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File: 66fed83a3cb3afe⋯.jpg (120.83 KB, 800x473, 800:473, cbts3.jpg)

e49ee0 No.2955

Munky Business Edition

Last Thread: >>1716

1. The purpose is to log events as they happen over the coming days. Everything is connected, Everything has meaning.

2. Infighting accomplishes nothing, stride together towards resolution of on subject problems. Not your faith, creed or dick size.

>Truth will set you free

3. This is a Bunker, the post rate is slower & we don't really know what to expect. Coordinate efforts on: Organization of information / Creating

4. How would you explain /PizzaGate/ - Satanic Cult child abuse to normies? Questions. How do we get people asking Questions? Good Memes.

5. Get Comfy, Believe in your bones that we're riding the greatest timeline in existence.

Original Links do not cross post from 4chins, instead use 4plebs archive to find old Qs.

>Q Trip Archive


CBTS 4chin Archive Threads:



How to spot FAKE Trip Q


Threads Directory:

Please post verified and delicious crumbs, info, links, discussion to the proper thread. Feel free to dig and discuss here in /CBTS/ General.

Consolidated info, synthesis, completed research, very specific/focused discussion, important links/media should be copy and pasted or cross-posted to the other threads.

CERN & AI: >>1335

Clinton Cabal & Swamp Drain: >>1411

Europe, EU, UK, Royal Families: >>1357

Isreal & Zionism: >>1398

Letter Agencies: >>1372

Metaphysical & Esoteric Q: >>1391

North Korea: >>1342

Pakistan Unrest: >>1368

Rothschild Family: >>1362

Saudi Arabia: >>1327

Soros & NGOs: >>1367

Titanic: >>06

Trump & Company: >>1380

Uranium-1: >>848

Vatican, Knights Templar/Malta, Jesuits, FM: >>1346


Archives of Q, Memes, Infographics, & Other Stuff

Infographics & Info Dump: >>10

Meme & Pic Dump: >>2

Q Posts, Screenshots, Etc: >>423

Questions & Requests: >>1401

Security, TOR, VPNs, Opsec: >>629

Remember to drink plenty of water & stay Comfy!

e49ee0 No.2957

What are we Investigating:

Peter Munk


>Peter Munk is/was a honcho of Barrick Gold.


>we need some meme's highlighting all of "munk's" monkey bus8ness.


>I'll try to check out more later. He definitely has ties to Jacob and Nat Rothschild and the Russian aluminum magnate, Deripaska. Read an article where Munk sent him a case of maple syrup. Now seeing this:





>That would be accusing an acting CEO of a very serious crime with no evidence. We don't ever do that anons…..




>Your guess is 100% correct.


>Well he was the "full" CEO for Barrick Gold, the largest gold mine on the planet.


>That means he controlled all their operations, all of their mines worldwide, all of their actual drug businesses.


>With the aid of Bush/Rockefeller/Kissinger and under the Soros regime.


>Technically Munk has to have secret rooms in every nation, given he controlled all of Barrick's assets.


>It is odd to ponder that he could tell the rothschilds what to do, and where to sit.


>Only I know the ones bigger then that.

Barrick Gold



Points of Interest


>Frank Lautenberg and Frank Giustra both show up on the list of victims of the Madoff fraud. Link below may be useful for more reading/research.



Think of this in terms of nuclear powers….Treaties…..Who is Joule Energy exactly……Why is Podesta Group allegedly linked to Joule Energy…





-second bake ever plz no bully

e49ee0 No.2975

2b9c1b No.2986

File: 2d671144cb5ab2e⋯.jpg (32.42 KB, 400x400, 1:1, torque-09.jpg)

so comfy and warm in here with friendly anons

god bless my anon friends and especially the baker for our daily bread

32e83c No.2993


8481c3 No.2997


Anyone keeping an eye on cripple breads? Anything of worth?

2b9c1b No.3001

bringing forward

sorry baker, should have suggested this for batter

anon insider suggested this was important digging and relevant to 40K view


>Dig deeper.

JPedosta => BoD of Mossack Fonseca => Panama Papers

JPedosta => BoD of Joule Unlimited => $35M from Putin / Russian gov't fund during HRC "russian reset"

Russians => Joule et al => Russian investor Viktor Vekselberg => Renova Group (oil, energy, telecom)

Vekselberg => BoD of Rusnano (Russian state investment fund) && Pres of Skolkovo Foundation (Russia's Silicon Valley)

Joule Unlimited owned by Joule Global Holdings BV in NL, and Joule Global Stichting (ultimate controlling entity)

JPedosta => BoD of Joule Global Stichting

JPedosta => consultant for Wyss Foundation => controlled by Swiss billionaire Hansjoerg Wyss, investor in Joule Energy

Vekselberg, Renova Group, Skolkovo Foundation, and Wyss were all donors to CF or participants in CGI.

Joule Global Stichting and Joule Global Holdings => clients of Mossack Fonseca

TPedosta, of course, received $180K from U1.

Synopsis of much more detail here:


6d5f56 No.3002

Thank you baker.

The Storm is here.

It is Monday 27 here in the UK.

I am due in Windsor later.

093124 No.3007

Well, I tried to be nice with the guy, but he still managed to find his way into my filter…lol

2b9c1b No.3008


slickers and galoshes, anon, be safe…

2b9c1b No.3010


shillstorm central

signal to noise ratio is untenable

i pop in an occasional post to keep the shills occupied…

9dfbdd No.3011

File: ff38c359fa2f3e3⋯.jpg (5.45 KB, 250x224, 125:112, 1510274583509s.jpg)

I am looking forward to how well we fend off the next barrage. Death to shills and bots.

65eb21 No.3013


You really think it’s going to all start today?

52a498 No.3015

More info on 888/Russia. I think this is important

Regarding the 27-1 three times I got 888, this was repeated in three different threads.

888 and then today he tweets Russia, Russia, Russia.Then we have this https://calvinayre.com/2016/06/23/business/russia-blocks-amazon-cloud-service-888poker-ad/


Guys this has to do with online gambling, AWS, and Russia and a British company losing a ton of money. Also reminds me of Vegas and money laundering. And the new Trump family crest matching the Russian coat of arms is very too much coincidence for me.


No coincidences right?

093124 No.3016


Thanks for the info...you just made it as well.

69d8e9 No.3018


What are these acronyms?

def16b No.3019

File: d9128a72ad70e84⋯.jpg (37.15 KB, 450x522, 25:29, 2acfdafaa1956ab15938ed728a….jpg)


Greetings… and thank you, not-so-Anon.

Here prayin POTUS and all good volk aligned may ameliorate the impact of this time of transition.

<i think.

d233d1 No.3021

So glad I found you. Gotten caught up on the first few threads here. Love how each post is relevant and readable. I was just catching on to half-chan so forgive me as I learn this place. Took a few days off. Got caught up to thread 574. What new leads need to be researched? I can do that. I've never made a meme so I'm no help there. Anything since 574 that I missed that is a must know? Let's get this boat back into the open seas.

2b9c1b No.3022


your autism surpasses mine

the strength of the hivemind

keep at it, FUGly

86bef7 No.3023


Protect the children!!!

985944 No.3025


They are still denying that the Q on 8ch is fake since it's not in 4plebs, homies are to ignorant but yes still is shill storm

ca54a3 No.3026

File: a7eb748fe69be16⋯.png (692.7 KB, 518x735, 74:105, #BakeUs.PNG)

Bless our baker, bless our bread

595ab3 No.3028


God bless Q and god bless you all coming to Infinity to save America.

Keep it up!

65eb21 No.3029

We have some shills

985944 No.3030


**denting he is real not fake fuck mobile phones

65eb21 No.3032


YES!! Thank you baker so much for all you do!

0b3868 No.3037



49918c No.3039

File: d86bb7b47dd4949⋯.jpg (588.64 KB, 1211x3951, 1211:3951, GLOBAL WARMING FRAUD.jpg)

Nuclear reactors on Rothschilde island responsible for antarctic ice melt. global warming was a lie to sell depopulation.


69d8e9 No.3042


Just wait for the carbon tax.

0b3868 No.3044


When the Rothschilds fall, watch how fast Mother Nature returns Antartica to her beautiful, wonderful self.

2b9c1b No.3047


go back to prior bread


read everything on Munk

help to dig further on that

also the Joule Unlimited stuff i posted above


the WND article is a great start, would be good to take the text of my post and turn into a circular reference diagram and meme it.


595ab3 No.3048

File: 54ee6ec39a1523f⋯.jpg (188.84 KB, 879x881, 879:881, 1511745836520.jpg)

e49ee0 No.3049

Lurkers utilize our threads. Share anything you might have saved to the respective threads. Collectively we can accomplish great things, if we all do all we can.

Infographics & Info Dump: >>10

Meme & Pic Dump: >>2

Q Posts, Screenshots, Etc: >>423

Questions & Requests: >>1401

Security, TOR, VPNs, Opsec: >>629

af86e6 No.3050

I'm just curious about how the I.R.S. might become a major card POTUS could play. They've been all but useless since Obama weaponized Kosciusky into completely ignoring the entire Clinton cabal. They and all their disgusting friends use the tax laws applying to non-profit corporations and entities to move their money around and handily avoid paying taxes on any of it.

Personally think that Charles Ortel, who's been investigating the entire landfill for at least two years now, has some very knowledgeable friends helping him build the case to nail the crooks. The tax charges alone would lock them all up for the next thousand years. What's more, the way Ortel talks about the body of evidence, I mean, just the tone of his voice - it seems like he knows the shoes are going to start dropping en masse before too very long.

Ortel said once, in an interview, that before he broke the corporation-destroying truth about General Electric, he was advised not to try to reel in a whale, but to "let the ocean tire out the whale". The ocean is public knowledge and opinion; here we are.

52a498 No.3056


I have a question! Should we be concerned about clones?

2b9c1b No.3057


YUGE if bigly!

i'll dig for corroboration on that article

ca54a3 No.3059

File: 2224142548ff94c⋯.jpg (8.68 KB, 241x197, 241:197, 1511066065481.jpg)

I can help with anything over there or here. I have archives and material if we need, just let me know what's to do.

Look at this from the last thread. Did anon find the MAPkey?


9dfbdd No.3061


good stuff anon. Yes, this.

49918c No.3063


America born in 1776, 2017-1776= 241

241 is the highest of the "two twins" (high prime numbers). they are 239 and 241. another 9/11. makes a parabola that looks like two upturned horns on a graphing calculator)

twin towers built in 1968. national emergency 999 number begins.

bush gives his nwo speech 9/11/1993

9/11 happens

this is the 11th month of the last year of the twin.

The plan if for the nukes to fly before december. we have 4 days or they deal with the gnats next

595ab3 No.3066



97272c No.3068



9dfbdd No.3071


Fug_conf [y] comfy [y] C [n]

4afb59 No.3072


The autism is strong in this one

919ba0 No.3073


In partnership with the Greek Ministry of Migration, the Radcliffe Foundation is working with on-the-ground partners to open the Elpída Center to house refugees in northern Greece. Frank Giustra, Canadian philanthropist, businessman and founder of the Radcliffe Foundation, along with American philanthropist Amed Khan, finalized the paperwork to provide housing for 800 refugees – many of them women and children.

This pilot project, which is rehabilitating an abandoned clothing factory 20 minutes north of Thessaloniki, envisions an official camp designed with a humane approach, bringing together lessons learned and best practices from groups currently working in refugee camps in Greece. Collaboration with the refugees themselves runs throughout the process, giving them a say in their own welfare.

“We have spent time with our team asking what the refugees themselves want,” said project manager Mike Zuckerman. “We want to include them as much as possible in the process.” The refuge will consist of 140 units, which will house no more than six people each.




4be8a8 No.3076

Munk is also involved in Iran

2b9c1b No.3077

985944 No.3079


Assuming you are the baker for the near future can you please include a link to all the acronyms in the next bread, for people like >>3018

995a9a No.3083


Since the Q post was in halfchan, I copied the Q post into notepad and wrote my post around it before putting it in the 8ch post box. That does eliminate some formatting.

I make mistakes, but I really try not to lie. Thanks for showing your support of the Great Awakening.

To the Team: this is going to be a better home, I can feel it! <3 you all!

89cb19 No.3084



>Get a number of these files, once you fully understand them yourself…to local special counsels in your state. (Unless that state is an obvious non starter like Illinois, New York, Maryland etc: but this is highly vital.)

49918c No.3086



49918c No.3089


proven nuclear reactions at that location. no need to bring rothschild into it and freak out the normies.

2b9c1b No.3091

e49ee0 No.3093

I wish i could hotpocket all these Threads w/ no formatted sexy texty

e49ee0 No.3094


Please help me find.

2b9c1b No.3098


>Please help me find.

here is the original Legend of Q from cuckchan


83bef1 No.3099

The Catalog is getting impressive.

Nice to see so much research and memes, etc., all on one place.

e49ee0 No.3101

File: 1f12be1fe11f1ac⋯.png (654.49 KB, 1266x1774, 633:887, 1511535961546.png)

File: e83974601b7cb7c⋯.png (46.65 KB, 757x402, 757:402, 0da798267097ec2886cf20b890….png)


Great post, cheers

4be8a8 No.3104


Munk is also involved with Iran

9dfbdd No.3105


Yep. Less than day and all this. CBTS+++

2b9c1b No.3109


>Look at this from the last thread. Did anon find the MAPkey?


i can't figure out what this anon is on about

it's not making any sense to me

but perhaps i don't possess requisite autism to grasp without explanation

e49ee0 No.3113

Where's the mods? Need to clean up Catalog

2b9c1b No.3116


i was baking as Francisco during the shillstorm on sat night (CST). i have all the batter with tons of links from that time frame. if there is convenient place to upload, would be happy to contribute.

83bef1 No.3119


It's amazing what can get done when we're not being shilled to death.

e49ee0 No.3120


pastebin them. Post links from 4chin dont work here, 4plebs does.

2b9c1b No.3123


>Podesta being linked to basically…everything

there is a shit ton to dig on Heather Podesta

@chillum on twatter has a bunch of great stuff

i posted some of it in cbts general #1 here earlier today

if anyanon wants to pursue that angle i can provide more archeological sites on Heather

2b9c1b No.3127


>pastebin them


gimme a few

b6603d No.3130


Welcome to my filter anon

6d5f56 No.3131


I feel like Neo at the of the first Matrix film, for some time now.

On and off.

I am in Windsor teaching and observing.

I would like to see the Queen announce that she is to step down today, I am VERY disappointed in her.

cdc901 No.3134


good find but what about the northern arctic ice melting?

6d5f56 No.3137



A beginning in reality.

2b9c1b No.3140


see if this works


this is the complete batter with each section separated by


6d5f56 No.3141


Find an image of the north pole where the hole is not photo shopped.

Look for the testimony of Byrd.

093124 No.3144



The queen will have to step down within a few years any how.

She's how old, and what is the law when one is too old to rule?

Charles would then be placed as king.

e49ee0 No.3145


Thank you,


Pleasure, roll the Queens head for us all. Where's your friend?

2b9c1b No.3146

File: 6affe1069f33417⋯.jpg (19.82 KB, 600x600, 1:1, neo.jpg)



i know exactly what you mean

ca54a3 No.3147


I don't get it either, we need super-autists to take a look. I'm trying.

236a23 No.3148

6d5f56 No.3151


I used to live in New Zealand.

Lots of tunnels there.

52a498 No.3152

File: 02994f46415a11f⋯.png (109.66 KB, 337x269, 337:269, 1511631454714.png)

I found the post with the blue star pic that an anon was asking about. This was interesting to me enough saved it.




>RT= real time

Yup, that's a possibility too. I forgot to add:

>the real news story has slipped out.

In an Unclassified setting. Monitored and analyzed in real time, radio telescope, Russia Today?

This post being a one and done has me thinking it's an important crumb. Chewing, chewing, thinking, digging.

I have a really bad feeling about this post.


>I'm only going to post here once – I don't really have much time, and you all have even less. Listen. Everything that's going on is a smoke screen designed to hide the truth. To distract people by focusing the news on net neutrality, or Trump/Russia connections, or whatever else. "Q" is a part of trying to distract you too. I don't know if it's CIA or NSA or something else, but it's just making you waste time. The global elite do not have a stranglehold on the MSM like you think, and the real news story has slipped out. You've been sold out. We've all been sold out. The people in charge – it doesn't matter political affliation. Those with money. Clintons, Trumps, Bushs, Rothschilds. All of them. They sold us out, and now they're trying to distract us to prevent panic. It's coming soon – coming back soon. Within the next few months. You need to get food. You need to get weapons. You need to be ready to protect yourself. It's not an asteroid. It's not a fucking asteroid.

Think, "What would put 99.9% of the populace in the hospital?"

Pic relevant, very relevant.

093124 No.3153


I did see where anon had a U1 and some other letters listed behind it on both of them, but as far as the rest….not sure.

1263f3 No.3155

File: b606cb35b7b6b34⋯.png (333.59 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 9376F5AD-A56C-47F1-896B-C9….png)




Ok what about this. The Great Awakening I’m still working on it but top grey. Rothchils Elsi LV PR Tmo that’s not a coincidence using my keys.

177244 No.3156

If anyone wants to help do some research I have found some interesting things on the Red October post Q dropped. I have started a thread on it. You can easily find it in the catalogue. Any help would be appreciated. Would be nice to get a second opinion.

49929a No.3157

VQC: what is your opinion on David Icke and Simon Park? The former has been in the public domain for the better part of a decade describing exactly what is going on now. I’m interested in what your opinion is on the more fringe parts of icke in particular, various ET races. Thanks in advance.

2b9c1b No.3158


i think he's trying to do a four-level caesar cipher shift in an attempt to derive some sort of key, but it appears to me that he's just guessing at shit once he applies the key to the ciphertext. i think it's nothing but poor guesswork unless he can explain it better.

8481c3 No.3161




I'm in the same boat - not qualified to participate in that area, but I'm waiting if there's actually something in that direction.


Other strings are provably referencing the military's judicial jurisdiction in the us, the ways it could come about, etc etc etc. Could these in any way be connected similarly, in a judicial context?

6d5f56 No.3162


Normal secession is for the next in line to take over at the death of a Monarch.

The Queen must go and tell the Truth on live television or the Ravens will Starve.

The Ravens will starve.

The monarchy is already finished.

I am so disappointed in the Queen.

An utter coward.

093124 No.3164


You telling us there's a fucking alien invasion on the horizon?

9518e3 No.3168


Impossible, no worries

247337 No.3171


nuclear reactor = "Tesla generator"

Also, (fake) nuclear bombs were a political scare tactic based on exaggerated energy release from nuclear fission.

