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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 6551fde33670992⋯.jpg (97.84 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 7706d710a28e1903e239b3a2e6….jpg)

c038c2  No.405648

27 You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ 28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Matthew 5:27-28

19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 1 Corinthians 6:19

8 Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. Galatians 6:8

Post your Purity successes/woes/prayer requests/ etc.

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91726a  No.808257

I got so enormously close I can't even believe it. I won't go into detail because it's all obscene but I edged so far I would of have had to completely recount a microsecond later, as a matter of fact, I felt it going back. I just jolted out of arousal for that microsecond because I knew I couldn't. I don't know if i did right or wrong lads, I wish I wouldn't have to wonder about this but I do feel filthy

ed0730  No.808259


The first several months are the hardest anon. It does get easier, but it's a burden we will all have to overcome until we die.

fcfcbe  No.808277


Masturbation begins when you're stroking it friendo, it doesn't matter if you ejaculate or not. I get that edging helps alleviate some of the pressure but you've broken your NoFap the second you "took matters into your own hands". (edging is also incredibly unhealthy on top of offending god).

I'll root for your success in the future!

8be23d  No.808355

Well my latest attempt to stop lasted just short of the weekend before I caved. Disgusted with myself for doing it, for caving so quickly, and for going back to it after saying I'm going to stop, and for doing it when I know it's sinful. Scared of what this lifestyle will do to me.

If getting into shape helps with the urge, I'd appreciate any advice there. But what I really need is prayer, because only God can help me to make the right decision.

1f83ae  No.808366

File: ec35faf3c35e5cb⋯.gif (7.43 KB, 500x377, 500:377, 36EFED5E-35CE-40FB-B793-5B….gif)

The problem for me is actually wanting to stop. You could give me a whole motivational speech and show me a million times how harmful porn/masturbation is and sure I’d be all motivated to finally stop, but then a month or so would pass and I’ll just end up back where I started again. Porn for me is like what I assume hard drugs are like for drug addicts. It just feels so good that I have long periods of time where I don’t even want to stop.

c8ec53  No.808370

9be631  No.808372


thank you anon

f341d6  No.808382


>Masturbation begins when you're stroking it friendo, it doesn't matter if you ejaculate or not.


746794  No.808385


>If getting into shape helps with the urge

It won't, but you should get fit anyway. It won't make the urge pass, but when I started, the simple fact of realizing I can actually get better at something was a huge confidence boost for me.


f341d6  No.808439

File: 31a4e4a796cb28c⋯.jpg (36.87 KB, 474x501, 158:167, c2634a7e327a18bd4aa2274e98….jpg)

I have had a crisis recently. On all fronts. It even resulted in me taking a peek on porn besides all the thoughts of sex I had.

I confessed and came back. It feels so good.


That is normal. I no longer fap but sometimes I get dragged into erotic images then videos. For me it is commonplace to go to confession every two weeks or so. No need to be ashamed of that. It would be worse if you did not go.

>I feel like I am letting both God and the priest down.

quite the contrary you keep up the good fight by being humble and going to confession. This is the only way forward. Keep it up. The siege laid by devil will eventually be broken.

f341d6  No.808440


>month 18


>stopped counting


>revolt against the modern world

based and redpilled

ee6f0a  No.808648


Hey. I don't really post here often, but I figured I'd share. I partook in this lust today, and I'll spare you the details, but it was especially graphic. I felt so ashamed afterwards that in my haste, I decided to defile my body again, and carved a cross into my upper thigh as a permanent reminder that what I did was a sin, drawing me away from God's light.

I even wrote in my journal around four pages worth of me explaining why I did it. I wanted God to know that I was truly remorseful, and that I really wanted his guidance. In the end, I begged for his strength to overcome temptation, and for his forgiveness.

Anyways, that's all. God Bless anons.

5b9c26  No.808674

When I was sleeping, I was dreaming that I was sodomizing a young woman I knew and then I had a strong sensation in my penis when I wake up, and it was just a little bit of Urine.

What the hell ? How could such impure thoughts could cross my mind ? I think I made sure not to think about such things in the day, I'm kind of disturb.

174994  No.808685


>How could such impure thoughts could cross my mind ? I think I made sure not to think about such things in the day, I'm kind of disturb

I had (sometimes wet) dreams of impure things when I was 10-11, before I ever looked at pornography. In one dream, there were a couple of female classmates standing naked in front of me, but their crotches were blurry (probably because, at the time, I didn't know what female genitalia looked like) and they had abnormally large breasts. Point is, we have little control over what our dreams contain, so do your best to put the guilt behind you. On a similar note, I had a wet dream for the first time in 6 years, just the other day, which was strange because I had (unfortunately) fapped only a few days before that.

d03bf1  No.808692

Guys, you need some religious imagery in your house. I haven't had problems with this sin after putting up an image of Christ on the wall next to my computer.

5b9c26  No.808705

File: b309a7a55064c28⋯.png (25.46 KB, 186x230, 93:115, ooi.png)


Ok…After that evil dream, I somehow end up on /b/ and then /b2/ and there was bestiality porn…I'm so ashamed but I fap to some of them (those implicating women) and then, I finished it off with "normal" porn.

Just like that, I've finished my 15-22 days nofap streaks, while it was going smoothly…

All it takes is a some kind of sexual triggering and I lose my mind.

I can't help to think that Satan lured my into this trap, but the finality is yet my fault, because I cave in to this degenerate thing (which I never watch) and finished by fapping.

It's all becoming tiring…When you feel you are finally going more than 2 weeks of NoFap straight after 8 years of trying NoFap, I then sin with an even more degenerate thing…

Is it a signal that I can't do this on my own and I must attend Church and confess? I've just regained faith in the Catholic faith, but I've pretty much never went to a church ever since my communion..

4db42c  No.808729



Honestly Satan is blackmailing you with your sins, which is why you cannot break them. If you want victory you have to destroy the idol which is your false self-esteem and pride, and you cannot do that without a priest & self-condemnation before God and His minister.

535e96  No.808735

Here I am again, went to confession, recived reconciliation, feeling pure for a bit and now it returns, the loneliness, the lustful thoughts, the feelings of inadequacy. It all feels like a cycle to me.

I just want a wife, I want someone to love and who loves me, I love God but I've always felt my calling was to be with another human, I always feel better when I'm around people who I connect with, I always feel happier and more innocent around women. I feel like I'll always have lustful and impure thoughts,while I am alone. It only gets worse the older I get. In my teenager years I was perfectly content with being alone, and being pure, I never had the desires. But now it's always haunting me, always around the corner.

I don't even want sex, I just want to hold a womans hand, I want to love her and spend my life with her, though I don't know who SHE is, I suppose it's any woman at this point.

This has been my life for over a decade, the constant cycle of losing my state of grace to porn, the seeking reconciliation. I do not see it ending anytime soon.

174994  No.808748


I can relate, especially when it comes to wanting companionship but not premarital sex. Granted, I'm not yet Catholic (getting Confirmed next month), however I've had little luck meeting decent women in the past, so I hope I have better luck in the Church. By the way, porn makes you absolutely miserable, so remind yourself of that every time you even think about looking at erotic imagery… Easier said than done, I know, but it's helped to deter me lately.

496179  No.808822

Nearly day 12.

Spending nearly 90 minutes in prayer a day and lifting an hour a day.

Urges getting more intense, but not to masturbate. I'm resisting the urge to download tinder and winnie the pooh a random woman.

I've never done that before but I hate this feeling. I keep remembering those women I have fancied in the recent past and having obsene thoughts.

It even penetrates into doing rosaries, which disgusts and angers me, both at myself and satan.

When does this stop happening? I miss the melancholic feeling of feeling weird for being a christian, because then I am not disturbed by repulsive images during my rosaries when I feel that.


2752bf  No.808841

>>808822 (checked, dub dubs)

Just hang in there Amigo you can do it. It'll get easier from there. Ask for when it stops only Jesus Christ will know.

What I usually do in these situations is when I pray I thank God for permitting a lustful Spirit to torment/oppress me. I think him knowing that He only permits this as a test of my strength and willpower and faith that I have in Him.

In the meantime I would stay away from the internet and any sort of screen and just keep yourself busy with something. Reading a book helps a lot in my case. You could also always write or brainstorm ideas and how to be better help the church. Also if you haven't already, you should be fasting at least twice a week. Fasting helps discipline your mind over your body. And try to stay away from red meats and chicken and pork for a while. One thing I noticed every time I eat a breakfast pizza (chock full of bacon and ham) my lustful passions Spike incredibly.

I'll be praying for you brother.

Ave Christus Rex!

b35ed5  No.809072

File: 44c12aad8d1880c⋯.jpg (76.09 KB, 500x749, 500:749, 1507962061290.jpg)

Lads I find that temptation often comes to me when I'm physically tired

If I've been busy all day with work, running errands, working out etc., I tend to start feeling really tired around 7-8pm, and this is when temptation starts to kick in. I've tried a few things in an attempt to mitigate it but sometimes it seems overwhelming. because of the tiredness I find it really difficult to concentrate on praying and my mind wanders, and I can't concentrate on reading scripture either, I can't absorb what I'm reading and I end up just staring at the pages and not taking anything in. The only thing I find easy to do at that point is stare at a screen. I don't think it's wise to allow myself to sleep at that time because I often have other things I still need to do later, and if I sleep too early then I'll mess up my sleeping pattern.

Has anyone else dealt with this sort of thing? I know it's probably ultimately a matter of discipline but I'd appreciate advice and prayers. Thanks

b5508e  No.809073

File: 95b238f719224f8⋯.jpg (71.08 KB, 837x837, 1:1, 95b238f719224f80443cb9b7e7….jpg)

School has been killing my NoFap streak for over a year now.

I really need your prayers guys, only God can get me out of this.

08459a  No.809089

Protanon here. I’m having trouble with masturbation and porn, but I hear the praying the rosary can help me. How do I do it, and can I do it even if I’m not Catholic?

06e8c0  No.809093

File: 973576947296b7b⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 2340x3054, 390:509, 48feedae0505559404bc7d9356….jpg)


You can pray the rosary, but be forwarned. Side effects of praying the rosary with love may case:

>belief in the communion and intercession of the saints

>stating you believe in the one true Holy Catholic Church

>asking Jesus' blessed mother to pray for you

>freedom from sin and vice

>realization that prots have lied to you

So yes, I highly recommend praying the rosary in order to destroy sinful thoughts and vice. Pray the rosary everyday and fast and you will see a change within you. I'll be praying for you, pilgrim.

08459a  No.809120


I’m not gonna lie, there seems to be more stuff about thanking Mary than God, but nevertheless thanks. Hopefully it’ll help

3e71c7  No.809150


It's both thanking Mary and God. It was through her Yes that we even have Jesus born into this world. It was through her intercession that Jesus exposed His divinity to everyone earlier than He would have done.

All I'm saying is it works for a reason and has brought many to Christ. Heck it saved me from pornography and drug use. If praying the rosary can help me destroy my 15 years drug addiction, I know it can help you fight off agianst the evils of porn.

b876e4  No.809231

File: bb22a1b1416e7da⋯.jpg (78.18 KB, 658x370, 329:185, the-road-warrior-1.jpg)


I don't want to look at this boards' banners, nor crosses.

I don't want to get scorched.

The wicked flee before God's grace,

And I am wicked as of now.

a80a4d  No.809232


>But I didn't touch my phallus at all, I know that my body leaks precum when I am aroused enough.

This does not break the streak. Edging probably would, depending on how far you would go.

You do need to confess the fantasies though.

a80a4d  No.809234

My question is not porn/masturbation related.

How do I stop having an erection when I am with my girlfriend? It is not all the time of course. The thing is I never even had fantasies of undressing her or anything like that. We have not even kissed yet. I do not watch porn, I do not masturbate.

But this just comes as a reflex. Sometimes it happens even just by me thinking about her/ some nice moment we had together. As I have said only once I had "dirty thoughts" the rest of the time there;s nothing like that but from time to time I literally end up with blue balls after wards

My question is:

Is this the thing to confess? I wanted to ask the priest but I really did not want to sound too autistic.

Does anybody have similar experience? How do I stop this?

b876e4  No.809236


Marry and procreate

If not a possibility break up

1e19f6  No.809243


This is more ridiculous than confessing to getting slightly angry at someone for killing your dog. We have little control of what are penises do only where we put them. If this didn't ever happen to yours it is probably broken.

