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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 6551fde33670992⋯.jpg (97.84 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 7706d710a28e1903e239b3a2e6….jpg)

c038c2  No.405648

27 You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ 28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Matthew 5:27-28

19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 1 Corinthians 6:19

8 Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. Galatians 6:8

Post your Purity successes/woes/prayer requests/ etc.

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8e7221  No.748954


>>In that case most men in middle ages should have died of prostate cancer and urinary infections

>Call me a misanthrope but I think they probably just jacked off.

I did not claim men did not masturbate at all. But considering they did not have porn to watch and that religion was not viewed as something useless back then I would argue they probably masturbated less than men nowadays.

8fe3d6  No.748958


>considering they did not have porn to watch and that religion was not viewed as something useless back then I would argue they probably masturbated less than men nowadays.

That seems likely, although given the comparatively easier access to prostitutes, the overall level of sexual immorality then as opposed to now would be hard to quantify.

f0c71d  No.749065

Forgive father, for I have fallen yet again, it has such a strong hold on my will, and I'm feeling like crap in this stage in my life, is being hard to overcome.

Give me strength to start this devout to your will and my wishes, give strength to overcome physical pain.


f0c71d  No.749066


good passages brother.


Its true though, you can't even compare lifestyle in older times to our current day and age.

Today its a standard for men to fap at least weekly, and most likely most youngsters to even do it daily. In our society we're bombarded with over sexualized media, and not to mention we have unlimited access to a multitude of pornography just a click away.

Its not hard to imagine in the olden days men going easily months without ejaculating, just out of the life style (going to bed early, not having electric lights), most living in rural areas and most likely with a very limited selection of females to even look at. Of course there was degeneracy, and I think it just further shows it how backup they would've been, with whorehouses being some of most popular attractions in cities.

f0c71d  No.749299

Welp there we go brothers, please pray for me and for others who struggle, I have to make it and overcome this loop of bad feelings.

Anxiety is cramping me, and one day doesn't go by without my penis craving for attention and release.

But I have to make it if I'm ever to get of this vicious loop, please god give me strength to not sink into temptation, give me wisdom to find more productive things to occupy my mind with.

May this new year be a mark for my change into devotion. Amen, and happy new year to you all.

924a04  No.749470

Failed today. The Lord held me for the past few days when I should have failed though. I need to learn to lean on him more.

9b017e  No.749580

File: 114bfd7323b73b2⋯.jpg (314.95 KB, 1264x1460, 316:365, 1465854630767.jpg)

I really want to masturbate bros, what do?

97afbd  No.749583


Read a book, go outside, go the grocery store, go to the gym, get a haircut.

91cf7a  No.749611

File: b2fd78e88f6c772⋯.png (115.38 KB, 786x105, 262:35, ClipboardImage.png)


one of these >>749583 >>749590 , prayer or some other healthy thing you could pick up, for me it's piano

picking something new might feel like a waste of time (especially if you have no experience), but that's a lie

if anything fapping is a waste of time (and other resources)

d20d31  No.749613


im gonna do no fap 2019 to try and last as long as possible. it sounds like a meme, but im serius, im realy addicted to hentai and i want to stop. im gonna put my faith in god and pray the lust away. wish me luck

9b017e  No.749619


Update: I ended up not masturbating and the urge passed. Praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

6f59f7  No.749665

This is the year. Growing up all my rejections were accompanied with active attempts to humiliate me as well. I picked up a bad habit of porn and am tired of letting it eat up so much time and warp my preferences. I used it to cope with a fear of constantly getting humiliated, but now I’m just disgusted with myself.

8be23d  No.749765

Asking for prayers for help with resisting the temptation to fap.

Found this video helpful when I saw it a few years ago. I hope it helps others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqC0uGU-XfA&index=39&list=PLBuEEvV_TrQMnMqmoCbo6CPRcWLAE8sgQ

8a10ee  No.749792


>early teenage years

I found it at 11

f0c71d  No.749801

welp, relapsed just a few hours into the new years.

Thing is, I spent it working on a new year's event, that turned out to equivalent to gay club, full of degeneracy, and with several hot women in lewd dresses.

Plus going through a event like that feels like you've been to the party as well, I mean the feeling of hang over and decadence remains with you as if you were one of the costumers.

So the frigging thing ended past 6h in the morning, I still take a while to get to sleep and can't do it properly as if drunk. I can't sleep soundly out of schedule, so like 10h I wake up with a ranging boner.

Sorry that I failed, but I will do as I must to avoid porn at all costs.

12fdc1  No.750146


Start again and don't fail so you'll be able to tell yourself that you defeated masturbation on the 1st of january which is a nice date. Don't despair and may God help you.

dc331b  No.751156

Is there a good word/phrase/euphemism to use in my habit tracking app that represents "not masturbating?" I'd rather not have that written down, or to have to look at it every day. Thanks.

apologies for double-post in QTDDTOT thread

beb44a  No.751172


Abstinence, discipline, solidarity, obligation, willpower, self-denial, etc.

2bb04e  No.751233

File: bf4e381d27ea727⋯.png (71.78 KB, 726x590, 363:295, 1460228415288.png)


> I try to stop, but whenever I fail it's due to my own will


>that's how it works. You do the act out of your own will.

f0c71d  No.751447


Thanks, day 4 now, I'm making it strong but a rather strong and persistent boner bothered me this morning, the lust crave starting to creep in. Give me strength.

eee5fa  No.751461


He's talking as if failing due to his own will is a exception and not the rule.

cabf7b  No.751474

File: 08409dba43b1cf5⋯.png (150.46 KB, 277x385, 277:385, 1506619617779.png)


Got through all of December was randomly browsing Fb yesterday, friend posted lewd pics.

"Don't do it my dude" I said to myself then answered with "Just one look won't hurt" and then "You know that's bullshit" after that I mistakenly didn't shut my PC off and went lifting/praying I kept going until I folded and looked up porn.

Binged on porn for 20 minutes, didn't actually fail NoFap but I was feeling like my soul was about to fall into Hell, naturally night emissions followed with lewd dreams where I was hedonistic af, woke up angry thinking I just did what I dreamed of in real life and I was extremely mad at myself.

But the struggle goes on, almost 1 and a half month in, record time, NoFap continues thankfully even if NoPorn has to be restarted, I won't fail, pray for me fellas.

eee5fa  No.751477


>friend posted lewd pics.

I can't stress how much you should unfriend this friend.

cabf7b  No.751479


It was just some dumb meme on Fb but the template was about a porn screencap from something I watched, he's a good lad so I just unfollowed him.

08459a  No.751482


Question: apparently masturbation has health benefits. If you do it for those said health benefits, is it a sin?

cabf7b  No.751484


Having sex has plenty of benefits Anon and procreation is pure and wholesome, I know it's easier said than done especially when compared to masturbadoodling but really, just do that instead for the supposed marginal health benefits that may or may not actually be true.

Even if fapping somehow made you into a real man's man in some alternative world, it would still be sinning and giving sinning priority over God's word is… well lad, not good.

eee5fa  No.751485


>apparently masturbation has health benefits

It seems sinful to not throw modern science, psychology, and other similarly corrupted things into the garbage can where it currently belongs.

08459a  No.751487

ef5b5c  No.751488

Clean for 2 weeks. Will outlast passed Sunday.

9d4b98  No.751508

Just reached day 100 today, this is the longest I've ever been clean and I see no signs of stopping. At this point it's a part of me, I don't even think about doing nofap because it's just normal for me. What I found works best is to get into the mindset that you're doing this for life, don't even think about how many days it's been or how much longer until you reach your goals. Your new goal is a life free from masturbation, and once you go all in it gets a lot easier. Whenever you feel temptation, don't think about what you're running from but think about what you're running to - Jesus. Just picture Him in your head, start praying, and the urge goes away. Good luck everyone, God bless!

3f1618  No.751522

Deleted all of the porn off of my computer today. Went to confession yesterday for the first time since I was 16 and finally confessed all the masturbation, violent pornography, sadistic fetishes, and sex outside of marriage. I’m never looking at porn or masturbating again. 2 days free. Pray for me anons

dc331b  No.751565


Thank you.

8e7221  No.751834


>muh health benefits because """modern science""" said so

>Is it a sin?

Yes it is. God did not specify "it is a sin unless someone tells you to do it" Or did He?

8e7221  No.751836

File: 46fb05869cbd348⋯.jpg (123.96 KB, 1024x723, 1024:723, 1546201218405.jpg)

Here we go.

One year mark beaten. Thanking God, praying for you guys. It is possible to smash the vice but it cannot be done without God's help.

2f09c7  No.751841


Congratulations man. I'm so happy for you and I hope I can do the same.

8e7221  No.752291


you can.

08adfb  No.752295

okay…ready to start again; pray for me, guys and occasional gals, that i might find in Him the strength to be pure and chaste.

Once more into the breach, my brethren!

37eb0b  No.752511

File: b8dd5ceded55227⋯.png (407.65 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1529192639378.png)


>that quote


683f52  No.752554

67 days here, however for the past couple days I've been called back to all these winnie the pooh hentai doujins, especially with comiket 95 and just wanting to see whats been released and while I still won't admit defeat winnie the pooh me if I haven't come close. I will never break this streak, absolutely never, and I just confessed for it the other day, but for whatever reason these past couple days I've had it in my head. Any advice? Why now? Why now out of all the other days this could've happened? And the worst part is I've been busier than ever, it's the few minutes I get at home that I start to slip. How do I get these demons off my back? And when will I actually start to feel something from this? I just want to be pure and happy, but all I've been is apathetic because it's made me realize how much of an outcast all of this makes me

ef5b5c  No.752557

File: 5ea5524acc23329⋯.jpg (94.63 KB, 483x600, 161:200, smoking victory.jpg)

Day 16 free from that bullshit.

f0c71d  No.752623


Congrats on the streak anon, from what I understand, like any other addiction, that bit of desire always sits there in the back corner, even just a little curiosity with little power, but give in to it and its very likely to completely fall off the wagon.

>just a little hentai a want to read

>I'll just smoke a one cigarette

>I'll just have a glass/sniff/snortle

Notice how it was the porn itself and not sexual desire that brought you in, so be alert.

75ea30  No.752708

File: 714e6d5c36154f8⋯.png (287.47 KB, 397x549, 397:549, 1546796512179.png)

I was going really strong and now I buckled under pressure and fell hard. I can't express how despairing it feels. Pray for me lads.

fea7ed  No.752926

Pray for me, I have been feeling lonely and ugly, self-conscious about my apperance lately, I opened a porn site just now and went to fap but after looking at a few thumbnails for videos I stopped what I was doing and found the strength to close the porn. I didn't fap and actually do anything, I just opened the browser and saw a few things, do I need to confess this?

m I in mortal sin? I stopped myself before doing anything dirty, thankfully.

b6f79b  No.752933

Pray for me, I have been feeling lonely and ugly, self-conscious about my apperance lately, I opened a porn site just now and went to fap but after looking at a few thumbnails for videos I stopped what I was doing and found the strength to close the porn. I didn't fap and actually do anything, I just opened the browser and saw a few things, do I need to confess this?

m I in mortal sin? I stopped myself before doing anything dirty, thankfully.

b6f79b  No.752936


didnt mean to post this twice could mod pls delete the duplicate?

174994  No.752947


>do I need to confess this? m I in mortal sin?

I'm pretty new to the Catholic faith, but I do believe it's a mortal sin to intentionally look at pornography.

Confess to a priest about it anyway… if nothing else, Confession will get it off your mind and hopefully deter you from looking up porn in the future.

387711  No.752956



>Is edging a sin?

yes it is. even if you do not nut it is a sin, still masturbation

>Is looking at pornography sin?

It is, if you do it on purpose - that is you search for it, in case it drops on you by "accident" you do not close it but pursue sinful thoughts

This is one thing that even after a year hunts me….occasional peek at that stuff/or at nudity. You should go confess, you did not fail nofap but you have sinned, it is a mortal sin.

The priest always says to me "At least you have closed it, it is good sign that it gets better over time, so repent and pray for help"

d34361  No.752957

>keep getting linked to twitter or tumblr in "SFW" areas

>If I look any further into the accounts, there's porn everywhere(Example: I like berd's youtube videos but he keeps reposting lewd images)

>Throw twitter, tumblr, newgrounds, and other problem sites in the hosts file

>Problem disappears at least since the last 7 days

God must be sighing with such disappointment, seeing as the solution to stop sinning was writing 5 lines of text.

e172f8  No.752972


Fell into the same situation, I will pray for you anon.

c83f96  No.752975


> peek is mortal

Peeking at what exactly and in what context?

387711  No.753050


At porn. If it passes as an admixture of a site you visit, you do not stay there to stare at it….then it is not a sin.

If you go out of your way, search for that shit and "peek", then it is a mortal sin. As well as if you get stuck watching it even though you did not search for it

77fcf1  No.753188

File: 52091b97f7801d4⋯.png (504.61 KB, 863x606, 863:606, 264306392005212.png)

Broke a 3 day streak, and right after I read the bible and prayed. winnie the pooh this feeling, I failed God AGAIN

30b731  No.753194


>tfw the goys dont fall for your lies

23ca3d  No.753208


Buy the 'repent zoomer' sweater and wear that around

dc331b  No.753520

Made it through week 1 of 2019. 51 weeks to go (in 2019… then however many God gives me on earth).

