 594x322, 297:161, 12-28-17f.jpg)

743c82 No.198261


N K = Clovvnz

0736b2 No.198262

File: 2aab5702c2f69a7⋯.png (80.48 KB, 275x183, 275:183, gitmo.png)

gitmo accomidations awaiting vips

902c9f No.198263

File: 0f72e85f49a114e⋯.jpg (192.71 KB, 1356x308, 339:77, 1514505818768[1].jpg)


Involves -

M__O_o R _ E /// xx-Acute

In sight and operative


President in route

The very foundation of the constitution republic

a90021 No.198264


The only powerful entity which can control NK, EU, Canada, Asia etc is Cl0wns.

Not even NATO controls Asia.

He also said:

"The truth would sound so outrageous most Americans would riot, revolt, reject, etc. "

I don't think it can be Google… it must be the Deep State through Cl0wns.

570c88 No.198265


This has been on my mind too...like Roman Empire never really ended...it absorbed Egypt, incorporated greek & egyptian paganism, then split into monarch bloodlines and Catholic church (which are still tied together) all the way until present day. Hasn't ended, just changed over time...all symbols and rituals are still here...

ba93fa No.198266


Looks Really good with Lionel

Alex - Is really fucking things up. It's not stop whining.

f5696e No.198267




cd810d No.198268


Google/ Alphabet

277761 No.198269

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

For the right audience, this is a great red pill on the Vatican/Pope.

1bd36f No.198270


part 2

Why Omid Kordestani is the person to host a fundraiser with NIAC and what is his work history.

As stated earlier, Omid Kordestani is an Iran native who has experienced a meteoric rise to power among the tech giants, from Netscape to Vodafone to Google to Twitter, and is one of the wealthiest residents in Northern California with a net worth at $1.9 billion.

http ://www.4-traders.com/VODAFONE-GROUP-PLC-4006195/news/Vodafone-Group-plc-Vodafone-Appoints-Omid-Kordestani-as-a-Non-Executive-Director-16369917/

http ://imiranian.com/omid-kordestani/

http ://www.mercurynews.com/2017/03/12/following-twitters-executive-chairman-and-his-rise-as-an-iranian-immigrant-in-silicon-valley/

https ://techcrunch.com/2015/10/14/twitter-names-googles-omid-kordestani-as-its-new-executive-chairman/

Mr. Kordestani is a co-founder of PARSA Community Foundation whose ‘mission is twofold: to strengthen entrepreneurial individuals and nonprofits that serve our community; and to mobilize national resources to take on initiatives that go beyond the domain of local organizations.’ If you click on their blog tab you will see the Iranian organizations that participate and what appears to be the “hands on hands” pedo symbol with the slogan “it’s in our hands”.

http ://archive.is/2017.06.08-120414/http://www.parsacf.org/Page/75

http ://archive.is/2017.06.08-120542/http://www.parsacf.org/blog/

PARSA assists NGOs, non-government organizations, in gaining funding. NGOs are called into question by this Daily Caller article which outlines why they are most likely corrupt, fraudulent, and worthless for fighting child trafficking, but great for self-enrichment.

http ://dailycaller.com/2017/06/05/time-for-the-trumps-to-rethink-the-global-fund-to-fight-human-trafficking

f87067 No.198272


The greatest liar in medicine.

074009 No.198273

File: 4c82f5f80d0139a⋯.png (210.72 KB, 800x776, 100:97, crowdstrike bs report.png)

And it all falls apart…



277761 No.198274


What's AJ doing, I don't listen to him.

907010 No.198275


The whole Erebus Subaru Uranus thing yesterday threw for enough of a loop about the "underworld" and blblah blah so if any of you anons who fancy the Plaedian stuff want to look t hat up have fun. Put a fork in me I am done. kek

0736b2 No.198276


the liberal meltdowns that are about to occur will help warm us back up…. free energy

999b7e No.198277

Any hammering of Eddie yet?

6174a3 No.198278


Wyss was also in Haiti…



570c88 No.198279


Look into the nuclear energy deal with NK in early 90s with GHWB. Trilateral Commission. Its the NWO that owns NK.

ce46c2 No.198280


>The truth would sound so outrageous most Americans would riot, revolt, reject, etc.

I suspect that it is the US goverment…in some form or fashion.

1c1a4d No.198281


Clone farms. I knew a spooky guy with a "Korean" wife that was totally Stepforded. Think mail order bride but pre-zombified.

Feminists will go nuts.

1bd36f No.198282


part 3

More from the Daily Caller (remember Kurdistani used to be with Google):

“The history of the current Global Fund is interesting because it raises some ethical questions and something about how this fund became targeted for the benefit of a few NGOs to the exclusion of many of the groups that have been major sources of information and intervention in this arena. A couple of years ago, this Global Fund plan was put into motion after Senator Corker went to the Philippines on a junket with Gary Haugen, CEO and President of International Justice Mission (JMI), who today brags about his annual budget of $60 million. Years ago, Google donated $11 million to IJM.”

So what does this have to do with Pizzagate?

Twitter launched its Twitter Translation Center in 2011. After Kordestani joined Twitter October 14, 2015 (see thecrunch above). Twitter updated the Twitter Translation Center November 23, 2015. The translation page is a place where translators can sign in using their Twitter account and help translate various blocks of text for the company. The sign-up page clearly has pedophile images such as swirls and triangles and other symbolism in the mix. This discovery was made by this poster in this submission with links to the Translation Center below and spurred me to try to find a connection between Twitter and pedophilia. I think it is entirely possible that the translation center is used as a form of communication for child trafficking rings.

https ://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1912864

https: //archive.is/zeeGn this screen shot shows the full illustration.

https ://blog.twitter.com/official/en_us/a/2011/translating-twitter-into-more-languages.html

https ://web.archive.org/web/20170216211009/https://blog.twitter.com/2015/updating-our-ttc-logged-out-experience

Twitter Translate began in 2008PNG - recently deleted official twitter page;

https ://archive.is/GKja1

https ://file.wikileaks.org/file/FBI-pedophile-symbols.pdf

In summary, “The Obama administration laundered some $1.7 billion in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Iran through a complicated network that included the New York Federal Reserve and several European banks as indicated in the following:

http ://freebeacon.com/national-security/obama-admin-laundered-u-s-cash-iran-via-n-y-fed-euro-banks/

However, I don’t believe that the reason for the money laundering was to get the hostages back. The real reason was to transfer the money to Iran and others, who could then use it to fund Hillary‘s campaign as well as their child sex trafficking network. The hostages were only the pretense for the scheme. A common player in all of this is Omid Kordestani. He has knowledge of global networking in communications as well as business, in addition to his Iranian connections. It is no wonder Twitter shuts down pizzagate. It is no wonder Iran has risen to No.1 in child sex trafficking. It is no wonder Trump is trying to isolate Iran from the other Muslim countries.

af3a43 No.198284



Excerpt from a case filed against the AL judge who dismissed Moore's request for temporary injunction:

Judge Hardwick “found” Kelvon Lewis guilty of raping the plaintiff, and the judge sentenced Lewis to a term of 20 years of confinement in prison. After imposing that sentence, Judge Hardwick conferred with Lewis’s family. Judge Hardwick rescinded the original sentence and permitted Lewis to plead “no contest.” Plaintiff asserts that Judge Hardwick and non-party Carrie Shaw, attorney at law, “coerced” the plaintiff “into signing a statement unbeknownst to [her]” in which plaintiff agreed to drop the rape charge against Lewis. Following these events, Lewis served “a couple of months in

[a] county jail,” and he was released on January 4, 2016.

www. gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/USCOURTS-almd-2_16-cv-00664/pdf/USCOURTS-almd-2_16-cv-00664-0.pdf

Case against Hardwick was dismissed with prejudice because of judicial immunity.

902c9f No.198285




god bless you all

711026 No.198286


With some other silicon valley companies along with them.

NASA got out of the space program and let the CIA in control for various rare earth metals.

b9c72d No.198287

File: a0efcb66155f4b8⋯.jpeg (986.37 KB, 750x1185, 50:79, 7B72E6AA-ADD3-4FB1-8DDB-C….jpeg)


This plane is somewhat interesting. Name is WL1228 but no other information. It’s coming from Haiti and headed toward Miami, but no info on exact destination. The plane behind it has No Callsign but seems to be right on top of it.

4904eb No.198288



look no further than the Holy Bible

6bdf57 No.198289

File: 3461e9a2a6e0194⋯.jpg (90.47 KB, 500x491, 500:491, 3593b9655ce1c0b813fe91baad….jpg)


Orion is not just an alien reference.


1c1a4d No.198290


They target hot autistic girls for human trafficking. Makes me angry just thinking of it.

fed2e7 No.198291

MEME Request

I think a meme that shows the fundamental hypocrocy of the Russia Russia Russia would help.

My thought was a double pane MEME

one pain is say a raging Senate Dem screaming

….Bu Bu But RUSSIA!!

The other pane maybe Seth Rich holding a USB saying …'it's a USB Dude'

with maybe 'check the speed added.

b48f64 No.198292


>The greatest liar in medicine.

Sanjay Gupka, CNN

No surprise.

ba93fa No.198293


Well I need a little salt for my drive..

1125da No.198294

What's New, Q?

f87067 No.198295


Because the closer you get to the top the more of (((them))) you encounter.

There is no doing so competently without knowing that.

6aac2f No.198296


NGNA - Home


NGNA is dedicated to the clinical care of older adults across diverse care settings. Members include clinicians, educators, and researchers with vastly different educational preparation, clinical roles, and interest in practice issues.

b03148 No.198297

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

https: //youtu.be/CTuNjD2VLtw

Quite Frankly, and he's discussing comments from last night. Hey! his toons are always good too. I out him on in the background while I do research.

PS, the shit show of people showing up getting their SB checks is a good sign. Lots and lots of crap and chatter. Tomorrow, the lightest emails from Weiner will pop, and I hope it'll be glorious! Or at least not all blacked out.

a90021 No.198298


Assange owes money to whom???

ec4710 No.198299


Wrong Guy

0d9719 No.198300


I can see that reaction if it were the papacy… Only P word i can come up with. other suggestions too unknown to the public

277761 No.198301


Hm, another busy day! TY

907010 No.198302


> Don't think of a single person. Think of a powerful entity. Why is this important?

WHAT THE FUCK ANONS the Pindar ?!? the Reptilian Satan bro from the hollow Earth?!?! The one who feeds on children? Omg this is crazy. hahahahahha Rumor has it the Plaedians want to come visit but they asked that we kindlt put the nukes away so they don't get blown up.

Sorry not sorry, couldn't help but notice the "powerful entity" I mean….Jesus rose from the dead right anons? Where did he go? Wtf is this timeline?

ea477b No.198303


that hit me too, very interesting

382b7f No.198304

Air Mobility Command just retweeted this from the Air Force

> U.S. Air Force‏Verified account @usairforce

>@EdwardsAFB #Airmen and testers joined @USArmy, @NASA and contractor personnel in Orion’s parachute landing system test.

8cd7e9 No.198305


Saw Gupta's name last night, current resident at 219

Dancing Bear

clown tool adapted from prior Russian version

Henry, Alperovich, Crowdstrike

Umbrage..leaves Russian footprint

Used on DNC server by Crowdstrike to "prove" Russian hack

FBI was denied the DNC server

Only Crowdstrike had access.

Was Phase 2 - imprint on Trump Tower?

875cfc No.198306



Dude's a desperate attention whore faggit.

0d9719 No.198308

>>198208 Pam Anderson, "A" list???That IS funny lol

2e9a34 No.198309

So who else was on HRC trail has stopped flights?

Legend. Tiegan. Seacrest.

7a3f6c No.198310

File: fa20cae7ff72821⋯.jpg (67.11 KB, 558x313, 558:313, Twit Q Trump.jpg)

Twatter Q arguing with POTUS?

649da1 No.198312


Oh sorry I missed all your hard work- Well done.

This man’s sick works covered up by

seemingly good ones ( as usual)

ea257b No.198313


More than likely a fake Q

97a699 No.198314


and like POTUS, he "saw" and "knew" things outside Berlin that got him assassinated in his jeep unsuccessfully and then in the hosp.

3cc9dd No.198315

I can’t be only reasonable person getting destroyed by my friends and losing friends all over this guy Q who hasn’t fulfilled one promise to us. I point as example 1 the ALA election. There has been ZERO announcements of convening of the Election Fraud Committee. Pence is in Aspen partying his ass off and Trump golfing all day, Would they be doing this if such serious matters faced our country. I doubt it. We’ve been had her folks, they put a clown suit on us…….

f5696e No.198316


Deputy Prime Minister - borders were closed during his corruption probe recently.

ba93fa No.198317


Amazon Bot

1bd36f No.198318


Thank you. This is very interesting information.

907010 No.198319


OK so Evil is the powerful entity? But nobody would revolt if you told them their negative thoughts ran NK, they would laugh maybe but revolt? Im confused.

The US military runs NK?!?!?!?! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh heck woah, OK I see where this might be headed.

1c1a4d No.198320




I used this tonight on normies, explaining a bit of the weirdness. "It's kinda like SPECTRE..."

6f8e90 No.198321

File: 9635a8c09f2ab1b⋯.jpg (31.4 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 1-6.jpg)


TFW, you hate on the God Emperor and your personal-info gets posted on /cbts/...

4f3f89 No.198322


Any C level meteorologist or climatologist that isn't on anyone's payroll can tell you this cold front in eastern US is coming from a massive disruption in the jet stream that is happening now, and has been happening for the last 2 years. The planet is undergoing unprecedented carnage to its atmosphere. The reason most data is fabricated is because the reality is we have maybe a few years, 9 years at most, before global average temp increase causes an inability to grow grain on scale, mass famine, and human (not all life) extinction. But there is a solution - we need the miraculous ET tech to be disclosed, immediately.

c18096 No.198323



fe5b55 No.198324


That's fine, I can do but it wasn't a name it was a subject.