6d5f56 No.3172

Diana is not dead.

They let the country mourn a lie.

Think about that.


2b9c1b No.3173


we're not following you, autist

please explain your "key" and your "method" for us tards

9518e3 No.3174


Oh come on. Provide proof

093124 No.3178


No, this has nothing to do with her death.

This is when a monarch reaches a point of being to old, and HAS to adjucate the throne to the next in line while still alive, and if I'm not mistaken, it's about the age of 95.

177244 No.3180


She can't simply be exiled … there are photos taken of her with a severe head injury but the web was scrubbed of those images shortly after the crash however, she could be in some sort of hospice type situation and they claimed she was dead.

4ce4ff No.3181


if this is true, it would put me in a mental institution for sure…..

48f34d No.3183

So nice to be here away from the bots/shills. Yikes it was terrible over there.

I saw it mentioned in the first bread, but haven't seen anything since: Is it difficult to get the same Trip on 8ch as one has on 4ch?

If it IS difficult, we must assume that the trip Q is posting with is ALSO relevant (everything has meaning)

He could easily have posted on 4ch what his new trip would be, and then post with that new trip on 8ch.


86bef7 No.3185

I feel like there are a handful of things that need to be cleared up.

1. Are Human's in Space?

2. Is Earth spherical, or "Flat?"

2.1 Is Antartica a Continent, or some sort of "Wall?"

3. Do Aliens exist?

4. Do Demons exist?

5. Are they one in the same?

6. Are both, bullshit?

Some (or all) of these questions greatly shape our understanding of, not only our reality, but also the Elite, their Lies, their Games, their Crimes, their Goal(s,) so on and so forth.

Q, VQC, please start giving some answers. Not more fucking questions.

7f6d8a No.3186


Don't know how you got us out of that shitstorm,

but thanks much. Very Impressive.

9518e3 No.3187


The only thing inside the Earth is hell.

236a23 No.3188


YES! This is it. It seems to relate to the Hopi prophecy I researched today!!

Here is a snippit of the article:

The end of all Hopi ceremonialism will come when a "Kachina" removes his mask during a dance in the plaza before uninitiated children [the general public]. For a while there will be no more ceremonies, no more faith. Then Oraibi will be rejuvenated with its faith and ceremonies, marking the start of a new cycle of Hopi life.

World War III will be started by those peoples who first revealed the light (the divine wisdom or intelligence) in the other old countries (India, China, Islamic Nations, Africa.)

The United States will be destroyed, land and people, by atomic bombs and radioactivity. Only the Hopis and their homeland will be preserved as an oasis to which refugees will flee. Bomb shelters are a fallacy. "It is only materialistic people who seek to make shelters. Those who are at peace in their hearts already are in the great shelter of life. There is no shelter for evil. Those who take no part in the making of world division by ideology are ready to resume life in another world, be they Black, White, Red, or Yellow race. They are all one, brothers."

The war will be "a spiritual conflict with material matters. Material matters will be destroyed by spiritual beings who will remain to create one world and one nation under one power, that of the Creator."

That time is not far off. It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask. He represents a blue star, far off and yet invisible, which will make its appearance soon. The time is foretold by a song sung during the Wuwuchim ceremony. It was sung in 1914 just before World War I, and again in 1940 before World War II, describing the disunity, corruption, and hatred contaminating Hopi rituals, which were followed by the same evils spreading over the world. This same song was sung in 1961 during the Wuwuchim ceremony.

6d5f56 No.3189


The Rod will defeat the Ring.

Expect a qwench.

985944 No.3190


This. Proof is needed.

2e993f No.3191

As the marines famously say…you entirely smash them.


This is bigger than all of that, much much bigger.

So big it requires the full force of all segments of the U.C.M.J. So large that there is no prosecutor standing with the two of us, only military prosecutors.






This will be handled militarily, no other way is ever to happen. Nor could it be pulled off.

aa63b3 No.3192

File: beebf7512714a33⋯.jpg (182.59 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 570e3bdd-9c58-41c4-95f6-16….jpg)

Someone, somewhere is allowing the truth to get out.










#CPS is kidnapping kids under color of law!

52a498 No.3193

File: ba4dcbae1ebb962⋯.jpg (46.59 KB, 399x400, 399:400, 1511644623792.jpg)


staaahhhp lel

cdc901 No.3194


stop playing Q

9dfbdd No.3195


it cannot be done without intervention. The way it is generated is different with every site. He had to get with the admins to pull that off.

aa63b3 No.3196

File: 19ca59307cb24aa⋯.jpg (99 KB, 473x918, 473:918, 1511755004648.jpg)

Q, how much looonger???!!!.

6d5f56 No.3197


You will get proof after.

I don't think you know how far down the rabbit hole goes.

Trey Gowdy was just given the clearance he needed by Trump.

The hounds are loose!

86bef7 No.3199


Wizardry reference?

6d5f56 No.3200


What is Today?

985944 No.3201


Absolutely great insight, will look into his his trip

9518e3 No.3202


When the Grand Juries are done indicting people I suppose. Question for the lawyers not Q

247337 No.3203

File: debf832ec2026b9⋯.jpg (28.71 KB, 720x462, 120:77, Christopher_Pala_NorthPole….JPG)


Seriously… one man's testimony… How do you know he made it up? Like the clowns pushing "alien" stuff.

Are all the people who went to the North pole fakers?

cdc901 No.3205

why are yall letting VQC larp this thread? we should all be anon except bakers and Q

2e993f No.3206

Sessions is a ding-bat, it's time some of you listen to your own voices.

Sessions will have no part of cleaning this up and will be lucky if he's not fired by wednesday my colleague.

You see, this extends to every level of government. It is a military level assignment.

We can only hope it isn't too violent, but there is no promises. It will be martial law.

Maybe it won't be total martial law, but in many areas that will be the only rules for the hour.

You don't clear out a septic tank with a plunger……you bring in a new tank.

247337 No.3208



How do you know he didn't made it up?

48f34d No.3209


Awesome. That's what I imagined. So, in that case, is there special significance to "!ITPb.qbhqo"

that we may have missed?

6d5f56 No.3210


The Ring is in Switzerland.

0b3868 No.3211

>>3164 bluestar

9518e3 No.3213


Horse hockey. Stop posting things people WANT to hear and post some proof

3b84a2 No.3214


Thank you for keeping up the conversation from the other bread Anon. I am the poster of that.

Before the facebook page of that foundation got scrubbed, it was filled with old men commenting under photos of orphans doing mundane fieldwork.

They were commenting to the point of smug laughing and punch lines.

They purged their whole facebook content and changed their logo within 1 day after the wikileaks revelations caught up with them.

86bef7 No.3215


CERN? Or, Solomon's?

49918c No.3216

getting death threats now. Where can I send archived material?

e49ee0 No.3219

Pastebenis of how I've formatted this thread


cbd2c6 No.3220

Godfather III - Scene filmed at Trump Castle Casino Resort

83bef1 No.3221


You make a good point.

Besides, if Sessions is involved, it will make it easier for the cabal to cry foul.

6d5f56 No.3222



Compasses stop working there.

They point down.

The only objects that have magnetic fields like ours are a torus.

Ask yourself why no satellites go over the pole and why no planes fly over.

Surely its the quickest route?

177244 No.3223


Perhaps Sessions recused himself because MI is actually taking the lead in investigations under the treason laws?

6d5f56 No.3224



b939a3 No.3226


Toriodal electromagnetic model. Hermetic/syncretic principle?

9518e3 No.3227

Just some fun. Names and last time they tweeted

Bill Clinton @BillClinton Nov 20

Chelsea Clinton @ChelseaClinton Nov 25

Hillary Clinton @HillaryClinton Nov 22

Barack Obama @BarackObama Nov 23 (Used old photo from Easter 2016)

Joe Biden @JoeBiden Nov 25

Maxine Waters @MaxineWaters Nov 14

Debbie Wasserman Schultz @DWStweets Nov 22

Nancy Pelosi @NancyPelosi Nov 26th

John McCain @SenJohnMcCain Nov 26th

Paul Ryan @SpeakerRyan Nov 25th

Mitch McConnell @SenateMajLdr Nov 23rd

John Podesta @johnpodesta Nov 17th

Tony Podesta @PodestaTony

2e993f No.3229


You will get your proof after, not a minute before.

Sessions and the DOJ haven't ever been trust worthy. As the below video says they are all tied to U1, it's only a surprise to citizens.


985944 No.3230


Quickest route is always a great circle, your ignorance is understandable

6d5f56 No.3231


You know what you've truly been waiting for?

It starts in earnest TODAY!

c614d5 No.3232

this munk shenanigans is cancer to this entire enterprise we've set up. not even a single bread crumb from Q leads there. bah.

6d5f56 No.3233


So avoid the pole?

ca54a3 No.3234


The Cern Ring?

2b9c1b No.3235


>but thanks much

kek, just trying to do what little i could to help

i got a 3-day ban on one network trying to take back control of the bakery

but i have tricks up my sleeve

figured out the fungal baking process and was able to snatch control and clean it up for a few hours

but the shilling is out of control over there so gave up and came here

so toasty warm and comfy

83bef1 No.3236


Your numbers would say yes.

But it remains to be seen. Personally, I can't wait to see how it all plays out.

9518e3 No.3237


Sessions is not tied to U1 son.

I'm not that stupid.

0b3868 No.3239


What clearance was Gowdy given by Trump?

093124 No.3240


Just because magnetic fields on paper with iron filings and a magnet under it, moves the filings into a torus shape, does not in no way mean the earth is torus shape.

After all, all the GPS sats would go haywire, because THEY do fly over the poles.

247337 No.3241


1. Are Human's in Space?

>No, atmosphere is the limit.

2. Is Earth spherical, or "Flat?"

>Spherical, geometry proves it.

2.1 Is Antartica a Continent, or some sort of "Wall?"

>Ice over a small continent.

3. Do Aliens exist?

>No, no physically.

4. Do Demons exist?

>Yes, spiritually.

5. Are they one in the same?

>If we understand that they are not physical but evil spirits.

6. Are both, bullshit?

>No, but demons/Satan are on God's leash. They only bother us if we aren't walking with God.

9518e3 No.3243



More ""WANT" to hear.

LOL. You don't know anything do you?

6d5f56 No.3244


The highest.

It's name is classified.

God Clearance.

81c43a No.3246



This is most everything you need, and also answers every single one of your questions. I vouch for the validity of this video - the claims inside are true.

cdc901 No.3248


why we feeding this larp?

9518e3 No.3249

Flying Directly Over The North Pole


No hole

6d5f56 No.3250



9518e3 No.3251


To discredit

cdc901 No.3253


fair haha

2e993f No.3254


Total nonsense.

I just got done speaking to a commander. Sessions is implicated in Uranium 1.

He'll be fired before he makes another move, very likely this week. Unfortunately you are wrong about Munk's involvement. He is even at the very center of it.

Keep your eyes on the various bases. Don't take your eyes off one only to be distracted.



2b9c1b No.3255


i concur

247337 No.3257


One man's testimony is not enough.

Why has no one else verified it if true?

6d5f56 No.3260


How do you know that is over the pole?

The north pole is VERY restricted airspace.

Ask any pilot.

Search for north pole hole.

96c69c No.3262


#N .barrick.ca

#S .CA Domain;

#O Barrick Gold Inc.

#C Peter Ho

#E sup…@e-mediagroup.ca

#T +1 (416) 345 8553

#P E-Media Group Inc., 2701-270 Queen Quay West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5J 3N4

#L 43 36 N / 79 40 W city

#R Automatically generated from a .CA domain registration form

#W regi…@cs.toronto.edu (UUCP Liaison); Sun Aug 4 01:50:49 -0400 1996


# barrick.ca is a For-Profit Corporation


# Barrick Gold Inc. is a federally incorporated company

# interested in informing the world about the mining and

# exploration activities of Barrick Gold.


# received: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 20:00:00 -0400

# approved: Tue, 29 Aug 1995 20:00:00 -0400

# modified: Mon, 18 Sep 1995 20:00:00 -0400



NNTP: - news.passport.ca

PROXY: - orca.barrick.com (Barrick Gold Corporation)


>“Business ISPs need redundancy and we have it,” said Earl Epstein, Passport’s CEO.


>Married to Madam Justice Gloria Epstein (Now an Ontario supreme court judge). Children: Earl, John and Lauren Epstein and Scott and John J. Adair.

John and Earl Epstein loved porn, so much they directed and sold it.

John and Earl Epstein called their dad "Satan"

Seymour "Satan" Epstein is their dad who was going to get married to the honorable Gloria J. and didn't want her embarrassed by his sons.

Seymour "Satan" Epstein created Passport Online (passport.ca) so his sons would get out of porn.

John and Earl continued to shoot porn under the company name "Insomnia Productions".

Peter Munk Cardiac Centre


Dr. Armand Keating

-The Gloria & Seymour Epstein Chair in Cell Therapy & Transplantation

Epstein Enterprises Inc  

Address: 7 St Thomas St Suite 405, Toronto, ON M5S 2B7

Phone: (416) 444-0004

Province: Ontario

7f6d8a No.3265


Glad you're here!

4afb59 No.3266

e49ee0 No.3267


Great post

>Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Crooks leave my country alone

6d5f56 No.3268


You are wrong about Sessions.

He is a good man.

Trump would not lie to you.

9518e3 No.3270


How do you know there is a hole there? Seen it? Been there?

If not, stop it.

52a498 No.3271


Came back to read this just as I was researching double eagle / double headed eagle as per the crest of Russia and Trumps new crest for his golf clubs in Scotland.



Don't know if anything relevant is in there but if anyone cares to look have at it. I have too much to look into rn I can't focus.


2e993f No.3272


Gowdy is a member of congress.

Since, I think the 1800s most conservatives have learned not to trust them.

We don't doubt that Gowdy is implicated in U1, I guarantee at this point he is.

a5f982 No.3273


As soon as I saw the Thanksgiving photo, I could smell it's fakery

6d5f56 No.3275


He's an honest attack dog who has been kept on a leash.

No longer.

aa63b3 No.3278


I hope you are right in the form of a jeopardy question!

9518e3 No.3280

List of Flights that have gone over the Poles


No one reported a hole

aa63b3 No.3281



#FollowTheWhiteRabbit 🐇

#Curious 😺

Why would Obama follow locked, generic accounts? 🔒



af86e6 No.3282


Another "Foundation". Those creeps just love their Foundations.

FBI Anon's words have been ringing in my ears for over a year now:

"You cherry pick the data to implicate the people already in the eye of public opinion, so the chips fall on the heads of a select few and the whole system does not crash." (How long has Option B been underway, and how is Q a part of it, since it sure sounds like he/they are?)

"I am confident if Trump wins she will be going to jail."

"The real point of interest is the Clinton Foundation, not the email server. We received the server from Benghazi, then from the server we data on the CF. Then we realized the situation is much worse than previously thought… She had SAP level programs on her server, which if made public, would literally cause an uprising and possibly foreign declarations of war…. the Clinton Foundation, which you should just imagine as a massive spiderweb of connections and money laundering implicating hundreds of high-level people. Though I do not have a high opinion of Hillary, she is a piece - albeit a big piece - of this massive shitstorm…. find everyone involved in the Clinton Foundation, from its donors to its Board of Directors, and imagine they are all implicated."

"If you dig hard into the foundation and make it the sole point of your focus you will remember this thread when the truth is revealed."

He said *when*, not *if*.

Also said his opinion was that the entire government was guilty of treason.

I apologize for the plebbit link, but it's the only FBI anon collage I could track down quickly. Always worth re-reading: https://i.redd.it/lz22l7pv2nrx.png

The Q threads have turned up such an enormous horde of arms of the spider. I just have a feeling they all have the same common denominator.

2e993f No.3283


Trump is good, but foolish.

We both trusted Sessions at first.

Then Q and all the marines confirmed he's implicated in U1.

As small as an offense that it may be, he won't be involved and will be kept on probation.

Firing is probably the only outcome.

2b9c1b No.3284



‘Palazzo Azzurro’, site of the ’copter attack on the mob convention is Trump Castle Casino Resort, Atlantic City, New Jersey




great find, anon, great find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ec9bb1 No.3286


kill all shills.

0b3868 No.3287


My search for North Pole Hole came up with 5-8 youtubevideo's all produced in 2014-2017. Not exactly reliable material.

6d5f56 No.3288


Keep looking.

What is under the pyramids?

What is under every large pyramid?

What is in Kentucky and Nevada?

What is in Tibet?

Where do they go?

595ab3 No.3290

File: 99c9b8688ea21a0⋯.jpg (242.91 KB, 1200x769, 1200:769, 1511760365260.jpg)

9518e3 No.3293


I'm done chasing something that doesn't exist son. The rest is your problem.

32e83c No.3295


There's a whooole board for antarctic discussion. They might know more. Visit /sudpol/>>3287

291765 No.3296


Where did q say Sessions is implicated in u1? Link pls

6d5f56 No.3298


What did an image search show for north pole hole?

9dfbdd No.3299

I think the storm has passed. Good overcame evil. We are gonna see the damage beginning tomorrow and for the next few months.

cdc901 No.3302

File: 4f63868973bc0ee⋯.png (857.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, vlcsnap-2012-03-22-14h55m2….png)



aa63b3 No.3305

File: a5561836c80f9f1⋯.png (137.67 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, d2fc6365-a362-42de-9f0c-bd….png)

This is one of the few blue counties in KY (Jefferson County, KY (includes Louisville) )

.gov doc admits they placed LESS than 1% of children taken from their homes into relative placement. WHY?!





e49ee0 No.3306

File: 3f3a68ce8d69325⋯.png (43.5 KB, 1166x291, 1166:291, ClipboardImage.png)



ec9bb1 No.3308



2e993f No.3311


Trump is good, but foolish.

We both trusted Sessions at first.

Then Q and all the marines confirmed he's implicated in U1.

As small as an offense that it may be, he won't be involved and will be kept on probation.

Firing is probably the only outcome. >>3276


Again we will see, our bet is that he gets fired. There's too much evidence unearthed tying Sessions to Uranium 1.

Another crime to be exposed at trial.

83bef1 No.3312


Ummm.... That ain't a picture bro... That's a poorly done photoshop.

268b57 No.3313

Good news for today, Conyers called it quits

ca54a3 No.3314

File: bb1bac8a2bb537f⋯.jpg (103.2 KB, 938x1200, 469:600, VotingFuckeryP7.jpg)

File: fccc531deab71c7⋯.jpg (187.07 KB, 943x1200, 943:1200, VotingFuckeryP6.jpg)

Anon posted an extremely strange document series during Q's last posting on 4Chan. Everyone was looking at Q and no-one noticed them afaik. I'm going to post them now. Please take look anons, P6 & P7 give the jist. Incredible Leak or Incredible Larp?

