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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
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File: 6551fde33670992⋯.jpg (97.84 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 7706d710a28e1903e239b3a2e6….jpg)

c038c2 No.405648

27 You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ 28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Matthew 5:27-28

19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 1 Corinthians 6:19

8 Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. Galatians 6:8

Post your NoFap successes/woes/prayer requests/ etc.

53439f No.608730


I'll try to speak to a priest, hoping he's not a modernist. Thanks for these helping words: I suffer from depression and Same Sex Attraction, and with this change of season I'm so starved for love and physical contact I don't know how to control myself.

b3d8da No.608786


Ok I failed today, twice actually.

Feels very bad because I wanted to last until the end of Lent (at minimum) but I can't even do that.

5b58b6 No.608915


This extension works fantastically. Thank you and may God bless you.


>Why give up 8chan?

Because I have IRL community. Do not mistake me, I don't have anything against this board. If God helps you through this board, all the better.

0845d2 No.608973

After I ejaculated I had an almost unbearable stabbing pain in my abdomen that lasted for almost 20 minutes. I couldn’t even walk. Safe to safe I won’t be doing that again anytime soon. Thank you God for this intervention, as painful as it is.

5901e1 No.608985


Those are nice words of encouragement, you just need to change a few things!


226e11 No.609079

A tip that will help:

When you're tempted get away from the internet and read a chapter of the gospel or pray the rosary.

a17fae No.609180


Good for you. I got IRL community besides this board also.

real life stuff>anonymous board

a17fae No.609220

Day 54, no urges, extra energy for work out and scripture study.

This lent has been awesome so far.

3c6eb3 No.609232

I fell for temptation two days in a row, now today is back to Day 1. I managed to last 20 days though, so I suppose that's good for a first time?

dae8b8 No.609337

Day 9

Got bored, read some ecchi manga. Not hentai, since no porn, but too darn suggestive. I didn't succumb to the temptation fully but the thoughts that accompanied the manga were lustish.

Gah. What do? Don't read new comics? Is it just manga in general now? Arrgh.

I don't want to think lustful thoughts, I swore no porn but the line is so thin…

3c6eb3 No.609355


There IS wholesome no-ecchi manga out there, brother. It might not be easy to find, but it definitely exists.

226e11 No.609428


Avoid the near occasion of sin. It's prideful to think you can handle those temptations.

446558 No.609439

File: 276d223edb2312a⋯.jpg (123.5 KB, 640x500, 32:25, athanasius.jpg)

O Lord and Master of my life, take from me the spirit of sloth, despair, lust of power, and idle talk.

But give rather the spirit of chastity, humility, patience, and love to Thy servant.

Yea, O Lord and King, grant me to see my own transgressions, and not to judge my brother, for blessed art Thou, unto ages of ages. Amen.

dae8b8 No.609446


No pride about. Rather, I'm embarrassed I read an ecchi manga for three hours for the titilation alone (the story sucked). At least I didn't do worse, but it was definitely still sinful… sigh.

I was just complaining that my method of relaxing is often fraught with lustful images and I feel like… annoyed. Wishing there was a Christian list of which mangas to avoid based on lustful images and wishing I was strong enough to not even look at them. I drew the line at hentai, should've drawn it at ecchi… maybe time to move my line even further back.

Can I not even read comics with nudity? Arrgh.

5f2b4f No.609458


Just avoid suggestive content completely, man.

Surely there is manga out there that's not suggestive while still being interesting.

On another note, don't count the days, it's a terrible idea. That's like telling yourself not to think of an elephant. Just let your old man be crucified and put the corpse away so that you won't have to see it. And read the Gospel more often.

09c4ce No.609460


Better to avoid nudity if possible. If it’s the sort of nudity that turns you on, then 100% you must avoid. I’m making the distinction because while I’m not a fan of sex scenes in Western movies or tv, nevertheless almost all of them fail to entice me to lust. I think any anime or manga where fanservice is clearly a big part of the story must be avoided, because in all likelihood the creators are trying their best to turn you on. When fanservice is infrequent and not a big part of the story, then in all likelihood it also won’t be nearly as explicit when it does happen.

70f657 No.609461


>Christian list of which mangas to avoid based on lustful images

The world itself could not contain the list for its length. A recommended reading list or maybe even a general would be neat, but it's better that you just learn to exercise good judgment. If you notice yourself getting too titillated too often, it's time to drop the series and never look back. Outright trash anything with an ecchi tag, don't ever even consider it.

>Can I not even read comics with nudity?

Why would you want to, other than to indulge your lust?

dae8b8 No.609466


>Why would you want to, other than to indulge your lust?

That's a good question. Long ago, before God even moved me to think porn was bad, I told myself it was artistic at the right times and added realism. Maybe that was just BS covering for my lust that I didn't recognize or maybe my addiction means I shouldn't look at it even though it can be valuable artistically.

I fapped multiple times per day since 13, more and more often it was to porn. Raised in a liberal-atheist family, and I had so many egregious moral failings that looking at porn wasn't even on my radar to fix until God actually restored enough of my conscience to even have -empathy-.

Now, God's fixed most of the worst parts of me and going on to the sins I do in secret. It was probably only two years ago I started feeling guilty about it.

If I didn't time it right, it affected the marital sex, which embarrassed me a lot (libido came back if I quit for 4-5 days but wife would go through good periods of wanting it, and then menstruation, a cold, or pregnancy hormones would hit for a week or more and it'd be back to porn.

But, long story short, the stuff I told myself back before I recognized it for the sin it is should be re-examined and I appreciate you pointing that out- if I ever did have a different reason to read comics with naked girls, (which I probably didn't) it still doesn't seem like something a god-fearing man should be doing now.

a17fae No.609526


20 days for a first time is pretty good.


Suggestive images trigger dopamine release in your brain. That makes you feel good when you see them. In other words even if you do not fap you still go the same path of addiction. You test your will. You may resist the urge to fap for weeks but eventually this way you will fail.

There is no reason to torture your will like this. Furthermore no fap is about rewiring your thinking. One cannot do that if he walks the same paths of lustful thoughts. Those paths still lead to objectifying women and eventually…no fap failure.

My advice is that you do not test your strength and avoid suggestive images completely. Instead - grab Scripture, ask a girl out, hit the gym… whatever.

a17fae No.609527

Wet dreams are the worst.

They went away for weeks after confession but now it seems they're coming back.

Any tips on how to avoid them?

fecffe No.609528


Don't sleep lying down.

1c00fe No.609660

I'm on Day 21, I haven't had an erection in about a week and the urges to fap are disappearing, things are going well.

One thing I notice is that I can't stop staring at women, especially certain parts of their body such as butt or feet. I thought this would stop once I do nofap but seems to have gone worse.

Anyone experience this?

It seems like my urges for porn is gone but converted into urges to see the female body irl.

2c85f6 No.609691


It will take some time to reboot and normalize the sex. drive.

Now I do notice the outline and everything but tbh I am more interested in looking at the face and the overall conduct.

Women do attract me very much…maybe even more than before no fap but it's in a more healthy way. Not purely sexual way, more of 'I want to get to know this girl' way.

Give it a time.

d43919 No.610052

I've gone from from 2 times per day to 2-3 times per week. It's progress, but I'm still ticked off that I lose discipline 3 times a week. I don't know what it is, but it's always the weekends that get me.

ddb34f No.610055


More free time = more prone to boredom = higher chance to fall into temptation.

Protip: try going to bed early on the weekends too.

4a9a24 No.610255

>that day when you've gone 3 years and screw it all up

i don't even blame porn

absolutely weak

ecb796 No.610339


Is it a sin to use the, quite frankly, horrific ED offended? page to discourage fapping after backsliding into porn?

It's horrific enough that it's caused me to become legitimately afraid of vomiting now.

53439f No.610367

I keep on failing

I keep on smiling

yet I know:

I'm falling into a dark abyss

and I am afraid of looking up at the Light I'm teying to hide from.

I procrastinate, I keep saying "Tomorrow, tomorrow!", and then tomorrow becomes today and again I repeat that lie to myself and alas! to God…is anyone of you guys in London? I want to speak to people who are seeking for God, not just a priest. And no, my friends are not that religious to trust them with such topics.

9cab2e No.610420

Day 13.

Last time i go NoFap, these are crucial times. Pray that I dont fall again into the same trap. The urges are real tho, but that's just my Cross to bear. Godspeed, fellow warriors!

f157c5 No.610424

Until I have overcome the desire of the flesh I don't think I will ever be closer to christ. I keep turning my back on him just for meaningless release to filth.

b8feae No.610433

Please pray for me. I'm an erp faggot not worthy of His love. It's day 3 for me now.

