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File: 13bc50c23b3c191⋯.jpg (14.97 KB, 255x151, 255:151, cbts-header.jpg)

12dbf2 No.8213

John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

1. The purpose is to log events as they happen over the coming days. Everything is connected, Everything has meaning.

2. Infighting accomplishes nothing, stride together towards resolution of on-topic problems. Not your faith, creed or dick size.

3. This is a Bunker, the post rate is slower & we don't really know what to expect. Coordinate efforts on: Organization of information / Creating

4. How would you explain /PizzaGate/ - Satanic Cult child abuse to normies? Questions. How do we get people asking Questions? Good Memes.

5. Get Comfy, Believe in your bones that we're riding the greatest timeline in existence.

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ad23e4 No.8215

Kike free first post.

be79c6 No.8216



d958b1 No.8218

5d61b8 No.8219

>>8161 The star will gorge itself on clay? Prophecy thingie came out right around the eclipse. Clay is also meant to symbolize humans, Adam was made of clay. Or could be the moon? Jeez I hope its' the killing bolt that does not kill....just throwing it out there

14417f No.8220

Time for butter!

12dbf2 No.8222


np - thanks to the anon who linked the batter

cb04d2 No.8224


Q !ITPb.qbhqo (ID: Hy6wyrTj) 11/21/17(Tue)22:46:36 No.150435422▶

Why are China & Russia communist S/closed?

Can you find an owl / Y there?

Was this to prevent evil from entering?

Was this to protect their children/people?

Why was BO shamed during trip to China, SA, other locations?

How was POTUS hosted?



Fantasy land.


prediction post followed this ^

38d79a No.8225

Is there anything that needs to be done in Toronto?

I want to help and hunt

dfaba0 No.8226

File: 35da9985c9479ef⋯.jpg (121.65 KB, 878x598, 439:299, New Age Nonsense.jpg)



I'm with you brother. I have no problem with spirituality, intuition and discernment, which is why I recognize the NEW AGE CLOWNs, such as DAVID WILCOX, STEVEN GREER, and FULFORD trying to divert others into their webs of deception.

04fdd0 No.8229

i'm stuck on the q posts on 10/31. there's a reference to SCI[F]. sensitive comp info (wiki) and the reference to supreme court 'state secrets' authority. would this be what would prevent the prez from full disclosure (risk impeachment by amendment 25) and force him to act covertly?

12dbf2 No.8230

I just wonder what the youtubers who are mining cuckchan for updates are thinking right now

5d61b8 No.8231

This is the top article on Daily Mail. I admit it's a shit site but anywho, it went from 20 articles about Harry and Megan to this…with all the talk of bloodlines and some type of happening I found it eerily relevant.


Age of 'Christ's tomb' is revealed: Mortar used in the complex dates to Rome's first Christian emperor suggesting it really IS where 'Jesus was buried and resurrected'

Are secrets of the Vatican about to be spilled? Remember the Templars raided the temple mount and stole something, which some think was the Holy Grail, which some think was either a body, or recorded family tree, or both. The cup or grail is usually symbolized as a vessel which holds the blood of Christ and also often thought to be a living person not an actual cup.

209e4d No.8232

File: b27647f13fa2a4b⋯.jpg (3.25 MB, 5599x6000, 5599:6000, 56.jpg)

File: ae8a478ae4449ea⋯.jpg (3.03 MB, 5599x6000, 5599:6000, 45.jpg)

File: da6b3c22b7b3626⋯.png (2.75 MB, 5599x6000, 5599:6000, 23.png)

File: a4605779e60dc57⋯.jpg (5.32 MB, 5599x6000, 5599:6000, 12.jpg)


Mhmm nothing like fresh bread after a long day. Obligatory graphics

c9c6b3 No.8233

File: e54726f87f0b155⋯.jpg (56.35 KB, 671x631, 671:631, 1511903480866.jpg)

Um, guys?

12dbf2 No.8235


Checked, mason. Can you say Logan Act?

96bb53 No.8237


Here in a bit of time, several thousand sealed indictments WILL be put before the bench.

When that happens, i hope that POTUS' working to cut the funding to BLM, ANTIFA et al was truly effective.

I think that WE as a group have been tasked as a psyop to pink (then Red) pill the masses prior, during, and after these events.

I do not think that POTUS desires ML, but i do not think he will hesitate to enact it if forced to.

We are looking at the very real possibility of the


Unprecedented… but neccessary to truly "drain the swamp".

This is on top of the cabal, ayyys, nibiru, or Jesus.

Bunch o' ducks to get in rows. This exercise is part of a multi-pronged strategy to make the best of an horrific situation.

Searching out the truth and memeing and Q fukin Xmeta all are here.

Find your spot and hop to it folks

<Time is getting shorter

2a65e7 No.8238


there are youtubes on how PTrudeau molested/abused Justin and MKUltra and JT's speech at his father's funeral (bizzarre!). take a look.

209e4d No.8239

File: c8d625d6e1d5ff1⋯.jpg (2.47 MB, 4800x3076, 1200:769, swampy.jpg)

File: 5a08476dba934bc⋯.png (334.96 KB, 473x918, 473:918, feel it.png)

File: 53f3b7e3d8d19f0⋯.jpg (504.78 KB, 1211x3951, 1211:3951, roth nuc re.jpg)

File: f582d45f6f23afd⋯.jpg (197.24 KB, 2560x1340, 128:67, 1509922924077.jpg)


Oh boy

c9c6b3 No.8240

File: 919e4b2abacd460⋯.jpg (63.3 KB, 300x352, 75:88, 1511823240161.jpg)



5d61b8 No.8241


Yes I was researching the Bolshevik revolution and the relation to the Vatican and WW2 a few days ago. I'm so busy doing normie stuff rn I wish I could dig back into it but there is a definite "religious" reason behind the 'west' being cut off from Russia and China. there is also a connected reason there to why Hitler never invaded Switzerland. Remember what makes Hong Kong special…

2a65e7 No.8244


arrest the f'er if he does so.

i think this is a psyop to make trump look weak.

12dbf2 No.8245


Great comment. Keep working hard ppl.

a36677 No.8246


When all his half-breed Affirmative Action points run out, payback will be mofacky.

2e4dd6 No.8248


hang on, I thought BO was "extracted" back to US and is monitored. Does he still have his passport?

209e4d No.8250

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4b3c75 No.8252


Dunno. You got a current picture?

5d61b8 No.8253


Oops forgot but NO, there is no owl or Y demon symbolism or worship there in media or art or religion. No illuminati confirmed in any way. Yes it was to protect their children. Fantasy land must be western civilization. We are all Alice, we are stuck in a dream, thoughts controlled, hypnotized and conditioned by media/movies/music/religion(false)/etc. W is for Western Wonderland. Just my humble opinion. Q=Alice maybe simply b/c Q=American ?

e166ea No.8254

>>8222 [trips chkd]

Thanks for the bread!

Baker here - couldn't post bread - got stuck in a 'you haven't solved the captcha' loop

ba1445 No.8255


I will when Im done with this rabbitholegate vid. Ive been looking for something like this man, that connects all the goddamn dots in one fatal swoop, thanks a lot

12dbf2 No.8257


it only worked for me on the third time. mods plz attend to this.

2f02b7 No.8258


Been posting about this all day. The story seems incredibly fake. The Hill said the trip is "upcoming" and WaPo said he already "embarked."

Didn't Q say BO went to Asia BEFORE POTUS?

Anyway CBS news did a piece on this alleged trip and there was no video footage at all, just random photos. The photo with The Hill's tweet is old just like BO Thanksgiving photo on Twit.

5d61b8 No.8259


how are we sure it's not Science Fiction with the F in brackets b/c reality is stranger than fiction therefore Science Non Fiction.

c9c6b3 No.8260

File: d1edde8a8dc0515⋯.png (18.96 KB, 594x190, 297:95, UNemergency.png)


He was promised to be Prez of the UN, right? Or did i fuck up?

caf8b1 No.8262

2e4dd6 No.8265


I don't have anything. Given our Q journey so far, it just doesn't make any sense if BO (or HRC or Podesta or McCain) are allowed to leave the country.

63b2e1 No.8266

Oldfag checking in. No need for anybody to get too excited over current budget conflict. Washington has gone through this little drama all my life. It's like their Super Bowl.

b38d45 No.8268


At this point, we should all be seething with rage, I know I am. These treasonous cockroaches should be in jail already.

c9c6b3 No.8269


Why would they want to fake this? Maybe they need him to be "visible" for public reasons?

12dbf2 No.8270


Didn't D.C. actually shut down a couple of times in the 80s?

96bb53 No.8271


>>Just my humble opinion. Q=Alice maybe simply b/c Q=American ?


>>b/c reality is stranger than fiction therefore Science Non Fiction

<alice = humanity / wonderland = reality

Yet to be revealed…

my .o2

9b59e0 No.8272

What's up fags. Anything new since yesterday?

Here's a throwback thread on /pol/ I thought you guys would like:



it involves assange and a cia honeypot

2e4dd6 No.8273


Wait, she's in China? So much for the boot. I would have thought arrests were imminent by this point.

12dbf2 No.8275


No, we know Alice = Hillary and Wonderland = The Bloody Wonderland = SA

738fe3 No.8278


video link

12dbf2 No.8280

File: b49191ad0960140⋯.png (201.71 KB, 790x623, 790:623, keystone2.png)

I think this is a great find for us.

2f02b7 No.8282


Once again, NO video footage, only old photos. Something is definitely up. They know that we know BO and HC are out of sight and they're trying to prove otherwise.

9ee6da No.8283

File: 8fff17fa3f3551f⋯.png (49.78 KB, 1288x387, 1288:387, q-qronos1.png)

Guess I was too late to post in the other bread, but with regards to this pic of Toronto posted seconds after Q's post:

Did anyone else catch the name of that short building next the the "apartments" everyone was focused on.

Tip: Westin Harbour CASTLE Hotel & Conference Center


Where are the corrupt Saudi's currently being held?


c9c6b3 No.8285





THIS, just imagine if the public or outer circles knew they were gone? They have to keep up their image.

c4c2f2 No.8286


Boy oh boy do we need some big time takedowns in Canada. our boy is cucked and fucked, he's a pedo and I'm sick of it.

ca5c18 No.8287


Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

2f02b7 No.8291

File: c641af8be01040f⋯.jpg (62.92 KB, 1024x696, 128:87, DPv-l6wVwAIDWmc.jpg_large.jpg)


(Not mine, found it on Twit.)

4b3c75 No.8293

Did you hear about the Earthquake in Iran?

2e4dd6 No.8294



Ahh, video link. Okay, it was a teleconference. She was NOT in China.

>Hillary Clinton hit out at both U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping in remarks via video to a conference in Beijing.


96bb53 No.8295


Everything is connected.

Multiple applications of fact = reality(s)

e.g: white rabbit = playboy, satellite pics, etc.

new paradigm worldwide

Change perspective.

<i think it is more pervasive.

My .o4

5b5f4a No.8298

There are way too many breads on this board. How the hell is anyone going to take all these breads and make ONE MAP?

dbc487 No.8300


Will the ff b by c[i]a using submarine to launch missile at us near nk ?

Anyone have any good news :/

12dbf2 No.8302


Good point - Q has given us things with multiple meanings

209e4d No.8303


The breads are all labeled in order. It will take time until those boards get bumped off the board.

ca5c18 No.8305


this was used in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

recalled him to active service, in order to court martial him

5b5f4a No.8307


There are good breads lower down.. with really good info. Those will get bumped but others talking about sci fi alien crap are above and won't get bumped and they are NOT in order they are random based upon latest posting or new start.

bff74d No.8308



FamousChan devolved into a black hole of suck over the course of 1 week. It jumped the shark.

be79c6 No.8309

Man half chan is FUCKED, I'm so glad we have 8chan as our home base now. Thank you everyone! We do good work here.

2e4dd6 No.8310

>Pelosi and John M (some of us refuse to say his last name for a reason).

What is Q's reason?

209e4d No.8311


Sorry meant in OP, my bad.

Threads so far ->

1. >>>/cbts/505 -> https://archive.fo/Pvbqq

2. >>>/cbts/1716 -> https://archive.fo/O3jcy

3. >>>/cbts/2955 -> https://archive.fo/E2dHY

4. >>>/cbts/3947 -> https://archive.fo/9n86r

5. >>>/cbts/5220 -> https://archive.fo/Lr7eP

6. >>>/cbts/6262 -> https://archive.fo/f9W5Z

7. >>>/cbts/7180 ->

2f02b7 No.8312


Cain as in the son of Adam, (not the good one.)

5b5f4a No.8313


Because McSongbird is a traitor that caused a lot of GI's deaths with his turncoat traitor info to the vietnamese

96bb53 No.8314




<all i got. Sorry.

5b5f4a No.8318


I know the GENERAL but there are a LOT of other breads not numbered with good info. Who is compiling info from those boards that is spot on?

2e4dd6 No.8319


Good point. "Mc" means "son of", so McCain is descended from the first murderer.

fa344a No.8320

Download free software here to confirm this isn't a lie: http://purebiblesearch.com/

Here it is:

children of Isreal - 644 occurances (7x92)

God of Israel - 203 occurances (7x29)

Son of Man - 196 occurances (7x28)

Jesus Christ - 196 occurances (7x28)

in Christ - 77 occurances (7x11)

church - 77 occurances (7x11)

it is written - 63 occurances in the new testament (7x9)

Most High - 49 occurances (7x7)

Word of God - 49 occurances (7x7)

assembly - 49 occurances (7x7)

witnesses - 49 occurances (7x7)

breath (form of Spirit) - 42 occurances (7x6)

bride - 14 occurances (7x2)

thunders (God's voice) - 7 occurances

Holy Spirit - 7 occurances

husbandman - 7 occurances

fishers (as fishers of men) - 7 occurances

peculiar (a parish or church exempt from the jurisdiction) - 7 occurances

daughter of jerusalem - 7 occurances

kinsmen - 7 occurances

worshippers - 7 occurances

workmanship - 7 occurances

daughters of jerusalem - 7 occurances in old testament

thy word - 7 occurances in the new testament

"Jesus" in the same verse as "church" - 7 occurances

Yet the Bible was written by 40 different authors! What are the chances hey that so many Holy words and phrases in the bible come in sevens, these are not mere coincidences.

2e4dd6 No.8321


I feel gross supporting him in '08.

b38d45 No.8323


You didn't have a choice. Both candidates were Soros cockholsters

2f02b7 No.8324


There's a whole thing about the sons of Cain in esoteric studies. Apparently they are the demonic bloodline. Something like that…

5b5f4a No.8325


My husband (navy pilot)would have shot me in the head if I had voted for McSongbird

fa344a No.8327

Use Date Calculator to confirm dates for proof.

Date Calculator: https://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html

Donald Trump D.O.B: 14/06/1946

Donald Trump First Day of Presidency: 21/01/2017

Day Israel became a Nation: 14/05/1948

Donald Trump electors who voted for him: 304 (with 2 defectors)

Hillary Clinton electors who votes for her: 227 (with 5 defectors)

1. Donald Trump was born 700 days before Israel was a nation again

2. Which would mean when Israel was 77 days old, Trump would have been 777 days old.

3. Which would also mean Israel’s 70th Birthday will come 700 days after Trumps 70th Birthday.

4. Trump won by 304 electors, Hillary lost with 227 electors. 304 – 227 = 77

5. Also 3+0+4 = 7

6. Trump will be 70 Years, 7 Months, and 7 days old on his first day of presidency.

Number 6 is the most significant one.

Trump was sent by God to drain the Swamp.

ad23e4 No.8328


God can reveal himself to me by proving P=NP.

Not through a book which was translated and retranslated and altered for political reasons by man you stupid piece of shit. Start your own thread for your numerology shit you ignorant fuck. Or better yet, don't, because it's a waste of time and you should really feel bad.

b38d45 No.8330


Relax, fedorabro. Bible-thumpers created society.

7c76e4 No.8331

File: fc00f935e64ce2f⋯.jpg (478.4 KB, 1100x709, 1100:709, Donald John Trump.jpg)



>2017 is the "Year of Our Lord" (5,777 in Hebrew)

>Trump was born under a Blood Moon (total lunar eclipse)

>7 hours into presidency, Trump turned 7 decades, 7 months and 7 days old.

>7th US President from New York

>Officially won by 77 electoral votes, due to 7 faithless electors

>Skipped the 7th debate

>Has 7 family members

>First conference after becoming president was 77 minutes long

>Mother's name is Mary

>Father's middle name is Christ

>Declared his campaign on 6/16, saddest day on Jewish calendar (Tisha B'Av)

>Tisha B'av in 2017 is 5,777 days since the start of the war in Afghanistan on Putin's 49th (7x7 years) birthday.