You'll see the company letter head is co. below. From their website - (won't link from here)

>Benenton Strategy Group

>BSG is a strategic research consultancy that marries language expertise with innovative research to frame choices so that your brand is the only answer.

>We advise global corporations, political leaders, and institutions in dynamic, competitive scenarios. We understand the rhythm and nuances of language and words. We give you the right words to use and much more. We map the competitive landscape so you know where to play and how to win.

e069a8 No.3316





I can see this place hasn't deterred all the bad larps

bfbc38 No.3317

Testing this new 8chan shit

517d80 No.3318


Godspeed! Prayers coming for all patriots’ safety.

985944 No.3319



ca54a3 No.3320

File: e86dae6b10b3e8d⋯.jpg (116.98 KB, 933x1200, 311:400, VotingFuckeryP5.jpg)

File: 682181dc1a61927⋯.jpg (133.74 KB, 933x1200, 311:400, VotingFuckeryP4.jpg)

ced1d6 No.3321

File: d60cf8798e99c33⋯.jpg (71.05 KB, 720x720, 1:1, genocide-food-water.jpg)


Genocide > poisoning our water+food

0b3868 No.3322

ca54a3 No.3324

File: 951562786c904fb⋯.jpg (115.5 KB, 945x1200, 63:80, VotingFuckeryP3.jpg)

File: 910fd05bf5e3f45⋯.jpg (90.57 KB, 933x1200, 311:400, VotingFuckeryP2.jpg)

6d5f56 No.3325


Agartha is the basis of everything they don't want you to know.

Whether you believe yet or not.

The Storm is Here.

God bless all anons and God bless President Trump

You will know me when you see me.

I am the Third of the Third.

I am the Rod and the Root of David.

I will see you in three days.

aa63b3 No.3327


Paducah, KY.

RSB Logistics Services Inc.

Headquarters in Germany?

What was shipped out?


e49ee0 No.3330



>Rod and the Root of David


ca54a3 No.3332

File: 2836e473b9f73df⋯.jpg (219.33 KB, 955x972, 955:972, VotingFuckeryP1.jpg)

0fc204 No.3333

83bef1 No.3334


It's tough to head a committee that's gonna investigate your ass…

Maybe he will fuck of and die, next.

c614d5 No.3335


i am the rot in your namefag ass.

fuck your ego. you got nothing.

this place is full of shit larpers now.

15b660 No.3336

File: 58cefdbe3c2956a⋯.jpg (2.18 MB, 1936x1296, 121:81, septic-tank-truck.jpg)


Actually you empty a septic tank with a commercial septic truck; new tank not necessary.

aa63b3 No.3340


Almighty YaH is the creator. His ben Yahushua is our salvation.

May righteousness prevail.

b6603d No.3342


Not even going to investigate this. Why? Because if its real, we are all fucked and nothing can be done about it. I am going to move forward with the belief that something can be done (without worrying about Independence Day III) until I see otherwise.

2e993f No.3345


Perhaps, perhaps not….

This runs across the whole government.

ced1d6 No.3347


These are great!

c607f2 No.3351

File: 9700229c1d9d15b⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1920x800, 12:5, Computer_projections_-_The….png)



4ce4ff No.3352


You saying Q disagree with POTUS on Sessions but Q is supposed to be part of POTUS trusted circle….

and You mentioned you spoke with the commander and the marines, so who exactly a you??

aa63b3 No.3353

Look at all of the indictments concentrated around KY…SOUhern Indiana and SOUthern Ohio.

SUey …why is it a pig call?

When things go bad, why do they say it has gone SOUth?

2b9c1b No.3354


>hang themselves with their ethernet cable

you got my vote

522904 No.3355


He didn't want to take me up on it, no conviction in his LARP.

ca54a3 No.3356


Aren't they just.

b6603d No.3358


Here is my answer for 1-6. Not relevant, regardless whether any of it is true or not. My concern is for a huge cabal of evil fuckers who are obsessed with money, power and carnality who want to oppress us all. Anything beyond that is immaterial to our current situation. No offense intended Anon.

32e83c No.3359


I wonder if all the Indiana ones are related to the Royal Order of Jesters operating from there.

Don't know about the Jesters? Get your flashlight. It's a whole 'nuther rabbit hole.

72b696 No.3360


This has something to do with that object that flew through our solar system not to long ago, doesn't it?

89cb19 No.3361




>Munk then turned his attention to a Nevada heap-leach project producing a mere

40,000 oz. gold each year.

Suddenly gets $160 mil of gold after 9/11


obligatory missing WTC gold link - http://911research.wtc7.net/wtc/evidence/gold.html

4ce4ff No.3367


> Royal Order of Jesters

'oh shit, the free masons again….

The world is literally build on shit and we think it is good food….

2b9c1b No.3368


>a whooole board for antarctic discussion

yes, please, stop shitting up cbts with antarctica bullshit

72b696 No.3369


Find something on the Clinton Global Initiative, and you might impress me even more.

c52bba No.3370

There are zero connections between Sessions and U1. That is nonsense.

522904 No.3371

File: 8a7e75dbd69c24f⋯.pdf (261.04 KB, myb3-2013-ml-ng.pdf)


Q mentioned US ML NG

Which everybody assumed was US Martial Law National Guard. But US ML NG brings up this about mining gold and uranium in Niger.

52a498 No.3377


Bloodlines eh? Anything goes eh?

The House of Windsor as all European Monarchy has Hebrew roots and is under control of the House of Rothschild "the money changers" who are the foremost Zionist and creators of the State of Israel, known Luciferians and the 13th Star Family (self appointed Anti-Christ and leader of the 12 Families, as Jesus was leader of the 12 Apostles).

“The logical choice for King of a One World Government would be Prince William son of the goddess Diana. He is under the control of the House of Rothschild and a direct descendant of King David and King Solomon as was Jesus.”

“The evidence shows that the life form we know as Jesus, had a pre-human existence and used the name Michael. Jesus did not promote a new religion, he promoted a new government, one which he would be king of. That government covers all the Multiverse.

Never once did Jesus ever promote a new religion. Even when teaching the "Lords Prayer" he said, to ask that "God's will be done in Heaven and upon the Earth", "the Multiverse".

According to Revelation chapter 12 "Michael" (Jesus) wages war against the "Great Dragon" and drive him and his army from the "dimensions of heaven", the other 7 dimensions which exist beyond our 3D universe.

Revelation 19 says Michael-Jesus comes to earth as King of Kings, with the Armies of Heaven, 'Armies' being plural, indicating that there are several spices of life forms making up several different armies.”

Jesus is using his pre-human name Michael, which means "Who is like Yahweh" (God's Mini Me).

Revelation calls this One World Government, the (((8)))Eight King. The first thing this 'King' does is turn on and destroy religion, all religion as we know it today. You may ask how this is possible. In the United States it is called Martial Law, then 'We the People' are not 'Free', we are under Military Rule.

Right to be king - House of Judah

“This person would have to be someone who had the right to be king from a prophetic view point of the Hebrew Scriptures.

In order to fulfill prophecy this king would have to be related to King David, he would have to be from the House of Judah as was King Solomon and Jesus.

“It was long believed that any records which could track any of the Hebrew descendants of King David have long been destroyed, either by the burning of the Library of Alexandra, or the sacking of Jerusalem by General Titus.

However, every historian will agree that Rome had the best of everything, including its library which may have come from the Library of Alexandra and now reside in the Vatican.

There is another possibility which exists too. The records of the linage of the Tribes of Israel were extremely important, they were looking for the Messiah and were following the birth of the children from King David’s Line.

Tracking Jesus linage back to King David can be done through his Mother Mary and his stepfather Joseph, they were both descendants of King David, hence Jesus was qualified by blood to be the Messiah.

“For centuries the Monarchy of Europe have been waging war against each other and inter-marrying their children in an effort to keep the birthright of the Messiah within their family lines, so as to be ‘blessed’ the most.

Indeed when we look at the Crest of the House of Windsor we also see the Lion of Judah, the sign of King David and his descendants.

“The world so loved Princess Diana, some going so far as to call her goddess. Finally there was a woman from the Monarchy of England, who seemed to make it her mission in life, to touch the heart of the people of the world. With the public life of a Rock Star and the heart of Mother Teresa, Diana became a goddess to the world, only to have her beautiful life snuffed out in a tragic way, which broke the heart of the world.

She did leave a legacy, a young Prince who is his mother’s son and her image in appearance, giving him a connection to the people of the world very few future Kings could have.


the whole article makes way too much sense for me…

9a7219 No.3378

5b2118 No.3381



ca54a3 No.3382


>Royal Order of Jesters

Along with SOBIB (The Sectet Order of Brothers In Blood) run The Shriners and Shriners Childrens Hospitals.

>Don't go there for treatment

4afb59 No.3386

Do you recall the name of it?>>3360

df4a12 No.3387


There are two different types of citizenship:

1. Political - based upon where one is born

2. Civil - based upon one's naturalization

One can have a citizenship in one nation if they were born there on a military base which is known as "jus soli" and yet still retail the natural citizenship from their parents.

One can also be naturalized (give allegiance) to a nation based upon making it their permanent home.

Dual Citizenship does not necessarily mean split allegiance, it just means that one has certain additional rights in a particular Nation/State based upon where they were born and yet still retain full political status where they have permanently domiciled.

305fa5 No.3388

insider and VQC

bigly distractly larply

2e993f No.3391


*slaps forehead*

You folks are even more naive than I was warned about....



The Department of Justice hasn't been trustworthy for going on 100 years. Sessions will have nearly no part of this.

If what the Marines uncovered turns out to be all proven.....Sessions may receive 30 days probation for what happened in Arkansas/Kentucky to be precise.

01d048 No.3392


VQC I love your crumbs but you promised D-Day a week ago and it was a nothingburger.

Give us something to actually watch for except generic BS. Half the world is already waiting for the Queen to step down after the emergency meeting.

9518e3 No.3393


>“The evidence shows that the life form we know as Jesus, had a pre-human existence and used the name Michael.


15b660 No.3394

File: 1fe66ca1f0ef396⋯.jpg (302.7 KB, 598x714, 299:357, 1511064151926.jpg)

>>3205 >>3255

This is nonsense. All posters are evaluated on the coherence, plausibility, and ultimately, the truth, of what they post. Establishing pre-authorized authorities undermines the essence of an anonymous forum as a place where anyone can leak truth. It also engenders sheep mentality and increases the possibility that the so-called authorities will abuse their power.

52a498 No.3395


Yea this all seems to be tying into what I have had a hunch about the whole time. The Vatican has some really juicy stuff in their library. They know Jesus bloodline and have been hiding it for years in plain sight by supporting the British Monarchy. All roads lead back to Rome. They are trying to force God's hand.

b6603d No.3396


That makes no sense. If Sessions is so incompetent, then why was he placed by Trump (or allies) into such a powerful/necessary office. Not refuting. just trying to understand "The big picture."

2e993f No.3398

We have pretty near 100% confirmation M1 and his colonel commanders will be the lead prosecutors.

Pretty much on anything to do with this deal, since it covers both parties.

6bcfc9 No.3399

File: 78ee1981f81d757⋯.jpg (97.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 201xi6.jpg)

9518e3 No.3400


Jesus had no children. Don't fall for that Dan Brown nonsense.

96c69c No.3401

Fuck off Earl

e49ee0 No.3402


Our pleasure, who ever you are.

c614d5 No.3403

File: 34d1203910a0ac0⋯.jpg (35.17 KB, 400x300, 4:3, kdskjekj.jpg)

522904 No.3405


It goes back further than the Vatican. The vatican wasn't founded until the HRE was already in decline. It goes back to the Old Testament, we're talking Talmud worshiping people. 400AD isn't back far enough, you need to go back further nearly 6500 years further.

I'll still bet you, whichever is wrong about Sessions hangs themselves with an ethernet cable.

2e993f No.3406


Trump never does things by "accident."

Think bigger anon, much bigger.

He's being used as a tool to dig up all the dirt whether it be in Sessions own backyard or 'other' backyards since that is quite helpful…

247337 No.3407


VQC alluded that he is the Messiah… Either he's delusional, or part of a psyops.

522904 No.3408


I thought he was a fool faggot?

Which is it?

He doesn't do anything by accident or he's a fool?

a70941 No.3410


you have to understand that we have to stay vigilant and wary of being fed disinfo.

you claim to be from anonymous, but you have not given is one single proof.

so bear with us if we do not jump on your revelations from the word go.

so far a lot of what you have said seems to be amazing, but it will still take us time to get along with you.


good post.

6f8888 No.3411


What does VQC stand for?

96c69c No.3412

Very Queer Cunt

4ce4ff No.3413

basically you saying we need to rest the republic??>>3398

aa63b3 No.3414


Oh, there's lots. Generic, some with no pics and hardly any followers.

e49ee0 No.3415

File: 4185f6a69305dbd⋯.jpg (31.37 KB, 533x355, 533:355, 1510011109322.jpg)


Virtual Quantum Computer

247337 No.3416


Not only that, but if he was "born of a virgin" he doesn't have his father's blood, and cannot be a descendant of king David. Tribal identity is strictly patrilineal.

2e993f No.3417


And which anon are you?

I never said "Trump" was a fool, once.

I said he does things on impulse which might appear foolish to others….that is what I said.

He may at first have trusted Sessions, but we never did. The reason he chose him though?

The reason he chose Sessions was to get all the dirt to start shaking out on Rosenstein and the rest of the crooks. After all, it was a good move.

aa63b3 No.3419

File: b98c646fa782038⋯.png (147.34 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, Screenshot_2017-07-03-07-1….png)

#FBIanon admits that states are KIDNAPPING kids through #CPS/#FamilyCourts!

#FBI is the agency that should be investigating, and stopping, this level of state corruption!



ef27f0 No.3421

Elon Musk/SpaceX has talked many times about us living in a real life matrix or Truman Show. News article and YouTube

Whether the theory is SpaceX, letter agencies, or Disney, controlling NK, test-run for controlling the masses via limited outlets, suppressed speech, and propaganda media.

NK managed to put satellites in orbit. I recall discussing this back in the possible EMP blackout threads. How'd they manage these launches? Funding/Programs? Path? Purpose? Timing of launches? Interesting reads.

Secret meeting after election? How about secret meeting in Jun 16 on private island in GA with Musk and Tim Cook? All bc D said something about Apple and they wanted to "stop" him..

Bunker Apple

Apple built an underground bunker to work on special projects with privacy.

Probably all irrelevant, just passing along what I'm reading.

God bless

01d048 No.3422


I'm skeptical, it appears he's using the unique ID of Q in posts as a key to unlocking something? Super autist.

The uranium one lead he was working on might be legit however.

72b696 No.3423


He kept Sessions due to the fact that anybody else he tried to replace him with would most likely be in control of those that Trump is trying to remove.

ca54a3 No.3424

File: daf3fbe0555d78d⋯.jpg (4.88 KB, 280x400, 7:10, 1511263333635.jpg)


>tfw when finding a leaked doc showing the Clinton Foundation were advised to use secret NASA laser tech to fuck peoples minds into not voting isn't impressive enough.

>>3314 >>3324 >>3320 >>3332

4ce4ff No.3425


but it was supposedly Rosenstein to appointed Muller, so Muller is not /ourguy??

bfbc38 No.3426

!!! Important !!!

It’s interesting that Q chose to use an insecure tripcode (!) versus (!!) on halfchan. It’s interesting because while it’s insecure, both halfchan and infinitycan use the same method to encode tripcodes. For proof of this look at my tripcode here and at halfchan here: http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/post/151057481/ (both are FollowAnon!OaYzcVV2zQ )

This proves one of two things:

1) Q has indeed moved to 8ch and is the real Q because they used the same passcode

2) Q’s tripcode was somehow compromised

Since 2 is impossible to prove, Occam’s razor forces us to acknowledge that Q is the same.

Also if our bakers can provide proof of authenticity as well somehow (maybe link to to a post on halfchan - via 4plebs - that references moving to infinitychan ), this would increase all our trust levels. Otherwise, it seems that using insecure tripcodes is the best way to stay synced between 8 and 4

a70941 No.3427




if you want to become a valid source here, maybe you should give us some thing that is going to happen soon.

and while making that prophecy, get a secure tripcode.

anyone can use that email link and claim to be from anonymous.

we want you to be the real deal much more than you want it

522904 No.3428


>Which anon are you.

Again with this faggot shit.


>Trump is good, but foolish.


>I never said "Trump" was a fool, once.


>Trump is good, but foolish.


>I never said "Trump" was a fool, once.

Which is it faggot?

bef5db No.3429


>Trump is good, but foolish.

>he does things on impulse which might appear foolish to others

These are not the same.

522904 No.3430



Reported for tripfagging.

ced1d6 No.3431

File: 64bd7c7d27f32f9⋯.jpg (145.25 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, campcentury-military-bass-….jpg)


Camp Century - Secret Underground Nuclear City In The Arctic


ca54a3 No.3432


I'll add DoD in with NASA. Didn't someone trace the Union accounts back to DoD?

52a498 No.3433



These articles are about a guy who was one of the victims of the Canadian MKultra thing and didn't the Queen just get found guilty in court for participating in this?

“Queen Elizabeth had direct involvement in the kidnapping and death of aboriginal children” it was reported on the ITCCS website. “Royal Family members also appeared to regularly participate in Ninth Circle Satanic Cult rituals at the Mohawk Indian School in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.”

this is all so much info for my brainz!! >>3377

af86e6 No.3435


If Diana's death was a larp, that was certainly some hubbub at St. Mary's Great Brington, with all the lights and road closing, the day(s) before her funeral. The memorial on that island on the estate is certainly a larp.

People at the Coaching Inn have been known to bring it up from time to time.

2e993f No.3437


Oh check the other thread, not a thing given to you has been disinfo. All of it jives with Q.

Again, I appreciate hearing your optimism.

But the reason Sessions was "even" shired, was due to the fact POTUS knew Sessions and Clinton were opponents.

He wanted to see where the dirt is buried, very deliberately by seeing what shakes out.

Can't say it didn't work out brilliantly. They turned on each other. They all turned on Rosenstein, and by seeing them fling the dirt around….

That is how POTUS figured out the exact steps necessary to drain the whole damm septic tank. He CHOSE Sessions….

Because he knew that the dirt would get leaked.

522904 No.3438



>Which anon are you.

Again with this faggot shit.


>Trump is good, but foolish.


>I never said "Trump" was a fool, once.