I'll also pray for all of you even though I'm so irreverent He probably won't listen.

2c85f6 No.610441

File: 3bb5bdd0defc91a⋯.jpg (577.7 KB, 631x837, 631:837, 1506190566113.jpg)


Now's the time. Tomorrow means never.

A small step taken towards a goal today is more valuable than 'two steps tomorrow' because you'll actually do it.

Pro tip: get an icon of Christ near your desk/bed. You will feel bad when you're about to fail when you see the Lord.


>horrific ED offended

What is that?


Great. 14>>3

Make a goal to go 1-2 weeks without it completely, you'll make it.


Will pray.

He will listen, no worries about that.

2c85f6 No.610444

One thought about no fap:

For me pornography and masturbation was the greatest obstacle in the relationship with Christ.

I told myself I do not need to go to confession when in fact confession was the thing I needed to stop doing this. It was a vicious circle of relapses…. sheer willpower against lust constantly fighting. One day I sat at the church before the mass and I really felt like I should go confess. It was an internal battle for ten minutes. I confessed. When I left the church I felt free, determined to quit. Suddenly from 14 days streaks I managed to do 90+ days streak.

What I learned?

Living in sin makes you ashamed to ask God for help, Devil will trick you into thinking you 'cannot confess'or 'do not need to confess' to keep you in that vicious circle.

That circle can be broken by: Confession, prayer, going to church.

Fixing the relationship with Christ by doing this helps you to quit your addiction.

b4477a No.610449

Do wet dreams count? What if it's a lucid dream and you consciously turn it into a wet dream?

e0e4da No.610456


Yes. The mind is part of the soul, does the purity in the soul stop because you're asleep? Do you stop being an immortal being because your body is in rest? All it reveals is that you have more work to do.

And if it was a lucid dream and you didn't pray in it until you waked (which is in my opinion the best use of it, praying without ceasing truly, even in sleep) and made it a wet dream, even more so.

ecb796 No.610464


Involuntary wet dreams are OK, you can't control them. They do interrupt your streak though.

Lucid wet dreams and self-induced wet dreams are sins, however.

ecb796 No.610465


>What is that?

Encyclopedia Dramatica includes a special link on some pages to a page called "offended?".

It starts out as a montages of fairly cute pictures before becoming a parade of specially picked shock images.

They rotate the shock images to prevent desensitization too it seems.

226e11 No.610506

I didn't even last a day after my confession. I hate this addiction I've had since I was 11 so much.

I was able to stop taking the Lords name in vain immediately and I was able to do most everything else but fapping still gets me

2de26c No.610508

File: 56d2e3c49392959⋯.jpg (45.81 KB, 960x480, 2:1, a2debcb1a5f021e2e27bc83b7d….jpg)


What helped me a lot was to swear to our Lord that I shall never masturbate again when I begin to read the Bible, and I couldn't keep my vow. I felt incredibly horrible afterwards, not because of laying hands on myself per se, but psychological-wise - and I suppose it was His punishment as well. Then I renewed my vow to never masturbate again when I will have finished the five books of Moses and, since then, I never touched myself. It has been 31 days since that day - longer since I ever could manage in the past (almost) nine years of pathological masturbation -, and, what is interesting to mention, I completely forgot about my vow at the end of Deuteronomy and was reminded about it when I already began to read Joshua. My thoughts were along the lines of: "Aight, my vow has begun before I could 'properly' sin for a final time, it seems it is stupid to think so anyways, so I'll stick to it and not cry over spilled milk or rather: not spilled milk". And as if the bio-chemical and psychological consequences aren't enough, the my fear if God's wrath is greater than ever in this regard.

Truly, my brother in distress, it brought to me genuine happiness and I slowly start to become more productive and content with myself and the opportunities my God-given life has to offer. Additionally, I gained more self-control in regards to my fleshly lusts and are able to choke off sexual thoughts and the occasional glance of women dressed in their whorish attires. When I can manage it, then you as well. Always remember that we are all weak and ignorant, but to fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and strength. As Proverbs 1:7 says:

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

9129a5 No.610532


Wet dreams are a sin - they are lustful thoughts but they do not count as no fap failure.

They do ruin the effects of no fap though by wasting semen.

8a63da No.610887

has anyone ever made it

ddb34f No.610900


>Wet dreams are a sin

Nigga they aren't a sin since you cannot control your dreams.

3cf42d No.610923


He's replying to someone asking about lucid dreaming which is by definition controlling your dreams

dae8b8 No.610928


One guy here made it 3 years and after a relapse, started again

55da87 No.610970


Everything you wrote is wrong:

1) it's not a sin, for you do it on a subconscious level, thus not in your full control;

2) does not ruin no-fap, quite the opposite: after each wet dream I felt like I did good, for my body had to replace my sperm with a new fresh batch of it, proving I was able to resist sinful urges.

a17fae No.611405



>Nigga they aren't a sin since you cannot control your dreams.

1) Lucid wet dream - a sin. it is a sin because you do control the dream. you're like half conscious.

Normal wet dream - not a sin because you do not control

2)I sometimes feel pretty tired after having a wet dream - not as badly as i would feel after fapping…but still. For me it does ruin some effects because it usually takes 1-2 days to get back to the level of energy.

002eae No.611428


Thirding this. For the love of God READ THIS! IT'S A PARADIGM SHIFTER!

960e09 No.611530

File: 48db7a74efac675⋯.png (26.58 KB, 527x409, 527:409, potential bait.png)

File: 9989e7d6ee690e7⋯.png (910.16 KB, 739x718, 739:718, 8).png)

File: f0490f24e327dfb⋯.jpg (269.15 KB, 593x572, 593:572, way out.jpg)

Welp, day 1 again lads but I'm REALLY conflicted here and need good advice or at least opinions.

Essentially it was exactly the day of the new month, started true no-fap in Feb and stuck with it until this morning. Woke up and was very excited, afterall this HAD been my longest streak and proper attempt in years. Yet more impportantly was that this had been the first time genuinely asking for gods help along the way.

Anyway, woke up way too early so said a prayer thanking him for getting me here and asking for a nice dream. Cue semi lucid wet dream. Now while it was semi, I was still aware of the situation knowing where it would lead when awake so kept aknowleging it was sinful. Now awake and I will be counting this as a relapse plus might head to confession just in case.

But I'm now confused guys because I know it might sound wrong but I feel GREAT, almost literally bounding around the house with energy. Longest streak, asked him for aid, had dream (wasnt even that lewd) after exactly 1 month.

So someone help me out here; did God just give me a break? I definately know I can go longer now if I just ask him to help me. Or on the other hand was it just the devil baiting me again?

btw, since that morning my shaft has not calmed down in a constant urgewave. Not taking chances though, not even going to go near it today.

53439f No.611539


I agree that conscious wet dreams are indeed a sin. But usually, when I have a wet dream, I feel invigorated rather than tired…maybe this is more of a personal thing.

a17fae No.611541


Maybe. I do not have urges after wet dreams. However it has been long since I had a real urge to fap I am basically on a long flatline now. so for me wet dreams are only a drag-they're pleasant while you're sleeping though.

a17fae No.611543


For me: Lucid wet dream is a sin but I don't see it as a relapse, going to day 0 since you did not actually fap/view porn.

53439f No.611575


>they're pleasant while you're sleeping though

Indeed! My last one was me giving a political speech…felt good, like I was a minister of God and a politician all wrapped in one.

3cf42d No.611580

File: 7f2aaf43dc0df80⋯.png (555.36 KB, 580x766, 290:383, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at ….png)

53439f No.611656


The one before that was me being raped by a goddess to bring forth the end of the Kali Yuga…most of my dreams are weird.

1efeb1 No.611671

File: b0761e539bffbb3⋯.jpg (629.75 KB, 1037x1597, 1037:1597, Progresso.jpg)

46f2f6 No.611672


>)I sometimes feel pretty tired after having a wet dream

Maybe that's because you're sleeping

53439f No.611992

Failed again, feel like just quitting and waiting to get dragged into Hell when I’ll die.

e5b499 No.612292



You should absolutely not be distracting yourself from evil by turning to another form of evil. Not only will it not fix your original problem, it will stack more problems on top of it.

Turn to prayer and scripture when you are feeling temptation. God will help you through this if you accept it.

783ae5 No.612472


How accurate is the chart?

e5c957 No.612592


Don't use a computer, fam

I'm convinced internet addiction is the main root of my problems.

2de26c No.612641


Very, but faith makes the urge waves less common.

