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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 6551fde33670992⋯.jpg (97.84 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 7706d710a28e1903e239b3a2e6….jpg)

c038c2  No.405648

27 You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ 28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Matthew 5:27-28

19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 1 Corinthians 6:19

8 Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. Galatians 6:8

Post your Purity successes/woes/prayer requests/ etc.

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c8ec53  No.780727


I used to be this same way, the only two solutions I know of us to reaffirm the reality of the faith by something like adoration and to make sure you know every reason masturbation is condemned. Fasting will help raise your mind to God and you'll understand both of those things with more clarity.

f33965  No.780924

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

77ef18  No.781063


Patience and prayer

91726a  No.781092




It's the most extreme form of escapism possible and an elemental inversion of nature and one's view of humanity, literally equating men with animals, with a history rooted in alienation and fetish communities. If you think THIS is not sinful, you are not penitent. You are practically burning as we speak. Time is running out

c8ec53  No.781109


Sleep less and eat less and don't entertain sexual thoughts, eat more starch, don't hold in urine or bowel movements, and you'll be fine. It may very well be demonic (in the sense of daemon or spirit, not as in devil's or satan), I am a full believer in a race of beings that include succubi and incubi, but it may also be natural. These means can help you avoid it almost always.

a7702c  No.781150


Whats your point here?

8f74d8  No.781627


> don't hold in urine or bowel movements

What? How will this make any difference?

c8ec53  No.781629


It was in reply to someone plagued by wetdreams, not holding in urine or bowel movements relieves pressure from those areas which can often get rid of arousal and temptation.

371861  No.781631



libgen.io is basically the pirate bay for books/pdfs, if you're still looking.

35b1d7  No.781637

File: 1e3960d02cef061⋯.webm (1.93 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 111.webm)

>that feeling after you finish

91726a  No.781797

File: cc94509c0e35eb8⋯.png (21.28 KB, 672x944, 42:59, 1527812731183.png)

Alright. 6 days into my first ever month long attempt I failed quite miserably. I will now attempt and document my new log right here as someone who has never made it past a week before. Newly introduced measures will include avoiding all possible triggers intentionally, whereas once i was soft on this and often allowed myself edging, I will now consider it a relapse as is and start again should I have to. As well as keeping myself far more busy.

March 10th - April 9th.

Wish me luck and pray for a brother anons, I will most certainly do the same. Peace

5902e0  No.781985

File: 405e32d9ea3abd4⋯.jpeg (17.62 KB, 360x360, 1:1, endme.jpeg)

So I winnie the poohed up. I decided to make purity my Lenten commitment.

I though I had been doing rather well; I quit drinking, quit video-games, and quit over-eating. But in the midst of all the healthy shit I'm doing to myself and as my weight drops, I'm getting more and more virile, and it's been driving me winnie the pooh insane. So today I fell, but to tell the truth it hasn't gotten any better, in fact it's just slightly less painful, painful isn't really the right word, it's an itch, like a hair shirt, or like a horde of fire ants, or thorns. It was so painful I was considering talking to a doctor, but I know I don't have any sexually transmitted infection.

Please tell me that there's light at the end of the tunnel, and my flesh will cease to torment me and that if I can just make it through a certain amount of days it will be smoother sailing. I'm hoping this time to get through the next 41 days in the face of this adversity.

07a760  No.782012


You need to do something with that virile energy, there is light at the end of the tunnel but it requires work. Turn the energy towards something that raises you to God.

179adb  No.782028


From my experience it does go easier after certain moment, but temptation always comes back regularly.

ec4ad7  No.782046

>see pics of women

>start looking for more

>realize what I'm doing (thanks to God)


Victory in Jesus. Pray for me lads, I'm gonna make it

29528b  No.782074



e15f32  No.782149


I was so super conscious when doing it yesterday, it's like I watched my primitive, unconcious part of the brain be in charge while I was clicking on the pictures(on safebooru, lol) and that made me kinda disgusted with what I'm doing it because it's like I was possessed by it.

I'm still new to this thing, I'm still skeptical to say the least, but trying to be Christian did make me more woke in a way.

dac08f  No.782211

Made it two weeks. Glory to God, lads.

a7702c  No.782257


Glory to God in the highest, I'm around day ten, and I'm starting to get troubled intentions in my mind. My aim is to make it through lent, but today I'm feeling very demotivated and tired, I'm feeling is going to be hard and harder to make it through the end, how to get over this grim feeling of depression?

4f00d1  No.782329

File: 1d7b1b038d30c98⋯.jpg (4.36 MB, 4496x3104, 281:194, Michael Conquers Satan.jpg)

36 days of Nofap literally made me let Jesus Christ back into my heart. Since my brain didn't have its dopamine fix it tried to punish me by flooding me with thoughts of despair and death. It was only by praying to Christ for help that I realized that I could beat this.

Nofap has been the single most important thing I have ever done for myself because now I have the strength to battle my sins.

For all the Christanons struggling out there, be patient because the agony will and shall go away. Sexual energy isn't bad, but it must be converted into more productive means (such as exercise or going to Church). Remember that GOD is with you and he can help you but only if you ask for help.

dac08f  No.782515


>how to get over this grim feeling of depression?

Prayer, mate. It's all we have and all we need.

cda799  No.782546

Lift weight fags.

If your body is a dirty temple, how often do you think the Holy Spirit will visit?

0299fc  No.782665

I'm new to all of this and can't decide on denomination yet(but most probably will go for Russian Orthodox), so I didn't even knew the great lent started yesterday for the Orthodox, luckily I didn't fap yesterday and as such it's a great opportunity to practice purity.

be4669  No.782687


Know that as an inquirer lent isn't an absolute necessity and there isn't Russian Orthodox Church, there is the Orthodox Church or the Eastern Orthodox Church simply.

You should visit the Orthodox general friend.

9ddc90  No.782987

nofap, day 7

I was worried when I started this might cause swelling or pain in my prostate and I'd have to nut, but I don't feel any discomfort. The fantasies (of actual sex, I'm not that pathetic) are running on the back burner at all times, but this isn't really any different from me when I fapped 1+ times daily. In fact, I've found the craving hasn't gotten any strong during this week of privation, I feel the same as I would an hour or two after doing it. Maybe my libido is just always on at max power?

c8ec53  No.783045


Eat less meat and spice and do more mental and spiritual exercise to lower libido, listen to sacred chant to raise the soul generally to be able to do the other things mentioned easily.

be4669  No.783065

File: 8a3e36466e6b101⋯.jpg (75.49 KB, 670x677, 670:677, wO1OsDX.jpg)

Fellas I'm 5 months in or so now, maybe even more I don't count it.

Managed to get here after a year of failing consistently, max before used to be around 3 weeks.

I don't want to go back and I haven't, but yesterday almost half a year after not watching it, I binged on some truly vile material for about 20 minutes before going to sleep, no night emission surprisingly.

I'm sure the haunting images will fade away again if I don't repeat the binge but is there any way to get rid of them faster?

Before the binge I finally felt balanced and not controlled by carnal desires but now after the binge I almost feel like I'm back to step 1 even though I didn't fap it still feels psychologically a bit crushing.

Any advice on not repeating the binge and falling on my face after several months or on getting rid of the newfound images?

141820  No.783119


Pray, exercise, go outside. Be distracted from it. Keep busy. It will pass.

511e3e  No.783126


>Eat less meat

Not a chance, I'm staying paleo the rest of my life save special occasions, its the only diet I've ever had work

be4669  No.783134


Exercise definitely, going outside is a bit harder since I'm only at home past sunset.

And praying is standard, thank you friend I'll do my best, good luck to you too!

be4669  No.783203


I had 1+ hour binges without fapping sometimes in the past, it's just horrible blue balling overall but I think I can generally stop before giving in.

I'm not saying that's an excuse to watch porn or anything obviously, just saying I had worse and those too ultimately faded away.

I ge tthe no tolerance policy but I have trouble adopting it, I use the internet frankly, it's my job too, ultimately I find it to be impossible to filter out things to the point of not even mildly suggestive things getting in but I try.

76ac2f  No.783313

File: 0bcecf979ebec02⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1393x2066, 1393:2066, 1552469426188_0.png)

How's the lent going Bros ? Watchout for the porn Jews and stop using half-chan and reddit, half chan is filled with porno at this point.

>pic semi related

2024e7  No.783328

File: 565bf03c19a4f6d⋯.jpg (62.93 KB, 372x500, 93:125, Dr643mhWoAESk9N.jpg)


I was tempted this morning by the devil but I have all these pictures of Icons on my computer. They literally saved me and took my mind off temptation.

This is a spiritual war anon. Glory to God in the highest.

c8ec53  No.783332


Going excellent, each day I move towards perfect.celibacy as the Lord wills.

dac08f  No.783340


It's going okay. So far I've made it longer than I ever have before, and I want to at least make it to the end of Lent and then as long as possible afterwards. This along with the fasting is really doing a number on my general mood though.

Not that it matters, but I'm not feeling any of the supposed extra vigour or vitality that reputedly comes with nofap. If anything I'm just more tense and lethargic, except now I'm getting distracted by the sight of girls everywhere I go.

141820  No.783341


When I fap I lose energy. When I don't do it I do feel better, until my lust builds up. Sometimes this happens quicker than other times. Then it is a distraction and I can't focus on anything else and it becomes agonizing. Then of course I don't get any benefits. Eventually if you push through, it must subside. Although personally when I get to that point I always end up giving in, and never get through it.

dac08f  No.783342


>Eventually if you push through, it must subside.

I hope so. I'm not ready to give in just yet. I'll pray for you.

bb44ba  No.783348

File: 8ffc909c7f9b78f⋯.jpg (24.82 KB, 236x374, 118:187, 31c00110ae3b1b0d1284f0e7a9….jpg)

>see a /pol/ pic here mentioning incest being promoted on pornhub

>went to "check", started fapping because these sites are designed to suck you in

>guilt takes over

>oh right, I need to kill off my faith

>rationalize why my dreams of spiritual and family life are stupid and naive

>listen to a fedora saying the bible is for goat herders and other straw manning for "comical effect"

>back to staring at gross close ups until I make a mess on the floor


Guess I need to visit a church ASAP, I can't walk this path alone, most people around me are theist, but act like atheists, so I haven't told anyone safe for mommy who thinks religion is something to bother about when you get old.

76ac2f  No.783351

File: b59c34961cfba1b⋯.jpg (195.51 KB, 988x550, 494:275, 5c563dc3740613b9e4d4a7a02c….jpg)


>went to "check", started fapping because these sites are designed to suck you in.

Remember Lot's wife.


76ac2f  No.783369

File: 0bbdedb34ac64af⋯.jpg (220.92 KB, 1433x1080, 1433:1080, Bonfire of dreams.jpg)


You've realised that you've sinned and feel guilty for it.

Pray for forgiveness and try not to repeat it again.

Remember Lot's wife.


19db30  No.783398

ab8e53  No.783500

File: cf49f123430cd2a⋯.jpg (71.11 KB, 707x500, 707:500, wojakgun.jpg)

>doing NoFap and NoPorn for lent

>latter is intended to be permanent, was already weening off of it with varying success

>began a day early

>already having fantasies a few days in

>tempted by borderline/suggestive material when it normally wouldn't

>9 days in

>fantasies are interfering with my sleep

>they spring up merely from being around women

Testosterone is cool and all but I can tell this is going to suck.

993283  No.783506

3 weeks in, and I'm flatlining. Bad.

I'm incredibly scared I'll either never find someone, or I'll just be beta-bux for someone while they make my life a living H-E-double-hockey-stick.

Last relationship was 11 years ago, and no matter how well I'm doing in every other aspect of my life, I still feel like I'll never be good enough to actually be loved.

I'm currently

- Praying the Rosary daily

- Going to church weekly/ looking for a new church

- Training for a 5k (32:00 currently)

- Accepted to college of choice

- Doing well in classes (A's / high B's)

- More social/ going to events

- Improving my appearance

- Eating healthier

- Sleeping 7-8 hours a night

- 25

I don't want sex. I want to be emotionally intimate with someone who wants to start a family. But I'll never be good enough for that person, and feel like I'm not worth loving to begin with.

Please help me.

ab8e53  No.783525


I kinda feel like this a larp/falseflag, but

You're fine, don't be so hard on yourself. You're in a far better position than most of us here and most people in general. To put that into perspective, i'd winnie the pooh kill to be in your good shoes right now.

Your sense of inferiority and worry is misplaced, but you don't shouldn't feel bad over that, either. I recommend seeing a therapist about it, your campus might have a student-paid resource for that.