6f8e90 No.198325


You have to kill good men twice… They never die the first time.

c656fc No.198326

File: 3dab57132386fd2⋯.png (237.72 KB, 441x729, 49:81, krASStwitpic.png)

File: ff860d1f7ca343b⋯.png (284.02 KB, 631x630, 631:630, briankrASS.png)


Ed and Brian like to alternate & tagteam harass POTUS it seems.


https:// twitter.com/krassenstein


https:// twitter.com/EdKrassen

902c9f No.198327

File: a93e37d27658fc0⋯.jpg (416.65 KB, 2736x862, 1368:431, 1514435372094[1].jpg)



its called payback/karma/trump curse

3faab3 No.198328


That's because there's nothing to 'redpill the normies about' yet. Talking about Q is worthless until shit actually happens, and shit hasn't even come close to hitting the fan yet. Let's hope it does.

f12f82 No.198329


Yes and the low-level (((them))) are replaceable and expendable. Cut off the top, and the low-level are without leadership. Like cutting SA $$$ (+++) from Hussein, McSt@in and others.

Am I wrong here?

6bdf57 No.198330

File: 5c9dfd4af5a436c⋯.jpg (49.97 KB, 426x398, 213:199, Entrance.jpg)


That's a big leap.

d944be No.198331

ea477b No.198333


i didnt understand that, can you elaborate?

7a3f6c No.198334


Figured it was a Lurker taking Q drops to Twitter but why argue with the Boss?

ec4710 No.198335

File: 47c9a58807294e8⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1310x858, 655:429, Ed Krassenstein.png)

af0d1c No.198336

File: f63fe4bc0aafa24⋯.jpg (606.51 KB, 1066x1404, 41:54, 20171228_180327.jpg)





2ba5b8 No.198337


Twattrr Q is fake Mossad Q!

9f8b3c No.198338


I think it's more likely than "more than likely"

a90021 No.198339


I love the smell of doxxing in the morning

b48f64 No.198340


Also uses #stormwatching

Twat Q trying to draw attention of normies by seeming to argue with Trump?

6bdf57 No.198341


Hell ya my Orion posts make sense for once. Not sure if it's the same Orion tbh

f5696e No.198342


Fancies himself as a crass Frankenstein.

902c9f No.198343



15128 Anchorage Way

Fort Myers, FL 33908-1811

(609) 703-8024 - Wireless

(609) 927-9767 - Landline

(609) 653-6330 - Landline

(602) 227-2767 - Landline

(609) 926-9756 - Landline









f95b91 No.198344


>prisoners in GITMO have more of a social life than I do

Why bother living?

fb757e No.198345


At this stage its the only thing that makes sense. But why would this make Americans riot?

Maybe because of the leading roles that BO and Google/Alphabet played?

6bdf57 No.198346


Fake faggot.

f134a5 No.198347


Good, gtfo and make space for a digger who doesnt need approval from his faggot normie friends.

0d9719 No.198348


love those theories dependent on our tech being able to in ANY way threaten a species that Isn't limited to it's own tiny planet LMAO!

a6378d No.198349


just calling out attention to 'global warming'

6aac2f No.198350


what do you forsee for the atlantic canadians?

cace9f No.198352

3085d9 No.198353

File: 44bf1ec563e4d5a⋯.jpeg (451.86 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, image.jpeg)



Part of it is true,

Another part got me banned

I wish I could ignore and delete these parts.

Mods very kindly after I explained the Disney photographer connection, unbanned me.

Follow your heart, as u only have one (unless u r Soros) life soon will be at peace and hopefully one and all will respect each other..

Have they gone?

The evil ones in every ones mind

We don't deserve the haste and shit u leave behind.

Peace out, respect and prey for the greater purpose in life.

I think pic related has been locked up to. Prey enjoy and peace.

ea477b No.198354


Anon, what is this?

a12867 No.198355


Who knows, maybe twatter Q is talking about the warmth of "the storm" occurring atm i.e. one is warm and cozy when justice is being served!? …just a thought.

6bdf57 No.198356


How about bank, CIA, or Vatican?

b48f64 No.198357


>sick works covered up by

>seemingly good ones ( as usual)

Slippery doc, scummy doc, lying doc. Clown?

He works for the right network.

b9c72d No.198358


What POTUS said cracks me up though. I like a good smartass statement lol

8acadd No.198359

Hey any of you Plane Anons. Can you see if there were increased flights to Cuba yesterday, past week? My thought is that legal teams and possibly family of the tenants may increase airport activity.

97a699 No.198360


>easier than this maddening waiting game where we seem to be slowly but surely getting no where

Amen to THAT bro

94a5ff No.198361

File: 0a3cf98769cee39⋯.png (53.16 KB, 636x418, 318:209, coldest.png)

new tweet

9760f4 No.198362


Codes like this won't get much attention unless coming for Q

f5696e No.198363

File: 467a8512ce13423⋯.png (18.57 KB, 568x149, 568:149, cold_cash.png)

← this could be a reference to "cold cash". COLDEST…TRILLIONS…

Q may be eluding to the fact that asset seizures and nationalizing the Fed will result in trillions of dollars.

c656fc No.198364

File: 9e9d32c57fd8e85⋯.png (201.81 KB, 438x436, 219:218, EdkrASS.png)


Anybody in FL? Maybe he'd like some pizza delivered to him on a cold night like tonight.

57cab8 No.198365


Actually, they can never be killed because they keep coming back. From "Through a Glass, Darkly" by General Patton:

So as through a glass, and darkly

The age long strife I see

Where I fought in many guises,

Many names, but always me.

a90021 No.198366


Papacy doesn't control Canada or Asia… or NK lol

907010 No.198367



That's where I got the UN from. But then again the UN is in NYC. And US controlling NK was my original theory months ago when Potus called Kim Rocket Man it was painfully obvious Potus knew Kim was a puppet and he was in control. This all makes too much sense! NK is strategically placed between Russia and China to conrol them with threat of Nukes. China and Russia were weak when NK was put into place. This also explains the warm welcome for Potus in China and Russia.

OK i consider this solved. woah

382b7f No.198368


I don't know. It was just weird since I was reading posts with "Orion" in them then switch to Twitter & that tweet was top of my page lol.

959e57 No.198369


This situating no visitors

60f67f No.198370


T'was in #229 via Periscope of @hublife:


6a57e5 No.198371

hey has there been a 9/11 web/map produced?

1d278e No.198372


I like this theory.

6bdf57 No.198373


Fugg dub dubs is on to something.

7619b9 No.198374


Swear to god I watched this with my best friend and his girl. Needless to say I’ve been red pilling them for a year and when we watched this we all shit bricks. This movie is so in-your-face it’s kind of a red pill in itself. Give it a watch if you get a chance (Kingsman 2)

b9c72d No.198375


Well, I haven’t been paying a ton of attention to it the last few days, but there does seem to be increased amount of blocked planes in that general area.

6bdf57 No.198376


No coincidences…right?

0d9719 No.198377


Vaican = Papacy…

9f6824 No.198378


This is never going to get fucking old

57cab8 No.198379


Like the Antichrist, there's the AntiQ.

16a2d9 No.198381


Who the hell is in that photo and what was it used for?

0d9719 No.198382


Rs run Vatican bank

907010 No.198383


This goes back to Eye of Horus/Ra/Providence, the all seeing eye. Horus was a hawk, watching the world like a hawk. The key in Keystone was Military Intelligence. I forget what the stone was… But obviously US military has the best SPY tech in the world right? woooowwww

902c9f No.198384


why would you need to be in florida when you could call any pizza joint in fort myers from around the country??

9760f4 No.198385


Me too!

b9c72d No.198386


Not that I’m aware of. I haven’t seen one yet

a6378d No.198387


Calling out the 'global warming' faggots twice, 1. it's fake, 2. the amount of monies they were going to sink into it.

7619b9 No.198388


Milo throwing shade at the cult.

85ee3f No.198389


I wish I knew. The Blind reveal does not say. But THINK of it. Assange pimps out Anderson to settle a debt…and Anderson, who surely does not HAVE to do it…does it

6aac2f No.198390


can you give me a tldr

0d9719 No.198392


Original post was about Milo

6aac2f No.198393


global tax nwo

f0d7df No.198394


No, CDAN used to be on target

I've said this before, sometime around approx 2010 ish ent (who runs the site) sold cdan. Since then they seem to be controlled opposition.

Original ent had shit on everyone. It began my redpilling.

cace9f No.198395


lol good idea, they all click to read about global warming being real and see a flood of pedo memes instead ha

whoever has twitter start doing that - argue with potus and other maga accounts

344515 No.198396


The guards at Gitmo call waterboard face covers "pizza" and rubber hoses are "hot dogs."

f95b91 No.198397


That always happens when you redpill normies. We tried to warn you.

4904eb No.198398


i am also able to extract the following:


>CBN being the christian broadcast channel

9ac9cc No.198399


No, we will not join your pity party

1c1a4d No.198400


"Cubacel sucks! I only have 3G and two bars!"

9f6824 No.198401


Goddamn POTUS got twitter fingers tonight

c656fc No.198402


;) Thought he'd appreciate a more HUMAN gesture of our kindness. He makes sure to type that he is HUMAN on his twitter.

907010 No.198403


Yea that too. BIS, Switzerland, Vatican, London, would make sense if it was really all three, the global trinity…the CABAL



So then does that make US Mil the "director"


e2c49d No.198404

File: f61630fbd35c480⋯.png (213.69 KB, 546x364, 3:2, alabama-certified-1.png)

0d9719 No.198405


7.6 billion frogs in teh same pot

cba4f8 No.198406


Corsi's de-code:

https:// www. scribd.com/document/368027592/QAnon-Post-151134-Dec-27-2017-DECIPHER-Vers-21-0-Dec-27-2017

cf0656 No.198407


What's behind "Room 39"? Several youtube videos say that's the way money flows involving Kim and the generals around him.

959e57 No.198408

They should have celebrity death match at delta 1

16a2d9 No.198409


That couldn't be a new tweet, why is the time for tomorrow and the date?

OH it is a new tweet, wrong time and date. 7:01 pm 28th

a6378d No.198410

4904eb No.198411


coldest trillions = frozen assets

1c1a4d No.198412


Waaaay ahead of you. My local hospital launders money for the mayor and assorted politicians.

ba93fa No.198413

File: 7189be94cd5de6c⋯.jpg (56.27 KB, 765x403, 765:403, Capture.JPG)

Waiting for LdR .. Going to have more sleepless nights

2a86c0 No.198414


>Google/ Alphabet

…Don't they allegedly get funding from 'alphabet agencies'? That string doesn't come without cost. Google is a WW data store for the lives of millions. Wasn't the incorporation of Alphabet Inc. 'coincidentally' recent?

6f8e90 No.198415

File: 9befe877184df38⋯.jpg (225.35 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, WabJewsmaxresdefault-48_17….jpg)

File: ebeef70dc82d86c⋯.png (169.08 KB, 1616x450, 808:225, Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at ….png)

File: 46136669f1e5618⋯.png (41.24 KB, 793x101, 793:101, Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at ….png)

File: 0872149a3644f3a⋯.png (517.87 KB, 1407x868, 201:124, Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at ….png)


Relevant… (((They))) also gave us Wahhabism, the most violent sect of "Islam". The Cohen/Kohen/Kohanim family, is a priest-class family, which has a duty to carry on Rabbinical duties… like sacrifice. (Google children and Moloch).

The House Of Saud are "Donmeh (((Jews)))", which are Jews who falsely-converted to Islam to escape death and just rolled with it.

Basically, all roads of evil lead to (((them)))… Its fucking undeniable.

4f3f89 No.198417


Once there is a blue ocean event (north pole ice cap completely melted), which we came dangerously close to in 2016 and 2017, there will be global famine, probably with a few weeks of using stored food. People near equator will probably die first, in Canada you may have a few more weeks or days before you run out of food at the grocery stores, but ultimately will have the same outcome as everyone else.

Again, though, this is all avoidable with a major disclosure of the suppressed tech that can scrub the atmosphere, with possible covert help from ETs. Biology and climatology Professor Emeritus at the University of Arizona Guy McPherson has suggested a blue ocean event is likely in late 2018.

902c9f No.198418



6a57e5 No.198419



do we have any 9/11 fags with all the relevant info that can make a web?

f5696e No.198420




907010 No.198421


OK back to the UN being the powerful entity…oh ffs

902c9f No.198422

File: 65c937f2fd265f3⋯.jpg (3.52 MB, 3078x2605, 3078:2605, 1514506980042[1].jpg)


a6378d No.198423


put the heat on low

9760f4 No.198424


The minute you "let the normies get to you or doubt yourself", you have lost the battle. Toughen up anon, hold your head high, be confident in what you believe and act like "they are the one who will be apologizing to you soon".

7619b9 No.198425


Shilltastic mate

9f6824 No.198426


Gotta agree with him here. If all your besties weren't open to anything other than media narrative in the first place consider this a free cleaning service and you're welcome

ad53d7 No.198427


This could indeed be a very high possibility. Even though the meme maybe tongue-in-cheek here are their births and deaths:

Genral Patton:

died on 21st December 1945

Donald Trump was

born on 14th June 1946

He does look very similar too as shown here >>197661

b03148 No.198428


Go Go Kbay Kids

743c82 No.198429






85ee3f No.198430


You are ON IT, Anon!!! Frozen Assets!

16a2d9 No.198431


Aren't we all 9/11 fags.. DAMN haven't we all spent days/months/years researching it?

We all know the US govt. did it! The evidence is there.

4482b3 No.198432


Is it possible Obama corrupt intelligence agency spied on musk without him knowing? Hillary Clinton could have been sharing that intelligence and with North Korea and Iran and using her private server to do it.

