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File: ba10e4c77a68b66⋯.jpg (117.3 KB, 1077x1200, 359:400, DSvmWdVVoAIN1tj.jpg)

324f72  No.259963

Q's Father? Thomas Drake


US' Betrayal of Truth | Interview with Whistleblower Thomas Drake


see youtube sidebar for more


In late 2001 he went to work at the NSA as a full-time employee at the Signals Intelligence Directorate at Fort Meade, Maryland, with his actual first day on the job as an NSA employee being September 11, 2001.

In 2002, he became a Technical Director for Software Engineering Implementation within the Cryptologic Systems and Professional Health Office. In 2003, Drake became a Process Portfolio Manager within NSA's newly formed Directorate of Engineering. He held a Top Secret security clearance.[8] During the congressional investigations into 9/11, he testified about NSA failures.

Thanks to Reddit and David Seaman


Wow, QANON's Identity Revealed + Donald Trump's Storm Is Underway David Seaman 24 Dec 2017 (Channel erased by Youtube).

NSA Whistle blower Thomas Drake is Q anon


He is the same guy that said Alex Podesta was the so called white rabbit! WTF!

Another lead:


352c9e  No.259966

I doubt he would be Q, after all he has gone through, all the persecution by the gov. He is a good guy, a really good guy.

976424  No.259990

ABQ: Always Be Questioning


976424  No.259993

Father of Q anon found?





976424  No.259996


Maybe so.

19cd6d  No.260028

This is symbolism.

Thomas Drake is an NSA whistle blower. Right?

So perhaps TD knows that Q Anon is as NSA Whistle blower too?


1293d8  No.260060


Ya…speculation…current Q put-out a fake Podesta e-mail and said the NSA leaked it. So this proves he is not NSA.

2f24f7  No.260243

help a nigger out. If current Q is fake, why is he spending so much energy on someone like @Snowden?

- When real/fake Q asks: 'Who does @Snowden work for?', he's/she's suggesting that Snowden is a clown, who has been a double-agent for some, that is now enjoying the spoils of C-Link land. What a fucking miserable life @Snowden must have; no?

2f24f7  No.260244


>So perhaps TD knows that Q Anon is as NSA Whistle blower too?

More and more, it's looking like we're stuck in a war between No Such Agency and the Clowns.

- What would Q say if Joe or Jane Goyim began the ultimate denial of service, depriving the powerful of electricity?

- Imagine how powerless the powerful would be with no power

5a70fc  No.260254

We do not care who the father of Q is.

Fake Q-anon busted:


Stop being fooled.

c5198e  No.260347

Q exposed:


c5198e  No.260348



0b8862  No.261172


is Q also JTFMAGA?

9110b8  No.261234

File: 030eae4de32baf6⋯.png (250.65 KB, 1062x398, 531:199, download (9).png)


what did thomas drake mean by this?

9110b8  No.261235

File: 5474692161b0e9f⋯.png (78.85 KB, 932x512, 233:128, 6307131322793984.png)


no no no no no

jtfmaga is real people fighting behind the scenes to remove the deep state cabal

q is a larp put together by corsi and the deep state to sell books and redirect all of our greatest minds to follow meaningless trivia and slow walk the real crimes until after 2018 where they can push out the MAGA agenda

Q is a psyop

db9d6b  No.261417


I know the guy on the first row, fourth pic, and bottom row last pic

Joshua and Rob, both ex intel operatives who whistleblew on CIA wrongdoings

db9d6b  No.261418


ok so i just found out the guy in the last photo, rob gray, also wrote this, which made it to Trump's desk


it's fucked up if true.

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