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File: b88ee5f68587f68⋯.jpg (16.77 KB, 255x152, 255:152, 1e2043d07afd2694eb1fb0b34c….jpg)

ed1f10 No.40081

Matthew 7:7 "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:"

John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

The GENERAL is for consolidated discussion - and posting tl;dr's of dedicated digging threads' conclusion. DO NOT go into detailed digging in the General.

1. Find relevant (A)nswers to (Q)uestions using Normie approved media

2. The purpose is to log events as they happen over the coming days. Everything is connected, Everything has meaning.

3. Infighting accomplishes nothing, stride together towards resolution of on-topic problems. Not your faith, creed or dick size.

4. This is a Bunker, the post rate is slower & we don't really know what to expect. Coordinate efforts on: Organization of information / Creating

5. How would you explain /PizzaGate/ - Satanic Cult child abuse to normies(Literally your mom/grandma)? Questions. How do we get people asking Questions? Good, KISS Memes.

6. Get Comfy, Believe in your bones that we're riding the greatest timeline in existence.

38. >>>/cbts/33992 -> https://archive.fo/y6tyK

39. >>>/cbts/34884 -> https://archive.fo/3IDIW

40. >>>/cbts/35673 -> https://archive.fo/EbHP5

41. >>>/cbts/36554 -> https://archive.fo/Rs1zO

42. >>>/cbts/37423 -> https://archive.fo/9wru1

43. >>>/cbts/38423 -> https://archive.fo/lZU4x

44. >>>/cbts/39232 -> coming soon

!!!Latest Q!!! -> >>38330, >>38366, >>38394, >>38406, >>38467, >>38507, >>38514, >>38537, >>38627, >>38638, >>38682, >>38701,

Latest Q Compilation -> >>38885


10 days of darkness: -> >>37286

CBTS 8ch.net Threads' Archive list -> https://pastebin.com/pQR1CN49 [ includes direct links to Q posts ]

CBTS 4chan Threads' Archive list -> http://pastebin.com/Qk2B3K5s [ includes direct links to Q posts ]

Original links do not cross-post from 4chan, instead use 4plebs archive to find Qs.

4chan Trip-Q Archive -> http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tripcode/!ITPb.qbhqo

Q-Text [4chan] -> https://pastebin.com/vTs4pdpC | https://anonfile.com/b4N8X2ccb5/Q5.pdf | https://www.pdf-archive.com/2017/11/16/q5/

Q-Text [8ch] -> https://pastebin.com/45r1FK9q

How to read the Q map [very helpful explanation from MI] >>33814 | >>36225

SPREADSHEET Open to contributions, with answers being a collective effort. ( Thanks Spreadsheet Anon AT !!LytbJwNsQ6v )


Q WIKI ( Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD ) -> https://cbts.wikispaces.com/Home


part I -> https://anonfile.com/lbOaVec2b4/q_posts_till20171109_as_confirmedbyq.pdf

part II -> https://anonfile.com/s1W7bfddb1/q_posts_since_tripcode_till20171121.pdf

part III -> https://anonfile.com/87k1d9dbb0/q_posts_since_20171121_v201711231546.pdf

part IV -> https://anonfile.com/hff3j7ddb8/q_posts_8ch_nov26_v201712051015.pdf

QturnedA -> https://anonfile.com/ncw5Xdc7b5/QturnedA.pdf

Pastebin of Pastebins of LINKS posted on 4pol -> https://pastebin.com/A97LLKZL


>Help spread these on twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat, pinterest, tmblr, reddit, IRL, etc.

DROPBOX -> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cttxb9tqm7raowd/AAAxFfTDKuyUdrKc5NLamrU8a?dl=0

Really Cool Videos

I, Pet goat 2 -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n_xCI-peq0

In-Shadow - A Modern Odyseey -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j800SVeiS5I

Twitter story of great interest -> https://twitter.com/Imperator_Rex3/status/936360137362513920

Another almond-activating tripfag's archive -> https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tripcode/%21RRVe.ETtN./

Please use the Catalog -> https://8ch.net/cbts/catalog.html

and post verified and delicious crumbs, info, links, discussion to the respective threads.

Feel free to dig and discuss here in /CBTS/ General.

<Remember to drink plenty of water & stay Comfy!

<And PRAY!

ed1f10 No.40086

Archives of Q, Memes, Infographics, & Other Stuff

LURKERS – Repost your content in the correct threads as well!

How to spot a 'BadGuy': >>11963

How to spot a 'GoodGuy': >>11965

Infographics & Info Dump: >>10

Meme & Pic Dump: >>2

Q Posts, Screenshots, etc: >>423

The FAQ of Q: >>18427

Questions & Requests: >>1401

Security, TOR, VPNs, OpSec: >>629

/CBTS/ Catalog

Consolidated info, synthesis, completed research, very specific/focused discussion, important links/media should be copy and pasted or cross-posted to the other threads.

What is Keystone: >>28513

Who is Y?: >>19041

The ground is a shakin -> >>16464 -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vc9QfAq2ML8

Goals/Motivation -> >>10207

WH Recon Anon -> https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tnum/151285365/uid/YRqlR4GG/order/asc/

AXE PROOF -> >>15666 (thanks satan)

Anon that digs -> >>11800

Google Acquires Keyhole -> >>11979

Updated Legend -> >>16020

Reality of Booksigning Yesterday -> >>12408

Anon bringing things around -> >>15208

Alien / Disclosure related: >>26613

Light Bodied Aliens tell all -> >>15350

Asia Foundation Findings -> >>15876

The Asia Foundation Dig Thread: >>15984

Barry Important -> >>14627 >>16251 >>16253

Loud Noises -> >>15157

Bitcoin Theory -> >>15201 -> >>16092

'The Sum Of All Fears' Theory -> >>16199

Tesla Lithium Source -> >>16146

Sidley Austin Digathon >>15139

Wikileaks Digathon >>10270

A peek into (((they))): >>2422

bloodlines and Y: >>7705

CERN /LHC / AI: >>1335

Clinton Cabal & Swamp Drain: >>1411

Decode Hexcode: >>174

Erik Prince - Expand your thinking: >>1816

Europe, EU, UK, Royal Families: >>1357

Godfather III: >>2078

Heffner, CIA, RAZVI Traverse: >>3952

Hunt For Red October: >>3102

Isreal & Zionism: >>1398

Jesuits: >>4287

Letter Agencies: >>1372

Maps and spatial data: >>8329

Metaphysical & Esoteric Q: >>1391

North Korea: >>1342

Occult, Symbolism & Leadership: >>4249

Owl and Y Symbolism: >>12362

Pakistan Unrest: >>1368

Q Confirmed by WH Anon!!: >>10556

Q Signatures: >>2198

Q Stringer Central: >>2300

Rothschild Family: >>1362

Saudi Arabia & M.E.: >>1327

Sealed Indictments: >>4409

Indictments & Arrests: >>3163

Snow White, Fairy tale of the Church Age: >>3259 [new -> https://8ch.net/cbts/res/29994.html#35814]

Soros & NGOs: >>1367

Titanic: >>106

The Actual Truth !RRVe.ETtN. : >>2219

Trump & Company: >>1380

Underground massive data center?: >>20714

Uranium-1: >>848

Vatican, Knights Templar/Malta, Jesuits, FM: >>1346

VQC+++: >>672

The News List: https://pastebin.com/h8aUyMhA


Guys, COME ON!

Q has already given us all the clues. They’re in all the questions which aren’t really questions at all, but simply hints to get you thinking on the right track.

I don’t think Q wants this to turn into some super complex code-breaking treasure hunt. That was never his intent. He’s trying to give you the dots in as simple a manner as he is safely capable of doing. STOP TURNING THIS INTO A 3D PUZZLE.

Q WANTS this information out there ASAP. It does him no good to hide things in complicated codes and patterns and getting you to go down insignificant rabbit holes. QUIT OVERTHINKING IT.

Go back, piece together what the Q posts have been hinting at all along. THINK BIG PICTURE. Stop getting sidetracked with trying to figure out every single detail. They’re not as important as the connections.

THE STORY IS WHAT MATTERS. The characters and details are all secondary to that. You can redpill way more people with overarching plot points than you can with detailed infographics about minor players.


ed1f10 No.40087


The spreadsheet exists to have all of Q's posts in one place, questions & statements: a central location to collect the answers that anons discover. It's a way to pool our resources and efforts to eliminate the proverbial "reinventing the wheel" i.e., new people coming and trying to figure out who Alice is.

As such, it's helpful to know what is needed and how to do it. The following guidelines will help us work together better, so we can go on to the questions that haven't been answered and accomplish the goals Q set forth:

1. answer the questions

2. build the bigger picture

3. break it back down

4. meme it for the public: educate & calm them

We were given this task by serious men, in a serious situation with very serious consequences for the entire world.

Let's apply our weaponized autism in an organized and efficient manner, accomplish the task we were given, make our POTUS & /ourguys/ jobs easier.

> You are the calm before and during the storm.

They are counting on us.


> short, to the point

> factual

> sourced, if at all possible

Some issues simply are not suited for a definitive source as the answers are inherently subjective. We can only do our best here.


< add extra rows

< change colors of cells or columns or rows

< use it as a personal "scratch pad" to work out your thinking

< argue with other anons

This or 4/pol/ is a place to argue & thrash it out, not on the sheet

< overwrite or delete other anons' answers

< leave your answers in the row or sheet comments

< involve meta-conspiracy theories

This is a real-life enormous conspiracy. The way Q has laid it out is perfect: it goes from point A to point hellish to point confident step by step. Each question builds upon the previous & itself is a meta-conspiracy if you look from 40,000ft view.


> text is best

> original source documents if possible

> articles from reputable sites (yes, I know, see below)

> maps, when appropriate

> images, where appropriate

> link to the text/ original document, & if possible, an archive link (archive.is, archive.fo, archive.org etc)

David Icke, Alex Jones, and that lot are not sources that will be believed by the normalfags. While they may be truthful, our sources need to be what an average Paul or Cindy can look up themselves without seeing it & closing it immediately and disregarding all the rest. No Shape-shifting reptilians, Pleiadians & the like. That may upset some but let's remember our mission: this is for the general public and it's going to be difficult enough for them.

< youtube videos

< random tweet links

are just not the best sources for this endeavor. They may be informative and truthful but not best suited for this medium.


Light blue cell in the number column

PDF anon went through and changed all Q's questions to statements in a narrative form. Those are included at the bottom row of many of Q's posts. The goal is to answer the questions and then present the answers in the column next to it to present a fuller picture.

Some posts have a summary, some don't. When you look at the spreadsheet, you will see why, up to a certain point: that is where pdfanon had stopped, AFAIK. That's something else that I will be working on.


On the far right column, confidence level can be input in the answer(s) given: low, mid, high. It's set up to change the color of the cell where the question number is. When the answer is complete and has high confidence, the row is locked, as no further answers are needed, and we can focus our energy and attention on those yet un-answered.

light yellow = low

med orange = mid

tomato soup = high


peach = un-answered questions, or those whose answers are not truly complete or definitive

Please focus on those, not the ones already answered.

Place your input in the column marked Extra Answers (Unlocked, Post Here):

> double-click the cell

> alt+enter to make a newline (carriage return)

> type/paste in your answer & sources




You can export the spreadsheet into excel (.xls) and pdf formats by clicking the little paper icon on the top left of the toolbar on the left. When exporting to pdf, be aware this is a very large document. You can put a header, footer, page numbers etc.

I encourage anons to make periodic backups for yourselves.

THANK YOU to all anons who have helped, contributed, supported & been patient in this effort. It wasn't my idea, but it seemed like a good plan so I volunteered - so did you, and it's appreciated very much.

ed1f10 No.40091

Q's tripcode confusing you?

How to get a tripcode?

In the Name field in the reply dialog box -

if you put name#password, then it shows the name in bold green followed by your tripcode, starting with an exclamatory sign !, with no space in between the name and tripcode

if you put name[space]#password, then it shows the name in bold green followed by a space and then your tripcode, starting with an exclamatory sign !.

Also the #password on 4chan yields the same result on 8ch.

So in conclusion ->

Q used Q#password and got Q!ITPb.qbhqo when not using space in between, and

Q used Q #password and got Q !ITPb.qbhqo when using space.

So, no matter how you look at it - !ITPb.qbhqo is the real Q!'''

>tl;dr -

Both Q!ITPb.qbhqo and Q !ITPb.qbhqo are Q.



It is a unique string of characters that distinguishes your post from everyone else's. They are used when the poster does not wish to remain anonymous.

>How does it work?

Your password does some magical code-mating with the website's salt, as they call it, and the result of that union is your tripcode

>secure tripcodes?

There's 2 kinds of salt, apparently.

The salt used for single # is common for most [all?] chan like websites, called imageboards, and hence back-engineerable. Easy to break and duplicate, I'd suggest you refrain from using it.

The second kind of salt is unique to each imageboard. It can't be back-engineered, broken, duplicated. Using a secure tripcode is recommended.

To make your password code-mate with the unique salt, simply use ## instead of #.

31fdd4 No.40137

File: 93ccb632e67c988⋯.png (3.62 MB, 2320x1944, 290:243, charlotteville car attack.png)

File: f960f9f33622877⋯.png (651.41 KB, 676x586, 338:293, las vegas_illuminati.png)

Q said:

>7/10 plane crashes are targeted kills.

I wanted to re-review the illuminati card game and found Charlotteville connections.

While searching I found this already linked Vegas connection. Eerie!

ea08a6 No.40140

i love you all

7dcf46 No.40142


What is targetting the planes?

90385f No.40143

The stone in keystone includes the military, NG.

Seems like a slide show of info is needed to educate people. Would have to be sorted least to most shocking.

Having said that, I've tried for years to convince my siblings to question 9/11, no joy. Not sure how to educate people.

That this (the Great Awakening) is a very positive event needs to be emphasized. The potential for cheaper energy, cures for cancer, etc.

Focus on what would put 99% in the hospital is counter productive in my opinion, because the question itself involves wild speculation. Disinfo designed to distract.

Maybe the slow pace of arrests is intended to acclimate the public to this process.

Regarding pre-programming, see Netflix Stranger Things and Wormwood.

Is the 10 days of darkness a gov shutdown dec 11-20?

Podesta art work, Clinton Foundation (Charles Ortel and Crowdsourcing the Truth).

Educating people needs to include telling them what to do:

- keep an open mind

- get over TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)

- pray for Trump's success

- tell others to do the same

- boycott MSM

- vote out all incumbents

- tell others to do the same

Keep up the good work.

ee86ad No.40144

File: 25a70a012cc1c34⋯.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1215x1363, 1215:1363, D74D23CB-DA1E-419E-BCE8-5….jpeg)

Anyone know about this place in Georgia?

Pic re78

4213b5 No.40145



bd98a7 No.40148

William Binney confirms Q that the NSA is the key on Alex Jones today. Listen closely. He said all communications from President is encrypted and the only people who "have the key" to the encryption is the NSA.

KEY = MI, NSA. Period.


e3e7d1 No.40149



>Banks control Gov’ts:

>Gov’ts control people

>SA controls elected people.

>SOROS controls organizations of people.

>Ready to play?



Multiple tentacles> Roth (red cross = family crest) Financed both sides of Napoleon wars-- and others> Bailed out Vatican several times (Godfather III)>Queen indebted to them> Pope indebted to them> Queen allowed house of Roth to operate East India Company> opiate wealth> Massive wealth> The tail now wags the dog> Bank of England> Massive taxes> plebs rebel> 1776> Alexander Hamilton (memorized in theatre??) brings over Roth banking system> Andrew Jackson abolishes> Woodrow Wilson revives along with JP Morgan, et all--Roth= Rockefeller> Fed Res = private central bank like Roth Bank of Engl> Saudi carved out post War> House of Saud allowed to have control of country/ oil???> Would They/ Elite give that away??: ARAMACO?? Who else controls ARAMCO --who remains in Saud??-- embedded (CIA)> money corrupts> Nixon moves US from gold standard to fiat currency: Petrodollar is born> Roths win, SA wins, Warburg win, Oil and banks win>, Elections bought> how much to win an an election?? $++> Who elects? $$ elects> Who had the money?>Carve up the pie> US embed in Iraq and Iran to control oil> Iran rebels: Coup: Ayatollah in (not sympathetic to Globalist concerns-- but not a good player)> Saddam (globalist shill) gets greedy> SA feels threatened> Saddam out> Libya wants to trade oil for gold>Gaddafi out. Iran fills void of Sad H= chess> Iran repeat not a good player> Iran threatens SA. Who is on the outside of global oil and banking Cabal? Iran, China/NK, Russia and surrogates. What is left of the board? Globalists: want complete consolidation of All players to control all money supply, standards> break down trade barriers> consolidate power> aggregate labor forces> eliminate feeders/ free riders. So where does America fit in?? POTUS to remove US from Global Cabal? How? To be removed from it almost de facto = siding with the outsiders> POTUS will not do that> Solution> Break up Global Cabal> How??> Cut the strings> How? See Brexit--make it happen> Ppl want nationalism> French want to be French not Italian,, etc, etc> PPL tired of Mockingbird Media telling them what they want> PPL know> Global elite did not figure internet into long game> interconnectivity> crowd sourcing> Mockingbird let out of cage> Fly> POTUS can talk directly to constituents> ppl that care can know> sheep will always be sheep> critical mass is being reached> achieving altitude> we want our countries back> I want USA back> POTUS wants USA back> MAGA! SA has regime change> Why? Who wins> What is happening in the ME?? Jerusalem to be named capital by POTUS? How will that sit with Iran?? > What is NK Iran connection? Is there one?? MAGA

d7cab4 No.40150


I have always suspected many plane crashes were assassinations. I believe the 7/10

13397e No.40154

Reposting for digging - Note the Kissinger-Bilderberg connection, the article full text has even more gems


A must-read, lots of digging from 2016

Avenue Magazine

The former Jersey girl wants a fairer world and a certain friend in the White House.

Sometime during the months after Hillary Clinton had stepped down as secretary of state and before she announced to the country that she would mount another run for president, Lynn Forester de Rothschild said this to her longtime friend: “I just want you to know I pray every night that I die before my children and after you are president.”

De Rothschild pauses for a moment in recounting that story, then laughs her deep, throaty laugh. “But no pressure!” she says.

We are speaking in the midst of the Democratic primary present, and all looks pretty good for Clinton securing the nomination. The rest of the saga is not yet history, but of course, both women are hoping fervently that history will be made in November. “Yes,” Forester de Rothschild confirms. “The first woman president…that really would be historic.”

Relating this story in her trademark, perfectly tailored sleeveless dress and easy smile, Forester de Rothschild has managed to convey a lot about what is driving her these days in very few words. She has always been driven—how else would a self-described middle-class girl from the New Jersey suburbs have risen to such prominent heights?—but now she has stepped down as CEO of E.L. Rothschild, the family’s holding company, and finds that her priorities have shifted. While she still sits on a couple of boards—Estée Lauder and her beloved Economist—she is mostly devoting herself to two nonprofit pursuits these days. They are the Clinton campaign and a group she founded called the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism. “I feel like I can now take the 30,000-foot view,” Lady de Rothschild says. “More than anything, I’d like to help restore the world I grew up in, where if you were middle class, worked hard and played by the rules, you could make it. That’s more important to me now than making a bit more money.”

The world she grew up in as the only daughter among four children of a self-made, hardworking businessman father does seem to harken back to a Normal Rockwell past that has all but faded from view. An overachiever from a young age, Lynn Forester attended highly selective Pomona College in California, and then Columbia Law School. In between, she acquired her taste for (mostly Democratic) politics while volunteering for Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s campaign for the U.S. Senate. After practicing law for a few years, she went to work for telecom billionaire John Kluge, savvily building his wealth with strategic investments in the emerging telecom market, and then later went out on her own as an international telecom investor in partnership with Motorola. In 1995, she sold her stake in a company called TPI Communications International, Inc., to Motorola reportedly for a nine-figure sum.

But she never lost her taste for politics, and was for a while married to New York City Council president Andrew Stein, with whom she has two sons, Jake, now 28, and Ben, now 30. Jake works in film, Ben in finance. “They are,” she says proudly, “the miracles of my life.”

Her friendship with the Clintons dates back to the early ’90s, to Bill Clinton’s first campaign and administration. Lynn Forester was already a powerhouse Democratic fundraiser and played a small role in his administration. It was Henry Kissinger who introduced her in 1998 to Sir Evelyn de Rothschild at the Bilderberg Group conference, an annual confab of industry and political leaders, in Scotland.

