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File: 4e6eab97cd45c53⋯.jpg (109.43 KB, 792x468, 22:13, CBTSn47.jpg)

ba8972 No.41913

Matthew 7:7 "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:"

John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

The GENERAL is for consolidated discussion - and posting tl;dr's of dedicated digging threads' conclusion. DO NOT go into detailed digging in the General.

1. Find relevant (A)nswers to (Q)uestions using Normie approved media

2. The purpose is to log events as they happen over the coming days. Everything is connected, Everything has meaning.

3. Infighting accomplishes nothing, stride together towards resolution of on-topic problems. Not your faith, creed or dick size.

4. This is a Bunker, the post rate is slower & we don't really know what to expect. Coordinate efforts on: Organization of information / Creating

5. How would you explain /PizzaGate/ - Satanic Cult child abuse to normies(Literally your mom/grandma)? Questions. How do we get people asking Questions? Good, KISS Memes.

6. Get Comfy, Believe in your bones that we're riding the greatest timeline in existence.

Recent Past Threads' Archive Links

41. >>>/cbts/36554 -> https://archive.fo/Rs1zO

42. >>>/cbts/37423 -> https://archive.fo/9wru1

43. >>>/cbts/38423 -> https://archive.fo/lZU4x

44. >>>/cbts/39232 -> https://archive.fo/Eibz3

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!!!Latest Q Posts!!! -> >>38330, >>38366, >>38394, >>38406, >>38467, >>38507, >>38514, >>38537, >>38627, >>38638, >>38682, >>38701

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10 days of darkness: -> >>37286

CBTS 8ch.net Threads' Archive list -> https://pastebin.com/pQR1CN49 [ includes direct links to Q posts ]

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Original links do not cross-post from 4chan, instead use 4plebs archive to find Qs.

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Q-Text [4chan] -> https://pastebin.com/vTs4pdpC | https://anonfile.com/b4N8X2ccb5/Q5.pdf | https://www.pdf-archive.com/2017/11/16/q5/

Q-Text [8ch] -> https://pastebin.com/NBTQVYRY | https://pastebin.com/45r1FK9q

How to read the Q map [very helpful explanation from MI] >>33814 | >>36225

SPREADSHEET Open to contributions, with answers being a collective effort. ( Thanks Spreadsheet Anon AT !!LytbJwNsQ6v )


Q WIKI ( Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD ) -> https://cbts.wikispaces.com/Home


part I -> https://anonfile.com/lbOaVec2b4/q_posts_till20171109_as_confirmedbyq.pdf

part II -> https://anonfile.com/s1W7bfddb1/q_posts_since_tripcode_till20171121.pdf

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part IV -> https://anonfile.com/Ncq0j7dbbd/q_posts_8ch_nov26_v201712052320.pdf

QturnedA -> https://anonfile.com/ncw5Xdc7b5/QturnedA.pdf

Pastebin of Pastebins of LINKS posted on 4pol -> https://pastebin.com/A97LLKZL


>Help spread these on twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat, pinterest, tmblr, reddit, IRL, etc.

DROPBOX -> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cttxb9tqm7raowd/AAAxFfTDKuyUdrKc5NLamrU8a?dl=0

Really Cool Videos

I, Pet goat 2 -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n_xCI-peq0

In-Shadow - A Modern Odyseey -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j800SVeiS5I

Twitter story of great interest -> https://twitter.com/Imperator_Rex3/status/936360137362513920

Another almond-activating tripfag's archive -> https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tripcode/%21RRVe.ETtN./

Please use the Catalog -> https://8ch.net/cbts/catalog.html

and post verified and delicious crumbs, info, links, discussion to the respective threads.

Feel free to dig and discuss here in /CBTS/ General.

<Remember to drink plenty of water & stay Comfy!

<And PRAY!

ba8972 No.41915

Archives of Q, Memes, Infographics, & Other Stuff

LURKERS – Repost your content in the correct threads as well!

How to spot a 'BadGuy': >>11963

How to spot a 'GoodGuy': >>11965

Infographics & Info Dump: >>10

Meme & Pic Dump: >>2

Q Posts, Screenshots, etc: >>423

The FAQ of Q: >>18427

Questions & Requests: >>1401

Security, TOR, VPNs, OpSec: >>629

/CBTS/ Catalog

Consolidated info, synthesis, completed research, very specific/focused discussion, important links/media should be copy and pasted or cross-posted to the other threads.

What is Keystone: >>28513

Who is Y?: >>19041

The ground is a shakin -> >>16464 -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vc9QfAq2ML8

Goals/Motivation -> >>10207

WH Recon Anon -> https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tnum/151285365/uid/YRqlR4GG/order/asc/

AXE PROOF -> >>15666 (thanks satan)

Anon that digs -> >>11800

Google Acquires Keyhole -> >>11979

Updated Legend -> >>16020

Reality of Booksigning Yesterday -> >>12408

Anon bringing things around -> >>15208

Alien / Disclosure related: >>26613

Light Bodied Aliens tell all -> >>15350

Asia Foundation Findings -> >>15876

The Asia Foundation Dig Thread: >>15984

Barry Important -> >>14627 >>16251 >>16253

Loud Noises -> >>15157

Bitcoin Theory -> >>15201 -> >>16092

'The Sum Of All Fears' Theory -> >>16199

Tesla Lithium Source -> >>16146

Sidley Austin Digathon >>15139

Wikileaks Digathon >>10270

A peek into (((they))): >>2422

bloodlines and Y: >>7705

CERN /LHC / AI: >>1335

Clinton Cabal & Swamp Drain: >>1411

Decode Hexcode: >>174

Erik Prince - Expand your thinking: >>1816

Europe, EU, UK, Royal Families: >>1357

Godfather III: >>2078

Heffner, CIA, RAZVI Traverse: >>3952

Hunt For Red October: >>3102

Isreal & Zionism: >>1398

Jesuits: >>4287

Letter Agencies: >>1372

Maps and spatial data: >>8329

Metaphysical & Esoteric Q: >>1391

North Korea: >>1342

Occult, Symbolism & Leadership: >>4249

Owl and Y Symbolism: >>12362

Pakistan Unrest: >>1368

Q Confirmed by WH Anon!!: >>10556

Q Signatures: >>2198

Q Stringer Central: >>2300

Rothschild Family: >>1362

Saudi Arabia & M.E.: >>1327

Sealed Indictments: >>4409

Indictments & Arrests: >>3163

Snow White, Fairy tale of the Church Age: >>3259 [new -> https://8ch.net/cbts/res/29994.html#35814]

Soros & NGOs: >>1367

Titanic: >>106

The Actual Truth !RRVe.ETtN. : >>2219

Trump & Company: >>1380

Underground massive data center?: >>20714

Uranium-1: >>848

Vatican, Knights Templar/Malta, Jesuits, FM: >>1346

VQC+++: >>672

The News List: https://pastebin.com/h8aUyMhA

ba8972 No.41916


The spreadsheet exists to have all of Q's posts in one place, questions & statements: a central location to collect the answers that anons discover. It's a way to pool our resources and efforts to eliminate the proverbial "reinventing the wheel" i.e., new people coming and trying to figure out who Alice is.

As such, it's helpful to know what is needed and how to do it. The following guidelines will help us work together better, so we can go on to the questions that haven't been answered and accomplish the goals Q set forth:

1. answer the questions

2. build the bigger picture

3. break it back down

4. meme it for the public: educate & calm them

We were given this task by serious men, in a serious situation with very serious consequences for the entire world.

Let's apply our weaponized autism in an organized and efficient manner, accomplish the task we were given, make our POTUS & /ourguys/ jobs easier.

> You are the calm before and during the storm.

They are counting on us.


> short, to the point

> factual

> sourced, if at all possible

Some issues simply are not suited for a definitive source as the answers are inherently subjective. We can only do our best here.


< add extra rows

< change colors of cells or columns or rows

< use it as a personal "scratch pad" to work out your thinking

< argue with other anons

This or 4/pol/ is a place to argue & thrash it out, not on the sheet

< overwrite or delete other anons' answers

< leave your answers in the row or sheet comments

< involve meta-conspiracy theories

This is a real-life enormous conspiracy. The way Q has laid it out is perfect: it goes from point A to point hellish to point confident step by step. Each question builds upon the previous & itself is a meta-conspiracy if you look from 40,000ft view.


> text is best

> original source documents if possible

> articles from reputable sites (yes, I know, see below)

> maps, when appropriate

> images, where appropriate

> link to the text/ original document, & if possible, an archive link (archive.is, archive.fo, archive.org etc)

David Icke, Alex Jones, and that lot are not sources that will be believed by the normalfags. While they may be truthful, our sources need to be what an average Paul or Cindy can look up themselves without seeing it & closing it immediately and disregarding all the rest. No Shape-shifting reptilians, Pleiadians & the like. That may upset some but let's remember our mission: this is for the general public and it's going to be difficult enough for them.

< youtube videos

< random tweet links

are just not the best sources for this endeavor. They may be informative and truthful but not best suited for this medium.


Light blue cell in the number column

PDF anon went through and changed all Q's questions to statements in a narrative form. Those are included at the bottom row of many of Q's posts. The goal is to answer the questions and then present the answers in the column next to it to present a fuller picture.

Some posts have a summary, some don't. When you look at the spreadsheet, you will see why, up to a certain point: that is where pdfanon had stopped, AFAIK. That's something else that I will be working on.


On the far right column, confidence level can be input in the answer(s) given: low, mid, high. It's set up to change the color of the cell where the question number is. When the answer is complete and has high confidence, the row is locked, as no further answers are needed, and we can focus our energy and attention on those yet un-answered.

light yellow = low

med orange = mid

tomato soup = high


peach = un-answered questions, or those whose answers are not truly complete or definitive

Please focus on those, not the ones already answered.

Place your input in the column marked Extra Answers (Unlocked, Post Here):

> double-click the cell

> alt+enter to make a newline (carriage return)

> type/paste in your answer & sources




You can export the spreadsheet into excel (.xls) and pdf formats by clicking the little paper icon on the top left of the toolbar on the left. When exporting to pdf, be aware this is a very large document. You can put a header, footer, page numbers etc.

I encourage anons to make periodic backups for yourselves.

THANK YOU to all anons who have helped, contributed, supported & been patient in this effort. It wasn't my idea, but it seemed like a good plan so I volunteered - so did you, and it's appreciated very much.

ba8972 No.41917

Q's Tripcode Explained

How to get a tripcode?

In the Name field in the reply dialog box -

if you put name#password, then it shows the name in bold green followed by your tripcode, starting with an exclamatory sign !, with no space in between the name and tripcode

if you put name[space]#password, then it shows the name in bold green followed by a space and then your tripcode, starting with an exclamatory sign !.

Also the #password on 4chan yields the same result on 8ch.

So in conclusion ->

Q used Q#password and got Q!ITPb.qbhqo when not using space in between, and

Q used Q #password and got Q !ITPb.qbhqo when using space.

So, no matter how you look at it - !ITPb.qbhqo is the real Q!'''

>tl;dr -

Both Q!ITPb.qbhqo and Q !ITPb.qbhqo are Q.



It is a unique string of characters that distinguishes your post from everyone else's. They are used when the poster does not wish to remain anonymous.

>How does it work?

Your password does some magical code-mating with the website's salt, as they call it, and the result of that union is your tripcode

>secure tripcodes?

There's 2 kinds of salt, apparently.

The salt used for single # is common for most [all?] chan like websites, called imageboards, and hence back-engineerable. Easy to break and duplicate, I'd suggest you refrain from using it.

The second kind of salt is unique to each imageboard. It can't be back-engineered, broken, duplicated. Using a secure tripcode is recommended.

To make your password code-mate with the unique salt, simply use ## instead of #.


Guys, COME ON!

Q has already given us all the clues. They’re in all the questions which aren’t really questions at all, but simply hints to get you thinking on the right track.

I don’t think Q wants this to turn into some super complex code-breaking treasure hunt. That was never his intent. He’s trying to give you the dots in as simple a manner as he is safely capable of doing. STOP TURNING THIS INTO A 3D PUZZLE.

Q WANTS this information out there ASAP. It does him no good to hide things in complicated codes and patterns and getting you to go down insignificant rabbit holes. QUIT OVERTHINKING IT.

Go back, piece together what the Q posts have been hinting at all along. THINK BIG PICTURE. Stop getting sidetracked with trying to figure out every single detail. They’re not as important as the connections.

THE STORY IS WHAT MATTERS. The characters and details are all secondary to that. You can redpill way more people with overarching plot points than you can with detailed infographics about minor players.


daa371 No.41930

573a8e No.41946

File: 3732ce83d4856e5⋯.png (2.57 KB, 397x128, 397:128, edd6bb0b29820f2a1c7ef532fb….png)

whoever did pic related, please elaborate in full detail how u did it and got the codes please?

8704cc No.41953

8704cc No.41954


The anon claimed that the first letters of some Q posts lay out a map if you treat them as location codes. He might be right - we'll see.

8566ce No.41955

MasterArchivist, thank you for posting the link for is thread link for 47. I'm new and I get a little lost when that doesn't happen. Gracias.

167e64 No.41956

Its xls sheet that i just stumbled upon. Homie here

3270 codes - Marine Forces Reserve



8634b8 No.41957


Nice score anon.

5d96d4 No.41958


>Q said something about a martial law event. >He also said something about fear and panic

That was at the first of the month, just days before the "big Antifa event" that was naught.

I think his assertions at that time, were just for that effect. They worked.

167e64 No.41959



Thank god you figured it out. I posted it incase but yeah

truthanon out. Peace much love.

ba8972 No.41960


just doing my job man.


573a8e No.41961


lets see


SA-Saudi Arabia

RQ-Puerto Rico

8704cc No.41962

adios good anons - gotta go work for a living.

573a8e No.41963




8704cc No.41967


Whether he's right about this or not, it's definitely worth checking the first and capitalized letters of each post. Like this one about Barry:



Hussein AIDS Video.

Hidden message?





Expand your thinking.

News unlocks meaning.



Does that have a coded meaning? Dunno.

8704cc No.41968



1b23e1 No.41969

File: 9421d51eab98203⋯.jpg (733.48 KB, 809x2834, 809:2834, Screenshot_20171206-032109.jpg)

File: bebd764e73aaf78⋯.jpg (719.98 KB, 810x3046, 405:1523, Screenshot_20171206-032308.jpg)

File: 7e58c85bf0db7c2⋯.jpg (890.29 KB, 1080x1842, 180:307, 20171206_033154.jpg)

File: 9af23945b099320⋯.jpg (545.13 KB, 834x834, 1:1, Smugal3.jpg)




south africa also.

>pics related mostly

dded80 No.41972

>bombs away

Why choose such an irresponsible name for a thread? Are you not tired of war?

Be careful of what energies you create! Q has not proven himself to be of Light. Especially with that "WAR" crumb.

I am becoming more wary of this. There is no talk of the bigger picture, just wasting time with politics and minor things. Can you prove me wrong?

a13b09 No.41976


We shouldn't waste time on concern shills. You'll find your way.

5d96d4 No.41977


You have not looked around very much. This is about information/meme warfare.

It is the option to physical warfare, though it often the same terms in metaphor.

167e64 No.41979

File: 7f26ab8019ebf95⋯.png (4.6 KB, 406x123, 406:123, G3BQ.PNG)


f86c6c No.41980

File: 22656cfd6b0f35d⋯.jpg (158.6 KB, 1152x648, 16:9, concaveearthkeystone.jpg)



(((They))) turned EVERYTHING upside-down and INside-out.

The Earth is concave. 'Space' is IN the Earth, the Sun, Moon and planets are quiet small and circle around the Celestial Sphere every 24hrs. The Sun is given energy by the Octahedron which is 'hidden' inside the Celestial Sphere. The Harman line/layer is actually and literally a crystal/glass barrier, a bit yellowish in color. That also why we see 'strange' atmospheric optics, like rainbows, halo's, sundogs, refractions and mirages.

The ice crystals or rain only function as a projection screen; not the source of forming rainbows and halos...


If you want to learn more:



Steven Christopher unfortunately seems to be a bit of an arrogant guy, but an absolute genius. He might be just very much hurt, like we all are, after years of fighting for revealing the truth...

I've been studying this for a long time now, and in my perspective everything makes sense with this concave Earth model...

dded80 No.41981


Are you so afraid of introspection? Why are you doing all this then? If you seek to expose evil you have to search EVERY nook and cranny! No one is going to do the work for you. Q has ignored my suggestions and questions and began posting downright harmful things (sensitive people will know this). I have my doubts and I'm not a "concern shill". I'm asking reasonable questions - answer them with reason and without hate and prove you are not /pol/. We must remove ALL evil. This requires an expansion of consciounsness and Heart.

8704cc No.41982


Yeah no, that's Admiral Rogers of the NSA. But keep digging.

a5e6a4 No.41983


Keystone = Admiral Rogers & NSA (intel/key) + President & Marines (enforcement/stone)

5d96d4 No.41985


Uh, you seem to be in the wrong thread.

Wrong board, even.

dded80 No.41986


You have not understood much. Information means nothing if you don't use it, and the way you use it depends on your levels of development. Physical warfare is a surefire way of staying in the illusion and bringing yourself out for the culling. Anyone reasonable will know it's diametrically opposed to Love and Light. These tools of the dark side can fool anyone unprepared.

8704cc No.41987


> but an absolute genius.

he's mentally ill and has been arrested for threatening the President. he also is entirely unqualified to do exegesis on OT Hebrew.

ba8972 No.41988


>We must remove ALL evil. This requires an

initial on-ground use of force to remove the bad actors physically.

Only after that can we move on to spiritual cleansing.

Wars are tough, you gotta suck it up and let people do what is must.

c5a4f3 No.41991

Q anon's most recent post is Wonderful friends and trump included it into his tweet about visiting Utah. I am fairly certain that trump is q anon. Too many coincidences.