344515 No.198433

>>198315 If this is war, it's 1940.

dfd80c No.198434


so says the faggot who still believes the media is full of independent journalists...

b9c72d No.198435


Don’t want to speculate too much but the name seems odd. WL makes me think of Wikileaks and 1228 is obviously the date.

a6378d No.198436


Going to be 284M less powerful in 2018.

ba93fa No.198438

File: 6ce5b8c3b46a2b5⋯.jpg (57.95 KB, 776x585, 776:585, Capture.JPG)

You know what to do …

8a7ce6 No.198439

File: b8cd6da66ab1f87⋯.png (555.85 KB, 807x516, 269:172, Malta Plane.png)


Nice,, no way could the wind have caused that, it was hardly blowing. And the impact looks like more then just a bump. It looks flattened up to cockpit window. It looks like it was forced to stop, or something.

There is ball statues? on top of fence/building it crashed into. I'm looking on maps, to see if i can find what it crashed into( end of runway, near plane parking area, etc)

e1c60a No.198440


Stolen SA P intel

8cd7e9 No.198441

9457ff No.198442



9f6824 No.198443


High verbal/low spatial spread autist here so while (major) 9/11 fag can't help, but replying for visibility

6f8e90 No.198444


Someone is in big trouble…

d944be No.198445


Sabbateans are Jews like Herzl was one of the patriarchs.

fb757e No.198446


Nice pick up, but I thought they were saying that most of the aircraft had "no callsign" status. If they were relatives coming to visit for Christmas their planes would show their call signs one would think.

Nevertheless the thought of the bad guys ending up there is 'good news'.

84eab7 No.198447


I'm so glad I'm on the right side lol

Pun intended

b9c72d No.198448


Did they ever mention what the residual amount was?

9f6824 No.198449


Plane fags were saying this last night but the board was heavily shilled past two days

8cd7e9 No.198450


Bingo - I think you have it…the EO

7619b9 No.198451


You might be on to something anon! Nice find!

ad53d7 No.198452

File: 4ec7a9f36584eb8⋯.jpg (117.25 KB, 479x290, 479:290, new_world_order.jpg)

File: e23f65aa39edf24⋯.jpg (178.01 KB, 1342x600, 671:300, pentagon_pentagram_500km.jpg)


Here is something that relates to that UN Logo...

The right hand side leg originates at the Vatican and the left hand side leg terminates at the Pentagon. If you think that is not true see the other images....

70b4bc No.198453


IMF? Has this entity been researched? Chick in charge gives me the heeby-geebys!

a6378d No.198454


No, afraid I haven't heard anything on that.

94a5ff No.198455




assets what assets?

074009 No.198456


"turn it into non-paper and send it thru" non-secure channel on HRC's bathroom server


So the question no one (here) has asked is WHO helped get that out of SCIF and delivered it to HRC/Huma for turning into non-paper in the first place?

3085d9 No.198457


Wouldn't a better question be,

Who are those people on the wall and what is the connection?

9f6824 No.198458


Re: Executive Order and blocked property

cace9f No.198459


if you're talking about Q you're doing it wrong. just ask them questions about stuff in the MSM, like you're wondering yourself and want them to give you a real answer - Whatever happened with vegas? How come it just disappeared from the news? Why did Obama send out an old pic for xmas? Little stuff. 1000 little things is easier for them than one big thing

1c1a4d No.198460

File: 6b6be46679d63a9⋯.jpg (36.66 KB, 615x413, 615:413, Alex-Winter-Left-in-Bill-a….jpg)


"Dude! Let's get So-crates AND Patton!"


6a57e5 No.198461



i know the evidence is there, but it would be a good graphic to pass around… i just dont know enough about it to produce it.

23a637 No.198462


Who is Barry Parks for $500, Obama said he found Sanctuary When President Trump was Inaugerated.

76cf82 No.198463


Of the cabal

649da1 No.198464


I was talking abt Wyss !

907010 No.198466


DO we get sauce or nah?

4904eb No.198467

File: 38155c3e3ca44b2⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1228x773, 1228:773, ca-sodom-gomorrah.png)

if you haven't looked into it, you'll think i'm joking

or trying to go off topic

i'm not

what is happening with the CA wildfires?

many are saying "directed energy weapons"

i wouldn't doubt that

cars are getting rusted

houses are "dustified" - as dr. judy wood would say

yards between homes are still green in some parts

it doesn't make sense on the surface

if you run out of stuff to dig, you might check it out. it could be an Act of God (LITERALLY) as well. I am not ruling that out at all.


yeah, every single one of us, i would imagine. 16 years of my life now.

1d278e No.198468

File: adfc7d88bd4d135⋯.jpg (251.92 KB, 714x500, 357:250, 21t80y.jpg)

Here's a thought. A little off topic but does tie back to false flags and how many of those people involved are on SSRI drugs. How many "drugs" does Big Pharma create to mind control the population like the SSRI drugs when there are many somewhat harmless drugs that are beneficial that the State has outlawed "for our safety" of course? Wonder if the SSRIs are designed to react with subliminal messaging in TV and other media?

76cf82 No.198469


That fucking creep needs to die by the fires of Mordor

ad53d7 No.198470


Hmmmm … didn't look closely at the UN image before. Seems the legs don't start/terminate where I said they would. Sorry about that.

277761 No.198471


We should raze D.C. & relocate nation's capitol.

649da1 No.198474

File: 4af866adc8f7bc1⋯.png (6.03 MB, 2434x2434, 1:1, 00571BE4-1CC3-4D94-B560-67….png)

ad53d7 No.198475

File: fd701271fc79dde⋯.gif (69.18 KB, 465x384, 155:128, NORAD_1.GIF)


Well, this is directly from a military sat tracking screen...

70b4bc No.198476


International Monetary Fund

Image result for imf


The International Monetary Fund is an international organization headquartered in Washington, D.C., of "189 countries working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate … Wikipedia


Christine Lagarde (Jul 5, 2011–)


Washington, D.C.

9f6824 No.198477


Possibly, but something more logical to me is the relationship between drugging + TV re: sensory stimulation/perception

907010 No.198478


kek I love em just like y'all love zombie jeebus, ya never know ;)

b48f64 No.198479


>will result in trillions of dollars.

I've already read a figure of $7 trillion coming back, one way or another, to the US.

Our present GDP is $20 trillion.

It will likely take time to make it into the economy.

But, even at $1 trillion per year, that 7 would account for 4-5% GDP growth, by itself … then we need to add the snowball effect of what growth that $$$ would stimulate.


97a699 No.198480


if I want to read junk about hollyclowns I go to crazydays……. get serious….post useful info about current digging topics. curtail your overwhelming desire to draw attention to yourself

bb139e No.198481

File: 446f2b30c0232ed⋯.png (577.16 KB, 1035x896, 1035:896, screenshot_10.png)

File: a1daab74bce55f5⋯.png (420.36 KB, 917x454, 917:454, screenshot_09.png)


https://telegraf.al/bota-rajoni/ avioni-privat-i-miliarderit-del-nga-pista-shihni-si-eshte-perplasur-me-ndertesen-foto

2562a6 No.198483

For new planefags:

No call sign planes can be planes with call signs but the data is showing incorrectly. You should find the same plane with callsign about 40 mi behind it.

https: //www.metabunk.org/tip-planes-with-no-callsign-in-flightradar24.t3302/

261e65 No.198484







Correct. ((jews)) indeed have many connections the further you go up. For average american or anyone really, the public face of a ((jew)) may just be that one odd beneficiary, apparent ((philanthropist)) or slightly strange but also strangely manipulative neighbor.

HOWEVER, once you begin to work in their centers of power such as DC, NYC, Chicago, LA, Hollywood, vegas, denver, etc, it becomes VERY obvious there is a certain clique of tribal interest that claim there is no ((tribe)).

This is true almost all over the world - but at low and mid level aka mike cernovich, elliott hamilton, etc there doesn't need to be any 'conspiracies'. They are merely going about jewing and acting out their ethnic behaviors without any real need to coordinate, and because average people are blinded and distracted and divided, they are led blindly along.

Think of how much hubbub was created by them on purpose to demoralize, distract, divide, and obstruct.

76cf82 No.198485



Sorry wrong guy I meant Wyden.

ad53d7 No.198486


Yes. That would break that energy link and all the masonic crap in DC itself would become irrelevant.

6f8e90 No.198487


The Donmeh are not the Sabbateans. Herzi fucking worshipped Zevi though. Herzi also formed the Zionist organization, and like Hitler, is credited with he foundation of the STATE of Israel.

8308a5 No.198488


The media wouldn't jump on the chance to call Trump a dictator for renditioning US citizens to gitmo? Or DNC/GOP leadership? Or other foreign leaders?

Foreigners, maybe. Confiscating cash, sure.

But I wouldn't think Trump/Sessions would risk losing the legal high road by secretly jailing people without any court appearance and sending them off to gitmo.

6a57e5 No.198489


trump… top troll.

1d278e No.198490


Project mockingbird + Mind altering drugs = Mind control fantasy land victims.

8a7ce6 No.198491


Can the plane fags check what happened around Malta International Airport, near Valletta today? or can they only check real time?

382b7f No.198492


Looks like my city after it was attacked. In Sim City. The 1st one

277761 No.198493


Agreed. Put the new capitol in a fly-over state, that'll send a message.

97a699 No.198494


careful, friend. don't doxx yourself with your info. easy to see. about the listing, bogus from the getgo

9f6824 No.198495


For instance, what kind of neurochemical modification would prompt an individual's shift from seeking active stimulation (re: communication, forums, video games) to passive (television, YouTube) stimulation–it'd also be contingent on the type of specific disposition the target already has. Uniform neurochemical affects don't equate uniform external behaviors.

23a637 No.198496

Barry Parks with the Aide of the Pentagon /clownsina run NoKo

3e073f No.198497



Major said why don't we give him rope enough to hang himself?

No need to worry the jury, this kind takes care of themselves.

Alabama Getaway, Getaway

907010 No.198498


great now I'm thinking about the North Pole again fml haha. Rememeber 4ch prophecy? When the weather cools…. kek

9f6824 No.198499


Ex: The worst thing for the CIA that they ever did was give autists Adderall

c18096 No.198500


POTUS - Grandmaster Troll

ea477b No.198501

File: 89981360778f8d2⋯.jpg (62.01 KB, 638x489, 638:489, screenshot-2017-12-29 (1).jpg)

b9c72d No.198502


Most of what I’m seeing are blocked planes. Those are the ones I tend to focus on. No Callsign doesn’t happen nearly as often.

6f8e90 No.198503


You think that's bad? Look into the mob/Mafia…

Pedowood has convinced the masses that the Mafia is exclusively an Italian thing. There are surely Italians in the mob. But most are/were Italian-American Jews. Many from the Calabria-area. (Southern-tip of Italy).

a6378d No.198504


They are detained without the possibility of bonding out. ;)

4f4d2f No.198505


Interested. Can you show some synopsis from a scientist or two on this massive temp increase?

Until then, I'm with this guy: >>198429

GSM means massive obstruction of crop production more likely than temp increases. Although both would be trouble.

4904eb No.198506


$7 trillion.

$4 trillion now, $3 trillion to come.

+++ = SA = $4T+

++ = Rothschilds = $2T+

+ = Soros = $1T+

that equals $7 trillion.


the true source of the $7 trillion number? POTUS!

check 2:29 in this video

https:// youtu.be/jr6SWVXtP8U


"We are going to bring at least $4T back into this country"


i remember that game.. right after i had beaten police quest

1c1a4d No.198507


That's why we are hard to censor. More CPU cycles to OCR an image by the glowers.

85ee3f No.198508


We had a few threads consumed with Assange. Then I found this http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2017/12/blind-items-revealed-3.html ABOUT Assange. It is relevant.

dcf06d No.198510

Lurking the last few days here, & I've seen mislead after mislead after mislead, it's ridiculously obvious & intentional (and, desperate). Plenty of them use the phrase "Q said", a misquoted word here or there, or a nonsense interpretation, all meant to distract, throw anons down rabbitholes leading nowhere to keep real digging from being done. Catch on to this & don't feed into it. Stay focused & stick to the original Q posts & confirmations to keep from falling victim to the glowing ones.And, ignore the stench of desperation that's flooding the boards, consider it an honor that they try so hard to keep you hopping instead of digging…

bb139e No.198511

File: 3b8fc7ead2b86c0⋯.png (433.48 KB, 1485x897, 495:299, screenshot_11.png)


Private jet 'owned by Lord Ashcroft' blown off runway before ploughing into building at Malta airport

http://www.mirror.co.uk/ news/world-news/private-jet-owned-lord-ashcroft-11760636

0d9719 No.198512


I'd rather someone live up to his RESPONSIBILITY to let the rest know to jump out. Predecessor had no spine!

b9c72d No.198513


My bad you were talking to new folks. Ignore that post.

9f6824 No.198514


Yes–also obviously MKULTRA and its successors, and check out Aberdeen Proving Ground's history

But MKULTRA and Mockingbird were running at the same time, I think you're onto something

277761 No.198515

File: a834130712a2b28⋯.png (53.27 KB, 638x274, 319:137, Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at ….png)



http://www.crazydaysandnights.net /2017/12/blind-items-revealed-4_28.html

64d22a No.198516

I'm starting to get all bonery and stuff. Are things happening? Or should I go to the liquor store? Or both?

907010 No.198518


I like this. Has anyone considered the rod and ring is a bell? Wall street? Liberty bell freedom reference? I always think the 4ch prophecy was Q team installed to test the waters before this all started….anywho

4904eb No.198519


>starbucks drive-thru

59fac4 No.198520

Oh …. here is a good one…..

There are going to be snipers along with the police in Vagas at the new year celebration this year.