1e19f6  No.809244



I was having issues with it to. Working out and especially doing weights helps a lot.

b35ed5  No.809277


Don't be so dramatic - when you sin, the FIRST thing you should do is go before God, acknowledge your sin and ask forgiveness. You don't flee or hide away - that is what Satan wants you to do. Where can you hide from God? Don't be foolish, repent, ask forgiveness and He will grant it. God loves you and will forgive all of your sins. Repent, thank God and move on.

a80a4d  No.809307



Dude I date her for few weeks. This is not a viable solution.


ok. Thanks for response

78c6af  No.809363


My apologies if that came off as harsh though. God bless you and your gf. I just broke up with my girlfriend and would have an erection from kissing or sometimes holding hands. I know what your thinking and that we shouldn't compare ourselves to people who do it on the first date, but we are operating many levels below the level of lust that the Bible has ever talked about.

275cd7  No.809435


Actually no, in marriage the couple is still called to chastity, keeping in mind that chastity isn't celibacy, but rather control. It's impossible to have your eyes on God while your living an unchaste life, even in marriage. Bear in mind the apostle said that the ideal life is celibacy for the sake of Christ, but marriage is an option for those who cannot commit themselves to it. This isn't to degrade married life, Saints have said it can be just as holy as celibate life if done properly, but you are still called to conquer your passions, including lust.

496179  No.809445

Day 14.

Getting intense burning urges, often while I pray. Makes it very difficult to meditate on the mysteries of the rosary when I keep ideating in the jump in female attention I have gained.

How do I properly discipline my mind?

5a5ebd  No.809459

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Fast and abstain from meats (espically pork) for a minimum of 3 days. You are literally battling with your body trying to make it submit to your mind.

663bca  No.809584


That's some catch that catch 22.

174994  No.809708

I went to my first Confession today in preparation for my Confirmation. I felt a huge burden lifted not off my shoulders, but my heart. Today's confession is a huge motivator for me to not masturbate or look at porn again, as of everything I confessed, those are the only Mortal Sins I committed according to the priest. I haven't done either in 8 days now… I have no desire to go back to those miserable old habits again. I can't say I've ever felt this confident in rejecting this filth before.

b876e4  No.809709

File: 98f31c4733670c3⋯.jpg (21.26 KB, 400x400, 1:1, XWUUFzBT_400x400.jpg)

>don't look at straight-up porn for a good 3 months

>get the idea and decide to indulge too fast to reason against it

>think of some nonsense i want to see, click the very first video

>the girls performing lines over what she's doing, corny and fake as hell, makes me feel wrong and turned off

>get anxious as i realise what i'm doing, scroll down to comments in flight

>all the comments talking about how she DIED just now

>she DIED because she killed herself

>mouth literally falls open, video closed in a microsecond

>audibly go wtf

guys… she DIED

363a9e  No.809711

File: e30081247b902ec⋯.jpg (50.04 KB, 400x300, 4:3, e30.jpg)

a80a4d  No.809761


I hope you did not break up with her based on having an erection after kissing her?

That is a normal reaction of your body.

It did not sound harsh it sounded outright ridiculous. You cannot marry each gf that gives you arousal, if you break up with every girl that does, you will not date any girl longer than a week unless you have disfunctional stuff or she's completely ugly.

I know my question was itself really autistic..but man this "marry or break up" responses really get me each time.

a80a4d  No.809762


before I will be bashed:

By normal reaction I mean that even if you do not think about sex, you might gen an erection.

By arousal I mean just that. If you never experienced that (without disgusting thoughts) the chances are the girl is not attractive to you.

fca7de  No.809824


Be careful of prelest

ef6eaf  No.809872

File: a9d5ccc4319389f⋯.jpg (179.56 KB, 1080x835, 216:167, a9d5ccc4319389f9a27175d65b….jpg)

Daily reminder

ef6eaf  No.809878

File: bd37210c29ca229⋯.png (330.73 KB, 1010x783, 1010:783, 30bdc23a4b4f68c2e2bfe62af8….png)

Psalm 101:3

I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me

b5508e  No.809918


Paranormal Faptivity…I mean the video closed on its own right?


Only for unforgiven sins though.

8fabd8  No.809929

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

61ed14  No.810225

File: 98d9ee678c0710f⋯.jpg (42.15 KB, 766x517, 766:517, 98d9ee678c0710f14e9fe84e30….jpg)



8be23d  No.810321

I failed again. I know when I fail it doesn't matter how long it's been since the last time, but I can't help but be disappointed in myself. I've gone at least a month in the past, yet it seems whenever I fail it feels easier to fail again for a while after, so I only make it a couple days before failing again. I fear becoming desensitized to sexual immorality and being unable to stop.

dac08f  No.810385


I'll pray for you mate. I failed not long ago as well, we just have to pick ourselves up and get back on the march. God is with us.

8be23d  No.810564


Well it didn't take long for me to fail again. The most disturbing part is that the feeling of disgust, of knowing what I did was wrong, seemed kind of dull, like I wasn't truly bothered by the sin. I was still lustful and tempted to masturbate again afterwards, and I did. I really don't want to be obstinate in sin; I want to be able to stop.

ed0730  No.810579


Do not let this bring you down anon.

I've managed to go over a year without masturbation, only to fall and fall again two weeks later. As soon as you give in to this sin once, you will find it hard to resist for about a month.

I don't have any advice on the desensitization sexually immorality. I experience this too. It used to take me about 20 mins of hesitation and inner turmoil on the verge of tears, shouting at myself as I saw myself giving into masturbation. These days when I fall, I typically have a hardened heart, as if I have submitted myself to my fate. Not even properly resisting. And I too am filled with great lust even after carrying out the sin, doing it multiple times at once despite hating what I do while I do it. A lot of the time I'm just staring at disgust and contempt at my screen as I'm doing it.

On the bright side, though it feels I'm dulling myself to sexual immorality. Confession still is a brilliant sacrament. This time around I'll do much better as I'm taking extra steps to fight against it. I've blocked all the sites I've used, I'm much more engaged with my Guardian Angel and I'm praying to God through the entire day.

ed0730  No.810580


At the final judgement all sins that have ever taken place by any person is revealed to the entirety of His creation. Wanking to that degenerate porn will be exposed to all the angels, all the saints, all the damned and most importantly you will be in God's presence as you find out the full gravity of the sin you have committed.

If you are saved well then I imagine though it's awful, you are still with God and can bear with it. But if you are damned, how truly horrifying it is.

ed0730  No.810582


Three things I think you should remember when praying the rosary.

1. The Hail Mary is taken from the Bible ad-lib.

2. You are not thanking St. Mary but asking her to pray on your behalf to God. In a similar way to how God decided to make wine for the wedding at Mary's plea. And when God spared a city because of Abraham's plea. God may make additional exceptions for His saints.

3. Through the Rosary, you are to reflect on Christ. There are only 2/20 of the mysteries reflected on in the Rosary that are about Mary primarily. Everything else you are meditating on and thinking through the things our Lord has done while you pray.

b5508e  No.810594


>At the final judgement all sins that have ever taken place by any person is revealed to the entirety of His creation

Do you have some Scripture to back that up?

I was always of the impression that the sacrament of confession cleansed you from sin and made it as though they never happened.

ea7093  No.810621

Guys, I need help.

I got drunk one night and fornicated with this girl that has a boyfriend. She's really nice and said her boyfriend was treating her badly. So we slept together but she ended up feeling bad after and cried so I drove her home that night and wished her well. I prayed to God for two weeks straight after that to forgive me. Then I moved on.

Now, she added me on Facebook. I don't know how she found me, but she did. I accepted her and she waved at me so I waved back. She said she is sorry for the last time and asked me if I have a girlfriend. I said I am waiting for a nice Christian girlfriend. Then she asked me if I would be willing to wait for her. She asked me if I would be willing to wait for her.

What do I do?

She seems like a nice girl and she's really pretty.

What do I do?


ac27e3  No.810660


Have you tried /adv/? A lot of their posts has to do with grills, so they might have related questions earlier in the archive. I think you should figure out to what extent she was abused, but not too soon. Maybe take her out for food and talk every week. I'm not experienced though, so take it with a grain of salt.

a31e83  No.810695

File: da810119d18949a⋯.jpg (549.73 KB, 878x599, 878:599, 1400941059928.jpg)

>be (((Alvin Goldstein)))

>born to a cuck father and an adulterous mother

>a bullied loser in his early years

>try working as a cab driver and sales pitcher

>no success

>try to get his shekels by exploiting sexual immorality

>found "Screw magazine"

>publish naked pictures of people without their consent

>makes obscene collages depicting people he doesn't like

>popularizes hardcore pornography

>popularizes the term "homophobia:

>gets rich

>marries five times

>divorces five times

>weights 300 pounds

>loses everything when porn goes mainstream and his scandalous publication loses its appeal

>goes bankrupt

>hated by his only son

>arrested for shoplifting at Barnes&Noble

>spends his old age in a NYC homeless shelter

>dies alone at a nursing home

>even the New York Times writes a disparaging obituary

Wew, I knew this guy was disgusting, but I'm still impressed by the repulsive life he lived. Don't be like Alvin Goldstein, anons. Every time you watch pornography, you're siding with this kind of people over your Church. His obituary is an interesting read, it feels like a testimony of how unhinged immorality leads to such a miserable life


232eda  No.810696


Do we have any source for that quotation?

I mean, im sure the guy had some psych issues, but i have doubts whenever some guy is attributed with mustache-twirling villain plan quotes.

b35ed5  No.810697


It's astonishing to think that someone who came from such a lowly background could do so much damage. It would be easy to gloat over his failures in the latter part of his life, bankruptcy etc., but the negative impact that this man had on our society and culture is colossal.

>His long decline found him bouncing from his in-laws’ floor in Queens to Veterans Affairs hospitals to a cramped apartment on Staten Island paid for by his friend, the magician Penn Jillette

Could not make it up

b198a9  No.810708

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


According to Wikipedia, the source of that quote is a man called Luke Ford, who interviewed Goldstein when he wrote a book about the porn industry. From his own Wikipedia page, this Ford guy seems like a pretty sketchy man, but, again, so is everyone in that demonic "industry".

Regardless, Goldstein himself never repudiated that quote, and by his scandalous style it looks legit. If you can stomach it, you can hear how disgusting of a person he was by his own mouth.

ed0730  No.810753


>What do I do?

Is she a Christian?

Will you fall into fornication again?

Do you think she will lead you to fornication again?

Will she actively be trying to fornicate with you?

Or was it a moment of weakness on both your parts?

Also bear in mind that even if it was you, she did commit adultery. Sleeping with you while in a relationship. Can you deal with this while progressing in the relationship?

I am sorry if all this sounds harsh, but these are the questions you should be asking. Do not let a woman lead you astray, try not get involved in a non-Christian woman unless there is a real chance of them converting, you may have trust issues down the line as she cheated on her BF before you so why not you as well? And finally how long will you have to wait for her? Will she be having sex with her boyfriend while you wait?

7d6889  No.810757

File: 2ffea9243d5d5de⋯.png (17.78 KB, 500x296, 125:74, jwz pls.png)


Is it wrong if I feel sorry for him? I cannot bring myself to hate him; it seems terrible that someone would die so far away from God.

And right when I was gonna post ^that^, I get this captcha. Is it a sign from God to pray for the jews so they may accept Christ? Can God speak through captchas? Or is it the 8chan server asking for the blood of jews to be given in sacrifice? I'm confused.

53b05d  No.810760

If I have to cut off my right hand if it causes me to sin, should I cut off my penis to stop masturbating?

5a77cd  No.810805


Amazing captcha

424594  No.810847

Do you guys ever have the urge to act in the moment? Like in a sudden instant you rush to porn?

c8ec53  No.810852


I used to, although it can be easily overcome by defining what you live for. Desires for accomplishing things that are in line with your core values as a human being overrule the acquired desires to sin.

8be23d  No.810856

I failed again, and it occurred to me that I don't enjoy the action at all. I don't feel any pleasure in the moment. Yet for some reason I did it anyway.

It's more upsetting because sometimes the closest thing I can muster to regret isn't genuine guilt or disgust but only annoyance at having wasted my time. Maybe that's part of why I'm doing so bad at stopping.

