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File: 91029362cc9c38f⋯.jpg (32.17 KB, 255x150, 17:10, cbtsn22.jpg)

1756fb No.20331

John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

1. Find relevant (A)nswers to (Q)uestions using Normie approved media

2. The purpose is to log events as they happen over the coming days. Everything is connected, Everything has meaning.

3. Infighting accomplishes nothing, stride together towards resolution of on-topic problems. Not your faith, creed or dick size.

4. This is a Bunker, the post rate is slower & we don't really know what to expect. Coordinate efforts on: Organization of information / Creating

5. How would you explain /PizzaGate/ - Satanic Cult child abuse to normies(Literally your mom/grandma)? Questions. How do we get people asking Questions? Good, KISS Memes.

6. Get Comfy, Believe in your bones that we're riding the greatest timeline in existence.

Posts of interest

!!!Latest Q!!! -> >>10925, >>12916, >>13092, >>13215, >>13282, >>13601, >>17283, >>17290, >>17359, >>17474, >>17546, >>17586

Who is Y?: >>19041

The ground is a shakin -> >>16464 -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vc9QfAq2ML8

Goals/Motivation -> >>10207 (You)

WH Recon Anon -> https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tnum/151285365/uid/YRqlR4GG/order/asc/

AXE PROOF -> >>15666 (thanks satan)

Anon that digs -> >>11800

Google Acquires Keyhole -> >>11979

Updated Legend -> >>16020

Reality of Booksigning Yesterday -> >>12408

Anon bringing things around -> >>15208

Light Bodied Aliens tell all -> >>15350

Asia Foundation Findings -> >>15876

Barry Important -> >>14627 >>16251 >>16253

Loud Noises -> >>15157

Bitcoin Theory -> >>15201 -> >>16092

'The Sum Of All Fears' Theory -> >>16199

Tesla Lithium Source -> >>16146

Twitter story of great interest -> https://twitter.com/Imperator_Rex3/status/936360137362513920

Past Threads -> Archive

15. >>>/cbts/14277 -> https://archive.fo/ZPXNj

16. >>>/cbts/15090 -> https://archive.fo/vqxct

17. >>>/cbts/15991 -> https://archive.fo/l0OC8

18. >>>/cbts/16943 -> https://archive.fo/To3mI

19. >>>/cbts/17741 -> https://archive.fo/ISO2s

20. >>>/cbts/18636 -> coming soon

Latest Q Compilations -> >>17800 or >>17823

CBTS 8ch.net Threads' Archive list -> https://pastebin.com/pQR1CN49

CBTS 4chan Threads' Archive list -> http://pastebin.com/Qk2B3K5s

Original links do not cross post from 4chan, instead use 4plebs archive to find old Qs.

Q Trip Archive -> http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tripcode/!ITPb.qbhqo

How to spot FAKE Trip Q -> >>1005

Other almond-activating tripfags' archive -> https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tripcode/%21RRVe.ETtN./

Q-Text -> https://pastebin.com/vTs4pdpC | https://anonfile.com/b4N8X2ccb5/Q5.pdf | https://www.pdf-archive.com/2017/11/16/q5/

SPREADSHEET Open to contributions, with answers being a collective effort. ( Thanks Spreadsheet Anon AT !!LytbJwNsQ6v )


WIKI ( Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD ) -> https://cbts.wikispaces.com/Home

BOOK OF Q (PDF) [Updated]

part I -> https://anonfile.com/lbOaVec2b4/q_posts_till20171109_as_confirmedbyq.pdf

part II -> https://anonfile.com/s1W7bfddb1/q_posts_since_tripcode_till20171121.pdf

part III -> https://anonfile.com/87k1d9dbb0/q_posts_since_20171121_v201711231546.pdf

part IV -> https://anonfile.com/0c85hcd5bc/q_posts_8ch_nov26_v201712011300.pdf

QturnedA -> https://anonfile.com/ncw5Xdc7b5/QturnedA.pdf

Collection of ALL (1000s) of LINKS posted on 4pol -> https://pastebin.com/j41qm1d0


>Help spread these on twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat, pinterest, tmblr, reddit, IRL, etc.

DROPBOX -> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cttxb9tqm7raowd/AAAxFfTDKuyUdrKc5NLamrU8a?dl=0

Please Use the Catalog -> https://8ch.net/cbts/catalog.html

and post verified and delicious crumbs, info, links, discussion to the respective threads.

Feel free to dig and discuss here in /CBTS/ General.

c819c4 No.20332


luv u q

1756fb No.20333

Archives of Q, Memes, Infographics, & Other Stuff

LURKERS – Repost your content in the correct threads as well!

How to spot a 'BadGuy' >>11963

How to spot a 'GoodGuy' >>11965

Infographics & Info Dump: >>10

Meme & Pic Dump: >>2

Q Posts, Screenshots, Etc: >>423

Questions & Requests: >>1401

Security, TOR, VPNs, Opsec: >>629

Really Cool Videos

I, Pet goat 2 -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n_xCI-peq0

In-Shadow - A Modern Odyseey -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j800SVeiS5I

/CBTS/ Catalog

Consolidated info, synthesis, completed research, very specific/focused discussion, important links/media should be copy and pasted or cross-posted to the other threads.

Sidley Austin Digathon >>15139

Wikileaks Digathon >>10270

A peek into (((they))): >>2422

bloodlines and Y: >>7705

CERN /LHC / AI: >>1335

Clinton Cabal & Swamp Drain: >>1411

Decode Hexcode: >>174

Erik Prince - Expand your thinking: >>1816

Europe, EU, UK, Royal Families: >>1357

Godfather III: >>2078

Heffner, CIA, RAZVI Traverse: >>3952

Hunt For Red October: >>3102

Isreal & Zionism: >>1398

Jesuits: >>4287

Letter Agencies: >>1372

Maps and spatial data: >>8329

Metaphysical & Esoteric Q: >>1391

North Korea: >>1342

Occult, Symbolism & Leadership: >>4249

Owl and Y Symbolism: >>12362

Pakistan Unrest: >>1368

Q Confirmed by WH Anon!!: >>10556

Q Signatures: >>2198

Q Stringer Central: >>2300

Rothschild Family: >>1362

Saudi Arabia & M.E.: >>1327

Sealed Indictments: >>4409

Indictments & Arrests: >>3163

Snow White, Fairy tale of the Church Age: >>3259

Soros & NGOs: >>1367

Titanic: >>106

The Actual Truth !RRVe.ETtN. : >>2219

Trump & Company: >>1380

Uranium-1: >>848

Vatican, Knights Templar/Malta, Jesuits, FM: >>1346

VQC+++: >>672

The News List: https://pastebin.com/h8aUyMhA


<Remember to drink plenty of water & stay Comfy!


1756fb No.20335


The spreadsheet exists to have all of Q's posts in one place, questions & statements: a central location to collect the answers that anons discover. It's a way to pool our resources and efforts to eliminate the proverbial "reinventing the wheel" i.e., new people coming and trying to figure out who Alice is.

As such, it's helpful to know what is needed and how to do it. The following guidelines will help us work together better, so we can go on to the questions that haven't been answered and accomplish the goals Q set forth:

1. answer the questions

2. build the bigger picture

3. break it back down

4. meme it for the public: educate & calm them

We were given this task by serious men, in a serious situation with very serious consequences for the entire world.

Let's apply our weaponized autism in an organized and efficient manner, accomplish the task we were given, make our POTUS & /ourguys/ jobs easier.

> You are the calm before and during the storm.

They are counting on us.


> short, to the point

> factual

> sourced, if at all possible

Some issues simply are not suited for a definitive source as the answers are inherently subjective. We can only do our best here.


< add extra rows

< change colors of cells or columns or rows

< use it as a personal "scratch pad" to work out your thinking

< argue with other anons

This or 4/pol/ is a place to argue & thrash it out, not on the sheet

< overwrite or delete other anons' answers

< leave your answers in the row or sheet comments

< involve meta-conspiracy theories

This is a real-life enormous conspiracy. The way Q has laid it out is perfect: it goes from point A to point hellish to point confident step by step. Each question builds upon the previous & itself is a meta-conspiracy if you look from 40,000ft view.


> text is best

> original source documents if possible

> articles from reputable sites (yes, I know, see below)

> maps, when appropriate

> images, where appropriate

> link to the text/ original document, & if possible, an archive link (archive.is, archive.fo, archive.org etc)

David Icke, Alex Jones, and that lot are not sources that will be believed by the normalfags. While they may be truthful, our sources need to be what an average Paul or Cindy can look up themselves without seeing it & closing it immediately and disregarding all the rest. No Shape-shifting reptilians, Pleiadians & the like. That may upset some but let's remember our mission: this is for the general public and it's going to be difficult enough for them.

< youtube videos

< random tweet links

are just not the best sources for this endeavor. They may be informative and truthful but not best suited for this medium.


Light blue cell in the number column

PDF anon went through and changed all Q's questions to statements in a narrative form. Those are included at the bottom row of many of Q's posts. The goal is to answer the questions and then present the answers in the column next to it to present a fuller picture.

Some posts have a summary, some don't. When you look at the spreadsheet, you will see why, up to a certain point: that is where pdfanon had stopped, AFAIK. That's something else that I will be working on.


On the far right column, confidence level can be input in the answer(s) given: low, mid, high. It's set up to change the color of the cell where the question number is. When the answer is complete and has high confidence, the row is locked, as no further answers are needed, and we can focus our energy and attention on those yet un-answered.

light yellow = low

med orange = mid

tomato soup = high


peach = un-answered questions, or those whose answers are not truly complete or definitive

Please focus on those, not the ones already answered.

Place your input in the column marked Extra Answers (Unlocked, Post Here):

> double-click the cell

> alt+enter to make a newline (carriage return)

> type/paste in your answer & sources




You can export the spreadsheet into excel (.xls) and pdf formats by clicking the little paper icon on the top left of the toolbar on the left. When exporting to pdf, be aware this is a very large document. You can put a header, footer, page numbers etc.

I encourage anons to make periodic backups for yourselves.

THANK YOU to all anons who have helped, contributed, supported & been patient in this effort. It wasn't my idea, but it seemed like a good plan so I volunteered - so did you, and it's appreciated very much.

0078ec No.20336

Baker is a bit slow today eh?

0e3870 No.20337


>! i think i found something he askeed about.

Post your findings here and in the spreadsheet. >Do you not know they monitor that?

It helps them gauge how far along we are, if we are going in the right direction to answer the questions and build the bigger picture like he asked us to do. They don't actually monitor every thread and keep track of what anons post and then no one picks up on or ever uses

that's worthless because it gets lost in the ether.

We have an entire board now to monitor, we can hash out all the side trails details of his questions in various specific or general threads, but what good does that do if it's not entered and logged in a location where it's all put together and forms the bigger picture?

1756fb No.20338

How to get a tripcode?

In the Name field in the reply dialog box -

if you put name#password, then it shows the name in bold green followed by your tripcode, starting with an exclamatory sign !, with no space in between the name and tripcode

if you put name[space]#password, then it shows the name in bold green followed by a space and then your tripcode, starting with an exclamatory sign !.

Also the #password on 4chan yields the same result on 8ch.

So in conclusion ->

Q used Q#password and got Q!ITPb.qbhqo when not using space in between, and

Q used Q #password and got Q !ITPb.qbhqo when using space.

So, no matter how you look at it - !ITPb.qbhqo is the real Q!'''

>tl;dr -

Both Q!ITPb.qbhqo and Q !ITPb.qbhqo are Q.



It is a unique string of characters that distinguishes your post from everyone else's. They are used when the poster does not wish to remain anonymous.

>How does it work?

Your password does some magical code-mating with the website's salt, as they call it, and the result of that union is your tripcode

>secure tripcodes?

There's 2 kinds of salt, apparently.

The salt used for single # is common for most [all?] chan like websites, called imageboards, and hence back-engineerable. Easy to break and duplicate, I'd suggest you refrain from using it.

The second kind of 'salt is unique to each imageboard. It can't be back-engineered, broken, duplicated. Using a secure tripcode is recommended.

To make your password code-mate with the unique salt, simple use ## instead of #.

b36590 No.20339

Thank you, baker

c819c4 No.20340

File: cd577a8054ada92⋯.png (15.18 KB, 261x116, 9:4, captcha.png)

This is some good bread, really consise. YOU ARE DOING GOD'S WORK!

1756fb No.20342


No problem. I'm only doing this one bake because I have to norm out soon, so someone else be ready to take over.

b8d07f No.20343



fdd681 No.20344


Last baker had to go do life stuff.

I think anon is new volunteer so go easy.

b961b7 No.20345


A salute to Ameribro o7

Thank you for taking up the Bake

95696c No.20346

File: 90efd8ca1742561⋯.png (104.78 KB, 769x518, 769:518, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at ….png)

Re: Flynn

They know what they're doing.


0f145a No.20347

Foundations in Henderson, Nevada 89074








d99e0d No.20348

File: 8433645c3bb9925⋯.png (76.2 KB, 916x786, 458:393, fakeQ.png)

>Habbening on 4/pol/


>Q denied trip on 4chan?

(my opinion is LARP)

0ea871 No.20349


Hawaii tests a missile warning system amid fears of an attack by North Korea. The system hasn't been tested since the Cold War.



7480f9 No.20351


>Endeavour Mining Corporation

also consider including Harpreet Dhaliwal in the mindmap. She has worked with Giustra AND with Uranium One!

http:// leagold .com/news/2016/leagold-mining-strengthens-management-focuses-strategy-on-latin-american-gold-mines-and-files-quarterly-financials


sorry, did read, simply forgot. it's a lot to remember!!!

1756fb No.20353


First ever bake, go easy on me.


About to go do life stuff as well, so someone be ready for the next one.


Tried a few times on 4ch, failed, glad to be of help this time.

0e3870 No.20355


>They know what they're doing.

Correct. It's exciting as hell too


Good to see Ameribro again!

5e8bae No.20356

File: 918e19c7d53de6a⋯.pdf (741.96 KB, flynn_plea_agreement.pdf)

from Flynn's plea agreement, at most 6 months and $9500 for 'lying' to the FBI.

Based upon the agreed total offense level and the estimated criminal history category set

for.the above, your client's estimated Sentencing Guidelines range is zero months to six months'

imprisonment (the "Estimated Guidelines Range"). In addition, the parties agree that, pursuant

to U.S.S.G. § SEI .2, should the Court impose a fine, at Guidelines level 4, the estimated

applicable fine range is $500 to $9,500. Your client reserves the right to ask the Court not to

impose any applicable fine.

c819c4 No.20358


Agreed. The real reason they are going after him is he is about to expose Pizzagate. Why did his son post Pizzagate to Instagram? Flynn is our guy!

2ff9dd No.20359

Thank you for the fresh bread Ameribro

God bless all you fellow patriots

We are winning bigly

acbd6e No.20360


i have a bunch of friends on Facebook who are into the Flynn story and they are all calling the whole thing a nothingburger.

843fbc No.20361

>>20261 (You)


Is why Q info is meaningless. They don't care. Flynn today "proved" Trump is a Russian spy traitor.

Srsly. Read the news and see faceberg your neighbors have already decided.

First to post will win

>>>By next week they will forget, this is so easy

1756fb No.20362


Been lurking anon and adding to the smartsheet today, Spreadsheet. Been here a while, always will be as long as necessary.

Q, call me sometime, wouldn't ya?

5fe725 No.20363


acbd6e No.20364


this is what I heard also

0e3870 No.20365


We will have to wait and see if Q (when he posts here) confirms.

For the record:

I am not going to add that to the spreadsheet without his direct confirmation.

603149 No.20366


Trying switching it UP!


3a2a88 No.20367


On 20, last Baker asked for assistance to help because they had to go and be a normal human


Thanks for this.. I’d help if I want stuck on mobile.. keep up the good work.

95696c No.20368


Q told us to pay attention today IIRC

I hope we hear from him later

6a045a No.20369


Larp for several reasons

b36590 No.20370


How little you know, troll.


c819c4 No.20372

File: 1b84c18e3b0fc7d⋯.jpg (24.47 KB, 358x312, 179:156, Gandalf.jpg)


Flynn story is the happening.

b36590 No.20373


An intelligent person.

0078ec No.20375


4chan is compromised so I think it's safe to assume that most, if not all, posts on half chan are LARP

5e8bae No.20376


For what it's worth, this is what I found

>Define TEMPEST.


0e3870 No.20377


Good to see you and thank you very much for the input, its helpful.


>Flynn today "proved" Trump is a Russian spy traitor.

Exactly the opposite actually. You posted that same thing in the last bread - no one here thinks that shallowly, and we are having an impact "out there" so no one will be discouraged. That tactic will not work here.

/ourguys/ know exactly what they are doing

> come into my web said the spider to the fly

7480f9 No.20378


q/larper references TEMPEST. aka van eck phreaking iirc, appears in cryptonomicon. enables capturing content of your computer's communications (including CRT output) via radio waves.


beautiful work, given available yeast, thank you for baking

64f9b9 No.20379


My research to answer Q's questions about Where is BO.

