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File: 6551fde33670992⋯.jpg (97.84 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 7706d710a28e1903e239b3a2e6….jpg)

c038c2 No.405648

27 You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ 28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Matthew 5:27-28

19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 1 Corinthians 6:19

8 Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. Galatians 6:8

Post your NoFap successes/woes/prayer requests/ etc.

78d736 No.512561


You'd be surprised how bad it can get m8. I don't think the normal man is like that either, but it's certainly not outside of the realm of possibility.

e86287 No.512565


It sounds like you have a depression.

Do you go to church? If not, maybe you should start and seek fellowship. After all, if you are lonely it's easy to feel like nobody loves you or cares for you.

Remember Job, he suffered very much, and his faith also was tested, but if you trust in the Lord he WILL deliver to you, if not in this life, then you will be happy for an eternity in the afterlife.

I will pray for you, and please come back here again and tell us if you've improved

97ea36 No.512582



Girls are all lumps of flesh but the unitiated who dont know this should be quite lecherous and salivate to show their hormones are working

78d736 No.512602


Where's that verse about bad trees only bearing bad fruit? You're going to have to do away with that pride eventually.


And how about that verse about falling short in the face of God? The only thing you really have to show that would have any ultimate value would be faith in God.

I understand what you're saying in that you should treat yourself as a monster, but you shouldn't feed that monster. You can't do away with it either.


I'm going to need you to elaborate on that.

97ea36 No.512627


You see girls as girls so it would be heathy to like them with desperate desire since you see them as girls.

ONCE You start seeing them as lumps of flesh you musnt feel attracted to them.

fa2d92 No.512703

Lost, gonna try again

78d736 No.512706


I see what you're saying. In lustfully pursuing girls, they lose all the qualities that come with them being people. In that sense they become lumps of flesh. We are called to be together, but in the Word, not in flesh.


Remember just who you shame by giving in.

97ea36 No.512713


wut, no no, I was saying them as lumps of flesh prevents lust in the first place …because you see them as organs and nasty stuff.

I dont hate grills as person tho, I just stopped liking their bodies.

78d736 No.512724


I think we just have different temperaments. Just seeing girls as "organs and nasty stuff" would rev me up.

ab90cd No.513109


You're not hurting God, you're DISOBEYING him, willfully. Just join a boxing gym and direct your energy to that, your lifestyle allows for a masturbatory habit, it's been catered to that. Live a new way. Join a boxing gym.

ab90cd No.513116


Dude just join a boxing gym, I couldn't imagine quitting easily if you don't have a show of strength and development somewhere else.

ab90cd No.513118


Sow other seeds! Cast your will to greater things!

ab90cd No.513119


I """fell""".

ab90cd No.513121


You're unstoppable! Lust is behind you! You sow greater things now! Join a boxing gym!

363fff No.513168

File: fa92278ac3e77a4⋯.jpg (44.55 KB, 648x595, 648:595, d61 (1).jpg)

100 day in 3 day. Wow.

c1d5a0 No.513358

>cant fap or watch porn due to medical problems


34bc9c No.513426

Days 1-3: hellish withdrawals, felt like my body was twisting up inside

Week 2: very tired and irritated

When does it get maintainable lads

76eaa3 No.513429


never. once an addict, always an addict. you will always be fighting.

34bc9c No.513430


well then their personalities get me hard

34bc9c No.513431

File: bb3e71f8e4d8b71⋯.jpg (16.6 KB, 228x221, 228:221, IMG_5914.JPG)

f02f9b No.513440

File: 49ace57b51da14e⋯.jpg (47.83 KB, 400x525, 16:21, maria-goretti.jpg)

I've been free of masturbation for slightly over two years now. I had a very sudden reversion to the Faith and since then have not masturbated even once, thanks be to God. Even before I reverted and had no moral issue with self-abuse it still always felt wrong and disgusting, but I did it anyway. When Is stopped I didn't think I would be able to go longer than a few weeks, and the first three months were really bad, but eventually the urge slowly dies down quite a lot, and even though I've struggled with other aspects of chastity (porn, lustful thoughts, going too far with girls etc) I've been able to totally eliminate this sin from my life.

If I could offer any advice it would be to completely remove yourself from the internet for twenty-thirty minutes if you feel a strong urge to look at anything impure or stumble across it. Furthermore I highly suggest placing icons near your computer screen that you can see whilst browsing. After placing a small icon of the Virgin my grandma gave me as a birthday gift above my desk in front of my computer I never again went looking for impure content on that computer, it works very well.

I also suggest developing a devotion to a specific saint or saints for the purposes of chastity, aside from the Holy Mother, I frequently pray for the intercession of St.Joseph and St.Maria Goretti for purity. I wrote a short prayer to St.Maria Goretti that I recite every time I feel temptation; "St.Maria Goretti, holy virgin martyr of purity, you gave away your life for the virtue of chastity, pray for me that I may be chaste, in my thoughts, in my words, and in my actions. Amen". I recite that every time I feel temptation until it goes away and it works very well for me. God bless, I wish you all success brothers.

2eabd8 No.513463

File: 5a1ff516f5dd228⋯.jpeg (183.16 KB, 1200x525, 16:7, bb3e71f8e4d8b7107dc6e1902….jpeg)



>never. once an addict, always an addict. you will always be fighting.


This is not true. The reboot phase lasts at least 90-days, usually much longer. After you have successfully rebooted your brain, you will return to normalcy and you won't have those withdrawal symptoms again. You only need to do this once, but you need to do it correctly. Read all about it here: https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/reboot_your_brain

t. been porn and masturbation free for several years now

25d286 No.513521


When you get a wife.

For those of us who won't idk. At least He understands.

ce2cc7 No.513555

File: 31c26d9f42e844a⋯.jpg (63.53 KB, 564x518, 282:259, 1418650782343.jpg)

I failed, 2 weeks down the train again, masturbated 3 times in the past 5 hours. the most I've ever gone was 3 weeks.

How? How do I stop myself from relapsing? I feel awful and unworthy of bearing the title of "christian". How do I rid myself of this awful shit once and for all?

e0d362 No.513556

>>513555 (checked)

Pray for forgiveness, get up, and try again. Although secular/just for fun, NoFapSeptember starts tomorrow so you might wish to join in the fun on various forums as the springboard to bounce yourself off this hole. Do not sign up for "Hard Mode" though, though hard mode in normal NoFap cases mean no sex at all. In some places, "Hard Mode" mean you are up for a group of users sending you "personalised temptations" on the daily basis. So avoid that.

8b14a4 No.513666


>"Hard Mode" mean you are up for a group of users sending you "personalised temptations" on the daily basis

fucking redditors. literal cretin scum

f0eef4 No.513675


that pic makes no sense.

d37cf2 No.513775

God forgive me. Been free for six months. Messed up last week. Going to give it another go. Please pray for me.

e9caa4 No.513776


someone edit the last one to say your brain on diapers

a9a366 No.513876

File: 43f98475399ddb7⋯.jpg (89.05 KB, 1075x693, 1075:693, 43f98475399ddb72625cd65b9e….jpg)

We have invented a new method for the prevention of nigthly horror;of wet dreams.

Science shows us that without heat,or pressure, no durable erection is possible. Hence, when the crotch is left exposed to the cold air,and the belly left hanging on the air, Without support;Who shall dare say,now, that erections,and,even more!: a wet dream is possible.

They lie!! This method is efficient. No matter what,with the body hanging like this, ejeculation just is not possible.

I tried every other method and they all failed;I tried them all together, and to no avail. Science teaches us how the body works. if you keep the belly/navel part of your body hanging in the air, all will be fine.

Feel free to add some cold metal surface below the back,just in case!

97be7f No.513881


wouldn't "wet dreams" be looked over by God, since it isn't voluntary and you have no control over it?

a9a366 No.513882


>you have no control over it

(citation needed)

620b20 No.513902


rip your back

531b70 No.513915


>sounds like a good way to develop pregnancy fetish

living proof here, Hi!

a07df6 No.513987

>In temptations against chastity, the spiritual masters advise us, not so much to contend with the bad thought, as to turn the mind to some spiritual, or, at least, indifferent object. It is useful to combat other bad thoughts face to face, but not thoughts of impurity.