This from law enforcement that couldn't even solve the Oct Event (per no response of truth per MSM) ….. man I certainly would feel safe there this new year.

d2823b No.198521

File: d018a4237864c6d⋯.png (175.93 KB, 595x462, 85:66, Crissy teigen.PNG)

I am not on Twatter but have been following this chick since the incident with LAX - LAX. The last photo of them was on the plane to "Japan". They have now been in "Japan" for coming up to 48 hrs and no photo's of them being in Japan.

This chick shit posts photo's all the time. It is weird to me that she hasn't snapped any pics from "Japan"….

344515 No.198522


When did a taxiing plane ever crash into a building??!!

bb139e No.198523

File: 8aae7398f469e34⋯.png (585.59 KB, 727x738, 727:738, screenshot_12.png)

85ee3f No.198524

023dd7 No.198525

Link this idea to Cali legalizing pot… generation 420 >>198468

0d9719 No.198526


some were innocent spelling errors… guilty! lol But you're dead right!

649da1 No.198527


No worries

f95b91 No.198528


There was a rumor Bill asked Trump to run but I think Trump later said he hadn't. It's plausible.

85ee3f No.198529

7619b9 No.198530


Old news.. happened in south east months before it happened there. Same odd “coincidences” blamed it on a couple teenage kids who were acquitted later on. Major coverup weird shit. The boys are builders. They are tearing down to build again. Look at every single one of trumps properties he’s the fucking man when it comes to magnificent buildings/hotels. This is a war between the masons boys white against black good vs evil. Trump is a master mason taking back the torch. You’ll never get that out of them tho. Nor will you get it from Q.

aa29b8 No.198531


No natural wind anything short of a tornado/hurricane would be able to move that plane. Only other explanation would be another jet engine/aircraft throttling mid/high and this private jet in the wash.

c656fc No.198532

File: baf0c2bafd6e6d2⋯.png (564.92 KB, 347x772, 347:772, krASShouses.png)

Ed and Brian seem to live very close to each other. Look at "their houses". Very odd looking.

382b7f No.198533


No one better take my Adderall!

f87067 No.198534



This is all under an Emergency Order via military means.

a6378d No.198535


Amen to that anon!

2eec1a No.198536


>Why are wars so important? Who benefits?

The military industrial complex (MIC) benefits big time. Every time NK pops off the MIC is able to close out massive deals for billions in missile defense, F-35s to Japan, etc.

CEOs of the defense companies could very well be sitting in the smoke filled rooms with the corrupt cabal (think Halliburton, Bush, Cheney along with the Clintons) controlling NK and other hostiles (Iran?) to keep the world on edge.

Eisenhower said "we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex."

261e65 No.198537


((they)) are going down.

cba4f8 No.198538


Funniest thing I've read all day, chiefly because it's exactly what I've been thinking.

d944be No.198539


The UN laurel wreath is from Caesar, and the US eagle is much like the Roman eagle. NK supplied by U1 & SpaceX has the same endgame as Operation Gladio,i.e to make people turn to the state for protection. Lend Lease for USSR was just an earlier version of the same game.

85ee3f No.198540


yeah but they took away our ephedrine

4f3f89 No.198541


We are on the very inside edge of the goldilocks zone in our solar system - this might be the reason our planet has such a traumatic history going back millions of years. A solar minimum is not going to make a difference.

Check out this video for synopsis - only 1 month old https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrIeEZaIDKg

7619b9 No.198542


The autism is strong in this one.

9f6824 No.198543


Fyi, Mockingbird was run by Cord Meyer, whose wife JFK happened to be fucking. She was murdered by an unknown gunman, broad daylight–Georgetown in October of 1964.

ea257b No.198544


Yeah hope so

0d9719 No.198545


ever see the huge jumbo being blown away from the terminal tunnel? Ships with the newest nav tech hitting each other… frogs in a pot

ad53d7 No.198546


Just had a thought…. put the Capital back to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the actual (and original) Supreme Court of America is located.

1d278e No.198547


All brain altering drugs have the capacity to affect your decision making process. It is also known that they add subliminal messaging into the programs and commercials. I was just wondering because think who (besides the Saudis) fund the MSM? Mainly BIG PHARMA? Is that not a peculiar relationship? MSM is the main peddler of these drugs and of the messaging. And if you go to a psychiatrist they are likely to prescribe you with something. Everyone can be diagnosed. I'm just curious if this is more of an issue than talked about–other than after mass shootings.

315b74 No.198548


FYI Spokeo is Shit, Anon.

Lexis Nexis is where it’s at, or Fast Data.

8a7ce6 No.198549

When looking on google maps at Malta International Airport, near Valletta., i noticed the climate looked like New Mexico or Arizona, lots of Cactus. Have not found fence/building with ball pylons on top yet. Going to check google earth,, because cant see into airport area from public roads that well.

0736b2 No.198550

File: 686bcfed88e6df2⋯.jpg (75.95 KB, 2048x744, 256:93, ticktockrrrrring!.jpg)

37a213 No.198551

File: 2e82e2321358237⋯.jpg (56.6 KB, 461x383, 461:383, HUMANS.jpg)

Really, she does!

7b5579 No.198553

I was researching Operation Mockingbird, it's been a while. I thought a fun thread title would be "To Kill a Mockingbird". So I decided to look into it on a whim. This isn't terribly important, seemingly, but it felt interesting enough to share.

The movie director, Robert Mulligan, was a former Marine. Here are his movies before To Kill a Mockingbird.

Fear Strikes Out

The Rat Race

The Great Imposter

Come September

The Spiral Road

The Spiral Road has an especially interesting plot, of you care to read.

The order of the works felt significant, as did some of the plots.

I know this isn't a typical dig, but I hope you guys find something interesting in it. "No Coincidences, Lite"

9f6824 No.198554


Nono I agree with you–but I was just saying that there are differences in how depending on your specific neuroanatomical and neurochemical brain structure.

That's the thing the spooks suck major dick at–predicting anomalies when they do shit like that.

This is why you don't be Allen fucking Dulles and decide you're going to try to control an entire population.

b40917 No.198555




15251 Intracoastal Ct

Fort Myers, FL 33908-1830

(609) 703-8024 - Wireless

(609) 653-6330 - Landline

(609) 926-9756 - Landline





261e65 No.198556



That is highly likely. In fact, search and dig through many of these 'criminal' enterprises, as well as many shady dealings and organizations, and you are bound to find ((them)) pursuing their ethnic behaviors across the nations. Victimizing innocent people, trafficking in slaves and flesh, drugs, pornography, alcohol, degenerate films and media, etc.

Semites (kikes/arabs) were and still are some of the most prolific slave traders and human/children traffickers, as well as rapists, child molesters, kidnappers and violators of human dignity.

((They)) are born of their father the devil - there is not a single question about this.

4904eb No.198557


that's convincing.

i guess i'm going to vote for ted cruz now

f87067 No.198558


Who told you they went to Japan?

ba93fa No.198559


Didn't I read that Israel has technology, that can takeover commercial flight controls?

MH370 - Theory?

b40917 No.198560

074009 No.198561


>the stench of desperation that's flooding the boards, consider it an honor that they try so hard to keep you hopping instead of digging…

The sense of fear is palpable, but yes. Glad lurkers see the same as some of us.


Criminals' wives hanging out together, but what a weird mix unless they were getting some stories straight, passing along info.

>follow the wives

c656fc No.198562

File: 10f708a3ce04988⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1689x753, 563:251, brianshouse.png)


Brians house. WTF is this?

570c88 No.198563


Do not even mention Q…its an automatic "conspiracy theorist" label. You have to present an alternate reality to what they've been told by MSM and Hwood. Don't even bring up Dems v. Reps…just start like Q started with us…sure seems like Trump wasn't supposed to be elected…remember all the MSM telling us he had no chamce of winning? Inform them of Adm Rogers of the NSV visiting Trump unannounced and almost losing his job…what was so important that the NSA would risk his career to tell the new POTUS?

You have to bread crumb them, socractic method to create doubt and intrigue, then provide "possibile reasons". Do not mention Q and try to keep politics out.

4904eb No.198564


thus rothschild = red sign


roth = red

child = child

red child

child of the devil

711026 No.198565


It looks like the thread needs a bump with something from Q to recap and give crumbs as to what to expect going forward. Until OPs are completed and participants debriefed, we've hit a recycle mode. New email releases tomorrow, but at what price are the redactions? IG report due out mid Jan, not soon enough. Hanging in there, but there's not much new it seems.

08432c No.198566


do you have one showing same thing over antarctia? that is the one i want to see

ee1f7c No.198567


the plant is called mormon tea

18e5c2 No.198568

if anyones curious C560 is being tailed by somthing on flight radar

ea257b No.198569


A worthy Dox, now someone should tweet these fuckers all this information we know and watch how they suddenly stop their false attacks on POTUS.

4f4d2f No.198570


Definitely odd. They both appear to be under construction in this photo with the bare dirt lots, and large trucks on each property, etc. They both seem at about the same phase of construction. Did these guys get a big payday 6 months or a year before these photos were taken?

b03148 No.198572


under construction. new roof. its tiles

cd810d No.198573


May the Storm be with you

9f6824 No.198574


Yes–pills are subliminally pushed while media narrative says "Drugs are dangerous/bad" ←fear mongering

Big pharma singlehandedly caused the opioid epidemic. Oxycontin was created as something 10 times stronger than heroin, then marketed/pushed as non-addictive. Poor white version of crack cocaine.

Whichever faction gets stronger they step in to push back down.

5e0716 No.198575

File: 0132b5e45e1eb4c⋯.png (1.06 MB, 921x631, 921:631, CapturePOTUSphotobomb.PNG)

570c88 No.198576


Its called construction

b3d040 No.198577


new construction with an unfinished roof

3085d9 No.198578

b48f64 No.198579




Mid construction.

They likely used the same designer and builder. Built at the same time in the same location.

They prolly worked a deal.

e55036 No.198580


609 is a NJ area code

8a7ce6 No.198581


Been a few weks since i used google earth, when did they update it with new features? Also on the last part, feeling lucky,, see where the world takes you,,,, it brought up Matterhorn and Switzerland,, YIKES,lol

498599 No.198582


The asshole is getting a new roof.

907010 No.198583


Globalist Trinity AKA Cabal

4f4d2f No.198584


A house about to receive new shingles and some landscaping.

855156 No.198585

shitty memes or actual work

which 2 choose

d944be No.198586


http:// www.abeldanger.org/field-mcconnell-v-alpa-titled-civi/

64d22a No.198587

File: 4565c0b3513c0f8⋯.png (49.27 KB, 537x287, 537:287, Screenshot from 2017-12-28….png)

d2823b No.198588


They were on their way to Japan when the flight turned around. Then they got onto another flight to go to Tokyo for "sushi and for NYE".

3a1889 No.198589


brothers with money….follow the trail

18e5c2 No.198590


over the bahamas

97a699 No.198591



>GERONIMO could mean a lot of things… However, given our particular area of study here, I think the fact that the Skull & Bones group allegedly dug up and possesses the bones/skull of the man known as Geronimo, we should research this avenue

OK no outcome yet. Tribal leaders, using government-to-government agreement, should engage Trump Admin/asshats DOI for return of skull. there is a thing called sacred sites protection and repatriation of bones back to tribes for proper burial, which is already LAW. so screw the courts that dumped tribes previous legal attempt

76cf82 No.198592


Hey dimwit. He was answering a question asked in the linked post. Go read it.

d71c2f No.198593



Is Iran running NK?? How Q posted all other countries separately but then posted IRAN/NK like they are the same! Could this be?!!


60f67f No.198594



Not sure if relevant for the Dassault Falcon 7X that "was blown" into a wall:

Planes registartion is "VB-BZE" – registered in Bermuda:



to a company called "Flying Lion Limited", which has "Andrew Michael Ashcroft" as one of the directors (the other is one Peter Michael Reeder Garrison):

www. gov.bm/6929/flying-lion-limited-andrew-michael-ashcroft-6929

Ashcroft can be found with ties to Waterloo & BCB via:

www. bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=31231430&privcapId=141884804

Now there's a Lord Ashcroft with ties to BCB as well:

www. independent.co.uk/news/business/news/lord-ashcrofts-bank-rocked-by-downturn-7536468.html

Looks like these are connected ?

c656fc No.198595

File: 642d56ec950ad5f⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1731x789, 577:263, edshouse.png)


Ed's house.

7be077 No.198596


Both recently constructed ? Gardens aren't there yet

Similar roof materials/colour

9f6824 No.198597


u can bump dis dick

7619b9 No.198598


So you’re saying it’s just a coincidence that both their houses look like devil horns? I mean 40,000ft view is very telling according to Q.

2a86c0 No.198599


I get the impression even Barron knows much more than the smarter normie would even be able to digest. This is literally the first image of a smiling Barron I have ever seen.

902c9f No.198600

ba93fa No.198601


Kek it's the same house.. Copy Paste

ea257b No.198602


Yeah I noticed that too

277761 No.198603


Not a bad idea, but for the tremendous corruption and Pizzagate activities. If it were drained, maybe. IMO, removing it from the east coast is key.

cace9f No.198604



b40917 No.198605


and here's his linkedin account.


d70762 No.198606


Was wondering where they got the info

fed2e7 No.198607

SWA 704 is being shadowed by a NO CALL SIGN

just outside of over Atlantic right now.

0736b2 No.198608



a90021 No.198609


Lord Ashcroft… another "philantropist"

19d12f No.198610


In-Q-Tel. An anon made memes about them, but got deleted/banned or something. BO, what happened with that?

6aac2f No.198611


i read it doesnt contain any

1c1a4d No.198612


Godfather III

Trump knew about this early in his career, gained intel, now is in position to shut it down.

b03148 No.198613


no. would only give them martyr syndrome

344515 No.198614


Trump is planning to decentralize the Federal gov by shrinking the agencies and moving them out of DC.

7a71ab No.198615


Personally I think Sony is running NK, not Walt.

