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File: 659770ac0582c2b⋯.png (888.67 KB, 2000x1300, 20:13, Intro three now with explo….png)

File: 90eaa527e62e5ab⋯.png (198.4 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, rolan desert map palatayea….png)

cb3726 No.4071

Previous Thread: http://8ch.net/chaos/res/3322.html

Seems everytime we get to a new area we have to make a new thread.

>No one moves to stop Ashria from from accepting this task, possibly from their recent defeat a desire to atone.

>Not you though you're too cool for that.

>”Ma'am, sir, our group would be willing to accept the task but before we do, we first need to know what we're escorting.” Ashria's answers.

>The traveling duo exchange cautious glances before removing the cover from their wagon.

>Inside are bushels of dried plants tied together, other than there there are food supplies and traveling equipment.

>”Plants? We're escorting plants?” Ashria says in confusion.

>”These plants,”the man spits out,” are for a sacred ritual, they allow the user to see the universe for what it truly is. To leave your physical form and grasp the stars with your hands! To know and finally understand what it means to be alive!”

>”He's talking about getting high!” Malsys yells behind Ashria before busting into a giggle fit.

>She receives an angry glare from the man but his partner calms him down before thanking Ashria, and then everyone in the group.

>”We truly value your help, and I am sorry to rush but we must be on our way, as the expected delivery time is tomorrow evening!” the woman explains.

>”OH! And before we are off let us introduce ourselves, my name is Mandy.” the lizard woman says.

>”I'm Elijah.” is the man's curt reply.

>After the brief introductions the man shows you a map, explaining the journey you have ahead of you.

>”We will be journeying to the secret village of Palatayeah, a tribal city built into the side of a cliff.” explains Elijah.

>”Be warned, their customs are strange, and embarrassing them can lead to dire consequences.”

>”So prepare yourselves for the journey, though I hate saying it, shall be difficult. But rest assured you shall receive your reward and more by the evening of tomorrow!”

>And as you all set off you hear him say under his breath,”If we make it…” which makes you slightly suspicious of the previous help, but your anxieties are laid to rest when viewing Ashria.

>Her spirits seem higher now, you guess since she's now actively helping someone her guilt will vanish.

>You hope.

>Though before you leave a purple light shines briefly in front of Baltrop before dropping a pouch and a note.

>She picks up both and calms the newcomers, explaining its payment for sending an associate a new recruit.

>They accept the answer, and you receive 150g! Putting you at 685 gold!

>Now you begin your new quest to deliver some “plants” to desert tribesman.

>You hope this is all worth it.

>Roll 1d100 to get this horrible party started!

8ba36a No.4072

Dice rollRolled 99 (1d100)


”Be warned, their customs are strange, and embarrassing them can lead to dire consequences.”

So don't steal their stuff even if it looks shiny , expensive, and might be hilarious…

Lets change the pathway a bit and go to Palb to restock. Direct to Palatayeah is quite the journey. Besides, when will we expect to return? Don't forget to open the giant umbrella, we defended it for a reason.

8ba36a No.4073


Shit Formatting but…


cb3726 No.4075


Nice roll

>A detour to Palb, the closest town, would be nice.

>You explain your thoughts to Elijah, who starts to through a fit.

>”Do you know how far we are from there? It'll take us at least a day to travel that far, and let me remind you once more that our deadline for this journey is tomorrow evening! And…and you're technically our employee's right now so do as I say!”

>He is practically fuming right now, though Mandy walks beside him to soothe him and get him to understand.

>”Our stocks too are quite low, we need to resupply, and the journey to Palb can't be too far and so bad” Mandy says to try and get him to understand.

>After a few moments of thinking he finally yields and the party proceeds to the town.

>Though within an hour you begin to notice something ahead, and the closer you get the more you are able to discern the shapes.

>As though a god bent time and space, the town of Palb lay before you.

>It is a collection of adobe houses with an assortment of desert dwelling denizens.

>Guards momentarily stop you but allow you to pass noticing you're neither bandits nor uncivilized monsters.

>Elijah has been staring wide eyed at the ground since the moment you got here, unable to figure out how you got here so fast as its quite literally impossible.

>You wonder too but don't think about it too hard, as it couldn't possibly be determined by something as simple as a roll of a die.

>With that out of your mind you take a look around the shops too see what they have in stock for you.

>A small adobe hut with magic shop on the front has various items on display.

Potion of health 35g, Potion of strength 50g, Potion of mana 25g(doubles the roll of a spellcaster), Potion of hypnotism 75g, Potion of teleportation 75g, Potion of speed 50g, Potion of telekinesis 50g, Potion of water breathing 50g, Seltzer of the beserker 75g (twice the power of strength potion but must roll to retain sanity), Potion of cold skin 25g, Potion of ice 50g, Monster bait elixir 50g (potion to lead monsters away from you), Potion of dexterity 50g (no matter the roll if an even number you dodge).

Scroll of iron skin 75g, Scroll of firebreathing 75g, Scroll of lightning 75g, Scroll of the earthquake 100g, Scroll of the ice storm 100g, Mirror skin scroll 100g (Attack's are deflected back at half damage), Tentacle monster summoning scroll 150g (must still roll to see if it listens to you)

Black powder bomb x3 50g, smoke bomb x3 50g, Stun bomb x3 50g, slime bomb x3 75g (immobilize and excite your enemies)

>Also in the magic shop is an area to put runes into your weapons, how considerate.

Fire rune (50g for every +1 on attack rolls), Ice rune (50g for every 10% chance to stun enemies), Lightning rune 200g (-5 on attack rolls but you hit twice!)

>And then there is the general store that always happens to be in town.

Big ass umbrella 50g, cock sock 10g, straw hat 5g, truth wine 20g, glowing rock 10g, Forever-Bright lantern 50g, beaded necklace 5g, fancy cigars 30g, rainbow socks 10g, tequila 20g.

>Since you're on a quest already you don't check to see who is walking around like a lost puppy.

>While Elijah and Mandy restock their supplies what will you do?

>Buy things with your money. You have 685 gold!

>Switch partners. Malsys, Katherine, Galmina

>Leave. For some dumb reason.

Sorry for lack of replies, job has me at different hours for the rest of this month.

8fc002 No.4080

Dice rollRolled 82 (1d100)


Lets buy two speed and two monster bait potions. A lantern, and a set of smoke, stun, and slime bombs. We're looking to move quick, not win every encounter.

Keep party, theyre rather quick.

When everyone elsw has had a say, let us be off.

8fc002 No.4081

Dice rollRolled 24 (1d100)


Switch Landrini for malsys and buy three mana potions.

8fc002 No.4082

That second roll was still me, can we ignore that one?



8ba36a No.4083


I don't see him asking for a roll at all actually… Was that for bartering?



I agree with the buys, by my calculations we have 260 left over to buy something that might be more worthwhile…


If runes provide permanent upgrades then lets get some!

(Although I don't understand what it means by "for every 10% chance, for every +1…")

Give Baratha an Ice Rune,

Ashira A Fire Rune

I would give Baltrop a lightning run but there isn't enough gold.

Anyone else agree?

5110b7 No.4084

File: 839db478128b39d⋯.jpg (315.61 KB, 2063x2869, 2063:2869, JOjORDg.jpg)

Everybody's favorite fuckboi

cb3726 No.4085


I do enjoy fan art!





>You purchase 2 potions of speed and 2 monster lures for 200g!

>Along with that a lantern, smoke, stun and slime bombs for 225g!

>After that was 3 mana potions for 75g!

>Then after some lengthy bartering on Olinare's part you drop price to 350g!

>The rune section of the magic shop allowed Ashria's bastard sword to have a fire rune placed upon it, and a ice rune placed on Baratha's knife.

>This is a permanent +1 on attack rolls for Ashria and a 10% to stun enemies for Baratha!

>Then you place a lightning you on Baltrop's Iron Cestus allowing her to hit twice!

>All of this money spending total up to 650g! Putting you at 35g!

>And your current adventurers are: Ashria, Baltrop, Olinare, Malsys and Baratha!

Let me take just a moment to clear up the confusion about the runes. What I meant was for every +1 on attack rolls you will pay 50g. So if you wanted +2 you would pay 100g. The 10% meant a 10% chance to stun enemies everytime you attack. So if you paid 100g you would then have a 20% chance to stun enemies.

>After your fun little shopping spree its time to go since Elijah has been impatiently waiting this entire time.

>Once again you must set off into the desert, with the sun telling you that you have but a few hours until it reaches the horizon.

>Goddamn it is hot.

>Roll 1d100 to see what happens.

>Also you inventory consists of such:

Mysterious compass

Potion of Health x4

Potion of sleeping

Full-package futa potion

Deluxe ribbed Strap-on

Skeleton key

Leather studded armor

Mind control potion

Big Ass umbrella

Potion of speed x2

Monster lure elixir x2

Smoke bombs x3

Stun bombs x3

Slime bombs x3

Mana Potions x3

Forever-Bright Lantern

4b656b No.4087

Dice rollRolled 30 (1d100)


4b656b No.4088

Dice rollRolled 1 (1d100)


Lets try that again.

cb3726 No.4089



>The sun has began to set again, you're wondering how many more you're going to see it.

>The way it peers though the clouds and creates an abundance of shadows though countless rocks is also quite ominous.

>This would be the perfect place for a showdown, good thing you have no long term enemies.


>Just as Malsys begins the story of how she lost her virginity for the second time for the fifth time a rumbling begins to shake the earth.

>Rocks break and the ground cracks.

>And deep within the fissure of the earth arises an evil presence, dedicated solely to destroying you, and your partners.

>Her glowing yellow eyes pierce through your soul and strike you with fear.

>Its the fucking huge lamia again.

>No one moves, all equally as stunned to see her again.

>Baltrop unconsciously rubs where she broke her rib from their previous encounter.

>You hope thing will play out differently this time, at least there's no trees to throw.

>Roll 5d20. To see how they do.

Also don't forget about the items you have.

8ba36a No.4091

Dice rollRolled 19, 10, 9, 8, 6 = 52 (5d20)


Uh oh…


Yay time to have a rematch!

First throw some bombs to prepare potions.

Olinare, Baratha and Ashira to throw slime bombs. Malsys drink Magic Potion, Baltrop drink Speed Potion.

If there still is enough time, Olinare avoids the Lamia tale and attacks her while moving like a Steppe Archer (gotta level up that Horse Archery).

Baltrop and Ashira to rush lin like bosses.

Baratha to sneak around and attack weak points.

8ba36a No.4092


Forgot about Malsys… Did you provide a list of her spells?

Otherwise just sex magic again

d83ab2 No.4093

Dice rollRolled 18, 2, 6, 7, 20 = 53 (5d20)

> bash her fucking skull in.

No mercy for a fake snek, not even a snoot to boop for fucks sake

cb3726 No.4095




>Ya know what…this just isn't a good day.

>Yesterday you fought this snake bastard, and nearly died.

>Guess you're going to have to make this a worse day for her.

>Before shit happens Olinare, Ashria and You throw a slimeball at her, extinguishing your supply of them.

>Ashria misses due to her being first but due to Olinare's terrible aim she dodged directly into his misguided bomb, allowing you to hit her as well.

>The green slime explodes all around her, crawling up her body and immobilizing her.

>Unfortunately the bomb was designed for smaller opponents in mind and it seems to only slow her down instead of stopping her.

>In the few moments you have Malsys downs a mana potion giving her twice the attack roll she receives.

>And Baltrop drinks a speed potion, now her attacks speed is quadrupled instead of simply being doubled.

>Malsys prepares a massive lightning spell, which she unleashes upon the sluggish serpent, stunning her terribly

>Then at once Ashria and Baltrop charge her intending to hit her as much as possible.

>Before she's able to fix her attention on her direct attackers Olinare begins pelting her with arrows.

>At the same time you jump on her back and begin to wail on her, slicing and stabbing everywhere.

>Through her turmoil the oversized snake can only try and thrash wildly, hoping to hurt someone or anything in her wake.

>Then for a brief moment she spots Olinare, and with horrible precision spits some poison into his eyes, blinding him temporarily.

>Through the angry lamia's unpredictable movements you stay on her back to continue hacking away.

>Baltrop in her demonic haze of battle does not notice the large tail going to grab her.

>At the last moment she twists out of its grasp but is batted away from the continued chaos.

>She gets up in a heartbeat through sheer determination, prepared to wreak more havoc on the opponent that mercilessly did the same.

>Before she gets her chance the rattlesnake lamia lets out a ear shattering wail before collapsing onto the ground.

>She lay motionless on the ground, as you all wait to see what happens next.

>After nothing does, Ashria goes to lift her sword in victory but stops half-way through.

>From the shadows of dusk appear 4 average sized lamia, possibly the daughters of the malevolent beast before you.

>They hiss and rattle their tails before slithering towards you at terrifying speeds.

>Guess this battle's not over yet.

>Roll 5d20 once again. 10/20 Ashria win, 12/20 Baltrop win (-5 but because of speed potion roll is x4), 17/20 Olinare win, 11/20 Malsys win, 14/20 Baratha win.

Also the buffs remain till the end of this battle.

Also Malsys does lighting based attacks as well as sex stuff, just use your imagination as I have not prepared a list at the time. Its funner this way.

18c5c1 No.4096

Dice rollRolled 5, 8, 16, 3, 2 = 34 (5d20)


Toss a monster bait potion into the center of the group of lamia. Have all but Malsys keep the monster girls from leaving a tight ball, and have Mal cook up the biggest fucking spell she has.

Collateral damage is accepted. By which I mean getting caught in the mating ball.

18c5c1 No.4097

Dice rollRolled 5, 6, 14, 16, 11 = 52 (5d20)

One more time.

18c5c1 No.4098

I swear this thing hates me.

8ba36a No.4099


I like the group sex idea, also have Olinare wash his eyes out. If necessary drink a potion.

4c7145 No.4104

File: 0dca47503c9732b⋯.png (158.81 KB, 920x1280, 23:32, 1500218457.tabascocat_some….png)


Ver. 2

cb3726 No.4113



>Before the battle begins Ashria throws a monster lure potion into the middle of them.

