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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 6551fde33670992⋯.jpg (97.84 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 7706d710a28e1903e239b3a2e6….jpg)

c038c2  No.405648

27 You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ 28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Matthew 5:27-28

19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 1 Corinthians 6:19

8 Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. Galatians 6:8

Post your Purity successes/woes/prayer requests/ etc.

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bd141a  No.708562



Because it's the same old Sola Fide / Filioque / only my club counts as faith / praytosaints sack of discord that never seems to stop popping up in this board.

5c8b90  No.708624

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Another little reminder that mortification of the taste via water fasting (only water intake) for days is a working cure.

Don’t ignore this to then whine about failing again. Do not ignore this.

097cdd  No.708634


Being saved also works.

But the gate IS narrow, so I understand there are few that are saved.

5c8b90  No.708651


You should continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling. Be sober, be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking some one to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same experience of suffering is required of your brotherhood throughout the world.

0adf5d  No.708705


>Being saved.

That sounds a bit prideful. God has given you the strength to overcome masturbation. That does not make you saved though. You should stay onyour guard and be productive, use the energy to do good.

Sitting around thinking you're already saved won't get you anything but pride that will get you again into sin.

0b36be  No.708714


>Heh, ya I'm saved by faith alone….Mr. Anderson said that's how it works. I don't have to do ANYTHING, But Believe On Jesus and His Saving Works

>1 day later


oh guess no baptists are actually saved since they all perpetually fall into sin.

ef5b5c  No.708715


Still sounds like hogwash sold by snake-oil preachers. You'll have to give something more practical that passively question the validity of another's faith.


I'm sure it is.

b5508e  No.708895

File: 9d56fc97181896a⋯.png (279.86 KB, 477x724, 477:724, 9d56fc97181896a580572d43ba….png)


Will try this when I'm at better health, though my stomach acid can cause problems this way.


>Not realizing that the devil is smarter than this

>Not realizing he's constantly playing 3D chess

>Not realizing that the pride of "being saved" is the thing killing you while you're not falling for lust

1ac8a9  No.709010


>have a meal once a day until your weight is back to normal

I mean this in all seriousness: How do you fasters survive when one meal a day is considered an indulgence to get your weight up? What kind of meals are you eating?

I'm cramming down as much calorie-dense food as I can stand and it's still difficult to avoid losing weight

46068f  No.709825

After committing to abstain from eroticism (pornography, masturbation, orgasm and any other engagement with sex/eroticism altogether), I have felt moved to examine my life more closely than I have in a while. It seems to me that I have numerous other vices - a "vice" being something that gives carnal or effortless pleasure, but serves as a distraction from my real life. For example, I can spend several hours mindlessly and aimlessly browsing the internet, searching for anything remotely interesting to skim over (instead of properly reading, often). I also distract myself by thinking of junk food and soda. It is as if I don't have any higher pleasure or purpose in life, and this is alarming.

I have decided to abstain from caffeine, because my doctor advised this can worsen the affects of an anxiety disorder (with which I am afflicted). This means no more of my favorite brand of soda. I am now considering to forbid junk food - chocolate, cheeseburgers, so on. Beyond that I might also forbid stimulating activities, such as listening to certain music or mindless internet browsing, which distract me from my "true path", for lack of a better term (music leads me to engage in fantasy and daydreaming, and mindless surfing is obviously an ultimately unfulfilling and head-ache inducing equivalent of the test rat who keeps hitting the button to receive pleasure).

Obviously, I do not want to become obsessive and be tyrannized to an irrational degree by any life-framework I erect, but my current situation is not working. Beyond forbidding certain things, I could also cultivate positive habits - reading, meditation, exercise, the usual litany. What advice would you all give?

669bfb  No.709840


Do you seriously believe you’ll ever stop sinning?

Jesus paid it all, past, present, and future.

The Holy Ghost will help you fight sin.

669bfb  No.709844


How is the belief that I’m inherently sinful and can never be righteous prideful?

How is it prideful to believe that God did ALL the work of salvation, not myself, lest I should boast?

How is it prideful to believe that any righteous thing that comes to pass through me is not done by ME but by Jesus who works through me, and I’m still a sinful human?

0e3c5b  No.709911


He's saying claiming to be saved when nobody can actually know this is prideful. Making gains tempation through Christ doesn't guarantee your salvation either.

1ac8a9  No.709988



We'll always be sinful, but the original poster confidently claiming they're saved and suggesting that there's no need for continued spiritual discipline is a dangerous game.

Faith isn't a one-and-done, it's like a marriage where you're constantly having to put in work to better yourself, left you fall into stagnation and comfort and invariably drift from the light.

"Pray as if everything depends on God, but work as if everything depends on you"

097cdd  No.710054


1John 5:13

These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.

097cdd  No.710056


Of I course I need spiritual discipline even though I'm saved. Would you like to know why?

Because God commanded it of me and I love him.

ef5b5c  No.710142

File: 75c2ef35aa7e8ab⋯.jpg (263.51 KB, 976x642, 488:321, 3b3e6d3fc7b3067f5a30afd139….jpg)

>a world without porn

1ac8a9  No.710152

File: 77cfbbae6d459e3⋯.jpg (195.37 KB, 700x700, 1:1, wholesome image.jpg)

>tfw approaching 2 weeks and still haven't had any serious urges

Feeling cautiously optimistic

Pathetic that this is a big streak for me but usually I'm caveman-mode by 4 or 5 days in

Keep praying for my resolve, friends; I'll do the same for ye

ef5b5c  No.710156


Good work anon. Keep at it.

af0210  No.710374

I have gone though and deleted all my porn

Removed all my bookmarks

Sought out a real woman

Been on a 6 day no fap streak, but I broke it tonight and it feels horrible.

I have already prayed on it and I really don't want to do it again.

fefe3b  No.710469

Surrender yourself to Jesus, and He will give you the strength to overcome this.

05084c  No.710491


God bless.

I used to count, now I don't anymore. Don't fear taking your time as long as your eyes are on the prize.

669bfb  No.710496

84e8fd  No.710504


low self esteem.

when you are feeling low for whatever reason, you will be more tempted towards bad habits.

fapping, staying in bed, not going out, avoiding people, eating badly - the wrong foods, too little or too much, stopping exercise and so on.

the key is to made strong habits, and whenever the low point comes and your brain tells you "don't bother exercising", then say "I WILL exercise" and do it right then.

fight against it.

importantly, if you slip up, or something goes wrong, or you feel like you want to beat yourself up over something, then don't.

don't make a big deal out of the situation, don't punish yourself or let yourself say that you are worthless or lesser.

think about your good points and turn it around. be constructive and positive.

84e8fd  No.710506


don't make a big deal out of it, that will make you feel worse and lead you to bad habits.

instead, say to yourself "nice, I did 6 days and I felt better. next time I will do it for longer."

really, the total amount of time that you stay away from it is important.

if it is 6 days it is already good.

first couple of weeks are the hardest. so keep very busy, stay around other people, leave your door/curtains open, spend more time out of the house.

if you feel the urge, immediately start to exercise, do pushups until you are tired.

then go for a walk.

it is aversion, so you replace the bad habit with a good one.

af0210  No.710631



Thank you Brothers for your blessings and good advice. I will try to look at that way from now on and be more active outside of work. My coworker mentioned joining a gym with him so maybe I'll give that a go.

375620  No.711317


None of what you listed seem inherently bad. It's how you use them which makes them holy, sinful, or distracting.

Most people waste the majority of their time. Building constructive habits and hobbies is fun, and you will feel you are getting a lot more out of life.

Music in particular can be very distracting, even if it's not sinful. I started listening to Christian music and it's worked wonders in terms of my constant focus on my faith and living it out. I still listen to other stuff, just not as much, and I just appreciate it for what it is: Beautiful art. Try not to take it too seriously, and you should be in the clear.

Exercise is crucial. If you aren't exercising you are missing a vital part of who you should be as a Christian man.

19db30  No.712949

Been doing nofap for a while but having homosexual dreams , please pray that I find peace and confidence in my own sexuality. This has been cause for much depression for almost a year now . In waken life I am attracted to girls but near enough weekly there is a homosexual dream (I wake up before emission). I say I lay my sexuality at the cross but then I congratulate myself on heterosexual lustful thoughts because I'm so paranoid (I certainly have homosexual OCD). Im rather confused about what's going on and what to do , even tempted to start masturbating again. My hope is that in new creation I will have a new body with good desires rather than bad. Amen

0adf5d  No.712955



not at all.First weeks are the most harsh. After you break free, it's much easier. keep up the good work brother.




>deleted porn

>real women

>almost a week streak

Good work you do well by going straight to point by seeking real women. The failure will make you stronger. Confess, pray and take charge against the devil. You may be pulled to ground many times but with Christ on your side you will always get up stronger even more resolved.The devil shakes when he realizes this.


Gym is great.


This is just satan trying to get you down to swamp again. I am attracted to girls….9months+ on no fap. I feel thirst after women as never in my life.

However. In the first months of no fap I did have weird dreams also…faggotry, even some trans stuff….It was the worst phase of getting rid of porn. Your brain is like a hard drive anon. Even though you deleted some files, they may be found on there unless you do the formating. I NEVER watched fag porn or trans degeneracy. never. It always disgusted me. But you come across that on imageboards etc. You get a glimpse of just one picture, your brain stores it somewhere. For weeks I used to have (days 30-60 approximately) completely degenerate dreams. It almost broke me by thinking I cannot make it without porn, almost made me question my sexual orientation. I prayed to God to overcome this. One day the dreams disappeared and they never came back. Devil knew he could not beat me because I sought Christ's help. So he gave up. I do have wet dreams now but only beautiful girls are in them.

My point is: You're no fag. Sodomy is not something you're born with in the first place. Devil is just getting more and more desperate. The good news is you're winning the fight. The bad news is you have to push through this no matter how long it lasts. But it is worth it. In my case it was the very last charge of satan. Now he tempts me by "just go to /s/ or /gif/ to see some beauty anon" But I seem to be past the urges to masturbate.

In hoc signo vinces.

0adf5d  No.712959

My issue:

I do not have a gf. My vice is to go to /s/ about once/twice a month to see some beautiful women, dressed.

The issue is that There is an admixture of naked women out there in other threads, Eventually I give in, sometimes end up on /gif/, just watching….first non pornographic threads (fun videos, etc…) then give in again and again, find myself watching blowjobs and worse…

I never masturbate, just watch then feel all guilty. I feel terrible when I go confess but then after several weeks I get tricked again and again. I would not evn call it this way…I know where it ends up before I go to /s/ on halfchan.

I know a woman will not solve this. The issue is not that I lack a gf but that I am a weakling. I need to purge this before I have a woman….but you get where I am coming from. I feel lonely and that makes my thirst very bad… I should find the strength to confess this, not write it here instead of confessing "father, I sinned by watching pornographic material online"

Any advice would be appreciated. God bless.

e92fd6  No.712978

File: 03ea1b94c06337e⋯.jpg (95.32 KB, 660x495, 4:3, 03ea1b94c06337e93a15129362….jpg)

>>712959 assuming you're a male

The problem is that you're exposed to it and you have a way of coming back to it. Stop watching dressed up women, it only makes you want more. Stop thinking of women sexually and instead think of them as another anon. Stop thinking of a gf/wife as a possible cum bucket and instead think of them as your copilot, someone who is there when you need them.

I had a similar issue in the beginning of this year was much worse, where I would go a couple of days without looking at porn or masturbating, then I would head over to a place like /s/ or /kpop/ and look at all those beautiful creatures, then think of all the pleasure derived from having sexy time with them, then masturbate. I would then masturbate for that day, and the next and maybe even have a marathon, then realize I've relapsed and go back to going a couple of days fap-free only to relapse again.

Midyear I started making changes in the way that I look at deriving pleasure from sex. I started to think of it as a biological need to procreate, to bring children and finally settle down. When you're starting to settled down, you're no longer competing for the best mate, and therefore start to plateau and even decline. You're still a man and all, but no longer striving for the best since you already told your body that you achieved the best by having children. IMO that's what happens, people say it's the power of the body, manhood, chakra (lol), but in my definition, it's because your body is giving you all of these resources to find the best of the best and once you start fapping you're telling your body "Hey! It's over. I'm done. I've reached my peak."

Take pride in the loneliness. Think of it not as a sin or something bad or with hatred, but that it is not yet your time to have a partner in life. If you don't have friends then go out and seek like-minded people. However, don't just focus on making friends or chasing girls, because that's where the fault comes.

If you spend your time making too many friends, chasing too many girls, and seeking too much pleasure (vidya, anime, masturbation, etc.), you will quickly find yourself without focus and with a short attention span after chasing all these short term goals that short-wire your brain.

If you have a goal set then good, but you need to have intermediate and long term goals in mind, of whose tasks will fill your short and intermediate term goals. Goals give you a set endpoint, a final destination, and masturbation/porn is the beautiful pond or tree at the side of the road. Idling too much will lead you to falling behind and becoming crippled after sitting and doing nothing for so long and/or too often.