76cf82 No.198617


The fuck are you doing then? Reposting that ten days post out of context confuses people.

fb757e No.198618


Possible that there is no difference between Iran and NK - both being controlled for the benefit of the NWO?

8cd7e9 No.198619


home was raided by F-I…


7619b9 No.198620


Pictures of Schmidt in NK. Why couldn’t it be Google? It makes more sense if you ask me.

ba93fa No.198621


Might Need some SALT?

e6be9d No.198622


Sounds like the President is running NK

85ee3f No.198623



261e65 No.198624




Rothschild Name Meaning

German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): habitational name from a house distinguished with a red sign (Middle High German rot ‘red’ + schilt ‘sign’, ‘shield’), the earliest recorded example dating from the 13th century. The famous banking family of this name took it from a house so marked in the Jewish quarter of Frankfurt-am-Main, but the name has also been adopted by many Ashkenazic Jews unrelated to the family. In Britain the surname is normally given the spelling pronunciation ‘Roths-child’; the original pronunciation is ‘Rote-shilt’.

Red Shield.

Red = Blood/Bloodline/Family/Kin/Tribe

Shield = Protection/to protect/guard

"Protecting the Bloodline…by ANY MEANS NECESSARY"


meaning removal of any other bloodlines aka families, rival ethnic peoples, nations.

(((globalization))) scheme is a lies of mongrelization that seek to corrupt, defile, and destroy any solid, ancient, and venerale peoples, be they european white/russian slavic peoples, east asiatic people, hindu/indian blood, or few remaining mono ethnic african lineages.

They mongrelized and destroyed many monarchies, nations, and civilizations across the middle east, central asia, north africa, etc.

Rote-schilt, or (((rothschilds))) is a jewish-semitic famliy that sits at the one of three corners of ((globalist)) power that seeks the destruction of ALL SOVEREIGN PEOPLES BY MANIPULATION and LIES.

(((diversity)) ((racism)) ((imperialism)) ((colonialism)) ((sexism)) ((patriarchy)) ((white privilege)) ((homosexuality)) ((pedophilia is a mental illness, not a crime)) ((man boy love))

You name it, they propagate it directly or indirectly. All the defile, corrupt, and destroy.

7619b9 No.198625

File: 6326bf71456b030⋯.jpeg (256.85 KB, 1163x864, 1163:864, F5B167DA-40D3-401E-925E-C….jpeg)

2f0707 No.198626


Clowns' job is distract you from the real villain.

277761 No.198627


Thankfully, parents appear protective.

c656fc No.198628

File: 20139010070f8a8⋯.png (896.8 KB, 984x717, 328:239, ftmyerssat.png)


Maybe irrelevant but this satellite company near (((them))) catches my eye.

f4dea6 No.198629


Assuming fueled up max weight would be roughly 70,000 lbs so not a fucking chance wind blew it

>http://www.mirror.co.uk/ news/world-news/private-jet-owned-lord-ashcroft-11760636


64d22a No.198630

Ideas for next bread name?

69b50b No.198631

File: 1b2c8fa91552232⋯.png (867.07 KB, 1494x1002, 249:167, Trillons_Dollars_Frozen_As….png)

902c9f No.198632

File: 8da0eaad84b8adb⋯.png (380.73 KB, 642x856, 3:4, BRIAN.PNG)




69b50b No.198633


Trillions of Dollars in Frozen Assets Edition

9f6824 No.198634


He seemed really nervous (as anybody would be) in front of a giant crowd of people he didn't know. It's really nice to see him happy and relaxed with his family.

3f02c1 No.198635

File: a6c4b6f97e6d512⋯.jpg (100.17 KB, 560x400, 7:5, set15.jpg)

277761 No.198636


I used to be wary of those moves (fear of cronyism/privatization), but we already have that and said agencies DON'T DO ANYTHING BUT SPEND OUR MONEY AND COMMIT CRIME!

743c82 No.198637


Good summary anon

efbf52 No.198638

File: cad4223619d44d3⋯.png (402.5 KB, 917x546, 131:78, Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at ….png)

Touring inside Guantanamo Bay prison

https://www.y outube.com/watch?v=aKuweTyxRGA

0d9719 No.198639


could just be an installer for Direct or something. but…..

e59c24 No.198640


Where the fuck is Q? edition

8cd7e9 No.198642


FBI raided the home…..when?

3ec952 No.198643


thats brank new construction…. stucco word is not done… no drives, no landstaping. roof tiles… when was this image taken? from here. the house would be finished in about 3-6 months time.

ea467f No.198644

7619b9 No.198645


I need a bump 😁

3f02c1 No.198646

File: b09ca878d84d369⋯.jpg (92.42 KB, 733x698, 733:698, e82bed0f0fc3adb0d93cfc94d9….jpg)

fb757e No.198647


The question who controls NK appears important to Q yet there doesn't appear to be thread dedicated to answering the question, why?

Everyone seems to have varying views, but I'm sure we could solve it.

37a213 No.198648


The empty Newscast edition

671afb No.198649


Hit their twatter with that!

64d22a No.198650


>Trillions of Dollars in Frozen Assets

Checked. Got it.

5e0716 No.198651

Scoop: U.S. and Israel reach joint plan to counter Iran

"The U.S. and Israel have reached a joint strategic work plan to counter Iranian activity in the Middle East. U.S. and Israeli officials said the joint understandings were reached in a secret meeting between senior Israeli and U.S. delegations at the White House on December 12th."

https: //www.axios.com/scoop-u-s-and-israel-reach-joint-plan-to-counter-iran-2520518565.html

bb139e No.198652

File: 81eee2c141453c7⋯.jpg (63.12 KB, 297x480, 99:160, the-house-of-rothschild-mo….jpg)


Here a good movie made in 1934 on the Rothschilds titled "House of Rothschild"

https://youtu.be/ MqCTvW5URfY

7619b9 No.198653


I agree

86e016 No.198654


This. Well said, brother… when you're further down the rabbit hole, you can either wait patiently for others, or give them a friendly prod. I tend to think the latter is healthier.

c656fc No.198655


I don't know. How do i find out what year on google maps?

4904eb No.198656

cace9f No.198657


That would fit. It's gonna be freeeeezing cold real soon. lol

What does it mean when he capitalizes Country?

7a7bd9 No.198658


Good fucking shit, Anon.

Future proves Past.

0d9719 No.198659


trying to solve "P"

9de701 No.198660


That roof is crazy-looking, what even is that? SW Florida houses have your basic terracotta tile roofs. This must be an archived photo made when the house was under construction. Also, the house is obviously large (like 3K+sf large) and being in Ft Myers, would be unlikely to be without lush landscaping. Seeing all that sand is completely out of the ordinary for that area. Ft Myers is basically North Naples, which = lots of money.

1386ae No.198661


Sounds like we are looking at a possible financial reset in 2018 then. Been talked about for a while now. Finally happening??

5b714a No.198662


If I were to have designed that suit, I would have reversed the head right below the on on his chest.

1c1a4d No.198663


PA is an empath. Spooks use those a lot.

1682a2 No.198665

The CIA controls NK

3a1889 No.198666

e6be9d No.198667


Seems logical now. The Presidents have been running NK. But now we finally have Trump behind the wheels

2a86c0 No.198668


We do not summon Q. Doesn't work like that.

4904eb No.198669


capital letters from tweet:


(that's using only the first letter of the words that were capped)

867df1 No.198670


I said in a post a few days ago EU. no proof but wouldn't surprise me. Does Kim ever threaten EU? I haven't seen it.

cba4f8 No.198671


Excellent. That jives.

b6a881 No.198672

7619b9 No.198673


I mean there is an all seeing eye on the back of the dollar bill. Look at bitcoin etc… it’s already happening brethren.

1c1a4d No.198674


>the (((science))) says otherwise


af0d1c No.198675

File: 0c30a46be39ae09⋯.jpg (856.26 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Note59_0.jpg)

1d4421 No.198676


>Who really controls NK? Who controls several agencies within the US, EU, and abroad?

I think the UN runs NK

3a1889 No.198677


bottom of image has date pic taken

3f02c1 No.198678


Checked. Are there any other clowns climbing around all out of place and shit?

e59c24 No.198679


That’s what Q has said. No idea why people keep researching shit Q has already said to be the case.

Disney? No

Japan? No

Clowns in America? Yes!

a90021 No.198680


"Why is IRAN protected?

Why is IRAN funded by the US?

What news about IRAN broke?



http://www.independent. co.uk/news/world/middle-east/iran-tehran-drug-addiction-opium-heroin-afghanistan-taliban-a7809046.html

999b7e No.198681


He hungry for some pizza m8?

074009 No.198682


A satellite company being run out of someone's home in a suburb?


(((They))) just lie reflexively.


Watched that, showed how they were scheming liars from the beginning.

69b50b No.198683

File: b6548cf3cbd3793⋯.png (202.29 KB, 1214x578, 607:289, Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at ….png)

File: 69b30ebe39c8cfd⋯.png (766.61 KB, 1338x1332, 223:222, Cohen_Admitted_Sex_blackma….png)


Mr. Cohn, however, has his own skeletons. He was a closet homosexual and reportedly involved in running a CIA directed child prostitution ring to blackmail high level politicians:

"In an interview with former NYPD detective James Rothstein, this author discovered that such operations do exist and go far back into America's secret history. Rothstein is no conspiracy theorist. He is a legend in American law enforcement and speaks from experience. Furthermore, he gave me two notable examples from his time as a detective. Rothstein had an opportunity to have a sit-down with infamous McCarthy committee counsel Roy Cohn. During this sit-down, Cohn admitted to Rothstein that he was part of a rather elaborate sexual blackmail operation that compromised politicians with child prostitutes. Cohn told Rothstein that this operation was being carried out as part of the anticommunist crusade of the time."

sauce http:// www.conspiracyarchive.com/2014/08/24/the-ghost-of-roy-cohn/

http:// www.moneyteachers.org/Roy.Cohn.htm

7619b9 No.198684


I’m leaning more towards the clowns now I think.

0f938d No.198685

chan constantly linked -

http://www. ahijackedlife.com/qanon-8chan-links/decode-qanon-image-names-mathematical-proof-that-this-random-occurrence-was-highly-improbable/

490a5b No.198686


>http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2017/12/blind-items-revealed-3.html

good one… likely Huma is getting advice on how to live under a witness protection program.

When does a bird sing? … A "Huma Bird" talks when in captivity.

http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2017/12/blind-items-revealed-3.html

277761 No.198687

File: c905e15a77f7f93⋯.png (116.04 KB, 383x349, 383:349, Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at ….png)



Q arrives precisely when he means to.

1c1a4d No.198688



John 3:16… Infinite re-spawning.

bf1213 No.198689


Hmm. Flight itself was delayed, and the tail did not take off from same airport. The no callsign's speed and other changes definitely indicate tailed.

9c6882 No.198690


If you are still here so is our friend:


490a5b No.198691


Huma Bird

https:// www.speakingtree.in/blog/a-mystical-story-about-legendary-bird-huma

c18096 No.198692


Thanks anon, watching that now

c656fc No.198693

File: 851adc61f2f515e⋯.png (448.8 KB, 946x1067, 86:97, relentlesskrASSes.png)


it says 2017.


4f4d2f No.198694


That's what I recall from Q posts. Would make perfect sense. Controlled opposition.

defdcf No.198695

File: ddc498ed740ab54⋯.jpg (41.27 KB, 660x330, 2:1, bookertt-660x330.jpg)

File: c16f6fe4d207113⋯.jpg (271.21 KB, 1080x1773, 120:197, Screenshot_20171228-165358.jpg)

cory booker pedo?!??

885670 No.198696

File: 91070427f643cf4⋯.jpg (162.58 KB, 640x600, 16:15, 2014_09_25_gipfel-zytig_64….jpg)





digging re: Chalet Eugenia

(great site name!): www.askthemonsters.com /chalet-eugenia-luxury-in-davos-klosters/

More photos:

ourglorioushomes.com /floor-plans-klosters.html

Statue of "The Wildmannli" or "Wildmängli" is outside Chalet Eugenia (pic related):

Lots of guests in the photo. Any familiar faces?

www.jstor.org /stable/3047496

>The Wildmannli aka 'wild men' were reportedly medieval demons of fertility and death, potentially incubi.

wikipedia.org /wiki/Wild_man

>Enkidu from Gilgamesh is a 'wild man'.

>Naked people running around in the woods

tips.fm /entry.php?4049-Liechtenstein-The-Wildmannli-of-Liechtenstein

>In the 6th century, the Roman Catholic Church used the wild man as their model of the devil.

Theory: "Wild Men" would be a great way to explain to the peasants any accidental discovery of human hunting events.

64d22a No.198697




Lol. That reminds me.. WTF was happening with all those 'clown sightings' we had earlier last year? Just.. randome people dressing as clowns. Doing creepy, weird shit..

Was that perhaps an occult thing, or CIA or just a bunch of wanna-be retards being stupid?

0d9719 No.198698


Where doed Q say that? they supply. but "run". Q said "P" runs NK

902c9f No.198699


try calling him and record it on vocaroo

219d23 No.198700

Random question here, just a theory, is Marina Abramovic Lady Gaga's mother? the two look identical to each other, an Lady Gaga is Marina's prodigee. Remember that. The two meditate and shit together like WTF

ea257b No.198701


Lol would love to see his face when this is tweeted, his tweets seem to get right to the top of POTUS account on each tweet. Wonder how long he will want that with his information right up there with him.

57cab8 No.198702

File: 62cfe75a42eb531⋯.jpg (122.63 KB, 1056x545, 1056:545, mrfreeze.jpg)

d70762 No.198703


Anyone dig any dirt on him? We can blast him with memes

907010 No.198704


woah. so the torus is real. electric universe videos for bedtime tonight

b40917 No.198705


Here's Brian's facebook page. This idiot has his page open so you can see all of his photos and friends. Looks as though they are brothers.