Have a little more faith in yourself, pun not intended. Pride may be the worst sin out there, but having Dignity in who you are and Confidence in what you do are not.

>he's only 25

you're gonna be fine.

993283  No.783551


I currently have a therapist, have tried a couple of medications (mostly for SAD/depression, one for bipolar, all with no effect), and just take CBD oil to take some of the edge off. Psychiatrists would be 4-6 months out, and not covered by insurance.

Sometimes he tells me to just MO, and sees nothing wrong with it. But he's at least supportuve of my efforts.

I get either incredibly angry / sad when I go on NoFap for a while, it's usually why I relapse. I'm either full of energy and unstoppable or in tears and constantly anxious. It's still better than a relapse where I'm depressed with no energy, but I get lots of intrusive thoughts and dreams where I relapse.

I post the long list of info because every time I ask about things like this people just say "go to the gym" or "just eat better". I apologize if it came off as larpy/redflagger.

ab8e53  No.783570




>But he's at least supportuve of my efforts

sounds like you need a new one. Personally I do Biofeedback sessions with mine instead of regular therapy. it sounded like pseudoscience to me at first, but the research checks out and the results show.

I take CBD as well. Take this anecdote with a packet of salt, but I stopped taking meds for depression in high school, and glad i did. Definitely not something to stop cold turkey, however.

im gonna be honest with you: Fapping is only a sin if your purpose for doing so is ungodly, and 99.9% of the time, it is, ergo the act of masturbation itself is considered a de-facto sin, when in reality it's the reasons behind it.

However, if your mind isnt fixated on the ideas of flesh and pleasure but instead independent of your fap, then it's sin free:

Ex: do your business/release stress with one hand, watch youtube/netflix/read shit online/etc. with the other. The purpose of the fap is for self-care instead of self-pleasure, and your mind is on Game of Thrones or w/e instead of adultery.

No worries, and in hindsight very few would actually be bothered to falseflag on 8chan.

I will throw in some of my own armchair-tier advice however: how often do you spend outside?

a7702c  No.783581

File: 115d418e1377571⋯.pdf (629.84 KB, HackBook5 - Unknown.pdf)

How are you brothers doing?

I'm doing fine with my penance for lent, 12 days in, not feeling aroused but starting to get troublesome erections every now and then. But I've been also getting to urge to search and peek for manga hentai, I've read a couple chapters today, and I know where this road leads to, slowly increasing in temptation, building up libido until I finally can't it anymore.

So any help and advice at this point, I think I'm doing well still, and will try avoid peeking at this material like the plague. I feel I'm getting better at nofap overall but I'm afraid of relapsing during lent. The biggest problem is relieving libido without failing.

On another note, I've been reading attached and also found this link. I've found them to be pretty helpful, and have no wonder that indeed we need to treat this as an addiction.


c8ec53  No.783587


Learn to hate sex and arousal, and to view it as the refuse of the world that it is. Once this is done, you will become detached from the filth.

dac08f  No.783607


>Fapping is only a sin if your purpose for doing so is ungodly

>if your mind isnt fixated on the ideas of flesh and pleasure but instead independent of your fap, then it's sin free

I really hope you can find some scriptural support for this m8

2194a8  No.783609


Hey guys ive gone 9 days without fapping. I think what really changed is that i started to drink a gallon of water a day and now i feel like i have more control of my body. Also my mind feels sharper and clearer. I think that having a clear mind from all this water and that im no longer constantly dehydrated is helping me be more in control of myself.

9ddc90  No.783616

File: 8e46838115590f2⋯.gif (324.63 KB, 394x405, 394:405, rain.gif)

nofap, day 8

no new status


just accept boners are something that happen and that whether you fire a volley now or not you're going to have another one in a few hours

stop browsing hentai sites, start looking for sports bars with trivia nights


that's dumb, and stop shitting on "the world" and lift a finger to make it a better place


magneto-optical, you need 3 such discs to get whichever PC you didn't pick out of the prison cell after Wesker starts the self-destruct countdown


great ammo


>I'm incredibly scared I'll either never find someone

>Last relationship was 11 years ago, and no matter how well I'm doing in every other aspect of my life, I still feel like I'll never be good enough to actually be loved.

>I want to be emotionally intimate with someone who wants to start a family. But I'll never be good enough for that person, and feel like I'm not worth loving to begin with.


This is me 7 years ago, only thing that changed is I'm older and going out more often than never. Also I'm losing my hair, you might want to keep and eye on your hairline, doppleganger friend. Finasteride and Rogaine are pretty cheap.

993283  No.783620


>However, if your mind isnt fixated on the ideas of flesh and pleasure but instead independent of your fap, then it's sin free:

My issue is whenever I masturbate, I eventually relapse fully (and pretty quick). When I relapse, I do it hard.

It's better to just avoid doing it.

Thank you though.

I walk outside when I can, but not much time ATM. Winter came hard here.


I'm going to lose my hair one day. I'll have to accept it as it comes. But I'll probably just bald it up.

I've seen people younger than me going bald though.

993283  No.783621


>Learn to hate sex and arousal, and to view it as the refuse of the world that it is. Once this is done, you will become detached from the filth.

This is not a good idea. I tried this for a very long time and would just get more and more depressed.

1180fc  No.783643

Something weird happened to me two nights ago. So I went nofap for 3 days then failed but then I got back onto it but in the third day I had a wet dream. Or I thought I did. I went to sleep a lot later than usual this night too so I was really tired. I don't remember what was going on in the dream all I remember was in the dream I was masturbating. I felt like I usually do when I have a wet dream. I felt the sensation that I was orgasaming and I felt like I was physically ejaculating so that woke me up. When I woke up I felt down and felt like I came. Normally I would have gotten up, cleaned myself up the best I could, changed and went back to sleep but as I said earlier I was really tired and decided I would just wait till morning. Morning comes and the first thing I do is check how big of a mess I made. When I checked my underwear I was completely dry! There wasn't a stain or anything. They were gray too so I would have spotted it immediately. It didn't make any sense. I looked around my blankets incase maybe it shot out but there was no sign there either. My testes felt loose too as if i just came. Either my ejaculate just disappeared or it never happened and it was all just a dream. But if that's the case did I even wake up or was that a dream too? I have no clue what happened

9ddc90  No.783654


I'm serious, you can get 3 months of finasteride for like $30 and rogaine is around $20 for an 6 month supply. These things aren't snake oil. Finasteride won't regrow lost hair but it will hold the line so you should start now if you think your hair is thinning. You're sabotaging your future self by ignoring this.


It doesn't matter, if you didn't fap you didn't fap.

1180fc  No.783656


oh yea I don't think I failed nofap again it was just a weird experience relating to nofap that I wanted to share

776c68  No.783719


>You do not need to check they are pushing degeneracy

I actually didn't notice that many incest stuff, most porn on first page is perfectly "normal" if you can say that, with only few instances of "step" shit, page two however was already worse, interracial pregnant cuckoldry for example.

I don't believe in jewish conspiracies, the mercantile portion of them just seized an opportunity to profit from our vices as usual, it's the people who degenerate themselves by masturbating all day, they mentally and physically emasculate to such point they can't imagine having sex with a woman(that isn't their relative), hence cuckoldry fetishism, femdom, masturbation encouragements and such, I used to be the same, I could hardly imagine what it is to actually get laid, then with God's help(I had this spiritual awakening thanks to JP) I did manage to turn my life around, made pursuing sex a priority, achieved it, realized it's not something that will give me real fulfillment, realized I need God(a concrete concept of God grounded in tradition, not pantheist/omnist with christian lenses fence sitting like before) to make my dreams come true and here I am.

95d681  No.783842


I meant to only imply that I managed to turn my life around thanks to God, when I started pursuing sex all my spirituality was long, long gone, but then again it's a spiritual boost that I received that allowed me to pursuit what I want in the first place.

>the Jews own it

That company you mentioned is not that big compared to miriad of porn sites there is. If it wasn't for those people someone else would step in to fill the vacuum.

>It is kind of their religion

No it's not, they just generally don't go for hard labor, although that's not the case for Jews in Israel. Pretty much all first Christians were Jews, the split between Judaism and Christianity is not that easy to pinpoint actually.


Islam hovewer is plagiarism of semitic ideas, rather than development of them like Christianity. In my country Jews get bad rep too, despite there being Othodox churches with Jewish priests and mostly Jewish congregation, where they tend to focus on old testament.

>nobody cares

I wouldn't day that seeing how say Britain made access to porn sites very difficult recently.

cd915b  No.783878


>Perhaps you are not ready yet.

I know I'm not ready. The fear is I'll never be ready. That I'll be just like the first generation of Israelites never reaching the promised land because of my own moral and spiritual failings. That I'll keep failing to temptations, find my golden calf, and never be able to truly commit to being a good person.

> Get into improving your confidence.

How though? I keep doing the things people say will build confidence, but just seem to keep spinning in circles. And all the other confidence tricks like "fake it till you make it" only get me so far before I fall into the emotional wreck I currently am.

What spurred this response is that last night I couldn't sleep without dreams of PMO/fetishes. The book I'm reading on stopping intrusive thoughts tells me to simply allow those thoughts to continue on, but that always makes me feel worse. I feel like I'm ungrateful for all the amazing things going on and don't deserve any of them.

eb96d7  No.783930


My diagnosis is listen to Russian Orthodox monastic chants for 10 hours and look at icons. They literally saved me from sin the other day. This is a spiritual war anon and prayer and fasting are our weapons. It builds your “power level” so to speak.

Psychology with all its nonsense has correctly connected food with sex.

1fa82a  No.784139

Why hasn't God utterly destroyed my existence already? Why does He have to be all-forgiving? I hate this.

29528b  No.784148

File: add1c3e069efc34⋯.jpg (205.67 KB, 1600x1201, 1600:1201, thepassionofthechrist.jpg)


>not that easy to pinpoint actually

Ummmmm….. see image.

I'm afraid many Jewish converts (not you specifically) fall into the sin of pride as they have been raised in as the ultimate priviledged class in America. They must not expect special treatment apart from other converts.


We destroy ourselves anon. God is only looking for one ounce of goodness in this time of universal despair. Our Father in Heaven wants to save us because we are his flock.

a767fe  No.784293

went for a 35 days nofap

had 1 wet dream

last week i relapsed

same yesterday and the day before

im winnie the poohed

e9f662  No.784325


Start praying the rosary on The Daily and you won't be.

5cbfb7  No.784503

So, update from:




I masturbated last night. Without porn, but still.

What I noticed is all those intense fears, the intrusive thoughts, the constant thoughts of being a terrible person, the self loathing, and feeling of being unworthy vanished after I was done.

I know it isn't permanent. Once I get back into a streak, those feelings will come back, stronger than ever. But this is just the only temporary fix I've found that at least calms me down.

I need serious help to control these temptations.

a7702c  No.784545


Bad idea, but instead trying to see degenerate sex as something disgusting might work. Though I'm already a bit like that, regular porn turned back into giving shock value instead of being a normal thing, so I can I am indeed in a healing path.

Though arousal itself I don't think its bad, and specially intimacy and real love making, are just something of the best things possible one can experience in this world.

But of course, it doesn't involve masturbating, but developing and intimacy and loving someone real.

bf6beb  No.784620

File: c3453375b9b285b⋯.png (543.48 KB, 600x616, 75:77, hyena wife.png)

How do I overcome my fetish for submission/masochism/reverse gender roles?

Also where does scripture say a reverse gender roles marriage is wrong or sinful?

355cae  No.784624

File: 680d2b202ce1985⋯.png (637.57 KB, 1080x635, 216:127, 2019_03_15_023700.png)


Pray the rosary , pray it together with your wife.

<where in the Bible…


>{5:22} Let women be subject to their husbands, as to the Lord:

>{5:23} Because the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ is the head of the church. He is the saviour of his body.

1 Peter

>{3:7} Ye husbands, likewise dwelling with them according to knowledge, giving honour to the female as to the weaker vessel and as to the co-heirs of the grace of life: that your prayers be not hindered

1 Timothy

>{2:12} But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to use authority over the man: but to be in silence.

>{2:13}For Adam was first formed; then Eve.

>{2:14} And Adam was not seduced; but the woman, being seduced, was in the transgression.

>{2:15} Yet she shall be saved through child bearing; if she continue in faith and love and sanctification with sobriety.

So if you are acting like a fag and let your wife wear the pants, you are doing marriage wrong.