Trump is or was using halfchan and fullchan to disseminate orders to those cooperating to take down the triangle. Cicada 3301 is definitely involved. I would not be surprised if it was his culper's ring.

Honestly at this point those who are not actively involved in dismantling tbe corrupt system should get involved it is going to be a fascinating decade.

God Bless the first family and God Bless America.

Sieg Heil.

5d96d4 No.41993


>These tools of the dark side can fool anyone unprepared.

I see that.

8704cc No.41994


checked and heiled. we might be on to something here - the concern shills have suddenly popped up.

167e64 No.41995




AR = Argentina

NS = Suriname

and Bro I ended up here

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is an inter-governmental body established in 1989 by the Ministers of its Member jurisdictions. The objectives of the FATF are to set standards and promote effective implementation of legal, regulatory and operational measures for combating money laundering, terrorist financing and other related threats to the integrity of the international financial system.

f51b01 No.41996

File: ada9e1d2532c317⋯.jpg (127.97 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Pray.jpg)


This is both a meme war but also a spiritual war. That is why Q is asking us to spread the memes and to pray.

This is the law of attraction. We need to claim that the truth is being revealed and be thankful in your innermost being. It will create the right energy that will see us to victory. +++

dded80 No.41998


NEVER do that. You are an easy victim of the dark side. This lack of introspection makes you the easiest softest pray for them. Spiritual development comes before EVERYTHING.

This is for example a puppet hidden in plain sight:


Do you want such people in the government?

Read the interview with the Rotschild


His information is mostly true, though he mistakes bloodlines for spiritual DNA development.

Be careful with this. Use LOVE. Use positive intuition. Love is the solution to EVERYTHING.

167e64 No.41999





8704cc No.42000


I've never seen such a criminal waste of digits.

167e64 No.42001


LMAO speak for yourself

c5a4f3 No.42002


>wasting trips

ba8972 No.42005


time to be romeo, time to be rambo.

And my love is for everyone who is looking to get onto to the right path.



now you've seen it twice.

8704cc No.42006


lol - touché.

a8d658 No.42007

blessed is the peacemaker

dded80 No.42008


If you are wise you will know how to use your energy and in what way. You will know when it's time to be "rambo" (VERY rarely in self defense cases) and when to use Love to create the future you want.

You can't scream war, pray to some other entity or sh*tpost about digits, memes, hail some earthly ideology or another human and expect work to be done on your behalf.

I have said all I need and I bid you farewell. I hope you will read these posts and think and see what forces we have in play here. I ask Q politely to prove himself to be benevolent.

8704cc No.42010


You need to go live in the DRC for six months.

0e73b7 No.42011

Godfather 3

Vatican in debt

Michael has money

Offers Vatican most of debt deficit money in exchange for 25% catholic property

How does this apply today?

The roles are reversed.

Deep State doesn't have money anymore because Saudi Arabia stream has been cut off.

Deep State going to the Vatican for funds.

The Vatican will fund them via Red Cross?

a8d658 No.42012


I've seen this tactic used SO many times. especially with Julian Assange, is he alive? is he dead? how can we trust him? if you're doubting Q then why are you at this tiny, dark corner of the internet.

06e190 No.42013

Godfather III = The Pope?

a8d658 No.42014



5d96d4 No.42015


Look at her other posts

Slams Bannon

Praises some Rothschild

7c64e2 No.42016

File: c532dc260839024⋯.png (711.93 KB, 1115x536, 1115:536, isre.png)

Guys, Long time listener ; contributed on may occasions ; UK based.

This must be covered already, however, UK time differs significantly. I would really appreciate someone breaking down what the Pic represents.

For me, it does not fit with my understanding of what is going on, and what is imminent.

240190 No.42018


Need a sweater, it's getting shilly in here.

That's ok, very late, time for bed.

Thanks to OP for another nice bake.

167e64 No.42020


Here is Snow White

Saanne De Wilde

7c64e2 No.42021

File: 6992f854309d75e⋯.png (355.68 KB, 1214x527, 1214:527, bitcoin.png)

a8d658 No.42025



ok but what are the Vatican's terms? quite a shift going from Mohammed (pbuh) to Christ.

616272 No.42026



These people deserve 10 0 00 110

eeec15 No.42027


I've thought his since the first mention.

The Vatican is deeeeeeeeep state, But their base is eroding.

Godspeed, you mighty diggers.

Love and light, pic related

faa0bd No.42032

File: e9bf5bb6d60c5b0⋯.png (394.52 KB, 819x575, 819:575, Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at ….png)

2e6fa4 No.42033

I think you can apply a fibonacci sequence as a legend to the Q posts. Here's what I have so far, and it seems to work for the few posts I've tested.

Start a bottom a post that has signatures.

0) The zero goes under the first signature

1) Mark the bottom signature.

2) Skip 2 lines up, mark the next line above.

3) Skip 3, mark the next.

5) Skip 5, mark the next.

8) Skip 8, mark the next.

13) Skip 13, mark the next.

and so on until you can't go any higher.

>All the marked lines apply to the marked signature.

Now we reverse and come back down.

0) Zero corresponds to your last mark going up, so no mark.

1) Mark the next line down (the one under your highest mark going up.

2) Skip 2 down, mark the next line below,

3) Skip 3 down, mark the next down.

5) Skip 5 down, mark the next down.

And so on. If you count correctly, your last mark will be the signature above Q's. The marks apply to that signature.

>Sequence is 0,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34

To simplify, I made a little template in vim, printed it on paper cut it out with scissors and lay it next to the Q posts printed out.

On the Q posts, be sure to follow instructions in the post like "repeat" which means to replace the word "repeat" with the preceeding text.

At the bottom, I think you have to ignore when the X's hit on two signatures. This happens when there are lots of signatures and you are going up.

I've tested about 5 posts so far, and they all makes sense.

Tired. Going to bed. If you have a few minutes, give it a try.

>Q keeps telling us to learn how to read the map. I'm pretty sure this is it.

<The 5,2,5,1,5,2,1 pattern I suggested a few nights ago didn't always hit every line. Fibonacci up, then down always hits every line after 2 up passes and 2 down passes. (Remember to offset two signatures up for your second up pass)

Also remember to watch for word wrap and continued posts. (I set my text editor to truncate lines.)

faa0bd No.42034


Hot damn

2e6fa4 No.42037


Typo. My 2nd line should have been "Start at the bottom of a post that has signatures."

a8d658 No.42038

how many hands are in the red Cross slush fund?

e87d37 No.42042


Looks promising - So what posts have you applied this to?

240190 No.42044


If this method has provided the smallest scintilla of meaningful information from anything Q has written, whatsoever, please share that so we'll have some basis for evaluating whether to try what you suggest.

ff0a18 No.42045

File: 69ba61420ffe109⋯.png (61.09 KB, 315x526, 315:526, ClipboardImage.png)


I found some interesting South Africa related info yesterday. Check out these logos

f51b01 No.42046


She also has a photo album 'The Dwarf Empire' with text and photos that lead us to a promised land.

And an album 'Samoa Kekea' - an explanation can be found at noorimages.com/feature/samoakekea/ saying that 'kekea'is samoan for albino. kek anyone?

This needs some more digging because this is strange

240190 No.42048


No need.

Q already confirmed that Snow White has to do with CIA computer stuff.

0e73b7 No.42054

Bible predicts that Catholic Church will rule the world again.

America will help it do so.

Sunday Laws coming

3d3498 No.42057

I don’t think the graphic is the map. I really don’t. I don’t think we understand the map yet. I think it’s beyond our comprehension like some matrix type shit. It’s everything everywhere that is happening right now. Little clues in the MSM/half truths.. Q has taught us to read between the lines. The bigger picture.

Disinformation is real

Disinformation is necessary

The disinformation is put out by BOTH sides. One for good, one for bad.

I may be wrong but I can’t shake the feeling the that the graphic isn’t the map.

afb8e9 No.42059

Harry Potter predicts that Voldemort gets eaten by a Snape or something. More people these days believe in Harry Potter being real than anything Biblical.

3d3498 No.42062


Of course the Bible says that. The Catholic Church is the evil of the world.

They have turned people from worshipping God to worshipping a man who once stood, bled blood, drew air into his lungs. A human. People kneel down and pray to an image of Christ on the crucifix. The greatest trick the devil ever played.

One God. He is not human and he has messiahs. Messiahs are not to be worshipped but listened to. If anything Christ was a messiah.

We have been lied to.

Since the dawn of time.

c95b39 No.42063

Name your god and bleed the frequency

3d3498 No.42066


I don’t know his name. They have erased all traces of his name for the world to forget it. Nobody knows but the elite and they abuse the power of his name.

e62271 No.42067

File: b9004eb9243c6dd⋯.jpg (98.12 KB, 600x700, 6:7, keep-calm-while-the-storm-….jpg)

Been a lot of angry, panicky ALL RED CAPS recently.

Unsure if shills or just worked up people. Try to chill if not a shill. The storm will pass over the just.

ff0a18 No.42068


Everything has multiple meanings. Alice and Wonderland didn't just mean HRC

98d711 No.42069


my best guess

Migrants = EU MS13

but what will they do when Trump announces this?

95f9d0 No.42070


Your concerns are reasonable, and merely dismissing you is question-begging and unhelpful. I offer you this – we are exploring this issue primarily through language. Language relies on polarisation for nuance and meaning. No-one here is designing or building physical bombs and suggesting they be used on anyone. The ‘bombs’ in question here are ‘truth bombs’, that is the use of this term here. Your caution about the use of language is fair, but it seems oversensitive in this instance anon.

ba8972 No.42071


>Voldemort gets eaten by a Snape

Look, our Lord and Savior Harry Potter doesn't need to be dragged into this.

Also, Snape got bitten by Voldemrt's snake, Nagini - and that's how he was rewarded for his loyalty to the Dark Lord. But, Snape deserved it.

98d711 No.42072


seems like no one is confident in fiat currency anymore. it takes significant purchase to drive price levels up that high, that fast.

ff0a18 No.42073


I grew up Catholic. Catholic school - mass twice a week. I can remember 2nd grade sitting in mass thinking "This is all wrong. That doesn't make sense" and other times in my life feeling like I was close to understanding the true nature of God and then it would escape me… like a name on the tip of your tongue. It definitely put me on a search for truth from a very young age.

f86c6c No.42075

File: e06a17419821630⋯.jpg (20.86 KB, 620x350, 62:35, image516771x.jpg)







RED is in 'Duty Status' military code:

R = PEB AT HOME (Physical Evaluation Board)



Thanx Anon/!RRVe.ETtN. for your investigative work! You nailed it!



Do Hillary Clinton (frm. First Lady) and Obama (frm. POTUS) under military status?

It would explain Hillary's and McCain's boots. They're awaiting trial with medical confinement. (The boots are probably what a lot of you here mentioned...)




Also watch this:

The American Red Double Cross


dded80 No.42076


This is possible. I'm sorry, I get wound up in things a bit too much. We are on the same side, and there is balance to be found.

There IS a good possibility that deep state truly is getting dismantled, and what we dig here is true.

And by all that is Loving would that be a wonderful occurence. I will find my balance in due time.

In the meantime I wish every seeker nothing but the Truth in the Light.

Thank you for your nice reponse anon.

d9c1de No.42079

File: 586fe008d69fe5a⋯.png (4.36 KB, 704x129, 704:129, Q post dec 5.3.2.png)


Red Red is Red Cross

bfa973 No.42080


Q has indicated on a couple of occasions that the list of the Q posts graphic or written is the 'map'

As you point out Disinfo is everywhere, perhaps there is a manner in which to read the 'map' filtering out the Disinfo. I like where this anon is going but this would give me two concerns - if we can read it so can anyone else, so the disinfo is pointless - also this would be an order of magnitude more complex than any other puzzle put forward. So far we had morse code for brimstone and the answer to KeyStone was underwhelming, though a very interesting exercise to see what people thought was the root cause of the issues.

62dcd8 No.42081

Hi guys. New here. Did podesta and huma get arrested today? Is it happening?

f86c6c No.42083

File: 8e3d1baac274fe4⋯.jpg (90.37 KB, 215x250, 43:50, nk_doublecross_knighttempl….jpg)


The meanings of Double Cross…




The American Red Double Cross:


Or both?

fecd0e No.42084

Fakebook ad:

Want to play mini golf with U2? One winner & a friend will hit the miniature golf course with Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry. Unwind with a pint after your big, mini game. It's all to support (RED) and the fight for an AIDS FREE GENERATION. Enter now!

95f9d0 No.42085


not my world it won't

26dd0a No.42086

5/12 wasn't something big supposed to happen today?

1ab02d No.42088


Using cockney slang a double meaning for RED_RED would be

A (RED) Communist_(RED) better off dead

f7bfc1 No.42089

Saw an article about HIV going up 300% in Sweden from immigrants. Is it possible they are mass immigrating people with HIV?

3d3498 No.42090


I feel like the graphic is the guide to the map.. perhaps I’m wrong. I know he indicated the graphic was the map. I just have a feeling it’s much bigger and we haven’t figured it out. I have a feeling it’s so very simple yet soooooo very complicated! But I think Q is expanding our consciousness. Making us use bigger parts in our brains that have been unused. I look for clues everywhere. All the time. I’m forever grateful to Q for showing us thus far.

33aec1 No.42096

If Michael Flynn’s ‘crime’ is all Robert Mueller has, it is time to move on


Retired CIA Agent Working With Blackwater Founder Claims H.R. McMaster Approved NSA Spy Job On Trump Family

http://www.zerohedge.com /news/2017-12-06/retired-cia-agent-working-blackwater-founder-claims-hr-mcmaster-approved-nsa-spy-job

167e64 No.42097







c95b39 No.42099



Instead of calling me crazy, do it. Call out to Father In Heaven. Ask him for his light to shine so that you may walk the path. Ask him to show you the truth and to bring goodness and righteousness into the hearts of men

>I dont know his name

I have been calling him Father In Heaven, He of Goodness and Righteousness. And when I ask him to show me his light and his grace, I too ask if there is another name that I need address him by. Judging by the insane struggle that I had today and the feelings I felt when I realized I needed to pray to him and had done so, I think the only thing you need to do is pray and speak to he who will listen and speak of your desire to see goodness and righteousness and to live to be as good and righteous as you can be and for the shadows and evil of the world to be pushed back so that those same things can enter the hearts of all men and that the deceiver and his worshippers be cast down. I spent I dont even know how long looking at the sky and pouring my heart out until I was able to say that fear and wickedness and hate have no place in my heart I will not allow them, all I will allow is love and grace and goodness and righteousness. I went over every misdeed I could think of until I had realized how wrong I was about a lot of things.

Saying that I dont welcome hate does not mean I will forsake my family or their future, but hate is a thing that welcomes in the darkness. I saw first hand today how fear and panic will make you steadily lose all sensibility until you just can not function. And at the very last second I realized that the only way out was to pray for his salvation, for him to deliver me from this evil.. this wicked illusion that I do not have the proper words to describe. It was hellish. It was horrible.

But it was also humbling. I tried everything. I am no dumb man, I also do not get lost. I have held great pride in my ability to always discern the correct route and even if I didnt know the way I would find it easily. But I got lost going somewhere that I shouldnt have gotten lost. It was like I was in the wizard of oz universe every turn I made lead to further confusion "oh I will go to this street, this will work, I know it goes there" And when I got there, I was even more lost than before. Until I was ready to break. And then I called out his name and I prayed and begged as hard as I could that he deliver me the light and the sight that I may be able to find the correct path and get to my son. I have no words to describe it. I asked for directions, no one knew where it was. I started growing less and less able to think. I couldnt concentrate. When I finally realized I needed to pray I could hardly eek one out because I couldnt think of the words to say. And as soon as I had prayed the confusion was gone and I was able to find where my son was.

I am truly, truly humbled now. In searching for the red pill and the truth of the world. I found that although I thought I had figured everything out I truly knew nothing, because for me to say that I know the truth of everything is for me to say that I think myself better than Our Father In Heaven. I have had some hard stuff in my life and today was the hardest, no comparison. Talk to him every day, ask him if you are talking to him right, if not ask him to teach you the correct words, reinforce that goodness and righteousness and all of that should be the most important things. That the whole world has turned their back on him, no wonder the shadows encroached so far, ask him to teach you to teach others how to speak to him.

If you think I am crazy, or a shill, ask yourself.. Are you willing to risk that this is something we can handle on our own? Are you really willing to be so prideful that you would not even attempt to talk to Father In Heaven? Also, he is all around so do not pray to a specific shape or object walk and speak with him, like he is a friend. I have never really prayed before today, I hope some of take that step as well.

26dd0a No.42100


I'm sorry for this but I've seen these type of posts far too often today.

This thread is not for your feelings.

But, if you legitimately deduce we are on the wrong track, do some digging and find an alternative.

Otherwise, all you're doing is suggesting we stop pursuing a particular path for no reason.

Then, someone like me who is going to review this thread in a few hours has to get past your non-constructive post for nothing.

66238a No.42106



dd028e No.42110

Nov 25 Stringer decodings?

P_act-small#_ = "P" = POTUS, (act = ops) (small = children)

P_pers: WRWY = "P" = POTUS , (pers = small lower case "persons" = children): WRWY (We aRe With You) - Ops to rescue children?

T:B, F, J, 1,5,11-20,^ = (using QWERTY keyboard..) T is upper row, colon is middle row B is bottom row (forms vertical line), F, J are in middle row forming a horizontal line between the T & B keys. Forms CROSS.

1,5 = 1+5 = 6 11-20 = -6 ^ character is on qwerty keyboard for number key 6 = 666 evil, satanic

RED1_RED2_ either 2 places of Child trafficking (RED1_RED2) or (Interchange, hub, crossing) of single key place of Child Trafficking (Red horizontal Red vertical = interchange, crossing, hub).