174994  No.753521


Glad to hear it anon. Despite wanting to have a clean start with 2019, I succumbed to temptation and relapsed hard on the 1st and 2nd of this month, but have gotten my act together and haven't fapped or looked at porn since then.

dc331b  No.753529


Good to hear you've gotten your act together. We all can do this!

As an unrelated side note, I've recently read this (non-religious) book, the 12 Week Year. In it, a year is 12 Weeks, which can be a really good thing when you stumble out of the gate. Stumbling won't "ruin" an entire 52 weeks, which I see as a pretty nice feature and can help with demoralization.

387711  No.753540

File: 08c5ea1403c2876⋯.jpeg (84.61 KB, 643x577, 643:577, 7a48d2a766760b6d319dcf770….jpeg)





Nice work lads.

8be23d  No.753578

I don't watch actual porn, but I find that just photos of pretty celebrity women will still turn me on, I don't know why. Also usually I don't decide to masturbate, I tell myself I can briefly browse photos without getting aroused, and I tell myself I know that's not true and I shouldn't do it anyway, and then I do and then I masturbate.

I wasn't very good at resisting in 2018. I last did it the last night of 2018. Haven't done it in 2019 yet, but this morning I dreamed about browsing photos, which usually led to masturbating.

874e32  No.753993

1 week in anons, so far so good,

5 days was tempted, but I read psalms and distracted myself and it helped. Pray I keep it up. I really believe I will never go back.

174994  No.754033


You should! Cut porn out of your life too. I'm on day 7 and I feel great right now.



Thanks for the encouragement bros! It definitely helps.

d91c4f  No.754048

File: af5cc86c439668e⋯.gif (509.86 KB, 700x827, 700:827, 1437632642912.gif)

I don't understand. How am I supposed to get past this? I can't even make it a week. Someone, please help me.

a41f9b  No.754069


Lets be honest here you lose when you see more than 2 lewd images in a row. If you see one just hop off the computer for a while and stop going to that website or area.

We are called to fight all sins, but flee for sexual immorality. There is a reason, its a strong pull even if you do the things which minimize such pull.

Also >>752957

Also there was that book on how to stop masturbating by realizing you don't actually take pleasure or kill boredom with it amongst other things but I have no idea where it is now.

94449c  No.754233

File: 4a9ed3ebb0f8c4d⋯.jpg (546.81 KB, 1074x1074, 1:1, 1545349485467.jpg)


f0c71d  No.754314

Hello bros, been successfully keeping porn out of my life for this year, with exception to the occasional accidental lewd picture while browsing.

Its been going good so far and I've been more stable, however lewd thoughts still come to me and I've fapped twice.

The bigger problem now comes from lusting after real women, at least memories that come to me are real and not from porn itself.

Any advice on what to do then?

93d638  No.754331

File: 61ba557c10e018c⋯.jpg (93.38 KB, 1200x704, 75:44, c0a8ba_6895606.jpg)

You Nazi?

387711  No.754341

For anyone that seek help:

>go to search engine

> search for "The Orthodox Nationalist: Pornography"

>listen to the episode

You should feel disgusted enough not to view porn again

f0c71d  No.754354


>went to /b/ for quick look

>thread about brown anime girls

>post with several hentai links

>check one

>get nearly hypnotized

You're not getting me this time demons, stay away!

bfe214  No.754374


Hey fam, I know you mean, this has been the biggest obstacle for me this past year.

I have learned that one must defeat the thoughts in the mind as well as the body, for if the enemy is able to continually breech the thoughts he knows that he will eventually overcome your eyes and then your physical. I often made the mistake of welcoming memories of past times having sex and of certain pornographic or arousing images, usually when I was falling asleep or just waking up.

What has worked for me so far is attacking the thoughts when they happen, praying for Jesus to drive them out, singing psalms, receiting the creeed or 10 commandments, and doing something to distract my mind from them. I repent every morning and evening that these thoughts enter my mind. Getting into a good rhythm of morning/evening prayer, Lord’s Prayer, apostles creed, reading scripture, singing psalms, and receiting the 10 commandments is very helpful.

God bless anon, I know you can do this. We will overcome

8c8c15  No.754411

File: e539bbd40532e69⋯.jpg (254.32 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, godzilla-1954.jpg)

Welp, I've had it. After months of trying the suggestions of my priest and this thread, I'm going to Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings. For obvious reasons I won't be able to go into specifics, but I'll keep ya'll a abreast of whether it's an overall legitimate path or bunk. Pic related: if my libido is Godzilla, prayer, fasting, keeping busy, etc. feel like the Japanese military and power lines.

8be23d  No.754413


Update: I still haven't fapped, but I have looked at photos. Pretty sure that's still as bad.

387711  No.754418


going to /b/ is never good. sometimes /b/ breaks me and then it may go to /s/ or /gif/. its never good to enter the slippery slope

a03e62  No.754543

I think I'm just going to do it once a day because otherwise I'll just be focused on it instead of real issues.

f0c71d  No.754751

Failed again this morning, its happens that I wake up really earlier than usual with a intense boner. So I keep rummaging through bed, resisting temptation but then eventually I cave in with the need to get some more rest.

On the plus side I've been without porn since the new years, but my libido is still pushing through.

Any more advice here? I thought that through doing noporn the desire to fap would diminish since its less satisfying, but instead its keep my libido at a higher degree, which in turns leads me to lewder thoughts. Does it get better?

f0c71d  No.754986

Sorry god, sorry everyone, as I've let you down again, specially myself.

that post from earlier on, I kept on thinking lewd things and started feeling bad, soon after looking up some h-porn… but I only failed really bad at night, after willingly getting a eroge and spending a large amount of time (and will/dopamine) with it.

I'm lethargic now, but I know tomorrow is going to be a bad day. I need to repent.

9d3343  No.755086

File: 73a731732572d7b⋯.png (244.37 KB, 500x448, 125:112, except_get_a_pr0n_filter.png)

Yall need to stop sitting on your computer without good reason. Find some shit to do, that does not entail loitering on the internet for hours.

And get some filters, man.

bfb06c  No.755093


anon, you ARE hopeless. We all are. That is the point! Complete that cycle (pray immediately afterwards, also), and make that cycle as fast as possible so that prayer and scripture is as close to immediately before and immediately after as possible. Immediately afterward, literally (as in literally do this) get down on your hands and knees and put your head on the floor and pray. This posture is helpful because it requires you to physically move and adjust yourself in order to accomplish it and therefore requires some actual active, willful effort and intention on your part. Make this something that goes with masturbation. You'll feel guilty enough afterward to know that you do need to ask God for forgiveness, but get there as soon as possible, pray, and talk to God. You already have the porn habit, it takes only a small bit of effort to add this additional behavior to the end of it. I also struggle badly with the same habit, and I have found this method to be extremely spiritually productive to me personally.

bfb06c  No.755094


Having said that, let me just tell you right now that praying to God right away afterwards is not something that is very easy to do. You'll do it of course eventually, which is why you're probably even here on this page right now. but, think about this here: you already know God sees and knows, and you know you are outside of his path, but usually the thing I most want to do afterward is get all embarassed and woe is me and agggghhhh and not again, and i hate myself, etc. Meanwhile I'll do literally anything but try and talk or ask God for help about things, because how can I ask? I'm guilty as sin. Anon, you are supposed to hate yourself! That is a central teaching in the bible! You are full of sin, you are filthy. Take that feeling to heart, and go to God with it on your mind. You are nothing, literally nothing. Jesus is everything. Pray while you are dirty, pray and ask for things or whatever the things are you usually ask for only during the times when you pretend that you're clean or something and pray for all those things while you are embarassed and ashamed of yourself and filthy. This can help teach you how to correctly approach the Lord.

This does not give you an excuse to go masturbate. Don't pray like "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I promise I promise I'll never again aghh", don't make a whole bunch of new promises or vows or whatever he and you already know you're going to break probably. Just pray and ask him to give you Wisdom to help you find him and know him and teach you whatever lessons you are meant to be learning as quickly as possible so taht you can be done with it, not for your sake (obviously, because you are and right then that moment will FEEL like the dirty filthy human scum that you and I both are), but for his sake, because you feel his light burning or going out completely every single time after you do that. Wisdom and strength, and ask for both right away. Also ask him for help to open your ears and your mind enough to perceive Him when he is teaching you things, or to PUSH you toward him or wreck your life so that you are forced to be pushed toward him because your weak human body isn't strong enough to do it without him. And even then, since you even still won't be able to manage it after all that probably, just keep praying and have been praying, then pray for the wisdom to understand what the holy spirit is trying to teach you, and that please to let you learn your lesson whatever it is as quickly as possible because you want to get back to him and his presence and it's so utterly completely terrible without him.

224a07  No.755099

387711  No.755118



f0c71d  No.755202



>get rid of screens

but literally that's all I have to do atm, with the bare exception of reading and studying occasionally

>pass watching something


>pass time playing something


>pass time even reading or looking for something


>pass time shitposting

<you get the idea

The only time I'll have to not be on a screen is literally when I go to church and hopefully when I get a job.

Besides that not much to do besides laying outside and staring at the sky (which I already do kinda).

And that's not even from not trying to interact with people, I'm always asking for stuff to do.

I'm sorry, things are real bad lately, pray for me to get out of this hole, thanks for the help.

3a33bf  No.755226


>Anon, you are supposed to hate yourself

You are supposed to hate your material body m8. On the contrary love yourself.

3a33bf  No.755229


Actually not even this sorry, you are supposed to hate the urges of your material body.

It may sound like a technicality or semantics to you but its very different.

387711  No.755549




Flesh and spirit are not separate. If something damages the spirit it damages the flesh. The carnal damage also may result in a spiritual damage.

Flesh and spirit are entwined. Therefore one should not hate his spirit or his body. One should hate evil. The devil's proposals for you to damage your body and your soul. They may seem pleasant at first (ie. masturbation) but ultimately they rot you as a whole.

I would argue that one should only hate evil, not the "urges themselves". Carnal urges can be channeled into good - procreation, or bad - masturbation, etc.

It depends on the implications.

6a7169  No.755570


I’ll pray for you and me both, anon.

4981aa  No.755575


You can keep making excuses or you can cure yourself of this addiction. The choice is yours. If you insist on keepimg your screens, don't complain when you slide back into old habits.

bfb06c  No.755754


I am not so sure, I think flesh and spirit are VERY separate — and as evidence in favor I’ll cite jesus’s Death on the cross , and our salvation only after the body was sacrificed , which we are called to do as well.

This is where my own spiritual journey has taken me and I do now believe this. The way I see it , Jesus loves us , and Jesus is also the only example of love that ever existed in the human flesh world. And we ourselves are not capable of showing ourselves love , because we can’t produce love , only Jesus can. But, I will think and reflect and pray more about the points you raised. I have been taught a lot of hard lessons , and I know I have a lot more yet to learn, for sure.

799787  No.755914

I don't fap, but I keep worrying about my ex-girlfriend because she is suicidal. As a result I inevitably remember the times we had sex, and although I only sin in thought, I get wet dreams every other night.

I can't take it anymore brothers, I feel so guilty for leaving her in this state, and I wish there was something more to do than ignore her but that's the best I can do. Either I feel like a piece of shit towards her or I feel like a piece of shit towards Christ.

387711  No.756063


> I inevitably remember the times we had sex, and although I only sin in thought, I get wet dreams every other night.

I know that feel


Well of course you may argue that people can't produce love without God. Well without God one cannot even lift a finger. But that would be taking things too literally. And yet a man is made into the image of God…but everything he does is imperfect and stained with sin. My main point is that this puritan line of thinking…thinking of flesh as something inherently sinful as implied in the one post or thinking the urges must be wrong…is deranged. Urges are natural to our body and were given to us for a reason to procreate. Without these urges men would not create things they created…since the masculine drive often comes from "flesh urges" for a woman. Starting a family, creating a beautiful piece of art, defending the women to create offspring. And yet…misplaced urges result in a life of a disgusting degenerate that visits whorehouses. It depends on a direction of those fleshly urges. I think we can agree upon this.

I do not think you can separate spirit from flesh…obviously after one dies you can but while you're here things that concern your body concern your soul and vice versa but again..that's my view you're free to have yours of course

bf14e0  No.756068

File: 3e1686c09133f92⋯.png (136.88 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1547068181472.png)


387711  No.756073

File: 52eb8f599969d5c⋯.jpg (48 KB, 236x325, 236:325, 1547461258179.jpg)


There is hope anon.

You cannot fap and pray at the same time. Always remember that. Strive for prayer and eventually you will eliminate fapping

494798  No.756077


>I know that feel

Elaborate, show me that I'm not alone in my misfortune anon. Although it does seem I have it far better than some of the anons here and I will pray for them more often.

I've read that praying to St. Catherine of Siena was good. Maybe St. Augustine also.

95722a  No.756139


On reflection, I think your take is a bit more accurate than my own:

Ephesians 5:29 (ESV)

>29 For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ does the church, 30 because we are members of his body.