Two years later they were married, and Lynn Forester from Bergen County, New Jersey, became a bona fide Lady. Sir Evelyn and Lady de Rothschild spent part of their honeymoon in the White House, a stay during which Bill Clinton told the couple that Sir Evelyn was the first Brit to be so invited since Winston Churchill, a fun fact that made a lasting impression on the newlyweds. De Rothschild has been an ardent Hillary supporter ever since, and though she was bitterly disappointed when Obama took the nomination in 2008 and she very publicly decamped to John McCain, she’s never stopped being a Hillary person.



… ++

http:// www.avenuemagazine.com/american-royalty-lynn-forester-de-rothschild-has-a-new-mission-in-life/

690783 No.40158

Why aren't the new Q posts added to new bread?

bd98a7 No.40162


Last "q" was fake–general consensus.

690783 No.40164

File: eb4faa45babe65d⋯.jpg (3.85 MB, 5720x7270, 572:727, bac20f90b23a7653c2d02817b8….jpg)

2ce19b No.40165


I've been wondering if William Binney fit into all this in any way! That man is a true PATRIOT!

b1c0e0 No.40167


May want to consider breaking it down

Part 1- the rise of the cult/nobility

Part 2- MoneyHungry begets Moremoneyhungry

Part3- Not everyone wants to continue plying their game.

31fdd4 No.40168


One theory:


399de3 No.40169

File: 72f4f724bd86f84⋯.jpeg (159.1 KB, 768x1152, 2:3, 64004F24-F069-476D-AAE4-1….jpeg)


b0bc19 No.40171

C'mon MATRIX, migrate.

2ce19b No.40174

Wow, lots of Dems calling on Al Franken to resign right now! Very interesting…

7dcf46 No.40177



690783 No.40178

He gave us the keystone. Now we have to focus on Godfather 3. and apparently everything will lead to the Vatican according to the movie.

0c0ea7 No.40179

As far as created diseases…check out Lyme disease and Plum Island. During the Cold War a lab was used for biological research on the island. A Nazi researcher worked there. Lyme disease and possibly West Nile began there. Lyme disease mimics a ton of other diseases…MS, ALS etc. Lyme can be cured by antibiotics however doctors misdiagnose and pharmaceutical companies profit. Think what would happen if MS was really Lyme and could be cured. Check out Plum Island.

d7cab4 No.40181


And Q told him to fly today. LOL Would be my last dollar he goes down soon. And, I will celebrate that I now longer have to see or hear that clown.

7dcf46 No.40182


LOL!!! Great! That's hilarious!

ed1f10 No.40183


They're all in there my dude, I made sure of it. Check !!!Latest Q!!!

I don't update the qtext pastebin or anything but the 8ch post links are all there

d7cab4 No.40184


gives new meaning to morning dew

2ce19b No.40185


(((They))) create diseases to depopulate, and also create medicine to profit from it…EVIL

7dcf46 No.40186


LOL! No doubt. Too funny.

7dcf46 No.40187


They DO NOT create medicine.

bd98a7 No.40188


Yes, I created that graphic. The last Q where he was talking about "peepee from the balls" was fake AF. Everything else is there.

7dcf46 No.40189

Nothing has been created to our benefit. First step into believing they are sick.

ac0213 No.40190

Baker, I've started a thread related to the Red Cross and anything medical-related that doesn't get too… spiritual, I guess. It should be devoted to studying Red Cross activity, financial dealings surrounding major epidemics/disasters/wars, etc.


If you wouldn't mind including this in the batter for the next bread, I would greatly appreciate it, as I believe it would help us focus our discussion on this topic.

d7cab4 No.40191


Hello, Happy!

ed1f10 No.40192


Lyme Disease sucks ass. Didnt have any joint soreness or a visible ring spot/bite. Just got a headache that steadily increased to unbearable by day 7. Then half my face stopped working. Lyme induced meningitis. Was a rough month, I don't think I'm 100% the same anymore.

87edac No.40193


>decamped to McCain

That tells me Obummer was not backed by the likes of the Rothschild clan BUT MCCain was.

Since (((they))) typically serve us both sides. BHO’s emplacement didn’t fit the agenda of the Rothschilds and instead of blind loyalty to the Dems she publicly backed McCain who clearly is one in the same as Hillary

The SA’s/CIA wanted BHO in there bad enough to disgrace the support of some “powerful “ people

7dcf46 No.40195


Helloooo. XD

bd98a7 No.40196

File: 93412ca7dc9db71⋯.png (371.63 KB, 750x438, 125:73, ClipboardImage.png)


Except that's not an alien. That's just how egyptian pharoahs used to look.

6a8339 No.40197


where are there missing Q posts from today why are they not included?

6acc04 No.40199


is this an inside joke? it doesn't make any sense

c87298 No.40200

File: c2187454017cf01⋯.png (16.85 KB, 200x200, 1:1, IFRC.png)

17 Jan 2016:

High-Level Panel on Humanitarian Financing Report to the Secretary-General: Too important to fail - addressing the humanitarian financing gap.


21 Jan 2016:

Why 2016 is the year to shake up humanitarian funding?

Some say the system to fund the humanitarian response to conflicts and disasters is broken beyond repair. Some say it just needs a tweak. But everyone agrees, global humanitarian financing needs to change. Because it's too important to fail.


06 Sep 2017

The world’s first “Humanitarian Impact Bond” launched to transform financing of aid in conflict-hit countries

Peter Maurer, the ICRC's president, said, "Today's humanitarian challenges are immense, causing suffering for many millions of men, women and children around the world. This funding instrument is a radical, innovative but at the same time, logical step for the ICRC. It is an opportunity not only to modernize the existing model for humanitarian action, but to test a new economic model, designed to better support people in need."


ed1f10 No.40203


They are all there, I made sure of it. Which one do you think I missed?

d7cab4 No.40204

File: e7503729bb793d2⋯.jpg (2.17 KB, 125x70, 25:14, 1495774173896s.jpg)

bd98a7 No.40206


They are.

Don't poison the bread.

6a8339 No.40207


general consensus ass! the trip was legit the wording was legit. if wrong show work.

665713 No.40209

d6a123 No.40211


I was able to find imagery of the approximate area where it WAS, but couldn't find it there now. According to Wiki it was demolished 2005.

ed1f10 No.40213

New shill tactic - pushing fake tripcode-as-name Q as legitimate. Already happening. Do they really think we're that dumb? worth a good laugh.

edefd4 No.40214

What if, when all of this explodes, Dems and SJWs still support Hillary, Podestas… this sick system.

What should we do?

d7cab4 No.40215


Hell yes

502de0 No.40216

File: 29bc6b1e933f9ba⋯.jpeg (144.41 KB, 640x556, 160:139, 2F0676A6-94FF-40B9-AAD4-C….jpeg)


Guess this is not real

326698 No.40218


Nuwaubian Nation

7dcf46 No.40219


Have you ever seen an Egyptian? They look nothing like that lol!

Tell me what the beard symbolizes.

The Anhk

The tool they are holding

And their hats.

Then I'll believe you have basis for your statement.

690783 No.40220

Bread is good. Up to date.

Thank you for Baking.

e67086 No.40221

Don't feed

filter the concern trolls telling you that a fake-q is real

Could be the marxists too, their welfare days are almost over, damn bolsheviks

6a8339 No.40222


I will find them give me time, There was one about are you ready to play the game.

another about children and pray.

there is sht missing.

ed1f10 No.40225


Q says youre a fucking retard.

>wording was legit

>"Peepee comes from the balls"

fuck off

d6a123 No.40226


>Trump's deeper state

FWIW, his press secretary denied it completely today.

7dcf46 No.40227


Now Google Egyptians. How many look like that? Real Egyptians.

690783 No.40228

Ok what's the focus for this bread. Godfather3?

bd98a7 No.40229


Could be. But that wasn't in the picture that I could see.

502de0 No.40230



d7cab4 No.40231


I vote for that. But, have delved a little, I suspect we are going to learn that one through news.

690783 No.40233



ac0213 No.40234


Wasn't a trip.

You're retarded.

Kill yourself.

0c0ea7 No.40235

Lyme disease is wretched. Undiagnosed for 4 year…fighting it for 16. Big conspiracy behind diagnosis etc.

ed1f10 No.40236



Just making fun of the shills who think they can push that fake Q post relax

7dcf46 No.40237


665713 No.40238

Flynn’s friends helping Trump.

Thomas Wicker’s theory. Take it for what it is.


ec6b5f No.40240

2ce19b No.40241


They fund it, basically creating it…

ed1f10 No.40242

Godfather 3 would be a good focus for this bread seeing as we've been given Keystone and Q mentioned G3 again.

27bb93 No.40243


Just another reminder that yes, this shit is real. It's not a joke. It's not a game.. it's real life with real life consequences and real death consequences..

..although SOME of it is staged..

Disinfo → necessary

9d5277 No.40245

File: 2689bd3e3832246⋯.jpg (78.64 KB, 800x682, 400:341, pepe smile.jpg)

MFW I text my son about Q drop today and he already knows.

690783 No.40246


Got it. Now is there ANYBODY that has watched Godfather3. Recap would be nice.

6a8339 No.40247


Mods should ban this ID!

0c0ea7 No.40248

Red Cross benefits from disasters. Thoughts on artificially created weather events to push Red Cross agenda/mission

1a27a6 No.40249


Does anyone have a good link about what this Mormon genealogy database is? I'm confused and it seems interesting. Also we still haven't figured out anything concrete about Bloodlines.

8ccd5c No.40250


I agree...I watched the first few...but I wouldn't want to go back asleep. If you watch the whole thing it actually brings hope to our true salvation.

23d501 No.40251


The Nuwaubian cult's land and weird cult/black we-wuz-kangz amusement park was seized by federal gov't in 2004.

It will come to the surprise of no one here that sexual abuse was part of the system. In April 2004, founder Malachi/Dwight York was sentenced to 135 years in prison for molesting children.



d7cab4 No.40252


he is proving a point to a shill

bd98a7 No.40253


Geez people the pharoah's wore head dress that looked like that. Their skulls were normal. If you want "alien" heads you have to go to places like south america.



Artificial cranial deformation, head flattening, or head binding is a form of body alteration in which the skull of a human being is deformed intentionally. It is done by distorting the normal growth of a child's skull by applying force. Flat shapes, elongated ones (produced by binding between two pieces of wood), rounded ones (binding in cloth), and conical ones are among those chosen. Typically, it is carried out on an infant, as the skull is most pliable at this time. In a typical case, headbinding begins approximately a month after birth and continues for about six months.

You "alien" people need to stop already. It is blatant disinformation.

6ef3d2 No.40254



f4f54e No.40256


Vindication. Mmmmmmm…

690783 No.40257


Agreed Godfather3 It is.

bd98a7 No.40259


South America and many other places.

4213b5 No.40260


Fake Q.


39ce2d No.40261


Ummm, General consensus by who?

Not one, single comment that says so…except you.

So you would be the dwarf called…..lie-y?

ed1f10 No.40262


Nice try shill, goodbye

Yeah buddy, ban the breadmaker. Smart.


better yet, i was proving the point to HIM. Classic shill with the projection/redirection.

665713 No.40263


Plausible deniability. I always wonder why WH was renovated. Why Trump doesn’t go to Camp David..

d7cab4 No.40264



conf_Y_Go_Go_Go +

946045 No.40265

File: 7649a2cbbed4ad3⋯.jpg (151.89 KB, 480x720, 2:3, ldrqnote.jpg)

dfd2e6 No.40266

Did anyone see the letters at the bottom of the blackout stringer? I added Q a searched it and this came back…interesting…WRWY plus Q

WRWYQ means: With a Life Path 7, your numbers are (7, 16/7, 25/7, 34/7). The Life Path 7 shows that you enteredd life with a gift for investigation, analysis and careful observation. You are first-class thinkers. You evaluate situations very quickly and with amazing accuracy. Accordingly, you are thorough and complete in your work, the perfectionist who expects to be a high performance level almost to righteousness. A Life Path 7 person is a peaceful and loving soul. But keep your connection to people carefully. It's easy for you to detect deception, and recognize the people of bad faith, and avoid them. You are about to have a not so large circle of friends, but if you accept someone as a friend, it's for life. It is as if you have built a large wall around you that is hard to be penetrated. There are chances that you are a charming and refined person with great composure and a sharp mind. Nevertheless, this is exclusively for you. You're probably not a very social person. Your reservation is often called aloofness, but in reality it is not. It is simply a cover for your basic sense of insecurity.

bd98a7 No.40267


Jeez, really? Go fuck off fag.

d4b5e3 No.40268


there is some tribe in africa that still does that. they tie something around their kids heads so they get that shape.

300ce2 No.40269

just an aside: there were a few of us that figured we as anons were apart of the Keystone a while back but didn't have the "key" so to speak. Now we know we really have the guardian angels over our shoulder as we move forward. Heads high anons, our ancestors are smiling down on us as we help Q team do what has never been done before.

Our Father, Who art in heaven

Hallowed be Thy Name;

Thy kingdom come,

Thy will be done,

on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,

and forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those who trespass against us;

and lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.


Face the storm, we got this!!!!!

4213b5 No.40270


These idiots dont realize everyone is filtering them so no one seeing their shilling. Lol. They are so dumb.


4213b5 No.40271


Filter this person.

d501e6 No.40272


Anything discrediting msm is key since they are the agents of thought.

Paddock is good cause most normies don't believe it.

You could make it something like

"No videos of paddock in a casino"

"What s scary isn't that they're hiding ir"

"It's why"


We also need to start using their hashtags especially resist

8ccd5c No.40273

Sending prayers of protection for all of you Anon…we are making history. May you all be protected from the evil we have uncovered!

d7cab4 No.40274


>Classic shill with the projection/redirection.

Ignoring is best results, but sometimes it so hard

ed1f10 No.40275


Baked the last two breads my dude, Just proving a point with the name as tripcode.

690783 No.40276

File: f45f921043c9836⋯.jpg (93.68 KB, 600x600, 1:1, happypepe.jpg)


Fuck yeah.

bd98a7 No.40277


exactly, Artificial cranial deformation, head flattening, or head binding are the terms to search for. NOT ALIENS.

c2b9fd No.40279

File: a9904f6a624db7e⋯.jpg (141.64 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, DQSw9FvWsAEcEy_.jpg)

Banners in #Tehran designed by #KhomeiniistRegime reads:

@JohnKerry to @JZarif :Oh how I wish we had a #SupremeLeader like the 1 in #Iran ,in the #USA .


6e7652 No.40280


Mormans believe they can pray to save the souls of their deceased ancesters…I've read.

Not an expert. Didn't sense anything nefarious there.

300ce2 No.40282


awww, only in this timeline!!

27bb93 No.40283

File: 6a1133ed88abba1⋯.jpg (9 KB, 220x235, 44:47, martini.jpg)


You know who/what's creepy? That martin shkreli guy/thing/whatever it is.

ec6b5f No.40284


in gf3 corleone got with illegal money control of large Vatican assets. And got crowned to leader of a certain order eventually

who is the current day Corleone?

a4ebf3 No.40285


It occurs to me that there may be some sort of link between the Mayo Clinic and the red cross

300ce2 No.40286

Anyone seen SS anon on here lately?

13397e No.40287



863b20 No.40288

Q pointed out mormons in an earlier post, new zealand,new zionists

690783 No.40289

d7cab4 No.40290


Glad our baker was not banned by a shill. Onwards, anon, Godfather III

ed1f10 No.40292

So where do we go with Godfather III? Unfortunately haven't watched it, may try to find time to tomorrow.

Few things ive seen so far:

>Vatican has money problems, and everything in the movie seems to come back to them

The vatican is at the core of all this?

>Movie centers around michael corleone who tries to bring the family out of the illegal side into legitimacy

Trump trying to drain the swamp and bring America back to good from evil?

582ef7 No.40294

GFIII: Money, Religion, Media

ed1f10 No.40296


He was in and out of the last bread, not sure.

1a27a6 No.40297


Maybe he means God the father aka the Holy Trinity

Are we going to meet our maker? Will future provide past? Will God come and make sense of all the myths, legends, and religions of the world who happen to all be very very similar despite their differences?

f4f54e No.40298

My guess? I think we'll see more senior news figures get bitten. That's where I would focus, next.

27bb93 No.40299


wrrrrrrrrrrd :)

44d473 No.40300



this paints a picture for lurkers to work from and research

copy and paste

conduct independent research

due diligence - substantiate, refine, distill, & fact check

does the resulting picture resonate with the truth - discernment

create memes

create maps

bring your creations back to the group

d7cab4 No.40301


G3 Rothschild, vatican and much more.

dc9cf5 No.40303


Don't tell me what to do or what to think in a Papua New Guinea traditional basket weaving forum you pole smoker. You are filtered.

690783 No.40305


Well my guess would whoever controls the Vatican bank. Remember follow the money.The Institute for the Works of Religion (Italian: Istituto per le Opere di Religione – IOR), commonly known as the Vatican Bank, is a private bank situated inside Vatican City and run by a Board of Superintendence which reports to a Supervisory Commission of Cardinals and the Pope. The Bank Identifier Code of the Institute for the Works of Religion is IOPRVAVX. Since 9 July 2014, its president is Jean-Baptiste de Franssu. The IOR is regulated by the Vatican's financial supervisory body AIF (Autorità di Informazione Finanziaria).[1]

41a229 No.40306


Q is singing! Watch he videos over there make them viral!

c2b9fd No.40307

ed1f10 No.40308

Why so many email-fags recently? As bad as namefagging and tripfagging, and easier to copy. Just post as anon…

41a229 No.40309

d7cab4 No.40311


Some recent funky news about their bank. Audit, not audit.

bd98a7 No.40312

f32681 No.40313

The Keystone? Is Our Children!

c57a3d No.40314


Cheney was called the godfather of the GOP and chaired Halliburton before iraq war.

bd98a7 No.40315

BREAKING CHILD TRAFFIC Investigator Monica Petersen Found Dead In Haiti-Investigating The Clinton's


bd98a7 No.40316

Haiti Earthquake Aftermath - Orphan, Organ Trafficking


ec6b5f No.40317



ed1f10 No.40318


wrong. lurk more.


896ae8 No.40319

▶Q !ITPb.qbhqo 12/05/17 (Tue) 13:21:56 7cfe10 No.38638>>

Godfather III

Be prepared for what you find.


catching up…

is soros gd3 and what we find is evidence of what he did to the Jews? … like the really bad stuff?

any leads on where i shud start digging? thx

162b30 No.40320

dc9cf5 No.40321


Breaking a month ago anon.

665713 No.40322

2ce19b No.40323


Michael is trying to get out of the Mafia, and go legitimate, he wants to buy controlling interest in a massive global company that is controlled by the Vatican bank. He later finds out that Italian Mafia, bankers, as well as the Catholic head of the Vatican Bank are trying to screw him over…

141bbe No.40324



ea1898 No.40325

File: 0eb3f29a3968ce0⋯.jpeg (55.64 KB, 700x394, 350:197, GodFather3.jpeg)

Godfather 3..

Pretty good politics back and forth Paul PReston Scott Adams.

only about 10 mins long.

Bring up several things might be in play.


ed1f10 No.40327


Great rundown, I encourage other anons to look into this.

665713 No.40328

27bb93 No.40330

File: af7389775f92a9f⋯.jpg (412.13 KB, 1200x1023, 400:341, bigGuv.jpg)

Fuck. I WAS going to go to the store today, but instead spent it on here with all you anonymous fags.

FML. The only thing I learned is.. people are fags.

e63137 No.40331






Here. I've spelled it out over in this thread for preservation.


100612 No.40332


You can trace where "cancer" came from.

Key words to search together:

JFK, Castro, Lee Harvey Oswald, Mary's monkey, SV-40

Very, very interesting. It all ties together.

37df99 No.40333


Mormons trace their family trees to find the names of ancestors who died without learning about the restored Mormon Gospel so that these relatives from past generations can be baptized by proxy in the temple. For Latter-day Saints, genealogy is a way to save more souls and strengthen the eternal family unit.

Original records – about 2.4 million rolls of microfilm containing 2 billion names that have been traced – are locked away behind 14-ton doors in the Granite Mountain Records Vault, a climate-controlled repository designed to survive a nuclear impact that is built into the Wasatch mountain range, about 20 miles southeast of Salt Lake City.

b0c320 No.40335


I wonder if a directed EMP could do it. An EMP laser would make it look like an accident.