>Trump is good, but foolish.


>I never said "Trump" was a fool, once.

Which is it faggot?

268b57 No.3439


Could Yellow be the Yellow sea?

a70941 No.3440


I suggested this yesterday.

also, i really want Q to post here using his 4pol trip once, and once having claimed an ID, change to a secure tripcode.


and who died and made you fagpolice?

97f52b No.3444

File: 15575aa92d36d73⋯.png (1.2 MB, 2872x1674, 1436:837, Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at ….png)

Check out Trump's latest tweet on http://www.magapill.com. I go there and guess what the only two articles you can't open???? pic related. Can we notify some twitter users to spill the beans?

ced1d6 No.3445


Probably the standard paid strategy of paying for followers to make him look more liked than he actually was. I'm sure Saudi helped out with that.

522904 No.3446


It's a rule which you didn't read because you're new.


>4. If you don't need a tripcode, don't get one. Ask if you're not sure.

52a498 No.3447


Eh well I prefer not to argue religion but I respect your opinion and respectfully disagree. I don't know if he did or didn't I just know that King David sure did and also I have major issues with the way the Bible was translated so I tend to take it all with a grain of salt.

522904 No.3448

72b696 No.3450

OMG! If you people really think that wasn't Q that posted about moving over here, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE???

How fucking easy is it to clear that up for yourself?

b6603d No.3451


*Brisk Salute*

2e993f No.3452



Figre it out. That doesn't mean I said he is a fool.

Just that he will appear foolish. When you say someone is foolish that means they act foolish on purpose, in general that's all.

It means nothing else…..so stop the nonsense.

52a498 No.3453


Gives another meaning to Clowns in America

522904 No.3454


>Words don't have meaning.

e49ee0 No.3455

To be entirely honest. Tripfags and namefaging unless you have a very important reason for doing so is poor chan behavior. Generally speaking, if you need to be identified over threads Posters will inform you of this.

Outside of that, its overkill, your ID is enough for conversations in thread & over time people get to learn one anothers typing style, forget the word atm. Tired.

ca54a3 No.3456


Really. Interesting.

a70941 No.3457


>If you don't need a tripcode, don't get one

i need a tripcode because we need a base of trusted bakers and info-keepers here.

And i am the ArchiveAnon. The rest of the board can trust me to have the latest and correct archive links.

The aim of getting rid of disinfo and shills will only work if we have a small group of trusted posters. hence tripcodes.

so suck it up and go visit some other website.

e49ee0 No.3459

aw fug


>Gives another meaning to Clowns in America


>I wonder if all the Indiana ones are related to the Royal Order of Jesters operating from there.

f07d10 No.3460

anyone talking about aliens or flat earth or any outlandish bullshit like that should be banned. We are here to talk about Q's questions and to let people know whats going on before shit really starts hitting the fan.

522904 No.3462


>I need a trip because I'm trusted

Really, this is the first I've seen you and I've been here for about two weeks. Care to elaborate on why you're trusted? Are you telling me you're trusted? Is that how trust works?

52a498 No.3464


I did digging about this when he first mentioned clowns in america bc I was too slow to realize it meant glow in the dark, or was it? I remember it involved questions about hospitals too? I ended up finding some weird stuff about a Shriners hospital in the midwest I think Millwaukee? Madison? something like that if you want to dig into it. I got too many tabs open

e49ee0 No.3465


Baker commentary isn't as important for the most part here on our own Board. But i do understand that point.

Speaking of which, Here.


305fa5 No.3466


397 Arrested 84 Minors Rescued in Underage Sex Trafficking Crackdown

FBI Cracks down on Child Traffickers and Underage Sex Predators


Two Operations ran simultaneously ‘Cross Country XI’ and Operation ‘No Tricks, No Treats’ from October 10-15 netted a total of 397 arrests.

The media is largely ignoring this human trafficking and underage sex predator crackdown that has been taking place. This is just the latest in a long string of similar arrests that has happened since President Trump has been elected. Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made it their top priority to end this scourge in America.

Operation ‘Cross Country XI’ Rescued 84 Minors ranging from ages 3 months to 15 years old.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, along with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), announced today that 84 minors were recovered and 120 traffickers were arrested as part of Operation Cross Country XI, a nationwide effort focusing on underage human trafficking that ran from October 12-15, 2017. Read More

Operation ‘No Tricks, No Treats’ was a sting operation arrested 277 in Florida alone.

In two undisclosed locations in Polk County, beginning on Tuesday, October 10th, through Sunday, October 15th, 2017, Polk County Sheriff’s undercover detectives, along with detectives and investigators from other law enforcement agencies, conducted a week-long undercover investigation focusing on human trafficking and targeting online prostitution, and arrested 277 suspects. Read More

Homan credited the Trump administration for sending a new message to Central and South America, ‘Just because you get across the border, you are not home free’.

President Trump has set a new standard for America’s immigration policy and unlike Obama, illegal immigration isn’t a part of it.

b6603d No.3467


Well, whatever is going on is certainly out of my hands. Frankly I can see valid arguments either way. However if there is to be military tribunals, then the DOJ would certainly be less relevant to those proceedings. I guess I will just have to wait and see. Regardless you have brought allot of new undiscovered info into this discussion Insider. Thanks for bringing it to us.

522904 No.3469


Kill yourself for believing a namefag newfag.

35c21d No.3471


I have not seen these before. I loved that one of the few things that could stop Trump supporters was Aliens.

bfbc38 No.3472





Just clearing it up for the refugees

5f23d5 No.3474

File: d4b915c7b5d718f⋯.jpg (697.97 KB, 750x994, 375:497, 1511513207693.jpg)

Did you find it odd that Trump was talking to Putin about ADOPTION?

What did the Russians stop Americans from being able to do? Why?


Is there something amiss w/the American adoption system?

What does @WhiteHouse know?



2e993f No.3477


Think about how one thing occurred in history here.

How did King Davidempty out the pits of Sodom and Gommorrah….and the City of Jerhico….?

By acting foolish and choosing someone who appeared as a fool. A prince who many suspected was corrupt.

Jeff Sessions was the prince for Trump's city of Jerhico or Jerusalem….To create a spat between all the royals, to leak the corruption on each other…..

They're all in on the scam, citizens.

a70941 No.3478


>this is the first I've seen you

look, trust is gained because of the weight in our contribution.

I have been archiving threads, and taking care of backlogs at 4chan for a while now.

Trusted bakers have used my pastebin as source of backlogs for hundreds of 4pol cbts threads.

Is that doesn't make me trusted than i don't know what will.

I even posted at


I'm not here to argue over stupid things that don't really matter much anyway.

52a498 No.3479


Oh I agree. It only started being recorded by the Sumerians but imho this worship of evil is from prehistory and I'm so exhausted from discussing it on 4ch I can barely think straight today with all this new info in these threads!

cdc901 No.3480


Putin banned Americans from adopting Russian children

2b9c1b No.3481


can we add the north and south poles to your list? please?

af86e6 No.3482


Posting this in memory of Bruce and Nancy Schaefer. They knew. What happened to the documents they'd collected, what happened to the images and video they had gathered, what happened to the compiled evidence they had?


2b9c1b No.3484


>one of the few things that could stop Trump supporters was Aliens


a70941 No.3488

from 8ch.net/pol [>>>/pol/]

1. >>>/pol/10841828 -> https://archive.fo/WQ7ra

2. >>>/pol/10844671 -> https://archive.fo/BZQNu

3. >>>/pol/10848252 -> https://archive.fo/qdQBv

4. >>>/pol/10854977 -> https://archive.fo/H2utT

5. >>>/pol/10868640 -> https://archive.fo/wBT7M

6. >>>/pol/10896853 -> https://archive.fo/FRFct

7. >>>/pol/10913010 -> https://archive.fo/mbU2E

from 8ch.net/cbts [>>>/cbts/]

1. >>>/cbts/505.html -> https://archive.fo/Pvbqq

2. >>>/cbts/1716.html -> https://archive.fo/O3jcy

3. >>>/cbts/2955.html ->

72b696 No.3490

522904 No.3491


Frankly your opinion about your 'weight of contribution' is pointless, gay, and not apart of chan culture. If you need validation for your existence do it somewhere else.

2e993f No.3492


Thank you for pointing that fact out.

We're on the exact same page now. Especially with you, Q.

Ukraine and of course Eurasia seem to have all the largest corrupt contracts/politicians/sources of funding….Tied to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

But why is that….?

ca54a3 No.3493


Yes, glowfags. And yes, many questions about the hospitals, about all their associations actually. A alleged insider anon on 8Chan/pol and Voat showed this rabbit hole a couple of months back. I've been there. Tis vast.

Leaders of SOBIB manage the Jesters, Jesters manage The Shriners. They are in every state, but mostly coastal. Many top brass have 'freight' and 'removals' businesses.

9518e3 No.3494


Your claim makes no sense. King David lived nearly 1,000 years after Sodom and Gomorrah.

bfbc38 No.3496


Thanks Anon for your contributions. While it will take time to build trust back up after the great migration, I’m glad you are here.

52a498 No.3501


Read about all the others before him who were born from Virgins. He wasn't born from a human virgin the stars were aligned with Venus and Jupiter being the brightest in the sky and very very close together. Back then everything was determined by the stars. Ah I wish I wasn't so fried rn. I could explain better. But the Bible is not meant to be taken so literal. You really need to know the context and the mindset of the time it was written. Just like in the Quran, when it says to kill all non-believers or whatever, that was for the time it was written and had to do with their current war, it was misunderstood by some wacky cleric and now is used to sell illiterate uneducated muslims to think they should be killing all non muslims…..

Look up Mithras…

7dd8ae No.3502


This is EXcellent! Saving it for my son who is a believer in the religion of "Science". On the radiation levels, did you mean to say oceans around the earth?

e49ee0 No.3503


These people are in the mentality of 10,000 posts per second automated CIA D/C tactics, at times 'trusted bakers' was a solid defense. I agree entirely with your statement, but i also can understand the perspective of the other poster.

drop drop, you've made a mark now lets focus- retrip in times of chaos you'll be remembered

71f653 No.3505


If you truly are an insider stop giving specific dates for things to happen because when they don’t happen you come off as a larper. Q won’t give specific details and you’re going to come out just say the earth is hollow? How about if instead of giving us vague questions, you and Q give actual hints with proof. So we can truly believe. The world is supposed to be different after trump got back and it’s still the same with elite telling us how to live. Also, earth should be flat and hollow? Because we are definitely not a globe and it seems nasa and outer space are fake also.

a70941 No.3506



so is everything that you are doing


breaking news people, typing shit is homosexual now

>not apart of chan culture

yet we have the option of making a tripcode.

maybe hotwheels is a newfag who doesn't know that tripfagging is not a part of chan culture?

maybe you should start your own chan without the option to make tripcodes.

2b9c1b No.3507


ditto. thx >>3488

522904 No.3509


Where's your archives then faggot?

Come on, gain my trust namefag.

bfbc38 No.3511


Something here. Putin was rumored to have also said that the satanists were pedophiles as well when he banned the US adoptions from Russia. Can’t find source.

ca54a3 No.3512


Either had I, I think they're super-fresh. We'd have heard about it otherwise. And I know. Aliens. Imagine d'meeeeemz senpai. IMAGINE.

6bcfc9 No.3513

File: 08b651db9dfd246⋯.jpg (24.79 KB, 400x266, 200:133, black hole sun.jpg)

I just got done catching up on the first threads and WOW its quiet in here, thank god. It is so much easier to keep up with the conversation this way and thank you all for everything you have done thus far. I mostly lurk and memesmith but I wanted to throw my 2 cents in while the boards are calm. Note, these are just things Ive seen on my journey, nothing concrete or that I have proof of.

About the holes in the N/S poles, but from everything Ive seen on it, including multimedia predictive programming, I think that hole is the black hole sun, leading to Agartha/Shamballa/Middle Earth. The Swastika fits on the Antarctica content almost perfectly, with the hole in the center. Its possible thats also where the Aurora Borealis comes from as it is the light from the hole reaching to the atmosphere. What they are doing down there is anybody's guess but if any of those 3 references are even the least bit true, then there is life down there. A whole city. Several maybe. Like Jules Vernes Journey to the Center of the Earth. In Lord of the Rings, Middle Earth, and deep down in Morridor there were strip mines.

As for Barrick and the gold fetish I have some theories on that too. A few weeks before Q started posting, I found some really compelling info about where gold actually comes from and why its so precious - because its the mineralized blood from the ancients/titans/giants prior to the first cataclysmic event/floods/etc. Their remains are everywhere if you know what to look for. And not just gold, hence "jew"elry.

Has anybody read the story of St. Germain and how he could turn lead into gold? It might have relevance here with the alchemy aspect. I read somewhere that gold is needed in the

process of transmutation of the soul. Whether to bind it or release it or what, I'm not entirely sure.

This could all be disinfo as I am late to the waking up party, but Ive had a year and some change to basically dive into all of this full time. When you start breaking the threshold of what you thought you knew, the variables of what is really going on is fucking staggering.

a70941 No.3514



welcome guys.


see >>3488

also, here's all of 4pol cbts archive links - https://pastebin.com/Qk2B3K5s

cdc901 No.3516


Can i get some links to start about the hospitals?

3228ac No.3518


how do we manage to keep them out of here? it's great here compared to cripplechan!

52a498 No.3519


Yea but these threads are a completely different beast then anything else ever on the chans. almost 600 threads!!!

522904 No.3521


Wow. Just wow. The CIA is kidnapping, raping, and murduring your babies, genociding white people and you fags are on about transmuting souls with gold? Drink some bleach, 'there's a hole in the northpole' idiots.


Ok point taken. I hereby relinquish my complaint about ArchiveAnon.

All other namefags need to go.

Except NightBaker too.

and that Francisco guy came through for us bigly too.

2e993f No.3524


Thanks for exposing all the corruption… ?

Why of course, you are welcome.


The reality being, if Anon Q and Anon V do not expose it: nobody else will.

We would rather be having dinner….we're exposing this treason though instead.

c614d5 No.3525

ArchiveAnon has been pardoned by Anon. Rejoice.

3228ac No.3527


faggot do you know what chemistry is? kys

2b9c1b No.3529


>that Francisco guy

you're welcome

b6603d No.3530


I think he was trying to use the story as a metaphor. Look think about this logically;

1. Trump gets into office against all belief of (lets just call it the uniparty).

2. The first thing they do is start going after the most important positions of his administration. For fear of prosecution.

3. The get Flynn and are about to get Sessions.

4. At this point one of two things happen. A. Sessions is in on the MI takeover and feigns submission to keep his job. B. Sessions is not part of it and shows his belly to keep himself from being possibly indited.

5. Either way, if the ultimate plan is to order martial law to pave the way for Military tribunals, then Sessions role in this plan, would be minimal. In addtion if Sessions was instrumental to the plan, Trump (allies) had to know that the untiparty was going to go after whoever was the DOJ.

Since the courts are obviously compromised at this point, my own personal opinion is going to have to sway to, Sessions was never part of the big picture. Again, I don't have access to all the facts. Only my gut and conjecture. We will just have to wait and see.

ca54a3 No.3531


I hear NB is anon mostly, 'cept when baking.

0b3868 No.3532


Thank God that's over with!

e49ee0 No.3533

File: d4b6f874be9320b⋯.jpg (31.74 KB, 405x383, 405:383, 1509952139960.jpg)

File: 7eb4e1b5ce234a5⋯.png (272.91 KB, 1864x692, 466:173, sdfssdf.png)

File: 5996f70a790b447⋯.png (10.16 KB, 502x410, 251:205, 817f8a514a5fc62a710611a1e4….png)


We don't. Active shilling will / has made its way here. I think its just a few Anons who think we're all literally moms from faceberg.


Just because this is a different animal, doesn't mean we disrespect tradition. I'm honored to know I am part of the the Anonymous posters in this journey. Keen eyes catch familiar faces.

2e993f No.3534

Reality dictates, these are the trials we will see.

Very few of them will be civilian related run trials. They will be military tribunal style trials, short, swift, and unmistakeable.


We surmise Sessions will have a role-

to make a scene that causes all the rest of the dirt to be exposed.

5f23d5 No.3537

File: 54b60103ae5c142⋯.jpg (171.17 KB, 1200x788, 300:197, DOITQJ8UIAAowsQ.jpg)

Y'all, Dan Scavino has the Q AF1 pic as his Twitter profile pic:


ca54a3 No.3538


Sure, I'll go find some and post. You have to have this though. Please dl and archive.


522904 No.3539


>Moms from faceberg

Does this mean I have to quit my lifelong pursuit of LARPing as the AntiChrist?

That'll really throw a wrench in my schtick.


Hey, let's make a bet. Whoever's wrong about sessions has to hang themselves with their ethernet cable.

52a498 No.3540

cdc901 No.3541

File: 35c27eb3baefa8b⋯.jpg (102.96 KB, 898x701, 898:701, 124533.jpg)

So we all know all these truths have been inverted.

What if hell is on the surface and heaven is below?

2b9c1b No.3542


this is some crazy shit, anon

do you have link back to cripple chan where these were first posted?

i don't recall seeing them

but it's been pretty shilltastic for a while over there

this is the kind of thing that would make people's heads explode and end up in the hospital……js.

cdc901 No.3544


Awesome , thanks

eb56b4 No.3547


Think we might have to let namefaggotry go for the duration, Anon.

<just sayin…

7f6d8a No.3548


I've realized that the trafficking issue is probably a secondary issue compared to much of the treason. However, I've also realized that this is a very lucrative business for many of the same players. From blackmail, organ and adrenochrome harvesting, child sex trade, etc., there is a lot of money being made from this travesty. How big a part does this play in the big picture of what is going down?

0b3868 No.3549


Can't wait to see them fall, especially those in Government. Obviously! But I'm super curious (ok, hopeful) that a lot of those 500+ indictments in Cali take out a LOT of trashy, mouthy celebs.

af86e6 No.3550


The legal side of the potential happenings is really fascinating.

Wish I had more knowledge of the law, though! Q. for legal anons - where are cases in which the I.R.S. is the plaintiff tried, *and* does an option exist wherein the I.R.S. can involve the military (or would that be unconstitutional?)

There are a LOT of lawyers who are the (alleged cough hack ugh) criminals, and they will go to the ends of the earth to litigate their defense down to the last crossed "t" and dotted "i". I hope Q & friends are buckled up very tightly, legally.

e49ee0 No.3551


If the day comes that the shills overwhelm this haven too, i will gladly namefag along side you as Hillary pretending your Amazon delivery of Pizza from Haiti has arrived.