Useful advice from St. Alphonsus Liguori

8b14a4 No.515947


a9a366 No.516001

Semen was believed to originate in the head, and “by expelling their semen, living creatures did not just evacuate a surplus fluid, they deprived themselves of elements that were valuable for their own existence” (Foucault 1990: 130). The ancient belief, promoted by doctors, that semen was in the white eyeballs and bones meant that excessive ejaculation leads to blindness and a weak spine. Wet dreams specifically could even cause death, or worse, emasculation. Holiday and Hassard (2001: 6): “Since women are already cast as having uncontrollable bodies, this allows for a degree of flexibility in embodiment; on the other hand, the controlled bodies of men prohibit any slippage.” With nocturnal emissions the male body becomes disobedient (Plato calls the genitals in general “disobedient”), which was particularly disturbing for medieval Christian monks and theologians. Medical authorities, such as the eleventh-century author Constantine the African, explicitly link frequent nocturnal emissions with a colder, moister, weaker, more feminized seed



we all have ceased fapping, now the next,true task is fighting wet dreams.

warriors never sleep!

12d9fa No.516156

I have to confess brothers. I'm new to this, fapping was never a huge issue, but my wife couldn't make it to mass with me today(work reasons)and I saw a very cute girl in church and the thought of her haunted me to an insane degree, and I gave in despite not really wanting to. I was surprised by the strength of the desire and ashamed because of the venue.

12d9fa No.516157


*venue of the attraction obviously, feeling lustful thoughts in a place of God

e0f8cd No.516210

I found this on /improve/, don't know if it's been posted here yet, but it's definitely worth reposting.


Quitting can AND SHOULD be easy, painless and pleasant, with no gimmicks or strings attached. Read this book to find out how, I'm not kidding. The guy writes like an autist but what he's saying really works.

YOU can be free TODAY. Just read this book and you'll see what I mean.


Please stop spreading this "wet dreams are bad" meme. When your body does something without your consent, that's humbling and a little humorous. It's not something to feel shame or guilt about. Just take the chance to laugh at yourself and be grateful to God for raising such a weird and funny animal as you are to a supernatural destiny of eternal life with him

58f8a5 No.516238


What doesn't make sense?

Porn turns your green and orange brain to a violet-blue brain with a lot of holes in it.

This is highschool biology.

eeb356 No.516270

File: 470f8ce4f20333f⋯.jpg (50.6 KB, 278x251, 278:251, IMG_0938.JPG)

>Struggling with nofap for a while

>This time, still smooth sailing, so far so good

>Saw a bit of lewdness in the way today

>Not much lewd thoughts happening, just some rocky waves in the way

>Remembered that I have to fix the chair

>Bought superglue

>Begin fixing chair

>Superglue tube suddenly exploded in my hand, got them on hands and floor


>Got myself together and started to sort this mess out

>Fingers stuck with glue, have to be careful for a while

Talk about tough love and intervention. I hope that next time if I accidentally saw a lewd thing or something and got some unwanted thoughts stronger than this time, there will not be an earthquake or something.

acb68b No.516273


>worried about lewdness

>posts anime

eeb356 No.516274

File: 4d848a617a0eb1e⋯.jpg (21.46 KB, 285x180, 19:12, IMG_0387.JPG)


>Just randomly posting appropriate reaction image

>"posts anime"


5ece1f No.516357

I asked earlier but think my comment didn't send, does anyone have the link to the youtube channel of that American lad who does nofap/Christianty videos?

a9a366 No.516365

File: cb22068b8f0521b⋯.jpg (100.09 KB, 814x512, 407:256, s.jpg)

File: caa7f97f963da02⋯.jpg (131.2 KB, 728x1042, 364:521, man up.jpg)


do you want to grow old and die?

then,go ahead!have a wet dream!!

055675 No.516480

How do i stop relapsing?

acb68b No.516501


cut off your genitals

9cc606 No.516509


Focus on other things. Sex is one of the few things that will go through your mind that you cannot defeat with pure willpower. Read your Bible, go pray, memorize and meditate on select passages, sacrifice some time serving, etc. If you are spiritually weak and lack the rigor to spend all your free time seeking His kingdom (like me), fit in time for some fiction reading, some edifying films/music/art, exercise, going for a walk, socializing (with decent people), or just sitting under a tree. Don't let yourself linger on sex. It will make you dull-eyed and paralyzed in front of women you like.

05ed4d No.516542


“For a dream cometh through the multitude of business; and a fool's voice is known by multitude of words.” Ecclesiastes 5:3

Speaking from personal experience, I have only had wet dreams when I edged or had some form of masturbation. Read your Bible, pray for good sleep, and live right has been my plan, and it has worked so far.

896e63 No.516587


Brohoshaphat is his channel

a625a1 No.517060

File: 9de11d5e8ddc328⋯.jpg (135.71 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, IMG_0133.JPG)

D-does touching yourself, then realizing what your doing count as masturbation? A-at least I got the Eucharist in a state of grace this morning

a625a1 No.517061


*and then stopping, sorry bout that

896e63 No.517070



CCC 2352: By masturbation is to be understood the deliberate stimulation of the genital organs in order to derive sexual pleasure.

Since it wasn't done consciously/intentionally, no.

a9a366 No.518829

File: 843e88c5c23ee90⋯.jpg (80.44 KB, 600x984, 25:41, boxer-resting1.jpg)

>In Greek and Roman medical practice, the uncontrolled dispersing of semen was thought to weaken men, and was particularly thought to affect the quality of the masculine voice. In ancient Rome, this form of non-surgical infibulation might thus be used by singers as a regimen for preserving the voice

you're welcome tho


5433d3 No.519044

It's getting rough again, please pray for me.

54e4f0 No.519047


>Please stop spreading this "wet dreams are bad" meme.

This is your brain on Protestantism.

9a0532 No.519077

Day 0

a625a1 No.519106



I'll pray for you, stay strong.

5433d3 No.519685


In all honesty wet dreams aren't that bad as in "It's a sin".

While it might cause scandal it's not something you can stop.

a9a366 No.519753


>it's not something you can stop

in the 19th century united statians developed a wide array of devices which indeed did stop them.

a7d846 No.519760


I hope to get a wife I can fap into.

16840b No.519865

File: 798c5505901a4ac⋯.jpg (33.05 KB, 625x352, 625:352, 798c5505901a4ac0f5ee555e3c….jpg)

I got rejected by my oneitis who goes to my church and, in a hopeless state, jerked off last night. Pray for me brothers.

5433d3 No.520630


Bloody hell you spiked my curiosity.

Gib source.


I'll pray for you alright, but pray for me against temptations too please.

0250c7 No.520636


there very serious downsides to not masturbating like increased risk of prostate cancer, night time ejaculation, and pain. why would god design our bodies like that.

8b14a4 No.520672


where are the facts

896e63 No.520675


t. Dr. Goldbergsteinwitz

da194d No.520678

File: bc4bc6225867a96⋯.png (85.47 KB, 1269x213, 423:71, nomorefap.PNG)


'capped, I'm keeping this post around to keep me going.

93fa4b No.520686

File: 58d912144060d0f⋯.jpg (93.04 KB, 1300x1257, 1300:1257, vomiting-man-silhouette-re….jpg)


f634b1 No.520712


Sometimes I'm glad the few porn posters who attack the board have such disgusting taste

0250c7 No.520748



i didn't post the porn. it is just this http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1046/j.1464-410X.2003.04319.x/full

i am just worried about my health and well being.i am sorry if i came off as a shill, sex only belongs in the marriage bed for strengthening union between husband and wife and for the purpose of procreation but i am not sure about masturbation due to health concerns if you have any counter data please show me

55c307 No.520752


Scratching your nuts isn't a sin anon.. unless you start touching someone else's food.

0250c7 No.520772


stop posting porn please. i am the guy who posted maybe masturbation is ok for healthy reasons but you need to respect people's decisions and perhaps they are right that masturbation is immoral

08bc8c No.520819


> you need to respect people's decisions and perhaps they are right that masturbation is immoral

Not just that, looking at porn is pretty obviously a sin because you are lusting after someone. Even if you believe in Sola Scripture and think masturbation without fantasy isn't explicitly mentioned in the Bible, lusting after people definitely is.

f11b8d No.520842

>have set up my router to block media.8ch.net as part of my nofap regiment

Nice try Satan

0250c7 No.520860


yes you are correct

3f3845 No.520887

File: d8ca3de791ca18a⋯.jpg (19.82 KB, 582x329, 582:329, 1460180211079.jpg)

>broke yesterday

>about to climax

>get up out of chair so I don't shoot all over myself/computer

>stub toe while getting up

>all the pleasure of orgasm negated by the pain

I really hope I can break this habit. It feels like I've been fighting an uphill battle for so long now. I've refrained from communion for what feels like ages, and every time I go to confession, I end up breaking shortly afterward.

I really wish this evil wasn't so deeply rooted in me.

610299 No.520899


Good, now imagine stubbing your toe every time you try to mortally sin. This is God's way of telling you to stop this habit. You need to identify your triggers and get rid of them, promptly.

5433d3 No.520900


>increased risk of prostate cancer

Research is inconclusive on this and even shows a slight bias towards the very opposite (masturbation increases risk of prostate cancer).