You need to keep on moving forward, you will have many distractions, many devils so to speak, that will try to steer you from your path because they want you to fail, everyone is competing for the same thing you want and they *especially* want you to fail. Part of what will lead to that you failing is sitting there, so stop sitting there admiring the pond when you could be making shoes or even a bicycle that could speed up your journey.

e92fd6  No.712979


btw forgot to add that you're desensitizing what sex and women are. You're picturing women sexually, which really messed with your head. And watching porn tarnishes real sexual interactions. Becoming numb when it comes to sex from porn tarnishes the real deal and is sometimes a downward spiral, usually ending up in the darker side like blacked and snuff stuff

e92fd6  No.712980

File: ed8246af1ba1da5⋯.jpg (212.55 KB, 746x512, 373:256, 45334567.jpg)


Starting to realize that I wrote that for like an hour trying to put all my thoughts together only to review it and find better ways to word it. Sorry if I really didn't answer your question directly, somewhat difficult without any further information/context.

8221ef  No.713061

I'm a sinner and guilty of this sin and many others for more times than I can count. However, there are a couple of things I've learned that help over my various attempts (currently somewhere around 35 days):

1. First and foremost, pray, confess your inability to deal with this sin by yourself and humbly ask for God's strength to become a good and faithful servant.

2. Realise that sexual release is not a NEED. You can and are expected by God to control yourself. He does not allow you to be tempted more than you can handle, but always provides a way out.

3. Whenever you feel an urge, pray. I use the Jesus Prayer. You can pray mentally, by moving your lips, by whispering or by full on verbalising the prayer. Never is it a bad time to pray.

4. If you have identified things that make you sin, cut them out of your life completely. No exceptions. If your hands causes you to sin, chop it off, if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. Not (necessarily) literally, but you get the message.

5. Do not make excuses for sin, do not convince yourself "a little bit" is OK. You will be tempted and lose to it bit by bit. You will accept to take one small step towards sinning, then another, and another, and then you will be too weak to stop yourself from going all the way. Be mindful of when a temptation begins and kill it in its beginning with prayer. Do not allow it to develop and gain power over you.

6. Wear a cross and/or put a Bible or another religious object wherever you're likely to sin. I now have a cross necklace I wear all the time, a bible and other religious books near my computer and even an icon facing my computer screen. They remind me of my obligations and that God sees all.

7. Read religious literature. I can recommend The Way of a Pilgrim to everybody, it is a pearl.

8. When you fail, do not think you are not to pray. Instead, pray fervently and repent. God is merciful. A righteous man falls but gets up every time. Identify exactly what made you fail and fix it so it won't happen again.

9. Change your perception of the temptation. God is allowing you to be tempted so you are humbled and realise you need Him to overcome sin. God uses temptations to teach us, humble us and make us grow. Use the opportunity well.

I hope someone will have found this useful. I will pray for everyone here, and please, pray for me too.

5dbfd0  No.713192

My longest streak was an entire month during my Freshman year of high school but I relapsed after suffering from depression. I started getting interested in theology and picked up some of Augustine and Lewis' works recently. I strongly recommend reading Augustine's Book II & III from Confessions. He really gets to the meat of how destructive lust is, both to oneself and others. When the urges come back, I'll make public arrangements such as going to library or hanging out with friends, limit my internet access, exercise, but most of all pray. Just remember you're not alone anons.

0e7afc  No.713201

Random question:

Perhaps it can be prudent to work on other virtues you might be lacking even as you work to overcome masturbating? Envy can be just as destroying as lust, for example.

I don't masturbate anymore so I don't know how useful this can be

0adf5d  No.713250




Thanks for the answer. You've managed to hit some good points. I should stop watching the photos. I already dedicate plenty time to socializing, even more than I should. I should dedicate more time to self improvement and to God.

I do not think of women as of a c*m bucket. I seek a wife but perhaps a bit too desperately. I should take more time to myself because there's plenty of work to be done on myself….like stop watching dressedd women which easily ends up in watching porn…for instance.

again thank you for the reply it helped me sort out my thoughts on what I should do. I know the loneliness is God's way of telling me to work my way towards the woman but it is always hammered down by me feeling lonely. I need to socialize optimally..not too much, take time to work out, study and build a stronger character instead of fishing for female attention at the cost of me losing more time than necessary.

ef5b5c  No.713282

File: 3a559c2f82b5e7f⋯.jpg (63.19 KB, 600x883, 600:883, CcTRM7cWEAADrpd.jpg)

The war goes on, boyos. Always.

1439c0  No.713522

Day 16 NoFap

Proverbs 25:28

He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.

1 Corinthians 10:13

There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.

1439c0  No.713539


James 1:13-14

13 Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:

14 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.

1439c0  No.713571

File: 66af4a522438a8b⋯.png (330.69 KB, 1010x783, 1010:783, Stages of Temptation.png)

659794  No.713829

File: 04a33deff58849a⋯.jpg (76.9 KB, 750x972, 125:162, bob.jpg)

day the 270th

getting some weak ESP.

i have a couple of nofap disciples,i taught them nofap.

getting angry at thots and roasites tho they dont affect me anymore

659794  No.713831


>beatiful women

Read a medical science book and see what human bodies truly look like,behind the thin layer of skin.

meditate on bones and organs and you'll no longer do this if you do that

f2faec  No.713840

File: 894a281b1997e9c⋯.png (406.68 KB, 796x1060, 199:265, 1539437649629.png)

>be me

>manage to drop the fap jew habit

>realize that if im ever gonna get a gf shes gonna ask if i have ever done this sin

>if i tell the truth she will leave me

>lying would be a sin

>im never gonna get married and be a father

Ah, i ruined my life years ago, when i first tried this sin. Well its good for my soul to be less sinful than i have been in years but this realization still fills me with sadness

ef5b5c  No.713841






This anon's a fighter.

f2faec  No.713845



What did you mean by this? I unironically cant tell

2b2201  No.713858


That's silly. We're all sinners, tell her the truth, and that you repented it. If she cannot accept it, then how can she accept anyone?

ef5b5c  No.713925


If it's not larp that's even worse. Are you serious?

4c73c2  No.713942


Only 5% of brides are virgins on their wedding day so chances are shes done more than you.

e9a79c  No.713969

File: a14a432605c6e71⋯.png (1.09 MB, 948x1302, 158:217, a14a432605c6e719c0eabb6f5d….png)


Well yea its a serious concern. Or was. You guys made me feel little better, thanks for that.

It feels like there are two kinds of girls i have met: either turbo-thots or shy quiet girls who pretend they dont even know about sex. But hmh, this sounds true too >>713942

5a7d34  No.713978


no woman especially a Christian would ask about your self touching habits

and if she did you'd be under no obligation to answer

063e6a  No.714137



If she can't accept that you have sin that you've repented of, she's a hypocrite and she's in for a surprise because we've all fallen short.

3a8a78  No.714734


2b2201  No.714765


In this day and age, why wouldn't a woman ask? Especially with the sins of the flesh being obvious, and masturbation being a mortal sin.

0adf5d  No.715037



She may ask. You may answer you do not feel comfortable talking about such matters with her..say it's something that belongs to a confession.

That's the way to settle it if you do not want to talk about ti.

You may also admit you had a problem and that you repented, that God helped you to get rid of it

A good woman will not condemn you I would say. She might be upset if she catches you in the act of masturbationg to porn, finds your porn folder that should be non existent. She shouldn't be angry about sins you repent because she's a sinner herself

924a04  No.715162

File: 5bba0fa7c813756⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 279x219, 93:73, asfdf.gif)


I don't know if this will help anyone but it sure is helping me.

Besides Christianity there are many religions (all false of course) that have this idea of abstinence and seemingly suppressed biological evidence for being chaste. The importance is not if the systems themselves are true but the fact that they all agree on one thing… sexual indulgence will make you more docile and much weaker in all aspects.

We're all supposed to think people throughout history have been just like us, and had sex all the time. I wager this is most likely false. I've spent plenty of time trying to find good studies (especially on the medieval period) but it's either contaminated by feminist professors who want to talk about how everyone was actually a lesbian or completely devoid of information.

One particular one for instance (in the article I linked) was the Spartans saying that you should not have sex during summer. Just think about that for a second, in modern culture the idea of abstaining is usually because the woman has cut back and doesn't want to, not because the man has willfully decided to retain his energy. To hear of a man doing this nowadays would be unthinkable but I have a feeling there is a strand through history where this was the norm for those of a strong stature.

We abstain (unless married) because God wants us to be pure, that much is certain. And we reciprocate that by trying to uphold it because we love God and want to serve him. But I think the most interesting part is that when he says something it is not arbitrary, and this puts us on the trail of proving it. We abstain also because it is the BEST thing for us. The healthiest measure in culturing strength in our bodies and souls.

Remember the world today tells you the exact opposite of this. It says it's unhealthy to abstain, it says you'll get cancer if you don't do it weekly! Searching for abstinence on the internet only brings up articles about "short term" abstinence from within a relationship, followed by the list of it's negatives.

The world tells you it's unthinkable that God could be right while they subtly turn your history into a constant overindulgence of sexual impropriety and leave your body crumbling into dust. Don't fall for it.

81f8e3  No.715192

>Go back to other boards like /tg/ and etc for a few weeks because I haven't masturbated in months

>Fail and mastubrate in a few weeks

Honestly, I'll just leave this here now, even if its not the actual meaning of the verse:

Matthew 6:22 The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light.

1439c0  No.715195

I have noticed a massive disinfo campaign targeted against YBOP and NoFap online. It's probably funded by porn studios and related sex companies.

Even in NoFap communities, they say things like "NoFap is alright but YBOP is wrong/misleading/only partly true", then it devolves to "well okay porn isn't that great, but masturbation is fine" then to "well you can masturbate as much as you want but watch porn only once a week".

Here is some research and links to keep you motivated, there are physiological implications of giving in. In fact the physiological mechanisms support the Christian argument, see passages and verses on lust, sexual immorality, marriage, self-control, etc.





Also check out E. Michael Jones' Libido Dominandi and F. Roger Devlin's Sexual Utopia in Power, both describe the political motivations for pornography and 'sexual liberation'.

46068f  No.715304

File: e7e27a1ae8316ef⋯.png (140.48 KB, 518x555, 14:15, e7e27a1ae8316efeabfc95e2a4….png)


>Besides Christianity there are many religions (all false of course)

Yeah, that's right. Out of all the myriad religions on this Earth, you happened to stumble across the right one. Well done.

2b2201  No.715312


Christianity has enough unique qualities (alongside a 2,000 year history and real grace) to qualify as the true religion though. Never bought that divine revelation would only be relegated to a few autistic pagans on /fringe/.

f9bf5e  No.715323


Imagine being this dense

41bda8  No.715344


>Yeah, that's right. Out of all the myriad answers to 1+1, you happened to stumble across the number 2. Well done.

19123e  No.715450

File: 07f4c7e84c0d231⋯.jpg (93.56 KB, 569x700, 569:700, 15371.jpg)

File: 75973311328b255⋯.png (23.69 KB, 1487x178, 1487:178, 28460.png)

1439c0  No.715732

File: f37cf7209098814⋯.jpeg (91.08 KB, 752x900, 188:225, f37cf7209098814f1b6034a41….jpeg)

Day 21, feelsgoodman

a15e2a  No.715742

File: 1fde8d3773365b8⋯.jpg (7.25 KB, 340x227, 340:227, depressed.jpg)

I keep failing lately guys.

Just feel so frustrated.

Please Lord have mercy.

Keep up the good fight anons.

And if possible, if i can even ask such thing pray for all of us.

1439c0  No.715752


You can set up a commitment contract with Beeminder or StickK. Maybe also install a web-filter extension to block porn.

This way you get punished financially for breaking your streak, the money going to charities you do or do not support. You can allocate how much per contract violation at your own discretion.

The best way to configure "stop doing thing" contracts is by making reframing it in positive and active terms, not subtractive and negative terms.

Mine is set to put down "1" on each day that I don't fap or look at porn. My own preference is to do it at the start of each day.

I suggest also meditating and looking at research that shows all the damage porn/internet addiction wreaks on the mind and body.

You can do it anon. The first 7 or so days are the hardest, it becomes increasingly easier over time. Results aren't usually immediate but they accumulate nicely.

04a55e  No.715753

Lads. I just put my pants on backwards to prevent me from fapping. I'm about 5 weeks out from being fap free for a whole year, can't ruin it now.

86403f  No.715837

Ok I'm going to give this a shot.

It is now 11:00pm on the west coast.

I have not jacked off nor watched adult video this day.

A fresh start today. I will report back tomorrow.

My max record was 8 days.