888829 No.613140

File: 683c3fa78b1e04a⋯.jpg (49.92 KB, 750x500, 3:2, monkrockseraphim.jpg)

Day 23. Probably the second longest I've ever managed to go. I try to learn from my mistakes every time I fail, and as long as I don't see any explicit videos or images I'm fine (so I avoid them like the plague, even when the urge is great). Together with sincere prayer and the help of God, listening to this chant really helps: https://youtu.be/h-MSLN5bXyU

Guys, stay strong and don't allow yourself to make excuses for sin. God will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, He will also provide a way out so that you can endure it. Face life one day at a time, and do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

70af15 No.613348

Literally three weeks in and woke up in the middle of a nocturnal emission while dreaming of nothing sexual. Does this break nofap and negate the "super powers?"

e0e4da No.613349

5331bf No.613397

70af15 No.613403

File: 1516c31b98511a9⋯.jpg (27.54 KB, 487x423, 487:423, 1518565451386.jpg)

74011a No.613558


you're fine. keep going.

227fe0 No.613575

just failed again

I feel like at this point I need to be locked in a room like in Trainspotting to get rid of this addiction

b0c106 No.613584

Failed after a bit over two weeks. Did good for a while. Had a small bit of backsliding last week but the Lord found me strength to keep it under control, with the help of tips from this thread. The weekend was where things went to hell, it was like my willpower had suddenly run completely dry.

I started this thing for Lent; rather than just give up any one particular thing, I give up one of my hobbies or something I really enjoy for a week if I view porn, and I increase the severity if I fall. It only worked for so long, but it did something, at least. This next week is going to suck, but I hope it'll help drive the point home.

ecb796 No.613589



783ae5 No.613590

Just got baptized today, gonna try to give up jerking it finally

a17fae No.613696


It will not ruin your streak.

Some feel better after wet dream, some a little bit worse.

Even if you do feel a little bit worse it will take just one day to recover back to no fap superpower levels.

abf4bf No.613733



5bdf7a No.614221

File: cb1ff8ab1e220d6⋯.gif (2.22 MB, 403x297, 403:297, 3bf76c99f270d7f50b477d88da….gif)

a17fae No.614268


Kind of. I thought it was mainly a meme. But once I passed 60 days limit recently 3 girls(independently) told me I am 'somehow different' 'look more confident' 'look happier'

All said the basically the same stuff so when I heard the 2nd and 3rd I was like: the meme becomes real.

I do feel great and people do notice that.

2d751f No.614285

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

d14f99 No.614355

Proverbs 24:16 For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.

dae8b8 No.614516



fcaf49 No.614578

Since I stopped fapping, I am having dreams of middle schooler girls flashing their privates at me. They are usually brunettes with short fluffly hair. I am gonna explote!!!

ecb796 No.614649


Distract yourself immediately.

205ac6 No.614761

File: 5b674699b6a1a75⋯.jpg (195.02 KB, 850x567, 850:567, FINAL IMAGE-min.jpg)

Day 66.

The temptations seem to be gone.

a8553e No.614835

File: 8b2cc20f9c0c11b⋯.jpg (526.49 KB, 2000x1324, 500:331, 1518805482881.jpg)

117 days

427d76 No.614868


How do you feel? Is the "I have superpowers" part of nofap atleast partly true?

a8553e No.614871


Chastity gives you something much better than superpowers. It gives you God's grace and friendship.

226e11 No.614874

File: 73b920a30b5bedf⋯.jpg (11.89 KB, 236x282, 118:141, 318271da980706f7a18a811c34….jpg)

Why hasn't God just tossed me in the fire yet?

Its been over a year of weekly confession and relapse, never made it past two weeks. I'm getting worried at some point God's infinite justice is gonna kick in and send me straight into the furnace I belong.

e0e4da No.614876


Read >>606251

Trust me. If you read and understand each paragraph as you go through it, you'll be free forever.

No willpower needed.

No withdrawal or deprived feelings.

No temptations.

Pure freedom.

960e09 No.614877


Well I think we all came to expect that, but more specifically he probably was reffering to more material effects. Like has your pysiology gone through any noticable changes?

960e09 No.614880

File: 5d4f70cb4c46199⋯.jpg (14.2 KB, 324x451, 324:451, aaaaaaa.jpg)


So whats the trigger? Is it porn? Were you just bored. What happened?

b85f5e No.614892

Been waiting for baptism for almost 10 months now, nofap the entire time. The temptations have come back and they bring depression with them every time, like clockwork, every 2-3 months. This time it feels much worse.

Is this the Devil trying to stop me from getting baptized or something, or am I trying to rationalize impure thoughts?

898734 No.614928


It goes without saying that if you quit masturbating, looking at porn and regarding women as sex objects, you start to act differently around them. You will care much less to impress them, as you're not going to have sex with them anyway. You'll come across as more confident.

205ac6 No.614967


This tbh. I think girls did notice me before no fap but I was so insecure I failed every single time. Going no fap felt exactly as 'the virgin fapper X the chad no fap' meme


Hope to get there too. A long way to go still.

8ab8ed No.615002


What age is middle schooler girls?

7939a2 No.615010

File: eb9691c11cff167⋯.png (59.37 KB, 658x662, 329:331, 1fe.png)

204 days of strong temptation and I broke. I couldn't stand this anymore, it was too much. I feel ashamed for losing after a longer period

d0ca32 No.615020


I think its like 11-14

12c965 No.615285

File: 9c0aff616852539⋯.jpg (36.16 KB, 400x388, 100:97, 9c0[1].jpg)

CATHOLICS: i wake up every morning with an erection becuase i have high test

sometimes i just touch myself without thinking of anything. dont really climax or anything. i also tend to think about girls and i do get aroused but i try not to think about the act of sex with them in my imagination. is any of this a mortal sin? i know its gotta be at least a venial sin. lord jesus christ, son of god, have mercy on me, a sinner.

ba7a95 No.615294


Woah, that book is quite something. I disagree with many things in it but I advise everyone to give it a try. I'm sure it will help those who can relate to the author's point of view.

I didn't even realize how horrible it must feel for some people.

783ae5 No.615314

70af15 No.615386

If it's encouraging to anyone the super powers are real. Nofap definitely makes you more disciplined and closer to God, I'll be praying for you.

ddb34f No.615415

File: 9672c51a5ca739b⋯.jpg (83.22 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 1470669833942.jpg)

I started Ash Wednesday, failed today.

I now discovered that Lent isn't the best period to stop fapping for me (though I try and commit myself anytime).

The stress of school combined with fasting and NoFap made me into a very passive aggressive person (I'm normally not like this) and it suddenly became too much.

Good thing is, I really noticed the rehab working since I was physically shaking out of excitement when looking for pr0n.

This is good, it's an indicator that everything is feeling new and vanilla again.

Please pray for me guys, I really need it right now.

The NoFap is working and although I failed tonight 1-2 times won't completely destroy my progress.


>i also tend to think about girls and i do get aroused but i try not to think about the act of sex with them in my imagination.

Definitely a sin, but depending on how much you allow it either venial or grave.

fcaf49 No.615429


In my dreams, she was like 12.


How can I distract myself in a dream?

edac57 No.615430


Purify the soul, dreams are just a small trip into the subconscious, and a collection of the unconscious. It shows what's there, however it got there. Submit it to Christ.

fcaf49 No.615433


>Purify the soul

How? Fasting? I have been feeling attracted to those girls lately. I am the only person like that?

8e0f98 No.615436

File: 7b5c0c8c009a2dd⋯.jpeg (52.51 KB, 636x431, 636:431, FEA077CA-E57B-400D-9356-0….jpeg)



0ed761 No.615443


It was.

33856c No.615458


going to confession tomorrow morning thank you.

205ac6 No.615603


>Because I have high test

Testosterone plays a role. But once you normalize the testosterone levels by no fap and your thoughts become clearer by abstaining from porn and fapping, you will not experience this.

Yes, it is a sin. Those are basically still echoes of the addiction. You have to go through it. It will not completely disappear but it will get better.

205ac6 No.615605


Prayer, fasting, confession

fb1c20 No.615618


It is a mortal sin. Just keep praying. Try Saint Maria Goretti. She kept herself pure.

f157c5 No.615630

File: 2663cd0a3350e6e⋯.jpg (19.29 KB, 217x320, 217:320, JUST.jpg)

How willing are priests to accommodate reconciliation outside of set times?

My parish has been doing reconciliation after saturday mass during lent but I have to work.

5d8066 No.615631


My experience has been that you can call them and try to make arrangements. I'm in a spot right now where I have a similar problem, and did likewise.

783ae5 No.615701


>i have high test

no you don't

ddb34f No.615703


It's only a mortal sin if you're deliberately looking at girls to get these impure thoughts.