Q asked in


Where is BO?

What is the purpose?

Who fired?




And it was suggested in >>19886 to reconsider 2 threads prior to Trump's post mentioning China and Russia. That timeframe corresponds to CBTS General #10-12.

Proposed answers to Q's questions appeared in >>12085, >>12091, >>12122, >>12127, >>12133, >>12942, >>12949, >>12950, >>12956, >>12958, >>12985, >>13026, >>13033, >>13055, >>13075, >>13089, >>13097, >>13145, >>13201, >>13202, >>13203, >>13206, >>13362, >>13466, >>13640, >>13688, >>13701, >>13876.

Apparently none of these is entirely right, or there is no consensus.

Q said something would happen pertaining to BO "very, very soon". Flynn being charged and now being in a position to possibly testify about things he learned while in the BO administration jumps out at me as possibly significant.

The photo of Obama (left) and Xi (right) with US and China flags in the background is not current. It dates to 2015. I cannot verify that BO actually was in China.

BO (a/k/a Hussein) is now in India. There is a photo of Obama with India PM Moti and our research suggests it is in fact a current photo. BO's 3 themes in India are: tolerance for LGBT, religious tolerance (specifically mentioned Muslims), and increased focus on the role of NGOs.

Moti's speech thanked BO and BO's "perspective on strengthening US-India strategic partnership".

The Hindu reports BO is travelling with secret service detail, and the trip had to be approved by Washington. (Therefore, if it's approved, he's presumably not violating the Logan Act?)

Was BO ordered to go there and convey some message? Is he trying to offer a "better deal" than what POTUS came to Asia with?

Now Anons, we need your thoughts to develop firmer conclusions on this.

0f145a No.20380


info about 3 letter agency tempest attacks


b36590 No.20381


Yes, it is a troll. Copy and paste.

Someone getting nervous?

4a2932 No.20382


Its suspicious. Q doesn't start his own threads.

c819c4 No.20383


Q used an unsalted tripcode for this exact reason, to verify himself on ANY CHAN. That 4chan post is disinfo at best.

c819c4 No.20384


He doesn't any more, but he did once.

8d8c04 No.20385

Just heard 2 'sonic boom' sounds in my state…not sure what is going on!

95696c No.20386


Appearance of clowns means we're winning.

603149 No.20387


Where are you located?

816cb4 No.20388


Fantastic read anon. Thanks.

f26438 No.20389


Hey Ameribro, it's good to see you brother.

Any chance of adding The Asia Foundation thread to the list please?

Asia Foundation Thread - >>>/cbts/15984

Dig anons appreciated over there, we're uncovering a ton. Could be the keystone…

Thanks bakerbro.

1756fb No.20390


…Are you addressing me, or that Eeyore faggot who I just filtered? >>20361

b36590 No.20391


Of couse.

But expect more tactics against us. Expect shills, disinfo, and outright attacking.

Never give up.

26ec25 No.20392

File: 04ebda017223b68⋯.jpg (95.83 KB, 709x523, 709:523, trump anon.jpg)

Trump looking for CBTS in 8? Go Donald, Go Donald! Your the man!

b36590 No.20393


Troll alert. Please filter this poster. Obviously unstable and only here to troll.

b8d07f No.20394


Maybe it’s not Q exactly but maybe someone who works with Q. I wouldn’t throw it off just yet.

0752f7 No.20395

Thank baker!

Just wanted to throw this out for (future):

KH will run and win 2020.

Why? Experience? Policy? Values? Nope.

Solely because she's a woman and POC. Period.

H almost won, as corrupt as she is, solely on the woman card.

KM has both cards and is squeaky clean in their eyes.

No one is talking about this (except Drudge today), everyone will soon enough, but it'll probably be too late.

Everyone focused on H and O still (as they should), but need to get serious about KH dethroning T. Something to think about. If not now, soon. It's coming anons.

I sure hope T and team can get things cleaned up, while still time left in his term..

Happy digging! Peace and love

64f9b9 No.20396

File: 684dd18cbf324c6⋯.png (479.12 KB, 1227x1012, 1227:1012, BO.png)


Pic related. Article on BO's visit to India. Not "The Hindu", it is Voice of America.

https://www.voanews. com /a/obama-reemerges-global-stage-trip-asia-france/4140483.html

b36590 No.20397


Love the SS in behind.

843fbc No.20398


Your filtering the wrong poster I copied and pasted his post so that I could respond to it dummy

7b0451 No.20399

there was an earthquake in dover delaware yesterday as well. 4.4 odd stuff.

0e3870 No.20400


>Q told us to pay attention today IIRC

He did, and we are. What is the day that "bad news" is dumped?

Always Friday, always.


Consider the Flynn "happening"

Would this be happening on a Friday if it were bad for us? lol no, no it wouldn't!



>aka van eck phreaking iirc, appears in cryptonomicon. enables capturing content of your computer's communications (including CRT output) via radio waves.


>nfo about 3 letter agency tempest attacks

tl;dr alphabets attack

d99e0d No.20401

File: e6a11f3c7e389c7⋯.png (331.43 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1512080899034.png)


It's interesting because at one point on 4/pol/ the breads were so poisoned, he posted in another Different Thread! So yeah, it's unusual. Writing also doesn't look the same. He never used (!) at the end of sentences unless writing a paragraph.

1756fb No.20402


Good to see you too, and everyone, really.

I'd add this if I had more dedicated time, but I don't.

Be sure to bring this up to the next baker, because that thread/line of inquiry is important stuff.


…I literally just baked the bread, you idiot.

b36590 No.20403


Much apologies.

A little quick on the keyboard these days.

843fbc No.20404


Anyway I don't care I have to get back to work

6512a1 No.20405

A-Are they gone? Where'd all the bots go? I have never seen such a massive army of AI in all my life.

f7253f No.20406


Thanks for your work.

You have new info on Q signatures

"Both Q!ITPb.qbhqo and Q !ITPb.qbhqo are Q". from MASTER ARCHIVIST

b36590 No.20407


Apologies and noted.

Didnt see the layers.

64f9b9 No.20408


One common theme in the 3 countries BO is supposedly visiting (China, India, France) is a HUGE Muslim problem. And DJT just went out of his way to tweet out Muslim atrocities. This suggests a master plan.

b36590 No.20409


We have been over this a thousand times.

They are Q. Nothing more needs to be said.

0e3870 No.20410


>My research to answer Q's questions about Where is BO.

Thank you - this is what we need to do to answer some of the more vexing questions. I have not been able to ensure definitive answers to this on the spreadsheet.

>Now Anons, we need your thoughts to develop firmer conclusions on this.


8d8c04 No.20411


I heard earlier this afternoon

that Flake was a Yes vote

d48a75 No.20412


didn't the trip still work yesterday?

603149 No.20413


Good share!

b36590 No.20414


That's funny.

But also proves POTUS commands the true power right now.

417c49 No.20415


It's a fucking clown is what it is. The NSA is on our side. They will now try and damage the NSA by leaking what they can there.

1c9b23 No.20416


He said define binary!!! This goes back to the spoopy star stuff!!! Almost all solar systems are binary. Ahhhhhhhhhh

32ca73 No.20417



Obama spoke about merging "the world's oldest democracy with the world's largest" and also setting up "programs, partnerships, and projects" all over the world to "train generations".

Said he starts with India because "it has the largest youth population in the world".

Bon voyage á Paris!

Q also asked who got fired -> NBC news Matt Lauer. (sexual behavior)

2f7af1 No.20418

acbd6e No.20419

1756fb No.20420


No worries. That other guy, though? Insta-filtered. Fuck that guy.


This. Anon some time ago mentioned that fact that all governments are full of bad actors and good actors, despite our perception of those gov'ts as being one or the other.

We can suss out the good and bad actors here, but have we done so for other nations?

Who are the bad actors in other nations that Hussein can turn to?

Have we built those connections yet?

Bolting for now. Take care and God bless, folks!

417c49 No.20421


It was public knowledge they did this in 1991..…. this is literally nothing.

1c9b23 No.20422


Preparations made long before…This didn't all happen when he came into office. Someone else set up the dominoes. I sill think BO is /ourguy/ but this binary stuff is going to bring in lots of ayyyy talk. I'm going to just sit back and watch. I'm too spooped.

fa38f9 No.20423


Please See @Imperator_Rex3's Thread on #Flynn

Thank you, unrolled link


7704c8 No.20425


Anyone tell me how to unfilter someone? I am very good at filtering, but every once in a while I want to see what someone might have said, and don't know how to undo it. Thanks a ton.

7480f9 No.20426


November 2, 2017 7:07 pm

UserID: WBXFv1gl PostNo: 147680054

Please refer back and collect my crumbs.

As discussed, we've anticipated the Twitter and other social media blackouts.

Rogue agents/programmers.

Per sealed Federal orders, we quickly tracked and reinstated.

Expect outages periodically (infiltrated).

If this doesn't signal what I've been saying I don't know what will.


https://qanon. 000webhostapp.com/


df9363 No.20427

Q said “the story begins tomorrow”

Flynn’s lawyer said Flynn has quite a story to tell

How will Flynn tell his story? What forum? When?

8d8c04 No.20428


South East between Florida and NC…@ 100 miles from coast.

042b20 No.20429

Anons, I think i'm under attack! Couldn't sign into my PC with password, then all of a sudden it worked! Now have a post number showing up as mine (you), when it wasn't mine at all! Can someone provide some clarity PLEASE!!??

0f145a No.20430


Great. i try find connections with TAF foundation

d99e0d No.20431

File: 0d97dda4878427c⋯.png (230.04 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1512081450459.png)


Some questions HAVE to be left unanswered to the very end. If the answers are dropped "too soon" or "all at once", none of us would believe it, and if it spread, the MSM would completely co-opt the answer and shill as "fake news".

I'm betting the BIG and IMPORTANT questions still do not have answers to them ;)

862f5c No.20432

File: 15de174b242f9ce⋯.mp4 (18.49 KB, 550x250, 11:5, II.PFO.00.BHZ.1988.054.00.….mp4)

File: 2745dfd24ff0185⋯.mp4 (19.28 KB, 550x250, 11:5, II.PFO.00.BHZ.1988.067.21.….mp4)

File: fd1c44b0f3b28bc⋯.mp4 (69.02 KB, 550x250, 11:5, II.KDAK.00.BHZ.2017.335.16….mp4)


Second link was meant to be


Curiously the rest of the data is missing

The two quakes on May 4th can be ignored, those were a chemical factory explosion (PEPCON).

That leaves 12 events between February 1988 and April 1989 - a year after the first one in January 1987.

Audio recordings attached, as well as a real 3.5 earthquake from today for comparsion

393ea9 No.20433

File: 957e4c398ba7a1a⋯.png (271.83 KB, 500x598, 250:299, ウィンク.png)

Archive of previous bread - CBTS#21


801fb5 No.20435


Settle down Beavis.

ef8493 No.20436


Unplug and toss it in a lake.

3a2a88 No.20437

File: 9c4e1d8e2c9923d⋯.jpeg (58.04 KB, 346x432, 173:216, 92674DBD-0834-4695-BCAD-1….jpeg)

File: d0ded482056073b⋯.jpeg (292.1 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 14DBE375-1D9C-4F8E-BCDC-0….jpeg)

Today marks the 50th anniversary for the Antarctic Treaty..

another anon noted that it was 50th anniversary today..

there are areas that are restricted to the general public and no fly zones.. they say it’s to keep the environment of Antarctica pure…

but why? What’s so important that we can’t even enforce these rules in our own populated counties.. hmmm

Plus the Rothschilds own an island of the coast (coincidentally near where the submarine disappeared) that houses nuclear reactors. They are creating a ‘retreat for the elite’

For when the shit hits the fan? Hmmm

a55d3f No.20438


Thank you sir

acbd6e No.20439


unplug your router if you are on a desktop or wifi … wait for 5 min before turning it back on.

7480f9 No.20440


>what are breadcrumbs used for?

they're used to *find your way BACK*, not to find your way FORWARD

0e3870 No.20441

File: 4172d4f0b26302d⋯.jpg (4.3 KB, 224x224, 1:1, 1476289826955.jpg)



Trap porn didn't work, gore didn't work, discouragement, deflection, derision, distraction, divide and conquer didn't work. Now they may have to settle for impersonation to create competing factions and parallel investigations.

If that post is by a cl0wn, then what you see is pic related

0e3870 No.20442


>Some questions HAVE to be left unanswered to the very end.

Yes, and everything you said is correct. But, when Q asks a question multiple times, it's for emphasis of its importance

>Where is Huma?

>Where is BO today?

We should be paying attention to that.

aa5858 No.20443

File: 381347720ea6dc2⋯.jpg (113.57 KB, 739x500, 739:500, 20cay2.jpg)

File: 128c522afabeb5c⋯.jpg (129.16 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 20cji1.jpg)

32ca73 No.20444



He was in India. Flying to Paris.

c819c4 No.20445


Lol if you aren't shilling right now you should get Linux ASAP.

7480f9 No.20446


insert forrest gump meme: "and just like that, the msm agreed russia was a nothingburger"


26ec25 No.20447


but when he said 'tomorrow'..it was after midnight (today) so maybe stuff won't happen until saturday….

7480f9 No.20449


wew, lad. good enough to put in the memes thread, where they belong!

d84fca No.20451

According to THIS vid of mrMRBB on YT


NO missile launch on alledged time out of NOkz.. Weird huh? Check the image yourself at 1,33 into the vid. Nutting there HOAX HOAX HOax. No heatsignature, no nutting.

d99e0d No.20452

File: 0f74379caf81181⋯.jpg (327.5 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1512165258734.jpg)


Gives me an idea to search through spread sheet and count how many times he repeats himself. Thanks senpai! :D

042b20 No.20453


No shilling here!!! Very serious!!!

64cbc7 No.20454


3a2a88 No.20455

File: 9fcbd5aeeb675fe⋯.jpeg (124.61 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 4E5D1154-C286-429B-8FF3-A….jpeg)


See I was wondering about

‘Who fired’

Was it a misquote, who GOT fired?

I assumed it meant someone firing missiles or something,

A poster earlier said that Hawaii is on alert for m’isoles from NK..

I’ll go look into that..

c819c4 No.20456


Get Linux then. Quickly, lad. Look up a walkthrough and it will explain it like baby steps.

e33472 No.20457





801fb5 No.20458

>>20445 (You)

Muahahaha look behind you! >)>

7480f9 No.20459


huma has repeatedly been sighted in nyc as of nov 15 and earlier

example, http://wwd. com/eye/parties/glamour-women-of-the-year-awards-kicks-off-with-barneys-cocktail-party-11048435/

idk since then, no evidence that I can find. could be on the plane with BO, I suppose. or could be visiting her handlers in MiddleEast.

0f145a No.20460


Childcare centers in Henderson Nevada.

One child care center is a bit strange:

Congregation Ner Tamid ECE Ctr at Henderson, NV 89074

Some kind of temple community


ef8493 No.20461



64cbc7 No.20462


Look beyond and within tripcode




b8d07f No.20463


Elaborate please.

fdd681 No.20464



Calm down, breathe.

Someone copied a whole comment from Las thread so it could be answered here, then the (you) was carried over.

Look closely and see text is bigger than a real (you)

I had to click back and forth several times to see.

There is a little spat earlier in this thread that says so.

64cbc7 No.20465


November Kilo

b36590 No.20466



b8d58f No.20467


Binary is related how?

e33472 No.20468

File: acb59d9de569c83⋯.jpg (5.3 KB, 194x293, 194:293, pf.jpg)

File: 2244dcb0ac737fb⋯.jpg (10.76 KB, 184x274, 92:137, wk.jpg)

c78b64 No.20469

File: 413cd7764e8106b⋯.jpg (58.54 KB, 569x558, 569:558, really-thirsty-for.jpg)


>Too much of a stretch with the Hebrew stuff.

Well, actually not too much... Lt.Col. Roy Potter earlier pointed at Q's 4,10,20 numbers that it in hebrew means 'destruction'.

Furthermore he also stated that the Fiji water Trump drank during his speech last week meant that he would 'swallow' (((them))) and that was also a hebrew kind of signal.

Meaning Of 4, 10, 20 From Q


More Info On Method Of Q Hebrew Decoding


So, nothing strange about it at all...

b8d07f No.20471


If they actually succeed at that….. that’s really bad!!

e33472 No.20472


NK EMP test with the latest high missle

edc6c7 No.20473


Temporary Test. Route out shills.

Or Shakespeare?

b8d58f No.20474


Who is doing the testing?

c819c4 No.20475


You should overwrite your hard drive as well.

0078ec No.20476


We're probably being drip fed answers and not told everything because of OPSEC. You have to remember, not everyone who is here is on our side.