>Born 700 days before Israel is founded. 777 days after his birth, Israel was a nation for 77 days

>His grandmother, Elizabeth Christ Trump died on 6/6/66. Jerusalem reunified on 6/7/67, 366 days after her death

>5,777 days since 9/11 is 7/6/17 (anagram of 1776) in the year 5,777

>7 hours into presidency was 7x7 years, 7 months, and 7+7 days after Jerusalem reunification on the 7+7+7th day of 2017 or 5,777

>Lamech the father of Noah (builder of the Ark), died 5 years before the flood at 777 years old, symbolizing the year 5,777

>Mike Pence was born on 6/7, which is 677 weeks after Trump's birth

fa344a No.8332

I'm only posting facts that can be verified easily.

Odd how the Bible kept these numbers after being written by over 40 different authors and translated numerous times. More proof only God could have done it, as it wouldn't be humanly possible.

b33276 No.8333


I didn't vote at all because the choices were so bad.

38d79a No.8334


The banished Hyksos priests were the ones who had the Talmud, the numerical bible, which helped create all Abrahamic religions starting with Judaism. They were the first Jew

43301e No.8335

Good twitter swarm on what is likely happening behind the scenes


>Was telling people endlessly asking me "Why >no more indictments unsealed yet, what're >they waitin' fer?!"

>Well, they're WATCHING what all these >assholes are doing, of course, the panicked >scurrying around, moving of funds, dissolving >of companies, new startups, etc.

2e4dd6 No.8336


You mean where half of Satan's followers took spiritual forms (demons) and the other half took physical forms (giants), and these giants bred with Cain's lineage? Something like that? This stuff isn't in my Bible.

243297 No.8337


When was this photo taken?

When was the photo really taken?

Who posted an old photo for thanks giving?

Who travelled ahead of Trump recently?

What is fake news?

When was the photo taken?

What does the photo say?

4b3c35 No.8338


Answer twitter messages pls

209e4d No.8339


I agree, hard to validate information & compile when we don't have the confirmation. I personally don't have the autism points for compiling right now, but if there is any posts in any breads you feel are worth highlighting go back and relink them here. I'll keep a notepad of them.

dbc487 No.8340



i believe the bible was compromised and many things alerted. … is that what u r saying?

243297 No.8341


Be careful what you wish for.

96bb53 No.8342



And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch. [18] And unto Enoch was born Irad: and Irad begat Mehujael: and Mehujael begat Methusael: and Methusael begat Lamech. [19] And Lamech took unto him two wives: the name of the one was Adah, and the name of the other Zillah. [20] And Adah bare Jabal: he was the father of such as dwell in tents, and of such as have cattle. [21] And his brother's name was Jubal: he was the father of all such as handle the harp and organ. [22] And Zillah, she also bare Tubal–cain, an instructer of every artificer in brass and iron: and the sister of Tubal–cain was Naamah.


b38d45 No.8345


Yeah, and they weren't allowed to write the Talmud down for hundreds of years because of how blasphemous and evil it was. It was passed down by word of mouth.

4b3c75 No.8346


Peace my brother.

Watch Iran.

209e4d No.8347


Redpill me on why P=NP would change the game so much

2f02b7 No.8348


Yeah, that's the idea. It's not in the Bible but written about in The Book of Enoch, I believe.

243297 No.8349


Proves the existence of God.

ad23e4 No.8350


Still wishing carelessly.

2f02b7 No.8352


This has been covered. Read posts.

209e4d No.8353


How does P=NP Prove God?

a4ef55 No.8354


it'll have to be a wiki page

2e4dd6 No.8355


>U.S. President Barack Obama (L) shakes hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping during a bilateral meeting ahead of the opening of the UN conference on climate change COP21 on November 30, 2015.


fa344a No.8356


The Book of Enoch is false. The KJV Bible is a perfectly translated English Bible which God intended.

At the end of the day, those numbers are proof that Bible is perfect. No men, over 4000, could write so perfectly to create these numbers of these words to appear, even when they had no idea of the English language, it's mathematically improbable.

ad23e4 No.8357


More disinfo, on their part. lmfao. They're all locked up listening to eachother kvetch probably.

fa344a No.8358


Should say over 4000 years.

38d79a No.8359


From my understanding their knowledge came from Hermes Trimestigus who originally warned never to crystallize the knowledge he gained calling it "casting pearls before swine". Because they worship demons they must to do the opposite and the Babylonian Talmud was written.

e4b61d No.8360


She isn't in China, she had a conference over Skype.

edd41e No.8361

CNN''s "day of rage"


Where did A. Cooper intern?

What is Operation Mockingbird?

>It looks like (((they))) are getting pissed at the draining of the swamp.

b38d45 No.8362

File: 6a60409ccd20c65⋯.png (599.35 KB, 710x778, 355:389, Thanksgiving.png)


You raise a good point. This picture is old. It's fake news.

38d79a No.8363


Hermes Trismegistus*

243b7b No.8364


i called the westin

seemed weird on the phone.

i know westin can be fitted for LOCKDOWN

completely outfitted new glass on windows, secure areas etc.

for example. halifax just had one a few weeks ago.

4b3c35 No.8365


What is your definition of god?

What is Q's utility function?

243b7b No.8366

4b3c75 No.8367



cb04d2 No.8368


ad9f66 No.8369


Chillax bro, this is an information war; those who (still) control the means of communication, i.e. the MSM, can feed us whatever bullshit they come up with to buy time.

I'm confident the bitch will eventually get what's coming her way.

243297 No.8370



When did we start believing fake news?

96bb53 No.8371


Just a coincedence, right guise?

cb04d2 No.8372



Last weekend

2f02b7 No.8374


We didn't. Both stories of BO and HC being overseas were debunked on this very thread about a half an hour ago.

d23d56 No.8375


Predicted. The question is why? Why is he going to world leaders. What is he up to..

5806c3 No.8376



96bb53 No.8378



>>travelers may forget luggage…

<or sperge…


243297 No.8379


A Higher Power.

Awakening for the event.

b38d45 No.8380


So where is he now?

f51673 No.8381

What an unbelievable mess this has become.

Do something about, mod. This catalogue looks like someone took a shit after a night of heavy Taco Belling.

96bb53 No.8382


i think ye need te shit er git off'n the pot


2e4dd6 No.8383

And where is Huma? In the beginning of Q's questions, it was all Huma, Huma, Huma.

96bb53 No.8385



<its navigable


b38d45 No.8387


Why did he capitalize it? It was HUMA, not Huma.

96bb53 No.8390


<and, anon?

4b3c35 No.8391


Why are you being so cryptic?

The last "VQC" said he was @ChrisRootODavid


This guy supposedly had a talk with "Q" on twitter and you interjected saying you were Q's admin.

Are you Q's admin?

Are you VQC https://twitter.com/ChrisRootODavid

Virtual Quantum Computing

243b7b No.8392


i CAN confirm this. physically.

38d79a No.8393


The capitalized HUMA stands for Harvard University Muslim Alumni

b38d45 No.8395

14384d No.8396


HUMA = Harvard Univ Muslim Association

Barrack was aided to enter Harvard through strings pulled by Saudi Prince Alaweed

b03e53 No.8397

NK vs SK Nuke showdown today?

I'm sure it must be tied into all this.

b38d45 No.8398



So he was referencing Obama, then? Or his Harvard colleagues perhaps?

cebff7 No.8399

Marine veterans are on the case. We're hearing they may repeal the National Security Act temporarily for a couple reasons, or they may opt not to.


We strongly believe it seems likely just to settle things down we make arrests.

I'm all in on those bets.

cb04d2 No.8400



soooo, whats scheduled for tomorrow

i Hf a little myself

c4c2f2 No.8401


What do you mean by weird?

2e4dd6 No.8403


Yes, later on it was HUMA. But earlier, it was Huma:

>October 31, 2017 11:00 pm

>11.6 - Huma indicted

>November 2, 2017 1:48 am

>Follow Huma.

>November 2, 2017 12:36 pm

>Follow Huma.

>What just broke w/ Huma?

>What did HRC instruct Huma to do re: >Classified markings?

38d79a No.8404


I think it was mentioned for us draw a connection between Al-waleed funding BO's education.

243b7b No.8405


no idea. not an insider just knew friends who were there as general duties.

nothing out of the ordinary they've said but was obvious there was undercover there.

243b7b No.8406



c4c2f2 No.8407


How did you question him/her? What did you enquire about?

14384d No.8409


Q's posts pointed us to connecting the dots

That was one connection that showed Alaweed funded Barracks' Political path, aka, to control the puppet when he became Prez.

c8fc08 No.8410


Where is Hillary? BO?

d23d56 No.8411



fe4142 No.8412

File: ef1ba0b81cec32a⋯.png (104.83 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, IMG_1354.PNG)

File: 78923cfa17a3ed7⋯.png (152.32 KB, 679x422, 679:422, IMG_1425.PNG)


Hey Spreadsheet Anon, thanks for all your work! I've been following CBTS since end of October, and it's nice to see familiar names here. I've never seen anything like the battle that went down the last week, almost impossible to read threads over on 4Chan and get work done on answering the Q's. Thanks again for your work!

f51673 No.8413


It's not. If you want autists in here to clear things up, clean up your mess.

I get nauseous just looking at the catalogue page.

Clean this shit up, seriously. Make sure this makes sense, now it looks like some 12 year old kid with down syndrome is running this.

243297 No.8414


The final battle between light and dark is occurring.

The amount of negativity in the world caused by the exploitation of the vulnerable is blinding humanity to the situation we are in.

Those that control the world know if we learn the truth that not will they not be important, they fear to be lynched as a result.

The only path for those in control is to remain in control or they lose everything for eternity.

They are like addicts to power.

Aliens and those inside and outside are waiting.

There are more than three dimensions but we are mostly locked into seeing the way things really by the fear those in control use to keep most of us blind.

Our planet is a lifeforms.

The political representation of God is waiting for the light to win so that universal free will wins.

Those in power are almost completely powerless and their desperation is almost complete.

The veil is lifting and accelerating.

We have been lied to on such a large scale and for so long, it will be a shock.

The light or good side is winning.

The bad actors are mortally wounded.

We are almost there.

Did I miss anything?

Aliens exist.

God exists.

The inside of the world is like a paradise accessible through the north pole.

Hell exists.

There are entrances under pyramids and holy places.

Everything you have learned is almost entirely wrong.

The truth ties up almost every question you ever had that was important.

That is the 40,000ft view.

243b7b No.8415


"what do you want?"

I'm looking for room

sent to another number, nobody picked up.

weird ring tone on the dailing in tho. shorter rings

1551c0 No.8416


At least you still have a clean conscience on that. It is not obligatory to vote for the "lesser evil"; people of conscience can abstain from voting if alll choices are evil.

b38d45 No.8417


LBJ was human shit.

c4c2f2 No.8418


>>"what do you want?"

>>I'm looking for room

>>sent to another number, nobody picked up.

>>weird ring tone on the dailing in tho. shorter >>rings

K very interesting. Thank you.

13b653 No.8419


Yup FAKE news. They are covering for his absence.

828cba No.8420


In a previous post he said "reduce altitude to 40,000ft view." - Most people can't handle the even bigger picture…

d23d56 No.8422

Being at work today so haven’t been in much. Any new (Q) messages in the last 12 hrs.

1551c0 No.8423


Yes it is. Read Gen 6:4 etc. with discernment.

13b653 No.8424


Are you "in the know" of actual possible plans or just putting your opinion out there?


b38d45 No.8425


Methinks if he wasn't trying to undermine Trump he would have fucked off out of the public eye already.

2f02b7 No.8426


That's the $64,000 question.>>8410

38d79a No.8427

Q said we are feeders

Would this be referring to feeder fish for some larger prey?

243297 No.8428


No, the 40,000ft view sounds like a conspiracy theory crunchy but cornflake but job to those who are asleep.

That was what Q said.

It needs to be a domino red pill.

That's why we got breadcrumbs.


7c76e4 No.8429

Any updates on Tony and John Podesta?

243297 No.8430


Fckn autocorrect.

But or nut.

828cba No.8431


Reported by….

>The Hill

>Thee Independent

>Washington Free Beacon


>Washington Examiner

> and many more fake news sites

Nuff said

14384d No.8432


No way of knowing where HRC and BO are if there is a media cover up

2f02b7 No.8433


Agreed, the nephalim procreating with human females is in the Bible but not specifically about Cain, Enoch etc.

2930df No.8434


There are many exits to that complex. Very close ride to Billy Bishop airport. Odd they'd hold high priority people in such an unsecure location with easy egress.

b38d45 No.8435


Yeah, but the Hill is the place that exposed U1 to the public initially. So what gives? Controlled oppo?

2e4dd6 No.8436


Aside from the distance and weather conditions, what prevents any one of earth's 7 billion humans from travelling north to see the big hole? If it's big, then all you should need is a compass to find it.

13b653 No.8437


I think it's totally unproven she's in China. Fake news.

Disinfo. IMHO.

HRC, BillClinton, VJ, lots of missing people, right? Where the heck is Huma A?

243297 No.8438


Both are still cunts.

Let us not forget humour.

God has a sense of humour or a vagina would not look like grandma without her dentures.

bff74d No.8439



96bb53 No.8440


i am farsighted… what you say seems true, in a hermetic vein.

Light on noncryptic details.

For what its worth, i think Jesus comes with the Host of Heaven and such may not be long hidden.

As for ayyylmaos, i reckon only a fool would think creation devoid of life but for h. sapiens sapiens.

Agartha… gonna need sauce,

<old chap

1551c0 No.8442


Same here.

13b653 No.8443


That's what they claim. So we should have screenshots and photos right?

243297 No.8444


Try getting near the true north pole or south pole.

Magnetic north and south are nowhere near and a compass points down at the edge.

Look online.

The images without a hole are BADLY photoshopped.

The images with a hole are there.

96bb53 No.8445


I speak as i see

>> sauce?

Observation and collation of a (personally) staggeing amount of data.

<S'why am here in infinitychan.

dbc487 No.8446


where are we at on this? What needs to be done? memes & our tweets & yt vids are only for ppl already open too these ideas & hidden from the assess that control that medium… . we need mass traction yt vids need to be done like cnn only with real content.. anyone who puts over the top memes or shitty crap on there vids will not attract 90% of the pop.

243297 No.8447


There are literal no fly zones over the poles.

Who enforces that?

Even satellites don't operate directly over in low earth orbit.

Why would that be?

828cba No.8448



hmmm…would POTUS have Obama help out with plans in an effort to get a pardon?

cb04d2 No.8449


ferry terminal right there too

fe4142 No.8450

File: bb32b0a70d19e74⋯.png (1.63 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_1427.PNG)

John Podesta's grandfather was engineering crew on the Titanic??? Can anyone help confirm this? Saw another anon posting about this yesterday. Here's the link to titanic survivors.


dbc487 No.8453

c4730e No.8454



Sounds like corporations to me.

5afdf1 No.8455

How do you drain a swamp when the swamp has nukes and demonstrates the consequence of exposing the swamp?

243297 No.8456


Just do what you feel works.

Try and stay positive.

You don't even know how absolutely fantastically special you are and that you were all SPECFICALLY chosen for your good characters to be here at this point.

You already made it and that will become more and more obvious as you wake up more and more.

It's an absolute privilege to find you all and be here with you.

Don't forget to smile, laugh and enjoy this crazy fckn ride.

You Earned It!!!

dd8c06 No.8457



There's a webcam on our fugly CN Tower. The west view cuts to the airport sometimes:


f51673 No.8458


You should start dating younger women, mate.

I've never seen pussy that looks like grandma wihtout dentures.

Either you have one hot grandma or you're a basement dweller who only fucks 250lbs+ women. Enlighten us now please.

2e4dd6 No.8459


Okay, cannot rely on magnetic north. But visual navigation ought to work? Surely some adventurist with the resources (and no connections to globalists) has chartered a private aircraft to fly over the north pole..?

1e0ce6 No.8460


New Venn diagram.


Also, may be worth also posting ArchiveAnon's Q maps as well.

dbc487 No.8461

91b71d No.8462



4b3c35 No.8463




Why didn't you just post your fucking image on fucking twitter you fucking faggot larper

Fucking crist i cant belive i wasted so much time on this shit.


bbea5f No.8465


That was incredibly creepy. Like some kind of super-villain monologue. Bonus appearance of Uncle Raul in there, too. See if you can spot him.

(CAPCHA: yQx mia)

fdb9af No.8466


how about digging on Trudeau and links to the swamp? ties to Munk? ties to Barrick?

209e4d No.8467


dat captcha. Yeah, it absolutely had some strange vibes. His body language and speech make him sound sinister

c8fc08 No.8468


HRC had a boot to cover up tracker.

There are no recent photos of Bush 41 that show his lower leg

243297 No.8469


Drop a hypersonic missile on a gathering of their top people so that their preparations are ruined? Check.