SAT_40k_se_c_[30m] = SATs / spy coms (40k = 40,000 ft view = secure c-classified view)([30m] = dimension, location, resolution).

note1: 25th 27th dates may indicate evidence of the two locations.

note2: RED CROSS (all caps)(RED-Light district: children trafficked into)(CROSS is Interchange, hub, crossing).

666 = evil, satanic


Hussein RED indictments = (indictments = related to Child trafficking (RED))?

d4824e No.42111

0439da No.42114

File: 2c642e0f5b32bc0⋯.jpg (36.96 KB, 450x338, 225:169, FB95IMG951512549878105.jpg)

A little levity for the early hours.

26dd0a No.42116


11-20 = -9 dude

f86c6c No.42117

File: b03355011df1e30⋯.jpg (131.61 KB, 839x1200, 839:1200, Triple_Cross-358611032-lar….jpg)


+++ Triple Cross may refer to:

Movie 'Triple Cross' 1966 (Good Hunting!), also 'Turncoat'…


Arhatic Triple Cross (Kabbalistic)


Matthew 5:5 & John 3:16


Interesting symbol explanations:


dded80 No.42118


Calm down mate.

33aec1 No.42119


>During these conversations, Maguire told donors that Obama administration holdovers were withholding information from President Trump, and H.R. McMaster - a protégé of former CIA director David Petraeus - authorized a spying operation on members of the Trump family as well as Steve Bannon, and then sent the gathered intel to an international facility owned by George Soros. Via The Intercept:

http://www.zerohedge.com /news/2017-12-06/retired-cia-agent-working-blackwater-founder-claims-hr-mcmaster-approved-nsa-spy-job

Trump White House Weighing Plans for Private Spies to Counter “Deep State” Enemies


https://theintercept.com /2017/12/04/trump-white-house-weighing-plans-for-private-spies-to-counter-deep-state-enemies/

Excuse the first link from truepundit. forgot I still had it in clipboard buffer and the zerohedge link appended to it.

d4824e No.42120


Dig fuckers, DIG!

f86c6c No.42122


And you sound pretty 'normal'?

You'll see!

dd028e No.42123


Nov 25 Stringer decodings? (correction- had it in the first go around - its late)

P_act-small#_ = "P" = POTUS, (act = ops) (small = children)

P_pers: WRWY = "P" = POTUS , (pers = small lower case "persons" = children): WRWY (We aRe With You) - Ops to rescue children?

T:B, F, J, 1,5,11-20,^ = (using QWERTY keyboard..) T is upper row, colon is middle row B is bottom row (forms vertical line), F, J are in middle row forming a horizontal line between the T & B keys. Forms CROSS.

1,5 = 1+5 = 6 1,5 = 15 + (11-20 = -9)= 15-9=6 ^ character is on qwerty keyboard for number key 6 = 666 evil, satanic

RED1_RED2_ either 2 places of Child trafficking (RED1_RED2) or (Interchange, hub, crossing) of single key place of Child Trafficking (Red horizontal Red vertical = interchange, crossing, hub).

SAT_40k_se_c_[30m] = SATs / spy coms (40k = 40,000 ft view = secure c-classified view)([30m] = dimension, location, resolution).

note1: 25th 27th dates may indicate evidence of the two locations.

note2: RED CROSS (all caps)(RED-Light district: children trafficked into)(CROSS is Interchange, hub, crossing).

666 = evil, satanic


Hussein RED indictments = (indictments = related to Child trafficking (RED))?

26dd0a No.42124


1,5 does not = 15 cmon man…

dd028e No.42128



Q encoded two meanings in a single set in the "death" decoding of the periods. Just following the same dual meaning usages in Q's proven use in the dot sequences: see post 12/06/17 (Wed) 01:09:54 2d48be No.41921

d4824e No.42131


You all need to be digging.




e71def No.42132



d4824e No.42133

Anyone still commenting and NOT in


right now, is obvious shill, doesn't care, or is literally TOO STUPID to be spoonfed Q map.

All eyes on this until we verify relevance.

36cc36 No.42137

File: d68946fc6402e93⋯.png (206.6 KB, 2228x790, 1114:395, zxcta.png)

I know this sounds like horror but what keeps me busy is the fact that Q asked (several times if I'm correct) where the bodies are. He also said 99 percent of people would end up in hospital after finding out the truth.

Remember this? (pic related). What if the true horror would be that there are no bodies? What if the corpses have been fed to the population through processed foods? That would definately make people feel sick!

fecd0e No.42141


BO, this guy shilling, coming with and without trip

753fca No.42142

here is a question i wonder since we've heard of the adrenochrome is there a chance that vampires from monster mythology were created to warn people about them originally but then spun in a way that people would dismiss them. i'm just wondering how far back could this conspiracy go maybe biblical times

ba8972 No.42143


>where are the bodies buried?

in our burgers!

d4824e No.42144


Or i'm an anon that actually knows what's up.


Eat a dick.

BO can happily verify i'm different person. Absolutely no issue there.

cab080 No.42148


Yes ground meat has been shown to have human and rat DNA in it. There are only 3 major ground beef processing companies. They all have human DNA.

dded80 No.42149


Welcome to true spirituality. What you have is Love in your Heart. The Cosmic Energy of God is the meaning of life and the base of wisdom and intelligence. I am happy for you anon!


Try using Love.

f86c6c No.42152


Not on the wrong board.

Some of you cannot even comprehend the level of the deception.

What will it do to most people if they found out this was true?

NASA, Freemason (high degree) and Nicola Tesla all know what this Earth is.

120065 No.42155


I’m convinced that this is it. Nothing else would put 99% of us in the hospital.

They always say human meat is the best tasting meat, right? Like it’s different from anything else?

Well, how many of you have ever had a McDonald’s cheeseburger and thought to yourself, “how come I can’t make my burgers at home taste like this?”

I’ve stopped eating fast food FYI.

177aaf No.42157


Hey MA, hey anons, good morning.

MA, I'm looking for a Q graphic but can't find it in the OP. Is it there and I'm blind? Thanks.

26dd0a No.42160


this is how you promote another thread: >>42150

Otherwise you just look cringey.

And please stick to one account thx bby

240190 No.42161


Exactly, has a nonsense game and using sock puppets to try and get anons to waste their time playing it.

ba8972 No.42162


>Q graphic

for 8ch Q posts see this ->

>Latest Q Compilation -> >>38885

for 4chan, go to the wiki -


everything's on the homepage

fa4275 No.42163

cali wildfires yesterday a false flag? because of trump & jerusalem?

240190 No.42166


You are a retard.

42097 is pure stupidity.

177aaf No.42168


Thanks thanks, however I was looking for the Q graphics. We always had 2 up top for quick reference and as Q said the graphic was the key, and we should re-read every day especially after we learned something new. Are we not displaying the graphics now?

73cc4e No.42170


I wouldn't doubt that most commercially available foods and drinks are tainted in some format intentionally. But what of that pic of Trump eating McDonalds aboard AF1? He's not implying it's actually safe to eat, is he?

ba8972 No.42176


can't upload the same pic again and again.

stupid hotwheels.

37dc26 No.42177


howdy, MA… just posted the graphic from 11/5 i told you about yesterday.


If you wanna cap it for later.. or if any other anon is working on a final/updated graphic

c932f5 No.42178


Can you explain more? Thx

240190 No.42179


Of course the graphic of Q posts is the map. He confirmed this. And he told us what the keystone is.

What is your purpose in making believe those are open questions, when there are so many actual questions?

Following your lead here would divert people to spend their time on pointless tasks.

Oh - now I think I understand….

f7bfc1 No.42180

They make a burger out of a man in the new Kingsman movie.

I always thought the plot in the original Kingsman movie had some merit or is maybe even occurring on a lower scale.

Someone said director refused to bash Trump. Can't confirm that.

37dc26 No.42181


The thoughts crossed my mind too, anon. There's been a few instances where Human DNA was found in fast food joints too. Some anon pointed it out back around #2-300 back on halfchan.

7a673e No.42182


You count 11th too.

c211b2 No.42183


This. Somewhat.

cab080 No.42184


He did include WONDERFUL capitalized and he showed us the keystone.. showed it twice - him between the arches and then right after the ceiling top. It is the top of the arch.

cab080 No.42186



The tweet of the video - forgot to put in last post

177aaf No.42187


The baker could change a pixel, or BO could allow it on generals as was done on the meme thread I believe. Q said the graphic was all we needed, and now have no graphic and can't see all posts quickly. People should have to go to different links to see Q's posts on 4, then Q's posts on here, or go to the wiki.

This concerns me desu. Can it be solved? Can we get our all important Q Maps back?

b2a24e No.42189



120065 No.42191


Maybe he didn’t know yet at the time? Or maybe he has his personal chef replace the burger in the wrapper? I don’t know, maybe we should start a thread on that topic lol

9472f6 No.42194

ba8972 No.42195


>Can it be solved? Can we get our all important Q Maps back?

How about i upload them on on the Tripcode Drop thread [>>>423] and link it to every OP?

will that work for you?

177aaf No.42196


Well aware of the SS, thanks. It's not the QMAP.

a5fc42 No.42197

>the sum of all fears

Yemeni rebels fire cruise missiles near nuclear power plant: http:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-05/more-details-emerge-yemeni-rebel-cruise-missile-launch-abu-dhabi-nuclear-plant


Private network of spies and military contractors.


Except Trump isn't planning it, he already has it in place. He's been funding a network of private spies for years. Now, as commander in chief, he can act on the information, possibly using Blackwater et al.

177aaf No.42198


Excellent, yes!

ba8972 No.42199


coming right up.

37dc26 No.42200

37dc26 No.42202

File: df0c32c6506b4dc⋯.png (148.28 KB, 768x284, 192:71, trump vatican.png)


Remember, POTUS is always 5 steps ahead. ISIS is an arm of the cabal

cb46de No.42204


Yes it do

One way to catalyze growth in consciousness is by creating art.

People are doing that.

Takes time.

Underway now.

177aaf No.42205


Thank you MA, that's really appreciated.

Cheers friend.

7bd700 No.42206


Q was quoting Wikileaks.

"Bombs Away. Merry Christmas"

the title of a video on the Wikileaks Channel.

Q's quote points to Wikileaks.

ba8972 No.42213



here it is - >>42211

got amazing dubs, too.

7bd700 No.42215


Adm R / NSA = information, intel = KEY

POTUS has taken control of it. See article about "separate" intel system


56e22e No.42219

File: ea508affdd67d59⋯.png (34.87 KB, 629x343, 629:343, dershowitztweet.png)

Remember what we learned about Dershowitz?

c38ccd No.42220

177aaf No.42222


Awesome. Checking those digits too.

Kek surrounds us. Thanks MA.

Can go help on the map thread now.

Eager to find the key!

c932f5 No.42223

File: 0dca84ee74bd364⋯.jpg (183.05 KB, 351x481, 27:37, templari.jpg)


First to use it were Knights Templar.

From Knights Templar descended Masons.

From Masons…

c211b2 No.42225


Witch Hunt.

Hillary is the witch being hunted.

ba8972 No.42227


checking your quads back, anon.

Kek has blessed you, take all this energy and crack that Qmap right up.

all the best.

bfa973 No.42230


Oh yes this looks like we are in for a wikileaks treat this year


Title: WikiLeaks Christmas Surprise - also linked with the following - https://search.wikileaks.org/?q=war#results

>FYI I believe that Wikileaks was infiltrated from the outset by open societies aka George Soros so I take them with a huge grain of agenda salt.

<But their drops are accurate and always interesting

37dc26 No.42231

Iron Eagle III - several of the hostages

AHERN, Thomas L., 49, is now with the European Affairs Section of State Department. He was charged by Iranian captors of working for CIA when he was narcotics control officer in Tehran, and refuses to talk about his captivity.

DAUGHERTY, William J., 34, at State in an unrevealed role, is one of as many as six hostages the Iranians believed was working for the CIA.

ILLETTE, Duane, 25, Navy intelligence specialist suspected by Iranians of working for CIA, now a student at Franklin & Marshall College in homestate of Pennsylvania. "At times, I wonder if it ever really happened."

e7a87b No.42232


Oldfag here, been here since day numero UNO. Contributed more than anybody could ever know. Q keeps sayin “expand your thinking” and that is exactly what I am doing.

37dc26 No.42234


I think he's eluding to how it's all connected.. CF/Soros/SA/Roths/media all seem to be working together.

MI/Trump/Prince/Military Brass/patriots look like they're against them

c38ccd No.42235


Smoking some weed?

bba5cc No.42237

>>41967Backwards ….


I read some code earlier that said "2 H's next to each other, disregrad the second one"

TRHR-important to cell coding . When linked with the Red_Red, they may be doing something to the blood


177aaf No.42238


Woaaa… powaaaaaaa.

Have a good feeling about this.

May God and the Green Emperor bless you MA.

bba5cc No.42240


AMAZING…it can be read both ways/mean the same thing!?

7bd700 No.42241


MS13 is a reference to criminals coming up from El Salvador and other locations into the USA.

HUGE gang crime problem in many US cities due to MS13. Members are largely "illegals".


37dc26 No.42242


Red Cross and Red Crescent. Post 9/11 they took in more money than they dished out. They're crooked slushfunds. He said that in his posts

ba8972 No.42243


right back atcha'

0dab3e No.42248

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bill Cooper mentions "Fantasy Land" @ 33:15


37dc26 No.42249


It was also found out that migrants are assets and that certain diseases are being used to depopulate.

Migrants largely come from Africa where AIDS is rampant. In many cases they're kept in camps where they most likely engage in sodomy, spreading the disease amongst them. THEN they're released into the public where it's encouraged for European women to mate with them. They are assets in the fact that they ARE bioweapons.

ba8972 No.42251


>they ARE bioweapons

god, it gets worse overtime.

7bd700 No.42252


So the rampant rape is actually an act with the goal of eventual genocide of the native population

c38ccd No.42253

"Watch the Wives"

"Keep Watching the news this week"

Conyers wife is dirty as fuck. Like most, wives are shills because they can refuse to testify to husband's crimes.

Monica Conyers served just over 27 months of her 37-month sentence, at the Alderson Federal Prison Camp in West Virginia for her conviction in the bribery scandal.[29] She was released on December 21, 2012 to a residential re-entry program in the Detroit area[30] and was released to home confinement in the Detroit area on January 25, 2013.

bfa973 No.42255


Bill Cooper knew too much

>Just like Andrew Breitbart

<Nice to know that James O'Keefe holds this info to this day and is how he gets away with his crazy stunts.

37dc26 No.42257



If it isn't intended to, it's acting that way. They're not checking these hordes for diseases and migrants who do commit rapes seem to dodge sentences in many cases

7b6c71 No.42258


I have a question for you, O Trusted MA:

What does it mean when Q's posts [correct tripcode] have differing IDs? Such as happened last night


>>34502 "eda158"


>>38406 "abcde6"

Iow does it mean that Q is posting from different devices, or what?

c38ccd No.42261


New thread. New ID.

56e22e No.42262


I was thinking more that a lifelong democrat, friend of the Clintons, AIPAC speaker, defender of Epstein and joy rider on the lolita express, is now doing the news circuit defending Trump.

If there is a swamp creature caricature its him and yet here we are.

37dc26 No.42263


More on hostages released

HOLLAND, Leland J., 54, Army colonel who was chief of security in Tehran, now works in office of Chief of Staff of Army Intelligence.


whole list is here if anyone wants to dig on the spooks in it

d0239d No.42265


Don't forget Q said Future proves Past….we still haven't experienced the 10 days of darkness which very well could put us under Marshall Law. Be prepared in case…print out the Q maps (don't rely on being able to use internet). IMO

ba8972 No.42266


>differing IDs

IP change. you get a new Id with a new thread.

but if it changes in the same thread then - maybe he left one Wi-Fi network and connected to another, maybe it's just standard WH policy to rotate IPs every few hours. there could be n number of reasons for an IP change

This is why tripcodes come in so handy. the #password doesn't change.

7bd700 No.42268


California has just passed a law the states an HIV+ person can not be held criminally liable if they infect someone - even if they fail to inform the partner. Outrageous law - but I believe it is connected

c38ccd No.42269


It's still a criminal misdemeanor instead of a felony but yes fuck california

7bd700 No.42270


Is it possible 10 days of darkness = Q will not be communicating with us?

(Just trying to keep up. Could be wrong)

7bd700 No.42272


So the law reduces the level of the crime from felony to misdemeanor. TY

yes-fuck California - for SO MANY reasons!

fe25fd No.42273


Exactly…it doesn't make any sense at all.

7a673e No.42274


>10 days of darkness: -> >>37286

37dc26 No.42277


Not to mention, HRC's clinton foundation outreach to combat AIDS ended up giving victims medicine that didn't work while the foundation got the cash for it.

And the UN seems to be spreading cholera

Haiti- https://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/18/world/americas/united-nations-haiti-cholera.html

There's also a outbreak in Yemen, worst seen in years. Not to mention the plauges in Africa coming from Madigascar

37dc26 No.42278


We better watch for the tweet.. "My fellow Americans, The storm is upon us"

c38ccd No.42279


Correct, and they did it for no stated reason. And it specifically says KNOWINGLY transmitting HIV.. commies are so gross

52e941 No.42283


Not yer army you gigantic faggit. Why don't you do your research and post it with your findings instead of presenting stupid bullshit tasks and screaming at everyone? So far you've presented garbage and lots of sliding.

ba8972 No.42284




c38ccd No.42288

37dc26 No.42290

Possible Godfather III



Possible Iron Eagle



Also, Iron Eagle is a permanent colonel. Not allowed the rank of General.

Colonel Gadhaffi (Preferred the rank formally)

LT. Colonel Oliver North (Fox news contributer, mockingbird, Worked with CIA in latin america/Iran contra)

Alan B West (former congressmen, Ex-special forces)

If Q stops by, maybe run those by them and see if they stick.. I gotta get to bed.