7d6889  No.810867


> it occurred to me that I don't enjoy the action at all

I don't really remember ever feeling pleasure from masturbation consistently. Maybe once in a while, but for years now, 99% of the time I fapped just to calm urges. It'd be less bad if I fapped just for hedonistic pleasure, but I don't, I do it out of instinct, I let my "needs" (not really a need, no one died from not fapping) take control of me.

At first I felt nothing after finishing, then it felt pointless, then it felt disgusting. With time, it became disgusting before finishing, and I started being able to stop mid-fap. Now I'm managing to find it disgusting beforehand, when the though comes to mind, and often, avoid it completely. About three years ago, I fapped an average of about twice a day. Now I'm down to once or twice a week, though it varies widely. Sometimes I sin three days in a row, sometimes I go more than two weeks without it.

The thing is, you're on the right path, anon. When it comes to fapping, indifference may be one of the strongest feelings working in your favor.


It'd make peeing really inconvenient.

76ebf2  No.810903

progress report: its been like 9 or so days. plus, the last few times ive failed I stopped from completely falling into the habit again, so I guess things are going well

Psalm 119 9-10

How Can a young man keep his way pure?

By keeping it according to your word.

With all my heart I have sought You;

Do not let me wander from Your commandments.

41ea54  No.811046

I've been hooked since I was 12 or 13. Looking stuff up over dial up.

I've been hooked hardcore since about 15. I'm 28 now.

I've acknowledged the problem since around age 18-19.

Nothing I've done has been able to stop it. I've tried NoFap, NoPorn, none of it worked, I havn't been able to break past a couple of days before relapsing into jacking off multiple times a day for weeks afterwards.

This has absolutely affected every aspect of my life. I have fallen into all kinds of degeneraces. From insane, sick specific fetishes to cheating on my significant other(s) to outright homosexual acts (that felt disgusting during and afterwards, but nevertheless I did them). I'm not sure if I can find a "normal" attractive woman attractive anymore. I don't know if my dick can even work right anymore. I certainly have all the symptoms of rabid ED.

Maybe because of that stuff I did I am doomed. Maybe. It seems entirely possible. I'd just like to know, though. So I can stop wasting my time or worrying about it.

Regardless, I have prayed for help about this. But it seems like there is no help coming. I'm open to being cursed with this, I guess I deserve it based on what I've done in its service. But I'd just like to know for certain.

I'm totally powerless against this and I don't see it getting better. I can't live with a woman knowing what this does to me. Knowing that, does make it seem like killing myself is a better option. Or at least running off and forsaking relationships.

c0e07c  No.811109


>this captcha

Very nice.

11e6f7  No.811126

File: 460d128f8d760a3⋯.jpg (82.43 KB, 900x900, 1:1, smoking anime.jpg)

I stopped finding women an interesting thing to look at some weeks ago.

am i becoming a-sexual? Am i being meant to stay a bachelor?

i did some meditation on human anatomy to overcome my libido but now i cant muster the desire for intimacy with anyone

496179  No.811139

Just finishing Day 21.

Had some relatively stable last couple of days, but nearly failed today. The lust wasn't intense like in the first two weeks, but there is something else to it.

I keep getting obsene thoughts during the rosary and keep getting tempted to fornicate.

Can anybody relate?

783f40  No.811314


Your libido is flatlining, this is normal. It will come back later.

a80a4d  No.811593

File: d77e47793e76ba1⋯.jpeg (154.79 KB, 1180x842, 590:421, ewrwer.jpeg)


With God all things are possible anon. You have to quit the porn. Saying you tried noporn and nofap is not true because you still do it. The first step to coming back to Christ and becoming normal again is to quit this degeneracy. But you have to leave the defeatist mindset and adopt a mindset of a servant of God. Fight this for Christ's sake. Not because "muh waifu" "muh superpowers"

I will not write walls of text here are important things:





>avoiding nsfw content

>working up

>filling your time with something productive - reading, socializing, taking up a hobby

>Asceticism in other areas - food/showers/waking up - it will strengthen your will

>eventually develop an iron will, an absolute determination to stop fapping and watching degeneracy

Good luck

7d6889  No.811606


>Can anybody relate?

The only ones that can't relate to that are those who haven't even tried at all. Impure thoughts are about the most persistent things there are. They always keep trying to get into your mind, in every way possible, sometimes in ways bordering ridicule. When Satan tries to tempt you while you're praying to the Virgin, is cause everything else he's tried has failed.


You're not fighting a battle, you're fighting a war. Masturbating one less time a week is already a victory. Other than that, can't say anything this anon hasn't already said >>811593 Those words are pure wisdom.


I do have a similar… problem? I don't really know is it is a problem, though. Actual physical bodies barely excite me, when I fall I do so almost always to "spicy" stories and fantasies. I like the female body in an aesthetic way, but not really sexually. I'm still attracted to women and to the female ideal, so I do consider myself to be clearly heterosexual. Maybe I'm hetero-a-sexual? I don't know, but to be honest, I don't really care. Names and labels are useful for communicating ideas to others, and I don't feel the need to tell everyone what I do or do not do with my penis. I don't build my identity around my sexuality. I can't help but feel that there are other aspects of myself that require more urgent growth and change, and once I'm able to improve as a person I'll be better equip to deal with issues that involve relationships.

db4167  No.811628

>5 week nofap


>get punished physically with mild torsion

i should've learnt by now

5cc109  No.811665

I failed after a month and a half. I'm going to pick myself up and try again, please pray for me brothers,

23ca3d  No.811827


>mild torsion


5e0d04  No.811853

How do I stop being a pedophile?

5af87c  No.811870


assuming you are being sincere and not trolling

Delete all your porn and smash your computer and phone to tiny bits. I mean it. The screens have done this drastic shit to you and you need to be drastic back. Fast for at least a month and pray if you ever get board.

If none of that works or you are too "weak" to do it, than go to your nearest police station and turn yourself in. Literally have the state quarantine you from society at large so you can get the help you need.

c8ec53  No.811885


Christians don't stop being what they are, their attractions are their temptations, we live in chastity and follow the path of our Lord despite it, out of love. Love God and follow Him, no better time to start than now. Chastity is a choice all are called to, it is the only "sexuality" or "orientation" for us. Don't worry about "stopping it," if God wants you to struggle here, then He intends to make you a great saint of chastity if you overcome it.

e412a6  No.811903


>Fast for at least a month

Wouldn't that be fatal? The body needs food to live

8be23d  No.811950

At the beginning of the year I told myself I would go the whole year without fapping. I only made it to mid February or March, and then continuously failed. I then decided recently that I would go the second half of the year, starting with the beginning of June. It only took me until today to fail this time.

I know this is wrong, and yet I've done it again and again. I've always feared being desensitized to sexual immorality, but now I also fear despair, being actually unable to stop, or even just thinking I'm not able to stop. Disgusted that I've fapped so much recently.

42412e  No.811990


Are you going to Mass daily? I am not even Catholic but since I started going to Catholic mass (TLM or NO) every day I haven't been able to fap. I actually tried, but it gives me no pleasure and I can't finish.

So go to mass.

42412e  No.811991


Forgot to add, make sure not to take communion unless you are Catholic & confessed first.

b5508e  No.812005


If by being pedo you mean teens then there's not much to worry about.

If by being pedo you mean really little girls, then maybe >>811870 has a point.

Maybe try getting help? But then again (((psychologists))) are a meme and a bit hit-or-miss.

Get away from any source of temptation, fast and pray.

a711f9  No.812032


Fasting doesn't mean you eat nothing. Fasting just means you eat far less than average. Jesus fasted for 40 days. The early Christians for lent fasted for 40 days and lived on nothing but bread, water, some herbs in the bread, and some salt. If they can do it for 40 days, you can do it for a month.

a2bc46  No.812122


>Regardless, Goldstein himself never repudiated that quote

Nor would i, even i was the most innocent person on the planet, especially given the sites it's usually posted on.

>and by his scandalous style it looks legit.

Nah, it's dumb if you analyze it.

>We hate catholicism from the bottom of our hearts!

>So we are gonna focus on prots

>If you can stomach it, you can hear how disgusting of a person he was by his own mouth.

He seems like a very bitter man, lashing out at everyone for his winnie the poohed up childhood.

But, unlike promiscuous girls with daddy issues, he seems to have made it his life's goal to prove everyone else is just as much a messed-up pervert like him.

Doesn't seem to have given him any true satisfaction in his old age, though.

746794  No.812123


>getting drunk to the point of losing self control

>having sex with a girl outside of marriage

>considering dating a girl that is being pounded by another man as we speak

I'm no saint anon, but are you even trying? Maybe becoming chaste until marriage would be a good start. You know like every one of us is supposed to do. Not saying it's easy, but at least admit it's the right thing to do!


>she did commit adultery

No she didn't. Boyfriend/girlfriend status doesn't mean anything in the eyes of God. It's just fornication.

8be23d  No.812176



I'm not Catholic, though I'm beginning to think one of the Apostolic Churches is the true faith. I've had doubts about Protestantism for a while and want to learn more.

Also I failed again. I could have been doing anything else. Even immediately after fapping, when I tell myself how wrong it was, I feel tempted again shortly after, sometimes immediately. I was fully aware of the consequences of the sin, yet I intentionally did it anyway. I fear becoming resigned to sin, but I don't want my heart to harden. How can I keep my mind off these temptations?

42412e  No.812217


You haven't actually addressed what I wrote, though: there's a thing you haven't tried. Going to daily mass. Yes, it's tough to find the time, and yes, you might not be Catholic (neither am I, do I am starting to think about it seriously) - but I promise you, since I started going to mass as often as I can, temptation has not… been gone, but it was easy to conquer.

Even if you relapse - just say a prayer, and do better. Every day you stay pure is a victory in this long war for supremacy over your body. You might lose a few battles, but the war is never over until you give up.

So what do you have to lose? Try it for me, and for yourself: find the nearest church(es) and go to their masses.

Give it a try! It might help you not succumb to temptation - and why not try it? You tried most other things already!

d3adc1  No.812219

I have been able to overcome masturbation quite some time ago but right now I'm having another huge problem.

Since last week I just can't stop looking/thinking about images that while not necessarily pornographic, are erotic in nature. Sometimes I will be in my computer and almost compulsively look for this kind of pics, and even when I'm not on the internet I will think about those erotic images, this has been very frequent specially during my sleep time. I really want to stop thinking about those images, I feel like they are some ticking bomb that will eventually make me go back to masturbation.

What would you recommend me to do? I've began to pray the Rosary everyday, and also I'd like to know if that is a mortal sin like masturbation.

a929e2  No.812229


Once happened to me in the middle of the night, I was sleeping and then suddenly woke up with an insane urge to look at lewds.

My first instinct was to rush for my phone. As soon as I turned it on, I miraculously foresaw how disgusting was the action I was about to do and I gave up before even opening the browser. It was probably my Guardian Angel interceding on my behalf. I put the phone away, prayed a Hail Mary and returned to sleep.

a929e2  No.812234


Wew, are you me? For me, overcoming masturbation in itself was pretty straightforward, my main struggle was also with looking at lewd images, which then made me extremely aroused and led to those sinful acts.

For now, I realized that "erotic" is really just an euphemism for softcore pornography, even if the image doesn't depict frontal nudity. I don't really have a definite answer to that problem (otherwise I wouldn't be struggling) , but I'm trying to implement a zero tolerance policy, in which I avoid looking even at SFW images of women, especially women I'm attracted to and ESPECIALLY women whose nude pictures are available in the internet.

I know that's not a great answer, but it's what I've been trying to do, with moderate success so far. Also, praying the Rosary, it's probably the main cause of the battles with lust that I manage to win.

d3adc1  No.812248


Thanks for the advice brother

a80a4d  No.812301

File: 9afeba6f8a0c8d5⋯.jpg (32.84 KB, 660x459, 220:153, 1559062840107.jpg)



Hi lads. I can relate to your problem. I stopped fapping by the start of 2018 and I still hold on to the streak. However about 7 months ago I still had the lewd pics problem.

It usually started with me feeling too lonely.

>hey I might as well check out /b/, the thread with dressed women…

>Go to /b/, see admixed nudes among the suggestive fb/IG pics, of course

>Thirst after women more

>Hey I might just check out this thread

>start browsing more explicit boards, sometimes ending up with videos boards.