399de3 No.40336

File: 506530e0a9a75fa⋯.jpeg (169.42 KB, 768x1152, 2:3, 67A5A9F3-D12F-464E-BA83-B….jpeg)


8ccd5c No.40337



c01eee No.40338


I think it’s the pope

33445f No.40339


I how you laid that out…Good job!

b8cc42 No.40340

File: e82aef0af1f1c22⋯.png (382.82 KB, 823x576, 823:576, Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at ….png)

6acc04 No.40341


this is important to know in general, not just for these threads.

23d501 No.40342

In previous thread, an anon posted an article from Avenue about LdeR which was very informative.

She happens to use the analogy "view from 30,000 feet" in the interview. I'd never heard anyone use that turn of phrase before Q used "40,000 feet". Apparently Q & friends saw that interview before we did.

In the article, she mentions that she and husband divide their time between apartments in NY & London, their country house in England (Waddesden Manor, site of recent heli/plane crash) and recently renovated compound in Martha's Vineyard.

BBL, will research the Martha's Vineyard place.

d7cab4 No.40343


I suspected something like this on the missing submarine. Might be more difficult under water. idk

41a229 No.40344


You do the investigating now! Q is done, now it's up to you Americans to do the rest!

Rabbit Hole –→ https://aim4truth.org/

ea1898 No.40345

Come on anons concentrate on what we can prove, and stuff or ideas we can search out for truth, please..

2e4212 No.40347


Or a year ago

5e1f41 No.40348

File: ab7f63433195129⋯.png (57.36 KB, 1120x592, 70:37, Red .PNG)

1f0588 No.40350

Trump keeps calling the Mueller investigation the biggest WITCH hunt in history right? What if he's being serious? HRC rumored to be an Illuminati WITCH

http://www. cuttingedge.org/News/n1224.cfm

d7cab4 No.40352


This 6 min video is what got me started. I think it is truly something along these lines. Highly recommend

ea1898 No.40353


interesting, i hadn't even thought of that, you know there was suspisions that our navy ships was disabled by some kind of Tesla/EMP weapon before being rammed

27bb93 No.40354


1/2 satan wants a thread about magic underwear. Can someone lead them in the wrong direction please?


ed1f10 No.40355


I don't think that you could "focus" an emp like that? due to the nature of electromagnetic fields. In addition (as far as I know) modern planes still have enough analog (not affected by emp) flight controls to at least make a controlled landing and not go down immediately?

I'd lean more towards the whole Trump/Russia/Isreal "Laptops" ordeal, where we believe Trump team figured out laptops can control (and crash) planes and tipped off russia?

2ce19b No.40356


The real point of the movie is to show how the Mafia, bankers, and the Church are all in bed together.

363b1f No.40357


Look at who owns the patent for it

burrelia burgdorferia (sp?)

It is transmissible via bodily fluids (kissing, even drinking out of someone else's cup) - no one else will tell you that. Also infected persons typically have several common co-infections (brucellosis)

Brookhaven Nat'l Labs' response to a .gov RFP is floating around on the net. In it, they state they have experience with it and tracking its infection vector via insects (ticks).

Good documentary on it: Behind the 8 Ball


No. Think strategically: If you develop a bioweapon that kills, your opponent will be able to track and isolate it, develop an antidote/cure. If you create a "disabling agent" especially one that mimics other conditions, you opponent is affected thusly:

> normally healthy people sickened

> not able to be part of any organized defense against you

> removed from being productive members of society

industries and paying taxes

(funding for opponent's defense against you)

> become a burden on opponent's society

taking not giving, a drain, not a net value

> people and resources must be allocated to taking care of them

(taking away from other concerns, unable to put that manpower/money/energy into opposing you)

That's all I'm saying on it

778027 No.40358


Could this be Alice's Wonderland and her magnificent adventures?

304860 No.40360


no coincidences, some things have multiple meanings

5e1f41 No.40361

c01eee No.40362


I believe harp machines are involved. I believe fires are set for that as well.

f14b8a No.40363

As much as I am sure I don’t want to know more,

I watched the MATRIX the other day.

b8cc42 No.40364

File: 5161650bba9d468⋯.gif (259.73 KB, 240x138, 40:23, Thumbs Up.gif)

d7cab4 No.40365



ea1898 No.40366


>HRC rumored to be an Illuminati WITCH

Larry Nichols was Bills fixer, and he said on the radio that once a month Hillary would goto a witch coven in LA and was a 4th degree witch.

8ccd5c No.40367


Q said at one point John McStain and Mayo in a crumb drop. I'm on phone and can't retrieve map….HELP ANONS!!!! I think this is important to paint the picture ;)

bc9a3e No.40368

File: 5573d459eb0a99e⋯.jpg (108.38 KB, 736x500, 184:125, 1b4c3bad7ce126dc70b529fc1e….jpg)

Twitter. com/tedlieu/status/935624673873874946

1f0588 No.40370


seeing that he's the king of shitposting and trolling his opposition it makes sense to me

4f446f No.40371

File: b508d438a7f3b20⋯.png (58.55 KB, 988x519, 988:519, shatter and scatter.png)

here's a fun easy game


list all of Q's anti Israeli posts


list all of Q's anti- Jewish posts

and finally

list all of Q's anti- Christian posts

evil has many heads (like a hydra)

like a seven headed beast

cut off one head and watch how the next picks a fight with the same victims

cut off that head and the next attacks and

on and on

33445f No.40372


That’s what I’m focusing. Never seen it so watching the movie right now 👍🏻

ac0213 No.40373


> normally healthy people sickened

> not able to be part of any organized defense against you

> removed from being productive members of society

Sounds like what happened in 1918. Spanish flu primarily affected healthy people. Curious.

bde3e2 No.40374


I’m not Mormon but I have a friend who is and he told me that he put me and my family in the prayer database. So I’m covered.

46e3d3 No.40375


Guerilla Twitter Tactics

→ Guerilla Twitter Tactics >>12832

→ Guerilla Twitter Tactics >>12832

→ Guerilla Twitter Tactics >>12832

→ Guerilla Twitter Tactics >>12832

Where can you post memes and images?






News portals...?

Try keyword search for topics

Find popular #hashtags

Find new and trending #hashtags

How about sites that allow comments on articles?

Meme-droppers please share techniques, ideas, success stories. What works? What doesn't?


because Twatter's upcoming policy change may close off our opportunity.

690783 No.40376


Thank you.

Now whos trying to go legit. BO?

d7cab4 No.40377

File: 18bfd70aea596e3⋯.jpg (263.56 KB, 599x599, 1:1, 1496282005167a.jpg)

8ccd5c No.40378


How about this…This is a Red Cross post…HERE are all of the locations of the children we get to eat

6acc04 No.40379

something feels off

2ce19b No.40380

ANONS!!! As far as Godfather 3 goes, IMO, lets start by digging into how much property, stock, ect ect that the Catholic church actually owns… "FOLLOW THE MONEY"

d7cab4 No.40381

2ce19b No.40382


The Saudi Crown Prince, possibly?

bd98a7 No.40383



I'm working on creating trafficking connections here to the red cross. It's in the spreadsheet.

6ec3ac No.40384



At this point Q larping should be a bannable offense.

b812f3 No.40385

Are we winning?

Hannity is either controlled opposition or we are being lied to by the insiders. The voracity in which hannity is going after mueller shows he truely believes mueller is trying to take trump out. I don’t buy argument he’s just going along with the show are somone decided not to red pill him.

Q and other insiders have led us to believe mueller is on trump’s side or is going after real corruption. If this were true, someone needs to clue EVERY conservative talking-head on this.

This makes no sense. Someone is misleading us.

If half the stuff Q was telling us was true, why haven’t we seen press conferences from the president about how talal was in on assassination? That would surely change the narrative, don’t you think?

Something is not right. We should have seen bigger fish going down by now. We have been strung along for months.

I want to believe, but none of this passes the smell test. Something is wrong.

Please tell me we are winning

d7cab4 No.40387


Hello Grumpy

690783 No.40388


Mayo Clinic and the Clinton foundation are connected.

ed1f10 No.40389

Anons we're a little out of focus I think..


>>38638, >>38682

are most intriguing to me. What can we do with this?

363b1f No.40390


>Mike Rogers creates barium meals by feeding leakers bogus reports.

This should be engraved in stone on a building as a monument

d7cab4 No.40391


misinformation in necessary and they have absolutely done that several times

c01eee No.40392



aa158a No.40393


Do you all realize the gravity of what is going to be revealed?

If you believe in this Q person or team then you acknowledge they said 99% of people in the hospital and an ominous warning to be prepared for what you will soon discover.

I can assure you it has nothing to do with politics!

Do you realize what is happening? Do you realize you will likely be in shock? Is people torturing babies for money so far fetched and crazy that it would put 99% of people in the hospital? Probably not unfortunately. Most people are aware of the evil shit that has gone on since the beginning of time. People used to be executed in public like a sport. Think of the coloseum in Rome. People literally cheered and watched murder for sport!

Anons this isn't about murdered babies, we murder millions of babies every year as sacrifices for what this is really about.

Expand your thinking!


ed1f10 No.40394


Also, we know that the list of politicians not running for re-election ( >>38504 ) is important. Any parallels that can be drawn between each?

690783 No.40395


Yes that makes more sense.

ac0213 No.40396


We're winning.

Quit concern trolling.

Just because things aren't going exactly the way you imagined does not mean something is wrong.

a4ebf3 No.40397


Was it about him going there to get the hole put in his head or for his Achilles heel?

27bb93 No.40398


>prayer database

Top kek for bitprayer

690783 No.40399


Perfect. Thank you Anon.

665713 No.40401

First time “Clinton Foundation”is trending on twitter.

And it attempt to spin DTJ meeting as collusion.

Dems are scared.

2609a5 No.40403

File: 6d67af72356eac8⋯.png (76.09 KB, 806x650, 31:25, Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at ….png)

Assistance needed with the encrypted message from previous Q pic.

Look at everything that happened on December 16, 2016, including Flynn & SA. What does the rest of the message state?

ALL compromised by.. use HOM.. HIT-2000# ..

ONCE confirmed

Sorry Hoops due

HIT-2 , get jumpy :|

13 34 34 144 55 28

35 44 55 139 20 55




SO MM bayat to.. use SYN.. One 16 December 2016 ..


ECIWT confirmed

I know. These are the times. Calm patriot.


precom? Not try chat. Many liableness.

181bf3 No.40404


Do you have Q envy? how cute, now get the fuck out dipshit!

a4ebf3 No.40405


(Or something else?)

bd98a7 No.40406


Go back and read all the crumbs, anon.

Mueller met with Trump for the purpose of "interviewing for FBI" even though he wasn't eligible, and before he was appointed special counsel. BIG DROP there.

No one even mentions this in MSM or even in the conservative media.

At this point, those in the conservative media–if they ignore this point, I'm almost ready to consider them controlled opposition.

aa158a No.40407


Very well put anon, thank you. It is often thought that shy or antisocial people or autistic people lack empathy but I think the problem is they feel too much all at once and it is overwhelming.

43 indictments seems to me like 7 will be the judge.

5b4dbb No.40408


I think she would meet with some other reported witch out there named 'Bloodworth' or something..producer for 'Designing Women'.

e63137 No.40409


That is explained in detail here.


Here, get the overview.


He already has. It's just been suppressed from you.

2ce19b No.40410


Now, ANONS, are there ANY ties whatsoever between the Vatican and Saudi Arabia???

4a7c65 No.40411


God father 3 is when a false puppet pope gets installed by a shadow organization ( in the movie's case, the mafia)

we did recently have the first popeal abdication in over eight hundred years.

d7cab4 No.40412

File: 4b7a1ce58c62e63⋯.jpg (1.34 KB, 125x70, 25:14, 1496092397807s.jpg)


The shilling is dense this eve

b37b83 No.40413


It's called Reverse Psychology.

20eb8a No.40414


The cards are famous in every gambling town and man. It's blackjack. Jack and Ace of spades. Best hand in blackjack. Every gambler would know that.

As for 10/1, that's likely intentional. 10/1 is basic odds set for starting any no-game gambling. It's also another way to read face+ace in blackjack.

c633ab No.40416

Seems to me, in this day and age…

That the church is coming to a crossroads.

They have tried to manifest a vision of a world government

run by the returned Messiah,

preparing for that day he comes on the clouds.

They have waited, hiding their pearls in the ground!!!

They have done their math quite badly… to their shame, indeed.

If Jesus could return on the clouds…

he could probably raise enough funds for a kingdom. Hmm?

However, all can be forgiven… in repentence… humility… atonement.

The church has been like a fortress… like an ark… like a shield…

to ensure that the concepts of decency, righteousness, and love

were saved from the forces of barbarianism and livaciousness.

And they ARE saved.

But the church had to become a whore to do it.

Constantine would not have had it any other way.

The world won't tolerate the rest of this nonsense

And I won't even say.

Find the truth of yourselves… yourselves.

No one can judge but God.

f14b8a No.40417

As much as I am sure I don’t want to know more,

I watched the MATRIX the other day.


I’m here, but not for long. I’m not exactly sure I can handle much more, I’m pretty much at beyond bombs away.

b1c0e0 No.40418


…BECAUSE events are still unfolding. It's not a done deal YET. Q's last post said, "Ready to Play?", which sounds like things are unfolding still.

fd63c3 No.40419

File: 08d04f6dda2de38⋯.jpg (25.17 KB, 600x700, 6:7, 977640526d5ea5f1b0275ea348….jpg)


Saw that. Pretty good way to get attention on CF, eh?

aa158a No.40420

Friendly reminder that if you believe in Jesus then you believe in Angels which are Aliens, not from Earth, Extra Terrestrials, Spiritual Beings, Celestial Beings, From the Heavens.

6dc111 No.40421



>There's lots of references in the bible about the rivers running red.. the moon turning red..

>Something about the moon… and it's weird that full moons == craziness

>IS the moon a giant alien built satellite that collects / sucks energy?

>That would be mind blowing, but.. there's something about the moon.. and Antarctica.. and I think aliens/demons..

>Stuff that would put 99% in the hospital if they knew?

>Most can probably handle SOME of this.. but.. not actual aliens or perhaps even the TRUTH if it's that big..

>The bible even says the moon will turn red, and the stars will FALL.. fall??


I think the 99% in hospital is related to the overall big picture that we are all living inside a hologram / simulation. The elites have figured this out thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years ago and have figured out ways to manipulate the system. Also would explain why they have no qualms killing and raping children, if they/we don't exist anyway? Most people would freak out and turn mute or numb / brain dead if presented with undeniable proof we are not real.

99d4af No.40422

File: 90e433ab7601619⋯.jpg (262.39 KB, 864x762, 144:127, run.jpg)

File: 94dda1a2234c796⋯.jpg (199.03 KB, 864x762, 144:127, run2.jpg)

Homage to today's Q crumbs.

181bf3 No.40424


I think it's a ruse

304860 No.40425


It wouldn't be good if Hannity-level people were privy to this right now

9e5d4a No.40426


remember when q said "wait till next week"?

is the Mueller thing what he's talking about?

b0bc19 No.40427


Matrix, if you're drinking and lurking know this. I was a Marine recruit of the mid '60's. I joined the Marine Corps to dodge the draft. Genius, yeah, I know. I did VERY well in training which occasioned me to receive a set of "dress blues", the most formal Marine Corps uniform. Man, was I proud. After all, I'd been a Cub Scout, a Boy Scout, an Explorer Scout.

The reason I received those dress blues, however, was not because I was a great Marine, but because I'd been there before.

My family broke up when I was exiting grammar school. My Mom married an abusive psyco alky who delighted in kicking the shit out of me. I'm not big so I didn't have much choice but to continually run away. This got me sideways with juvey so after many appearances for curfew (I delivered papers and parts at night) I was told by the judge that I could go to Juvenile hall (to be gang raped by the big kids) or do a stretch with the "Devil Pups".

Well, in the '60's, it wasn't the summer camp it is today. It was BOOT Camp. The mission was to turn miscreants such as I into citizens. It took two tours, but by gosh I had "the fear of God" in me.

Flash forward, dress blues in 1966 got you every funeral detail, honor guard, firing squad, pall bearer, flag folder, and Escort. Escorting dead Marines, home, to be there with their families.

I was involved with nearly 400 funerals. Nothing can make you question like that. I came to see the Vietnam war for what it was, a meat grinder. Con't.

ac0213 No.40428





Deploy CF redpills on that hashtag NOW.

2ce19b No.40430


This is false! The Pope, ELECTED in the movie, is later killed by criminals within the Vatican to cover up their bank fraud.

ed1f10 No.40431

First, I'mma look at the Q posts..


Some people say ++ -> "+FLY+" means "the strings are cut". In what contexts has Q used "++"?

>Banks control Gov’ts

Who controls banks? Many are Rothschild (most central banks), are all beholden to the Swiss Bank for International Settlements?

>Gov’ts control people

Speaks for itself

>SA controls elected people.

Saudi Arabia clearly has hands in a lot of peoples pockets.

>SOROS controls organizations of people.

Open Society foundation, antifa, the list goes on.

>Ready to play?

Guess the ball is rolling now.


27bb93 No.40433


..and it's totally cool, because leftists on twatter encourage ppl to self identify.

I self-identify as.. a hot chick with dank memes.


bde3e2 No.40434



Not a shill, true story, you don’t have to be Mormon to be prayed for to get to Mormon heaven.

690783 No.40435


Yes. I think we should focus on the black pope and the order of the jesuits. We all know that the white pope is just a puppet. It is said that the black pope is the most powerful guy in the vatican.

ed1f10 No.40436


Obviously making a joke to prove a point that the Qtrip-as-name isn't a legitimate post.

31fdd4 No.40437


Some of these are words spelled backwards at first glance.







What's the sauce on this, what photo and how did you uncover?

33445f No.40439


Here’s a line from the movie…

MICHAEL:”I have always believed helping your fellow man is profitable, in every sense, personally and bottom line.

(then, continuing his speech)

My fellow shareholders, if Europe and America can learn to cooperate – if we can learn to pool our wealth, share our markets, we can defeat, any competition, anywhere in the world. Let me thank you for the time you have given me here today, and I hope, that you will look favorably upon my proposal. Thank you.”

So are you talking just showing the connection or figuring who it is? Not sure how literal to take the movie reference but sounds like The Godfather III connection is American

d7cab4 No.40440


hello Sneezy

1dab4a No.40441


>Wow, lots of Dems calling on Al Franken to resign right now! Very interesting…

Because as long as hes there, they can't attack Moore & Trump.

2ce19b No.40442


In the movie, it's the BANKERS that control the Vatican behind the scenes.

01cf09 No.40443


Okay! I was looking into the details of all the politicians who are not seeking re-election this campaign cycle. There's some very odd trends – for example, Bob Corker, who is not seeking re-election is involved with the Iran uranium deals that Obama sought after.

But, here's the real hook. The following republicans: Charlie Dent, Frank LoBiondo, Tim Murphy, Dave Reichart, Pat Tiberi, and David Trott are all not seeking re-election. Why is this important? All of them are a part of the Tuesday Group PAC, which has about 50 members. What are the chances that 10% of this PAC decide to retire at the exact same time?

My weaponized autism is not strong enough, but if someone more capable is willing to look into the Tuesday Group PAC, I think we might be able to find some swamp elements. They fought the repeal of Obamacare, but that alone doesn't seem enough unless Obamacare also has some deep state connections I'm not seeing.


ed1f10 No.40445


Next, I think theres a lot of value in the List Of Politicians Not Running for Re-election. (I am not sure if this is complete please correct me if I am wrong.

List of politicians not seeking re-election

Bob Corker, R

Charlie Dent, R

Jeff Flake, R

John Duncan, R

Bob Goodlatte, R

Jeb Hensarling, R

Lynn Jenkins, R

Sam Johnson, R

Frank LoBiondo, R

Tim Murphy, R

Ted Poe, R

Dave Reichert, R

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R

Lamar Smith, R

Pat Tiberi, R

Dave Trott, R

Carol Shea-Porter, D

Gene Green, D

Joe Barton, R

John Delaney, D

Luis V. Gutierrez, D

Niki Tsongas, D

John Conyers, D

Sandy Levin, D

17 R, 5 D. I'm going through and trying to find out why each isnt running for re-election.

181bf3 No.40447


yes lol

fd63c3 No.40448


I just now got that reading what you wrote. Wow, 10/1=Blackjack in Las Vegas.

f02d90 No.40449


We are winning. God is with US anon. The REAL God. Wake up.