If that's the case then yeah…

a75bc7 No.615704

Made a 14 day streak no fap or porn but broke it falling into a porn hole. I had finally managed to deprogram most of the gross fetish shit and now I'm starting all over. On the bright side, at least this sin can be a reminder of how shameful that stuff is.

e112af No.615791

It happens so quick, you think it won't be too bad and you get fixed on how turned on you are

You finish and you fell like shit

Then you swear that you would never do it again, then a few hours happen

The only thing that has work for me is to keep myself occupied, work hard and get tired, that way I get to my bed and just sleep, I have gone 3 days like this. The problem is waking up early.


Posting my waifu won't help

e8eba5 No.615871

I've identified two main factors in my addiction: Suffering and boredom.

227fe0 No.616055

day 0 again

8a63da No.616264

anytime you have an urge just immediately do as many push ups as you can. haven't cummed in forever and i'm starting to get big. you can do it too

d14f99 No.616352

213ca6 No.616382

Day 3 here.

Protip: Don't count the days. I just checked my browser history instead.

51c9fe No.616434

File: 5046ba27d6b3b02⋯.jpg (489.4 KB, 1000x1092, 250:273, 1520572338430.jpg)

Not counting, but I estimate a month, maybe longer. Definitely the longest I've gone since I started years ago.

I think I'm going to have my first wet dream soon. I've been waking up around 4am for the past few nights with penis in hand going at it. Surprised I didn't break this morning. For the first time I experienced a true 'blue balls'. Ached for a few minutes after I woke up, but nothing unbearable.

25ceb3 No.616476

File: 8646e541213b997⋯.jpg (308.97 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, ethiopian orthodox girl.jpg)

anyone notice any benefits with girls from nofap?

198fb3 No.616524

File: efc4e4580ce53dc⋯.jpg (9.34 KB, 261x175, 261:175, efc4e4580ce53dce8b6626ba37….jpg)

Finding a gf has done a surprising amount of good towards killing my urge to fap. I think I'm about 3 weeks in and feeling pretty good.

8d135d No.616576

Today marks Day 90 for myself.

I'll give you all some advice. Anyone who claims wet dreams are beyond your control is lying. Wet dreams are a result of unhandled subconscious lust.

This is easily solved by spending some time every day to meditate. Pray the Lord's Prayer while you do this.

The next technique is optional as it will probably startle some of you. While meditating, start to hold your breath for 20+ seconds. As you do this, imagine the energy from your balls rising up your spinal column and moving into your brain. It becomes pure willpower.

205ac6 No.616586


Yes. Higher confidence combined with the genuine desire to get to know the girl makes me more successful when talking to them.

Also since I regained my self esteem I carry myself more confidently, the girls notice me more. Those two have been like the most obvious ones even after just 2 weeks. right now: week 9, it gets better only as much as I am growing more confident in myself thanks to trial/error.

The nofap works.

c82773 No.616637

Have anyone noticed 'anormal' anything different after some time without fapping?

I relapsed this week, but after some certain time without fapping, I started having these strange visions before sleeping like there were visions - I was conscious of it and was very different from a dream. It even gave me directions for something I was worried about.

Related experiences?

608bf7 No.616733

I wasn't Christian growing up so I've had a life of sin and falling to temptation. I am a massive creep and pervert, I am doing nofap and doing quite well, especially after going to mass. But I still can't help but feel like a pervert and like I'm only pretending to be be any different.

d2d413 No.617013

File: 142cc09f2196e5f⋯.jpg (65.47 KB, 720x349, 720:349, 1436409797609.jpg)

>watch porn 3-4 times a week

>ejaculation cause panic attacks to happen up to a week after the fact

>stop jerking it for over 4 weeks

>now I have wet dreams every single night

>life is mostly just a panic riddled fugue state at this point

What do.

42f69a No.617018


Just hang in there. I don't think the dreams can go on forever.

960e09 No.617028


Careful when working that kundalini, some people tend to climax when peaking which could be considered a choice for masturbation which would defeat nofap.


Fake it till you make it. You know you are still that creep somewhere inside so accept that guilt. Just keep following his will and words eventually you will come to realise you are no longer pretending but actually being one of his humble faithful.

205ac6 No.617084


You have to hold on. I had like 4 wet dreams per week around days 30-60 or so.

Your brain has been damaged by watching porn. It cannot repair, especially the subconscious part, over night by you abstaining from it. It takes months to get you off it. Those dreams are a good sign - Devil has not succeeded in breaking your will during the day so he tries it through dreams hoping you will give up. Go through it. The dreams will eventually go away.

After 70+ days I have one wet dream a week at most, sometimes not even one. I cannot even recall the last time I had a strong urge to fap during the day. I do get aroused from time to time but the desire to relive it through masturbation seems to be gone.

205ac6 No.617086



53439f No.617090


I always saw wet dreams as a biological necessity and a reward from God: we held tight (no pun intended) and our bodies are rewarded with a fresh new batch of spermatozoa.

a8a0b5 No.617165

>was close breaking the streak last night, had the browser open

>something stopped me

Thank you Lord, I have not stopped like this pretty much ever. Once I open the browser it's game over, thank you for your strength lord.

d2d413 No.617177

File: cc4dc931e864b5a⋯.mp4 (3.4 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Just unfuck your shit up.mp4)


Thanks anon, that puts my mind at ease.

3933eb No.617248

File: b1c5de969da55ee⋯.jpg (7.39 KB, 225x225, 1:1, master.jpg)

I'm at 21 months of no-fap, and in my experience you only need to get through the first few weeks. At my weakest, I am never tempted. It's absolutely effortless.

It was made effortless by a solemn vow to God with my whole self and soul – a decision in perpetuity: No Fap for life, not for a month, a year or a decade. I never doubted for a moment that I would succeed. Had it been something with the force of a New Year's resolution, I'd have surrendered mastery of my domain inside 3 days.

The first few weeks involved torturous self-denial. There were days and nights that I would go with nothing on my mind but sex, and I had a few bouts of insomnia. I would physically tremble from the build-up of sexual energy that I had hitherto been squandering for an hour or two every day from age 11. When that fever passed, I never felt so charged with life. I didn't need porn, and women were as walking works of art.

Without sex, I go three or four weeks before the pressure builds to the point where I - invariably - have a sexy dream with nocturnal emission, but that doesn't relieve the pressure much, since to be fully empty seems to require a lot of physical stimulation. (If you're in your teens or early twenties, that period might be a week or two.) At this point, it is certainly possible for me to mentally stimulate myself to release. It's a bit of a gray area, but I would only classify it as fapping if there were actual release. Repressing my mental imagery doesn't seem healthy, so I let it happen. I might google a bit of ankle or neck for 10 minutes, and that releases the pressure enough for me to get through the day. (Ejaculate is excreted, and usually leaks out after urination.)

I think to remain sane on no-fap you need a wife and the option of sex, otherwise your life will be one continual sexual emergency.

3eecfd No.617254


Are you okay, anon?

I might need to recalculate this thread. It seems that some anons have more unusual problems with lust.

3fe5b4 No.617257


have you tried asking your guardian angel to block nocturnal demonic oppression ?

it works.

088f25 No.617292

Day 1. On a side note, the word "girl" is enough to make me horny now. Im almost 21 but feel like Im going thru puberty again.

64e09b No.617297


I know that feel. I must get a gf now or it wont stop bothering me. I hope some romantic love stop my lust

088f25 No.617300


i dont think God will allow me to have the cute, virgin gf that I want. Since I am such a lusty person I will no doubt try to do something causing me, or worse her, to sin.

26a152 No.617400


>Repressing my mental imagery doesn't seem healthy,

It is healthy, do it. Evil thoughts are the root of sins.

Matthew 5:28

>But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

Matthew 15:19

>For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander.

James 1:14-15

>But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death.

Colassians 3:5-6

>Put to death therefore what is earthly in you: sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry. On account of these the wrath of God is coming.

1605ff No.617476

3 weeks in and fell this morning, lads. Getting up again.

dbafd6 No.617482


30 days in, and same boat.

When I climaxed it physically hurt and I felt no carnal pleasure from it at all though, not to mention the spiritual pain, so that's a good sign. I'm determined to last even longer this time. I've noticed this past week I was getting into the habit of deliberating looking at lewd photos, but not pleasuring my self, convincing myself it wasn't sinning. It's very clear now that was unhealthy and I was only lying to myself.

960e09 No.617485


OR! You know that could happen and would do anything to prevent messing up such a wonderful gift and seek to busy yourself to keep occupied. Hobbies, job and self development skyrockets as you become a powerhouse of industry making her woozy wondering how she could have landed with a great guy.

Knowing that you wanted her and not just her body, she'd probably end up asking to marry you instead of vise versa.

Just a thought.