>It doesn't really have much of an effect since they're too focused on the five in front of them.

>Then they immediately attack, Ashria is battered but still standing though unable to take out her opponent.

>Baltrop punches on into submission, taking no prisoners.

>Olinare was successfully able to get the spit from his eyes but after doing so was blindsided by a tail from one of the lamia.

>You in the moment you go to try and run away are snatched and slammed into the ground stunning you while your opponent goes to fight your only mage.

>Malsys began prepping a huge spell, probably one to get everyone to fuck, but was cut a bit short by the lamia you fought against.

>With a frustrated groan she releases her spell into the air, it twirls on pinkish red light before covering everyone in the area with it's power.

>In her frustration she charges up a quick spell and delivers a terrible smack to the lamia's face, immediately knocking her out.

>You definitely feel hornier but not nearly enough to fuck everything, you feel more like getting revenge for being tossed around.

>Roll 5d20 once again. 11/20 Ashria win, 12/20 Baltrop win (-5 but because of speed potion roll is x4), 12/20 Olinare win, 12/20 Malsys win (Roll x2), 15/20 Baratha win.



b365d7 No.4115

Dice rollRolled 2, 4, 12, 9, 1 = 28 (5d20)





b365d7 No.4116

Dice rollRolled 9, 13, 18, 16, 11 = 67 (5d20)



b365d7 No.4117


fuck? Well use whichever one is more interesting

6218db No.4119

Dice rollRolled 15, 16, 17, 16, 1 = 65 (5d20)



Captch: pukrz

8ba36a No.4120


>Before the battle begins Ashria throws a monster lure potion into the middle of them.

>It doesn't really have much of an effect since they're too focused on the five in front of them.

What happens when one of us drinks it, more encounters?

Lets sneak one into Elijah's food when we get to Palatayeah

cb3726 No.4122




>Ashria charges the enemy fully intent on eviscerating everything with her sword.

>What happens instead is she is doubled teamed by lamia before Baltrop punches one of them more times than you can count and Olinare tramples the other.

>The third lamia while you were stunned found you and continued to slam you against the ground before tossing you aside.

>In your weakened state you are completely vulnerable to whatever this legless lizard wishes to do to you.

>Before she can reach you however Malsys strikes her with lightning, leaving the serpent a smoking heap upon the ground.

>That hurt, a lot, you're going to have to take this out on the one that started it.

>As you go to find the huge dark-skinned serpent you find her long gone, having left in the immediate confusion from the arrival of her cronies.

>So instead you go to take your revenge on the lamia before you, your erection beginning to present itself and balls churning.

>Before anything can happen though Elijah stops it.

>”Look I'm all for an orgy but we need to get this to the tribe as soon as possible! If we're late there WILL be consequences!”

>You don't like that word, you've unfortunately heard it before and didn't like the outcome.

>Ashria goes to say something about getting the shit kicked out of her before Baltrop stops her and calms her down.

>Malsys you know doesn't want to leave, as sex is always on her mind.

>Olinare puts on the appearance of indifference but you know he really wants to blow off some steam.

>If you decide to stay, you probably won't make it on time, which means you won't get paid.

>Which also means you'll probably have to go all the way back to the river to make sure you don't die of dehydration.

>The group with a combined groan decides to continue on, remembering theres probably going to be more lamia pussy in the future.

>After an hour of traveling your group stops, exhausted from the ordeals they have faced today.

>”Okay, I know you must hate to hear it, but we can't have a long break. We have to make it to Palatayeah by tomorrow and can afford few stops.” Elijah states through tired yawns.

>Everyone is tired and cranky, except for Baltrop and Malsys who are both still slightly hyped up from the potion.

>The group collapses and beds down, eating very little and questioning the decision to take this quest.

>After ten minutes of staring at the stars and trying to fall asleep Elijah speaks once more.

>”Look I-I know I've been harsh today and I'm sorry. But I think I can help change your mind, if we do in fact make it there on time I'll pay you an extra 500g. But…If we do that we'll need to leave in an hour.”

>”If we're late, there could be…uh…some…ramifications.”

>You hear some shuffling from the others, probably mulling it over and trying to come to a conclusion.

>This sucks…

>But money is pretty nice, and if you've guessed correctly this village will have an orgy.

>So whats it going to be, sleep a little longer but make it later and get less money?

>Or toughen up and pave through the night?

>Sleep longer, regain health! But get less money and possibly be fucked up. Roll 1d100

>No sleep and you're exhausted. But rewards and bounty! Also fuck everything! Roll 1d100


I hadn't thought about that, maybe…

83322e No.4123

Dice rollRolled 2 (1d100)


No rest for the weary aa they say. Whoever they are need to be fucked in the ass hard.

83322e No.4124

Dice rollRolled 75 (1d100)


83322e No.4125


As hilarious as this is, can we ignore it?

f4554f No.4126

Dice rollRolled 82 (1d100)



cb3726 No.4129





>Resisting the urge to face-plant into the softest rock nearby, you trudge on into the night.

>Its not quite a full moon, thank the rabbit gods, which gives you enough light to venture forth into the night without a torch.

>Two hours into your sleep deprived journey you're not sure if you can take Malsys's rambling any longer.

>She's been talking nonstop to try and keep herself awake, which is helping her but annoying you to tears.

>You keep a cool facade but inside you just want to punch her.

>Right when you're about to tell her to shut it, you hear something up ahead.

>Just the faintest of flapping sounds, when you look above.

>Somewhere in the sky you can make out a from flying gracefully above you and singing a calming tune to herself.

>At that point you realize if she spots you you're utterly fucked.

>You quietly yell to your companions to get underneath something so she doesn't spot you.

>Half of them haven't yet figured out what the problem is but trust your judgment enough to listen.

>Close by is an outcrop of rocks with a formation that hangs over a portion of it.

>As quietly as you all can you rush underneath it, the wagon does not help at all in fact you think it may have gotten louder in the rushed urge to find cover.

>Once you are all together beneath the concealing sandstone Ashria harshly whispers what that was all about.

>You tell her you saw a mothwoman flying above, that she was probably looking for the smell of the cart.

>”Why should I be worried about that? One good whack and she'd be good as dead!” the centaur retorts with an added mock slash.

>”Ashria, mothwoman are known to be able to fly over you and put you to sleep. Do you even realize how tired you even are?” Baltrop explains.

>Ashria then realizes their situation before giving a small oh.

>Elijah goes to cursing while Mandy once again tries to calm him down.

>”Wait I got it! We could through some bait out there and get her to follow that instead of the cart!” Olinare says with a shout, to which everyone shushes him in a quite uproar.

>You explain it could work but the cart's scent is far more powerful, and you could just be wasting a potion.

>But you know something that might work that he won't like…

>You could also just try and fight her, but she'll most likely put at least one of you to sleep.

>Or just run, maybe you can get past her.

>How do you go about this escaping the mothwoman?

>Try and fight her! Though if you fail hard enough you'll be fast asleep!

9/20 Ashria win, 9/20 Baltrop win, 8/20 Olinare win, 11/20 Malsys win, 11/20 Baratha win.

>Run like hell! Being tired can't possibly effect this! Roll 65/100 or greater.

>Throw some bait somewhere. Maybe you can use it to your advantage. Roll 51/100 or greater.

>Have your centaur fuckboi become the bait. If she's following him then she can't possibly notice you! Roll 1d20.

87d579 No.4130

Dice rollRolled 20, 13, 2, 3, 17 = 55 (5d20)


I tentatively say we fight.

8ba36a No.4132


So Ashira is right with that 20?

I suggest she does something epic like throw her sword at the Moth grounding her.

a775d0 No.4133


And im pretty sure Baltrop rolled a 36

cb3726 No.4134


>You precariously peak around your sandstone cover, watching the mothwoman scan the ground.

>She's getting closer and you have no idea how much time you have left before she finds you.

>Then you hear a rustle and the clacking of rocks falling over each other.

>You look back and see Ashria holding a rock in her hand and glaring viciously at the moth.

>”HEY BITCH! GET DOWN HERE!” she yells immediately giving away your position.

>The flying woman jerks her head in your direction and flies towards you gliding softly on the wind.

>You want to glare or shout at Ashria since she yelled like an idiot, but in her defense you're all quite tired and not in the right state of mind to make completely rational decisions.

>Also she's a pissed off centaur and you don't want to deal with that.

>Right as Olinare goes to scold her she hurls the rock angrily at her target.

>Against all odds it hits squarely on target, and then the victim flies down towards the earth.

>Unfortunately for Olinare, he didn't quite see it coming as a dark figure against a dark sky is not easily seen.

>The mothwoman's unconscious body tackles Olinare, driving them both onto the ground.

>When neither of them move you become worried that he has become seriously injured.

>Malsys goes to inspect the both of them, checking to see if a falling moth could kill your companion.

>”Well shit, they're asleep.” the drow concludes, motioning to the peaceful faces upon both of them.

>Malsys suggests leaving him but none of you are on that level of cruelty.

>Instead he is loaded onto the cart carefully to avoid damaging any of the cargo.

>Just as you leave though you hear more flapping.

>The moth woman had friends, and Ashria's shouting probably alerted them.

>They're not as close though so the bait could work, though this entire situation is certainly far from ideal.

>Before you can think further Ashria chunks two additional rocks, and again knocking them both out.

>The comical slam you hear in the distance leaves you a bit guilty but you didn't know them.

>You go to look at Ashria and see nothing but rage in her tired eyes.

>Not wanting to be killed by a sleepy centaur, the group carries on into the night.

>Roll 1d100 to see what happens next!


The speed potion lasts only for one combat encounter.

7cc027 No.4135

Dice rollRolled 7 (1d100)


We really should have sent some of these chicks to the kitsune.

7cc027 No.4136

Dice rollRolled 15 (1d100)


And we're back to this shit.

cb3726 No.4137



>For hours you've traveled, after a while though you stopped being so tired and just kept walking.

>Olinare still has yet to wake up, Ashria's still pissed, Baltrop just walks forward tiredly like you, and Malsys finally stopped talking.

>Elijah and Mandy talk very little, you wonder if they question their own judgment from taking this quest.

>Then from the horizon you finally see sunshine beginning its first little ascent into the sky.

>The sky begins to take on lighter shades until the sun itself is over, just peaking out from the rocks.

>You're happy for a little while, since the night was cold and you just didn't complain.

>But then you remember how hot its going to get and how miserable you're about to be.

>No grumbling from you though, can't have the others thinking you're weak.

>Then because obviously some god really hates you, there's talking up ahead.

>”Yeah I think its from over here, it smells really good!” a voice speaks.

>From around a large bolder emerges what appears to be a duo of horned lizard women.

>You stop and stare at them as they do the same to you.

>Ashria steps forward to yell at them but is stopped by the appearance of more.

>Heads pop up around around rocks around you, revealing six in total.

>”Hey there friends, watcha got there…”One of them squeaks, eyeing the cart curiously.

>”None of your fucking business.” Malsys quips immediately.

>”Whoa there no need to be harsh! We just wanna, see what you have.” Another says, jumping from behind a rock and walking towards you.

>This prompts the others to do the same and surround you.

>All around you are lizard women completely intent on seizing the contents of your caught, whether they know it or not.

>Not a great setting, you mentally scold yourself for not noticing them sooner.

>Then they begin to approach you slowly, maybe trying not to fight but still willing to do so.

>You don't have much time to plan but a few options present themselves.


Roll 4d10. 9/20 Ashria win, 10/20 Baltrop win, 11/20 Malsys win, 14/20 Baratha win.

>Try and persuade them to leave. Maybe they're a bit rational? Roll 35/50 or greater to succeed.

>Throw a bait potion at one of them. See what happens. Roll 1d20.

>Use smoke bombs. The more you use the greater the chance of escape! Roll 1d100

>Something else. Roll 1d100 for whatever the fuck it is.

fbcacc No.4139

Dice rollRolled 94 (1d100)


Toss all the smoke bombs

8ba36a No.4143


Great Roll.

I was going to say use smoke bombs to cover our next attack. But I agree, we have a schedule to keep.

Oh and give Olinare a health potion to speed up his recovery.

(To Ashira, promise to go hunting with her after reaching Palatayea)

a254ba No.4144


He's not recovering, hes asleep.

cb3726 No.4147


>Remembering you have a schedule to keep you find yourselves out of options.

>Palatayeah, though an ancient tribal village, must have its own assortment of supplies to procure you with.

>With that in mind you sneakily grab the smoke bombs, readying yourself to administer them as needed.

>Then when your enemies are within a few meters you smash them to the ground.

>Immediately the area is blanketed with a thick smoke screen, completely shrouding you from your attackers as well as companions.

>From there you remember your general location and theirs, and proceed to grab the closest party member to you and drag them out.

>Within seconds your teammates and the new additions have found a way out.

>The horned lizard women still remain inside, possibly because they've never seen smoke before and were entranced with the display.

>Not one to question good luck you find a second wind and begin herding your friends forward towards the end goal.

>The sun is up, which means that you may find it a smidgen easier to stay awake.

>The bad news is that the sun is up, and you're in a desert.

>It could be worse you suppose, this reward better come with sex.

>Roll 1d100 again for like the hundredth time!


I'm not understanding what you mean about going hunting afterward. Also >>4144 is right Oli's only asleep.

0274b4 No.4148

Dice rollRolled 31 (1d100)


>hunting… For sex

0274b4 No.4149

Dice rollRolled 35 (1d100)


cb3726 No.4152



>Never seen smoke before, that's a new one.

>But then again the desert is large and probably not enough vegetation to make a fire to make smoke.

>As the time drags on you wonder if you're even going to be awake for this orgy.

>They better have some sort of magic caffeine potion or you're probably going to strangle someone.


>You look to your team and try to estimate their level of grogginess.

>Malsys started to hallucinate, that or she's just talking to herself.

>Probably both.

>Olinare still hasn't woken up though its justified from how strong the moth's sleep spores are.

>Ashria trudges on through sheer willpower and Baltrop isn't showing very much degradation.