Warn them when they reach out to Pakistan for their other nukes? Check.

Build peace with all other antagonists that could be tricked into using their nukes?

Cause their financial system to collapse by taking out their key players? Check.


46bec7 No.8470


Yesterday I was unable to post to your question of what happened in 1660. In 1660 Bloody Queen Mary died, leaving a vacancy for Victoria 1. Her right hand man, Dr. John Dee, was into the dark arts. He summoned Moloch and it's been shit since. I cannot remember exactly what John Dee was asking for (In the Michael Tsarion material, I think). Anyway… Moloch agreed to Dee's request in exchange for blood, fear, and tears. The emotions caused by blood, fear, and tears creates and energy called Loosh, which is the energy Moloch beings survive on. If the whole world would laugh and be happy in a single moment, they would disappear.

Somewhere in recent history, the Kek was summoned. Kek magic is to fight the power of Moloch.

13b653 No.8471


There are no aliens, unless they are Mexicans.

There is no paradise inside Earth, that totally contradicts the Bible.

Please don't come here and spout your Buddhist crap and pretend it's some kind of revealed truth.

7c76e4 No.8472

File: e96c9f0ad60cf58⋯.jpg (35.41 KB, 896x929, 896:929, trudeau foundation.jpg)


This is the logo of the Trudeau Foundation. It says it all.

0c5d75 No.8473


We need some big takedowns in Italy too, we're in Soros puppets hands. Hope Donald won't forget us.

1a8829 No.8474

how to prove P=NP

c4c2f2 No.8475

File: c88d2f4c85556bc⋯.jpg (42.51 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1zzzg2.jpg)


His foundation's logo is the boy lover logo. He's got pics with Soros, and he's the son of Fidel Castro.

5d61b8 No.8476


Please show how we know this…I vaguely remember Snow White being the only confirmed signature.

243297 No.8477


Read genesis chapter one again.

Read the last chapter of Revelation again.

1551c0 No.8479


I had passing acquaintance with a Canadian guy who claimed involvement in some esoteric society (name withheld here). He claimed ties to major Canadian politicians. What he told me gave me a very, very creepy feeling (details withheld here, just too creepy)… but it does fit with what we now know about the Illuminati rituals. I never talked to him again after that.

So yes, going down that path to check up on Trudeau, Munk, etc. does make sense.

FYI Canada has a lot of mining industry, and favorable mining laws. Hence lots of international mining companies incorporate in Canada and maintain HQs there.

fa344a No.8480


Agreed. I've started ignoring VQC now.

f51673 No.8481


Please piss the fuck off, VQC tripfag. These boards are hard enough to cope with without your pathetic posts. You are unimportant.

14384d No.8482



Lots in connection's Trudeau>Soros>CF articles


eaaa32 No.8484



c4c2f2 No.8485


>d involvement in some esoteric society (name withheld here). He claimed ties to major Canadian politicians. What he told me gave me a very, very creepy feeling (details withheld here, just too creepy)… but it does fit with what we now know about the Illuminati rituals. I never talked to him again after that.

Illuminati families are HUGE in canada. The Sinclaire family is our black nobility connection. Trudeau is a Sinclaire.

cb04d2 No.8486

fdb9af No.8487


think we've already settled this

a charge of treason is one of the few things that preclude the defense of claiming "state secrets"

so the implication is that some of the sealed indictments involve charges of treason

otherwise, desperate defendants would try to invoke states secret to keep classified info sealed even from the judges assigned to the case

we dug quite deeply on this on half chan

i don't think it needs to be revisited

SCI = Secure Compartmented Information

SCIF = Secure Compartmented Information Facility

I provided more details on this earlier today in one of the early generals

wikipedia it to get the qrd

b38d45 No.8488

Do we have a hollow Earth thread? The Truth does not fear investigation.

5d61b8 No.8489


Yep I agree completely which is why I think the ? format was so effective. We realized how everything is actually in fact connected. No coincidences.

4b3c75 No.8490


Truth. Wear hearing protection when he laughs.

c88fac No.8491


where is obama now? since this seems like the perfect time to ask the question… perhaps this is where we are supposed to be in the Q question timeline.

101431 No.8492


Our world is not a planet… or flat.

243297 No.8493


I've said everything I came here to say.

I love you anons.

Thank you


13b653 No.8494


The Line of CAIN died in the Flood. Ended.

The Giants continued after the Flood because (we think) one of the wives of Noah's son was a descendant of them. She, apparently, married HAM, his youngest son. Which is why Noah cursed Canaan…Ham's son..in the vineyard incident. That's a guess anyway.

c4c2f2 No.8495


> charge of treason is one of the few things that preclude the defense of claiming "state secrets"

>so the implication is that some of the sealed indictments involve charges of treason

>otherwise, desperate defendants would try to invoke states secret to keep classified info sealed even from the judges assigned to the case

>we dug quite deeply on this on half chan

>i don't think it needs to be revisited

>SCI = Secure Compartmented Information

>SCIF = Secure Compartmented Information Facility

>I provided more details on this earlier today in one of the early generals

>wikipedia it to get the qrd

Earth is flat. THere's likely an interdimensional component to the hollow earth theory. There ARE massive underground networks of tunnels around the world.

cadbf0 No.8496






dbc487 No.8497


may God be with you.

4b3c75 No.8498



Who chose what books are in the Bible?

209e4d No.8500



Be well.

13b653 No.8501


Jasher as well

b38d45 No.8502

180922 No.8503




13b653 No.8505






LOL. Obama might be in a cell, but he's not in China.

180922 No.8506


Convocation of Nikea/ Nicea

>>4th century

46bec7 No.8507


Yes… we already made it. Beyond the third dimension, time does not exist. The past, present, and future are all occurring at one moment. So we already made it.

I am loving this.

eaaa32 No.8508



More specifically (on this Earth), the Catholic Church, if you discount the books removed by the Protestants more than a millennia afterward.

2a65e7 No.8509


my understanding was that BO (with Hillary as pres.) would have led the UN

4b3c75 No.8510


Is that what is taught in Bible school?

13b653 No.8511


KJV has known errors, adultery cannot be a reason for divorce, and Romans 1-20, most high is the correct translation, not higher authories (the human translation which Hitler used to convince people he could order murder).

Only the Latin Vulgate is correct, the Greek used for the KJ Bible was known to be flawed.

c4c2f2 No.8513


Most existing religions are corrupt. You must seek God by yourself.

5d61b8 No.8514


King James was hugely into numerology. Some very interesting studies have been made claiming He was Shakespeare. Check out tobeornottobe.org. FASCINATING stuff!!!

180922 No.8516

13b653 No.8517


Me too

46bec7 No.8519


Although the bible has been greatly distorted, it remains a reliable document for truth seekers. There are "keys" that make it easier to understand. The keys work in both OT and NT. You have to learn to discern truth.

243b7b No.8520





i think its true

i was on exercise up there and the native communities are fucked so hard.

lots of rape. drug use. children running wild.

lots of missing kids.

one guy even killed another guy and they just moved him away to a different community.

numbers = 900 population in one town

600~~~ were under 18.

kids having kids.

heard rumours of trafficking lines thru BC and NB down to the states. Cali and the east coast.

some guy on half was talking about these too and how the cops were telling him to back away etc etc.

c4c2f2 No.8521


This. unfortunately, everything is corrupted, so you have to use your brain constantly.

e7daf8 No.8522


Wrong. I've posted proof that the KJ Bible was translated perfectly. Find those numbers in any other translated version of the Bible and you won't be able to.

b38d45 No.8523


Muh jewed bible

>nowhere does chosen people appear in it

180922 No.8524





>>So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

<isaiah 55:11

ab94f4 No.8526


Trudeau has own scandals to worry about, looks like he picked up a few tricks from Clinton/Giustra.

Money began to rain on Trudeau Foundation once Justin took over Liberals, analysis shows


7 things you wanted to know about the Aga Khan controversy, but were afraid to ask


Who is the man behind Trudeau’s controversial Christmas vacation?


Aga Khan island that hosted Trudeau owned by company with offshore ties, records show


The problem with Canadian media is, they report something once and never follow up.

I live north of Toronto, if something happens tomorrow, I'll post it.

But if something BIG happens, nobody is ready here.

b38d45 No.8527



Retards claiming the bible was jewed miss one thing. It took 2000 years to write the bible! God said making it was a process. Therefore for it to take all the way to King James for it to become perfect makes sense.

5d5db6 No.8528


Q also said 40,000ft view was classified. He seems to use 40,000ft to mean classified.

b38d45 No.8531


Is his foundation used in the same way as the CF?

dbc487 No.8532


not sure that's what >>8498 meant

the church… they add and take away passages I the bible… that's why the book of enoch isn't in some books. i have the The Holy Bible from Ancient Manuscripts by George Lamsa .. its a direct translation from Aramaic txt … it contains

the books

13b653 No.8533


Son, the only reason the KJ was published was an excuse for the King of Englad to leave the Church and get a DIVORCE.

You appear to avoid my statement about divorce. Because there is no divorce. It is all fiction.

No claim of man can justify it.

So the KJ is flawed right there, and your ""proof"" nullified.

13b653 No.8534


If GOD wanted the Bible changed, GOD would do it through the Church he founded.

4fc4b7 No.8535


>>the important thing is…

<God wins/has won.

P = NP

Problem =No Problem

pretty dumb, huh?

ab94f4 No.8536


Haven't heard anything like that yet.

wouldn't be surprise though.

e7daf8 No.8537


God is perfect. Maths can't lie, it's either true or false. Those numbers prove it, it's mathematically improbable otherwise.

7ab845 No.8538


ppl founded church, not God.

God gave free will.

5d5db6 No.8539


Possibly. The Godfather III reference implies there are people who want to exit the cult.

243b7b No.8540

i think we got bots here talking about god and his different books….

eaaa32 No.8541


Incorrect, Anon. Christ founded Church and married her from the Cross.

209e4d No.8542


Head north if it does.

4fc4b7 No.8543

14384d No.8545


I'm a forgiving person, but I really hope BO pays for his crimes against the US/Humanity.

ab94f4 No.8546


damn straight. (hoping i'm not in the blast radius)

b38d45 No.8547


Christianity bread? I made breads on topics people wanted and nobody bumps. Shame

4fc4b7 No.8548


Sorry, Anon…

Can you confirm what us happenning this week at that building?

14384d No.8550


THIS move religion/God debate out, plz

2a65e7 No.8551


they're trying to make Trump look weak, like he can't handle this situation w/o them.

e7daf8 No.8552

Also if people want a biblical take on CBTS, read Revelation. At the end of the day Trump may be able to disrupt evil in the world for a time, but eventually the whole world will fall to the beast.

So hopefully we'll get some justice in our time for the crimes of these elites, but eventually (whenever that time is), it'll all end in Armageddon.

4b3c75 No.8553


True. Otherwise a person born in the middle of no where and never seeing a Bible wouldn’t be a child of God. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/5749555/Worlds-oldest-Bible-published-in-full-online.html

243b7b No.8554


not a clue.. just know westin can be fitted for lock down

b38d45 No.8555


Yeah. Q believes in God like a lot of us do. Accept that!

5d5db6 No.8556


Check spreadsheet anon.

This was explicitly stated by Q. Also tripcode Q confirmed Alice & Wonderland meaning understood.

e7daf8 No.8558


Accept what?

4fc4b7 No.8559



Unless the Word was tampered with…







f51673 No.8560

Why do normies always have to fuck things up? Why can't we ever have nice things without the noise of boomers and normal people who have the strong need to interact with everyone?

Go away, please. Leave it to us. You're not helping at all!

5d61b8 No.8561


'to know' in the Bible means had sex…

Also there is Lilith. Eve - may not have been first woman as genesis1 says woman was created before rib mentioned in genesis 2.

Book of Isaiah 34:14, describing the desolation of Edom, where the Hebrew word lilit (or lilith) appears in a list of eight unclean animals, some of which may have demonic associations - night owl - dead sea scrolls, spirits of the bastards, demons, Lilith, howlers, and [desert dwellers (set,jacob,abel?) - kaballa - Lilith's soul was lodged in the depths of the Great Abyss. When God called her, she joined Adam. After Adam's body was created a thousand souls from the Left (evil) side attempted to attach themselves to him. However, God drove them off. Adam was left lying as a body without a soul. Then a cloud descended and God commanded the earth to produce a living soul.

This God breathed into Adam, who began to spring to life and his female was attached to his side. God separated the female from Adam's side. The female side was Lilith, - Samael and Lilith are in the shape of an androgynous being - Secret Knowledge of the Lesser Palaces, which is the manipulation of demons and a ladder by which one ascends to the prophetic levels. In this tradition it is made clear that Samael and Lilith were born as one, similar to the form of Adam and Eve who were also born as one —-DNA?—- The marriage of Samael and Lilith is known as the "Angel Satan" or the "Other God", but it was not allowed to last. To prevent Lilith and Samael's demonic children Lilin from filling the world, God castrated Samael. AKA story of leviathan with lilith being the temptress serpant of eve—-SET and JACOB also castrate/circumcise- mark of beast?—–set personifies the evil nature of man—osiris the father of good—-lilith demon of octurnal emissions are connected with the begettal of demons (masturbation) - Isaiah, describing the condition to which Babylon was to be reduced after her ruin, says that she shall become the abode of satyrs, lamiæ, and strigæ (in Hebrew, lilith) the temptress - which are sorceresses or magicians, who seek to put to death new-born children. (abortion) - Greek Lamia bore the title "child killer" and was feared for her malevolence, like Lilith. She has different conflicting origins and is described as having a human upper body from the waist up and a serpentine body from the waist down. Lilith appears as a succubus in Aleister Crowley's De Arte Magica - known as water spirit, water bird, - created before man in the waters as a serpent Her creation is described in many alternative versions. One mentions her creation as being before Adam's, on the fifth day, because the "living creatures" with whose swarms God filled the waters included none other than Lilith.

And Adam lived a hundred and thirty years and begot a son in own likeness, after his own image, from which it follows that until that time he did not beget after his own image. So after the children he beget were different.

Seth - third son In gnosticism, Seth is seen as a replacement given by God for Abel, whom Cain had slain. It is said that late in life, Adam gave Seth secret teachings that would become the kabbalah. "pillars of the sons of Seth", two pillars inscribed with many scientific discoveries and inventions, notably in astronomy.Within Islamic tradition Seth holds wisdom of several kinds; knowledge of time, prophecy of the future Great Flood, and inspiration on the methods of night prayer. Islam, Judaism and Christianity trace the genealogy of mankind back to Seth since Abel left no heirs and Cain's heirs, according to tradition, were destroyed by the Great Flood. -The image of Seth as the desert dwelling god stuck in Christian times when Jesus is tempted by Satan in the wilderness. - The motif of Jesus being tempted to turn rocks into bread is an obvious allusion to Seth's evil power over that of Horus, whose power is of the leavened bread.(jesus has same power).

Cain might have been murdered by Abel b/c Cain had a soul and Abel was jealous. Then came Seth who was also demonic. Set/Seth/Saturn/Satan.

Just a theory…but the truth has been twisted since before it was written, to decieve.

The serpent was most likely Leviathan also the Author of the story. In the story God tells Eve NOT to eat from the tree of knowledge. Why would God do that? Doesn't God say he is the way the truth and the light? Wouldn't he want them to know him? The tree of knowledge produced a seed. In fact it might have been the serpent represented the demon Leviathan, which was Lilith/Samael. The serpent did not want Adam and Eve to have sex. To consume the seed. AKA sperm and egg. Because Leviathan wanted Lilith to mate with Adam to spread their demonic seed. Lilith would be the demon and the seed would be eternally passed on through the Y. Just like Jewish ancestry…

80851f No.8562

Please let the religious talk go.


Looks like our podesta too. Those eyes are there.

5d61b8 No.8563


Atum - said to be original god with male and female characteristic who spit out two children - In the Book of the Dead, which was still current in the Graeco-Roman period, the sun god Atum is said to have ascended from chaos-waters with the appearance of a snake, the animal renewing itself every morning. (similar to adam/lilith(1) and lilith/leviathan(serpent)) - Atum was a self-created deity, the first being to emerge from the darkness and endless watery abyss that existed before creation. A product of the energy and matter contained in this chaos, he created his children—the first deities, out of loneliness. He produced from his own sneeze, or in some accounts, semen, Shu, the god of air, and Tefnut, the goddess of moisture. The brother and sister, curious about the primeval waters that surrounded them, went to explore the waters and disappeared into the darkness. Unable to bear his loss, Atum sent a fiery messenger, the Eye of Ra, to find his children. The tears of joy he shed on their return were the first human beings.[14]

The primordial waters or primeval chaos is what chaos magic, hermetecism, kabbalah, satan worship, luciferianism, etc all strive for. They strive for CHAOS as a form of control. Chaos creates desperation. Chaos creates confusion. Chaos creates 20 different genders. Chaos is exhausting.