8a63da No.617488


no fap AND no porn. at this rate you're basically fucked dude. just drop it all together

a5d424 No.617514

First day is always the worst one, NoFap since two days here

9129a5 No.617558


Not yet. Will try. Thanks

53439f No.617573


Eh, not much further myself…but like many said here, the first weeks are the worst ones.

But we do not rely on ourselves alone: our great luck.

Si Deus pro nobis, qui contra nos!

a7216f No.617951

File: 20a59d208e77bc9⋯.jpg (15.09 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1517279570267.jpg)




8fe666 No.617996

File: b75daa228281bbd⋯.png (563.43 KB, 887x901, 887:901, 1513710035580.png)

I have failed once again.

718b54 No.618002

File: 063be5ff464218c⋯.jpg (61.28 KB, 600x563, 600:563, 340324320.jpg)





We're going to make it, guys! Stay close to Christ.

7439f1 No.618023

File: 6f8799221d49723⋯.png (488.41 KB, 900x900, 1:1, catholicball.png)

File: bfc7e7e2e887045⋯.jpg (76.09 KB, 944x890, 472:445, bfc7e7e2e887045af8bd4e3621….jpg)

My thoughts:

Quitting porn is a long, hard road. You will lose many times, but you need to carry on the struggle. Small victories are your primary goal.

Bringing yourself to delete this crap is your first fight. Then you need to adjust your lifestyle, so you won't have hormonal balance problems (serotonin n'shiet).

It is extremly important to tend to your body, mind and soul. This holy triad is your stronghold and you need to fortify your position constantly.

For me personally, it was: regular and extensive prayer, physical excersise, regular sleep, avoiding getting bored and frustrated, understanding the fatal consequences of porn in my life.

Purge anything that draws you to porn, don't visit sites, which are often depicting lewd content.

In short:

>move away from the toxic waste dump

>don't get near toxic areas

>improve you immuno-system

>realease your pent-up energy in more creative and constructive ways

>never ever allow yourself to fall into near-vegetative state

Anyway I'm offering a prayer for your struggles and ask for your spiritual support. I think I'm achieving a second month without porn. The fact that I've never "mass debated" helps a lot.


608bf7 No.618186

Day 39..

I wonder why I am doing this. I question myself constantly.

My life hasn't changed, in fact I feel a bit more unhappy.

Denying our very sexual nature, and denying myself, it makes me feel like a Buddhist and not Christian.

I might not cap, but I am still lustful in mind, I drink alcohol and basically might not be sinning as much but believe that if I had a gf, I would fornicate, so all of this, its for nothing if I sin in other ways.

421e03 No.618195


Same here.

Gah, just broke done and gave in three times… I feel so disgusting. Had a nice week or so going to only have it ruined. I will be downgrading my phone to a dumbphone.

8a63da No.618425

i have these dreams where i'm looking up porn and then i jerk off and i'm like fuck this sucks ;_; but then i wake up. feels bad man

fc1c8f No.618440


We're not Buddhists. You're not supposed to destroy your passion, but to baptize it to the service of God, to offer it as a sacrifice to God.

The desire to masturbate or have intercourse should be transformed into the desire to have communion with God.

The wish to please oneself at all should be transformed into the wish to please others, and to please God (as there is no distinction).

9129a5 No.618445


I was having similar dreams a month ago.

Eventually those dreams go away.

Now it's like one wet dream a week or less. Basically it's about having sex with a woman every time. No weird porn dreams.

It was very frustrating at the time.

c978b4 No.618465


I find it hard to transform my desires. Is there anything more specific you can offer me, into words I can resonate with. I'm not fapping and doing what I'm supposed to, but I don't feel holy or graced by God or anything, I just feel like I'm missing out on something m

a5d424 No.618472


Failed this morning


8a63da No.618475


just be yourself

e8efa6 No.618478

File: c3fb6365719bac9⋯.pdf (630.01 KB, EasyPeasy.pdf)


It's funny how a single link can change the way we see pornography and masturbation.

I urge anyone who wants to stop masturbating to read this book from start to finish. It's a PDF copy of what's on the website.

fc1c8f No.618481


Go to church every time you can. Every service gives you a guideline both on what to believe and on what to do. Especially the Sunday liturgies, which are where the Eucharist is served, and thus the experience of the risen Christ.

Also, check out this prayr of St Isaac the Syrian:


fb3ef5 No.618573

File: de0fa6a473b2212⋯.jpg (54.69 KB, 680x456, 85:57, ork.jpg)


Have a better copy.

c4cf08 No.618627

File: fc99e2934218076⋯.png (12.34 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1472384949922.png)

This is day one for me, lads. I'm done with this filth.

421e03 No.618710


Welcome to the journey.

81b090 No.618846

the main reasons to fap for me

1. Internet

2. Weed

2357d2 No.618880

The biggest problem for me is the finality of it all. I mean I'm trying to quit but unlike other vices such as alcohol or smoking, I could quit them and have some more, moderately, in the future.

But with porn and fapping it's a stronger addiction, and it's absolute. Masturbation and porn is a sin, I have to never do it again otherwise I go to confession and can't recieve the eucharist.

The do or die thing makes it harder I feel.

3fe5b4 No.618894

File: a5b66ad988136c5⋯.jpg (132.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Banes pit.jpg)


Welcome to the pit, youve been here for a while, but only now realize it.

you need to climb to get out, and yes you will fall over and over again, breaking your back, but its the only way.

God will use the darkness to mold you by it. You will be born anew by it. You won't see the light until are a man.

2357d2 No.618896


I am ok with this, but if I have to keep going to confession each time I fail and break my back, I am not sure I can do any of it. I am on day 40 but can't stop thinking of fapping. It feels like it's for nothing since I am gonna fail soon.

960e09 No.618902

File: 5ca7854e7bf4489⋯.png (225.66 KB, 680x486, 340:243, DIFH.png)


Stay strong.

396669 No.618909

Had a massively improved January and February but struggling hugely this month. Have masturbated most days the last two weeks, sometimes more than once a day.

ad7554 No.618914

Neato, happy to find a thread like this. For the successful on this journey, what would you say are the best habits that took you through?

960e09 No.618928

File: c8e5a6f55982002⋯.jpg (77.4 KB, 460x562, 230:281, never ends.jpg)


There is no success until we die, it is the constant struggle we will always endure and at points, fail. Personally though? Keeping busy is always a good option. Used to be jogging but when the wave urges were nonstop I had to stop that exercise due to pitching a tent all the time. Might have made ladies giggle but children play on the pathway so none of that!

These days I'm trying a new language as a hobby (russian). Whenever I get urges I now have a new plethora of words with which to berate myself with, seems to be working though; much easier to tell yourself not to be thinking about that stuff when your too busy thinking how to itterate what a debil you are for getting sidetracked again.

TL:DR keep busy.

396669 No.618929


>much easier to tell yourself not to be thinking about that stuff when your too busy thinking how to itterate what a debil you are for getting sidetracked again.

I find this mindset doesn't help, all it does is reinforce that I'm sinful and leads to a sprial of "well I'm a lustful sinner and I'll never not be, so might as well have a wank"

960e09 No.618938


>so might as well have a wank

So you'd knowingly give in perpetuating a defeatist mindset? Yes you most likely will fail, you are only mortal. Just don't wallow in self pity, get back up and try again but this time you'll try even harder.

396669 No.618979


> Just don't wallow in self pity, get back up and try again but this time you'll try even harder.

I completely agree with this, and it agrees with what I was saying about not calling yourself a disgusting sinner etc all the time. It's actually been shown by psychological studies that beating yourself up and calling yourself worthless when caving to an addiction or having a failure of willpower is more likely to make you cave again in the future, it's not a useful tactic

8a63da No.618980


Yeah when I used to smoke jerking off was awesome. But it’s really much worse for your brain (and future recovery) than watching porn/jerking off sober.

8a63da No.618984

Talk with your priest. I’m sure if he barred you from communion until you stopped I’m sure you would get it together pretty quickly.

81b090 No.618989


my thoughts during this absolutely demonic

this shit really destroys your brain

960e09 No.619004


I was not talking about beating yourself into the dirt mate, just that being able to acknowledge the weakness is there. We are all sinners and only through the grace of our Lord can we come closer to "making it", knowing a weakness doesnt make it bad but serves as a reminder to what constant bad choices can lead to.

12c965 No.619016

got in a car accident last sunday after mass. i have been too depressed and low energy to evne have sexual thoughts. im afraid of falling into mortal sin now more than ever because i dont have on-demand confession i can drive to and im afraid of dying suddenly after my car accident

…. i think im up to one week idk. im going strong.