Hopefully I don't get banned for what I plan to do here with this thread for things like blogging.


ef5b5c  No.715854

File: b5b5090fbcaecbb⋯.png (205.99 KB, 1216x1644, 304:411, St Jude Prayer for NF.png)


Don't forget to throw in an occasional prayer in your day.

bb8ce5  No.716204


Ok I’m back. Almost 11:00pm on the west coast.

Did not watch adult video nor whack off.

Wanted to do so but the urge was not that great. Said a few prayers at the time.

Will report back tomorrow.


76a102  No.716612


Ok I’m back on day 3.

Did not beat off nor watch adult films.

Wanted to watch some but I did not want to report back that I failed this day. I don’t want to fail. But I always do. This time I have this image board and its followers watching me.

So this is something new.

I said a few prayers when I had the urge to watch adult video.

Almost 11:00pm out here on the west coast.

I will report back tomorrow.


a34fcc  No.716617

File: f0e5175b6695614⋯.jpeg (21.84 KB, 255x169, 255:169, A06F46E1-28A8-41C0-BF3F-C….jpeg)


It’s going to be hard but run from each temptation and rely on God and Jesus with all your heart,mind, and spirit for those hard to shake urges. Good on you

746794  No.716671

I had a good run of noporn, it's been like 3 months. However, I keep masturbating to my imagination. This is unacceptable. I started going to confession, wearing a cross, but when I get too horny I just take off my cross and jack it.

That's why I think I will make a change today. From now on, every time I relapse, I will intentionally miss a gym session. Going to the gym is very important to me, even more so than praying every day. I know it's wrong, but going to the gym isn't a sin at least, so I will use that discipline and motivation to prevent myself from jacking off. I know it's gonna be super hard, because relapsing makes me depressed, but missing a gym session at the same time will only make it worse.

I'm so tired of this sh*t lads, I barely have the energy to type this out right now, and yet I have to become even better and stronger every day. I hope it's true that nofap gives you energy because I'm gonna need it.

God bless you all.

0ec705  No.716874

File: 7a045f024e113f1⋯.jpg (50.62 KB, 656x972, 164:243, just.jpg)

I'm such a degenerate porn addict I cant even sleep and have horrible insomnia that ruins my day if I try to nofap. What did God mean by this?

79fa01  No.716876


But God didn't do anything?

7798dd  No.716877

File: ef9d897ed9a4e48⋯.jpg (308.49 KB, 600x640, 15:16, 7.jpg)


He means that once you finally manage to beat down this sinful addiction you will have been braver an worthier of praise than someone who doesn't have a high sex drive.

Start by cutting off porn, if you must fap use your imagination. You will suceed anon. I believe in you!

ef5b5c  No.716878


He meant you need exercise and a good diet.

990cc9  No.716884


Pray as soon as you are tempted until you feel renewed.

If you hold special reverence for religious objects, you can put many more bibles, crosses, icons or whatever else that reminds you of your dedication to Christ in the rooms you're most likely to sin.

6b09e4  No.717104


Ok day 4.

Did not rub one out.

Meeting turbulence.

Overriding urge to beat off but in the back of my mind I have this thread and its followers that I must not let down.

About 11:00pm out here on the west coast.

Will report back tomorrow.


2b2201  No.717106


A much better reminder to chastity would be the Rosary.

1439c0  No.717408

File: b339ed91efa1259⋯.jpeg (55.31 KB, 540x401, 540:401, b339ed91efa1259515f870a3b….jpeg)

Day 25, still going

0adf5d  No.717607


Great. Keep up the great work anon

8a10ee  No.717614

So I’m going through crazy urges so thought I’d come submit a prayer request here

ef5b5c  No.717638


I'll pray for you anon.

c586d7  No.717654


Day 5.

I’m back.

Did not beat off nor watch adult video.

Did not have temptations to browse adult sites nor beat off.

Said some prayers as thanks.

Weird day.

Almost 11:00pm on the west coast.

Will report back tomorrow.


71fc28  No.717837

Pray for me anons, I've failed nofap and I'll be starting off today.

Got a prayer rope yesterday, will be using it this time when temptation comes

God bless you all.

746794  No.717851


Thanks man. I found that I'm most vulnerable to temptation when I'm exhausted, and when I'm alone at home. I'll try to replace lustful thoughts with prayers from now on.

db89c7  No.717962

File: b023e050d3d7638⋯.png (853.01 KB, 508x762, 2:3, expanding it.png)

I have a problem that I think may fit into this thread

My "gf" (if I can even call her that) is a mentally ill, asexual 18 year old girl who lives 800 miles from me. She can be extremely fickle with her emotions and affection, and is oversensitive to the max about any criticism of the way she acts. For example, she has been complaining to me for over a week that I am too busy with school and do not have enough time to communicate with her. Ok, I am working on it. On the other hand, one hour ago I went out of my way to reassure some of her doubts about my love and attraction towards her, and received nothing in return, but a snapchat of her dog playing with her. When I brought up the fact that I'd like for my words to at least be acknowledged, she got angry with me and left the conversation to "cool off," saying I'm making her out to be a villain and am trying to start a fight with her.

This confuses me greatly as I did nothing other than what she had done previously, which was make a desire for the nature of our communication known.

When things like this happen I become very angry and my face gets red and I lose my calm, my peace, and my purity of mind. I start internally cursing at her, having violent thoughts and the sting of not being considered lasts for hours.

My question is, what should I do? Surely this is God testing me. At times like these I doubt if my love for this girl is real, if I should continue this relationship. Do I need to have these experiences to grow, is that what God wants for me? Or am I suffering needlessly at the hands of an emotionally unstable person who can never truly give me what I want (a family)?

What does /christian/ think?

P.S. when we first started talking she mentioned she was religious and loved Jesus and God, but now never mentions it and spurns me whenever I try to console her using the idea of God's Love or a call to prayer. I believe she lied to impress me, as she has admitted to doing in relation to other things.

69763e  No.718020


Ok I’m back.

Did not rub one out.

A bit over 11:00pm on the west coast.

Will report back tomorrow.


21cc0b  No.718079


>mentally ill


There is your problem.

You also act too beta but there's no way to be really "alpha" over the internet. I'm not saying it in an idiotic "redpill" way. They may be extreme but there's a lot of truth in what they're saying.

If that woman doesn't respect you, doesn't respect God, and asks a lot to give little in return I suggest you to DROP her

d18a57  No.718087


You should cease your relationship with that woman.

8221ef  No.718117


You can do it!

4c4201  No.718119


If a women does not respect God, how can she respect you?

dfe286  No.718125


This woman does not sound ready for a relationship, in fact I think a relationship is the last thing she needs. She sounds like she has codependency and has a very unhealthy relationship with men. IMO both of you should move on, she is not ready for a relationship

>When I brought up the fact that I'd like for my words to at least be acknowledged, she got angry with me and left the conversation to "cool off," saying I'm making her out to be a villain and am trying to start a fight with her.

In matters of love, women prefer "Show, don't tell", basically don't verbally express too much affection, you can show a lot of affection in actions but talk is very cheap. Don't be liberal with flattery, women get flattery and validation at every facet of their lives and they well know that talk is cheap, don't become another statistic in the excess of flattery that they receive.

>I start internally cursing at her

Pray for patience and realize this lady likely has no awareness of how she is acting, don't be angry at her, she likely has no idea what she is doing, but I don't think a relationship is what she needs, she is too damaged for that at least at this point. She needs healthy boundaries between her and men.

0adf5d  No.718303


Your anger shows your care. Good. There's a good potential to mobilize and throw it against satan. I went to a confession recently. I was really angry at myself because I saw a porn video (no fapping but I saw porn). The priest told me it's a good thing I am angered by evil but that I should not be too hard on myself. Tbh "anger" was just part of me being really really tired by the fact that I am on nofap 9+ months yet somehow manage to fall prey to porn once-twice per month. So I threw everything I got against it and it worked so far. All I got to do is not to visit /s/ and I could be safe…well at least from porn.

I suggest you do the same. At least that's what fueled my first months: Prayer, confession but also my anger at the sinful behavior, this righteous anger helped me fully mobilize and strengthen my will.

All i want to do with my sexuality is to find a wife, have kids and lead a life as well as I am able. I am so fed up with porn industry. I am fed up with me failing and destroying myself. I think being fed up with it all is much better than being defeatist. With God's help you will eventually smash the vice for good.

Pro tip: icons can be very helpful, especially if you have them in a place in the room where you regularly pray. The mere presence of icons shamed me everytime I relapsed because it reminded me that God sees everything. I fapped less because I was praying regularly. I can no longer imaagine not having icons tbh, they're an essential part of my room now

0adf5d  No.718305


I think main problem was I was no longer fed up with the state of things. When God helped me break masturbation I was very grateful but then I got a bit prideful perhaps. I thought I defeated the bigger evil and that it would be easier now. Satan uses the pride and you being content to drag you back. I kept telling myself "it's fine as long as you do not fap" knowing it;s BS. Then confessing, Rinse and repeat again. I am just done with it. I am going to smash it for good.

db89c7  No.718394





Welp, I did it christbros.

One swift message, and a block on everything to avoid the wrathful response.

I feel better, but still crappy I couldn't make it work. I know that it'll get better with time, along with my self and my relationship with our Lord.

Thank you for the sage advice ♥

730b4a  No.718461

Guys, I’m asking for help, prayers, or if you had similar problems. I managed to give up masterbation, and though I might have thoughts or feelings, I’ve been able to surpress them. I’ve avoided porn somewhat, but being the internet I occasionally stumble into it, and might gander at it until I come to my senses and stop. However, my problem I face the most is this new desire ever since I quite masterbating. I no longer feel like doing it because I want something more, I actually want to screw women. Desire for fornication is my problem now. I look at women on the streets, the bus, and the subway and I get lustful thoughts on them. It’s getting to the point where I’m actually considering to pay for sex. The worst part is there is someone I love, someone I want to be with the rest of my life, someone I only have pure thoughts for. I just don't feel like if I succumb to this I fail God, but also in a way I failed my love for her. Please, I need help, It feels like I’m at my breaking point here.

0adf5d  No.718519


Sometimes you an't make it work. Sometimes it's not your duty to make a thing that's broken work. Do not worry about it being your fault. Perhaps it just wasn't meant to be and you made the right decision to move on.


I do get the thoughts when I see gorgeous women out there. I had no honest desire for fornication so far though. My mind tells me I want to do it but the voice in the back of my head keeps me telling I wouldn't eventually do it.

Who knows though…a human is a weak creature.

I will try to pray for you Anon.

2b2201  No.718542


>Going to the gym is very important to me, even more so than praying every day.

Found your problem.

b5ab8a  No.718546


Ok I’m back.

A rough ride today. Was in and out on the computer and visited an adult tube site.

Things go smoothly, like the other day, when I make an effort to stay off the computer and smartphone and busy myself with books.

Because for the rest of the day today after visiting the adult site and having powered off the computer and put away the smartphone I felt free from the unwanted thoughts.

I will try this again tomorrow and report back.

About 11:00pm on the west coast.


871ca0  No.718584


5% in the general population but the percentage must be at least a bit higher among christian women (or one would hope that it is).

a16733  No.718589


You'll get better anon. You acted like a man.

Keep walking the right path!

eaa685  No.718594

I avoided pornography and masturbation for one week now…last time it was because of a FB post that I cracked under pressure. I am now tormented by very vivid dreams about wild sexual activities and people mocking me for not partaking in them. Even if tonight it had a "good ending" (I left the orgy I was dreaming of, and instead learnt to pretty much jump a few meters higher than the average person and the feeling of freedom and soft landing was so liberating), I am still afraid to fall.

How do you control your fire within?

730b4a  No.718617


Thank you, any prayers really does help me.

0adf5d  No.718637


>How do you control your fire within?

prayer, confession, being busy.

Also feeling a sense of disgust towards the whole act after all those months helps a lot. I want to keep the fire within and use it wisely - towards seeking a wife, the flame belongs to her and to God, not to my selfish hedonism that serves nothing, produces nothing, celebrates nothing but my own satisfaction. I want to keep the fire so it can be used in the right direction.

b5508e  No.718819

File: 9672c51a5ca739b⋯.jpg (83.22 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 1470669833942.jpg)

I haven't been able to go more than a week of NoFap since end june for some reason.

I used to do 2 weeks at the very minimum, and a month or more wasn't uncommon.

What the frick happened?

Please send help that is, pray for me pls

f0f491  No.718821


Anon if you can do it for a day you can do it forever

Challenges will come, they're just tests of how much you really want to stop. Remember the reasons why you want to quit, and take control of your body rather than letting it do what it wants. I will pray a rosary tonight for you.

I've had great success myself after getting the rewire companion app. I got to day 30 for the first time in years. The counter slowly increasing is a huge tool - I've been very tempted this week and gave in to porn a little bit, but I quit looking every time because I told myself that if I were to continue, I will lose.

c348bb  No.718825


>How do you control your fire within?