Only in the elderly it MIGHT be decreasing this, but definitely not for people under 65yo.

>night time ejaculation

Nobody has ever died from this.

It is, together with recycling, the body's natural way of processing semen.


Nigga please, unless you were a chronic 5x/week masturbator this is nothing.

I had a slight pain once or twice and it wasn't shit.

0250c7 No.520916


what about the research paper i cited

2aaac7 No.520924


pray for being liberated every day

fff5ac No.520932

File: de0a63065c11c4d⋯.jpg (12.02 KB, 183x255, 61:85, christchan rejoice.jpg)

After spending a weekend fapping a lot last night I told God I was done with this. I know I will fail again, but I prayed that my Yes's will be Yes's and my No's will be No's.

I then deleted my porn folder. Which was something like 33% of my hard drive. It didn't go into my trash, it was deleted all the way because the trash couldn't hold it. I've lost a bunch of hypno's, videos I've collected from years over. Some which you can't find without risking viruses if you want the full video. I know I won't miss most of them. The only ones that I wish I still had were the 3 that had really oiled up girls working out and just showing off their really beautiful bodys. This too will pass though.

I don't think I'm through the ringer yet, but I hope that this helps encourage anyone else that has a large folder they should be deleting and are struggling. I started off small, deleting a phew that I hardly ever watched at first a few weeks ago. Just trying to make room on my hard drive I told myself. And then, today, or well, yesterday. I just whole sale deleted it. You can do it anon. You can do all things through him who gives you strength. Just let him work through you.

5654db No.520935


I did this same thing a few months back. Still get drawn into some late night internet wanderings but deleting what's on my HD has lessened the routine significantly. I know it won't be long until I'm completely free of this as the urges happen less and less over time

That was a huge step anon and really inspiring & encouraging for the rest of us. You'll be in my prayers- god bless!

2aaac7 No.520937


I have found this strategy useless, since at some time you relapse intensely due to deprivation.

Deleting your favorite porn is not appropriate, since the best thing you can do is to find your best porn videos boring. It is about turning it into a boring and mechanical activity, which it is.

The best, I think, is to build a small resistance day by day. Say no for a little time. As much as you can.

And of course, pushing away the temptation as much as possible and praying for its disappearance. Do not obsess about relapses.

34d91b No.520946


Don't give up, brother; I've been clean now for three month almost and I'm getting better. Not only my body is healing (my skin has less rashes and generally looks less scaly [I have a skin disease]0, but I'm getting happier with my life and even slowly learning to forgive myself.

34d91b No.520947


> why would god design our bodies like that.

to find a woman as soon as possible, have children and teach them the beauty of God.

162b53 No.521128

0 Days again. Though I am reaching more than a few days each time so I'm becoming less dependent on it.

Stress killed me. You can only deal with idiots for so long before stress kills you. Even sent a nasty email to one of them because I honestly was on the verge of a heart attack from how upset I was. *sigh*

I wish I could avoid things like that, but these people are encroaching on my own hobbies and forcing me to do them their way. When you protest you're just told that "Oh You don't like change, shut up anon", "You should enjoy the new way", "The old way was stupid and dated", "Your concerns are stupid".

I hate to use the word normies, but man, screw normies. I had my nerdy hobbies and now they keep ruining them and degrade them.

cd0631 No.521257

for all you tfw no gf lads, i think this article will help you


bd2b65 No.521605

File: 86094c8436da3dd⋯.jpg (111.18 KB, 700x720, 35:36, 86094c8436da3dd6ded213bed8….jpg)


That's a great article thanks!

But question. What happens when you pray for your future spouse but end up getting called to the religious or single life? I understand that it will help you grow closer to God but if you intended to pray for the well being of another does another random person still benefit or not?

fff5ac No.521617


What was in the webm? It's been deleted now and I'm really curious

35662d No.522111

>tfw car broke down and didn't go to Church past two sundays

>tfw lust demons attacking me more then I remember in a very long time atleast


a625a1 No.522162


I'll pray for you, anon!

532bdd No.522217

Please pray for me brothers, I just have in to temptation and ended my longest streak of 9 days.

One thing I also noticed, this having been my longest successful nofap period was an immense sense of pride in being able to abstain from the act. The longer I was able to resist the more pridefull I was becoming in my ability to resist.

Please pray that as a restart nofap I do not become pridefull in my actions, but remain in the knowledge that all things I am capable of come through the Lord, and that all glory and thanks go to Him, that it is not of my own doing but through Christ.

2aac27 No.522911

File: 290f7ad8e0b4208⋯.jpg (251.18 KB, 768x751, 768:751, 1315079450071.jpg)

relapsed two times just now after two weeks

39485e No.523122

File: fef52a753e17fee⋯.jpg (52.37 KB, 670x512, 335:256, 06369d33680c598d33c7cc86dc….jpg)

File: 9ae875ac4b91b4a⋯.png (3.91 MB, 2648x2728, 331:341, c4c5199bbbc86753cb93639e91….png)


Same happened to me yesterday. Just keep trying.

8f03fb No.523147

Broke a 24 day streak. Had some Jehovah's Witnesses stop by my house just then and it's got me thinking. I've been routinely dipping in and out of faith, partly by my desire to be and express intelligence - while at the same time the wisdom of Christ cuts through my earthly nature and soothes me greatly.

How do I manage being Christian with the (prideful) desire to do great things? I know humility is good, but so are actions that make the world a better place. I love technology and what it can do, how do I embrace it without falling to hubris?

8f03fb No.523148

Broke a 24 day streak. Had some Jehovah's Witnesses stop by my house just then and it's got me thinking. I've been routinely dipping in and out of faith, partly by my desire to be and express intelligence - while at the same time the wisdom of Christ cuts through my earthly nature and soothes me greatly.

8f03fb No.523150

Broke a 24 day streak. Had some Jehovah's Witnesses stop by my house just then and it's got me thinking. I've been routinely dipping in and out of faith, partly by my desire to be and express intelligence - while at the same time the wisdom of Christ cuts through my earthly nature and soothes me greatly.

How do I manage being Christian with the (prideful) desire to do great things? I know humility is good, but so are actions that make the world a better place. I love technology and what it can do, how do I embrace it without falling to hubris?

8f03fb No.523254

Broke a 24 day streak. Had some Jehovah's Witnesses stop by my house just then and it's got me thinking. I've been routinely dipping in and out of faith, partly by my desire to be and express intelligence - while at the same time the wisdom of Christ cuts through my earthly nature and soothes me greatly.

How do I manage being Christian with the (prideful) desire to do great things? I know humility is good, but so are actions that make the world a better place. I love technology and what it can do, how do I embrace it without falling to hubris?

f84f3b No.523268


Just direct that ambition toward God's kingdom. It is good and righteous to want to do great things for God.

680f16 No.523527


Was fasting once for 3 days, after that for 5 and then finally for 5 days again. Tomorrow I will start another 3 day fast. My goal is it to fast for 40 days and cleanse my body completely. Just a tip: If you managed to defeat the hunger of the first 3 days, the days after will be much easier. You won't feel hungry and you will feel more energetic. But beware brushing your teeth. Your mouth will bloody stink of the released toxins stored in your fat reserves. Also don't start taking vitamin pills, your body will only rely on them and start using your organs for nutrients, which is starving not fasting. Only water, no cheating, praying and you're good to go. Good luck.

(Also don't trust any farts, they may be shits on the 2nd to 5th day). And always drink or you'll kill yourself.

ea2aad No.525980

how do i stop mental masturbation?

>spend 10 seconds thinking about the act

>doesnt matter its already happened even though i never touched anything

8b14a4 No.525997

i used to jerk off 5 times a day for many, many years. now im a fuckin beast. stop cumming. anywho who says other wise is a jew, shill or jew shill

92dd8b No.526001

File: 598de9832ef05c3⋯.jpeg (83.04 KB, 640x606, 320:303, image.jpeg)

Been on and off for a couple weeks, but I'm ready to get back on track and stay there. Please pray for me as I for you.

c57cfe No.526006

File: 9901fa95e5332e9⋯.png (2.13 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, S2E16A_Lana_praying.png)

I dont fap anymore but I think I am becoming more and more evil. what to do? I think I am going to kill my family. I am tired of not being able to do what I wanted to do, i am to old to learn, I am to poor, I want to throw myself from the roof.

c57cfe No.526010


if you dont fap all the time you become worse at drawing every day it pases.

a9a366 No.526067

File: 4183ee58d70ef8b⋯.jpg (108.88 KB, 728x1109, 728:1109, Chapter_1.ba07-042.jpg)

day 337

8b14a4 No.526077


me on the left

efbb04 No.526465

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Maybe looking into the spiritual would be helpful for some.

