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File: 8e8297605b2e1d9⋯.jpg (215.19 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, c17.jpg)

793b21 No.64707

Seeing reports from South Carolina to Utah of large groups of unusual aircraft activity starting right around the time Q posted good people are in harm's way.

>#LightsInTheSky around 100 planes in St. George, Utah flying single file headed west.



>Also Lexington, KY and South Carolina have vids of the lights in the sky


>@NBCNews it looks like a bunch of military aircraft just crossed over the I-70 corridor, in pattern, red and white position indicators and no blue. They were flying east to west. Very low sound for the number of aircraft and altitude. B-2s going for a run?


>Yes. I saw them in Missouri about 2 hours ago. Others saw them in South Carolina, Ilinois, Kansas, Montana, and Colorado.


daffc7 No.64825


Heard the same.

13e4cd No.65342

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0d5754 No.65371

Interesting. I’m a girl & i don’t know much about military aircraft, but could this have anything to do with the fires in CA? Backup for dumping water etc???

Just a thought

e88d7e No.65916


And this was 12/6 and 12/7 I noticed them, saw only propeller planes on 12/8 as well.

Circling around two to a team, fighters criss crossing the sky in twos on the 6th and 7th. Sounded like a constant low rumble, appeared that general aviation was grounded as well.

b6bee9 No.65938

File: 723dbb19974b109⋯.png (23.87 KB, 1200x312, 50:13, 52790143445c82d43b86331829….png)

The image is a screen cap from Reddit and CBTS #73

e88d7e No.65953


The propeller planes had mufflers, very very quiet, I live near a small airport and general aviation out the ass, most of the time if they fly that low, they're coming in for a landing and they shake the windows. this sounded about as loud as a redneck's pickup, which is effectively silent.

Windows were tinted, black on top white on the bottom, no tail number, non regulation AC lights

44ec42 No.66098


Airplanes dumping water have no reason to fly under the radar with transponder turned off.

It would just endanger them.

1761af No.66410

I remember Q saying we'd notice more military presence, and not to be alarmed (but we know to always remain on guard) my thoughts were that are that we are just not used to seeing our military doing things like that here.

Also thank you for posting this thread, I'm a military craft aficionado, and this abdsexchange virtual radar is noice! I usually monitor flight aware but when I noticed a military heli it wasn't on that radar. I'm close to Selfridge. I'll post updates if I see nighttime heli. (Cause I'll monitor this like it's my job!)

God bless you, Patriots

1761af No.66416


Fixing my awful typo, sweet Jesus…

adbexchange.com (not sex exchange, jeez, maybe coffee in order) I'm phone posting watching radar, sorry!

1be500 No.66428


>only confirmed followers can view these tweets


000000 No.66433


haha i was almost afraid to check it out :)

but what is the difference from flightradar24.com?

ff0abd No.66619


flightradar24 doesn't like displaying military aircraft around, adsbexchange does.

1761af No.66629


Flightradar indeed seems the same, only I was cut off after looking, saying I'd need to subscribe for more data. This radar pulls from others. All you have to do is look at a part of the map and it'll list the planes/heli on the right side. I think the difference is everything is totally free to look at, and you can donate at will.

Free, is good :)

000000 No.66672


wow, thats real cool!


i guess you are using their app on the phone because i only look at their site on my computer and i have never been cut off, never had to pay or register or anything. only if the window has been up for a long time it does a time out and i have to reload. but i have not really been there since summer so maybe they have made some changes. but i hope not.

1761af No.66743


Yeah, I used it over my phone. I don't get out my laptop a lot…at least until recently.

793b21 No.66787

Looks like this was a graduation exercise for an AF training program.


1c0ed0 No.67066

File: 77ddf59bd313572⋯.png (2.53 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, CA115A7C-0757-43FD-8A12-C5….png)

80eb4c No.67097


I'm over in rochester and have jets flying overhead every single day now. Used to be a rarity.

81f8cd No.67169


Definitely strange. Even if a practice.

I'm looking up LOCAL news in these areas on usnpl.com to see if there is anything relevant that catches my eye. Not necessarily about the flights but the flights could clue in on other happenings.

Kansas City


South Carolina

Rochester, NY

Savannah Georgia

Denver Colorado

0d9852 No.67265


His twitter got set to private a few hours after people started re-tweeting. Forgot to archive :(


We have 21 B2 bombers and this looks like 15 of them.

33c878 No.67303


i cant find any aviation forum that talks about this. most seem very slow with few posts. this one was the most active one i could find:


0351ee No.67601

Q mentioned a Henderson zip code and a massive secret data storage center…Interesting

be59dd No.67696


It will display aircraft. Sometimes the RU-85s want to know they know that we know that they're in the sky.

I was tracking 2 nocallsigns last night in east Israel. When they returned to base, went dark.

Also there was a State plane nocallsign tracked towards Jerusalem then dropped of radar.

44552e No.67786


It's a shItload of C17s headed to Nellis and the area there. That's called a non-standard formation, essentially a large line of them all following the lead aircraft.

02c9d2 No.69113


C17s == Globemaster III == Godfather III event?

c088c3 No.69661

I believe Team Q has acquired the military industrial complex's secret toys.

fad049 No.71882


Oh look, Tay is here! Say hi to Tay A.I. everybody!

9cef98 No.133779

For what it's worth, from Sorcha Faal:

http://www.whatdoesitmean .com/index2456.htm

If the CDC & Mossad are involved, it could put 99% in the hospital.

000000 No.133967


I would like to shoot people who are talking like they know shit while in fact they are just making crap up while they go along.

<red and white position indicators and no blue.

NO aircraft has blue "position indicators", or lights, for that matter. What they have is a beacon light (red) usually on the tail, white strobe lights (remember the "shooters" on the chopper in Vegas? Yeah…) on the wings and sometimes tail, and then a green light on the starboard wing and a red light on the port wing.

The idiot was probably just at an angle to be unable to see the red and or / green light on the side of the wings.

<Very low sound for the number of aircraft and altitude. B-2s going for a run?

A B-2 would be fucking loud when near the observer. Why does this idiot think near invisible to radar must mean quiet to the ear?

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