81d147 No.20477

Oh my gosh! I think a bot was using my IP address upthread! What do I do?!? Dang it! I got lazy with the tor browser


0aa507 No.20478

>>20458 (you)


64cbc7 No.20479


The US

24c352 No.20481

Had to do the real life thing for a few hours. Had an interesting experience. Stopped at the bank and the teller and I were chatting about the holidays. He said it's been hard to get excited as "times are so difficult now." I asked him why and he asked if I'd seen #followthewhiterabbit on Twitter. You guys are making magic happen! The normies are taking the redpills! Kudos!!!!

8d8c04 No.20482


So we are supposed to believe the post on halfchan is Q?

fdd681 No.20483

ef8493 No.20484


LOL. hope they like the dark

f26438 No.20485


No worries, will do.

b36590 No.20486


Except you are a troll that obviously dooesnt know who I am.

Keep trying. You are the last to bother me.

7704c8 No.20487


This is cake. Did you experience the Tyranny(still love that typo)/Gore/Religion/Bot wars on half chan that started every Friday afternoon and didn't let up until late Sunday night? Then it just went full court press. It's so peaceful here in comparison.

I go over there still, but it's gone to shit while they try to discourage anyone coming in from the outside world.

81d147 No.20488


Now it says this bot is me. What in the hell is going on?

86c64a No.20489


Which post

696fe4 No.20490


John was killed? Sauce?

a4042e No.20491


From 27mins in - Ike tallking about E Musk and space X

8d8c04 No.20493


Just curious….I'm in a South Easter sea board state and heard 2 big booms @ 30min ago…any relation?

0e3870 No.20494




Great! So please halp and put the answers in the spreadsheet. I can't do that all myself, I'm trying to take care of the other 1950 questions kek

3f5b24 No.20495

so this is what i think Q asked when he said Jason Bourne..

Aaron Kalloor (pronounced Colour) should be

http ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aaron_Swartz

"Kallor is pronounce like 'colour' and Schwartz is german for 'black' which is a colour. Also, Kallors character went to Stanford as did Aaron Schwartz"

"Kalloor succumbs to the CIAs pressure (giving the CIA data) as did Aaron Schwartz (suicided). So the message is clear here, that if the CIA wants something, you either give it to them or die"

or is it all about Deep Dream = Facebook?

http ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Zuckerberg

i hope no one has posted about this yet

801fb5 No.20496


LMFAO It was a joke you paranoid fuk.

b8d07f No.20497


Wait…. we are doing the testing? I thought NK was.. If they hit us it would be really devestating. We would be back in dark ages. And more problems besides that.

b36590 No.20498


We are being attacked by a bot.

Careful, some are being hijacked on here. Distraction. Clowns are worried.

c819c4 No.20499

File: a33bbf8bd12da82⋯.png (360.29 KB, 638x860, 319:430, John-Beilman.png)


The man who invented the device, John, was murdered by the FBI along with his only daughter.

b8d58f No.20500



Should I go buy water? Fuggggg

b36590 No.20502


Not in the least paranoid.

If I were you I would be.

fdd681 No.20503

The supposed "new" Q trip code has been used before on halfchan as "Madame _ President "


8d8c04 No.20504


Scroll up and lurk…there is a copy pasta of a 4chan post and then VQC started with the TEMPEST

696fe4 No.20505


Was this the man on halfchan that warned everyone?

6512a1 No.20506


Do I need to do anything to wipe my machine- all iOS (and if you programmers say one word about Linux imma tell mom!)

000000 No.20507


>First ever bake, go easy on me.

<Thank you baker you did great

3a2a88 No.20508


That’s weird.. your reply says it’s posting to me but I didn’t make that comment… lol

Something’s fucky boys! *insert bubbles from TPB*


Ohhh damn… if that were to happen, could very well lead to 10 days of blackout..

keep us quiet in our pastures..


Found this video from yesterday… eerie.. this could have some merit.. especially with Q talking about Snow White being activated, and Cern’s New Project ‘Awake’ that launched November 24,2017…

Random fact.. The name Paddock, means to herd livestock into a corral or pen… is that what they’re doing to us..

b36590 No.20509


I feel you are playing.

More is needed to identify any value.

b8d07f No.20510


Yea…. there is no preparing for that. If that was to happen. Water won’t be just your only concern.

b36590 No.20511


Stay off the board for a while if you feel compromised.

Or just continue.

7480f9 No.20512


curious, what is the relationship between "VQC" and "Q"? I feel like I should have figured this out by now, or remember it.



well, as long as they test it over their own country, instead of SK etc…


393ea9 No.20513


Also- archive of CBTS #20


Don't think this was posted yet

ed4693 No.20514


Anyone who is pushing a new tripcode for Q is a bona fide asshat. So glad I left halfchan, lol.

c819c4 No.20515

File: 3d9fe54bf015981⋯.png (322.36 KB, 836x677, 836:677, John3.png)


If you read what he psoted carefully and look at the stock market of the time it's pretty obvious, yes. Don't see a random anon knowing cookie (C) info.

7704c8 No.20516


Only on the east coast. But I am not going to go there with any doxxing faggots and him making a mistake.

Today we had Flynn, Taxes, tarmac emails, and 702 slide through (one of many versions - and certainly is relative to a data storage site), POTUS cancelling on the Brits. That's just US. look around and see if we completely missed something outside?

801fb5 No.20517


For one I never said a word to you. second… fuck off.

042b20 No.20518


Ok cool, that is indeed the case… Sorry for my paranoia, lmao, my SKS is covered in sweat… My bad.

0e3870 No.20519

File: 8cd6d096939da22⋯.gif (900.43 KB, 351x262, 351:262, yeeah.gif)


>You guys are making magic happen! The normies are taking the redpills! Kudos!!!!

Shillboy from earlier issued a challenge, and he was wrong, so so wrong.

It IS happening.

fdd681 No.20520


The thread on it is no better than cbts when we left.

But seems like this thread is veering pretty bad….

Dunno what do….shout?


b8d58f No.20521



There is something ominous in that thread concerning why we have so much gun violence and Ronald McDonald. Manufactured is a word that comes to mind.

816cb4 No.20522


It was dripping with soy.

b8d58f No.20523

>>20508 (You)

Anon look the font size is bigger when typed or pasted. If it's really you it's small.

3e1ca6 No.20524

I have a big favor to ask. I've been on vacation since Tuesday and i have not kept up with news at all or Q developments. Is there a QUICK RUNDOWN of events of the past few days? I honestly don't have the time to read back a handful of cbts threads so any kind of summary is appreciated.

fdd681 No.20525


Man, I just figure worst case, I'll chunk the whole effing thing in the trash.

But I am old and crotchety, low tech, kinda like granny…except different.

6512a1 No.20526


You know what else I find interesting? Did you see a common theme with the bot attack this morning? They weren't really talking Flynn- over and over again they kept asserting that "Obama is /ourguy" and talking about how misunderstood he is. Did O find funding today? Or is that just some past programming for these bots?

f26438 No.20527


Had to do the real life thing for a few hours. Had an interesting experience. Stopped at the bank and the teller and I were chatting about the holidays. He said it's been hard to get excited as "times are so difficult now." I asked him why and he asked if I'd seen Q and VQC on chan. Said Q is going to change the world and VQC is giving directions to inner earth and taking out the block chain. You guys are making magic happen! The normies are taking the redpills! Kudos!!!!

0e3870 No.20528


>i hope no one has posted about this yet

It has, but the good news is that the same conclusion was reached :)


>The supposed "new" Q trip code has been used before on halfchan as "Madame _ President "

the plot thickens, so, the initial assessment is correct: >>20441

a4042e No.20529

7704c8 No.20530



Did you guys see that that tripcode was used a while back with the name Madam President?

Madame_President !Rt0/iy0s7I ID:AwrU6BrO Sun 09 Oct 2016 00:35:10 No.92088172


>Do you think there could be a political bias when it comes to race?

Reality as a whole has a liberal bias.


Makes no diffrence, laws like that are a waste of time and don't address the real issues.

Madame_President !Rt0/iy0s7I ID:AwrU6BrO Sun 09 Oct 2016 00:34:03 No.92088068


look at the trips of both those posts then go feel silly. That's not me lol.

6512a1 No.20531


Did they literally type the word "(You)" because I see the same thing.


603149 No.20532


Yes. I've seen this strategy used by several here.

7704c8 No.20533


JINX! Sorry to duplicate you.

0e3870 No.20534


That depends on your timezone, right? Friday is "bad news dump day" and there were multiple things happening in different sectors, you can take your pick of which one you focus on.

042b20 No.20535


Lol I went full blow panic mode there, was prepared for a last stand…My bad.

b8d58f No.20536


Here or halfchan? And how do you know if it's a bot or just a stupid person?

574061 No.20537

I hope all the fuckers get rounded up after the tax vote… Big news always happens late on Friday…

0e3870 No.20539


No worries, it just shows that we were all looking in the same direction and came to the same conclusion. But that's what the spreadsheet is for - so we can spend time on questions that havent' already been answered by other anons ;)

f22d18 No.20540


Some use a disposable device for the chans. If it gets too messed up, toss it. Don't use it for anything except web(ie no address book on device)

Otherwise, be comfortable with reinstalling os and keeping important files on a removable.

If you are not actively doing anything to attract major attention, however, you are probably ok. Clowns have limited resources.

b8d58f No.20541


Read the whole thread it was posted in. It's got a few hints that actually seem to reflect the common theme here about McDonalds fellas.


I'm going to assume this was intentional.

961559 No.20542


"We know you fuck kids, but we're going to say it was grabbing an intern's pussy for the sake of the public and your family. Now here is your bottle of whiskey and a revolver. You have one hour."

3f5b24 No.20543

why is Q posting on 4Chan? is it even hhim?

6a045a No.20544

24c352 No.20545

Yeah, the bot just reposted my message after making some changes to my language and did the same (you) thing even though it wasn't actually me. Stupid. Just trying to fuck with us.

aa0378 No.20546


Not until he posts the same msg here under the right tripcode.

6512a1 No.20547


This is fine art s what this is. Well done.

a4042e No.20548

File: 9cc93ddf6ea7007⋯.png (141.74 KB, 1312x460, 328:115, Untitledhgd.png)

"4) Mr Mueller could be building an obstruction of justice case

Dust off that old political saw that "it's not the crime, it's the cover-up". While Mr Flynn's contact with the Russian ambassador is questionable, given that he was undercutting Obama administration policy efforts, it's probably not illegal.

What is illegal, however, is obstruction of justice. Former FBI Director James Comey has testified that on 14 February - the day after Mr Flynn was sacked - Mr Trump urged the director to back off his investigation into Mr Flynn during a private Oval Office meeting.

If the president knew that the ongoing law-enforcement inquiry would discover Mr Flynn had been acting under orders - either by the president or a member of his transition team - that could be the kind of motive that would help support an obstruction of justice charge.

5) Only the tip of the iceberg?"


b8d58f No.20549

The public deserves to know.


d84fca No.20550

Fucking bots in here r insane. *hits filter again*

5ebd53 No.20551


Call me crazy, but I believe LV was a false-flag perpetrated by the good guys. Nobody died, no eyewitnesses were killed afterwards. It's intentionally made to look like a conspiracy by Soros et al. to raise conspiratorial thinking among the sheep.

3a2a88 No.20552

File: b8e58726cee45fa⋯.jpeg (202.15 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 05A0C991-2912-4C81-BC87-E….jpeg)



Yeah it’s weird.. but maybe if we’re being compromised it’s a sign we’re in the right direction?

they’re getting scared it seems..

In other news, Iran launched a second missle to SA late last night..


574061 No.20553


This will be 1000 time better than the OJ trial!!!

& the OJ trial was fucking awesome, old fart here 43…

b36590 No.20554


Filter this bot.

d48a75 No.20555


isn't corker voting no now?

i hope they put the fucker in bracelets as he leaves

fdd681 No.20556


Quite cheerleaderish.

Possibly shills, but also possibly barely awake normies who are desperate to believe something.

That's why I think we have to be careful of some of the more esoteric theories that lead off. They should go in their own threads.

Ayllmaos, hollow earth, duckneyland, kuru…

Just remember, this is 8ch. Things lurk here.

8dbfa1 No.20557


I recall there was a part saying that he shot himself and his daughter with a shotgun through the back of their heads……

70f263 No.20559

Trump has a rally planned in Florida next Friday, and will probably stay there all weekend. How is he supposed to get anything big done away from the Whitehouse? Is this part of the plan?

b8d58f No.20560


A-am I b-blind or something? I don't see any potential bots.

24c352 No.20561


The boards have always blown up when we start making progress on the leads from Q. I've watched it happen for weeks on 4chan. It got really screwed up over there….We just have to persevere.

d84fca No.20562


BBC has been proven 2b Clowns network when the aired a LIVE broadcast of collapsed building 7 30 min premature, as the building cud b seen standing in the background.. LOL.. Let the fakenews scream and shout, like the trolls and the shills. Those r their death shreaks… Enjoy

a4042e No.20563



61b48d No.20564

So much infighting tonight…

961559 No.20565


NK mini nukes in data centers

816cb4 No.20566

File: 9784bde79ac227d⋯.png (52.42 KB, 591x270, 197:90, mccain.png)

c78b64 No.20567

File: 2bc61724265ffd9⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1238x952, 619:476, Synagoge nevada 4 fans.png)








The building has 4 big fans on the north side. This is undeniable for the purpose of underground facilities...



3a2a88 No.20568


I remember reading that as well.. first thing that came to mind was ‘how the hell could he shoot himself in the back of his head?’

Probably a misquote, but still.. weird..

Day before FBI raided his house too, next day, killed his disabled daughter and himself..

b8d58f No.20569


But it happens all the time when you cut and paste. I don't believe it until I see a screencap. It seems like the person freaking out is the shill trying to scare the rest of us away. Can they really be that dumb? Sorry if sounds rude.

a4042e No.20570


A Rothschild is also a board member Shows how thi is hurting them.

24c352 No.20571


Honestly, it's probably safer for him in Florida. Being in Washington is probably dangerous. He's surrounded by the wolves that he's trying to shoot.

000000 No.20572


Q seems to habitually show up about 5 minutes after Mongolian Basketweaver anon goes to bed.

>So, Basketanon, if you're here, call it an early night tonight? That would be great. Thanks.



b36590 No.20573

Wonder if Q makes an appearance again late tonight.

0e3870 No.20574


>That's why I think we have to be careful of some of the more esoteric theories that lead off.


I think in many ways are really obvious red herrings, conceived to take advantage of our curious nature, and that we are more willing than others to investigate topics considered weird or taboo. But while anons can make personal and legitimate (personal) connections to the present situation and Q's questions, more often than not it detracts time energy & attention away from Q's questions and our tasks.

Cl0wns manipulate people for a living

>Just remember, this is 8ch. Things lurk here.

This needs to be said over and over.

cd25c7 No.20575


It might be better for these types of things to go down while he is outside DC. He wants Mueller to be the hatchet man so it doesn't look political.

fdd681 No.20576


Seriously, if they want me…things are beyond gone.

I have always done a lot of research though and have been a carmudgeon PIA who never talks to my neighbors and have multiple people on my service so no search is too far out of ordinary. Mostly use an old device for this which could be tossed.

f43d0f No.20577




I think it was related to this



>Erik Prince: NYPD Ready to Make Arrests in Anthony Weiner Case

>Blackwater founder and former Navy SEAL Erik Prince told Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM that according to one of his “well-placed sources” in the New York Police Department, “The NYPD wanted to do a press conference announcing the warrants and the additional arrests they were making” in the Anthony Weiner investigation, but received “huge pushback” from the Justice Department.

b36590 No.20578

Where is Huma Abedin?

b8d58f No.20579


It was really weird when they started talking about the hole in the North Pole. The whole site went black. Of all the controversial conspiracies we talk about that was not something I would ever expect to be shilled so hard.

f7253f No.20580


Something funky about this thread. I am being attributed as the poster of some comments when I am not the poster.

b36590 No.20581


Same. Bot attack or similar.

961559 No.20582

File: a22fcaa6024dc3d⋯.jpg (84.77 KB, 719x1080, 719:1080, intrepid.jpg)


Ian Fleming based James Bond off of a leaf spy named William Stephenson

edc6c7 No.20583


Caused his boot to switch legs

d18537 No.20584


Any idea what the heart inside star of David means? Couldn't find any info after a quick search.

Underground p3do ring?

24c352 No.20585


The story made no sense whatsoever. It gave me the same chill I got when I'd read that Deborah Palfrey the DC Madam had hung herself. Not credible. These people were assassinated.

15ca10 No.20586


MSM and Ds have been relatively quiet about Russia and Mueller recently. Subpoenas to some of D's probably gave them qualms. But now it looks like he is their guy again.

766dcc No.20587


I will re read my Shakespeare notes.

d84fca No.20588

I wondered why Q didnt use "canary". Perhaps it was on purpose. A songbird, sits on the highest brach of a tre or building and sings to fuck the competition. As loud as he can.. Too get the ladies attention, so perhaps Q was hinting on Flynn singing a GREAT SONG as soon as C-span or whatever live news puts a mic in front of him. If Q wud hv hinted on someone blabbing when making a deal, he wud hv used "canary" for sure.

f43d0f No.20589


yeah i got a you here and its not my post

0e3870 No.20590


>How is he supposed to get anything big done away from the Whitehouse?