His wrath is building up like a dam busting at the seams about to let loose. And He aint coming for you or me

a4ebf3 No.40450



Yes! Deploy CF memes to twatter! It's time

2ce19b No.40451


The connection is international finance…

3987af No.40453



ed1f10 No.40454


Good find! will consider this when I finish with the reason behind each >>40445

d7cab4 No.40455


ty., anon it is strong with you

e2d488 No.40456


That's awesome! Good work, parent anon, mine already know about Q and Wikileaks. Saint Julian is a hero in our home.

3d8f0c No.40457


The elite, assisted by the Vatican and Red Cross are attempting to find offspring of the blood line of Christ. Catholicism holds the ritual of "eating flesh and drinking the blood of Christ" as sacramental.

What if you took that literally…?

In order to partake, you would need blood of the RH- type, so perhaps you'd try to find that through a blood donation org like the Red Cross.

>The world is run by a cult

That cult is a dark breed of Catholicism that partakes in blood ritual.

> Hussein ASIA

Hussein talks about the "lack of leadership" in the US currently. What he means is the lack of his fucked up brand of elite cultists.

>The keystone

THE PRESIDENCY. Allows access to Intel (door of all doors) and the ability to act, as commander in chief. Without the presidency, there is no power.

6a8339 No.40460


I apologize to the baker reviewed old posts, apparently the one I thought we missed was from yesterday.

can you clarify how you have a trip same as Q with Bold tho?

ps sorry for any bickering I caused.

d7cab4 No.40461


You will find GEOTUS has the goods on them

33445f No.40463


Ok, yeah I was just about to ask if maybe it wasn’t so much American as much as focus on international.

ed1f10 No.40464


see keystone, not ONY the presidency


f14b8a No.40468


I’m here.

Thank you for your service. I am very aware of military life.


31fdd4 No.40469


>13 34 34 144 55 28

Guam Anderson Air Base

>35 44 55 139 20 55

Japan Airport - on western outskirts/suburbs of Tokyo

e63137 No.40470


David actually likens "a breach of waters" to the divine taking out his enemy.

3987af No.40471



Centrist House Republicans establish Tuesday Group PAC

By Alexander Bolton - 07/11/07 07:17 PM EDT

Rep. Ray LaHood (R-Ill.), a member of the Tuesday Group, said the purpose of the new PAC is “to maintain the moderate wing of the party.”

“It’s very important to our party that we hang on to those that represent a point of view that’s important to the party,” said LaHood, who noted that centrists met with President Bush in May to share their concerns about the direction of the war in Iraq.

Former Republican Reps. Jim Leach (Iowa), Charlie Bass (N.H.), Nancy Johnson (Conn.), Rob Simmons (Conn.), Sue Kelly (N.Y.), Joe Schwarz (Mich.) and Michael Fitzpatrick (Pa.) lost reelection. Ex-Rep. Sherwood Boehlert (N.Y.), a leading House GOP centrist in the 109th Congress, retired. The Republican who ran to succeed him, Ray Meier, had a more conservative record and lost to Rep. Michael Arcuri (D-N.Y.).

Voters angry over the Iraq war threw Johnson out of office even though she was chairwoman of the Ways and Means health subcommittee. Schwarz saw his congressional career end at the hands of a conservative challenger in Michigan’s Republican primary.

The fates of Johnson and Schwarz demonstrate what House GOP centrists know quite well: They face political threats from both the left and the right of the political spectrum.

Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.), a longtime member and former co-chairman of the Tuesday Group, said lawmakers launched the PAC to help vulnerable centrists as well as liberal-leaning Republicans running for open congressional seats.

“You always want to increase your numbers or maintain them so that’s always a matter of some concern,” Castle said when asked about the declining number of House centrists.

“Any elected official is concerned about the next election,” he said. “With any of these moderates, that’s constantly an issue. You’re subject to attacks from the right and the left when you’re in the middle. It’s not approached by anything akin to alarm, but it’s genuine political concern.”

Castle is one of several GOP centrists the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has targeted for defeat in 2008.

Reps. Mark Kirk (Ill.) and Charlie Dent (Pa.), the co-chairman of the Tuesday Group, also have targets on their backs.

848df6 No.40473


What this anon says. We have yet to begin the shock and awe. Open your minds and stop with all the hate baiting, because you will all look like fools in the end and where I come from fools give BJ's as apologies and I will expect payment on delivery, from all of you.

bd98a7 No.40474

Good thread from Wictor.

Appears WaPo is about to go down for leaking State Secrets.


2ce19b No.40475


The Mafia is international, the big banks are international, the Vatican INTERNATIONAL.

690783 No.40476


And who owns the banks Roths.

What was the post by Q where he says.

Banks Control governments

SA controls puppets.

Something like that.

ed1f10 No.40479


Bold means the Q !tripcode was simply pasted in the name field. A real tripcode is name in bold, trip in regular. See my name.

01cf09 No.40480


I feel like there should be some sort of smoking gun tied up into that PAC – assuming this is emblematic of draining the swamp, what activities did the Tuesday Group support that are a part of the swamp?

ed1f10 No.40482


Compared to this.

"Peepee comes from the balls" Qtrip post is NOT legit

6a8339 No.40484


ahh that makes sense thanks man!

dc9cf5 No.40485

In the beginning Kek said "Let there be memes". And it was dank.

e2d488 No.40486


Nah, I'll filter you instead asshole! Q said dig, meme, PRAY. We are in a spiritual battle too. Don't belittle those who want to Pray. You don't control this general. You should apologize and post something of value.

399de3 No.40487

File: 3e3d621b8d9ed2e⋯.jpeg (175.78 KB, 768x1152, 2:3, 569F5336-6596-439A-AD4F-4….jpeg)

399de3 No.40488

File: 7c921eba0addb0a⋯.jpeg (77.89 KB, 640x276, 160:69, 1371A502-0E5F-423E-A967-3….jpeg)

9e5d4a No.40491

4213b5 No.40492


This is a distraction and not for this board.

Be careful, you are being monitored.

690783 No.40494



SA - controls Puppets

Soros- all organizations

Roths - banks

Banks Control governments

Goverments control ppl

b0bc19 No.40495


Why, I asked myself and others. The media had no answers. Part of me was doing my patriotic "duty", part of me was reviled on the evening news. It was very confusing. It took me a long time to put the pieces together that Q's have so eloquently baited us into. People were making money and achieving/maintaining power and money because of this useless war.

It was a Marine, Smedley Butler who said " War is a racket, the only one whose profits are measured in dollars and costs in human lives". It took a long time, and a lot of alcohol fueled nights of introspection to come to the conclusions I have.

What did I learn from this. I learned rage. Rage against the evil that manifested itself in this useless "war" that took so many of my friends and family. I started to study and lo and behold, I wasn't alone.

A missionary in Vietnam, John Birch, was killed by the vietcong. Recognition of his sacrifice resulted in some of us getting together as like minds and forming the John Birch Society. The book that was the seminal document about this was called None Dare Call it Conspiracy. What was it about? You don't even have to ask if you've been paying attention. Cont'd.

3987af No.40496

Fun Mike Castle Fact:

He was a DuPont client congressman, expected to breeze into Senate, but was unseated by the backward downstate Delawareans who out of spite put forth a literal witch turned witchhunter and anti-masturbation advocate to defeat him in the primary. She later went on to bang people for money.


ec6b5f No.40497

6acc04 No.40499

eternal optimism shouldn't be a positive blood diagnosis

2ce19b No.40500


EXACTLY! They are all connected through finance, you need to remember this too, the Vatican was TRULY the first Global Corporation! LONG before the Rothschilds! Rothschilds took control to gain THIS power.

e63137 No.40501


Yeah, but the headquarters for international organized crime is Israel these days.

Has been for awhile - all the most heinous stuff.

d7cab4 No.40502


ty I missed that a true lol

31fdd4 No.40503



JA (10/1)

Jason Aldean (his tattoo)

Date of Vegas Attack 10/1

Is JA involved? No. Is the occult aligning the stars and using him as a pawn? Yes.

1dab4a No.40504


Hannity is a neocon cuck. Just look at the way he attacked Moore. All he does is present the controlled opposition angle and that's it. No different than alex jones.

Cucks like hannity aren't the types who will have your back when shit hits the fan.

300ce2 No.40505

24c4fc No.40506


I'm thinking Soros is Vatican's puppet. Godfather = God Father = Pope = leader of the pack!


"Godfather III

Be prepared for what you find.


followed by:



Banks control Gov’ts

Gov’ts control people

SA controls elected people.

SOROS controls organizations of people.

Ready to play?


The "++" and "SOROS" in block caps have me thinking a) Soros is one of the "III" (3) in signature "Godfather III" - he's one of the 3 sides to the triangle, after all - and b) "+FLY+" and "SOROS" = +FLYSOROS+

...just a thought.

Q, able to confirm, please?

46e3d3 No.40507

File: c5643e2f1e00fc7⋯.png (123.1 KB, 1049x686, 1049:686, 1.png)


"If the United States moved the embassy to Jerusalem, it would mean that the US effectively recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. That would overturn 70 years of international consensus, and would signal the end of moves to achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians."

https:// twitter.com/I_AM__Q/status/938224219887886336

dc9cf5 No.40508

There is but one memetic God, and Pepe is his prophet.

8ccd5c No.40509


We murder babies to feed Moloch…there are videos posted on this board that talk about "NASA Lies"…are these related?

300ce2 No.40510


aint that some truth. he likes his paycheck too much

23d501 No.40511

Did a little digging on LdeR's Martha's Vineyard place. She is all over the fancy decor magazines & blogs, for good reason - whatever we may think of her, she has fantastic taste. And boy, does she hate Barack Obama.

Very comfy reading here, and all the meme material you could ever want!




http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/08/22/attack-globalists-hillary-raises-1-million-marthas-vineyard-home-anti-trump-economist-magazine-owner/ $100K per person fundraiser

https://pagesix.com/2016/08/11/lady-lynn-forester-de-rothschild-throws-hillary-fundraiser/ More vicious criticism of Obama

http://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/features/a2295/lynn-forester-de-rothschild-interview-0514/ Ooh, juicy article – she’s spend weekends with the Queen? Explains the football fascination, confirms her as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations AND on board of the McCain Institute for International Leadership, first met the Clintons in 1992

https://www.politico.eu/article/economist-magazine-shareholders-british-commerce-rothschild/ She has some major control at The Economist, although one of the articles above notes that a powder room in one of their houses is wallpapered with pages from it.

b9caac No.40512


Wow. Your autism shines bright. This was very well done

2ce19b No.40514


Let's also remember that Vatican City is its own government, its own state.

eebcb4 No.40515


The thing they did on Reddit the other day with the neutrality senators was pretty effective.

4213b5 No.40516


People, do not respond to this post and filter. You can see "he" prewrote this long diatribe and it is designed to distract.

Q, why is POTUS quiet on twatter right now?

c8c279 No.40517

File: e3c9e3162cacbe8⋯.jpeg (28.84 KB, 400x400, 1:1, c87a6b429bd30e2220f45ddd1….jpeg)

6dc111 No.40518


Yes but why do they do it? There is a theory it is carried down through generations from when they saw 'gods' who were ancient aliens.

3987af No.40520


I think this may be a case where the group long outlived its usefulness


By Jesse Zwick

January 29, 2011

Does a once-influential group of moderate Republicans have any chance of mattering in the new House?

Newt Gingrich’s ’94 Republicans aren’t remembered as a particularly collegial bunch. Fired up by their ideals and their newfound majority, the young Republican guard demanded welfare reform, shut down the government, and eventually impeached the president. But, if not for the Tuesday Group, it could have been much worse.

f4f54e No.40521


UNLESS . . . DJT made it the embassy to Israel AND Palestine (officially recognized state) both of whom claim the city.

8ccd5c No.40523


How many of their wives have had abortions?

f14b8a No.40526


I see that. I know we aren’t anonymous, but where else can we go when despair comes creeping in?

Tell me something about? You have info, give a hint as to how.. maybe I need to be scared away.

690783 No.40527


Yes this> "+FLY+

Banks control Gov’ts

Gov’ts control people

SA controls elected people.

SOROS controls organizations of people.

Ready to play?



SA + Soros + Roths

fd63c3 No.40528


Which pic was this from?

Semper fi is there.

300ce2 No.40529


the Podesta group and Google had big donations to them in 2016

bde3e2 No.40530

File: 6a0063562b2b141⋯.jpeg (141.71 KB, 508x336, 127:84, 013F9345-28FD-46A7-93A5-B….jpeg)


The Vatican’s money is in Switzerland that’s why he’s protected by the Swiss Guard.

665713 No.40531

Bitcoin hits new high. Is it tied to SA princes searching for bitbail?

2ce19b No.40532

WE NEED TO FOLLOW THE MONEY ANONS!!! ENOUGH ABOUT ALIENS AND SATAN, that all may be true, but you only need to follow the money to DESTROY THEM!

7dcf46 No.40533


Some will never see.

8ccd5c No.40534


Adam…the "man of law" must have a fight in this battle

c8c279 No.40535

Red cross - Jesuits influence in Switzerland

In the early 1800s, the Jesuits formulated a plan to create civil war in Switzerland, to divide the population.

Maybe Jesuits play a more important role in the geopolitical scene than we think ?

7dcf46 No.40536

Why did Q use the + symbol?

d7cab4 No.40537


Notice an answer is not always one "thing". Note the key and the stone were plural. Good thinking, anon.

2609a5 No.40538

File: bb13adb597870c5⋯.png (871.88 KB, 1710x1292, 45:34, Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at ….png)


Yes, thank you. Thoughts on why he would drop us this? Maybe as method to use in future drops? Strange how no crypt used.

d7cab4 No.40539


final takedown of the three?

848df6 No.40540


Imitating something theyve seen before, maybe, hmmmm?

690783 No.40541



London - Money /Banks

Vatican - religion

Washington DC - military

All three are seperate entities from their. Countries.

2ce19b No.40543


Vatican has its own bank, property around the world, stock shares, ect. follow the money.

84919c No.40544


What is something that everyone does?

Eat. I am expecting some sort of information regarding the food we eat, the beverages we drink to be tainted, in a very very bad way.

What is used for McDonalds burgers? What are you actually drinking when you open a can of soda, Coke in specific? It would need to be something that every person does to affect 99% of everyone.

Are we all cannibals? Do we pop open a beverage and drinking a disease of some sorts?

Please God no…

c8c279 No.40545

Red cross - Jesuits influence in Switzerland

In the early 1800s, the Jesuits formulated a plan to create civil war in Switzerland, to divide the population.

Maybe Jesuits play a more important role in the geopolitical scene than we think ?>>40535


1dab4a No.40546


Its two faced fake conservatives like him that have brought us to the brink of losing the great U S of A. God bless the military.

ac0213 No.40547


Photo sauce nao or gtfo.

d7cab4 No.40548


This was in an image? Metadata?

1a30cf No.40549


>Tuesday Group PAC


I'm digging through their filings. They aren't particularly wealthy at the moment. Seems a little sleepy right now. Going backwards though.

e2d488 No.40550


Fuck Off Clown! +++ You must be Grumpy the Dwarf down in Langley. "You are being monitored"? Really? Let people post their prayers and YOU actually contribute something of value. All anons, check this ID's posts, nothing of value for in this bread. Get lost, bot!

e6a8b4 No.40551

Laura Silsby Gayler's husband Wade is a Regional Director for the Red Cross! She was arrested in Haiti for trying to smuggle (traffick) kids and The Clintons stepped in to arrange for her release.

690783 No.40552

f2a2a8 No.40553


That would be…. Biblical.

3987af No.40554


You prop up anyone remotely useful out of desperation but at a certain point the good money follows the bad.

c8c279 No.40555

363b1f No.40556


I think you are onto something anon. Dr. Farrell mentioned that a few times (interviews on his book Financial Vipers of Venice) that they had to "make a deal with the bankers" in order to be in the modern world (access to banks/banking) after the Papal States were taken. Mussolini effectively created the Vatican city-state allowing them to retain some territory. So your comment makes much more sense in light of that.

7a6e7a No.40557



This is US Yokota Airforce base.


ec6b5f No.40559


msm worldwide, all platforms promote btc, why?

Macron was obsessed with btc in his wikileaks drops . why?

>if you think the deep state will win invest in bitcoin, otherwise get out fast.

eebcb4 No.40560


Why can we see stars from Earth, but not from space? Every image I’ve seen that has been taken from space, there are no stars to be seen, just a black abyss. Why is that?

ecd16e No.40561


Cheers to a redpilled woke family…recommend we all do the same

3987af No.40562



>jk that's great maybe there is a future

88cfc2 No.40563

Red video. 3:05

What does person off-screen say?

1dab4a No.40564


>Fuck Off Clown! +++ You must be Grumpy the Dwarf down in Langley. All anons, check this ID's posts, nothing of value for in this bread. Get lost, bot!

Go easy on him anon, they're not sending their best.

d7cab4 No.40565

690783 No.40567


The Roman Empire prevails through the

Three Corporations run the world: City of London, Washington DC and Vatican City


f14b8a No.40569


It is way way worse than that unfortunately.

6a8339 No.40570

just a suggestion.

to kick start our meme war 4,000

we have a pretty good idea big news will be hitting regularly for a while.

our meme magic

we need to keep an eye on the normie trends on twat that happen every time the break big news and when one start trending, post our meme the normie hashtag and a hashtag we all agree on. in hopes we can get the normies to start using our hashtag persistence is key.

100612 No.40571


This is true. I've researched it.

Aborted Human Fetal Cells for Stimulating Artificial Flavors

Biotech companies have been using aborted human fetal cells for testing the effectiveness of different flavoring agent in their products. Last year the news came out that a biotech company in CA called Senomyx has been using aborted human fetal cells in foods and beverages.

A pro-life watchdog group called Children of God for Life (CGL) has been calling the marketing scheme of the biotech companies deceptive and use of aborted human fetal cells unethical and immoral. Debi Vinnedge, the director of CGL in an interview mentions that why the biotech doesn’t come out clean and tell the public that they are using human embryonic kidney cells (HEK-293) taken from aborted babies to produce human taste receptors?


665713 No.40572


My thought was as soon as bitcoin was deemed legal tender for large transactions, there’s no way to investigate money laundering.

bd98a7 No.40573


Mods please do not allow this Flat Earth shit in here.

6b1a69 No.40574


They recently sacked the deputy director of IOR- this just one of many articles but shows interesting angle of him spying on superiors for corrupt activities:

http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/news/ 2017/12/01/senior-bank-official-sacked-and-escorted-out-of-the-vatican/

4213b5 No.40575


There are better places. Please search help sites on Google. Thousands available. This is not the site for attention or assistance. Call a local help center. Just being honest.

b8cc42 No.40576

File: edbde8dcf17b8a8⋯.jpeg (164.32 KB, 412x1217, 412:1217, download.jpeg)

b1c0e0 No.40577



690783 No.40578

File: a8cccb7d1e6a242⋯.png (385.39 KB, 586x427, 586:427, Trinity-of-Globalist-Contr….png)

4213b5 No.40579


Triggered? Good, it worked. You are too easy. Lol

b0c320 No.40580



The Rothschild AMA from '11-'13 brought up diet many times. The Rothschild guy said a vegan diet is best and eating meat comes with karmic consequences. He also said to avoid carbs at all costs! I don't know how much is true but it's been on my mind.

What if whatever we are eating comes with withdrawal symptoms upon desist? Something in the water?

d578b7 No.40581


When I pray I pray for everyone on Earth and then maybe a little extra for people I love dearly but a "Dear Lord please save our souls" is always included so this doesn't make sense to me but thanks for the response.

665713 No.40582

Bitcoin price.

12th of November: $5,827

19th of November: $8,033

26th of November: $9,326

3rd December: $11,720

Now: $12,108

dc9cf5 No.40583

File: acdb8b9c985e64f⋯.jpg (83.38 KB, 800x298, 400:149, 20knii.jpg)


d7cab4 No.40584


That guy is worth digging into. We will hear his name again.

5e5827 No.40585


The C-130 that crashed on 7-10 was carrying special operators. The odd thing about this flight was that their plane was fully loaded with equipment and then they refueled in mid flight. Usually don’t refuel when fully loaded.

f4f54e No.40586


I know! My best investment.

c8c279 No.40587


How many schools, universities… in U.S are controlled by Jesuits ? A LOT.

We should investigate the JESUITS history, their real implication in world events.

What better cover for evil organisation than The Company of Jesus ?