141820  No.784704

File: 275b59748e70b1e⋯.jpg (34.75 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 11419130_510171489130411_1….jpg)

failed noporn just now on day 9

woke up after an hour and couldnt resist

did actually stop and think for a bit and try to come up with reasons to not do it

couldnt think of anything i cared about it or couldnt find ways of dismissing

dont think i can do this at all

96c2a6  No.784750

File: ae6838c5edd310f⋯.jpg (22.67 KB, 335x551, 335:551, block site.jpg)


Block site every porn link, m8. It's a extension to your browser that allow you to manually block links. Block ALL of them. When the urge comes, put ice on your balls, accept that you have this urge, but you'll not act upon them. You CAN do this, I was a deranged porn addicted and know I'm almost 4 months into NoFap, and if I can do it, you can do it as well. You can always change your porn addiction to video game addiction, I recommend playing Insurgency, that's what I did, and with NoFap, stop playing video games comes naturally. If you failed, try again and again, you will be free.


b0adb0  No.784751


Yes you can. You must get up and try again. Don’t lose hope, and do not stop praying. As someone who has broken a number of addictions, including pornography, you must not stop praying. Grace will deliver you. Failure is apart of this process. You’re on the right track, and 9 days is a great start. Do not be afraid to consult our Blessed Mother for help. Don’t lose hope anon. God loves you. Don’t lose hope.

ffc8d6  No.784776

Epididymitis is a great way to start a nofap

66a676  No.784792

God will never give me gf. So I will not stop fapping.

I look like a monster. My face is disfigured. No girl likes men like this.

daf643  No.784862

how to resist the "procrasturbation" urge.. that is, while i'm at my computer writing shit for uni, there's a constant rolling temptation bec ause computer has just beconme a vessel for that sort of thing and a symbol of temptation…

i just finished writing an essay then ha a dirty wank to some woman crying while getting spanked, i wanna purge this filthy feeling from myself. should i confess to god or just pray?

141820  No.784874


Don't save stuff on your PC that you fap to.

If you have a laptop or something, use it to go do your work somewhere in public where you can't fap, or a room in your house that has other people. Or unplug the internet etc

Remove temptation to minimize the time you have to spend fighting it directly.

686e74  No.785114

File: b7b371a5ebedfd6⋯.jpeg (30.88 KB, 497x497, 1:1, d7cf923616bc76249a2231f7e….jpeg)

I just realized fapping made me stupider. I'm much less verbally eloquent now than I was when I only fapped a few times a month. I'm going to try nofap and report back. I would say pray for me but I can't expect God to do all the work.

0ec372  No.785120


Ehh to be quite honest with you I'm still going to pray for you. I'm also going to ask the holy Virgin Mary to pray for you as well. I highly recommend praying the Rosary daily. It keeps you close to God and we'll help you destroy your Vice

96c2a6  No.785155

File: 66710c5d85c43c0⋯.jpg (185.85 KB, 720x697, 720:697, 1547016188029.jpg)


That's something that I noticed too. When I'm in no fap, I'm eloquent af, I use words that I don't use it so often, strange and difficult words without thinking hard for it and somehow my message is understood. Plus, my sense of humor is better and I can make some jokes when the opportunity arises.

924a04  No.785366

File: 23c0eba6e47ca9d⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1920x2040, 16:17, secondattempt.png)



Second attempt. Changed the layout

646a61  No.785377


Suggest changing the red text color. This would be suitable for printing, but red on brown won't reproduce well.

924a04  No.785388


Alright I'll change the red and try to clean it up more.

924a04  No.785423

File: ab569a94b9d33df⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1920x2040, 16:17, thirdattempt.png)


How about this?

141820  No.785541

File: 5ed5325a9f0c8fc⋯.jpg (23.39 KB, 600x532, 150:133, 5ed5325a9f0c8fcb26b0698499….jpg)

Fapped on day 2. Woke up from a nap and felt very sad and empty. Loneliness got me.

8815fa  No.785549

Seven days and seven nights, and that's my old record broken. Let's see if I can last at least half of Lent.

dac08f  No.785641


Good going m8. Keep it up. I'll pray for you.


Pick yourself up and try again. God is with us.

96c2a6  No.785702


Every time you fap you'll feel that way. Do you want this to continue? Deal with your emotions, m8.

8815fa  No.785757


Thank you, brother anon. I'll be announcing further milestones to help keep morale up.

08459a  No.785777


Please pray for me bros. At this point I can’t even go 3 days without jacking off. I really want to do better but it’s so hard. Thanks in advance

8815fa  No.785780


Hey, mister holy tripsman, with practice it's possible. Find good books, and try to stretch it out longer each time.

08459a  No.786138


What books do you recommend then?

8815fa  No.786178

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Well right now, I'm reading Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy by Fr. Damick. Recommend The New Criterion as a magazine and book reviewer. Think like the New Yorker, but genteel (if sometimes sardonic) conservative instead of hyperventilating New York liberal. Find The Desert Fathers. Go browse Catholic and Orthodox databases. Read old stories and mythologies.

Knowledge to a Christian is not faith, but it can certainly be armor. How you use it determines how effective an armor it is.

389ac8  No.786245

Gotta tell you guys, something amazing has been happening to me. Ever since i've been praying the rosary daily, my urges are very rare and i don't feel to need or the desire to look up filth, the suggestion never comes to mind. The temptation rarely comes, and when it comes i shut it down pretty quickly. Even in my dreams, i rejected porn, something i could not even imagine myself doing, i didn't have the slightest discipline for this! This change happened overnight, it's simply amazing. But i won't let my guard down, this streak is still small, the enemy is just waiting me to do this. Good luck anons, and pray the rosary, it's legit.

4aa4cc  No.786262


Thank you, this is inspiring in a way

646a61  No.786272


The rosary is a powerful weapon. It's easy to think of it as just another prayer, but it's so much more than that. Your story joins many others that are very similar.

08459a  No.786560

8815fa  No.786565

Incidentally, on Day 10 here, and I've discovered something: looked around on a whim at some of the pixiv collections for some minutes on sadpanda, got a bit hot under the collar… and then, just like that, I was able to stop looking and go do something else. Mind you, I'm pretty tired, but that hasn't stopped me before when I've gone without beforehand. Maybe I'm building up some will after all.

c35d29  No.786566

I'm having issues with wet dreams. They come once in a while but every time they happen I feel terrible. I don't have explicit images assault me anymore in my dreams but for whatever reason I dream rubbing myself unto something until I ejaculate. They're very strange and I don't feel much pleasure in orgasming anymore. How do I stop this spiritual rape?

c8ec53  No.786576


Sleep less (wake up between 4am and 7am and don't sleep more than 6 or 7 hours, gradually lessen), eat less meat, don't eat 4-5 hours before bed, don't eat spices, and pray yourself to sleep. It's effective.

91726a  No.786584

File: 13c2f34d2ecdf1d⋯.jpg (168.59 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, E359E263-31FD-4D7E-A21C-22….jpg)

Kyrie Iesu Christu, Eleison me…

Kyrie Iesu Christu, Eleison me…

Lord forgive me.

a8b13a  No.786633

File: 94734da7c694c45⋯.png (208.94 KB, 604x613, 604:613, C25A13AA-25EA-4AAC-A9EE-78….png)

>tfw you hear Mary kindly asking you to stop every time you fap

08459a  No.786665


>tfw you hear any voice from beyond the grave in any circumstance

c8ec53  No.786669


>tfw you think the living spirits can't speak

08459a  No.786671


Well I suppose they can, but chances are I’d still be scared as h*ck

a8b13a  No.786684


How to become living spirit?

3c06c0  No.786687


>I can't expect God to do all the work.

God always does all the work. We have no goodness without Him. All we are able to do is accept or reject His will, nothing more.

c8ec53  No.786689


By dying. It is not natural for man to be without his body, so it would be a temporary state, but death separates us from our body, and then we are just a spirit, sustained in life by God and then joined to our bodies at the First or Second Resurrections.

91726a  No.786876

Network through your sister's friends

God will not ship a woman at your doorstep

You've everything to do yourself, simply trust


91726a  No.786881

File: 2120157347b1a30⋯.png (124 KB, 1094x1536, 547:768, IMG_9714.PNG)

The whole smell is different, man… this is serious. I don't even recognize my own smell. Am I truly this wicked…

I need a victory… I need grace… I need dignity.

How can anything become anything when I am of and within filth.

I am needed, and yet so far away.

355cae  No.786922


Pray the rosary bud

8815fa  No.787075


Better yet, dubsman, pray for forgiveness.

O Lord our God, if during this day I have sinned, whether in word or deed or thought, forgive me all, for thou art good and lovest mankind. Grant me the peaceful and undisturbed sleep, and deliver me from all influence and temptation of the evil one. Raise me up again in proper time that I may glorify thee; for Thou art blessed: with thine Only-begotten Son and thine All-holy Spirit; now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

355cae  No.787080


Absolute best

do both :D

eb75f4  No.787236

Hello brothers, today makes 21 days since my last fap. This is a new breakthrough and in theory the point where we reach baseline normalcy, and indeed today I woke up a new man, finally refreshed, however with the comeback of arousal again. So lets pray together brothers, that may god help us, there is still a month of lent, a long road ahead, and we can't expect it to be easy.


Its true, I don't get to pray the whole rosary yet, but at least three hail Mary's does wonders.


What the other anon said about depriving yourself works, however I don't see it as a permanent solution. Though I think you shouldn't beat yourself up for lewd dreams, if they happen rarely and not lead to lewder thoughts, then just see it as a way for your body to naturally unload.

5bcdfa  No.787247


hi brother. i'm a darkie. i'm glad to hear of your nonfap progress and your discipline through the whole process.

f0b5ac  No.787405

I love to see depictions of the female form… is that sinful? If I don't masturbate to it.. Sorry for asking such a question

355cae  No.787443


Do you fantasize about doing things to said women you oogle?

c8ec53  No.787445


Yes. Do not look at beauty that is not yours as it says in Sirach. What is not lawful to possess is not lawful to behold. You know very well that you lust when doing this, self-deception is the worst kind of deception. And if you do not just now, do you want the devil haunting you with these forms in prayer? Avoid it, and behold the form of God instead, His only-begotten Son, Christ Jesus.

b5508e  No.787467

File: f69a75806001fd4⋯.jpg (51.64 KB, 960x959, 960:959, When people ask how it goe….jpg)

>Mfw failed again after a week

>Mfw I wasn't even tempted that much

Please pray for me guys, I don't know what to do anymore.

355cae  No.787472

File: da72e6a168c8bc0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 415.51 KB, 776x1279, 776:1279, 20141007102001041.jpg)


Have you tried



praying the rosary?

c8ec53  No.787479


I myself began the daily rosary in the evening, it's a very comfy thing to end ones day with, and increase mental ability, and it serves as a chain with which to bind lust to hell.

3f4d9a  No.787489


Get back up and fight!! Despondency is the demon that comes immediately after , and you will be attacked hard with it. Fight despondency first, that is the next battle, and it is easy to beat back just get up and fight! The demons fall is permanent. We are not demon, and we can get back up. Learn from what brought you down. Trace your actions and your thoughts , be wiser for the next battle. Sharpen your sword and your put back on your armor. If you don’t get up immediately you will be surrounded and stacked continuously. This is beaten by getting back UP. Watch your food intake. I also am struggling hard with this, I am overcome often, but I am getting better. Confession helps, which you have now done, and God did not kill you , your light is not gone, and the gospels tell us that our sins can be forgiven. Tell despondency to gtfo, now is when you fight harder , and also smarter, prepare your defenses for next time! Keep a journal! (Food intake is serious. If you failed, chances are you are not hungry, and you are not working. Why did you eat so much? Why did you stop working? Fight the battles while they are easier to fight and you will be stronger for the lust monster next time around. Control your mind! Watch where your thoughts wander and corral th into better directions. When we fall down, we learn, and fight smarter, for the next battle. It’s not God telling you that you can’t be saved and need give up and Jesus left and oh woe is me etc etc. That’s not God at all. No, you are a child of God. Jesus purges the temple, Open the temple doors immediately, it’s despondency telling you to close them and it’s a trap. The ancient desert scholars teach that that’s its own demon and it is a worse one if you let it stick around too long , because it brings along all of its many friends. No, instead, you look to the exact next right thing to do , which is to fight off despondency open doors of the temple purge out nonsense and start preparing immediately for next battle. get up! Fight smarter! Now get up and back into it! God speed, brother!!

b5508e  No.787524


Yes, thing is I'm not one who meditates.

I do other prayers instead.