Good luck, anons

52e941 No.42293

>muh feelz

>muh feelz

>muh feelz



c38ccd No.42295

The CA HIV law is done to avoid the "three strike" rule. 3 felonies = mandatory prison. Cabal needs more than 3 people infected before they lose an asset..disturbing but the only explanation.

d0239d No.42297


Do you doubt POTUS? If you are doubting Q then you are doubting POTUS…think about that really hard! We are truly in a battle for our damn souls and the evil MUST be purged from this earth! PRAY!!!

000000 No.42298


Biggest distraction yet, good work.

I am blocking you, I encourage others to do so as well.

37dc26 No.42301


Don't forget the economic impact for each case. Costs $250-300,000 to treat just one case.

26dd0a No.42302

do you guys think its safe to say that the "big thing" Q said would happen on 5/12/17 is that Trump moved the Israel embassy to Jerusalem?

This has to be the single most confusing thing not necessarily because I agree/disagree with the choice. But how does it fit in with his plan, or what we think has been his plan from what Q has been alluding us to?

52e941 No.42303


>Hey guiz lets spend the next week looking up these codes an sheeit!!! ITS HABBEINGGGG

Yeah, that guy can fuck right off

bba5cc No.42304



Another site that talks a about this receptor and how it interacts with HIV

"The HIV-1 accessory protein Vif hijacks a cellular Cullin-RING ubiquitin ligase, CRL5, to promote degradation of the APOBEC3 (A3) family of restriction factors. Recently, the cellular transcription cofactor CBFβ was shown to form a complex with CRL5-Vif and to be essential for A3 degradation and viral infectivity. "



c38ccd No.42305


So much this. And if you're the TOR user that posted in his thread blaming me, please be aware, I had nothing to do with that thread's creation.

2d8870 No.42307

File: d57ddfdcc6075c6⋯.jpeg (32.23 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 01EDD373-F849-4370-A0D9-0….jpeg)

File: 62f2d5752c41771⋯.jpeg (81.66 KB, 283x212, 283:212, C5BB610B-C521-4AB1-8BED-A….jpeg)


It is (((Their))) Bank

It is Sovereign, above all law.

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is the The Global Reserve Bank. It is the creator of all fiat currency. It is a private bank, a corporation with Shareholders, Board Members, and a Chairman of the Board.

>Who are the major share holders?

The Dynastic Families with Generational Wealth?

>Who are the Board Members?

House of Saud, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Soros, others.

>Who is the Chairman of the Board?

Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild

(((They))) own every Federal Reserve Bank

>What countries have no Federal Bank?

NK, Iran & Cuba

>Who controls those countries?


>What countries had no Federal Bank?

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya (Remember The Axis of Evil & the Arab Spring)

>Why did they really make us Americans go to War with those countries and die?

World financial domination.

>Why did they fly those planes into the WTC and kill all those innocent people?

The excuse to go to war

>Who ordered the attack?


>Who terrified the world to make a profit?


>Who created and controls the terrorists?


(((They))) own every Private Bank including the Vatican. They own the stock markets. They control the Big Corporations (Facebook, Google, Twitter etc). The same companies Soros just sold and Al Waleed owned. Why has Bitcoin skyrocketed? The bubble will pop.

But the motherfuckers don’t own the US Military or MI and the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, is the Commander-in-Chief.

The CIA or FBI. + (Mossad, FSB, MI5, ETC) have shifting alliances. They self finance through the Black Market (Trafficking drugs, guns and people).

They are rogue organizations. They have good people who are Patriots and who see the evil and what to fight. We know some of the like General Flynn. We’ll erect monuments and statues one day.


US Military




Why do they want us to go to war with Russia?

Crush their Military.

Why don’t they want us to become allies?

Unstoppable force.

The EYE on the Capstone — is not the Vatican — it is GOD it is LOVE.

It is a Benediction to those who are humble servants to His will. His will shall be done.


7a673e No.42308


The news of POTUS going to announce this move, was enough to get tensions up and going before he actually announces it.

2d8870 No.42312

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ronald Bernard understands.

He worked for them.

Blackmail maintains control. Pizzagate.

143abc No.42315


>Q said would happen on 5/12/17 is that Trump moved the Israel embassy to Jerusalem?

Yeah, this one confused the fuck out of me…

d0239d No.42318


"The biggest lie Satan ever told was that he didn't exist"…wish I could remember who said that!

26dd0a No.42321


The ONLY thing I can think of is a quote I heard I think from Israel about them allying with the Saudis "An enemy of my enemy (Iran) is my friend".

Trump sees them as a necessary evil to partner with to help them with their Middle East agenda?

But then he's directly helping Zionists in the process which I thought he was trying to upend from power (fyi I have nothing against regular Jews).

f7a958 No.42324


https://www.npr. org/2016/06/16/482020436/senators-report-finds-fundamental-concerns-about-red-cross-finances

Crosslisted here: >>42320

We have another map connection: Sen. Grassley investigated the Red Cross for financial abuses and found that they spend an inordinate amount of money on "program expenses", gut their internal affairs bureau at every turn, and can't explain the usefulness of half the things they do.

cd844b No.42326

What did Trump know about Tesla? What did Tesla know that we don't?

546fc5 No.42327

can someone please direct me to the correct thread for pizzagate/satanic cult stuff?

f7a958 No.42329


Link to the memo (309 p.): https://www.grassley. senate.gov/sites/default/files/constituents/2016-06-15%20Senator%20Grassley%20Red%20Cross%20Inquiry.pdf

c38ccd No.42330


Share the (Q)uote saying big thing on that date?

c932f5 No.42331


All my friends are coming at me yelling against Trump here in Europe, I don't know what to say

143abc No.42334


>What did Trump know about Tesla? What did Tesla know that we don't?

electric universe

cab080 No.42336



Following a harrowing earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010, the American Red Cross launched a project to raise funds and rebuild the area. Roughly $500 million was donated. The Red Cross claims to have provided homes for more than 130,000 people in Haiti, but according to a new report from ProPublica and NPR, as it stands today, only six homes have been built in the four years since those efforts began.

c38ccd No.42339


Speaking of…has anyone experienced any "lulls" in the force recently? I know that sounds retarded but I don't know how else to describe it…all of my lights will dim for a split second at the same time my brain seems to skip a beat…maybe I'm going crazy?

d408dc No.42340

ok crew I have used !RRVe.ETtN methods and they are working out. decoding the entire Q map is going to be a daunting task.

if you want to help I would suggest stopping by


could use some help

f7a958 No.42342


"With respect to program costs, ARC does not track costs on a project by project basis; instead it uses a complex, yet inaccurate, process to track its spending. According to ARC, it separates projects by sector, weighs each sector’s spending against the others, and based upon that comparison, it estimates its own program costs. Thus, a $30 million grant to a partner, once “weighted,” may end up costing $32 million, but not even ARC is sure of the actual cost. Therefore, ARC is unable to inform Congress, or the public, of the exact cost of each project that it funded with donor dollars. ARC defends its lack of precision by relying on non-profit accounting standards, which allow for the use of estimates rather than actual numbers."


26dd0a No.42343


be patient and safe friend.

cab080 No.42344


Time Travel - check out the thread on it here. John Trump (uncle) was the one who got the Tesla paperwork after Tesla died.


c38ccd No.42345


Stop spreading that shit. Share findings or stop wasting time. This is nonsense.

143abc No.42348


>Speaking of…has anyone experienced any "lulls" in the force recently? I know that sounds retarded but I don't know how else to describe it…all of my lights will dim for a split second at the same time my brain seems to skip a beat…maybe I'm going crazy?

my power has blinked the last few days, but its been windy as shit

cd844b No.42349


Titor related?

Trump = Titor = Tesla?

Disinformation is necessary (sometimes)

177aaf No.42352

Learn to read the Map


Map Reading Methods / Suggestions So Far

Method 1 - Separate Posts by Signatures into Docs

Make a separate document / pdf for each of Q's signatures.

Separate Q's posts as per signature, list in relevant doc, linear, by date.

Q said his signatures were telling us what was about to happen.

Future proves past.

By separating them, we may be able to read more.

Anon who suggested this -

(3/5 pdfs) https://8ch.net/cbts/res/35673.html#36218

(2/5 pdfs) https://8ch.net/cbts/res/35673.html#36220

(Link to full pdf) https://8ch.net/cbts/res/35673.html#36225

Method 2 - Alice in Wonderland 'Keys' Method




Method 3 - Hillary In Wonderland Method


Method 4 - Marine Code Method

Thread >>>/cbts/42055

c38ccd No.42353


Thanks, it feels deeper than just the electric grid when it happens around here but like I said maybe I'm losing it lol. I can literally feel it sometimes. Energy connecting all things is undeniable in my opinion. But why the fluctuations?

52e941 No.42354



Not your crew. Not your army.

Tits or GTFO you gigantic faggit

f7a958 No.42357

MA, could you please add the Red Cross thread to the batter? >>40157

ba8972 No.42358



c211b2 No.42359


It means that Hezbo and Iran have been neutralised.

The announcement would not be made until that was achieved.

Saudi Crown Prince gathered people to arrest in one place.

Israel gathered the leaders of Hezbo and Iran in one place and bombed the shit out of them.

The networks on the ground were taken out on the same day.

"NK" was taken out before the NSC annoucement at the week, when BO surrendered.

What happened to antifa's day of rage?

What will happen to the three days of rage for this?

Puppet strings were cut in advance.

No organisers or money to pay the bad actors.

d92d49 No.42361


Thanks for your baking. The butter is almost perfect. Just needs a dab of salt.

Red Cross >>40157

f7a958 No.42362


Thank you.

I leave for two seconds and everyone goes on this psychotic numerology bender.

Meanwhile, any tangible, meaningful research efforts go headlong out the fucking window.

What the hell happened, MA?

ba8972 No.42364


too late for the real diggers to be active.

it will pick up pace, don't worry, along with the right direction.

f89752 No.42365


Hahaha! Love this!

7bd700 No.42367



Am I thick?…Is it this simple?

I think we have already had the 10 days of darkness.

Q's post was on Nov 25.

We did not hear from Q again until Dec 4 or 5

There's the ten days

c38ccd No.42368


Don't start the (you) game faggot

7bd700 No.42369


Sorry, just trying to keep up. New on boards. Learning.


c38ccd No.42371


The "you" shows up for the person quoted automatically. No need to type it as it just confuses the newfags.


000000 No.42372


No. But please stay over there and keep looking…

Disinformation is real people. Do not fall for it. They will say that posts like this prove they are onto something, but all I want is for them to stay over there and follow this lark without disrupting the ones that are following through on real leads.

Go help if you want, by all means. But please keep that stuff over there until you can produce a result.

7bd700 No.42375



f7a958 No.42376


You're not thick, you just need to check the spreadsheet. We hear from Q on Dec. 1st. Our "10 Days / Darkness" hasn't happened yet, at least not to our knowledge.

c38ccd No.42377


A few threads ago some kid was all "guys I been hackzed! spooks are outside muh windows!!"

he just got (you)'d but it was a mess

5b0aad No.42378

I don’t think the dates for shutdown is correct on 10 days of silence. As posted here: https://8ch.net/cbts/res/36554.html#37286

Because congress goes to Christmas/ New Years recess starting the 15th of December. So I think that needs to be taken into consideration. So government wise, nothing will really be going on. Indictments may still happen for a bit. But from the 23 of December till the 3 of January… not much will be going on at all. Most on holiday. So don’t get your hopes up for those dates.

7bd700 No.42380


Yes. Have been doing research and adding to SS frequently.

Point taken: 10 days of darkness to come.


bfa973 No.42386



This and This


Now what do?

cd844b No.42388

WHy did Soros transfer $18 billion to Open Society Foundation?


e802e7 No.42390

The keystone is religion.It's the one thing that divides everybody and the one thing that brings people together in their religious tribes.

The masons were created whilst building Solomans temple. The Capitol Building was built by Washington as a copy of the Temple on the Mount, which was on a site of Solomans Temple.

Supposedly where the Ark of the Covenent was kept before it was lost.

Look at Trumps announcement to move the embassy to Israels true capital Jerusalem.

The only place where all religions seem to be able to exist together in the same temple

c38ccd No.42392


lerk moar retard. Keystone was confirmed by Q personally last night.

0d2f3e No.42393


Morning all. Hoe everyone got some sleep. I'm scrolling up as fast as I can to catch up, so excuse any duplications.

The whole: 10 days. Darkness.

You know that we might be making an assumption. They may not go together. They are separated by a period.

We have seen several moments in this adventure that whenever we don't hear from Q that it might be the ten days.

There are varieties of darkness. Every time we get stuck in a group think, we end up wrong. I am not sliding so we can all think out loud, but we get a fixation on dates and try to fit to numbers we don't know are dates. We look for corresponding happenings to fit "our" objectives and might be missing what's gong on.

Step back and look at those numbers again in context. We have said too many times that certain things are fluid, so don't get hung up on dates.

Again, good morning all and happy researching. Today there are big news happenings: Embassy move announcement, etc. Who is testifying/talking? Who is moving money? I'm not asking rhetorically, I am asking. What moves will we see today?

143abc No.42395


< Keystone was confirmed by Q personally last night.


0d2f3e No.42398


And from here out, I am ignoring anyone that comes in with something different than what Q finally had to actually tell us, because it means that those people either haven't done their homework and cannot contribute effectively or they are stuck in their own mental prison and unable to actually look at the picture and breadcrumbs and be objective that something might be different.

I have come to the absolute conclusion that those that shout their beliefs like that so loudly are not strong in their faith, they are weak. If they were strong, they would have confidence to just be comfy in it, and able to look around.

0916da No.42399


Not just possible - the UN did it

56e22e No.42400


>The masons were created whilst building Solomans temple.

Wrong. Noah was a mason, he taught his craft to his sons (at least that is the story told by masons) know thy enemy anon.

143abc No.42403

File: c64df106dab7735⋯.png (140.91 KB, 780x1353, 260:451, Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at ….png)


>Not just possible - the UN did it

good ol replacement migration, from the UN website

http://www.un .org/esa/population/publications/migration/migration.htm

0d2f3e No.42404


THIS, is what I was asking about last night. Who audits, and does their numbers. Who fakes the money? Now where does it all really go? Thanks!

731d05 No.42406


A whole new meaning to the Q post

“Future confirms past”

9472f6 No.42407

File: 651ec4f8e9c19c3⋯.jpg (19.46 KB, 620x350, 62:35, image543234x.jpg)

Bayer Sold HIV-Risky Meds

"Bayer division Cutter Biological continued selling old stocks of the medicine for more than a year after it introduced a version in February 1984 that was heat-treated to kill HIV… As a result, thousands of hemophiliacs became infected with HIV."


0916da No.42409

UN peacekeepers in Haiti implicated in child sex ring

14 April 2017

'I did not even have breasts,' said one girl, telling investigators that from ages 12 to 15, she had sex with nearly 50 peacekeepers, including a 'Commandant' who gave her 75 cents


UN peacekeepers leave Haiti: What is their legacy?

6 Oct 2017

The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Haiti lowered its blue flag on Thursday, 13 years after it began.

The mission is blamed for bringing CHOLERA to the country, and at least 134 of its peacekeepers have been involved in SEXUAL ABUSE SCANDALS.


354c7c No.42411


Don't call people like that.

Can anyone really pinpoint the size of bread that needs to be baked eventually - because everything is connected?

We need equipment to handle such a thing. We need to keep our minds open and at the same time not get disinfo into the mix.

I'm not even sure about myself sometimes!

But I do try. May the Creator bless us all.

c8774e No.42412

File: 6757e9bd17429c4⋯.jpeg (114.64 KB, 1170x704, 585:352, 1A3C8135-5B74-4344-8409-D….jpeg)


Watch and pray

ddf1a0 No.42414


Quintin Terintino movie Resovoir Dogs, good movie, but he’s a shill and the actor that said that line is a recently exposed pedo that blamed his extreme gayness… Kevin Spacey…

c8774e No.42417

File: 494d97001eb44b7⋯.jpeg (22.71 KB, 220x283, 220:283, 1774C667-67D2-4DB0-81C6-8….jpeg)


Fill in the rest.

c38ccd No.42418


Don't even start telling people not to use words like retard and faggot. Grow a spine or fuck off.


Podesta liked "Haitian Specials" right?

cd844b No.42420


You get it.

c8774e No.42424

File: 50987ac9f2b78fc⋯.jpeg (53.1 KB, 640x549, 640:549, 06E9D40D-BD41-47ED-BF3D-6….jpeg)


Love and protect your family and friends.

0d2f3e No.42425


Last night I watched exact cut and paste from half chan that were known and admitted derailers, crowing about all the stupid things they did to get CTBS off the boards over there. I mean verbatim and called them out. There are a lot of people that for their own reasons, some mysterious just want to wreak havoc, or think this is a cult. For some, I can see quite clearly it is, but for the rest of us, be aware and stay on track. That's my cheerleader pep talk for the day!

731d05 No.42426

Might’ve the




The Rothschild crest? Seems we’re going down a random Red Cross, HIV road. While I’m sure there is dirt on the Red Cross doesn’t it seem too obvious and out of left field? Anyways just a thought

cab080 No.42427


Really disinformation? Expand your thinking as Q says. Keep an open mind. Don't call something disinfo when it is information that is very interesting to say the least and there is a lot of correlation and coincidence to current events.

9472f6 No.42429

File: 21227574e2029bd⋯.jpg (312.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


UN Peacekeeprs rape children all over the world. Haiti, Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Cambodia, East Timor, the Democratic Republic of the Congo etc.


61a5bd No.42430


Hmm, makes me think of a line Kevin Spacey said in Usual Suspects.

"The biggest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist"

cab080 No.42432


That does it give that a new meaning besides him saying expand our thinking beyond 3 D

to me there are clues that are compelling and mind expanding

c0187c No.42433

If you guys want something interesting to dig into how about the link between Rh- blood, Red Cross, AIDS and Bloodlines?