2357d2 No.619017


you are barred from communion if you fap, you cant recieve communion until you confess

960e09 No.619037

File: d8f7d713e361314⋯.jpg (542.73 KB, 639x862, 639:862, 1347528461347.jpg)


Fk me brother I'm with you. Always had a phobia with cars; Oh sure it can get you there faster and yes you could be the safest most cautious driver on the roads.

Well guess what? several months ago I was drving with my brother, literal, i refuse to drive, when WHAM side swiped by some poor girl in the side ( :( pray for her if you will, turns out it was daddys new car not insured ). Well as you might guess my stress and (unneeded reflexes) went through the roof.

Probably not related to nofap sorry but definately gonna pray for you to make it through. Only just getting to the stage where i see a car truin ga corner and don't physically tense up. Honestly the family is having shits and giggles about it but its not making it any esaier.

Stay strong mate, we can die at any moment. Just be ready to give Him a hug when you do get there. I'm praying for your saftey, not nofap tonight.

Drive safe.

12c965 No.619045


yeah i noticed my anxiety is going up when my friends and family drive me around. i hope there was no permanent damage. its a huge reminder that i need to be thankful im alive, that i can die at any moment, and that being in the state of grace is of utmost importance.

9a634c No.619095


well if you keep confessing the same thing over and over

8d47dd No.619112


Why did God make or allow a system that caters to evil? Why is the left-hand path so easy to follow and the path of God so hard? If it is that God only wants the few that can hold fast to His commandments, then wouldn't I better to follow my family and friends into hell? Will God simply cast away the thoughts of my mother burning in hell forever while I am comfortable in Heaven?

cb4620 No.619115


Is there a happy ending for rover

8d47dd No.619125

























This is really disappointing. Pathetic, I want so badly to believe that it's the CIA or leftLARPers posting this stupid cartoon shit, but I'm pretty sure at this point that it's actual neo-conservatives and Christians. No wonder so many refuse to take the upcoming generation of conservatives seriously. I thought I had escaped this indignity by coming here. Is there not anywhere to go where this kind of irreverent behavior is banned?

d6bdfd No.619127


all of them are me btw

2357d2 No.619129

i failed nofap on Day 40 but I feel like I am improving, if I can go 40 days between fapping, it's an improvement over fapping every other day


>frog cartoons are a sin


what happens if i do that?

9a634c No.619196



9a634c No.619197


i read a story here where anon keep confessing the same thing over and over again and his priest barred him from communion until he got it together

8d47dd No.619210


If that's what it means to be a Christian, then there's no point, it's just as shameful as athiesm, try standing in front of God with confidence and your arms full of manga and naruto dvds. What a poor ambassador you are for Christ, weeb heretic.

f99625 No.619219


Hes right though, media in general isn't christian, but anime is distinctly lustful while western media at least mostly does it subliminally when not blatant.


Some of those posts are anons regretting that they. Banning them won't help.

>try standing in front of God with confidence and your arms full of manga and naruto dvds. What a poor ambassador you are for Christ, weeb heretic.

Even if every post you linked is from a troll at the very least there is some seed of correctness being sown.

8d47dd No.619240


You could say the same about Richard Dawkins. Finding this childish shit here was so disappointing. I wanted to follow the right-hand path because I believed it would deter such weakness, but I was wrong. And people will see that garbage and associate it with Christians. I don't care if it's a 'chan-thing,' it's disgraceful and repulsive. These retards need to grow up, no ISIS member is into that shit, and too many of the 'crusaders' we desperately need to fight them off learned all of their world history from Hetalia and there fighting skills from Bleach.

ad7554 No.619258

bored bored bored bored bored, and nothing I do lightens the boredom. What do you do when you're desperately craving the kick that porn would give, but you know that's not an option? I'm trying to read, but I'm having a lot of trouble focusing but you probably figured that out by the post.

0845d2 No.619261


push ups, read, go for a walk, have a cig, etc etc LIERALLY ANYTHING

you must get anyway from the Internet when urges occur

ecb796 No.619262


Play an addictive game.

DF and CK2 can temporarily replace porn for a while for me, you'd be best doing vidya in moderation though. Damn it helps in a pinch, though.

7c416c No.619267


>I wanted to follow the right-hand path because I believed it would deter such weakness,

I'm glad you got out of that in one piece.

I don't care if it's a 'chan-thing,' it's disgraceful and repulsive

By Chan culture i mean it's popular medium on image boards, it's not a defending or excusing it. My only disagreement with what you posted is that /christian/ should be open to everyone while keeping a stern moral hand. Banning anime will close off the opportunity for some to learn about it.

0845d2 No.619270


lmao I don’t even watch Chinese cartoons but seriously listen to yourself. Are you implying that one cannot be a Christian if they watch anime? Take the stick out of your eye anon

0845d2 No.619271


me as well

8d47dd No.619282


>Banning anime will close off the opportunity for some to learn about it.

I'm assuming by 'it' you mean Christianity, if anime-toting losers want to be here to learn about God, they can leave their carefully-cropped hentai jpgs at cuckchan. I wholeheartedly support not only banning anime on this board, but banning any kind of degeneracy nationwide. I don't care if it's coercion, egosyntonic perverts should not be allowed to destroy our countries from within with their culture of death.

ad7554 No.619300



Danger is past for now. Watched little brother play heroes of the storm, made salad, read some more. I wish I would have counted days since I relapsed last, it would have helped track when I hit the week mark (the week mark has always been the most difficult for me, bar none.)

e91e98 No.619307


Prayer of St. Benedict "Begone Satan! Never temp me with your vanities! What you offer me is evil. Drink the poison yourself!"

1badc1 No.619372


You're right, but you're trying to force Christianity on people. Banning media doesn't always work, sometimes it calls more attention to it or gets people to be more organised about it, although banning the porn industry would save a lot of people.

3fe5b4 No.619405

File: d8add9339ea14d9⋯.jpg (23.98 KB, 500x322, 250:161, JPEG_20171116_121025.jpg)




well, loser, most of us here dissagree and there were more than just a few souls saved by the fact they can unite their immegeboard autism with the one true faith, God is at work here gathering his autistic children with a good heart and no matter how much you complain and cry and shout will change anything about that, 8ch isnt for epic cool crusaders who will defeat islam or be the embodiements of grown up virtue you so hope for.

normie get out.

2357d2 No.619408






If you have to go to confession about it, then yes, you should be feeling the guilt and shame, you are a dirty sinner. At least until after the priest does the reconciliation.

960e09 No.619420

File: 8f343d47b0019de⋯.png (7.75 KB, 402x537, 134:179, Thrilling Conclusion.png)

File: 6931c78c20ce592⋯.jpg (49.85 KB, 545x588, 545:588, BOO!.jpg)

File: 13fbadbb5542c68⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1156x1694, 578:847, soon.jpg)


>8ch isnt for epic cool crusaders who will defeat islam or be the embodiements of grown up virtue you so hope for.

Thats where your wrong. If you were to go out into the street and start screaming about Islam you'd be shunned if not thrown into prison outright for (((hate speech))), if you dressed up in armour and started taking matters into your own hand, the media would spin it to favour hatred towards the true faith. Different times need different measures and here of all places, the faith gains strength bonding us all together and keeping us true.

In this dark age of politcal correctness, rampant degeneracy and moral decay we are the few trying to be better by our Lord. We are the ones who dream of glory days long past seeking to find them anew. So we post our memes we post on threads and occasionally someone will come across something that makes them "click" and another is saved and genuinely converts to Jesus. How many browse /cristchan/ because they saw a few threads on cuckchan or had a proper discussion on 8chan?

We are the crusaders now.

3fe5b4 No.619423

File: c88cbf5c553bd8b⋯.jpg (31.84 KB, 596x650, 298:325, c88cbf5c553bd8b1e4f8fbed36….jpg)


thanks for the post brother, its exactly that mentality of attributed meaning to our lifes that keeps me going.

81b090 No.619432

File: 2d75a17790fd3bc⋯.jpg (323.7 KB, 565x641, 565:641, 1a05f0a46822c02353aa3b62bc….jpg)

lost after 7t days

a5d424 No.619435


Don't worry homie, just start over.

53439f No.619441


I see, so Europe is definitely lost…

9129a5 No.619534


Good post brother.

Crusade posting is the new counter culture.

I always say this: Do not underestimate memes. They're a powerful propaganda to recruit young minds.


It's great to know you're not alone in this. That is what keeps me going. Even if we fail to succeed eventually we fall as our fathers did. With honor. There's nothing more disgusting than a man who dies on his knees praising the traitors.

53439f No.619557

I found out why I still fail; I found the pattern:

1) at work I get upset and people keep trying to take advantage of my “nice” nature;

2) because of that, I loose my patience and curse His name;

3) since it’s a deadly sin, I am filled with despair;

4) thus, since I’m already dead I allow myself to destroy my conscience even more with porn.