522904 No.3552


Because Dan Scavino is Q, operating under the authority of the POTUS, the CoS, probably some NSA boiiiiiiz. (Collision with picture to get relevant hash is NSA boizzz.)

9518e3 No.3557


My guess is it's going to take a year or so to take out national, state and local scum to the trash.

But they are ALL GOING TO GO (imho).

52a498 No.3558

007058 No.3560

File: ae38fd2d6efc1d5⋯.jpg (120.96 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, 1511716354869m.jpg)

File: 2171c5addb19448⋯.png (244.6 KB, 1758x888, 293:148, 1511717144580.png)


Wrong, we know you're moms from jewtube and twitter.

2e993f No.3561


Ponder things metaphorically, rather than literally.

Question: Do you follow the Bible?

I'll admit it is a rare fancy of ours.

But the story is quite clear and spelled out.

Jerusalem and Jerhico were turned into "Sodom and Gammorah" ex: the Metaphor

The City of Sin and Sloth, is what it refers.

ca54a3 No.3564


Okay, just checked. Search for 'SOBIB Voat' and 'Royal Order of Jesters Voat'. All anons work on the hole is there. Shout any time if you need more.

Thanks anon


a97afd No.3566

Thinking on http://www.nativeborncitizen.com/ and coming to the conclusion that bit coin may be a way for us to remove our selves from the federal commercial market and thereby maintain freedom. Thoughts?

ebbede No.3570

Our Father who art in Heaven

Hallowed be thy name

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done

On earth as it is in Heaven

Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive us our trespasses

As we forgive those who trespass against us

And lead us not into temptation

But deliver us from evil

For the kingdom, the power, the glory are yours. Now and forever.


Hey Friends, I don't know what's going on. I don't know if we're still praying, I don't know if we're here, there or wherever. I see that people are talking about NightBaker and Francisco. They were the best bread makers….I'm just a lurker and act as Meme Fire Support. I'm no good at digging…I just want to know if there's still a place for me amongst the CBTS crowd here.

c4343e No.3571


(couboolgh) (coushitegh)

522904 No.3573


So Dan is…/ourguy/

Checks out.


You have to promise to wear the poo pantsuit.


It kills me inside that I will never impregnate Tracy Beanz.


What is this, a new rap song? I'm seeing it all over the place.

35c21d No.3574


Exactly what I was thinking! Someone needs to meme the shit out of it!

ca54a3 No.3576


Next level crazy shit isn't it?

So crazy I wondered if someone had doctored those last 2 pages. But who would go to such lengths? And what about the tech mentioned? Do you think it's Legit Leak?

I should have the link. I'll go and find. And yea, it was completely lost in the chaos of a busy thread, shill attack and Q posting. Funny that it was dropped just as Q posted.

b9187a No.3578


Ye're welcome to infinity, good Anon.

And yer prayers doobly welcome.

<entree vous

5f23d5 No.3580


"Dan Scavino is the Executive Vice President & General Manager of Trump National Golf Club.He has been a part of the Trump Organization through high school, college and professionally from 2003 to date - which equates to almost half of his life."


595ab3 No.3582

I've been gone for a week.

Can someone please give me a quick rundown? Thanks. Why are we here?

7f6d8a No.3584


They're both here and I don't know about much either. But I like your prayer and know others do too. Your prayers may have more impact than anything else. I'm glad your here with us!

ca54a3 No.3585


We need YOU! We need your dank meeeeeeemz Senpai! Thanks for coming over. We've just found something which could be pretty huge. You'll have a lot of fun with it. Man this is gonna be fun.

2e993f No.3586

No, it cuts across both parties and most of those offices. The Marines are actually glad it didn't seep into every office.

So what we will see, is UCMJ style court martials…..nothing other than that. Big ones across the whole gamut.


And then we will see it all be over.

This Agartha stuff, you all will have to make your own decisions on that. I'm not involved.


I don't know what that is. I just know we're now beginning tribunals in every state.

"Treason" with a Capital T style punishment will follow under court martial rules. As expected.

b6603d No.3587



When not distributing memes, redpilling friends and family prayer is always welcome. Glad to have you here.

522904 No.3588


You're so full of shit.

Take me up on my offer to hang yourself if sessions is /ourguy/. The world would be a better place without you.

52a498 No.3589



btw ive been looking everywhere for that insignia desu ty so much! i'll see you in your dreams papi lel

ebbede No.3590


Working that out myself. Shills ran amok on the 4chan boards…then some picture of a "Q" post saying he was going to be on 8chan appeared and now a ton of people moved here. I don't know what to make of it yet but the bread seems to be here so that's all that matters.


thank you senpai. I've been when CBTS since the 10/30 drop. Don't know what I'd do without this discussion anymore.

e49ee0 No.3591


Welcome to the bunker, review last couple threads. Check out OP and share your content from 4chan in respective threads. You can post 4 images per post here.


I'd kill for a all out deranged Hillary cosplay


Severe shilling hit cuckchan after Trump retweeted 'Magapill' on twitter - Which had a pinned tweet linking to 'magapill(.)com' - The website had a article talking about Satanic pedo abuse / Q Clearance.

When this happened the website was attacked, database deleted.

And Shillchan went absolutely fucking apeshit, 'Q' posted on CBTS /pol/ thread (Topic is not welcome on this chans /pol/ - subject was locked) some one has the screenshot some where

c4343e No.3592


To pink pill the masses against satanicpaedonecrocannibals… avoid martial law ny keeping the populace calm during the ersatz disdolution of .gov… Jesus and/or ayyylmaos.

>> missing anything guise?

368638 No.3593

How would Q know to post on 8ch?

2b9c1b No.3594

baker, maybe consider including link to the comprehensive list of PACER indictments.

yes it's a google drive link

i may download all of these and archive elsewhere


9c02de No.3595

File: c127d27385d6c19⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1842x984, 307:164, af1_5a.png)

made the migration over

595ab3 No.3596


It's safe here, mods are on our side here and we control things.

96c69c No.3597

File: 054063aaf79aa74⋯.png (793.96 KB, 1266x2656, 633:1328, Legend of Q[draft] - 27Nov….png)

Rough draft of Legend of Q with a Decode Stringers section, any changes needed?

595ab3 No.3598


Good lad, welcome home

ebbede No.3599





Thank you! Meme Fire Support locked and loaded. Standing by and waiting for orders.

368638 No.3601

But how do we send Q the message? And how would know recognize Q here? >>3596

e49ee0 No.3602


Very honorable to remain faceless in such potentially eventful times. You will remember your efforts here as will those you interact with. Doing the right thing in life is funny like that. When you do it faceless it comes from a place that is much more pure. That is why I feel, if there was ever going to be any place on Earth that a great awakening takes place. It would be here on a chan, Anonymously. God through Truth, Truth through Love. Love through God.

b6603d No.3603


Yea, that shitestorm was absolutely insane. Never seen anything go so rabid so fast!

522904 No.3604

File: b3bf7115117b11b⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1625x860, 325:172, my_anaconda.png)


Because 8chan has been half chans older, more useful, and all around better brother since the first exodus.

You think this is the first exodus from 4chan? You need to learn your chan history newfriend.

Welcome to the Internet Hate Machine. We hate you, and that's ok. Have a meme.

df4a12 No.3606


What the CPS does is:

1. A claim (of abuse) is made by a doctor, teacher, neighbor etc. to the CPS

2. The CPS then goes to the house to do an interview. (Don't answer the door–you have no duty)

3. If one answers the door, the case is the automatically opened.

4. Notice is sent to the family to attend a court hearing.

5. The first hearing occurs which goes over the financial status of the family. A new hearing is set.

6. At this second hearing, the CPS, a contractor for family support services and a mediator (usually a clerk of the court) is there. They all gang up on the parents to give their consent to further review and conditions.

7. A representative from the family services comes in and represents each person in the family. (1) the child (2) the father and (3) the mother.

They do this to split the family up (divide and conquer).

Usually marriages fail due to the stress caused because children become aware that they can just make claims against their parents and pretty much get away with murder.

The whole purpose is to make money. All entities involved have a vested financial interest in these cases, thus, they the house in this casino and the family is the sap.

Now, this does not mean that there are people who are good to their children or to each other..or themselves. The sad part is that those who have not done anything wrong, are often railroaded in the process.

I know of someone who's child had a condition where they were skinny and the doctor made a claim that the parents were not feeding them and they lost their child for a while because of this.

Another family has a child who had skull fracture and they spent a lot of money to prove that the child had a mental issue and would bash their head into objects.

Clearly there are many major gaps in how they operate and because there is so much money involved in these cases, they will find the slightest issue and run it for a touchdown.

cdc901 No.3607

File: 54bba96b164ef00⋯.jpg (172.68 KB, 654x659, 654:659, try1.jpg)


Whats this "Topic" ? Can someone explain

6cad2c No.3608


Gowdy wasn't elected til after U1. How is he implicated?

e49ee0 No.3609


Review OP - Repost your content to respective threads - 4 images per post.

5f23d5 No.3610


What are the rules for military tribunals? Does POTUS have to declare martial law in order for them to proceed? Is there any comparison to the Nuremberg Trials?

e49ee0 No.3615


/CBTS/ - We made our own Board on the Chan instead of invading the Chans /pol/ Board.

522904 No.3616


Stop feeding the namefag with no proof. Even OpAnon offered written timestamp.

ebbede No.3617


So that was all because of Trump magapill tweet huh? I hadn't put the two together I was working most Saturday so I didn't really notice if ANYONE ELSE had noticed. Now Newsweek has an article out….fuck. I have blue pilled people out here who aren't gonna take to this easily.

ca54a3 No.3618


Welcome home anon.

3228ac No.3619


he's being helped by NSA

522904 No.3621


Cap it and post it please anon. Google is worse than the shits while camping.

e49ee0 No.3623


Please get those off Google Drive.

ebbede No.3625


Copy, reviewing previous breads I missed

368638 No.3626

But he hasnt posted here yet. What if he doesnt know? How can we get him a message?>>3619

522904 No.3627


CPS is for trafficking and exploiting vulnerable children.

It's not about money.

Where are all the missing children?

522904 No.3628


He posted on another board here, calm your pants. If you're that worried watch 4plebs archive for Q's trip.

35c21d No.3629


He has posted on 8chan already

c1d25d No.3630


Easily found in the Hollow.

Hiding in plain sight.

Define Hell?


7dd8ae No.3631


I disagree. Everyone knows the rich are robbing us. How do they get off having their own island and the rest of us are forbiddento even visit? I say let 'em have it! And if normies need to to ask, sin't that what we want?

2b9c1b No.3632


done, scanned. where to upload?

prefer zip with all?

or individual files?

some are xls and some are pdf

scanned clean

5893db No.3633


Proof needed.

96c69c No.3634


What in the world are you doing here if that's what you believe.

Just leave and never come back

e49ee0 No.3635

File: 196b0a449fe9ce7⋯.jpg (114.22 KB, 900x720, 5:4, f71fcae1cb27e869c859e808ea….jpg)



Networking happens. If this play is still on, we'll be found.


Noted, stay HIGH ENERGY

2e993f No.3636

Sessions isn't "your" guy anons.

I don't doubt he was not ever ANYONE'S guy at this point. People who are naive believe in the Department of Justice.

Normal people on the other hand understand there is no justice at the DOJ, they don't act surprised that there ever was either.

The DOJ is a hoax. Its involvement in military trials amounts to nothing more than signing off on after hours requests. .

Anyone who puts people on pedastals is asking to be drop kicked.

I feel sorry for anyone whow orshiped Sessions or any of those folks as some 'hero.'

595ab3 No.3637


He posted to 8/pol/ aka 8chan already, just not this board. He will be here soon.

b6603d No.3639


Yea that article from newsweek was stupid on their part. Anyone open to the redpill (or is redpilled) is going to get curious and start digging, trying to find out about it. Dumb bastards just did more work for us! lol

e49ee0 No.3640


PDFs can be posted here. 4 files per post. idk about xls try imaging them

522904 No.3641


>Sessions isn't "your" guy anons.

Kill yourself.

5893db No.3642



ca54a3 No.3643

File: e2c9b194a506875⋯.jpg (101.94 KB, 797x691, 797:691, 1511280410872.jpg)


You're gonna LOVE THIS. Take a 5 min read through these, P6&7 give the jist. Get your head blown, enjoy it, and fire up your lazer tool.





522904 No.3644


Fuck you and search for it shitheel.

160d1a No.3645


Note the financial times headline is about the SA roll up

595ab3 No.3646

File: f12b8b21f6e1643⋯.jpg (115.34 KB, 750x226, 375:113, 1511683609007.jpg)

52a498 No.3648


I hear ya loud and clear mate! Glad to be of service. My intentions are pure indeedily. Steve Irwin was a national treasure and is missed dearly.

35c21d No.3649


Please meme the Trump % that would have only stayed home vs aliens.

2b9c1b No.3650

File: 4211dfe98c20a24⋯.jpg (268.97 KB, 1920x925, 384:185, 2017-11-27_0-53-21.jpg)


ugh. 4 at a time @ 98 files…

should probably create a separate thread in the catalog

won't get to this tonight

mebbe tomorrow

screenshot in the meantime

595ab3 No.3651

File: f3c46cf1a56c3a2⋯.png (26.63 KB, 1543x213, 1543:213, 698ee509623cc08c8f2bb23f19….png)

c4343e No.3652

File: 580712fec016123⋯.jpg (116.17 KB, 1080x521, 1080:521, 1of2.jpg)

cdc901 No.3653


Apparently these were from before the election and were "debunked"

I unno about the legitimacy of these docs

522904 No.3654


How big is it all?

Zip and concat to a jpg.

e49ee0 No.3656


Maybe here?

Infographics & Info Dump: >>10

Any Anons with suggestion for upload site please rise.

c4343e No.3657


Synchronicityy, mein Anon… Hooah.

2b9c1b No.3658



i'll create thread tomorrow and upload 4 at a time.

b6603d No.3659


At first I thought we was in on it, but this last week he has been doing everything he could to slow/divert investigations on U1. If the DOJ was going to be part of this, now would not be the time to keep up the timid grandpa act. That is when I started to have doubts. Shame, he seem/ed like a otherwise decent old man.

b6603d No.3660


Thanks digging through them now.

ca54a3 No.3662


Debunked where? I didn't hear about this a all. Strange.

c4343e No.3663


Disinformation is neccessary…

40f7ec No.3664

ebbede No.3665


Sorry, I'm just catching up on the last couple threads….what about aliens now? Illegal aliens? I don't understand the request.

e49ee0 No.3666


Thank you for your service, rest well.

ca54a3 No.3667


Thanks to you.

d7e3dd No.3668

File: fc8d8f9b055e01c⋯.png (160.65 KB, 1181x385, 1181:385, News Paper Search.png)

I thought this might help some Anons in their search through our history.

35c21d No.3669


Nevermind if they were debunked as another anon said.

One of the documents linked to you has poll questions and one question was regarding what would stop Trump supporters from voting and the highest percentage went to aliens (ET).

86bef7 No.3671


Are those VL3 Targeting Systems/Machines the same as these:


2b9c1b No.3673



for record keeping, this is the twatter that is compiling the PACER reports (in case there are updates)


2e993f No.3674



Sessions is a part of the whole rotted swamp.

Someone approved all those sealed indictments, you see 4100 of them.

It wasn't Sessions.

Believe it or not it was a bigger swamp rat than him, but only because he was forced to do it by the army's orders.


These trials will be run by military rules. We also anticipate them being very brief, and with no corners cut.

ebbede No.3675



Copy, I was just reading through them now.

ebbede No.3677


Fuck me, I see it now. Well, that would have been a fun one!

2b9c1b No.3679

g'nite anons

keep the faith

keep the fire burning

thank the bakers

back at it in the A.M.

522904 No.3680


You are fake and gay and without proof namefag.

2e993f No.3681

13ba96 No.3682

6bcfc9 No.3685

File: aa2834c93b2ea4b⋯.jpg (52.78 KB, 650x365, 130:73, 20201s.jpg)


Made one for it anyways

86bef7 No.3688


FFS. It's not VL3. My bad. It's VLT Targeting…

af86e6 No.3690


Anon, this input is fascinating. Please continue.

Very sorry for my lack of legal knowledge, but can trials in which the defendant is accused of treason be summarily sent to military tribunals and bypass civil courts?

Who is the bigger swamp rat - is it a name the public would recognize, or someone who's been flying under the radar?

Who approves sealed indictments? If it is existing judges, have they been "read in" to whatever is happening already (or long ago)?

35c21d No.3691


Thank you! I'll head off to bed in a good mood now.

Good hunting everyone!

52a498 No.3692

File: 9a735d7cb42e399⋯.jpg (114.29 KB, 962x671, 962:671, 3A16426200000578-0-image-a….jpg)



e49ee0 No.3694

File: 00b64e1d1c9fbc7⋯.png (763 KB, 1384x1248, 173:156, hehe.png)




He meant this

177244 No.3696

Holy h3ll. I thought I was a conservative and had already been redpilled long ago. I am researching things now that … while I understand what it is and how it happened and what's taking place… I can not put it into words.

I have been triple dose redpilled. WE are literally chattel to them. We mean NOTHING. This is so sad and horrifying ….

2e993f No.3698

I know how much the swamp ldenizens hate hearing about their hero Sessions. But he is indeed part of the sawmp.

And yes believe it or not, Mueller actually approved all those indictments.

On the condition that his name isn't used, he also wanted them all to be kept out of the press…

He's being used by Trump for a very real reason. To cause a fire.

b6603d No.3699


If I am right, from the info your dropping..

This have anything to do with why the deep state started gunning after RexT so hard, all the sudden? Or did I get it wrong?

3f454a No.3701

File: fd60867f65b3ab4⋯.png (399.82 KB, 1152x2048, 9:16, Letslipthedogslads.png)

Wew, lads…

Over 167 retweets… 293likes… tweet time 00:22:35 @7400 followers

Sturm's a brewin' naow…

ebbede No.3703


Right, right. And its confirmed fake, yes?

160d1a No.3709


Welcome to the rabbit hole, newfriend

2e993f No.3710


Haha I'm sorry, what!??

Welcome to reality.

None of them are trustworthy; and you are right on target that this is why they went after Tillerson so hard. It basically caused them all to start outing their own dirt, to spread the blame. To cause a actual fire.

Then Trump has to put the fire ' out.'

UCMJ, no other method of course.

b6603d No.3711


Yea, I gathered that a few months ago. Only way someone like him, would have dragged out a nothing burger investigation like this for so long. After looking into him and accounting the size of his fleet of lawyers…. being a inside man going after "bad guys" was the only thing that made sense. As soon as he started going after Manafort, I knew I was right. Rest of my family thought I was nuts.