355cae  No.787543


Try the meditations next time

b96d99  No.787659

I will take a lot of flack for this, but my sin deserves humiliation. I was browsing /pol/ yesterday when shills started spreading "attractive" Jewish girls from the IDF, most were posed in suggestive ways and well endowed. Lust overtook me and I masturbated to one of them. At the time I convinced myself this is ok, because I was not denigrating a European/Christian woman in the act. Afterwards I felt very ashamed of my conduct.

Seeking God's help through Bibliomancy, I arrived at Psalm 85. Line 13 was quite startling to me.

>13 For thy mercy is great towards me: and thou hast delivered my soul out of the lower hell.


I will work harder to resist the temptation of sin, which can strike you even when your intent is not to seek it.

355cae  No.787710

File: 081b9635bd48185⋯.jpg (41.2 KB, 800x450, 16:9, disgusted (1).jpg)


>i was browsing /pol/


>they had "attractive IDF girls"

Hilarious how the place hates da j00z yet always indulges themselves in jewish porn


STAHP calling it that. You are implying you are using the Bible for magick (literally what Roseacrutians do)

Time you waste browsing /pol/morrah can be used to pray the rosary and reading the bible more.

0498b2  No.787717


/pol/ is an effective tool to get news that is filtered out by the MSM. Using the IDF girls is actually a strategy the Israelis use to win over gentile men. It's bizarre a /pol/ack would fall for it.

>(literally what Rosicrucian do)

First, learn to spell properly, otherwise we might mistake you for an idiot. There is nothing wrong with asking for God's wisdom, it's a subtle difference from divination where one attempts to gain power over time.

> pray the rosary and reading the bible more.

True, and many other things too. Don't fool yourself into believing this makes you productive. A man cannot produce bread by prayer alone.

389ac8  No.787718


>Hilarious how the place hates da j00z yet always indulges themselves in jewish porn

i noticed this too. pol can be so hypocritical sometimes. One second theyre saying pornography is a jewish weapon against the white man. One second later people are posting lewd/pornographic images and nobody says a word. It's mind boggling.

389ac8  No.788025




I mean i visited 4/pol not 8/pol..i can only speak for myself, but i rarely see some reaction. I know pol is not one person, the thing i'm pointing out is that when shills post porn, i don't personally see a reaction. 4/pol/ seems to be inhabbited by non-serious people..except when it is about christianity bashing, then it gets serious all of sudden. Just speaking about my personal experience.

a927b9  No.788052

File: 9d691cb33b3af1f⋯.png (124.89 KB, 471x500, 471:500, 9d691cb33b3af1f3db2c25cc48….png)

Got a random good tip. Kind of works for me for a good while, and not much willpower needed. Imagine seeing yourself doing it or just browsing porn from the perspective of others e.g. your parents walking in, you yourself seeing that past few hours you that is whacking it like a horndog in front of the computer, our guardian angel putting up with our shit AGAIN for the umpteenth time, etc.

Yeah, pretty disgusting thing to see. Totally kills the mood and makes us disgusted with it/sin.

4693a6  No.788099


Your interpretation is wrong. God wanted you to see the beauty of his chosen people, not the NAZI caricatures of the Jews you see on /pol/. The hell you were delivered from was the sewer pit of /pol/. Perhaps your destiny is to marry one of these "attractive Jewish girls" and turn her to Jesus.

4693a6  No.788102


>our guardian angel putting up with our shit AGAIN

Ugh, imagine signing up for that job. I wouldn't even want to guard me and I'd like to think I do not lead a degenerate life. The 3rd person perspective is a very good deterrent for all manners of things.

96df8b  No.788204


I remember when the Jews said spitting on the ground is blasphemy against the sabbath because that's plowing.

But some things are just simply unfounded in the word of God.

96df8b  No.788205


nope. I'm an island. Everyone is my enemy.

8815fa  No.788208



Be contrite. Make no excuses for your own failings, nor cast the blame away from where it belongs: your own self.

Nofap two weeks, by the way.


So get off the island.

96df8b  No.788218


>So get off the island

I'm good.

I have no interest in fellowship with nonfellows. I'm set on the island. I am the island.

I hope God gives me a whole separate room in heaven away from everyone.

d941af  No.788227


Heaven doesn't work like that, man.

2b2201  No.788243


hell's kinda like that, everyone's burnt

96df8b  No.788263


You're just one more reason to want pure isolation in heaven.

8815fa  No.788305


You're not going to get it. And don't lie. If you didn't want fellowship at least a little, you wouldn't be posting here.

eb75f4  No.788433

File: 21f27fbc6105d8b⋯.jpg (38.08 KB, 500x427, 500:427, lewdometer.jpg)

Help brothers, I'm on day 24 and making it through. But with each passing day it seems I get more lost and demotivated. Now my dick started demanding attention again, and I've caving in more and more to the temptation of looking at lewds.

fb3828  No.788469

Late 2017 I realized I had an issue with fapping, it had become a daily routine. And while I would never do it at work once I got home it had become as mundane as eating dinner or taking a shower.

Since the new year was coming around I decided to stop cold turkey. That was the entire month of January 2018 in which I managed to control my urges.

And naturally, I thought, after such a resounding success I could give myself a reward and allow myself one wank before going for a two month break. I went on a wank bender for the entire weekend before starting my two months after which I only managed to control myself for two weeks.

What followed was almost an entire year of setting smaller and smaller objectives with bigger and bigger failures. I kept falling off the horse, but I kept getting back up again.

Realizing this was getting me nowhere I decided to try to the 90 day no-fap, October 1st to December 29th.

The first two weeks where the hardest for me. The constant urge to touch myself was almost overpowering, but I manage to get through it with my mind firmly set on my objective and with the Lord in my heart.

One of the things I have noticed towards the end of the 90 day period was that almost all my anxiety surrounding social interactions was gone, I was being more assertive and was generally acting more like a man.

Another one of my observations was just how much smut permeates our day to day lives, there's an absolute deluge of sexual imagery that gets thrown at us on a daily basis. And I live in of the most socially conservative countries in Eastern Europe. I shudder to think what anons in the "Civilized West" are exposed to.

Now I'm nearing another 90 days without having touched myself and I have decided that this is the year of chastity for me. NoFap19 is a go.

Stay strong anons, it took me an entire year of trying to beat this and my constant fear is that I might relapse at any time, take it one day at a time and you will make it.

c9e676  No.788472

I'm actually doing a research project for school on NoFap right now! if you guys could fill it out that'd be awesome, it takes like 5 minutes.


96df8b  No.788502


there's a great difference between wanting fellowship and looking for information to assess. And that would also include the assessment of the character of humans to synthesize my concluded desire even further.

c8ec53  No.788514


Do mathematics or some high intellectual exercises, the energy will go away.

646f4d  No.788534


Why would someone be chaste within marriage?

Now to the unmarried and the widows I say: It is good for them to stay unmarried, as I am.


But if they cannot control themselves, they should marry, for it is better to marry than to burn with passion.

1 corinthians 7

646f4d  No.788537


Now to the unmarried and the widows I say: It is good for them to stay unmarried, as I am.


But if they cannot control themselves, they should marry, for it is better to marry than to burn with passion.

! corinthians 7

4db42c  No.788550

Failed again, but this time I had some of the most fascinating insights into myself and because of that I still feel ecstatic even though I'm sorry that I will have to wait at least another week to reattain what I've lost.

Try to keep out of fear/stress, this seems to be the trigger for "self-reassurances"

eb75f4  No.788553


Its the energy that is the problem, in these last couple of weeks I've been binging hard on Factorio. But its not like its a more productive way to waste the time, though I've been doing a lot of thing on the side, including church activities and reading.


Interesting stuff, I'll look it up, make sure to post on the >>>/nofap/ board as well.

eb75f4  No.788557


>Its the energy that is the problem

Actually meant its not the energy that is the problem, but the reminiscing feeling of someone who lived a very degenerate life, and now is having a hard time to cope without it.

3f4d9a  No.788572


Please come back often , anon. We need reports from folks like you. If you have some time, perhaps you could also write a bit about some of the specific actions you took that you found to be helpful along the way, I’m sure many more than just myself would find them to be useful. God speed, brother!

dac08f  No.788612

File: a96052b1cc4be63⋯.png (31.48 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, cross.png)


On day 25 myself, I know the struggle. Stay strong.

Reading Revelation yesterday helped. Spooky stuff.

19db30  No.788780


I have sinned

A few weeks ago I was edging and I felt a sharp pain when I pulled away. Two weeks later I woke up, morning glory to discover I have a dent in my penis. I then proceeded to go insane. I masturbated to see if it it still worked and it did. I was two weeks off a year. But then things got worse, I started readings online the next day that I may have Peyronie's disease. An Incurable condition that leaves a permanent dent and pain in your penis, with difficulty getting erections. And that's when I broke. I was so scared that my penis was not going to self erect that I watched porn. This was the first time in 7 years since I had done so. I now feel dead. It was of no help, I just went crazy. In fact I had a mental breakdown (I had to see the doctor for the anxiety attack that followed). All those dreams of having a family, disappearing. At that point I screamed out to God to help me (and he has). But I feel so horrible inside.

I have been so prideful, I would boast at how long I have gone without masturbating and without jacking off to porn, now all gone.

I'm a fraud, a weakling and a coward. I have been so unfaithful.

I was even there the day before this all happened planning my victory speech to my secular mates 'There you have it you CAN do it!'. What a fool.

God is great and I am not.

so guys don't edge, you could seriously hurt yourself and don't be prideful , and don't even give it a chance.

3a0b22  No.788795


File doesn't exist it tells me

fb3828  No.788796


Would love to help, but the link is busted


I can't promise I'll be here often, but I will check in from time to time. Real world commitments do take precedence.

To elaborate more on what I did during my first 90 day NoFap.

/pol/ has completely ruined 3D porn for me several years ago with 5 simple words: she could be your daughter, so I limited myself to 2D porn exclusively, thinking is was less sinful than 3D, I was wrong

I tried to completely cut myself off porn from any source

I changed the email to my sadpanda account to a guerilla mail account IIRC. changed my password, then lost the email

As much as I tried staying away from porn during my first 90 days I wasn't completely successful, the effects of these relapses weren't immediate, but during the following two or three days I would feel an increased urge to fap.

Being under the influence of alcohol or weed also lowered my resolve and there were more than a couple of times where I found myself, to my surprise, unconsciously with my hand on my dick due to either being under the influence, fatigue or a combination of the two.

There's also a lot more I want to write about how my image of women has been warped by porn, but right now I'm half asleep and it's a weeknight. I'll try and post all of my findings and experiences until the end of the week.

29528b  No.788870


Hey guys I want to hear your thoughts on a nofap strategy for me.

Can pron be replaced with video games in a healthy way? Or am I deluding myself and falling into sloth? These are grand strategy games on the PC and are quite wholesome, no sexuality in them.

683f52  No.788918

I don't know exactly where to go, but I have to confess here, I've missed two masses this Lent, and for the past two days I've been depressed after missing mass this past Sunday while I was away at a conference. As of Lent, I've been praying much more than I ever have, praying before bed and after waking, trying to keep St. Francis' prayer in my head, and being fully devoted to not having meat on Fridays (I'm a very forgetful person, last year I went to confession despite just forgetting that the day was Friday)

Though the issue Sunday came from a much larger question about myself; what is wrong with me? I legitimately feel like a retard, it's more than just being forgetful, I end up unlucky, and I always feel like an idiot whereas everyone around seems perfectly in control of the situation. Even now I can't properly get my thoughts into type, it feels defeating, and despite all that I pray for I never can improve. I have friends that recently found faith, and I think it's good, and they'll pray for meaningless things, and they feel their prayers are answered. Maybe the root of all this is selfishness; I don't believe God wronged me, but I feel like I just don't understand anything the way everyone else seems to, and that in itself makes me feel alone.

I want to fix myself, I don't want to do things like forget about mass or just sit idle all day, I want to become a better person, but I just don't feel like anything I'm doing makes me capable of becoming one. I just don't know what path the Lord puts me down, and it's only gotten more and more worrying, because I don't think I'm capable of knowing what to do

3f4d9a  No.788956


Anon, you are on a battlefield. Know your enemy!

>expect attacks during Lent!

fight like a general, not like a foot soldier. Make a plan, you need to work on being a better tactician. Watch the monsters that hunt you, and learn how they bring you down. Are you really surprised this is happening during Lent? Lent I think sort of forces us to see the real battlefield is the one going on within ourselves. God rules over All, He is the most powerful ally in the universe, and He loves you. You will of course fail, we are human. God however will not fail you. Be a strong and courageous warrior for Him!

