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File: bb0d8a21cfb8806⋯.png (38.05 KB, 1291x231, 1291:231, Screenshot-2017-12-11 CBTS….png)

3a5646 No.74559

The thread to update information on wife digging. We were told to follow them, so let's do it anons. Add names or information relevant on this thread

3a5646 No.74657

It might be significant - this article (from 1994) suggests the marriage may have been (implemented/expodited as) a political move to some degree:

"Wives Called Upon to Help Their Husbands on the Hustings : Campaigning: Women are playing key roles as symbols of domestic values in local races. Some say the trend is a reaction against feminism."

http://articles.latimes.com /1994-10-30/local/me-56666_1_family-values/2 (page 2 of 2)

3a5646 No.74664


Sabelhaus twice co-chaired the National United Way's

Summit on Women in Philanthropy and is the Founding national co-chair of the

Tiffany Circle, Society of women leaders, for the American Red Cross. She is

a member of the Belezian Grove, an international womens organization.


3a5646 No.74667

Schumers wife was appointed NYC DOT commissioner on Sept, 5 2000.

Just in time for 9/11

0ecdc5 No.74699

3a5646 No.74719


Thank ya

293d44 No.74752

Death to the daughters of megalia

death to the eight goddess group

deus vult!

0ecdc5 No.74783



0ecdc5 No.74795

e6f24f No.75128

Check out link from abledanger.org where the idea of wives being the ones controlling the evil narrative was discussed in detail: http://www.abeldanger.org/mistress-of-the-revels-man-in-the-middle-attacks/

c499d4 No.76194

File: cdf87f28a6886d2⋯.png (65.53 KB, 428x425, 428:425, Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at ….png)

File: e0f9c2ec09f392d⋯.png (68.45 KB, 447x423, 149:141, Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at ….png)

File: 97bae9b0f272e0e⋯.png (64.05 KB, 424x412, 106:103, Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at ….png)

File: 68394e200e11fc6⋯.png (65.15 KB, 427x419, 427:419, Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at ….png)


about that… here is a list of (((likers))) and it continues down 2x …. An

629c15 No.76240


Also just released on True Pundit.com: Wife of demoted DOJ official worked for Fusion GPS, the firm behind anti-Trump dossier

Posted in general thread, but also appropriate here.

17b69a No.76528

Gavin Newsom's wife Jennifer Siebel Newsom pulls down $360k combined salary + consulting.


Board member Geralyn Dreyfous showed up in a high powered group with Rockefellers, UN, and the head of CBS. https://archive.is/u3FZB

7471fb No.76623


Adam Schiff shills for Armenian Genocide recognition because his district has the largest population of Armenians in the country. That's why most of these likers are Armenian. Ironic that hes a dual citizen with Israel and Israel doesn't even want that, as Jews are the eternal victims.

173565 No.78160

Alison Lawton is the ex-wife of Frank Giustra (The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (Canada). She currently sits on the advisory council for Richard Branson’s foundation, Virgin Unite Canada. This is from her wiki page:

Lawton met Lloyd Axworthy, former Director of the University of British Columbia’s Liu Institute for Global Issues and former Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister, in 2004. He encouraged her to cover the forcible conscription of children in Uganda’s civil war.[7]

After a trip to Uganda she struggled with how to properly publicize the plight of the Acholi children in Uganda and consulted with former President Bill Clinton, whom she met while touring Africa with UNICEF and the Clinton Foundation. On a special request from the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education, she flew to India to present her work and also consult with the Dalai Lama. The spiritual leader told her to stop worrying and "work from a place in your heart."[8] What started off as an educational video that Axworthy could use for lobbying, ended up becoming "Uganda Rising", a full-length documentary that chronicled the 20-year civil war in the country.[9] Written and co-directed (with Jesse James Miller) by Pete McCormack, and narrated by Kevin Spacey, it screened at more than 25 film festivals worldwide and was the recipient of the Best Documentary Award at several festivals including WT Os International Film Festival and Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.[10]

6df6a7 No.78252


Loretta Lynch was close with Eric Holder's wife. Friends since college. Started a sorority together.

Does this have to do with the 8 Goddess mess in SK?

