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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


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Christ is Risen! Χριστὸς ἀνέστη! Христóсъ воскрéсе! Christus resurrexit! Hristos a înviat! !المسيح قام

File: 61c87387e89f4a8⋯.jpg (94.92 KB, 760x638, 380:319, demon rasslin.jpg)

72146a No.399375

Post pictures of demons getting BTFO'd.

700055 No.399378

File: ce46df8402635f7⋯.jpg (121.16 KB, 600x913, 600:913, michael stabs wyvern-satan.jpg)

Demons suck.

0b7e8e No.399390

File: 23e58981bac71e5⋯.jpg (90 KB, 520x700, 26:35, c65bc1e421b1702f4e358ec856….jpg)

5a4628 No.399391

File: de1efd07633ea39⋯.jpg (222.04 KB, 400x588, 100:147, St.Marina_the_Martyr_hamme….jpg)

fbe5d8 No.399397

File: 3421432c1f7853c⋯.jpg (156.19 KB, 1115x1200, 223:240, s1359010.jpg)

great thread idea bro

e050cb No.399402

post rare michaels

post rare georges

9e1e85 No.399449

File: 7031d284545230b⋯.jpg (3.89 MB, 2825x4259, 2825:4259, stmichaelbtfoingsatanandhi….jpg)

File: 8d35cc9b092c0c1⋯.jpg (76.2 KB, 800x526, 400:263, tobias-and-sarah-angel-raf….jpg)


Classic angelic duo

b835d9 No.399458

File: 18807d387a3f9cf⋯.jpg (205.21 KB, 960x800, 6:5, Sain nicholas and Arius.jpg)

File: a0601bd2e7fc0f8⋯.jpg (45.83 KB, 500x749, 500:749, st ignatius of loyola vs l….jpg)

723c5e No.399471

File: af48fd8af2f81db⋯.png (190.67 KB, 778x355, 778:355, erer.png)

>Post pictures of demons getting BTFO'd.

e43480 No.399475

File: b14758a6d093fc0⋯.jpg (139.12 KB, 520x792, 65:99, pollaiuolo-antonio-del-st-….jpg)


>st. ignatius of loyola vs luther.jpg

We can't even have a fun anti-demon without interdenominational bickering getting in the way? Get a life.

2817b8 No.399476


*anti-demon thread

31ee63 No.399489

>the original smug faces were saints smiting demons

that makes me feel good, all these pictures have very smug faces

6a7485 No.399493

File: ee567946c85ca41⋯.jpg (2.76 MB, 1602x2346, 267:391, IMG_8780.jpg)

File: 87725adf829991e⋯.jpg (170.67 KB, 510x684, 85:114, IMG_8781.jpg)

File: a02dd31859d426c⋯.jpg (293.88 KB, 760x1140, 2:3, IMG_8782.jpg)

File: c5bd918230750b1⋯.jpg (3.68 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_7635.jpg)

File: 4ce0d408d0116c8⋯.jpg (255.37 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_7636.jpg)

These last two pictures I made myself.


>getting upset about a picture somebody posted on the internet

>telling somebody to get a life


95d193 No.399498

File: ad2770dd97605b2⋯.jpg (31.88 KB, 320x211, 320:211, demons gtfo.jpg)


Seemed like he was trying to stir shit up, but you're right I shouldn't take the bait.

2914e4 No.399503

File: c669d04b4841417⋯.jpg (3.07 MB, 2586x2391, 862:797, 2318323039_7cb075e537_o3.jpg)

File: 2ec5631026470ec⋯.jpg (120.38 KB, 620x960, 31:48, 16904637_10210108819171489….jpg)

File: 4058eacda17ea57⋯.jpg (650.5 KB, 1326x1981, 1326:1981, Félix_Joseph_Barrias_-_The….jpg)

File: 377a40723e87f85⋯.jpg (154.32 KB, 731x1000, 731:1000, temptation-of-christ-1872.jpg)

ec5151 No.399513

File: ad9b81e41116078⋯.jpg (313.37 KB, 1576x2358, 788:1179, Guido_Reni_031.jpg)

File: f7cae5d239ec8f6⋯.jpg (125.88 KB, 1000x1359, 1000:1359, Luca_Giordano_-_St_Michael….jpg)

File: 61da3f54c8027eb⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 1200x1652, 300:413, St_Michael_Archangel_Anton….jpg)

File: 2b3b12eb7963f96⋯.jpg (3.87 MB, 2825x4259, 2825:4259, GIORDANO,_Luca_fallen_ange….jpg)

76e41d No.399604

File: 4e5a99c01d2a529⋯.jpg (93.21 KB, 960x588, 80:49, 9481f62832de52c1f0320babef….jpg)

File: 425d67d353fe98f⋯.png (1.01 MB, 893x879, 893:879, CrossofChrist.png)

This thread's pretty hype!

3dc932 No.399613

File: 02b07cd6a9669d9⋯.jpg (70.44 KB, 600x484, 150:121, stp.jpg)

5b9f60 No.399632

File: b9d67a450c1b7ce⋯.gif (7.5 MB, 720x406, 360:203, gib_it_to_them.gif)

329d50 No.399635


Thanks for new wallpapers

8dcb7f No.399650

File: 06bea637108317d⋯.jpeg (1.41 MB, 2536x3258, 1268:1629, image.jpeg)


Rare George do not steal.

7410a3 No.399708


Can I please save it?

c2750e No.400589

File: 9a334e7948ca8d7⋯.jpg (36.58 KB, 612x502, 306:251, 1489867667664.jpg)

b73111 No.400607

File: 30ae65a287c463b⋯.gif (5.95 MB, 634x815, 634:815, One of a kind.gif)

50bb68 No.401844

File: dc96152d024a536⋯.jpg (38.46 KB, 457x400, 457:400, 1464193641203.jpg)


3e0405 No.407363

File: 27ff6309c3fbc8d⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 4440x2960, 3:2, exorcism.jpg)

4926eb No.407396

File: 1141d8f4a1c161f⋯.png (94.22 KB, 577x800, 577:800, 1483675619796.png)

all Moloch shills go home any time

08293b No.410290

File: 74329d887802fad⋯.jpg (263.93 KB, 805x1080, 161:216, 4e3a50fbfb.jpg)

550b96 No.410360

6c63e3 No.410391

File: 30738c485e70719⋯.jpg (88.79 KB, 768x506, 384:253, Brooklyn_Museum_-_Get_Thee….jpg)









fd27a5 No.415215

File: fbd7ffac77aee13⋯.jpg (34.07 KB, 199x468, 199:468, my apostolic visage when.jpg)

ec8b06 No.415218

File: 7ea35705e2a6f86⋯.jpg (21.01 KB, 313x233, 313:233, heretic.jpg)

fd27a5 No.415230

File: 959fa9e8742d43d⋯.jpg (461.38 KB, 1278x1586, 639:793, 1492846063651.jpg)


Happy St. George's day!

commemorating with an ultra-rare!

d00be0 No.415273

File: 44b42259bd711cf⋯.jpg (147.78 KB, 860x668, 215:167, 415573899d7e1c67f6ec06b394….jpg)

Demon LARPer getting btfo'd

c234d9 No.415296

File: e4053a982afedfb⋯.jpg (49.36 KB, 349x512, 349:512, st george and diocletian.jpg)

Just a daily reminder, that Humans are superior creation, inferior only to God. Everything else, including Angels and Demons are inferior to mankind.

Demons are not as dangerous as Man, lead astray.

>icon related

St.George, defeating a dragon, that is "controlled" by Emperor Diocletian

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