The main goal is always CHAOS. The creation myths all center around a choatic primordial water with hermaphrodite demon serpents.

It's all connected.

4fc4b7 No.8565


You wanna take


Outta that field


14384d No.8567

Could Toronto Westin foto have anything to do with Meghan Markle, Harry new fiancé'? She is close to Trudeau's wife and other politicians. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41768867

b38d45 No.8568



Good to look into. We need religion bread. "Meta Q" is new-agey bread.

f51673 No.8569


Screw your bible.

Goddammit, grow up or kys. There is no god. You are all by yourself.

38d79a No.8570

File: 35407b2aaf3ca53⋯.jpg (75.03 KB, 720x960, 3:4, ratzinger-mitre-hexagram.jpg)

File: 4d18bdfd542578d⋯.jpg (121.56 KB, 736x593, 736:593, The Dagon fish god of Baby….jpg)


Triple of truth, nice!

I believe in God and not in any religious version.

The Babylonian Talmud seems to be the pillar of all Abrahamic religions and it was dedicated to worshiping demons.

I refuse to even look at any bible because of this revelation.

80851f No.8571

It is either cock and ball torture posters, either nazi posters or esoteric religious bullshit posters, or the worst of all, bible verse posters.

Anons, filtering is going to be a necessity here too. Very very soon.

b35f3f No.8572



This has just expanded my thinking exponentially. Theories in any case.

Tower of Babel - Genesis 11

>Now the whole earth had one language and the same words. And as people migrated from the east, they found a plain in the land of Shinar and settled there.

>And they said to one another, “Come, let us make bricks, and burn them thoroughly.” And they had brick for stone, and bitumen for mortar.

>Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be dispersed over the face of the whole earth.”

>And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of man had built.

>And the Lord said, “Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language, and this is only the beginning of what they will do.

>And nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and there confuse their language, so that they may not understand one another's speech.”

>So the Lord dispersed them from there over the face of all the earth, and they left off building the city.

>Therefore its name was called Babel, because there the Lord confused the language of all the earth. And from there the Lord dispersed them over the face of all the earth.

I've always wondered what they would reach at the top of the tower. The heavenly dimension that we are blinded from seeing.

Ted Chiang writes very interesting books and Arrival was based on "Story of your life" and really expanded my thinking about time.

Ted also wrote a book "Tower of Babylon" where a man ascends the tower and the top of the tower reaches the other "side" of earth. Mind bending.

tl;dr - we are blinded from other dimensions/realms by forces of evil, which Jesus will come and tear down to reveal the "new heaven and new earth"

4fc4b7 No.8573

5d61b8 No.8574


Please for the Love of God (pun intended) research King James very thoroughly. Although, perhaps God intended us to wander in the wildnerness only to desperately seek the light. I dunno. But King James was wack!

8f4862 No.8575


>not in the Bible but written about in The Book of Enoch

Referenced in the bible in Jude 1:14

>spiritual forms (demons) and the other half took physical forms (giants)

Genesis 6 Watches (Fallen Angels) bred with women created Nephlim when these die they are demons(disembodied spirits). Offsping of Nephlim are called Rephahim (also giants) Genesis 14

Search Steve Quayle

>> Cain's lineage

Search Derek Gilbert The Great Inception: Satan’s PSYOPs from Eden to Armageddon.

57de55 No.8576


>These treasonous cockroaches should be in jail already.

Hanging from their ankles, like Dopey Prince al-Waleed.

80851f No.8577


Can you ban fucking bible verse posters for fuck sake. Just I thought we were good lacking any namefagging retards we now have this.


Please go to rapture general for fuck sake fuck off.!

5806c3 No.8578

This thread is a clusterfuck at the moment, what are we researching right now?

c4730e No.8579

“Do you have the patience to wait

"Till your mud settles and the water is clear?

Can you remain unmoving

Till the right action arises by itself?"

"Can you polish your dark mirror and make it free of dust?"

c4730e No.8580


4fc4b7 No.8581

fdb9af No.8582

File: 8a824739b7f71e4⋯.jpg (25.08 KB, 358x502, 179:251, tribunal-07.jpg)


neither the King James nor the original texts from which it was derived are anywhere near perfect. You need to read Bart Ehrman, textual scholar, who can explain all of this in faith-shaking detail.

None of that changes the fact that it is God's word, but you cannot under any circumstance defend the statement that the text that we have is perfect in any way. It's not.

And I am a true believer. But my faith is strong enough to not require the bible we have to be textually perfect.

b38d45 No.8583

File: c254354064eab9a⋯.jpg (52.32 KB, 514x571, 514:571, image.jpg)

38d79a No.8585


I said I am not going to read any bible, thank you though

209e4d No.8586

File: 33e039fbcb6d6c5⋯.png (809.7 KB, 621x824, 621:824, ClipboardImage.png)

243b7b No.8587

god talk is bot talk IGNORE AND KEEP LOOKING INTO




180922 No.8588







fdb9af No.8589


7 days from that post is tomorrow……..

just sayin'

b35f3f No.8590


God bless you SIR anon the enforcer.

Everything is connected.

Good always defeats evil.


We are doing what we are told so you can crawl back into your hole of negativity and destruction.

Keep drinking the koolaid being fed by the elite.


80851f No.8591


Has Q ever posted in 8chan after the initial two anyway?

Thread is currently coopted by bible posters.

Posting anything related to any Abrahamic religion is beyond pathetic.

bf99eb No.8592


cruise altitude - reference to being so high minded you can cruise through life

d73372 No.8593


trudeau and his connections to deep state i believe,

also >>8587

b7aac6 No.8594


Think it is any accidents that they were among the first lobbyists in all of Washington to be targeted. Most likely they were indited some time ago but their trails have been put on "hold" depending on how loud they sing. And these are the bastards that would know about EVERYTHING. Have you noticed the difference in tone in both the MSM and the Government? Like a barely concealed panic/dread.

a3c3b3 No.8595

> 8170 here’s more on that, from pre-election 9/2016


5806c3 No.8596


Yes 2 posts on /pol/ go back threads you'll see them mentioned it was in #5


thk anon

f54cbf No.8597

Ready to dig, what can I help with today?

c74ee4 No.8598

If Q posts in Nazi halfchan I will shit myself.

180922 No.8599



>>Politess is the glue of Civilization…

243b7b No.8601




Meghan Markle's secret past as a reality star exposed as actress gets engaged to Prince Harry

The soon-to-be member of the royal family used to work as a 'briefcase girl' on this TV show

b38d45 No.8603


What have you contributed? — EAT SHIT.

But back to Q, main topics I can see are Alex Podesta, Obama's true whereabouts, and Trudeau. Also SEALED INDICTMENTS.

fdb9af No.8604


it was both. it was dual meaning. it was Huma and H.U.M.A.

b38d45 No.8605


Hmm, is there a list of Muslims that went to Harvard? I think by some divine work Q's posts end up having a lot more meaning than most people see.

5806c3 No.8606

Re: Trudeau

MSM is blasting the marijuana legalization from canada to overzealous proportions, sounds like a distract while shit is blowing up type of deal and hope the populace don't notice/report on it

180922 No.8607




>>Thank You.

81ea7c No.8609

90% of the Bible postings are BOTS. You can tell by the perfect syntax and grammar, and book-style writing. Also, they are suddenly hitting the board.

Clowns in America trying to fuck the board like they did with Nazi posts on halfchan.

b38d45 No.8610


I saw a post earlier where George Soros said NN repeal was racist. Coupled with this, are they trying to rally up what's left of their brainwashed base?

243b7b No.8611


mary janes legal has been going on for months.

slow process and seemed to be used as a good go to cover story

two more meetings left

last meeting is a literal head nod takes 2 minutes and is 100% success rate if had

2a65e7 No.8613


even if he did, i'm staying here.

75e8c6 No.8615


That was Henry the 8th

b7aac6 No.8616


My sentiment exactly. The bible can be 80% full of shit, but if there is basic universal truth and goodness in it?

A heap load of barbaric backwards crap does not automatically invalidate it. Its like finding a ancient scroll that holds the secrets to understanding true happiness but it has been terribly damaged. Even if only a little can be translated from that scroll, it still holds truth.

Faith transcends our limited understanding.

ad23e4 No.8617


>Faith transcends our limited understanding.

That's called delusion m8.

209e4d No.8618


If he did we can analyze here and lead Anon's who are actively analyzing it there here. OR just compile their work w/ ours.

I want dirt on Truadeu.

81ea7c No.8619

Didn't any notice how nervous little fag Trudeau was at the G20…Tried like a little girl to get Trump's attention, shuffled papers…sat down at the big table before everyone else…Maybe knows they are on to him or the U.S. govt/ Trump already had a talk with him and he is helping.

80851f No.8620


No one is contributing shit.

Get off your fucking power trip.

We are currently waiting for developments. And sharing information.

And bible verses are the least valid data to share!!!!

You are basically powerless and waiting for shit to happen. Again, get of your power trip.

The one thing that is striking and also a recent revelation is the Podesta name lurking in the annals of Titanic.

The photograph of that Podesta looks like our podesta too.


a3c3b3 No.8621


That was on the “Awakening” from other beings. This, is on child-rape assembly line…http://galacticconnection.com/the-child-rape-assembly-line/

This site seems to hit on everything we’re investigating, only 14 months ago. I’m just discovering this site and going to delve into it some more. God Bless.

5d61b8 No.8622


ACain might have been murdered by Abel b/c Cain had a soul and Abel was jealous. Then came Seth who was also demonic. Set/Seth/Saturn/Satan.

Got that backwards sorry. Abel had a soul and Cain was jealous….

c1ad39 No.8623


"I would put that in the category of things I was doing while I was auditioning to try to make ends meet," she said in 2013.

"I went from working in the US Embassy in Argentina to ending up on Deal. It's run the gamut."

b7aac6 No.8625


You are free to your own opinion. Let me know when you have unraveled the mysteries of the universe and I will gladly renounce my faith.

c4c2f2 No.8626


>kle's secret past as a reality star exposed as actress gets engaged to Prince Harry

>The soon-to-be member of the royal family used to work as a 'briefcase girl' on this TV show

Look into the aga khan trip. that's where the dirt lives.

80851f No.8627


But namefags are almost nonexistent now so we are at least not that bad of a state.


180922 No.8628


Thank you Anon.


>>it does



81ea7c No.8630

another thing that many overlooked earlier in Qs apparent indictment codes' list…"CAN" was attached to one indictment code in the list of American State abbreviations. Would can be "Canada", especially in light of the Peter Munk gold mining/ U1 rumors?

344911 No.8631


Anne McLelland a doorway for U1? Im searching this angle.

We know Truadeu and Soros partnered for immigration in 2016

c4c2f2 No.8632



LOL thanks for the compliments on my excellent grammar. No not a bot. Just not a degenerate with bad grammar and communications rage.

243b7b No.8634


>I went from working in the US Embassy in Argentina to ending up on Deal. It's run the gamut."

yea. seems weird to me too.

70d341 No.8635

So has Q dropped in since the 25th? Haven't seen anything, but I'm not in here like I was in 4chan.

180922 No.8636


Sorry anon..


<was for



c35de0 No.8637

File: 53b96a20f06777e⋯.png (17.66 KB, 629x115, 629:115, ft.v.png)


are we sure that v means view? it seems ft. v can also mean ft/s.

pic related

eaaa32 No.8638



Could be, but "stand" may mean to "hold off."

81ea7c No.8639

Who said I was referencing YOU, Mr. Grammar? There were several posters about the Bible. Funny how the discussion stopped so suddenly…

You are a shill!

243b7b No.8640


>aga khan trip

what can you tell me????????

5d61b8 No.8643

File: b9fd88b10c839f6⋯.jpg (18.8 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 0.jpg)

c4730e No.8644


I see

81ea7c No.8645

"stand" definitely can mean "hold off" Agree

Might be harder to execute this one and still hold things secret as they move on all target because it is not the U.S. and things would most likely leak out faster.

b7aac6 No.8646


Agreed, I definitely think that is how Justin/Canada is tied into all of this. Also very chilling how deep down the deep state hole Canada has gone in just a single year. Like its tightening its grip on whatever is going on up there.

b38d45 No.8647


Trump "We don't even think about them" Canada

c4730e No.8648

said the blind man.

eaaa32 No.8649



Also, no "go" code has "stand" in it. We agree that these are court martial cases.

An example of "go"


80851f No.8650



That image is incredibly small and looks faker than a trans dick.

So much bullshit here guys.

Of course replying to the esoteric namefag..

e73acb No.8651


The Q team is probably planning to counter attack…

Becos according to this video, the deep state is attacking Q, character assassination etc….


0df636 No.8652


Net Neutrality is Internet Neutralization (somebody meme that?)

Net Neutrality neutralizes the Internet's ability to fight back against tech giants/corporations

243b7b No.8653


if the buildings are the target.

westin most likely has tunnel system to them???

81ea7c No.8654

dont be so sure…Canada is involved with all the U1 connections. A lot of disinformation and statements made to throw off people.

Maybe lil' Justin-fag is all tight in the ass with his buddy Soros selling all his stocks and transferring his money for fear of indictment/ seizure.

b7aac6 No.8655


Enough about the Damn North/South Poles! You may be right about this. You may be wrong. But unless you can hook us up with a ride down there to see for ourselves, the need to prove its existence is irrelevant at this point. Same goes for the flat earth or aliens for that matter.

ad23e4 No.8657

stand means standby people.

ad9f66 No.8659


>very chilling how deep down the deep state hole Canada has gone in just a single year

Think of Canada as the UK's pantry; lots of minerals, timber, etc.

However corrupt the UK is, you can bet Canada is not far behind. Turdeau got elected because he wants to legalize weed, mostly. He sure looks faggy af.

cebff7 No.8661


I can confirm Canada has been involved in untold treason for two decades. He's all in on U1.

Just passing on what our clearance allows.

81ea7c No.8665

The reality is Canada has no power and Trump knows it. Hence why he "doesnt see them" because they are dependent on the U.S. for everything and cant do shit. However if Canada/ Trudeau is involved in U1 and Killery, he will bring the hammer down on them and rightly so.

Anyoen else notice the sly pat Trump gave Trudeau at the G20 and then walked away from him? Call it "you are my bitch and you know what is coming to you soon" pat on the back.

5d5db6 No.8666


Referencing Jordan Peterson's lecture series, Abel represents what a good human life should be, "walking with God," by sacrificing in the present to produce a better future. Cain was jealous of this, didn't want to make appropriate sacrifices and grew so bitter that he murdered that which was good. Cain created his own hell on earth by murdering good leaving him nothing but a terrible future.

eaaa32 No.8667

From the court martial post of Q, I believe he embedded a code for another stringer, as evidenced by the 27-1 (26 letters in the alphabet) in each consecutive line item. Here it is:








Apologies if someone else already identified this.

38d79a No.8668


When I posted information linking the Epstein family and Peter Munk the post was hidden, only after bitching did it return. Seymour Epstein is known as "Satan" by his sons who both directed porn until daddy married a judge named Gloria J. who later became the Ontario supreme court judge, and both donate heftily to the Peter Munk cardiac centre.

81ea7c No.8669

notice how little fag trudeau was pushed to the side of the G20 line up for photos? he tried so hard to get attention from the press with his fag grin and shopping mall worker suit and boots. Trump was placed in the middle and everyone was around him like he was rhe king…Trudeau was ignored like Obama was by the Chinese.

The Asia leaders smile but they know who really holds the power and who is just a pretend fuck

c9c6b3 No.8670

File: 45b5417af374a4c⋯.jpg (118.22 KB, 596x667, 596:667, 1511824713044.jpg)

>Follow the Owl & Y head around the world.

Have we found/compiled a list of Owls/Y symbolism around the world yet? Trying to answer Q's question/instruction on the spreadsheet #1640.

cb04d2 No.8672


hah look at you religiousfag

how many times do you have to be told to go away

0df636 No.8673


You're right. I am sick of the people bringing up irrelevant stuff because it's their pet conspiracy theory. We should stick to the facts that we have from digging. If you can prove it with links/references then it's a good thing to talk about because we'll be able to use it to red pill normies. If you have some crazy idea that you've been hatching for a decade and you think it's part of the HIDDEN AGENDA, then I hate to disappoint you but if it isn't addressed by one of Q's questions, it's probably not going to be proved real at any point in the near future.

2fbd8d No.8675

eaaa32 No.8676


One more to form the totality of the stringer:


SHA seems to be a direct relation to the SHA hashing algorithm, but I may be wrong.

81ea7c No.8677

everyone ignore the sudden bible banter and earth hole/ hollow earth bots. these are designed to throw the conversation off from Q and his secret posts. Soros and Clowns in America are in here.