>(2 Corinthians 4:18 KJV) While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

>(1 Corinthians 3:1 KJV) And I, brethren, could not speak unto you as unto spiritual, but as unto carnal, even as unto babes in Christ.

>(1 John 4:6 KJV) We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.

>(Hosea 4:6 KJV) My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

>(Ephesians 6:11 KJV) Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

>(Daniel 11:32 KJV) And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

>(John 4:24 KJV) God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

b8fd05 No.526483


Hey you probably shouldn't watch the loud house, the creator has a weird farting fetish he inserts into the show.

c6acad No.526511

File: bda2235a0cde335⋯.jpg (72.79 KB, 540x722, 270:361, how the fuck has the juice….jpg)

Welp I messed up, I fell into trap-shit again after a night of staying up whilst sick, I completely disregarded what God said and did what I want and felt empty afterwards.

The Lord is so great that me disobeying him once empties my soul and fills me dread and sorrow, it's each every time.

I was feeling better about myself before I relapsed, I believe I can go the extra mile and beyond this time.

day 1

410b97 No.526544

Day 1.

I'm joining you. Maybe if I tell someone, even though anonymously, about my failures, I'll have more strength to control myself.

307cca No.526545

Count me in.

Day uno.

b461de No.526584

Got bored yesterday night, fapped, JUSTED myself. Today I have done it a second time and then cut the onahole I have used into little cubes. Learned that the thing smells like Strawberry, by the way What kind of sick weirdo sniffs an onahole?

Day 1 starting right now.

5b971b No.526594

Masturbed today. Feel gross. Porn slips into my mind in my day-to-day life now. Makes me feel like a creep. If there were a stranger who shared my porn search history, I would feel repulsed by him. Need to take this more seriously. Will try harder to stop.

162b53 No.526596

Day 3. I started to fap, but stopped myself successfully. I've never done that before. I didn't look at any porn, I was just miserable in my bed.

I'm not now, and now that I stopped myself and got through being miserable, I think I can go the rest of the week without even tempting myself.

This is progress. I stopped myself. I've gained some self control today brothers.

8bc995 No.526601

File: 5862ed779975061⋯.jpg (519.46 KB, 972x1474, 486:737, 5862ed7799750614947793d7d1….jpg)

>Watched porn today for the first time in a week, so I still feel bad

>didn't fap

>haven't fapped in 20 days

Deo gratias!

Don't be disheartened brothers, it can be done!

Lord have mercy!

St Gemma Galgani, pray for us.

7446c9 No.526899

File: 5088e6653425a36⋯.jpg (23.17 KB, 480x472, 60:59, becb4077.jpg)

>be around a week into NoFap

>have a dream about watching porn

Pray for me anons

7adc94 No.526925


I get these sometimes, don't care about them

1a977d No.526948

Pray to god to stop masturbating people. Believe in his power. If you pray and believe in his grace he will bestow it upon you. He did to me.

Also just imagine the horror when the girl you wants to marry asks you if you masturbated and watched porn and you have to say "yes I did/still do even though I am a catholic and I know it offends god" and trust me she will ask and be so disgusted she may not want to marry you.

Now imagine the shame of that and that accountability when faced with god's judgment. When you realise how much you hurt him and how disappointed in you and how much you cut yourself off from him I guarantee you won't dare to so nonchalantly offend him again

2dff91 No.526956

Christians masturbating instead of doing anything worthwhile with their time has to be the Devils wet dream

307cca No.526964

Day two, pray for me.

6ced5e No.526998

Day two.

1a977d No.527001


Don't count the days. It makes it hardmode. You don't count everyday you go without sinning do you. You sin no more. Just put it all out of your mind. Forget about it. Make it not even a comprehensible option. It you count you will never move on and will just be controlled by sin

307cca No.527029


If I don't count, I fail near instantly.

I'll give this a try.

8b14a4 No.527048

counting how many days is prideful

just say everyday "i will not jerk off today because i love you Jesus"

8bc995 No.527053


A little on the nose.

St Philip Neri used to pray every day

>Lord, today watch over this servant of yours, Philip, because left to himself he will surely betray thee.

Just swap your name with St Philip's.

bd2b65 No.527054

File: 33559d372cf108d⋯.gif (467.89 KB, 350x263, 350:263, ZDYgoXq.gif)

30811b No.527212


Also don't come to this thread. Nofap thread just enforces a victim complex where it becomes normal to masturbate and you can relinquish responsibility by self pity and seeing that other people do it which then normalises it. God can see through your lies and fake contrition.

You must not dwell or think about it. You must put it out of your mind so that you forget about it. Satan wants you to fixate on it so it controls you.

a9a366 No.527272






a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements, the achievements of one's close associates, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired."

The main Hebrew root is gh [h'aG]; the most common term is gaon [/a"G], which occurs a total of twenty-three times. Included are the ideas of arrogance, cynical insensitivity to the needs of others, and presumption. Pride is both a disposition/attitude and a type of conduct.

A synonym gaba [H;b"G] means "to be high." While used in a variety of senses, the normal meaning is pride or arrogance, in particular "an inner attitude of pride," often linked with parts of the human body

8b14a4 No.527343


good idea

307cca No.527388

Day three.

I know I shouldn't be counting but having to be humiliated in front of fellow brothers if I were to fail seems to be keeping me on the straight and narrow.

8b14a4 No.527632


stop jerking off you fuck

9cc606 No.527640

FUCK. Why is there no flag option for being a confirmed reprobate?

a288bb No.527641


If you're on this board, you're not a reprobate. A reprobate is someone who openly embraces and encourages their vice. You may have been a reprobate but not anymore. You're just trying to break an addiction to your own mindful sins. Keep off your hand off your wiener and your bible on your desk to remind yourself of what you're trying to be.

f634b1 No.527655

File: ca47604ee29a2d1⋯.jpg (6.15 KB, 113x141, 113:141, IMG_1903.JPG)


> You may have been a reprobate but not anymore

307cca No.527664


That's not how reprobation works

82d1d8 No.527776

>Managed not to wank for 4 or 5 days, finally felt a bit of clarity and cleanliness again like I did during Lent when I felt like I had a really good connection with God

>Threw it all away by masturbating twice to some absolutely depraved garbage today

I feel like a disgusting let down but it's back on the wagon

6ced5e No.527777

I failed. Day one.

896e63 No.527801



7a0816 No.527802

File: 154dc78369d4942⋯.gif (270.98 KB, 350x231, 50:33, CHECKED.gif)

6ced5e No.527803


Didn't even notice I got these sweet quarts. Is it superstitious to take it as a sign?

fa3750 No.527806

File: 438fe2aeb7326d1⋯.jpg (28.82 KB, 480x337, 480:337, 1463277037330.jpg)

>"the best way to increase desire is deprivation"

i dont think this will work

848d08 No.528001

its only been 14 days now, but here's my two cents:

1. cold showers

2. your lifestyle is the true test of faith, live a life that does not make you prone to degeneracy; be productive etc.

3. women are not an obstacle, they're are god's children as well, ideally a part of a self-perpetuating mechanism of motivating force and faith in god

4. rewrite the code of your urges, keep a log of your urges. wanting to masturbate might simply mean a new entry to the log

5. do not set yourselves limits, remember that its changing your life that you vowed to do. its not about a mere X day abstinence

9ba47f No.528124

>The one who is able to accept this, let him accept it

i’m gonna cry lads

b59798 No.528169

File: 0365e46bfe0cdaf⋯.jpg (471.29 KB, 1525x2000, 61:80, jeromerock.jpg)

I harm myself after reaping from the flesh. Every time I touch myself and give myself over to the devil, out of instant regret I douse my hands with scalding hot water. I do it to punish myself. I do it to remember that the pain would be far worse in hell. I try it as a deterrent and whether or not it works, I'm not sure; I've only done it twice so far between ~6 day streaks.

Am I doing something wrong, lads?

Help :(

78d143 No.528172


suppression does not work in the long-term, the desire will manifest as side-effects, personality defects, pride, shame, resenting sexuality and the feminine.

you have to transmute the desire in the short-term, and find a girlfriend asap, and eventually marry her.

803545 No.528175


Yes self harm is sinful. Don't do it. Also why would you wait until after you complete the sin to punish? Punishment is more logical at the temptation. Sounds like a masochistic victim complex reward more than punishment.

do you punish yourself when you do other kinds of sin? Stop obsessing over masturbation and you'll stop masturbating. You have to not let it get a grip in any way on your life.

Just stop it because it offends god gravely.