>Probably from the speed potion acting as a stimulant for her.

>Elijah and Mandy fell asleep cuddling Olinare, you'd laugh if you cared enough.

>The desert has changed slightly, where you started was rocky and had small mountains, valleys and crags of rock.

>Here it has began to flatten out with a single plateau in view.

>You believe that to be your destination but it is still quite a walk away.

>A surprised sigh escapes your lips as you wonder how exactly you made it, since at a few points you simply zoned out.

>Malsys surprisingly enough has been in front dictating where to go, probably her sex drive's compass telling her where something big is about to happen.

>”Yeah…and then I'm gonna ram a dick so fucking far up my-” Malsys begins, then ends as she trips on a rock and face plants.

>This time you do laugh, you laugh to stay awake and just give yourself something to help forget about this terrible heart.

>After several minutes you finally stop, and notice your entire team staring at you.

>This is the first time they've ever seen you show that much happiness.

>Before they can question you at all your legs begin to move you forward.

>Until you're stopped by the shambling monstrosity pulling itself from the crag to your right.

>There writhing and rushing towards you is a bonafide tentacle beast.

>The first you've encountered, and more confusing is why is there one here of all places.

>You jump back in time to dodge a swipe but are grabbed by one of many tendrils.

>But with a slice and jab you are freed by Ashria's sword, and pulled to the side of your companions.

>The monster sits before you waiting for you to move and dictate it's next counter.

>It's many appendages wave and flicker about, twitching at the prospect of diving into one of the fleshy holes you have.

>So what is it you do?

>Fuck it up. With knives! Roll 1d100 to see what happens!

>Have Baltrop try to blow it up! The explosion could hit you if cast wrong though. Roll 1d50

>Have Malsys try and electrocute it! Not sure what that will do though. Roll 1d50

>Submit. Let it tentacle fuck you!

>Run like a bitch! Roll 1d100

>Also your items. Roll 1d50 to see effectiveness if used offensively.

Mysterious compass

Potion of Health x4

Potion of sleeping

Full-package futa potion

Deluxe ribbed Strap-on

Skeleton key

Leather studded armor

Mind control potion

Big Ass umbrella

Potion of speed x1

Monster lure elixir x1

Stun bombs x3

Mana Potions x2

Forever-Bright Lantern

db45e2 No.4153

Dice rollRolled 33 (1d50)


Throw a potion of sleeping at it.

8ba36a No.4154


Good idea although I still want to see that image.

Another creature to go after when we reach our destination. Hunt for dat booty (and cock)!

cb3726 No.4155


>The tentacle monster cannot possibly anticipate every move you could make, lets see how it fares to this.

>You feign an attack to the right causing the monster to shuffle to the left and shoot its tentacles towards you.

>This puts it in the perfect position for Ashria's throwing path.

>With a powerful lob she hurls the potion directly at the monster instantly breaking the bottle and spilling the contents all over the horrid thing.

>Within moments it's actions start to become sluggish, but it never stops moving.

>Its attack speed is now halved, making it much easier to dodge its only method of attack.

>Seemingly enraged it starts to whip its appendages towards you, snapping the hair with each flick aimed in your direction.

>It's tactics have changed, now instead of just grabbing it appears to be trying to hit you into submission.

>Even in it's diminished state its quite dangerous.

>What is your next move?

>Attack it! It's slowed so you should have the upper hand. Roll 1d100!

>Have Baltrop try and make it blow up! Roll 1d50!

>Have Malsys try and paralyze it! Its her once a day move! Roll 1d20!

>Use an item! Roll 1d50 to see effectiveness!

>Run! Roll 1d100!

3d6a27 No.4156

Dice rollRolled 8 (1d20)


Give Malsys a mana potion as the rest of you block for her, and she attempts to paralyze it.

3d6a27 No.4157

Dice rollRolled 11 (1d20)


cb3726 No.4163



>What better way to combat an enemy than to completely immobilize one?

>With it's sluggish but still lethal tentacles the monster whips and slaps at your comrades hoping to find some opening or weakness to exploit.

>Malsys in a moment of realization sees beast might even still be able to combat her ability in it's slowed state.

>So she seeks to energize herself by downing one of the mana potions you have.

>With a hearty chug she now feels energy coursing through her very being, possibly enough to absolutely paralyze her opponent.

>In the moments leading up to her spell casting the monster realizes that something is up when everyone but Malsys begins attacking it.

>When she finally unleashes her attack it attempts to dodge but is unable to completely.

>What happens next leaves Malsys in disbelief.

>The tentacle monster was able to resist the spell, possibly due to its odd composition and nature, but only partially.

>It's left half is paralyzed, drooping down like a stroke victim, its comical actually.

>At this point the creature realizes its probably fucked, and attempts to run away.

>Do you allow it to do so, or maybe do something else with it.

>Maybe send it to a certain kitsune associate of yours…

>Let it leave. You've got shit to do.

>Kill it. Take no chances.

>Trap it. (I have no idea how, you fuccboi's mentioned something about wanting it for some reason)

>Send it to the brothel. Maybe Elasia can find a use for it.

8ba36a No.4164


To the brothel, we would get a great reward!

Plus it is trapped there so 3 and 4?

eba5b8 No.4165


Plus lots of money.

cb3726 No.4166



>With that magic crystal you deftly draw a circle around the damned thing, causing it to spasm angrily before disappearing in a purple flash.

>Elijah and Mandy woke up for the last party, with the former groggily cursing you for waking him up.

>You're close to just smacking him back to sleep but continue your silence.

>Malsys is at least a bit happy, but it seems the spell took quite a bit out of her as she flops to the ground.

>Fuck that leaves just you, Ashria and Baltrop to continue on.

>But you're so close, as long as nothing stupid happens between here and Palatayeah you'll reach your destination on time!

>Though in the back of your mind you get the feeling something is lurking around the corner to ruin your day.

>Roll 1d20 to see if something ruins your payday!

eba5b8 No.4167

Dice rollRolled 1 (1d20)


Someone please stick something up Oli's ass so he wakes up.

It's that fucking lamia again isnt it.

eba5b8 No.4168

Dice rollRolled 16 (1d20)


cb3726 No.4169



>The village is so close, you should be there within the hour.

>A place to sleep, and then to fuck everything in sight.

>It shall be magnificent, it has to be with the stupid bullshit you've had to deal with.

>But then you hear something, just the patter of feet and rustling…and then a whistling sound.

>Recognizing it you duck just in time to feel something fly right over where your head just was.

>Protruding from the ground is knife that nearly killed you.

>Snickering comes from around you, putting you completely on guard.

>From the rocky shadows emerges five catgirl rogues, one of which looks extremely familiar.

>Its the fucking futa you left after impregnating her sisters.


>”Hello girls, remember me?” she says flashing a toothy grin.

>She twirls a scimitar in her hand, looking left to right at your battered companions.

>”Seems I caught you just in the nick of time, you look awfully tired. Why don't I just help you out with that load of yours?”

>As if she knows whats in the back of the wagon, she has her rogues spread around to “help” you loosen your load.

>”Look I've had a rough day, why don't you fuck off so we can kick your ass later?” Ashria explains emphasizing her point by taking out her sword.

>”Aww that's cute, too bad I really want to pay you back for knocking my sisters up.” the catgirl futa says while beginning to circle around your odd caravan.

>Her group consists of her, two other rogues, a grenadier and a mage looking catgirl.

>You had that nagging feeling for a reason you suspect, you wish it had just been paranoia.

>As the bandits begin circling you they edge closer, step by step.

>You've not much time, strength or companions about you.

>Make your actions count.

>Roll 3d20 to determine your fate.

12/10 Ashria win, 10/20 Baltrop win, 14/20 Baratha win.

>Use an item.

Mysterious compass

Potion of Health x4

Full-package futa potion

Deluxe ribbed Strap-on

Skeleton key

Leather studded armor

Mind control potion

Big Ass umbrella

Potion of speed x1

Monster lure elixir x1

Stun bombs x3

Mana Potions x1

Forever-Bright Lantern

If you have some plan of action now would be a good time to explain it. Remember Ashria's dick powers, Baltrop is able to transform into a bull demon for limited time, and Baratha's a sneaky fuck. Roll 1d20 for any of these abilities.

99df0c No.4170

Dice rollRolled 20, 1, 1 = 22 (3d20)


First of all, Baltrop should transform, and go after the mage, last thing we need is for her to heal the rogues.

Second have Ashira charge the grenadier, close the gap quickly, go for a knock out and cum inside, having them change sides.

Third, Baratha should take a potion of speed, circle around and hit the three with the stun bombs. With that done, go all out on the main cat girl.

99df0c No.4171


Well, fuck

99df0c No.4172

Dice rollRolled 17 (1d20)


Toss a monster lure potion at them, with luck, something will get to them.

cb3726 No.4174


yeah as I said before, Crit fails/wins are locked in place…

>Before the futa rogue can continue the banter, before she even does anything, Ashria charges at her.

>Another rogue attempts to stop her but is trampled and rammed aside.

>The previously mentioned futa, cocky and overconfident, does not move.

>She plants to quickly dodge the stampeding centaur and hop onto her back and hold her at bay.

>The second Ashria is about to make contact the rogue dodges, reverses her direction and grabs onto the pelt of Ashria.

>Though as she attempts to mount her she does not look to where the centaur is going.

>Still on her side she looks in front of her as Ashria twists and jumps towards a bolder, intending to slam the rogue with all her weight.

>For all her dexterity she could not move nearly quick enough.

>Baltop and you watching the spectacle and the leader fall are filled with confidence, enough to try and do something quick.

>You go to grab the last speed potion but are stopped when a stray bomb explodes close to you, knocking the potion from your grasp.

>The grenadier noticed your movements and prevented you from acting further.

>As you go to draw you sword the rogue goes to engage you.

>You slash and stab but are met with nothing but air.

>Then as go to grab at your opponent they dodge, cover their eyes and jump back while throwing something onto the ground.

>Before it makes contact you realize that its a flash bomb, but are unable to close your eyes in time.

>A blinding light fills your vision, preventing you from acting out.

>You feel yourself grabbed and beaten, before being pushed to the ground and placed in a hold.

>Once immobilized your vision finds itself, where you see Baltrop attempting to transform but unable.

>It seems the mage knew of her kind and cast a spell preventing her from doing so, binding her in the process.

>Ashria then finds the predicament her teammates have found themselves in, but shows no hindrance in her actions as she draws her sword.

>You don't know if you can get yourself out of this hold, maybe you can but your hopes lie with Ashria.

>Fight on! The leader is out, the rest should fall as well!

Roll 3d20. 11/20 Ashria win. 17/20 Baltrop freed! 18/20 Baratha freed!

>Use an item! If you can reach it that is. Roll 1d20 if used offensively.

>Another plan? As foolhardy as the last? Roll 1d20 for it.


Its not really going to do anything with the cart so close in proximity, and the "monsters" they're facing are domesticated and can resist.

8ba36a No.4178

Dice rollRolled 1, 2 = 3 (2d20)


>Use an item! If you can reach it that is. Roll 1d20 if used offensively.

They are expecting bombs now but… not a forever bright lantern directly in front of their eyes!

>Another plan? As foolhardy as the last? Roll 1d20 for it.

Have Baltrop and Baratha whistle to our drug pusher clients. We are close to town and they can call their allies.

527bd4 No.4179

Dice rollRolled 13, 17 = 30 (2d20)



8ba36a No.4186


AT that point I wonder if rolling was even worth it. Catgirl revenge or one more shot?

cb3726 No.4191



>You attempt to call over to your employers, but are immediately muffled when you face is shoved into the ground.

>Baltrop apparently does the same, and manages to make contact.

>Elijah then realizes he can make a difference and pulls out a simple flute.

>He plays a few notes and then goes back to cowering in the wagon.

>If help is coming it most likely won't be too soon.

>Ashria had been preoccupied ensuring the boss was knocked out, and now directs her attention back to the remaining attackers.

>What happens next is up to you.

>Attack/struggle/wake up!

Roll 4d20! 11/20 Ashria win. 16/20 Baltrop freed! 17/20 Baratha freed! 16/20 Olinare wakes up!

>Use item. Once again roll 1d20 if used offensively.

>Another plan! Not much else to do. Roll 1d20!


I'm probably only going to give one possible roll after this. Unless everything turns terrible.

c8ad08 No.4212

Dice rollRolled 15, 1, 11, 1 = 28 (4d20)



Try to attack

3e45af No.4213

Dice rollRolled 5, 12, 8, 12 = 37 (4d20)



c8ad08 No.4214


Well fucked that up

8ba36a No.4218

Dice rollRolled 18, 20, 3, 8 = 49 (4d20)



Average less than half in both rolls = better chance by rolling!

8ba36a No.4219


hopefully a nat 20 cancels a nat 1…

cb3726 No.4229

Dice rollRolled 43 (1d100)





Unfortunately I take the first crit win/fail I come across.

>Once again, you attempt to resist your captor's hold on you but fail miserably.

>In the process they bind you with rope, preventing you from helping any further.

>And then stun you by butting you with their weapon.

>From your dazed position you notice Baltrop in the same predicament as you, though it appears to be much worse as you notice her smoking and on the ground.

>Ashria throws her sword at the grenadier, knocking her out and going for the rogue that imprisoned you.

>The mage is able to successfully tag her once with a lightning spell but it serves to only infuriate her.

>The strike on her allows the rogue to dodge out of the way and throw a stun bomb at Ashria.

>Whether by skill or luck she manages to kick it out of the way but is still slightly grazed by it.

>You don't think she can take much more of this, she's on her last stand.

>Hopefully she can still change the outcome of this battle.

>And maybe if you can escape the binds you can too?

>Continue the fight! Is all hope lost?

Roll 3d20. 16/20 Ashria win. 17/20 Baratha freed! 16/20 Olinare wakes up!

>Use item. Not like there's anything else to do.

>Or come up with a daring insane plan. Anything is at this point. Roll 1d20!