7aa7d2 No.3714


you are doing good work


522904 No.3716

File: 1e12d8317773a07⋯.mp4 (595.27 KB, 426x240, 71:40, NORMIES-0AAO92foBwA.mp4)


You are fake and gay.

cdc901 No.3718

File: ee8f780ab61df45⋯.jpg (2.97 MB, 1512x1024, 189:128, revolution.jpg)

This quote has never made more sense than now

7f6d8a No.3719


Don't be distraught- this has been going on for a long long time, whether you knew it or not. Be happy that something is finally being done. We have the opportunity to be a part of history that is unprecedented! Load up the cannons, make memes, redpill and pinkpill others. The tide is turning and you are a big part of doing a really great thing!

01e9d1 No.3721


On March 3, 1962, operators activated a nuclear power plant at the station. The plant, like nearby Scott's Discovery Hut, was prefabricated in modules. Engineers designed the components to weigh no more than 30,000 pounds (14,000 kg) each and to measure no more than 8 feet 8 inches (2.64 m) by 8 feet 8 inches (2.64 m) by 30 feet (9.1 m). A single core no larger than an oil drum served as the heart of the nuclear reactor. These size and weight restrictions were intended to allow the reactor to be delivered in an LC-130 Hercules aircraft. However, the components were actually delivered by ship.

What if they built extra nuclear stations and discretely flew them to Rothschild Island??? Its all designed and ready to go…

2e993f No.3722



It was in fact 'Mueller' who got all the indictments done.

It was not Jeff Sessions.

Many of them will come to a 'head' this week…..

And by military style trials, no other means.

af86e6 No.3723


Mueller. That explains the reason for the meeting with Trump.

Not sure it's going to be possible to keep the firewood's name out of the press, though.

Few things are as cleansing as a fire.

5f23d5 No.3724

ca54a3 No.3725



I searched them. Few articles online about the Benenton Group Leak and that Clinton was planning a false flag alien invasion. Anonymous apparently leaked it before the election.

It was "debunked", but by the group CEO and MSN.


Sorry meme anon if I put you in a wrong direction. I'm going to find the link to where they were posted on 4Chan the other night, at the time when Q was posting.

ca54a3 No.3727


Taking a look. Funky browser atm.

b6603d No.3728


Damn… that's gonna keep me up tonight…

2e993f No.3731


His name won't be attached, you can be assured of that.

The so called 'swamp' runs deep and nasty. You take out the infection through surgery.

Have you ever had surgery before? It ends well enough.



It starts with a bang.

93ea40 No.3736

Guys, wasn't our last drop telling us to start OUR part of things, like on Twitter?

I really think it was about getting the engine started. I ndon't know how anybody could take it any other way.

Surely they would want us already having material posted on SA and LV and DC/pedos BEFORE the first hammer drops.

I started a thread on it here.


ebbede No.3741


No worries Digger Anon! I'll confess something too so you don't feel bad….I stuck around 4Chan longer than I should have telling folks to stay there after the split. We all make mistakes..

I'm gonna be off to bed soon but I'll be back in the AM with a prayer before work! I hope the meme juices flow in my brain during the night. I need to come up with something good re: Trump and the magapill thing. People aren't going to believe a happening like "Q"…..but when Newsweek says Trump believes in Q related conspiracies….how the fuck do you meme that into someones world vision?

Goodnight Anons, Diggers, Bakers, and Memers.

Our Father who art in Heaven

Hallowed be thy name

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done

On earth as it is in Heaven

Give us this day our daily bread

And forgive us our trespasses

As we forgive those who trespass against us

And lead us not into temptation

But deliver us from evil

For the kingdom, the power, the glory are yours. Now and forever.


522904 No.3742


Good luck with vegas, you'll get banned for posting certain videos.

2e993f No.3743

>> Sessions is just there to look smug for the camera and admit his own crimes, too.

Nothing more than that. He's involved in some obvious early deal tied with uranium one.

af86e6 No.3746


A bang, perhaps coming from the direction of the Middle East? Qatar, maybe? Same Qatar where the Clintons transferred a pile of cash immediately after the election? And haven't they been quiet, lately, not even a Thanksgiving tweet. Maybe they've been out of town.

ca54a3 No.3749





177244 No.3751


It gets worse. I am Jewish. My God. It is all a lie. EVERYTHING I thought about who I am is a lie. It is an EVIL EVIL LIE. I was brought up Jewish. But now, am i really a Jew? WHAT THE F…….

I always knew the Rockefellers et al were greedy and I never thought they were practicing Jews. I always called them secular Jews… but they are practicing Jews… but they took Gods Word and turned it upside down into this evil grotesque thing. Oh God. This is bad. This is really bad. How could it go on for soooooooo long? This has gone on since Herod. It evolved into a monster for more than 2k years.

I am totally stunned. I don't think I want to know anymore than I know now.

2e993f No.3752


Heh. According to the colonel they're already under military confinement.

And will be for the long haul this week.

df4a12 No.3753

I do not recall any posting by Q about this either.

Just because Sessions is aware of something, this does not mean that he is involved in a conspiracy to protect this from being exposed.

Who says that Sessions was even given full disclosure when briefed by Holder? Does anyone think Holder would lie? Hmmm…Fast and Furious.

I think Glen is, like many others, grasping for straws.

Based upon what I am observing and watching the recent hearing with Sessions, he was coy for a reason, but he also looked very confident too

I also observe how others conduct themselves like Sean Hannity who has been soft disclosing what's going on along with the investigative reporters with The Hill and Fox News in this matter.

I read George Webb's cases and they too shed a light on what's going on.

Judicial Watch is also attempting to get more information in these matters.

The Podesta Group falling apart is another sign.

There is so much research being done that I find it rather difficult for anyone to sweep this story under the rug.

I am convinced that this is being investigated and there is a lot of impatience because the people demand answers.

I cannot imagine this dragging out that much longer before major announcements are made as to indictments and so forth.

a58d6a No.3757


How do you make no space between your name and trip?

df4a12 No.3758


We know that he's not "Q" but if one is going to ask questions, try to provide a proposed answer sheet with it too. There's no reason to be vague here.

ca54a3 No.3760


God bless you anon, and may Kek bless your dreams with memes. Don't worry about it, we all make mistakes. You're here now and anons will find their way. Sleep well.

a70941 No.3761


>am i really a Jew?

you are what you believe you are.

are you a contributing member of the society?

do you work for the betterment o the human race?

do you want the kid-fuckers to be punished?

the answers to these questions are who you are.

b6603d No.3763


Wow…only took 2 weeks and a 110 billion dollar arms deal to SA, for the middle east to go strait to crap… (not that it hasn't been a jolly reeking cesspool for a long time)

Wonder how much all of this will continue to escalate and to what end?

309d87 No.3770

5f23d5 No.3771



5b2118 No.3772


Test test

6f8888 No.3773


You are trying way too hard to convince everyone to buy your Sessions story. We don't; care, if he's a bad guy, great, let him fall, stop pushing doubt into the good work being here.

522904 No.3775


You never believed us.

You called us anti-semites when we called out your greed.

You called us anti-semites when it was calculated to be near impossible to destroy 6million bodies.

History has blinded both of us, but your people have some explaining to do.

177244 No.3776


I am a child of God. Created in His image and I am not a bad person. But what has been done in the name of the God I love is insidious.

160d1a No.3778


You’ve just realized that true evil exists in the universe and before you are dead. Praise God the choice is that easy that you recognize it for what it is

522904 No.3780


It doesn't work, better go back to 4chan.


They need to answer for the holohoax. They need to answer for Zionism. IDGAF that they're jewish, but they need to come clean about history. That is the only path of redemption for a modern Jew.

af86e6 No.3781


God, I want those traitors to suffer horribly. All of them.

We need to make a searing, enduring example out of the traitors. Fullest extent of the law.

177244 No.3782


I have never hurt a child. I am not rich. Explaining to do ? I CAN NOT EVEN EXPLAIN IT TO MYSELF!

b6603d No.3783


Don't despair. My parents were part of the Jesus Freak movement back in the 70s and were more of a actual role model for what Jesus Christ represented. Yet they were tossed out of nearly every church they visited for being "Undesirable." That's how I was baptized in the Columbia river when I was 6. With a group of men the church refused to help, because they were seen as "beneath them."

My point is; if you find truth and meaning in what you have followed your whole life…then it has truth and weight, even if it was tossed aside by your elders long ago.

e49ee0 No.3784

Im Baking but brainless atm. What are current subjects outside of unconfirmed speculation via namefags. I have OP Bread nice and tasty, Just need some 'catch up' first post


Peter Munk

Reactors Antactica

522904 No.3787


You can start with how it's impossible to destroy 6 million bodies then hang out on /pol/ for a while from there.

160d1a No.3788


Judicial Watch is alll up in the swamps shit. They’re pounding their shovels into shallow unmarked graves and demanding to keep digging while shills in the DOJ are playing games and making them stop. Meanwhile, the news is pretending like their FOIA lawsuits and their discoveries don’t exist.

Their work will be remembered well by history.

177244 No.3791


Are you asking me to leave this thread?? Because evil people lied to ALL OF US? Because I was born? Really?

522904 No.3792


Not at all, I'm leading you to a path of enlightenment and understanding.

5f23d5 No.3793


Louisville, KY….AGAIN

Who did Jennifer Lawrence just donate $2 million to?

May righteousness prevail and evil be exposed!

a58d6a No.3794

160d1a No.3795


Wait… anon… seriously now… who do you think (((they))) are *really* worshiping? You haven’t done that much digging yet if you can’t answer that one.

2e993f No.3796



Jeff Sessions is directly implicated in Uranium 1. He has been for years.


Heh, do some just choose to be naive?

The Marines charge that the one and only Sessions knew about U1 for years.

That is a serious charge if proven. The documents that we read about it are damning so we wouldn't be surprised it was true.

af86e6 No.3797


(hugs Jewish bro because that's what a humble Christian would do)

I think we're all going to be alright in the end. The evil people don't have anything to do with what either of us believe or who we are.

177244 No.3798


Well right now I am just going to go cry myself to sleep because I feel like shit and it feels like everything I thought has crashed down on my head.

cdc901 No.3799



Stop roasting him, he just woke up. Let him think

b6603d No.3800


I assume, someone just tried to shun you from the board. I can't see their post, because I apparently filtered him out. If it helps at all, I would like you to stay.

522904 No.3801


Remember, no matter what you find, the sun rises tomorrow.

e49ee0 No.3802


Anon please understand that you were lied to. You can't blame yourself for the spell that tricks the entire globe almost. Welcome to reality, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

160d1a No.3803


Determining justice and punishing the whole for the sins of the few is not in your prerogative and I sure as shit wouldn’t want that responsibility. That only perpetuates the sort of shit (((they))) encourage: revenge, retaliation, murder

522904 No.3804


Because you're the literal definition of a snowflake who doesn't belong on the Internet Hate Machine.

93ea40 No.3806

File: 4885d0e7ee35642⋯.jpg (57.95 KB, 533x491, 533:491, Tunnel_Worm.jpg)


Would it have anything to do with this nuclear powered tunneling machine?

e49ee0 No.3807

Not sure if I'll make it staying awake till 740 posts

Any Baker around? - I have nice batter for you

522904 No.3809


Bullshit, newfag.

Israel as a whole's only road to redemption is admitting the Holocaust was a tool used to promote Zionism. Zionism must be eliminated from the world. Zionists prosecuted the Orthodox Jews, Zionists manipulated economies, Zionists caused the last 16 years of war in the US.

2e993f No.3810


Jeff Sessions has allegedly been tied to the uranium 1 scandal for more than twent years. In both Alabama where he oversaw it, as well as the state of Arkansas.

We don't doubt that Trump knows this.

6bcfc9 No.3811


Does this beast have a name?

522904 No.3812



Kill yourself. No proof offering namefag.

c4343e No.3814


Enough… we've a job to do.

Hurting folk who don't know how to be Volk does not help. If you can't be polite at this point, at least have the grace to be silent.

177244 No.3815


I now know who they worship more than you could ever imagine. I speak read and write Hebrew and God is One. BUt remember the Mirro Q posted about. THink about that. The Mirror. It has a very deep meaning in Hebrew. It is an esoteric 'image' a reflection. As above so below. But reversed is perversion. It is the opposite of God. Total Opposite. It is perverse. You can give it a name but words can never fully capture the true essence of exactly what they worship.

160d1a No.3816


(((They))) and who (((they))) worship want you as defiled as the fallen one. It’s literally the only option he has left on his head board. Corrupt as many as possible before Judgement.

96c69c No.3817

All Jews to Madagascar, all of them, even the crying ones because you can't trust the possessed.

Just imagine what the victims of Bolsheviks felt as they were horribly tortured, slaughtered and photographs were used to incriminate more innocent people.

I don't condone killing because that will only transfer the possessed spirit, but I do condone quarantine and let nature take its course.

268b57 No.3818


Funny, the lOGO on that thing looks like the olympic flame and rings

522904 No.3821


I'm sorry to hurt your feelings on the internet hate machine newfag.


I'll take reparations like they did to Germany in WW1 and let the Palestinians retake their homeland.

52a498 No.3825


And on the flipside their perversion is mirrored by those they hypnotize/brainwash/control. Pun intended.

af86e6 No.3826


Insider anon, just had a thought - is the Dept of Energy wound up around the U1 mess? Haven't seen their name kicked around, but they are up to their teeth in all sorts of "projects" that the public doesn't know much about, and have the same amount of legal firepower that the I.R.S. has.

All these damn agencies need a serious wing-clipping - they have more muscle than they need. Redefinition & reorg for 21st century is in order.

e49ee0 No.3827


Go on Anon, share with us some stories of the evil you know so well, yet only met recently…

a8e690 No.3829

File: 6bb7a90b27d825c⋯.png (667.65 KB, 1189x1087, 1189:1087, Intuitive Creative Power.png)

File: f6e3539afef5507⋯.png (3.96 MB, 2769x2769, 1:1, The Great Wall Of Trump.png)

File: 0c6d0b930352752⋯.png (3.92 MB, 2500x2500, 1:1, IN A LIGHTER KEY.png)

File: b89aa68083e14c2⋯.png (3.87 MB, 2243x3637, 2243:3637, P EPIKEK I.png)

Haio! Kermit thee Frog here!

86bef7 No.3830


Probably. VQC said this >>3325 earlier on…

160d1a No.3832


So you’re proposing what exactly, dumbfag? Specifically with our recently awaken friend? You sound like a shill because your aim is at such a large target that you appear to be aiming away from the targets we can actually hit: waking people the fuck up and not murdering them for what family they were born into as if you had that authority in the first place

a8e690 No.3833


that's cute and all but I am the Monkey King.


What does A stand for?

Something Quantum.

52a498 No.3834


gallagher nice! I will pray for you desu. These posts are worrisome to me anon. U ok?

cac3ad No.3835

So it´s true Q migrated to doublechan or is this just a nice attempt to get the investigation going without the appearance of fucking shills?

If so, oldfag from CBTS 90+ here, can anyone give me a quick rundown what you´re working on since approximatly November 24? I´m willing to help gladfully

93ea40 No.3837


Hey, you are right, and what is that 2012 ?

I know this pic is at least 4 years old.

6597ec No.3839


Anything of relevance here? The whole article seems a bit fishy to me, I'm sorry y'all If I'm not keeping up but I'm hungover lol

e49ee0 No.3841


All =a

a8e690 No.3842


I've had a professional psychological evaluation and I am A-Ok.

I was just a little depressed because the leftists were getting at me.

And I'm suing the fuck out of them. ;)

2e993f No.3843


Q has confirmed many times the Department of Energy and Department of State are the most heavily involved.

V Anon (this poster) confirms the same thing. And you say a clean sweep.

We say more or less their abolition.

Splitting the whole thing in two clean military chopped pieces, due to everyone who approved the deal.

86bef7 No.3844


Check here >>44

522904 No.3845


I'm setting the goalposts precisely where I want them to be when this is all over.

One thing you won't ever be able to accuse me of is moving them.

I don't care if they're recently 'awakened' the sad jew routine does not change what Israels path to redemption is. Which is renouncing Zionism, coming clean on the Holohoax, and paying reparations, MINIMALLY to the Palestinians whom they have MURDERED for DECADES.

I can tell you're new and have never seen the israeli forces sniping Palestinian children on the playground. Kill yourself you ignorant fuck.

96d6f6 No.3846

Insider anon, its interesting to me that Frank Giustra owns lionsgate.

The company Q said to research, Rizvi Management, invests in Summit entertainment, which is owned by Lionsgate.

160d1a No.3847


Well, I’ve experienced it and seen it so I don’t need a name for it. But we share the same language so we can still name it and share the same feels about the depths of its meaning. Interesting point about the mirror though. This is why it’s important you woke up. You can translate enemy language easier and you’re able to access the enemy camp metaphysically. Pray for what your calling is. You have a purpose in this life

a8e690 No.3848


Take it a step further…

What is a train?

Who leads it?

Who was The Apprentice?

Why is they called Towers?

What's the relation to Tesla?

Think… think…

52a498 No.3850


KK where do you buy this stuff? I dunno why but these posts irk me to the umpteenth degree and don't contribute anything useful whatsoever. Perhaps its time for bed. Good night good anons. I look forward to juicy posts in the mornin.

a58d6a No.3852






a8e690 No.3854


I love when you glowing niggers confirm our high energy.

268b57 No.3855


Do you know where original pic is from?

595ab3 No.3857


He's gonna come to us, obviously.

15b660 No.3858

File: f1745b73368386c⋯.jpg (42.27 KB, 224x274, 112:137, 1238782767659.jpg)


Excellent stuff, anon!!

4bea55 No.3859


Asteroid 2017 U1

>This unusual object – for now designated A/2017 U1 – is less than a quarter-mile (400 meters) in diameter and is moving remarkably fast. Astronomers are urgently working to point telescopes around the world and in space at this notable object. Once these data are obtained and analyzed, astronomers may know more about the origin and possibly composition of the object.


2e993f No.3861

Jeff Sessions oversaw hearings about all these criminal actions, including the Uranium side of things….going back to 1980.


He is part of the illegal scheme.

And like they said, took kickbacks and apparently even looked the other way if all facts are examined.

e49ee0 No.3862


This poster is not IDF shooting children for fun. He is a Anon who just came to a horrible truth. The Internet Hate Machine exists to keep these truths you speak of alive and when Anons come to you crushed by the redpill you have to not be jaded enough to accept an Anon who accepts it.

If you dont we both have to hang ourselves with our Ethernet cables you stupid double nigger

160d1a No.3865


Cool story. Good luck wielding that sword of vengeance. Let me know when it gets heavy.