This happened although I never touched myself during watching the pics/videos. The more time went I adopted zero tolerance to /s/ and /gif/. Then for months the only problem was /b/ pics. After purging this only then I became free. Ask yourself…why will you watch the suggestive pictures at all? do you not see them on the streets all the time. Like..I go out and there is literally endless fapping material there. Why even bother yourself with additional sin/temptation. You have to resist irl a lot not to look at suggestively dressed women. You probably, as I did, get into watching that stuff because you feel lonely. Well some pixels on the screen will not change that…go out and meet people instead. That solved my problem.

>I'd like to know if that is a mortal sin like masturbation.

It is a mortal sin, but I think masturbation is a higher degree of it. You stay in the phase of thinking about it. But it is a sin nevertheless

>I've began to pray the Rosary everyday


>What would you recommend me to do?

less screen time, more socializing.

Zero tolerance to degeneracy and nsfw. Even sfw may be triggers. Continue with your rosary effort along with mass attendance and confess looking at those images, even thinking about them.

We're going to make it lads. Just stand among the ruins upward.

5cc614  No.812320


>If by being pedo you mean really little girls

Would this include girls aged 7-12? Asking for a friend

b5508e  No.812398

File: 3a95d70580bc046⋯.jpg (48.13 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 5781391 _90b28149211fa3691….jpg)


>Asking for a friend

I'm afraid so mate.

Thing is, how much of a problem does this pose to your daily life?

Porn has the capacity of turning a normal, vanilla guy into a tranny scat BDSM fetishist.

Numerous accounts on here (and other places of the internet) have proven that these kinds of fetishes get rooted out after quitting porn for about a year for most people (sometimes it takes longer, sometimes shorter).

So unless you're constantly craving loli or something and are completely oblivious to girls 15-45 then we have a real problem.

Even then, unless the problem is going to get…practical, there's not much to worry about.

Look, I already hope you're not completely oblivious to regular women, just start with quitting porn and praying.

6e30fb  No.812424


Today is day 7 of nofap for me. The amount of extra energy I have is insane. Had to battle some really strong urges today. Rely on Christ, we can't do this without His help. Stay strong fellow Christanons

2584fd  No.812447


What if there's a risk that things will get 'practical'?

e44429  No.812449


You didn't have control over your ejaculation and therefore it isn't a sin. It's okay anon.

5a77cd  No.812459


Not him but it upsets me every time because

> ruins my sheets

> ruins my sleep if I wake up

> if I don't wake up it stings in the morning

> sometimes can't tell if I'm dreaming or awake when it happens so I'm filled with anguish as if I committed something terrible until I realize I was indeed asleep

d6ecb5  No.812471

Who here has been remaining celibate before marriage? What are your tips?

I've been getting into christianity lately and have been on nofap for about a month. The past week or so quite a few woman have been hitting me up and I am very tempted

b5508e  No.812483


Then you better solve that problem ASAP.

Consider seeking professional help.

b5508e  No.812484


>Who here has been remaining celibate before marriage? What are your tips?

Just don't have sex lmaoooooo.

No seriously, just don't have sex, you really need to go out of your way to meet up with women compared to smoking or fapping so just stop that.

21edca  No.812542

File: df0ea03456179c4⋯.jpg (102.13 KB, 422x408, 211:204, 1426633780028.jpg)


>The past week or so quite a few woman have been hitting me up

Get out normie REEEEE

Just kidding, but as the other guy said, just don't have sex.

76e557  No.812571


wouldn't fapping be just as bad as sex?

b5508e  No.812574


Where did I even suggest fapping instead of shagging women?

I just said that shagging women is easier to avoid than fapping.

9c47cb  No.812611


Hanging leg raises work the hip flexors and the abdominals as stabilizers. Short crunches are all you need for a full range of abdominal motion.

62720d  No.812697

I just relapsed tonight with some pretty disgusting stuff. Pray for me Christanons

abbecc  No.812737

1 month nofap boys, now I try for 1 month noporn.

d0de59  No.812915


Vrate is great but it's abit sensitive to images and blocks some sites which have to be whitelisted which means it doesn't censor images (like 4chan except 8chan) which is annoying

6f7d51  No.813013

Well, guess I'll be off the chans excepting this board pretty much for good it seems. Went on /v/ for the E3 hype and wasn't able to avoid seeing all the lewd material. Been browsing daily since I was 13 so it'll be hard but what must be done must be done.

5a43fc  No.813017


you watch porn but dont fap?

8dafb0  No.813019


I haven't came in over a month, so yes.

6f7d51  No.813020


So you've been edging to porn for a month and calling it nofap?

8dafb0  No.813024

File: 540dcae6ebbabef⋯.jpg (1.91 MB, 1722x1722, 1:1, 1547290033182r9k.jpg)

36c382  No.813090

I think I'm at the point where I can no longer call it a venial sin, at this point its a mortal sin that I continue to masturbate as long as i do. Today I thought of it coming home, then as I was with friends it diminished, but every time I thought to come back to my room I thought of this, and even before and during I think what the winnie the pooh am I doing, I tried to stop myself this time actually, it hurts a bit but that's fine, I'd rather figure out why I keep doing it, what makes it so special? what's the issue everyone has

6f7d51  No.813108

>Try nofap for years without success

>Try a litany of chastity and am immediately able to stop masturbating, and can easily see myself never doing so again

I am greatful but feel so pathetic that I went so long without requesting God's help and now realizing all I needed to do was ask…

42412e  No.813116


What are you doing? Even just stroking is a reset. Stop edging. Just because you don't O doesn't mean you didn't fail.

You're not making a sacrifice by deciding to stop eating cake and in reality you just eat the cake except for the cherry on top and smugly say you didn't eat the entire cake so it didn't count.

9c5723  No.813210

Are any of you dealing with intense emotional reaction in the form of tfw no gf?

Every time I do nofap, I get these intense urges, and after rationalizing them for a bit, I realize I want to fulfill this desire not by going back to porn, but by actually doing the way it's intended to be done.

How do I deal with this? I find it absolutely impossible to find a girl that is up to my standards/morals . And even if I did, I would 100% blow it.

I don't wanna ask this, but are all women whores?

5a77cd  No.813211


No you can find nice pious girls where nice pious girls hang out (in a church group. ) that's where I got mine and she was a kissless virgin.

11e6f7  No.813297

File: e3d4ae7f8c0134c⋯.jpg (33.75 KB, 534x351, 178:117, lain.jpg)

a classmate sitted next to me and we had some small talk.

she's christian too.

but i cant force myself to like her. shes a normal girl but i just dont find her attractive.

my libido hasnt come back, i dont get morning wood anymore.

am i suffering an "use or lose it"? I heard some monks totally surprass sexual desire

8dafb0  No.813379


You're probably flatlining. It'll be back in a few weeks at the most.

8be23d  No.813516


I didn't realize Catholics had mass every day, but I suppose I didn't address what you said.

Once again I've failed- I keep making what I know are excuses. Please pray for me anons.

ed0730  No.813543


Its rough anon, but unfortunately thats the state for many of the boards these days. Just sexualized shit when its not relevant to discussion.

42412e  No.813561


We'll pray for you. Now go to mass at least three times a week or pick up the daily rosary. I promise that at least, this worked for me.

11fea5  No.814135

160+ days of NoFap, praise be to God

After the first 100 days the problem hasn't been the urge to fap, but the urge to watch porn.

During those days I had relapsed by willingly searching for porn or friends/work colleagues sending me pornographic messages. But over the past two months I have stayed away from it.

And now I can finally feel the temptation fading and losing its grip on me.

But I must remain vigilant, 2018 was a year of small successes and huge failures, mostly the latter. It has taught me that relapsing into my old habits could happen at any time.

496179  No.814154


Thanks be to God.

I am on Day 34. I have somewhat disciplined my Lustful desires and have lost the will most of the time to burp the worm, but what else would you recommend.

I am praying at least 2 rosaries and 3 litanies a day at this point.

ccfad8  No.814181

Just lettin you guys know 4/b/ is having an uprising trying to get porn banned from there, so it's real fertile evangelistic ground right now

9a7092  No.814189


>4/b/ is trying to get porn banned

Oh boy, Logos is really rising now.

11fea5  No.814229


Set a concrete objective.

My first success was January 2018. I was elated and, it was the first time I realised I had a problem.

Of course after January I decided to have a celebration fap and then try got 2 months.

That was a terrible idea, the following months I would not stop indulging. I finally managed to impose some order doing it only on the weekend.

But even that system began to degrade and I would slip, so on Oct 1 I decided 90 Day NoFap. I would not touch myself until Dec 31.

The first two weeks were incredibly difficult, it was constantly on mind. Then by the end of the first month I started feeling better, less anxious. By December I felt like a new man.

Actually the best way I can describe it is that I started feeling, acted and talked like a real man.

During those 90 days I had relapsed into watching porn and realised it would by my next challenge.

On the 31 of Dec I sinned with the flesh for the final time.

I look at it as Lent in a way.

As for the roseries and litanies, praying helps, but only to a certain degree.

If I may get a bit theological this reminds me

of a proverb in my country ",Dumnezeu îți dă, dar nu îți pune în traistă". Which roughly translates to God gives, but He doesn't put it your bag.

It's a distillation of the story of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30)

God has given us the will to stop, but it is I who must choose to do so, I must choose to use this gift He's given me.


>set a concrete objective

>the first two weeks are Hell

>short periods degrade quick

>it has to be cold turkey or you'll be in those first two weeks forever

>getting away from porn is more difficult than you think

>God helps those who help themselves

3449e1  No.814235


Wow. Got any screencaps?

174994  No.814251


For what reason, out of curiosity? Have they finally realized porn is detrimental to their mental well-being?

944e73  No.814261



Pretty much a civil war, some anons hanging out to their idols, others trying to wake them up.

26eef7  No.814374


160733  No.814653

File: 9bb6985b91e9ae6⋯.gif (1.35 MB, 300x169, 300:169, 1558765390579.gif)


This, if youreally wanna change, work on yourself

5871a9  No.814736

I don't usually post here when I fall, but I would like to vent for a bit please bear with me.

I've been able to go a year without masturbation in the past. But since I gave in to masturbation once after that, I've only been about to get to 3 months or so. Typically giving into temptation every month or 6 weeks or so when the temptation gets too great.

I've been noticing the temptation growing these last couple of weeks as media and secularists bombard me with sexual crap every where I go and every site that I visit. To the point I knew it was going to get difficult very soon. So I prayed to the Lord and to my Guardian Angel to give me deliverance from my temptations. And I believe my Guardian Angel was pushing for me to pray the rosary, which I was going to. However I put the rosary off until later that day regrettably and I fell as a result. As I was going to do the deed God had given me many outs, my thoughts were screaming at me to flee from sin. I was stumbling as hesitating thinking on my actions and how wrong it was. God even had someone pull into my driveway and come into my house just as I sat down hardened heart to do the sin. Even with all these promptings I managed to ignore them all and gave into sin, taking my phone away with me into the bathroom.

Does anyone else have any consolation/advise/experience about denying these prompts? I guess the reason I'm posting this is because I can't deal with the fact that I rejected Christ so many times when I called for His help and He tried to save me so many times. Peter rejected Christ 3 times but I rejected Him about 12 times in a much lesser situation. I know the Lord forgives me and still loves me, but I'm so disgusted and disappointed in myself for rejecting Him so many times that I don't want to be forgiven.

I know that I can't give in to despair and with prayer I'll come around again. But this time is hitting me much greater then any other times. Which is good I guess because I know atleast I'm truly repentant for doing wrong against God. And I'm on the verge of tears as I type this, which I'm sure I'll break down when I start praying. Does anyone have any advice/words of wisdom/get a grip or something for me?

I'm going to go pray the rosary now, please pray for me anons.

a958bc  No.814789


b94a68  No.814874

I've been doing pretty poorly at resisting temptation recently, and have fallen back into my sinful ways a ton over the past few weeks. It's not the worst it's ever been, but it hasn't been this bad in a long time.

79e749  No.814910


Please understand that becoming a saint is difficult. It's written the gate is narrow and this is true. I want to exhort you that Jesus loves you. You may have fallen, but your heart is contrite. Confess, pick up your cross, and go. Think of this struggle as spiritual warfare. Your soul is destined to be good. That's your natural state. You can tell from all these warnings your mind gave you. It's harder to decide to ignore and block out these things than to listen and obey. So: be simple and obey.