On the more practical side of things, if you are already adding prayer (this is SO helpful), you may want to consider … adding even more. And also, perhaps changing your manner of prayer. For instance, some of the medieval monks saw psaltery as a spiritual shield. As in, chanting, etc. But they also had literally memorized the psalms. Something I have found to be extremely helpful is Gregorian chants, or other, of the psalms. Find one that you like and try and sing along. I have been adding this for about … the last 30 days or so, and it has been extremely helpful to direct my thoughts back toward God. Music is very powerful, and if you can somehow make yourself to be having a hymn / somg in your head , it will show up in your thoughts more and more often, which in my case has mostly been better than what my thoughts probably would have been doing.

Also, reading the psalms. If you are praying at specific times of the day (something I have found to be extremely helpful also), perhaps try reading one psalm afterward. And then continue until you have read all of them. And then start again.

Remember also you are not alone. I am with you in spirit also, and this is a battle that many of us are waging alongside of you (we’re on your left and your right — but keep your eyes focused straight ahead, and the Lord will make /your/ path straight)

Godspeed , brother!

683f52  No.788983


So there are more attacks during Lent, that makes a lot of sense, no wonder I've been falling into such idleness lately, and my feelings when failing are coming in to break me down further. This weakness is definitely strange, and I've been thinking about the end of last year, where I had absolutely no issues when regularly fasting and praying, but now I struggle with it?

Thank you for the advice and prayers Anon, they certainly do mean the world to me. Gregorian chant sounds like a wonderful addition to prayer, and I will begin to memorize the psalms. Your advice is more than helpful, thank you for reminding me, Anon! I will pray for all you and all others waging this battle

eb75f4  No.789008


> this is too extreme,

So anon, are you just saying we should discard the Bible?

e90b91  No.789033

I failed again. Pray for me.

fc605a  No.789034

File: 4d489612a8468e3⋯.png (91.24 KB, 400x333, 400:333, 1531470000023.png)

On this Friday it will be month of nofap for me

its been a long journey, but Jesus helped me, therefore, I managed.

Whenever I get the desire I would say "Jesus rebuke thee" and direct it on my penis, and I would lose my desire.

Sleeping is the hardest part, I would get adulterous dreams, thinking I fallen to sin in my dream only to wake up and realize I haven't.

Yesterday I had a dream about fuging a "cute trap", I never had these kinds of dreams before and I am not gay. I felt disgusted and filthy.

It's been hard, but I don't want to fail Jesus, I know, that it will only get easier from now..

4db42c  No.789092

File: 66898c3be8205d6⋯.jpg (40.89 KB, 564x709, 564:709, 9f566ef05479e57b18cf31085a….jpg)


I don't think so anymore; its a sin against charity as much as we don't want to admit it. Especially when it comes down to objectifying women, essentially denying the Holy Spirit that is in them.

Also when you dam up a river, it overflows elsewhere; deny eros, and you will have agape and philia, neighbour-love and friendship-love instead of sexual love. This makes sexual continence something to covet as a Christian, it is in obedience to the great commandment. When the fire is purified by this good work you shine brightly through the suffering of your self-denial. After all, it is not like a drink-addiction, sex is part of the human purpose on earth. You can't get rid of it, but you can make the crooked straight, like Isaias tells us to prepare the path of the Lord.

72693f  No.789209

I really fell off the deep end today. Please pray for me, anons. I need all the help I can get to recover after today.

8815fa  No.789415

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Alright. Seems I flew too close to the sun today, and paid for it. I have since asked the Lord to forgive my hubris. Whatever gives you the most carnal pleasure in terms of fetishes, avoid even looking if you can help it. Fifteen days and nights of nofap is the new record. I shall endeavor for making the rest of Lent.

Forgive me, anons, for I had hoped to be your exemplar during this holy season. Nonetheless, I will try again.

f0c598  No.789456


I repent every fap i did in my life

4db42c  No.789508

Fu*k, the worst thing about failing is that without fail, 2 days later the devil manages to insinuate that I can't earn forgiveness. This sucks, I hate how fear and sin are linked, the despairing thoughts are worse than the actual sin.

I repented, may I have faith in my prayers.

d79f4b  No.789642

File: ab9c869c9c5ebc6⋯.jpg (13.52 KB, 320x186, 160:93, bible2.jpg)

Okay guys, I've had a lot of trouble with porn in the past, but I really want to make an effort this time.

It's been two days since last fap (short, I know, but I need to start somewhere). I'm deleting all my porn links.

Please pray for me. With Him, I know I can overcome myself.

788a33  No.789672

I've been off porn for months now. It's not even difficult anymore to avoid it. I've retrained myself to feel a sense of disgust when I see it because I just associate it with weakness and degeneracy. Fapping was more difficult to quit, but I'm off that now too. This is not particularly a Christian concept, so apologizes if this is heretical, but I now believe in the idea of sexual transmutation where the creative energy of sex can be harnessed and reapplied to higher endeavors. Search for "Vrill Energies and Secret Societies" for more info on that.

Have you guys ever wondered why you can access unlimited porn of any extreme fetish any time you want? Convincing people to have sex on camera and producing the videos definitely has a cost. So why is it freely available to all of us? The answer is that porn is a weapon of war. Historically it has been used to demoralize countries and weaken societies. It's similar to drugs in that the more times you use it, the more extreme it has to become for you to get the same effect. This is how people end up with degenerate fetishes like homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism, etc. Porn opens the door of your mind and allows these worms to crawl inside. Once you understand all this, it becomes very easy to break yourself from this disgusting habit.

29528b  No.789787


It’s definitely a weapon of political control. Also the deep state or whoever stores everyone’s web histories so it can be used potentially as blackmail in the future against people arguing against it. It’s funny our society considers all sorts of things diseases like alcoholism but not porn. (((Oh it’s just normal goyim)))

137529  No.789834

File: 3bd307b9f9b25a2⋯.jpg (116.82 KB, 1200x861, 400:287, 3bd307b9f9b25a21655f093355….jpg)


oy vey, cool it with the anti-semitism fam

just kidding, isn't it weird that the biggest porn companies are all owned by our (((greatest ally)))?, really funny that

0c3f4e  No.789883

File: 4202cb8c91c996e⋯.png (42.88 KB, 1053x222, 351:74, Screenshot_9.png)


Feras is a middle eastern islamic name.

And i can't find any evidence for the Mammorstein middlename thing(see source given for that name), while Tasillo is sourced as an italian name.

MindGeek is just the combos of some middle easterners of muslim providence, an italian and a german.

If you really want a jewish porn producer that promotes degeneracy big time, try the shit Lanski is doing.

59d792  No.789898


Jews steal goy names to hide their Jewishness.

0a266b  No.789904

Just came here from /NoFap/, it is full of degenerates!

When I tried to make a civil argument about how men are becoming sissies due to porn and feminism, members starting insulting me instead of refuting my points! I didn't insult anyone and yet the thread was deleted (whereas threads on Pagan Kundalini and Satanic Buddhism are promoted with much adulation). I guess we don't want the brainwashed moderators to offend their liberal audience indoctrinated by feminism!

This is why I respect you, /christ/anons! You are not afraid to abandon political correctness and say what needs to be done! If Lord Jesus Christ was worried about not offending anyone, then he wouldn't have been crucified because he would have been too afraid to have his own opinion!!

0a266b  No.789905


To clarify, I meant the "NoFap" website. But also /NoFap/, because they are full of degenerates who hate GOD and want to jerk off to anime women and Hitler!

137529  No.789917

File: b768a84ff4be792⋯.jpg (45.43 KB, 447x618, 149:206, 633525.jpg)


That's oddly specific and sounds like bona fide projection to me, is there something you want to confess to the community anon?

0a266b  No.789930


> Attacks me instead of disproving my claims about rampant paganism and Nazism on /NoFap/

Hitler was a Satanic demagogue who wanted to overthrow religion, dismantled the German Catholic Church, and called Christianity “ the most insane thing that a human brain in its delusion has ever brought forth, a mockery of everything divine.”

Hitler was never a Christian and never will be; now get your LARPy Nazism outta here.

0a266b  No.789932


Also, before NoFap, I was addicted to anime and hentai. NoFap and Christ redpilled me into rejecting anime because it promotes emasculination, secularism and extreme levels of degeneracy. I suggest you abandon anime before it's too late.

137529  No.789943

File: b42cdbdcf3a79e3⋯.png (104.59 KB, 336x485, 336:485, 744635.png)


Quite the contrary, anime is bringing lots of people *closer* to god. Don't presume to speak for others just because it's not the right approch for you.

174994  No.789944

Well, I've officially beat my previous record as I near the end of day 15 of nofap. It seems like not so long ago I was in a bottomless pit, relapsing once or twice nearly every day, but I pulled myself out of it. It feels great lads… I've been less stressed lately and more confident in my social interactions.



That doesn't surprise me. Just about every board on this site is laden with pornography, while places like plebbit and the nofap website tend to attract left-leaning soy boys incapable of committing wrongthink. God knows why they're even attempting nofap when they refuse to believe the detrimental effects of pornography.

0c3f4e  No.790109


You haven't proven this has happened, in this case.

0c3f4e  No.790110


Are you the catholic that demanded an apology from the mods for being banned?

2024e7  No.790113


Just look at all the Jews with German names ending in "stein" "berg" etc. Jews changed their names all the time in history.

9f6cef  No.790378


Look up Al Goldstein. The very existence and the reason why the world today is full of pornography.

ef7835  No.790429


That i know.

Again, what evidence do you have it happened in this case?


We arent talking about Goldstein, we are talking about Mindgeek.

27737e  No.790500


>If you get the name in search engine you will find quite a few results of the full name with Mammorstein.

Im getting judas.watch, some /pol/ links, and some unrelated LinkedIn profile.

Sourcing at its best.

>What evidence do you have for him not having the middle name "marmorstein"

>What evidence do you have this guy DOESN'T have the most stereotypically Jewish name ever, just so?

Doesn't work that way, bud.

As a sidenote, Mammorstein doesnt even make sense.

If he were a jew, that name would indicate his ancestors were from the italian peninsula.

Problem is, italian jews belonged to either the Italian Rite, were sephardi immigrants from across the Mediterranean, or exiled southern french Askenazim.

On the other hand, as >>790113 pointed out, names ending in "-berg/stein" were used as family names among german and east euro jews, not as middle names.

It's like someone decided "gee, how can i imply this guy's a jew? I know, ill throw a somethingberg somewhere in there, even if it makes no sense"

daa559  No.791449

File: 4b76d3c18923582⋯.png (526.56 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1546110756710.png)

Over the last few days I have been having intrusive lustful thoughts. It seems like there's not an end to them.

Perhaps it is time to revise my prayer efforts that have been low lately.

ec7154  No.791466

File: fb3f3e0580f4f29⋯.png (442.68 KB, 694x372, 347:186, napoleon.png)

I've failed again, although my God's grace I was able to go for longer then I ever have before.

I always seem to get sexual dreams after I go long enough without fapping, and temptations left by those dreams are usually what do me in. Pray for me anons. Pornography is truly an evil.

4e311c  No.791488

I masturbated today because my lust was increased and pent up, but I didn't ejaculate because I felt even worse and just stopped. Does anyone else masturbate when their lust increases even though they're feeling sad? Sometimes I'm too depressed to even find anything sexually arousing though. I've asked forgiveness from God.

a15e2a  No.791503

File: da7df2878bc5a78⋯.jpg (103.54 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, 5bf8807014aee04634beacb4d4….jpg)

i did it again anons. i just can't keep myself from feeling like crap or sad and end up tempted by porn and masturbation.

May GOD have mercy, and bless you all.

646d15  No.791593



You must beat habits with habits. Whenever you feel like you should go masturbate do pushups instead, listen to hymns, or do something productive. Think of it as punishing the demon in you by instead of giving into temptation that you are made stronger from it. Know your demons; know what they say, when, and how they trick you so you at least you don't fall for the same trick twice. Temptation for me tends to follow after depression, where we feel a sense of lacking. So make an effort to be as cheerful and thankful as possible all day. Our crosses are heavy and our flesh is weak. Kyrie Eleison.

94e0da  No.791746

I lost again today. I never had a girl in my life, never kissed or hugged anyone. My desire of wanting a girl pushed me to temptation.

Pray for me please

e578ad  No.791751

File: f1b798f2ecdc961⋯.jpg (26.73 KB, 361x431, 361:431, Blank_88a004d3ef22c6d06b84….jpg)

I ended up sinning yesterday. I had horrible nightmares all night.

ca97fd  No.791763


>I use this extension

>Wasn't aware of this feature

We are back in this brothers.