The suggestion to try to seek holiness while being tempted such as by praying and basically following >>697793

b5508e  No.718827


I really appreciate the prayers brother.

I downloaded the app, hope this works.

c348bb  No.718830


But mostly by not being on the internet, or any other 8/4chan board.

Those real life ads for some brand and scantily clad women are bad and all but I can just look away. The internet is constantly trying to improve their obsession on other hand. I did have trouble leaving because this is basically the website I've used for years but its fine now

5a7d34  No.718855

been doing holy hours every day, today is day 12

interesting i had some filthy dreams the last two nights, especially last night, but they didn't even touch my will, nothing like a serious or dangerous temptation

it's clear to me FWIW that humility is the root of purity and that God hasn't granted me purity (until now, maybe) because I haven't asked it of him in humility and complete knowledge of my total inability to do it on my own

fd8606  No.718860


>it's clear to me FWIW that humility is the root of purity and that God hasn't granted me purity (until now, maybe) because I haven't asked it of him in humility and complete knowledge of my total inability to do it on my own

I've experienced this as well. I've been failing and failing all those years until I let God take control.

I haven't counted the days (because once you renounce lust it's forever) but I think I'm approaching 3 weeks.

Still, temptation is still everywhere. Goodspeed anon and be careful

f0f491  No.718956

File: 2d92193643811f8⋯.jpg (75.48 KB, 618x741, 206:247, 1539316086585.jpg)


Prayers have been said Anon. One thing that came to me while praying was that God will give us the strength to do it, but he won't do it for us. This we have to exercise that strength, which may be quite difficult. But in God we can succeed.

God bless, hope you can kick this destructive habit.

13880c  No.718963

Purity seems like more fun and earthly pleasures worthwhile.

19ac3a  No.718978



I failed.

8 days is my max.

I’m going to rethink my strategy.

Bless the anons who kept watch with me.

I failed myself.

I failed you all.

I will continue to pray to Christ to forgive me my sins and grant me my petition of becoming free from the addictive vice of adult video.

11:01pm here on the west coast.


ef5b5c  No.718984


I failed too anon.

Gotta keep fighting.

Going to go clean for the entire next week.

0adf5d  No.719354

Carnal pleasures often kill the soul.

bfa1aa  No.719357

went to a wedding at the weekend, overindulged in both food and alcohol, I was a real glutton and then following days for the first time in months desired to view porn and I ended up masturbating,

tried to go to confession today but somebody took ages in there and the confession ended and the priest went to start mass

(he alocates 10 mins for confession before mass, today it was about 7)

alas I go into this weekend unable to recieve communion because of my masturbation and weakness, Lord knows when I will be able to go confession next because of work

f452ee  No.719379

File: 5207ae74c4176f2⋯.jpg (138.41 KB, 600x743, 600:743, GOD.jpg)

File: 30bdc23a4b4f68c⋯.png (567.54 KB, 1010x783, 1010:783, 6 stages of temptation.png)

Here's an advice for you anons :

Don't count the days.

I cannot tell you how much important this is. If you count th days, you're putting yourself under the reign of the temporal world. Contrary to what mathematicians will tell you, "infinity" in the quantitative sense is a meme. There will always be a moment where it will stop, if it's not at 8 it will be at 2340, whatever it WILL stop.

True infinity, is like God, Timeless.

To be beat porn and nofap you must cease to count the days and consider each one as its own battle, for if you stop, you stop forever and not for 90+-days.

So each days your mindset must be "I love God so I follow His will so I banish lustful thoughts from my mind"

And not

"FFFFF**** I'm at day 43, I must not fail or I'll go back to day 1 no no no no"

If you think like that you're still a SLAVE to masturbation and porn. For the slave is afraid that his evil master will catch him once he's run away.

Do you want to be slave or a HERO?

>t tried to stop fapping for years, only succeeded once I adopted this strategy.

f452ee  No.719382

File: cd147a68651ee15⋯.jpg (108.2 KB, 549x697, 549:697, Lucifer_followers_expelled….JPG)


PS : Besides, counting your days is subconsiously relying on your own willpower and praising yourself

"Yeah. I've lasted 3weeks, ===I=== am doing GOOD"

…when in reality all virtues are presents from God. Humble yourself, follow His commandements and let Him be in control. God doesn't count the days either.

1439c0  No.719653

File: 9fff4f06d07df51⋯.png (553.92 KB, 1815x958, 1815:958, cont6.png)


I'm on day 30.

I like to count the days because we are bound by time and each day of reign over our own passions and vices that lead us to sin is a day of getting closer to God. Counting is also adds a sense of continuity and consistency to the practice. It's not about the number itself but by the ability to repeat self-control consistently. 90 days is also held to be a benchmark for overcoming physiological habits, according to addiction science.

It is a plan to stop forever, and to count the days is to give you a sense of scale. I've seen many NoFap accounts of people who stopped counting after a year when the temptation does not have the effect it used to. I think it's fine to count for the first year or two when getting past a week, a month, 90 days, etc. is still a challenge. When the urges are so strong it can be a trial to get through a single day.

Each day without PMO is a day of freedom, not slavery to it.

47a170  No.719671

>go 5 days nofap

>lose will and fap today

>hurt myself


01951a  No.719809

Yesterday I indulged in gluttony due to my anxiety of walking at night.

I ordered a medium two topping pizza, brownies, and cheese sticks.

I ate both cheese sticks and brownies but left a few pizza slices. While I was eating I felt bad because people have trust in me to eat healthy. I did a quick prayer and threw away the slices. So far the only thing concerning I had today were some popsicles two to be exact. I have eaten more fruit too.

29dfaa  No.719932

Currently somewhere around 50 days since I've last been weak.

Days during the workweek are a breeze because I'm a one-room apartment with a bible and icons, weekends are much harder, but with the help of Christ I will succeed.

daca88  No.719949

day 10, the dreams are getting weirder, temptations stronger…but my mind is getting clearer.

Let's pray for one another, brothers!

1439c0  No.720325

Found this book, a non-willpower based method to overcome PMO addiction based on the work of Allen Carr. Carr had a massive success rate with getting people off smoking. I think it has potential to help with other habitual sins.

I consider the process in this book a form of repentance, both the metanoia kind and the metamelomai kinds working in tandem.


The PDF download link is at the bottom of the sidebar.

ef5b5c  No.720327

Even a slave unto death is saved if he believes and struggles, anon.

0adf5d  No.720883


This. However in the beginning you do count the days to see what progress you've made.

I adopted this strategy myself: I wrote the last date of me failing on a piece of paper and placed it on a visible place in my room. It is a reminder that I have not failed for long,, but it is not counting the days. As the paper gets old and gets dirty it feels good to look at it.

Remember you do not do this for a piece of paper or for some number of days abstained from fapping. Your goal is eliminating this vice that drags you down so you can focus on building your character up, becoming man, finding a wife, becoming a father and so on. Your goal is to get to heaven, not sitting around counting days.

Once you break this, and you will, you get to realize the amount of work that needs to be done on yourself. At the present time your mind is occupied by lust and by the dedication to put an end to it. That's right but at the same time it makes your view hazy and you do not see things in a broader aspect. I went to confession. I saw some nudity online and was feeling terrible about it. The priest told me it's a good thing I am sorry about it but he also told me not to make this part of spiritual life as the main central point. He told me that once I moved on with fapping I should hold on to that as well as I am able but that I should explore other vices as well….more deeply.

tl dr: You want to transcend the desire to fap, you want to transcend the desire to count days. You want to eliminate this vice and move on. Not in a sense that you would no longer be tempted but rather in a sense that it becomes easier to handle. Purity is one battle, an important one, but there's also a whole war raging out there.

66d597  No.721902



Lucky you.

ef5b5c  No.721909

File: 879319062d648ac⋯.png (2.75 MB, 1182x1641, 394:547, latest.png)

Fight on, bros.

511cce  No.721916


What an itty-bitty head that man has

ef5b5c  No.721936


The upkeep proteins made him swell up and ripped.

1439c0  No.722980

File: 2d91517e2acd742⋯.png (1.42 MB, 785x1200, 157:240, 76f1ba869fd1bd342aa77eaa71….png)

Day 36. Keep going brahs.

08adfb  No.722986

Two weeks in….gib_a_woman_plox.exe is booting up. I'm weak and I don't think I'm going to last longer; my only hope is prayers and a nocturnal emission soon (it's due to a problem with my left testicle).

91cf7a  No.723640

a week ago i stopped fapping and went to a 3 day religious event with few members of my parish (1 ex crush and a dozen strangers)

there i had an opportunity to re-learn and re-think the most important things, to confess, read some bible and sing religious songs


>Stop thinking of women sexually and instead think of them as another anon

this seems important

while i was waiting in line to confession she joined me and we shared a word or two, and it helped me realize this

>women confess too therefore they have troubles and sins just like me

then i discovered i don't get PE from merely looking into her eyes anymore and with God's help i can suppress my lust while meeting with her

few nights ago i had a dream, in it i simply PMOd and then felt this defeat and this guilt that prevents communion, and it felt so real


this hackbook helps understand and fight this addiction, but won't replace a good confession

btw i haven't been here for a while, what happened to the flags?

1439c0  No.723744


Confession provides absolution, but control over the passions is your own battle.

Various mod changes over time have slowly eroded the board. Now it is being run by some Catholics who various denizens of this board might characterise as hostile and excluding to various denominations and theologies. It's why the post rate on this board became glacial.

9c771d  No.724456

File: af12e9c889140b9⋯.jpg (45.26 KB, 600x399, 200:133, 1534560130862.jpg)

Is anyone else here starting to hate and face the fact they found porn in their early teenage years and in a way lost all innocence there and then? I never got to discover my significant others(dont have one) body all on my own and feel as though i missed out on the more innocent side of love.

Pornography was a crutch on what i foolishly thought i was missing out on when i should of been talking to girls in person. Now those years of innocent love are long gone and i am a man who must face the seriousness of it all now. What a joke with only myself to blame.

0adf5d  No.724571


>only myself to blame.

Not so fast. Most of all it is a fault of government that it allows "muh freedumz" to porn producers. If porn freedom wasn't a thing youth would not be spoiled by it. We are responsible that the youth is being spoiled by it by allowing it.

>But that sounds a bit authoritarian to me

So what. Porn brings nothing good, it should be banned, porn books burned, videos not streamed, not produced.

So far I have been able to "regain" thhe affection for women. It's not exactly innocence but I am able to love innocently. Recently a girl I like was in my apartment for a coffee. I did have a boner most of the time because well no fap and I like her. But not a single dirty thought crossed my mind. I was actually surprised, not a single one. It felt so sweet and liberating. I was completely aroused but not a single thought of going for it and I probably wouldn't go for it even if she was implying anything. I have rarely felt this way, I cannot recall I felt this way before.

Switching off from porn and fapping really rewires your brain.

ef5b5c  No.724888


>Is anyone else here starting to hate and face the fact they found porn


>in a way lost all innocence

You never had "all innocence", especially not in your teens. Stop being so fatalistic.

>I never got to discover my significant others

You have to go out and look for one to begin with, anon.

>Pornography was a crutch

A devil's crutch.

Don't worry, you should feel like shit, but don't let it bring you down, but keep you going to crawl though it.

713c7e  No.724893

File: ca436ba2a4c4067⋯.gif (1.69 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 159B3D34-21AE-4232-BD62-86….gif)


Will do my dude, God bless

e0b4d7  No.724955


I know that feel, man…but don't worry: it's not all your fault, you did not lost all of your innocence and we are not alone: God is with us and we are here to help one another (plus the victorious souls of Heaven)

853055  No.725074

File: 0b28ad8bc371686⋯.jpg (659.34 KB, 2272x1704, 4:3, 0b28ad8bc3716861bc61063003….jpg)

>relapse hard after going strong after two weeks

>have a dream of my gf being in a porn shoot

>so real and vivid I wake up severely affected

>haven't fapped or watched porn since then, on day 3 now

I take the dream as gentle intervention from God to stop.

d66855  No.725113


>God putting your GF in a porn shoot

Unless the dream wasn't erotic, no???

316b40  No.725698

I never watched adult videos nor porn when I fapped, and only used imagination. I never did it to the explicit stuff, and it was more often than not just one-and-done. Should it be easier to drop? I haven't really gone into anything riskier than exposed pantyshots.

d2af9d  No.725743

File: 14cff7ba8c2c741⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1079x1367, 1079:1367, 1523873097707.png)

de9cab  No.725748


We should stop larping on Twitter and don't even respond to sodomite orders.

de9cab  No.725749


I don't want fags ackowledging our existence

746794  No.725775

On a pretty good run so far lads. I'm just too busy to fap tbh, so I have to be very careful when I'll eventually be bored someday.