0d9719 No.198706


could just be a contracted installer for direct tv

bb139e No.198707


I'm more curious as to why someone posing with POTUS is making the Illuminati 666 symbol

069082 No.198708


Looks like this Anon is calling Q a larp to me

867df1 No.198709

File: da495dc53a2ea95⋯.jpg (149.18 KB, 594x710, 297:355, IMG_6794.JPG)

>>198243 forgive me if this was already posted.

af0d1c No.198710

File: f9a0f41f4e72257⋯.jpg (439.76 KB, 1080x1004, 270:251, 20171228_190456.jpg)

72d08e No.198711


Thanks to the anons making those beautiful memes!!!!

999b7e No.198712


Yet 0 twatter replies from anon… fuuuuggggg

a6378d No.198713


>That's what I recall from Q posts.

Don't 'recall'. go find it and prove it.

19d12f No.198714


Soros takes orders from P.

P not mentioned in regards to NK

d2823b No.198716


Funny how they ignore all of the symbols that their political heros use.

… That's just an Owl statue??

1d278e No.198717



Sorry this is disjointed…I'm developing a theory at how they are able to mind control so many people and maybe at a way to wake them up.

Think about this:

Who the MSM can't subconsciously control because their brains are on SSRIs, they have them on cholesterol or other drugs that make them too weak to fight back. Or they have them on some other drug, usually with many side effects. They first create the "conditions" for people to believe they are depressed or diseased and in need of a drug. They go to the doctor who gleefully prescribes them the drug of choice. Then once on a therapy dose they become controllable or too weak to fight back.

SSRI drugs and their association with violence and mass shootings are notorious. But what about others? Cholesterol medicine makes you weak and you end up need other drugs so you don't have heart failure.

Enter Mockingbird and Mkultra with their lies and disinformation and drugs and emotional trauma (aka emotional torture). From wikipedia "Experiments on humans were intended to identify and develop drugs and procedures to be used in interrogations and torture in order to weaken the individual to force confessions through mind control."

So what drugs did they develop? Anyone know? Not sure I totally trust Wikipedia and what they say.

69b50b No.198718

http:// www.conspiracyarchive.com/2014/08/24/the-ghost-of-roy-cohn/

Sturgis revealed one of the reasons for breaking into the Watergate. According to Sturgis, there was a “Pedophile Book” hidden away at the Democratic National Committee headquarters (no pagination). The book was supposed to have a list of pedophiles on the American political scene (no pagination). One can only imagine the power G. Gordon Liddy would have held over the government if he had such a book in his possession.

1125da No.198719

Q Is Alabama doomed?

fe5b55 No.198720


I don't understand all this wasted energy about Q vs not Q drops. What does it matter? If the info. is worthy or might add some insight to the known Q drops then check it out. But keep your focus. Done.

Did it occur to some newbies/distractors that many of us lived other lives reading/watching events, not FB fed, listening to whistleblowers, etc. and might be able to add a few dots? I critiqued the Steele video with the dual-citizenship reference, remembered I saw a list somewhere once, found it and then posted it. I also, posted about control files and a few other items. Either worthy or not, just decide, check it out.

2f0707 No.198721


Can this be taken to another thread? I mean, its nice and all but its not what this place is all about. Unless of course you can provide evidence that he is a pedo.

5d9516 No.198722


POTUS does them himself . not 666 though that i have seen.

8a7ce6 No.198723


Thank you,

Ashcroft is worth 1.64 billion. He wrote a book, Call me Dave, accusing David Cameron of engaging in wierd sexual rituals.

Not been able to locate yet where on/near airport that crash occurred.

7619b9 No.198724


Symbolism war… Trump knows everything and that sign was never 666 when I was a child it was always “ok”. The evil ones made it into something it wasn’t just like they do every fucking thing they touch. Just the way I see it though. Triggers snowflakes too.

19d12f No.198725


Q has alluded many things, but has not actually said Clowns run NK

9f6824 No.198726


Nah–the "science" is the storm.

72085c No.198727

File: f88bfc22d59f452⋯.png (69.34 KB, 551x484, 551:484, ClipboardImage.png)


Q said

"Who controls NK? TRUST."

Here is a worldwide powerful entity, whose website lists where they meet and who to call in just about every city. They have the triangles as their symbol and THIS IS THE ILLUMINATI. Based on the teachings of ALICE Bailey.


d944be No.198728


>Jesus called them out, and he was crucified for his counter semitism and pro-humanism.

His criticism was primarily directed at the hypocrisy of the Pharisees.

> Judeo-christianity is a LIE

As a religion it is a fiction, but as a system of ethics it was the basis of the common law of England.

> There is only one Christianity

Christianity as a religion was formed by the Church Fathers under the patronage of Rome. Because of this there was bias towards the Romans citizen Paul re the schism between Paul and James the Just. The book of Revelation was not written for Christians.

64d22a No.198729


Ed Krassenstein.. same guy?

http ://behindmlm.com/mlm/no-criminal-charges-pending-against-krassenstein-brothers/

0d9719 No.198730


you mean the same exact gesture he makes during every speech? wow. hand gestures mean opposite things in different places

999b7e No.198731


And these cunts want to try and throw shade at trump… these cunts ARE retarded

1c1a4d No.198732



This doesn't mean a fedorafag, it means a satanist.

6f8e90 No.198733


Sounds like… like the storm caught them ;)

50a46e No.198734


Same here, first time I've seen the smile! Also I've always thought that he knows a bit much more than some could imagine

cba4f8 No.198735


Cohn was dirty as fuck, but he knew where the communist were lurking. He was Trump's lawyer, and apparently a close adviser. Trump wasn't involved in all that entrapment (that was Cohn's mess), but he sure knows where the bodies are buried.

69b50b No.198736

http:// www.conspiracyarchive.com/2014/08/24/sex-is-a-gun-the-deeper-story-of-the-d-c-madam/

Compromising politicians in this manner goes back far into America’s secret history. James Rothstein had an opportunity to sit down with infamous McCarthy counsel Roy Cohn and speak casually (Rothstein, no pagination).

Cohn admitted to Rothstein that he ran a sex ring that compromised political figures (no pagination).

With the threat of blackmail hanging over their heads, these politicians now had to step in line with the agenda of those powerful elites that Cohn represented.

For Cohn, all of this was done in the name of fighting communism (no pagination). However, for the elites that Cohn represented, the story may have been different. The power elite are not anchored to the ideological camps that the common man is familiar with. Instead, they are willing to use all the different camps to gain an advantage.

Compromised individuals in both the Wilkes and Cohn operations could be used to help consolidate power for America’s hidden aristocracy.

6923ca No.198737

File: 5f53660e439a2d0⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1670x1053, 1670:1053, GITMO1.png)

File: 6d2c38812e4a07a⋯.png (860.28 KB, 1063x1048, 1063:1048, GITMO2.png)

File: 900ead8b52b1b8e⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1673x1058, 1673:1058, GITMO3.png)

File: f63f02e4b5e425f⋯.png (917.41 KB, 1680x1070, 168:107, GITMO4.png)

af3a43 No.198738


More likely Q chose the chans because of proven record of pooling diverse knowledge and skills to solve challenges.

3085d9 No.198739


Marvin P bush, cleared hi security out of World Trade Centre the day before…

72d08e No.198741


Yes, that was the retweet posted Dec 26th by Rep. King (Iowa). He had an actual tweet the day before. I answered another anons call to check on POI's social media. I don't do FB, but I've been looking at people's Twitter accounts to see when they last posted.

3a1889 No.198742



6f8e90 No.198743


Cohn = Cohen = Kohen = Kohanim

b03148 No.198744

File: 33e2088edff560c⋯.png (842.53 KB, 1368x963, 152:107, jackass.png)


Stole it… was just good.

a90021 No.198745


P…….. the President?????

69b50b No.198746


Thanks for the extra info

6923ca No.198747

File: b7e33cd5dc86dd2⋯.png (2.63 MB, 1683x1074, 561:358, GITMO5.png)

File: aebe7d04b6cd986⋯.png (2.74 MB, 1749x1049, 1749:1049, GITMO6.png)

File: 8e6d53260d02685⋯.png (748.32 KB, 780x1077, 260:359, GITMO7.png)

File: a064b9c859b3ebf⋯.png (3.03 MB, 1672x1059, 1672:1059, GITMO8.png)

0d9719 No.198748


funny that he had a few hours ago. "re-read crumbs"?

76cf82 No.198749


As a person who has studied body language for years, your be surprised how little hand gestures matter or how frequently they don't mean anything at all

7619b9 No.198750


You people kill me.

d6d9b1 No.198751


promoting forthcoming rubbish hollywood clown movie (IT?)

fe5b55 No.198752


This is what I call an "energy-drainer". Pretends stupidity on meaningless item going nowhere. Distractor

b40917 No.198753



ff24ae No.198754

File: ac8f3131aa9a078⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1188x3052, 297:763, blow-job10.jpg)

3a1889 No.198755


r u there?

d78080 No.198756

> P expand our thinking

Gerald Ford – Passkey or Pass Key

Betty Ford – Pinafore

Susan Ford – Panda

Michael Ford – Professor

Jack Ford – Packman

How bout them apples. will keep digging

e5a45e No.198757



I agree, Anon, from the clues dropped by Q I'm thinking it must be the United Nations that's really running NK, too. Think of who runs the UN.

According to at least one source (archived here [and the link is split]: http://archive. is/m8nAV) the same fuckers who funded Nazi Germany are behind the UN.

This entire shit show could be one giant farce, and I believe that President Trump's been on to it for decades. We are so very fortunate that he won and is taking these people on, head on. May they all be rounded up and face justice.

QUESTION: Does anyone know about the photograph Q mentioned? I need to look at the Excel spreadsheet to see if the following has been answered (regarding the photograph that was released with someone in gold):

U1 – CA – EU – ASIA – IRAN/NK Iran Deal. Why is this relevant? Re-read drops re: NK / Iran. (Y) What does it mean to be covered in gold? Which couple was photographed covered in gold? The public release was a mistake. Who released the picture? Who has all the information? (Y) What does it mean to be covered in gold? Can you locate one other pic w/ Y head covered in gold? What does this represent? /_\ THE SUM OF ALL FEARS. Q

b03148 No.198758


Oh my… definitely need that with a few hashs in the replies… to get them twatschwacked

64d22a No.198759

Krassenstein brothers apparently in business.. dirty business..

http ://www.nbc-2.com/story/33161672/business-brothers-own-lee-home-raided-by-homeland-security

7619b9 No.198760


“Energy vampire” as Butch Jones would like to say.

Go Damn Vols but fuck Butch Jones

6923ca No.198761

File: 2432c84cb594d36⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1389x1086, 463:362, GITMO9.png)

File: 58f6e0a64d4d282⋯.png (2.72 MB, 1688x1066, 844:533, GITMO10.png)

File: f19a6446eb3cc89⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1677x1077, 559:359, GITMO11.png)

File: 839d7b91199e52f⋯.png (2.23 MB, 1668x1061, 1668:1061, GITMO12.png)

1682a2 No.198762


Wait… have we ever actually tried?

0d9719 No.198763


can't rule that out. only other possibility to drive 99% mad…

d70762 No.198764

Biden is running for 2020

48e6f6 No.198765


when did nazis go from wanting an blonde-blue aryan race to wanting just a white race? if that guy is a nazi he supports killing himself

80dc95 No.198766


10 bucks says barron will be the president at some point in his life

get the feelin dude is destined for magnificence

c656fc No.198767

File: 6b8627992ae82b7⋯.png (88.54 KB, 259x194, 259:194, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 51da66a868a1bc1⋯.png (2.79 MB, 1434x923, 1434:923, eyewriter.png)


A company called Eyewriter is nearby also. Pretty benevolent concept for the company at first glance. Maybe they are connect though?

www. eyewriter.org/

The EyeWriter is a low-cost eyetracking system originally designed for paralyzed graffiti artist TEMPT1. The EyeWriter system uses inexpensive cameras and open-source computer vision software to track the wearer's eye movements.[1]

EyeWriter was conceived by Mick Ebeling[2] and developed at Ebeling's home[3] in Venice Beach by artists and engineers from the Free Art & Technology Lab, Graffiti Research Lab and OpenFrameworks teams, including Zachary Lieberman, Evan Roth, James Powderly, Theo Watson and Chris Sugrue.

The project has been recognized with numerous awards including being honored by TIME as one of the Top 50 inventions of 2010,[4] the 2010 Prix Ars Electronica,[5] the 2010 FutureEverything Award[6] and featured on NPR and TED

EyeWriter was featured in 2009 at the CREAM International Festival for Arts & Media in Yokohama.TEMPT1 was also featured in 2009 projected on Kyoto City Hall. EyeWriter was part of the Talk to Me exhibit at MoMA on display from July 24 until November 7, 2011.

bb139e No.198768

File: de81cda168d17e6⋯.png (221.94 KB, 706x899, 706:899, screenshot_18.png)

Business brothers own Lee home raided by Homeland Security

http://www.nbc-2.com/story/33161672/ business-brothers-own-lee-home-raided-by-homeland-security

efbf52 No.198769

File: bf6f18527bf446d⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 1300x975, 4:3, Guantanamo-Camp-Delta-.jpg)

7619b9 No.198770

File: 5fa006fc2dfa259⋯.jpeg (66.02 KB, 800x534, 400:267, 98C95B6F-7120-4D38-9DF2-3….jpeg)


Lol yeah I truly hope he does.

6f8e90 No.198771


Looks like some Clockwork Orange shit.

80dc95 No.198772

dont forget about us Q

64d22a No.198773


So this should be posted all over twitter… and on POTUS's account where the guy keeps trying to troll.

I'm no longer on twitter, or I'd be all over it.

1682a2 No.198774

Biden cannot run in 2020.

3a1889 No.198775


DELTA again!!!!