That section is I think actually very deep, being in my opinion partially metaphor (with the body being the church) but also literal (with the body as the body). In any case, I will think and reflect more about this. Thank you for pointing out the flaw in my reasoning in my previous statement. I am not quite sure what to make of it just yet–because, at other times, I do still believe sanctification requires mortification and destruction of the sinful parts of the flesh body. But perhaps also this is meaning not complete destruction for destruction's sake, as much as it is meaning carefully guarding, purifying, and preserving for the sake of the body of christ (the church). But, I need to think more. At other times, destruction is truly useful and can be very spiritually productive (i.e., cleansing the temple–also the body–for the sake of love). I will think more.

b5508e  No.756161

File: d91c5336a9a72e1⋯.png (1.23 MB, 788x872, 197:218, 1503866904250.png)

>Mfw failed AGAIN fr the 1235697th time

Good news is I'm finally getting a bit on track again.

Please pray for me guys, I really need it.

8be23d  No.756347

Very nearly fapped a few times now, had a very close call this morning where I almost caved. Have a problem with inactivity that might be contributing.

725539  No.756427

File: 5bdffdcf711facc⋯.jpg (190.84 KB, 737x1000, 737:1000, hincke-jesus-teaches-child….jpg)


>Iron Guard

>During the crisis members of the Iron Guard instigated a deadly pogrom in Bucharest. Particularly gruesome was the murder of dozens of Jewish civilians in the Bucharest slaughterhouse. The perpetrators hung the Jews from meat hooks, then mutilated and killed them in a vicious parody of kosher slaughtering practices. The American ambassador to Romania Franklin Mott Gunther who toured the meat-packing plant where the Jews were slaughtered with the placards reading "Kosher meat" on them reported back to Washington: "Sixty Jewish corpses were discovered on the hooks used for carcasses. They were all skinned….and the quantity of blood about was evidence that they had been skinned alive". Gunther wrote he was especially shocked that one of the Jewish victims hanging on the meat hooks was a 5-year-old girl. Sima and other legionnaires were helped by the Germans to escape to Germany.

>In the various synagogues the Legionnaires robbed the worshipers, abused them, took all their valuables and tore up the holy scriptures and ancient documents. They destroyed everything, even the lavatories.

What a lovely Christian movement; Christ is surely proud of them.

f5ecc5  No.756444


Such succesions are very likely, and the risk is inherent to orgs like the Legion, that don't have a clear transition of power and leadership.

725539  No.756450

File: 953559c1e3109bf⋯.jpg (53.93 KB, 640x436, 160:109, Codreanu.jpg)



Except he was rightfully executed, being a murderer himself who deserved to die for his obnoxious evil deeds.

>that "successor"

The atrocities were committed by the followers of the movement which Codreanu founded, i.e. the ones who enabled it, and said founder also fully supported Hitler and nazism whose atrocities are innumerable.

Matthew 7:21–23

8eee15  No.756457

File: 043a0081415ee8f⋯.png (3.59 KB, 220x190, 22:19, s.png)

Week 7 and counting. It took innumerable relapses, but here I stand.

174994  No.756460


Good work anon. I'm close to the end of week 2 without fapping/porn, which is a record for me (previous record was 10 days). Feels good.

387711  No.757470

So I cuddled with my girlfriend - dressed and everything - and I nutted in my pants because I was horny.

I know that I have sinned that's for sure….but does this count as failing nofap? I feel bad about it but technically I did not fap.

Anyways I know I have to watch myself around her.

a7596d  No.757475


Of course it is, next thing you know, you'll be intentionally nutting in your pants. Stop sinning and be a man, lead.

387711  No.757477

File: e8dfdb8d5b0a1ea⋯.jpeg (62.07 KB, 317x472, 317:472, serveimage.jpeg)

>whose atrocities are innumerable.

So are communist atrocities anon.

And so are atrocities perpetuated in the name of liberal democracy. The endless middle east wars.Pushing Europeans out of their countries by forcing foreigners into their lands. But they do not teach this in schools right? And you will not find it on Wikipedia which you copy pasted here.

If you want to discuss this, create a thread for it, no problem. Just do not derail Purity thread because "muh pic"

924a04  No.757590

I've been praying for Chasity constantly. I want it. I'll give up all my ambitions of a relationship for it (not that what I want is the thing God will just outright give me). I just want to stop sinning against God. I'm up to like 4-5 day averages and how pitiful that is.

1097fa  No.757593


Have you considered getting married and having sex all the time?

924a04  No.757618


If only that was easy as it sounds.

8be23d  No.757676

Have not fapped yet, nor do I actively seek out material, but the desire is getting stronger. If I see a photo with a pretty woman? I might htink about fapping? A pretty celebrity woman in the news? I might think about fapping?

The anime mascot character of this board? I know she isn't even a real woman but I might think about it, and it feels messed up because she's only a fictional woman.

If somebody on this board posts a female saint? I don't know f that's any worse than any other woman, but I might htink about it.

I still haven't fapped yet, but I've thought about it more and more. I don't want to be an adulterer, and I don't want to make anyone an adulteress.


I've thought about trying to find a significant other, the idea being I'd have more incentive not to fap if it made me feel even guiltier. (I feel guilty as is for sinning, but I clearly haven't felt guilty enough to stop) Still, I don't think this is the best approach; women aren't buckets to unload into. Marriage is one thing, but not until you've found a person you can stay in a healthy lasting relationship with.

ae697b  No.757698


Thats the reason the desert fathers would often send away women. A book I read about them was perhaps 1/3 just on the demon of fornication and how to avoid it.

Anyways you're probably stuck in porn addiction (just as so many of us here were or are), it will get better over time. My only advice is to pray, fast and never lose hope.

387711  No.757707


>next thing you know, you'll be intentionally nutting in your pants.

It was not intentional though. I did not rub my dick. I know I sinned but I do not think you can count this as breaking a streak since there was no masturbation.

The result is the same though - guilt, tiredness, etc.

2b2201  No.757729


pray lest ye fall into temptation

5060c4  No.757867


If it wasn't intentional, I personally would not consider it amounting to the breaking of a streak. Up to you, though.

1cb305  No.758002


Just hit 2 weeks myself. We got this!

I’ve been great at keeping my mind occupied on other things, but the nightmares have been almost daily. I’m constantly seeing fetish porn and other perversions in dreams. It makes the day harder when the memories persist, but with Christ I will prevail

174994  No.758018


Godspeed anon. I failed yesterday, which was day 14 for me… stay strong.

387711  No.758036


I am on edge tbh. I definitely did not want it to happen, but I did not guard it enough.

Eventually it does not matter much anyway…I sinned nonetheless, have to go to confession again.

After all it is not about "streak" but about getting it all under control. Hopefully the occasional peek on porn/erotic images seems to be under control now, fapping to it is long gone. After thinking it through I feel I should not care about streak length but rather aim to smash the vice for good.

387711  No.758037


Your brain is like a hard drive. You may see it one tine/just as you pass the porn site by….but the memories of it take very very long to fade.

As Mathew Raphael Johnson explains in his podcast on pornography >>754341 The sexual images while fapping create a strong long term memory. When using this strong emotions, it is difficult for brain to forget them. Some say it may stay there for good.

In other words the damage made by this filth is definitely long term..and especially when you drop it, the dreams show up. I had trans/fag dreams…and I am not lying to you that the only time I saw such an image would be when choosing a category on the porn site. I never ever watched a sodomite/trans video. Yet the satan tried to break me by invoking the deeply rooted images in my memory from seeing them b accident on porn sites. It took 3 weeks for it to pass…but it disappeared and it never showed up again.

Hopefully you will hold up armed with prayer Anon.

fdd679  No.758200


I was going to link that exact one of Dr. Johnson's. It is very helpful in dropping porn.

8be23d  No.758234


I should not have linked to this video. Because the title contains the word porn, youtube might put some unfortunate stuff in the sidebar. (Also I forgot embed was a thing) I'm sorry if there were any tempting videos in the sidebar if anyone watched it.

Here's the podcast audio instead. Once again, due to the title it probably isn't SFW. (Which I should have mentioned back then) https://artofthechristianninja.com/2014/08/13/the-porn-episode-carnivore-theology-episode-3/

c5d5d8  No.758408

File: 7690efda5cfb99f⋯.jpeg (41.75 KB, 352x480, 11:15, 154781672645789.jpeg)





Providing a link to the episode guys:


It is definitely worth listening if one intends to drop pornography. It will give you food for thought and a motivation to quit. It will not, however, do the work you must do on your own

8be23d  No.758410

I think I dreamt that I fapped last night. I woke up with wet pants. At first I was worried I actually did masturbate while half-asleep, but I think it was just a dream. Don't know if that counts as failing. Either way I confessed to God.

f0c71d  No.758442

Sorry mates, I've fell again, the damn hentai vidya taking its toll on my soul. Every time, spending hours, killing my brain with it, I always crash badly afterwards and the day following, feeling week and void.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I'm hoping things to get better, please pray for me anons, its time to make it and rid myself from this demon.

I can't how many times I've already wiped clean everything I download, but it gets me time and time again. I need to make it this time.

3ecdef  No.758460

File: d3b19dc5127974d⋯.jpg (141.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 295c8eda7fc1864d732d929ff5….jpg)


>Having cropped hentai

f0c71d  No.758465


Forgive me for using some lewd imagery, its just an old picture for imageboard usage, I felt it is pretty accurate with my current situation.

I've even been thinking to allow myself to use regular light pornography just to wear off this hooked heavy stuff.

150787  No.758544


Hi again, across the threads Anon, I think you should not allow yourself any porn at all. The way out of this is the hard push through the devil's lines of resistance. That is not to say you will fail many times along the way.

Push again, delete all porn and all hentai pics. Go confess and pray.

Will pray for you Anon. You can make this

f0c71d  No.758554

File: dd9e45cfa12d7f0⋯.png (902.1 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, doitforher.png)


Thanks, I really appreciate the support, will do my best not to let god and myself down, praying daily for strength, just got back from mass and I'm feeling better. God bless

565074  No.758710

I haven't been on any of these threads ever, but I noticed that when I kept myself busy doing UNIX shit all day, I had no urge to masturbate. Keeping myself busy, and preferably with company, was the only solution to my fapping problem

8be23d  No.758952


Happened again. Don't remember if there was a dream but that's two nights in a row where in the morning I woke up slightly wet.

Probably that even though I haven't intentionally fapped, I'm still thinking about it. Idleness could be a problem; I've been avoiding my old hobbies because I'm not sure if they are okay.

2b2201  No.758957


two things:

1. wet dreams aren't sinful (on your part), because you had them without your full and complicit consent

2. wet dreams are actually a proof of your chastity, they tend to show up when your body is re-adjusting to newly found abstinence

best thing i can recommend is get up and go shower, then pray. do not dwell on the dreams, lest ye fall into temptation

2b2201  No.758958


make sure ANYTHING lewd is gone

it's tough enough being on the internet with a ton of intentionally arousing stuff.

"22The light of thy body is thy eye. If thy eye be single, thy whole body shall be lightsome. 23But if thy eye be evil thy whole body shall be darksome. If then the light that is in thee, be darkness: the darkness itself how great shall it be!

24No man can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one, and love the other: or he will sustain the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon."

in this case, you cannot serve God and impurity.

9e7373  No.759008



That was a great lecture, thanks

so much for sharing.

It’s great to underscore how vile and subversive the industry really is, it helps a lot with fighting the urges.

I want so badly to stand before God on the day of judgment and hear him say to Satan “he (he being me) overcame your wickedness, despite the times he lived, despite the bombardment of temptation, despite the horrific fetishes, he overcame all of your wickedness and therefore you failed to take him from me.” I want to be the testimony that Job was, the testimony of God’s insurmountable love, grace, and power.

3704f5  No.759517

no porn and no fap arent hard to overcome, but avoiding sex with my girlfriend is amazingly hard for me

can i get away with it if i marry her? ill do it if it helps

8be23d  No.759519


Never had a gf so I'm not speaking from experience, but I would think long and hard about if you two are in a position to settle down together, if you two are compatible enough to spend your lives together, and if she is a Cheistian who values her faith as well. I don't know you anon,so maybe it's a yes to all three. Just remember sex with a wife is about more than just unloading sexual relief.

3704f5  No.759577


> Just remember sex with a wife is about more than just unloading sexual relief.

i know, but is it still a sin?

3704f5  No.759587


i didnt mean i was going to marry her only to have sex with her, i was asking if having sex is any less of a sin if you are married

i guess it would still fall under lust

1097fa  No.759591


Don't fornicate retard

The change when you get married is having sex at all

9e16a1  No.759697

>Another wet dream

I wish it stopped.

2afe51  No.759706


9e16a1  No.760571

The obsession with digital women has come to an end.There is less and less drive even if something hot drops before me on chans…mostly sfw.

But man….the women irl. It is hell.

>Plenty girls with tight pants in the same building

>women on the street


It is so off putting. There's no end to the struggle with the thirst and horniness.