Praise the lord

6a03a6  No.725826


probably. Speaking for myself, the memory of the filfth, is a huge burden that luckily keeps fading away slowly

ef5b5c  No.725830



Some have more potent imaginations than others.

e68c09  No.725948

File: bbc17bb0e9d7d50⋯.jpg (142.84 KB, 1024x718, 512:359, Old-Valaam-03.jpg)


>We should let them promote this degenerate filth without fear of confrontation or public dissent.

We need to normalize our stance, not theirs.

You don't fix anything by hiding, anon.

fe7b00  No.726050


if that lasts longer than a fortnight, you're better off finding a balanced middle point.

127142  No.726071

b5508e  No.726328

File: 8d336a04b3c552c⋯.jpg (37.69 KB, 600x453, 200:151, 8d336a04b3c552c6602bb8d70d….jpg)

>Mfw I failed again

At least there's some progress.

8891ea  No.726613

How does one cope with the fact that the original Christian ideal was that of celibacy and that marriage was a later development? This has made my abstinence harder.

e9310f  No.726647


I didn't like the secular approach of that book, to be honest. It intended to trace an analogy between porn and tobacco addiction, but I don't think you can compare them. Cigarettes may be disgusting when one smokes for the first time (idk, I never smoked), but porn doesn't work like that. When I first was exposed to porn (softcore nude pictorials), it didn't disgust me, it fascinated me. Only after 10 years I started to accept that porn usage might give me physical pleasure, but it destroys my soul.

624a4a  No.726654

I had a dream last night that I converted an old friend of mine to Orthodoxy, then my dream shifted into me looking at pornography.. I don't want to go back to that ever again, being controlled by the passions is slavery and degrading, Christ is freedom. Pray for me anons

624a4a  No.726655


Gnosticism was a heresy

df12f4  No.726686

Hey guys I’m sick right now and having sexual urges, I looked up on the internet to see if I’m not the only one and it seems like I’m not. Should I still not masturbate and endure?

df12f4  No.726687


I should better articulate. Guys can get horny from being sick because of a chemical imbalance. I’m currently sick and I just want to release it all and go back to sleep, should I endure it or release?

e68c09  No.726694


Overcoming your impulses when you in a regular state of mind is just the beginning. Making special exceptions for sinning because your sick, is just a form of self deception. You will end up making special exceptions for all kinds of reasons to justify your actions.

Stop making excuses.

746794  No.726811

I hope the jew pornographers will all burn in hell for eternity desu


Exactly this

8891ea  No.726950


c'mon man, marriage wasn't declared a sacrament by the catholics until the 12th century. i'm not in for the x is heresy discourse, i'm genuinely intrigued.

19123e  No.726997

File: 78743e2cafb5ed8⋯.jpg (331.69 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 78743e2cafb5ed87b18686c865….jpg)

>be angelic spirit born from the thought of the Creator outside of time itself

>have a specific human soul entrusted to my care

>billions of temporal years later my charge is born into the world

>the world is a fallen place but do my best to guide and protect him

>he grows into an impure NEET instead of a moral man


>but God loves him so much that I will never give up on him

b4acb2  No.727174

File: 2dc45e5ef46b08e⋯.jpeg (24.01 KB, 511x384, 511:384, 2dc45e5ef46b08ed86d9f76f1….jpeg)

>10 months no fap

>No trouble, going strong

>Finally get a girlfriend

>Boner when we're together although I do not have lustful thoughts

>Blue balls as a result, it hurts.

All right this really sucks. Not that I am considering any relapse because it is a sin and I would turn into a weakling. Now I am able to attract the girl with something that at least resembles manliness.

What with the balls though? It is very uncomfortable, not always but like 2 times a week it happens. And you know what it is like…

12a6f2  No.727179

Have some nice advice to share. This helps me a lot getting through with this without all the torments and associating mental pain.

Fall in love.

Seriously, fall in love. With anything (except porn and fapping obviously), does not have to be a person. Love chases away lust like light dispels shadow. Allow it to fill your heart. If your love is true, then even if it is your crush or anything, all you will want is just to see that person every day, wishes for their happiness, want improve yourself for them (get /fit/ and some /fa/shion just enough to fix that slob look while you are at it), care for them, hug them just so your hearts would be close together; do this and all lusts will be scattered away.

ed3923  No.727199


i don't think it's a good idea at this stage

>tfw barely brave enough to maintain eye contact

hugging feels uneasy and handholding would be rocket science for me

tried falling in love 2x in the last 3 years and it didn't end very well

b4acb2  No.727207


Start by working out and by holding eye contact of random people on the street. It will get better with time and practice. Most importantly with you increasing testosterone levels. First the people you are not shy about then work your way up.

That is how I started 1,5 year ago. Now I can hold the contact/hug/hold hands/go for a kiss. This insecurity autism can be overcome


This Anon is right. Love chases the lust away. I fell in love and I am yert to have a lustful thought towards that girl.

04a55e  No.727222

Well I failed yesterday. Almost made it a whole year. Next time I'll try to make it almost two years.

de9cab  No.727226


I don't know man but I admire you're strength

c80752  No.727227

File: 00f851c412ac5d8⋯.jpg (27.58 KB, 422x422, 1:1, 00f851c412ac5d862dc04efa26….jpg)

File: ef73eea0ec078d4⋯.jpg (127.82 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 358921772f0577aed445719abd….jpg)


>does not have to be a person.

What is going to make me sacrifice everything for the love of it if not a person? Artistry and authentic creativity using your God given talents? You're career which similarly uses you're God given talents? Most people wouln't use the phrase fall in love for the only non-personal contenders worth your sacrifice. Let's gave it you're not encouraging us to fall in love with a video game or waifu anime pillow are you.

>all you will want is just to see that person every day

>wishes for their happiness

>want improve yourself for them

>care for them, hug them just so your hearts would be close together;

Hmm well I guess it does have to be a person after all based on all this.

Srsly m8 your lovey dovey post is a nice sentiment, and while infatuation and crushing has its time and place, you do kinda just sound like a 14yo hitting puberty if you think this is answer to your problems. I say this because you touch on something so true but at the same time miss the entire point.

Think about it - you put you're rest and sanity in your loved one, the target of your infatuation which is fine for the time being and for as long as it lasts. What happens though, when your loved one gets taken away from you? If he or she doesn't act as you expect or want of them at some point. They make a promise and break it. They die in an accident etc etc. If your priority for life is your relationship with this other who at the snap of a pair of fingers can be taken away from you in circumstances entirely beyond your control, once they go or they disapoint you or whatever it will destroy you and you'll be back to where you started.

Therefore, do not put your greatest weight, the highest value and your life's priority on 'falling on love' in order to solve your problems. For the small amount of time it's going to work it will then fail and you'll be no better. This goes exactly the same for your art (what happens when you can't afford your equipment or instruments or studio space or suffer physical disability from an accident which inhibits your creating - the thing you 'fell in love' with?) or a dream career (can end short or disapoint again for whatever reason) - you're similarly back to square one - you've lost everything because you put everything into that 'love,' that priority of a person or project or career etc. Losing something you prioritise as the most precious in your life will destroy you no doubt about it.

No, there is only one place you need to rest in that can NEVER be taken from you or anyone, if you so choose. Entirely within your control. It is a person, of course, it has to be to be real love. But this is not this chemical hormonal rush of a love bug like infatuation with your crush or your pride in your art or career. It's not a feeling, it's the act, the love of a person who sacrificed everything for your own good, despite the cost to them, and to fall in love with them you're required to be prepared to do the same for that very person. But this person is different in that no one can take this person away from you. And you're list alludes quite heavily to real love, sacrifice, agapè of God, which shows that you know love when you see it - but screw it man, it's honestly not the love of some girl the we need to have and reciprocate to live fully and free, absolutely not. The only thing you need is to fall in love with Jesus.

>do this and all lusts will be scattered away.


12a6f2  No.727237


Might have been really badly worded and many important things omitted, yeah. By love I do not mean infatuation or overflowing passion into someone or something. I mean real love, like our Lord have taught and have shown to us. There is a reason behind my post suddenly being about love though.

I used to ask the priest whether I am emotionally or spiritually dead because I never know exactly what "love" is or how to love our Lord properly because I do not know how to even begin with. I know that outside my parents I really hold both my sisters dear as a middle child, I know friendship and kindness for other human being (though I am not exactly the kindest person tbh, I did not give to every beggars I have come across though I feel them though), I know infatuations and have small crushes like everybody did. Still it is an interesting questions in and of itself.

The past week, I was given some time off and so I took that time alone reflecting hard and feeling hard because thinking is not going anywhere. During that period I have felt I have changed a little bit. If I went to a shrink they would probably think I have regressed to 14 years old me or something, but it lines up with the priests answer of childish innocence and looking at things as if a child because I have ranted to him about CY marriage and relations stuffs before. He also told me that the love for others like I have for my sisters, is also a love for God, for He is love. It feels kind of fulfilling, warm, and nice and it makes me want go out and do something nice for a change; to love and be loved. Now I kind of want to pick up music again like I did in school, want to get into a relationship, do something productive, etc.

During this time, I hardly felt any lust. More than to do *that* with a woman, I rather want to give her a friendly hug and tell her everything will be alright. Dropped video games as a hobby that was like a stone hanged around my neck for years, went out jogging, etc. Maybe it is an emotional high or whatever, if it changes me for the better then I want to ride it as far as possible, if our Lord be willing of course.

So before anything, I just posted that in this thread. Maybe it will help.

b4acb2  No.727251


You also might word it:

You will not lust after the woman you love simply because you love her.

"Nobody has greater love than who lays his life down for his friends". Love means sacrificing yourself. It might be to a point of death but even lower levels are possible: sacrificing your comfort, your vices, your selfish desires. You will desire the woman you love of course, but not to satisfy your selfish desire for pleasure merely, but because you want her to be loved.

But I get the feeling that this is what anon meant here. I suppose he's not 14yo boy who thinks infatuation equals love. He may have worded it weirdly and shortly though.

1ac8a9  No.727317

File: ff94df6fe473bdd⋯.jpg (36.14 KB, 1199x674, 1199:674, DOEuDPlXUAEEthl.jpg)

>Had a few too many drinks

>Ignored conscience and went all in

It feels hopeless sometimes. The same confessions, the same disinterested absolving from the priest, the same guilt, then the same inevitable failure later on.

I feel embarrassed to even go to mass and confession. I feel like a worm.

I've made progress but still feel like my soul has been poisoned. Even during my longest streaks the lust never goes away- even if it's mixed with disgust at the thottery, it's absolutely inescapable.

I don't even know if my contrition is valid at this point. I try to stop, but whenever I fail it's due to my own will, not like I have a demon physically controlling me.

5517d7  No.727318


>but whenever I fail it's due to my own will, not like I have a demon physically controlling me.

Anon I have neutral news, that's how it works. You do the act out of your own will.

1ac8a9  No.727346


That's what I'm saying- of what value is your "resolve" to sin no more etc when you invariably will continue to sin (if not masturbation, something else) solely of your own volition?

It's just very discouraging, makes me feel like my promises are worthless.

746794  No.727350


Don't listen to him >>727318

Demons are real and they are trying to subvert you.

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist"

I know it's a cheesy quote from a movie but it's true. The devil is real and he's tempting you. That doesn't mean you have no responsibility, but it means you can pray God to be freed from your inner demons.

5517d7  No.727370

File: 0eef56a0a1aa9ff⋯.png (11.99 KB, 221x256, 221:256, Ohwhatthehell.png)


Why are anons with textual interpretation issues always the rowdiest?

4412fd  No.727567

File: 117e421efef276f⋯.jpg (8.25 KB, 208x250, 104:125, 1510883305082s.jpg)

Is it bad that I cry myself to sleep very frequently?

My crippling loneliness and depression pushes me towards porn and fapping whilst I long for a female companion. My motivation to chase my dreams and goals is near non-existent even though I know what I need to do and what steps I have to take.

I just feel disappointed whenever I give in to these worldly temptations because it's never been who I was nor does it benefit me at all.

I'm so lost anons, I can't even keep a strong will and resist this shit, because whenever a bad thing happens in my day, or loneliness and envy hits me, I resort to this shit as a crutch, whether its porn, fapping, binge eating or self resentment.

d352d1  No.727574


that's some beta behavior my man

What keeps you from pursuing your goals when during the rest of the day?

84c514  No.727575


What helped me was self improvement.

I know you desire a woman to have children, to settle down. But first ask yourself are you the kind of man prepared to have children and to lead a family, to direct your spouse towards transcendence? Are you a self-overcomer, a fighter in spirit?

The paragraph was taken from some book I read more than a year ago. Things go hand in hand. In order not to fell lonely,you need a woman. At the same time perhaps God judges you're not yet ready for commitment. Use the time you have now(having a woman means less time since you have to take care of the relationship.) to push your boundaries. Push your comfort zone on all levels: Spiritually and physically. Work out, get your porn problem under control, get a new hobby if you do not have enough of them, focus on faith.