Just keep disciplined and ignore.

ad23e4 No.8679


Hollow earth is real, only they're CIA niggers and making it sound fake. Hollow Earth refers to the ridiculous volcanic tunnels underneath the earths crust.

81ea7c No.8680

Two "CASOR" marking in stringer. Any thoughts?

c74ee4 No.8681

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Learn to embed 8fags

e5d5a9 No.8682


yes, in 4chan cbts there was a shitload of owl symbolism that we archived, lets just say its fucking everywhere.

9ff73a No.8683

This was in another thread..needs to be spread.

IMO, one of the best ways to truth pill norms, especially artsy types.

It's almost everything Q leads us to, all in 12 beautiful minutes.


243b7b No.8684


whole thing looks like orders almost

castor being a call sign

243b7b No.8686

(operation) (callsign) (code word) (date) (????)








b38d45 No.8687

File: 5c56d15aea585a3⋯.png (6.31 KB, 260x300, 13:15, i.png)


Who hates God and Jesus the most?

eaaa32 No.8688



One last item that looks like a key substitution upon completion of the stringer.


Replace characters in /term/ with /zJ&bY028739478-g/

2fbd8d No.8689





<do not piss off infinity.

it is different here.

c9c6b3 No.8690


can you give me a spitball date? If not, that just means more work for me. TYIA

2a65e7 No.8691

You guys seen this yet?

Q related

Col. Royston Potter posted a youtube vid 45 min ago:


eaaa32 No.8692


the -g means a global substitution.

ad9f66 No.8693


>Trudeau was ignored like Obama was by the Chinese

The little cuck couldn't fuck his way out of a wet paper bag…his handlers are always hovering about to whisper his lines whenever the presstitutes are around…even his most clueless fans are starting to figure it out.

81ea7c No.8694

Where is BO today?

Where is HRC today?

Where is Huma today?

Where is John Podesta today?

Where is Tony Podesta today?

Why did Keith O. suddenly cancel his anti-POTUS show today?

Why did J. Scar decide to stop also?

9a24ac No.8695

Rizvi Traverse Management was the last good rabbit hole I've gone down. Q said it was extremely important, but I haven't seen any news on Suhail Rizvi yet. Anyone else?

2a65e7 No.8696



re. swastikas and shit on Q 4chan posts

c4c2f2 No.8698



There's an attack on the media from Alex Jones, Project veritas and others today. I expect the media comes down with the politicians.

81ea7c No.8699


Why did Guiterrez decide to NOT seek re-election today even though he would be a shoein in his district and vocal anti-POTUS bitch?

fdb9af No.8700


>read Revelation

there are many textual scholars who do not accept Revelation and do not believe it should have been canonized.

if i ever find the Aladdin's magic lamp, one of my three wishes would be to have unfettered unlimited access for me and all of my friends to dig through the vatican basement

ab94f4 No.8701

File: f4dc6228bef9880⋯.jpg (20.02 KB, 359x435, 359:435, DPRezC_VQAADAKp.jpg)

File: f5cf65583f7c7d2⋯.jpg (93.33 KB, 1000x685, 200:137, DPRYCMrVQAAAQxp.jpg)

File: 5e99b8a8cdbc94b⋯.jpg (178.25 KB, 1061x710, 1061:710, DPRaqPlUEAAbIq6.jpg)


All I got.

b38d45 No.8702


Keith Olbermann is another rapist?

81ea7c No.8703

ignore the bible bots/ shills. again, trying to throw off this board.

Keep plugging at shit everyone. these attacks come when shit is being posted that they do not like or is triggered by key words.

e90857 No.8704


I'm guessing that someone has something on him.

c9c6b3 No.8706

File: 72aad8acebe2b4c⋯.jpg (38.07 KB, 400x388, 100:97, 1511905754139.jpg)


yep, CBTS is poisoned on 4chan, RIP

f5e538 No.8707

File: e69c6daee9c5821⋯.png (1.66 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_1428.PNG)


Here's the photo of Podesta's possible relative, enginering crew on the Titanic, survived the sinking. Q specifically asked about who survived. Possible saboteur?? Another anon was talking about how a massive fire/explosion actually sunk the Titanic? No answers yet, help dig anons!

Here's the link too.


cebff7 No.8708


Take it with a grain of salt, but we found emails from Rizvi to the Podesta brothers mentioning uranium. We think he's deep in with U1.

No proof, as without at least two federal grand juries we can't get that evidence at all yet.

2fbd8d No.8709

81ea7c No.8710

Keith O is sudden and shocking given he said he was going after POTUS until he was "impeached". Gave some lame-ass excuse that POTUS was going down so he did not need to have his show anymore. yup

anyone know where the others are today? can anyone account for their whereabouts? MSM just puts up stock photos and vids

13b653 No.8712


I'm not a bot. I was defending. But I've filtered some of the crazies out.

cb04d2 No.8713



decode this

36f89e No.8714

clown in america will try and shut us down they already are in 4chan

81ea7c No.8717

Keith O is probably going to be indicted with all the other MSM fags as part of the Clinton media crime cartel. Spending his last days with family before he is in court

0df636 No.8718


Holy shit! I bet your brain lit up when you saw this dude's name! That is creepy! It's disturbing how easy it is to ignore stuff like this unless you're looking for it.

81ea7c No.8719

someone mentioned Joe Scarborough is leaving his show? True? Cant find

3fb7b5 No.8720

The Adventures of Hillary Clinton in the Land of the Wizard, Bill Gates

Another weird book about Hillary WTF Democrates are retarded

a3c3b3 No.8721



b7aac6 No.8722

File: 12beb67c6c95687⋯.jpg (128.42 KB, 968x674, 484:337, Neutralmyass.jpg)

Very rough draft. Still playing with the phrasing and fonts. Mostly made it for boomers who still watch sitcoms.

5d61b8 No.8723


Yes, the church is all of us. The church is the rock. We all are the rock, the pebble, the people. The Bible never said anything about what you consider a Church, never said anything about walls and tithes and what have you.

-The 7 Stars and 7 Golden Lampstands of DNA - stars are angels and lampstands are church - The seven churches do not represent actual buildings, but the Body of Christ who are represented by the DNA of people or groups (tribes) of people.

7 stars are angels in human form - (Revelation 1:14-20)

7 lampstands — A substance we know of today in myth as the Philosopher’s Stone; that in reality is the fire of life, but this stone in science is called Phosphorus or DNA, The Morning Star, The Light of the World, made in His image. We are all God's children. We all are the light, the truth and the word of god made flesh.

2fbd8d No.8724

File: 3663d5a05044255⋯.jpg (162.61 KB, 664x791, 664:791, Justavetwaiting.jpg)



fdb9af No.8725

File: 0593c65447ee42d⋯.jpg (17.79 KB, 236x233, 236:233, tribunal-01.jpg)



everyone has faith, in one thing or another, no matter what euphamism you choose to describe it.

e73acb No.8726

Does everyone has any idea about the FBI informant testifying??

Hope he is not suicide….

2a65e7 No.8727


Potter says NK = CIA

81ea7c No.8728

here come the religious spam bots/ people

ignore another wave to distract us dont fall for it

b7aac6 No.8729


Yea saw that today. He looked scared as hell. Was waiting for him to make a break for the door, half-way through his exit speech.

81ea7c No.8730

Potter who?

5d61b8 No.8731

File: c17e4f054af5373⋯.jpg (82.17 KB, 583x559, 583:559, 8ab8f35a4d801b8d2d9d407068….jpg)

2fbd8d No.8732



>>Anons, please look at



c4c2f2 No.8734


I found that thread actually first. Freaky for sure.

1551c0 No.8735

I have wondered what Anonymous Insider meant when he said Munk needed to have secure rooms in many countries. Let's poke at this.

Secure from what?

Rooms for storing or transacting something secret? Private? Illicit?

Something that could be moved from country to country without the authorities' knowledge?

Something valuable? Something dangerous?



81ea7c No.8736


where you see it?

any word on Joe Scar?

f54cbf No.8737


He was supposed to testify today according to his lawyer in Fox interview on Sunday night.

2fbd8d No.8738

ab94f4 No.8739


I'd like to know if Rivzi is related to Khadim Hussain Rizvi.

He's the guy who led the protest in Pakistan.


c4c2f2 No.8740


They FAKE TAPED their friday show. They got busted. Why? They usually bring in other hosts.. they made fake turkey jokes.

81ea7c No.8741

HRC whereabout today?

BO today?


Nobody seems to be able to gove any answer to this

b6deff No.8742

Has anyone looked at Mike Pompeo? If the CIA is corrupt, then what’s his role?

Also his secret house is in my neighborhood so please don’t murder me, CIA.

81ea7c No.8746


Fake tape is not only very odd on its own, but even more so based on the timing of what is goign down. And Keith O suddenly leaving under suspicious circumstances

9a24ac No.8747

>>8701 Thanks. Any of that recent? I spent hours on his history and business ties, but was hoping to catch his name in a news article after Q's post.

0df636 No.8748


Here's someone who was doing pizzagate research on podesta but they didn't take the family tree back far enough to the 1800s


Maybe someone could find more info there. I'm no geneologist.

b38d45 No.8749


You should not have said that.

a00e30 No.8751



Where do Pompeo’s allegiances lie?

b7aac6 No.8752


Agreed. All I can tell you is my belief in the purest parts of the new testament have had a huge positive impact on my life.

Including being me inner peace, happiness and saving my life from certain death on many occasions (I used to be a adrenaline junkie with no regard for my personal safety). Not preaching or telling anyone, what to believe. I am just expressing what my faith has done for me personally.

My faith is reinforced by understanding how little I actually understand the nature of the universe. All I can do is walk forward with the understanding I currently have. Hopefully I have cleared this up. It is not my intention to be proven right in this exchange but to merely express why I believe in what I do.

b6deff No.8753


Hillary looks to be in NYC with her daughter, preparing for a book signing tomorrow. Wish we could see if she still has her boot.

9a24ac No.8754

>>8739 I saw that too, but couldn't find any connection other than the name.

03602b No.8755



Virtually certain they are right next to the CN tower. CN tower is a COMMUNICATIONS tower. It is, or is adjacent to the Rogers centre.

The top restaurant and viewing deck are normally open to the public, the will be closed on Dec. 2 for a "private event" Here is a link. Scroll down to the third picture to see those two towers (imo)


5d61b8 No.8756


Nimrod was the grandson of Noah, and according to tradition he played a major role in turning humanity away from God after the Flood. He founded many of the greatest cities of the ancient Middle East, and for a time he ruled over virtually all of the known world. In other words, he created the very first "New World Order" in the post-flood era. And according to Josephus, it was Nimrod that initiated the construction of the Tower of Babel: He was the grandson of Ham, the son of Noah, but he caused a tumult among them, by producing in them diverse languages, and causing that, through the multitude of those languages, they should not be able to understand one

The place wherein they built the tower is now called Babylon, because of the confusion of that language which they readily understood before; for the Hebrews mean by the word Babel, confusion.

"Bel" is an ancient Babylonian term for "Lord" or "Master," and that "Baal" comes from that original root word:The title of "Bel" or "Baal" seems to have originally been used primarily for the Babylonian god Marduk. Here is more from Wikipedia:

very strong link in the Scriptures between the coming Antichrist and the historical figure of Nimrod.t is also very interesting to note that many scholars believe that Rome is the "Mystery Babylon" described in Revelation 17 and Revelation 18.

Nimrod figures in some very early versions of the history of Freemasonry, where he was said to have been one of the fraternity's founders. (Baphomet)

A portent in the stars tells Nimrod and his astrologers of the impending birth of Abraham, who would put an end to idolatry. Nimrod therefore orders the killing of all newborn babies. However, Abraham's mother escapes into the fields and gives birth secretly. At a young age, Abraham recognizes God and starts worshiping Him. He confronts Nimrod and tells him face-to-face to cease his idolatry, whereupon Nimrod orders him burned at the stake. In some versions, Nimrod has his subjects gather wood for four whole years, so as to burn Abraham in the biggest bonfire the world had ever seen. Yet when the fire is lit, Abraham walks out unscathed.

The story attributes to Abraham elements from the story of Moses' birth (the cruel king killing innocent babies, with the midwives ordered to kill them) and from the careers of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego who emerged unscathed from the fire. Nimrod is thus given attributes of two archetypal cruel and persecuting kings - Nebuchadnezzar and Pharaoh. Some Jewish traditions also identified him with Cyrus, whose birth according to Herodotus was accompanied by portents, which made his grandfather try to kill him.


Much of the Bible says God says and it really refers to Pharoah. This is meant to confuse and deceive.

cebff7 No.8757


According to my contact in spec ops he is. He's also a major servant of the Talmudic/Islamic Temple of Set in Pakistan for the MB.

If correct, that's horrifying.

b6deff No.8758


It was a bit of a joke — it’s not really a secret house. It’s pretty clear it’s his.

81ea7c No.8759

again, attempt to throw off this board under religious banter that has nothing to do with the board subject

ignore they cant shut us down now matter how hard they try

e73acb No.8760


Thank you

I thought He is supposed to testify weeks ago unless they keep changing the date to throw them off….

80851f No.8761


Damn man.

That image is literally John Podesta with hair.

Looks much more like John rather than Tony.

a00e30 No.8762



c4c2f2 No.8763


They FAKE TAPED their friday show. They got busted. Why? They usually bring in other hosts.. they made fake turkey jokes.>>8741


>Virtually certain they are right next to the CN tower. CN tower is a COMMUNICATIONS tower. It is, or is adjacent to the Rogers centre.

>The top restaurant and viewing deck are normally open to the public, the will be closed on Dec. 2 for a "private event" Here is a link. Scroll down to the third picture to see those two towers (imo)

That's right there. The pic is from the Air Canada Center, looking east I think.

a3c3b3 No.8764



ab94f4 No.8765


business info is recent.

Pic with Al-aweed is from 2015 I think.

Face pic is from twitter, take it with a grain of salt.

c74ee4 No.8766


Ben Kohn Playboy connection? Or am I behind…

e90857 No.8767


One wonders about these actions so close to the alleged Langley intervention. I predict we'll see a few more quick retirements, illnesses, or suicides before the week is out. Thoughts?

81ea7c No.8769

Where is John Podesta today? almost 10 days since he posted anything to Twatter. from a guy who cant shut up, dont you find this odd?

14384d No.8771


Keith O and Joe S - Fusion GPS payments, perhaps Indictments coming?


cebff7 No.8772


I will raise ya on that bet.

e90857 No.8773


He's spending more time with his family.

81ea7c No.8774


suicides are acceptable if it helps focus on the bigger fish

a few are already on the run, but the big fish are always being watched and either alreay apprehended or soon will be

243b7b No.8775


yea you guys are right the cn tower is right there.

lemme look at the top ill see if i can tell what type of set-up

81ea7c No.8776

McStain seen anywhere today?

b7aac6 No.8777


Here it is, would recommend starting at minute 7:00, which is the relevant bit. Did seem digging on Joe today. Creepy stuff, seems to be possible links that he had raped and then murdered a underage intern a few years back. Then had a fixer chop her up and get rid of the body. Not claiming proof, just speculation on leads so far.


2fbd8d No.8778

File: 8670dd8e91bc9ba⋯.jpg (16.81 KB, 302x222, 151:111, 1511583283631.jpg)



please…8chan has many resources available for (us)

>>find your comfy spot, anon


ab94f4 No.8780

File: f7f0a3e1b93f86d⋯.jpg (23.82 KB, 774x386, 387:193, podbenn.jpg)


HIs past is catching up with him

5d5db6 No.8781


Sorry, not the same poster.

Q specifically doesn't mention "Cain" for a reason.

0df636 No.8782


Saddam Hussein believed he was the reincarnation of Nimrad and was trying to rebuild some of his old cities. Look it up.


03602b No.8784


Yes. And I forgot to mention it is one of the dozen or so tallest buildings in the world, a bit taller than WTCone. Look at some of the pics. Does it look a bit familiar?

b38d45 No.8785


Checked. He's dirty — Why else would he be VP? VP is a trophy in this game.

2a65e7 No.8786


Make sure our stuff is saved/archived in multiple places.

"Deep State Attacks Q" is the title of Roy Potter's new youtube. (I don't think he knows @ us here on 8)

9a24ac No.8787


Biggest connection with Rizvi was the "white rabbit" info. He set up the deal for acquiring Playboy Enterprises back for Hef, negotiated him a million dollar a year salary and residence at the mansion until Hef died. Upon Hef's death, Rizvi acquired everything left of his business. Very weird situation. Rizvi is also very tight with Bin Talal.

e90857 No.8788


With that many sealed indictments floating around, and the support structure for covering for such things eroding, I'm sure that a lot of people are suddenly changing their plans or making contingencies. It's the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle trick.