6d3956  No.760749

File: 96538ab7815f178⋯.jpg (187.98 KB, 536x1680, 67:210, image0.jpg)

Masturbation is a form of self harm, where instead of using pain to give you pleasure, you use shame. Only in loving married union with your wife/husband can you associate your physical pleasure with the sublime and meaningful, and feel proud. Masturbation is, in it of itself a shameful act, mixing pleasure with something you are ashamed of; like the cutter who slits his own wrist, because the pain gives him pleasure. It is what a devil would want for us, for us to gain pleasure by our own self torture. The insane fetishes and deviancy that derives from and is exacerbated by masturbation perverts your very character and makes you walk in increasingly crooked ways to derive pleasure. Men have an inherent rejection of getting sodomized, or cheated on, and guess what? These fetishes, homosexuality and cuckolding capitalize on this emasculating shame to give greater pleasure to those further in the degenerating spiral of sexual deviancy. Even women have been commonly known to have rape fantasies when rape is in reality the farthest thing from what they want.

Stop orienting yourself to feel pleasure from the things you loathe the most. You are literally telling yourself that bad is good and good is bad. You aren't born gay or with fetishes - degeneracy is a result of conditioning that you and the world has given to yourself. There are mountains of evidence of people who were otherwise normal that became sexual degenerates after porn. You can quit. Stop exposing yourself to so many erotic things and it will become easier. The key here, is when you expose yourself to erotic things, you weaken your willpower over time. You need to rest, reduce exposure to recover. Picture the monk who lives alone separated from society - he does this because it makes it easier to resist temptations. Likewise isolate yourself from porn and fornication to whatever degree is necessary. Be serious about it, and don't take risks.

Never again accept the shame of masturbation.

6d3956  No.760751


isolate yourself from erotic things to whatever degree you feel necessary and it make things easier to resist.

d5feac  No.760796


I smile everytime I see this post.

Thanks, anon.

d51a98  No.760820

im ugly as winnie the pooh

so i need fapping

sorry jesus

9e16a1  No.760912


another day another wet dream.

But I myself am to blame. I do not keep regular prayer, stopped reading scripture. I have to stand up again.

9cf77a  No.760916

File: 0c655272b8744b4⋯.jpg (65.09 KB, 1024x986, 512:493, 4nGAHG6h.jpg)


God doesn't care about your excuses, He only wants you to repent. So please do so; He loves you very much.

9e16a1  No.760919


Jesus said to the woman he saved from being stoned to death "go and sin no more"

He did not say "now you may go screw other guys, enjoy"

Think about it.

d4beb4  No.761199

File: 598baf40a2a0f63⋯.png (1.2 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, image.png)

Came by because this is the exact thread I was looking for, just yesterday I realized that pornography does nothing but make me feel a temporary pleasure, yet that pleasure barely lasts. After thinking about it more deeply, I also realized that it doesn't even make you feel better about yourself in the end. I did the same thing any sane man wanting freedom from lust would do; I separated myself from the sin, gathered up the pornographic pictures I had saved on my hard drive and cloud drive and purged them completely. As I am posting this right now, I was in the middle of blocking pornographic sites and possibly other outlets for such material. It has since then been a whole day and nine hours since I have abstained and I already feel more confident about myself. The time I spent masturbating can now be used exercising, writing my novel, learning a new skill, and most importantly, being with my lovely wife whom I have loved dearly for nearly four years.

Remember anons, if you ever decide that you've had a stressful day and want to give in to lust, always consider the fact that the only reason lust is controlling you is if you let it control you, you DO have the strength to combat sin; It is only God, however, who can forgive you for it.

f0c71d  No.761436

I'm only reaching day 5, I'm feeling good and able to keep the arousal at bay for now, but I'm starting to get the spurr feeling of excess unfocused energy, I keep getting up and moving around with strong mood swings usually towards aggressive. Its getting harder and harder to just sit and read, focusing on something and properly doing it. I've been here before and I know this also eventually leads to me searching for lewds and fapping to distract and sate myself. Help me bros, what can I do here?


Good for you, keep sharing what you know, but it help a lot to take your post more serious without the furry picture.

8f0937  No.761465


Are you a furry?

d4beb4  No.761512

File: e9ded408eb9aed3⋯.jpg (121.41 KB, 800x534, 400:267, Thisiswhatyoucouldbethinki….jpg)




Will take the advice, how does some beautiful pictures of the world God has painted suffice instead?

d4beb4  No.761515

File: 44224c86c0fd866⋯.jpg (383.65 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, wishes.jpg)


You should also take your energy and use it for something else, sharing your problems with other followers of Christ is a good start, but praying is the best option. I'd recommend taking the time to sit down and think about the scripture, the more you understand that sin is a form of temptation dictated by Lucifer (like all forms of sin and temptation) the more you will come to understand that you can control it, remember, the demons don't control you unless you give them control.

8be23d  No.761894

I very nearly messed up, and I can't tell if it was intentionally or another wet dream. I was lying in my bed, after very nearly resisting the temptation to fap (I think? Or did I fap and not remember it?). Then I picked up my phone which was at the foot of my bed, thinking "screw it, I made it almost a month" with the intention of looking up something to fap to. At that point I shuddered(with fear of sin or with disgusting anticipation, I'm not sure) and dropped my phone.

Shortly later, I was still laying in bed, half-awake, moist like after a wet dream, and I noticed my phone was at the opposite end of the bed, and plugged into the charger, which it had not been when I dropped it.

The differences are subtle, and I'm honestly not sure if I fapped or not. If I did I'll be disappointed at breaking nofap.

8f0937  No.761900



>Still a furry despite having family

Peak capitalism

d4beb4  No.762037

File: 3e1de2017da3842⋯.jpg (3.37 MB, 1769x1844, 1769:1844, pillarsofcreation.jpg)


A sin is still sin, you gave in before you fell asleep so that should tell you enough about your temptations. You may have made it to one month but it's never too late to start over. Pray and ask the lord for guidance then once you're done, sin no longer.

8be23d  No.762121


I don't think I physically fapped, just dreamt I was going to, but I'm not sure? Either way I felt guilty and repented.

8d108a  No.762163

To those that succeeded,

What was different in the day you won?

For almost two decades I have been sinning and asking for forgiveness, in a seemingly endless loop.

I tried a lot of different things, relying in God, different mindsets, routines, techniques, nothing ever worked.

So, what changed in the day you won?

a1553e  No.762182

File: d9bce9a3cda6332⋯.jpg (46.79 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1523081685113.jpg)


what changed was I stopped working for a victory day and instead treat every day like a battle. And if a whole day of battle seems impossible I focus on the hour. If that's too hard, then the minute. It's hard work at first. This is why we need food for the journey.

9e16a1  No.762725


>the day you've won

I would argue that one does not 'win' until it's all over. You may go 2 years then fail. There is, however, a breaking point of the addiction.

>What was different

Well it changed gradually. The first 30 days were tough. Then it settled on a plateau of less urges…after 90 days it felt like thefapping addiction was gone. But the urges appear sometimes.

Now I got 1 year streak. One year ago I failed after 90 days streak…I felt "I won" but in fact I was just looking for an excuse to fap. But then the next attempt was easier.

As for me, not much has changed. My daily routine does not include looking at nsfw boards. I try to do productive work, self improve. Probably my outlook on the world changed I see things differently, with a clearer sight.

ef5b5c  No.762729

File: c48f61e85bae722⋯.jpg (70.36 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Db5nxhCU8AAZi3f.jpg)


>What was different in the day you won?

Then you're married.

370caa  No.762733

Just relapsed after 5 days. Still the longest since last summer.

I'm really in a bad place…I hope I can pull out.

f0c71d  No.762737

File: e87d66077cbff96⋯.jpg (36.48 KB, 600x450, 4:3, images-2.jpg)

I think I actually may have the Kavorka, when I go a week without masturbating women will start eyeing me up with lustful looks. I don't know what it is, what the source of this pull is, but I spent a good part of my adulthood trying to get good with girls and game and inevitably degeneracy, things I regret about.

Of course I can hold myself, but this presents as another of devil's temptations when I'm trying to not think of sex at all, it just makes it all more hard. The other day my Christian singing teacher started showing interest, and I see how this can screw a lot of things up.

Anyone ever felt like this?

9e16a1  No.762892

File: a7112f8f55ea686⋯.jpeg (195.27 KB, 1198x1231, 1198:1231, b49dc5e8cc1dc606d653ed539….jpeg)


Well you put signals - more confidence, another kind of scent…it is natural for women to go after you because you will seem like an ideal guy for mating. It is similar to women who ovulate. God made it that way so they will be more into you in that period.

>Of course I can hold myself, but this presents as another of devil's temptations

Well that's just the struggle. Fap daily and you have less urges irl, it might destroy your sexuality altogether. If you choose the correct path you will encounter the issue that you are thirsty for girls.

For me:

Thirst for porn is gone. When something accidentally appears online, it does not get me off. If would be a different case if I searched for it though. The urge to masturbate is gone for the most part.

Thots on streets - blatant ones - no thirst.

Nice girls that seem to be chaste, wife material - incredible thirst, sometimes even thoughts about sex. What makes it even worse is if the girls gives the signs of interest.

Girlfriend's body - great temptation. Especially if you know that you may do things that will further stir your imagination.

c2c162  No.763049

File: 99a3e81c5565c90⋯.png (522.97 KB, 998x1000, 499:500, nofap-reading-list.png)


Dumping for justice

51bbb9  No.763296


>just yesterday I realized that pornography does nothing but make me feel a temporary pleasure, yet that pleasure barely lasts.

You realize this just now? How old are you, 12?

f0c71d  No.763356


> Well that's just the struggle. Fap daily and you have less urges irl, it might destroy your sexuality altogether. If you choose the correct path you will encounter the issue that you are thirsty for girls.

Well that's the thing, I don't want to fap, but temptation is too great, both internally and externally, at the same time I do want to keep being an attractive male, but all the feelings get to be a bit overwhelming.

f0c71d  No.763357


Do you have the "brain on porn" to share with us?

Some of the other ones seem a bit far fetched to be honest.

ef5b5c  No.763362


It's not just that.

When that (((pleasure))) fades away, it leaves behind even a bigger void in the soul.

14fa82  No.763393


What? Aren't there fully grown people who believe they must masturbate, that they will get prostrate cancer if they stop, that they will become insane, that "sexual repression" is bad and "sexual liberation" is good?

538ff6  No.763395


Sorry I don’t have a pdf anon. The hackbook is free on google sites, the others you could try on openlibrary.org or get cheap used on amazon. All of the books are excellent, they’re all mostly about behavioral psychology.

20204f  No.763399

Please pray for me that I prevail against concupiscence. I'm starting to understand why the Lord allows me to stumble, but the sooner I prevail the better.

20204f  No.763400


Christ is true God and true man, anon. What you are saying is heresy.

2b2201  No.763625

Brothers, I'm a huge idiot! I just realized you can have all images disabled by default in options…makes browsing this website way easier. I feel so stupid!

669edd  No.764024


your priest must be fed up of you

401af0  No.764077

Every time I decide to try nofap I fail after a few days. I convince myself 'well, there's always next time'. I'll relapse, then a few days or weeks later, decide to try nofap again. 'This will be the time I do it' I think. How do I break this cycle?

4fa6c4  No.764090


>How do I break this cycle?

Focusing on God more and more - whether that entails prayer, fasting, reading the Holy Scriptures, etc. for you, do it. I know it gets said so much that you may start thinking it's a meme, but it really is the best way. My personal advice (I am not, by any means, an expert - I've failed just as much as anyone, but everything gets much much easier after taking these steps):

>Pray for forgiveness

Not the weak, semi-phony, "forgive me for lust and stuff" prayers of forgiveness, either. The real deal. Go into every detail, and ask forgiveness for it all. Remember, every single "stumble" is a head-first dive into Hell, and the only thing keeping you from eternal damnation is Christ and His mercy.

>Read the Bible every day (preferably multiple times a day)

>If you're Catholic, say the Rosary daily; if you're otherwise, just pray every single day (again, multiple times a day is preferred)

>Find others in the Faith, and lean on them

This is a chan site, so this one naturally tends to get overlooked. But the reason the Church exists is because we are made to live in community. I'm not saying you should talk to your bro and say "yeah, dude, I jack it to horse-hentai," but I am saying that you can find people who want to seek God as much as you do. If nowhere else, tho, here on /christian/ is a good place - especially on threads like these.

A few other anons have said it, but the most challenge-changing advice I've gotten from these threads is "you can't pray and fap at the same time." Anytime you feel the urge, pray to God above. Many a times has this saved me, personally.

Pax tecum, anon. Rely in God, and sin is conquered already

ef5b5c  No.764641

File: c4a33e684ebdb38⋯.png (219.5 KB, 555x328, 555:328, Good of War.png)

Almost gave in today pretty badly, but I withstood temptation.

Then one of my oldest friends told me he's reading lavey's satanic bible so I had to bombard him on how stupid it is and how he should read the real Bible instead.

9e16a1  No.764674

File: 686f9b6963b3725⋯.jpg (147.71 KB, 514x728, 257:364, 1548676526647.jpg)


Good going. with both things


I see I came late because >>764090 has already said most things

I will add that if you really wish to drop it but you fail repeatedly still. In addition to prayer, communion, scripture, etc. basically what the other guy wrote.

Do this: On a piece of paper write the date of your last failure, each time you fail you have to write it again. This is enraging enough, trust me. Also adopt the proper mindset. Get angry with the sin - it's a cycle that must be broken. It can be broken by God's help and your will. Each time you fail, go to confession. Each time you fail change the paper with the date. And so on. After a short time it will become enraging that you failed and instead of having defeat in mind you will have the desire to put it to an end.