Everything you do is to get the best of yourself so you're prepared for meeting your future wife. Will you be ready when you meet her? probably not entirely, but you''ll be a better man, closer to the ideal. Realize the fapping drags you down, it makes you comfortable for few seconds when you nut,then you feel ashamed,far away ffrom God and also it steals all your energy, destroys your confidence.

Your sexuality is an investition. Do not throw it out by succumbing to the lowest kind of reassurance. Instead use all your masculine energy and sexual drive to become a better man. Do not take it as a motivation just to get the woman. She may come around after months, perhaps a year or two. But then you'll be prepared if you dedicate your drive towards this goal. Furthermore pray every day for strength to last in the never ending spiritual battle against your vices, pray to meet the right woman.

It is not entirely bad to cry sometimes. But just have faith in God, he has a plan for you. What you should do is to push with everything you have to over come yourself. Then you won't have time or energy to despair too much. Your despair probably stems from you worrying too much and not doing enough.

Do not sit there and despair about future. Go ahead and crush the weakness inside you. Embrace the strength you haave, and you do have it.

You just have to discover it.

4412fd  No.727590


vidya..depression. distractions.

everything i need to do requires pc.

but im such a beta loser I get caught up by shitty games that I dont even enjoy like I used to and stupid internet distractions.


I'm scared that I'll end up having sex before marriage with this disgusting mindset and weak will.

Thank you anon. I will pray and I will get back up from this fall. I appreciate it

12a6f2  No.727593


Then please do this for us, if not for Him and yourself. Pick up a new outside-screen hobby, do something entirely different. Why keep playing something you do not even like. Pick up an instrument, a brush, a pair of running shoes, or fall in love with someone (does not have to be romantic, you just need to feel love towards another human being and wishing yourself to be loved by someone else also) or something and then the rest easily comes after. I will not suffer a brother or a sister being that deep in the pit, but words over this post is all that I can give you other than my prayers. If you need friends, then we are here. So please, do this for us all.

49c61b  No.727938

>don't fap

>don't look at pr0n

>don't hang around temptful people

>still get vivid sexual images and memories in my mind

>miss the intimate relationships I had when I was secular

>try to shoo these thoughts away but sometimes I'll go several minutes before realizing what's going on

>the more it happens the worse it gets (temporarily)

Is this sinful? I obviously wouldn't act on them but sometimes I have moments of weakness and let the ideas play out in my head. I feel physically ill every time.

Generally they appear when i'm stressed or tired. These intrusive thoughts are caused by my previous degenerate lifestyle and my mind hasn't healed yet. I'm being patient and letting myself be healed with grace but I don't know if I'm doing everything I could be doing to keep them away, or how guilty I should feel over it (I feel pretty guilty right now)

74e4ff  No.727974


Same situation, man…it is a sin, but it's a sign we are starting to fight back; or deep psyche and the Enemy are intensifying their attacks: our body is craving that rush of dopamine, and of course the Enemy is afraid we are turning slowly towards God (thanks to His mercy and grace).

55f79e  No.727977


>intrusive thoughts

Not a sin. You have to consciously choose something for it to be a sin.

>sometimes I'll go several minutes before realizing what's going on

Eerily borderline. You'll have to figure this one out yourself, I can't enter your mind and tell you what is going on. Form what I read though, I'd pass it into "not a sin" too.

746794  No.727981

It's pretty hard these days lads. Sometimes at work my mind drifts and I think about having sex and it's very intense and hard to make go away. Always associated with a raging boner, which isn't recommended in an office.

I'm slowly making progress though, the wet dreams are finally coming back, and it gets easier and easier to refuse to have lewd thoughts.

Be strong brothers, and remember to keep yourself busy.

Praise the Lord

d18a57  No.728091

It's been almost two weeks (don't remember precise number because I don't count the days). It's the most progress I've done. But the good part is that I don't feel any urges, only disgust at my past addiction and strong resolve to cultivate physical and mental purity. God bless and good luck.

6aed60  No.728301

File: 460d459d03751db⋯.png (117.73 KB, 538x538, 1:1, reeee.png)

Ok, this time, I wont fail, I WONT, YA HEAR THIS SATAN? FLICK OFF


a1553e  No.728399


start by deleting all those anime pictures

8221ef  No.728438



this, but also pray, pray and pray. I keep giving everybody this advice because it's what allowed me to go from at most 2 weeks to now around 10 weeks and still going strong.

People don't or hardly realize what a profound impact it can have. It is your strongest weapon, for no temptation can co-exist with heartfelt and humble prayer to God.

Pray as soon as you feel or see a temptation and don't stop until it is banished from your mind and you can move on.

When you kill the temptation the second it enters you, it is so much easier to (with the help of God) keep it under control.

Also put religious items near the place you're likely to sin. Whether it be a bible or a religious item, it doesn't matter.

I put an icon overlooking my computer screen and you can bet the lewd content dropped to zero.

Can you pray for me? I will pray for you too.

74e4ff  No.728443

Gettin' close to one month; the challenges and road-bumps are still there, but I am slowly growing more and more grateful towards God, and towards all of my brethren who are praying for me whilst I pray for them.

Reminder that struggle and hardship are always rewarded, when we pin that pain and torment onto the Cross, when we offer them as a sacrifice to our Lord (and indeed, it is a worthless offering of a worthless servant, but He's a loving Father who will admire the effort and reward it tenfolds)

6aed60  No.728549


I went full nazi mode and purged (Tails built-in secure delete (x35 i guess)) all degeneracy (meaning: even something just slightly porn-related) last time I sinned, even deleted all "Waifus" and left just one "Waifu" folder for Christchan (you know because polygamy and stuff), and after that did secure erase to to all drives just to be sure I have nothing, even traces of something like that so yeah, I'm pretty clean


I will, thanks for advice!

3e8fe7  No.728551

File: 2d2173cf31145b9⋯.jpg (53.15 KB, 325x247, 25:19, 1410276136689.jpg)


>and left just one "Waifu" folder for Christchan (you know because polygamy and stuff)

Delete it

6aed60  No.728553


It's true tho

6aed60  No.728554


Oh, now I get it, why delete it?

3e8fe7  No.728555


Because when I save a picture I don't imagine the women in it being my wife(s) and you do.

6aed60  No.728556


is it a sin?

3e8fe7  No.728558


Consider someone that is doing this for a moment: Someone calling a woman he isn't actually married to his wife, even though he has no intention to go to Church and marry with her in the end.

It doesn't sound like a good situation to me

If that person genuinely believes what he is saying, he should be barred form actual marriage in my opinion. Though you probably can see why barring him form marriage would be good, rationally.

6aed60  No.728564


she can still be my gf tho

3e8fe7  No.728569


No she can't because she's not real

6aed60  No.728571


… well… ….

6aed60  No.728572


So what? she still can be my imagined perfect gf!

d18a57  No.728584


You are either trolling or retarded.

6aed60  No.728585

67615f  No.728727

Something odd happened. Two days ago i relapsed, so the next morning while I showered I asked God to give me repentance (I had noticed I did not repent and that's why I kept relapsing). Yesterday the girl I liked stopped talking to me altogether, my friends ghosted me and I had no real positive human interaction all day. Today it was a little better, I actually talked to my friends and had a nice enough day (my crush still avoids me like the plague though). My prayers were answered, I guess.

b0f573  No.728806

File: 5248a7a497555e3⋯.png (107.06 KB, 400x400, 1:1, E5070768-961D-4B5D-8057-3E….png)

Is no sex before marriage really a deal killer for some girls?

199a90  No.728812


No experience, but most women around me are traditionalists in this regard so it is not really a big deal. I guess it depends on where you are from and how people usually think of sex before marriage there. From what I can gather around them, normally women have desires to be loved as in tenderly and sweetly making love with the man they love; (excuse my language) not getting pounded hard like a sack of meat like most of us would see in those darned videos.

And this is where it gets interesting, (usually) both men and women wants the same thing but with different desires. Men wants feel good, women wants to be loved. So why not both and direct them towards the wholesome way? Sex is pretty much an awesome thing if you look at it through the perspective of true love. A man and woman can love each other so much, head over heels for each other, but in the end of the day, they are still two people, not one. So this is where sex comes in so two can become one in many ways. Physically, spiritually, and also the offspring which is the seed, the hope, and the love of those two.

Sadly, as awesome, sweet, and wholesome as it is. It got corrupted by the enemy and its agents into some base and carnal hunger which afflicts us all. But fear not though, because at the end of the day, sex is still the awesome, wholesome, and sweet thing like it is, we just need to add in what the enemy took away from it to corrupt it in the first place. Namely, love. Not infatuation, but the genuine love, the sacrifice and denial of self and other vices for another, the desire to comfort them and to want them to be loved instead of indulging in selfish pleasures,.

746794  No.728814


This is a pretty good post anon.

569a8b  No.729207

Just broke my No Nut November streak to some stuff I'm ashamed even to admit. Back on the wagon lads, this is the best I've done in a while now so I'm gonna get up and get on with my day and not let it beat me. Please pray for me

6aed60  No.729208

File: 0fbc754e37c602c⋯.png (277.65 KB, 537x591, 179:197, Oyveyberg.png)


aaaand lost, I'm getting better tho, this time I lasted 6 days (was writing it on day 2), last time it was just 2, huh… ok, this time for sure, not anymore, here we goooo

b5508e  No.729231


As for as North-West Europe goes, yes.

I do remember my cousin from Italy telling reluctant girls are to lose their virginity where he lives, but this doesn't necessarily mean no sex before marriage.

t. guy from North-West Europe

8221ef  No.729736

I'm a 22 year old dude from mainland Europe.

I've never been in a relationship, till a year ago brushed off only a few girls, and I've always been fine with this, but after losing a ton of weight (80 pounds, dropped from 230 to 150, 6'1"), growing muscle, picking up some hobbies and starting to dress nice I'm getting more and more female attention without doing anything special on my part.

I literally only have to sit somewhere public and I get approached.

So much female attention compared to how it was before that it's starting to mess with my mind.

It makes me vain and I get very explicit sexual fantasies in my mind and dreams at night.

I keep praying multiple times a day for them to end & the strength to keep doing the right thing, and it definitely does work for some time, but I keep getting approached by women and the temptations just immediatly return.

Would appreciate some advice on this.

I'm already on a long nofap but I'm struggling.

8221ef  No.729740


I just wanted to share that right after posting this I went to Youtube, where my eye immediatly fell on a suggested video "On Dreams" by Gregory Decapolite, which I had never seen before.

It is filled with wonderful advice, especially the part by St. John Climacus.

Thank you Christ.

ef5b5c  No.729751


You're 22. Get yourself in shape and order anon.

When the times comes, so will the girls, but make sure to be worthy of a good catch yourself.

8221ef  No.729760


But that's the thing. I'm already in decent shape and got my life under control, and the girls are indeed coming.

My problem isn't that I can't get any girls, it's that I can get too many.

However, religion is hardly present in my country/culture, it's all about hooking up in my university city.

I want to do the right thing and not have any intimate relationships before marriage, but all the female attention is incredibly tempting.

aa05fd  No.729826

Guys I've had a weird as winnie the pooh dream this night. I've been without fapping for a year and a couple of months and this night I've had a winnie the pooh nightmare.

In the nightmare I was going to the bathroom and when I was about to get in the bathtub there was a girl there doing stuff with herself. The me in the dream ignored her and I started having my bath normally. But as time went by I started getting excited and at last I couldn't hold myself anymore and stuff happened.

Then suddenly I was in another situation which I don't remember very well and there was a girl there and I was about to do the shit but that time I thought about Jesus and I screamed and I woke up. Still for the first 5 min after waking up I almost thought the dream was real and I had committed a mortal sin.

Needless to say the rest of the night was shit.

Why the winnie the pooh did that shit happened. winnie the pooh nightmares.

Either way I just wanted to vent this weight on my mind guys. Pray for me.

a1553e  No.730010


I've had similar experiences. They are terrible indeed. I will pray for you anon.

8221ef  No.730039


I feel like you could also benefit from watching the youtube video "On Dreams" by Gregory Decapolite.

ef5b5c  No.730042


Humble yourself.

I.e. take that attention and redpill them about the horrible things in life like poverty, injustice, religious persecution, name your fancy.

That should be hilarious.

Also you're still 22. That is really, really young. Wait until you're AT LEAST 25 to really start picking.

8ed505  No.730043


>Wait until you're AT LEAST 25 to really start picking.

Where did this come form?

ef5b5c  No.730044


Anon is obviously confused by female attention. He needs to distance himself and pierce through what he really wants from women. If he starts picking now, he'll regret it later.

915c8b  No.730046



Thank you brothers.

746794  No.730237



This sound like a really retarded advice. Why 25? why not 24, or 32 while we're at it?

Anon sounds like he isn't fooled by this female attention since he does nothing with it.


Are you willing to find a wife?