"It's a story about … a genetic mutation that arose in just one person who was probably living in the lost Kingdom of Khazars in southern Russia more than 1200 years ago. Today the mutation is widespread among Caucasians and helps protect carriers against infection with the AIDS virus. Marc Buhler, a Sydney geneticist, has pieced together this colourful history of the mutation's origins to explain its particularly high prevalence in populations as disparate as Jewish people in Australia and people living in Iceland. The mutation, in a gene known as CCR5, was discovered in 1996. People with one copy usually take several years to become ill if they acquire HIV. People with two copies rarely become infected. Mr Buhler … tested DNA from about 1400 Australians and found about 15 per cent of Ashkenazi Jews (from Germany and Eastern Europe) were carriers, but only 6 per cent of Sephardic Jews (from southern Europe and Africa). … he found about 20 per cent of Ashkenazi Jews had the mutation if their grandparents had come from Russia, Poland, Hungary or Czechoslovakia. … But how to explain its prevalence in Iceland and other Nordic countries? … If a person in Khazar had developed the CCR5 mutation it would have spread back to Scandinavia with the Vikings [suggested Buhler]."


Ever wonder why all the hub bub about AIDS and why Africa?

Happy digging

531c97 No.42434

[c]lowns [I]n [A]merica old boomer on the Utube …. says he does not like his tell in riddles. Implying he has the skinny. And seems that the spook has become a custom to nice juice intell . What else dose he know?

cd844b No.42435


Disinfo in regards to some of Titor's info.

Shouldn't have to hold your hand through this.

c38ccd No.42438


"In The Whistleblower, Rachel Weisz portrays a U.N. peacekeeper who exposes sex trafficking involving peacekeepers in Bosnia. Jessica Bennett talks with Kathryn Bolkovac, the woman who inspired the film."

Good movie based on True story.

499544 No.42439



Everything is pointing in the direction of AIDs Red Cross Rothschild Rh- Bloodlines

This is the newest topic we need to dig into guys. It's been laid out clear as day.

0916da No.42440

File: 9acf86806f962f6⋯.png (821.18 KB, 792x792, 1:1, traitor-mcnasty.png)

File: e2fe8e5671a2263⋯.jpg (37.63 KB, 720x540, 4:3, betray.jpg)

File: e6bd42440fb88b8⋯.jpg (111.9 KB, 768x869, 768:869, 1-Libya-McCain-Rubio-Graha….jpg)

File: 8cb1face38f078e⋯.jpg (421.61 KB, 1600x898, 800:449, mccain-clinton donors.jpg)

Need to shine a light on this little turd and his greedy "institute":

Former Clinton Foundation Donors Flocking To The McCain Institute

June 27th, 2017

In years past, the Clinton Foundation enjoyed significant donations from individuals and countries that sought to purchase influence in Washington. But now, the McCain Institute is their new darling, having received large sums from the likes of George Soros and Saudi Arabia.



Arizona Public Service Foundation

Michael L. Ashner

Baltic-American Freedom Foundation

The BGR Foundation

Bloomberg Philanthropies

Chan Soon-Shiong Family Foundation

Charitable Foundation – Anonymous Gift


Cisco Systems, Inc.

Craig Cogut


Robert A. Day

The Eranda Rothschild Foundation – Sir Evelyn and Lynn Forester de Rothschild

FedEx Corporation

Freeport-McMoRan Foundation

GE Foundation

The Harry and Florence Sloan Foundation

Hensley Beverage Company

Hess Foundation, Inc.

The Hungary Initiatives Foundation

John Lehman

Libra Group

The Maffei Foundation

McCain Presidential Campaign

McCain Institute Foundation

MEG Energy

James B. Nicholson


The Perelman Family Foundation Inc.

Ronald O. Perelman

The Pivotal Foundation

Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia

Salt River Project

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation

Simms Mann Family Foundation

Paul E. Singer

The Starr Foundation

Swift Charities

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

ddf1a0 No.42441


That’s it, your right! Sry

143abc No.42443


nice english attempt, better than most>>42439

>Rh- Bloodlines

are noah's children (kikes) RH-?

177aaf No.42444

Q said to re-read the graphic after every big news drop. Doing that now and found the question,

>What US President was nicknamed "Eagle" by USSS?

A. Bill Clinton


Is LDR telling the Clintons to 'fly' in her newfound football fan phase?

Apol's if covered, however as per Q, news events will bring meaning to previous crumbs.

cd844b No.42447


Trips confirm.


7b6c71 No.42448


Thank you for the very complete answer–that's really clear now

143abc No.42449




e6e9e0 No.42450


>Bloomberg Philanthropies

what an oxymoron

This bothers me a lot more:

<McCain Institute Foundation

The foundation donates to itself?

Or am I jumping to conclusions

b9cdf3 No.42451

c8774e No.42452

File: 6d1ee1185b36d69⋯.jpeg (103.52 KB, 640x619, 640:619, 68106165-4FC1-4149-B864-7….jpeg)





Watch them slide this.

Wait for Q

f0d50b No.42453


California is doomed.

Why does Nk test nukes underground?

I was looking, if you were to dig straight through The earth from NK you’d end up in California? What if they are doing something else and it just looks like they’re testing nukes?

143abc No.42455

File: 5ccead78750cc08⋯.png (7.06 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Pepe_face.png)


>if you were to dig straight through The earth from NK you’d end up in California?

i keked

b9cdf3 No.42460


In English, namefag

499544 No.42461


For those of us who are not mathematically inclined wtf does this mean? Can you just ell us what the map "says"?

354c7c No.42462


It's not about spine. I don't have to swear to prove to myself I can handle swearing and negativity. It's the wisdom not to use such things that makes you developed.


This has a lot to do with spirituality, negative spirituality in this instance. As with all negative forces the elites want to cut corners and engineer their awareness and inner power through strict bloodline control. You can read this in the rotschild interview.

What is much easier to do is using Cosmic Love in your Heart. It's up to us.

6ef7de No.42463

File: 090610f5ca08508⋯.png (12.59 KB, 73x73, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Here's the latest twat from Rex Tillerson

65b1f9 No.42464


Namefags shilling hard today

c211b2 No.42466


What I meant was that Godfather III is someone who loves GEOTUS.

Read what I sent you again.

499544 No.42467


Yes and Q wants us to dig into AIDs and the Red Cross and Rothschild and bloodlines!! Rh-

!! that should be enough information for you to start off with.

You're gonna be pissed tho I'm warning you.

354c7c No.42468


If you are intelligent you will investigate every information before you criticize it.

Your intuition will tell you whether you are wasting time or not.

6ef7de No.42469


Sorry it didn't paste like I thought it would. Here's what he said yesterday in response to some shillarybot:

Check him out - he sounds like one of us

More Rex Tilllerson Retweeted Luisa Haynes

1. Barack Hussein Obama is gay

2. Michelle Obama is a transvestite & SHE ruined school lunches

3. Obama's daughters aren't their biological kids

4. Barack Obama is not a Christian or an American

5. In 1969, USA did NOT land on the Moon

6. Everything you've ever been told is a lie

0916da No.42470


Very sad. The UN is a very evil organization – and Barry Hussein wants to run it? This should make everyone's blood boil. Pitchforks at the UN.

But this photo is misleading, because it's the ELITES WITH MONEY that are committing the crimes and blaming the poor.

2cc771 No.42471


RT actually retweeted this??

b9cdf3 No.42472


Spoof Twitter. Three lower-case L's is the hint.

177aaf No.42473

File: 06ee42218ec322f⋯.jpg (68.73 KB, 736x582, 368:291, IMG_2064.JPG)

Found this epic Roger Stone meme canvas.

Cannon fire for Twitter censorship / net neutrality.

65b1f9 No.42475


My intuition tells me it's a bullshit distraction.

b9cdf3 No.42476


Nah, if you're intelligent, you recognize gibberish and ignore it.

088bc8 No.42478


3 x 4, 10, 20 can make a magic square. 34 as sum in all directions, except 1 (60), even 1 diagonal direction

04 10 20 = 34

10 20 04 = 34

20 04 10 = 34

-------------- +

34 34 34 34

7aa367 No.42480

This is from 11/21.

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID:a9MnCArQ Tue 21 Nov 2017 20:22:58 No.150400638 ViewReport


What US President was nicknamed "Eagle" by the USSS?



d0239d No.42482

File: 0085b472ce9bd6f⋯.png (290.98 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_8798.PNG)


Someone was going on and on last night about three branches becoming one…made me start thinking. Could this be GOD FATHER III (trinity)

6ef7de No.42483


Maybe you're right. I actually got it from someone else on my feed and then looked at the actual twitter. 3 l's must be a spoof

7c64e2 No.42484

File: 9312a1e6c46e73e⋯.png (66.41 KB, 1161x533, 1161:533, palis.png)

So this is the test - Believe that POTUS knows what he is doing , and in no circumstance question this. However, will this decision cause more American lives?

The second point will therefore, negate my understanding that this STORM, would be a bloodless transition.

354c7c No.42485



You are both correct!

The trick is to perfect this with every piece of information you face. Most important is not to get dragged into negativity and distractions. Your brain can process junk, but your Heart shouldn't.

c112d1 No.42486





Fake and Gay

0d2f3e No.42487


It isn't exactly random. It was pretty much Q directed in the last couple of days. And legitimate.

Population control/Eugenics/unapporoved medical testing on unknowing population AND profiteering at the same time as looking benevolent.

Control over the human blood supply and how they can alter us (sounds spoopy, but seriously) matters a great deal.

cb46de No.42488


These words are true, not false.

bba5cc No.42489


DIsagree. Not a big enough event (the one you listed) for him to go out of his way to tell us to PRAY, help others, MEME, etc… if it was all cuz he was going to be silent for 10 days. Why keep up the posts with questions if that were the case? No… I think something bigger is coming down the pike.

Yesterday he said "WAR" and " Ready to play?".. that has a connotation of events yet to unfold. Let's keep watching the news.

52e941 No.42490

568025 No.42491


This is a lie

d9c1de No.42492

Trump White House handed plan for PRIVATE spy network because CIA boss doesn't trust his own agents - and it would be run by Erik Prince and Oliver North

The global spy network would operate separately from U.S. intelligence agencies and report to the CIA director and President Trump

Blackwater founder Erik Prince reportedly developed the proposals with the help of Oliver North for the Trump administration

Purpose of the spy scheme is to work around 'deep state' actors trying to undercut Trump within the US intelligence agencies

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said she was 'not aware' of anything like what was described in the piece this afternoon

National Security Council and CIA spokespersons denied it, too - so did a spokesperson for Prince.


This is interesting,,, a couple weeks ago,CBTS talked about Eric Prince being brother of Betsy Devos, and possibily helping Trump? Is this how?

ff0a18 No.42495

Man… either I'm hyper sensitive or the frequency of commercials for donating to all these "causes" has increased dramatically… just saw a commercial for International fellowship of Christians and Jews to donate $25 for food boxes to be sent to Israel. Where did that even come from?

581d96 No.42496


y e s

52e941 No.42497


>so someone else will have to do it.


cb46de No.42498


I have been distributing your math. Thank you.

7c64e2 No.42499

File: 25058255dd860a8⋯.png (558.83 KB, 828x540, 23:15, gold.png)

File: 39c424000f9ab48⋯.jpg (64.46 KB, 200x159, 200:159, b_1_q_0_p_0.jpg)

cb46de No.42500


thank you.

354c7c No.42502


You mean the interview? I see it for what it is. It's a very very good resource for understanding your position, even though the writer and I are, you can say, on the opposite ends of light and dark spectrum. It doesn't quite work like that but you can liken it to the comparison.

You are in his classroom and me and many others provide you with cheat sheets ;-)

Point is, we both make you learn.

0916da No.42503


Yes they always come out with those commercials around Christmas to capitalize on Christian guilt…don't do it – the IFCJ is another scam

088bc8 No.42504


The numerical values of Hebrew word AL AB meaning "God the Father", and HEVIE meaning "Angels of the 7 cups", gives each one 34.


d854e2 No.42507


this is so fucking beautiful

581d96 No.42508


Witch hunt. Yes, we are thinking the samely.

ff0a18 No.42509


Oh ya, never but I think this ties into the fact they've run out of $$ sources too. The aids commercial and this… sources of $$

7bd700 No.42510


Folks on the Q map board are working on locations. They have pinned down several islands in the Pacific…looks legit. (Don’t know) They used the Marine Codes info.

State Dept.

October 9, 2017


MAP of Marshall Islands area


Nov 30 – Nuclear Leak in Marshall Islands will affect whole Pacific


0916da No.42511


I think the 10 days refers to a coming bank shutdown

529638 No.42512

It's not much yet but moving in the right direction. Last time Congress tried holding someone in contempt of Congress was Eric holder in 2012 & surprise, the justice dept decided not to prosecute.


It's targeting Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

52e941 No.42513


>looks legit.

Nope. KYS you gigantic faggit

>muh numerologby

>muh codes

>goiz everyone come here and do this shit waste of time for me

bba5cc No.42514


When you write, you need to write for the READERS INTERPRETATION, not what YOU think your words mean.

Other Anon is not the only one that is confused by your post.

7bd248 No.42516


Oh. You can see how it's easy to misinterpret what you say.

I will delete the post and do more work before I follow up with the Q stuff.

c211b2 No.42517


Welcome and thank you

52e941 No.42518


Confusion? Gibberish?

Now why would someone repeatedly come here and spread confusion and controversial garbage gibberish?

Really activates the gonads

7bd700 No.42519


Sorry - I do not understand the Marine Codes with regard to some of the geo-location methodology. Trusted those who said they did.

Stated, I wasn't sure of the info - but thought I should put it out for consideration. That's how we can vet things. Peace.

c211b2 No.42520


Is that right?

bba5cc No.42521


THIS may be news today, and it's also possible THIS is not THE news of the day. Be vigilant in your quest for all news. Rerun it thru the map when you get it.

61a5bd No.42524


sounds like some free masonic gobbledygook

d99777 No.42525

File: 2c1b141b0d2c904⋯.jpg (20.96 KB, 320x275, 64:55, shrinersSword.jpg)

Just trying to connect dots here…charities, foundations, blood, children, Masonic connections - has anybody looked into the Shriners Hospitals? Death rates, etc. I see that though they claim to be "all free" - they are taking insurance. Might be something to look at? Pic related

c211b2 No.42526


At this point, what difference does it make?

c211b2 No.42527


No need to delete, the two are NOT mutually exclusive.

1f63cc No.42528


In Trumpenstein it tallks of the evil newt Trumpenstein killing baby William

7c64e2 No.42529

File: b46fdf1d6769835⋯.png (749.81 KB, 1154x535, 1154:535, fuse.png)


No sure.

7a673e No.42531


Ok, Hillary!

ff0a18 No.42532

>>42526 What more do you know that you aren't telling us?

beb5fb No.42533


Decoded: [… + 1] means (delivery – (3) for care_)

972320 No.42534


you must be popular in the retirement community huh

52e941 No.42537


Everything you write is garbage. Why? How can it be worth it?

7c64e2 No.42538


Are you suggesting that this may be a 'who will blink/breathe' first situation ?

bba5cc No.42539


I'm saying that while we all know POTUS is going to make that announcement today, that MAY NOT be the only big news of the day. Maybe forthcoming news won't APPEAR big, but in actuality IS big. Remember, MSM runs the narrative of the news.

56e22e No.42540


Mayo Clinic.

7bd700 No.42542


BREAKING FBI confirms there is currently court authorized LEO activity in the DC region


1a30fe No.42543


See also The Constant Gardner, also with Rachel Weisz uncovering Pharma secrets in Africa.

Been a while since I saw it, but I think the premise was she discovered drug companies were using Kenyans as guinea pigs for drugs.

e6e9e0 No.42544

Good news, you can get CodesCheatSheet.xls from


and try to decipher the codes yourselves

1f63cc No.42547


Interesting.. indictments? Let's hope so

52e941 No.42548


please, once again, take this garbage to that other garbage thread made just for this garbage. thank you.

7bd700 No.42550


Local WUSA Channel 9 reports:

#BREAKING: FBI confirms there is currently court authorized law enforcement activity in the DC region involving state and federal agencies. No further information is being released at this time. The #FBI plans to release more information later this afternoon.

f0d81a No.42551

7d6d08 No.42554

Right after Trump Tweets MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!>>42542

9472f6 No.42555

File: 2f7f99fa8312827⋯.jpg (50.03 KB, 750x499, 750:499, DQX0AVbV4AAWF7d.jpg_large.jpg)

e6e9e0 No.42556


Filtering another Very Queer Cunt's alter account

0bfadd No.42558

File: f2f0483156d88c2⋯.jpg (408.11 KB, 1280x1556, 320:389, 1395618184889.jpg)



I-is it happening today?

d99777 No.42559


Are Shriners and Mayo related? In researching the Shriners, I see that the sword in their emblem is the same as the Islamic Jihad sword. Of course the star and crescent are also Islamic symbolism. The star also is symbolic of sodomy

6a64aa No.42560

This place fulla shills today

0992b7 No.42563

yup storm is closing in I think >>42560

11c285 No.42564

731d05 No.42565


One of the infowars reporters twatted last night that it was “odd” all the “secret service agents” in and around the four seasons.

Where Is BHO?

Where is HUma?

Where is HRC?

I think it will start with lower level people to soften the normies as we work up…

c211b2 No.42566



d9c1de No.42568

Has Peter Maurer, the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, been researched yet? I was looking into Red cross, and if they have diplomatic privileges.A diplomatic pouch ( like being able to skip customs, ability to ship anything) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Maurer

d99777 No.42569


And the gold Y on the head!! Whoa!

7c64e2 No.42570


Quote of the Day

In general, love is the whole meaning of life, of being. Love of family, of children, and of the motherland. It is such a multifaceted phenomenon that is the basis of all our actions.