Break the cycle by asking God for help and adopting an iron will

9e16a1  No.764677

File: 23fcfba9c877050⋯.jpeg (30.24 KB, 640x434, 320:217, sdhfgg.jpeg)


Understood, inter-thread anon. The catch here is:

>Fap leads to low self esteem, girls have less interest

>No Fap leads to healthy self esteem, girls have more interest

One danger is enjoying the attention and then chanelling it into fapping.

Another danger is chanelling it into hookups.

The only proper way is to get into searching for wife(if not joining monastery) but not sleeping with the girl before wedding obviously.

For me the greater danger is not sinning when already having a woman around in life. Not by having sex…but you know..there is cuddling and then there is cuddling that basically may be a borderline masturbation. I never had problem not to fap just because girls gave me attention because I knew I would sink back into a loser mode.

374bbb  No.764680


God bless you for rebuking your friend on reading that trash. May God continue to bless you in your struggle with your sin and may He grant your friend wisdom to see what a waste of time reading that kike trash would be.

ef5b5c  No.764686



Thank you.

God bless you.

0fa806  No.764735

Brothers I feel as if I have proved myself an enemy to my Lord. how the hell can i tell myself "never again" when i KNOW I will fail? how could I ever promise, vow to not touch porn again, to not fail, knowing how easily and carelessly I put all those mental barriers aside last time.

I feel so low, I feel so low. Everything works so bad. I feel so low, and i am so far removed from my destiny it is not even funny. I have seen such intense beauty and mercy, and i've desecrated it with the worst filth imaginable time and time again, I feel I am headig steadfast into hell. The anger and disgust is ceasing, the ecstasy and joy of purity seems too. If that were to die inside of me, I'd give up. I cannot let it. But I am so far away from love.

What, then, baby steps to celibacy? Or baby steps to sanity… this cannot go on…

ef5b5c  No.764742


You fight all your life, even if you lose, but you still fight honestly. What else can you do?

God will forgive, but only if you fight honestly.

98bc8b  No.764743

The weight of not caving in to certain desires really does fill like a literal heavy weight is sitting upon me. As if I'm…… carrying….. a…….. cross :o

ef5b5c  No.764745


Image how strong you'll be once you'll be able to lift it with utmost ease.

98bc8b  No.764747


I dunno. I often flirt with the idea of caving in. I still don't understand the perks of holiness and what the fuss is all about. To get prayers answered quicker? To try and win over God's favor? I'm 33 and a virgin still. Porn was my only outlet of relieving myself of sexual frustration. Not looking at it feels like I'm punishing myself for no reason.

ef5b5c  No.764750


I'm not one to speak, but from those claim to have achieved it say that it feels like an immense rock would have fallen off your very soul.

Trick is to figure out how to lay claim on this purity which seems to be like a treasure. While a monk has the right to celibacy through his vow to serve only God alone and not even himself, for us mere anons, we can only hope to find a partner in marriage who could rightfully before God relieve this tension in procreation.

What we really should see is that through purity we aid ourselves the most by freeing ourselves.

9e16a1  No.764926


>Not looking at it feels like I'm punishing myself for no reason.

Not looking at porn is the best thing you can do in this, or any other situation regarding your sexuality.

The point is not "perks of holiness" but to get off the stone that drags you down spiritually and physically.

One has as many masters as he has vices. You will be more free. One less slavery to sin. That alone is great.

8cbd1c  No.764930

File: 53c4d0a625d7c4c⋯.png (699.62 KB, 1024x731, 1024:731, Jesus.png)


>I still don't understand the perks of holiness and what the fuss is all about.

To get to heaven bro… Or did you believe in OSAS and think you need to """believe""" to get there? Believing, as in, a mental acceptation is not the same thing as *FAITH* were what you believe in transform your whole being including your actions.

I'm a virgin too, but the fleeting temporary pleasure we get from masturbation will be nothing compared to what we'll experience up there (or can experience right now in our life, read about the mystics and saints).

Keep on carrying it bro

746794  No.765403

It feels like climbing a mountain. You feel like shit at times; you are exhausted, the environment is hostile. You wish you could just abandon your climb and go back to the valley, but at the same time you'll find only despair there. That's why you left in the first place. At some point, you begin doubting your decision. Am I gonna make it? What guarantee do I have that I'll ever reach the top? And the top is always farther than you think. When you reach a pass, you realize that you still have miles to climb that you couldn't see until now. It can be really depressing, you thought you were doing good, and the world shows you how far you are from your goal. Yet you know you can't stay where you are either. The only way is forward.

I don't know when I'll find a wife. I don't know how I'll hold it until then. My body is desperately trying to make me sin. I am filled with rage, impatience, frustration, but I have to remember that I only got so far because I decided to climb. So the best I can do is keep climbing. The Lord is here to help us. I just need to remember that he's always here to help me in difficult time.

I know I'm aiming at the top of the mountain, but sometimes I'd like it if the path was a bit less painful.

53dd3c  No.765426

>day 2 nofap

>have exams next week

how come I always try a nofap at the most stressfull time of the year?

I already know how its going to be this time again.

>Day 7-10 is the testosterone peak

>Day 7-10 are the hardest

>Day 7 -10 is the time of my exams

why am I doing this to myself

ef5b5c  No.765428


Going to be hilarious if you manage to score more than usual this way.

53dd3c  No.765435


>I will feel pure and I believe God blesses it.

I will score higher, just because of the placebo effect.

So if its because of the benefits of Nofap is highly controversial

141820  No.765463

File: 656d20ea7f66436⋯.jpg (3.78 KB, 348x145, 12:5, download.jpg)

Just fapped.

It's not even like I gave in after a lot of temptation. I literally just stop caring at all and think it's fine.

A while I "became Christian". I prayed each night before bed and read the bible a bit. I also ordered some book on the history of christianity, and mere christianity by CS Lewis, figuring I should learn more. What followed was 7 days of the easiest NoFap ever. Then one day I just stopped caring about any of it and fapped. Stopped praying and everything else. Although I did finish mere christianity at least.

I do this a lot. Fap a bit, eventually it gets to me and I decide to quit. Then I stop caring. And lots of other things in my life too. I can't sustain anything.

I've noticed each time, I care even less. After just fapping now, I remember a time where I actually cried about it and got all worked up. Installing porn blockers and all kinds of stuff (None of which stopped me). I don't feel as bad as that now. I'm fapping less than I used to overall, a lot less. But when I do fap it's to more and more degenerate stuff than ever before, and I care less after. So I'm kind of getting worse.

I don't know what to do. I've been here before. I'll probably be jerking off again in a day or two. It feels totally hopeless. I guess I could "become Christian" again and go pray and stuff. But it'd feel fake because I've done it before.

If God is real I think he has given me up. I am a useless human in almost every way. I have few redeeming qualities.

389ac8  No.765519

Guys, i need help. I've just relapsed..and i need to develop new strategies. I've discovered that prayer is the BEST weapon against temptation and works everytime. But the problem is, sometimes i get tempted, and don't/ forget to/ refuse to pray. I feel like this is the final barrier to me. How can i force myself to pray when i'm tempted?

f0c71d  No.765629

Also need help guys, is been just one week of no fap, sobre last Sunday. I think this had my most successful attempt yet because I'm indeed suffering much less from temptation.

However I got that read feeling back, managed to get up early to go to mass today, and had a dread feeling all along, like my throat closing up, started crying during communion and felt I could just break out in tears at any moment.

I don't know why this keeps happening, it was the same last week when I failed last. Could my found loneliness, I also got to be certain I have no chance with this particularly cute girl yesterday, so that could just make it worst.

I'm also waking up everyday around 5 in the morning, most days i get back to sleep easily, however today want one of them and kept me up thinking since, its also summer time, so it means I'm waking always around 4:20, like, wtf?

I think I'm still holding up strong against temptation, however this dread feeling really kills me, makes me want to fap just so I can escape it. Wth is wrong with me? Have anyone ever experienced difficulty like this?

acbd5f  No.766004

File: 4c92fb3b9c639d5⋯.jpg (237.99 KB, 700x668, 175:167, 1548740648767.jpg)


>Dread feeling

What exactly do you mean by that? Hopelessness? Drained of energy?

My fails were mostly when I was feeling really lonely, got drained of all hope of finding someone, then got into the "i better just fap" mindset

It seems you may be still going through the getting over your ex-gf. I recall it is still a short time since you two talked. Could be caused by it in conjunction with loneliness.

I feel very down after finally talking to my ex too. Not having trouble staying chaste but I have trouble seeing things positively. My overall motivation increased since I want to break the cycle but that does not make me happy. Most days I feel miserable. If I were 1 week into nofap I would definitely fail/be tempted hard in this state of mind.

Perhaps try to define what causes the dread feeling for you and start there. It may really well be just you eing afraid of being lonely after you and your gf broke. When you get oevr her it might be healed once for all. It might just be a form of temptation…satan uses dread/hopelessness all the time to lure us into sin.

Have you talked to priest about it?

f0c71d  No.766275


Hello brother, luckily I was able to get by yesterday, ended up going twice to mass, prayed a lot, and cried a lot as well. Hopelessness yes, but also what I have to imagine must feel like depression, its a constant feeling of something stuck up my throat, and like I could cry at any point (and I did while praying and taking Eucharist).

But at least I feel refreshed afterwards, I feel like I'm finally letting go of my bottled up emotions, one idea is that perhaps I always numbed my pain away through masturbation and other stuff, and now I'm finally feeling it fully.

Another idea is that I'm really freaking with my loneliness, specially weekends amplify this feeling, I do think I'm getting over my ex after all, I'm taking to see any other option and getting to understand that perhaps it really wasn't a good match. And as I mentioned, there also was this other girl that I shouldn't have any hopes for, so that could have contributed.

>Talk to your priest

Good idea, didn't even think about that and how to go about it, maybe after mass together with confession?

But overall I'm feeling better now, still miserable like you're too, tired and hopeless. Still getting teary eyes as I'm writing this though.

ef5b5c  No.766299


Don't rationalize it too much.

You know your goal, now figure out the simplest way to achieve it.

c28a6b  No.766434

My girlfriend leaves tomorrow and will be away for almost one month.

Please pray for me to stay pure during this time

2b2201  No.766704


One would hope you had stayed chaste with your non-wife in the first place.

ef5b5c  No.766708


Good chance to test yourself out anon.

Best of luck and prayers.

8fc2d4  No.766741

File: a5d6aae36a62a32⋯.jpeg (65.25 KB, 500x333, 500:333, AA2F9EBB-0E46-47CC-9BA8-E….jpeg)

>tfw anorexic who has conditioned himself to break NoFap after breaking NoFood


8fc2d4  No.766743


or breaking the former in order to break the latter…

f0c71d  No.766850



What now?

ef5b5c  No.766870

File: a7b9f4c8b385cfa⋯.gif (10.77 MB, 480x268, 120:67, oldniggaz.gif)

Had a bad day myself today. Going to try to go clean for about a week now.

acbd5f  No.766871


Talking to him after mass is a good idea. While there;s a line for confessions he may be in a hurry so perhaps ask him if he was so good to do it after mass that you also need a spiritual advice. It may not take too long after all but maybe it is better than stuffing it all into few sentences while other people wait outside for confession.

I am healing slowly and on the top of that I need another confession. Now I even struggle with self esteem and confidence in a similar way I did one year ago. I know it;s probably just a temporary phenomenon but it is scary. Day by day I feel like we(all) need a spiritual awakening, a mass return to Christ. And even guys who are christian need to be "reborn" to be fully grounded in faith. First we have to at least discuss it but well I do not think I am the authority to write about it, regarding my vices and downsides. so that' swhat keeps me from it along with complete lack of time. But I really feel it is necessary. I talked to two atheist friends about several topics, including faith, porn etc. lately and it was frankly discouraging in all respects. In this respect I feel pretty deserted IRL, sometimes even in "christian circles", let alone in atheist. /christian/ is a good place to go. I think we could do with a /christian/ online magazine or something of the sort. Guys coming up with short posts/articles. Again I do not see it happening or which way it would go. But so far even people here are scattered into disputes/bait threads etc instead of forming a coherent line against the modern worship of man himself instead of God.

Yet again…I am apparently struggling to conquer my own problems so I do not feel to be in a position to "preach" or to make suggestions/advices.

c28a6b  No.767090


I know anon, but we’ve been together for 7 years and i only found my faith again 2 years ago. The only reason we haven’t gotten married yet is because a friend of ours in getting married this summer.

I pray each night and admit my sinful behavior. My hope is that we’ll be married by next year.

94e0da  No.767113


I'm literally like you but instead I find i'm just a disappointment to God. I just hope someday I'll stop for good. I never had a woman in my life, maybe when I'll it could get better, I don't know

2b2201  No.767149


Anon, fornicators will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. You should be more worried about that at this very moment.

f5397b  No.767193


Doesn't sound like a meme. I'm going through a similar struggle as well. I'll be praying for you.

4fa6c4  No.767201


Anon, either hold off from her or marry her now.

If you hold off, you may upset her; and if you marry her now, you may upset that friend. But certainly it is better that you upset a human being than the God who died for you, no?