I am rolling for…something else.

cbf5df No.4230

Dice rollRolled 3, 6, 18, 3, 20, 7, 19, 15 = 91 (8d20)


Roll 8 die

5 to fight, and pray that malsys wakes up too, 1 to hope that your reserve members are walking by at that exact moment and decide to help out, 1 for the stun bombs we didnt get to use explode randomly and give us a distraction, and one for whatever

cb3726 No.4240

Dice rollRolled 51 (1d100)


>That stun bomb must have hit Ashria harder than you noticed, as when she goes to charge once more she stumbles and her knees buckle.

>Noticing her only possible opening, the rogue jumps to punch Ashria square in the face.

>Though as she does a stun bomb randomly goes off for whatever reason.

>This knocks the rogue down flat on her face, right in front of Ashria.

>As she goes for the finishing blow she is blasted by a fireball from the mage.

>Baltrop is out of the fight, now so is Ashria, and so are you.

>It seems this fight is over, you begin to mentally prepare yourself for the worst…

>”What the fuck is that goddamned racket!” comes a voice from the cart.

>Malsys suddenly bolts straight up, eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep and hair in frizzles all over.

>”Who the hell are all of you? What the fucks going on!? Olinare get the fuck up!” Malsys punctuates the sentence by slapping Olinare and causing him to wake up as well.

>He rolls off the cart and struggles to his feet before noticing the hostile glances from all around him.

>”Uhh, guess this isn't the festival yet.” Olinare then grabs his bow and prepares for combat.

>Malsys does the exact same but with much gusto, angry gusto.

>2 against 2, rogue against archer, mage against mage, hopefully these foes you face are not nearly as confident as they seem.

>Your guide's help seems to still be away, hopefully they get here before the battle is over.

>What's their next move?

>Roll 2d20 for their battle and additional for whatever plan you come up with. If you make one that is.

11/20 Olinare win, 11/20 Malsys win.

>Also items…

I will be rolling to see if help arrives so you don't have to. Though if your rolls are bad enough there will still be penalties.

8ba36a No.4241

Dice rollRolled 3, 12 = 15 (2d20)


In the Red square, Olinare the Boitaur

and Malsys the Fuck Mage!

Lets get ready to…

849380 No.4242

Dice rollRolled 10, 19 = 29 (2d20)


cb3726 No.4243

Dice rollRolled 52, 4 = 56 (2d100)



>If tumbleweed grew in these parts, it would have been the perfect time to blow across as the four warriors stared each other down.

>Olinare makes the first move, drawing back his bowstring and letting loose an arrow.

>The rogue quickly deflects it but only barely, just as Olinare draws another one.

>Malsys and her mage counterpart both have begun chants but for different purposes.

>Malsys choose to go on the offensive and the mage began to summon a shield around her.

>The mage, overconfident in nature, chose to believe that Malsys would tire out and run out of spells much sooner than her.

>This was soon to change however as Malsys cast bolt after bolt of lighting towards her, each more powerful than the last.

>Seconds after the shield was cast it was destroyed, leaving the mage flabbergasted at such a display of power.

>Before she could surrender Malsys cast one more spell on her, causing her loins go burn with arousal and immediately drop to sooth her incessant desire.

>With one last smirk she turns to see how her centaur companion has fared, only to find him on the ground as unconscious as he had been a minute before.

>When Olinare had shot his arrows there was a delay between each, allowing the rogue to slip closer with each shot taken.

>Olinare thought with his superior size he could simply trample his opponent or use his knife to subdue them.

>But Olinare hadn't counted on how quick and dexterous his opponent could be.

>As he went for his dagger the rogue ducked between his legs.

>As he reared up to stomp her out, she punched his testicles.

>Such a simple move to bring him down, he had forgotten what it felt like to be in this kind of pain.

>In the moments where he nearly blacked out, she made sure he did.

>Now there remains Malsys and this tricky resourceful rogue.

>How will this play out?

>Roll 1d100 to seal your fate! I will be rolling against for to see how the rogue does, and to see if reinforcements show up to save you.

8ba36a No.4244

Dice rollRolled 31 (1d100)


My favorite magic combination against enemies used to a desert. Soak them in water, then fry them with electricity!

daa0df No.4245

Dice rollRolled 40 (1d100)


daa0df No.4246

Dice rollRolled 97 (1d100)


Once more

cb3726 No.4250




>As quick as it started the fight is over.

>She quickly runs towards you, throwing a stun bomb and stabbing I your direction with all manners of combinations.

>She finds nothing but smoke though, as Malsys was clever enough to simply jump to her stomach and crawl.

>In the moments she had to herself a lightning spell grew in her hands.

>The moment the rogue stepped out of the cloud of smoke was the moment it was over.

>Elijah and Mandy peak over their cart to witness the aftermath of the fight, and exchange relieved sighs when they find it is you.

>One by one they go to your friends and help them up, telling them its over and time to head to the village.

>This fight was finished without help, guess this festival or whatever it was is more important.

>Though of greater significance to the moment is what to do with your “esteemed guests”.

>You could send one to the brothel, maybe that bitchy leader of theirs to insure she stays away.

>Or take them with you and see to it that “justice” is served.

>Or maybe something right off the top of your twisted little head.

>Either way you're headed to the village right after that.

>Send one to the brothel. Make them work out their anger.

>Take one to the village. They'll probably stay longer than they want.

>Some other shit. No murder though.

(Also after this I'm getting started on the village orgy drawing, anything in particular that you fuccboi's would like to see? This is not a guarantee it'll be featured but I'd like to get a few different ideas)

388c97 No.4251


Send that leader bitch to tbe brothel. I can sense she'll be a recurring threat.

As for the orgy, let Baratha enjoy herself.

8ba36a No.4253


I want to see a fuck train!

(Sort of like a conga line but more sex)

Give Malsys a Full-Package futa potion to start fucking her cat-bitches (or a strap-on). She earned it from this fight.

Sending the leader to the brothel.

Also have their best fighter (the rogue) take a mind control potion before we take them to town. We want to split this group up. Also if the mind control potion works like DnD, it will work only temporarily. But after it ends, she will be stuck in town.

2507ea No.4374

This still going?

cb3726 No.4383


Have you no faith? When I don't intend to return I'll tell you all, until then just remember I'll be back!

>That fight went on longer than it should've, way longer.

>You also got very lucky that Malsys was even able to wake up after your long trek through the night.

>Now with all that over, now seems to be a great time to pass out…

>But you don't, you're seeing this orgy through to the end, then you'll pass out.

>For now you'll just lay on the ground till you find a health potion or someone drags your sorry ass there.

>Malsys in a moment of inspirations pulls out the purple crystal given to you by Elasia and sends the rogue futa leader to her.

>That reminds you you're still waiting for the payment from the croc chick.

>Then you hear the pitter patter of feet followed by shuffling close by.

>You turn you head, to see what just came your way.

>Pointing sharp spears at you is an assortment of lizardmen, rabbit folk, catgirls and other rag tag races.

>They appear to be dressed somewhat tribally, face paint and all.

>”Wait wait! We're here to bring the supplies!” Elijah runs out from the cart to stand next you, and then begins to speak in a foreign language.

>After a few seconds one of the lizardmen walks forward to hug your host, followed by the rest of the group spreading out to help your companions and you.

>A rather large lizardman grabs you and hoists you over his shoulder with your ass next to his face and begins walking towards the village in the distance.

>Not a great day to go commando but at least you don't have to walk.

>The walk is entirely uneventful, though the closer you get the more you begin to hear laughter and ruckus all around.

>With the sun going down now it seems this festival is about to reach new heights given it's precious cargo is now arriving.

>After a big more walking you're laid down upon some soft animal skins near a bonfire in the center of the village.

>The villagers are all half dressed in wild varieties of clothing patterns.

>Some topless, some bottomless, others with clothes only on their hands and feet.

>They all walk around talking and conversing, it seems they're waiting for the special herbs to get here before the orgy itself starts.

>Speak of the devil here comes the cart, along with the rest of your friends.

>Ashria seems to be able to walk, Olinare being toted on another cart, and Malsys and Baltrop are walking as well.

>As soon as she's shown a place to sit Ashria collapses onto the ground, giving a great sigh and giving the area a great look around.

>The adobe village you're occupying is carved into the shadow of a plateau.

>You're thankful for that since the sunlight has been killing you all day.

>Elijah and a human you assume is the leader of the tribe has been chattering excitedly right next to cart.

>The leader suddenly goes to a house to the side and motions for the cart to be brought along.

>Elijah does so and begins to bring it all inside.

>It seems thats where they'll be handling it, doing whatever it is they do to the sacred plant.

>You don't think the orgy is going to start until its ready so you decide to sleep just a little bit.

>Closing your eyes you instantly fall asleep.

cb3726 No.4384

File: bffad55fa3b3c45⋯.png (922.64 KB, 2000x1300, 20:13, 42 Not another orgy.png)




>You wake up when you feel a gentle sucking sensation on your penis.

>When you open your eyes you find the rogue catgirl that kicked your ass servicing you.

>Once she notices you're awake she gives a little giggle before fondling your balls and going back to work.

>You're a bit confused when Malsys snaps her fingers to get your attention.

>She's shaking an empty mind control bottle to let you know why you're getting such service.

>Below her she's receiving the same treatment on a cock as well, you assume she drank the full-package potion for such an occasion.

>Now that you're fully awake you notice that orgy is in full swing, with dozens of people rubbing up against each other and humping like animals.

>In the air you notice the scent of something that excites you significantly, it must be the plant, as it perks you up and removes your fatigue instantly.

>You go from getting a blowjob to face fucking your willing partner in an instant.

>The sloppy choking sounds from below are accompanied by the slapping sounds of multitudes of others engaged in the same activities as yourself.

>As you continue to receive you look around to see what else is happening.

>A conga line has started with a lizard woman getting ass fucked by a human male, who is in turn being fucked a milfy wolf girl who has a dick.

>Though it continues to grow and stretches around the corner.

>Elsewhere a catgirl is being endlessly molested by a tentacle monster, as is a male rabbit fuccboi.

>It seems there's a corner dedicated to this exact type of debauchery, are they domesticated?

>To your side you see Olinare on top of Ashria, pulling her hair and pumping her angrily.

>Elasia's fun house must've brought out a submissive side to since you didn't think that was possible.

>He's not exactly dirty talking her as much as he is insulting her, but she still seems to love it, leaking puddles of precum onto the ground as her dicks wave about.

>Malsys has relinquished her hold on the girl before her and walks to the catgirl servicing you.

>”Yeah I'll be taking that. The bitch owes me for waking me up!” is her only explanation when she yanks the girl back and begins fucking her without warning.

>The rogues moans are loud and she slams her hips onto Malsys's to meet the penis under her.

>That leaves you unfinished and with an angry boner.

>So you walk around, aiming to fuck the first person that closest to you.

>That person happens to be Baltrop, who is masturbating watching a pair of rabbit folk go at it.

>”Oh hey Baratha, nice to see you awake. I'm just enjoying the show, care to watch?”

>You tell her you'd rather join, and see her stop stroking.

>”Ya know, I tend to top all the time, I'd like to be the bottom for today. This isn't a usual thing mind you just for the festival.”

>You shrug your shoulders and position yourself between her legs.

>She just lays back and gropes her breast, waiting for you to begin.

>Without any foreplay you force yourself into her ass, eliciting a pained gasp from her as you start your assault.

>”Ah, couldn't you have, hah, been a bit more gentle?” she asks a bit wide eyed.

>You grunt and shove yourself a bit deeper, asserting your dominance over the demon.

>In return she gasps, trying to enjoy the dual sensations of pain and pleasure.

>The painal continues until she ejaculates on herself, soaking her tits in cum and sweat.

>She did so much quicker than you expected, this must be a secret kink of hers.

>You climb off of her and lick up the excess sex fluids before kissing her deeply.

>The salty sweet taste is extraordinary, you'd keep this up but remember there's an orgy going on.

>You break off the kiss and give Baltrop a complimentary swat on the cock before going to find another pussy to pillage.

>You continue to break willing partners far into the night, from bunny girls such as yourself to a chesire cat that found its way there.

>Humping, licking and receiving a sparse few occasions, you go until you pass out on this blissful night.

>This probably won't be the last orgy on this god forsaken quest of yours, and you're okay with that.

I'll be back later to update and post what shops and things there are around.

45b8af No.4386


Apologies. And thank you

8ba36a No.4387


Nicely Done.

I like the changes in position.

It seems like a bonding experience!

4d8d41 No.4388


I wonder what Baratha's baby count is up to?

also, arent we missing payment for the tentacle monster?

cb3726 No.4405




Sorry for wait, I sprained my neck. Yes its possible I did it.

>Hours and hours later you find yourself wrapped up comfortably in a bed.

>The early rays of the sun have woken you up, though you're feeling rested and refreshed.

>At some point you fell asleep and a kind person brought you here to rest.

>Outside not much activity has commenced, given the huge event yesterday you're not surprised.

>After a short look around you find your friends passed out close by.

>All of a sudden a bright pink light assaults your vision, and a leather pouch is deposited directly in front of you along with a note.

>The note attached reads,”Thanks for the fun, though next time you drop an angry tentacle monster on me I'm gonna send you a “surprise”. Also enclosed is the payment from the croc girl and the feisty rogue futa you sent me.”

>Inside the pouch is 600 gold! Putting you at 635 gold!

>Though as you're adding your recent accruement, Elijah pops around the corner.

>”There you are! I've been meaning to give you your payment, well done! We won't be leaving anytime soon so no need to escort us back. Thanks again and farewell!”

>Marcus punctuates his last words by dropping your hard earned money into your hands, putting you at 2135 gold!

>This is the most gold you've ever seen, probably since you lived in a burrow all your life.

>Time to find some shops, your team probably won't mind if you do some spending by yourself.

>Minutes later you find a bizarre full of wild assortments of items, not all of which you're interested though.

>Isn't this village supposed to be secret? Whats all this doing here?

>Before you delve too deep and give yourself a headache you continue forward to browse the wares.

>In one wooden stand you find a fantastic array of potions and various magical items. Some of which are also quite strange.