- Vladimir Putin

4cbc72 No.42571



A very disturbing movie.."The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn't exist."

d854e2 No.42574


This is what's known as a 'limited hangout.' See also: Blood Diamond, and this entire thread: >>37441

70b6c4 No.42575

File: 7c903f6c73a84fe⋯.jpg (70.14 KB, 1200x994, 600:497, DQX01SqVQAArnNj.jpg)


Trump tweets at the same time

52e941 No.42576


Goethe. Faust.

>muh Terintino

>muh Spacey

>muh never read


e6e9e0 No.42577

Wildfires in Cali (Ventura, Santa Paula)

DC police activated

and I have to go to work. darn

177aaf No.42578


Member the 'Satanic Panic' MSM catchphrase of the 80's? Hm.

11c285 No.42581

cd844b No.42582


What could this mean?

731d05 No.42583




240190 No.42584

Namefag shill alert:

Everyone probably knows by now we have been infested with shills this morning., trying to get you to waste your time on idiotic new tasks that lead nowhere, either here in CBTS or over in their containment threads that they are shilling for VERY VERY HARD I'm this thread.

The shills seem to be namefags, and anons who in many cases I believe are the namefags themselves, trying to create the illusion of larger numbers: Writing under a tripcode with a name, then changing IP address to get a new ID, and then becoming an anonymous user.

The tasks are numerological nonsense and other similar retardedness.

For example:

The !RRV person has brought up the standard, international list of 2-letter country codes, and waving it about like it's military secrets, is trying to get anons buried in a new project taking sets of letters from Q posts and calling them countries.

Another guy is "counting lines" up and down the posts.

None of the people has unearthed a bit of meaningful information, because there is none, but all are shilling like crazy to get you to divert your attention toward them. The goal, obviously, is to keep you from doing anything constructive.

I think another goal will be to start publicizing meaningless, easily ridiculed memes later on.

My recommendation is to hide these namefags when they appear.

In fact, except for the several serious WORKING namefags who maintain the spreadsheet and do the baking, we probably don't need namefags at all.

I am not advocating a strict policy by the BO, but just for anons to be ready to use the magnificent 8ch shill switch, whenever a new namefag pops up with a major new project for us to immerse ourselves in.

Arrow>Add filter>Tripcode or

Arrrow>Add filter>ID+

cb46de No.42586


True Pundit getting DDosed

0d2f3e No.42587


Exactly, what is all the bruhaha distracting us from?

cd844b No.42588


They've been having outage problems all week.

See Thomas1774Paine twitter.

924fd5 No.42590

File: 5fd136e49cba6d6⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1672x922, 836:461, 567646476453.png)

british involvement with red cross


our boy rex pic related

b1c82a No.42591

File: 2166de7d76a06c9⋯.jpg (18.08 KB, 279x181, 279:181, itshappening.jpg)



0d2f3e No.42592


Is this his kill switch story?

52e941 No.42593


God bless you anon

1af153 No.42595


I don't think cannibalism would put 99% of the World in the Hospital. Most would be grossed out and outraged but Hospitalized? I doubt it. I doubt that an Alien/Interdimentional Beings would do it either. There are a lot of people desensitized in today's World. The only thing that makes sense would be 99% would be in Hospitals getting checked or tested for something. A virus maybe. And I don't think it's HIV because we would be showing symptoms would we not? Maybe nano-tech.. or maybe a lot of Humanity are Clones or something.

cd844b No.42596


No, the kill switch story is why they are all gathering.

6a64aa No.42597

Let the tempest blow

bba5cc No.42598


Yes, Shriners is involved. As is MAYO

bb1cc4 No.42600




Oh, man. No coincidences. I wonder if any anons in DC have taken notice of activity in and around the capital?

c38ccd No.42601

Truepundit.com gives Server Error


Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

c38ccd No.42603


Self reply..

DDOS spoofs capacity errors correct?

0d2f3e No.42604


I see, You were pointing out that it just is. Which I see it is. I wonder what he's got?

ff0a18 No.42606


Capacity issues. @Thomas1774Paine posted on twtter

177aaf No.42607


I can assure you I'm not a shill.

Q said Learn To Read The Map.

I collected what anons have suggested so far on that subject.

If you have more info on how we can start to learn to read the map, please post.

>hard working anon

70b6c4 No.42608

Multi-agency law enforcement activity reported in DC area


d99777 No.42610


Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation but DELIVER US FROM EVIL, for Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen

bba5cc No.42613


They posted HEAVY VOLUME, some pages may not load. Experiencing Tech Diff's.

Keep trying. I just got in.

71a412 No.42614

Alright, so yuuuge happening in DC, should I stay awake another couple hours, cause I'm sleepy anons

cd844b No.42615


Could be this

>SARA CARTER: Inspector General investigating 27 leakers, major shake-up at the FBI 'coming as early as this week'

1af153 No.42616


Q tells us it's very important to learn how to read the MAP. The 2 you mention are the only 2 actually working on How. The rest are connecting dots within each drop, which is fine.. but it's NOT reading the Map. Q crumbs are the Map.. the content of the crumbs are Not. Need more focusing on HOW TO READ THE MAP!

674aa7 No.42617

With all that's been going on . . . have we come to a consensus re. what the hidden message in Obama's RED infomercial was?

For my $.02, it was the reference to the classified alien file. When the pedo gates are unlocked and the world sees they're eating children, etc., this is the card they will play. Think about it – they could def. make the world freak out.

2e63b7 No.42618


That wouldn't put 99% of people in the hospital

70b6c4 No.42619

SARA CARTER: Inspector General investigating 27 leakers, major shake-up at the FBI 'coming as early as this week'


0dab3e No.42620

File: df57f47c9dac781⋯.jpg (57.63 KB, 750x499, 750:499, 1512573546311.jpg)



c38ccd No.42621


It means you never scroll…

0dab3e No.42622

File: 9a3ee854c61145a⋯.jpg (97.95 KB, 1200x820, 60:41, DQX01SqVQAArnNj.jpg)


This came at the same time as this tweet

280ea7 No.42624

File: 3ed89382fdb3ba2⋯.jpg (320.13 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, vivian.jpg)


KYS you gigantic faggit

9a64d6 No.42625

1f63cc No.42626

0dab3e No.42628


sorry, got excited

0916da No.42629


bio warfare with aids virus

643d42 No.42630


Ah! Sessions' Revenge!

0dab3e No.42631


(((gang))) related

280ea7 No.42632


Just rollin' up some more Santa Muerta fucks

972320 No.42633


The unsealing of indictments. and taking people in custody

240190 No.42634


That comment made no logical sense and proves my point.

But if any anon reads such word salads and follows you down your path, I guess it was their destiny.

cab080 No.42635


Something BIG is going down in D.C. Multi Agency Activity around D.C. Media reporting it.

Federal law enforcement agencies, along with state and local authorities, are working in the Washington D.C. area.

At this time, exact locations of activity have not been released nor have the nature of the operations.

674aa7 No.42636


there can be no doubt the MSM has been seeding the alien theme - Obama's RED Kimmel vid, WaPo headline recently: "How will humanity react to alien life?" (notice, it does not say "would").

Open your eyes, it's being seeded . . .

bb52da No.42637

3e8cd0 No.42638

File: f9e8266640b34b8⋯.jpg (65.5 KB, 600x450, 4:3, soylent_green_logo_l1.jpg)


Take your meds and stop watching old movies.

6a6c28 No.42639


He's got shitty servers. been begging for donations for awhile now

280ea7 No.42640


lerk moar faggit

674aa7 No.42641


Q said to watch the wives – can you post some specifics on Conyers' wife?

6a6c28 No.42642


it would if they freaked the fuck out

bba5cc No.42643

>>42633Can/has anyone checked to see if any of the indictments have been unsealed? I don't have the link handy….

177aaf No.42644

File: 0a36b43931c528a⋯.jpg (41.46 KB, 384x384, 1:1, IMG_1893.JPG)


Thanks anon. We need to


>Map reading attempts being shilled makes me want to LEARN TO READ THE MAP MOAR

1f63cc No.42645


"Source" could also have it wrong. But if so, hasta la vista!

c38ccd No.42647

File: 99d0b0f67aeede8⋯.jpg (9.5 KB, 240x180, 4:3, Bad_Woman_ lulz.jpg)


She can take a punch lol

But really there's a ton of info on her. Monica Conyers.

643d42 No.42648


Any local anons have recourse to a police scanner?

3e8cd0 No.42649

File: 25a9e4d7608b9e4⋯.jpg (15 KB, 220x309, 220:309, 220px-Kenneth_D._Taylor.jpg)


They should have gone raking that day.

f0d81a No.42650


that's why I did the archive thing dear anon



cab080 No.42652


You are wrong, Articles came out l that Hot Dogs, Ground beef and Veg dogs ALL have Human DNA in them. Rat DNA is also in ground beef.

I will NEVER eat another hot dog or hamburger again.

From Forbes - human DNA


280ea7 No.42653


>Map reading attempts

>goiz (you) go plug these 8 gorrilliom codes into googles for the next 2 gorriliom weekz

>sorry no tits

KYS you absolute shitlord faggit

2194cf No.42654


Multi agency law enforcement happening in DC




674aa7 No.42655


1. IRS shield

2. Using "charities" to move his money around, just like CF, McI

0dab3e No.42656

File: 0151c1529259af1⋯.png (31.33 KB, 598x238, 299:119, tpain.png)


also this

bfa973 No.42657


<Filtered for general derailment

c38ccd No.42658


>From forbes

>posts fotrune


674aa7 No.42659


is there a separate thread for Red Cross/Obama/Vatican/Bono?

3e8cd0 No.42661

674aa7 No.42662

anyone meming Bye Bye Johnny (Conyers)/Chuck Berry?

2194cf No.42663


Also, FBI confirms there is currently court authorized law enforcement activity in the DC region involving state and federal agencies.

1a30fe No.42664


See also The Constant Gardner, also with Rachel Weisz uncovering Pharma secrets in Africa.

Been a while since I saw it, but I think the premise was she discovered drug companies were using Kenyans as guinea pigs for drugs.

9e6de4 No.42665


good call

af2dc3 No.42667

File: 9d7a360077cd27e⋯.jpeg (38.81 KB, 300x250, 6:5, imgad.jpeg)


Noticed this pop-up add on Fox news.com this morning. What are they programming in the minds of the masses?

7b6c71 No.42668


What about nanobot removal that was injected along with vaccines…just saying…

6a64aa No.42669



The 6th of December

cab080 No.42671





674aa7 No.42672


they promised something BIG today

7fe3a4 No.42673




This was his exact post:

Who knows where the bodies are buried?

FLYNN is safe.

We protect our Patriots.


> Sounds to me like Q is suggesting Flynn here.

135719 No.42674


>the MSM has been seeding the alien theme

It's been going on for decades: Encounters of the Third Kind, ET, Starman, X-Files, etc etc

Walk into any major chain bookstore and you'll be amazed seeing rows upon rows dedicated to (so-called) UFOs…way too much for it to be accidental.

They seed this shit on purpose, which is why I became convinced it is major league bull crap.

The Steven Greer/Disclosure baloney is one of the later versions…yet if you pay attention, you'll notice it's all the same old 'experts' being rolled out every time.

ff0a18 No.42675


That's the same time I've seen that today. The first time was in a thread around 40,000 year of the war hammer. Too many similar terms with Q. Curious.

0dab3e No.42676

POSSIBLE UPDATE (saw this in thread on /pol/)

>FOX 5 has confirmed that multi-agency law enforcement activity is taking place in the D.C. region this morning. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are working with other federal law enforcement agencies, along with state and local authorities, in the Washington D.C. area.

>We have learned that some of the police presence is in Prince William County, Virginia. At this time, exact locations of activity have not been released nor have the nature of the operations.

674aa7 No.42677


they were supposed to be breaking something really big today . . .

d99777 No.42679


He also said PRAY. This tells me that nothing is for sure. So PRAY!

c38ccd No.42680


Think about how costly it would be to actually cut your ground beef with humans??

TRACE DNA isn't the same as eating people!

If a workers hair or skin off their arm contacts the meat it will be tainted with human DNA!


Cows are cheap and easy to farm and easy to kill. NO NEED FOR PEOPLE IN THE MIX FFS!

280ea7 No.42681


cool yer tits namefag

581d96 No.42682


Please provide sauce. It's not easy to locate Rex Tillerson's Twitter ID; there exists a parody one that isn't him.

0dab3e No.42683


btw the poster did not provide a link for this update, i just copied pasted

674aa7 No.42684


yep, that too.

my point is, (((they))) will play the alien card and try to instill fear and total distraction.

3e8cd0 No.42685



"Rum, sodomy and the lash" is really about freemasonry. Lots of naval gazing in Hiram's gay club.

240190 No.42686


Now they are rewriting Q posts, calling them translated, and planning to post them on Twitter.

33aec1 No.42687

File: aab2339f86ac772⋯.gif (20.56 KB, 485x365, 97:73, happening.gif)


Confirmed happening. Even if it ends up being lower level swamp creatures, it's paving the way for getting the big ones.

96a44b No.42688


You are wise. Thank you.

33ec3d No.42689

Is Langley (Clowns HQ) in Prince William County?

674aa7 No.42690


is this what Q meant by watch the news today?

45d20a No.42692


In my sleep I'm even thinking about this board. This is the answers I dreamed.

We know Alice & Wonderland =

>Hillary and Saudi Arabia

Who knows where the bodies are buried?

>Saudi Arabia.

The occult sacrificed and sexually abused ones anyway.

d99777 No.42693


or somebody not washing their hands after - well, you know…

0dab3e No.42694


30 minutes away

1f63cc No.42695


Agree, remove the gangs used as assassins

0dab3e No.42696



30 min away according to google map at least, might be in same county or neighboring?*

674aa7 No.42697


ahhhh, another picture of a left eye assault. should add it to the meme pic.

972320 No.42698


Same. I seem to think clearer in my sleep

0dab3e No.42699

President Trump will be giving a speech in 2 hours.

1af153 No.42701


That is a possibility

e70a5f No.42703



most likely will be about his plans with Jerusalem.

9e6de4 No.42704


I was in a grocery store restroom. An old man who works there took a leak and left without washing his hands. I followed him to the produce section where he began to arrange the produce.

78d4f5 No.42705

Hey OP is there any way you can add this list of research resources to the dough? (or make a different one? one)?


3e8cd0 No.42706


They're herding all the drug money / HT money into bitcoin and then the "ten days of darkness" when it's cut off and the perps are rounded up.

5f1950 No.42707


Dunno. What's going on? Everyone seems so freaked out this morning.. I just woke up, haven't even had coffee yet.

2e63b7 No.42708


They'd freak out for a day

0dab3e No.42709

ba8972 No.42710


yeah, sure.

give me the list.

280ea7 No.42711


>when it's cut off

Go on. I want to hear all about how they are going to cut off the bitcoin.

0916da No.42712


Yes I believe that has always been the master plan…to fake the alien invasion and destroy us…that may have been the new 911 they were planning that Q alluded to.

3e8cd0 No.42714

File: 5edaa63377d9b19⋯.jpg (8.34 KB, 300x168, 25:14, s.jpg)


Shriners -> Royal Order of Jesters underage prostitution

8bbafb No.42715

File: 2ebf05f16bab8c7⋯.jpg (73.74 KB, 1239x541, 1239:541, energy_power_control.JPG)

File: 59183552b5dcd13⋯.jpg (47.82 KB, 634x608, 317:304, eyeofprovidence.JPG)


So I was reading a supposed Rothschild ama that occured back in 2011 on one of the anonymous boards and came across a piece of information that just immediately clicked.

>All that exists is Human Energy, Power, and Control.


Now the real question is, which families are in charge of which aspects?

>SA=Human Energy (and the oil we chase fulfill their goals.)

>Roths=Power because of their long standing reign over the Earth, but require subordinates to fulfill the final aspect of the unholy trinity.

>Soros=Control. His organizations are nothing more than power moves to gain influence and disrupt status quos of any particular populace. Many probably stand near or on the same level at Soros but all typically take orders from him, or his say is final. This is due to the collective gathering of intelligence is compartmentalized up to the higher three circles. Soros is the one incharge of dissecting the intelligence, briefing the other families of his findings, and once goals have been outlined Soros dishes out orders to the appropriate people.

They made so that no single person could ever know everything but them, and if anyone did, they would know.

I know it's a broad stroke of the brush and vague terms like "human energy, power, and control" don't help much in the understanding of the inner workings of these people, but I'm growing more confident that they triangle is representative of their bloodlines "duty".

1f63cc No.42716

This Trumpenstein is interesting. It's letters from Obummer to Killary. Talks about Russia, putin, Elon Musk, Paul Ryan, Ronald and Patti Reagan, and even asarah Palin.

Trumpenstein refusing to do what evil deamon asks

6497f8 No.42717


Great post.

e70a5f No.42718


there is a multi-agency operation underway in DC. Nobody is sure what it is yet, but the story broke just before Trump tweeted out a simple MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN tweet so everybody is trying to figure out if they are related. The initial reports we are seeing from local news outlets are saying its gang related round ups.

5f1950 No.42719


Is that what all the hub bub is about? What? Are people FINALLY beginning to realize the shit I've been saying for.. 30 years or so? ;)

0916da No.42721

File: ddf805db43530b7⋯.png (189.72 KB, 628x885, 628:885, money-chart.png)

File: cd883884964c7b3⋯.jpg (156.65 KB, 2048x1399, 2048:1399, money chart.jpg)

0dab3e No.42722


hopefully. we still dont really know whats happening. we just know something is going down in DC

7fe3a4 No.42724


Ha! I hear ya…dream state's been crazy lately.

SA definitely knows where some bodies are buried too!

34dcbb No.42726


who else is VERY uncomfortable about the Jerusalem embassy move?

Zionism/Israel has always been a front for Red Shields AND

in Kabbalism the Dome of the Rock (foundation stone) is where they believe Heaven and Earth join and the stone by which the earth was formed. Significant spiritual significance, is it a place of spiritual POWER? Is that why DJT wants to relocate?