2d31a0 No.78704

I have a question, or perhaps, series of questions, I would like to ask someone who knows about the role of Females in the Occult. I don't want to piss anyone off by posting "useless" questions in the incorrect thread(s.) Can someone inform me of whether or not this thread is appropriate for questioning of that nature? And, are there any individuals with knowledge of this?

992836 No.81085


A purported pyramid-scheme operator who was run out of Arkansas when Bill Clinton was governor has reinvented himself as the head of an upstate group accused of being a “cult” – and his devotees have pumped thousands into Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s presidential run.

Executives and top associates of the Albany-based NXIVM group – along with their family members – donated $29,900 to Clinton’s presidential campaign, according to federal records.

1eff14 No.81888



1eff14 No.81990


Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded


Each woman was told to undress and lie on a massage table, while three others restrained her legs and shoulders. According to one of them, their “master,” a top Nxivm official named Lauren Salzman, instructed them to say: “Master, please brand me, it would be an honor.”

fb1feb No.82680



1eff14 No.82903





btw… http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/longtime-fundraiser-linked-hillary-clinton-norman-hsu-convicted-violating-campaign-finance-law-article-1.407603

Norman Hsu funded HRC, and Raniere grooms the gals for her women's-only stuff?

Salzman - German Ashkenazic Jewish surname meaning "salt man" - https://frankreport.com/2017/06/22/lauren-salzman-in-quandary-on-how-to-explain-raniere-and-dos/ …makes her sound like a well-groomed lyrical gangsta!?

…and would you look at that, just stumbled upon this little beauty…


Records: NXIVM hacked billionaire's emails with Hillary Clinton, world leaders

…an axe to grind, maybe?

0e1b47 No.83044

Why are we not talking about

Serena Mary Dunn Rothschild?

She is the wife of Jacob, a racehorse owner, and the most likely candidate for "on my way to the groomers" "picking flowers" before the helicopter crash.


Read the "Kamikaze Hit" section of this article:



It's rather interesting that this UK corporation listing site has the "resident" address of Serena Rothschild AND the Rothschild Foundation as "Silk Street, Waddesdon, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire." Rather curious given what we've been told….


2fe02f No.88273

0f4d3d No.90469

File: 9967dadece53be3⋯.png (318.07 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-13-16-1….png)

File: 3d1c0fa8b876ecc⋯.png (399.19 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-13-15-4….png)

Franni Bryson Franken

Met in college


Tried looking for charity work and cane up with a fundraiser. The description is more revealing than the page link

0f4d3d No.90477

File: 15880fde0d4c55b⋯.png (362.72 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-13-16-2….png)

0f4d3d No.90782

File: c60d5a0a22ea6d0⋯.png (342.69 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-13-17-0….png)

Franni Franken donations

672d01 No.90852


Wasn't that part of the name of the cult President Park from South Korea was in that caused her to get pulled out of office? The same President Park in those pictures at that university where Hillary Clinton and Longname de Rothschild got honorary diplomas or whatever it was?

a4bece No.92160

File: 825dd39a158c886⋯.png (411.27 KB, 1440x1291, 1440:1291, Screenshot_2017-12-13-21-0….png)

File: 05c49362f2b7b35⋯.png (148.1 KB, 1440x1627, 1440:1627, Screenshot_2017-12-13-20-5….png)

File: 2762ffe9ff50736⋯.png (538.66 KB, 1440x1135, 288:227, Screenshot_2017-12-13-20-5….png)

File: 8442e45ad4dce03⋯.png (374.83 KB, 1440x1515, 96:101, Screenshot_2017-12-13-20-5….png)


Samantha Cameron

Searched: Matrix 5 and took me on this trail of websites. Quite odd. Maybe worth a look, unknown where rabbit hole goes. Will keep digging.