Potion of health 35g, Potion of strength 50g, Potion of mana 25g(doubles the roll of a spellcaster), Full-package futa potion 50g, Futanari potion 50g, Shemale potion 50g, Female-for-a-day Elixir 50g, Potion of hypnotism 75g, Potion of teleportation 75g, Potion of speed 50g, Potion of telekinesis 50g, Potion of water breathing 50g, Seltzer of the beserker 75g (twice the power of strength potion but must roll to retain sanity), Potion of cold skin 25g, Potion of ice 50g, Feather potion 30g (makes you as light as a feather), Potion of dexterity 50g (no matter the roll if you get an even number you dodge), Fertility potion (bigger balls), Potion of confusion 40g (chance for enemies to attack each other), lactation potion 30g, Potion of flexibility 200g (Permanent, only works on bipedal users).

Scroll of iron skin 75g, Scroll of firebreathing 75g, Scroll of lightning 75g, Scroll of the earthquake 100g, Scroll of the ice storm 100g, Mirror skin scroll 100g (Attack's are deflected back at half damage), Tentacle monster summoning scroll 150g (must still roll to see if it listens to you), Slime queen summoning scroll 200g (roll to see if it listens to you), Booby trap reveal scroll 50g.

Black powder bomb x3 50g, smoke bomb x3 50g, Stun bomb x3 50g, slime bomb x3 75g (immobilize and excite your enemies), jar of bees 50g.

>Next to that store is an extension to further augment your weapons.

Fire rune (50g for every +1 on attack rolls), Ice rune (50g for every 10% chance to stun enemies), Lightning rune 200g (-5 on attack rolls but you hit twice!)

>Then there is an armory next to that, though it appears to specialize in magic armor instead.

Ear rings of quiet 100g (+1 on sneak rolls), ring of fire 75g (+1 on physical attacks), necklace of focus 150g (+2 on magic attacks), bracelet of persuasion 150g (lower speech rolls).

>And last but not least is the general store that always seems to be there.

Cock sock 10g, condoms x10 20g, Elven vodka 20g, gold horse shoe 50g, Penis changing potion 75g (change yo dick to a different kind), bread 5g, cow bell 10g, pair of dice 15g, ceramic cup 5g, smooth vibrating rocks 30g.

>Other than that there isn't much else that really catches your eye, maybe if you had a look around you would find more.

>What do you buy or do?

>Buy shit with your 2135 gold.

>Look around! (I'm running out of ideas what do you want to see?)

>Change partners! Current lineup: Baratha, Ashria, Baltrop, Olinare, Malsys.

>Change perspective! Current perspective: Baratha.

>Leave, continue on towards next area or next city. Roll 1d25.

Also I'm probably not going to keep up impregnation count, someone else will probably need to do it.

cb3726 No.4406


Also your current inventory.


Medium orcish armor

Twin ladder studded dicks

Bastard sword +2 fire rune


Leather armor

Darkwood Bow +1

Ring of perception


Leather armor

Big Black Girthy Spellbook


Cloth of the night +2 to sneak rolls

Kukri +1 and 10% chance to stun.


Large great axe

minotaur clothes


Drow priestess robes

Tome of sex magic


Leather Studded Armor

Iron Cestus -5 on attack rolls but hit twice (lightening rune)


Unicorn clothing

Tome of white magic

Mysterious compass

Potion of Health x4

Potion of sleeping

Deluxe ribbed Strap-on

Skeleton key

Leather studded armor

Big Ass umbrella

Potion of speed x1

Mana Potions x1

Comfy blanket

Forever-Bright Lantern

293ac6 No.4407


First things first i guess, replace our supply of bombs, powder, smoke, stun, slime= 225g

Earrings of quiet and bracelet of persuasion 150+100=250








Penis changing potion-75

Total: 1225??


8ba36a No.4414

Dice rollRolled 95 (1d100)


I would say focus on permanent items first then buy items to refill our stocks as needed.

Bombs and potions can be used up, Runes and magic items seem to be permanent.

I like your list, except for Fertility, Futa and Penis changing potion. Work before play. (Save 175 gold)

Also go to the armoury first.

Buy the bracelets of Persuasion and give them to Olinare. (150)

Next, Rings of Quiet for Baratha like before. (100)

Buy necklace of Focus for Malsys (150)

Ring of Fire for Baltrop, Ashira, and Landrini (225)

Magic Items total (550g)

Leave the Armoury then have Onlinare use the magic bracelets to augment his charming of the other shopkeepers.

(Rolling D100 for persuasion)

Replace Bombs (225g) and Potion Up (575g)

(708g left)

Next give more runes out

Buy Fire Rune for Landrini (50g)

Ice rune for Olinare (50g)

Upgrade Ice Rune for Baratha (100g)

Upgrade Fire Rune for Ashira (100g)

(408g left)

Can runes be combined with different runes?

Is there a max number of combined runes?

If runes can be combined without decreases in stats:

Give Baltrop a Fire Rune too (50g)

And Ashira a Lightning Rune (200g)

Buy my count there should be 200g left for dry food and desert survival supplies (or more if combining runes doesn't work and Olinare was Mr. Shyster).

Lets find some work to get more gold.

Focusing on… Hunting!

Or material components from dead bodies of our fallen foes… wait, that is from a different CYOA…

Sexual Fluid Components from our humiliated foes and asses to whore for our brothel.

cb3726 No.4420



I feel like combining runes might make them a bit overpowered as honestly I have been trying to maker this harder [spoiler]and make you lose so I can have some fun,[spoiler/] but I'm also way too lenient at times since I let you win that last thing. Also runes can be upgraded to +5 or 50%.

>You buy yourself some bracelets of persuasion! Ear rings of quiet! Necklace of focus and two rings of fire! (Baltrop's Cestus get in the way of wearing them)

>This subtracts 550 gold!

>Olinare shows up along with the rest of the group and spots you shopping.

>After a brief discussion on why you shouldn't spend your friends money Olinare equips his new accessories and goes to work.

>If you though he was a smooth talker before this absolutely changed his speech completely.

>No one was safe from his silver tongue.

>With his unstoppable persuasive power he was able to get s 50% discount on everything you bought hereafter.

>You resupplied your bomb stock putting you at x3 for all of them and various potions, as well getting runes supplied and upgraded for your teammates.

>For a little fun you added a penis changing potion and a futa potion!

>Thanks to Olinare's speech prowess you managed to end up with 1005 gold left over and a free fertility potion! [spoiler]since I forgot the price..which is now 75g[spoiler/]

>Now with your group together you must decide what to do next.

>Buy more things! All that glitters could be gold!

>Change lineup. Current: Ashria, Baratha, Malsys, Olinare, Baltrop.

>Change perspective. Current: Baratha

>Look around for stuff! What do you want to see?

>Leave Palatayeah towards the city of Kambag-Tosh or Phanfrom, or follow a river towards the next area which is the Lamla Mountain pass.

I'm not going to worry about food since I'll forget, I don't want the extra strain, and this is for smut/fun. If you do look for stuff in the city I'm not planning on having side quests here since this was a side quest. Am I forgetting anything?


Mysterious compass

Potion of Health x4

Potion of sleeping

Deluxe ribbed Strap-on

Skeleton key

Leather studded armor

Big Ass umbrella

Potion of flexibility

Potion of teleportation

Potion of strength x2

Potion of speed x3

Mana Potions x3

Comfy blanket

Black powder bomb x3

stun bomb x3

slime bomb x3

smoke bomb x3

Forever-Bright Lantern

e3942b No.4421


Is there some sort of item appraiser? That mysterious compass is pissing me off.

Apart from that, buy a teleportation potion so we dont have to drag ass through Satan's taint any more than we have to and go to palb.

cb3726 No.4422


I have added a few rolls in the past for the compass but they all were way too low to show you to know what it does. Also I added a teleportation potion already, though it only works for one user, you can still buy more though.

>The compass that has been with Ashria since the quest began has been pissing you off.

>It rarely points north, and randomly points in different directions.

>Maybe in this cultural hub you can find someone that knows what it does.

>You search through a few shops that seem to sell similar things but yield no results.

>When you return to the magic shop and show the owner she unfortunately turns you away without an answer.

>As you go to leave she puts a hand on your shoulder to stop you and asks for it.

>She then parades it around the cramped shop, before bringing it around a heavily enchanted necklace in the center of her store.

>There she waves it around the jewelry before handing it to you.

>”A curious device, it points to the nearest most powerful magically inclined object around you. Though its range I do not know. Now if you're staying any longer I must ask you buy something or leave.”

>Finally you're less annoyed, this thing is actually kinda useful after all, maybe.

>Once outside it continues to point towards the magic shop before pointing towards the armory, and then some other direction.

>As a rogue this proves quite fascinating, a chance to know where to look for a powerful object.

>When you arrive back with your group Ashria scolds you for stealing her compass, but is quite pleased when she finds out what you have.

>There she walks around giggling as she watches to device point too and fro.

>Now what do you do?

bf5546 No.4423


Buy four more potions and teleport to palb

8ba36a No.4426



Agree with Teleport but why Palib?

Lets go to Kombag-Tosh

Also, change perspective to Olinare

07ace0 No.4427


Sorry, i just assumed you could only travel to places youve been to.


cb3726 No.4430




Yeah sorry, it does make sense to travel to locations you've already been to.

>Walking all the way to Palb seems like such a waste of time, why not go back in style?

>You march to the magic shop and purchase four more teleportation potions for 300g!

>The shop keeper gives you instructions on how to use them as well to avoid any…mishaps.

>She says that with a smile, not one you like either.

>On the instructions it says to not use more than once per week or your various organs and body parts may become “misplaced”.

>Well you don't have to be told twice.

>”So we're just going to take this? And hope nothing bad happens?” Ashria nervously looks at the potion and back to you.

>You reassure her that as long as you don't do it twice a week everything should be fine.

>”Should be fine?” she asks once more, you ignore her and decide to just get this over with.

>The instructions tell you to remember a previous location you have encountered and concentrate on returning to that place.

>Then within moments you should be there.

>You hesitate slightly before downing the potion in one gulp and concentrate hard on palb, and no where else.

>Right before you feel a stretching sensation you remember reading a warning on the instructions not to travel more than ten miles with this small potion.

>Oh fu-

>Too late, within moments you feel like you're being dropped down a shaft filled with sharp turns and irregular angles.

>And moments later you're standing in Palb in the same position you were before.

>Little puffs of smoke begin appearing around you in the color of your companions before reassembling into the shape of your friends.

>Nobody moves for a few moments, as everyone is just trying to reorient themselves to reality.

>Then Ashria runs off to a nearby barrel and begins to puke.

>You do feel a bit queasy but haven't eaten anything yet to warrant hurling.

>Once the blonde horse feels better you finally look around the town of Palb, its just as boring and quaint as before.

>Despite having five individuals appear out of thin air none of the townsfolk raises a muscle.

>The one potion stand seems to have been raided having much less than before.

Potion of health 35g, Potion of strength 50g, Potion of mana 25g(doubles the roll of a spellcaster), Potion of hypnotism 75g, Seltzer of the beserker 75g (twice the power of strength potion but must roll to retain sanity), Potion of cold skin 25g, Potion of ice 50g, Monster bait elixir 50g (potion to lead monsters away from you),, Tentacle monster summoning scroll 150g (must still roll to see if it listens to you), smoke bomb x3 50g, slime bomb x3 75g (immobilize and excite your enemies)

>The rune stand is apparently closed for renovations, go figure.

>Also the general store.

Big ass umbrella 50g, cock sock 10g, straw hat 5g, truth wine 20g, glowing rock 10g, beaded necklace 5g, fancy cigars 30g, rainbow socks 10g, tequila 20g.

>From here you can either start traveling along the river towards Kambag-Tosh or find another route through the desert towards the mountain pass.

>What do?

>Shop with your 705 gold. Because.

>Travel along river to the grand city of Kambag-Tosh. Its probably not under siege…probably. Roll 1d25

>Fuck off into the desert. Wander around for 40 years. Roll 1d25.

>Change lineup since you are in a town. Currently Ashria, Baltrop, Baratha, Malsys, Olinare.

>Perspective currently Baratha.

>Do some other stupid thing. Roll for it if necessary.

After this I'll be using Olinare's perspective unless there is an objection.

8ba36a No.4433

Dice rollRolled 14 (1d25)


Buy some more truth wine for hilarious encounters. (2 bottles)

We have everything else we need. Onwards to Cumbag-Dosh! Oh wait we are Olinare…


cb3726 No.4436


After finally getting to be on top you had forgotten about the desert.

>Sure was nice.

>Not even sure how it happened, she was saying something about her mare and Katherine then something snapped.

>Then you fucked her senseless, it was marvelous.

>Now you're just marching though the desert during the day, baking slowly inside your skin.

>Thankfully you're next to a river, or at least what passes for one in the desert.

>Malsys has been riding on your back, you don't really know what she's doing since she's not talking her head off like usual, and you don't want to know.

>In the middle of wondering what Malsys might be doing you catch a glimpse of some object in the desert.

>Brushing it off as a momentary mirage you continue looking around, until you become annoyed by the continued shimmering in the distance.

>”What the fuck is that?” The dark elf asks, the disturbance interrupting her combing her hair.

>You're surprised she wasn't masturbating.

>”Ya know shiny objects in the middle of barren wastelands don't tend to be good omens.” Ashria remarks in typical centaur paranoia.

>That would be racist but you're a centaur so its okay.

>The object isn't as far away as you had thought once you reach it.

>Baratha goes to pick it up but is stopped by Ashria,”Wait! We don't even know what its doing here!”

>The rabbit rogue ignore her and picks up the object partially buried in the sand.

>She pulls out an old brass oil lantern, though completely out of oil.

>”Well we already have a lantern so whadaya say we get out of here friends?”

>Before Ashria runs off you see Baratha giving the object and inquisitive stare before starting to rub it.

>You remember as a child being told a story involving a lantern but don't really remember much of it.