683f52  No.767221

File: f65135bba287e4c⋯.png (22.47 KB, 645x773, 645:773, 1348110457874.png)

That's it, /christian/, it's been one month since I failed and I've been failing non-stop since. Whether it be 5 days, 7 days, 3 days, 4 days, I just can't get out of it. If I never failed I'd be at 4 months but I just keep losing. I just don't want to give up my lifestyle of posting on /a/ and looking at doujins. I did it perfectly before, I occupied myself with other things, I hardly even touched my cock the months prior, what changed? Is there any way to keep things the way that they are? What must I give up in order to stay pure?

f0c71d  No.767331


Hey anon, let me just take the time to check your id which i just now noticed

< abcdef

But anyway, good to hear you're getting better, just know that this will pass as well, try to be thankful of the good things and be grateful with your current girlfriend. Have you been struggling with masturbation as well?

Yesterday was hard, but luckily I managed to make it, even after a dangerous session of watching the stuff. So I've guess still got a strong hold on me, I'm feeling better, but I could fail at any moment like this.

I like your ideas too, maybe we should start that, it was sort of a similar plan with the auto improvement thread as well, I've guess we need to always remind and encourage ourselves on our path.

For me I also would problems like >>767090

Coming from a more secular life, sex is pretty part of relationship intimacy for me, I don't understand how love making could be wrong with the purpose of love, however I understand that a relationship built solely on passion is risky, and the importance of the holy matrimony. This is a tricky subject which I have no answer to, and have to think about before my next relationship.

acbd5f  No.767404


Yeah, based ID.

Anyway. Yeah I am trying to recover and in the meantime not hurt the current girlfriend. I was a bit moody because I had to settle the ex and in result I consider re-evaluating this relationship but I will take my time with it, it should not be rushed.

>Have you been struggling with masturbation as well?

I have. a year ago. Now I am struggling with touching my gf inappropriately or having occasional peeks on pics of naked women online (now going strong for some time). This is at least one of few things that I can inspire people irl around me about. I hope my secular friend finally crosses the Rubicon of his masturbation addiction but it's not easy since he just does not have faith, even though he's from catholic family.

>Coming from a more secular life, sex is pretty part of relationship intimacy for me,

I strode off the path with my first gf, we had pre marital sex and it did no good to both of us, it did not save the relationship either. It just went for a long time because I wanted to satisfy my lust while being in an unhappy relationship. I later realized how trapped I was in that situation. Now I am reading Libido Dominandi and it strikes a tremendous chord upon me. Like..the girl did not use the sex to manipulate me but my lust effectively clouded my judgement. We just were not made for each other. I justified the sex by "I will marry her one day anyway so it is not a sin" (yeah I know it is a weak justification and I was proven wrong) The result was that the whole thing dragged, we both lost our virginity, I got a hole drilled in my soul that took more than two years to heal. If I could do it over again I would do my best to keep my winnie in pants.

Well all I can really do is to be at my best today and repent.

I have thought about putting something forward but I do not know what way to grasp it. Don't want it to turn out too political or anything since it always creates a discord on /christian/ with endless bait threads. In the nature of women thread just by mentioning few quotes I created a discussion about the source of the quotes rather than of ideas expressed in them. So that is one thing that perhaps should beb avoided since this board should not be primarily political, there is already a thread for it.

b5508e  No.767546

>Mfw I caved in after 2 weeks

>Mfw I have no face

I'm making progress again at least.

Pray for me please.

141820  No.767574

winnie the pooh

i just dont care

but i know i should

6d338d  No.767685


Now going along week 10, warmly happy about this all. It's like only in bodily purity i can get peaceful

b24cbf  No.767941

File: 30adbc76a441da3⋯.png (4.79 KB, 205x246, 5:6, sad wojak.png)

I failed multiple times this week. I feel horrible. Please pray for my soul, brothers.

141820  No.768269

I've started to notice that my waking up to fap is often preceded by scary dreams about spiders.

2d415f  No.768303


^Confirmed for arachnophobia being diagnostic of closeted arachnosexuality.

76ebf2  No.768309

File: c2dac68c40668d4⋯.jpg (64.43 KB, 500x430, 50:43, 1525884701659.jpg)

pic related is how I feel when it begins

>oh **** here it is again, oh God

I feel powerless to my temptations, I am trying to change

7e02b8  No.768422


>Using the Lord's name in vain on a Christian board

Anon… why?

f0c71d  No.768555

I'm sorry God, have mercy on my soul.

Failed, after going well for 12 days, kinda of a record to me, but the worst thing was, I didn't sorry, so I did again the next day, and started thinking there isn't problem with doing it at all.

What the hell is wrong with me? And even after I started feeling much more lively and wholesome. But I did also feel terribly depressed, and that pushes me over to pornography so I can numb my senses, how can I deal with that?

746794  No.768604

I've finally gathered the courage to definitely leave 4chan or any board other than this one. I also stopped using the internet in the transport/toilets, I just watch some youtube now though I know I must stop that too.

I feel like this was one of the last thing holding me down, but I know it's not a fight you definitely win either. Stay strong and get rid of your shitty habits brothers.


>please God forgive me for sinning

>I'll keep sinning just the same though, please don't be mad

What are you even doing here? Didn't you see the thread title?

Jesus I hate normies so damn much.

c66816  No.768637

3704f5  No.768708


>taking the lords name in vain

>hating your brother

you are sinning just as much as he is

76ebf2  No.768779


well when i said it I meant it in "Oh God, help me!"

there is truth to that you shouldnt say stuff like that after a curse word, but I doubt hes never done it.

but whatever, he is right.

be3ce8  No.768787

Whenever I see "nofap" my mind just replaces it with "prostate cancer"

623791  No.768971


Are the monks known for higher prostate cancer rates or something? Also your eternal soul is worth more than your temporal body, even if the prostate cancer stuff is true.

acbd5f  No.768975


the ((entertainment industry)) makes the saying lord's name in vane rampant. I struggled with it for 6 months, again and again failing. It is tough. One can transform it into "God help me" but honestly when I say this while cursing I almost always realize I sin and then just try to make it up afterwards.

These days I get annoyed by everyone - even atheists taking the Lord's name in vain, exclaiming loudly. Just where have we gotten?

acbd5f  No.768976

File: da2bf33661993b0⋯.jpg (180.5 KB, 463x612, 463:612, 95bcdd67ea7248c6bcb4cb8db8….jpg)


They have succeeded in memeing it up to it so they can control us by us engaging in degeneracy.

If you read Libido Dominandi, think about it for a while it makes a perfect sense why they would lie about it.

Oh..did you know the circumcision has been "proven" to have "great benefits" - lower incidence of urinary infections and stuff. But only according to American medical association. The Europeans do not recommend it. Know why? Because it is a lie, the "studies" are falsified and circumcision actually increases the chances of the child getting herpes etc. also cripples your sexual pleasure with your wife.

But in US they claim it is beneficial. So much for the "studies"

615381  No.769259


There have been papers written on how long lived and healthy monastics are.

f0c71d  No.769561

Damn, its one of those "I'm feeling good and want to stay pure, but everything gets me overly aroused, and porn is showing its clutches like never before" episode.

What to do when I get like this?

060d0d  No.769574


Take a cold shower than pray the Rosary

5e9aed  No.769586


Hey brother.

Three things:




In other words: Ora et labora plus fasting. It works. The prayer keeps the devil at bay, you cannot possibly pray and fap at the same time. One activity will destroy the other. Work keeps you busy, it uses your energy into something useful, not throwing it away by you throwing your seed into a sock. After a day filled with activities, you will have no desire to fap, just to sleep. Fasting: Well any ascesis outside of /purity/ will help you to achieve a better discipline in the /purity/ plane. For me cold showers are a "no no" so now I work on that and it straightens me up in other areas.

When the "great urge" comes, get out of the house for a walk/pray.

4e27b6  No.769668

File: d6673a03d0a0b80⋯.jpg (85.41 KB, 707x500, 707:500, 1496091253662.jpg)

I lost.

Wasn't worth it. It never is.

8d6e35  No.769671

Reminder that NoFap is forever so fix your mindset.

4d5526  No.769712

File: ef782fb7ba991bb⋯.jpg (1.99 MB, 1900x1796, 475:449, ef782fb7ba991bba0cf177650e….jpg)

Back at it again.

It gets kind of odd; the longer I go on NoFap, the greater tendency I have to drift away from Christian things. Almost like I just sort of forget about Him, but still continue to run on autopilot struggling against lust. Then I inevitably commit the deed and it makes my mind snap to attention, like waking from a bad dream. I suddenly realize where I am, what I've done, and how horribly I've been messing up for the past while. I'm not sure what to make of it.

I've learned not to get terrifically upset over it, though. It just seems like more of a waste. That sudden crushing realization that I just wasted a night better spent on more enjoyable activities is punishment enough for me, and I think the Lord realizes that. I won't have time to paint for the next few days due to my schedule, and I have to slog through many torturous hours of menial retail work to get there.

I commit the deed despite knowing full well how it throws my hormones and emotional balance off afterwards; my anxiety tends to flare up afterwards. I'm not sure if intensity of the anxiety correlates to frequency of committing the deed; I just know that tomorrow is going to suck really bad.

5e9aed  No.769786


So the last time I was on youtube. Somehow I got to watching vids of girls dancing ( i know) the next thing I know there was a woman in her underwear "dancing". For minutes I just could not tear my eyes off her body.

I managed to close it, did not pursue "nudity" per se. But watching underwear dances is basically nudity by "old fashioned" standards - just that we are so accustomed to seeing women barely clothed/almost naked even in ads we are numbed down.

f0c71d  No.769819


>Work keeps you busy, it uses your energy into something useful, not throwing it away by you throwing your seed into a sock. After a day filled with activities, you will have no desire to fap, just to sleep.

Ok, so here is the deal, I'm unemployed atm, still managing to keep my time filled somehow through a miracle, from studying, to reading, to church activities, to handcrafting, and even engaging in vidya. The problem though is one day passes but the next comes, and I either start to get really tired or demotivated, like literally sad that I don't get to enjoy it that way. Its kinda hard I don't know how to describe, but its easier to maintain chaste while you depressed and sad, which is not optimal long term goal.

Anyway, praying and holding on for now.

f0c71d  No.769821


>I commit the deed despite knowing full well how it throws my hormones and emotional balance off afterwards; my anxiety tends to flare up afterwards. I'm not sure if intensity of the anxiety correlates to frequency of committing the deed; I just know that tomorrow is going to suck really bad.

I know that feel brother, this is what scares me the most too, I know that fapping just drain our energy and motivation, and in turns it makes me much more depressed and angst, with anxiety and longing for companionship (I get needy). I think the amount definitely correlates to the feeling, for me it depends on how many orgasm you managed when failing, eg how empty you got.

>I suddenly realize where I am, what I've done, and how horribly I've been messing up for the past while. I'm not sure what to make of it.

But this is odd though, do you feel that the longer you manage to control yourself the more you stray from your proper course?

I get it if you're saying that you start to feel good and get things straight, but start straying off since that pain that got you there is no longer present, so we inevitably start falling off the wagon, like "oh just one peek at this lewd picture".

5e9aed  No.769881


I cannot say I understand…I may become unemployed one day and face the same issue then I will understand the feel. RIght now I would be just pretending to know.

What I meant by work - obviously apart from employment the things that you already do:handcrafting, going to church, reading, studying, doing your hobbies.

c8ec53  No.769886

File: ea3471656195685⋯.jpg (1.62 MB, 1196x2197, 92:169, gallery6-1.jpg)


Since lust blinds the mind the means are often not clear to those mired in it, this is a compilation of every method to be used, and in tandem, they worked for me, and can work for you too. In fact, it is said those who do all of these things can not fail. It takes up to 2 hours of your daily time, if you have to cut a little sleep, or give up a hobby, it is better than your "whole body be cast into Gehenna" as the Lord says. Use at least these first 10, and then add on to it with whatever happens as necessary. Some of the additional means are just attitudes good for life, and stop a lot of OCD-type behavior that results from masturbation, and other mental defects that come of it.

1) Frequent Spiritual or Physical Communion. The prayer to be used is this one of St. Francis: I believe that You, O Jesus, are in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love You and desire You. Come into my heart. I embrace You. Oh, never leave me. May the burning and most sweet power of Your love , O Lord Jesus Christ, I beseech You, absorb my mind that I may die through love of Your love, who were graciously pleased to die through love of my love.

2) Consecration to Mary if you are baptized, either by St. Louis or Kolbe, a daily Rosary of 15 or 20 decades (and no less unless you literally can't, and if you are that busy you are probably too busy), the three Hail Mary's at rising and before bed are obligatory as some overcome this just by these, the Brown Scapular of course, most important is immediately calling Her Holy Name when tempted, and repeating it with the name of Jesus until it is gone. This last one made a habit almost solely overcomes it, as even when the slightest feeling of arousal or temptation comes upon you, the brain now reacts with this almost by itself, so I noticed after 20 days of this, even when you don't know you're tempted, the physical body does. Pray to Mary for a hatred of impurity ("I would rather castrate myself and die than do this"), and other devotions that please you to her, especially the Seven Sorrows.

3) Pray to God and Mary for a good confessor obviously, and go to confession either when tempted (this breaks it) or having sinned, and generally once or twice a week.