I’m gonna go to Hell no matter what…

e0e4da No.619604


You fail only because you see a crutch or pleasure in porn, when it is a poison that destroys your life (the sum of how you spent your time), mind, body, and soul. You'll only go to hell if you choose to reject God. Continue and see the nature of these things.

53439f No.619613


What’s the difference, if my soul is already damned to Hell as I keep cursing Hos name? I’m willing to change, but I fail and fail when it comes to God’s name anyway.

85fbe1 No.619751

Day 75.

One small temptation today. After a really long flatline. Remember the huge numbers look pretty unreachable if you struggle with the first two weeks. If you can m ake it to 2-4 weeks it gets easier.

Most days I do not feel any temptation at all.

81b090 No.619778


I fell down.

jerked today 6 times

002eae No.619782


You're essentially committing the same sin as Judas: thinking that your particular sins are unforgivable.

First off, get over yourself, you're not that special in your suffering. This thread is full of people who keep falling down and getting back up again.

Secondly, Jesus is Lord. He is the almighty God of the Universe. He can fix anybody. He can fix YOU.

aa01d4 No.619892

File: 44168d1552b272d⋯.png (163.81 KB, 317x441, 317:441, BadSmug.png)

e0e4da No.619896


It is blaspheming the Holy Spirit to believe you can not be forgiven, and to judge (damn or say that you are sure of their judgement to hell) anyone including yourself to hell.

Bite your tongue and get back to it, go again.

07ad81 No.619921


Exactly, why should I care? I am just one soul among millions who are slowly sliding into Hell.

I prayed many many times to Him, but I keep saying suck blasphemous words.

002eae No.619945

ff560c No.620170

File: 3729759891eb754⋯.png (101.86 KB, 785x757, 785:757, 3729759891eb754e31dcd44311….png)


>He ripped the arm off my beautiful christchan oc


81b090 No.620212


I do not remember, your pic? sorry.

85fbe1 No.620217


That's bad. But so what? Get up and fight this. You can make it. Arm yourself with iron will and prayer to defeat the devil.

0845d2 No.620341

I haven’t had a wet dream in 2 weeks, and my dick has been weak. Wtf is going on

fdd34c No.620344


LMAO how can you go on a rant like this and then post anime pics you fuckin mong

960e09 No.620358


You did read it right?

07ad81 No.620428



b203b3 No.620436

Temptation is starting to hit hard again after two weeks or so of going strong. Pray I might be granted strength.

a5d424 No.620442

e0e4da No.620446


So I had finished this book this anon linked recently, and I've waited to verify it's claims.

All you who struggle and fall here, why have you not read this? I HAVE LITERALLY NOT HAD A SINGLE URGE OR TEMPTATION AND NEVER WILL AGAIN.

That entire sin of lust and PMO is now officially dead to me. And I know it is because before when I tried to stop by any other technique these periods would be the most filled with temptation and the most difficult (the days after stopping). Not one urge, not one thought, not one temptation, something happened. I feel like my brain was replaced.

Read it and weep with joy.

Truly no willpower, truly no withdrawal pangs, no promises to myself about anything, only a prayer to God for thanks for deliverance.

cbbdb8 No.620453



I assured that to myself too once and it didn't go well.

226e11 No.620549

These past two confessions I feel my will strengthening. I think I'm back on track to curbing this disgusting evil indulgence. I went to Eucharistic adoration also. It's all helping

a8553e No.620592

File: 2390582e5bfad73⋯.webm (872.12 KB, 640x360, 16:9, WHEN WILL YOU LEARN.webm)


8a63da No.620638


check out the whole book man, not even shilling

53439f No.620714


glad to hear that, but careful not to let pride take over…I had a very long streak, but then I made one mistake and I was back to square one. I am still back there, to be quite honest.

53439f No.620715

I'm a furry, I will not be able to remove that part of myself, but I want to quit porn and become a better Christian.

HOWEVER: I have very little hope I will be able to win, since I hate myself, I do not trust in God enough and in general I am very upset and full of resentfulness towards my denomination and all other Christians, for too much hypocrisy and "holier-than-thou" attitude keeps coming out of all of us, especially on online forums.

How and what should I do? Should I even try or just kill myself to avoid dragging this farce of a life any longer (which will anyway just displease God even more)?

42aaf6 No.620765

Hey christian do you guys know of any porn website blocking programs?

cc4606 No.620778


see >>608541 >>608915

4dea47 No.620784

What truly bothered me on 8ch:

>Infinite Masturbator ad

>Hentai sex toys ad

If you want to remove them:

>Get firefox extension uMatrix

>disable softserve.8ch.net - image

>save all temporary changes (the lock on the top)

here…done. You will not see the ad again.

56f3c0 No.620816


Internal bias lines the halls of my behavior, if my brain refuses to acknowledge that I am walking into fire, I could just burn.

002eae No.620817


>I'm a furry,

No. Your fetish is NOT your identity. In fact that fetish is more than likely a product of your porn addiction. Defeat the porn addiction, and don't be surprised if your furriness goes away.

Read this book >>618478 and hang in there.

ceedfb No.620837


you’re a larper

3fe5b4 No.620839

File: f0f4c7bbb47d356⋯.webm (628.95 KB, 632x718, 316:359, who can it be now.webm)


and youre a subverting jew who is trying to convince us that we are not important and that we should just give up alredy.

53439f No.620845


Indeed it's not my identity, but it's part of who I am: I do not care about women enough to even think about getting a gf; all I want is to be able to be also a furry whilst avoiding lewdness.

I know other Christians who are also curries.

3fe5b4 No.620851



going to read now, ill update soon.

3fe5b4 No.620899

Also, i was abstaining fapping for a while and examined my consciousnes a little, and i came to the conclusion that i just really really really love and sympathize with the hentai weeb and western community (the likes of shadman and others) because i literally grew up with them, i was on sadpanda following and reading the newest doujins, starting to develope tastes and favourites when i was 14!

and another thing that kept me coming back over and over again is not the /d/eviant pornographic aspect but really just smug lolis, lovable squishy mommy gf's, cute monstergirls and everything inbetween giving me a sense of company and positive attention in forms of my autistic personal mental harem.

Anyone willing to give me some advise regarding my situation, maybe someone with a similar developement?

b15759 No.620907

File: da10e0553a31169⋯.jpg (173.04 KB, 522x516, 87:86, da10e0553a3116931b9b661b39….jpg)


>Anyone willing to give me some advise regarding my situation, maybe someone with a similar development?

I'm the kind of person that easily throws things away so I can't really sympathize even if I was in a similar situation. Your post reads like alien scrabble by now.

I know its a generic suggestion but, new hobby maybe?

4bf21b No.620929


Philia is kind of love. Love is "wishing good to the subject". And philia is the kind of love that exist between friends, within nations or other societies. You feel philia to that community.

Now, love is act of will. So you just stop to have philia to them. But it will hurt. A lot. Such is force of a habit (or rather vice).

I had similiar expirence. What you absolutly have to do is to block all sources of it. You must radically cut of all the sources of arousal. Instal a websiteblockers on all your devices.

Also start to pray regually. Litugy of hours is great becuase it's chops down your day into three hours sections. Also, start to pray Rosary and meditate upon life of Christ by it. It will destroy all joy of masturabtion.

002eae No.620945

File: 10493359918d117⋯.jpg (35.26 KB, 501x302, 501:302, Ancient-Aliens.jpg)


>Indeed it's not my identity, but it's part of who I am

"It's not my Identity…. but it's my identity." (pic related)

>I do not care about women enough to even think about getting a gf; all I want is to be able to be also a furry whilst avoiding lewdness.

>Does not care about getting a gf

>Just wants to stay wrapped up in fetishistic subculture "without lewdness."

Dude, these are prime symptoms of beating off too much. Read what I linked you to, and start fighting this thing.

45d87d No.620976


ask me how I know you’re from pol

65a48b No.620977


>tfw you've read this but still can't stop sexual fantasies to get into your head for a few seconds too long

f2d5c4 No.621220

File: 1b708a5c74e8da3⋯.png (117.88 KB, 640x797, 640:797, bb164c39cc1a87ff7e690d6eff….png)


>go to site known for autistic-neet-weeb-manchildren

>come to a thread full of people that can't stop fapping

>mad that we're not ideal soldiers of God

what were you expecting, honestly?

960e09 No.621251


>Christian curries.

I'm sure there are plenty of Indians who follow Christ.

07ad81 No.621261



Aaanyway, back to day 0; maybe I just don't care about myself. I believe in God, other than that I hate all I am.

4dea47 No.621263



I'm the kind of person who stick to things even if they're detrimental to me.