Are you joking? He can take his work with him almost anywhere, he doesn't need to physically be in the Oval Office.

6a06b2 No.20591


Just before midnight is my guess.

15ca10 No.20592


Just uploaded the spreadsheet to my pseudo Excel. Thanks so much for doing this.

23eaa1 No.20593



95696c No.20594

File: 5a395807a86f611⋯.png (734.88 KB, 1044x668, 261:167, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at ….png)

961559 No.20595


The other way is to complain about the judge after the trial (only if you know it's a bullshit case though). Mention material fraud of jurisdiction. The cops will leave you alone afterward since every judge and lawyer you complain about after the fact mysteriously retire...

43869f No.20596

3a2a88 No.20597

File: ea7be1021f1ee51⋯.jpeg (259.59 KB, 350x1920, 35:192, F2166108-E208-49DD-936C-8….jpeg)


Nah that’s a good explanation…

no copy and paste on my end though..

My phones been buggy all afternoon while on here, my music keeps shitting off, and everything crashes..

lol not my first rodeo.. let’s keep digging guys, if this was my first time happening, I’d be a little on edge.. but happens a lot when I talk with a friend and we start talking information that’s ‘sensitive’

Lets do this guys!

edc6c7 No.20598


Holy only.

Eric Prince Betsy D. Sister

70f263 No.20599


I’m talking about public announcements/addresses. They would be better received from the Whitehouse.

24c352 No.20600


Actually, the more controversial the conspiracy, the more I expect them to attack. The things that we have the most difficulty accepting are, in fact, true. Things are way weirder than we could ever begin to imagine. This is why Q said the Truth will send 99% to the hospital.

fdd681 No.20601



Don't cha know how many people have suicided with two bullets to the head, squashed their own neck with freeweight, died peacefully in their sleep with a pillow over their face, gassed themselves with helium, jumped in front of a rural train…

Some kind of skeptic are ya?



d18537 No.20602


who gives a fuck where he is? he was in asia for 10 days

b8d58f No.20603


Post a screencap please

95696c No.20604

File: e931da57486923f⋯.png (963.69 KB, 1174x671, 1174:671, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at ….png)

b36590 No.20605



0e3870 No.20606


I hope it is helpful. The online app doesn't have the full functionality of excel because the anon who set it up did it on a free account, but it's a start at least.


>I’m talking about public announcements/addresses. They would be better received from the Whitehouse.

They can green screen him in.

< we have teh technologaaay


86c64a No.20607


They are spoofing ips and attacking. Fuck. We are fucked

b1c82a No.20609



You've found da place!!!

b8d07f No.20610



edc6c7 No.20611

>>20598 (You)

0e3870 No.20612


>Eric Prince Betsy D. Sister

Q asked why that was relevant…

d84fca No.20613


Its a weird fucking building alright.

Looks like an iceberg: u only get 2 c the top.

Anything to find on when it was build and by whom? If it took looooong time 2 build wud perhaps explain shit (like with denver airport)

15ca10 No.20614


Betsy D. is for charter schools and school choice. So parents might be able to find a school not indoctrinating their kids in all things left.

2f7af1 No.20615


heh heh heh


bfee69 No.20616


Glad to see you’re still involved Ameribro! And taking the step up to baker as well!

dc4e1c No.20617


Those are cooling towers. They get rid of all the heat from air conditioning.

70f263 No.20618

File: ec744002c81f93f⋯.jpeg (153.73 KB, 929x553, 929:553, 90F3A07F-381A-4E10-86AB-1….jpeg)

Q mentioned we just need to wait until next week. Earlier this week Tom DeLonge said he is releasing official UFO videos from DoD with help from US govt. He also tweeted (and then deleted) that everyone would know about UFOs next week, it would hit the mainstream. It would make sense next week is our last opportunity, as the govt prob wouldnt want to do anything disruptive right before or during Christmas/New Years. Meaning it’s next week or next year.

3a2a88 No.20619


Don’t doubt it at all… :/

A simple trigger and boom, a real live Manchurian candidate/ sleeper

a drill, false flag mixed with an actual attack.. SA definitely involved.. we’ll never know what went down L.V.

But these underground energy/bunkers around LV are starting to make sense

b36590 No.20621



Someone is spoofing IP addresses or log in verification. Posts are being attributed to people that did not post them. We are looking into now. Beware.

c31944 No.20622


like 5%. Get real and stop making up shit.

d84fca No.20623



20588 is not my post. This thread is comprimised and fucked up. Guess we r getting close.

2f7af1 No.20624



confused newfags EVERYWHERE (You)

0aa507 No.20625

>>20506 (You)

(You) are fine. It people playing games.

3a2a88 No.20626


Canaries were also used for miners to know if the gas levels were toxic and to get out..

fdd681 No.20627






Pleas read the whole thread. No one has been attacked.

It was a copy/paste done deliberately.

The (You) that everyone is seeing is the wrong size.

b36590 No.20628

You will also see an uptick in disinfo, distractions, and trolling in the next few hours. BO keep on top of it

d18537 No.20629

Has anyone posted this or talked about it in regards to the Q comments about following the white rabbit?

Re: Newt interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=B5riL5_s4Ig

23eaa1 No.20630

20598 is not my post.

816cb4 No.20631


>Are you joking? He can take his work with him almost anywhere, he doesn't need to physically be in the Oval Office.

He probably gets more done away from all the bs going on at the WH.

6a045a No.20632


Verify ID first. are they not just typing (you)

766dcc No.20633


Spoopy. the plot summary of The Tempest:


a4042e No.20634

File: c4a9992c44ef3b2⋯.png (105.12 KB, 1304x520, 163:65, Untitledwik.png)



3f5b24 No.20635

64f9b9 No.20636


Why did BO precede POTUS to Asia?

Why did BO follow after POTUS went to Asia?

Hypothesis 1: Before, he was looking for asylum or a deal. Didn't happen or they said let's see what Trump offers.

After: BO caved, as no asylum/deal was offered. He was coerced to convey the message they'd better cooperate or it would go badly with them.

Hypothesis 2, 3, 4: …?

24c352 No.20637



This is completely speculation on my part, but I think that the brother and sister would want to remain on the same side of the law, so to speak.

Also, I think that you're right that the public schools have been turned into a "farm" of sorts. They indoctrinate the masses and they use all this testing to find the "gifted" kids that they can kidnap and or utilize to meet their diabolical ends.

6a06b2 No.20638

fdd681 No.20639


They are…and now, they are inciting each other.

Like hungry parrots at a pet store

0aa507 No.20640


I am trying to tell you all that people are posting

"(You)" behind the quoted No(#)

They are goofing around making people think they are being spoofed.

ef8493 No.20641

>>20625 (Me)

7704c8 No.20642


Where the hell was it when she "killed herself"? When was this? I had no idea. I feel so ashamed!

0aa507 No.20643


Exactly (YOU) & (ME) LOL

3a2a88 No.20644


Esoteric has an insane amount of symbols and clues.. but it has its place in threads and usually gets filtered anyways. But very interesting stuff if you’re willing to look.. 😉

fdd681 No.20645

>>20641 (Them)

Happy day

a4042e No.20646

(them) I am out. Thread is fucked

d84fca No.20647



Well canaries DIED.. U can hardly call that "singing", right? Unless its in the bloody choir invisible

4a5421 No.20648

>>20646 (You?)

0f145a No.20649


Reminder. Maxime W. exposes BO

"The President has put in place an organization with the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life," Representative Maxine Waters told Roland Martin on Monday. "That's going to be very, very powerful," Waters said. "That database will have information about everything on every individual on ways that it's never been done before and whoever runs for President on the Democratic ticket has to deal with that.


961559 No.20650


TEMPEST is also called Van Eck Phreaking

fdd681 No.20651


A canary dies.

Songbird sings.

McCain is called songbird for a reason.

c31944 No.20652


A fresh hit of dope to keep you guys busy… This Q is feeling like some BS.

15ca10 No.20653

Where are we in happenings? Q started by giving a progression from Alice-SA-US-Asia-Europe.

He says Alice happened. Wonderland seems to have happened. Has Snow White Happened or begun? Has Fantasyland begun? Is Europe Godfather lll or another signature? Will that wait until P visits the Queen next year?

a4042e No.20654


Didnt Trump tell you to mind your own BLOODY business - Brit Fuck

2f7af1 No.20655

>>20645 (Us)

fdd681 No.20656


It is fake. Super gay fakeness.

Discussed earlier in this thread.

d84fca No.20657


Barry preceded to c if he cud set up a hitsquad if u ask me. Went back afterwards? To pick up his buddies?

61b48d No.20658

>>20655(My Trans Aunt Jeff)

961559 No.20659


>squeaky clean

Willie Brown's mistress. Not clean at all.

24c352 No.20660


LV makes perfect sense to hide it. A moderate sized metro community surrounded by absolutely nothing but desert around it. Similar to Los Alamos. I recently watched a documentary on a Russian city called City 40. It tells of an isolated community in which nuclear bombs were made. It fits the pattern.

c31944 No.20661


>>>20361>Flynn today "proved" Trump is a Russian spy traitor. Exactly the opposite actually. You posted that same thing in the last bread - no one here thinks that shallowly, and we are having an impact "out there" so no one will be discouraged. That tactic will not work here.

You're opinion of the masses is way higher than mine anon…

People my age think Drump is Hitler and will wipe out the planet and worship Hillz and think she is actually president

6512a1 No.20662


Have you spent no time watching our president? He won't hasilly throw out 4K indictments. He's going to sample them like delicacies over the next couple months. I think you start this the treason cases, then move to sedition, money laundering, then sexual assault, murder, and finally- the crowning creciendo will be Clinton's kiddie porn felony. Many of us, Trump included, have jenn uncovering this for a few years now. I think he's gonna savor it like any great hedonist.

If he moves too slow, things have a chance of never coming to fruition. So there's balance I suppose. But I think it's going to be an experience much like election night. Just imaging Anderson Coopers "oh I'm so fucked" face just gives me warm tinglies.

de2bff No.20663


HOLY FUCK, IT'S KEENMIND!! Great to see you!

Been anon for a while. Only checking in for now. I won't be able to bake the next one, but if I need to in the future, I can certainly step in to help!

b36590 No.20664

Conyers will decide if he will resign by next week. Hmmm, coming from a guy who said he would never resign. Why the change of heart?

d8a2d4 No.20665


Just finished reading Rex.

My apologies, Gen Flynn, for doubting you. Godspeed.

d81936 No.20666

2f7af1 No.20667


well meme that shit change their minds

0bbc41 No.20668


Those look like regular cooling towers to me. They cool the freon in an air-conditioning system. Usually they spray water on the cooling coils. Almost all big buildings have these.

3a2a88 No.20670


I have read the whole thread dude.. been here all afternoon.. I didn’t state anything, but it’s odd. I love it haha


So when the canaries sing, it means everything is ok, when the canary dies, it meant that high level of methane, carbon monoxide ect was filling the minesand they knew to get out immediately

d18537 No.20671


Remember the Golden Rule: The opposite of what MSM says is true.

b36590 No.20672

4,000+ indictments coming. Just rember that.

c31944 No.20673



Yes, it is a troll. Copy and paste.Someone getting nervous

Not everyone who disagrees with you is a "troll". You sound like a DEM yelling RAYCISS for people wanting borders enforced.

2f7af1 No.20674


what you have to do is compare buildings of similer sizes … what we're looking for will have extra cooling ALOT

a98f72 No.20675

File: d57569fc4de114c⋯.png (171.16 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20171201-150116.png)

While some may be skeptical, this certainly matches many anon timeline theories.

843fbc No.20678

File: 0214d52ca457cea⋯.jpg (92.23 KB, 555x737, 555:737, JC.JPG)

But justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream,

cd25c7 No.20679


>Willie Brown's mistress. Not clean at all.

Seriously… KH is the very definition of a political whore, sleeping her way into government.

edc6c7 No.20680


;-P I'm ready to exchange.

843fbc No.20681


Bible Quote?

c31944 No.20682


problem? No anon, just give them more gibs and everything will be fine. Your house will do to start

d8a2d4 No.20683


Link 404's

d18537 No.20684



Check this: http://www.azquotes.com/author/19687-Sun_Tzu/tag/water

""When torrential water tosses boulders, it is because of its MOMENTUM; When the strike of a hawk breaks the body of its prey, it is because of TIMING. Thus the momentum of one skilled in war is overwhelming when his attack is precisely regulated."." -Sun Tzu

a98f72 No.20685


Just logged onto my bank.. says scheduled outage Sunday for upgrading their software.. hmmm.

d18537 No.20686

61b48d No.20687


From Famous Amos's cookie box

edc6c7 No.20688


WF? BOA? Other?

0f145a No.20689


yuge building for 600 members and it's also registered as a child care center.

843fbc No.20691

"The songs of the palace will turn to wailing in that day," declares the Lord GOD. "Many will be the corpses; in every place they will cast them forth in silence."

908c55 No.20693


Fake and gay. Pic from Thanksgiving tweet photoshopped.

24c352 No.20694


Ditto on Anderson Cooper. I don't like his energy at all.

I'm not sure about the timing, however. I don't know that he'll be able to hold back the tide too long. As long as these people are free, they do have the ability to try to resist and regroup. It seems that might be a reason to unveil all at once like they usually do with big mafia busts.

7704c8 No.20695


>Just imaging Anderson Coopers "oh I'm so fucked" face just gives me warm tinglies.

I'll never be able to unsee that. Thanks.

a98f72 No.20696


US Bank

"Temporary outage: We’re upgrading our Online & Mobile banking systems. They will be unavailable from 1:00 AM CT to 7:00 AM CT

on Sunday, Dec 3rd, 2017."

961559 No.20697

File: 39225d303c550c9⋯.png (376.23 KB, 426x334, 213:167, tournesol.png)


The French Crown never went away.

c31944 No.20698


any better sauce? I'd like to believe but… fake Q's and whatnot

98f82e No.20699


Anagram of TEMPEST?

cd25c7 No.20700

File: ebfb2c8f4c4878a⋯.png (450.79 KB, 485x700, 97:140, tamid.png)


You guys are missing most of the building in the pictures being posted. Cooling seems appropriate for size.

3f5b24 No.20701

File: ec35051b3657296⋯.png (278.26 KB, 1250x635, 250:127, OnPaste.20171202-000939.png)

right or wrong?

042b20 No.20702


I totally freaked, as I had my PC shut down, and it said something about tampering, then my password wouldn't work the first few times. Then i saw the (You) thing on posts I didn't make, so thought for sure it was connected. Might have contributed to a panic, sorry for being a newfag.

843fbc No.20703


I agree i am in construction

766dcc No.20704


Holy shit.

7704c8 No.20705


It does indeed. Use the archive search for that trip that is listed in several posts if you want to see it and the others from 2016 by that trip.

edc6c7 No.20706


Hmmm. Tempest attack is release? Switch monday?

0e3870 No.20707


Probably so.


Isn't there more than one thread just for those topics?



480037 No.20708

File: 589d37417b87d17⋯.png (501.71 KB, 1408x854, 704:427, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at ….png)

98f82e No.20709



bcaed6 No.20710

Where is John Podesta? He gave a speech today at Duke University and during the Q&A this happened:

“When junior Nicole Kiprilov asked him how he was dealing with accusations of being involved with the now-debunked "Pizzagate” scandal, that he owned 75,000 “undisclosed” shares of stock from a company with Russian Kremlin ties and Uranium One being a client of the Podesta Group—among other allegations—he didn’t hold back.

“This is how the alt-right does fake news,” Podesta said. “It’s personally painful because a lot of this is really total bullsh*t. My family and I have been put through this Pizzagate bullsh*t now for a year—which has totally been debunked, by the way.“




c31944 No.20711


>Filter this bot.

Ignoring reality by hiding is WHAT "THEY" DO TO PEOPLE.

Read and take the info

fd4b92 No.20712


Was just at supermarket and some tabloid said something like "Trump Going After Scientology', and some line about there having been a 'scientology spy' in the White House.

bfee69 No.20713


Haha I’m still here lurking and answering where I can. Seems there’s a lot of extra hands compared to what we had on halfchan, great digging everyone keep it up!

24c352 No.20715


Yeah, there's likely a connection. The founder of Scientology was really tight with Jack Parsons, founder of JPL (Jet Propulsion Labs.) There's a lot of info on those two, but I'll drop just one here. You can follow up if you like.


843fbc No.20716

You took along the tent of Moloch and the star of your god Rephan, the idols you made to worship. Therefore I will carry you away beyond Babylon.'

0e3870 No.20717


>You're opinion of the masses is way higher than mine anon…

Perhaps, but the reach is extending and it's almost geometric at this point. Your perception has to do with the people you associate with or know. Many observe and question quietly but not publicly. More are starting to do so publicly.