83dc4e  No.730241

File: 1cd951d35df48f0⋯.png (449.13 KB, 540x604, 135:151, 1529673028218.png)

I gave in. After several days on keeping myself in a good mindset and trying to give a new mindset to life and my new job, I foolishly gave in to lust and temptation.

I am a disgusting failure of a human. I hate myself.

bee91b  No.730245


K, I'm a Prot, and Prot I shall remain, but I admire both Catholic and Orthodox spiritual practices.

So I beg you to give me a hard spiritual routine to follow, so the I can keep my impure thought away.

f884cf  No.730283


>I hate myself.

That's a sin too. Humble yourself, don't hate yourself.

8221ef  No.730435


tl;dr it would be irresponsible for now.

If you don't mind reading a longer post…

I'm a 4th year med school student, which in my country you start at 18 and comprises of 6 years & well on my way to eventually becoming a surgeon.

This has a few amazing implications for the future (job stability, being able to support a large family & the local community), but also a lot of bad implications for now.

1. I'm constantly moving around, so I cannot integrate in a parish right now. It's there that I would likely find a good partner, not here in the university cities among the women who approach me.

2. I'm working/studying like 100 hours a week which leaves almost no personal time / time to spend with a wife.

3. I'm not financially independent and would bankrupt myself in just a few months if I were to have to provide for another person. Let alone a baby. I don't get paid yet for the work at med school or the hospital.

In a little over a year this will hopefully all change. I already have my eyes on a few parishes in a neighbouring country (there are none close to me in my own).

For now I will just have to persevere.

892574  No.730452


May the Lord keep you in His Grace, anon. You are doing good work for others as a physician. I will pray for you, never lose hope.

571640  No.730457


Jesus Prayer (Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner).

8221ef  No.730482


If I could give you some advice, hate the sin and hate your weakness, but don't hate yourself. Analyse what made you fail, adapt and try again!


Thank you very much, this means a lot to me.

I'm very grateful for all the succes I've already had in my life, although it definitely hasn't been easy.

Just a little bit more hard work and everything can really start to come together!

ef5b5c  No.730490



Then study some more.

Wife and kids later.

9337df  No.731200

File: de989efe6b6d518⋯.jpg (46.04 KB, 705x689, 705:689, oUA6pXx.jpg)

Please pray for me. I've been holding up good (all thanks to God) for 2.5 months, but it's getting harder.

5c65df  No.731201

I followed a path a purity to the point that I'm embarrassed. I should have just been a priest, but I'm too much of an introvert for that.

7721fa  No.731299


Great site.


This. Every woman in porn is someone's daughter, sister, etc. I know it's said a lot but it's true. It's heartbreaking to watch girls who could have been good women get slapped in the face by random men's balls and do all sorts of depraved acts on camera. And then there's you, the sad wreck of a man sitting behind a screen touching his willy to thought of partaking in such depravity. Pray and think about what it is you're doing, and you'll see just how sickening it really is. You have to fight your fallen urge to touch yourself by realizing just how bad things really are.

f9a1ec  No.731305

File: bd9c5d6b4f46fdf⋯.jpg (47.7 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Spidur.jpg)


Not him, but that doesn't work for me seeing as all I would look at is 2D and the only person involved is the artist or the writer. Still, a sin is a sin, even if no one was harmed.

6bce10  No.731372


Fast with the calendar of the church. Christians have been fasting for 2000 years and Christ teaches about it in the gospels. When you fast, pray and read both scripture and traditional works so that you may understand the things that God has revealed to us.

932ba0  No.732796

File: baeb18e240ed8b1⋯.png (29.82 KB, 357x313, 357:313, 1471582957181.png)


What shall we say then? Is the law sin? God forbid. Nay, I had not known sin, but by the law: for I had not known lust, except the law had said, Thou shalt not covet.

8 But sin, taking occasion by the commandment, wrought in me all manner of concupiscence. For without the law sin was dead.

9 For I was alive without the law once: but when the commandment came, sin revived, and I died.

10 And the commandment, which was ordained to life, I found to be unto death.

11 For sin, taking occasion by the commandment, deceived me, and by it slew me.

12 Wherefore the law is holy, and the commandment holy, and just, and good.

13 Was then that which is good made death unto me? God forbid. But sin, that it might appear sin, working death in me by that which is good; that sin by the commandment might become exceeding sinful.

14 For we know that the law is spiritual: but I am carnal, sold under sin.

15 For that which I do I allow not: for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I.

16 If then I do that which I would not, I consent unto the law that it is good.

17 Now then it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me.

18 For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not.

19 For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do.

20 Now if I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me.

21 I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me.

22 For I delight in the law of God after the inward man:

23 But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members.

24 O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?

25 I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin.

Romans 7:7-25

e1bff4  No.733210

File: 69e66ef9bab80b6⋯.jpg (80.34 KB, 386x567, 386:567, NIet.jpg)

Glad there is such thread.

I made two threads about it on 4chan.



And I started an interesting meta-textual thread on 8ch/pol/, showing how these threads about purity trigger the shills A LOT.


f9a1ec  No.733211

I almost made it a week. Worst part is that I knew it was wrong, but I felt a need to fap. Second worst part is that I don't feel bad for it, just disappointed I had that urge. Third worst part is that I got a phone call right before climax, so I felt nothing satisfying about it.

Damn it all, Lord help me. Anyone have any advice regarding what to do if you feel urges and you can't move around? Been stuck at a desk all day.

I even went to confession for the first time last week, fully intending to change. I've been praying more and trying to do more things in my neighborhood instead of sitting at home. And all the nervousness I've felt the past two weeks is gone. I feel cursed or something.

757c89  No.733361

File: c88cbf5c553bd8b⋯.jpg (31.84 KB, 596x650, 298:325, c88cbf5c553bd8b1e4f8fbed36….jpg)

tfw double relapse after a week pure. Did I commit a sin against the holy spirit to do a second one just for the sake of it before I start again? Stupid reasoning I know. I guess I thought if I was gonna go to confession I might as well do whatever. AHHH. I know that's awful.

I'm inexcusable. I was doing so alright for once and I threw it away.

8891ea  No.733374

day 22, I catch myself devoting more time to grooming. I can sense that school girls are looking at me on my way to uni. I'm increasingly drawn to foolish talks with my female peers, this is not a nofap success story, this is hell.

1) your mind is strong

2) you have cheerful thoughts about the future of family life/ relationships

3) you begin to look at abstinence in terms of benefits

4) you begin to doubt the benefits

5) your efforts start to feel futile

6) you fail

Abandon ALL thoughts about family, if you want to be remotely successful in your practice. The most important battles are fought at stage 2.

f9a1ec  No.733853

I think I'm realizing my problem. I'm constantly at war with myself over whether I'm looking at the porn described elsewhere (physical people being harmed, someones daughter, it'd be better to get a wife, etc.) or looking at something that is itself harmless. I don't look at anything that depicts realistic violence or people, but I do look at comics featuring completely unrealistic proportions. I won't get into what, exactly (unless asked, because it's not what people think and it might be) but I constantly catch myself thinking 'well, you can't have a guilty conscience with this because no one could possibly be hurt.' Not to mention I have a few mental problems going on, so me having a kid might result in putting someone in this world who suffers worse than I do.

I really wish the body my soul is in wasn't so easily manipulated.

ef5b5c  No.733854


Dat thousands of generations built up impossible sex drive amiright?

e1bff4  No.733932


Isn't non-virginity at marriage (for both sexes) a tremendous sin ? (It's not a rhetorical question, I legit ask this, I know it's a sin, but since it undermine the foundation of the very principal of marriage,..)

127142  No.733970

File: 7bb0c760458592f⋯.jpg (126.1 KB, 736x661, 736:661, download - Copy.jpg)


What's the point of mods when there aren't enough or any around to curate this shit?

d91c4f  No.734084

>Start off okay

>Urges come back after a few days

>Urges turn into feelings of depression and loneliness because I feel like I'll never find a wife and basically be stuck abstaining for the rest of my life which I'm not sure I'm capable of doing

>Look at pictures of cute anime girls to make myself feel better

>Soon leads to looking at lewd pictures which makes me get hot and bothered and you know what happens next

>Feel like shit and ask God for forgiveness but feel like I'm taking advantage of Him


I'm sick of this cycle and want it to end, how do I get out of it? I know the default answer is "find a wife", but I'm not in a position to start a family yet for a variety of reasons and it's not like I know how to interact with women either.

a1553e  No.734110


The answer is to give up anime and you know it.

Something my priest told me was I should remember that Jesus was crucified because of sinners, not just the pharisees. That includes you and I and it gets really personal when you remember how painful his passion was the next time you start reaching for yourself

> the default answer is find a wife

No your mind is still in the wrong spot. You don't find a wife for sexual release. You're in a depressive cycle that only God can take you out of. Pray to him and ask for a change of heart, learn to love chastity. It's the only way.

God bless you Anon and I will pray for you

ef5b5c  No.734112


You have got to be crazy just for thinking it is.

d91c4f  No.734116


I've been praying, I don't know what else to do. These thoughts keep hounding me and I don't know how to get rid of them. I doubt giving up anime would help anyway because I'd just go back to porn with real women.

a1553e  No.734122


You need to get off the Internet and busy yourself for a couple months until your addiction ceases. Join a church group or volunteer at a homeless shelter or something. If your life is full of sinful distractions then you know what to cut out of it.

8221ef  No.734133


Are you saying you have to be crazy for thinking non-virginity at marriage is a sin??? Or do I have the reading comprehension skills of a toddler?

531af7  No.734150



Having sex before marriage is a sin.

The problem with specifying "non-virginity" is that we don't believe that a STATE, and having sex before marriage is a ACTION. You can't be in a STATE that is sinful otherwise you'd need to go back to the confession booth right after leaving it.

531af7  No.734151


>we don't believe that a STATE


>The problem with specifying "non-virginity" is that it's a STATE you are in, and having sex before marriage is a ACTION.

There corrected.

8221ef  No.734178



Right, that's something I agree with, but I thought you meant something else.

531af7  No.734181


We don't know yet: I'm not the person you were replying to. It'll probably be fine though.

ef5b5c  No.734195


No, I'm saying you're crazy.

ef5b5c  No.734196


And you have no idea what sin is.

531af7  No.734202


>Doesn't further extrapolate on his assertion

C'mon anon.

853055  No.734213

File: a9dd27e98d2b2a9⋯.png (740.87 KB, 880x792, 10:9, a9dd27e98d2b2a999e93cbe8bc….png)

To my brothers who are struggling, finding time for earnest prayer does wonders for having the fortitude to say no in today's sexualized world. I tend to pray the rosary and can say it definitely helps.

8dd223  No.734314

File: 968a0dd5670ebd4⋯.jpg (33.79 KB, 427x300, 427:300, 1538853625478.jpg)

>woman takes interest in me

>don't even feel the urge to relapse because it feels like cheating on her

this is it brethrens

this is the key to it all

b5508e  No.734334


I know, we all know.

Problem is, getting a woman isn't that easy.

d02dda  No.734364

File: ffc3d748d81e5d0⋯.png (545.41 KB, 1008x546, 24:13, 1324243223.png)

Just a few little tips for any other anons here who are struggling:

>every time a lustful thought comes to mind, pray for God to take it away; He has done so immediately and without fail for me, every time… it's only when I ignore Him that I relapse

>abstaining from erotic content makes the lust so much easier to deal with; you're gonna have to deal with your porn addiction sooner or later anyway, so nofap and noporn go hand-in-hand

>if you do start looking at erotic content, it's never too late to close it, pray for God to take the lust away, and maybe read some scripture to further distance yourself from those thoughts

>create a journal or notepad document where you can just write about your nofap successes and failures, how physically/mentally/spiritually crappy you feel after relapsing, and so forth

>finally, remember that the climax is almost always disappointing, and note this in your document to reflect back on every time you even think about fapping

I know this is pretty basic stuff, but I think some anons here might need it just as much as I do. I cannot stress that bit about praying, either… I haven't felt this strong spiritually since fasting a few months ago. Hope this helps someone out.

3cb9e5  No.734380

Remember the climax and how disgusted you felt afterwards. Remember that second of pleasure, but then the crash afterwards of shallow superficial nothingness. Remember the pain that you *always* feel afterwards. Remember the shame you feel when you *know* you disappointed our Lord. Remember the shame you feel when you *know* you went against our Lord. Remember it, anons, and never forget it. Thanks be to God I have overcome this desire. I know how it feels like, brothers, I truly do. I am not saying I am perfect, no one is, only our Lord. Strive to be like our Lord. Know that He is always with you. Whenever you get these lustful thoughts, pray the Jesus Prayer, or keep repeating Kyrie Eleison, Kyrie Eleison, Christe Eleison, over and over again until this feeling, urge, or desire, goes away. Stay strong, anons. Always believe in our Lord. Pray to Him. Ask Him for assistance. If you are Catholic or Orthodox confess your sins to a priest, and ask for advice in regards to this condition, this rotting of the soul that has been festering and is festering in our society today. This wickedness, this destroyer of homes, this destroyer of marriages, of relationships, and of lives. Become disgusted. Become disgusted with this desire, with this attraction, with this "Oh yeah I'm gonna feel good uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". The key is to despise it and flee from it.