9abf60 No.40588


Not this stupid thing again. Take a photo, with any camera. That’s how exposure works. You want to see the stars, everything else will be blown out. You want it to not be blown out, you don’t see the stars.

This is the “look the Earth is flat because my floor is flat” of photography.

27bb93 No.40589

File: 88b5efc8717e0e2⋯.jpeg (157.25 KB, 500x375, 4:3, nwoenemy.jpeg)

File: 36683c224789977⋯.jpeg (35.68 KB, 550x353, 550:353, devHil.jpeg)

File: 053cf90806cc81d⋯.jpg (54.36 KB, 600x489, 200:163, allRapists.jpg)

4213b5 No.40590


To prove how dumb you are, what is the answer to this:

"Magnolia light yellow flight 16 keys saw it so light"

39ce2d No.40592


They really think BHO is burned trash. Smelly, burned trash.

a4ebf3 No.40593


Speaking of kids cling it off, CF is trending on twatter for the first time ever. It would be a great time to start blasting out some CF red pills / memes

4213b5 No.40594



665713 No.40595


7 out of 10, not July 10th

f14b8a No.40596


Still here

a4ebf3 No.40597


Typo Kicking it off

690783 No.40598


We are on the right track then!

3987af No.40599


This is terrible because this falls under "natural flavors" doesn't it

2ce19b No.40600


During the crusades, the Catholic church owned a percentage of EVERYTHING the Crusaders conquered, they also owned VAST property in ALL Western Kingdoms at the time, effectively controlling the Kings and their Kingdoms… The bankers came along and made wealth more based on debt than owning land, breaking the churches power over Europe.

3987af No.40601


Georgetown is Jesuit and super clowny

300ce2 No.40602


>Laura Silsby Gayler's husband Wade is a Regional Director for the Red Cross

VOAT Link: we should start to pull info from the heavy lifting that has been done.


bd98a7 No.40603

Damn this place is shilly tonight.

d7cab4 No.40604


Either 3/10 or a purge

4213b5 No.40605


Love the face one!

Keep posting!

848df6 No.40606


Look up the videos on YT of iron metal shavings in breakfast cereal. They wanted us sick and dead pretty hard

dd2d8c No.40609


I think hannity is sincere but no way anyone in the know could trust the people companies he works for don’t forget what happened to him when he talked about Seth rich no way he is apart of inner circle of the need to know

d7cab4 No.40610


I have called out three and no response. Must be batting 1000

1a30cf No.40611

Stepped out and came back and scrolled through looking, but you all know that the Red Cross being dirty and used to cover a lot of tracks was documented in the Panama Papers last year, yes?

4213b5 No.40612

Where is BHO right now?



d7cab4 No.40613

665713 No.40614

This is an excellent explaination. Note figure is for individuals, not those hiding money in family foundations.

3987af No.40617



Lombard credit is the granting of credit to banks against pledged items, mostly in the form of securities or life insurance policies. The pledged items must be readily marketable. Lending is via central banks, in particular the securities 'eligible for collateral' which are registered on lists; as a general rule, the Lombard rate (interest rate) is more or less one per cent above discount rate. The pledging of securities means that the credit institutions have the opportunity of acquiring money in the short term from central banks.

One prominent role of Lombard credit is in use by the Federal Reserve System of the United States of America. Traditionally, the discount rate,[clarification needed] or the rate charged by the Fed to member banks in need of funds (ostensibly to maintain the required reserve ratio), was lower than the target federal funds rate, or the rate charged among banks for the same type of overnight credit. This meant that banks could borrow from the Central Bank at a lower rate than they could from each other, which somewhat conflicts with the Central Bank's role as a "lender of last resort". A discount rate lower than the rate typically charged by another bank opened the possibility of arbitrage and thus required extra scrutiny of potential borrowers. The Federal Reserve Board of the United States switched to a so-called "Lombard facility," in which the discount rate is actually higher than the targeted federal funds rate, thus creating an economic incentive for banks to look elsewhere before asking to borrow from the Fed.


A Christian prohibition on profit from money without working made banking sinful. Though Pope Leo the Great forbade charging interest on loans by canon law, it was not forbidden to take collateral on loans. Pawn shops thus operate on the basis of a contract that fixes in advance the 'fine' for not respecting the nominal term of the 'interest free' loan, or alternatively, may structure a sale-repurchase by the 'borrower' where the interest is implicit in the repurchase price. Similar conventions exist in modern Islamic banking. Various ways around the prohibition were devised, so that the lowly pawnshop contractors could bundle their risk and investment for larger undertakings. Christianity and Judaism generally ban usury, but allow usury towards heretics. Thus Christians could lend to Jews and vice versa. The only real necessity for a young man who desired a future in the financial world of the Middle Ages was the ability to read and write; the methods used for bookkeeping were carefully kept within families and slowly spread along trade routes. Therefore, this knowledge was available most readily to Jesuits and Jews, who consequently played a major role in European finance. Later the Jesuits took the role of go-between with heads of state, while the Jews manned the low-end pawnshops.[citation needed] This explains the disproportionately large share of Jews in the goldsmith trade and early diamond market (diamonds being a lightweight alternative to gold).

46e3d3 No.40618



What is the Meme thread for?

How many memes are in the meme thread?

Is it easy to download memes?

Is it easy to drop memes?

When is Twitter going to impose strict rules blocking most memes?

When is Twitter going to block accounts that also visit "unapproved" websites?

Would starting now before Twitter cracks down help Q?



Per Q request.

Does it take normies a long time to advance along the learning curve?

Can gentle nudges now help normies swallow the big red pill?

665713 No.40619

File: 355c4d92dde2e23⋯.jpeg (332.94 KB, 1599x1203, 533:401, 59167131-7D75-486D-804F-E….jpeg)

ac0213 No.40620


Links? Summary?

If you wouldn't mind posting here and in the Red Cross thread, that would be great.

300ce2 No.40621


and who were the original bankers?

> Knights Templar

> so people could travel without hard currency

39ce2d No.40623


This is not just for you but it is relevant.

It may be a LARP but is a messageboard chat with someone claiming to be Rothsch.

I have only made it about 5% in but it is both sickening and revealing.

Read it at your peril.


Incidentally, many, many things have human components…

ed1f10 No.40625

List of Politicians not running for Re-Election + Reasons. PLEASE correct me on any of these and add reasons. >>40443 the "tuesday group" may be a good place for digging.

>Bob Corker, R

Reason: Stated better for public service to leave? Had some beef with Trump.

>Charlie Dent, R

Reason: "But, I guess they’ve taken it to a new level. They’ve taken the fun out of dysfunction.” Overall unknown. TUESDAY GROUP

>Jeff Flake, R

Reason: Can't find stated reason. Major beef w/ Trump.

>John Duncan, R

Reason: "However, now is the time for me to move on to the next chapter of my life.” Hes 70, understandable?

>Bob Goodlatte, R

Reason: "With my time as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee ending in December 2018, this is a natural stepping-off point and an opportunity to begin a new chapter of my career and spend more time with my family, particularly my granddaughters." 25 years in, understandable? Also a chairman

>Jeb Hensarling, R

Reason: ? Chairman of Committee

>Lynn Jenkins, R

Reason: Not sure. Potential Run for Governor?

>Sam Johnson, R

Reason: 13th term. Had beef with Trump.

>Frank LoBiondo, R

Reason: "There is no longer middle ground to honestly debate issues and put forward solutions," On a committee. TUESDAY GROUP

Getting a little tired of doing this list. Does anyone else think this has value? will continue if so. Here are the remaining:

>Tim Murphy, R

>Ted Poe, R

>Dave Reichert, R

>Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R

>Lamar Smith, R

>Pat Tiberi, R

>Dave Trott, R

>Carol Shea-Porter, D

>Gene Green, D

>Joe Barton, R

>John Delaney, D

>Luis V. Gutierrez, D

>Niki Tsongas, D

>John Conyers, D

>Sandy Levin, D

fd63c3 No.40626


Have you connected with retired marine major Steve Motley? You can find him on twitter @stevemotley and on YouTube under Steve Motley. He is putting out Q vids.

84919c No.40627

4f446f No.40628

is Admiral Rogers Q?

4213b5 No.40629

Where is BHO right now?



b0bc19 No.40630


It was a decent compendium of the international bankers cartel financing both sides of conflict. From the Russian revolution thru to the early '70's. It did not go too far in implicating certain families/tribes, but it went far enough.

So some of us have been watching the evil metastasize in media, film, art, music, entertainment, institutions, government, finance, education, et al, powerless to do much but expend our pathetic vote at the ballot box every so often. Until the internet.

Now the tables have turned. We are not just recipients of the bile spewed by TPTB, we're creating content. This forum is creating content that is capable of reversing this slide into diminished servitude and banishing the forces of evil that have trod on our necks for so long. OK, I lied. Four drinks.

bde3e2 No.40631

File: 9744df015c38d25⋯.jpeg (28.71 KB, 220x252, 55:63, DDA9795A-8B0C-4F7F-B9E8-D….jpeg)

File: 44aaad29064303b⋯.jpeg (323.75 KB, 770x480, 77:48, 5C58C466-CB48-4315-8E86-7….jpeg)

3987af No.40632


Read that all the way, it's worth mulling over even if fabricated.

31fdd4 No.40633


Red Cross




Three to one - Plan to merge the 3 Abrahamic religions?

Three to one - consolidation of power to tighten the NWO even more?

28e484 No.40634



Anons this isn't about murdered babies, we murder millions of babies every year as sacrifices for what this is really about.

Expand your thinking!


It's important to think about this when we get caught up in the politics and even the pedophelia. This anon is right; what Q said would put 99% in the hospital is in a realm we're not operating in.

Strive to ascend.,

7a8351 No.40635

2609a5 No.40636


embedded steg

518ba5 No.40637

0b438b No.40638


I think the global bitCoin dirty-money laundromat is going down.. soon…

..and without banks, you won't be able to cash out, so you'll have to spend the $ on something in order to get your money back out of it.

I'd pull it out while there's still banks.. then buy Gold/silver. But.. I think even THOSE are going to be worthless in the end.. so buy land/house/car.. something tangible.

Just my $0.000001652 bc worth.

1a30cf No.40639

b8cc42 No.40640

File: 4c6df680cc93a07⋯.png (170.35 KB, 649x599, 649:599, Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at ….png)

File: 3aa25830976ba78⋯.png (197.42 KB, 1200x473, 1200:473, Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at ….png)

665713 No.40641

b0bc19 No.40642

Great, hope this helps.

3987af No.40643


I knew him, Horatio. Same 7th grade trip where Biden was creepy with a female classmate was the same he told me I should be a lawyer after some question I ask, I can't remember what.

b0c320 No.40644


If these people see sacrifice as spiritually useful, perhaps cannibalism is seen as sacrifice as well. And if they control everything from the top down…

I think it's time to rethink my diet…

541582 No.40646

690783 No.40647


It has to be someone from No Such Agency, they have all the info on everybody and everything.

3987af No.40649

Here's a fun fact: Sen. Chris Coons cheats on his wife.

4213b5 No.40650

Three to one - Plan to merge the 3 Abrahamic religions?

Three to one - consolidation of power to tighten the NWO even more?

Yes. And of course the Pope wants to rule the religions.

d578b7 No.40651


Trump loves McDonalds

It's not this at all. And 99% of people wouldn't give a shit, they are already trashing their bodies with drugs and alcohol and porn.

Plenty of people would just shrug and say oh well and go back to their cheetos and mountain dew.


Q said to be prepared for what you are about to discover.

People in remote villages don't eat aborted fetuses.

f14b8a No.40653


Damn. You’re almost where I am! So woke..

Isn’t it almost curious to sit here and see who doesn’t even know?

Alice & Wonderland ain’t no joke, I’m so awoke!

Monkeys in a cage, monkeys on a stage, take one down and pass it around..

No more monkeys jumping on the bed…

It’s sick as fuck when you get it.

I almost wish I was never born!!!

cc7241 No.40654

File: 7b3d145b17e8a08⋯.jpg (353.6 KB, 1065x1417, 1065:1417, Screenshot_20171205-154926.jpg)

Red Cross is a leaky little piggy bank. That amount could make for some nice Christmas shopping

d7cab4 No.40656


>embedded steg

Difficult to believe they would communicate such things via that channel. Just sayin

0bc584 No.40657



Would that hospitalize people?

3987af No.40658

Here's a fun fact: Sen. Tom Carper beat his first wife but everyone was ok with it. I don't know if he beat his second. Probably.

bd98a7 No.40659


no, it would not.

6a8339 No.40660

File: 01180c3037bdb50⋯.jpg (41.77 KB, 460x306, 230:153, roth.jpg)


pepe said "Let there be meme's", and there were meme's

and pepe saw the meme's were good!

ed1f10 No.40661


I don't think I'll be baking next thread, will try to relay to master archivist tho.

39ce2d No.40662



Not just MS.

I contend that many of the autoimmune diseases are Lyme type infections. RA, UC, psoriasis, lupus, fibro, CFS…the stupid gluten thing…maybe even some cases of diabetes.

Of course the fact that we are poisoned with sugar and literally poisoned with glyphosate and other junk doesn’t provide any clarity…

6a8339 No.40663

File: 96b34245d99fecc⋯.png (264.59 KB, 600x338, 300:169, but its my turn.png)

363b1f No.40664



motivation was not just wealth but power

power over

84919c No.40666


I just posted a link claiming they found human child meat in the storage lockers.

I think this is what Q might be referring to…

That ponk slime shit they mix with ground beef at store as well…

Have to be on right track I think here for it to affect everyone..

2dc1c2 No.40667


>>34609 the tweet with the word small. sent out as confirmation to us, here. not sent by DJT that day but sent by fed govt dept regarding small businesses (if i remember correctly)

>>34615 notice the print on the baby's shirt "Ado / Red" Ado means the red Earth. or Adored if put all together which means "to worship as a God or a god"


red. org offers a whole line of clothing labeled like this

b0c320 No.40668


Good point on the Trump mcd's and coke consumption. What could possibly be more shocking than eating aborted fetuses!?

6e7652 No.40669


Judgement day.

3987af No.40670

Here's a fun fact: Joe Biden, aside from being a pedophile, is a notoriously poor tipper.

848df6 No.40671


Sounds like a plan. Everybody go pick a few of your favorites out and meme raid their asses while we still have the ability to do so!

f14b8a No.40672


No freakin joking here! Makes ya want to go back huh?

2ce19b No.40673


The Red Cross could also be a huge provider of ILLEGAL and SECRET loans, much like the Teamsters Union was for the Italian Mafia, back in the day.

84919c No.40674


I sure hope you are right Anon..

Well the food part at least Jesus I am still trying to process that concept.

2ce19b No.40676


Wealth buys power…

b0bc19 No.40677


>This is a distraction and not for this board.

You, sir, are the distraction. Monitored? Fuck you. Monitored. You, Sir, are going down. Nothing you can do about it. I have resources you fucking necktie wearing wannabe's can only dream about. Bring it fucktard, bring it.

ed1f10 No.40678

Can anyone bake next thread?? I've got to be going to sleep soon. Maybe I can squeeze out the next one.

b9f82d No.40679



d7cab4 No.40680


Totally out of context. Totally. You will know them by their post count.

4213b5 No.40681


You better call me Sir.

46e3d3 No.40682


Thank you, argdude.

daf0df No.40683




In chicago apparently giving climate change speeches.



New hampshire book stuff.

Podesta- Last article of his whereabouts was testifying yesterday.

d7cab4 No.40684


and spacing. 8-)

3d8f0c No.40685

> gold

Since the Swiss have come up lately, it's worth noting the large number of gold refineries they have. They're also a big exporter of tungsten.

What if the Swiss are taking in gold for refining, but actually delivering tungsten-filled bars, and skimming the gold off for say…the Vatican Bank or other nefarious purposes.

Perhaps the keystone is the Vatican or the Swiss. Regarding information, the Vatican gets your secrets (info) via confession. Their enforcement arm is the Swiss guard.

The Swiss are also in a position to exploit asymmetric information: their secrecy laws make it attract to park sensitive info/money there, which they can then leverage for their own ends - the "stone" part of the equation here being money, providing the ability to act on said secrets.

Just spit balling here. There's definitely a massive Swiss gold connection.

4213b5 No.40686

Anyone figure out the Obama video secret message Q talked about?

300ce2 No.40687


how would one go looking for that stuff? Endowments or some other word like that?

000000 No.40688


Missed from HalfCh

>> Archive

>> Archive

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/local/a-familys-hidden-history-is-revealed-



>> Archive

>> Archive

Elites CIA Yale

Belin >> Dupont >> >> Yale >> OSS

Close to Biggest Disasters

Titanic >> Hindenburg >> Pearl Harbor

Ferdinand Lammot “Mot” Belin, who, the files suggest, had a rendezvous with

another great disaster of the 20th century. Ferdinand canceled his trip aboard

the Titanic in 1912 and went on to become U.S. ambassador to Poland in the 1930s.

Pearl Harbor

On the eve of the Pearl Harbor attack, Ferdinand attempted to coax secrets out of

a Japanese envoy during dinner at Evermay. In the 1940s, he became a vice

president of the National Gallery of Art and its landscape architect.


The folders held secrets, too — including one that Harry did not know until a

reporter started rummaging through Folder 47. It turns out that his grandfather

was a spy during World War II.

Harry saw for the first time a certificate that read in bold, cursive lettering:

“F. L. Belin Honorably Served The United States of America As a Member of The

Office of Strategic Services.” The award was signed in blue ink by William “Wild

Bill” Donovan, the founder and director of the OSS, the nation’s first

intelligence agency and precursor to the CIA.

Peter Belin

He said he thought maybe his father, Peter — a Navy intelligence specialist for

the Joint Chiefs of Staff — might have been an OSS man, but he never suspected

his grandfather.

Other mysteries linger in this basement. Family lore holds that Ferdinand skipped

his trip aboard the Titanic because he contracted typhoid on his honeymoon. The

archives contain a letter from Harry’s father saying so.

“Our style has always been to be humble and as quiet as possible,” Harry said.

Decades after the disaster, publishers and movie and television writers all wrote

to Peter, entreating him to tell his tale. Each time, Peter refused to be


He did just one extensive interview: In the files is a copy of the Yale Daily

News from May 7, 1937, the day after the explosion. “Yale Man Leaps from

Hindenburg,” says the headline over an article featuring an exclusive interview

with Peter Belin, Class of 1936.

Peter described how the zeppelin plummeted from 175 feet to 30 feet above the

ground. How his cabin in the front “lurched into a 45-degree angle,” throwing

everyone in the back. How he grabbed onto a post that prevented him from being

“thrown into the heap with the others.”

“He ran and found a crank telephone,” he said. “His cousin was an editor of the Yale Daily News, and he wanted to give them the scoop.”

b0c320 No.40689


Fuck the keystone, this is what I want to know.

0b438b No.40690


Oh thanks, Satan of the 40 thousands. Remember when they had that (CNN?) reporter supposedly eating human meat on camera? And then, there were all these reports in the news and everywhere about cannibalism?

And then BO had a patient with Ebola into the US..

And, and.. sum of all fears? Does that mean.. it's literally ALL that stuff?

b1c0e0 No.40691


Fingers crossed $12,000 is a go marker to take it down.

1dab4a No.40692


All charaties/foundations are. Legally all they have to give is 10% while pocketing the other 90%.

e63137 No.40693


That is the next thing to happen over there, according to the timeline we are in the middle of right now.

That's why we all need to know the difference between them,

and especially who we and the truth community, even CBTS is among them.

This is summarized in one post here, along with everything else about it.


848df6 No.40694


Oh, you must mean how they tricked us to defile ourselves by eating that junk thereby nullifying our ascension or what have you.

2bb87d No.40695


What was out of context? Did Q not say 99% of people would be in the hospital? Do you realize what that implies? What kind of hospital? heart attack? Mental breakdown? Shock?

Q also said prepare for what you are about to discover.


2ce19b No.40696


That I'm not sure of, backroom deals are hard to follow…Maybe large payouts in some form to various companies and or charities, which can be traced back to key players? Follow The Money

b8cc42 No.40698


Archiving of SM needed

(I don't have fb)

3987af No.40699

Biden Family Values


The widow of Joe Biden’s late son Beau Biden has started a romantic relationship with Beau’s brother Hunter Biden, the former vice president’s younger son.

Hallie was devastated when her husband, Beau, died after suffering from brain cancer in May 2015. But she has since struck up a romance with Beau’s brother Hunter, 47, who has separated from his wife, Kathleen. We’re told Hallie and Hunter are now officially a couple.