>After a few moments of nothing happening Baratha stops and sets the lantern on the ground, and continues to stare.

>Oddly everyone waits in anticipation of something happening.

>And then a gush of smoke exits the lanterns opening, and assumes the form of a voluptuous tan woman.

>”My my its been forever since I was released! Thank you thank you! Now however can I repay my new masters?” Is the genie's immediate replay.

>”Holy shit its a genie!” Malsys states,”We get three friggin' wishes!”

>”Well uh, hold on there that's normal genies. I happen to be an exception to that rule. During my studies in my extra planar dimension I kinda sorta dropped out, and am only able to grant certain sex related wishes, well two wishes to be exact.”

>She gives an embarrassed half smile before twiddling her thumbs.

>”What kind of wishes, and for what price?” Baltrop questions the genie.

>”Oh there no price none at all! Now the kinds of wishes I can perform involve growing or shrinking various sexual organs and genitalia, or changing them into something else entirely.

>”Also if wanted I can allow one of you to grow maybe a penis, or vagina. Just things along that nature, what I've just said is not the limit just a mere glimpse of my awesome powers!” She finishes with an ecstatic flair.

>The group then goes in for a huddle, to find out who gets to use the wish and if you use the wish.

>”I don't trust her, there's gotta be a catch.” Is Ashria's answer.

>”You're just being fuckin' paranoid like usual, I'd like me some bigger tits!” Malsys says.

>”I'm not too keen on the entire ordeal myself but a wish is a wish, maybe I could get something nice.” Baltrop states.

>”Hmmm, maybe she'd make me taller.” Baratha says shuffling her feet.

>You on the other hand would kinda like to see what they would have done to themselves rather than on yourself.

>”Hey guys I'm still here! Just waiting on your decision” the genies says still floating about.

>What'll it be?

>Wish for penis related things! Or vaginas that's nice too! (specify who its for!)

>Wish for some weird sex thing. Use your imagination. (within reason)

>Don't trust the genie. Just leave this witchcraft behind. Roll 1d25

cc32e3 No.4438


Does forcing the genie to marry us and bear our children count as a sex-related wish? Or does it count as two of them?

cb3726 No.4439


that would count as two, and marry a genie? I mean you're still only gettin' two wishes.

8ba36a No.4440

Dice rollRolled 4 (1d25)


Giving Malsys larger breasts is a good idea.

As an aside though Olinare will probably ask the genie to not increase their weight too much. He has to carry her still.

For funsies, how about a stretchable cock that can be fucked in the Urethra? Give it to one of Ashira's cocks, she is into that sort of thing ;)

(even better, I know she will get back at Olinare later)

Rolling for when we leave…

0793bf No.4448


I vote giving Oli a vagina. We've only got one herm, and he's already a bitch.

cc32e3 No.4454


What if Oli butts in first and wishes for the biggest penis in the party before anyone else can speak up?

0caf8f No.4458


1) Increase the size of one of Baltrop's cocks.

2) Get the genie to suck that cock.

The genie should expect this kind of treatment considering she is a second-rate dropout who only grants sexual wishes.

d00517 No.4460


Can we give her either fuckable nipples or dick nipples while we're at it?

cb3726 No.4465

Okay you horny miscreants, since no consensus has been made I'm throwing in a vote. The top two win the wish. http://www.strawpoll.me/13649370


Dicks and nipples are already fuckable, nobody has asked for that so I haven't said anything yet.


I don't think the world is quite ready for dick nipples…

0fa854 No.4468


So if she does join the party, does she just give passive buffs, or will she be a legit party member?

Cant we just send her to the kitsune?

cb3726 No.4469


Passive buff kinda stuff, but yeah we could send her to the brothel.

cb3726 No.4529

File: b01712e6378b8b2⋯.png (318.21 KB, 2000x800, 5:2, 43 His pronouns are zir an….png)

File: c8d9e9f7e2d1c62⋯.png (108 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 44 Abracadoobra.png)



>Having a genie tag along with you would be a pretty sweet deal, maybe she'd be able to help with battles somewhere along the way.

>Though you're sure you'd have to wish for that, since magical laws probably bind her to the lamb.

>While you're thinking this Ashria makes the decision for you.

>”Hey, since you're a genie and all you can't just come with us right? Well I've got a solution for that, I wish you would marry me!”

>A dumbfounded expression crosses the reality warper's face.

>”You…wha? You I can't…I mean yeah I…well fuck.”

>Her eyes dart around for a moment, trying to figure out if this is actually happening, when suddenly a gold ring appears on both Ashria's and the genie's finger.

>”Well I guess we're married…huh.” the genie spouts staring at the ring.

>Congrats the genie has joined your party! You can send her to the brothel if you like or let her tag along! Her name is Layla by the way.

>”Cool…now I wish you'd give Oli here a vagina, and maybe some nice tits too.” Ashria continues.

>You look to your companion in utter betrayal, who gives you a simple shrug in return.

>”Your wish is my command!” The genie before you begins chanting some ancient arcane spell.

>As soon as she started she's already finished, and you feel no different.

>But upon looking down, you find a pair of perky breasts attached to your chest as well as a strange new feeling between your tight ass cheeks.

>You don't even have to look back to know you've been gifted with a horsepussy, but you do anyways.

>Speechless you stare at Ashria in utter contempt.

>She is lost in thought, erections visible and obviously fantasizing on what she's going to do to you.

>”What the FUCK Ashria! We didn't vote or anything you selfish BITCH!” Malsys tantrums.

>Baratha and Baltrop watch in amusement as Malsys continues to rant, with the former casting you lecherous glances.

>This entire ordeal has left you in shock.

>You already knew you were the group bitch but now you're something even lower than that.

>A darker part of you stir's deeper within but for now you reserve yourself to stew in your brewing anger.

>Without a word you stomp away towards your destination.

>Ashria halfheartedly apologizes, Malsys bitches, Baltrop and Baratha follow, and you begin mentally preparing yourself for the super rape you're probably going to be receiving.

>You refuse to talk to the centaur bitch for hours, trudging along into the distance while Ashria continues trying to be apologetic.

>And failing every time.

>You enter a canyon while following the winding river, last time you did something like this a slime queen attacked.

>You secretly hope one will so you can push Ashria into it.

>Unfortunately for you that does not pop out of the shadows before you.

>What now stands before you is a sphinx, a legendary steward of tomb's that now happens to be in a canyon.

>Maybe you can still push Ashria into it.

>”Halt! I cannot allow you to pass unhindered unless you answer my riddle!” she exclaims extremely stereotypically.

>Before you can argue she begins spouting her inane sentence.

>”You answer me though I never ask you questions, what am I?”

>…What the fuck does that even mean?

>You look to your companions who give you an equally idiotic look.

>The sphinx remains resolute in her duty, standing tall and firm guarding the passage.

>Well looks like you may have something that can take your mind off the emptiness betwixt your legs.

>Whatever shall you do?

>Try and answer the riddle. Has something like that even been invented yet?

>Fight her. Because you can. Roll 5d20 for Ashria, Olinare, Malsys, Baratha and Baltrops actions. (She's not gonna be easy)

>Look for an alternate route. You don't have time for this shit. Roll 1d25.

Sorry for the absence, I hate doing it but I too have a life…sort of…

51db51 No.4532


Solve the riddle.

You answer the door, yet it never asks you questions.

770f76 No.4533


To be clear, the answer is a door

cc32e3 No.4535


Wait, is the genie with us still currently or did she get sent to the brothel?

0caf8f No.4538


It is our name.

8ba36a No.4547


Love that image of Olinare.

cb3726 No.4549






Thanks m8.

>The sphinx looks at you in confusion, she goes to say something but stops midway.

>”You're right but…that's not…that's not the answer I was expecting. Look just go again, I'm being very lenient with you so be grateful.”

>Her moment of unease has passed, she doesn't budge an inch in proclamation of her statement.

>”But we answered the riddle! What else could you mean?” Ashria yells this starting to get angry.

>”I the sphinx am the guardian of this passage, you must produce the correct answer or leave.” She ends the sentence by stomping on the ground causing the earth to rumble.

>”What the fuck else could this crazy bitch mean?”Malsys asks angrily.

>”Maybe its not something we've ever seen before. I mean sphinx are kinda otherworldly in their knowledge, she's probably using that power to influence her riddles and lawfully cheat.” Layla states.

>You kind of forgot she was there, a sixth wheel to your five wheeled war machine.

>You're still deciding if she should go to the brothel, since you kind of want to spite Ashria, but then again this dropout would probably be able to buff you up in a way similar to Katherine. Though it may be more of gambit since it has a chance of backfiring on you because of her lack of knowledge.

>”If we do try and solve this puzzle we should try and think outside the box.” Layla says.

>”Fuck that lets kick her ass.”Malsys bluntly says, completely within earshot of the sphinx.

>”She looks kinda formidible, maybe we should just think a bit more.” puts in Baltrop, followed by Baratha agreeing with her.

>”We can take her! We just survived that long ordeal! Nothing an stop us now!” Ashria chimes in full of heroic vigor.

>You really want to punch her, she might just let you to try and make you feel a bit better.

>But more importantly you should decide if you're going to answer this stupid riddle or do something about your unwanted roadblock.

>Answer the riddle. Probably not something the characters have seen before. Roll 1d25 in case you get it right.

>Kick her ass. Literally! Roll 6d20, rolls must be above 16 to affect the sphinx.

>Leave. Fuck this thinking stuff. Roll 1d25.

>Something else. You can drive as well.

More info on Layla. Her buffs are similar to Katherine, when she makes a roll above 10 she has a chance to raise the score of a single person double to that of Katherine's. The drawback is that she could make the spell backfire and lower the score of whoever she's helping. If this isn't clear enough let me know.

cc32e3 No.4550

Dice rollRolled 11 (1d25)


Something else. Start seducing Ashria's new genie wife in revenge against her while the others argue over what to do.

8a9414 No.4552


You answer the call of adventure/duty?

cb3726 No.4554



Not that but something kinda similar in terms of calling, one more chance.

>The others are bickering over what to do, Malsys and Ashria itching to fight while Baltrop and Baratha try and reason with them.

>You're still pissed, Layla stands beside you awkwardly.

>She's still new and has no relation with anyone here, maybe you can change that.

>Ashria's betrayal is still fresh in your mind, maybe you can get closer to her than that blonde bitch.

>You decide to ask what she thinks the answer may be.

>”I don't know, maybe some way to communicate with someone? I know I know I should've studied so I would be able to help but I don't think you understand how boring that stuff was. Like matter manipulation theory and time travel studies, its really dull stuff.”

>She continues to talk her head off while you sit and pretend to listen, nodding you head when the time seems right and being overly sympathetic.

>”Huff…wow, that feels really good to just talk to someone, thanks for listening…uh…you.” She appears to not know you name, you laugh, tell her its fine and let her know.

>”Well thanks Olinare, and uhhh, sorry for doing that to you. I really feel bad about it but I am bound by magic to obey.”

>She looks down on the ground to her feet in shame, so you put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her and let her know its going to be alright.

>A smile finds its way onto her face, and she nuzzles onto your hand.

>At that moment Ashria decided to look back to check and see how her wife was doing, only to see you comforting her in a time of need.

>”Hey Olinare, why don't you help us knock down this sphinx bitch!”

>Before you say anything, Layla speaks for you,”I think she should stay here by me, just to make sure she can guard me if I need to help you girls out.”

>Ashria goes to say something but Malsys agrees with her, stopping the centaur in her tracts.

>She glares at you but is pulled back into the argument by the drow beside her.

>You then thank Layla for supporting you and give her a peck on the cheek.

>She blushes and looks away.

>Hmmm, you like where this is going, you've made a lot more progress than you though.

>Yes, play this slowly, keep the centaur bitch away from her prize and claim it for yourself.

>Other than that you should probably figure out what to do, the sphinx looks to be getting impatient.

>Answer riddle. Maybe something not seen here before? Roll 1d25 in case.

>Kick her ass! Roll 6d20 to see what happens!

>Leave into the desert. Roll 1d25.

>Something else. Because.

92c846 No.4555


The answer has been staring me literally in the face this entire fucking time hasn't it? A phone.

cc32e3 No.4556

Dice rollRolled 13 (1d25)



Oh, no wonder it was asked as to whether something that answers the riddle has even been invented yet. Bringing that up should confuse the others for long enough for you to flirt more heavily with Layla.

cb3726 No.4558



>You really don't want to have to fight, but you think it may come to this.

>”Hey Olinare, I think I might have a way to help you figure out the answer.” The genie next to you says.

>Before you can agree or disagree she rubs her hands together, producing some odd sparks, and jumps up to slap you on the head.

>Suddenly you assaulted by strange images, of places to come and things to be.

>Creatures similar to yourself walking around staring at small rectangular devices…all day.

>You're continuously assaulted by these visions until a word comes to you.


>A strange word indeed, the sphinx seems to have picked up something as she turns to face you.

>”Wha-what did you say?”

>”The answer is telephone” you announce.

>She stares at you wordlessly, obviously troubled as to how you could have possibly come up with that answer.

>Most likely she wants to call you out but can't since she also cheated in a way.

>With confidence in your steps you begin to walk forward, earning you a scowl from the menacing guardian.

>But she offers no resistance as you and your companions begin your journey down the canyon.

>Malsys takes more pleasure in this than necessary, making faces as she passes.

>It is a cool reprieve from the harsh rays of the sun, the breeze generated by the walls is extremely relaxing.

>You wish you could stay longer but as soon as it started it has ended.

>Everyone groans as you enter daylight once more.

>The evening sun is not as unforgiving as it is midday but still a pain in the ass.

>Somethings not right though, something is off.

>A feeling in the air, familiar and insidious presence about you.

>An arrow flies in front of your face, answering your fears.

>Standing atop the downward sloping canyon wall is the elven archer, Eleena.

>Your heart drops and your dick shrivels, much to Eleena's viewing pleasure.

>”My my! It seems you've changed my dear Olinare! Though I doubt this will help your future endeavors.”

>Eleena drops down to saunter and sway her hips towards you.