Sirach 21:1-3

My child, if you have sinned, do so no more, and for your past sins pray to be forgiven. Flee from sin as from a serpent that will bite you if you go near it; its teeth, lion’s teeth, destroying human lives. All lawlessness is like a two-edged sword; when it cuts, there is no healing.

Good luck my brothers, and may the Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.

8907c7  No.734394


Thanks anon, this is helpful.

4acc91  No.734718

Day 30 nofap here

Honest question: why don’t I feel anything? I don’t feel any different than how I was before, or if I do I don’t notice it. Sure I can say I feel more confident, I’ve been standing up straighter, I don’t feel any more focused than normal, and all those other things I’ve been working on all year. As of right now my only reason not to fap, and it’s enough for me not to but now I wonder if I was always messed up, any adivate Christanons?

a1553e  No.735108


Do you feel the weight of sin?

683f52  No.735111


How do you mean? Do I feel bad about it? Yes, of course, but not anymore because I don't masturbate anymore.

a1553e  No.735157


I meant is the weight lifted since you've given up self-abuse? You said you don't feel any different.

7af031  No.735264


The weight of the sin, I guess I never thought about it like that. When I was masturbating, I did feel terrible for doing it, and just disgusted with myself for it, but now I’m fine. All those other effects everyone talks about aren’t there, but at least I’m not sinning. That’s what it comes down to, and that’s enough for me not to continue, but it’s disheartening that even taking that away I’m still a sad person

abca3e  No.735310


It's a step forward, one millions fail to take. It affects everyone differently. The super powers meme is a meme, but relates to a period of excess energy normally spent on rejuvenating yourself, and happens after the first week or so. You're already passed it. But after a couple months you might notice a change in attitude, as you're no longer a slave to this sin, and can live your life more freely.

t. 70 days

683f52  No.735336


Thank you for your help, this honestly does help a lot. It's good to go down this path but I feel everyone has doubts, demons affecting you or not. It's great to have advice from anons going through or having gone through similar things

e030cd  No.735538

File: 5339728e471016c⋯.jpg (42.8 KB, 408x464, 51:58, 1533601338077.jpg)

Ive deleted all my porn and i am trying to seriously start the 90 day no fap reset. But i am mainly trying to beat pornography addiction and i can tell you this shit is harder than giving up weed.

Ive had to look twice at it today and its only day one. Pray for me brothers because i must overcome this.

853055  No.735569


I will brother.

f9a1ec  No.736046

I failed again. Lasted about as long as last time, maybe a day shorter. I actually feel bad about it. It was a five minute burst from feeling the need to fap to actually letting loose. I'm going to have to experiment a bit and find ways to not do it. Lord please forgive me, I will go to confession next chance I get.

e030cd  No.736050

File: 67331dabebe7860⋯.jpg (6.07 KB, 250x243, 250:243, 1531701491820.jpg)


I too failed today.

d18a57  No.736056


I want to sincerely thank you for these words of guidance. Stuff like that is why I'm reading this thread.

4ade2d  No.736148


No guarantee but there's a good chance that even a very devout future gf has masturbated at some point. Don't dwell on your sin, dwell on God and his purpose for you.

4ade2d  No.736155


I relate bro. It's not too late though - find that trad qt and discover that pure love. I'll be doing the same.

61de70  No.736524

File: 285b50e78ca1171⋯.png (8.63 KB, 956x809, 956:809, 1500324235180.png)

Someone please give me some arguments for not looking at hentai, reading doujins, playing hentai games, reading erotic stories, etc. I know it's wrong but I convince myself it's ok every time since "it's not real porn, nobody cares and nobody gets hurt".

08adfb  No.736525


Self harm + lustfull thoughts + idolatry + giving money to people who go against God…

8a50ea  No.736527


I feel that's the sort of thing I could give you the best argument against and you'd still do it because in the end, its you choosing to do it.

>it's not real porn

Its actually more damaging to society than western "real porn" because despite not having someone being exploited behind it, its more damaging to the end user: its more impossible.

57b18b  No.736531


>nobody gets hurt

It sounds like your main issue is self-respect. Don't you care that *you* get hurt?

d8a0e6  No.736641

File: 113f407d7ddea0b⋯.png (220.72 KB, 620x1038, 310:519, Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at ….png)

File: 778a68cc52efc4a⋯.jpg (188.04 KB, 499x499, 1:1, woof.jpg)

File: 0009ff982f85085⋯.jpg (16.56 KB, 476x350, 34:25, 0009ff982f850859c8d1d954d0….jpg)

Anyone else struggling or struggled because of the depths of depravity their fapping habits have taken them? I get that there's forgiveness free for the taking from God, and ultimately at least I can rest in that and be forever thankful. But I'm not talking about struggling accepting that, but rather I mean struggling to think about the possibility of having a wife and wholesome family life anytime in the future because of the nature of things over and to which fapping has occured, despite a wife and family otherwise being perfectly possible and attainable.

I mean, were I to find a wife and (hyposthetically) be honest with what I have in the past fapped to, she would be repulsed and I would be dispised and it would irrevocably change our relationship without question. Although understanding, acceptance and forgiveness would be ideal wonderful and greatfully recieved, at the same time I would think it would be worrying if it didn't have this effect.

Konwing this as a certainty makes me question whether I am or ever will be worthy of a wife, even if there would be 10 years between past depravity and being clean and finding her. I just think a key part of a relationship is honesty, communication and giving your full self to your other half, for them to truly know you, including your faults, and when I think of looking into a future wifes eyes in moments of intimacy I picture myself haunted with thoughts that I am hiding a deeply disturbing part of my past from her, that she deserves to know because if she did know it would undoubtably alter her perception and ability to love me as my wife.

I think I could find a wife pretty easy, all other things considered, but whether I can bring myself to put a woman in that position of only ever giving her the opportunity of partially knowing me, and not all of me, because of the depravity of things fapped to and over, I feel that it would be unfair when she could have another man who could truly giver himself to her, more paletable past worts and all, like the fact that both you and her *may have masturbated once to tehe* >>736148 which by comparison is positively wholesome and cute (hyperbole) rather than me able to give myself only partially (I would love to be open, honest and give myself fully, but I know any woman worthy of wifing like I say would be disgusted, repulsed and dispise me, I'm certain).

What do? Don't bother with a wife a go celibate as definitely not worthy of one? Do that unless there's clear as day sign from God that says otherwise because I might be despite my past? I just don't know tbh. This could equally have been posted in either of the relationship generals but unfortunately past fapping depravity is closer than a potential wifey is right now and I still have other issues to work on even if there is a concensus that 'the past is the past mang' and I should just go ahead and try and find a wife. Sorry for long post any input would be appreciated.

de171e  No.737330

File: 47bd8c61aa7cfe5⋯.jpg (366.92 KB, 1458x969, 486:323, pit.jpg)

File: fdd5b2354233d07⋯.png (96.18 KB, 557x200, 557:200, reality.png)


>Anyone else struggling or struggled because of the depths of depravity their fapping habits have taken them?

Yes and I bet we have masturbated to the same things. The thing that still angers me is the fact that I didn't actually like it. For me it went like this: hatred -> curiosity -> masturbation -> beginning of masturbatory conditioning -> masturbating to get rid of the newly created arousal -> complete masturbatory conditioning -> feeling tricked as winnie the pooh

>be honest with what I have in the past fapped to, she would be repulsed and I would be dispised and it would irrevocably change our relationship without question

I thought about this too but then I realised that she would still only know the tip of the iceberg. If she were to have a look at your entire past from your pov, from childhood to the present, and feel all the things you felt and know how it genuinely made you feel, she would understand. Some things we've done just aren't worth talking about, not only because of how shocked others would be but rather because words might not be enough for them to understand, even if they're willing to listen. Perverse masturbation, unlike "normal" masturbation is an addiction, thus it often occurs independently from one's will and talking about it would make others wrongly believe that it is a part of you which represents you rather than an insidious intrusion. It's just not worth it.

>I just think a key part of a relationship is honesty, communication and giving your full self to your other half, for them to truly know you, including your faults

>full self

>truly know you

She cannot.

>she deserves to know

She does not.

>because if she did know it would undoubtably alter her perception and ability to love me as my wife

As I said, she would only know the tip of the iceberg and her perception will be based on that. You'd be misleading her.

>only ever giving her the opportunity of partially knowing me, and not all of me

It's not possible for others to know "all of you".

>Don't bother with a wife a go celibate as definitely not worthy of one?

You know your mistakes, they make you feel guilty and your conscience constantly reminds you of them because it knows that they are not a part of your true self, it knows that it doesn't belong and the more it recognises this, the more it disturbs you. This alone should reassure you since if you were genuinely evil, you'd embrace it and love it, it would bring you happiness rather than torment. You have nothing to do with smug godless snickering perverts and the day you will be with your wife and children, ask yourself if and why there is something positive about their protector being a man that has known suffering and evil, was entangled by it and managed to defeat it. You can learn from your past sins and the outcome is conscientiousness and humility. You should be grateful that you are a good-hearted person that freed himself from the pit, but now stop peeking into it, move far away from it and take the hand of Him who has always kept an eye on you and wanted you to escape as He does not want to reject you but instead shield you from the devil. Your hopelessness is what could cause you to fall back into the pit because if you doubt escaping sin was worth it and believe that you shouldn't be joyful…well…you'll fall right back into it.

PS: if you're still struggling, keep fighting

de171e  No.737335

72bb90  No.737347

I'm in a weird new cycle of binging now. I'll go a while without and then a day where I act out like a retarded monkey for hours.

746794  No.738739

Shit man, it's so tough these days. I keep getting triggered when browsing """"sfw"""" boards, I guess the true redpill is to stop browsing any board at all.

Haven't relapsed though, it's been a good 2 weeks I think.

Praise the Lord.

853055  No.738760

File: 6fc5265e09c84d7⋯.jpg (634.28 KB, 2656x3192, 332:399, 1465813839469.jpg)

I cracked after nearly two weeks lads.

3118e6  No.738869

File: bd82687edebea9e⋯.jpg (616.46 KB, 1283x1500, 1283:1500, Crucifixion-of-Jesus-in-Me….jpg)

I am not married. When I try not to fap, my balls start to hurt. I know it would be best to have a wife and love her dearly, but since I do not, how bad is it to release this pressure. I do not look at pornography.

244ccd  No.740459

File: 832b89c03849218⋯.png (38.34 KB, 128x250, 64:125, ScaredElf2.PNG)

I've stopped fapping last week and I'm starting to have vision of scantily dressed women when I close my eye before going to bed. I'm scared /christian/.

8fe3d6  No.740462

File: 8efd4aef8072a19⋯.jpg (9.28 KB, 276x183, 92:61, cross.jpg)


>wearing a cross, but when I get too horny I just take off my cross and jack it

In the same boat here. Afterwards it seems completely ridiculous - that I literally, literally, put down the cross I was carrying so that I could go and sin. Thinking about it like that I'm absolutely stunned that I actually did it, when at the time it seemed so simple.

2eaa44  No.740475

File: a3259c258c0a80b⋯.jpg (32.66 KB, 720x706, 360:353, a32.jpg)


I failed nofap again! Please pray for me brothers I can't resist a certain two genre's of porn.

651126  No.740498

I just did it man, I watched ANOTHER episode of Maya the Bee, I can feel the flames of hell already, but I refuse to go down alone:


2eaa44  No.740578


And the problem? It just looks like some foreign kids show dubbed in english.

a1553e  No.740606


Watch out for those demons fam. Pray the our father when you get bad thoughts.

21f51c  No.741245

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA Im so disappointed with myself right now

I just moved to a new room and I had to move some porn I had, I ended up throwing it out but not before I jarked off

God please forgive me, I wanted to stay clean untill the end of the advent, I even bought a cross and glued the lock around my neck…

f0c71d  No.741247

Help bros, I've just recently became aware of the problems of porn, my will was broken and I must regain it.

Been around a couple of weeks without porn, but sometimes I succumb to masturbation, I don't even feel like it anymore but I just do because I can barely sleep and get relief. (as I just did today)

Been feeling pretty bad lately, feelings of grief after gf broke up with me, feeling bad with myself from straying so far from my life's purpose, and suffering within for having too much idle time and meddling with these feelings.

Have any of you passed through porn withdraw can share your experience and tempt me with whats behind it?

b0adb0  No.741290

I don’t even care anymore. Can’t stop with the futa. I haven’t had sex in 3 years and I’ve given up on women, all I want is to jack off and go to sleep. I just want to sleep. Why don’t I care if God forgives me anymore? Did I die inside?

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