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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


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File: be6282538103cdd⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 2717x2329, 2717:2329, ezekiel.jpg)

81c886 No.369757

Greetings, Brothers in Christ. Grace to you and peace.

First things first - Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

As some of you may know, I was recently removed from my position as Board Owner. It seems that things took a turn for the worst while I was away. I've made this thread to explain what happened, to contain all discussion about the situation, and most importantly, to apologise to you all.

The board was claimed by someone else because I failed to log in for two weeks. I am active on the Discord channel, and keep up to date with my volunteer team there. They do a very good job and as such I rarely have to log in to 8chan at all. Obviously that was a severe mistake on my part, and one that I am truly sorry for. Fortunately - and all glory to God for this - things could have gone a lot worse than they did. That does not change the fact that through my negligence I endangered our unique community. I know that this board means a lot to many people out there and I do not take that responsibility lightly. I have made the necessary provisions to ensure that this does not happen again.

In the interest of transparency, please see the email below from the 8chan administration, letting me know that they had given access back to me. I would like to publicly thank Ron for his help. He has been eternally patient with me despite my foolishness. He's doing a fantastic job and I am very grateful to him.

''Hello Ezekiel,

I have made the decision to revert the board ownership back to you. It was wrongfully given out in claims. The claims volunteer should have contacted you via email first, or should have given the board to your volunteer instead. Since the claims volunteer seemingly did neither of these, here is the new login information for /christian/. Also, please take care to login at least once per two weeks, and double check that your email address is linked to your BO account.



If any of you have any questions or comments about the things discussed above, this is the thread to post them in. I will do my best to reply to all posts directed at me.

Glory to God for all things. I pray that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

With Love in Christ Jesus,

the unworthy board owner Ezekiel

57f881 No.369762


Good to have you back, mate!

294047 No.369764

File: adcd13c3d38bea4⋯.jpg (23.28 KB, 425x516, 425:516, Pleased.jpg)

Great to have you back lad!

d11c50 No.369776

File: 6a3a25b0f92c010⋯.jpg (43.92 KB, 300x434, 150:217, 07606_big.jpg)

had me worried for a sec lad

0c7e67 No.369779


Welcome back Home. This is where you should also belong.

b83a45 No.369784

File: 8c97c33b60e3564⋯.jpeg (43.45 KB, 566x635, 566:635, 82a131fb7b470e4b98c062117….jpeg)

At last. I can shitpost again.

af4778 No.369790


No, you can't. While there is a bit of a grace period and it's clear you are doing this in jest, it will still get you banned. So please refrain from doing it (falseflagging).

b9a16e No.369794


Shitposting while falseflagging as Andersonites is a vital part of /christian/ board culture

2595a9 No.369807

File: 98b61e08c8ff2d1⋯.png (89.39 KB, 710x726, 355:363, mods are only proving my p….png)

Get rid of Pequod, and Tutor.

I think they're goons considering how they were both there to administer permanent bans over what the board Owner Goon wanted. It seems like they both conspired against you.

Not only that, but I know one of the moderators, and he said that the chaos they caused was all planned, and the moderation team was laughing about it.

He also tells me that Pequod never shows up in Discord and does whatever he feels like, including banning people over criticizing the moderation, and the Catholic church, like pic related.

By the way, God bless you man.

f2d4f1 No.369827

File: ae5cdb0998368a7⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 2274x1705, 2274:1705, greco400-1-c9001301920891a….jpg)


let the horse die, man. Get lets get this board back to God!


Glad to hear you are back, hope you don't feel forced or obligated in any way. God bless.

d4c153 No.369842

File: cdd3b89931fcb21⋯.webm (429.01 KB, 640x360, 16:9, the memes.webm)


You evidently are of your father the Devil

1b8248 No.369845

>January 8th

>Christ is born

>being a Julian calendar heretic

7802f0 No.369858

So who was the last cunt who banned me?

913e77 No.369880


Option; Contain that in the bantz thread if they are licit. It probably not the way to do it.

52d84a No.369918


At last brother, at last.

2a27cf No.369919

File: 09d69d6332f1a23⋯.jpg (20.89 KB, 696x545, 696:545, 4mbnn5v.jpg)

> The claims volunteer should have contacted you via email first, or should have given the board to your volunteer instead

What did he mean by this? :^)

Deo gratias on the issue being resolved much easier than back when it happened to me

d11c50 No.369943


gg no re

0d6145 No.369958

6c2616 No.369997

File: 84788d4162437af⋯.jpg (35.07 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 84788d4162437aff0825a57535….jpg)


The volunteers were collaborateurs. Those that actively helped destroying this board need to be removed. Especially the worst offenders like pequod. Sorry, you cannot be an insufferable cunt and expect the community to still respect you. We need a stronger grip on moderation, at all times a moderation discussion thread where everyone can post all complaints without fear of ban, a public board log, knowledge who is moderator and why in order to hold them accountable.