896e63 No.528336

File: f53aa6d7c822265⋯.jpg (56.19 KB, 636x960, 53:80, 1492735125584.jpg)


>Yes self harm is sinful

Mortification of the flesh is not sinful and was practiced by a lot of saints…

b59798 No.528364


>why would you wait until after you complete the sin to punish? Punishment is more logical at the temptation.

Because the temptation is too strong, lad

3ecdde No.528370


sperm dies, you know? Nocturnal emissions are necessary to expel the dead sperm and make way for the new.

d8db85 No.528383


I made it to 90 days over the summer and then relapsed. Made it another 30 days then relapsed. Since then I can't seem to last more than a few days before relapsing. Fug. Can't believe I was so close and threw it all away.

803545 No.528386


No it isn't, you would just rather sin than resist

e72f75 No.528545


Same thing but with cockroaches what the hell is going on Anon's?

3b2fec No.528554


I noticed when I stopped masturbating that I had more time to think on my other sins rather than just that one. Maybe you are just noticing these sins of yours more now?

69ad97 No.528556

when the time finally arrives I’m gonna have Huge Cums

b55362 No.528575

I have been immensely helped by reading these passages every night:

Sirach 21:1-2

Have you sinned my child? do so no more, but ask forgiveness for your past sins.

Flee from sin as from a snake; its teeth are lion's teeth, and can destroy human lives.

Sirach 18:30-31

Do not follow your base desires, but restrain your appetites. If you allow your sould to take pleasure in base desire, it will make you the laughingstock of your enemies.

b55362 No.528580


I just now realized I was reading from the Apocrypha. Whoops.

8bc995 No.528581



Begome Gadolig :DDDD

a9a366 No.528653


>not doing it BEFORE the fap so you can't fap due to the pain

Yes, you did it in the wrong order so it doesnt work. but it might help.

t.Pavlov and Skinner

b919f6 No.529319

File: 50a1e2b23460c3d⋯.png (269.9 KB, 552x245, 552:245, 50a1e2b23460c3dc1823696a25….png)


I was saving it for marriage when i first started, but every 2 or 3 weeks I get a wet dream and it's all gone.

562527 No.529366


I thought it was only required once a year.

57261f No.529397


That comic needs to include "Reading the Bible" but good comic otherwise.

6ced5e No.529433

Day 4. Everything is fine so far. I've also started going to the gym and sleeping at least 8 hours a night. My nofap is in easy mode tho, because I'm fornicating with my GF a couple times a week.

01213b No.529444

File: a74d1829054c270⋯.jpg (912.42 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 50a1e2b23460c3dc1823696a25….jpg)


>My nofap is in easy mode tho, because I'm fornicating with my GF a couple times a week.

6ced5e No.529522


We're almost married, it's just a matter of time and formality.

b919f6 No.529538

File: 8745493bff055ca⋯.png (919.99 KB, 680x486, 340:243, 8745493bff055ca65259f73409….png)


You don't actually need to read the bible. Jesus said we should follow the commandments of god and be charitable, not examine the scripture.

b919f6 No.529540


You should really wait for marriage dude, this isn't any different from a couple dating for a month and then having sex because in a few year they want to get married and it's just a matter of time and formality. I know you are almost married so why not wait for it? until you are one in the flesh before God?

8708fa No.529541



8b14a4 No.529543


hahaha you’re fucked dude

b919f6 No.529544


I mean you should read the Bible but not autistically memorize it like prots do.

b02282 No.529547

A few more hours and it's 4 days nofap for me!

6ced5e No.529583


I'm thinking along the same lines, honestly. I decided a couple hours ago that I'll tell her we need to wait. I'll see where that goes.

71ba3d No.529591


I read through that link. It's a solid prep from a secular perspective, I guess, most of it however is just fluff to try and get one in the right mindset. This is easier to do as a Christian, as the hunger to stop living in sin is even more readily there

Here's the important bits, though reducing it defeats the purpose of his autistic writing:

There may be a 3 week withdrawal of temptation, out of the regularity of the addiction and lack of regular dopamine surge. You have the capacity to ignore it. The cravings are entirely in your head. You do not benefit from it in any manner: any supposed relaxation or enjoyment or concentration or fun from porn is a lie. It is not there, in fact porn is stealing many good things from you rather than giving anything back, such is the nature of sin. You know this, you need to remember this.

Leaving this addiction by willing it away is a very difficult approach. There is a simple step to it that helps, and I would add to this list that you pray in addition to his list of tips.

71ba3d No.529596


Stop counting. This creates longing to return to it after a period of time.

Put it down, walk away, and remember: I don't need this. It does nothing for me. There are no benefits. It destroys my body and my soul, and offers nothing but lies to beacon me back. It will beacon you back, but just as God forgives and asks you sin no more, you must forgive your sins against your own flesh and turn back.

To quote that book in the post above:

> 1 Realize that you can achieve it. There is nothing different about you, and the only person who can make you PMO is you. Not that star, she would never in her dreams thought about herself being used for reducing a man’s virility.

> 2 There is absolutely nothing to give up. On the contrary, there are enormous positive gains to be made, I do not only mean you will be healthier and richer. I mean you will enjoy the good times more and be less miserable during the bad times.

> 3 Get it clear in your head that there is no such thing as a peek or visit. PMOing is a drug addiction and a chain reaction. By moaning about the odd PMO you will only be punishing yourself needlessly.

> 4 See the whole business of PMOing not as a ‘boys will be boys’ habit that might injure you. but as drug addiction. Face up to the fact that, whether you like it or not, YOU HAVE GOT THE DISEASE. It will not go away because you bury your head in the sand. Remember: like all crippling diseases, it not only lasts for life but gets worse and worse. The easiest time to cure it is now.

> 5 Separate the disease (i.e. the brain chemical addiction) from the frame of mind of being a PMOer or a non-PMOer. All PMOers, if given the opportunity to go back to the time before they became hooked, would jump at that opportunity. You have that opportunity today! Don't even think about it as 'giving up' PMOing.

Set it down, and go. Sin no more.

43e51c No.530221

>ctrl f "gay"

>1 result that isn't a confession

>ctrl f "furry"

>1 result

>ctrl f "trap"

>1 result

>generally no confession of any other fetishes

What the hell have you been talking about for 300 posts in a nofap thread?

43e51c No.530223


>inb4 these are my fetishes

Wrongo. But considering this is chan culture I would think there would be a lot of confessing of degeneracy in this thread. Do you expect me to believe all of you are just looking at glamour photos?

f4de55 No.530252

File: d8ca89fd00f160f⋯.gif (846.54 KB, 350x197, 350:197, dS1vREK.gif)


what does it matter? it's all sin. we've all accumulated our various fetishes the same way, and we'll all relinquish them the same way.

In other news I've joined a support group run by a church in my city that's for men and women and we go through the bible to see how we can learn about and how to overcome addiction.We then split off into men/women groups and talk through stuff. I also attended my first 12 step/sex addicts anonymous meeting this week. I'm still knee deep in sin but I'm getting there. I suggest anons try to see if there are any thing similar near them to attend.

6ced5e No.530256

On my fifth day I almost gave in to temptation, but stopped in time

532918 No.530269

File: a07bdb4e090344e⋯.png (317.48 KB, 665x1519, 95:217, 𝕟𝕚𝕔𝕖.png)

File: 76b4a479932b12a⋯.jpg (303.34 KB, 1262x1295, 1262:1295, me IRL.jpg)

a9a366 No.530274

File: 6ed9385d57959ba⋯.jpg (9.1 KB, 258x195, 86:65, str.jpg)


I DID proudly proclaim a femdom fetish but I lost it alongside day 270

532918 No.530277


>Am I doing something wrong, lads?

>Help :(

I think it's because you are giving provision to your flesh. I did it earlier too when I knew not too, and then I started having all types of weird disgusting thoughts and indulging myself. It's just gross.

I think the solution is to not purposefully put yourself in the position to watch porn or stimulate yourself, and to walk in the spirit and not the flesh. For me what's working is visualizing Lord Jesus in front of me with His arms open with me kneeling before Him next to His chest and staying in His grace, a kind of seal of protection.

He can extend a measure of protection around you that stops perverse thoughts coming to you. The more you turn from God and interact with the world, the more likely you are to forget or rationalize your flesh.

One thing I also started to think about was His statement that if we don't pick up our crosses and deny ourselves and follow Him then we aren't worthy. I kind of realized that by denying my flesh, that IS denying myself in a way, and following Him (to do the will of God) is a good thing.

Try to feel closer to God and feel peace in Him and grace in Him. If you could make your cross physical and carry it, I'm sure it would be much easier. As far as I'm concerned my cross is attached to my groin and it's a different kind of burden, still inconvenient.

ac9b73 No.530287


Looks like they flipped the brain around in the latter 2 images.