The fire rises

85da48 No.20718



d18537 No.20719

15ca10 No.20720

FYI only. There is a Flynn Legal Defense Fund online.

fd4b92 No.20722


She should have been ready with that 'Fatherhood' video. Nice and loud on one of those huge tablets.

85da48 No.20723


>mfw Q is Shillary after finding Jesus

c31944 No.20724


I've RP'd my GF and several of her friends… but the rest… Well they called me "phobic" for saying Islam is not compatible with feminism

6d1fd4 No.20725


Checked my 2 (non USBank) banks, no such notices. Access working ok.

83bd26 No.20726


It's all a show for the lame-stream dopey-headed media, who'll gobble it up, never realizing it's part of an extremely well-orchestrated plan.

801fb5 No.20727


Neither is Judaism.

0078ec No.20728


RPing even a single person is a victory. You can't expect to win everyone over.

b8d07f No.20729


That’s straight out a load of crap. It ain’t killery. So this post is of a shill.

c31944 No.20730


Not that weird Anon. This happens quite often with updates to security requirements for Online Banking and discovery of new worms and viruses


61b48d No.20731


smh…RP'd went into my brain as raped…your story is much better as red pilling lol

9a074e No.20732

File: b1d36ba3ee4fc7e⋯.png (43.37 KB, 625x390, 125:78, Screenshot 2017-12-01 at 6….png)

Flynn pleading guilty was the long awaited domino.

c31944 No.20734


GUYS. Not that weird. Happens on a regular basis. I'd hate to see you waste time on this but you do what you gotta do

a98f72 No.20735


Checked. Happening!!

c31944 No.20736


I live in Maryland tho, so that's not a pill you drop as quickly in libville

766dcc No.20737


9e1e36 No.20738


Where does this come from?

843fbc No.20739


What is this?

bcaed6 No.20740

Yes there is a bot connecting posts with each other as (you). I know what I have posted and any links by my sign-in are not posts that I have sent. Confirmed. I am not the poster of the linked showing.

85da48 No.20741


>Obongo’s admin, and especially his FBI, HATED flynn because flynn started going after McCabe and exposing all the sex perverts within his agency.

>Thats how this all started. Petty school girl argument between two self important niggers but i digress.

>These muslim cucks in the CIA like clapper have some faggy vision of themselves. I dont think theyre trying to tank this administration out of evil intent, but instead out of a misplaced sense of duty, and an inflated view of themselves.

>(Of course this goes out the window when I remember the time that nigger got drunk and told me face to face that he was “the devil himself”)

>So anyway first trump was a joke but the moment he won the primary and started talking about cooperation with Russia they lost it and viewed him as a threat to this faggy world order theyve worked so hard to build up.

>Now here comes manafort. They want to get Trump himself on a RICO charge over housing Manafort. Thats the whole point of his indictment. It makes no sense until you realize that.

>It seemed to have nothing related to the russia investigation until you see that its leading to a charge against trump for housing a foreign agent.

>I work with these people,I know these people. Heres how it works. Theyre going to drop Manafort, Flynn, Kushner, like dominoes. Boom boom boom boom boom. Then they lay out the charge. Its a textbook lawyer tactic- a public trial case to the american people: “Trump housed these people and associated with these people! Foreign agents, corruption, coverups, mafia, the whole shebang.”

>Just stack them all on top of eachother. Then run to congress for impeachmen. The S.O.B.’s will probably do it too. Bs terms like “Muh DEMOCRACY MUH INSTITUTIONS MUH CRIMINAL MUH MAFIA, etc”

>These guys arent stupid. Ive been in their little expansive database of compromising material they had on BOTH candidates. Its the most corrupt thing youve ever seen.

>They have a whole psychological profile on just about every member of government. What makes them tick, etc. Thats how most of these media narratives are formed. To make trump tick and influence him. He gouges on the news like an overweight glutton.

>Btw remember the Access Hollywood tape? That was part of a file I saw with my own two eyes about improprieties of trump. Not the actual tape itself, but some reports of some “compromising tape of trump making lewd remarks”.

>This was BEFORE the tapes dropped btw. The urinating hookers stuff is also part of that database. Key details were mixed up in it (it wasnt on that particular russia trip, and it had nothing to do with Obama’s bed, thats just laughable) but thats what Clapper did. Drop little rabbit trails to the media.

>So the fusiongps dossier has alot of truth, taken straight from intelligence officials, and also alot of bs.

>So in conclusion Kushner’s next, for the same hing they got Flynn. This is supposed to make trump lose it and then they lay out all the charges against DJT.

>“Obstruction! RICO! etc”

61b48d No.20742

CNN going after Kushner hard right now

a98f72 No.20743


LOL. I am wasting more time on this site than with the banking stuff ;-) All good anon, hope is a powerful thing.

c78b64 No.20744

File: d7d0e3706e3437d⋯.jpg (37.67 KB, 450x450, 1:1, him logo.jpg)


Could be… It also looks a bit like the logo from the band 'Him'… (although the Him logo is based on a pentagram, not a hexagram)

24c352 No.20745

Here's an interesting article on another power play by Soros to take over a country: HUNGARY


d8a2d4 No.20746


That you, James?

d81936 No.20747


there is activity on L3, work at bank, currently our systems that talk to certain components on west coast won't connect.

c31944 No.20748


>I live in Maryland tho,

BALTIMORE, MD… so I have to be careful

3a2a88 No.20749


Ooooooh… I’ll have to go look that up.. makes sense.. maybe it was a test of new weapon?

because some videos sure didn’t sound like real gun fire.. one of the last strings sounded like a boat motor dying…

Harvest route 91.. on Oct 1…


They put it right in our faces mocking us, knowing they’ll get away with it, again…

I’ll stop there before I get into my theory because that should be another thread 😅


So one of Q’s recent posts, yesterday night right..

we figured why he was in India.. but what does

‘Who fired




816cb4 No.20750


Where did that come from?

317085 No.20751


So am I and never mind the size.. how would they duct from the 4 fans to the Main Building.. it they were for the Main Building?

c819c4 No.20752

File: 25c75e040953c5f⋯.png (2.25 MB, 988x1500, 247:375, book.png)


He was the inventor of the device that was found in Paddock's room. Only alphabet agents have these devices.

6d1fd4 No.20753

9a074e No.20754


I monitor daily on operationdisclosure blogspot

b8d07f No.20755



0078ec No.20756

File: aee1981c1ecf121⋯.png (356.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, t1.png)


Here's a screencap. Idk if LARP or not. OP of that thread posted zero proof.

5bba4d No.20757


>Why did his son post Pizzagate to Instagram?



Dayum she is acting woke as fuck. She's tweeting out a lot of things that seem linkable to pizzagate alongside her usual based SoC.


Yeah I like the Esoteric stuff too but I prefer to keep it in the other threads at this point. Things are picking up enough where keeping up on all the chatter in threads is getting a bit tougher for me.

83bd26 No.20758


Not even close. Nope. Nuh-uh.

8474a5 No.20759


Insta filter when i see it!

24c352 No.20760

File: 95ced8f7367cc49⋯.png (60.8 KB, 538x537, 538:537, Pentagram.png)


It looks satanic to me. When you type Satanic symbolism into google, this is the first image that comes up. Add the heart and it's pedo. As for HIM, they sure aren't referring to Christ.

bcaed6 No.20761

OK. Oops. It is a link to a reply. My bad.

537ebf No.20762


That is what came to my mind as well

81eb99 No.20763


Don't panic. But they know who you are. They know who all of us are. So what? The Clowns want to exterminate 90% of us for their satanic masters. Won't happen. Let them snarl. Perfect love casts out fear.

0bbc41 No.20764


The fans in an AC cooling tower don't blow air into the building. They blow air and water across copper tubes to cool the freon in the tubes. Large buildings use cooled or heater water to move heat or cooling from a central location to where it is needed.

Google "HVAC Chiller" or something like that. This is a totally normal set up for a large building. Check out your local shopping mall. Somewhere on the outside will be a small building with vented sides. Peek through the vents and you will see big towers inside with round things on top. The fans are in the round things.

bfa7e5 No.20765


Questions: Why would Flynn need to be charged in order to provide information to Mueller? Why not just do so?

5bba4d No.20766


Isn't it 'His Infernal Majesty' or some shit?

Also, I don't think most people would have given a fuck about them were it not for Bam Margera (Connected to MTV and that degenerate filth, amirite?) I tried listening to it a few times and I just could not feel ANYTHING resembling good vibes out of it.

2ec24b No.20767


lol shit they are posting where they freakin live on here. One anon gets called by his name and he replies 'I haven't been anon for long' ???? WTF???? Askin4anA$$Fuckin

7480f9 No.20768


wait! Q asked about the missile launch this week. asked where BO was. and to reflect on that. we "knew" BO was in China. and connected mentally with the NK ballistic missile.

Now you're reminding us that *SA launched a missile* at Yemen a while back. Was that the missile Q meant? Not the NK missile?

bea83e No.20770



Could it be that SpaceX just launched it's secret Zuma mission???

Here is an article stating that SpaceX has issued a warning that its upcoming mission will include a return to a land-based platform, which should result in a sonic boom. Back on the 15th of November.

http://www.orlandosentinel.com/ news/space/os-bz-spacex-sonic-boom-20171114-story.html

Then on the 17th this article says they have scraped the project completely even though they still had the opportunity to launch on Friday (17th)

https://www.theverge.com/ 2017/11/15/16649440/spacex-falcon-9-launch-zuma-mission-us-government-live-stream

Then exactly two weeks from from when they said it's not going to happen sonic booms are heard in Daytona!


So my bet whatever Zuma is it has been launched.

Godspeed Patriots.

a98f72 No.20771


The Dem's need a few small wins! Ha.

They have been so brainwashed that DT is going down, that I think they are trying to make them not feel like complete losers. Just my opinion.

7480f9 No.20773


self-correction: Yemen fired into SA. Just before the massive corruption crackdown. Brainfart. Still, same point as I wrote a moment ago.

c70981 No.20774


that thread is a shit, not right at all

816cb4 No.20775


>operationdisclosure blogspot

Bookmarked. Thanks anon.

9e1e36 No.20776


EMP to knock out next rocket electronics?

Wonder if lil rocket man ever thought about that…lol

61b48d No.20777

Q's questions are "binary" (not really but meaning more than one path) in structure in that each question has multiple answers.

Finding the right answer will allow for the next question to be understood correctly.

This is why Q said go back and read the first crumbs.

If you start with a bad premise you'll be in the wrong sequence of ideas the whole time.

We need to double and triple check assumptions vs confirmations, etc.


d48a75 No.20778


wouldn't he be bound by NDA/secrets classification? he offered to tell congress and they declined

420533 No.20779


They charge him with a lesser crime and he spills the beans, or we could prosecute him to the full extent of his crimes which he knows will ruin him forever, so start talking Flynn.

816cb4 No.20780


Problem is they have a lot of weapons that don't require electricity. EMP = instant attack on SK.

61b48d No.20781


>>Why did his son post Pizzagate to Instagram?


Last year on twatter but long gone now. You can find it easily.

c819c4 No.20782


Don't include your bookmarks in the screenshot.

de2bff No.20784


It's a marker shot.

"Yeah get that scumbag for lying to the FBI!!"

Yes, please do. Why, look at all these democrats/swamp creatures whom have also lied to the FBI! Let's get those scumbags too!


81eb99 No.20785


I typed in a response from work this morning to an earlier thread. My response dealt w volcanoes (pointing out that seed bank locations in arctic conditions are great places for data centers due to free cooling - open a window - and free geothermally generated electricity - drill a hole). The thread filled before I could complete it. So it wasn't sent. None of you saw my msg. But in 5 seconds I got an email that was spoofed from a friend mentioning that he hears you like volcanoes. And it had an embedded hyperlink. Obviously I did not click the link. Nor was I afraid - found it amusing. Clowns in America are going down.

edc6c7 No.20786

Halfchan Tempest Q has disappeared?

9e1e36 No.20787


Got the same thing.

>>20508 (You)

Anon look the font size is bigger when typed or pasted. If it's really you it's small.

24c352 No.20788


They have actually tested nuclear weapons in NV before. A friend's mother, now in her 90s, saw one out there back in the late 40s or 50s. I've talked to her about it. There are lots of strange things located in remote places. Montana has one of just a four LEVEL 4 biological research centers. It was claimed they were studying deer wasting diseases. Yeah, right.

They have to put it in our faces. It's one of the Spiritual Laws. We either accept or reject what's put out. If we reject it, it cannot happen. If we accept it, it does. Unfortunately, the sheeple have accepted too much and are blindly being led to slaughter.

61b48d No.20790

085cac No.20791


This sounds EXACTLY like comments you read on any post at plebbit/r/politics. It's the lefty narrative du jour.

I think it's supplied to the seminar lefty posters/commenters over there. IOW, clown provided misinformation - wishful thinking by the Richie Madcow fans.

5bacce No.20793

File: 8b4da6d036fc965⋯.jpg (45.78 KB, 600x360, 5:3, state dinner.jpg)


Q question about 400 dinner guest at WH.

That was the dinner that a couple sneaked into and crashed. The Salahis couple.

Nov 25 2009 A picture was released of the couple shaking Obama's hand with the Indian Prime Minister next to him. The first state dinner of the Obama administration. Before it was known they had crashed the dinner.


49cfff No.20794


"They are saying here at the White House that Flynn’s conversations with Sergey Kisylak were quote ‘authorized’ by the Obama administration,” CNN correspondent Jim Acosta said.

From the Hill.

Perhaps, it's a ploy to get charges on Obama

de2bff No.20795


Ring-a-ding-ding. That post is the flag on the green to give those poor retards hope.

bcaed6 No.20796

Keep in mind that Obama was escalating a confrontation w Russia for several years and after the 2016 election BO was making serious moves to declaring outright war with Russia. This put Trump in a situation where he could inherit a showdown w Russia and so he was forced into a corner – should he try to head off inheriting a war? or should he try to communicate a possible change in direction w Russia. Very bad for Trump either way to have to deal with this.It is a possible attempt to sabotage Trump's administration before he took office.



3a2a88 No.20797

File: 05c6db56b9de239⋯.jpeg (191.74 KB, 750x839, 750:839, CB402630-9C07-40FA-85D7-5….jpeg)


A pentagram/pentacle represents the four elements and spirit, spirit over matter. inverted means indulging the spirit into matter/consciousness states.

Nothing evil like MSM tries to lead you to believe. I’m sure there could be people using it negatively, but it’s only a symbol and how you perceive it.

3f5b24 No.20798

File: daf8dc8ea68a6d1⋯.png (44.1 KB, 1570x190, 157:19, warlock.png)

is this it?

7480f9 No.20799


the lady asking the questions sounds scared. voice trembling. I guess I can understand that.

Podesta clearly lied in the last few seconds where he said "I've never been accused of an ethical violations" (2m20s)

acbd6e No.20801


Boys will be boys … Kek

816cb4 No.20802


Shocked Acosta would make that statement.

Was thehill /ournewspaper/ the entire time?

cd25c7 No.20803

File: 0e7e2b12d63ce96⋯.png (205.86 KB, 750x400, 15:8, flynnplea.png)


Perhaps some continued misdirection while they continue to pile up the sealed indictments?

>Curious what Flynn can continue to do 'covertly' after being blown he's now working with the govt. Unless this whole thing is a charade?

537ebf No.20804

File: e008e89083f20ca⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 1299x2024, 1299:2024, 1492541245485.jpg)


Are (You) retarded, it's not hard to right (You) after an ID.

45869e No.20805


>Why did BO precede POTUS to Asia?Talaweed was still in power. BO still had support.

Why did BO follow after POTUS went to Asia? Talaweed was hanging from the ceiling by his feet getting his back warmed. BO no longer has support.

Still not sure if he was turned or not.

d25fde No.20807


I wish, seriously. At some point something needs to break, because the country is quickly heating up to civil-war level division. The chemo/radiation treatment for the corruption cancer is starting to kill the patient.

c819c4 No.20808


Trust me, you'll know when you're hacked.

3a2a88 No.20809


A second missle was shot at SA just last night, I provided a link in my previous post.

It’s a weird connection agreed

49cfff No.20810

>>20802 I'm a britbong so not up on your papers,

but didn't they get the U1 ball rolling?

29436d No.20811


wasn't he the same john that warned us about the high incident project?

83bd26 No.20812


even older fart here, and enjoying the ever-living shit outta this storm.

6a045a No.20813

File: bda114ce9d6d534⋯.jpg (1.96 KB, 125x70, 25:14, 1495758540206s.jpg)

7480f9 No.20814


IMO, Flynn broke a ton of laws, did a lot of dirty shit, he was in deep in DIA under Obama. So Mueller has a lot on him. He lets Flynn plead to a lesser crime, in exchange for bringing down a bigger fish, a president to be precise.