WILMINGTON, Del. — There should have been no question in Hunter Biden's mind about the possibility of a random drug test.

So says the commander of the Norfolk, Va.-based unit where Vice President Joe Biden's youngest son was assigned until his February discharge due to a drug test failure a month after his 2013 commissioning.

"All sailors would be advised of the zero-tolerance policies when reporting aboard," said Capt. Jack Hanzlik, who commands the Navy Public Affairs Support Element based in Norfolk. "And they would be advised of the testing practices of the organization, as well."

The importance of adherence to such policies continues after new arrivals, active or reservists, are assigned to their units.

"We have this kind of conversation with our sailors all the time — about expectations for performance," Hanzlik said. "Expectations for standards. Reliability on one another."

Biden's son fails drug test, is discharged from Navy

At least once a year but perhaps more frequently, members of the military — active and reserve — can expect to be given an unannounced urinalysis test for illegal drug use. Navy laboratories screen about 2.5 million urine specimens yearly, searching for drugs ranging from marijuana to heroin to cocaine — the drug that reportedly led to Hunter Biden's discharge.


Around the world, there is a major perception that U.S. foreign policy is dictated by a thirst for oil and gas. For example, a 2002 Pew Research poll found that 75 percent of French respondents felt that the United States-led invasion of Iraq was a simple ruse to gain control of Iraqi oil. And that isn't just what the "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" think either: Establishment figures in the United States such as Sen. John McCain and former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan have both made statements that suggest they buy into it, too.

Such a perception is probably an oversimplification, but there is clearly some truth to the idea. And whether it is true or not, perceptions clearly matter when it comes to international relations.

Think about that when you read the announcement that Vice President Biden's son, Hunter Biden, has accepted a position on the board at Ukraine's largest private gas firm. According to a news release posted Tuesday, the vice president's son would join the board of Burisma Holdings. The Yale-educated lawyer would be in charge of the company’s legal unit, the release said.

f4f54e No.40700


Hush! Some of us need country estates!

2bb87d No.40701


Do you have an answer to the question or not? Its a legitimate question. Never said anything about flat fucking earth.

8ccd5c No.40702


I just had sloppy Joe's and I truly got nauseated thinking I might actually be eating humans. My GOD we need to find the truth so we can be set free.

dc9cf5 No.40703

File: ca1e46c64316e76⋯.jpg (431.98 KB, 1027x383, 1027:383, PEPE2.jpg)

There is but one memetic God, and Pepe is his prophet. Ameme

2dc1c2 No.40704


medical person here. 30 yrs experience. its TRUE. dairy farmer lobby, Agri, Meat lobby/industries have for DECADES bought free ads byway of US govt (think Ad council, think CDC, think FDA, think USDA) to influence our eating behaviors to improve their industries, NOT for our health. same with AMA, ADA re: flouride

7a8351 No.40705


I am very interested in this. What could possibly put 99% of the World in the Hospital? Maybe its not due to an ailment or mental anguish. Cannibalism.. No, Aliens, doubt that would affect people that badly. Maybe 99% would go to the Hospital to get checked for something?

d7cab4 No.40706


He was talking about american elections. Don't take that one sentence and run with it. Look at the original text, your election are not rigged they are controlled.

Prepare for what you are about to discover was referring to Godfather III.

You should be awake now, Sleepy.

2ce19b No.40707


Look for companies that the heads of Red Cross are involved in too! They could funnel it back to these corps…

3987af No.40708

DuPont inbreeding:


The exact location is hard to determine, street signs are frequently stolen making it easy to get lost, but somewhere in the woods of Pennsylvania on the Delaware boarder is the Devil’s Road which will supposedly take you to straight the Cult House.

Cossart Road is a two-mile street lined with trees near the Chads Ford township, Pennsylvania. The first thing you notice when driving down the single lane paved road is that the trees all bend away from the road, as though they were pushed away by a powerful energy. And of all the trees that grow away from the road, the most interesting one is called “the Baby’s Cradle”, an old tree with roots protruding out of the soil which resembles a skull when looked at from the right angle. The locals believe this was used as an alter for human sacrifice. Unsubstantiated rumors claim the sacrificed remains of an infant were found at the base of the tree, hence the name. And if you keep traveling up the road you’ll come to the Cult House, a stone building deep in the woods.

One story is that the DuPont family owned the large stone mansion in the hills. Supposedly, the DuPont’s were so obsessed with keeping their excessive wealth within the family that they practiced inbreeding to prevent any intrusions on their bloodline or bank accounts. The Cult House was where the family lived and where they hid the most disturbing genetic mishaps. Eventually, the DuPont’s would abandon the home leaving it to a satanic cult. It is said that the cult was made up of the super-rich, all of whom had entered into Faustian deals with the devil in order to acquire their wealth.


896ae8 No.40709

aye goyz when posting memes, using trending hashtags besides the main one… so normies accidently stumble upon them .. yeah fuks up hts but worth it

1dbcba No.40711







Route 91 concert on 10/1

91 10/1


0b438b No.40712



The GOOD news is.. that's 76,000,000 that WON'T go to the hospital.. (assuming a 7.6 billion earth pop)

So who are they?

ed1f10 No.40713

As >>40686, I dont think we figured out the hidden message in the AIDS video. Here it is :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoqYd39wkZs

Thoughts? Im watching it right now.

7e4295 No.40714


I seriously doubt there is human 'meat' in our food supply. Someone would have blown that whistle loudly…….

1a30cf No.40715


Are you trying to bring this over from half chan again? Did the threads over there just get too mind numbing or something?

Your buddy also pulled the 3 Mi Island stunt, yeah?

b0c320 No.40717


What would a healthy diet look like to you? Organic leafy greens as a primary source? Whole foods diet? Vegan/vegetarian?

3987af No.40718

DuPont inbreeding #2

Nemours Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children

Nemours Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children is a pediatric hospital located in Wilmington, Delaware. It is controlled by the Nemours Foundation, a non-profit organization created by philanthropist Alfred I. du Pont in 1936 and dedicated to improving the health of children. Historically, it was referred to as the A. I. duPont Institute for Crippled Children or more simply, the DuPont Institute.

With the words, “It has been my firm conviction throughout life that it is the duty of everyone in the world to do what is within his power to alleviate human suffering,” Alfred I. du Pont bestowed an estate valued at $40 million for the creation of a charitable corporation devoted primarily to providing health care services to children. The resulting Nemours Foundation was charged with the preservation and public enjoyment of the Nemours Mansion and Gardens in Wilmington, the care and treatment of disabled children and the care of low-income seniors throughout the state of Delaware. Nemours has grown to be one of the nation’s largest children’s health systems in the country caring for more than a quarter of a million children each year. The hospital is part of the DuPont legacy and is located on the DuPont Historic Corridor.


7d48a0 No.40719


Are there steg messages in other pics posted by Q? Did anyone decrypt them?

756785 No.40720



And then Pepe said, "I have come to bring you LIFE in abundance, but the Shills come only to steal, kill, and destroy."

d7cab4 No.40721

Doc - conf

Dopey - conf


Grumpy -conf

sneezy -conf


happy -conf

2ce19b No.40723

Can I suggest the next baker title it CBTS : Follow the Money? lol i'm very serious, that's all that is needed to bring (((them))) down!!

6b1a69 No.40724


Alwaleed Humanitarian Foundation (based in Lebanon) received Pontifical medal from Pope: https://www.alwaleedphilanthropies.org/ pope-benedict-xvi-awards-%E2%80%93-pontifical-medal-vatican

There's a couple more articles about Foundation and Vatican, but nothing eye grabbing.

King Abdullah visited Vatican NOV 2007- historic event as no recognized political relationship between the two: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Holy_See%E2%80%93Saudi_Arabia_relations

1826dd No.40725


Well yes we are supposed to mostly eat nuts, seeds, fruits, and veggies but there are some things like b-12 and vitamin D and a few others which are essential and can only be found in meat. People have been eating meat for eons and it is an essential part of our diet and also differentiates us from other apes, many of whom do eat meat even tho it's not as necessary for them like it is for us, it's more of a 'treat'.

8ccd5c No.40727



b3dd03 No.40728

Obama saying he has the files on the aliens, and that they're still classified is obviously the biggest thing in that video.

181bf3 No.40729

File: 4b61fb30b0ff8d8⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, lovinit.png)

300ce2 No.40730



> maybe we can start here

> only goes back to 2006

b37b83 No.40731


Wouldn't be the first time the bum lied to us, would it.

b0bc19 No.40732


>People, do not respond to this post and filter. You can see "he" prewrote this long diatribe and it is designed to distract.

Scared much? You know I'm writing this from my heart, in real time. Go ahead, you're pissing in the wind. People know the "Ring" of Truth when they hear it. Your day is done. KYS before we find you with a hank of rope.

0b438b No.40733


Yeah.. well aware of the illuminati/number thing for the route 91 festival..

Q said mirrors.. I know they like numbers.. a date that's same forwards/backwards?

Math/Numbers is the universal language..

bd98a7 No.40734


Some other fag was talking about "no stars" bullshit when you take a photo of space. As if it is not known why that happens. It's a leading question. It leads to him saying the earth is flat, which it clearly is NOT. If that was you, then you're the fag. If it wasn't you, then I wasn't talking to you. Honest mistake.

No, nothing presented so far would put 99% of the people in the hospital. EVEN IF the earth was flat, I don't believe that would send 99% to the hospital. But honestly, it sounds more medical than anything.

7e4295 No.40735


Mac 'sauce' on those claims please

33257c No.40736

There is a scene in the movie where an attempt is made on Michael Corleons life during the meeting with mafia heads. The attempt is made while they are meeting in a room on a top floor of a casino. The assassin’s weapon of choice is a helicopter equipped with machine guns, a la LV according to some speculation.

e53ceb No.40737

File: e68d34cf5cb98a7⋯.jpg (160.46 KB, 640x400, 8:5, meme-0.jpg)

4f446f No.40738

WATCH: Roy Moore Rally w/Special Guest Steve Bannon 12/5/17


0b438b No.40739


^^ Yes please. Extra sauce if you got it.

756785 No.40740


Shillcon 2, anons. FILTER! Much better filtering here on infinity chan.

bde3e2 No.40741

File: 39cae5a3874001d⋯.jpeg (39.83 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 5E3A22EA-B46A-4FFB-A101-8….jpeg)

>Its 70% of plane crashes are not accidents

Beverly Eckert

(May 29, 1951 – February 12, 2009) was an activist and advocate for the creation of the 9/11 Commission. She was one of the members of the 9/11 Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Commission. Eckert's husband, Sean Rooney, died at age 50 in the attacks of September 11, 2001. She pushed for a commission to investigate 9/11 and to establish a memorial.

Eckert died at age 57 on February 12, 2009, in the crash of Colgan Air Flight 3407 in Clarence Center, New York. She had met with President Barack Obama just a few days before her death in her role as an advocate for those affected by 9/11.

1826dd No.40742


If the secret service witnesses an act of treason are they legally obligated to report it?

665713 No.40743

Has there been any proof of life by AlWaleed? His death would cause markets to tumble. He’s got a few big deals pending. People will be sweating soon.

8ccd5c No.40744


Why are we here

896ae8 No.40745


u can get all ur nutrients from greens & fruits.. watch okraw on yt

… did u guys c the article about Japans 1st food resturant??… the meat is Human .. yes. and there

are more resturants opening up around world.. yummy

just went vegan kek after reading that article

31fdd4 No.40747


So is Trump for us or against?

Or does it not matter because it's fantasy anyway?

2ce19b No.40748


That scene is more a symbol of how the reach of the Mafia and bankers is very long. This is explained later..

e67086 No.40749

File: d7f5da402182dde⋯.png (173.96 KB, 1186x615, 1186:615, hot-dog-report-crop.png)


Use the wayback machine (archive.org) to see Clear Labs: The Hamburger Report and The Hotdog Report. I've included a crop of the latter.

0b438b No.40750


I seen video of the Vegas Shooting with helicopters..

I'm convinced they had helo's in that attack.. It's on you tube from two different angles..

d7cab4 No.40751


I missed Sleepy. Bashful miust be hard to detect.

You will know them by their post count.

c01eee No.40752

So why is it bad for the embassy to move to Jerusalem… If that’s the true capital, then what’s the big deal..

e53ceb No.40753


Field Mcconnell mentioned this also.

33445f No.40754


Good article explaining meaning behind Godfather III. The parallel is pretty interesting. Roberto Calvi and Banco Ambrosiano are worth a lookup. Sorry, would go into more detail but I’m too tired.


d7cab4 No.40755


Turkey said that was red line today. See ya Turkey.

3d8f0c No.40756

> the world is run by a cult

> Hussein ASIA

https:// www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2016/10/29/499864915/swirling-scandal-involving-shamanistic-cult-threatens-s-korean-president

>And the ties are interesting, indeed. Choi Soon-sil is the daughter of a man the president considered her mentor, Choi Tae-min. He claimed to be a pastor from a tiny pseudo-Christian sect, but a leaked diplomatic cable from the U.S. Embassy describes him as a 'Rasputin'-like character and his "church" is described by Korean media as more of a "Shamanistic cult." The New York Times explains further:

>"Mr. Choi was the founder of an obscure sect called the Church of Eternal Life. He befriended Ms. Park, 40 years his junior, soon after her mother was assassinated in 1974. According to a report by the Korean intelligence agency from the 1970s that was published by a South Korean newsmagazine in 2007, Mr. Choi initially approached Ms. Park by telling her that her mother had appeared in his dreams, asking him to help her.

Pseudo Christian sect? Sounds Vaticanesqe. Church of Eternal Life? Sounds like that might involve strange rituals, perhaps involving blood.

Digging more.

d7cab4 No.40757


Or was it Egypt? Sorry anon.

065519 No.40758


Has anyone played it backwards?

idk, Ideas and stuff

0a65af No.40759

896ae8 No.40760


wtf r u talking about. this is the BEST timd to be alive. check out dis shit, dt cleaning house, ppl walking up, ppl rejecting status qo… dont u want to b part of the rev? i dig it

e63137 No.40761


It's not the capital.

The answer to its meaning is entirely religious though.

0b438b No.40762


OMG! What if.. BACON is actually HUMAN MEAT!??!? #SumOfAllFears

No. But really.. that's gross…

100612 No.40763

File: 73371f5075f7f8f⋯.png (120.87 KB, 720x576, 5:4, Capture _2017-12-05-21-20-….png)


I came across this a while back (not sure how). Not sure if I read it right…maybe someone can explain the drastic change in population in 2025. I know it's an estimate bit, why???


2bb87d No.40764


Someone pointed out he wasn't wearing a tie and therefore was not 'conducting business'.

8ccd5c No.40766


Are we really not real…we aren't really here

33445f No.40767


Ties bankers, Vatican and Masonic lodge together

dc9cf5 No.40768


Doesn't work that way bud.

665713 No.40769


Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

Mohammed Al Amoudi

Saleh Kamel

Fawaz Alhokair.

Will post on SA thread unless related to Q

1a30cf No.40772


Oh hell no, next will be the tyranny porn and naziphelia stuff. These guye tongiht were in the Megs thread where "she" said it was the interns.

These guys bragged about this exact crap, and the buddy with the 3MI photo that got people all freaked out. We have the larper patrol on board again, all the way over here. We should be so honored.

2ce19b No.40773


Very good! Pope Paul VI is rumored to have been murdered to keep him from exposing crimes within Vatican Bank.

d7cab4 No.40774


Ain't clicking that, Bashful. All 7 are here.

000000 No.40775

Hindenburg >> Belin >> Powder manufacture fortune >> Powder used in all big wars

c01eee No.40777


Yea I am not religious so.. probably why I don’t see the bfd.

6a8339 No.40778


sounds to me like you need a new god. you should borrow mine he is not a dick.

mine would only get salty if you read that and thought sweet baby meat is in there and ran to your car and purchased some more.

300ce2 No.40779

File: b1bf4bd0afc7cbe⋯.jpg (214.1 KB, 634x638, 317:319, sloppy.jpg)


maybe a start

6b1a69 No.40780


Only thing that caught my eye was inverted "A" in omaze.com/Red site banner "ShopAthon" and that a Nicole Jacob Rothschild shows as working there with "confidential" in position description but in omaze + Rothschild search results you find Supervisor, User Acquisition for Omaze.

e63137 No.40781


Boy, there sure are a lot of people here that were not paying attention years ago.

daf0df No.40783


Things that stood out (i cut out what I didnt feel was important):

Everyone has a role to play

It sounds like a miracle

but not the result of mysterious force or chance

It happened because countless people worked for years to make this progress

Some deployed great wealth and influence

Some (dems and repubs alike) held public office

Weve had (all sorts of jobs) working together to rid ourselves of this disease… this is how progress happens.

However long it takes however lonely the fight each of us can make a difference

Im asking you to join us… and if you do.. you can pilot airforce one for a day.

Other person: You cant do that anymore?

O Sarcastically says "You cant do that anymore?"

If you do I will share the files on the aliens…

Tone changes:

"we know how badly Jimmy wants to see them"

The rest of you watching tonight can help us end this pandemic once and for all

You can help us win this fight and make a future full of progress

so lets all get to work.

000000 No.40784

Hindenburg >> Belin >> Powder manufacture fortune >> Powder used in all big wars

7d8be4 No.40785


I forgot about this shit. Might be huge puzzle piece.

bde3e2 No.40786



The Vatican and the BIS are attached at the hip

27bb93 No.40787


Something about.. a worldwide cabal, ran by Jews, that are waiting for a 'messiah' to come.. though I don't think it's gonna be the 'messiah' that us God-fearing Christians want..

I.e. it's a slap in the face for the cabal.

a44c1d No.40789


I doubt he only gives them the tip.

b0bc19 No.40790


>Still here

Matrix, do not despair. Man has seen darkness before, we're not the first, nor will we be the last. No one can make you feel despair. You have to choose to embrace it, along with any other "feeling". The choice has always been your. Embrace the suck, or reject it. In my case, I choose to replace it with a righteous rage that renders me fearless, energetic, and formidable against the evil that we have exposed. Don't weaken, just get mad. Out.

7e4295 No.40792

690783 No.40793

BO Video

"However long it takes.

However lonely the fight,

And. I'm asking you to join us."

Sounds like his trying to convince some ppl to join his side getting ready for the WAR.

REMEMBER what Q said about BO going around trying to find a new puppet master.

1826dd No.40794

>>40706 99% of people in the world don't give a fuck about American elections. Why are you all avoiding this topic like the plague? It's the most serious statement Q ever made!

e6482c No.40795


Kek be praised!

0a65af No.40796


yes but what the dems are doing is cleaning 'their' house of creeps, so they have footing to push for Judge Moore to step down if he is elected in Alabama. Will try to make a 'rule' that accused gropers can't serve.

000000 No.40797

Hindenburg >> Belin >> Powder manufacture fortune >> Powder used in all big wars

5e5827 No.40798

I believe you mean John Paul I. Supposedly died from a heart attack.>>40773

d7cab4 No.40799

daf0df No.40800


My take is it is a call to arms so to speak. Mentions people with wealth and power and both sides of the swamp who made it happen.

Throws in a threat to DJT regarding airforce 1. Throws in disclosure threat.

Then rallies the troops more.

d7cab4 No.40801


Lurke Moare

dc9cf5 No.40802

File: 5e1b49cbc84b9b2⋯.jpg (418.07 KB, 1200x447, 400:149, PEPE3.jpg)

33445f No.40803


Do some digging into Roberto Calvi. That opens a nice little rabbit hole.

2ce19b No.40804


Dig deeper, as Q always says :)

ed1f10 No.40806

Heres a transcript of the Obama Aids Video:

Hi everybody this World AIDS Day everyone has a role to play.

Jimmy Kimmel's not just a talk showhost he's an activist.

Bono is not just a musician he's ringmaster of a home shopping extravaganza.

And me, I'm not just a former president, I'm a husband who hasn't done his Christmas shopping yet.

Fortunately red is making my part easy.

I know we live in a time when cable news and our Twitter feeds can make it feel like cynicism is everywhere, but when it comes to the fight against hiv/aids there's some genuinely good news to ship for the first time in history.

More than half of all people living with the virus are on life-saving medication.

Since the peak of the virus AIDS related deaths have been cut in half.

Today more than 20 million people around the world are on antiretroviral drugs that make it possible to live, work, and raise HIV free children.

It sounds like a miracle but it's not the result of

mysterious forces or chance.