243b7b No.8790


Television broadcasters

VHF UHF Virtual Callsign Affiliation Branding

9 — 9.1 CFTO-DT CTV CTV Toronto

— 19 19.1 CICA-DT TVOntario TVO

— 20 5.1 CBLT-DT CBC Television CBC Toronto

— 25 25.1 CBLFT-DT Ici Radio-Canada Télé ICI Toronto

— 40 40.1 CJMT-DT Omni Television Omni.2

— 41 41.1 CIII-DT-41 Global Global Toronto

— 44 57.1 CITY-DT City City Toronto

— 47 47.1 CFMT-DT Omni Television Omni.1


There is no AM broadcasting on the CN Tower.[54] The FM antennas are situated 421 metres (1,381 ft) above ground.

Frequency kW Callsign[55] Branding Notes

91.1 MHz 40 CJRT JAZZ.FM91

94.1 MHz 38 CBL CBC Radio 2

97.3 MHz 28.9 CHBM boom 97.3

98.1 MHz 44 CHFI 98.1 CHFI

99.9 MHz 40 CKFM Virgin Radio 99.9FM

100.7 MHz 4 CHIN CHIN Radio Primarily in Italian and Portuguese

102.1 MHz 35 CFNY 102.1 the Edge

104.5 MHz 40 CHUM 104.5 CHUM FM

107.1 MHz 40 CILQ Classic Rock Q 107

2a65e7 No.8792



ad23e4 No.8793

Has everybody seen the video where the IMF threatens the President?

I see my President is still whooping ass, how's that going IMF/WTO? >>4747

2a65e7 No.8794


they've grounded his planes and he's stuck here somewhere - no where to go.

4108bc No.8795

5d61b8 No.8796


ALL of this goes back to the Owl and Y which is why I am posting. it. I will clean it up and put it in the religion thread. Just saw the recommendation, sorry didn't know it existed. So here is the last part I'll put in this thread.

Ancient Greek myth that Hermes confused the languages, causing Zeus to give his throne to Phoroneus,

Nimrod is the patron god of the city of Babylon who rose to the head of Babylon’s pantheon during King Hummurabi’s reign.

Marduk became the manifestation of Nimrod.

Marduk was later worshipped in Babylon as Shamash.

Marduk was worshipped in Egypt as Osiris.

Marduk was worshipped in early Assyria as Bel.

Marduk was worshipped as Baal in Babylon, Assyria, Egypt and Israel.


Baal’s female counterpart was the goddess Asherah.

Asherah originated as Ishtar of Babylon.

Ishtar was the deification of Queen Semiramis of Babylon.

Ishtar was the mother goddess of Babylon (the Queen of heaven).

Ishtar is known as the …

goddess of fertility

goddess of sensuality & desire

goddess of freedom & liberty

goddess of war

Moon goddess

Planet goddess “Venus”

Ishtar evolved into Isis the “mother goddess” of Egypt.

Ishtar evolved into Astarte of the Sidonians (Hebrew Ashtoreth) 1 Kings 11

It all goes back to a male/female demon deity. They are all the same EVIL and only EVIL. They have so many different representations and names on purpose to confuse and cause choas and deceive ala Babylon!

The top of the dome of the Capital building and the Statue of Liberty are Minerva the Owl.

Baphoment is Minerva and Molech together. Notice it has breasts and a male rams head with the horns.

Molech is represented by the Liberty bell and the Bull on Wall street. These are only a very very few examples of how they hide their need for symbolism in plain sight.

And the wars they cause are to give them reasons to push the transhuman movement. They want these men and women to become disfigured to use them as guinea pigs for their desire to create hybrid superhumans.

This trans obsession includes transexuals!

The demons are hermaphrodites which is where we get Hermetecism and Aleister Crowley and Anton la Vey and Michael Aquino which promotes death and perversion.

k thats all I got for now I'm exhausted.

187cdd No.8797

Wow….CBTS on 4chan fulla swastikas.

03602b No.8799


Sorry, not sure what all this implies. Just thought if we are in for 10 days of darkness a comm tower might have something to do with it.

Also curious about the "private event"

cb04d2 No.8800


not the same poster??? you have the same ID…. last chance to prove yourself worthy of me reading you

b7aac6 No.8801


Already had another member of congress, state that would would not be running for office again. This time it was the lead democrat on amnesty. Seems odd such a ardent opponent of Trump would suddenly choose just to end his political career?


0df636 No.8802


Of course they did. They've got Bruce Wayne's superpower.

They need to have their reputations ground up into crumbs though to poison their ability to move freely.

2a65e7 No.8804


someone earlier posted a pic from today - he's being pushed in a wheelchair and boot is still on the wrong foot.

b38d45 No.8805


Q predicted this. He said the little fish would be able to just resign and get out of the game for good.

1551c0 No.8806


It raises the question who owns the rights to all of the incriminating tapes made at Hef's place. Also where the media/data are physically stored and who has control over it. Inquiring minds would like to know…

Although presumably there is a spook copy of EVERYthing in the way of digital media.

fdb9af No.8807


what's the matter anon, you not know how to multitask?

at least we're not talking about flat earth and other dopey shit

the bible is relevant

Q quoted The Lord's Prayer

And admonished us to pray

I've contributed plenty of other topics that anons are off digging on, so a little discussion of the canon is not out of order

to wit:

why is no one in this thread discussing the HUGE significance of the judge's decision today to uphold Trump's appointment to head of the CFPB? The CFPB *is* the collection of ratlines through which all of the CF laundering traveled. The CFPB is how HRC held the DNC and all the downballot candidates hostage, and extorted their loyalty in anticipation of the win she didn't get.

The director of the CFPB has been acknowledged as the single most powerful politician second only to POTUS himself. The unexpected resignation last week has Trump's art of war fingerprints all over it, and his masterful maneuvering to get /hisguy/ in there, have the challenge rebuffed by one of his judicial appointees is beyond brilliant, it's savant-level 5D chess.


Go dig on that. Follow the money.

Pocahontas about to BTFO.

god bless you all.

c74ee4 No.8808


Out there but heard someone say that A. CROWLEYS daughter is Barbabra Bush?

2f02b7 No.8809

File: ffb103b1dbca9ff⋯.jpg (7.38 KB, 196x110, 98:55, hqdefault.jpg)



Just came back online to post about this. I just discovered Roy Potter yesterday and he strikes me as a great patriot. Check out his vids. He does some very good, concise analysis of Q. Eminently shareable.

995775 No.8811

2a65e7 No.8813


Deep State is attacking Q

8d45c6 No.8814


If he want to do it as a private citizen, let him. Minus the secret service detail, protection detail, and government transport. If he wants to self finance his subversion of the sitting president, let him. Then charge him with sedition. We're losing patience out here in the hinterlands. Just arrest the fucker for falsifying his identity. DJT was the original birther, let's just get it over with.

743c8c No.8815


send all the bluepill christfags back to AOL

d171da No.8816


Would you mind fucking right off? Kindly?

b38d45 No.8817


CIANiggers from 4chan. There is nothing wrong with faith at all.

2e4dd6 No.8818

The movie version of this timeline would be an epic watch. Major plot elements including Rothschilds, Titanic, the Fed, CIA in MSM/NK/Playboy Mansion (maybe the movie version should leave out the child sacrifice so we can still call it entertainment). I think even normies would watch this. Strange this hasn't been made yet.

9a24ac No.8820


I think it is pretty clear that Rizvi was mediating the whole deal in order to infiltrate the mansion and compile dirt on D.C. and Hollywood power players. The terms of the agreement have always looked very suspicious. They even sold the mansion and reinvested that money while Hef still lived there bangin his bunnies.

96bb53 No.8821

File: 8943e484579dbb9⋯.png (109.06 KB, 382x491, 382:491, 8943e4.png)



<if you ain't got 'em


Find your comfy spot…


243b7b No.8824


!! the top itself looks like a UHF top? one of the tallest building in world, as well as WTCone looks like it has the same style near the top



the white part is the antenna compared to the small ones it is massive?

could it be what the movie THEY LIVE?

are those the antenna?

9a24ac No.8825


This, or something very similar will be presented as entertainment. It's a great thriller plot…or it may turn out to be a nonfiction epic.

96bb53 No.8826

d171da No.8828


Or an EMP device?

fdb9af No.8830


here's the text of the relevant tweet from bower:

So since Keith and Joe were on Fusion GPS' payroll, now they are scrubbing their accounts, yet everything has been archived. There is no escape, so how many journalists at WaPo, NYTimes, MSNBC also were being paid to push news stories?

The evidence is mounting.


03602b No.8831


Possibly. And there is something similar atop the hotel in NK, I seem to recall.

fdb9af No.8832


shouldn't he be in DC for the tax bill proceedings?

243b7b No.8833



think we are on to something

what frequency affect human biology the most?

14384d No.8834


Good post.

7c76e4 No.8835

File: 8fc6b64fc7d7371⋯.png (273.2 KB, 715x737, 65:67, 1511913157522.png)

8d45c6 No.8836


Yup, nice find anon. I think we already thought this anyway. Good to have proofs though.

5806c3 No.8837


depends what you want to achieve

8f4862 No.8838


The 40000 ft v[iew].

Not Q

b7aac6 No.8839

File: 1d3066c87d84fee⋯.jpg (8.15 KB, 317x159, 317:159, download.jpg)


Now I am getting a mental picture of Trump and Obama beating each other to a pulp in a back alley WWF style! lol

91b71d No.8840

anyone heard from q since 8chyes 4chno

9a24ac No.8841


not that i know of. waiting patiently

75c1df No.8842

How the f*ck does one post an image on the board!? Wtf

91b71d No.8844


ok, me too. ty.

2f02b7 No.8845



d171da No.8846


bottom of reply window

fdb9af No.8847


such an angry anon

what have you contributed?

shall we whip out dicks and compare?

if you're having trouble focusing, take your adderal

9a24ac No.8848


lol. "such a nasty woman"

243b7b No.8850


what are some examples, or if you have any theories ill listen

8d45c6 No.8851


I pray to God that Mueller is faithful to his oath.

Semper Fi.

1551c0 No.8852


Pic 1 shows a bunch of microwave dishes, I would say.

Pic 2 is really interesting. Why do you say it a UHF antenna though? UHF wavelengths range from one meter to one decimeter (so an antenna can be correspondingly small) and the range is more-or-less limited to line-of-sight (plus or minus rare exotic propagation modes).

But yeah, if the vertical part is one giant antenna (for some frequency or another), that is interesting. Does it correlate with any of those AM/FM licenses you listed, or is it something else entirely?

2e4dd6 No.8853


Annoying we can't search by tripcode, or search this CBTS board at all. Best I can do is search pol for Q names.


91b71d No.8854

has book of q been updated since 6.1?

ac2381 No.8856


> Follow the money.

>Pocahontas about to BTFO.

Trump twatted about the CFPB before his masterful take-down of that unaccountable democrat $lush-pit. How int the ever-loving-fuck did the repugs ever let the fake injun set up that extortin hole CFPB. That was a rhetorical question. I know how they let it happen …

Trump seems to be signaling his future hits using his twatter.

Watch the twatter and have faith … in God and in Trump.

01b5bd No.8859

File: ff798462a161a4b⋯.png (15.36 KB, 372x387, 124:129, ClipboardImage.png)

91b71d No.8860


better than nothing i guess, bookmarked

9a24ac No.8862


I wish Mueller was a little younger for a couple of reasons. He has to have some ties and skeletons behind his many years in the swamp, and he is an easy target for "health problems".

d171da No.8863

1aa73f No.8864

Wow, /pol/ really went to shit.

b7aac6 No.8865


Even if he was able to take the "Asia Tour" I think The PM of China would just send out one of his staffers to take him out to MCdonlands. Don't think it would he would have quite the same sex appeal as the god emperor.

d23d56 No.8866


So if that last part is date, would that mean when things will happen..? Just curious

cb04d2 No.8867


how night mode ?

i'm going blind from this white background

9a24ac No.8868


Someone will catch it, if another post comes. If not, he will repost.

e73acb No.8869

File: f80cfc13d109d06⋯.jpg (15.9 KB, 400x157, 400:157, Capture.JPG)

118763 No.8870

File: 5f03880f682b683⋯.jpg (53.04 KB, 500x504, 125:126, Eatadick.jpg)


Not angry, hoss…

>> as for my contribution…


2f02b7 No.8871


If Q posts it will be immediately seized upon by a million people, you will not have to search for it.

1115c7 No.8872

File: e8beaa04e0b85b3⋯.jpg (11.06 KB, 250x250, 1:1, Lugh.jpg)


>All is one

>I am


75c1df No.8873


Is a popup window supposed to appear to upload a pic?

I select the file button but nothing happens … f'n Japanese piece of shite!

e92a66 No.8874

Charles McCullough's use of the word "shill" on Tucker tonight………..

ad23e4 No.8875


Go the fuck home Roy.

81ea7c No.8876

We need anon teams to keep eyes on Podesta, McStain, HRC, BO, etc everyday and report their whereabout or if they are MIA.

243b7b No.8877


the uhf was a guess because of the shape.

doesn't seem to. i almost have a guess its more a emotional thing.

canadians are super emotional all the time it seems and even government cry during speeches.

trudeau cries on a " LGBTQ2 " speech but does not cry during his fathers eulogy …. I'm shooting random thoughts here…

also removing tag lol

9a24ac No.8878


right below text boxx is button that says "select/drop/paste files here"

2f02b7 No.8879


Better yet I'll send you to filter land, scat farmer. Bye.

209e4d No.8880

File: e550194f7742bc3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 152.79 KB, 1891x813, 1891:813, Untitled.png)

118763 No.8881

File: 80d3e1a38fa0186⋯.jpg (58.65 KB, 610x570, 61:57, Zhesafaggot.jpg)



19d451 No.8882


Now if only Trump could do the same with the fed. Probably above his pay grade.

01b5bd No.8883


you're a good boi, anon

5806c3 No.8884

File: 35d14608b9039d6⋯.png (549.27 KB, 759x500, 759:500, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d2f541ac92bac14⋯.png (235.76 KB, 600x324, 50:27, ClipboardImage.png)


Well if we're talking general sound look into 432hz vs 440hz, spoiler: nazis found 440hz sound/music affected the mood of people to make them more irritable etc and it stuck to international level and it's been the standard for long now.

432hz is purer

now different frequencies can lead to different effects, it's all linked to charkras/vibration that kinda stuff

Found a list of common frequencies see image

so that's my limited knowledge, and I<m terrible at explaining stuff but it 's an interesting topic that's not too talked about

b38d45 No.8885


The fuck are you talking about? Trump gets paid 1 dollar for the presidency.

243b7b No.8886


i think its small level movements. set up shop or move in on certain objectives. the date is the 27th so its already happened. whatever it was if I'm even right that is

d171da No.8888


Much better

Thanks I needed that as well.

ac2381 No.8889


… or out for local canine cuisine. Jugears would like it better than McGaggets anyway.

Xi won't likely give that traitor fuck the time of day. Xi will just assign an intern to walk him around for a day and a half.

CNN will then proclaim it the most significant foreign policy trip by any President (current or ex) in the history of America.

d23d56 No.8890



e5d5a9 No.8891

75c1df No.8892


I know!

I am using a phone.

I select that box but nothing happens!!!

Omg … kick me in the junk already!!!

81ea7c No.8893

Anyone get Joe S. "reason" for suddenly quitting?

Let me guess, "spend more time with family"?

000000 No.8894


107.1 MHz 40 CILQ Classic Rock Q 107

cb04d2 No.8895


ahhh now i can take these sunglasses off thank you

9a24ac No.8896

Interesting how Trump emphasized that this NK launch should have spurred the dems into funding our military. He is definitely trying to use this situation as leverage.

03602b No.8897


No idea, although I've heard that ELF waves are harmful

81ea7c No.8898

POTUS was calm and collected after the NK launch. He knows they are trying to distract him and pull him into a war. Not happening so they are uber frustrated and showing it.

ac2381 No.8899


>Now if only Trump could do the same with the fed. Probably above his pay grade.

I bet Trump has a plan for the fed ….

cebff7 No.8901


That's ugly business if true. My commander was afraid of this. That means it likely links straight to Huma Abedin, Islami in Crisis and that guy Peter Munk with all 'them gold mining enterprises.

This thing just always get worse.

d171da No.8902


SK should precision strike Ryugyong

14384d No.8904


Meganon said - fed would be taken down, it is unconstitutional. He already appointed someone new there. Fed = Rothchilds, so yeah, he's doing something about it.

209e4d No.8905

File: 5960b6aa43884c5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 117 KB, 672x1000, 84:125, 1492827645818.jpg)



243b7b No.8906


lets tune in!!

5d61b8 No.8907


Perhaps the map is the stars, the place where all ancient legends were born…

Perhaps our body is the temple, the cup, the vessel, the Holy Grail that holds what makes us human, the image of God, our DNA, made of phosphorus AKA light.