And I don't mean the sitting president.

I mean Barack Obama.

Remember what WH anon said by the Christmas tree!!! Mueller ISN'T /ourguy/. He's just a guy who wants to do what's right, bring down the bad guys. So Trump DOESN'T have Mueller in his back pocket. No. WH anon was clear on this: Trump has *nothing* to fear from Mueller *as long as he doesn't break the law.*

4c2525 No.20815


Maybe the patient has to die so the doctor can focus on other patients

Meaning maybe some parts of the gov must go away

edc6c7 No.20816

File: f5bb655349440d3⋯.png (45.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20171201-184324.png)


I'm pointing my finger at (You).

d25fde No.20817


The article said she was a junior in college. Wouldn't expect her confidence to be at the level of, say, someone twice her age.

83bd26 No.20818


That would be the Clowns.

24c352 No.20819


I've only been cursorily introduced to Scientology after watching a few documentaries about it. I stumbled on the Hubbard/Parsons connection about a year ago after I had a vision about it. There's something nefarious about it all. It seems to be a cult honoring the Dark in some capacity, but the connections with Parsons and JPL make me think it might be Dark aliens. Yeah, I know this is not a popular subject, but I think it is true. There is something to it all.

be6d2c No.20820

>Coincidence = nothing is coincidence

Disinformation is neccessary.

<Ergot doitq, axe et al were in fact on purpose.

Do you bon mot?

0bbc41 No.20821


I'm just saying the one in the pic looks pretty normal.

3a2a88 No.20822


He was the one that warned about Vegas and was a witness

24206f No.20823


>When does a songbird sing?

When he wants to communicate something to another bird. It is a signal. A harbinger.

7480f9 No.20826


yes, helpful link, I saw, thank you.

What do you think about the possibility that the missile that Q meant was maybe the one that Yemen shot, not the one that NK shot.

Another thought: Perhaps that "plane crash" with the Rothschild heli was a missile. Who shot it then?

I don't know. Just trying to switch it up, broaden the scope of thought, consider another perspective. Because I'm not getting too much further on following breadcrumbs atm.

420533 No.20827

Just for laughs we should have a list of all the different kind of attacks against us since the first Q post, we've had the larp wave,the shill wave, the tranny porn wave,the repeat what we post wave, now the youwave, did I miss any lol

843fbc No.20828


she could sense the evil

085cac No.20830


>So one of Q’s recent posts, yesterday night right..

>we figured why he was in India.. but what does

>‘Who fired



I think "who fired" is the head of the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau).

This POS bureaucracy was setup by the Massachusetts fake injun senator such that it is accountable to NOBODY, and is funded by the Federal Reserve!

Trump put in Budget Dir Mulvaney and Mulvaney says you wouldn't believe the fuckery of this Bereau. The CFPB sues/regulates/fines companies on behalf of "consumers" and then gives the fines to democrat "charities" and NGO's.

It's a giant fucking libtard slush fund hiding in plain sight!

http://thefederalist. com/2017/11/27/perfect-time-destroy-consumer-financial-protection-bureau/

816cb4 No.20831


They are dragging their heels and the MSM is of course calling it a right wing conspiracy. Even though theres a ton of evidence.

Two places to follow that narrative are:

https://twitter.com/TomFitton - from Judicial Watch who constantly breaks chops with FOIA requests

https://twitter.com/SaraCarterDC - journalist who's in the know

3f5b24 No.20832

File: aefdf82d0a57cb3⋯.png (44.89 KB, 874x257, 874:257, warlock 2.png)

Warlock and Wizards

am i getting close?

ce17bd No.20833

File: 4358c68353c9c55⋯.png (783.08 KB, 874x500, 437:250, general flynn sings.png)

2f7af1 No.20834

>>20827 (YOU) are dumb it wasn't an attack just newags freaking out

5bacce No.20835



It was a hollywood elite party with Indian Prime Minister (who BO is visiting on a trip)

They’ll join the President and First Lady and 400 guests in an elaborate tent erected on the South Lawn.

3a2a88 No.20836


Absolutely, consent is necessary. You can not impose your will and force another human being to do anything without consent.

They slip it in movies, music, media, news and we subconsciously pick it up without even being aware. The mind eventually accepts the ‘message’ as truth when it comes forward to the conscious.

c78b64 No.20837


That guy post(ed) a lot on 4ch CBTS as Topolanon… very smart and open minded. Genius?


0e3870 No.20838


I was disagreeing with another anon that the public is waking up more and more, and that the Flynn situation today is GOOD, it was planned and it's exactly the next thing to happen in the plan.

/ouruys/ got it covered, they know exactly what they are doing, we're gonna make it.

420533 No.20839


it's still funny

24c352 No.20840


Yes, absolutely. Everything has a mirror image. All things have both Light and Dark present. A great example is all this technology we are discussing - the rockets. These can be used for good - traveling to explore space and meet new beings, or they can be used for bad - like blowing us all up. I just don't think that the symbol you posted above is for the Light….

a4042e No.20841


>When does a songbird sing

Birds learn to sing in the dark


In Shadows of Affliction–In the full light of day, and in hearing of the music of other voices, the caged bird will not sing the song that his master seeks to teach him. He learns a snatch of this, a trill of that, but never a separate and entire melody. But the master covers the cage, and places it where the bird will listen to the one song he is to sing. In the dark, he tries and tries again to sing that song until it is learned, and he breaks forth in perfect melody. Then the bird is brought forth, and ever after he can sing that song in the light. Thus God deals with His children. He has a song to teach us, and when we have learned it amid the shadows of affliction we can sing it ever afterward.–MH 472. {VSS 461.2}

420533 No.20842

File: f2602bee0e027bb⋯.png (540.37 KB, 552x352, 69:44, Obama Dental Plan.PNG)

File: 6657d7ab6265d8e⋯.png (451.73 KB, 489x570, 163:190, barryboy.PNG)

801fb5 No.20843

24206f No.20844


Comey is completely out of his mind. Soon he will be sporting a shaved head and saffron robes.

49cfff No.20845


I would say it was an RC plane or something like that, National Trust houses tend to get lots of visitors. so they wouldn't risk witnesses I'd assume.

a7716f No.20846

File: 8f15eedc2aee794⋯.jpg (88.32 KB, 540x460, 27:23, TruthDam.jpg)

What it is?

816cb4 No.20847


Never know if these guys were blackmailed.

24c352 No.20849


We have all been completely brainwashed with their rhetoric. We are all victims/survivors of Military Intelligence Psy Ops. People not being able to discern the Flynn situation is a good case in point. Of course, we here know that this is a great victory toward draining the swamp and taking down the bad actors we've been researching, but the sheeple still think that this is an effort toward taking down Trump. It's really disturbing how successful their psy ops have been.

7480f9 No.20850


or a reference to mccain?


maybe suicidal? (I'm not being sarcastic. He never struck me as a religious man. Why now?)


ah, good point. ok, not a missile. so that leaves (maybe) SA. and NK. dunno what to think right now.

61c9ba No.20851

File: 16d642ba150499e⋯.png (54.02 KB, 962x152, 481:76, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at ….png)


>WBXFv2gl — No. 147680054 — line 1

Attached pic is the post in reference

420533 No.20852

File: 68a11107d076259⋯.png (499.75 KB, 628x463, 628:463, luke.PNG)

3a2a88 No.20853


Ooooh that’s a good point actually…

‘Who fired..’

Who took out Rothschilds plane…

we may have a friend on our side… or as Q stated, they figured it out last minute and took out te friend good guy instead…

Who really is firing st SA? Maybe they’re firing on themselves as a false flag to go after Iran and get support from other countries around the world… maybe isreal is the one that shot the missle.. Mossad and SA are playing the field together.

816cb4 No.20854

Fox: Next week Trump will recognize Jerusalem as Israels capital. Gross

be6d2c No.20855

File: 3967a582c6b8a39⋯.png (174.17 KB, 469x506, 469:506, 20171120_183249.png)


Because Everything is connected…

Birds invariably sing at sunrise.

Expand your view.

X minutiae.

Because Eveything is connected.

44d760 No.20857

Q once asked who knows where the bodies are buried?

Flynn maybe, he worked under O.

a7716f No.20858


It's because people who are 'liberals' are not all that smart. They 'portray' that they are smart, but they're not. Not when it comes to life and decency. They HAVE to lie to themselves constantly for their narrative to not end up like the twilight zone, which it is anyways.

bfa7e5 No.20859


That may well be the missing link. Good thinking.

a55d3f No.20860



cf9a97 No.20861





this is how things get infiltrated: infighting.

if a comment is bothering you - ignore it. focus on what you have to contribute.


lucifer (not satan) is redeemed and becomes christlike when he falls in love, it's the story of krishna and radha, romeo and juliet, beauty and the beast - every rose has its thorn - love is bittersweet, painful but gracious.

Jesus wasn't named Jesus Christ, he was renamed Jesus THE Christ. Anyone capable can be Christ or Christ-like. Kristos just means blessed or anointed.

d31347 No.20863


That bitcoin theory is bullshit.

There is no way to harm bitcoin at this point in time regardless of how much computing power you have. At best they could reverse a few blocks of transactions (this would literally take more computing power than google and amazon and microsoft combined have) but then millions of people would know some super computer was somehow affecting the network.

People are just taking profits. It jumped several thousands of dollars in a few days. A 20% correction after 200% gains is nothing.

24206f No.20864


>housing a foreign agent.

That’s complete bullshit.

c78b64 No.20865

File: a246be1797a4929⋯.jpg (22.06 KB, 320x239, 320:239, temple.canada.jpg)


But then, the hexagram is also known as the 'Star of Remphan'… and used by the Khazarians…

45869e No.20866



Sabbath is starting soon. Any Vegas anon with a bigger than average nose want to go LARP at this address?

5e8bae No.20868

Obama Admin Approved General Flynn Calls with Russian Ambassador


b8d58f No.20869

The first questions before the trip referred to Satan a few times. Satanists worship Saturn and think it was our 2nd sun. In fact what makes our solar system so strange from nearly all others is that it is not a binary system. Only one star.


085cac No.20870


This. ALL of this.

Flynn is the bait to get Mueller. Flynn said in March that he has a story to tell and can't wait to tell it.

Jugears is fucked. That's why he's running around trying to look like a man-of-the-world statesman (and trying to find a new $ugar daddy after the Dopey prine's $trings were cut). Jugears is Dead Man Walking and this India/China?France trip wreaks of desperation.

a55d3f No.20871

Can we please return to who held hands and who bought who.

0e3870 No.20872


>they are posting where they freakin live on here. One anon gets called by his name and he replies

No shit.

OPSEC faggots

NEVER state your LOCATION, your AGE or any personally IDENTIFYING info here.

Ever. For any reason. Ever.

085cac No.20874


Meant to say Flynn is the bait to get 0bama. Brain not in sync with fingers.

420533 No.20875

be6d2c No.20876

File: ed05ea613759eb8⋯.jpg (411.18 KB, 1072x1576, 134:197, 20171201_180217.jpg)

5e8bae No.20878


Is Israel at center of Flynn discussions about UN Resolution with Russian Ambassador?


816cb4 No.20879

File: 8a24b63debc2a65⋯.png (269.52 KB, 575x465, 115:93, nk.png)

True if huge

49cfff No.20881

Obama going to France next right?

Didn't Macron say something about sending troops to help with SA/Iran tentions?

843fbc No.20882



2f7af1 No.20884

has any anon with pacer access checked for unsealed indictments lately?

3a2a88 No.20885


I didn’t not post the satanic pentacle. Another poster did.

But I was informing them why satanists use it inverted, and not to jump on its evil and satanic hype train. Haha


You got it… Christ and Lucifer are dualities of our inner selves… the light vs dark.. it’s the battle within ourselves where you find the light, after emerging from the darkness.

24c352 No.20886


"Liberals" and "Conservatives", both have played a part, I'm afraid. We're seeing a lot of Rs go down with the Ds. The problem is humanity and their willingness to play the game. We can expose every crooked satanic pedo out there, but if people just say meh, then we'll just revisit this shitshow in another 2000 years. They could also turn into the evil doers that currently run this hell on earth which won't be much of an improvement. I'm waiting to see what humanity finally decides to do with all the revelations. It could get interesting.

bfa7e5 No.20887


Possible. Although most of the language is boilerplate for plea deals. Another anon suggested Flynn unable to disclose relevant information absent the plea due to NDA/classified nature of his knowledge. I'm leaning in that direction.

c819c4 No.20889

File: ed14de3c97a6ddb⋯.png (1.86 MB, 7000x3780, 50:27, VQC-map.png)

01509c No.20890


Unfortunately this is a huge red pill for normies and even Anons to swallow…I've been lurking for awhile and anytime someone brings up ET life they get shut down & called a shill-not sure if that is by the Clowns or people who can't swallow…

I personally have believed my whole life that this Universe is too large for us to be the only inhabitants.

Guess we will find out soon!

24c352 No.20891


Sorry, I thought you were the OP on the picture. Hopefully the other guy read my misdirected response.

420533 No.20892

I think they flipped Flynn and Mueller and offered them a type of amnesty for all the info they need to take down of the rest. If Trumps team has really bad damning evidence against those two, they'll sing like songbirds to get out of jail. I think Trump has way more cards then everyone gives him credit for, he's super smart, thank God he's on our side.

817933 No.20893

Just found out on the Uranium 1 front that the uranium, neptunium and plutonium were shipped to the diffusion sites in Paducah, KY and Metropolis, IL. The employees weren’t told they were dealing with actual radioactive matter and were not protected with proper gear. The Metropolis plant just announced it was laying off 170 workers.

01509c No.20894


Good damn question….Where is Huma!!!!!

6a045a No.20896

BOARD OWNER OR MODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current settings do not allow an image to be uploaded if it is already posted anywhere on the board. Hopefully that can be easily changed.

Thanks for you what you have done. This is awesome.

be6d2c No.20897

Christ is God.

Lucisatan is defeated.

God is not subject too linear time.

When He said "It is finished." , He was telling ==The literal truth==


0f145a No.20898



085cac No.20899


Qucik change of heart after Trump said, "it will be handled." re: Fatboy's recent missile launch.

I'll bet that someone sent the fat Nork boy a serious message that the Clowns can no longer protect him and that Fatboy can get gotten/garroted without damage to the Nork general population. Likely a message sent by China or Russia.

843fbc No.20900


Whever it is she probably has a boot

c819c4 No.20901


Necessary evil. Spam.

8bec97 No.20902

File: 11a48bbcab524d8⋯.png (70.61 KB, 553x915, 553:915, 1512173237508.png)

3a015f No.20903


I use a raspberry pi… start with a fresh image of raspian daily…. public WiFi…

Be a ghost

b8d58f No.20904


Yes this has been confirmed so many times! And Q=Alice are the only sigs that were confirmed by Q.

a3a7e5 No.20905


In the meantime, try:

1) Renaming

2) Editing and changing one pixel.

816cb4 No.20906


It seems they've lost their nog oversight.

6a045a No.20907


rename does not work. Will do the pixel. ty

0e3870 No.20908


Yes, but you're a little late on that. :)


He's just jerking them around


and that's only one giveaway

d8a2d4 No.20909


My dad used to say "If God can create one earth and humans, why couldnt He create another earth and life-form….do you tell your children everything that you do??"

42396b No.20910

Ok, it's 19:11 EST. where's Q?

420533 No.20912


It's sad at how fast I can change a pixel now

5e8bae No.20913



While everyone was distracted with Flynn,

Trump plans to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel


cd25c7 No.20915



Possible. I don't think a plea deal would by itself release him from NDA/classified restrictions… he would need something separate for that anyway.

>There must be a reason they went public with this now, before others.

Why not keep it secret awhile longer? Unless legally they couldn't work with him without revealing it to all the other lawyers. And/or he refused to work with them without a public deal on the table.

085cac No.20916


Q said that the Musslim Sister was in a cozy cell.

Could be disinfo, could be true. Considering what's happening to the Saudi scum right now, I bet a cozy US cell sounded more appealing to the housefaced carpet muncher and she's gonna sing like a canary.

2f7af1 No.20917


gotta wait on hound of basketville to go to bed

a55d3f No.20918



01509c No.20919


I'm starting to think that all of these mass shooters were triggered by the CIA to perform these Horrific mass murders! As soon as one is done the D's come out screaming for gun control! Hell, look how fast HRC twatted about Gun control after LV!

b961b7 No.20921

Any new leads on the massive underground data center around Henderson Nevada?

35.915N 114.939W is the area I believe it is in

345a5d No.20922

"God is not a man that He should lie, nor is He a mortal that He should relent. Would He say and not do, speak and not fulfill?"

>Numbers 23:19

God is not a man, nor would He violate His 2nd commandment. God has no form as He is beyond all Creation.

a4042e No.20923

File: 9b6b70af4c696f2⋯.png (615.11 KB, 1324x460, 331:115, Untitledgfd.png)


songbird 1

085cac No.20924


Not fair anon. You don't know what his wife looks like …

8de394 No.20925




42396b No.20926

File: 571e65fcac9271d⋯.png (36.27 KB, 613x380, 613:380, ClipboardImage.png)


6a045a No.20928


I'm usually rushing to get the reply out and don't have any fast enough to suit me. Probably fast enough, though.