What exactly is supposed to be affected in the latter 2 images? Obviously a lot, but I'd like a link to a study.

ac9b73 No.530288


On a more constructive note, I'm 4 days sober. Hallelujah.

43e51c No.530302


It matters as much as anything. Its not like if you murder someone you're going to look at some other guy stealing packets of sweetener from a diner as equally guilty. I'm not saying its necessary for anyone to publicly confess here. I'm merely surprised by the apparent absence of confessions.

43e51c No.530304


>270 days of nofap

congratulations family

f4de55 No.530310


>you're going to look at at some other guy

Like I said, it doesn't matter what we see or think, only what God sees, which should be our penitent hearts

9569f3 No.530564

Honestly just think about this addiction as a demon trying to make you sin. That's what it is but really try to visualize it.

a9a366 No.530637

File: bd2adad83afc2bb⋯.jpg (20.73 KB, 728x408, 91:51, 1506539080001.jpg)


Now im on 330

ebe044 No.530652

are all BDSM fantasies sinful /christian/?

I have had femdom fantasies myself and want to get rid of them. But I am not sure if "normal" BDSM with the male as the master is accepted.

532918 No.530662


I admit I'm not really a holy Christian and overcoming flesh is relatively new for me. But I honestly don't see why fantasies are inherently bad.

Femdom is very attractive. What's so perverted about a sexually confident wife who caters to your fantasies? If it's healthy and brings 2 people together, how is it wrong?

I honestly don't think that sex should just be missionary in the dark with eyes closed.

ebe044 No.530666


I don't consider a sexually assertive woman femdom in the BDSM sense, that would include violence, humiliation and things of that sort that are pretty popular.

532918 No.530669


Ah, BDSM… personally that's not my taste. I can't judge people for their preferences, but I don't really see it as something Christian.

c418b5 No.530670

Is this the sissy thread? Why you don't use a cb3000?

feeff2 No.530671

File: 3ca15f705da0163⋯.jpg (246.3 KB, 3200x2400, 4:3, Address-a-Judge-in-Court-S….jpg)


off the top of my head, i would estimate yes, disregarding the "if you have to ask 'is x a sin?' then the answer will almost certainly be yes" (which seems to be a fairly good way to approach things that pose that question), you have to ask yourself why is this a fetish of mine or why do i want this or why do i seek this type of sex?

If it's because it's centered around you, your gratification (and in this case, likely your desire to exert power over your spouse) then I don't think it's a sexuality that fulfills it's purpose. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that there isn't a place for the man being the dominant partner, and that sex shouldn't necessarily be carnal, animalistic and sweaty, but it's all about context. Despite being a porn addicted, hooker sampling sex fiend (who's done the rough sex thing) I still long for a partner wife with whom I can make love to - mish has always been my ideal because of the intimacy it induces between two people.

My two cents is that if you have to move on (escalate) to kinkier stuff with your spouse in order to stay aroused/be satisfied after having done the "vanilla" (note: this does not refer to just gentle "love making") stuff over the years then that points to something wrong deeper in your relationship, and not your sex life. It's no different from porn addiction. It's a symptom of a deeper problem rather than the root cause of our misery. And anyway, sex isn't the be all and end all of relationships, contrary to what we're told by mainstream culture today. If sex life fizzles out, sure have a look into why and see if you can fix it, but when you're at the end of being middle aged it's not necessarily the end of the world.

Personally I think that there is a certain way in which we're supposed to get intimate with our partners, and if our desires cause us to want to cross a line that we know we may cross when we look deeply at ourselves in our hearts then we shouldn't follow through with those desires and if we do we're wrong to. If those desires lead to or mimic any kind of objectification (I don't mean being aroused by the physical nature of your spouse) or dehumanization of our partner then it's clearly wrong.

a9a366 No.530679


>Sexually confident

What does that even mean?

>caters to

Women exist merely for pocreation

532918 No.530686


>>Sexually confident

>What does that even mean?

Instead of being timid and submissive, a woman who can dominate a man if he so wishes it, I guess.

>women exist merely for procreation

Uhm try again sweetie.

a9a366 No.530693


No women can dominante a man, unless a man lets her.

Femdom is like WWE;it's all staged.

532918 No.530701


>unless a man lets her.

I know, "if he so wishes it"

995df6 No.531457


Can't find it on their website right now but if I remember correctly brain scans reveal that extensive use of pornography leads to the shrinking of certain areas of the brain, and I think leads to less gray matter in the brain or less connective activity in the brain or something like that.


The parts of your brain associated with concentration and the formation of memories, as well as self control.

6948ae No.531458


quality list, also Chopin is my dad

on another note I went like 6 or 7 months no fap as a 14 or 15 year old (in the peak of it) it was kind of crazy but it does get easier. then i started again later and its really not all that great

995df6 No.531459

Also I started at about this time last week, and I'd be lying if the passing away of Hugh Hefner, the man behind much of the modern world's problem with pornography, didn't motivate me to keep on the track, along with an ever growing interest in Christianity and Christs Message.

6ced5e No.531466

One week in, which is a record for me. No cravings so far.

8ed97f No.531512

File: 24478018c002828⋯.gif (263.7 KB, 538x302, 269:151, e21.gif)


>I have a similar thing but with flies

Is... this a coincidence?

d70908 No.531564

Been on nofap since june and it was going well so far. Until now. I don't know why but I've started to struggle recently and I get intrusive thoughts as of late.

I'm afraid I might fail soon.

50ce5f No.531676

One week. More like unintentional one week. Too busy with work and whatnot. The withdrawals are crazy. I'm having lucid dreams, and fantasizing over regular interactions with female classmates. This is just getting too unhealthy. I am taking vitamin supplements for fatigue issues, and I fear that L-arginine that I'm taking may be giving me more-than-usual sex drive. going to r/BDP for lulz is also making me feel like missing out and whatnot, leading me into more degenerate spiral.

This week has been stressful with careerfair, so I prayed a lot, for my anxiety, and divine help to get me hired (as my resume sucks). And now, I feel like it would be extremely hypocritical and sinful of me to just fap-away now that hard part is over… Will do some cardio/workout tmr to relieve some stress…

As much as hanging out with female gives you emotional intelligience, getting wrong signal and having carnal thoughts is just getting too much.

da194d No.531681


grip that rosary, anon, and ask for Mary's intercession. Always helps me!

also, another anon pointed out that wrapping the rosary around your wrist helps–just want to confirm that it does, and I highly recommend it.

f68862 No.531713

Nofap is making time with my girlfriend absolutely unbearable. She is too strong to let us sin but its got to the point where I almost dread spending time with her.

No wonder people married so quickly in the past!

5abc84 No.531770


Did you only start doing it recently? I think some people just have naturally higher testosterone levels.

601f2f No.531782

2 months was my longest :/

a9a366 No.533420

File: 66929666d6fe88e⋯.jpg (236.83 KB, 1200x863, 1200:863, onepunch-man-5179625.jpg)

DAY 334!

5433d3 No.534346


Beelzebub is on to you m8.

2c64ad No.534411

File: 07fc3e7475f8171⋯.png (90.16 KB, 500x385, 100:77, its-spongegar-001-1211-top….png)



this is the kind of shit I post.

835254 No.534418


Same. I think november 3rd will be one year.

ba3d21 No.534421

2 weeks now. i definitely plan to not fap ever again. Not super sold on Christian yet but I agree with this moral law.

47a5dc No.534807

Help, my brain is fucking awful and brings my degenerate inner thoughts when i dont fap. I really need to get rid of it, but when i dont fap my degeneracy comes out and poisons my mind.

What do I do. I have really degenerate fetishes. Masturbation is the way i have a clear mind. But its terrible effects and the fact that it is a sin really fucking bother me.

How do i get rid of fapping without poisoning my mind.


>Im eating 30% more than before.

You have severe stress anon,so you eat more to compensate for it. Seems you used masturbation as a way to get rid of it.

Try getting a good hobby. Something peaceful.

47a5dc No.534854


i tried to, didnt go away.

Longest i lasted was 10 days, then i went mad.

Thankfully school is here so i will have no time to fap.

So i might try that again.

but my sexual thoughts are really degenerate and terrible for me.

Borderline faggotry/femdom

I dont have those thoughts when i fap.

For one time i couldnt even be attracted to normal women, thankfully my fapping time cured that problem, so the fetishes are now a secondary thing. But they are still a major problem

a3ccef No.534858

Eh, whats the point I'll tell about my skeleton in the closet.

No, I dont masturbate… but I like art about succubi And have attraction with girls with bat wings, horns and fangs for a long time.


60ba33 No.534898


You might not be happy with that answer but for me the first few weeks were hardest, then at point of 3 months again, after that it's all good. Just pray when you have those thoughts. Or put a cross/painting with Mary next to your monitor.