5b2223 No.198776


No he doesn't, Brian is a shill who enjoys posturing as a top troll under Trump's tweets and provide traction to all media dog whistles. Could be paid, could be a zealot, it doesn't really matter: he is a smoking turd who incites racial violence.

Make his life miserable.

Also anons, I know some of you doubt, and I have my moments too, but never forget what we know and what our duty os here. It doesn't matter if the happenings don't pile up as we would like to, because normies aren't ready to handle the truth anyway, the propaganda still holds the megaphone and our enemies will double down on it the day a real happening occurs like the OIG report or the high profile arrests we have been waiting for.

We need to keep digging, we need to keep memeing (and I am not talking cryptic-tier memes with #Qanon hashtags but normie palatable memes that prepares them to stomach the stench of corruption) and we need to hold the line against the shills and the demoralization attempts. Have faith, anons.

e6be9d No.198777


Thanks for clearing that. Could it then be the Pike Family?

9442cd No.198778


Maybe write him a love letter?

4904eb No.198779




6f8e90 No.198780


"Lets run with another satanic-pedo and lose miserably again!" - Demonrats

64d22a No.198781


DELTA IS relevant… :D

7a3f6c No.198782

Keyhole→John Hanke→ Pokemon Go→In-Q-Tel→CIA

bb139e No.198783

File: e41638669dbe760⋯.png (374.28 KB, 1488x896, 93:56, screenshot_19.png)


There's also another /pol/ thread on them….

https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/ thread/146932496/

37a213 No.198784

File: 9e09655ae669c57⋯.jpg (62.37 KB, 1011x703, 1011:703, gtmo wardrobe BARRY.jpg)


0d9719 No.198785


Rs were behind Hitty, and run Vatican bank, AND planned UN after their LON failed

1c1a4d No.198786


Liberty caps cure my migraines. Also tried the pharma route for a few years and it helped me recover from my dead emotional state.

4904eb No.198787


thank you


80dc95 No.198788


bullet breakfast deluxe

not a threat cianigs just saying its a healthy choice for a balanced breakfast

6f8e90 No.198789


All hands on deck… get in here!

a6378d No.198790



That's good, but still prefer Demoncraps

af3a43 No.198791


Now there's a career path to admire: from fraudsters to impotent tweeters

f95b91 No.198792

File: c13ce0176b19bd1⋯.jpg (157.96 KB, 447x447, 1:1, 151451038598685919.jpg)

3ec952 No.198793




2017 photo depending on when the photo was taken home is finished or a few moths left.

67a8d5 No.198794


[RED] Russian may control NK. http:// www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/northkorea/1523468/Russia-secretly-offered-North-Korea-nuclear-technology.html

6aac2f No.198795


been watching 704. cant find the no callsign anymore

d70762 No.198796

File: 6beafcdf19fdf48⋯.jpeg (457.58 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 397F502E-65AA-401F-888C-C….jpeg)

Rosanne Barr bedroom

0a01b5 No.198797


Too bad "soetoro" is shopped on :(

40e7e9 No.198798


Jesus fuck people.

Kill_Rogue is a twitter handle.

3a1889 No.198799

File: bc964d45f355d32⋯.png (3.12 MB, 1822x1238, 911:619, delta.png)



b9c72d No.198800


Hmmm wonder if

GW = George Washington

cf0656 No.198801


Obama didn't want to close Guantanamo for his own presidency, but to have it closed by the end so the next president would not have it available.

Especially not someone like Trump! Good thing Congress didn't cooperate there at the end.

846311 No.198802



76cf82 No.198803

Just thought of something. Q said enjoy the fireworks. As a double entendre, one meaning is literal. New years day is approaching, during which we will have fireworks. If Q was referring to them, we won't see him/them till at least after midnight 18/01/01

c656fc No.198804


Good to know. Something isn't adding up with these 2. I don't want Bots to have pizza.

711026 No.198805


>As a religion it is a fiction, but as a system of ethics it was the basis of the common law of England.

Not so sure about that at all.

b48f64 No.198806


>trying to solve "P"

Peter Munk

efbf52 No.198807

File: 85c9c2e6071a0ad⋯.png (344.32 KB, 846x420, 141:70, Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at ….png)

40e7e9 No.198808


It's been the hot topic in the skeptic community for the past 6 months.

6aac2f No.198809


cant find NO CALL SIGN anymore since 5 minutes. can you see anything?

6f8e90 No.198810


"These people are stupid."

d70762 No.198811


Hahaha trolled them with the news articles about their fraud… their twatter disappeared!

1d278e No.198812


There are no coincidences. At this point, everyone knows about "Q" and such references would be easily identified.

72d08e No.198813


>Someone is going to probably tell me to take it to META, but there is a religious tradition in Buddhism relating to reincarnation which involves the use of a human skull. It was in an ancient Buddhist text that I read a couple of years ago. Don't remember the name of it, but it might give you a place to start. Good luck in your dig!

64d22a No.198814

File: 4c8059aeb43441f⋯.png (212.68 KB, 711x801, 79:89, Screenshot from 2017-12-28….png)


Holy shit..

https ://twitter.com/EdKrassen/status/941737873992122368

https ://twitter.com/EdKrassen/status/933516199597563904

https ://twitter.com/EdKrassen/status/928268168262328322

https ://twitter.com/edkrassen/status/929721286124859392?lang=en

https ://twitter.com/EdKrassen/status/892741968643665927

https ://twitter.com/EdKrassen/status/940839454083710976

https ://twitter.com/edkrassen/status/927377248411254786?lang=en

a6378d No.198815


>>trying to solve "P"

>Peter Munk

We were told lastnight he was even above GS.

7c00bc No.198816

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Christine Lagarde

0a01b5 No.198817


Almost all RTs of wikileaks and a few JA.

on 11/30

>Isn't it amazing how easy it is to openly hide on twitter?

8a7ce6 No.198818


Awesome, you nailed it. I was looking in that executive section.

97e16f No.198819

>>198815 ← Correct

>>198806 ← Correct

80dc95 No.198820

File: 6f1b116b9fe0ae9⋯.png (149.53 KB, 627x542, 627:542, ClipboardImage.png)

http://the hill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/366727-fbi-weighing-charges-after-brothers-with-duplicate-boarding-pass

d70762 No.198821


Been trolling him on twatter, and his bro

04800f No.198822

File: b4b65c63914f85b⋯.jpg (70.02 KB, 781x399, 781:399, TrumpHaterTwins.jpg)

743c82 No.198823


As amusing as it is, hunting down those who troll 45 is not the purpose of this board

37a213 No.198824

File: a108ee011ecac81⋯.jpg (132.72 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, obama library.jpg)

Barry gets his library

bb139e No.198825

File: 129987fb4d66977⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1022x711, 1022:711, screenshot_22.png)


Camp Delta 1 Mamimum Security

f9bf87 No.198826

File: 9f0c68371112adc⋯.jpg (27.63 KB, 420x360, 7:6, Bill Chapman.jpg)


>Bill Chapman Ex Hollywood Cult Member

posted video today dropping truth bombs here:

https://twitter. com/bchapman151

'Trump cutting funds from the top, we need to cut funds from the bottom'

[stop paying for Netflix, HBO, etc, (anything Hollywood)]

I found his twitter from a tweet he posted to Eric Schmidt's twitter feed

cf0656 No.198827


This would make sense because the Soviet Union put in the Kim regime originally. The Korean War was a skirmish of the Cold War and had a Russian as well as Chinese aspect.

Note that there's a tiny bit of border between NK and Russia, just enough for a highway bridge. Stuff can just be trucked from Russia into NK.

40e7e9 No.198828


He opened it in October.

Read all the posts in chronological order.

97e16f No.198829

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>>198815 ← Correct

>>198806 ← Correct

Dig into the Munkey business.

5b2223 No.198830



would appreciate if we do not get derailed with insignificant shills

7a3f6c No.198831

File: 43cf9f0c23005f8⋯.jpg (86.21 KB, 1113x626, 1113:626, Twat Q response.jpg)

Twat Qs response

ea257b No.198832


We may uncover something huge though, we already are with this guy alone.

64d22a No.198834


Figures. There should be. Holy shit.


I've been around long enough. Don't believe in too many coincidences anymore. Never really did.. but now, very, very rarely. Like.. 2 or 3 times in my life.

4904eb No.198835

File: 94b6e89a4688b8d⋯.jpg (78.85 KB, 604x453, 4:3, gitmo3.jpg)

File: 71bbc569d4b0a8d⋯.jpg (66.83 KB, 604x453, 4:3, gitmo2.jpg)

File: e2833381cda11d6⋯.jpg (93.09 KB, 604x453, 4:3, gitmo1.jpg)

587cc7 No.198836



we have clear instructions to search gitmo planes, track recent messages from high profile suspects, and find recent whereabouts… plenty to dig here

23a637 No.198837


Walt Disney is running NK , Kim got pissed because his brother wanted to go there

3ebb2c No.198838


He never stops.

b6a881 No.198839

fed2e7 No.198840

The no call sign dropped off

Maybe it was a secondary responder on the same plane?

But there is a blocked plane off Vero Beach FL

If you notice they are shorter and pudgier.

cf0656 No.198841


Well I pretty much never paid them. But now I am not watching NFL either. I will follow Vin Scully who said he'll never watch another NFL game.

a6378d No.198842


Most of it was outted in last night's breads.

Last I heard he was already sitting in GITMO.

c656fc No.198844


I wonder which of those 2 houses it was that got raided?

"We found the brothers are listed as co-founders of a company called 3Dprint, which is described as a news organization for 3D printing."

weird. "news organization for 3D printing.

Like someone said follow the money. They can't have this much virtol for POTUS without some kind of kickdown.

b48f64 No.198845


Planes are aerodynamic. Air slips around them.

They don't get "blown off the apron."


a747bc No.198846


Note also that the players are in a "delta" shape

40e7e9 No.198847


Don't direct LINK!!!!

902c9f No.198848

File: 99c2c396bad36bc⋯.jpg (31.6 KB, 696x136, 87:17, 1514510261103[1].jpg)


19d12f No.198849



except Russia controlling Nk wouldn't cause Americans to revolt. try again

f87067 No.198850


Christianity began with the Essenes, of which Jesus was one.

He was against the Pharisees, sure.

The OT was written by ancient wise men still beyond our own level of intelligence.

It is heavy with cryptic nature that has now been solved.

You should review the listings in the Snow White thread OP about this.

d93af9 No.198851


Another word for "covered in gold" is Gilded. I cant find anything that makes this useful, but i thought i would mention it.

72085c No.198853



Everyone knows that the mathematical symbol for Delta is a triangle, right?

4904eb No.198854



ff24ae No.198855


Check the Malta weather conditions for the 27th and 28th, should explain everything

efbf52 No.198856

File: e64f744927c07b8⋯.png (370.05 KB, 757x605, 757:605, Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at ….png)

85ee3f No.198857


OK if this is the case, and Russia controls NK, then Russia also controls Iran…and if THAT is the case then Russia is a proxy for the Cabal…and this whole "Putin hates the NWO" is all BULLSHIT!

277761 No.198858


Trump is expected to fill 3 slots, including hers.

b6a881 No.198859


Ahh…sorry! My bad. Sorry guys.

587cc7 No.198860


what is this??

64d22a No.198861


checked and agreed..

7c00bc No.198862



Costra Nosa (Sicilians) was mostly into bootlegging and protection rackets. Calabrians (and Maltese for that matter) are into human trafficking and organs and such.

Look up the history of the Rizutto family from Montreal. All of them are dead now, thanks to the 'Ndràngheta (or the Hamilton Mob….check out Munk's links too).

344515 No.198863


My Dad was in the airline industry 40 years, never heard of a plane crashing into a building off a runway and he would have known.

0d9719 No.198864


There's a YT vid of a big plane being blown away from it's terminal/tunnel. Extreme wind lately

0a01b5 No.198865




JUSTICE ? for Camp Justice?

d70762 No.198866

b9c72d No.198867

File: c0f19f0db587723⋯.jpeg (1.02 MB, 750x1273, 750:1273, 71867AB2-14D8-4B8A-914F-4….jpeg)

File: d597a527db846f8⋯.jpeg (1005.07 KB, 750x1275, 10:17, 931F6C8D-F67F-459F-B39D-B….jpeg)


May not be linked, but there is a blocked plane coming from Columbia heading towards New York and a Delta No Callsign plane trailing a little bit behind it coming from west coast of Florida.

ea257b No.198868


Could be something to do with Q, as he posted something about this.

4904eb No.198869


not real

get fucked

d944be No.198870


Sources are Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England and The dooms(judgments) of King Alfred the Great. There's a deep underlying conflict between the common law of England and the civil law of Rome. Trusts are related to this, equity developed to remedy defects in the common law (from the Court of Chancery) but equity has no place in the civil law.

40e7e9 No.198871


because no one puts buildings at the end of runways.

4904eb No.198872



0a01b5 No.198873



Forgot to link to the pic.

b9c72d No.198874


Third stroke I’ve seen relatively close together

a90021 No.198875


Now they're saying they were "hacked".

Looks like they messed with usernames… shills

e5a45e No.198876


Thank you, GitmoAnon, for posting pics of Gitmo. They give me hope. It helps to see the place, and see how grim it would be to have to live there. I understand that President Trump is planning on putting a bunch more "bad hombres" there, which is awesome. I have very little knowledge about the history of the base. Have any female prisoners ever been held there? I'm wondering if it's going to be set to accommodate the likes of Killary, Jarrett, Lynch, Palmieri, Huma, and all the other females that have so heinously betrayed the USA. . . . . thank you to anyone who can steer me toward more info on the conditions at Gitmo. I guess it's a morbid curiosity but I want to envision how badly life will suck for them when we finally hold them accountable.

219d23 No.198877

0, [10-9]



Floor is yours.