64f9b9 No.20929

>>20431 We were strongly prompted to answer the "Where is BO" question set, and given a pile of hints where to look. I compiled that. Now we need many eyes on it to sift true answers from guesses.

3e5c19 No.20930



Where did I (under other IP nao) say that this proves it's Hillary? That's retarded. The fact that the Madam_President anon is now actively applying D&C tactics to /cbts/ threads should tell you one important thing: they are very afraid.

Think about it, when will the lefty do some hard work and use its brain for once? Not when it's feeling secure, I can tell you that.

To me, this is just the kind of evidence that Q is no larp I waited for.

420533 No.20931

File: 0326c768d482401⋯.png (6.72 KB, 527x131, 527:131, story.PNG)

I can't wait to hear Q's story tonight, I'm gonna make some hot cocoa and brownies, get all cozy, punch a shill in the face and have a comfy nights sleep. Hope Q can tuck me in.

fd44ec No.20932


I doubt the real Q would recommend this follow the white rabbit crap

a55d3f No.20933

3a2a88 No.20934

File: 6425d22d3fd3293⋯.jpeg (197.37 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 3E8F09A1-7F28-44D0-8B24-A….jpeg)


Yeah I got called a shill robot earlier for pointing one thing out.. meh.. information is information.. don’t know why it gets shut down just because it bothers someone lol


Oooooh interesting Tibit, Tom is a Freemason ! And he is pushing to disclose about ET’s… >>20886

Absolutely.. we gotta stop fighting each other and realize it’s us vs them… stop feeding into the crap they sell you about left vs right dems vs repub

Make love not war ya crazies!

24206f No.20935

File: b1ab459e4cc8d77⋯.png (2.89 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, 1C33FFE0-4D6C-4A31-A496-55….png)


Podesta is such a creep.

41cd90 No.20936



Humanity is His chosen species…

By Homo homo Sapiens shall all species be blest.


2f7af1 No.20937

File: 184711a936b7cf1⋯.jpg (208.04 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, Say-yes.jpg)

b1c82a No.20938

File: 1e3022e6685f826⋯.png (50.07 KB, 723x228, 241:76, Schermata 2017-12-02 alle ….png)

Israel is attacking an Iran base in Syria. Looks like Syria artillery is fighting back

085cac No.20939


Resorts to prayer - demoscum SOP when about to be held accountable for his fuckery.

Fine, repent and be forgiven (by God). But you still gotta do the time, fuckboy.

0e3870 No.20940


More people, especially doubters, need to read and understand this.

816cb4 No.20941


110%. Thats how they operate.

The fake antifa/altkike movement was an attack the 1st

Mass shootings attack on the 2nd

BLM an attack on local cops so feds are forced to take over.

3f5b24 No.20942

File: 5227d65d56c7bca⋯.png (9.5 KB, 1585x75, 317:15, empty.png)


in that case its impossible to find questions that havent been answered? or am i missing sometthing?

843fbc No.20944


The problem with delong is he is working with podesta and deep state, I dont trust one word from him its disinfo , they might let some truth out but 99% will be false

3e5c19 No.20945



>browser windows

Anon, we really need to have a talk…

3cd24c No.20946

File: 4f6ed3de7130127⋯.png (37.91 KB, 940x188, 5:1, you.png)


me too.

was this what you saw?

2f7af1 No.20947


new thread how to take a screenshot


cf9a97 No.20948

File: d87c9a91580ee90⋯.jpg (609.87 KB, 1379x1491, 197:213, 6050383904999509974.jpg)

>proxy wars

>who shot first?

99193c No.20949


>The article for shatkona and kagome crest are identically empty and use the exactly same picture.

>"shatkona" is a mosaic of triangles, never a symmetrical six pointed star

How's tel aviv, moishe?

42396b No.20950

Everyone needs to contribute to this hero's fund.


816cb4 No.20951


Fuckin kikes need that shit to happen quick to destroy everyone around them.

420533 No.20952


lookup how many shooters or terrorist attacks were connected to all these scumbags, answer….ALL OF THEM, (with the exception of a few rouge employees)

44d760 No.20953

Thanks anon, there are no coincidences.


24c352 No.20954


FEAR. They just want humanity to live in constant fear. When we live like that they allow them to take away our rights. Look at what happened after 9/11. People were scared so they instituted the Patriot Act. Mass shootings and we then hear about gun control. It's all about rounding up the sheeple for the slaughter.

843fbc No.20955


Its like controlled opposition I believe

801fb5 No.20956


OMG lurk mode off… it was just fuckery to teach the guy that it was just someone typing (You)

b8d07f No.20957


Great question. I still stand by it. Flynn was the story for today. And the major storm won’t kick in till after tax bill is passed.

0aa507 No.20958


Ding Ding Ding


83bd26 No.20959


Post a second, smaller image to bypass the verification on the first image.

cf9a97 No.20960


>knows more yiddish than me

>thinks i'm defending israel by defending symbols of mary

righto bruv

41cd90 No.20963

File: 29c06c77bd16454⋯.jpg (19.75 KB, 650x400, 13:8, malia-obama-michelle-obama….jpg)


Hence, not subject to linear time.

The same yesterday, today and forever is an expression of quantum malfeasance… disallowed existance in this universe regardless of dimension.

Literally Outside of timespace.

cd25c7 No.20964


This. What were they trying to ferret out? My guess is that he was questioned by McCabe's team, who we already assume are deep state pedos. So they were trying to trace where the info went, or bait them into starting this whole Russian snipe hunt?

0aa507 No.20965


That is right. Q said be here tomorrow, the story unfolds.

Just wait Until NEXT week.

So the story unfolding was Flynn. Next week it gets a LOT better.


607fff No.20966


Blah that's fake.

Good work tho anon. We should keep an eye out for Q imposters and expose them. Make others aware of the tricks played trying to muddy the well with disinfo.

24c352 No.20967


Interesting about Tom being a Freemason. The band that I've been most curious about is Muse. Their albums "Black Holes and Revelations", "The Resistance", hmmmm. Very profound.

01509c No.20969


When are these indictments going to be revealed? Slowly or hit at once so MSM can't keep up?

0e3870 No.20970


Anon, I invite you to learn a little about the spreadsheet: >>20335

You will be able to tell (in general, it's a large sheet) what questions still need answers because

a) there is no answer yet in the Answer & Extra Answers columns

b) the row is peach

There are almost 2000 statements/questions, many are unanswered. At the moment I'm the only anon admin working on it (owner/original anon is busy IRL) so you will see that I have a lot of work to do! I try to pop in here and answer questions, give my $0.2, help out in between meatspace duties & the spreadsheet.

Help is always appreciated. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

b8d58f No.20971

What would put 99% of people in the hospital seems like a big one to me. that's the one I'm most concerned about. >>20942

801fb5 No.20972

File: 6d82fe1db2b1689⋯.png (21.9 KB, 940x188, 5:1, 4f6ed3de71301279d88ebf3187….png)


Yes cause this was posted by me, and I assume I know why I posted it.

42396b No.20973


Everyone needs to give a dollar or two to Gen Flynn for his defense. He's not a wealthy man. He clearly is a patriot. We should honor him. They've been going after his kids and brother.

6a045a No.20974


That would work. ty. Hopefully they can check a box or something when they have the time.

0aa507 No.20975


Agreed, fake.

b8d58f No.20976


That threw me for a loop last night. I have a feeling Q doesn't sleep much.

265018 No.20977

Just a note:

One of the schills today made a post regarding

"Your truth doesnt matter since the first impression is what does"

Regardless of the schilling (or non schilling of that post)

I feel we should start baking up a thread of how MSM coverage is unfolding in an accurate timeline.

Some ideas:

Cover the Major Networks

Certain "influential pundits"

Clear psyops (Reddits campaign today for example)

and make a seperate column for pro Trump/Anti deep state pundits.

Maybe even keep a small spreadsheet of the scorecard.

I could do this but it would be absolutely poorly done.

However if we can paint a clear picture of the narrative it will be much easier to show timelines to normies when you Share a piece of disnfo follow by what actually happened and show them a pattern of it.

Cant win them over till you earn their trust.

3a2a88 No.20978


Exactly… he’s a puppet on their strings. Maybe 1% discloses just to make it look legit..

6a045a No.20979


context says don't worry

Fantasy land.

Was the former President of the United States groomed to be Command in Chief?

Is this possible?

Is the US political / election system corrupt?

Who owns poll machines?


Why is this relevant?

They never thought she would lose.

They never thought she would lose.

Fantasy land.

Fantasy land.

The complete picture would put 99% of Americans (the World) in a hospital.

POTUS is our savior.


83bd26 No.20980


Don't forget a Paint/Gimp tutorial on how to crop images.

d84fca No.20981

File: 87bec7b4e038471⋯.jpg (412.98 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, image.jpg)

Pic related… Pls add. Something weird

Cant b a coincidence. We've been talking bout HENDERSON al thru the shills and clowns

a98f72 No.20982


Great catch.

cd25c7 No.20983


>the Pakistani Taliban, claimed that it was not targeting the school, but a safe house belonging to Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in the same area.


>Really the Taliban, or /ourguys?

6a045a No.20984


Those bookmarks. lmao

b64c61 No.20986


Oh yes. Nice find anon

Does Flynn know where the bodies are buried?

0aa507 No.20987


Whew, NOW that was confusing. LOL

b8d07f No.20988


Yes, you are correct in that they are scared. It also could just be someone who is a joke behind a name posting.

a1cf34 No.20989


Rumor has it he will move the embassy but will stop short of saying it's the capital

b8d07f No.20990


Anytime now would be great.

5adda7 No.20991




Wtf....Trump called for removing thier tax free status last week.

Are the scientologists the CIA?

There are definite links. Remote viewing in CIA mid 70s were all scientologists

http:// home.snafu.de/tilman/j/ciacos.html

Since i know most of you will not dig on this, i will. Ron Hubbard CIA nigger?

7480f9 No.20992


…which answers the question, "When is a pill too hard to swallow?" from a few days ago. When it's too big!

What is the Overton Window. How is it relevant?


Of course he knows where the bodies are buried. He helped put them there. Laughing out loud!


Isn't it interesting that both of the non-NK firings are connected to Hillary's loss of support (in SA, and of Rofschilds).


What Flynn did today, he also did to protect his bloodline.


Yes. You are boiling hot. Thanks for playing!


A songbird sings before the storm.

0e3870 No.20993


Ugh, how many body part repositories ARE there? Fucking disgusting, But you're right, no coincidences and isn't Planned Parenthood under investigation for selling baby parts too?

b8d07f No.20994


I am all ears and eyes. I’m waiting.

607fff No.20995

I've just come on and haven't read up to date yet but I saw this video explaining the Flynn charges and what they probably mean.

I know some of you don't like tracy beanz but I think her explanation of the charges are worthy for this thread, especially as it relates to a couple of Q posts from yesterday.

These are just her speculation and I think she's on the money with this. Flynn's plea deal is super soft and he pretty much walks free IF he hands over ALL information he has on everything he know. This includes ALL unrelated possible crimes too which means everything he was doing with the Obama Administration.

I agree with Beanz - Flynn's going to spill on the Obama Administration.

youtube . com / watch?v=EmKqos_eMuA

000000 No.20996

Just in. Any newz from Q?

3e5c19 No.20997


I was sincerely thinking about a general newfag thread. This is beyond humiliating.





You can visit /pol/ if you want to, but don't you dare post before lurking the minimum of two years.

d55acd No.20998


Apparently that ID is fake, digital ID's weren't issued until 1996

d8a2d4 No.20999

File: f538b24c224b243⋯.png (339.56 KB, 941x1181, 941:1181, Flynn.png)

d84fca No.21000


AND a pig farmer was arrested, for getting rid of bodies in ground meat and feeding human flesh at "special parties" will look up the link.

49cfff No.21001


Yes, I remember it being brought up at sessions hearing

b8d07f No.21002


Gee, even more of a sign of him being DT. He doesn’t sleep much. Maybe 4 hrs a day.

d31347 No.21003


For bitcoin, the quantum computer is only able to deal with the elliptic curve calculation AFTER a key has been exposed/used on the network. So unless you are reusing the same address over and over you are fine. It would cause a dip for sure, but the algorithm is modifiable and expected to be updated in the future for quantum computing.


Interesting about RSA, but rsa100 is trivial. I would like to see a quantum computer that can solve RSA stuff since I have personally been working on that for years. As much as I want to believe I highly doubt it. His algorithm about the difference of squares is an attack vector I have been looking at and would love to see be solved. I have seen some of the patterns he talks about and I would love to know/understand the underlying truth in our number system. I hope the truth comes out.

3a2a88 No.21004


I’ll have to look into Muse, don’t know much about them. Thanks!!

Chris Cornell, well Sound Garden’s Black Hole Sun is another interesting one

Muse- to reflect deeply on a subject, an artists inspiration

2f7af1 No.21005

File: 3e75d480ac00b6e⋯.png (1.21 MB, 960x960, 1:1, drain_the_swamp_hillary.png)

bfa7e5 No.21006


I practiced law for a few years and I'm pretty confident about that boilerplate language. But I'm too rusty to know offhand whether a guilty plea voids an nda. Since you mention it, though, I really can't see why it would. Which means I still don't know why the plea is significant in terms of him informing Mueller.

c819c4 No.21007


Flynn is secrelty based. This is the happening.

5e8bae No.21008

White House claims Obama admin approved Flynn calls with Russian ambassador


843fbc No.21009



Never sign up as Organ Donner or you might have an accident if you know what I mean

I redpilled my wife on that a few years back and she took it off

a1cf34 No.21010


The dramatics on the MSM were cringe worthy. "The General has gone broke with legal fees defending himself"

7704c8 No.21011


That was such a cute show. Sadly I think tv was brainwashing us even then. He was such an unlikely super hero. I think it was right before or after the A Team on ABC? I was just a kid, but I have a great puzzle palace, filled with junk like that and Tales of the Gold Monkey- another god damned pedofile!!!

a7716f No.21012

File: 5c51c6028c1cd5f⋯.jpg (136.01 KB, 989x1319, 989:1319, nukeIt.jpg)

5e8bae No.21013

File: b7694d9ce1b4fd6⋯.jpg (282.43 KB, 1024x988, 256:247, ToTaL RICO.jpg)

801fb5 No.21014


IKR way more fucked than what the original post meant. WTF

3e5c19 No.21015


No, I don't think it's trolling or joking. It's a serious attempt at derailing and causing confusion. Remember that this person created a tripcode with the name Madam_President on 4chan /pol/ probably over a year ago, and still remembers the password.

Smells like a scared and salty lefty to me.

ae3214 No.21016

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Look at the symbolism here and listen to the lyrics.

Even ICP figured this stuff out.

607fff No.21017


Maybe newfags should visit encyclopedia dramatica to get the lowdown on Chan history and culture. I met a few 8 channers a couple years ago and that's where they directed me with a few links.

About how and why 8chan broke away and made their own site for example.

843fbc No.21019

Tales of the Gold Monkey>>21011

Loved that show (forgot about it)

44d760 No.21020


Lol imagine if ICP were droopping red pills the whole time and thats why the media portrayed them and there fans as jokes.

Didn't the FBI classify them as a gang?

Maybe there is something to this.

6d1fd4 No.21021


Dr Hal Puthoff:

Former high level Scientologist

CIA Director for paranormal / psychic programs

Newly appointed Delonge "To The Stars" stooge




7704c8 No.21022


Wondered if there was going to be any connection with that place. I thought of it immediately when we got the Mayo questions. Some weird website tied Stephen Paddock to it and Deep state, taking all the dead kids and hookers, etc there. As in who knows where all the bodies are buried… One of his side gigs.

8b0795 No.21023

Did Q say the mission was against Muslims, or Satanists? Has he ever even mentioned Muslims, or just the fake CIA Daesh proxy terror army? Is Nazism right or wrong? Is Israel Nazi or Satanist or both? (It's certainly not Jewish, according to Jesus who was Jewish.) Why did Q choose a Nazi, racist, bigot forum in which to communicate? Does Q know that the guy in POTUS's tweet who destroyed the statue of the virgin Mary was a US-backed "rebel" in Syria fighting against their democratically elected government? A drugged-out lunatic who probably never read the Q'uran in his life? (Does POTUS know?) Does Q or POTUS know that the Syrian army has restored that statue? Who is Q saying is the real enemy and why don't they state their position clearly? (Obviously Q is more than one person.) I'm a seasoned patriot blogger and have been a born-again Christian for most of my life. These questions trouble me deeply and until they are answered I cannot take this mission seriously. Of course I want the VIP pedos taken down (and executed) and I want our Republic to be restored but blaming Muslims or non-white people for the actions of a Satanic cabal is utter nonsense.

a1cf34 No.21024




ae3214 No.21025

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This one, too.