If you have hardcore fetishes it's even more important to stop. It will be in your mind all the time if you won't stop looking at porn ;)

9a83c3 No.534901

File: 522e0479b26408d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 115.42 KB, 768x929, 768:929, image.jpg)


>And have attraction with girls with bat wings, horns and fangs

It could always be worse

a9a366 No.534908

File: d6d7bec0bca9dec⋯.jpg (21.21 KB, 350x350, 1:1, lum.jpg)


Art is supposed to induce arousal, horns and fangs serve an aesthetic porpouse so that's not worse than drooling over a venus de milo

6839d1 No.534912

File: 5b518198481f7ff⋯.jpeg (45.98 KB, 418x352, 19:16, BB31C033-46BE-44DA-974C-7….jpeg)


> Art is supposed to induce arousal

a85e09 No.534926

File: 4767a48a48126d1⋯.jpg (249.7 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, 543416.jpg)



a9a366 No.534938


>aesthetic pleasure isn't intrinsically erogenous

5433d3 No.534946

I failed after a month.

School starting again helped me greatly with nofap (you need to sleep early and you have less free time) but the amount of booty one sees nowadays in universities and colleges is absurd.

With each day I'm growing more sympathetic of the hijab.

Anyway off to day one again, pray for me guys.

4f05ba No.534952


I know this feel all too well. I try to stay occupied and not spend too much time alone, but it seems like temptations bombard me just as much outside as they do when I'm alone in my room.

1a6fe8 No.534953


>I can't control myself therefore I need to hide others

78a833 No.534974

Just get married, problem solved.

92dd8b No.535159

File: 22caf55ef4841b2⋯.jpeg (67.62 KB, 510x708, 85:118, image.jpeg)


Good luck everyone

0f38bd No.535167

File: 4af2973ef684b1d⋯.jpg (22.63 KB, 555x311, 555:311, tsurunen.jpg)

Has Marutei Tsurunen been mentioned already?

>Tsurunen was representing the democrats in the upper house of the Japanese parliament during they years 2002-2013 as its first Western-born member.

A fucking major achievement considering how doubtful the Japanese are against foreigners. Of course Finland is an exception of some sort, the older folk knows and appreciates Mannerheim and Finns.

Apparently a very conservative politician and that's exactly what japskies like.

9b52a7 No.535210

THREE WEEKS. the desire is just getting ever stronger, and lurking on 4chan and landing on occasional bait-trap nsfw material def doesnt help either. i have been having nasty imaginations about this girl in my class. It is getting ridiculous, both my sex drive, and the fact that im thinking of lewd things. Pray for me lads

896e63 No.535212

File: 78e2a05c073987e⋯.jpg (21.74 KB, 382x382, 1:1, zrgc3.jpg)


003612 No.535224

I feel unmasculine because it's so easy for me to keep nofap. I have lewd thoughts and lewd dreams and sometimes I uh let my mind stray, but I don't fap. This should be more of a struggle. Oh well, I'll become a monk.

5433d3 No.535260


>I can't control myself therefore I need to hide others

t. I've never been outside of my house

Girls start dressing themselves inappropriate from 14yo onward and they bodies are already well developed by then these days.

The only thing I see at my school is booty.

Like, nigga you wouldn't even understand.

Classmates? Booty

Class assistants? Booty

Classes with mutual courses? Booty

Random girls on campus? Booty

How can one possibly keep their mind clean and calm if all he sees is BOOTY.

I mean bloody hell m8 this assistant is curvy as heck and only wears tight skinny jeans and when she bends over to someone's desk its DAYUM NIGGA.

That ain't no ass anymore, that's an A$$, a real moneymaker.

If women don't want to dress modestly and stop showing off then hell yeah you can be sure I'm voting for the hijab to be mandatory.

At this point I'd need to stab out my bloody eyes to not see any booty whatsoever.

54f398 No.535261

File: c7dab0ade2b1d2d⋯.png (378.08 KB, 680x401, 680:401, Serenity on Overcoming Tem….png)

Back on this train. Nofap, noporn, and nogf if we can't stop living in sin.

c89349 No.535269


I'm with you, man. Just pray for us.

78a833 No.535274

File: 4d07455651c9740⋯.webm (2.99 MB, 640x360, 16:9, NO.webm)


Where do you find these webm girls?

78a833 No.535585

File: 041606559774c83⋯.webm (399.69 KB, 520x690, 52:69, treasured.webm)


Sauce me right now

78a833 No.535588


GIVE ME SAUCE I keep seeing these webms and never get sauce from anyone ever

38eaff No.535650


P funny but you shouldnt focus on that so much.

5433d3 No.536064


I don't want to but I'm not seeing anything else.

Seriously, all skinny jeans.

It's not even intentional anymore, it's just there.

a9a366 No.536071

File: ed07adb016381ff⋯.jpg (138.13 KB, 600x683, 600:683, 7086353589_5ea2ffa4dd_b.jpg)

342 DAYS



78a833 No.536075

File: cfcbbfc9a4ba206⋯.gif (3.64 MB, 309x313, 309:313, 1507294912039.gif)





78a833 No.536076


Become monk

a9a366 No.536077


monasteries are dumping grounds for the lustful.

it endangers the novies to put up with bad company

a3ccef No.536078


"bozo" means "you slut!" in my lang, btw

59f3a5 No.536081

File: 683c3fa78b1e04a⋯.jpg (49.92 KB, 750x500, 3:2, monkrockseraphim.jpg)

Glory to God. I'm over two weeks now, for the first time in maybe 15 years. I cut out all (borderline-)NSFW stuff out of my life. So far it's been easy. Much easier than my previous attempts that only lasted around 10 days. But this is only the beginning.

Some time ago I was browing /christian/ and I saw a picture that said "porn is the devil's iconography". That one sentence really had an immense impact. I failed one or two times after and felt absolutely disgusted, like I could feel a thousand angels' disappointment. Even while I was doing it (because the temptation was too strong), it gave me no short-lived joy at all for I knew how wrong it was.

This time I'm really committed. I hope I'll have the strength to keep this up. As long as I receive His help I'm convinced I'll succeed.

5433d3 No.536086


It's not about the fact that they wear pants and stuff.

It's the thing that they were tight skinny jeans fit for A$$es and other pretty sexy clothing.

Dresses would help with that however.


I do not have a vocation.

You can't just let every guy who's tempted on the streets nowadays become a monk.

50e5ff No.536095

ive noticed it was a lot easier for me to do no fap when i went vegan/stopped eating animal product. i dont know why, im a shy sensitive melancholic with skyhigh sexual urges

literally between 13 and 27 (my age) ive masturbated 3.5 times a day on average, and my life is in ruins and in shambles, etc etc

but i noticed when i went vegan nofap was super easy and i didnt really struggle. so if anyone is trying and failing over and over again, try changing your diet and seeing if itll help. i noticed once i was on day 5 of being a vegan no fap became entirely possible and fairly easy

5433d3 No.536104


I don't know why you need it but here's my crusader memes folder.


3b656b No.536126

After realizing the weight of all my sins and praying the rosary daily, I have not looked at porn and masturbated for a week now. I'm certain I'll be able to keep this up for along time. I'm praying for you guys, do the same for me.

76d829 No.536256


Dude definitely not only does vegan help you masturbate less its also a lot healthier for you than a regular meat diet so not only does it give u self control so you can please the lord but you also have higher energy and a clearer mind to serve the lord stay vegan my friend, BTW if you wanna stay vegan try to eat whole foods mostly and do some research on Dr McDougall, the China study and other vegan books. God bless you friend, and also remember that on top of all that good stuff you don't contribute to factory farming which is wicked and sinful and demonic as fuck what goes on in modern slaughterhouses. God bless.

bc4a2f No.536675

>try to masturbate as rarely as posdible

>extremely stressful things going on

>share room with a guy

>have masturbated twice invthe past two and a half weeks, once to porn

>accidentally see a porn image, sensation only grows stronger

>can't sleep, listen to podcasts until 6 am

>listen to some audio erotica, watch a tiny bit of vanilla

>soil myself in the bathroom, certain one of my friends heard me, might still be seed in there, can't go back and check

I hate being a sinner. I wish I was dead.

0c624c No.536801

File: 8ef0f6b42f90c6e⋯.jpg (148.79 KB, 411x468, 137:156, STOP.jpg)

I was highly addicted to porn and fapped 5-6 times a day to some of the worst fetishes you can imagine. I am beginning to beat this and come out of it now, though I have a long way to go. Here is what worked for me so far.

Listen to this each night before bed, at the same time if possible.