7c1bc4  No.791787


I was you three days ago (kissless male 21). Become the man you would want your daughter to marry and put yourself out there. You need to do your part for God to do his. By the grace of God you will succeed. Have courage and God bless you anon.

0e104a  No.791836

I masturbated until I ejaculated today. I have prayed to God for forgiveness.

daa559  No.791842

File: 4dbfc7eb621407b⋯.jpg (38.23 KB, 474x651, 158:217, 973bd79479741ac0d40469c73f….jpg)

You got this Anons. Do not give up. With prayer….God will give you the help you need to defeat this.

All you need to do is to get up back on your feet and fight.


>Become the man you would want your daughter to marry

This is actually a great thought anon.

4707f2  No.792093

File: 5ad4ad510af8105⋯.jpg (263.9 KB, 878x599, 878:599, bd62df944aeb84d77c68e92f97….jpg)

Never forget: Every time you jerk it to porn you jerk it with Shlomo right here.

d307e8  No.792133

File: c46da0bb6751b37⋯.jpg (2.62 MB, 2868x1803, 956:601, Ilya_Repin-What_freedom!.jpg)


Day 29 here, been good for all of lent. Long story short the girl I have been talking to has made an agreement with me that we'll get married in our mid 20's if things work out. Keep at it brothers, we're all gonna make it.

dac08f  No.792195

File: ec5d5ea16b2f65d⋯.jpeg (307.19 KB, 531x710, 531:710, Jesus Christ.jpeg)


That's great news, Anon. God bless you both.

32b7af  No.792219


No, it is referring to the subjective gravity of the sin.

daa559  No.792339

File: 0e86e78f0983392⋯.jpg (13.77 KB, 273x300, 91:100, 12b41a111e5eb422e80e990708….jpg)


> Every time you jerk it to porn you jerk it with Shlomo right here.

He's right you know

daa559  No.792340


congrats. at least someone is lucky enough to get wife.

91726a  No.792380

File: 31909a206672794⋯.jpg (19.54 KB, 856x482, 428:241, BB9A0F28-77F9-4DED-9624-7C….jpg)


This is what plays in my head as I fantasize about spending a hundred years in a solitary confinement cell on some rock island somewhere as penance, upon pondering the full extent of my sin.

A month from now lads, I'll be back with you right here. Do not be anxious about the future.

91726a  No.792387

File: 7953ca7ba3783b8⋯.jpg (161.74 KB, 720x997, 720:997, DD0286C4-35F5-480F-B7AE-2A….jpg)

Also, Oh my God. I can hide it.

I can hide it scarily well, bros.

I can fap and function normally… well, even, out and about in the world. People don't expect me to act any different than a white male in these parts and around my age. that is to say, not exactly a sensitive, caring person. I can basically just phone it in and be a porn addict like everyone else unnoticed, as opposed to being what I want to be, namely a positive force in the world and among people. This is a terrifying thought.

There is nowhere to run to now, as far as platitudes go. I used to do nofap for gains, testosterone, etcetera, and that's all nice and well. But now… all I really have is a duty not to disobey Lord Christ himself. And Oh my God is the alternative dark

29528b  No.792408


Say the Jesus prayer.

9d68fa  No.792841


It's Day 95 of NoNut19

Continuing where I left off. My image of women.

I don't know about you guys but the female members of our species are a compelling mystery that eternally fascinate me. I have a mix of admiration, apprehension and love for women.

This is not to say that I don't notice the hypergamous pit women in the Christian world have fallen into over the past decades. And even knowing that, I can't help but adore them.

Porn poisons this image of mine, it tugs at my basest instincts and over the years I have created an "anti-image" of women being slabs of meat to be used and thrown away.

Being someone that enjoys introspection I have been, carefully, exploring these dark thoughts and others over the past 4 or 5 years. There is a terrible beast, a hunger, that dwells deep inside me and porn stokes it. Were I to give in to this other side of me I would eat, winnie the pooh and sleep all day, mindlessly sinking into a hedonistic hell.

I thank the Lord that I was raised in a stable family, a healthy community with a good dose of social conservatism. I'm almost certain that, had I not been blessed with these circumstances, I would have probably ended up a serial rapist.

NoFap is a battle between these two sides.


>I want to hear your thoughts on a nofap strategy for me

>Set a clear objective

I recommend starting with 90dayNoFap. it's not going to be easy, from my own experience the first two or three weeks are going to be the toughest. Taking one day at a time helps a lot. Having a clearly defined objective helps even more.

If you reach your objective and are close to reaching it, add another day, week, month. Keep going and see where it takes you.


I can not stress how important this is.

Edging will only lead you to failure. It took me a whole year of trying to realize this.

>Stay away from porn

Easier said than done, I know.

Unfollow all those twitter porn accounts

Unfollow all those "instagram models"

Close all your porn site accounts

If you have to block porn site IPs in your localhost file DO IT.

Take measures that will keep you from easily accessing pornography.

Going outside into the real world will be the real challenge. At some point you'll realize that we're being constantly bombarded with imagery that is straight up softcore porn.

I recently found myself on the Instagram account of a "streamer" that she uses to promote her patreon. I navigated away quickly, but I still got an eye full. The following two or three days were a constant battle with those familiar urges coming back. They were not as strong as before, but they were strong enough to keep me worried and vigilant.

>Can pron be replaced with video games

Vidya serves other needs, don't bother.

That's it for now. I'll check in some other time. Stay strong christanons.

daa559  No.792976

File: f08c483ea5fe561⋯.jpg (51.33 KB, 474x842, 237:421, 4e3d14961e22ca7918aa0b0c32….jpg)


>took a great care not to fornicate/masturbate/anything with my ex

>Came to the verge of masturbation at most, stopped it every time early on so nothing really happened

>break up

I had a terribly realistic dream now. Wet dream so to say. Right after yesterday meeting a nice girl while I said to myself that if I get another chance from God to date a good girl I will not violate her in any way - even minor - whatsoever.

The images were real and I cannot get them out of my mind and it's very early since my last confession.

I feel bad but I do not want to bother the priest all the time about my dirty thoughts. Why is this happening to me.

d307e8  No.793418



Thanks fellas. Just when one trial ends another begins. Things are never easy for young Christian couples these days.

cd4f79  No.794064

Whenever I fail, I get extremely frustrated with myself. I think of how people like JPII and Lefebvre (and that YouTube priest, Mike Schmitz) are/were handsome enough to essentially, have any woman, but they still decided to become servants of God. I loathe my weak will. Lord, please forgive me… and during Lent no less.

2b2201  No.794194


Lefebvre lacked will enough to commit schism, you should find better mentors.

df2c01  No.794230

File: bc9d3b363a7bcd7⋯.jpg (21.94 KB, 474x589, 474:589, 898c5f740d2fa93258e3363faa….jpg)


Finally got back on the track. Remember the lustful thoughts are a precursor of masturbation. Not that the thoughts do not occur. They do. But one should not actively seek them and continue them.

This resulted i a minor-crisis for me after a long long flatline.

ac16cb  No.794349

File: 614fed6a6dbe9dc⋯.png (22.37 KB, 180x180, 1:1, blocksite.png)


Seconding Blocksite. I don't care if it's a botnet or whatever, but I've tried pretty a lot of parental control apps and extensions and this was the only one that actually prevented me from looking at porn. The desktop browser add on was particularly useful, because it enables you to block even a keyword. In my case, I blocked the keyword "nude", so if enter it on a search engine it won't even show results.

Do not rely on it alone, as it can be circumvented. Use it rather as an additional layer of protection, along with prayer, self mortification, etc.

75ab63  No.794377

I failed today brothers and sisters, after about almost half a year I gave in.

I shall not hang my head low, the images will be clear for some time to come but that will not hold me back from repentance, I'll kick the habit this time.

I feel after failing so many times this is the closest I have come, I have it down, I have it figured out, I was only missing God's helping hand, so while the fight may have been long it was destined to fail without God, I shall do my best to not fight alone ever again from now on and hopefully, this will be the last time I'll hang my head low because of this.

Pray for me please, I feel like I'm almost there when I can finally ditch this sinful remnant of my past life.

1054d4  No.794394

Week 1, the cravings start to kick in again. What do?

df2c01  No.794572


6 months are a lot. If you take care to push through two weeks without any serious relapses, you will find it easier than the last time. It's not just the "number". The time you resisted to your urges will amount to your good.


pray. Listen to templar chants instead of whatever you listen to.

dac08f  No.794605

File: 32e62ed72554cc3⋯.png (1003.9 KB, 1085x500, 217:100, ClipboardImage.png)

Made it 40 days without masturbation. Going to try the next step of ceasing to think about my waifu altogether. Don't know if this is the right thing to do but going to try it anyway. You may feel inclined to judge me, but please pray for me.

Psalm 34:18 - The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saved the crushed in spirit.

df2c01  No.794653

File: 865962e1455e03b⋯.png (180.82 KB, 960x498, 160:83, 865962e1455e03bd15ba186389….png)


future waifu or you're already married?

dac08f  No.794659


It started as a 2D thing, now I don't know what the heck it is.

d009a2  No.794913


So basically it's all in your head and there is no real woman involved?

a54ae8  No.794922


I am going to try this no-fap thing, pray for me anons.

dac08f  No.795007


More or less, yeah.

d009a2  No.795017


Well I guess that's a simple solution. Repent and pray to God that He blesses you with forgetfulness. Ask him to make you forget all about your imaginary woman.

Repent to God and forget all about your 2D waifu. The time you normally spend thinking about that 2D waifu can be better utilized and instead be used to pray to God.

also start praying the Rosary, it is your spiritual weapon against Capital vices like lust

dac08f  No.795107


Thanks for the support. I'm so tired of trying to fight sin on my own. God can do with me as he wills.

c63c1a  No.795147

Sorry to say this here but I just have to write it down and it's like I know any other place to do so. Spoilered for extremely heretical.

I refuse to stop fapping completely. I'm aware that it is seen as a sin but I will continue to do it once in a while.

Everybody who commits to nofap still has my full support.

03c3ac  No.795172


Anon for Jesus Christs' sake do not lay down this cross. Sin is never an option, and the fact your comfortable with this is a bad sign.

Complacency in sin because it's hard to overcome only leads to death. Brother, do not be an effeminate man

dfe286  No.795176


> the fact your comfortable with this is a bad sign.

^^^^ this a million times.

Darkness cannot mix with light, as St. Paul said, what fellowship has darkness with light?

>Don't team up with those who are unbelievers. How can righteousness be a partner with wickedness? How can light live with darkness? 2 Corinthians 6:14

There is no half-assing it when Christ wants your heart, he doesn't want a quarter of your heart, he doesn't want half of it, he wants ALL of it.

Anon, Satan only needs a small little crack in your armor to take your soul, this is that crack. It will fester and destroy you in the end if you keep ignoring it. Don't accept sin, not even a little bit of sin, fight it with everything you've got.

We're all in a similar struggle and if others can do it, so can you, don't give sin any quarter.

df2c01  No.795266

File: 18b45fbdd8ba32b⋯.jpg (14.96 KB, 175x212, 175:212, 30362026a330234f0307af63d2….jpg)


In that case good luck in fighting this sin. As the other Anon said. you should pray so God absolves you of the desire for the 2d menace.

Confessing and discussing this with priest is also a good idea

08459a  No.795566

Please pray for me bros- I cant overcome my $hit alone anymore

4eafec  No.795688

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

We're not supposed to be 27, single or in a casual relationship number 25, surrounded by all this sexuality, women showing ass, boobs, legs, using makeup to look immaculate, throwing themselves at you…..

It's literally impossible to adhere to any form of purity. Let's say you get married at 30, which is average age men get married nowadays. How the hell is it possible to not mastrubate? Are you supposed to torture yourself for 30 years? And the way things are, it's questionable if you're gonna get married at all. And the thing that kinda bothers me that if you mastrubate, you're basically committing the same sin as someone who has slept with 50 women, there's no difference.

People should get married right outta high school. What we have today is pure torture for most men. Women have it easy because they're always in demand and they can get married whenever they want.

dfe286  No.795697


The point is that you starve the brain of the dopamine it seeks in pmo, so at some point you will stop thinking about sex. It's like working out, hard at first but easy with persistence.

Asses were my thing when I used to fap, but nowadays they do absolutely nothing to me. It's just skin, so at a certain point your brain will stop perceiving things as "opportunity".

>Women have it easy because they're always in demand and they can get married whenever they want.