You were one of the vols while all of this happened and never helped us once. You should be more careful and humble and be thankful you are not removed yet. You are providing a service to this community and do not own it, you do not seem to understand this but you should.


>let the horse die, man.

Why do you think keeping a (partly) subverted moderation team is a good idea? No, we need to learn something for once and take moderation on a short leash while we have a sensible board owner like Ezekiel. As we have seen once we get a tyrant it is too late, so lets prepare for that now that we can.

For anyone who cares for this board this must be serious. This time we were lucky again, next time we may be not.

2a27cf No.370012


>knowledge who is moderator and why in order to hold them accountable

Last time I checked, neither 8ch-guidelines nor Christianity was in favour of a revolutionary court. This is an inacceptable position as a Christian and you should consider changing your mind. The devil wants heads to roll.

Read Büchner - Death of Danton

6c2616 No.370021


I was refering to usernames or trips, something that you can see in a board log (this guy deleted that and so on) and in no way to real life info or something like that, this is an anonymous imageboard after all.

Accountability and responsibility are in fact something that's very christian, absolute power is not. If you take a look at Catholic political movements in the 19th or early 20th century they opposed liberal (european liberal, resembling American libertarians), socialist but also conservative authoritarian kinds of government, most notably in Prussia. They promoted a subsidarian system instead where everyone has the freedom but also the responsibility to manage his own affairs and honour the community. Tyrants are to be removed and if justified and no other possibility is there it may also be right to murder them in accordance with Church teaching. This does not relate to the French revolution though of course since the French monarch was neither a tyrant nor did he or other countless nobles, priests and counter revolutionaries need to be murdered even if he were one.

>Read Büchner - Death of Danton

I bookmarked it.

>Deo gratias on the issue being resolved much easier than back when it happened to me

if you are Peter you were neither a great board owner

if you were a certain former catholic vol under a certain former board owner ;^)

2a27cf No.370274


>if you were a certain former catholic vol under a certain former board owner ;^)

Yes, bans for incessant shitposting aren’t murder.

Katechon, not tyrant.

df8761 No.370414

File: c133a88db22ca14⋯.jpg (141.93 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 1483405979070.jpg)


I hope you aren't the mod who deleted that comfy animu thread

42fd93 No.370425

File: 614fe0ed3afc3c7⋯.png (502.69 KB, 483x558, 161:186, riiiiight.png)


>not knowing who Ezekiel is

>being this new

d13658 No.370431

Glad to see things are back to normal. I was ready to be an exile if necessary, but finally the subversion is over.

e7ddb6 No.370448


> but finally the subversion is over.

No it's not. Everyone, literally everyone who was responsible for this whack show is still in leading positions on the mod team. They just have to wait for another chance and they will use it.

d13658 No.370490

File: ac2a4d52b448453⋯.jpg (64.77 KB, 667x667, 1:1, 4b89a3a9d.jpg)


No use in crying over the past harms. Even on the internet.

c5b308 No.370692

File: 8c270706c96998c⋯.gif (1.53 MB, 235x240, 47:48, 11a4c205b4d2206235f78981f6….gif)


God bless you m8

55a04f No.371184

I would like trips back, I want to have meaningful relations with my brothers and sisters

3e2dff No.371541

Good to see, I took a break from /christian/ because it bothered me

316f0d No.371592

Glad you're back!

26b31b No.371608

File: 0de51ec8b61603e⋯.jpg (29.93 KB, 500x273, 500:273, scorsese-Jesus.jpg)

tfw you're here so rarely anymore you have NO CLUE what disaster / attempted-coup people are talking about.


>let the horse die, man

What does that even mean?!

>Get lets get this board back to God!

Is that meant to be in English?

f2d4f1 No.371681

File: 243c7f69a4695f2⋯.jpg (18.25 KB, 236x344, 59:86, 92d2992aed0328eb43431dbbc3….jpg)


>let the horse die, man

>What does that even mean?!

I thought it was a common phrase. It's the shortened version of "let a lame horse die." Injured horse can't run no more, often in a lot of pain, its kinder to let it die.

>Get lets get this board back to God!

>Is that meant to be in English?

It's a typo

>Let's get this board back to God!

I felt like that was a fairly standard crappy post. Maybe chan culture isn't for you.

c5b308 No.371812


Why is Christ-Chan without leg-coverings? Vulgar.


Make a new board with Ezekiel as the board owner?

376b8b No.372125


This attitude is the worst part about this board.

Stop being so judgmental!

You really think that we'll become better by avoiding talking about our sins; rather than jester them?

c5b308 No.372133



This a bad thing?

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