4) Meditate, as in mental prayer, on one of the four last things each day for at least 15 minutes. http://www.awakentoprayer.org/method_metal_prayer.htm Use this method. Also important note about this method: acts and petitions repeats until you get to the end of the material you are meditating on, read a bit, when something strikes you, make acts and petitions, read more after that has waned, make more acts and petitions, and so on until the end. Use "Preparation for Death" by St. Alphonsus as a good start, anything that interest you most, not necessarily in order.

5) Practice the presence of God at all times, practically this means getting the Jesus prayer to a level that it is a "background process" in your mind at all times. Yes you can study and do other things while doing it, but it devotes a part of your consciousness to contact with God at all times, and causes you to be more mindful of all your actions, and aids you in everything. Before applying all of these means, I had conquered PMO by this alone, it heals all things.

6) Avoid all voluntary occasions of sin, and go to sleep early. This is obvious but what is not obvious is that God deprives you of efficient grace to overcome the sin if you don't do this. He literally ceases to help you if you don't. If this means switching jobs or careers to get rid of the computer, so be it. If it means a lack of social contact through the net, so be it. If it means having no entertainment, so be it. Different things are necessary, but a clue as to what the occasions are for you is whatever you have fallen the most around (you know what they are).

c8ec53  No.769887


7) Exercise temperance with food and drink, practice interior and exterior mortification and penance. Practically the first part is as St. John Climacus says, "a clear rule handed down from the Fathers is this: eat not until you are satisfied, leave the table while still hungry." It gets easy after like a day or two, and one of the best mortifications is early morning clod shower blast, even if for 5 minutes, and my favorite, sleeping on the floor with the window open in winter. I do this last one nightly, it arrest erotic dreams and forbids nocturnal emissions. I'll find something to do in the summer. Also stop eating after a certain time and stick to it. Don't eat sweets, and go vegan if you have to. These last two things I've also done, because apparently meats and sweets cause arousal, seems legit, not sure if true, a lot of old texts say so (if you are concerned for your health with this last bit, although you shouldn't be, better an unhealthy chaste body than a healthy one bound to hell). For interior mortification, anytime a thought of a woman or any sort of thought of sex or something occurs, ignore it (don't force this), sign yourself and pray a short prayer. It trains the mind.

8) Practice modesty, in all things not just in dress. Practically, shut up when people are talking, don't talk much, don't debate people, and wear a uniform (certain set of clothes, no pantlessness) inside even when alone.

9) Avoid idleness and sloth and procrastination.

10) Practice custody of the eyes. This becomes most important when you do the above 9, as you'll be tempted to lust after actual women (or men) once porn is at least kicked. After I kicked PMO, for the first time in many years I lusted after someone like this, it is a disgusting feeling. Remember the scourging of Christ during these times, it kills the urge.

c8ec53  No.769888



Doing these you'll be fine, but here are some additional means: Help others overcome it, have a devotion to pure Saints (Joseph for most of us, do the "Thirty Day's Prayer" for chastity https://www.ewtn.com/devotionals/prayers/thirtydayjoseph.htm and a litany of St. Joseph at the end), Sacred Heart Devotions, Immaculate Conception devotion (there is a tiny office for this that takes 2 minutes to say, http://www.catholictradition.org/Mary/marys-book19.htm) Divine Mercy devotions, self-exorcism ("get thee hence Satan" when tempted), binding prayers ("I bind you spirit of lust in the name of Jesus and send you to the foot of the Cross to be judged by our Lord" or similar for any spirit bothering you at the time), resolutions of the will ("when tempted I will do X" throughout the day before a time of known temptation), many acts of love and Hope, daily Mass, do not presume that you will be forgiven (the next time you masturbate could be the time God abandons you), do not give yourself over to the sin when falling (falling once, then twice, then thrice, then cutting out a chunk of time to fall before you seek your "forgiveness"), avoid all secular media and music and entertainment (don't listen to that music, don't watch movies, don't watch the news, I do this, it's a better life) so that your imagination won't be used to receiving but giving (this makes temptation easier to deal with). Once you have chastity, persist in all of these means (the 10) so that you keep getting that joy over trouncing the temptations, and be on watch for falling. Use these means like it's your first day of falling. And truly, it is joyous to have chastity.

Final note: sometimes a demonic temptation will happen when you have chastity, not from within but from without, when this happens, use the normal means and in addition run. Anywhere, to the shower, to the lack, to the snow, to the heat, to the family to busy yourself, to the pain, and focus on God and do not even face the temptation. If you've used all of these means you'll have the mental ability to do that.

c8ec53  No.769890

File: e0af5091436ec47⋯.jpg (520.8 KB, 804x1228, 201:307, annuncia13.jpg)




No psychological means are necessary, but if you fail to do one of the 10 main means each day and fall, it is only on yourself. Especially the last 4 of them, as these are most often the cause of the fall.

May you all be blessed, and the God of Our Lord Jesus Christ turn His face upon you, and blessed you out of heaven, and make you most chaste. Amen.


35a8cf  No.770176

File: 1bf6abc14710cd8⋯.jpg (7.58 KB, 285x177, 95:59, 67c18baa.jpg)

Okay so i had a disgusting dream where i fapped and that lead to a nocturnal emission. As soon as i woke up after the emission, the first thing was to check the position of my hands in real life, and they were luckily far from my penis.

So i didnt sin, even if i fapped in the dream right? I wouldnt have done it fully conscious.

c4c80b  No.770193


Try using your imagination. Bring out that old childhood naiveté that lets fantasy become like reality, and then mold that into something onto the page, or in the clay, or perhaps just through pure imagination.

c4c80b  No.770195


This made me think of something funny, forgive me but I must say it:

You just got jacked off by the devil, ecks dee.

(I don't actually think the devil jacked you off, the mind is just prone to wanting gratification/fulfillment of procreation).

e9a79c  No.770200

File: 90bbe25cce281b1⋯.png (32.13 KB, 330x328, 165:164, 32c11b09.png)


>You just got jacked off by the devil

(I think in the old times, like medieval or so, thought nocturnal emissions were works of succubus.)(same guy you replied to but i think my id changed)

0b2e16  No.770203

File: 0e26331ff6c5fbe⋯.jpg (30.79 KB, 680x434, 340:217, 1516713850109.jpg)


75e917  No.770208


Don’t fall into despair, go at it even harder. No failure, only learning. Pray through it all!

e343fd  No.770585


keep trying dubs anon your effort will be worth it

602dd7  No.770776

I need confession, I really do. I've struggled with giving up this stuff for years. I hate it. I write or look at stuff, and then later I'm utterly disgusted with myself. Fortunately it's not as frequent as it used to be, but still!

I've got a catholic friend online and he's said that I should just choose an Orthodox or Catholic and go there, join, do confession. I think I should. Any advice on that front anons?

acbd5f  No.770943


The obvious advice from me - being catholic - would be to begome catholic. I shill for that in other threads enough however so I will limit myself to the sacrament confession.

I swallowed nominalism - as most of us do - thinking the confession is just "metaphor"or "symbolical". Therefore you do not need to confess to priest, just tell God the father your sins. Therefore you do not need to confess at all. That naturally flows from it. This however leads to enslavement of sin because the confession is not "symbolical" but really a metaphysical occurence where you are forgiven your sins. I will limit my anti-relativist rant on this matter.

My personal experience was that I was on my way back to God. I was doing 2 week streaks or so, going to church. Feeling either "not worthy" of confession or considering it "nut really useful" because of the intellectual construction mentioned before.

One day I felt the great urge to go confess while at church. I did not make it then because I was genuinely afraid of telling all my sins to somebody, even being afraid that I cannot be forgiven. In the evening I regretted missing the opportunity. I went the very next morning to confession. It was great…my consciousness was lifted from the heavy burden and the priest also encouraged me to struggle in the spiritual warfare already waged.

Did one confession break the habit? no.

Did long term confessing and prayer exterminate the masturbation? definitely.

All I can tell you - go to confession each time you fail. From the start perhaps once a week, then reduce it as the failing is reduced also. Go to communion and pray. It will purge the sin quicker than you realize.

76ebf2  No.771186

File: f6b43812affe1a0⋯.jpg (7.88 KB, 250x202, 125:101, 1548676370672.jpg)


81a299  No.771375

File: ce929237bb1b4d2⋯.jpeg (35.68 KB, 316x475, 316:475, EE6CC115-FC65-4E77-AC4D-1….jpeg)

Christanons, I want to share a chapter from the very excellent "Victory Over Vice" by The late, great Ven. Fulton Sheen.

Third Word Lust “Woman, behold thy son; behold thy mother.” John 19: 26, 27 Lust is an inordinate love of the pleasures of the flesh. The important word here is inordinate, for it was Almighty God Himself who associated pleasure with the flesh. He attached pleasure to eating in order that we might not be remiss in nourishing and preserving our individual lives. He associated pleasure with the marital act in order that husband and wife might not be remiss in their social obligations to propagate mankind and raise children for the kingdom of God. The pleasure becomes sinful at that point where, instead of using it as means, we begin to use it as an end. To eat for the sake of eating is a sin, because eating is a means to an end, which is health. Lust, in like manner, is selfishness or perverted love. It looks not so much to the good of the other, as to the pleasure of self. It breaks the glass that holds the wine; it breaks the lute to snare the music. It subordinates the other to self for the sake of pleasure. Denying the quality of “otherness,” it seeks to make the other person care for us, but not to make us care for the other person. We are living today in what might properly be called an era of carnality. As the appeal to the spiritual relaxes, the demands of the flesh increase. Living less for God, human nature begins to live only for self, for “no man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one, and love the other, or he will sustain the one, and despise the other.” Peculiar to this era of carnality is the tendency to equate the perpetuity of marriage with the fleshly pleasure, so that, when the pleasure ends, the bond is presumed to be automatically dissolved. In America, for example, example, there is more than one divorce for every two marriages —an indication of how much we have ceased to be a Christian nation and how much we have forgotten the words of our Lord: “What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.” The regrettable aspect of it all is that, with this increased sin, there is a decreased sense of sin. Souls sin more, but think less about it. Like the sick who are so moribund that they have no desire to be better, sinners become so calloused that they have no yearning for redemption. Having lost their eyes, they no longer want to see; the only pleasure left to them in the end is to mock and sneer at those who do. (Continued)

81a299  No.771378

File: 9cfeac42e4bc9e0⋯.png (246.82 KB, 474x335, 474:335, C036F1C8-5F94-4D27-83BF-DD….png)


It is never the pure who say that chastity is impossible but only the impure. We judge others by ourselves, and attribute to others the vices from which we ourselves refuse to abstain. Some reparation had to be made for the sin of lust that, in Old Testament times, became so hideous to God that He would have withheld the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah could but ten just men have been found within their gates. Our Lord began making reparation for it at the first moment of the Incarnation, for He chose to be born of a virgin. Why did He choose to transcend the laws of nature? The answer is very simple. Original Sin has been propagated to every human being from Adam to this very hour, with the exception of our Lady. The prolongation of this taint in human nature takes place through the carnal act, of which man is the active principle, for man was the head of the human race. Every time there is generation of one human being by another, through the union of man and woman, there is the propagation of Original Sin. The problem confronting the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity in becoming man was how to become man without at the same time becoming sinful man, that is, man-infected by the sin to which all flesh is heir? How to become man without inheriting Original Sin? He had to be a true man in order to suffer for man, but He could not be a sinful man if He were to redeem man from sin. How could He be both man and yet sinless? He could be man by being born of a woman; He could be sinless man, without Original Sin, by dispensing with man as the active principle of generation —in other words, by being born of a virgin. Thus it was that when the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her that she was to conceive the Messiah, whose name would be called Jesus, she answered: “How can this be done, because I know not man?” She had made the vow of virginity, and she intended to keep it. The angel answered that the conception of the Son of Man would take place without man, through the power of the Holy Spirit, who would overshadow her. Being assured of her continued virginity, she accepted the motherhood of God Incarnate. “Be it done unto me, according to thy word.” So it was that reparation for sins of the flesh began the first moment of the Incarnation through the Virgin Birth. That same love He manifested for virginity in the beginning, beginning, He re-echoed in the first sermon of His public life: “Blessed are the clean of heart, for they shall see God.”