Women don't have it easy because they are looking for WORTHY men, they have it easy in terms of fornication,but fornication bites them in the rear later on, because chad doesn't want to settle for sluts.

But yea it wasn't supposed to be like this, most of us were meant to be married by now but thanks to (((the tribe))) for (((liberating))) women from the bondage of their families. So what can we do now? Our lives are certainly easier without PMO and our loneliness becomes less acute when we shake off that yoke, so that is our direction from now on, and when we get rid of PMO, we will focus on self-improvement to an artform and fulfill whatever it is God sent us to this planet to do.

Remember anons what God says to the childless:

>Sing, O barren, thou that didst not bear; break forth into singing, and cry aloud, thou that didst not travail with child: for more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife, saith the LORD. Isaiah 54-1

Though we've not married our children will be reckoned through Faith, just as Abraham. That is what makes us his children, so take heart, anons, we are actually in a very powerful position though we have lots of trials and burdens.

df2c01  No.795799

File: 6efaf4c8cc02ac0⋯.jpg (181.88 KB, 810x598, 405:299, 6efaf4c8cc02ac0db9f818ddec….jpg)


It is possible to break the wheel with your will and God's help. I get that you are blackpilled about everything but listen: You breaking the fapping will probably be the first step of you finding the wife. Regular prayer and confession will clean up your act.

>People should get married right outta high school. What we have today is pure torture for most men.


> Women have it easy because they're always in demand and they can get married whenever they want.

Nope. Women age quicker than men. Women are tempted in the same way. Some chads p*ump them and dump them and their pairbonding is damaged for good, especially if they develop a sex addiction and are promiscuous afterwards. Meanwhile everything an average woman wants is a good husband to have kids with. while being bombarded with feminist propaganda and over sexualized men. No I am not white knighting here. I realize women are spoiled…but we men allowed it because there is no equality. We were supposed to look after them. Our grand/grand fathers failed and so on and here we are. Good thing is the process can be reversed. It stars with us becoming strong men again which starts with us stopping masturbating.

If I broke the fapping spell, so can you. Hold on to three things: work, prayer, fasting. You can do this. Just drop the defeatist mindset and adopt the monk-warrior mindset. Work on yourself as hard as you can. Not just fapping….the rest too. Become the best version of yourself and I believe God will send you a good woman then. This is what I believe in.

I know it is hard and sometimes I get blackpilled as you do too…not about masturbation, because that I settled long time ago. But with other things..the general decay, me not having wife yet. But then I think again: Hey…am I worthy of a wife yet? Then I realize that I have a lot of work to do and that there is not much time for a self pity. I will do my best and leave the rest for the God to decide. I recommend the same.

>The point is that you starve the brain of the dopamine it seeks in pmo, so at some point you will stop thinking about sex. It's like working out, hard at first but easy with persistence.


ea658e  No.795800


>It's out fault, not womens

df2c01  No.795820


>men and women are equal

If men did not allow feminism and set women into their place it would not happen.

Wives obey your husbands. Husbands love your wives.

ea658e  No.795860


>its your fault for other peoples decision

what a retard

dfe286  No.795881


>For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the savior of the body. Ephesians 5:23

Remember Eve was deceived but Adam sinned willingly, every vice that flows through women has to flow through the man first. If women are failing it's because men have failed women.

There's a long unbroken chain of men consenting to evil that goes all the way back to the Garden. Feminism is just another version of Satan offering the apple to Eve, feels good in the moment but in the end it killed her.

There's truly nothing new under the sun.

6303b3  No.795936


>You breaking the fapping will probably be the first step of you finding the wife.

You really believe masturbating has anything to do with finding a wife or not? Utter nonsense.

c37f63  No.795998


Well, (1) it's definitely unethical to marry a woman while you are struggling with a pornography/masturbation addiction, and (2) yes, God is probably more likely to bless you with good things (including a wife) if you stop committing grievous sins against him.

6303b3  No.796112


On the contrary, there are unethical men that commit grevious sins against him that are blessed with good things such as a wife. I think there is an indifference there and you are wishful thinking.

df2c01  No.796121


I am not saying it's your personal fault, retard. But men as a group allowed the female liberation. What we have now is the consequence. If men stayed strong and uncompromising, feminism would not be a thing.



I am not saying this is 100% but there are men who are unable to speak to women because of their masturbation problem. There are men who are not able to create a bond to woman because of their fapping problem. And since breaking masturbation means self imrovement of all fronts, you are therefore more likely to attract women, therefore more likely to find a wife.

I should have written "could be", sorry for not being precise.

My point is: If one struggles with keeping pure for a week, how will the future wife respect him? The man should be able to control himself, to be a strong father figure. All I see around myself irl are guys who are afraid of asking women out, are insecure. They nurture their porn problem, saying it is fine. And then in the next sentence they go complain about "how impossible" it is to find a woman. Well how about forging oneself first and then trusting God for a while?

I have not found the wife yet and I know there are degenerates that win a jackpot. Well God probably outlined them a route different from mine.

tl dr. If you think there is indifference you are wrong. I never had this much chances of meeting, dating girls when I masturbated. Now at least I may use my potential and have a chance of finding one. Back then my chances were much lower.

e73fd7  No.796708

File: 73fd128bd79123e⋯.gif (1003.32 KB, 404x347, 404:347, 1554583154483.gif)

Today has been a cold reminder of my iniquities. I failed to resist temptation from several vectors, succumbing to lust, gluttony, and sloth alike. The darkness in the pits of my heart which whispers to my waking thoughts idle dreams of pleasure holds too a strong grip upon me, and, though I know that I sign a dastardly pact with Satan, I still choose to walk the path of vice. I gorge myself on earthly pleasures knowing full well what seeds I sow. I pray that tomorrow I will have greater strength and greater clarity of mind with which to ask assistance of Christ in my time of temptation.

715020  No.796878


Begone, Satan. Your lies have no power here. Masturbation is so disgusting that people have to look at pornography to partake in such an act. It's almost as bad as sodomy.

715020  No.796882


>Masturbation as a form of marital sex?

That is not what this struggle is about and you know it, you dishonest masturbation-apologist. And yes, "masturbation as a form of marital sex" is lustful nonsense.

>I’m not the one getting high off Talmudic doctrine.

You are trying to lure anons into partaking in a sin that claims for heaven to justice. Repent before it's too late!

04a55e  No.797141

File: 1209bbb0f2018e8⋯.jpg (264.79 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, IMG_20180712_052617.jpg)

715020  No.797143


You sound like the typical pervert who goes full armchair psychologist whenever his vice gets called out. I never called sex disgusting, and I'm certainly not afraid of genitalia. That has nothing to do with this discussion, though. Masturbation is not sex. You actually nailed it: it's a bestial monkey-like behavior. Men aren't supposed to behave like monkeys and your hand is not a sex organ. No amount of mental gymnastics will change that.


No, I am not. Hatred of sin is love of God. You go to a thread called nofap in a Christian board to preach that masturbation is an acceptable behavior. Your kind is not welcome here. Maybe some degenerate cesspool like /b/ will be more receptive to your preaching.

dfe286  No.797152


>There are a million sins more serious than jacking off.

It doesn't matter if you jack off or if you downloaded a movie illegally, ALL sins separate you from God. So in the cosmic sense trying to create categories of sins makes no sense because they all separate you from your original form in the end.

When you decide to follow God, you don't half-ass it with half your heart, God wants ALL of your heart. Which necessitates a fundamental transformation in ALL facets of life.

>15 “I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. 2 He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful. 3 You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you. 4 Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me. John 15:1-4

>You can write your long-winded puritanical disquisitions about how abominable this sin is, but the truth is you're f#cked in the head.

The fact that you're still swearing shows that you don't want to change yet.

>9With the tongue we bless our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God’s likeness. 10Out of the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, this should not be! 11Can both fresh water and bitter water flow from the same spring?… John 3:10-11

>10Jesus called the crowd to Him and said, “Listen and understand. 11A man is not defiled by what enters his mouth, but by what comes out of it.” Matthew 15:10-11

>16“Do you still not understand?” Jesus asked. 17“Do you not yet realize that whatever enters the mouth goes into the stomach and then is eliminated? 18But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, and these things defile a man. 19For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, and slander. 20These are what defile a man, but eating with unwashed hands does not defile him.” Matthew 16-20

Anon, my warning for you, don't put off the transformation 'until you're ready', for that day will NEVER come. Throughout the NT Christ often told his disciples to abandon everything and follow him at the moment, we're not supposed to look back when we decide to follow him. When Lot's wife looked back at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, she became a pillar of salt, don't make the same mistake she did. There is no going back -- there is NO looking back. Drop everything and follow Christ with all your heart.

715020  No.797153


Always the same tired insults. Hysteric, neurotic, puritanical, mad. You claim to love Jesus and strive for a sinless life. The truth, however, is that you are so attached to your favorite sin that you feel the need to defend it here, in a thread about overcoming that specific sin. You insult people who refuse to treat it as "no big deal".

Yes, there are more serious sins than masturbation. I did not claim otherwise. That mindset will lead you nowhere, however. Both masturbation and murder might land you in hell. Maybe murder will land you in a deeper pit of hell, but that's it.

PS: "Sins that cry to heaven for justice" are also known as peccata clamantia. I did not invent that expression and you can read more about it here: https://www.fisheaters.com/lists.html#10.

8fd7a3  No.797158

File: 033a513d79e43bc⋯.jpeg (387.16 KB, 750x626, 375:313, 033a513d79e43bc7feff147a4….jpeg)

Quick question, you can look lustfully at your own wife, right? And you can have as much sex as you want as long as you don't use contraception?

If that's true then this thead is just one giant cope for our unmarried incel brothers?

715020  No.797160



The guy who goes around rationalizing his sins turns out to be a modernist lukewarm protestant heretic. Very fitting. People like you are to blame for the sad state of Christianity nowadays. People like you are to blame for "hippie Jesus", "there is no hell" and all such assorted heresies.

You are the one who's spewing insults all over the thread because people called out masturbation what it exactly is: a mortal sin. You are also very ignorant about doctrine and don't know the difference between repentance and wallowing in self-pity. And you are quite prone to putting words in other people's minds.

This thread is for anons who want to overcome masturbation. If you want to keep going in your tirade about those evil self-righteous prudes who dare speak about sin and hell, I suggest you head back to r/christianity.

04a55e  No.797261

>packing up to move from the apartment I've lived in for nearly 3 years

>find a pair of ladies panties that I had from my degenerate days

I must have buried it in the back of the closet when I started going back to church about 2 years ago. It's in the trash now, take this stupid little story as a sign of my progress and as a hope for your own. You're all gonna make it.

ed1bf0  No.797650

Failed once again, only due to my resistance to prayer. Seems like traps and temptations are everywhere for winnie the poohs sake, i found one link in my old phone backup. Please pray for me

1180fc  No.797766

This is my hundredth attempt at this and I feel like I am trying harder than the last times.

The yearning is pretty strong but its so strange to me. It feels like when I used to do drugs and I tried to stop. I wasn't fully addicted I just had some light withdrawal. If I had access to a pill or some weed near by I would get this same urge to go over and get it. It doesn't want to get out of my head but I'm trying hard and praying.

21d1bd  No.797939



I'm praying for you both, stay strong.

4db42c  No.797988

I winnie the poohed up, however I proceeded in the face of adversity for a long time (for me) because I stopped relying on myself and prayed when I needed help.

However I also have exams coming and I think my sloth has been worse at this point.

94e0da  No.798060

I have failed once again, but this time is worse because it's the Good Friday. I'm so ashamed of me, please pray for me

c8c1d1  No.798129


i didnt fail today but I failed during Holy Week all the same, I won't be able to recieve reconciliation before Sunday and will not recieve Eucharist on Easter Sunday, I feel ashamed

22bf09  No.798350


23ca3d  No.798426

File: 9165662a0b9e8db⋯.jpg (40.66 KB, 640x586, 320:293, 1535601188664.jpg)

>another wet dream last night

>didn't even bother to clean it up

>woke up to dried semen everywhere

It's better than sin, but please, someone has to know how to stop the emissions!

2bf80b  No.798455


I do! Marry a girl who really likes you and whom you really like and do not use protection. It is the easiest and most effecient way to 100% stop what you are experiencing.

23ca3d  No.798460


I suppose I got what I asked for. Why no protection though?

2bf80b  No.798464


Children are a gift from God and you have no right to reject His blessings.


23ca3d  No.798480


It's also my responsibility to be a faithful steward of all that the Lord has given me, and to be wise regarding my circumstances. And having a dozen children is not being shrewd

c7fbe6  No.798483


"Be fruitful and multiply"

But I guess you know the Lords word better than himself so go on looking for loopholes, I'm sure it's going to turn out great for you.