Tape a piece of A4 on to your wall and write the date on it. Then draw a small box. The next day if you didn't fap tick it and draw a new one, if you did put in a x and draw a new box. Also write a small number above or below the box that indicates the amount of times you relapsed. This way you can chart your progress over time and notice improvements. I think this way is much more optimistic.

Meditate using affirmations for five minutes (Or ten or even twenty if you can. Minimum of five, but whatever you are comfortable doing.) some time early in the morning. Just repeat in your head or out loud if you like phrases such as "I am porn-free", "I reject porn", "I find porn disgusting" etc the same with masturbation too. I didn't do this one day and later in the day I edged a little to porn and came very close to relapsing. I consider all of this stuff mandatory for my recovery.

I have also started walking every day, at least a mile which is only about 20 minutes, and lifting weights Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I also eat much better having managed to stop eating sweeties for almost a month now.

I believe "hard mode" is necessary. Saying "I'll use porn a bit" or "I'll just fap without porn" is no good. Orgasm is actually quite bad for you, and if you are having problems with porn then you are just making it harder for yourself each time you fap. You need to abstain from orgasm entirely for 90 days and possibly a lot more so these pathways in your brain can be starved out and the deltafosb in your brain can be gotten rid of. This is my understanding anyway. I belive it also takes two weeks for the prolactin released from any orgasm to go away too. Just google deltafosb and its role in addiction and the effect of prolactin.

A book to read is "Cupids Poisoned Arrow" which explores the disastrous effect that orgasm has on relationships too. If you are in a relationship, highly recommend it to you especially. It also offers another path "karezza" which is a type of sex, but without orgasm or lust, and yet more fulfilling due to the things that happen in the body when you do it.

When in doubt, always remember if all else fails, that Morality Man is watching you always.

8a0607 No.537140

8 days its been hard. In part cause i have fixated on sexual fabtasies when goinf to bed. This is still a mortsl sin, but I feel it is better than axtually acting.

I have an adult filter on my phone, I think that staying aeay from bait porn photos on 4chans pol has helped. 8chan is not blocked, which is funny, so I can still post here.

1c522d No.537229

Can someone pray for me? I need strength, and I'm kinda lazy and weak-willed sometimes.

76ab48 No.537236


I'll dedicate an intention to you tonight when I'll pray the rosary

848d08 No.537818

day 33

last two nights made me feel feverish

praying for my abstinent brothers

78a833 No.537834

I just want sauce on the YT girls. I'm curious as to what their YT channels are about and their beliefs, pls just give me a link >>536075

f84f3b No.537837


>Oct 9


9bb37a No.537915

File: 8a018023c93a811⋯.gif (239.87 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 1504965770949.gif)


>not reading the bible


a9a366 No.537930

File: 744dff561b996ca⋯.png (168.36 KB, 500x521, 500:521, most-people-rejected-his-m….png)




285dba No.537948

Cracking up at these webms. Glad a christian board still keeps a 4chan flavor.

cf610c No.538031


Has anyone here have been straight up successful without much difficulty?

92dd8b No.538039

File: acde8a0f86596a3⋯.png (563.16 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, image.png)

Broke again, felt terrible.

4cef67 No.538134


I'm at twenty days now without too much temptation. It becomes so much easier if you reshape your life so you don't come into contact with anything straight up NSFW. Our society teaches us to act on our impulses without much self-control. Porn has poisoned our minds into believing we should immediately gratify our body's sexual desires (which are NOT needs!). Therefore remove porn or any other thing that tempts you in any way whatsoever from your life and it will be so much easier.

34d91b No.538136



About 4 months in, tempted at times…but doing better.

4cef67 No.538138


When we fail, we learn. What made you fail? How were you enticed to sin? How can you get stronger and resist these urges? Ask yourself these questions and learn. Eventually you'll succeed!

Also read 1 Corinthians 6:12-20

5433d3 No.538140

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Dyed hair

>(((Messianic))) 'christian'

9cc606 No.538176








2ada79 No.538239

When i do fap, i don't pray as punishment to myself, because i think it's respectful to God, even though i'm fapping.

Do you think i should still talk to God on the days that i shamefully return to this problem?

0c624c No.538255





Who are they?

5d5742 No.538579

File: c9f253857a727f4⋯.jpg (76.67 KB, 540x720, 3:4, c9f253857a727f43d734f47f33….jpg)

I broke my NoFap streak about two weeks ago because I broke up with my GF. I'm gonna get back into NoFap tonight.

Pray for me, brothers; I'll be praying for you.

78a833 No.538803







Sauce pls. Pleasee!

78a833 No.538807



It cant be just one person finding these people and making webms

78a833 No.538808


Real talk, I dont get this, "pants"

46aac7 No.538898


Did you have sex with your gf?

46aac7 No.538900


On those days you should pray to God even more anon.

e0a81a No.538910

I was in a 300+ days NoFap, then I watch a porn video.

I just watched a pornographic video and ejaculated, without touching myself.

Does this count as fapping?

ba3586 No.538911


If you have to ask…

e0a81a No.538912




a9a366 No.538942


It does not.

However it is medically unhealthy that that happened.

5d5742 No.538975

File: 55d2bd2c8cf072b⋯.png (250.74 KB, 678x678, 1:1, 55d2bd2c8cf072b5095544caa3….png)

5b1fea No.538979

File: 21d5ab1f8716459⋯.png (199.56 KB, 600x451, 600:451, 1420774236279.png)


Why were you watching a porn video? That IS a pleasure of the flesh you know.

8b14a4 No.539002



same thing happened to me some time ago after about 2 weeks

21717b No.539504

>Get aroused by image I just barely saw, scoot out

>Finally go back and see one after I pass a few

>It becomes less arousing

What game are you playing at Satan

d573ad No.539506


Reminder to disable images on your browser from domains with anything even remotely tempting.

78a833 No.539579

It's almost biologically impossible to uphold a no-fap forever. You need a wife or some sort of release system in place or else your mind will just degrade to insanity.

Fapping every week day and night is bad, but fapping once a month or more is better.

I don't know how monks do it tbh, that's some supernatural willpower

a9a366 No.539584

File: ede497e40d371b3⋯.jpg (10.92 KB, 254x333, 254:333, kh.jpg)


Prevention of wet dreams is toally possible.

You just need a clean mind.

after a year it becomes normal and you don't even think about it.

gluttony is much harder to beat than lust TBQH

596a92 No.539595


> that's some supernatural willpower

Anon, don't you see? It's God that gives them the strength.

21717b No.539598


And even if he didn't, you would still try to be pure.

a9a366 No.539607


I haven't fapped.

does that men God has favoured me? I didnt get any dreams or visions.

sometimes I dream im a church tho.

f634b1 No.539619


Stop it with this defeatist, contradictory trash. You first claim nofap is almost biologically impossible, and then go on to talk about how men need wives. Well gee, the existence of women you can marry and have sex with sort of defies the absurd idea that we need to masturbate. Also the fact that various men successfully live chaste lives proves there’s nothing about abstainining that will drive you to insanity. If anything, I think that continuing to give in and fap despite knowing that it is wrong is much more likely to drive someone insane.

5433d3 No.539632


Right at you bro.


You watched a porn video, so yes.

Auto-ejaculation isn't something normal though.

Nothing medically to be concerned about, but do know it's highly unusual.


We're not meant to fap and it's not a physical necessity therefore it's biologically possible.

78a833 No.539658


>defies the absurd idea that we need to masturbate.

>Ignoring the fact that unmarried men exist and therefore fap

>fap despite knowing that it is wrong is much more likely to drive someone insane.

This is true, and it's wrong in many ways to ones life

78a833 No.539659


>We're not meant to fap


21717b No.539663

File: e776a59acc767e5⋯.jpg (59.54 KB, 341x386, 341:386, eternal.jpg)


The bible.

This isn't a biological thing. If following the bible will make us batshit insane we will do it, because God is right. Don't get me wrong, I was a scientific guy before I converted(And I still am, I wish Christians would stop using intelligent design arguments), but I have surrendered myself.

5433d3 No.539845


Because purely biologically speaking a living being needs to either use its strength to reproduce or secure the further existence of its species.

If anything fapping goes against this because it consumes energy, reduces the chance of one finding a mate (because of multiple factors) and spilling seed (it's known that frequent fappers have less semen per ejaculation in average).

If you also take the bible into this equation one gets a beautiful marriage of moral law and laws of nature.

c27e7c No.539907

File: 83f6a0e3cf19ad0⋯.png (515.98 KB, 1076x756, 269:189, dontreplytognostic.png)

I have been having romantic feeling recently and that threatening my nofap.

Gosh I wish I meant a nice women whom I could marry

a9a366 No.539975


you're feeling lust and thinking it's the same as romance.

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