It happened because countless people working for years chose to make this promise.

Some deployed great wealth and influence.

Some Democrats and Republicans alike held public office but far more were simply citizens, organizers,

activists, doctors, and nurses, scientists,

and above all courageous people living

with HIV who led the fight to spare others the anguish of this disease.

That's how progress happens when we reject cynicism and pessimism in favor of a relentless optimism that says however long it takes, however lonely the fight, each of us can make a difference.

Thats what I believe.

That's why I'm here tonight and I'm asking you to join us and if you do you

can pilot Air Force One for a day.

No? we can't do that anymore?

okay. if you do I'll share our files on the aliens.

no? we can't do that either? but I have them, they're in my desk right now.

Alright, fine.

Sorry Jimmy you can't see those, but the rest of you watching tonight can help us end this pandemic once and for all.

You can help us win this fight, you can help us change lives and write a future full of progress and hope.

So let's all get to work.

Q said there was a secret message? What is it??

(this may be a formatting nightmare i ripped the transcript from youtube.

c633ab No.40807

commentary on recognizing Jerusalem as he capital of Israel.


last weekend many officials were arrested for bribery



7d48a0 No.40808


It was John Paul I. Died (((33))) days after his election, probably poisoned.

ac38b7 No.40809


Godfather III literally means GOD! Trinity! 3 in 1. Deal of deals, door of doors!

Why are you avoiding the question? It seems like this is exactly what he meant by 99% because it is too shocking for you to fathom so you are in complete denial! Just look at your post, why are you even here if you don't take Q seriously? He said "99% of Americans (world)"

That was making it clear its the whole fucking world that means little boys swimming in shitty rivers in India to little Princess Charlotte in England.

6a8339 No.40810

File: 65e4d5dc0f4cdea⋯.png (726.16 KB, 1906x827, 1906:827, red_red.png)


this is what I got out of it also anon.

couples with Q saying look at the dates. and confirming the meet me in seoul pic.

760db8 No.40811

When looking at the latest Q posts I noticed the Way he wrote RED in a cross pattern. The next post was about the Godfather signature. This led me to google Red Cross Godfather and came across an article about a wedding at Maralago Mentioned. “…Armed guards were hired to keep an eye on the gift table — Baccarat, Bernardaud, Christofle; these two have taste — and the bridal purse, which made the bag in The Godfather look like it should be steeping in a cup of boiling water.” And the article ends with

“Resurrection — Don’t scribble in every square of your datebook. The Red Cross Ball is showing signs of life. A little bird has chirped that the new local leadership is amenable to the idea of reviving both the ball and the Young Friends night. Already booked a date, we hear.At the Mar-a-Lago Club. We hear.”


When researching the names that were in the article I stumbled across Kamran Hakim

Kamran Hakim is a billionaire real estate mogul who never has shown up on a wealth index. Born of Iranian Jewish decent he immigrated from Iran. He has also lived in Chappaqua NY.




Could be Godfather

2ce19b No.40812


Yes, my mistake… His body was MYSTERIOUSLY cremated as well…

300ce2 No.40813


im gonna jump into voat and see that links i can find. All of the heavy lifting has been done it seems under all the hard research that pizzagate brought up and non of us should throw away that research those anons already did.

0a65af No.40814


reno'd because it was loaded with 'bugs' and spying devices. This was disclosed by Meganon a while ago

6a8339 No.40815


I would also like to note "Be my Premier VIP"

could be a dig at china who has repeatedly disrespected BHO.

2ce19b No.40816


Yes, I had forgotten about that and typed the movie Pope's name, sorry.

6acc04 No.40817


there is literally no entry for anyone with little money

848df6 No.40818


I will second that notion. Watching the evolution of a red pill is pretty damn entertaining

896ae8 No.40819

Lets talk about cannibalism…





"In Japan since 2014 a law was approved that allows the consumption of human flesh, "

181bf3 No.40821

So let's get this straight, The evil elite bastards who own fn everything, can if i'm figuring this out correctly. Can create a global or terroristic catastrophe around the planet, then send in red cross or fema (to abduct ,steal,traffic) . All the while they are making diseases, poisoning our food and water,chemtrailing. Then they get to sell us their medicine and treatment on paid healthcare and our pockets. Oh yeah, and steal trillions of our money which is really theirs anyway!! If God wasn't on our side and didn't give us Trump, we would be so screwed.

ed1f10 No.40822

Alright I should be around to bake #46. but after that i am going to sleep!! Can someone bake #47? MasterArchivist may be back soon but I need help! This will be my third in a row. Someone step up to the plate?

27bb93 No.40823


Ok.. new thread.. new bible verses! :D

“Do not wear yourself out to get rich; have the wisdom to show restraint. Cast but a glance at riches, and they are gone, for they will surely sprout wings and fly off to the sky like an eagle.” (NIV, Proverbs 23:4-5)

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (NIV, Matthew 6:19-21)

You rich people, listen! Cry and be very sad because much trouble will come to you. 2Your riches will rot and be worth nothing. Your clothes will be eaten by moths. 3Your gold and silver will rust, and that rust will be a proof that you were wrong. That rust will eat your bodies like fire. You saved your treasure in the last days. 4People worked in your fields, but you did not pay them. They are crying out against you. They harvested your crops. Now the Lord All-Powerful has heard their cries.

5Your life on earth was full of rich living. You pleased yourselves with everything you wanted. You made yourselves fat, like an animal ready for the day of slaughter.5:5 You made yourselves fat … slaughter Literally, “You fattened your hearts for the day of slaughter.” 6You showed no mercy to good people. They were not against you, but you killed them.

bde3e2 No.40824


>Joe Biden

Look into the Delaware.

Delaware is the DuPont’s Duchy

It’s America’s Lichtenstein

2ce19b No.40826


Can you call it "Follow The Money"?

13397e No.40827


Graduated Harvard, worked as an historian at Georgetown.

In order to write this book, he was given complete access to the Council on Foreign Relations archive for several years.

According to F. William Engdahl, apparently Quigley could publish what he wanted as long as he did not mention the Rockefellers. Which he more or less sticks to. That's why, in Tragedy and Hope, it looks like the Morgans run everything. Obviously it is impossible to get a full view of the Atlanticists without mentioning one of their founding dynasties but, like with A Game of Nations, you still get something from reading the canonical texts of the archons.

Engdahl again: Former students said, despite sticking to the rumoured rules, he was still genuinely worried he said 'too much'.

Quigley mentored Bill Clinton.

Tragedy: All the deaths in the 20th century wars. Hope: The inevitable victory of the Atlanticist agenda. That's where we get the title from. So we are dealing with someone who has drunk the Kool Aid.

33445f No.40828


No it’s both IV and I that is connected. Read the article. To add another interesting layer, Pope John Paul I, successor of Pope Paul IV, died 33 days after his inauguration. Nice little Masonic/Illuminati twist.

01cf09 No.40830


Corker also supported Obama uranium deals with Iran.

690783 No.40831


Agreed they are getting ready for war. The order was given. Now lets focus on dates and the stringer. Red_Red

33257c No.40832


Yes, you’re correct.

Some suggest that potus was in luv on 10/1 to meet with mbd. If true the parallel is noteworthy

d7cab4 No.40833

File: 5f6989fa086a94b⋯.jpg (62.92 KB, 480x348, 40:29, 1508461441565.jpg)

ed1f10 No.40835


Always a good thought. I may go with that. Running out of thread title ideas :)

ed1f10 No.40836


Will add to my running list thank you

955148 No.40837



You lurk moar I've been here for years. wake up sleepy.

363b1f No.40838

File: e94914e39e4ca63⋯.jpg (144.59 KB, 1279x634, 1279:634, skorea 8 goddess.jpg)

File: 3529d74d1aca173⋯.png (461.59 KB, 1774x1034, 887:517, skorea magelia.png)

File: 701331103adb862⋯.png (652.31 KB, 1033x1850, 1033:1850, skorea long 2.png)

File: 4def34ba95c23dc⋯.png (3.29 MB, 1775x6949, 1775:6949, skorea long.png)


Oh boy. As you can see, nothing "Vaticanesque" whatsoever about it. Freaky deaky and super creepy

ed1f10 No.40839


Got a source for that that I can add?

80801c No.40840

Thx baker for the hearty bread. It's so warm. I agree with you, Q has given us a task and we must set out to complete it. Redpill time is upon us, memes, infographs, and article links are our weapons. We must make the 43 connections for all to see.

000000 No.40842

>> Why the war against US patriots since 1965 ?

Easy - only opposition left

>> Why the war against Germans since 1915 ?

Blamed for WWI -> Reduced to poverty -> Get on their feet and get WWII -> Dresden -> Plan to cuck them and finally destroy them -> Remove all their pride

Why the war against whites ?

>> Freedom gene ?

>> Bloodline ?

>> Hard to domesticate ?

6a8339 No.40843


Facing a nuclear-obsessed neighbor, Seoul sees the US missile defense system as necessary for its survival. At the same time, Beijing views it as a threat to its own national security and has vowed to take appropriate "countermeasures," raising nationalist sentiment against South Korea.

http ://shanghaiist.com/2017/03/22/south_koreans_like_japan_over_china.php

does it stand to reason BHO working with SK to take down missile defense system?

or maybe already took it down and thats why the ICBM flew?

3987af No.40844


Where do you think I get my fun facts from?

2ce19b No.40845


Too many Pope names to keep up with. lol

8ccd5c No.40846



d7cab4 No.40847


Damn guys, check out his first post. Check this shit out. Ai or shill? I know to ignore, but not much else going on right now.

13397e No.40848

File: 80cde19552f9bc4⋯.jpeg (100.4 KB, 764x998, 382:499, destruction-of-internatio….jpeg)

80801c No.40849


Puppets of the Vatican Corporation

690783 No.40850


Or Be my Premier VIP - sponsor me, be my new master puppet.

bde3e2 No.40851


Take a look at VOAD


They’re a some kind of “coalition” of non-profits.

If (((they))) own the Red Cross they own them all.


bd98a7 No.40853


Chill dude. Could be just a figure of speech. Ever heard of hyperbole?

ed1f10 No.40854


The shills like to latch on to terminology around here and they tend to use it oddly.

I've noticed some shills say shit like "Thank you baker for the wonderful loaf tee hee" then do shilly shit later.

896ae8 No.40855

do any of u guys trust mueller? i believe in second chances but i dont think mueller is a good guy now.. maybe/maybe not… but i do think DT has dirt on him and thats why hes been doing his job but i also believe he could turn in dt, if given the advantage….

27bb93 No.40857


>Bono is not just a musician he's ringmaster of a home shopping extravaganza.


>>Some Democrats and Republicans alike held public office

>>us end this pandemic once and for all

^^ Think they're talking about (((us)))

daf0df No.40858

Hi everybody this World AIDS Day everyone has a role to play.

>This is an announcement

Jimmy Kimmel's not just a talk showhost he's an activist.

>Jimmie is letting me use his show to deliver a message this is important

Bono is not just a musician he's ringmaster of a home shopping extravaganza.

> Not sure

And me, I'm not just a former president, I'm a husband who hasn't done his Christmas shopping yet.

>sorry its been awhile. Ive been busy and got caught up I didnt forget about you.

Fortunately red is making my part easy.

Red/Banks- Code for red cross. PRobably giving him funding or travel etc. They are aiding him

I know we live in a time when cable news and our Twitter feeds can make it feel like cynicism is everywhere, but when it comes to the fight against hiv/aids there's some genuinely good news to ship for the first time in history.

>Things have looked bad latelty but we have a plan in place to turn it around. Refer to Red Helping make it possible.

More than half of all people living with the virus are on life-saving medication.

Our network is in trouble as many people have been exposed. But dont worry they are still alive and could recover.

Since the peak of the virus AIDS related deaths have been cut in half.

>Were getting things more under control.

Today more than 20 million people around the world are on antiretroviral drugs that make it possible to live, work, and raise HIV free children.

>Our organization still has the power over 20 million lives (metro population of seoul is 26 million). This is the first threat I notice.

It sounds like a miracle but it's not the result of mysterious forces or chance.

>We still have leverage. Seoul exists because we still let it exist.

It happened because countless people working for years chose to make this promise.

>Do you think we would be so easily thwarted?

Some deployed great wealth and influence.


Some Democrats and Republicans alike held public office but far more were simply citizens, organizers,

>obvious. Network continued

activists, doctors, and nurses, scientists,

and above all courageous people living

>Still gloating about his network

with HIV who led the fight to spare others the anguish of this disease.

>Not sure

That's how progress happens when we reject cynicism and pessimism in favor of a relentless optimism that says however long it takes, however lonely the fight, each of us can make a difference.

>Willing to negotiate + Appeal to followers to continue pushing the agenda

Thats what I believe.

That's why I'm here tonight and I'm asking you to join us and if you do you

>Hes here tonight to not only threaten bombing seoul but galvanize the cabal.

can pilot Air Force One for a day.

>Direct threat at djt

No? we can't do that anymore?

>Mocks president. YOu cant stop us if you want to.

okay. if you do I'll share our files on the aliens.

>If you do I will release a ton of information that I shouldnt as a civilian. I still have access to highly classified intel.

no? we can't do that either? but I have them, they're in my desk right now.

>Just try me. Its a phone call away.

Alright, fine.

Sorry Jimmy you can't see those, but the rest of you watching tonight can help us end this pandemic once and for all.

>I dont want to do it but you are leaving me with no choice. Negotiate.

You can help us win this fight, you can help us change lives and write a future full of progress and hope.

>You can stop us from nuking seoul

So let's all get to work.

>Ill talk to you soon

Q said there was a secret message? What is it??

(this may be a formatting nightmare i ripped the transcript from youtube.

c633ab No.40859

Obama secret message?

the Air Force 1 plan fell through

(taking pres hostage?)

release info on aliens?

(classified but he likes keeping evidence

that is if he has evidence of anything

and isn't BSing w the fake plan to

scare the bejeebies out of everyone–

still a very low-ball comment–

but could be preparing public for a leak of info)

I'm in the 1%

who wouldn't believe it

but I'd have to deal with the other 99%

d7cab4 No.40860


If Ai pulled off that thread, that is spoopy. tx, anon.

2ce19b No.40861


True, except Paul I, it seems. A man trying to do some good for once.

ac38b7 No.40862



Of what tho….thats the 99% in the hospital part everyone is ignoring.

Except once the shock wears off you will learn we can be saved.

People ignoring this must all be Atheists?

b1c0e0 No.40863


Hillary lost. If she had won, the plan was to reduce the population DRAMATICALLY. Is this starting to paint a picture for you yet?

300ce2 No.40864


This is from the Voat Pizzagate thread. Many crumbs to follow.

> Norman Gayler Companies


Save the Children

> The reason I think this Achilleon palace and Save the Children Fund orphanage are significant is because Laura Silsby was caught trying to traffic "orphans" out of Haiti and all but one of those "orphans" was returned to their parents (they weren't actually orphans, she was stealing children in the name of God and Save The Children).

Silsby and Alefantis

> Laura Silsby, who was got off the hook by a fake attorney who was later convicted of sex-trafficking, and who was wanted for sex trafficking in four countries. Alefantis had a statue of Antinous as his Instagram profile picture. Antinous was the boy lover of a Roman Emperor, and is considered a symbol of pederasty.

> Laura Silsby was got off the hook by Jorge Puello, who was later convicted of sex trafficking, and was wanted on charges of sex trafficking in four countries. Additional source. Izette Folger, a close friend of James Alefantis, gave a statement in support of Silsby. Folger is the daughter of Michael Maccoby, who coaches leaders of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, or NPH, a large organization that runs orphanages all over the world. His son, Max Maccoby, is on the Boards of Directors of an NPH orphanage called Friends of the Orphans, which is one of 760 orphanages operating in Haiti, and happens to be the orphanage from which Silsby was caught trafficking children.

ac38b7 No.40866


Its called a VPN dopey

000000 No.40867

Obama reminds of Chapelle, video was in ((j))tube before but no longer there.

- World about to be destroyed by asteroid

- Black president reveals aliens and shows them on stage

- Black president reveals there a cure for aids and shows it

- Black president reveals he has aids so will take the last doses for himself

- Leaves with aliens to outer space, leaving earth to be destroyed

181bf3 No.40870

Can't wait for ###FLYBARRYFLY###

bde3e2 No.40871


They own Delaware. It is a closed economy. Everything sold in Delaware must be passed through a Delaware corporation.

And they are a hot bed of peadophila. Old private boarding schools, sick shit.

2bbf99 No.40873


I am so so very sorry for what you had to endure. I’m sure the words you speak here are just a snippet of what you lived. I can’t imagine what you have seen and know. I only know what I know from what I have learned by following instructions and taking my seat where I deem safe.

I know you know, no where is safe. Period. Don’t sit don’t stand, don’t breathe. We are NOT the land of the free. We are the land of the caged.

d7cab4 No.40874


yeah, you are right, anon. I'm trying not to loose it.

363b1f No.40876


>non of us should throw away that research those anons already did.

Correct - pool resources, no need to duplicate effort. Build on what (we and) others have already found. The mountain of evidence only gets higher.

-→ also can draw on what /cfg/ found

b9f82d No.40877


So Close… the cult is older than Catholicism

690783 No.40878


Yes, That's a possibility.

2ce19b No.40879


Very interesting! Small world, isn't it?

300ce2 No.40881


bingo :)

0b438b No.40883


not just that! They steal children, rape/torture/sell them.. they like children pineal glands as it gives them their 'vision' and 'high'.

Then.. to make some more sheckles, they grind up dead bodies at the meat processing plants (that they own) and mix it in with the meat..

So you literally pay to eat your own children.

Lovely, isn't it?

ec6b5f No.40887

The Pharaoh Show in Switzerland


181bf3 No.40888


What's gonna be lovely is them all burning in HELL. crazy world

c633ab No.40889

on obama's secret message

it would be a roundabout way of telling HRC that

he has evidence of some kind

for insurance purposes

does anyone think of obama a the

leader of the dem party?

no, HRC took it

It is usually the highest ranking Dem

ain't it?

I think obama is sick about a lot of things


He might well have ensured that there was

no rigging in the election

which she counted on to win

he acted like homeland security was in the gig

and then woopeedoo, HRC goes to the farm, not the whitehouse

covering his backside???

300ce2 No.40890


the one thing i suggest is that we step back from the pizzagate title and grab the hard research and redpill with that. Pizzagate will have its time but the mockingbirds did a good job at throwing shade on it. Long story short, pizzagate is a poison term unless we mock it back into relevance.

100612 No.40891


Thank you. Yes, it does make sense now.

896ae8 No.40892



0b438b No.40894


^^ Checked!

1d22d0 No.40895


He's telling Trump it's not too late to come over to the dark side.

b0bc19 No.40896


>Just another reminder that yes, this shit is real


Very real, and personal.

300ce2 No.40897


oh i forgot, kek

> samurai.jpg

46e3d3 No.40898


Not precisely. What he said was,

>The complete picture would put 99% of Americans (the World) in a hospital.

0a65af No.40899


is it a bad link? I'm a lurker sometime poster, don't know your lingo well. my bad if I did something wrong.

d7cab4 No.40900


Thanks anon. There is something here, biut dopey can't find it. He does mention red several times.

665713 No.40901


Dirt on Mohammed Al Amoudi. - Clinton Health Access Inititative. $30-$35m to Clintons.

Rumors from local sources on trafficking of little girls.


b8cc42 No.40902

File: 0a730e7daa42f16⋯.png (153.76 KB, 500x665, 100:133, CB.png)

File: f780211d0109455⋯.png (32.49 KB, 824x187, 824:187, Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at ….png)



(google trying to hide it…)

0b438b No.40903


Correct. 'Pizzagate' is now a joke.. most (I think) realize it's MUCH bigger than that.. I say.. turn up the heat. REALLY start making people wonder.. use the cannibalism stories.. red cross.. blood.. California, AIDS.. there's plenty of ammo for a pretty gruesome picture…

and memes just paint a picture.

b8cc42 No.40904

File: 1b552e8c686434c⋯.png (41.58 KB, 821x210, 821:210, Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at ….png)


Oops, forgot image

0a65af No.40905


I'm not in here 24/7. I have a job and life….probably living life and missed the pot eons ago….

6b1a69 No.40906


Just read something on that regarding China- believe it was it here on diff thread (last night?) Here's a similar article about tungsten covered gold: http:// www.americanfreepress.net/html/gold_bar_scam_215.html

1826dd No.40907


Conveys the exact same message so my question is why is everybody ignoring that and focusing solely on politics?

d7cab4 No.40908


bad link

bde3e2 No.40909


I don’t live there but you have to live there to really understand it.