I'll recommend to you what I recommend to everyone else - while the rosary is great, I personally believe Mass is even stronger. If you go to mass three times a week you'll find it very hard to not obey the Lord who made you and loves you. What also works really well is to put a rosary in sight of your bed, or a crucifix. One in the bathroom, too. Very few can do the deed while they are so keenly aware God is watching. It's easy to tell ourselves this is not so when we hide in a room. But when we are looking at the rosary, an icon or a crucifix you'll find it next to impossible to give into this sin. Give it a try, friend.

2335de  No.815030


Only if you confess and repent

496179  No.815050

Day 38.

Lost all urge to masturbate, but now my body is almost screaming at me to fornicate.

How do I deal with this?

8be23d  No.815062

Went without masturbating for a few days, but failed again. It seems like I can avoid it on days I have work but I end up failing on my days off.

93cfba  No.815094

I've fallen hard since returning home from college. My work schedule had prevented me from getting to confession and I keep falling further and further. I feel like my heart is hardening more and more. It scares me how detached I feel. Please pray for me.

e2cd0c  No.815098


Why would you prioritize your job over your salvation?

93cfba  No.815101


I don't, honestly I've just had bad luck not being in time yesterday for pre mass confession and won't be free till Friday. The place I live also doesn't have any places open for confession except on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays.

ed0730  No.815143

In the state of mortal sin currently due to my short comings. It's the worst possible feeling to be disconnected from our Lord. I want to be reunited with Him again as soon as I can. But I can't tell if I want that for a selfish desire or out of love for Him. I know my life is meaningless without Him and my mood and attitude speaks this out when I'm in mortal sin, He's the only one that can make me feel alive and happy and free. But the fact I need to be in communion with Him again do I want this for my own selfish desire for the happiness He offers me? Or because I love Him and want to be with our Lord? I want to be able to the say the latter but I rejected Him when I sinned so it's not really true love for our Lord.

61c7e9  No.815302

File: ccb47f8ab01f690⋯.png (15.54 KB, 309x266, 309:266, 1560797767842.png)


What the winnie the pooh were you trying to do anyway? She's your girlfriend, not your wife. Stop putting yourself in near-sin situations anon.

b5508e  No.815323




But yeah, it fricked you up big time mate.

Now stay of your gf or go and marry her you degenerate.

8be23d  No.815393

On days that I have work I don't masturbate, I'm either too tired after, not interested, or it doesn't cross my mind.

I keep failing on days that I don't have work though. I failed twice yesterday and again today. Part of it might be boredom and me dwelling on lust as a result of that boredom, but in the end it was my decision to sin no matter what excuses I make.

42412e  No.815469


I feel like I'm repeating myself and people aren't really reading any of the advice in this thread.

If you hang up a crucifix by your bed and your computer you'll find it actually physically impossible to do this without removing them first, which should give you enough time to let the urge pass.

If you also do to daily mass or pray the rosary daily there's pretty much zero chance you can fall in this way. I can't even get hard on days I do that. Even if I purposefully try to disobey I'm protected and can not go through with it.

It's been countless years.

Please at least try my advice… It breaks my heart to read these messages in here when stopping is so terribly trivially easy. It costs to money. It takes almost no effort. Simply hang up a crucifix or rosary where you can see them were you to sin and go to daily mass or pray the rosary. You can do the rosary on your commute or while you walk or are in line in a store. It's literally the easiest thing to stop this. Once you love God you'll stop on your own because you'll feel the deep sorrow and disgust this flaw is in light of perfection.

9c5723  No.815497

Who knew I was so addicted I cam barely hold myself for 3 days before I get extreme urges and mild depression

ec2a64  No.815557

File: 8912488cdaa0bf8⋯.png (5.82 KB, 190x265, 38:53, cd6f599890992ac7d61cd8707d….png)

> 5 days in

> felling confident about sexual purity

> get a nap

> get a dream telling me to watch shameful porn

> wakes up

> 10 min later, I recall of this passage in my dream

> immediately lose control and masturbate and watch porn

Is….Is that Satan tempting me to evil self-destructive behavior ?

I really must pray way more often to God that he helps me not to let me enter in temptation, but to deliver me from evil.

d32490  No.815581


I refuse to take naps because of that shit.

6dc879  No.815739


>felling confident about sexual purity

That's the worse one can do, whenever I think I won't fall ever again, that's when I winnie the pooh up. Be always on guard.

Sometimes I dream I'm looking for porn but usually immediately wake up since i tried to convince myself to do so.

And yes it's the demons, read Aquinas: http://www.newadvent.org/summa/3154.htm#article5

6dc879  No.815754

One priest told me not to worry at my young age for masturbating; the other told me to confess every time

What now?

c8ec53  No.815760


Confess everytime and confess your temptation

865d9c  No.815877


God can bless any couple with a baby at any time. So no, its not a sin.

Plenty of examples in the bible

865d9c  No.815878


How did Sara conceive of a child at her age?

You dont think God grants miracles?

865d9c  No.815879


Its been about a year for me, but i am married so im not sex free.

It really does denigrate your soul, and leads people down the pathway to more depravity.

Ill pray for you anon, It get way easier after 30 days, but you'll have temptations. Pray, read, play a game, exercise, its hard but with God helping i know you can quit.

865d9c  No.815880


Ever read, "Screwtape letters"?

>Read it if not.

Ive always felt an inner battle, and i do believe satan tempts us. But you arent alone.

Also the first 30 days are the hardest. Ill pray for you

865d9c  No.815881


>Was easy for you

Not for everyone

I quit smoking, was hard but i did it. Some people dont have the strong will power you have. Encourage them, dont talk how easy it is.

Porn is pure evil and it holds sway on too many men. Quiting porn is a MUST.

42412e  No.815894


You're right, I should have been more charitable. But understand: I did those things and they worked. Daily mass, rosary, religious objects in rooms where you might be tempted. Because it worked I'm not attributing this success to myself but to God and these methods. That's why I felt it was easy: taking the 20 minutes it takes to say the rosary in Latin (maybe 30 in English) a day is not a big sacrifice if you commute, stand in shopping lines or what have you.

7d8973  No.815925

I don't masturbate anymore bc I'm ashamed to confess it.

Confession works.

112d34  No.815926

>no fap for 2 weeks

>failed last week

>inside of dick starts feeling itchy

>search up about it

>it's most likely an urethritis

so basically i hurt the inside tube of my dick (the urethra), this would probably be the one event that will make me never masturbate again

didn't go to the doctor but i think it's fine now, the feeling is almost gone

689faa  No.815971


I don't know if it was urethritis

>Mechanical manipulation of the penis or minor trauma may lead to urethritis. Medical procedures, rubbing on rough clothing, as well as vigorous sexual activity or masturbation can cause a temporary irritation of the urethra.

>Sometimes ejaculation can cause a temporary feeling similar to urethritis. This usually goes away in a brief period without any specific treatment.


It was likely temporary inflammation of the urethra from ejaculation or masturbating because urethritis is usually caused by an STD.

6f200b  No.815989


Heh, last week priest told me to take it seriously (every 1 week or 2 weeks confession for 6 months straight) and I failed this week

This situation surely will make me reconsider

a54718  No.815999


My priests have often told me that the important part isn't that we failed or how often we fail, but that we come back and strive for more despite our failures. Christ is most present in our faults rather than our perfections anon.

b5508e  No.816080

File: a5328ea3c914ae3⋯.jpeg (21.75 KB, 400x388, 100:97, 1c8c539c5b2f89dac74c81f24….jpeg)

>Start playing Yakuza 0

>Find out there are soft-core porn vids in it you can watch

>Curious for how they look and for the achievements I watched one

>Not even real porn in my book, but still watched porn, then even fapped to other stuff

Dang it I was going strong.

1abe53  No.816107


some other site said it was an urethritis too, but just the mild kind caused by either masturbating or allergy reaction to soap

91726a  No.816240

File: ed30a1aa3706e6d⋯.jpg (202.43 KB, 900x617, 900:617, A51E8509-0929-4146-B54D-31….jpg)

all I ever do is sin.

why would I not deserve having my whole person destroyed.

why would I not deserve having everything of beauty taken away.

why do I deserve it… all I ever did with it was sin…

deep trouble

8946b4  No.816250

I've come to God after years of sin lately. How do I into nofap? It's my oly real vice. Also, I shall apologize for shitposting here back when I was a fedora tipping faggot. Please pray for me.

42412e  No.816254


Don't masturbate, don't edge, don't watch porn, don't ERP, don't have premarital sex.

6f7d51  No.816313



Protip: It's probably not your only real vice

c8921d  No.816440

File: 78ec34018706209⋯.jpg (26.32 KB, 418x420, 209:210, IMG_20180804_152118.jpg)

I don't think I'l ever get rid of this addiction, please pray for me if there is even a single minute of free time in your day

90065e  No.816443

File: 60c0910bd9fd4d0⋯.png (1.04 MB, 936x3000, 39:125, iudylzctewa21.png)


Follow the path. Be freed

efc10f  No.816479


Same. Sometimes I worry that I might be a reprobate and find it difficult to believe that God loves me since I am so undeserving of His love, only His hate.

a0045e  No.816533

>confessed yesterday

>feel confident, I can do this

>have dream where I'm watching porn and I feel like I'm DOING WRONG, failing God

>ejaculate, wake up

>feel devastated

I don't know anymore, it was my fault for my previous lifestyle but I couldn't control it. What now?

to anyone reading this: DON'T winnie the pooh WATCH PORN EVER AGAIN, it messes your brain up

42412e  No.816537


That's pride, anon. Stop it. So God, who is merciful enough to forgive murderers, lifelong sinners who come to God at the dusk of life, etc. - this God of perfect mercy and perfect justice - isn't merciful enough to forgive you?

Whatever you've done, whatever you've plotted, it's nothing in the face of God's mercy. Think for a second: who has an interest in making you feel like you don't deserve this mercy that was given to all humans? Who could these thoughts be coming from?

That's right. They're not coming from God. So pray, repent, confess, and go in peace.

025ca5  No.816605

Those in dispair and those who feel they are slipping remember. The Lord called our generation to chastity in reparation for the sins of previous generations.

Do not dispair. The Lord grants grace to those who ask. The Lord will pick up those who fall. You are not alone for we all bear this cross. Be brave for your denial of the flesh is a direct challenge to all of Hell, draw your line in the sand and tell those demons they will not cross it for the Lord is with you and he along with all the Saints, the Hosts of angels and all those who pray for chastity are behind you prepared to wage a war for your soul.

In the name of the Father

The Son

And the Holy Spirit

Blessed are you who pick up the cross and pay the reparations for the sinners of the world.

Say one “our father” with me the time does not matter only your willingness to surrender your soul to the Lord our God and Jesus Christ his only son.

6f7d51  No.816655

Had a wet dream after a month of purity. I know it's not a sin but physically I feel like I broke my streak.

b68fcc  No.816697


The issue is the scars left on your soul are making you feel this way. Get to the bottom of why losing the “streak” makes you feel that way and correct it. It might have nothing to do with lust.

4a3e8b  No.816769


>acting all horny because muh gf

>apologizing for not being able to fornicate

>hentai finish

>did porn winnie the pooh up my brain


Have you mistaken this with /nofap/ board or what? I am going to be rude here. There's no sign of regret that you nearly fornicated, the whole post seems to be bragging about it.

>Did this porn do to me?

probably. But the main problem is that you do not see a problem with a mortal sin that you've nearly committed. Not even mentioning that most things "over the top" of cuddling were a sin anyway.


4a3e8b  No.816770


This happens when your soul and body heals itself from porn addiction. It is not a sin if you did not do it. Dreams are not a sin.

Do not get discouraged

8be23d  No.816783


I'm glad to hear stopping was easy for you; I wish it was as easy for me. It feels like inevitably I start thinking about it and end up masturbating. Sometimes I've gone for longer periods but lately I can't go a week without failing.

42412e  No.816785


All right, but have you tried these things? Have you been going to daily mass (when you can), praying the rosary when you can't, hung up rosaries / crucifixes around the area where you fap? Have you said a Hail Mary as you are about to sin? I sincerely believe nobody can say an entire prayer and keep sinning.

b697bb  No.816821

There's a friend that thinks no one can go without lust and masturbation. I refered him to mistics but he said it's all lies.