522904 No.3866


>hang ourselves with our Ethernet cables you stupid double nigger

Agreed, everybody who is predicting things without evidence needs to agree to the ethernet suicide pact.


Kill yourself.

52a498 No.3867


stop embarrassing yourself. They don't want me i'm too pure. but some of them admire that quality in me and let me live for now. was told I was a useful idiot lolol. true story. aw heck I wish I had something juicy to post but I'm to sleepy. gnight anons.

6f8888 No.3869


Article is 404 now

160d1a No.3870


Even funnier the second time you say it. At what point did your butt hurt the most?

e49ee0 No.3872


I'm not making predictions or presenting you anything that needs evidence to accept. I'm speaking to you from the heart about the reality of these things. You want Israelis to stop shooting children in parks? Accept people who come to the horrifying conclusion and when they say 'wow you're right'. Don't dance around and lord it over them like a egotistical fucking turbo faggot. You are no worse than a Namefag pretending to have ABC level clearance on the most recent raid on your mothers cock

160d1a No.3874


Btw- I never said I didn’t believe those things about Zionism. I just don’t believe it’s my authority to “send them all to Madagascar” or kill them or whatever the fuck the moronanon who is so butthurt is suggesting

522904 No.3875


Typical Jewish Strawman. Complain about the weight of swords when the truth weighs nothing.


Are you white knighting, here, really?

And there was no raid on my mother, she gives it freely, your dad's aware.

Carry on newfag, and stay assmad.

93ea40 No.3876


Just found it on fb in 2013

2e993f No.3877


Yes, we already know the answer don't we.

Uranium 1 leads to Nine Eleven directly.

Direct energy attack on the Towers.

The sabotage of The Apprentice shows.

Swift explosion destroying both sky scrapers and WT7 allegedly within hours.

All financed by Barrick Gold…..

160d1a No.3878



96c69c No.3880

File: 8766848891b81b3⋯.jpg (21.84 KB, 200x301, 200:301, Rama_copy.jpg)


This book keeps coming to mind and considering the author is pederast I'm going to say he's a Zionist that helped push the "illuminati's final playing card are aliens" - Werner von Braun

>Rendezvous with Rama is a science fiction novel by British writer Arthur C. Clarke first published in 1973. Set in the 2130s, the story involves a 50-kilometre (31 mi) cylindrical alien starship that enters Earth's solar system. The story is told from the point of view of a group of human explorers who intercept the ship in an attempt to unlock its mysteries. The novel won both the Hugo[4] and Nebula[5] awards upon its release, and is regarded as one of the cornerstones in Clarke's bibliography. The concept was later extended with several sequels.

b6603d No.3881

Okay, eyes are getting heavy for me as well. Time to get going. Thanks all for a incredible day of digging/meming and redpilling.

Tip of my hat to you Insider. I have no idea who the hell you are, but whenever I see your posts; I am going to visualize you are a grizzly, old jarhead with a platoon jacket, wearing a beret while chewing on a cigar! lol Thanks for the crumbs!

e49ee0 No.3882


kek I guess I am white knighting. I get emotional when im tired. Even end up with a softspot for kikes. Should get some rest.

83bef1 No.3883

595ab3 No.3885


Thanks, good stuff

cac3ad No.3886

oldfag from CBTS 90+ here, can anyone give me a quick rundown what you´re working on since approximatly November 24? I´m willing to help gladfully

522904 No.3887


Hey, I just want to make sure that History is corrected. That's all I ask. My non talmud worshiping kikes are not at the top of my particular list, I just want History to be written how it actually was.

ca54a3 No.3888

File: 4accfcfa85c8bc8⋯.jpg (72.15 KB, 677x628, 677:628, ScreenShot_015.jpg)

File: 803bb2fc9d32e54⋯.jpg (99.15 KB, 970x623, 970:623, ScreenShot_014.jpg)

File: fccf6078ae8dc2d⋯.jpg (10.35 KB, 526x85, 526:85, ScreenShot_013.jpg)


No. I meant THESE parts of the document.

What are ELF electomagnetic emissions and PROJECT SANGUINE which apparently overwhelm people's frame of reference and produce gross transformations in metal equlibrium?

160d1a No.3889


Haha I’m Jewish now? You’re paranoid and butthurt. You know someone’s an actual newfag when the newfag card is the first card they play.

e49ee0 No.3890


I respect that more than anything else.

595ab3 No.3891


We're trying to get everyone to migrate here already, lots of stragglers. Q will be dropping crumbs here since halfchan is infiltrated. Tons of people don't even know we are here or how to get here. Sad!

f05e3e No.3892

There is an Elephant Island and a Rothschild island off Antartica

If you scroll down you will see a list of islands south of 60 degrees that reads like Who's Who list and includes a coronation island


522904 No.3893


If Zyklon B wasn't so expensive I'd consider it for you, but all you get is the rope, the helicopters broken.

1768a1 No.3894


You present some good rabbit holes re Munk, Giustra, Podesta et al. Then you shill garbage disinfo sites like beforeitsnews.com and wnd.com. And use archived re-posted AJ video from a year ago with no reference to MEU@Langley as 'proof' it happened. Poor legal knowledge and small mistakes with English language could indicate foreign disinfo agent.

Could be a shill, could be just a fuckup. If you're really that close to the top, we're all in trouble.

160d1a No.3896


Do something useful and dig or shut the fuck up.

ca54a3 No.3897

File: 5466a7c48e884fc⋯.jpg (89.95 KB, 969x548, 969:548, ScreenShot_009.jpg)


Ack, meant to attach this re the recommended LASER ATTACK in last post

cac3ad No.3899


to be honest, it´s a great filter. I myself browsed the breads and found 8ch mentioned, so I migrated here.

The dumbfucks and shills don´t have to know what we are doing here. Is bookman here? NightBaker I saw already. Leaf bro? Topolanon? Those are the guys that matter

50bec3 No.3900

94866d No.3902


That was an interesting re-read. In the context of Q, he gives us a lot of answers.

f5b14c No.3903


Please Explain

86bef7 No.3904


Do you know anything about the Tech used for such an Attack? Are you aware of a good link you could pass on to me?

fa3844 No.3905




(((zionist))) to create false flag ayy lmao to introduce bible predictive programming confirmation?

fedora tip atheist becomes new christfag ayylmao edition?

sounds about right

e49ee0 No.3906

OP has to sleep, Anyone mind if i make bread 100 posts early & some kind anon can post links at end of this bread (750 is post limit)

af86e6 No.3907


>We say more or less their abolition.


>Splitting the whole thing in two clean military chopped pieces, due to everyone who approved the deal.

I like the sound of that plan. Wish I could materially help. Just know that people are pulling for you hard, and more people are seeing this stuff clearly by the minute.

The curious have been digging for a long time.

93ea40 No.3908

File: 168a005f04ceb6f⋯.jpg (32.57 KB, 611x319, 611:319, HilAlien.jpg)


I've always figured aliens would be their final playing card.

e49ee0 No.3909

Ill leave pastebin batter here too so formatting is easy for your next OP

2e993f No.3910


Hahaha are you done now!??!

We all make typos.

By the way, that is untrue about beforeitsnews.

Sometimes it has news that is *just* as good as real news.

And just like with Infowars, you take the good with the bad. This is about the "information" all on its own, anons….

It was never about the source of that information.

I don't watch "Jones" or anyone else for their other tidbits.

But on the Langley CIA raid, they got it 100% accurate.


83bef1 No.3913

96d6f6 No.3914


Black eagle trust fund

86bef7 No.3916



83bef1 No.3917


My pleasure.

595ab3 No.3918



2e993f No.3919



Storm it by force, like we took the CIA not long ago.

It's not too hard to figure out.

Just got to make sure the other side is blind.

cac3ad No.3921

We need to focus on Q´s statements more again…

We does he keep signing with "Godspeed"?

I have a feeling we not yet decoded that part, and it is esential.

595ab3 No.3922

Why were there so many shills and bots on 4chan and they allowed that? Crazy

Aren't you guys glad to be somewhere without them now? So much better.

94866d No.3923

d95a41 No.3924


refrence to the 4chan prophecy

6bcfc9 No.3925

File: a40fa8089bdf3d8⋯.jpg (72.7 KB, 625x434, 625:434, 2022bm.jpg)

93ea40 No.3926


I'm telling you guys, the last Q drop was about us moving out on Teatter about this.

on RED_1 and RED _2

Why are we not talking about this.

They need us to prime the pump.

2e993f No.3927


You are closer now.

Black Eagle in its own merger with Barrick Gold paid for the whole thing. Front to back. We would propose Peter Munk is involved in that whole aspect, in a top-down fashion.

Black Eagle is then linked to all the main financiers. The Silversteins, Black Pope and the rest of the Islamic "minor" actors….

93ea40 No.3929


How can anybody not understand this

We are in a religious war.

All our answers come from sacred texts today.

We are seeing it happen all around us now.

We, here, US are a major factor in it all too.

83bef1 No.3930

We're not supposed to be here>>https://8ch.net/pol/index.html Right?

2e993f No.3931


I also have a personal disdain for Gordon Duff, George Webb, Veteranstoday and all the shills at veteranstoday.

Veteranstoday is 100% disinfo.

But when they get something correct, we link to that.

It is about information only.

Sources are irrelevant. Stick to the facts of the information. They knew it was a directed energy blast, they also knew the players involved at the Department of Energy……Correct?


e49ee0 No.3932


Correct, that board is a very 'pure' board. Seldom do new visitors not get banned with out lurking their culture for extended periods of time.

e82dc4 No.3934


Inauthentic and homosexual

83bef1 No.3935


OK. Thanks… Just checking.

83bef1 No.3937


I dislike Duff, too. Preston James seems to have his shit together. And once in a while, they do get it right if you know how to read between the line, which Duff is good at drawing.

ca54a3 No.3938



Can we have some with H and the electromagnetic attack recommended to used to stop voters going out and make them feel disorientated?

595ab3 No.3939


Yeah, we are for here.

cac3ad No.3942


It matches incredibly well to what Q is trying to lead us towards… It´s frightening tbh.

Shall we dig into Ivanka trump? Kushner?

595ab3 No.3943


>Shall we dig into Ivanka trump? Kushner?


6bcfc9 No.3944


That one might be kinda hard to pull off

a70941 No.3945



Trump is controlled by kushner, the jew son in law.

Kushner is controlled by ???


and (((they))) are controlled by?

tl;dr - trump is a puppet of ? i'm seeing red.

2e993f No.3946


Back to the rabbit trail.

The CIA controls everything. Why?


Why is that relevant to Barrick Gold/Black Eagle and the kickbacks paid to Kushner?

How long have Barrick Gold and Black Eagle been in business together?

Does that prove the inter-relationship between them all and nine eleven?

Were many of them culpable in nine eleven that you don't even know of yet?

Does exposing Uranium 1 lead straight to nine eleven……?

Is this the real reason nearly no prosecutors are attaching their name to this?

Or are refusing to touch it with a 10 foot pole..?

93ea40 No.3949


I would not take that too far.

He knows they would make him their first fall guy too.

I'm sure he is getting his head out of that noose right now in all these MI works.

ca54a3 No.3954


Tis tricky. Aliens are good bc it's funny af.

Could do something with her eyes as lasers tho. Just an idea.

2e993f No.3957


Kusher wasn't "as bad" as the rest of the deep state, but he's still bribed up the ying yang.

He was paid a nice dividend.

Why is this relevant?

Who's managing that part of Black Eagle and Barrick Gold?

e49ee0 No.3959

File: a66232fc257fced⋯.jpg (63.3 KB, 480x649, 480:649, Strong arms of Canada.jpg)

Migrate when this one locks - >>3947

Goodnight Anon.

(Threads lock at 750 we're 644/750)

6bcfc9 No.3961

Speaking of Kush, what the hell is the significance of that building, besides its address?

4ce4ff No.3963


God night anon..

83bef1 No.3964

7499df No.3965


Scavino also posted '+++' on his facebook post back last August 6th.


453ae4 No.3966

File: 6f121da536cceb3⋯.png (756.34 KB, 834x625, 834:625, Russia-Eagle.png)



Some great articles about double headed eagle and more:


ca54a3 No.3967


Goodnight baker, sleep well.

86bef7 No.3968

Fuck me! I am so frustrated by this CIA related stuff. Looking into the past, present and future is supposed to reveal the CIA's position, purpose and plan, in/for this World?

There must be some sort of Logical answer/explanation. We must have seen it in Movies, in Television, in Books. I bet we know the answer(s) already, but don't know how to articulate the answer(s) ACCURATELY!!!

fa3844 No.3969


This far in and you are going to bring up the Trump is working for (((them))) meme?

Thought you were better then this tripfaggot.

2e993f No.3970

>> 3959

Keep those answers coming, Anon.

There's only two prosecutors other than the military who will be seeing this case through to the end. The reasons are all very serious, and succinct.

Barrick Gold, as well as the board of directors were linked directly to Nine Eleven deployed attack.

On September 11, 2001.

Uranium 1 is directly tied into that.

Taking care of Uranium 1 forces nine eleven into the "trial" spotlight.

Now the question is why?

Who benefit most of all?

Was Peter Munk heavily involved?




This was the two-pronged attack that forever changed American history….

6bcfc9 No.3971

File: da40019765f4b4e⋯.jpg (138.06 KB, 841x500, 841:500, 2023or.jpg)

dd1c56 No.3972


Why are you using +++?

I understood that was to be the signal that the corrupt princes of KSA were about to be arrested, and that has already happened.

Is there another meaning?

83bef1 No.3973

I turn into a pumpkin soon, so I have to call it a night.

Stay safe, keep sane, and don't let the bastards rob you of your sense of humor!

Goodnight, Fags.

aa63b3 No.3976


The answer is simple:


Enslavement by the enemy.

Seek the Truth and Righteousness of Almighty YaH through His ben Yahushua.

df4a12 No.3980


The ONLY way to remove yourself from that system is by creating your own Notice/Recording (Claim/Contract).

Prior to doing this, as I have mentioned, it is vital to understand the two different political state of affairs here in America and how contracts work in relation to these systems.

For instance, someone went to court and was claiming they are not subject to the jurisdiction of the claim being made and that actor as judge asked him if he has any Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) on him and he pulled out a dollar bill and showed the judge.

What happened?

–The judge ruled against him


–Once he made "use" of that FRN, he was accepting a benefit in that state of affairs which is governed by federal statutory law which the FRN is associated with a private international law form based upon the Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.).

What political system is Bitcoins, etc., registered under?

–If it is a registered company within the United States, then it is subject to the "law of the flag" of that state of affairs.

Now, what if that man said to the judge that he doesn't have any FRNs?

–The judge would have to find something else to induce/trick him into traversing.

What if the judge ordered the bailiff to search that man and FRNs were found on his possession?

–Well, if he doesn't know how to stand and avoid attaching himself by immediately rebutting the legal presumption that he is receiving a benefit/privilege of that private "fiat" currency, then again the court would rule against him.

Because the entire system has been built around us in such a way that it is impossible to not be "compelled" to using such things as FRNS, there has to be a remedy or else what we have is involuntary servitude (slavery) and that is against their law via the 14th Amendment which is a restriction upon them.

I am careful how much I am going to say here because it is vital people understand these systems and then the contracts involved and then how to overcome volunteering our consent to attach to a duty based upon their foreign statutory law.

Therefore, I know most people want a silver-bullet and I wish I can provide this, but I know all too well that this knowledge involves a careful examination of how this all works. Plus, if I give a solution to a particular problem and someone thinks they can run with the ball, so to speak, and then enter into a court based upon an arrest or a summons, that judge is trained in contract law and they have a bag of tricks they use to get people to volunteer their consent whether it is by agreement (signature, silence or use) or by threats, complaining, or arguing and thus, they can quickly find themselves in jail for contempt of court over something as minor as a parking ticket.

I must be forthright in sharing the pitfalls because I do not want people to injure themselves.

86bef7 No.3985


What kind of life do you lead once removing yourself from the system?

Do you have a home to live in?

What food do you eat?

What water do you drink?

Do you have access to Energy/Power?

Do you have access to communications?

How are you on the internet right now?

Do you have a credit card?



f05e3e No.3987

This a reply to earlier posting of this,

I read VT occasionally and there is usually some good leads in their articles, but regarding the video of the Pentex Fire: That don't look right! Directed Energy weapon? Looks like fire coming from outside the picture into it.

Who did that? If HGWB was initiating an investigation into it because Clinton wouldn't, "for the good of the country " why was the evidence blown up? If it was an unusual weapon, who would have clearance to use it?

All members of the investigation team that are named, are dead, the death of John O'neil particularly unjust. He was investigating terrorism in the Mideast against our troops, specifically Osama bin Laden. He left the FBI because of roadblocks put up by his own agency in the investigation of the 1993 twin towers bombing and the USS Cole. He was hired as Head of Security for the Twin Towers by Securacom in 2001 and started his first day of work on 911. After leaving the building safely, he went back in to save others and died there.

Now considering the fact that he was investigating the terrorists that supposedly did 911, and he died on 911, that's a whole lot of coincidence.

Who sat on the board of Securacom pre-911? add one more coincidence

The claims about how the nukes were obtained? Yeah, that sounds about right.

How it went down, not so much


It doesn't fit-just makes more questions


cac3ad No.3988

Ok… I think I found something out… This gave me thrills and it shivers myself.



We have to assume Illuminati is acutally a thing. Illuminate and the global Elite. Ok, are you with me?

Let´s go on in the next post

dd1c56 No.3992


I'd love to see that.

Maybe some would be more careful before sliming a fine gentleman.

2e993f No.3997


Nobody is going to investigate that.

Anon, think bigger. It cuts across all parties. Across both party lines and people know it.

Clinton/Bush/ONeill all were involved, they wouldn't ever bother to investigate. Even the FBI was involved.

Direct Energy weapon blasts were absolutely used. There was traces of nuclear thermite.

They proved it could never happen from some fire. It was a thermitic explosion, that is essentially a fact.

And it may have indeed been directed by a direct energy device at full power.

cac3ad No.4011



while reading through your post, it became blatantly obvious that FBI anon and Q are basically talking about the EXACT SAME STUFF. There is a fight going on currently between the dark side and the good side and we are in between. What FBI Anon announced here:


is almost identically replicated by post dating back to 2008


While reading both of these threads and information, something came to my mind, and it goes and in hand with our happenings right now, and in a precise way, it´s thrilling:

Let me explain

1. This reddit post contains a link towards a thread on a board, which is saved here

http://archive.is/vT0FQ (Part 1)

http://archive.is/nfZvW (Part 2)

http://archive.is/dzjll (Part 3)

http://archive.is/FhXL5 (Part 4)

Reading these, you think you´re in a bad movie, yet I recommend it to you to read all 4 pages.