300ce2 No.40911


For most of us, it truly is personal. I vowed after what happened to fight to my death to expose what is going on. I didnt cry the night President Trump was elected because of the magnitude of the win, i won because in my heart, we were gonna be allowed to continue the fight, and fight hard.

> yah i cried, like a little bish

848df6 No.40912


Sounds like a call to arms to me to swing control back into their favor with something ridiculous

4213b5 No.40913


The pearl wasnt shown? Look back some threads

363b1f No.40914


I agree completely, but we here know what it encompasses, so I used that term. The public will need a different approach and different "face" for it. Not really the best term but that's all I can think of right now.

1826dd No.40915


Does any of this seem like a joke to you? No

dc9cf5 No.40916


So no one has ever tests fast food hamburger eh?

ec6b5f No.40917


q told something like #flyalfly# …he meant that al?

2bbf99 No.40918


Wish I never was. This is pain I never knew.


not against. FOR, always will be. Fighting the good fight. If we are all still here after this year we might get to see, however, I doubt that will be the case.

-Three branches become one

2ce19b No.40921


Al Franken

0b438b No.40922


I don't think the GOOD in power were going to let anything BUT have Donald Trump win.. it was necessary for the world.. even if they don't realize it yet..

bd98a7 No.40923


Hyperbole is not a joke. It is an exaggeration. A figure of speech.

46e3d3 No.40924


That argument "somebody would have blown the whistle already" is the same argument that has been used for many improbable things which turned out to be true.

I reject that form of argument.

Open minds want to learn the truth about any matter even if it goes contrary to our established belief system and values.

2c777a No.40925


>Lovely, isn't it?


000000 No.40926

Biggest reveal is how everything is connected in a plan that has been going for centuries

Always thinking that attacks on many fronts to patriots is coincidence, "Don't attribute to malice, it is incompetence". TV, PolC, alternative lifestyles, forced migrations, unbounded tolerance, etc. etc.

Realizing the reality of evil – explains everything. They are really evil and destroying patriots.

Suspicions and conspiracies becoming real and more evil and coordinated than expected.

What says about the world being able to only post satires on these boards..

As newfag coming to these filipino origami crafting boards expecting decadence, fringe and the worst of humanity and finding … bearers of civilization highest values.

BTW Trump opened a big door by confronting political correctness. Key (information) but also freedom of debating and posting satires. PC kills that freedom of though and makes it easy to control the sheep.

300ce2 No.40927


turn up the heat with facts that can be researched from the meme. we dont want to hit so hard where they see it as another joke. use your fingers when giving them the pill, not your fist haha

e67086 No.40928


this is what the faked gold bars filled with tungsten look like when cut in half


2ce19b No.40929


Q basically said that the patriots in Government were ready to revolt if the Witch Queen won!

0b438b No.40930


Yeah.. they have. That's how we found out about it..

6acc04 No.40931

if you're going to redpill people, do it by human trafficking. don't focus on kids and satanic shit, it comes off as absolute nonsense to most people.

there's too much grey area with Real Life that it makes everyday people uncomfortable thinking that tons of people are being shuffled under everyone's noses. Focus on trafficking. Ten people here. 30 people there.

It's easier to imagine a few people disappearing after a disaster than some absurd satanic ritual.

300ce2 No.40932


i feel yah desu, this is where we can knock heads and figure it out.

8a2a33 No.40933

File: 3d92905bd958a07⋯.png (975.54 KB, 1381x776, 1381:776, NOTHINGISACOINCIDENCE.png)

Damn I logged onto my computer and got on Chrome and [Q]'s were all in my fuckin' face.

That can't be a coincidence. It's the new "queue" button for YouTube. Just rolled out today. Lol. Maybe I'm being paranoid.

0b438b No.40934


Low energy redpilling doesn't really work, IMO..

When you want someone to wake up for their own life's sake.. do you barely whisper, or do you shake and slap them? Hmmm??

31fdd4 No.40936


Okay, clears that up for good.

I get this feeling that we are pawns in an occultic game. MKULTRA WORLDWIDE.

They have control of theirs (Q: What is a spell)

And we have ours (Q: Why are you here)

Both sides are pawns, but Q is trying to get us to the end of the chess board to become Queens?

Or, off the board completely….

6a8339 No.40937




if this is new news to you do research on the fema camps and fema coffins and

The National Defense Resources Preparedness executive order.

for most this is not new news but if what im saying sounds /x then make sure you look into it.

e67086 No.40938

Whever I see someone saying what we shouldn't be talking about it makes me want to shout in their face what they hate, the truth.

Satanic rituals have been going on for thousands of years, all abraham religions are spawned from a satanic bible and all of the "elites" practice it. Can't handle it? Go back to porn or whatever you were wasting your soul on, leave the work to those who want to learn

0b438b No.40939


I think.. mix it with both fact AND some fantasy.. make people wonder.. ask questions.. provide some proof.. follow it up with other stuff that is similar and well known..

That's what I do, and it seems to wake people up.. but, gotta mix in some humor sometimes too.. sarcasm..

dc9cf5 No.40940


Yeah it couldn't of been a human hair because /fuck Occam's Razor.

c2953b No.40941


>Bono is not just a musician he's ringmaster of a home shopping extravaganza.

Remember a discussion over why the term Clown was used. Ringmaster is an interesting choice of words

Ringmaster controls the show. Points you in the direction they want you to look

>home shopping extravaganza

Bono is helping look for a new handler thru his international connections? Way to be contacted?

b0bc19 No.40942


>I am so so very sorry for what you had to endure.

NONONONO,don't be sorry. That which does not kill you makes you stronger. I'm the beneficiary of travail, not its victim. We must, as a society move beyond that paradigm. I had NO resources as a high school dropout except my experience interpreted by my intellect. My intellect was of the street. The Street is reality. I was based in reality at a young age. I didn't need an "education" to know what's up. In fact, we call them "college educated idiots". Sorry, sad but true.

daf0df No.40943

File: 2838946fd8d806f⋯.png (18.39 KB, 1152x648, 16:9, seoul.png)

896ae8 No.40944


ive been aware of that stuff, thx though.. i didnt k ow q said to look at a script .. had to keep up on this w/ft wk.

im concerned by "we ALL have a ROLE to pplay" … thats really bugging me. we could be part of the over all scheme… srly bugs me

2c777a No.40945


>BTW Trump opened a big door by confronting political correctness. Key (information) but also freedom of debating and posting satires. PC kills that freedom of though and makes it easy to control the sheep.

Most don't realize what a huge thing this is.

Civility, politeness and common courtesy are all well and good but true political correctness is a tool of the panopticon school of social management

>The scheme of the design is to allow all (pan-) inmates of an institution to be observed (-opticon) by a single watchman without the inmates being able to tell whether or not they are being watched. Although it is physically impossible for the single watchman to observe all the inmates' cells at once, the fact that the inmates cannot know when they are being watched means that they are incentivized to act as though they are being watched at all times. This scheme effectively compels the inmates to constantly control their own behavior

c633ab No.40946

OK, so…

"the 99%" is not the 1%

the 1% are the elite wealth predators

Bernie folks are familiar with those numbers

What was it that happened during the Reagan administration?

a "call on stocks"??

where you had to devie up or lose em?

300ce2 No.40949


checked senpi

> truth for them digits because i messed my sentence up. A top mason in my state had sexually assaulted me while i was at a midwest masonic convention. Sad thing that i only realized as we all went through this journey was, he had the triangle inside a triangle ring i was young, not under 18 but i was young. He also was a leader in the Jobs Daughters and wife was OES. I knew at a young age that to find the truth, one had to go behind the curtain, so started my journey into all of this. They fucked me over and i will gladly give my all to fuck them 10 times harder.

33445f No.40950


Yup, and the Freemasons killed him for it.

0b438b No.40951


What makes more sense? Jewish banking cabal selling human meat to make a sheckel or two (don't forget.. we're talking post 9/11 and Vegas Shooting + 1,000,000+ other 'tragedies')

Or.. "Oh! Our mistake.. was human hair.."

Get your fucking head out of your ass hole.

4213b5 No.40952

Where is BHO right now?

7a8351 No.40953


What if 99% would go to the hospital to get themselves checked for something…

6acc04 No.40954

boobanon, what are runway lights? obviously a route to flee, but do we see them too?

3987af No.40955


One of the true rulers of Ethiopia

27bb93 No.40956


^^ Word

dc9cf5 No.40958


Looney Toons ^^^ Not many tests come up with human DNA bruh… so yeah hair getting chopped up in the mix would explain it.

0d1651 No.40960

In all the excitement, I overlooked the hidden message in


(repeat)(important)(necessary)(lose/lose)(cookies)(re-read)(re: SS / risk)

Probably should be added to the spreadsheet somewhere near line 1940.

1d61fb No.40961


Conyers resigning isn't really "big" is it? I mean, it's nice, but it doesn't really indicate a storm approaching. I imagine something just as big will happen tomorrow or the next day. Matt Lauer was just as big IMO.

8b73c2 No.40962



300ce2 No.40963


not saying low energy, we just cant have the pizza attached to it is all. each person is a dif red pill story so i guess make all the memes needed and the red piller needs to use them at their discretion.

d6a123 No.40964


Maybe safe passage out of the swamp in exchange for self-draining?

6a8339 No.40965


thats part of the risk we take.

the only way I can see our works benefiting that ass hat is if we red pill to hard and push a bunch of sour pills so they can label us wack jobs.

"disinformation is necessary."

The other poster who suggested focus on human trafficking and stay away from eating babies and pizza is on the right track.

ed1f10 No.40966

PSA: Thread #46 is ready to go right now. Still need a baker for #47! Can anyone step up to it? Will provide dough.

c633ab No.40967

99% have been exposed to GMOs?

on that subject:

when you get a runny nose does it burn like hell?

don't want to know, can't do anything about it now,

dc9cf5 No.40969

If there were an insane amount of tests coming up positive for human DNA all hell would break loose.

363b1f No.40970


>Biggest reveal is how everything is connected in a plan that has been going for centuries

I think you are right, Torbro. the fact that there is an actual plan will really shock people. Yes, pedophilia, slavery, trafficking, corruption. But that there is a PLAN, a consciously ordered, organized, multi-generational conspiracy, is like a slap in the face with a cold dead fish.

It's not just 'okay I'll take your money and vote how you want' run-of-the-mill bullshit.

It's not just hidden camera recording people's kinky indiscretions.

It's not even that wealthy assholes meet in a hotel every few years to make big decision.

But a multi-generational plan with an end-goal, incredible wealth, with malice and malevolent intentions for 99% of us and the disgusting, horrifying things they do along the way that will really make people instinctively cover their mouths and turn ashen when they 'get it'.' The pathological nature of their irrational hatred, their complete lack of any depth to which they will go to achieve their goal -and what they actually have done- may cause some heart attacks (no hyperbole).

665713 No.40971

I don’t remember reading about the “Golden Chain” in early 2000s. You? It was a list of alledged sponsors of Al-Queda found during Bosnian raid.

One of the SA Ritz guests was on it.


03b2cc No.40972

File: f8e440ee486290b⋯.jpg (123.82 KB, 960x640, 3:2, lead_960.jpg)

We're being farmed. But by who? For blood? Souls?

Look how carefully these cunts have tended to us over the last 50 years. They don't give a fuck about any of us, yet they've encouraged constant growth.

Is it getting near Harvest Time?

d6a123 No.40973


Or vaccines

561c61 No.40974

I just noticed the Tweet that President Trump sent out with the word, "WONDERFUL" also has a car in the video with a license plate with the letter "Q" in it. Coincidence? No way!

2ce19b No.40975


I think it just means that things are being prepared for Al Franken to fly (resign)

98b53f No.40976

Watching odd flight northeast of Baltimore. Been flying at approx 3000 ft. Took off from NYC. The ID says BLOCKED. I’m kind of a flightfag and usually only see BLOCKED when there is a VIP aboard. Private flights are marked as such, not blocked.

6a8339 No.40977


I just had a test done about a month ago. I got into some bad tuna and got scared. all my test have come back negative.

6acc04 No.40978




i figure as much, just curious if there are more meanings, lights we can see from afar

ed1f10 No.40979


Flight number so the rest of us can see?

d6a123 No.40980


Interesting, keep us posted if it gets weirder

dc9cf5 No.40981


This is actually legit source of cannibalism… The viruses that are used for vaccines are grown in fetal tissue. If you are pro life why the hell should you be forced to inject aborted baby tissue into your arm.

46e3d3 No.40982


Hi Baker, can you please make the Meme thread prominent in the dough? Memes are a priority deliverable that Q asked /cbts/ to do.



300ce2 No.40983


i will spam KARE 11 all fucking day when that happens with CBTS maymays, it will be glorious and i will red pill as many as i can that great day.

98b53f No.40984


No flight number. iOS app Flightradar24 and go to NE Baltimore.

d578b7 No.40985



bd98a7 No.40987

File: c9e9025d61cd968⋯.png (93.94 KB, 500x120, 25:6, ClipboardImage.png)

What "truth" would put 99% in hospital?

I would say we have a couple of options.

1) Disclosure that we are part of an AI simulation. There have been hints in the past. News stories. Movies (Matrix and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy come to mind).

2) Disclosure of some virus (cancer from vaccines or something like that) from something we all do, or drink, or eat, or touch would make us go get checked out.

3) Disclosure of a planet coming on collusion course of earth, which causes massive panic.

4) Or it could just be a hyperbolic statement and is not meant to be taken literally at 99%.

Just a few thoughts.

8ccd5c No.40988


We decide which branch we become by the seal that we chose…but the Maker will take into account that we have been lied and cheated against by the Snake family….who have been ruling this planet. They have ultimately lost and it is YOUR CHOICE WHERE YOU GO!! Please by GOD watch these videos that are on this cbts thread…there is a board that I have shared multiple times that only have videos that are part of the cbts board. I didn't understand that it was real.

98b53f No.40989


Dropped to 1800 ft. Still flying. Not landing. Most planes only that low when approaching runway.

9f82e6 No.40990


That's a lot of reading. Saving for a bit later. Just skimmed it for now

d578b7 No.40991


It's probably the FBI surveillance drone thingie. Some sites its blocked and others it shows up. Link?

4213b5 No.40992


Demoncrap Conyers is huge because he said he would never resign. Then suddenly he resigns after decades in government.

Evil scummy Dem HRC friend

dc9cf5 No.40993

I think the greatest threat we face is CRISPR tech being used to make a virus that edits our DNA then releasing it into the population… if it already hasn't been.

3d8f0c No.40994


Um, kind of what I was thinking…virus that can be selectively activated based on something else introduced in the environment?

e67086 No.40995

File: f65b00760a4844a⋯.png (154.06 KB, 650x590, 65:59, Robert Pickton pig farmer.png)

Please look up the Robert Pickton pig farmer

No one would have discovered his crimes had they not inspected the pork and found human DNA in it.

27bb93 No.40996




^^ Who's doing the 'testing'? You? Or the 'FDA'?

You're right. Pure craziness. Welcome to /pol/ now go back to /b/


0d1651 No.40997

363b1f No.40998


Oh good catch anon! I'll add that.

Next time, smack me upside the head so I make sure to see you. If I don't see you, YELL at me or keep at it. I pop in and out so a non-response from me in most cases is because I don't see it. (not including shills) Also - question #s are more accurate and easier to find bc sometimes anons add rows randomly (which then throws all the row numbers off) pls don do dat anons :/

5b4dbb No.41000

Some have said we are all infected with nanobots, spread through the air, or maybe in food. Seem to remember a theory that this ingested material reacts with cell towers? Anyone remember that one? People suddenly realizing they are contaminated could explain a mass exodus to the hospital.

1d22d0 No.41001


Jesus fucking Christ, are you stupid?

Do you not see all the recent Q posting about AIDs.

Use your head.

Read the map.

dc9cf5 No.41003

Our DNA is modified with every virus we contract… we are the way we are because ancient viruses helped change our DNA.

6acc04 No.41005

File: 020d1b53936afb4⋯.png (107.81 KB, 255x536, 255:536, Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at ….png)



.... . .. .......

source: https:// www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/CFR-2003-title43-vol1/pdf/CFR-2003-title43-vol1-sec4-27.pdf

aa158a No.41006


It's actually fairly easy to do DNA testing from a basement lab

dc9cf5 No.41007


There are independent people who test shit… all the time.

6a8339 No.41009


I suspect option 3, I suspect they have known for a long time. and thats how they justify treating us like cattle. just feed um and keep them occupied. were gonna go on liverish trip's and act like gods with what little time we have left.

ee9d0f No.41010


How do you get to the new threads if they aren't listed?

896ae8 No.41011


i think by now Q shud c that we r awoke & nothing cud surpriss us… if anything happens 2 that opsec &/ DT we may never know. i like researchinf but i also think he should post it if shtf & whoever of us is still around keeps up the good fight

e67086 No.41013


Clear Labs is the company that had the veggie foods tested by two ISO 9001 registered companies.

By the way, Do you enjoy being a satanist ?

6acc04 No.41015


shit wrong post meant to link to >>35048

just brainstorming, not sure if this legalese from the secretary of interior is close or not

1d61fb No.41016


>What "truth" would put 99% in hospital?

>Or it could just be a hyperbolic statement and is not meant to be taken literally at 99%.

Even if hyperbole, he must mean a majority of people. I think that's already covered with what we know about household names running child se trafficking operations, CIA controlling NK, global warming being faked thanks to a nuclear reactor in Antarctica, fake news, the whole world being controlled by 3 families, etc.

2c777a No.41017


>We're being farmed.

citizens of the US are hypothecated chattel by contract with the FED. the citizens and heirs are taxed to provide the interest on the usurious loans to the government

>But by who?

The FED, RottShills etc… the uber-rich

> For blood?

Quite likely, see the Red Cross threads and postings



cf9d20 No.41018


the fact that all media is cia

2bbf99 No.41019


I hate to tell you this, but unfortunately no. Unless you have what they want, you will be stuck in the hell that has been created.

You’ll never know it though.

When it becomes apparent… everyone will be running to the hospital.

I’m sick in my soul of souls, and I’m done for tonight.

Don’t dig… don’t seek answers! You don’t want to know, I promise.

Everyone drops questions because you each have to LEARN it on your OWN, or it isn’t yours and you won’t actually believe it.

It’s not a happy place. It’s not a place of rejoicing in the sun. It’s dark, it’s scary, and you can’t go back.

Matrix- choose wisely.

Goodnight you princes of Maine, you Kings of New England.

3d8f0c No.41021


Double fuck. NK was rumored to be working on biological weapons, I'll find the link.

What if they managed to make HIV airborne? And Barry is a carrier, after visiting NK secretly, and that's why he's flying all over the world - to spread it.

NK not controlled by Kim jong-un according to Q, right?

Holy fuck.

896ae8 No.41022



is that wat u mean?

c8c279 No.41023


Exactly. CIA are controlled by Jesuits.

b9e9f1 No.41025


You did! His name was Obama, and we got rid of that POS!

dc9cf5 No.41026


THIS ^^^ Muh burgers

665713 No.41027

Kamel’s son Abdullah is big HRC fan. He’s on board for college that Huma’s dad works. HRC gave speech. Can’t find amt Kamel “donated”.


Kamel’s dad got caight in SA purge.

ed1f10 No.41028




New bread! Migrate at post count!




ee9d0f No.41029


New bread. (I admit, I'm new to this and just trying to follow along.) Thank you.

3987af No.41030

To close out this thread, I'll tell you the only thing that makes me sick in a way I can't stand is the cannibalism angle. I know there's pedos. We can fight them and win. But forcing the unknowing to join in their sin is too much

bd98a7 No.41031

File: 101154f689c24ec⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Interesting. Why would they focus on that so long?

304860 No.41032


Just spill your thoughts please

3987af No.41035

AI, aliens, whatever, I'll deal. No cannibals.

c633ab No.41038

Then there is this:

the U.S. lost WW2

big secret who won and with what blackmail

chemical? biological?

seems that these were available to anyone

Nazi's surrendered if given safe passage?

if given positions of influence?

and then there are all the elites who had funded Hitler, right in our own back yard

Didn't Russia really win the day in WW2?

the Nazi's turned to fight Russia

which allowed the allies to move in?

e67086 No.41040


Remember how they found parasites in the soldier that was shot trying to escape?


d578b7 No.41042


Do you really think Q team would know this and just let it happen?

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