>Her penis swings between her legs, twitching slightly, causing you to pucker your tight ass.

>Ashria glares at the elven bitch, even though she never actually did anything to her she's still annoying as fuck.

>”Well Olinare, or maybe your name is Olimare now? Whatever it is you know what I'm here for. Has your journey helped you improve your lacking skills with the bow? Or are you still as incompetent as I expect you to be?”

>Her arrogance makes you all the more willing to try and prove her wrong and forcefully widen her ass. But past experiences remind you that she's more than she seems, and to fear her arching skills.

>”Hi! I'm Layla, who are you?” Layla bounds up with a smile on her face to greet the newcomer.

>”I'm Eleena, the greatest archer in the land. I'm here to challenge your friend here and beat him once again. I've such pleasures in mind for you today.” She ends this by stroking her stiffening shaft.

>”Uh…okay, what this all about Oli?” Layla asks.

>”Enough talk! I grow tired of the wait, let us be on with the contest as I wish to be the first to deflower you!” She licks her lips as she stares at your ass, you wonder how she could possibly know you haven't been fucked yet but she's probably been following you.

>You really don't want to do this, to be humiliated once more in front of your companions.

>But you're starting to grow used to it, but maybe, just maybe today you'll be able to beat the odds and prove yourself the better.

>Just for today.

>So what do you do?

>Take the contest. The day must be yours! Roll 1d20.

>Submit. Maybe she'll be gentler that way.

>Leave this place. Though she'll probably not take it so kindly.

>Something else.

cc32e3 No.4559

Dice rollRolled 19 (1d25)


Something else. Suddenly trample the archer and run off with Layla on your back into some shrubbery to hide/get more intimate with Layla for a while until you're sure things are safe.

8ba36a No.4560


While I would pick take the contest, this would be in Character.

To Flee, Olinare could fire an arrow straight up then ride with Layla while the rest of the group scatter for cover.

Or he could 'accidentally' fire his arrow at one of the stun bombs.

cb3726 No.4607



Am not dead, though soon I must leave for a month. Also Its not exactly in character for Oli to run away, he's got that centaur pride. I let it slide for petty revenge.

>An idea springs to mind, an incredibly stupid one that will have terrible consequences later but for the moment you simply want to get back at Ashria.

>Before anyone can even question your sanity you grab your bow and loose an arrow into the air.

>Directly up into the air above you.

>It takes a moment for everyone to process what just happened but the moment it does everyone scatters.

>You hope that no one is looking for you in the blind panic, and in the couple seconds you have you grab Layla and run back into the canyon.

>It seems no one else did since you run down it alone for a ways and hide behind a little nook you find in the wall.

>Layla has said nothing so far but when you sit her down she gets angry.

>”What the hell was that!? Someone could've gotten hurt Oli!”

>She's not exactly fuming but she's still quite angry.

>You explain to her you didn't have much time to think of something but just needed to get away from her.

>Then you lie and say you didn't want to accept the challenge, since centaur pride demands you must.

>That she has been hounding you for weeks trying to challenge you every time she finds you.

>Layla seems to have calmed down some, having hopefully found a smidgen of logic somewhere in your words.

>For the next few hours you and Layla just sit and talk, about life and opinions.

>She strangely never asks why you grabbed her, so you never tell.

>After two hours you finally hear some footsteps down the canyon where you came.

>From around the corner emerges Baltrop, who scolds you for running away.

>She explains that Eleena left after threatening to kill you several times, as well as Ashria stomping off to find you and murder you as well.

>You would be scared but you do have the advantage of being able to outrun Ashria.

>A few minutes later the group is back together, all of them pissed off at you with Ashria visibly enraged.

>”You bastard! Why the hell would you do that? We could've been hit you retard! And now Eleena's going to be stalking us more and annoying us forever!” Ashria slaps you on the face for that last bit.

>You're feeling hurt, she's somewhat justified but still she never fully apologized for changing your gender earlier.

>Before you retaliate Layla steps up,”What is your problem? Sure Oli did something incredibly stupid but no one was hurt! And you turned him to a girl! And just laughed it off! You have no right to be talking down to him!”

>Ashria is speechless, she mutters something very low and begins to walk off.

>Baratha looks to you and then follows along with Ashria as does Baltrop.

>Malsys is apparently content with staying back with you, at least for the moment.

>The group travels on a short ways into the night before stopping to sleep.

>No one says a word, the only sound is the wind blowing through the night.

>Its much colder in the desert than you expected, though Layla sleeping next to you makes it better.

>Now that you have time to contemplate things you do feel just a bit bad for basically taking Ashria's wife.

>Maybe you'll stop, but maybe you won't, only time will tell.

>Roll 1d25 to see what happens.

a39f65 No.4608

Dice rollRolled 16 (1d25)


af1a2e No.5048

I suppose this thread is dead.

4ec7bb No.5063


Kinda sorta. I have to admit that I started to lose interest once the the GM drew less and less. I hope that he'll at least show up in the draw thread once in a while.

77f979 No.5090



Alright I guess its time for an explanation of sorts. I did have to leave for a month for reasons, though even before I was feeling kinda exhausted from doing this everyday after work. After I got back I just couldn't find the will to keep on going since I remembered I had all those different places to go.

I do want to finish this i really do, but I can't today I'll be busy. When I do eventually start I'm going to skip all the areas and start introducing random monstergirls based on whatever people want to see and then go straight for the boss.

Once that's all said and done I'll stick around and drawfag or do much smaller quests.

I'll try and set a date ahead of time so everyone will know when I'll be drawing and try and finish this hiatus in one day.

And again sorry for not showing up till now, just got busy doing other shit and procrastinating.

80814b No.5093


>When I do eventually start I'm going to skip all the areas and start introducing random monstergirls based on whatever people want to see and then go straight for the boss.

Glad to hear both of that. In my experience, many quests on old terra-half/tg/ started off with a good idea but then dragged on way too long. Also, I prefer a single image over 10000 words of writing but that's just me. (See also >>5063 )

Good to have you back in any case.

77f979 No.5094


Thanks, I agree.

While I'm here I'd like to ask what monstergirls people would like to see and what sort of content/fetishes people would enjoy viewing.

At the moment I'm thinking about trying to finish this all up on October 28th, no promises but it would give me time to prepare and you guys time to write down the stuff you would like for me to draw.

Until then just write down what you want and on the day that is finally decided I'll draw and stuff.

d2a9fe No.5096


At any rate it's good to see you back. I'm so used to being the only one on here who keeps up with his quest. I'm glad to see you didn't give up

68023c No.5110


I hope we'll get to see that Cheshire. Smug, throny catcock is always welcome.

Some yuri would be nice too.

ee0a83 No.5116



Glad your back

Shame your gonna skip some of the areas, I like exploring fantasy worlds.

>Until then just write down what you want and on the day that is finally decided I'll draw and stuff.

I would love to see something with a group of Sahuagins

77f979 No.5149

Alright guys tomorrow I may be able to show up, heavy emphasis on maybe to start this weekend of debauchery. Maybe part of saturday but I should be here all of sunday.

So last chance to throw your hat in the ring. By that I mean the gurlz you wanna see me draw, because after that I'll probably be making up at least half the shit I want to see. Unless there are additional requests.

ed680f No.5154


A chubby catfish mermaid.

ee0a83 No.5155


Might be a tough one, feel free to say no

> Eldritch Godlike being with lots of thick juicy tentacles

50dfe5 No.5156


Hinezumi, definitely.

006a23 No.5157


A vampire

77f979 No.5158





I'll be here for a little bit tonight.

>Somewhere in the middle of the night something happened.

>It began with a rumble and a shift of the rocks.

>You wake up noticing first the stars still in the sky followed by the strange happenings around you.

>While you're trying to orient yourself a portal opens in front of you, startling your companions.

>A voice booms in your head suddenly, commanding you to go through.

>”Alright you slow horny fucks, I'm honestly quite tired of waiting on you to get here so here's the deal.”

>”I've known about your doomed quest since before the start and have been amused for quite a while”

>”But waiting for you to get here has grown exhausting, watching you go back and forth with what you should do”

>”So fuck it, its ultimatum time, come through the portal and face my trials and me…or be destroyed by my endless armies I will send you!”

>Ashria seems to be the first to respond, immediately launching herself through the portal before another word could be said.

>”OH SHIT!” Malsys panics,”I wasn't ready for this! Fuck what now!?”

>”We fight.” Baratha calmly states as she heads into the portal.

>”OH GODS. FUCK.” Malsys continues.

>”I guess its now or never,”Katherine speaks, slowly getting up and heading through.

>This is followed by Galmina who wordlessly walks forward.

>Ah've been itching to get into a good tussle, can't wait tuh see the end!” Landrini states jumping in.

>Malsys continues to stare as you begin to align your thoughts, seeing this as a final stop in your journey.

>Eleena walks beside you as you step in and hear Malsys running after you.

>You expected a rough and turbulent venture to your next destination but found yourself already there.

>Your expectations were also shattered when you find yourself in what appears to be a sort of pocket dimension, you thought you'd be at the palace.

>A granite plateau extends far past your view all around you surrounded by odd lights in the sky.

>The only distinct objects in view are two plain doors in front of you, one to the left and one to the right.

>No voices command you but its quite obvious you must pick one before going forward.

>One of those trials probably lie behind, what could she mean?

>Which do you choose?

>Left door?

>or Right door?

ee0a83 No.5159


>Right door

7b3234 No.5160


I agree

77f979 No.5164



>Ashria seems a bit restless as she starts towards the right door without even talking to anyone about it.

>”WAIT are you fucking crazy!? We don't even know whats behind that door?” Malsys screeches.

>”None of us know whats behind either door, and sitting here talking about what could be will only make us nervous and anxious. I'm going now”

>With that final declaration Ashria opens the door and heads through.

>Malsys stops protesting but wears an uncertain face and everyone begins to walk through the door.

>Inside looks kind of like the inside of an old medieval castle.

>Stone blocks defining the walls and elegant tapestries lining them.

>Along with that long tables filled with succulent smelling foods decorated with fancy plates and candles.

>For a moment you think you're in the demon lord's castle, that is until you hear a voice.

>”Welcome to my castle, though I don't believe you'll enjoy yourself.”

>Coming down from the large staircase behind you is a small regally dressed woman, jewels studded in her clothes and a few rings on her fingers

>Her skin is as pale as snow and there are pointy fangs protruding from her lips.

>Once she reaches the bottom of the stairs she takes a sip from the goblet in her hand and tosses it off to the side.

>”But by all means do entertain me!” She announces with a clap of her hands, followed by what appears to be vampire thralls leaping out of their hiding places.

>You ready your bow and your friends their own weapons.

>You're really wondering if you can do this, and how many trials there will be.

>You also really wish you had enough sleep.

Okay in the past I had everyone make several rolls to determine the outcome of a single fight. Well that was massively time consuming, so instead I'm going to have you roll 1d100 and as long as the roll doesn't completely suck we'll move on. (Probably even if it does) And the further we get the harder it will become to succeed. At most there will be ten rounds, followed by the boss and end. Also tell me which characters you want to see or I'll just pick some. WELL lets get started then.

Also if you want to see a certain type of enemy pls continue to tell me.

f8f8a3 No.5165

Dice rollRolled 79 (1d100)


c95d27 No.5166


>Also tell me which characters you want to see or I'll just pick some

You never really finished writing the stuff about Olinare stealing Layla, so make sure to include their affair in some things along the way.

77f979 No.5167

File: 90c9a39c35be932⋯.png (343.81 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, 45 A stupid staredown.png)



>”Now if you'll be so kind we-”the vampire begins, only to immediately be interrupted by a large screaming centaur.

>Ashria charges the vampire and tramples her.

>Apparently she was so startled and surprised by this that she simply didn't move.

>The vampire thralls are all confused now, attacking at random intervals and anything that moves.

>You shoot them with arrows and your teammates do their thing.

>The battle is over in minutes, most likely due to the vampire's overconfidence.

>With it all over two doors appear next to the stairs, dull and void of characteristics to set them apart.

>However before you go through a door Layla approaches you.

>”Hey there! That was quick wasn't it?”

>You agree with her and start some idle chit chat when Ashria stomps on over.

>Its clear she's annoyed but says nothing, you both stare at each other for a bit before she goes off towards the vampire.

>As she turns around she makes sure to show off her backside.

>This is just to remind you that she's got two bulbous cocks and an oversided ballsack swaying between those lovely legs…

>STOP IT, that bitch made you a mare, and you're gonna get back at her for that.

>”Hey Layla, how about we have a bit of fun real quick?” you calmly ask, bumping her lightly with your backside.

>”What do you mean…oh! In front of everyone I mean isn't that a bit indecent?” she shyly asks.

>You remind her of everyone around you that its pretty much the norm by now.

>”Oh well if you insist.”

>She gets below you and just kinda kneels with both knees, where you then urge her on by positioning your sheath next to her.

>”Okay well here I go.” She shakily says, beginning to fondle your testicles and toying with the folds of your sheath.

>Immediately your length emerges as Layla gasps and caresses it.

>Your pre is coming out like a river since you're having a hard time waiting to get your dick wet.

>The small hands below you glide all along and gently squeeze your balls.

>You finally look up to see where Ashria's been only to see her raping the vampire and her thralls pretty hard.

>Irritatingly enough you see she has somehow stuck them both on her dick, you have no idea how.

>Theres a few lying around with cum leaking out of various orifices, the others are starting to hide in fear of her titanic dicks.

>She smugly smiles at you.

>You're beginning to feel a bit inadequate.

>Time to step up your game.

>”Hey Layla, can you get on all fours real quick?” you say.

>”Oh yeah sure! What for?” She asks while moving into position.

>You answer by inserting yourself inside of her eliciting a yelp from Ashria's wife.

>This pisses Ashria off immensely, given the fact that you took her before she was able to.

>While humping away at the tight genie you cross your arms in defiance to the one that gave you boobs and a vagina.

>She responds by flipping you off and fucking the two creatures attached to her dicks.

>This goes on for a while until the familiar tingling in your dick arrives.