Trent Reznor knows.

A lot of people already know.

3e5c19 No.21026


Oh shit! Is Mel /ourguy/ Gibson finally permitted to say shit about people again? This is going to be absolutely gorgeous.

when he's talking about parasites, everyone knows (((who))) he's talking about

b8d07f No.21027


Keep in mind if disinformation that we have been warned about. But yes, many leftist are scared. I do agree a lot

d84fca No.21028

Q …. Pls post… Trolls & shills r boring AF.

5ebd53 No.21029

41cd90 No.21030


ime (spec) you cant be enlisted without breaking laws… it makes the brass shine.

>>we the unwilling, led by the unknowing…

>>are doing the impossible for the ungrateful…

>>we have done so much, for so long, with so little that we are now qualified to do absolutely anything with absolutely nothing.

Shit house Truth in the desert.

The greatest rarity is the brass that knows tarnish is neccessary to get the job done.

Real life makes dirt.

Neither ivory towers or cabalistic long term planning make a damn to the fact that there ARE still Good Men doing bad things because they are both neccessary and needed.

Semper Paratus


480037 No.21031


The Henderson Synagogue (underground spy centre) moved and their former location is currently occupied by Scientologists.

7704c8 No.21032


Back to the project Snow White and how … deceptive and controlling Scientologists/ Dianetics people are. They infiltrated the government at all levels. Plenty of reading on it. They scare the shit out of me, and not much does.

ae3214 No.21033


No, you're missing the point entirely.

It's not about evil.

You're afraid of things you don't understand.

5e8bae No.21034

I can't help but think the FBI unknowingly tipped Flynn off to the wiretaps when they came back to ask questions. How would the FBI know about a conversation with the Trump transition member unless they were listening. Cops don't ask questions they don't know the answer to. Listening to Kislyak was legal, listening to Americans is not.

0e3870 No.21035


That is an old tactic, I'm glad LE is looking in that direction, too.


Unfortunately I don't get to watch the hearings or interviews, but I'm really glad Sessions brought it up (or it was an issue raised at all). This needs to be stopped and eliminated completely.


Their desperation is palpable.


>Dr Hal Puthoff:

Not really truly on topic, but he's a truly interesting character. Strikes me as a good person.

64f9b9 No.21036

>>20503 Someone with a ton of computing power took the trouble to figure out what IP address + passcode would, when hashed, produce the identical tripcode. They also must have had the ability to inject traffic into the internet using a spoofed IP address. Ipso facto, 3 letter agency trying to disrupt or discredit authentic Q communications. I wouldn't worry about it too much. We recognize Q partly by the content and context.

689ee3 No.21037


>imagine if ICP were droopping red pills the whole time

They didn't early in their careers. That came later.

c819c4 No.21038


IP address doesn't affect tripcode.

317085 No.21039


Might want to delete file and redo a cropped version..

2f7af1 No.21040


L Ron was woke as fuck… Scientology was a bad joke the got out of control (sound familiar)

3a2a88 No.21041


Right on! Thanks!

You guys should check out spiritual rap.. I know sounds lame but pretty dope!! Here’s a sample.. these guys know what’s up 😉


d84fca No.21042

File: d3cf8dd5dfe0c7d⋯.jpg (370.2 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, image.jpg)

More shit on twatter.. Missiles launched.

Pic related.

49cfff No.21043

" Former US president Barack Obama will be in Paris this weekend where he will be treated to a lunch with President Emmanuel Macron. The event will be low key so as not to cheese off Donald Trump.

The lunch at Macron's Elysee Palace residence – in a "private" capacity, the presidency said Thursday – will come as Obama visits Paris to speak to Les Napoleons, a network of communications professionals."

From The Local France

Macron is Rothschild puppet

72432a No.21044


He's rarely wrong.

a55d3f No.21045

File: 1e8273bfe53c8dd⋯.png (35.78 KB, 572x121, 52:11, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at ….png)

I knew I loved this woman when she looked deep into my eyes…

766dcc No.21047

>>20804 (You)


7c9901 No.21048


Many of them. That's why they were having such a fit about defunding PP. You'd be surprised the things they make and do with fetal parts.

a1cf34 No.21049


Get a life you immature faggot. This isn't an entertainment thred

7704c8 No.21051


Why? The porn links are funny. He(? shouldn't stereo type so correct that to THEY) is just healthy - ish.

42396b No.21052

File: 3965d69f3993631⋯.png (17.66 KB, 654x672, 109:112, ClipboardImage.png)

We cannot say we support our patriots and allow him to be squeezed into poverty. It isn't right. Every little bit helps. Heard he was having to sell his house. Let's fight these bastards. I'm encouraging everyone to donate a few bucks. Anything. It pisses me off that we have a general who is literally falling on his sword for the country and this is how he's being treated. It isn't right. I donated some. Not much but if everyone donated $1 or 2, he might not have to sell his house.

801fb5 No.21053

>>21025 Soundgarden Black Hole Sun is disgusting… has a little girl blowing an ice cream.. then later goes back to her spitting the ice cream out… depraved. Reznor undergoes SRA.

49cfff No.21054


>This needs to be stopped and eliminated completely.

Agreed, I saw an undercover documentry on it. Those fuckers are sick

a3a7e5 No.21055

It's very clear that no one here knows who Snow White is. Here's a few I've heard:

1) Hillary (WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!)

2) Eduard Snowden

3) A supercomputer

Also, Q now refers to BHO as Hussein. Let's do that out of respect for the Board Operator (BO). If Q can do it, so can we.


cd25c7 No.21056


>Scientology was a bad joke the got out of control

Everyone needs to read Stranger in a Strange Land

5ebd53 No.21057

83bd26 No.21058

Anyone offered to bake the next bread?

2f7af1 No.21059


and Mission Earth … the whole cabal plan laid out

801fb5 No.21060

Those of the right hand path are not inducted into the fold… they are taught their good path fallacy and they undergo SRA and perform SRA as alters.

5ebd53 No.21061


and the "Moon is a Harsh Mistress"

24206f No.21062


Sarah Sanders connects with a lot of American women.

801fb5 No.21063

Then what their alters are then programmed comes out in their art.

e7ee36 No.21064


Journalists know they're about to be held very accountable for spreading propaganda soon here. They are like the cheating spouse who promises they will never do it again and act all good and behave for a while, before they go out cocksucking a few months later.

689ee3 No.21065


Your life is yours to create.

Everyone's is.

3a2a88 No.21066


Oh I love Trent! Good catch!

Believe me I been in this for 10 years, .. I’m not some noob just waking up, though I am a noob to chan haha

There’s lots of posts I gotta nite my tounge and keep silent. I don’t feel like getting into arguments or automatically called a shill ect for my views and experiences. 😅

I don’t know if you have but check out the mandala effect..

interesting stuff.. CERNs work in action..

a1cf34 No.21067


Related endtimesforecaster.blogspot.com/2017/11/rock-music-and-antichrist.html

99565f No.21068


Someone a few weeks ago said on one our halfchan breads if we're getting close don't be surprised if we see an ET / UFO disclosure.

64f9b9 No.21069


Go to the top of (any) CBTS thread and read what's there. It was put there for people in your situation to catch up quickly, instead of taking time away from new research. Use it.

24c352 No.21070


There are no coincidences and we were specifically told to look into Zuckerberg's wife. Has anyone seen more info on the story? I'm checking it out now…..

5e8bae No.21071

801fb5 No.21073


42396b No.21074

2bdc79 No.21075


Nah, just two reporters. John Solomon and his sidekick, but don't remember his name. He also works with Sara Carter from Circa, who's been getting good inside scoop.

603149 No.21077


>This Is Going To Kill Him!

Nope! I'm sure that brain tumor will get him first. His days are limited. No Christmas 2018 for him

24c352 No.21078

b6bcb0 No.21079

File: 7366d2aa523649e⋯.jpg (149.56 KB, 720x500, 36:25, teslapower.jpg)

Who might already have Tesla's technology?

3f5b24 No.21080

File: 7ea13f1199fef96⋯.png (108.46 KB, 825x807, 275:269, OnPaste.20171202-015613.png)


607fff No.21081


Actually a similar method was in a movie too. Either

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels or Snatch.

They fed the dead bodies to the pigs.

603149 No.21082

any post that TYPES (You) next to something…I'm just going to start filtering out.

bcaed6 No.21083

FYI – Obama stopped using the name Soetoro when he was 10 years old


3a2a88 No.21084


Who says it’s a person?

What about Snow White being code/trigger for mind control sleeper absent.

2ca560 No.21085

File: 0836f4b8ec1264b⋯.gif (497.99 KB, 500x236, 125:59, giphy-3.gif)

607fff No.21086


What does it mean?

5e8bae No.21087

2f7af1 No.21088

File: 68f1df38cbbfa1e⋯.jpg (75.91 KB, 500x500, 1:1, SMOKING-FROG.jpg)

>>21082 (uoY)

a1cf34 No.21089


42396b No.21090


We need a fucking like button around here.

801fb5 No.21091


Electrons reside in a Torus… a dark torus. The tori are gyroscopic and when the electrons of opposite torus come near each other they push themselves and the torus away… / \ / . When an atom has multiple tori they sway back and forth trying to find equilibrium.

07b5d4 No.21093


The absolute state of newfags.

fbbce8 No.21094

File: 4143f3a9a8ddc0f⋯.jpg (12.02 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images-25.jpg)

a7716f No.21095


Yeah. Imagine the butthurt that will commence once we get more people out telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.. lol

5ebd53 No.21096


"Ashan speculates that this might have been the reason that the state dinner was held in a tent. That way, the Salahis could have a conversation with Obama in the reception line and it would be less likely to be recorded. It's an interesting thought. "

Source: https://rickscafamerican.blogspot.de/2009/11/israel-matzav-obamas-gate-crashers-may.html

3a2a88 No.21097

. >>21033

Ecactly.. we fear what we dont understand..

5bba4d No.21098





This ties into the Ayyy lmao angle too, then, if I had to guess.


The shit that Scientology does is well documented. They do their own MKULTRA style techniques. I was thinking about them earlier (again, the ayyy lmaos) but this morning thought of them as perhaps another faction rather than directly aligned with evil itself. I wasn't aware of the Remote viewing connections.

801fb5 No.21100

It's why you can't predict where an electron is.

aaf9ac No.21101


If that's the worst that happens here, we're in pretty good shape.

0e3870 No.21102


This is just another display of desperation. Many don't know of Israel's covert alliance with SA (House of Saud are Donmeh jews) and with events changing so rapidly and their MAIN BENEFACTOR and some would consider OWNER, the Rothschilds in the crosshairs of /ourguys/ they are panicking and lashing out. Really it is to be expected. If I did then /ourguys/ and many others (in multiple govts and agencies) certainly did. It was inevitable.

23eaa1 No.21103

What if the good guys walked into the Senate and started serving warrants?

Right AFTER the vote to cut taxes.

64f9b9 No.21104


Looking for that in Roseanne's twitter feed and found….

genuine photo of Bill Clinton nude with a female whom I don't recognize

Go look, I won't post lewdness here.

481fd6 No.21105

Just checking before I head off to bed. But I can't see any Q posts.

Has there been one today yet?

e5c87b No.21106

4a40f1 No.21107

File: d4ac137a08d0f21⋯.png (212.8 KB, 529x463, 529:463, Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at ….png)


>the Syrian air defenses have fired anti air missile towards unknown target, reportedly came from Israel

The military source told Muraselon that the Syrian air defenses destroyed three Israeli missiles, and other three Israeli missiles Targeted sites in south-west of Damascus countryside .

83bd26 No.21108


baker needed for next bread.

someone call it, please.

here's the batter -


bakes 2 slices

here's spreadsheet guidelines -


Q's tripcode explained -


24c352 No.21110




Yes, there are some very awake musicians out there. Not all "talent" are satanic pedos, thankfully. It seems everyday when I get in my car I hear Imagine Dragons "Believer". There are no coincidences.

fbbce8 No.21111


You can spoiler images bte

0e3870 No.21112

File: 081f68bbd68ec5b⋯.png (37.69 KB, 979x731, 979:731, 155966545215s4185485152a.png)


I'm sure I would, and I would probably never want to eat out or anything processed or use any body products ever again…

49cfff No.21113


nope not today

42396b No.21114


Not new. But I get it–you're closet homo. No worries.

b9aa7b No.21115

Can someone tell me what is 4chan time? In the archives it says 4chan time when i hover over a post but the time is different in screencaps which I assume is the users real time, as I see posts in my real time. But archives are different? Plz help I think I found something weird.

72432a No.21116


Bob and his colleagues were ass-deep in what is now called "predictive programming". I've been thinking of his stories all month, from "The Man Who Sold The Moon" (Musk) to Friday.

Remember which story JWC is most famous for. In modern context it makes you wonder.

a7716f No.21117


Yes, I believe Q said something about 'watch tomorrow' or something of that sort.

fdc590 No.21118

Look at Iron Mountain http://www.ironmountain.com/ and their several locations http://www.ironmountain.com/digital-transformation/data-centers/locations

Specifically the Underground facility in Slippery Rock, PA http://www.ironmountain.com/resources/data-sheets-and-brochures/t/the-iron-mountain-underground-rock-solid

Here is the brochure with same info in .pdf www.ironmountain.com/-/media/files/Resources/Data-Sheets-and-Brochures/R/rock-solid-pdf.pdf?la=en

Iron Mountain is civilian as well as Federal (look at bottom of homepage.

Happy Hunting. Wishing you and Q a productive and safe weekend. Thank you for your service.

aaf9ac No.21119


I have suspicions about Sara Carter at Circa. I am a news junky and she came out of no where in the lead up to the election. I'm not even sure which side she's on. Clown?

481fd6 No.21120

k, thanks. goodnight y'all from the uk!

d81936 No.21121


I for some reason think the rabbit is that little woman that visits JA every other week.. check out her post from a not long ago (earlier today). Follow is a verb… that is somebody that can be followed..and what is the irony of who she sees and her past..

2f7af1 No.21122


UTC … network time

0e3870 No.21123


>It's very clear that no one here knows who Snow White is.

Did we not already determine definitely that it is the director of operations for the 7 dwarfs?

fbbce8 No.21124


Jesus is Snow White, the Bible explains this clearly in Ephesians 5:2

2f7af1 No.21125


I thought so, but the speculation has not stopped at all

61b48d No.21126



He said "tomorrow" yesterday, which by my super awesome powers of deduction I believe is today?

Can someone check my math?

0e3870 No.21127


>we were specifically told to look into Zuckerberg's wife. Has anyone seen more info on the story? I'm checking it out now…..

Thank you - I hadn't seen anything on anyone looking into that so there's nothing on the spreadsheet at all, like a giant gaping hole in the QMap… If you find things, please input them bc I won't necessarily be able to catch and put it in…

801fb5 No.21128


2+2=5 You are mistaken.

dba019 No.21129


Technically he said that today, as it was past midnight I believe.

801fb5 No.21131


Get back under the Chestnut Tree.

61b48d No.21132


Not definitely, just likely. Q said "yes. go deeper" when asked about the CIA's seven computers and another website said snow white is the "directorate" of the computers..that's all we have that I know of.

7704c8 No.21133


it isn't enough. I wish it were. but that right there is the epitome of deep, nasty state.

0e3870 No.21134


Might be good to make a thread for it, then it won't get lost in the ether.

a7716f No.21135

File: 5202be23583dce6⋯.jpg (60.58 KB, 1126x554, 563:277, KikeButton.jpg)


A what?

801fb5 No.21136


Not sure I even want to describe it…

acbd6e No.21137


Something yesterday… Snow White -> IBM

49cfff No.21138


That makes no sense in this context.

Unless the clowns activated jesus to mess with 4chan

23eaa1 No.21139

42396b No.21140


Jeez people, it's a joke, not a dick. Don't choke on it.

24c352 No.21141


Ok. I'll see if I can find the stuff I dug up previously after I make dinner for the family. Basically, Zuckerberg's wife is a doctor and she started a non-profit app for organ donors. I intuited after reading it that they are using the operation to "hunt" for parts for paying clients. No proof on that deduction, but with everything coming out it does seem probable.

e5c87b No.21142

File: 03c92af737b6d50⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 16.85 KB, 381x383, 381:383, ClipboardImage.png)

61b48d No.21143


Maybe I'm wrong but I think it was last night and I was asleep by 10 eastern

2f7af1 No.21144


now thats a meme


b8d07f No.21145


I think he meant the Flynn story. Don’t think anything else will come of that today.

e5c87b No.21146

>>21136 I know reliving bad memories is no fun, but maybe putting it away in the chans on locking it there will help.

603149 No.21147

File: c28042e687ab6bf⋯.png (51.31 KB, 412x474, 206:237, Black Sabbath-Children of ….png)


H.I.M. (His Infernal Majesty)

Started of as cover band for Black Sabbath

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