A short tl;dr:

- the Thread title is named "head of the illuminati"

- in this thread a user called "babablacksheep" claims to be a high tier member of the illuminati brotherhood

- he gives some insight on the NWO and happenings in the future

- gives an insight who might be the head of the illuminati

>I´ll cite an answer towards a photo he posted in this thread:

"And is that Donald and Ivana Trump's daughter on his left?

But who is the other guy?"

Well you guessed it already, the other guy was Jared Kushner

Notice, this was in 2008 (!!!)


6bcfc9 No.4015


Poses the question, directed from where? The Boeing laser aircraft? Satellite? Antarctica?

86bef7 No.4017


Would a Direct Energy Device capable of that level of destruction need to be space-based?

86bef7 No.4019


LOL! Yes. Exactly the question I'm thinking of.

fa3844 No.4024

File: e18dc15ec912b35⋯.png (62.67 KB, 701x500, 701:500, proofs.png)

So this is how Q has the same tripcode

and please oldfag do not beat me because you already knew this information.

p-please senpai dont beat me

ca54a3 No.4026

File: 4119af004c49ac0⋯.jpg (11.56 KB, 596x397, 596:397, image004.jpg)




I'm looking into the Benenton Group leak. Very interesting that Joel Benenton (CEO) was Senior Strategist for the Hillary election campaign.

He features in the Podesta and DNC emails (Wikileaks). There are pdf attachments with letterhead that match the leaked document. Digging…

86bef7 No.4027

I'm so confused though still, at the most basic level of understanding. I have just recently gone back to questioning whether or not we're even in Space. I watch all these videos of NASA falsifying footage, Bermuda Triangle being a "Rocket/Shuttle graveyard," and the biggest issue is that I can believe it ALL! Which, in a way, means that I can't believe anything. FML!

ca54a3 No.4030


Benenson Strategy Group

Joel Benenson


Joel Benenson features in The Podesta and DNC Wikileaks emails as being a large part of the election campaign.


Some attachments he has sent to Hilary's team feature the same letter head as leaked 'alien' documents https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/13802

d03a5c No.4031

File: 9f8485e39b4ced8⋯.png (1.56 MB, 962x876, 481:438, pkekbar broadcast.png)

Stick a fork in (((them))).

(((they))) begged for (((it))).

Evil always wants to convince you that you have to invite and accept (((them))).




ca54a3 No.4032


Did you use one # or ##? I used ## the same as half and got a different trip here.

fa3844 No.4033


I used one #

and Q used one #

a single !

means one #

>ah ah ah

ca54a3 No.4034


Verrry nice. Very. Well done.

6bcfc9 No.4036


Hillary just had that small interview the other day where she was talking about "if she was president on Earth 2" and during that interview, she said they had been looking for "it" and they think they may have found "it". Around the same time, news reports start popping up about a huge "asteroid" that is elongated and making its way through our solar system.

If John McCain is sending signals with his boot and nothing is a coincidence… well, you get the idea.

fa3844 No.4037


th-thank you senpai ;o

a58d6a No.4038

ca54a3 No.4042


Excellent, saved. Thanks. That's a big thing sorted desu. Big big thing. Now we just need to find a way to search trip.

595ab3 No.4043


Thanks for proving the Q trip is real friend

86bef7 No.4044


Google: pallavicini

6313cd No.4045


yes, i recall reading a while ago that there is a court that tried the Queen for such crimes, though i can't remember if it was in Canada. let me know if you want some research on this.

cac3ad No.4048


This is the first time that the FBI anon and the guy from the past are speaking of the same person, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

The author of the thread claims Trump not to be part of the illuminati, but instead his daughter will be involved by several plans for the NWO!

I´ll cite the FBI anon from April 2017

>A: Not directly but through his kids they have him. Kushner is bad news. Him and Ivanka are full blown globalist and on board the NWO plan. This extends to satanic and occult practices. Him purchasing 666 building is no coincidence. Expect to hear more from him as time goes by. Man behind the curtain

The thread in 2008 then continues to investigate about Jared Kushner, and some ties to satanism are found.

However, babablacksheep denies him being the head of the illuminati later on


Again the author gives a hint

>"Also, if you notice Richard Branson's kids are very good friends with the two Princes of England, so they are totally one with the Royal Family and it's like one social group.


>Do you remember when Q hinted towards investigating the Queen of England???


The author goes on

"Project Blue Beam is not designed to 'trick people' into thinking it is real like some people think. Instead, it turns the whole world into Entertainment and the idea is just to 'market' the new world religion like you were marketing Star Wars. They are planning to just make it an entertainment thing that people buy or watch for fun like they would The Simpsons or Star Wars or The Matrix, but it will use real people as Divine Figures."

>do you spot any parallels with today? speaking of fake news? speaking of virtual reality? speaking of basically knowledge been taken out of our hands by centralising the knowledge to one platform… the internet, consisting of google and facebook


>Speaking of Facebook

The author explains further

"The real head who I work for is someone who no one has ever heard of and he's incredibly, incredibly bizarre. He is in some stuff on the internet, but it's really strange shit.

So for example, the real head is also a boy genius who is from New Jersey and is Jewish and went to Harvard…

I know that the Head of the Illuminati, they want him to be very prominent by November, 2010, which is about 2 year time frame."

>Who could you think of being jewish, born in new jersey, went to harvard, apparently rather young…

Zuckerberg? young guy, jewish yeah, and he went to harvard, but he wasn´t born in Jersey, no?

>Zuckerberg announced he would donate a big amount of his revenue for charity… and donated 100 Million Dollar to !!New Jersey!! in the year… 2010


ca54a3 No.4049


There's not a thread up on half just now. One archived a short while ago. Good anon spreading the word and shill dealing.

Maybe someone can make a thread with this as the image?

6313cd No.4050


all the stories were that she survived the crash and was killed at the hospital . . . so, what VQC is saying is definitely possible.

these royals are satanic and superstitious to a large degree; they may not have wanted the bad karma shit.

but would love either more facts to hunt down or proof!

6313cd No.4052


NO. we can actually get some work done here now. those who need to be here will find us. no ads.

595ab3 No.4053


That would be really good. You should let people know everything is legit and they can come over because we know Q posts are real.

ca54a3 No.4054


e9ce8a No.4056


^this. If they know we're still going on another board they'll A) figure it out and come here B) not figure it out, have to be brought here, cause a commotion and bring shills with them.

fa3844 No.4057



So we are to listen to this faggot because he thinks VQC is legit?

Are you serious?

You can't be serious..


>1 post from this id

the token ^this shill

the faggot who agrees with the other faggot automatically

6313cd No.4058


yes, exactly. we had many discussions about this yesterday/last night and we decided to let them find us . . . it was amazingly peaceful and we got a TON of work done and we were able to dialogue w/ AnonInsider for hours. Do NOT advertise where we are. They ruined 4chan and they'll try to ruin us again here. I don't want to spend all day filtering shills.

fa3844 No.4059



Post that image up at half chan anon

All hands on deck.

ca54a3 No.4060


It's heaven in here. Really.

Fam will find their way as you say.

I won't post.

fa3844 No.4061


How come a faggot like you appears just now?

Should have posted Yesterday if you wanted the rep faggot.

Nice try.

6313cd No.4062


i have no idea if Diana is alive or dead. my mind is open enough to entertain the possibility. why isn't yours? these people are scum, they would do anything . . . why not a sham D funeral to get her out of the way?

0537d0 No.4063

File: a2c2a8ec0c6f76a⋯.jpg (2.22 MB, 3468x4320, 289:360, GameOverSatanWins.jpg)

This took me forever to make, and it's not that good. But maybe it'll spark an idea. I dunno.

fa3844 No.4065


Look at this faggot, running the thought about Princess Diana being alive still?

You can't possibly be fucking serious guy.

595ab3 No.4066


Im so sorry, I got banned. Someone else would have to. Thank you for testing it though and if I get unbanned I would post it. Seems like most people are coming over though and would see it.

e9ce8a No.4067


This isn't my first fucking post on this board.. Considering your name/tripfagging for no reason. Those anons on 4 are wrong about Q but they're right about shitters messing up the chans. you should really keep your mouth shut and ditch your name/trip. I know i'm not the first to tell you that.

cac3ad No.4069



The author goes on…

"Yes that is why we must all turn our eyes to the Hero of the Planet who is a man of true heart. What a man of courage and steel and conviction.

Not got it all yet?

Yes, you haven't. You will only get it when you realize the world is an epic battle between two forces, of selfish and selflessness and they are the Two Forces who will fight the battle to the end of time itself.

>What is happening right now? Trump, Q, CIA, NSA…. ANY PARALLELS???


Zuckerberg might be the head of the illuminati. Q and Trump trying to fight the good fight against the brotherhood iluminati.




Please try to take me serious. I take each of Q´s hints into consideration, and they all only add up even more. Q tried to hint us towards illuminati Symbols over and over.

And this post from the past predicts the happening in such an accuracy, that it´s absolutley shocking.

Take that for a punch in the stomach even furhter:




6313cd No.4070


btw, yesterday i had filtered VQC bec. i thought he/she was a shill from the 4 chan posts . . . after he got a trip, he started coming through again. NightBaker posted to him saying he hadn't quite yet made up his mind about his legitimacy . . . he seems nuts at times and yet offers interesting info at others. That said, I didn't filter him again w/ his trip . . . I have no idea if he's legit or not. I'm still listening . . .

fa3844 No.4071


Yeah, I'm in the same boat

Hopefully someone posts it over there


Okay faggot, way to post about Princess fucking Diana

I'm sure that was part of the Questions wasn't it?

Run along faggot.

e9ce8a No.4072


WTF are you talking about responding to me about diana.. reread what i said and DO it

fa3844 No.4073


Dumbass, I have been saying VQC is full of shit since halfchan

No fucking lurkers take that trip seriously

Now fuck off faggot you just confirmed you're full of shit

6313cd No.4074


why can't you allow others to sort out information on their own? why all the name calling? take a breath and leave us alone to work. just bec. you have trip doesn't mean you're special here.

fa3844 No.4075


Nah you're the same faggot working with this other faggot >>4070

You appear just to confirm his notion of not bringing in the rest of the eyes

0537d0 No.4076

OMFG. This fucking thread is ALREADY turning into a cat-herding session.

Thank GOD the military is already ahead on all this stuff.. if they were counting on us to not sit around and bitch, fight, call names, and generally act like autistic screeching faggots, we'd be totally fucked.

fa3844 No.4078


Name fucking calling?

Are you serious faggot?

Look at your post history it's bullshit confirming more bullshit >>4072

You two are typical shit for brains faggots running the same bullshit from halfchan

Eat shit

e9ce8a No.4080


well, i'm telling you to ditch it now and that's it. You're gonna catch grief for it in the future and i want you to remember this (and the other people who have told you by now, i'm sure)

86bef7 No.4081



81c43a No.4082

File: 0658b260a044392⋯.jpg (53.03 KB, 480x268, 120:67, bookofthelive.jpg)


Saved. What's the source on these bottom right numbers?

fa3844 No.4083



Guy, these two faggots are trying to run a racket to not inform the rest in halfchan, relax.


e49dc0 No.4084


I just wanted to put-out a huge "thank you" for everyone involved in transitioning the CBTS thread information into 8ch. I know this work is time consuming and sometimes frustrating, but you're doing incredible work that serves to inform the public.

Thank you again and god bless everyone.

729071 No.4085

Peter Munk was Co-Founder of FIJI Water w/ David Gilmore —> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Gilmour_(businessman)

David Gilmore was Co-Founder of Barrik Gold.

Barrick Gold is a large donor to the Clition-Guistra Enterprise Partnership of U1 infamy. —> http://cgepartnership.com/media/faqs/

fa3844 No.4086


i'm sure faggot

anyone who unironically gives a fuck about a trip in fucking CBTS is a troll or shill faggot. NO ONE FUCKING CARES BECAUSE THE INFORMATION IS WAS MATTERS

what is this going to the the latest in faggotry?

we stay in /cbts/ we don't tripfaggot in 8ch so run along faggot

<Now i'll stop wasting the thread count





Send this image with the others to notify halfchan to get the fuck in here already

e9ce8a No.4088



fucking newfags. better cut and paste your responses to me for when other anons give you shit

a70941 No.4089


>Thank GOD the military is already ahead on all this stuff.

the only solace.

6313cd No.4091


Cathy O'Brian also discussed the elites' human hunting parties. She claims Dick Cheney hunted her and her daughter . . .

86bef7 No.4093


Seriously, don't you think majority of those who should be here, already will be? How many do you imagine are missing out?

fa3844 No.4094


Fuck you idiot, you confirm princess fucking diana? are you fucking serious right now? lurker anon will scroll up read your bullshit, notice your dumbass only shows up to be a faggot and stir away the good news to halfchan.

You really think without all those newfags with eyes on the prize wasn't a good thing? Didn't help expand the fucking story?

Talk about fucking delusion guy

Eat shit faggot

81c43a No.4095


Ease up mate, you've been up for hours raging and swearing, this ain't gonna bode well for you if a difficult situation pops up. Calm down - try reading some sources of spirituality I posted. This applies to everyone, don't lose your integrity, stay cool and sniff your own truth.

e9ce8a No.4096


I never said anything about princess diana, moron

fa3844 No.4097


Need even more anon, the idea is to get all eyes on this information.

More eyes the better.

More people the better.


ca54a3 No.4098

File: c200556c1d2d3a6⋯.png (283.9 KB, 720x544, 45:34, 1511688020945.png)

6313cd No.4100


yes, you. i love the filter option here, i won't have to read your posts anymore. have a great day. while you're stirring up discord, i'll be working. bye.

fa3844 No.4101



Both of you faggots are in the same boat, eat shit

fa3844 No.4102


Yeah have a nice day faggot at (((work)))

e9ce8a No.4104


nvm what I said. It's clear you're too stupid understand how much of an ass you are. Have a nice life

0537d0 No.4105


Well.. someone came to half chan into the CBTS thread and told ME that it had moved. I'd heard it a few times, but thought it was just dis-info from shills trying to get us to leave the thread.

But since there is not a dedicated CBTS site here on 8ch, I guess it's for real, maybe? Or an extremely dark ploy to divide and conquer.

Yes, we want the GOOD people from 4ch.. most of whom are probably already more than frustrated by the antics of the boobs on there.

If we have moderators, then we have people to ban shitposters, shills, and dis-info fags.

Quality is preferred over quantity, with both content AND people.

I'd say that we should, just once in a while, make a tiny mention about this thread. Not in big letters, stars, caps, or anything. Just a small mention of it OR, like I suggested earlier, bury the info into a pastebin of other info with links to THIS thread. I think that would be good, because only SERIOUS people are going to search through information.. the shills are just trying to cause hate and discontent, post stupid shit, etc.

86bef7 No.4107


Just read about the Human Hunting Parties last night for the first time! Made me think of Battle Royale, Hunger Games and Surviving the Game. Freaky shit.

86bef7 No.4108


Fair call I guess.

0537d0 No.4109


Shit, I mean since there _IS_ a dedicated thread on here. Fuck. I just woke up. First cup of coffee. Ugh.

fa3844 No.4111


My point exactly which is why i made those images and this is a new one to prove that Q TRIPCODE IS REAL TRIPCODE

Anyone who disagrees with spreading the truth about Q's tripcode is obviously a faggot.





this is the image

0537d0 No.4115


Well, if Q has been there lately, and perhaps actually READ any of the threads, I'm sure he knows pretty well that it's be compromised and is basically just a shit-show.

I'm still going to continue to archive the CBTS threads from half-chan on my computer so I can script through them and filter out the BS JUST IN CASE, but.. I'm assuming that if Q isn't here yet, then he will be shortly.

Either way, I'm not going to sit in half-chan and listen to massive amounts of utter garbage and bullshit. Life is too short for that, and I've spent a solid month doing nothing but reading, digging, meming, praying, and have barely even left my house.

This has kind of consumed me, but the future of the country I happen to LIVE in is more important than pretty much anything else. The future of the PLANET is also important. Neither of which we will have if things don't get settled.

fa3844 No.4120


If you stop by in those threads on halfchan use the images in this thread to give them proof




and this one as well




cac3ad No.4122





>Guys I do need opionions on this. It adds up to what Q is talking about!

Guys I do need opionions on this. It adds up to what Q is talking about!

>Guys I do need opionions on this. It adds up to what Q is talking about!

Guys I do need opionions on this. It adds up to what Q is talking about!





0537d0 No.4123


Right. On HERE and on THERE, if you use only ONE ! or #, then it's compatible with both boards. If you use TWO !! or ##, then it's salted, and will NOT be compatible. The second is more secure, but the first is compat. with both boards. So I'm assuming that's how he got his same name. Must use the same hash algo.

Anyways.. ok. yeah. I'll drop those pictures off in there discreetly. :)

fa3844 No.4124

Also look at this thread that JUST popped up


Saying ignore moving to 8chan

fa3844 No.4125


Shills tried to put nazi shit into trump memes during the champaign now they are making threads telling people not to come to 8chan and using nazi shit in the main image.


fa3844 No.4126





Notice anything missing from the nazi shill bread?


6313cd No.4127


i've been searching trips with command-F. copy and paste the trip in the field and you're good to go

5be530 No.4128


Man's got a point here

e49dc0 No.4129


This isn't a real insider. Why are people responding to someone who is here pushing "flat/hollow earth" and various other distractions?

Ignore this guy: VQC!!Om5byg3jAU

fa3844 No.4130


Also note that in TEMP BAKER's thread the same exact loli picture from the night of lolis and nut torture is posted there but not in the nazi shill bread

e82dc4 No.4131


>But since there is not a dedicated CBTS site here on 8ch, I guess it's for real, maybe? Or an extremely dark ploy to divide and conquer.

There is a dedicated board here, you're on it. It's for real. Not a dark ploy.

fa3844 No.4132


bruv VQC has been disinfo since halfchan and is still disinfo

Just use him as a way to confirm faggots as retards for now

cac3ad No.4135


Except here is absolutely no progress to be made… I wrote now 3 times (THREE) about Q posts adding up with fbi anon and another thread 9 years ago, yet NOBODY cares to reply. that´s disheartening, really.

6313cd No.4138


so maybe Trump's recent "FIJI water moment" was directed at Munk, Fiji Water's co-founder?!

ca54a3 No.4140


NICE anon NICE. Thanks.

So in the name field?

command-FQ!ITPb.qbhqo for instance?

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