Twitter FW_

Twitter [kill_rogue]



—-Might mean Freedom Camp Delta aka Guantanmo Bay. Within Camp Delta is Camp 5 &6 which is for high level detainees only. Just a theory. If you add the numbers in both brackets together is ends up (15-15), which is 0, which he put as first number.

587cc7 No.198878


cant find it

4f4d2f No.198879


Agreed. She's years overdue for a deep dig and some light shined on her. The BIS is another hub of massive power that has been able to hide in the dark.

0d9719 No.198880


saw a TY video of one being blown, sideways, away from it's terminal/tunnel.

What would cause navy ships with the newest nav tech to hit a bigger cargo ship? Think they didn't see it? they were pushed together, but that was water, not wind

64d22a No.198881


>https ://twitter.com/kill_rogue

Whoa.. a guy with the name Q, and this account was made in October..

711026 No.198882


Jewish law is derived from the Pentateuch.

Common law is more, to me, "law of the land."

When the poster mentioned "ethics" that has leeway,

but common law began in the 800's.

"Grievance laws" for injured farm workers.

US law was founded on English Common Law,

not on Judaic law. Continental Law was from

Roman Rule, guilty until proven innocent.

7a49fa No.198883


Are you familiar with thee Lillywave? John C Lilly inventor its applied to electric grid and causing natural defense of the brain to suggestion to be dropped just add Television "programming" Govern-ment Govern -

limmiting ment - mind….. controlled

0d9719 No.198884


YT not TY my bad

7c00bc No.198885


>This is a war between the masons boys white against black good vs evil.


25ec56 No.198886


And FBI ANON said he was the one closest to knowing and exposing all the dirt on the Clintons

40e7e9 No.198887

c25-26 in a chess move called 'Vienna Game'

0a01b5 No.198888


ref: >>173382

> Twitter[kill_rogue]

d78080 No.198889


every rotschit, royal, soros, nwo prick, hollyweirds have been there. and STILL r there, UK and dutch royalty 2, every year.

BIG TIME party club. weird AF. see wikipedia… great name huh Eugenics chalet

8a7ce6 No.198890

File: e1966d771cea725⋯.png (415.28 KB, 617x345, 617:345, Christine3.png)

File: 0f9b1b6814246ca⋯.png (224.78 KB, 729x432, 27:16, Christine4.png)


I posted about her before,( she's the woman who holds the worlds economy in her hands) it is said.

And she's an EVIL WITCH,lol I think she is very very high up in the cult.

907010 No.198891


Hollywood and Music and different frequencies

48e6f6 No.198892


https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkGUowLRF5s

7c00bc No.198894


I think I knew a relative of his.

b6a881 No.198895


If you go to:

https ://twitter.com/kill_rogue

It's a Twitter feed for 'Q' with a symbol of two white rabbits and it also says follow/ the/ white/ rabbit/

Last post was from September 18.

cf0656 No.198896


They could if the wind gets some lift on the wing. But it takes strong winds like a hurricane, with just the right kind of blast.

80dc95 No.198898


somebody who retweets alot of seth rich wikileaks stuff

40e7e9 No.198901


972ce7 No.198903




then it's too bad none of us can get on twitter then, isn't it?

69b50b No.198905

File: 031b49ccfcddde7⋯.png (353.98 KB, 840x936, 35:39, Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at ….png)


Vero Beach and Fort Pierce right next to each other

a90021 No.198907


How can be made in october 2017 if it has tweets from 2016?

587cc7 No.198908

>https ://twitter.com/kill_rogue


This seems like LARP tier twitter?

Or a failed attempt to go viral before going on the chans?

f0736f No.198909


>Trump is expected to fill 3 slots, including hers.

Hopefully before his first term is over.

5b2223 No.198910


Go fuck yourself

40e7e9 No.198911

They're retweets, not fresh ones

efbf52 No.198912

File: 4dda0d2da9aa726⋯.png (161.85 KB, 909x556, 909:556, Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at ….png)

File: 9eaa85ecefa8f4c⋯.png (181.03 KB, 905x623, 905:623, Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at ….png)

Lots of earthquake activity in Alaska. 5.1 in Japan today!

0d9719 No.198913


too bad nobody searched before now lol…interesting

f95b91 No.198914


No posts since Nov

1d278e No.198915



part of the process

9f8b3c No.198916


Then go start a board to dig into Trump's twitter trolls. It has no relevance here, and only serves to distract.

cc6bfc No.198917


The old and new testament in their entirety and original language are full of hidden codes it's quite fascinating to study!!!

77bdb8 No.198918

So this is convenient- the Trump organization owns Sentient Jets- one of the leading Private jet card providers. Therefore, they have access to many, many,man-y private jets that have a sole purpose of flying "unidentified". Would be a useful service at such a time as this.



http:// www.sentient.com/jet-card.html

Might be interesting to cross reference some of these Caribbean flight tail numbers with the http://

registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/NNum_Inquiry.aspx - you know… just for fun..

0d9719 No.198919


world wide!!!!

b3d040 No.198920


So we have Camp Delta and sometimes prison uniforms are pinstripes…

76cf82 No.198921

If I ever get rich I hope you guys all call me evil and and chase my every move.

b6a881 No.198922


Correction, whoever this is retweeted something FROM Sep 18. Previous anon is correct. Account created in October.

cf0656 No.198924


I think it would be hard to arrest the head of the IMF and put her in GITMO. That would have worldwide blowback from the biggest most important players. And she's French not American, so we'd basically need Macron's permission.

668ad8 No.198925


moebius strip?


Toroidal Field?

Am I just vomiting shit?

907010 No.198926


Yes. This was talked about on 4ch heavily and then soon forgotten. There's a ton of interesting info on Bailey. Hitler, Ghandi and Manly P Hall were all members.

So hell! The powerful entity is lieratlly Illuminati Confirmed!!!?

344515 No.198927


I had 4 twatter accts banned this week for bitchslapping the creeptards.

603327 No.198928


Nothing like being courted by the clowns and then telling them you know who they are. "Why don't you want to come to Sunday Mass with me? Are you a Catholic with no action?"

40e7e9 No.198929

He opened a page in october, went through and retweeted all of the important bits about Seth Rich, and then said "It's easy to hide in the open" and then tells us his twitter handle?

Not a fucking coincidence.

c033e7 No.198930


Those of us who use any substance are not going to stop.

ff24ae No.198932


More like the Code of Hammurabi which is just the masonic Talmud

a90021 No.198933


Last fresh one on 1st december

d78080 No.198934


fake news source

582671 No.198936


No, doubtful. The first was "10, [10-9]".

Where did "0" come from?

579609 No.198937


www. google.com.au/maps/@8.0995361,124.205392,197231m/data=!3m1!1e3

called Marawi

give feedback. Apparently stronghold of ISIS like muslim group, gaining strength around 7 8 months ago.

69b50b No.198938

File: 7e1940ea8fc9b79⋯.jpg (556.25 KB, 1400x786, 700:393, LDR_with_them.jpg)


Two evil ones

a6378d No.198939


Trump, patriots, and conservatives will enjoy this news…if it's real!

c033e7 No.198941

File: 3fa563a3d9b3fb7⋯.png (336.18 KB, 696x936, 29:39, Raven-Rock_Garret-M-Graff-….png)


Yeah, about that…

17f941 No.198942


looks fake

0d9719 No.198943


family dinnner last night. WHO confirmed Munk?

1d278e No.198944


Even if it was found out that these mind altering substances are part of the formula to brainwash the masses?

907010 No.198945


Oz-Ounce-Osiris-Gold penis follow the yellow brick road Illuminati confirmed all the way, red shoes and all.

64d22a No.198946


Well.. his last post was Sept. 18.. so.. didn't really matter.. but.. yeah. Huh. :D

New bread: >>198893

New bread: >>198893

New bread: >>198893

New bread: >>198893

New bread: >>198893

I think I can hear God sharpening his sword. As well as his angels.

I'm think I'm about to be really glad I didn't fall for the whole occult thing that's been relentlessly shoved down our throats.

f95b91 No.198947


Doesnt appear to be true

0736b2 No.198948

File: 893bd3bc501c79e⋯.jpg (66.83 KB, 748x1012, 17:23, winn.jpg)

i just love this meme

587cc7 No.198949

Tweet from kill_rogue

> Isn't it amazing how easy it is to openly hide on twitter?

Nov 30

97e16f No.198950

Fill this bread, anons.

c9bdfa No.198951


I think select technocrats are def related but that's too low for me. I think if you start with the British royal family work your way down to Soros, rothchilds, house of saud, Israel, masons in America, British and American intelligence, elements of the Catholic Church, virtually the entire MSM, saboteaurs in the military and politics etc.

I dont think everyone in all these institutions is implicated and that's why you can't just declare war on them all but to me the only person in the world capable of controlling all these actors covertly is the Queen. I also think she's the only person deluded enough to think she has some denied sovereignty in this country that she would work behind the scenes sabotaging us. I don't even think this is like a day to day thing. This shit has prob all been in play since the revolution. Who divides and conquers? The British crown. Just look at a map.

069082 No.198952


Why is T.P.s hand almost black? Is his evil showing?

9492f8 No.198953


I still say Pope… Not religion but Vatican bank

587cc7 No.198954


This is not true… We need to pay attention to this twitter

40e7e9 No.198955

The twitter trail suggests that we should look into James Risen of the NYT, for being a CIA informant and paid by Hillary.

e6b2c5 No.198957



Some interesting finds here. Crazy stuff for sure!

+ Born on 11/11 - it's like he boomeranged back fairly quickly.






23a637 No.198959


>Walt Disney is running NK , Kim got pissed because his brother wanted to go there

Who is Bob Iger? for $500 plz.

0d9719 No.198960


ummm… the ocult IS true. Q confirmed, they ARE satanists

219d23 No.198961

UMMMMM https://truep undit.com/boom-feds-will-release-2800-hillary-huma-documents-weiners-laptop-friday/

5ca6d1 No.198962

File: cada65d71ae813d⋯.jpg (40.57 KB, 600x357, 200:119, Bv76RTACcAE_JNm.jpg)







972ce7 No.198963


>Used on DNC server by Crowdstrike to "prove" Russian hack


>FBI was denied the DNC server


>Only Crowdstrike had access.

If no one but crowdstrike has had access to that server, how do you what software was used to emulate an attack? How do you even know there was an attack?

Use your head.

3ebb2c No.198964

069082 No.198967

File: 69d516d00d4017f⋯.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_9535.PNG)



Loook at his hand…not right! IMO

97e16f No.198968

Tasty bread filler.

7a3f6c No.198969


Responded within Minutes of being called out. Alright.. which one of you Anons is on Al Gores payroll??

743c82 No.198970






>First rule of /cbts/: do not talk about /cbts/

>Second rule of /cbts/: DO NOT TALK ABOUT /cbts/

>Third rule of /cbts/: no illegal content

>Fourth rule of /cbts/: do not annoy /pol/

>Fifth rule of /cbts/: DO NOT ANNOY /pol/

>Sixth rule of /cbts/: This is not a game

>Seventh rule of /cbts/: do not post personally identifying information

>Eighth rule of /cbts/: stay on topic in the thread you're in

>Ninth rule of /cbts/: Q is an AI talk is prohibited here

Additional Board Culture!



907010 No.198971


Soros doesnt answer to dead people! !

579609 No.198972

on my last post. Another city was under siege around 2 ago. Taken back. Appears to be American weapons/ammo same in current city of Marawi

97e16f No.198973

Delicious smell of fresh bread. Mmmm.

4f4d2f No.198974



10 to 1 that chimp is on meth.

ba93fa No.198975


Great News and it's even 2018

603327 No.198976


>Boris Karloff

Good casting choice

2d866d No.198977


Isn’t found on their twitter feed . ..

97e16f No.198979

Patriots make the dough rise.

069082 No.198980


Sorry…I tagged wrong person.

9c6882 No.198981


>the ocult IS true. Q confirmed, they ARE satanists

Q confirmed they believe in what they are doing, he didn't propose any metaphysical truths.

97e16f No.198983

I love the smell of fresh bread.

80dc95 No.198984

File: ea96d0f7315ed39⋯.png (26.39 KB, 640x605, 128:121, ClipboardImage.png)

http://w ww.bbc.com/news/business-42505261

e5a45e No.198985


BINGO, Anon! It could be a reference to "The Gilded Age," which according to Wiki (archive split link here: http://archive. is/pq8hn) " is the late 19th century, from the 1870s to about 1900. The term for this period came into use in the 1920s and 1930s and was derived from writer Mark Twain's 1873 novel The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today, which satirized an era of serious social problems masked by a thin gold gilding."

Mark Twain's novel, according to a Wiki page (split link to archived article here: http://archive. is/Cywyp) "The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today is a novel by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner first published in 1873. It satirizes greed and political corruption in post–Civil War America in the era now referred to as the Gilded Age."

In short, I think Q's reference to being covered in gold is a reference to the Gilded Age, a period of dark corruption where everything looked okay on the surface but was really corrupt and putrid underneath. . . .

. . . .just like today. . . .

0d9719 No.198986


Same here. Or Papacy… Rs run their bank! And were behind holocaust. May be someone else higher up pulling strings. But that's the only "P" i can come up with too.

907010 No.198988


Your smart phones have been analyzing your eye movements for years guys….

37a213 No.198990

File: 30431f8adef7b28⋯.jpg (102.55 KB, 940x727, 940:727, QUARTERS.jpg)


668ad8 No.198991


I posted Lucis Trust in response to that Q!

Dozens of breads ago!

97e16f No.198992

Wherever the bread riseth, there am I.

5ca6d1 No.198993


niggers normally on crack

meth for white trash

af0d1c No.199858

File: 3b02e751c374da8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 70.83 KB, 338x328, 169:164, 20171228_214529.png)

File: 150d1e9e94e6590⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 71.28 KB, 339x328, 339:328, 20171228_214439.png)

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