>You testicles tense up and you get to smile oh so smugly as you deliver a creamy load to Layla.

>She moans and squeezes you for every last drop as you force your sperm deep inside.

>Once you're finished you dismount, kneel down beside her and give her a kiss.

>”Well that was certainly a show.” you hear Baratha's voice from behind you.

>You turn around.

>Literally every other member has been watching the spite filled spectacle from behind you.

>None of them look that pleased, and you feel a bit embarrassed.

>Ashria just doesn't give a shit.

>Guess its time to choose a door.

>Left or Right?

b1f1ef No.5173



f991e1 No.5174


Got to agree

77f979 No.5176



>Alright this time you won't give Ashria the pleasure to choose the door, you head to the right door only to see it disappear in front of you!

>It appears Baratha already opened the left one.

>She gives you a shrug as if to say sorry and walks through.

>You all do the same, ready to get this over with.

>Inside you behold one of many horrors the universe has to offer.

>An unholy mass of tentacles stretches out in the landscape before you!

>There is literally an unlimited amount of tentacles in the plane of existence.

>You have no idea how your head hasn't exploded yet, and you're frozen in horror as the obscene tendrils advance upon you.

>The goal of this trial is probably just to maintain your sanity until the doors appear.

>At least it'll be interesting.

>Roll 1d100 you kinky fuckers.

f991e1 No.5177

Dice rollRolled 11 (1d100)


Time to fuck this up

f991e1 No.5178


Never let it be said I'm not a man of my word

77f979 No.5181

File: a379d682cd21533⋯.png (330.1 KB, 1300x900, 13:9, 46 tentacled.png)



Sorry for the wait and lack of quality.

>Tentacles, tentacles everywhere.

>Inside you, writhing around pleasuring you in impossible ways.

>They rushed at you immediately, hoisted you up and wasted no time in foreplay.

>They simply shoved themselves inside you and all your friends.

>You dick is not spared, as a particularly fat tentacle pushes its way inside while another pulls your balls.

>Pain courses through you as your twat is pleasured to the brim, your womb receiving special treatment and sending lighting through your spine.

>Baratha is freaking out since she hasn't been bum rushed like that before, always on the giving end.

>It enters her tight little anus, pushing its length inside uncaring of the horrified looks she gives up.

>While it burrows inside another odd tentacle with small tendrils protruding from it violates her urethra much to her displeasure.

>Moments later she gets a pained expression on her face before the other end exits her mouth.

>She is only granted a few moments to contemplate what just happened before fainting.

>Katherine is no different, receiving twice as many unwanted guests.

>They enter her and go faster and faster, never without lubricant, twisting and turning inside.

>She's came countless times, and appears close to passing out.

>Landrini is in her own cocoon of tentacles, moaning and screaming as they come and go.

>Baltrop's testicles receive worse treatment than yours.

>They're subject to repeated slaps and pulls, her penises being caressed and made to ejaculate multiple times.

>Her holes are also molested, her ass pounded relentlessly and mouth made into a toy.

>Ashria has no vagina, but a large body and a lewd ass.

>There's more tentacles in her guts than everyone else combined.

>You'd feel sorry for her if you couldn't hear her loud moans and see the lake of jizz beneath her.

>Everyone's getting pounding and it lasts for hours, maybe days you don't know.

>Eventually though it does stop, you find that everyone wakes up and the eldritch entity is gone.

>Replaced with two doors, you don't know if you can take this.

>You shiver as you stand, though at least you can stand.

>What'll it be now?

>Left door or right door?

If you roll badly three times its game over.

f991e1 No.5182


For the love of God pick the right

77f979 No.5184


>This won't end well you're sure of it.

>While everyone tries to reorient themselves you decide you want to get this over with.

>You go towards the door closest to you, the right one and open it.

>Its a bit dark once you step though, but once everyone is inside it lights up.

>It appears you're in a cave, with pools of water all around you.

>Glowing stalagmites provide light throughout the landscape, numerous enough to stop you from needing to find where you're going.

>The floor is slippery though, worse still for your hooves.

>That's when you hear it, a melody echoing through this place.

>Its starts small but grows to a pleasant tune, bouncing off the walls and slightly unnerving you.

>When all of a sudden you see someone peeking out of a pool.

>A slightly chubby woman with long blue hair is looking at you.

>”Hiya there! How ya doing?” the bubbly woman asks.

>Before you can respond another lady pops out of a pool close to you, followed by another and more after that in various pools, each greeting you.

>Ashria has pulled out her sword and you follow suit.

>”Well to be honest we don't care how you're feeling, we're gonna kick your ass!” one of them says before twisting around and diving into the pool.

>It appears there are mermaids here, many mermaids.

>The melody appears again, distracting you putting you at an unwanted ease.

>This probably won't be easy.

>Roll 1d100.

10a5ab No.5185

Dice rollRolled 68 (1d100)


Once more unto the breach

24b8ac No.5419

Dice rollRolled 44 (1d100)


Alright guys its obvious I cannot trust myself. Its getting harder to work up the will to come back to this thread so this is it. The post after this will be my last of the quest. After which I can have the sweet release I need to finally just start drawfagging whenever I feel like it on some of the other threads.

>Despite the fact you have hooves and you're running around in a cave you're actually able to nimbly maneuver your huge horse body into the areas you need to go.

>The mermaids also are not nearly as strong as you initially thought.

>One or two hits and they're out, as well as having next to no offensive capability.

>Their songs…yeah caused some chaos but not enough to seriously disrupt the steady flow of knockouts.

>After a few minutes their numbers have dwindled to zero.

>As the last mermaid falls unconscious a door appears.

>A single ornate door, elegant yet simple at the end of the cave.

>Before anyone has the change to start fucking the mermaids you rush to stand in front of the door.

>You're fairly certain that this is it, all the things leading up to this point have been to prepare you.

>Well not really, but sort of.

>You look behind, into the eyes of your companions who simply wait for you to open the door.

>You're grateful they've stuck with you, some of them a bit more unwilling than others but still you're grateful.

>And then you push open the door.


>Behind the door what appears to be the throne room of an old castle, though devoid of most of the kingly things you would expect.

>Simple stone walls surround you, with huge open windows allowing you to see a raging storm outside.

>A sort of austere atmosphere it produces, minus the throne which is large carved out of what appears to be the skull of some huge beast.

>Sitting there could be none other than Vetressa herself, a white haired…human?

>No pointy ears, sharp teeth, tail…

>Basically nothing out of the ordinary it would seem.

>Minus the white hair, pale skin, red eyes and ridiculous hips, gripped by transparent cloth which itself is covered by a fine robe.

>She's tapping her foot on the ground in annoyance.

>It would seem you've taken your time to get here.

>She stops the motion but continues to just stare you you all.

>No one has moved or made a sound, just a staredown between all of you.

>Until she gets up, walks down her throne to the center of the room.

>”I must say you wouldn't have made it here without my help and it has been incredibly annoying watching to try and get here.

>You're about to say something witty when she cuts you off.

>”I've no mind for long winded ridiculous monogues. You're the “good guys” and I'm the “bad guy”. She says with added finger quotations.

>”Lets just get this over with, I'd like to make sure theres absolutely nothing that can stand in my way.”

>”And what better way to end it than one's self?”

>With that she snaps her fingers and a terrible rumble envelops the room.

>Vetressa suddenly flys up to the center of the room, now surrounded by ominous blue lights and strange shifting runes.

>She prepares to destroy you, as you hope to do the same.

>Guess this is it huh?

>You look around one final time and hope you're really up to the challenge, putting confidence into your friends.

>And Ashria too…

>Onward once more into the fray…

Alright this last time I'm gonna roll against you, and you have to be higher than that to succeed (Unless its a crit or too low to see any possible win/fail, in which case just wait for the credits to roll). After that I'll draw up a nice picture and start drawing other lewd things.

>Roll 1d100

88517c No.5430

Dice rollRolled 39 (1d100)


>(Unless its a crit or too low to see any possible win/fail, in which case just wait for the credits to roll). After that I'll draw up a nice picture and start drawing other lewd things.

If you can, try to do something with the ending where Olinare manages to get turned back into a boy and ends up with a bigger cock than Ashria.

579426 No.5431

Dice rollRolled 2 (1d100)



24b8ac No.5432



>You tried…

>You really did…

>At first things were looking good for you.

>Initially you all attempted to overwhelm her and attack from many different angles.

>Baltrop throwing fireballs directly beneath her, you running around shooting arrows from afar.

>Malsys raining acid from above, Galmina and Katherine helping everyone along with their magic.

>Her lightning bolts and magic missiles were fast and dangerous but not nearly accurate enough.

>Quicker than you expected you brought her down, smiling triumphantly as she fell to the ground.

>For a little while everyone just watched, heavily breathing and waiting for something to happen.

>When nothing did everyone got a little braver, letting their guard drop slightly and moving forward.

>Ashria was the first to approach her, nice and slowly.

>She soon was standing before the demon lord, looking down at the curvy woman splayed upon the floor.

>Her smooth white hair tussled all over the ground.

>Ashria prodded her roughly with one of her hooves, maybe to make sure its safe to deal the finishing blow.

>You'll never know.

>Maybe it was the gentle look on Vetressa's face that distracted her that moment, or a memory suddenly returning.

>Whatever it was she took too long, in the one instant that everyone's guard dropped Vetressa was up before the proud centaur warrior.

>One finger upon her forehead, whispering some arcane language.

>And then she was gone, literally smoke in the wind.

>Ashria simply stood there, unmoving until layla worked up the will to see what was the matter with her lover.

>”Ashria…Ashria are you-”she went to say, before being violently smacked aside.

>Layla went down suddenly and simply.

>Ashria now turned to face you, a red tint to her eyes.

>She smiled and charged towards you.

>It seemed half of your group was left dumbfounded at the turn of events, with only Malsys and Baratha moving to try and stop her.

>But given that Ashria is a centaur she reached you far before they reached her.

>Your hesitation earned you a stunning blow to the head from her sword.

>Apparently one of the blessing bestowed to you by Layla saved your life, but it doesn't stop the force from knocking you to the ground.

>Completely dazed you wonder whats happening, since your ears continue to ring and you find yourself unable to focus.

>You're able to make out flashing lights and what you think might be an explosion.

>Seconds or maybe minutes later you find Ashria and Baltrop facing Baratha, Katherine and Malsys.

>The odd red tint appearing in Baltrop's normally care free eyes.

>Galmina and Landrini appear to have been dealt with, strewn upon the floor.

>You hope they're alive.

>You black out momentarily before trying to find the strength to get back up onto your feet.

>They wobble and buckle, resisting your commands to stay strong.

>Sounds of battle echo throughout the castle, maybe you'll be able to get up in time.

>And save your friends.

>And just as the ringing in your ears finally fades, so does the sounds of your friends fighting.

>You look up at Ashria, Baltrop and Katherine standing before the battered and bruised forms of your friends.

>A bloodthirsty smile adorns the once gentle expression so happily carried by the holstarus you loved.

>One that is looking directly at you…

>This is all wrong…this wasn't the way things were supposed to go.

>This isn't the way things were supposed to end…

>They advance upon you with vicious intent.

>You close your eyes and prepare to meet your maker.

>But the killing blow never comes, you open your eyes to see if maybe you're already dead.

>Several paces from you stands your former friends.

>And in front of them Vetressa, a smug smile stamped upon her face.

>Wordlessly she walks up to you and just stares.

>Out of your peripheral vision you feel the added gazes of Vetressa's newest additions.

>Unable to deal with this…any of this…you fall to the floor.

>This can't really be happening…………..

More to follow…

24b8ac No.5434

File: c9c002dcf0fea83⋯.png (1.44 MB, 2500x1500, 5:3, The end of a saga.png)


>Its been weeks since that fateful night.

>You've been used and abused constantly.

>There is also a swelling in your stomach, as you've been impregnated.

>It was by her…

>That bastard Ashria, her child grows within you now.

>A similar fate has fallen to the rest of your friends.

>But they all smile.

>Katherine's jealous of you, only because Ashria got you pregnant before her.

>Layla…you haven't seen her in a while.

>Living in a lamp probably isn't fun, you've heard she's probably going to be sold to some wealthy trader in Kambag-Tosh.

>Baltrop's been made Ashria's lieutenant in a demon army that advances more everyday.

>They've invaded Branhap plains, only days till its completely taken over you've heard.

>Anytime you see Baltrop she's defiling the unicorn you used to know.

>Galmina has been made into a symbol of impurity, being paraded around other unicorns she's helped capture.

>Baratha has a harem of bunnygirls she runs around with, only when she's done playing bitch to the chesire you briefly met.

>Turns out the purple cat was going to help you then betray you at some point.

>Malsys celebrates the fall of Dalfrii, which she lead the final charge against.

>Landrini, well she's also breeding stock like you.

>Not enough minotaurs apparently.

>Also not “vanilla” anymore.

>Her whorish moans tell you she's been doing plenty more.

>The worst part of this is that you remember it all, their memories have been corrupted and muddled.

>You have to watch your former companions whore themselves out to the despicable ruler of debauchery.

>You remember the times you laughed together everytime they smirk and sneer at you.

>The times you helped save civilians everytime you hear of a new settlement fall.

>Vetressa is a cruel mistress, lavishing you in pleasure anytime she visits.

>You've begged her to kill you, even just make you into another of her memory fucked slaves.

>But she won't, and you know it even before you ask.

>This will be your life until the end of your days.

>Maybe you'll come to accept it.

>Or maybe those are just optimistic fantasies.

>You wonder what your child will become, how they will use you.

>Why did it have to end like this?

>No its not the end…

>Just a new…horrible beginning.

Well guys it was fun, sorry for the extended absences. I'd like to do more quests in the future but not nearly as ambitious. I won't make a personal thread to just draw stuff, I'll just hang around and take requests at random. I'll see you guys later!

002342 No.5439


Is it cool if I keep getting pics of Ollie?

915683 No.5446

I would have preferred it if it wasn't a bado endo but thanks fir finishing it and for the awesome art that you provided.

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