Just brings to mind the Rev in about causing sacrifice to cease and in Daniel of an abomination that desolates standing in the Holy Place.


7fe3a4 No.42727


Great chart

f30829 No.42728

Let's hope whatever is going on this morning involves a "Pizza Shop"

0916da No.42729


Good stuff.

The Church.

Look at their architecture - eyes everywhere. The Pope's hat is even an eye when you look at it from above.

5f1950 No.42730


Hmm.. the entire world is run by the family we had to fight off in 1775, and they've grown exponentially..

and now people are saying "w-what happened?"

Uhmm.. paybacks a bitch, I guess.

Satan 2

America 1

9efdc3 No.42731

The activity going on in DC is gang related. There will be an announcement this afternoon after the operation is over. Prince William County has a large MS-13 contingent.

6a7f18 No.42732


Maybe comet ping pong and Mr Alefantis for just one of them?

James if your listenig, which I doubt as you only frequented half Chan. Has your time finally come?

924fd5 No.42734


Israel just had a huge purge of their high ranks a few days ago

0dab3e No.42735


i wonder if one of them is seth rich's killer

0916da No.42736


credit to DeploraBill.

9efdc3 No.42737

4ab695 No.42738

It's about time for a photo or DJT backed confirmation from Q that couldn't be gifted to us by a foreign agent or deep state operative.

Love that shit, best part.

I looked up the time stamps on wonderful friends. Not conclusive from what I could tell.

Many thanks MAGA


5f1950 No.42739


MS-13 the hitsquad for the Dems/Illuminati (the ISIS of America)

280ea7 No.42741


Santa Muerta cult killers. Pure cowardly Satanic evil. KILL THEM ALL

337aa8 No.42742


I keep getting the feeling that this could be right

581d96 No.42744


Fine, go read the map, then come back and tell us after you have got it figured out. Thanks Anons & namefags.

177aaf No.42745




5f1950 No.42746


Well.. the pizza industry has been BOOMING! But.. winter months.. gotta kinda lay low and snuggle up. How's your family?

78d4f5 No.42747


Here's the list in a post >>41574

Do you want it in a pastebin?

1b5aaa No.42748


Round up the gang thugs first.

Then when the major arrests take place - including Jugears, the inner city violence will be (marginally) reduced.

I still think we're gonna end up rebuilding some cities due to the riots, unless a solid case is made publicly and in the MSM that clearly shows Jugears' fuckery.

Still worth it to drain the swamp though.

337aa8 No.42749



1af153 No.42750


What part makes no sense? Q drops = Map. Drops are also information for Anons to make connections. Within the drops of Information is a Code. LEARN HOW TO READ THE MAP = LEARN THE CODE WITHIN THE INFORMATION

ba8972 No.42751


pastebin will be perfect, thanks.

7c64e2 No.42752

File: b98fb0ec3e7f0e4⋯.png (85.67 KB, 1315x528, 1315:528, hdhd.png)

5f1950 No.42754


We should probably kill their commanders/financiers.. (first?)

7fe3a4 No.42755


LOL! Agree as well.

cd09e7 No.42756


Where's the info on that? Thanks anon.

6ee0d5 No.42757

I just don't see any earth-shaking takedowns happening before tomorrow's election. Prolly need to get that out of the way before turning the world upside down.

33aec1 No.42758


Exactly. Prune the thugs that do the dirtiest work so there is space to arrest others without worrying about them getting suicided as much. Clean the city one bit at a time, starting with the ones that are patently obvious to be criminal to the public.It's all good.

8bbafb No.42759



Good correction. Control is most likely Religious institutions of all paths. All roads lead to Rome, so it is an easy fit, especially historically speaking.

Q mentioned that Soros replaced another family and that "family Y" was very important. Could the Vatican be that family?

Did Soros replace them post WWII due to shifting roles for the church in the upcoming NWO?

What does the Church do now?

a34e54 No.42760


Yes. The Roths call themselves the Red Shields. Symbols will be their downfall. Red Cross is their criminal, looting piggy bank. Shut it down.

5f1950 No.42761


Well.. not unless you think like a Jew, who believe that WE are cattle.. and would laugh at the idea of Americans paying to eat their own children/own kind.

It would be worth the sheckles + didn't have to pay to feed/raise them! Just dead bodies! == 'free meat'


538986 No.42762



bba5cc No.42764


He's already dead. Killed by two brethren MS13 gansters, right afterward.

280ea7 No.42765


Then go fucking crack the code and get back with your enlightenment you absolute shirlord faggit.


56c822 No.42766


Nope, it's a great move. Go Israel!

6a7f18 No.42767


My FAM are on here and we are doing just fine.

8ed5bc No.42768


Trump is splitting Israel from Soros/Rothschild. The Israeli's get Jerusalem recognized, a new Saudi Alliance, and IIRC are getting some increased port access as well. In return I suspect Israel agreed no safe haven for the cabal and no Mossad.

902679 No.42769

Something is going on in Washington DC involving Multiple Law agency's state and federal


0d2f3e No.42770


Disagree. Then you have a bunch of desperate freaks trying to REALLY carve themselves an income.

It takes time to rebuild an army, but an army with no leader is not a good idea.

538986 No.42772


Also, it's a great distraction. Every news outlet worldwide is talking about this today.

280ea7 No.42773


Good analysis anon. Thank you.

0d2f3e No.42775


I like your version. It isn't all zioniasta. It's just … normal.

0916da No.42776


Well, they just absorbed the Anglican church. But I also read that Putin had a spy in the Vatican who found all kinds of stuff and they are now under his control…should have saved the piece

4d782a No.42777

First time responding. Been reading for weeks. The reason Q has given the Red cross references, the date of 12/5/17 is all leading you to the Templars and what happened at the temple mount(where we are relocating our embassy). The Masons ARE NOT TEMPLARS. Do some research. This is a Holy Crusade that is being played out between good and evil. Most of what I have seen on here, everyone is getting things correct. Trust me research the real Templar crusades, their purpose in history and you will unlock the map

231059 No.42778


Someone said it was gang related, MS-13 apparently has a large presence in Prince Williams county VA. Didn't see a source tho.

Certainly interesting with the murmurs that Seth Rich's killer(s) had MS-13 ties?

7c64e2 No.42779

File: 91eebf1750075b7⋯.png (90.34 KB, 1222x516, 611:258, storm.png)

280ea7 No.42780


>Tits of GTFO

>OTOH, Erik Prince

I'm listening. But tits or GTFO.

cab080 No.42781

We have learned that some of the police presence is in Prince William County, Virginia. At this time, exact locations of activity have not been released nor have the nature of the operations.

0916da No.42782

c05195 No.42783

File: bf956ee94147f6d⋯.jpg (303.84 KB, 731x938, 731:938, BLUEBEAM_REMIX_GOLD.jpg)

preemptive memes!

normalize all scary scenarios so that (((they))) cannot frog the people with them!

ego-lite, all unite!

4bd898 No.42784


I'm just messin with ya anon. Godspeed. MAGA MEGA! [praying] but laughing too.. this was SOOOOO preventable if people had just.. listened and looked for signs. They're LITERALLY fucking everywhere.

If Satan was a snake, he'd have bit you in the ass already.

Oh wait.. he did.

280ea7 No.42785


KYS boomer

78d4f5 No.42786


> Q asked (several times if I'm correct) where the bodies are

No, anon, he didn't. He asked

>Who knows where the bodies are buried?

The answer is obviously a person or agency or organization or department.

This is the reason for the Q-map and pastebin and spreadsheet [all in the OP or beginning posts]: so you can see Qs actual words, not what you (or another anon) remembers, or even what a fake Q (or other tripcode person who asks questions) said. It's really important to be able to see his posts without distracting posts of others or anything else, and he has repeatedly emphasized that.

Those resources are there for you, to help you, to help us all be confident that we are not spending time, effort, energy and attention on things Q never asked or said. To help us focus.

bba5cc No.42787


Is it possible all the new Clowntesla technology can somehow influence or enhance the weather conditions?

Seriously, we had some fucking monster( almost never before seen) hurricanes this year-back-to-back. If they can make aliens appear (to he masses), whats to say they can't effect the weather?

ff0a18 No.42788


Knightfall airing on the history channel tonight too… coincidence?

5cf93b No.42789


Who were then killed themselves.

Seth killed by assassin.

Assassin killed by two assassins.

Two assassins mysteriously assassinated by unknown assassins.

61a5bd No.42790

File: 8c01f70ef4e38ae⋯.png (9.38 KB, 236x228, 59:57, lahey.png)

65507e No.42791


> HIV going up 300% in Sweden from immigrants.

And the rapes. How many victims of rape will contract HIV? National/European health crisis? Depopulation event?

a6e5d1 No.42792


Yes Prince William county makes you think illegal aliens/MS-13.

on the other hand it could also mean the roundup is covering a large sector as Prince William is the southernmost portion of the DC Metro region.

1b5aaa No.42794


Will dig into this because digitz.

d99777 No.42795


Not at all uncomfortable - in fact, extremely encouraged by acknowledging Jerusalem as the capitol and by this move! You are correct in saying it has great spiritual significance. God said (speaking about Israel), "I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you" (Genesis 12:2-3). It is very significant that Trump is getting the US spiritual house back in order BEFORE undertaking this great spiritual fight of good vs evil.

4bd898 No.42796


Oh.. hehe. That's why they hate America… (((arrogance)))

Not surprisingly, that's exactly how you could have prevented this. ;)

337aa8 No.42799


Also the North American headquarters of SERCO

280ea7 No.42802


>who else is VERY uncomfortable about the Jerusalem embassy move?

Let's see… that'd be YOU, the Roths, Iranians, all the Leftist commie scum.

Should I go on, anon?

ba8972 No.42804


Pretty soon we'll be making a new thread.

I wonder what edition it will be.


d0239d No.42805



4d782a No.42806

There are no coinsideces. Only the truth

4bd898 No.42807


I guess that's why the pyramid structure is so important. There's ALWAYS someone above you.. and you don't know who is above them…

280ea7 No.42808

File: c5213bf9900a9cf⋯.gif (585.58 KB, 280x277, 280:277, 676f8fc4f0df7b8d69c25b189e….gif)

231059 No.42810


WONDERFUL friends Edition

9e6de4 No.42811

File: 1c196498b9fdd0b⋯.jpg (6.88 KB, 190x266, 5:7, 1510549388515.jpg)

727037 No.42813

File: bf647efead6befb⋯.jpg (56.1 KB, 470x380, 47:38, image.jpg)

We are the Keystone.

Our thoughts, our Fear, our acceptance of the system.

This is why they spend so much time, energy and money, placating us. Mathis is why our mission is so important.

The Keystone is the people. Remove that compliance. The whole system falls apart.

021f07 No.42814


I didn't even find a real twitter account for Rex, lots of fake ones though

c05195 No.42816

File: 231b979e098a30c⋯.jpg (126.68 KB, 500x641, 500:641, BLUEBEAM_REMIX_MEME.jpg)

variation from

https://imgflip. com/memegenerator

0916da No.42817


Yes. They already have a cure for it (electromedicine, ozone…)

5cf93b No.42818


This looks promising.

ad8316 No.42820

There are no coincidences.

When Jeffrey Lorie (Eagles owner) vacationed in Rwanda last year, he met with President Kagame, to whom he’d been introduced by financier Evelyn de Rothschild, who summers across the street from Lurie on the Vineyard. It’s a large life.


ps. Ex-wife and minority Eagles owner, Christina Weiss Lorie, is a CFR member.

280ea7 No.42822


>We are the Keystone.

Shut it. Lerk moar. Stop spreading your garbage.


>Key - unlocks the door of all doors (info)

Stone - the force / strength capable of yielding power to act on info



0d2f3e No.42823


I have some truly anti-zionist friends that feel Trump is kissing ass. Red-pilling those guys is hard because they see a boogie man in bright sunlight, not just the shadows. They double wrap their tin foil, and make me look like a lefty.

7fe3a4 No.42824



>Knightfall airing on the history channel

Cool - will check it out.

Check out this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUIC5Wb9RoU&feature=youtu.be&t=16s

568025 No.42825


this after saying he was going quiet and set a deadman's switch

4d782a No.42827

Ok, google Templar keystone, that will get you headed the right direction again. Yes, the key stone is tied to the Templars… Think biggger

d99777 No.42829

Another woman says Franken tried to forcibly kiss her

The Minnesota senator is accused of making an unwanted sexual advance after a taping of his radio show in 2006. He denies the allegation.


231059 No.42830


Key is info from Admiral Rogers, Stone is POTUS/Military power to act.

280ea7 No.42831




70b6c4 No.42833


We have learned that some of the police presence is in Prince William County, Virginia. At this time, exact locations of activity have not been released nor have the nature of the operations.

White neighborhoods folks!

57.8% White

20.2% Black or African American


fd1d0f No.42834


Reddit was also down for a while. Looked like a DDoS.

1af153 No.42835


Never said it was my Army. Q is adamant with "Learn to Read the Map" Only 2 doing it (And posting about it anyway) The rest are mostly throwing out guesses and assumptions over and over. "Switzerland is the Keystone" No.. "Israel is the Keystone" No… "Red Cross is the Keystone" ←– This is not Learning to Read the Map. Keep shilling Faggot.

ba8972 No.42836


Q already verified what the keystone is.

for the mission at hand - we are done with keystone.

ad8316 No.42837


Correction: LURIE

My apologies.

280ea7 No.42840




0d2f3e No.42841


Think a Q quote and stop pressing your own agenda.

The Templars may have their place in this, but that one isn't it.

POTUS/MI/and us. Working together.

Hell for that matter, that could be the three become one, as in one team.

0dab3e No.42842

DC Metro Police Online Scanner feeds are down.

581d96 No.42843


Uh….. DOH!

4bd898 No.42844


>Blood Falls Antarctica

1af153 No.42845


I don't care about the keystone, I was using that as an example of wasting time.

0d2f3e No.42846


No WONDER she's an Eagles fan… I couldn't see a tight ass like that actually liking football.

d854e2 No.42847


This is really good and something even I was unaware of, shameful for me on several accounts.

0dab3e No.42848

File: b100f6f048cd8e3⋯.png (37.77 KB, 579x502, 579:502, 0hour.png)

643d42 No.42849


I'm shocked. Shocked, I say.

ba8972 No.42850


i think "gang-related" is a cover.

78f371 No.42851

anons is there a way to filter Q's id so all his posts are highlighted?

d854e2 No.42852


yeah, ask yourself, "which DC gang"

0dab3e No.42854

177aaf No.42855

POTUS Going Live

"Today at 1:00 p.m. EST, President Donald J. Trump will make a major announcement on Jerusalem."


937a3f No.42856


Maybe this has already been reported, but True Pundit is also reporting on multi-agency action taking place today in the DC area.


280ea7 No.42857

9e6de4 No.42858


You should be able to find them in the bread the beginning of this thread

0dab3e No.42860

File: fdb60e44ca17ac4⋯.png (47.99 KB, 577x456, 577:456, not a training exercise.png)

well, we know its not a training exercise

78f371 No.42861


i know his ID's but every time i filter it removes his posts. Clearly I am doing it wrong. How do?

d99777 No.42864


The worrisome part is that this is an FBI operation (and we know all about [them]. "No further details are being released at this time, however an update is expected from the FBI later Wednesday afternoon".


ad8316 No.42865



Christina and Jeffrey (Lurie, NFL Eagles owners) married in Gstaad, Switzerland, in 1992 in a setting one of Jeffrey Lurie's childhood friends from Boston described as "outstanding."

"I remember there were people from all sorts of countries there," Arthur Greenberg said. "It had an international feel."


cab080 No.42866


Prince William county is also where Quantico is

70b6c4 No.42867

File: d970d0fba4e424e⋯.jpg (84.17 KB, 665x571, 665:571, DQOcZO2V4AAunxd.jpg)

Inside The Shady World Of DNA Testing Companies


DNA-testing companies admits that they imply users have African ancestry to "screw with racists."

a6e5d1 No.42868


Shills are now rewriting Q posts using their "interpretation" garbage. Basically they are just rewriting Q posts to say whatever they want.



Also be prepared to delete this crapola if they start posting it in a cbts thread.

The shills say they are going to start posting these translated Q drops on Twatter.

With all that is going on today, this may be the next major disinformation front for the black hats–co-opting our work by issuing fake versions. You may want to think about nipping this in the bud.

35ad60 No.42869

File: 7d47fa8567e2f3f⋯.png (806.08 KB, 900x1268, 225:317, rwds (3).png)

9e6de4 No.42870


I don't think you can reverse filter for him. His posts are pulled out for you at the top of this thread.

d0239d No.42871


I WANT VIDEO, and pictures to see the arrests!!!

39fd2b No.42873


Former DC resident here… Prince William County is an exburb hub… lots of not-so-wealthy people out there. Big targets will be in DC, Fairfax county, Montgomery county. Maybe some lowly analysts out there in Prince William, but I doubt this is pizza-related if it's only in PW county.

4bd898 No.42875

File: c3613d47303a061⋯.jpeg (80.55 KB, 500x440, 25:22, bloodfallsantarctica2.jpeg)

File: 8a3b2a5df9407f0⋯.jpeg (531.81 KB, 1900x1218, 950:609, bloodfallsantarctica.jpeg)

'The big secret'

"Blood Falls" Antarctica

Kinda by the 'pyramids' which are very close to 'princess Elizibeth station'

Look up: "Buzz Aldrin tweets about pure evil in Antarctica, and then deletes tweet"

Buzz went there.. didn't like it much. John Kerry.. other 'prominent' members..

0d2f3e No.42876


Got to let the patriot ones help redeem themselves a little? Give some fresh faces a chance to shine so they will be good replacement candidates with some meat in their resume?