Perhaps this is why there is a Temple of Pedastry on Epstein Island. Because they worship Satan, the opposite of all that is Holy, that is where they desecrate the temple of God by abusing the human body….

Perhaps everything is connected, isn't that what we were set out to discover? Wasn't that the mission?

Perhaps the constellation of Ursa Major represents God, the plow, the big dipper, the tillers of the Earth. It holds a star formation in the shape of a pentagram pointing upwards during the day, but no one can see it except at night.

At night it is upside down. The pentagram is upside down. This is where the Satanic pentagram comes from. This is where faith comes into play. You can not see the upwards facing pentagram during the day, you must have faith that it exists.

You can not see God, but he exists. He is always there shining light on you.

The cup of ursa major represents the vessel, the body, the temple, which holds the blood of Christ which is the blood of the son of God, we are all children of God so it represents all of us.

Ursa major is the 7 stars mentioned in Revelation.

Notice the number 7 again and again.

No coincidence.

Nothing is random.

Everything is connected.

We are all one.

000000 No.8908


what about >>8637

d23d56 No.8909

Hmmm.. tons of dumps last week from (Q) and now silence. I wonder..

118763 No.8910


Told'ee hoss… warned ye.


81ea7c No.8911

Fake God/ religion spamming to divert attention away from Q and discussion on Q.


9a24ac No.8913


I dunno about that. Lots of targets in SK to strike back at.

dbc487 No.8914

Anyone look into Bilderberg (B) controlling Blockchain and possibly Ether? i mean ether has an F'en Pyrmaid! and now Putin is in on it?

how can B make money if the elite decide to crash our shitty Fed system? any ideas on exposing?

I'm not against crypto .. just courios how this will play out .. especially when NYT from peter in 2013 said to create a coin & make it worth a trillion dollars


de6b8f No.8915

What does the "Owl" represent to certain cults?

Just before

Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.

Follow the Owl & Y head around the world.

Identify and list.

They don’t hide it.

They don’t fear you.

You are sheep to them.

You are feeders.

Godfather III.

Just before

This picture


Godfather III, owl and Y are in context

118763 No.8916



ad23e4 No.8917


e5d5a9 No.8918


well Q has been silent for this long before, im sure hes going to message us in at least 2 days from now.

d171da No.8919


Work around it you cuck. Don't ignore. We need faith in this time of darkness.

46dbda No.8920

Did anyone already mention that 'follow the white rabbit' is also part of The Matrix movie?

9a24ac No.8921


I was wondering if the whole Bitcoin bubble might be being fed by insiders who are trying to shelter some money there because they know the dogs are after them.

1e4581 No.8922


I agree. Whoever faked that has no concept of scale. That hole would be thousands of miles across. Not to mention the lump in the atmosphere above and to the right, NASA has even done better than that (maybe not often).

81ea7c No.8923

No one has figured out the Godfather III Q comments, but probably has to do with the Vatican and fag Pope.

ab94f4 No.8924

Is there anything else to Toronto other than the photo with the countdown. Has there been any known threats.

03602b No.8925


Trudeau's a dweeb. Canadians vary just as much as any other group. Might be more emotional types among the French, but we of English stock can do the "stiff upper lip" with the best of them.

14384d No.8926



81ea7c No.8927


warning newbies. i am a-ok newbies need education giving it to them

9a24ac No.8928


Toronto will be fine. They already apologized for being in a photo. lol

13b653 No.8929


Epic if true. Just epic

81ea7c No.8930


kek fag

8fc797 No.8931

Alice going through a looking glass


8f4862 No.8932


CFPB is a corrupt institution. Pocahontas's favorite regulator. It is Funded by Federal Reserve (aka Rothchild). Dave Rothchild was pissed, his bank will not be able to set the "right regulations". Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Fines Wells Fargo $100 Million. (Customers got 2.5M). What happens to the $100M? CFPB to pay $22.3 million to lease building owned by Obama bundler. How much money was likewise diverted to liberal friends.

You want sauce?





Having lost the case they cannot hid the dirt any longer.

5d61b8 No.8933


reposting for visibility


I am the one who seemed to connect one of Q's codes with CBZT, it seems to relate to the airplane pic Q posted and the accient involving geotus family member, here's the gist of it….

Bunker Apple Yellow Sky [… + 1]


https://www.gov.uk/aaib-reports/pegasus-quik-g-cbzt-6-july-2013 - model of airplane! (((" Air Accidents Investigation Branch ")))

https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/nov/19/vietnamese-national-and-three-britons-died-in-midair-collision-police (((Vietnamese))) (((Mike Green)))

https://www.usaid.gov/who-we-are/organization/michael-greene (((Vietnam))) different guy similar name (((Mike Greene))) no coincidences right? Michael Greene assumed the position of Mission Director for USAID/Vietnam in July 2016.

DHT? (i don't remember where I got this but it was in another code I think, trying to find it) http://www.dhtaviation.com/home.html DHT is the leading company in Vietnam providing a full range of aviation logistic services .

Someone else started finding other aviation related stuff in the codes. Now it just hit me after seeing this pic that maybe we can find the model plane from the codes. https://media.8ch.net/file_store/a4eb7e83b5d096073c9e031b7e3054b6a901ba22be34be72144e7d8a0d1b58fe.jpg

After I posted CBZT stuff Q posted something along the lines of he was disappointed and he might have overestimated us and I instantly thought he was making a sly dig that he underestimated b/c the code was cracked. Or maybe I am just delusional and wanted to pump my ego. Either way I think it's worth looking into.

Also I notices the 27-1 and posted I thought he was saying something about 888 then his next code said SM# or something and I was like ok so just 8, it was just a nagging gut feeling and I swear it meant 8ch. So anyhow who wants to help me find this plane?

also this >>2222 (You)

>>2229 (You)

Please be patient I have autism. Regarding the 27-1 three times I got 888, this was repeated in three different threads.

888 and then today he tweets Russia, Russia, Russia

Then we have this https://calvinayre.com/2016/06/23/business/russia-blocks-amazon-cloud-service-888poker-ad/

Russia cuts off Amazon Cloud service for running 888Poker ad

Russia’s media watchdog has blocked local access to the Amazon Cloud service over an ad promoting 888 Holdings’ online poker site.

On Wednesday, the Izvestia news outlet reported that the Roskomnadzor agency had blocked the Amazon service following a demand from the Federal Tax Service (FTS). The takedown has affected as estimated 21.4m Russians by blocking access to sites including NetFlix, Twitter, Dropbox and Airbnb, all of which utilized Amazon as a host.

The FTS said Amazon had violated Russian law by running an ad for 888Poker that included a link to download the company’s poker app. Roskomnadzor said it had contacted Amazon regarding the offending 888 ad but that Amazon had taken no action in response to Roskomnadzor’s request/order, leaving it with no alternative but to drop the ban-hammer.

No coincidences right?



I know. I saw that. My autism knows no bounds. This is a piece of the puzzle, also notice the coat of arms. It has changed recently.


The regal emblem, used at President Trump’s golf courses across the United States, sports three lions and two chevrons on a shield, below a gloved hand gripping an arrow.

A different coat of arms flies over Mr. Trump’s two golf resorts in Scotland. The lions on the shield have been replaced by a two-headed eagle, an image the company has said represents the “dual nature and nationality” of Mr. Trump’s Scottish and German roots.

But this emblem was not just about honoring his heritage.

The British are known to take matters of heraldry seriously, and Mr. Trump’s American coat of arms belongs to another family. It was granted by British authorities in 1939 to Joseph Edward Davies, the third husband of Marjorie Merriweather Post, the socialite who built the Mar-a-Lago resort that is now Mr. Trump’s cherished getaway.

Something to look into….

118763 No.8934




<et al

81ea7c No.8935


you should. you are canadian after all. kek

b7aac6 No.8936

File: f4585ef61e335fb⋯.gif (36.75 KB, 266x256, 133:128, hypno.gif)


OOOOoooo pretty colors! Thanks! Fringe is particularly nice! Was just thinkng…I don't think Trump trolling PocahontAss this late in the game was a coincidence. It was like he was intentionally trying to put a spot light on her.

I wonder if it has anything to do with this..?


Sorry, if I am the last person to take a guess at this..

ab3936 No.8937


Lightwork is the reason why positive things are happening at all.

Know your side and work for it.

Whatever you do, do with LOVE!

Love has many (positive!) forms.

ac2381 No.8938


How many terrorists did Toronto release as an apologetic sign of good faith?

ad9f66 No.8939


Not sure Joe quit; he said he was taking down his anti-Trump tweets though.

46bec7 No.8940


Truth is Truth. I have known for quite some time now that the bible warns of a great deception. I have studied this most my life. We are so deceived in so many ways: public education, pharmaceuticals, chem trails, fluoride, vaccinations, gmo foods, rewritten history, etc. The solar energy at this time (post 2012) is growing higher in frequency all across the galaxy, not just here. The veil is being lifted is the definition of Armageddon. The age of Aquarius is just a cycle of time that has a new and better energy than the age of Pisces that we were recently in. Challenge your beliefs to a better world, a better reality.

eaf0eb No.8941

there should be a new thread every time Q posts to update the OP.

b7aac6 No.8942


Ah, looks like you already beat me to the punch anon. Nice work!

be79c6 No.8943




a00e30 No.8944


This! Please look into it

000000 No.8945

0f8a7c No.8947


Humanity isn't ready to wake up yet.

Sad, isn't it?

See you at home.

9a24ac No.8948


Not me, but I dated one from Port Hope for awhile. Not far from Toronto

118763 No.8949


Howdy x3

81ea7c No.8950


havent seen anything on him quitting either but others reported it in various forums. any video or statement from him regarding this?

Still, taking down his anti-Trump tweets must mean either a) he was warned and/ or b) a whole lot of his MSM buddies are going down and he knows it

2f02b7 No.8951


There is a dedicated thread only for Q posts (though not well moderated.)

Check out the CBTS catalogue: https://8ch.net/cbts/catalog.html

46dbda No.8952

The Matrix (movie) has a scene in which Neo is on the bed. On his computer screen a message pops up. It says: The Matrix has you. Follow the white rabbit. There are also parts of news articles to be seen. One says something like 'international manhunt'.

d171da No.8953

What happens if at the moment a quantum AI gains self awareness it is monarch'd with brownstones and SRA?

81ea7c No.8954


poor you. Port Hope is a dump

bad1e0 No.8955


That does not prove it is flat. This is the wrong thread for flat earth talk though…

5d61b8 No.8958



I can compile a list and make a thread later. There's like 100's if not thousands but I'll make it worth your while. It's overdue.

Remember Bablyon is from Babel Babble meaning to deceive or confuse. They made so many names for one entity and split it into male and female just to confuse you. CHAOS is their goal.

I should have it done later tonight.

13b653 No.8960


AI cannot ever be self-aware. It is impossible. That's fear porn, they are messing with you.

81ea7c No.8961

see any posts regarding "flat earth "hollow earth" or Bible stuff, IGNORE. Shills and LARPs in eher trying to distract from the facts. Clowns in America and their Soros minions.

ba1445 No.8962


Whoa man! Youre making my nipples tingle

81ea7c No.8963

anyone figured out where JP is today?

betcha you can't

bad1e0 No.8964


The council of the Nicea decided what books were to be included in the bible. July 4, 325 A.D.

cebff7 No.8965


CBZT, our squadron had heard of them before.

We never thought they were involved in this.

Reading the articles about APCO though in regards to Russia has changed my tune.

Even if nothing shaky was going on there, the optics are just terrible. Plus, Clinton admits right there they accepted a bribe.

It makes you wonder if not the whole investigation was a sham to start with, since they never mentioned Tenex or APCO when they read out the charges.

2f02b7 No.8966



I think that's a good point. Worth looking into if that's even possible. Bitcoin just hit $10,000 btw.

29b263 No.8967

File: 925f89562818a1d⋯.png (397.74 KB, 1059x723, 353:241, Donald J Trump Chosen By G….png)



pic related

03602b No.8968


Not sure about that, but he sure gave them lots of our money. Scum!

a00e30 No.8969


Do you know?

2e4dd6 No.8970


Enlighten us.

de6b8f No.8971

57de55 No.8972

Here's some personal truth for you. God with all his power lives within all of us. God is the greatest manifestation of all things good, and is expressed through our generous and benevolent actions towards and for others. Now, with the power of our minds and the love in our hearts, we must come together to defeat the darkness that has reigned over us for far too long.

Don't allow Divide & Conquer tactics, flat and/or hollow Earth theories, and other ridiculous rabbit holes distract you from our cause. Come together, think together, act together. Show God's presence to the world, as a collective force of and for good.

be79c6 No.8973






81ea7c No.8974


Bible bot/ shill

Clean up the mess

46dbda No.8975

Another try:

The Matrix (movie) has a scene in which Neo is on the bed. On his computer screen a message pops up. It says: The Matrix has you. Follow the white rabbit. There are also parts of news articles to be seen. One says something like 'international manhunt'.

9a24ac No.8976


It has been going bananas for some weeks now. If that is the best way to anonymously hold a fortune, maybe some insiders are dumping into it.

57de55 No.8977


You're a perfect example. Filtered.

118763 No.8978



We hear you, anon…

>>its a river, swim fast.

dive in

5d61b8 No.8979


wtf is the board subject please tell me…

everything I am posting pertains directly to Q questions.

He specifically said it was all connected.

I thought this was a general. Like general conversation pertaining to Q's questions.

Baby eating Satan worshippers is a huge part of this.

c8215b No.8980

File: 3bbcac4e6a39c21⋯.jpg (159.24 KB, 787x315, 787:315, Crowley Barbara Bush.jpg)


Not who you're talking to but I''m willing to consider it.

b7aac6 No.8981


Yep! its amazing how few christans are actually aware of that. Freaks allot of them out when you tell them. My grandma though that the King James bible was written in the original language spoken in biblical times…in other words.."English!" O_o

d171da No.8983

File: 00501ecb26d3bcb⋯.jpg (5.29 KB, 240x160, 3:2, ssssss.jpg)

/sigh Never go full Nazi.


3e25a0 No.8984

You peeps do know that the little arrow next to a name, you can click on it and it'll bring up a little menu.

One of the options there is to FILTER.

Click it and then click the ID + selection, and you will no longer see that individual's posts or the replies to that individual's post.

When shills and other BS get's to be to much, use it!

It brings back the normalcy of the board, with good intellectual conversation again.

Just a reminder.

1551c0 No.8985


It has occurred to me that somebody who has nearly unlimited computing power would have a tremendous advantage over normal bitcoin miners. Already Iceland hosts some bitcoin miners because they can do cheaper CPU cooling there due to climate.

What if a quantum computer could mine bitcoin really, really fast?

What if a quantum computer was made with neptunium high-temperature superconductors?

What if it was located in Antarctica (for cooling and concealment) and the power system was nuclear?

Somebody like that would have a motivation to create cryptocurrencies by the bucketful and convince the world to value them.

Just thinking out loud, Anons.

2f02b7 No.8987


You need to filter that person like most of us already have.

Let's respect each other, people. We are on a very serious mission here against evil itself. Lift each other up, don't put each other down.

(I know most of us are but, for the rudies.)

fd235d No.8988

File: fc341e9e5f95d6e⋯.png (264.8 KB, 1466x1042, 733:521, Q 10-31-2017 numbered conn….png)

my first OC

>pic related

based on this intriguing loaf, I suggest you read it, 4 long posts, Q style.



>anon namefagging as BA PATRIOT calls thread “Q RE:”

>pic upside down flag with words ‘woe unto them those who call evil good, and good evil!’ underneath

>first line 10.31.17

>proceeds to (answer), I believe, QAnon’s posts from that day, 10.31.17

>4 lengthy posts

First QAnon post from 10.31.17, paired with (answers) from BA PATRIOT referring to that day.

>pic related

<the numbers next to each line are based off BA PATRIOT’s post; the date would be zero.

<the numbers next to QAnon’s Questions are allocated the same way. The first Question and (answer) confirms. QAnon refers to ‘State Secrets’ and SC, (answer) is a link with the words ‘State Secrets and the Supreme Court’.

<there are a few lines left off BA PATRIOT’s post; QAnon’s was shorter. Putting it down to reddit spacing/post length

How’d I do? Seriously? I know the (answers) make sense, but only when you skip the ones that don’t make sense.

The first missing (answer) is obvious and confirmed by QAnon’s next 2 Questions and is the (answer) for the previous 2 Questions. Which gives rise to the theory of obtaining the next set of missing answers.

The next set of missing answers is 4 Questions. 2 sets of 2, (answers) coming from the 4 Questions above (first set of 2), and 4 Questions below (second set of 2). All 4 Answers play a role, not just the 4th one above or below. Same pattern as the first missing answer.

Do you see the pattern? Do you think the (*) in BA PATRIOT’s (answer) 6 and 7 have any significance? It’s the first instance where you come across recycling of (answers) that isn’t explicit. E.g., Martial Law and Yes.