He's studying psychology and his books say masturbation good and as long it's not addiction, go do it (otherwise you'll end up as a degenerate and do worse things). I'm counting the days I'm without doing an impure act (I can fall heh, but this way I'm trying my best so good motivation). Any article or something to convince a very scientific guy?

b697bb  No.816822


I missed

>I'm counting the days I'm without doing an impure act

To serve him as an example but I don't know if he'll believe me**

d32490  No.816834


baf3c8  No.816841

File: f809a8d317c7d71⋯.jpg (226.91 KB, 828x640, 207:160, 1515714905834.jpg)

36c382  No.816865

Once a day for the past three days

I've stopped doing all my prayers, haven't in what's coming close to a week. Went on vacation and it was all over from there. Why is it so hard? I got through weeks of nofap before, so why now? What changed?

174994  No.816983

>be me last night

>on day 6 of nofap/noporn

>doing great up until this point

>have homework to do online

>don't have the motivation to do it

>stare at a blank web page, bored

>pray every time a lustful thought comes to mind

>it helps for a while, but the lust comes creeping back in

>at this point, it's either pray constantly ("you can't pray and fap at the same time") and don't get any homework done or try pushing through boring homework, saying a prayer every so often, and hope i don't fall to porn out of boredom/anxiety

>i choose the latter

>can't focus at all, and start looking at girls' IG profiles

>my lust is even worse now that i've done this, and the only way not to step it up to porn/fapping would be to pray constantly

>but i've got homework to do, so i keep trying to focus on it

>eventually start looking up videos (i end up sort of in a tunnel-visioned "zone" when i do this, not noticing any of the crucifixes or Christian art placed around my home or otherwise thinking rationally) and relapse to both vices

>i realize my grave mistake and feel disgusting afterwards

If you ever find yourself bored, a friendly reminder to distance yourself from any computer devices and pray the Rosary until your boredom is alleviated, even if it feels like you're putting off important things in your life… I learned that lesson the hard way last night. Now, do you anons have any recommendations for ways I can better occupy my time? For extroverted activities, I walk trails and go to church events, but that's about it. What hobbies do you guys have?

c8921d  No.816988

File: 79585083b8802e4⋯.jpg (7.38 KB, 250x202, 125:101, IMG_20190220_074656.jpg)

>only three days this time

I'm a dissapointment to God and I do not deserve to get this girl

e47f34  No.816994


I was on day 13 and thanks to YouTube I winnie the poohed up I moved to heavier places after getting turned on… So yes, try to use internet for basic things and stop there, remove superfluous social media and webs which aren't directly related to your work or spiritual growth

As a recommendation if you're not doing it, read Saints lives or spiritual works, I often feel stronger after reading a virtuous story and motivated to keep following the path (St Benedict Joseph Labre always gets me)

I recommend the sayings of the desert fathers, I read one after waking up and feel greatly edified.

De imitatione christi too, best spiritual companion. I never got any funny thoughts when reading this material, demons flee from virtue

025ca5  No.816996

Pray for me I am being assailed by some nasty spirits and my own mind. I am winning but pray that my strength holds.

496179  No.816997

Day 47.

Had a dream I am quite sure was demonic. Lust was utterly burning to the point I thought I was awake. Almost masturbated in the dream but fought it off in the dream with the Jesus Prayer.

Had a bit more lust than usual when I woke up.

I suspect it's because I started mental prayer and yesterday's saying of the desert fathers was specifically about neither examining nor consenting to lust.

I'd really appreciate prayers.

efa4c3  No.817009

3rd night in a row I had a nocturnal emission. The first night I can grant was do to a mindset I was fostering, but these last two nights were certainly involuntary. I've hardly even been aroused or lusting after girls lately, and though I don't keep count, I'm certain i've gone a longer amount of days without actively fapping, and I wasn't having wet dreams at this frequency. I feel like i'm cursed with something, I feel weak.

025ca5  No.817011


I have to wear a Rosary near constantly it is so bad. Keep Holy Water on hand to bless yourself.


It is scary how easily things that never used to phase you suddenly are able to damn you to hell.


God will forgive you anon but you need to take stronger measures to fortify yourself.

e47f34  No.817018

If you feel like watching porn, give this a watch and think again :^)


42412e  No.817024


I am proud of you for trying very hard.Really! Most of the time people fail, they haven't tried the things you did. You worked very hard. Please remember that failure is not the end. Pray, confess, pick up your cross and try again. You did really well to struggle this hard - remember, the devil is very powerful. I think in your particular situation I would have decided not to do the homework because it's more important to love God than it is to miss an assignment once - but that's hindsight 20/20

And as for your question, my hobbies are video games and watching movies in the cinema. I also like to read books, but lately, because I am considering becoming Catholic, it's been mostly religious in nature. I also love to go to restaurants to try out different cuisines!

174994  No.817029


While I don't know any Catholic women my age, I feel the same way every time I fail.


I deleted FB and YT off my phone a week ago, which helps with temptation (I'm not constantly having attractive women shoved in my face now). Thanks for the book recommendations! I purchased a few recently; I just need to motivate myself to read them more.


Thank you for the very kind words, anon! I indeed will try much harder this time. I've tried cutting back on vidya in recent years, but certainly playing it is preferable to committing mortal sins. Visiting the cinema and different restaurants are great ideas. I'm a recent convert to Catholicism, and my old (Protestant) friends don't really talk to me anymore, so I don't have anyone to hang out with really. Otherwise, I'd love to go to amusement parks or a theater or something, but it'd just seem strange to go by myself. I hope to meet a good woman in due time, but clearly I'm not ready for her yet.

9c0e5e  No.817093

File: 0a528f6b959eb38⋯.gif (1.21 MB, 497x280, 71:40, All good things must come ….gif)



Anime is my main problem. Those panty shots and such hit me unlike anything in 3d world.

Only thing I think to do is to avoid it.

991fc9  No.817244


this is a mistake lots of people make, feeling depressed, down or otherwise negative when they slip up during no-fap.

If you react with negative, self-loathing feelings, that depressiveness will make you give up and feel that you are incapable of success.

instead, if you slip up, don't make a big deal about it. just start again and be glad that you made it for a few days/weeks, and that next time it will be for longer.

it doesn't matter if it takes you 20 attempts because in the end you will have self control. be positive about it.

5c80ab  No.817414


>don't make a big deal about it

But that's being dishonest to myself. If I consider myself a horrid abomination and failure before God that deserves endless misery, I'm just being honest, because it's the truth

42412e  No.817417


Not a productive truth if you let it paralyze you into living in sin and complacency. There are many different people. Some people, when confronted with guild or shame, double their efforts. But some people, especially those plagued by demons or by depression, just collapse under their own self-pity (which is also a sin because it is essentially sloth and pride) into a state where they just don't try anymore because 'I am worthless anyway, so I don't deserve God.'

5c80ab  No.817439


>their own self-pity

I don't have any self-pity, I only self-hate

ed0730  No.817467


Sometimes it just happens anon.

I typically will have 2-3 nights of wet dreams or sometimes 3 wet dreams in the same night. Even if they are not sexual. I had one where I was just chilling in spa pool and thats what woke me up with emissions.

I recommend sleeping with a towel wrapped around you. That way your sheets and your clothes dont get messed up and its not quite as bad.


I will pray for you anon.

c8921d  No.817651

File: 426dd9c8fb81fe1⋯.jpg (68.5 KB, 640x449, 640:449, IMG_20190626_155334.jpg)

Day 2, reminder to everyone to seek the reason for PMO, the sin is often the effect of another sin in your life like sloth. Always keep God in your mind and Deo gratias!

3747bd  No.817712

Here's something for you all, from Imitation of Christ book three, chapter 57-3, translated from the German version into English by me:

"Be at ease and arm yourself with more patience. Not all is lost when you're often heavily tempted and lose your composure. You're a human, not good God, a bodily creature, and not an angel. How could you remain in a state of Grace at all times if even the angels in heaven and the first men in the garden of Eden failed to? God is the one who can restore those who grieve to salvation and raise those who see their own weakness into His Godhood."

226156  No.817993


Hey, just FYI, it’s really jarring to have high-register constructions like “not all is lost” in the same sentence as low-register constructions like “you’re.” Simply using “you are” instead of “you’re” makes the text read much better. Maybe try to keep that in mind when you translate from now on.

716b49  No.818002

File: babd62eb263e1de⋯.jpg (678.1 KB, 2400x1011, 800:337, 1560777217089.jpg)

When having a hard time, look at this pic

And this too


Powerful pics

06c3a1  No.818003

File: 53c78d2fbcea23e⋯.png (74.44 KB, 1322x308, 661:154, Capturar.PNG)

I just wrote this and wanted to put it here.

42412e  No.818040


Yes, my apologies. I wrote it on my phone and it automatically put 'you're' and I didn't bother to re-read it because I wanted to comfort people. Your point is valid and I thank you for it. There's another phone error in there but nobody seems to have noticed.

8a0a67  No.818181


Great text, got reference for that? Our any more in depth reads?

5d3c9d  No.818204


Exercise (bodyweight and/or lifting weights), running, biking, reading books, writing books, or at least coming up with ideas for stories - that's something I do, praying obv, going to Mass more than once weekly, cooking, meeting with friends.

These are all pretty good. Expend your energy and take your time, which leaves you little time to be idle and in danger of looking at pron out of boredom. Also they help you grow virtues in various ways. If I have spare time/need to rest I usually play video games, often with a podcast in the background.


>The Lord called our generation to chastity in reparation for the sins of previous generations.

When and where? Not tipping here, just genuinely want to know.


Wet dreams are not a sin. Thomas Aquinas even wrote a chapter on this in the Summa. Also you should worry about sinning/not sinning, not about breaking a "streak".

226156  No.818206


>Wet dreams are not a sin. Thomas Aquinas even wrote a chapter on this in the Summa. Also you should worry about sinning/not sinning, not about breaking a "streak".

Yes, but let's be real, wet dreams are mostly caused by sinning interiorly and lusting in the mind while you are awake. Replaying pornographic images in your mind, ogling scantily-clad women in advertisements and on the street, etc. The majority of wet dreams would not have happened without your first committing some type of lust-related sin.

0464ac  No.818257


you may have had contact with another entity, not judeochristian god.

a9f34c  No.818279

File: de7f7eeea657332⋯.png (1.21 MB, 960x960, 1:1, Pink field 1.png)

>Break Nofap again

>Balls start to hurt immensely now due to the edging


4d0d58  No.818281

File: a308057ac010e66⋯.png (103.67 KB, 1316x541, 1316:541, 1561816509816.png)

226156  No.818337



Stop. There is no such thing. You're using a propaganda term invented by 20th century Jewish communists and freemasons. Jews worship a different god. He who has not the Son, has not the Father.

5345ef  No.818360

File: 99dd3cbc00698f7⋯.jpg (109.42 KB, 850x1062, 425:531, 37716342_1906108529432255_….jpg)


I am a disgrace

I vowed 2 days ago to not masturbate ever again

I managed to go 2 and a half months last year but after having some hiccups at work and at school I stopped going to church

Now it reached the point I rid the bible to do the obscene act out of pure shame

Im even wearing a rubber band arround my wrist to snap every time I feel the urge but not even that did it

Please bros, Im living alone at 21 years old, working far from home and far from churches

Its hard, it pains me that it pains GOD

Im starting to doubt what even is the point if im sure im going to fail again and again….

91726a  No.818427

File: a5086d7226385f5⋯.jpg (78.27 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, big_1524920923_image.jpg)

do not forsake me oh my darling

if i'm a man i must be bad

do not forsake me oh my darling

am i a coward or a man

i do not know what fate awaits me

i only know I must be brave

and I must face a man who hates me

or lie a coward, a craving coward

or lie a coward in my grave

i'm going to get rid of this

because i'm going to get rid of this lest i die

91726a  No.818487

File: e526f1838c77421⋯.png (277.56 KB, 1464x753, 488:251, IMG_1571.PNG)

Let it sting for once

e02e3e  No.818597

Day 182, last night I had a discharge. It was my first discharge in I don't his long. I

don't think I was dreaming of anything, it just happened.

My fast continues, although now I feel I have to be even more vigilant than I was in the past 6 months.