Yes, yes, speculation. ATF, FBI and others involved. Whatever it is, they are taking precautions. And definitely are keeping a lid on it. Faux News is all forest fires and Jerusalem. Not a peep about this.

8bbafb No.42877

File: a0f0f9be3e20649⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1029x910, 147:130, deeblygoncerned.PNG)


>jewgle has a digital third temple.

>Trump moving jew capital to jerusalem.

>I pet goat II has masonic symbols as jets destroying the Dome of the rock.

>this post.

643d42 No.42878


Take this elsewhere.

624e16 No.42879

File: ad240840633c551⋯.jpeg (218.84 KB, 1242x1351, 1242:1351, BDE6336E-2047-4E56-9732-6….jpeg)

Multiple LE actions ongoing in D.C.

280ea7 No.42880


Fuck off with this m8

78d4f5 No.42881

e564c3 No.42882


Its literally rust mate and not Q related

cab080 No.42884


Home of Quantico too

d0239d No.42885


May God Bless you all Anon! YOU are helping MAGA!

acdc5f No.42886


Top line: The truth is not here.

Bottom line: Bluebeam is blueballs.

4bd898 No.42887



Shills! Hi! How are ya? :)

78d4f5 No.42888


>>42881 was me for you


8bbafb No.42889

File: da2d7ef2abe5cae⋯.jpg (53.62 KB, 600x524, 150:131, red_tide_genera.v3.jpg)


That's called an algal bloom m80

ba8972 No.42891



checked and saved

0d2f3e No.42893


Nope. Not sure why you think they are interpreting anything. Those were the first few posts put out before he went Socratic and got everyone's attention.

> Extreme care is being taken to retain the exact layout of the current Q map as well as proofreading content of all Q postings.

It's just pretty at the moment. Not sure of value, but I doubt seriously it's an attempt to screw it up. Besides. Anyone trying to "find the map" or read it, gets their shot. No different than anyone else.

beb5fb No.42894


This could be related to the long "Operation FREEDOM" stringers >>42793

They have a lot of SA_US, DC and AW in them.

Could mean Saudi-US, DC, and Alice&Wonderland, all related.

231059 No.42896


Actually in the case of Antarctica I believe its anaerobic iron-fixating bacteria living in the space between the rock and ice that creates this. The same little doods that make the goopy red shit at the bottom of streams (called iron flocculation). Algae needs light for photosynthesis.

4bd898 No.42897


Huh.. coming outside of a pyramid in the south pole where an 86 year old 'ex astronaut' just decided to visit the 'ice' to see a regular old 'agal bloom' eh?

Ok… I believe you, if nobody else does. ;)

643d42 No.42898


Also notorious for various safe houses.

33aec1 No.42899

Syria fully liberated from ISIS terrorists – Russian MoD

https://www.rt.com /news/412149-syria-liberated-isis-terrorists/

0916da No.42900

File: 4ba5d53f79852fa⋯.jpg (71.98 KB, 500x750, 2:3, honor.jpg)


c38ccd No.42901


CTRL F and type his tripcode…

07ac7e No.42902

Interesting video explaining why SoCal may have been “prepped” for these massive fires. Check it out. Wonder if any connections considering Hollywood, and LA in general is a cesspool of evil.


280ea7 No.42903


Take your garbage self, your garbage lmaos, your garbage south pole giant skull DNA secret pyramid stargate garbage to another board and


541440 No.42904

File: 3da73ce4d216400⋯.jpg (508.08 KB, 980x4751, 980:4751, 4Muyi.jpg)

Sorry for all the rules I'm probably breaking but I wanted to share this with people who could appreciate it.

4bd898 No.42905


Riiiiiight.. ;)

Again.. the Rothschilds OWN an island in antarctica.. have a station called 'princess Elizibeth Station', OWN the Red Cross, are doing some really weird shit.. Buzz Aldrin, John Kerry, and some dude from the Vatican go down there this year.. to .. what? Talk to the penguins and watch alga blooms?

You shills are not even trying..

231059 No.42906


Just beware, theres been a couple posts with Q trip as the name (see above). Bold tripcode is NOT Q.

06e2ad No.42907


Kek yoself before yo wreck yoself!

643d42 No.42908


So how does that have anything to do with the Q drops? Cite, please.

beb5fb No.42909


I am praying that one of the DCnn addresses is in Kalorama, and someone with initials VJ gets perp-walked.

70b6c4 No.42910


Q2 (ORITQ) aka 'real Q' is the one now posting again on 8chan. Confirmed from P's. Whatever the disruption was, it has been resolved.

ORITQ + other Pleiadian messages will continue here covering different subjects, sometimes overlapping.

* Q does not have a Twitter account.


4bd898 No.42911


..and you can always tell when you're hitting truth..

The shilling goes exponential..

0e7cc1 No.42912


No, Langley specifically refers to incorporated land set aside solely for the CIA in McLean, which is a part of Fairfax County. It’s about 30 minutes away from Prince William but only about 10 minutes away from DC.

c38ccd No.42913


Yes of course double check and verify but this will at least make the real ones stand out as well.

39fd2b No.42914


True, but as I say the heavy-hitters hang out in DC which is a good hour drive from Quantico. I am of course hoping for big news (Hillary in cuffs would be great), but I expect this to be MS13 gang related. Many hispanics live there… to me a surprisingly high number when I lived there.

d77b77 No.42915

d99777 No.42916


Burning the "evidence"?

0916da No.42917


LOVE THIS thank you

06e2ad No.42918


I love Alice in Chains!

280ea7 No.42919


You know what is never mentioned in any Q post ever? Antarctica, Buzz Aldrin, and your garbage pyramid alien garbage

33aec1 No.42920


Very inspirational. We all need inspiration sometimes.

6ae26e No.42921



Quick everybody, Q's here!

4bd898 No.42922

File: 282de6a8ef90e4a⋯.jpeg (10.07 KB, 261x238, 261:238, ElizibethStation.jpeg)



Red Cross?


1af153 No.42923


You can't filter Q. You can Highlight his ID within a Thread though

0916da No.42924



4cbc72 No.42925


And maybe why Abel Danger had his impromptu live stream yesterday! I really hope this is connected!

06e2ad No.42926


Notice no color difference between name and trip = Fake Q

c38ccd No.42927


Don't be silly, anon.

6a64aa No.42928

Some anon tweeting "gang-related" has been removed from Fox5 reporting

4bd898 No.42929


Shills.. lots and lots of shills..

You might deter SOME Anons.. perhaps all of them. I dunno.

Good job. Of course Q isn't going to 'mention it' just like he doesn't mention Israel, Zionism, or any other shit that truly matters..

He's talked about the RED CROSS and BLOOD several times though.. :)

9472f6 No.42931

File: 34fa39c5ebc5b6d⋯.jpg (52.15 KB, 986x555, 986:555, 37405a90-5964-47d9-a72b-11….jpg)


The FBI has confirmed to ABC7 News that they are executing "court authorized law enforcement activities" in the DC area Wednesday morning.

Sources tell ABC7 News that the actions are connected to gang activity.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives also announced they are engaging in "ongoing law enforcement activity" from Woodbridge to Alexandria.

The FBI's Washington Field office says the activities are taking place in the greater DC area and that federal, state and local agencies are involved.


f7a958 No.42932


No problem, feel free to dig hard into this. My digging is going to be sporadic today, but this memo should provide plenty of adequate leads and connections to the Red Cross network and the bad actors therein.

70b6c4 No.42933

MSM might be using this arrest that happened yesterday to say it's all gang related.

Two men and a juvenile male were arrested Monday for a string of armed robberies in Woodbridge, according to Prince William County Police.


0e7cc1 No.42934


Not really — Quantico is a separate thing. It has its own zip code.

972320 No.42935


Ugggghhh you're so stupid

0ce5b5 No.42936


What about nanotech in the food supply?

96a44b No.42937


I *love* it.

bba5cc No.42939


Someone please check to see if indictments have been unsealed. (I don't know how)

06e2ad No.42940

File: af8ff6e1e717d39⋯.jpg (31.99 KB, 620x443, 620:443, dong.jpg)


Whatever Long duck Dong.

231059 No.42941


Ooh, the Trump tweet makes me think something juicy is going on. Course he tweets that a lot but

>do you believe in coincidences

0916da No.42942


martial law?

bba5cc No.42943


Not yet. Depends on how rough things get

643d42 No.42944


Nah. This is a LEO op. FBI/BATF means internal. No word if DHS is involved.

c38ccd No.42945


If there's any evidence pointing to that, I'm happy to look.

The rabbit holes being dug earlier on this were just illogical to a fault.

In my criminal justice studies we were taught to let evidence lead us, and not the other way around.

Confirmation bias is the bane of all good diggers.

cb46de No.42946



ca8b24 No.42947


Crazy talk here….. I believe they are a "Mimic". They are acting out what they think is the end times. They think they have won and are starting to choke on their own delusion, presumption, and arrogance. It is the ultimate divine trap. They have not won. They will not win.

4bd898 No.42948

File: fbc01af77b7059e⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1409x748, 1409:748, Screenshot from 2017-12-06….png)

0dab3e No.42949

000000 No.42950



>That was at the first of the month, just days before the "big Antifa event" that was naught.


>I think his assertions at that time, were just for that effect.

I don't think so. Corruption this deeply rooted will require a suspension of civil liberties to combat since they control most posts in the government.

We aren't in the clear. If the 9/11 theme of the numerology of the satanists remains consistent, they will launch a nuclear strike on christmas day.

Prepare all your emergency supplies,stock up on ammo, and repent.

c38ccd No.42951


There's IRON in them thar hills!

231059 No.42952


Iron flocculation created by anaerobic bacteria.

e564c3 No.42953


I saw that. It makes sense for Q to be ayy lmao and I know I should discuss in another thread, but even Q's first line…

>Some of us come here to drop crumbs


Who is us? Pleiadians? I get the same feeling with VGC as well with his new maths completely from out of nowhere

e404d9 No.42954

File: de5ed03453db720⋯.png (750.14 KB, 1500x1250, 6:5, Antarctica_Station_Map.png)

66238a No.42955

dcf529 No.42957


Once again headline natural disasters when something big is breaking elsewhere. So many different point of origins in these fires.

7fe3a4 No.42959


Cute - love it.

643d42 No.42960


Enough. Find another thread.

4bd898 No.42961


Apparently! ;)

cb46de No.42963



ndeterminacy of reference refers to the interpretation of words or phrases in isolation, and Quine's thesis is that no unique interpretation is possible, because a 'radical interpreter' has no way of telling which of many possible meanings the speaker has in mind

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Indeterminacy_of_translation

06e2ad No.42965


It's not cute it is serious… The wolves reside in the first heaven.

33aec1 No.42966

The Latest: The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives also announced they are engaging in "ongoing law enforcement activity" from Woodbridge to Alexandria

https://twitter.com /Thomas1774Paine/status/938448512739618819

8bbafb No.42967

File: c5fcdc6a3a883d6⋯.jpg (799.68 KB, 3072x2304, 4:3, 2thciL8.jpg)


>suddenly anything red becomes suspect.


7fe3a4 No.42969


Okay you win. It's seriously cute.

4bd898 No.42971


Enough! We will not be discussing the TRUTH here! lol

Dig.. look up inane actors! Discuss the RESULTS of the problem.. but DON'T YOU DARE TALK ABOUT THE REAL PROBLEM!


e2637e No.42973


means there's a fire lol

c38ccd No.42974


Illermuhnerty confirmed

0d2f3e No.42975


Good guy on our side, and he knows wazzup.

06e2ad No.42979


If people only knew that they have a part of themselves walking around on the first heaven oblivious to where they are….

231059 No.42980


Show me when Q said anything about Antarctica. Until then, it doesn't belong in this thread.

06e2ad No.42983

The first heaven is a pristine earth with a perpetual white sky.

6a6c28 No.42984


who died and made you boss faggot? oh, and you're a rude bastard too

4bd898 No.42985

Wow. There are Clowns in this thread.. watching.. always knew they were here.. waiting for SOMEONE to finally hit the jackpot.

I've never been so shilled in years of being on the chans.

e564c3 No.42987


Dude you can literally start a new thread and this is just for Q. Manners mate - we've got a system and it's working well

78d4f5 No.42989


We aren't here to answer questions that Q might ask in the future, we are here to answer questions that Q has already asked. Additionally, there are threads created specifically for discussions of aliums, metaphysics, religion and all sorts of other topics that people like to discuss, you can check in the catalog for them.

643d42 No.42990


Trying to maintain focus on the topic at hand.

cb46de No.42991


Many clowns were not aware. I know several They have nothing to fear.

4bd898 No.42992


Q hasn't said anything about Zionism either…

cb46de No.42993



cb46de No.42994


ideology is neural malware.

ba8972 No.42995




CBTS General #48 is online now.

Please migrate when this thread reaches post limit.




581d96 No.42997


The filter function REMOVES the selected posts. That does the opposite of what you want.

When you find his ID in a thread, click that ID and all other instances of that same ID

in that same thread only

will be highlighted.

aaf270 No.42998

4bd898 No.42999

643d42 No.43002


Heh. Right. Go back to Deception Island.

e564c3 No.43003


waste of digits. kys

280ea7 No.43004


>years of being on the chans.


726e07 No.43005

File: 9ed286b49203ee4⋯.jpg (28.16 KB, 599x251, 599:251, mccaskill-twitter-franken.jpg)


624e16 No.43006



0ce5b5 No.43012




Removal of nanobot/tech that has been in the entire food supply that the non-1% eat?

177aaf No.43014

File: ba7ddeec0cbec7a⋯.jpg (117.52 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, IMG_2067.JPG)

Tweets reporting Melania Flotus and Mrs. PENCE SAFE WITH OUR NAVY AND MARINES in Corpus CHRISTI. (Apparently just landed)


0916da No.43016



Not yet - but it could escalate

96a44b No.43017


Berry intredasting.

b87666 No.43018

File: 4d9573e6aa0eb68⋯.png (486.47 KB, 772x514, 386:257, 35863922-00E1-476D-BEA4-52….png)


Light and Dark were both infected. Neither is “bad”.

Physical and spiritual action required.

Even Jesus cracked skulls of the moneychangers.

Passivity is no longer an option.

cb46de No.43020

I don't know if It's Clowns or Russians but the DDOS on MAGA is intense. Russians mad because Q hijacked their cyberwar and MARSOC kicks their asses.

Twitter classified Trumps MAGA tweet as "sensitive material." Bad move Clowns.

ff0a18 No.43021

DJT said "Announcement at 1. Some of you will be here. Some of you may not" to the media lol

9329ff No.43022

File: d20068d8e44e47c⋯.jpeg (11.41 KB, 284x212, 71:53, th (1).jpeg)

Q confirmation of Marines in control?

Q: "we are proud"

cb46de No.43023

177aaf No.43024

Liz Crokin Tweets

BREAKING: 6 Democratic female Senators calling for Senator Al Franken to resign!🌪

#TheStorm #Qanon #followthewhiterabbit


674aa7 No.43035


excellent idea.

if (((they))) release alien info, it will be to distract from something huge that's being revealed and an attempt at scaring the public out of their minds.

ba8972 No.43036



581d96 No.43037


Why you waste CBTS time w/ irrelevant video link?

beb5fb No.43041


Is the Castle a communications satellite?

2b7fb5 No.46273

Re: Godfather 3, I have found things related to this.in real life. This is very deep and perhaps I am reading too much into this. Please tell me if you concur. First the movie: The movie also weaves into its plot a fictionalized account of real-life events — the 1978 death of Pope John Paul 1 and the Papal banking scandal of 1981–1982 — and links them with each other and with the affairs of Michael Corleone. The scandal referred here is in regard to Pope John Paul 1. There is theory that he did not die the way the church says, but that he was murdered. Discrepancies in the Vatican's account of the events surrounding John Paul I's death – its inaccurate statements about who found the body;[1] what he had been reading; when, where, and whether an autopsy could be carried out[1][2] – produced a number of conspiracy theories, many associated with the Vatican Bank, which owned many shares in Banco Ambrosiano.

Some conspiracy theorists connect the death of John Paul in September 1978 with the image of the "bishop dressed in white" said to have been seen by Lucia Santos and her cousins Jacinta and Francisco Marto during the visitations of Our Lady of Fátima in 1917.[3][4] In a letter to a colleague, John Paul had said he was deeply moved by having met Lucia and vowed to perform the Consecration of Russia in accordance with her vision. The Bishop dressed in white led me to this-Three Secrets of Fátima. In regards to the third secret, Prior to the 1930s the main focus of devotion to Our Lady of Fatima (which was at that time not widely known outside Portugal and Spain) was on the need to pray the rosary for an end to World War I and for world peace. In 1960 the Vatican issued a press release stating that it was "most probable the Secret would remain, forever, under absolute seal."[According to the New York Times, speculation ranged from "worldwide nuclear annihilation to deep rifts in the Roman Catholic Church that lead to rival papacies. On 2 May 1981, Laurence James Downey hijacked an airplane and demanded that Pope John Paul II make public the Third Secret of Fatima. handwritten text of the Third Secret released by the Vatican in 2000 is not the real secret, but feel Contains information about the Apocalypse, apostasy, Satanic infiltration of the Church. Banco Ambrosiano was an Italian bank that collapsed in 1982. At the centre of the bank's failure was its chairman, Roberto Calvi and his membership in the illegal Masonic Lodge Propaganda Due (aka P2). The Institute for the Works of Religion, commonly known as the Vatican Bank, was Banco Ambrosiano's main shareholder. The Vatican Bank was also accused of funneling covert United States funds to Solidarity and the Contras through Banco Ambrosiano.

The death of Pope John Paul I in 1978 is rumoured to be linked to the Ambrosiano scandal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope_John_Paul_I_conspiracy_theories ; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Secrets_of_F%C3%A1tima : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banco_Ambrosiano Could this be the Godfather 3 reference?

736207 No.46675


Possible he was afraid or forewarned his assets may be frozen?

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