You do need to find a good hobby. Put the faith first - the effort you put into this degeneracy put it instead into scripture study. Then find a good hobby - weight lifting, whatever.

aaec51 No.621287

Approaching day 80

>Long flatline

>break the lent in several ways

>Start praying less

>Reading the Bible less

Suddenly there came an urge. Luckily I was able to resist and resume regular prayer. i did not have any urge the whole lent so fatr This has shown me that basically the strict lent kept me close to Christ. That protected me from temptation. Once there was a minor path to my mind for the temptation the evil slipped there quickly.

Never underestimate the spiritual battle. Your streak is indeed an accomplishment of your will but you can't make it without God's help. Once you make way for pride you will eventually fail.

There's a reason why pride is an original sin.

5974cb No.621309

Here are some delusions which have caused me a great amount of grief, and which must be done away with

1. I can’t give it porn, I love it too much. If I gave it up, I’d be missing out.

2. If I’m going to fap, I might as well look at porn.

3. This is it, I’m definitely never going to ever fap again! This time for real!

4. It’ll take a long time for me to truly give up porn, so I might as well keep this collection of porn until I’m mentally strong enough to get rid of it forever.

5. If I fap without porn now, that will take away my desire to look at porn.

6. I might as well fap, I’ve already looked at porn when I shouldn’t have.

7. I’m having trouble with my faith, might as well fap

8. I’m too weak, I’m inevitably going to fap to porn, trying to give it up is pointless

960e09 No.621311

File: 7cad8bd3a3fd66e⋯.jpg (30.11 KB, 388x497, 388:497, 1360585909576.jpg)


Just delete your collection. ALL OF IT. Took me awhile to do it, but one day it was like a slap in the face and I realised "wtf am I doing? Gotta get rid of this crap". Trust me just force that fapping hand over your folder, click it once then press delete. You'll feel better.

Do it!

5974cb No.621328


It’s already gone. I’ve fallen into the temptation of building porn collections many times, and just as many times I’ve deleted said collections. My thinking right now is that the only way I can defeat this addiction is by realising that porn is meaningless, a waste of time. Even the sin of masturbation in no way requires porn. So while I might fail, even in failure there is no good reason to look at porn. It’s like salting the wound.

ecb796 No.621688


I managed two and a half weeks. I was shooting for two days.

I couldn't have achieved it without the grace of the lord.


aaec51 No.621842


Do not think separately: no fap vs no porn.

Go full no fap. To achieve that you should not edge, you should not view NSFW content. Those two are connected.

Sure you will fail many times. But this is the way to go. Eventually you will get there Shoot for the stars maybe you hit the moon. This is how you push this shit out of your life: going after a set goal. Firmly.

Let's say you first fail by fapping but you do not view porn>>>>great. you did no porn, fapped less. Now shoot for the longest streak you can manage.

Let's say you fail by watching porn and edging at most: Great, simply delete porn,disable it, do not go to NSFW sites.

A single failure is not that tragic. Tragic thing would be to quit because

>trouble with faith

>I'm too weak.

You're stronger than you think.

5974cb No.621846

File: bdd0cdcbcd12ce9⋯.jpeg (83.68 KB, 564x816, 47:68, 92A5FE44-14F1-41EE-BAE8-4….jpeg)


Thanks man

81b090 No.621851

File: 4558051b7db053e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.63 MB, 1580x2537, 1580:2537, 4558051b7db053eec57f74d6b1….jpg)

than more you masturbate than more degenerate your tags become

65a48b No.621869


I wish Vatican released a list of acceptable fetishes(in marriage of course).

e0e4da No.621952


There are none.

65a48b No.621965


Even high heels/stockings/other articles of clothing? Of course I know sodomy isn't allowed.

e0e4da No.621968


The marriage mysteries are taken with solemnity and deliberation, not at all any sort of passion. So this excludes all.

53439f No.621981


*deep sigh* if that’s how it must be…okay then.

4af8a1 No.621983


>*deep sigh*

This is wrong for a theological reason and a anonymous shitposter reason.

53439f No.621985


What can I say, I like my kinks

65a48b No.621998


>not at all any sort of passion

So we're supposed to be like robots? What the hell is the Song of Songs then?

8a63da No.622012

e0e4da No.622013


Attaining apatheia is not being a robot for a Christian. "Disinterested love" is one of the best terms to describe our end point (achievable now). When we love all people as God does to the point where it is a quality of ourselves and a state, that it is no longer a "special" thing, it just is what you are. Passions and out-of-control emotions (which is immodesty among other things) disrupt this, so we should avoid it.

65a48b No.622056


>disinterested love


Anyway, explain to me why ultra vanilla stuff like high heels/stockings are supposedly sinful. I'm not talking about obviously evil stuff like sodomy/spitting/pissplay/beating-up-your-wife type stuff. I'm only talking about stuff that accentuates woman's beauty.

226e11 No.622153

So my fapping usually starts with curiosity so yeah now I know how to tackle it

e0e4da No.622161


If your love is to the extent that it equally extends to all people at all times of your being, it is no longer an effort, or an interest, it is simply part of you. That is why the phrase I've heard, "disinterested love" works to describe that state.

And I'd consider it sinful because it's taking pleasure in a finite thing, especially something that isn't God. Eros (said as yearning) is meant to be attached to God, not a mortal that will inevitably die, inevitably sin, and is a constant affront and robber of His Created Glory (by sinning).

2edf79 No.622166


We’re allowed to take pleasure in finite things you Buddhist larper.

Whether it be our wives or a nice meal, life is to be enjoyed and loved. Stop treating God’s creations as if is dirty.

e0e4da No.622168


It has nothing to do with Buddhism, if you read monastic writings and the many Greek philosophies they are based on you see these things said by people actually intelligent. But you do you man.

2edf79 No.622172


I care what the Bible says, and nowhere does it say we aren’t allowed to enjoy anything in life because it’s finite.

Of course it is always best to strive towards the eternal love of God, but He also created this world knowing we seek pleasure and happiness in material things.

As long as our consumption of these things aren’t sinful they are perfectly fine.

4216e4 No.622323

File: 31c1bc498c98bcf⋯.jpeg (13.53 KB, 316x466, 158:233, images (73).jpeg)

How does confession work?

Can someone give me a quick rundown?

I haven't been since my first communion almost fifteen years ago.

da18aa No.622348


>You can't take pleasure in your wife

Boi, what?

Proverbs 18:22 Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.

e0e4da No.622403

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

debf10 No.622422

File: 3545a8a5bd15548⋯.jpg (26.58 KB, 560x330, 56:33, angry.jpg)



>a thing

61c98f No.622585

File: a4fbaf7ba7a585f⋯.jpg (49.35 KB, 600x480, 5:4, sweatingtowelman2.jpg)


>Floor tiles

Anon please, I'm trying to get a streak going here

ceedfb No.622661

960e09 No.622690


Your not that tile guy from a few years back on cuckchan are you?

4216e4 No.622966


That was a good video. I know how to to go about making a good confession but not sure about the procedure or formality of making a confession. Am I meant to say something like bless me father I have sinned then confess. Just don't want to embarrass myself. I just can't remember.

405fa6 No.622969

File: 702bb5fa6b6e344⋯.png (162.67 KB, 454x800, 227:400, 702bb5fa6b6e3441df4e355b50….png)


How come you assumed that instead of thinking "Oh maybe its a joke post"?

07ad81 No.623040


I wish Nanachi to be my wife…

8a63da No.623054

07ad81 No.623071


I'm too deep down the rabbit hole (no pun intended) to go back.

b203b3 No.623125

File: 4fb08e8c5c6940e⋯.jpg (57.2 KB, 640x702, 320:351, 0066573f0ea2dfb3a3a93bad20….jpg)

Had nocturnal emissions in the middle of the night. I just remember I was masturbating in my dream and feeling really horrible that I just ruined all that good work. My willpower has eroded away these past few days, and I ended up nearly caving yesterday. I'll mark this up as a failure.

aaec51 No.623126


Nocturnal emission is not no fap failure.

Unless you masturbated(not in dream though) you did not break the streak.

When you go no fap wet dreams happen. That's normal.

b203b3 No.623133


But I feel like it wouldn't have happened in the first place if I hadn't spent most of the day edging myself and thinking lewd stuff. That's my point.

23846a No.623135


Oh boy I had a nightmare where I was in a grotesque mountain filled with female body parts, and a woman raped me. Fortunately no ejaculation occurred…

It was sickening

Your dreams will become one of your most tormentor while you trap to stop fapping;

960e09 No.623150


Didn't really assume, just asking for clarity.

5974cb No.623160


Well if by edging you mean masturbation without ejaculation then I suppose that would count as a failure.

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