5d3c9d  No.818622


Don't make vows you may have big trouble keeping. Better yet, don't make any vows ever

>But I say to you, do not swear at all: neither by heaven, for it is God’s throne; 35 nor by the earth, for it is His footstool; nor by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great King. 36 Nor shall you swear by your head, because you cannot make one hair white or black. 37 But let [n]your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ For whatever is more than these is from the evil one.

I made the same mistake once, and it only increased my suffering.

8be23d  No.818699

I have no excuse. I'm terrified that I might be resigning myself to sin and being obstinate in it. Please pray for me.

a9f34c  No.818737


You are not alone brother…

d60194  No.818742



Thought you meant that you hadn't started masturbating until you were 15

5345ef  No.818904

File: c5aa297dcac35a1⋯.png (385.92 KB, 557x587, 557:587, sadpepe.png)

Just what is happening with me???

I could go two weeks or even months without breaking my strike but now that Ive turned 21 I have a insane urge to do it and I bearly can go 2 days without doing so

I never felt like this before its insane

91726a  No.818910

File: 1ee031c9d1d5bb4⋯.jpg (30.71 KB, 403x403, 1:1, 83722390-AADC-48AC-874D-7D….jpg)

Old man river, that old man river

He must know something

He don't say nothing

He just keeps on rolling along

He don't plant taters

He don't plant cotton

For their plantation

Is soon forgotten

But old man river

He just keeps on rolling along

174994  No.819065

File: 0b3a37ca1651426⋯.jpg (16.78 KB, 231x250, 231:250, 1324432.jpg)


I don't believe it has anything to do with your birthday, friend… I have periods where the lust comes on strong and I either do or don't give in. This morning was one of those times; exercising to wholesome music for 30 mins repelled the perverted thoughts, and my mind is clear once again. You just have to take a very hard stance against fapping/porn from here on out, or you will consistently fail every time the urges come.

e447ce  No.819300

I swear I'm not lying

>swore and prayed for help that I would never ever ever do this again

>Be horny today

>Be at work

>Fall into temptation and browse porn incognito

>Get home and fap to porn so degenerate, I didn't even fap to when I was a non-believer

>power goes out for a second right as I was opening the video

>Pc restarts

>Literally God did this

>Continue through anyway with much sadness once pc restarts

>Now crying about it in the kitchen and begging for forgiveness

>Woman's laughter from outside startles me

HELP! I'm losing my life. I don't want to die bros.

e447ce  No.819305

File: 656800fca374125⋯.jpg (667.82 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_20190706-003140.jpg)


Just received this notification as I was praying for forgiveness.

I'm going insane please help

a9f34c  No.819325



Is it still /spoopy/ if God is doing it?

It's /holyghost/ for sure, but dang I'd be freaking out too.

You better go to confession ASAP.

174994  No.819329



Huh, I thought everyone with the Bible app gets the same verse each day. My verse today is a Psalm. Anyway, you should make a note of how miserable you've felt today, from looking at porn to the aftermath of the deed itself, and use that as motivation to sin no more.

655a0b  No.819363

File: 33481015d04b397⋯.png (507.22 KB, 1070x601, 1070:601, 1542690510641.png)


Why can't I get past 20 days

a711f9  No.819415


Stop counting the days and start praying the rosary

025ca5  No.819419

>hit day 8 doing well (keeping track for confession not no fap reasons)

>suddenly start receiving lewd images in my head

>well it is First Saturday Church will solve this suddenly women wearing form fitting dresses not really suited for Church come in for a baptism walking all around the baptimal pool near the altar focus a Jesus but still it was group Rosary and they were very disrespectful

>get home start to get bored probably my main issue since masturbating was basically a hobby go to 4chin without thinking about it lewd pics everywhere on blue board habitually clicking and closing images realize what I am doing after a minute and close screen

>pray Rosary but still very anxious

Pray for me brothers the Devil wants my soul today.

174994  No.819459


Minus the form fitting dresses thing, that sounds exactly like me (Catholic on day 8 who's been plagued by lust today). I'm thankful that I've stayed strong this week and won't have to seek Penance prior to Sunday Mass (the last few weeks I've been going to Confession every Saturday), however this is a very difficult and anxiety-inducing battle indeed brother. I'll pray for you.

cecd8b  No.819515

welp lads, confessed to a friend that through the use of porn my desires have only grown darker and darker. Told him some of the worst shit I've ever done sexually and that I was terrified by how quickly my arousal justifies my own depravity.

Brothers he held my hand, he looked at me as a human being and as a friend and told me that we've all done or thought terrible things. He isn't religious but I know God put him in my life to help me turn against the devil, to help me break this descent into the underworld.

God bless you all, We are warriors and servants of the Highest King, we are his host wielding the cudgel of the Word and the holiest rosary. FIGHT, WE ARE MORE THAN OUR LUSTS

f9b1e3  No.819551

I started wearing a St. Michael the Archangel medallion, and I have felt zero urge to fap or open up a porn tab in three days. Is this normal?

746794  No.819552

I'm doing pretty good these days (more than 2 weeks in). However, I think the only reason I made it this far is because I'm currently talking to a girl that seems to be interested in me. We've exchanged messages and are going on a date next week which is cool, but if it all goes wrong I fear I will fall back into my bad habits. When I have urges I just think "what would she think about me?" and it goes away. I don't want to rely on a girl to remain chaste, but I don't know how to do it. Every previous attempt at nofap has been very bad before this one, because I had no girl in my life.

What do desu senpai?

d05862  No.819566

File: 4fdd37b09ab8dd4⋯.jpg (139.41 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 12-jordan-peterson.w700.h7….jpg)

After getting introduced to Jordan Peterson trough his online Bible and Maps of Meaning lectures. He explained in some of his lectures that moral relativism works only in theory and not in practice.

In practice you want to do what's good for you, what's good for your family and what's good for greater society too.

There are not many ways in which you can act that can alleviate your suffering, but also at the same time support the structure of society.

There are absolute moral axioms that are good. We know that they are good because societies that live by those axioms get stronger and more prosperous and societies that ignore them fall apart and destabilize.

d05862  No.819568


sorry, replied to wrong thread

e44429  No.819578


>Suffered from pornography addiction since 2013

>Became Christian around 2016

>Became Roman around 2017

>Newbag to everything

>Be me last week

>Decide to try out the Rosary for the first time

>No more urge to masturbate

>No urge every single day I pray it

>Now that it has been a week my testosterone levels have recovered


cb0851  No.819581


God bless.

Don't take it for granted though, it's a constant, lifelong fight.

>Presume not on your own strength, if you are free, and have been for very many years free, from the temptations of the flesh ; for this cursed vice does in an hour what for years it has failed to do, often making its advances stealthily; and the more it comes in the garb of a friend without exciting suspicion, the more grievous are the injuries and the more fatal the wounds it inflicts.

(http://patrimoinechretien.com/Biblioth%C3%A8que/Oeuvres/ScupoliSpiritualCombat2016en.pdf pp. 63-70)

b94a68  No.819629

Please pray for me. I've recently realized just how disgusting and absolutely shameful this habit is. It's one that I've been fighting for a few years now, I can't even remember exactly when my struggle with it started.

ab2765  No.819642


Who drew that pic? I need to know because i have a godly mission concerning art

939edd  No.819648

File: cd2844bad4b3026⋯.jpg (20.26 KB, 409x348, 409:348, 832272_0.jpg)

Help me out with this one lads.

My gf and I were cuddling on the couch. We were talking and not doing anything inappropriate. I guess she was having a wardrobe malfunction and when she stood up her pants had slid enough that I saw a lot of underwear. I can't get the image out of my head. I didn't want to see it, and ultimately it led to nothing (she just fixed herself and we continued our conversation.) I'm not sure if I'm at fault here or not. On one hand if we were not cuddling, this likely would not have happened. On another hand it was not my will to see this and I am not allowing it to have repercussions of impurity.

Did I do bad or not?

8be23d  No.819653

When I failed this time I was going back and forth between the thought "this is wrong and I'm risking eternal life" and "I can repent later". Yet I still caved and masturbated.

What is wrong with me? It feels almost like I cannot stop. It felt so wrong; disgusting and almost painful.

Every time I come to this thread I feel embarrassed at how quickly I've sinned again. I'm trying to take my mind off the list when it occurs but I don't always succeed. The thought of being obstinate in sin, of hardening my heart, terrified me.

cb0851  No.819705

File: 95c813e27cde1b9⋯.png (246.78 KB, 601x761, 601:761, spiritual combat.png)


Cuddling on the couch can lead to severe temptation, since our flesh is weak.

The pants slipping is not really what's at fault and it's only accidental, the problem would rather the excessive prenuptial promiscuity.

My local priest tells to us that we should never be alone with somebody of the opposite sex if it's not our spouse (fiancée =/= spouse yet), even for a walk, because "covert" activities with just the two of us can lead us to sin in very various ways.

So he tells us to always bring friends or parents when we want to go for a walk, eating somewhere, go to the cinema and so on, and to avoid certain activities that ought to be reserved for married couples.

Cuddling on the couch with nobody monitoring is too dangerous as an occasion of sin imho.

But at least you're questioning the appropriateness of the situation, so that's not that bad.


The sacrament of penance is here for you, and you should talk about these things to your confessor. If is always like that with sin, especially with the one we're deep into. But remember whatScupoli teaches us (pic related).

9314d7  No.819882

File: 3c855fc30244ab2⋯.jpg (20.32 KB, 246x248, 123:124, 1455926470968.jpg)

Any SHORT TERM advice? I'm going through a difficult, busy time right now and the temptations are ramping up, but it'll be over by friday and I'll go back to regular rosary praing and church going etc so it should be easier then. So I'm just looking for things that will make it safer through these three days, because I'm afraid my resolve and vigilance grows weaker every day.

d410bb  No.819894

Not only have I failed, but the past couple of weeks I have sunken so far into sin that I can honestly call this the lowest point of my life. This is following a brief period of bliss, during which I was regularly praying the rosary and temptation was the furthest thing from my mind. I feel as if I have spit in the face of God after having received spiritual gifts. What's keeping me going is just how effective prayer was during that time, it gives me hope that God may raise up even a sinner such as me. Please pray for me.

91726a  No.819909


You can start now… rebound and show this is possible, too. You are not your sin if you decide not to - and show you care, show you'll try.

7d6889  No.819946


As long as you feel shame and know it's wrong, you can bounce back. I've had an… "intense" period recently, but I managed to calm down. I'll pray for you, and please pray for me too.


I've never prayed the rosary and fapped in the same day. You don't have to pray it in one go, split it up. Transit, waiting lines, mechanical tasks like cooking, cleaning or office work… all are good moments to pray the rosary. It's barely 20 minutes, and you can split it in roughly 5 min intervals. And if you can't, for whatever reason, pray it in one day, just continue the following day where you left it.

Personally the hardest thing for me is to get rid of the before-bed fap. During the day I'm aware and I can keep myself busy with other stuff. Once I'm sleepy and in bed, it can be hard to avoid touching myself, I'm basically in zombie mode. IDK what's the best way to avoid those situations.

8be23d  No.819971

I've knowingly and willingly sinned and rebelled, and every time I do so it feels like this time could doom me for eternity, yet I do it all the same. It's so easy for me to fail, just one moment of inactivity and a passing thought is enough for me to cave. I need help escaping this degeneracy.

ed0730  No.820021

How does one get rid of a lustful thought that is seeded its way into your mind?

To elaborate with a specific instance I was browsing facebook when I saw an add to a manga. Curious as to why the hell manga is being recommended I clicked on it, and it was a nice manga until all of a sudden it did a 180 degree turn and became full on hentai. I closed it, angrily told facebook not to share that crap with me again. But the damage is done and the thoughts of that hentai are taking root in my mind.

That is typically how I fall to temptation is that one image/thought/video that I came across just sticks in my mind as a seed and over the months it grows and grows until I fall.

I'm very angry about it this time atleast as it was about a month ago I last fell to temptation from a similar seed when ads on the side of the screen kept putting sexual shit in front of me.

Currently I'm praying the rosary, praying for intercession, praying to my Guardian Angel to protect me and help rid my mind of these memories, and of course asking our Lord to help me overcome and be free from these thoughts.

Does anybody know a good way to stop a bloody thought from recurring in my head?

2289f9  No.820025




Delete it.