23ca3d  No.798486


That commandment was given to different people in a different time and context. It was not repeated in the new Testament, however we do see the command to 'raise your children in the faith' and to 'not lead them into anger'. Going beyond the means that God has provided is going to break these commands.

c7fbe6  No.798488


Dude, I don't know what to tell you. As Christians we faithfully follow the Word of the Lord as He has laid it out for us.

If you're into interpreting and questioning and arguing you're probably better of in the Talmudic faith.

23ca3d  No.798496


I don't disagree that we have to follow God's Word, but we have to interpret it correctly. God commanded Adam and Eve to 'be fruitful and multiply', but neither of us are Adam, we live in a different time. We don't follow the Mosaic Laws because we aren't the people of Israel. All scripture is good for teaching, but you can't take a verse or passage and immediately apply it to yourself. So we need to ask the question, was the commandment given to Adam applicable to us today? It may very well apply to us, or it may not.

0a634b  No.798771


It doesn't stop the emissions but heres some tips I've developed.

>Sleep on your back you're likely to have nocturnal emissions

>Sleep on your front you're very likely to have nocturnal emissions

I recommend sleeping naked with a towel wrapped around your waist as if you came out of the shower. That way if you do have a nocturnal emission, its just a towel getting dirty. Its up to you then whether you can be bothered getting up and cleaning up, or just falling instantly back to sleep. Doesn't fix the problem of jizz drying on you. But it's a good start.

8fb7c7  No.798858

File: a2348633b458029⋯.jpg (9.84 KB, 355x355, 1:1, 61xe6mCXGLL._SY355_.jpg)

Guys I have real problem. I have an orgasm denial fetish and I'm no NoFap day 7 now. The mere thought that I'm not allowed to cum gives me a steelrod that not even jet fuel could melt. Please advise.

3eb08b  No.798937



e56eed  No.798943


This is a serious issue, I don't know why you make light of that anons request. Not very charitable of you.

f3fa70  No.798963


I know you're goofin, but fetishes decline through abusive overuse, so eventually you'll get bored of it and stop being weird.

e56eed  No.798967


Should you really be the one to throw the first stone, diaperAnon?

d9b0f6  No.798979

File: d90eb29c20fc8c8⋯.gif (46.89 KB, 306x469, 306:469, 1502377753595.gif)

Hi my fellow brothers, I finally got my first girlfriend the other week and I was ecstatic and I did want to try convert her and make her wait.

I'm a Christian, but unfortunately last week I succumbed to my temptations and lustful feelings and lost my virginity to this same girl and then again proceeded to have sex again today. I had always dreamed of having intercourse after marriage however, first by starting masturbating, now by breaking that sacred act of sex, I've only pushed myself lower and lower towards the point of no return.

I need your help Christanons.

I've realised after both these times, I really don't enjoy sex, I feel dead and unphased afterwards, it doesn't satisfy me at all and I just feel shame and indifferrent. Im 22 but I only fapped for the first time when I was 21 and then after that semi-frequently. Though Ive been on a short no-fap streak so far and plan to power through it.

I don't want to have sex anymore and I'm not having the "best time ever" with my gf even though I always thought once I get my first gf it would be non stop fun.

My faith has been lacking, I've not been in church for over a year, my life is also off track and I spend my days depressed at home or depressed at work,

I feel like maybe I need to cut off this relationship but I'm lost, misguided and confused.

I'm ashamed and disappointed in myself and I've let God down with my actions.

I don't know what to do.

Please help me.

59e385  No.798996



e56eed  No.799048


Why are you so upset, calm down anon, it's not good for your health.

23ca3d  No.799050


Hmm that's a good idea, thanks. I usually sleep naked because it's apparently better for testosterone levels, I will try the towel.

>tfw mom finds the nocturnal emission towel

7439bc  No.799103

if you guys want to overcome degeneracy, i strongly suggest quiting porn entirely.

7439bc  No.799108

in my experience all i had to do was quit watching porn and get of to any memories i had of them until they became completely worthless and forgot about them.

56ff9b  No.799136



This. It took me almost a year to figure out that I was actually hooked up on pornography, not masturbation. Quitting pornography has been the hardest battle for me.

37b419  No.799150

I'm day 65 of NoFap. Had a recent flatline (still coming out of it) and I feel like I'm "re-calibrating". I would've never made it this far without Jesus Christ. The Lord always gives you a way out when faced w/ temptation. Even when I'm feeling horrible on Nofap, I embrace it because it means I'm getting better. I only wish I knew years ago what I currently know about porn and the effects of "pleasuring" oneself.

37b419  No.799151


It is the only way

04a55e  No.799220



It may not apply much to you guys but I've found that wearing boxers backwards has helped me alot both with reducing emissions and keeping clean up easy. Woke up several times and it was quite clear why I was stimulated in the way I was given that my wood was poking through the hole in the boxers.


There should be no 'strong suggestion' to do this. It must be done. Both to cure us of our addictions and vices and also because even watching porn is a sin.

aa1338  No.799221

Not LDS myself, but this video helped me understand a lothttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9ajbpTjiv8

fada11  No.799263


All right Anon. I'll take the time to respond. Having sex with a girl before marriage is a bad deal for both of you. Especially after few weeks of relationship. It kind of shows her low character since she agreed to it after few weeks - most christian girls would not. We are all sinful beings though and I do not know her, I will restrain from making any judgements. This judgement you need to do yourself.

I can relate to your state of mind since I am no longer virgin myself, having lost my virginity with my first gf years ago. We had sex more than twice though. The relationship was bad and this only made it drag on, rotten my soul for few years to come

>it is not satisfying

It is not because it is masturbatory in essence. The goal is not to have kids, just to have fun. Well the fun part is just a trick of satan there is no fun in premarital sex.

I overcame both the bad relationship back then, did not have sex from then on. I overcame porn and masturbation. I am clean right now…but I will tell you right now that the dirt won't completely go away. I mean you will confess, you will be forgiven and grateful for that…but you will remember your failure. At least I do and I feel bad for that sometimes. I have just met a good, chaste girl that I want to date and I feel that somehow for this reason I won't be good enough for her,a t least in my own eyes. When the time comes for me proposing to my future wife I will get this straight and will tell her about this. Until then i will do everything to be the best man I can to compensate for not being able to give her my virginity on the marriage night. I will give what I can. Right now I struggle with self improvement towards this goal.

>Please help me

You need to stop having sex asap. Right now. If the relationship is good, it won't ruin it. Talk to her about the fact that it is sinful, that it does not fulfil your needs. Explain it is too early to have sex before marriage. If it results in ending the relationship, so be it. If it results in strengthening the relationship, so be it. Then go confess. Pray for the strength to overcome the lust and temptation, as well as porn and masturbation. TO do this you need to come back to church. That will also get your life back on the track and find your vocation - be it marriage or priesthood, or whatever. You may then direct your efforts towards that.

Father awaits the prodigal son with open arms. Always remember that. No matter what you've done if you repent and come back he will dress you and make a feast because he will be glad to have his son come back.

8fe3d6  No.799281


Good post.

7439bc  No.799299


Yeah i guess i suggesting wasnt correct but its crazy to think how distracting it trully is.

it wasnt until recently couple months ago i found a video called "Th strangest secret" by Earl Nightingale then it hit me how much time i wasted distracting myself from what trully matters in life and that is actually a goal in life.

In that video he talks about the key to success in life and that is "We become what we think about" think of it life this, you cant become say an engineer or a doctor if you always think negatively or distract yourself with short term pleasures.

You gotta THINK and BELIVE that you can become one

Mark 11:24 "Therefore i tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, belive that you have received it, and it will be yours"

I cant possibly explain everything he talks about in the video so i recommend everyone searching up on youtube "The strangest secret by Earl Nightingale"

God Bless.

5bd9cb  No.799429


Remember friend though there is a balance between work, prayer, and leisure. Money or prestige or “success” in the world is not the ultimate end and will never satisfy us. Like gluttony it can become a bottomless pit of depravity. You have to keep in mind what your terms mean and not start using platitudes.

5bd9cb  No.799430


You should ask her to marry you. Remember don’t put any woman on a pedestal though and if she says no then you will have to deal with that. Stand by your principles, face this head on. Delaying will only increase the chance of falling further. Be a man of action in the best sense.

I think the consequences of agreeing to this kind of fornication is even worse though. You will be ushered into some kind of addiction to the vices a spiritual slavery to passions.

7439bc  No.799460


i wasnt talking about petty things like money though success can provide that, i was talking more about doing something with our lives and not regreting over something that we could have achieved in life, sorta like our parents saying that they wished they studied more when they were younger.

9d68fa  No.799468

I am 7 days away from reaching 120 days of NoFap.

For some reason my need to watch porn has been stronger than ever. It feels like I'm being tempted to sin during Holy Week.


Quitting porn entirely was the thing that helped me do my first 90 day NoFap after a whole year of trying to stop. It is mandatory.

23ca3d  No.799571


>Woke up several times and it was quite clear why I was stimulated in the way I was given that my wood was poking through the hole in the boxers.

This is a good point, I only really started having this issue when sleeping naked, and I think it's because of the direct contact with my bedsheets

746794  No.799709

File: 018c88e34b13782⋯.jpg (51.73 KB, 960x540, 16:9, G3aCyzT.jpg)

I'm doing really well these days, can't remember the last time I fapped. I watched porn for the last time almost 4 months ago. I know I can fail anytime though.

Last night something strange happened. I was dreaming, and I remember my younger sister calling me a virgin (the word is rather derogatory in our language) in front of people. I was very pissed, and started calling her names, which I never ever do IRL. I'm trying to get over the fact that I'll remain a virgin until marriage, despite being already 25, while all my (heathens) friends are getting laid. I feel I can cope irl but my dreams show me that I'm still conflicted about it.

What do?

04ea3c  No.799763


>For some reason my need to watch porn has been stronger than ever. It feels like I'm being tempted to sin during Holy Week.

I prayed to Jesus to heal me from sin for the Holy Week and He entirely removed temptation during it, like if someone flicked a switch.

Now I try to keep with it, haven't felt any strong urges yet.

I already see the positive effects and I'm suddenly noticing beautiful women everywhere in the real world. The latter is the most positive effect of avoiding porn altogether.

Masturbation is a sin, but porn is from the devil.

a27b65  No.799792


I am 119 days away from that 120.

I winnie the poohed up at the second week. I've been going to confession every week or so, that is when I fall.

I developed the habit of masturbating daily during my early adolescence, now after 6 months I "only" fall like 4 times a month and I don't feel like it's going to end anytime soon. I always tell myself

>this is the last time for sure, my resolve is stronger than ever

And that might be right, till I forget

During daytime its easy to avoid because I make myself busy; at night is hell

Like you said quitting porn has helped immensely. Any tips on moving forward from this point?


Same here, sleeping naked is the worst you can do

8fb387  No.799815

Its been about four months for me. Wish I'd see any of the positive effects all the anti-porn people talk about. I still feel like a degenerate, shameful failure, although at least it's not because I'm degrading myself. But still, it's easier to not do bad things than it is to do good things and I seem to have a long way to go before I can think about having a family

200607  No.799953

I've seen Jeff Durbin specifically mention porn addicts as one of the kinds of addict he has helped break free of their addiction. Since I have consistently failed to free myself from porn for three years, would it be wise for me to move to Phoenix to seek his aid?

76fe13  No.800017

Is there some sort of app or program I can use to just block all porn sites?

3e43f6  No.800033


>Is there some sort of app or program I can use to just block all porn sites?

This would block you from visiting this site. :)

Few years ago I stored some less degenerate images (which didn't arouse me anymore) from the chans on an USB thumb drive and deleted all porn from my computers. This got me off the daily habit of visiting porn sites. Instead I did go to the drawer full of "sin", when I couldn't withstand temptation.

This year the Lord had mercy and hid the "sin" drive from me. I don't know where it is now. I didn't relapse to porn sites, I don't even remember their names.

746794  No.800074


You will always find a way around this kind of measure (switching to your phone, or another machine, etc). What you should do is stop browsing any image board beside this one, and stop looking at anything that might trigger temptation. Easier said than done, but when nothing is triggering you you can go days without even thinking about the opposite sex.

78a736  No.800111



It works on all platforms.

35b1d7  No.800135


Learn to hate sex and arousal, learn to love procreation and love.

d1e874  No.800329


BlockSite is decent and doesn't block 8ch.

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