Matrix 5 Technologies

Systems integrator of networked digital video monitoring systems for industrial, commercial, ski-area, and school safety and remote site security using Digital Video over Networks, especially wireless LANs and truly long-range wireless video. Related monitoring products include our advanced TMC-series Auto-Dialer as well as new Internet- and WAN-connected remote video monitoring products being developed.

a4bece No.92168

File: dba83be91a3c6e0⋯.png (213.93 KB, 1440x1890, 16:21, Screenshot_2017-12-13-21-0….png)

Forgot final pic.

eb2468 No.92224


Who would sleep with a pig shagger?!

a4bece No.92265

File: a75d90423467f15⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1440x2332, 360:583, Screenshot_2017-12-13-21-1….png)

File: 30e364f74a7e960⋯.png (505.51 KB, 1440x2553, 480:851, Screenshot_2017-12-13-21-1….png)

If you search Paneltec Corp you can find facebook page for them. Then web link brings you to a really odd page with links to "dog gps"… Wtf. So… Matrix 5 to csd to csdco to paneltec corp via ndt .org to facebook to some other paneltec corp… Connected by email address and phone number.

a4bece No.92350

Matrix 5 lists an Auto Dialer as an available product which would link back to call volume to phone operators on 9/11. Again, only going off constant mention of Matrix 5 in her bio from this link. www.abeldanger. org/mistress-of-the-revels-man-in-the-middle-attacks/

1a0fc0 No.92704

File: a6a6601017b9283⋯.png (107.12 KB, 631x214, 631:214, de Louthersbourg.png)

The Macklin Bible - Follow the Ys (Wives)

There are no coincidences. Happened to be at a church function and during the service the minster brought up the Macklin Bible saying that the multi-volume Bible printed in the year 1791 is renowned for it’s amazing art. Of interest is that “the artists often selected scripture texts that featured women, who were the nurturers of religious education for the family in late 18th century England. “ http://diglib.library.vanderbilt.edu/act-imagelink.pl?RC=54113

Now, this was not a book for the average family as Macklin’s publications “cost an estimated £30,000 in its day” “As you can imagine, this luxurious production was incredibly expensive even in its own day. Among subscribers to the enormous production was the royal family.” https://www.baumanrarebooks.com/blog/bibles-dont-get-bigger-macklin-bible-1800/ At this link there is a small screen shot of a portion of the subscribers list but it’s not the complete list. I tried to research online for a complete list of subscribers, but was unable to find any documentation, though I intuit that we might find a number of the usual suspects from the Bloodlines. Women of this social class during that period were rarely involved with the raising of their children in a hands on manner so I am not so sure that women were featured prominently because they were “nurturers of religious education for the family.” Were they featured prominently because they were priestesses?

In researching this Bible, I thought the attached mention of one of the book’s artists, de Loutherbourg, in the book, Theosophical Enlightenment by Joscelyn Godwin, very curious. de Loutherbourg is noted to have had an interest in the occult.

Anyway, please feel free to draw your own conclusions and research further if there is interest. I’ll continue to dig.

af80b0 No.92878

File: 2f2de5bf1177eb3⋯.jpg (30.9 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 2977edf25418471cb61754dbf8….jpg)

All the priestesses are feminists, as are their supporters. Non-feminists aren't invited.

1bcfae No.103778

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 12/15/17 (Fri) 01:28:58 462c9a No.11045246>>11045251 >>11045252 >>11045253 >>11045255 >>11045257 >>11045258 >>11045261 >>11045262 >>11045265 >>11045268 >>11045269 >>11045270 >>11045272 >>11045275 >>11045283 >>11045284 >>11045290 >>11045292 >>11045297 >>11045303 >>11045311 >>11045317 >>11045319 >>11045326 >>11045328 >>11045361 >>11045367 >>11045397 >>11045406 >>11045420

Follow the crumbs.

You have it all.

SEC Conf will be analyzed.

Dark [10].

Enjoy the show!


Could this connect wives to SEC?

INSURANCE: Hours After FBI Found Classified Hillary Emails on Weiner Laptop, Peter Strzok’s Wife Was Promoted to Director of SEC Enforcement

https:// truepundit.com/insurance-hours-after-fbi-found-classified-hillary-emails-on-weiner-laptop-peter-strzoks-wife-was-promoted-to-director-of-sec-enforcement/

e7f1d2 No.104280


What's the deal with Assange? He worked with the bad people? Got forced to turn on them? Is now revealing their secrets? Do any of you know anything about how/why he might have changed sides….assuming this Abel Danger info is credible. The Kathy Robertson part has a lot about him.

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