This pattern of recycling answers continues through the set of missing answers described above.

Should I keep going and do the other 3 BA PATRIOT posts and see how they stack up and if the pattern continues?

>took a while

and I would like to know if I’m on the right track

118763 No.8989

19d451 No.8990


The left is so fuckin desperate to meme nazis back into reality but their altkike movement failed completely.

a8fb38 No.8991


Because he was involved in the fusion gps scandal. he knows he's "'==FUCKED=='"

209e4d No.8992



Warming the oven~

d171da No.8993


What if blockchain can be used around the world to give Ai a neural net and a private chat channel?

5d61b8 No.8994


You're not gonna like this but every mention of the number 40,000 in the Bible is about an army of men to fight evil….

oops I did it again.

Also almost every unknown un answered question has had several interpretations so who are you to say which is wrong or right? Maybe they are all right. Maybe that was the purpose of such a vague question, statement, random number. 40,000 feet in the bible is about the feet of 40,000 men.

It's easy to scroll past a post you don't like but filter me out you might filter out the truth. I don't filter anyone out. I like to read what everyone has to say. I have learned so much from all of you, things I would have never considered before have come to light. So…choose wisely

9ee6da No.8995





Just got back. I wasn't expecting to find any public events for tomorrow. More like the Ritz where guests were suddenly escorted out and the targets locked in. The long FREEDOM stringer has several SA's and one GER reference, which have increased arms trades this year.

>The Germany Economic Ministry was forced to disclose the figures after a request from opposition MP Stefan Liebich, but the ministry did not release information on the type of weapons sold.

>The US has traditionally been a core supplier of arms and military aid to Cairo, which is second only to Israel in the size of sums received. However, in August, the US cut military aid to Egypt by $95.7 million which the Trump administration justified highlighting concerns over human rights abuses in the country and Cairo’s relations with North Korea.


f5e538 No.8996


Thanks Anon! I'll check out the link and see if I can find it. Fuck tho! What if the Podesta's have been working for the NWO for over 100 years?

46dbda No.8997


What to think of this quote?

"'There's something fishy going on here.'

'Well,' said Q, jerking her head toward the door to the stairwell, through which the tattooed woman was disappearing. 'You'd better follow the white rabbit, then."

be79c6 No.8998


Thanks for baking patriot, remember that after 750 posts you can't post anymore and link new thread so post new thread link before that. God bless

ba1445 No.8999

File: 31148b2dca2014d⋯.jpg (86.43 KB, 950x500, 19:10, 205xib.jpg)

File: bc7a4ce0b564ad3⋯.jpg (115.53 KB, 750x499, 750:499, 205vjn.jpg)

afaeb8 No.9000

File: 43392bb7e60ecdc⋯.png (1 MB, 1715x845, 343:169, Manhunt.PNG)

File: 5ebba9881a87b9b⋯.jpg (22.84 KB, 300x225, 4:3, Follow .jpg)

File: c72085c255f7155⋯.jpg (140.23 KB, 1600x835, 320:167, pill .jpg)

File: 6315458b94cbb9f⋯.jpg (69.94 KB, 681x662, 681:662, pill2 (2).jpg)

Knock, Knock, Neo..

ad23e4 No.9001


>Have Quantum Computer.

>Use it to mine cryptocurrency.

Quantum computers are good at searching.

Mining crypto on a Quantum computer is like driving a truck in the ocean.

It's the wrong tool for the job.


NN Key Derivation is real but unnecessary and not necessarily secure. A quantum computer breaks all Asymmetric crypto and weakens schemes like AES.

9a24ac No.9002


It would seem obvious that the rulers of the current world currencies would be plenty interested in "stealing" control over any emerging, competitive currency. crypto or otherwise

a00e30 No.9003


Wouldn’t that be 80,000 feet? (2 feet per soldier unless they were already brutally injured)

de6b8f No.9004


Awesome work anon. Look forward to more of your oc

46dbda No.9005



ad23e4 No.9006


Nice get Morpheus.

Hopefully the Manhunt means Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

3e25a0 No.9007



e73acb No.9008

For those waiting for Q to post.

You may want to follow this twitter account, my gut feeling its part of the Q team….


1e4581 No.9009

File: b41d5ba849df630⋯.jpg (63.57 KB, 592x485, 592:485, netneut.jpg)


Good idea

0df636 No.9010


Agreed read the text of the article too, it says:

"Clinton was speaking as a keynote speaker at the annual conference of the Chinese news magazine Caijing. Her speech was broadcast to hundreds of Chinese business executives and government researchers."

She may have given the speech but maybe she gave it remotely and was not actually there.

5d61b8 No.9011

I made a thread about Tesla and 3,6,9 that this fits into.



118763 No.9012



<insufficient data for query response.

Asking what i think, here, now, about anything

Is a dicey prospect at best…

could you be more clear

8e1fa4 No.9013


No. He said he wasn't talking about Trump anymore because it's too 2017 and he wants to look forward. Talk about trying to polish a turd statement…

de6b8f No.9014


I have not filtered. Not sure if you were the one who walled us with text. Much more powerful and even appreciated in small doses. We do have another thread for large swaths of religion. Love you bro.

5d61b8 No.9015


I swear that KK woman posted that station in a pic on one of her million twitter accounts…what does it mean?

b11314 No.9016


Net Neutrality had to be removed to remove the fake news MSM.

4fd1e4 No.9017

Perhaps what Q is referring to with the 40,000ft classified is the "Doomsday" plane….E68 Mercury….I'm reading about it and it says cruising altitude of 40,000ft…and other interesting info…..thoughts??

209e4d No.9018

Batter Ready

Will post @ 745~ Posts

Tweaking batter to remove thread directory and explain how to use Catalog and search function to improve peoples use of the Board.

b33276 No.9019


Misspelled guidElines.


b7aac6 No.9021


Tell me about it! ….little late big guy!

be79c6 No.9022



932c25 No.9023




cb04d2 No.9024


yes is wall of text … only filter i have

9a24ac No.9025


Sounds good. Any interesting facts about location or crew?

5b5f4a No.9026


Thank you Batter Baker!

dbc487 No.9027








shit, is the app.smart sheet still up??i can't get in

b11314 No.9028


Check the OP.

04fdd0 No.9029


tytyty for this. i've been obsessing on this particular drop.

27b5c0 No.9030


Yep. Antarctica was scouted by Brits and Nazis in wwii for uranium. Nazi base was Shangri-la, Brits had many.


5d61b8 No.9031


I'm making a thread later tonight…

1551c0 No.9032


>A quantum computer breaks all Asymmetric crypto and weakens schemes like AES.

You mean like PKI?

b7aac6 No.9033

File: f86104376a5cab7⋯.png (194.45 KB, 573x314, 573:314, were-not-worthy.png)


WOAH! Frigging Spectacular!

de6b8f No.9034


Awesome. If we have context that cuts out so many other trails.

c9c6b3 No.9035


Get behind this anon! Don't really care if "credible" but the information is delicious.

dbc487 No.9036


yup, sorry i had old link… freaked out kek

9a24ac No.9037


This isn't the Doomsday plane? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boeing_E-4

2f02b7 No.9038

File: 8345a05c072f8b0⋯.jpeg (95.24 KB, 600x477, 200:159, JW.jpeg)

We need to counter this before it goes any further.

209e4d No.9039


This looks juicy - include in next thread to further discourse

cebff7 No.9040

Anyone heard anything about William Campbell?

How is he involved in U1. Our undercover op team wishes to know anything you've heard.

3e25a0 No.9041


Did you not read it?

The VERY first sentence is "The Boeing E-4 Advanced Airborne Command Post, with the project name "Nightwatch""

b38d45 No.9042


This is right desu. Hitler was an honest and good guy but that doesn't mean the deep state doesn't also push Natsocism. It's still a way to slander people. Deep state attack on Q.

46bec7 No.9043

File: 51f900beb8a22c6⋯.png (58.87 KB, 201x251, 201:251, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 51f900beb8a22c6⋯.png (58.87 KB, 201x251, 201:251, ClipboardImage.png)


I ran into some research that support B. Bush is Crowley's daughter several years ago. I believe it is a possibility.

9a24ac No.9044


No. I was asking you. I though you wrote about Mercury something. But, this plane is interesting and this part "Early in the E-4's service, the media dubbed the aircraft as "the doomsday planes".[5] The E-4 was also capable of operating the "Looking Glass" missions of the Strategic Air Command (SAC).[13]"

46dbda No.9045

d171da No.9046


Just no.

81ea7c No.9047


STFU shill

118763 No.9048


>>don't really care if credible



>>(You) really don't know where you are, do (((you)))

2f02b7 No.9049


⬆︎Perfect example.


f5e538 No.9050


hit guys, we got the dad and son, now take a look at John's grandfather who was an engineer on the Titanic!! Still under research, not verified, but help dig!



ab94f4 No.9051

Given NK's launch today and Space-X now know to be helping.

What could possibly be the end game!?


c88fac No.9052


perhaps scarborough taking down his tweets is a feeble attempt to remove evidence of any "unsourced trump breaking news" which he was likely paid by fusion GPS to distribute.

2f02b7 No.9053


I am somewhere where you could never be. Bye.

b38d45 No.9054


Does SS in this map mean State Secrets or Secret Service?

b38d45 No.9055


I admitted that Hitler stuff in our threads was bad, you fucking kike.

344911 No.9056

We need to entertain an idea of continuing with a different tag. Too many idiots posted on SM where we are lounging. Ideas?

13b653 No.9057

81ea7c No.9058

Did Scarborough say why his twats are being taken down? Video? On show?

de6b8f No.9059

File: 0da634714c01301⋯.jpg (27.36 KB, 450x270, 5:3, 1511418971603.jpg)

118763 No.9060


Good work, anon. Have a…


13b653 No.9061

File: 2358e8e27b4f975⋯.jpg (2.71 KB, 264x92, 66:23, Q Twitter.jpg)

0f8a7c No.9062


You are going to hate the future.

19d451 No.9063

If CBTS is going to go full NS, at least drop some truths in the OP.

ad23e4 No.9064


Yeah they are, they think they're redpilled and enlightened but they have no fucking idea how deep the rabbit hole goes.

0f8a7c No.9065


Careful. Careful.

Don't be too hasty to exclude your brothers.

344911 No.9066

File: dfa81cb4531232e⋯.png (94.4 KB, 261x296, 261:296, TrumpFiji.png)


I'll be happy to compile ideas. Graphic and 4-alpha tag.


2f02b7 No.9068


That was not my brother. I am not a fool.

b33276 No.9069



Any thought to the significance of


025f30 No.9070

Anonymous (ID: YP0lr1vJ) 11/23/17(Thu)04:54:49 No.150585862▶>>150586398 >>150586993


TT = Pilot Thanh Trung


Green = Captain Mike Green

>Bunker Apple Yellow Sky [,,, + 1]

Aylesbury (waddeston manor near here)

Bunker / bury / bu

Apple / Ale

Yellow / yle

Sky / sry

>[… + 1]

add one target / get both targets / opportunity for an extra one to get, do it

57de55 No.9071

Good on ya.

b7aac6 No.9072

Krickey! DRPK Just launched a missile!

POTUS now giving a speech!


0f8a7c No.9073

We're breaking reality and remaking it in our own image. I think. If there's anything I'm truly convinced of it's that we're backed by very powerful, primal forces. Likewise most of us put an insane amount of effort (and suffered downright titanic spiritual and emotional pain because of it) in order to find out the truth. Our willpower and awareness of both our internal worlds and external pseudo-reality is currently unmatched. We're either far more than human at this point or human in the original sense. It's difficult to regard normies as humans, and the (((elites))) and cucks like Rick are de facto evil.

It's all so very wonderful and strange. I've been feeling things lately. Strange things, beautiful things. Something is very different. We are no longer in the same reality/world/paradigm we were just two years ago. Everything seems to be changing rapidly and in unexpected and absurd ways. I am a very happy man. I am happy that I am here with you and have been on the 'boards for over a decade. I am happy, thankful and feel blessed for being alive in this point of time. This is the greatest show on Earth, and nobody knows what's coming next. Yet there is no fear anymore. Just a wish and a plea for it to continue faster and faster so that I may witness it and perhaps even participate as much as I can. It all feels like a prophecy unfolding and it most likely is. "For every event there is a prophecy" as Lain put it. Evola, Serrano, Guenon, the Bible - it was all true and it is all true. We're living it, but unlike the normies and evil people we are aware of it and we embrace it, wanting nothing more than to change ourselves into something beyond merely human and refine ourselves like gold in the furnace. We want a good life, a life beyond anything current reality offers us. We want anime to be real, we want to find and marry our waifus, we want to see, be, create and witness beautiful things crafted by God Himself. We desire a new Eden, a new Outer Heaven and our place within it, free from the bonds of evil and slavery of the mind. Our hearts and souls remain pure even when we indulge in shameful things and we laugh at our own silliness and contradictions. There is no material force and no clever wordplay and wisdom that can shackle us. We are growing stronger, each and every one of us. Each will get his portion of the glory and we will accept it with humility and eternal praise. We deserved it. Increasingly and without ceasing this world and its (((powers))) are faltering and dying. People like Rick and normies are not only increasingly obsolete and beneath our notice, but they've also grown more evil and vicious. We judge a tree by its fruits.

It's all very wonderful. Please, increase the pace of the change Mighty One. Do it for your own eternal glory. We will praise you, we will worship you and we will laugh with you. You have found friends among us, the Last Battallion of the utterly disregarded and hated, those who never forgot you even in the darkest period of life on Earth. Let each day be more glorious, and let each of us find his proper place. We desire no material things in the end. We want to go Home, to that Home that we remember in our visions and dreams, our poetic flights and imaginative autism. Please oh Lord, incomprehensible, eternal, majestic and smiling God Above All - come to us and deliver us. Show yourself to us and dispell our ignorance, for we struggle to comprehend even a fraction of Thee and if we err we err as children. Be our Father and our Mother, and take us away. Crack the skulls of evil with your mighty hand and shield us with your fierce motherly love. Show us that these things are real. For nothing in this world will quench our thirst but You and You alone.

It is You for whom we have fought these devils for so long. You and You alone. Everything else is meaningless to us.



You judge only yourself.

344911 No.9074

we have been infiltrated. look at this crap that keeps getting posted from half chan. EMERGENCY!

8594a0 No.9075

File: 3f16ee98eefed0a⋯.png (39.54 KB, 630x574, 45:41, 2017-11-28 20_02_15-MAGA P….png)


Good times.

13b653 No.9076


Doubtful, survivor stayed in England his whole life

d23d56 No.9077


Yes he has been quiet for a few days before. Hopefully he gets back here.

81ea7c No.9078

Bible shill again! We must be triggering the MSM/ Soros/ Hitlery clan again.

118763 No.9079

File: 027b68277bb4abc⋯.jpg (19.93 KB, 589x133, 31:7, Thisanonsthis.jpg)

81ea7c No.9080

Big news! And part of what Q was alluding to…and others about this week.


b38d45 No.9081

Trump "Military is first to me"


afaeb8 No.9082

File: 9ed2efa768b31c2⋯.jpg (66.23 KB, 700x422, 350:211, Trump Martix.jpg)

Thanks. One more addition:

3e25a0 No.9083


You know they'rs shills, filter them!

That's part of the good thing about this place.

They get ignored and run away.

81ea7c No.9084

0df636 No.9085


Sweet work anon! :D

0f8a7c No.9086


A closed mind never fills.

13b653 No.9087


Maybe so. Conf_D = confirmed Dead

cebff7 No.9089

Does anyone have anything new on Campbell?

He testified. Our whole spec ops team is interested.

209e4d No.9090

de6b8f No.9091



Where is that?

81ea7c No.9092

Marines are first to POTUS. Only branch that is not infiltrated and loyal as fuck. Notice how everyone around him is a Marine and the Marines are featured every in the WH? Notice the Marine flag always front and center.

The Marine Corps is and will play a huge part in this take down. Marines HATE the Clintons and rightly so.

f2e160 No.9094

e73acb No.9095


Who a you guys exactly??

04fdd0 No.9096


okay my fellow patternerd, lemme ask watcha think about the sci[f] header? gewgle n find sensi. comp. info. on wiki, check out the 'talent keyhole' section and think about the 40k ft view.

9a24ac No.9097


THIS IS GOOD. WE HAVE A DATE AND AN EVENT to look forward to. Thursday something is going to happen. Something worthwhile and noteworthy.

3e25a0 No.9098


Better than being filled with trash that has no purpose to it.

81ea7c No.9099


LARP and shill verified. Dumb as shit to add to that.

0df636 No.9100


Don't forget to post your memes to the meme thread.

29b263 No.9103

new bread

f2e160 No.9105


Wind tunnel link was created on Nov 16 2017.

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