Stop browsing imageboards & avoid going to places fll of degeneracy. If you aren't tempted, you won't lust.

024362  No.820049


Here is my strategy that works pretty well.

>set up binding prayers (I set a prayer for the binding of evil spirits to a slight head shake and it works pretty well)

>pray the Rosary daily

>Develop a devotion (mine is the Our Lady of Sorrows Rosary along with the regular Rosary)

>prayer regiment it doesn’t have to be crazy I just try to do the Angelus at 6, noon and 6 plus the 3 o clock prayer

>keep Sacramentals like Holy Water and Blessed Oil around the house and bless everything includin yourself (you should be doing his already)

>observe the Wednesday and Friday fasts (this is actually very effective in beating an addiction though do a bit of study and don’t go overboard)

>say a Novena to your Guardian Angel, Mary, Joseph, and any Saints you like they’ll help just be clear what you are fighting

>regular confession

>making sure to recieve Communion once a week at least more is better

First anxiety about sinning will make things worse. Don’t worry about every sin you may have committed you are a soldier in a spiritual war the wounds of battle are expected. Pray for forgiveness and pay reparations as needed if you feel you have many sins or may have committed a mortal sin then go to Confession and keep up the fight.

Second the demons use your knowledge and fear of sinning against you so that they might make you dispair and fail. I’ve had a couple temptations in the desert moments recently when those situations arrive remember who you are and who you were made in the likeness of then declare “Get Behind Me Satan!”

Third the Lord allows demons to tempt so that you will overcome the temptation and become stronger. Everytime you beat the temptations of the Devil the Lord grants you more strength to combat those temptations in the future.

Finally do a real Examination of Conscience and hammer out the sins you probably have neglected to confess or forgot since you’ve been focused on fighting this one so badly.

Remember this is war and you have to approach it like it is. Use everything at your disposal and show no remorse in using them to reclaim your soul for God.

646a61  No.820110


What helped me there (epsecially with the habitual zombie mode morning fap) was placing a crucifix or some other reverential reminder in plain view of where I wake up.

431038  No.820120

is there any point in blocking internet and browser access to sinful material?

i tried to make it as hard as possible.

Does anyone want help with blocking that?

939edd  No.820121


Personally I think it just avoids the issue of willpower. Plus it's so easy to bypass these sort of blockers, it really just serves as a reminder that you need to stop what you're doing. You can accomplish the same thing by moving the browser app on your phone to a different spot, hiding boards that are nsfw, and (most importantly) creating a new routine for yourself. Busy hands are the best way to keep them off yourself.

e3c0d7  No.820122

I've written this before but a friendly reminder: it's literally impossible to fap on a day you pray the rosary. So if you're serious about quitting, do that. It's pretty easy of a fix.

Also wear a rosary around your wrist when home alone. Good luck wanking like that. You won't manage even if you try.

431038  No.820123


no anon, i mean a website filter, that doesnt let me even connect to the sites.

939edd  No.820125


Whatever you think will help. I'm just saying don't depend on it

431038  No.820126


what would you say works everytime?

e3c0d7  No.820129

The rosary works every time guaranteed or your grace back.

bd2840  No.820131

431038  No.820133


then why are we all coming back because of sinning?

e3c0d7  No.820136


I don't want to discount it entirely but with how strong the effect is for me it's almost unimaginable that you manage to fap on days you pray it. So either you come back because you didn't pray it on some days, or you come back because when you do pray it you're doing it too quickly. Personally I don't think it's that great if you pray it in a car or during commute. You'll want to pray it in a church, or at home on your knees.

If you're not seeing results, do all 3 sets of 5 mysteries in a single 15 decade rosary every day.

Jesus says that some things are conquered only by prayer and fasting, so so those two things. Either fast more (no meat on Friday or Wednesday, small meals) and consider fasting digitally or up your prayers.

ed0730  No.820169


>set up binding prayers (I set a prayer for the binding of evil spirits to a slight head shake and it works pretty well)

That's one of the things I was trying to remember for spiritual warfare.

I will pick up on the others as well.

>Blessed Oil

How does one acquire this? I've got myself holy water and I'm regularly blessing myself now.


I tend to fast everyday for atleast 16 hours, but that's just how I prefer things so I'm not quite sure its really a sacrifice.


Should I just start a new novena every time I finish one? I prayed one to my confirmation saint a week or so back.

>Finally do a real Examination of Conscience and hammer out the sins you probably have neglected to confess or forgot since you’ve been focused on fighting this one so badly.

I have difficulty on this one currently as most of the venial sins I frequent I've managed to overcome. Aside from listening in on gossip when my sisters around, and unjust anger at times/people. Arrogant I know given the saints would frequent confession every second day. But I'm having difficulty thinking of specifics sins I tend to fall into. I will pray to my guardian angel to bring more sins to the forefront of my mind.

>Remember this is war and you have to approach it like it is. Use everything at your disposal and show no remorse in using them to reclaim your soul for God.

Thank you for your time and your words anon, this is how I plan on treating it this time around.

1c0c75  No.820172

File: 22e2b70bf5b1eb1⋯.jpg (450.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1504560002731.jpg)

17. How do i inhibit my sexual instincts and celibate? Last year, around this time i started to celibate and managed to do like 53days or something like that, then i did 30 days twice and thats when i started to fail my streaks leading to current days when i only manage to do week or two maximum. What can I do about it? Maybe there is some tricks/chapters in the bible related to this topic?

1c0c75  No.820174

17. How do i inhibit my sexual instincts and celibate? Last year, around this time i started to celibate and managed to do like 53days or something like that, then i did 30 days twice and thats when i started to fail my streaks leading to current days when i only manage to do week or two maximum. What can I do about it? Maybe there is some tricks/chapters in the bible related to this topic?

42412e  No.820184


Are you all too lazy to read the thread?

Go to daily mass, pray the rosary daily, get blessed water & bless yourself frequently, hang up some devotional items in places you are likely to sin in, avoid pornography and idle daydreaming, fast and pray.



No anon, it is not a sacrifice if you already abstain from food 16 hours a day. Try what the monks did: fast by eating the same way you are, but instead of stimulating food, consume only bread and water. It's boring and that's the point. Alternatively, consider not eating at all on one day of the week, in addition to abstaining from meat on Wednesday and Friday.

024362  No.820188


>how to get Blessed oil

Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil doesn’t matter what brand take it to your Priest and he will bless it pretty simple process.


You need to fast to feast and you need to feast to fast. If you are always fasting then how can it be a sacrifice. Make sure you are abstaining from meat on Fridays.

>how often should I pray Novena’s

As often as you need to. Develop a relationship with a Saint sometimes just say hi and thanks for praying for me in heaven. St Jude Prayer Novena is especially powerful though can take a bit since he is busy with more important matters.

Go online find an examination of conscience and go down the check list. You’ll find more sins then you’ll know what to do with.

1c0c75  No.820200


>get blessed water & bless yourself frequently

how do i bless myself?

ed0730  No.820201


“By this holy water and by Your Precious Blood, wash away all my sins, O Lord. Amen.”

There is no specific prayer to pray when using holy water, other than making the Sign of the Cross: "In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit." You can also pray an Our Father or even the St. Michael Prayer when using holy water.

024362  No.820243


Get something to keep holy water in fill it up at church ask the priest if they don’t have a fount. Tell the priest it is for spiritual growth and protection and insist you need it. If you can find a church that uses the old right or find a more traditional minded church and leave the Priest some Water and Salt and ask him to bless it in the Old Rite because the Old Rite has two exorcisms put on it the salt and the water.

Remember sacramentals do not grant grace only belief in God and his power grants these items any power at all. Your faith that God is using these things as a conduit to bless and protect is what makes them work.

1c0c75  No.820248



thanks brothers

657f5c  No.820459

19 months.

024362  No.820470

>2 weeks exactly since I last masturbated of course it would be Friday the day our Lord Suffered his passion

>unable to sleep well at all

>morning hits and I am suddenly assaulted by every lewd thought ever hundreds of images of porn that I had watched over the years begin bombarding my mind

>fighting them off as best as I can

>fall back to sleep for a bit extremely lewd dreams

>wake up extremely aroused

>resist urge to do anything

Lord God if these are the reparations necessary to heal my soul. Thank you for allowing me to pay these reparations as you see fit.


Glory to God.

bc3147  No.820505

File: a4b7c33875c5bdc⋯.png (114.38 KB, 224x216, 28:27, Angry Wojak.png)


I just failed a week or so of celibacy. Pray for me anons. pic related

4db42c  No.820773


You're doing alright, God loves you

766ae1  No.820844

File: 2aeb85a2e9e0a1a⋯.jpg (91.46 KB, 1052x1052, 1:1, image0.jpg)

I went on facebook today and there was literally porn on my timeline. It has been in my head all day, I am on day 4-5. Pray for me anons.

b0b83d  No.820856


I prayed a Hail Mary for you, anon. However, it would be in your best interests to delete your facebook account and leave that website for good. I know it can seem harsh, but that place is bad, all it does is induce lust, envy and sloth in its users, besides all the degenerate propaganda, of course.

766ae1  No.820862


I left most of my secular groups and unliked shitposting pages on FB except some hobbyist ones. I only use it 3-4 times a week to speak with friends I would otherwise have no contact to and also to pass some time on some occasions.

5a77cd  No.820929


Have you thought of asking those friends for their phone numbers and texting them off Facebook?

6cc338  No.821051

Day 66.

Urges are back with a vengeance.

My Id is shrieking at me to fornicate, and since there are no women around, to masturbate.

Please pray for me. I am trying not to consent or analyse my temptations but I am finding it warping my thoughts.

b104ff  No.821093

File: 177c02416d19de5⋯.jpg (115.16 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1558576599481m.jpg)

This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.

For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would.

But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law

And they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.

Galatians 5;16-24

843118  No.821240


The flesh's biggest problem is that it wishes to be stimulated. That's literally it, all there is to it. Fapping is just stimulant-seeking. So is eating for pleasure. So is listening to secular music. So is pretty much everything that's not prayer or worship. It's all bait specifically designed to get us to doom ourselves.

Stimulation is a primary wedge that the devil uses to pry us away from the Lord and to create separation. Time spent seeking stimulants is time not spent being mindful of the Lord. Prayer works to combat all this because prayer is the opposite of a stimulant. Prayer is calm, peaceful, contemplative, and reverent. Almost sedative. Prayer is the turning of one's attention toward the Lord and away from the flesh's desire for stimulation. When you pray, you don't even want the bait anymore.

And that's really the key. Stop wanting the bait. Just stop. Say "I don't even want this." Say "Take these thoughts away from me, Lord." Please remove this evil from my head, Lord. Get it out, please. GET IT OUT. OUT.

158d22  No.821266


Something similar happened to me

I was about to watch porn and my lights went out. Turns out my lightbulb blew out and why at that exact moment?

Now I'm 14 days in and feeling very strong, I asked God to make me hate all impure acts

93a1a8  No.821268

File: d70083f36263f25⋯.png (264.05 KB, 952x1344, 17:24, 1563021738729.png)

Hope this image helps to stay away and fear the cumbrain

657f5c  No.821321

I think I am out of danger of fapping.

But last days have been hell for me. For month or so I did not care about women much. Now something changed again and I literally look at every above average girl…sometimes with lust. There is no end to it. I need to go to confession again but so far nothing helps. It is a complete thirst after women. The weather and dresses do not help me.

I guess I need to pray more. But the thing is….there is no end to this thirst. It may appear all of sudden any time. It's with you for the whole life….it's all so tiresome anons. I just already want to commit to the wife and be done with it. I know the thirst will stay and one will have to fight it. But now I look at women also because I search for the wife.

As I ahve said there is no end to this thirst

b6159d  No.821344


Welcome to the desert friend. It’s also the name I am giving it if it is not already used. The Devil is literally attacking your mind, your body, even your senses to cause you to sin. He won out last Friday night, I have since confessed and re-evaluated my battle strategy (adding a devotion to St. Joseph he is really Good for this issue more of you should pray to him, St Ann for help finding a wife and such).

I am currently having the same issue as you women who before I wouldn’t have even considered looking at now fill my head with sinful thoughts. It is the devils work but it is also necessary as the Lord fixes your mind.

When the demons lash out is when you know you are doing something right. Remember temptation is not a sin, accepting the temptations is.

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