81a299  No.771379

File: 5278ae966f9b6b7⋯.jpeg (111.49 KB, 1557x1960, 1557:1960, 8B52A98B-D957-40DC-A0FC-2….jpeg)


Later on, when some scribes and Pharisees sought to malign His good name, He challenged them to find anything impure in His life: “Which of you shall convince me of sin?” The final atonement and reparation is made on Calvary, where, in reparation for all the impure desires and thoughts of men, our Lord is crowned with thorns; where, in reparation for all the sins of shame, He is stripped of His garments; where, in reparation for all the lusts of the flesh, He is almost dispossessed of His flesh, for according to Sacred Scripture, the very bones of His Body could be numbered. We are so used to looking upon artistic crucifixes of ivory and the beautiful images in our prayer books, that we think of our blessed Lord as being whole on the Cross. The fact is that He made such reparation for sins of the flesh that His Body was torn, His Blood poured forth, and Scripture refers to Him on the Cross as a leper, as one struck by God and afflicted, so that “there is no beauty in Him, nor comeliness . . . that we should be desirous of Him.” Our Lord chose to go even further in reparation for the sins of lust by dispossessing Himself of the two most legitimate claims of the flesh. If there was ever a pure and legitimate claim in the realm of the flesh, it is the claim to the love of one’s own mother. If there is any honest title to affection in the universe of the flesh, it is the bonds of love that attach one to a fellowman. But the flesh was so misused by man and so perverted that our divine Savior renounced even these legitimate bonds of the flesh in order to atone for the illegitimate. He became totally un-fleshed, in order to atone for the abuse of the flesh, by giving away His Mother and His best friend. So, to His own Mother He looks and bids farewell: “Woman, behold thy son”; and to His best friend He looks and bids farewell again: “Behold thy mother.” How different from the world! A mother will deprive her son of an advanced education in a foreign land, saying, “I cannot give up my son.” Or a wife will deprive her husband of good material advancement through a short absence, saying, “I cannot give up my husband.” These are not the cries of noble love but of attachment. Our Lord did not say, “I cannot give up my Mother.” He gave her up. He loved her enough to give her away for her life’s plan and destiny —namely, to be our Mother. Here was a love that was strong enough to forget itself, in order that others might never want for love. He made the sacrifice of His Mother so that we might have her. He wounded Himself like the pelican, so that we might be nourished by her motherhood. Mary accepted the poor exchange to carry out her Son’s redemptive work. And at that moment when Jesus surrendered even the legitimate claims of the flesh and gave us His Mother, Mary, and His best friend, John, selfishness died its death.

81a299  No.771382

File: fb76462ef03608b⋯.jpeg (38.82 KB, 380x574, 190:287, 96331C8C-AA32-4E5D-9BCA-C….jpeg)


Two lessons are to be learned from this Third Word from the Cross: that the only real escape from the demands of the flesh is to find something more than the flesh to love; and that Mary is the refuge of sinners. If we could ever find anything we loved more than the flesh, the demands of the flesh would be less imperative. This is the “escape” a mother offers her boy when she says: “Don’t do anything of which your mother would ever be ashamed.” If there is that higher love of his mother, the boy will always have a consecrated sense of affection, something for which he will be willing to make sacrifices. When a mother makes such an appeal to her son, she is merely echoing the lesson of the Savior, who, in giving His Mother to us as our Mother, equivalently said, “My children, never do anything of which your Mother would be ashamed.” Let a soul but love that Mother, and he will love her divine Son, Jesus, who, in order to make satisfaction for the unlawful pleasure of the flesh, surrendered to us His last and lawful attachment —His Mother. The psychology of this enthusiasm for a higher love of Jesus and Mary as an escape from the unlawful attachments of the flesh is this: by it, we avoid undue concentration on lower loves and their explosions. Think about your mouth for five minutes, and you will have an undue concentration of saliva. Think about your heart for five minutes, and you will believe you have heart trouble, although the chances are nine out of ten that you have not. Stand on a stage and think about your hands, and they will begin to feel as big as hams. The balance and equilibrium of the whole system is disturbed when an organ is isolated from its function in the whole organism, or divorced from its higher purpose. People who are always talking, reading, and thinking about sex are like singers who think more about their larynx than about singing. They make that which is subordinate to a higher purpose so all-important that the harmony of life is upset. But suppose that, instead of concentrating on an organ, one fitted that organ into a pattern of living; then all the uneasiness would end. The skilled orator never feels his hands are awkward because, being enthused about his speech, he makes his hands subordinate to their higher purpose. Our Lord practically said the same thing: “Be not solicitous . . . what you shall eat.” So it is with the flesh. Cultivate a higher love, a purpose of living, a goal of existence, a desire to correspond to all that God wants us to be, and the lower passion will be absorbed by it. The Church applies this psychology to the vow of chastity. The Church asks her priests and nuns to surrender even the lawful pleasures of the flesh, not because she does not want them to love, but because she wants them to love better. She knows that their love for souls will be greater as their love for the flesh is less, just as our Lord died on the Cross for men because He loved His own life less.

81a299  No.771383

File: 59a013f63cb76ad⋯.jpeg (146.17 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, B41E26C7-1B10-4C46-87A7-8….jpeg)


Nor must it be thought that the vow of chastity is a burden. Thompson has called it a “passionless passion, a wild tranquility.” And so it is. A new passion is born with the vow of chastity, the passion for the love of God. It is the consolation of that higher love which makes the surrender of the lower love so easy. And only when that higher love is lost does the vow begin to be a burden, just as honesty becomes a burden only to those who have lost the sense of others’ rights. The reason there is a degeneration in the moral order and a decay of decency is because men and women have lost the higher love. Ignoring Christ their Savior, who loved them unto the death on Calvary, and Mary who loved them unto becoming Queen of Martyrs beneath that Cross, they have nothing for which to make the sacrifice. The only way love can be shown in this world is by sacrifice —namely, the surrender of one thing for another. Love is essentially bound up with choice, and choice is a negation, and negation is a sacrifice. When a young man sets his heart upon a young woman and asks her to marry him, he is not only saying “I choose you”; he is also saying “I do not choose, I reject, all others. I give them all up for you.” Apply this to the problem of lust. Take away all love above the flesh, take away God, the crucifix, the Sorrowful Mother, salvation, eternal happiness —and what possibility is there for choice? What is to be gained by denying the imperious and revolutionary demands of the flesh? But grant the divine, and the flesh’s greatest joy is to throw itself on the altar of the one loved, where it counts its sorrow a cheap price for the blissful joy of giving. Then its greatest despair is not to be needed; it could almost find it in its heart to inflict a wound that it might bind and heal. Such is the attitude of the pure. They have integrated their flesh with the divine; they have sublimated its cravings with the Cross. Having a higher love, they now make the surrender of the lower, so that their Mother may never be put to shame. Mary is the refuge of sinners. She who is the Virgin Most Pure is also the Refuge of Sinners. She knows what sin is, not by the experience of its falls, not by tasting its bitter regrets, but by seeing what it did to her divine Son. She looked upon His torn and bleeding flesh hanging from Him like rays of a purple sunset, and she came to know how much flesh sinned by seeing what His flesh suffered. What better way in all the world was there to measure the heinousness of sin than by seeing, when left alone with Him for three hours, what it could do to Innocence and Purity. She is the Refuge of Sinners not only because she knows sin through Calvary, but also because she chose, during the most terrifying hours of her life, a converted sinner as her companion. The measure of our appreciation of friends is our desire to have them around us in the moment of our greatest need. Mary heard Jesus say, “The harlots and publicans will enter the kingdom of Heaven before the scribes and Pharisees.” So she chose the absolved harlot, Magdalen, as her companion at the Cross. What the scandalmongers of that day must have said when they saw our Blessed Mother in the company of a woman who everyone knew was the kind who sold her body without giving away her soul. Magdalen knew that day why Mary is the Refuge of Sinners, and certainly our day, too, can learn that if she had Magdalen as a companion then, she is willing to have us as companions now. Mary’s purity is not a holier-than-thou purity, a standoffish holiness that gathers up its robes lest they be stained by the sinful; nor is it a despising purity that looks down upon the impure. Rather, it is a radiating purity that is no more spoiled by solicitude for the fallen than a ray of sunshine is sullied by a dirty windowpane through which it pours.

81a299  No.771384

File: 98ef44cf4537ab2⋯.jpeg (29.22 KB, 247x363, 247:363, 45CA25E1-BA7E-4838-9C2C-5….jpeg)


There is no reason for the fallen to be discouraged. Hope is the message of Golgotha. Find a higher love than the flesh, a love pure, understanding, and redeeming, and the struggle will be easy. That higher love is on the Cross and beneath it. We almost seem to forget that there is a Cross at all. He begins to look more like a red rose, and she begins to look like the stem. That stem reaches down from Calvary into all our wounded hearts of earth, sucking up our prayers and petitions and conveying them to Him. That is why roses have thorns in this life —to keep away every disturbing influence that might destroy our union with Jesus and Mary.

(End of chapter)

599e13  No.771662

File: e9da473181d998d⋯.jpg (32.1 KB, 327x360, 109:120, hank.jpg)

I'm struggling hard with this, not with doing it, when I would masterbate, I did it maybe once a day if that, there were times it would even be once a week. But it's almost as if my sex drive is non ceasing without tugging one out. I constantly fantasize over women I know because I haven't been able to give myself the sexual release. I would go so far as to say I lust more after women when I'm being 'pure'.

I'm so torn lads.

acbd5f  No.771702


Something needs to be done. I almost broke nofap because first I was just cuddling with gf, then I crossed the line with the touches, the next minute I had to stop her because..well her touches would lead to her jerking me off.

I feel bad because I am even doubt ridden if she's the right woman for me. I get really gloomy these days. Good thing I stopped her early on, and frankly after all it was my fault primarily. I feel like I cannot do anything right. Two years struggling with this sin, defeat masturbation for one year only to find myself unable to resist this temptation.

c8ec53  No.771744


If you can not be chaste around someone before marriage, it is doubtful that you can within marriage. Therefore this is not the woman for you. If someone is a stumbling block for you, or tempts you, they are an occasion of sin for you also. Therefore this is not the woman for you. Do violence to yourself and remove her from your life lest it become more difficult to do so later and you call into a worse sin.

2b2201  No.771745


"chastity" within marriage isn't being chaste from intercourse, it means you restrict all sexual activity within the marriage

however, this anon should still avoid a marriage because the woman cannot put a stop to her passions and keeps dragging him into mortal sin, this is usually an indicator that she'd be an unchristian wife

2b2201  No.771746


although i'll be more frank, be honest with your gf about your concerns, and be even more frank you seriously want to consider marriage.

if she can acquiesce, maybe it can work out. pray about it as well.

665be5  No.771752


posting this is a sign of regret

8d6e35  No.771943

File: c62a3d4d7e0c947⋯.gif (4.25 MB, 444x250, 222:125, 365th day of NoFap.gif)

Imagine that feel on the 365th day of NoFap.

dc7df0  No.772008

I'll never experience not even a hug with a woman.

So I prefer masturbating. Otherwise I would go psychokiller.

I'm also ugly as winnie the pooh.

f20bc1  No.772023

Been 8-9 days of nofap, every thought of porn was very weak and easy to resist, possibly this is what they call sufficient grace.

However at morning I often have erotic thoughts while half asleep, it's a minor sin because I consent even though my will is weakened because I'm not entirely lucid.

Due to those images now my balls hurt, this is very unfair. What do?

acbd5f  No.772029




Well tbh It was mainly my fault. She's the woman. I am the man and I should have the will to keep my passions at bay. I do not think she purposely tries to seduce me.

I need to learn to control myself and find out if this is the woman I should marry or not. I think that even if I dated the best woman suited for me I would still be tempted by her body because Lust is one of my vices that I struggled so hard to subdue. I just was not in this stage - I did not have gf for those 2 years.

I do not think this is a resolute and valid reason to break up with the girl. She is a good girl and she's definitely loyal.

37641a  No.772079


Nah you should give her two black eyes for being lewd.

Lol just kidding, good luck ^_^

8d6e35  No.772246


You cannot be Christian yet tolerate masturbation.

3704f5  No.772312


how long do you go without it?

it should subside after about a week

30c232  No.772418


pleasure for pleasure's sake is a sin, no?

5a7c5a  No.772719

Here is a woe of mine. We live in the most cursed possible time. Oh my gosh. Nofap is completely impossible. The fact of the matter is whether you turn on the TV, your smartphone to social media, a comedy site, or look at the ad for sex toys that is constantly pinned at the top of this site, impure thoughts are impossible to avoid.

Someone is going to come along and give me some shit about "haha you have to overcome the impure thoughts. thats the point lol.". To them I have to say, a peasant in the middle ages didnt live in a culture where "virgin" was an insult and an entire winnie the pooh library of porn was a click away.

I would like to go a full winnie the pooh week without committing a mortal sin but this horrid, Godless, hell that is internet culture has made that damn near impossible. Sometimes I subconsciously console myself saying "well for a sin to be mortal it has to be thought out, which this isn't and I cannot control what society throws at me.. After all I didn't think too far ahead of time when I did this". Of course this is not the case and every single time I fail to resist the all encompassing shroud that is the overspecialized global culture, I have committed a sin of grave matter.

I have tried to break myself of this more times than I can count and I have failed more times than I can count. I genuinely would have offed myself by now if that in itself wasn't sinful.

TLDR- How the winnie the pooh is anyone supposed to succeed with nofap when society at large is so corrupted and so intent on forcing sexual thoughts upon us.

bbba76  No.772727

File: 581cec1fb3266de⋯.png (316.86 KB, 850x463, 850:463, inception-squint.png)


<Nofap is completely impossible

Stopped right there because this is demonstrably false. With God all things are possible anon. If others and I can do it, so can you.

I'm giving you the same advice I guve everyone here. SMASH YOUR SCREENS! Cancel your Internet! You literally cannot fap if there is no screen or Internet to watch porn on. Failure to do this is on you and your addiction to sin.

5a7c5a  No.772755


You do not ACTUALLY think it is that simple do you? A person cannot simply exist without the internet these days. It is a basic need for human survival due to the digital nature of work, mail, and everything else.Nontheless, if that is truly what it takes, I will find out soon enough, as I will be enlisting in the Army as an indirect method to die where I am certian there will be not a chance for me to have reliable internet. If what you say is true, I will be fine.

As for your point regardiding that all things are possible with God, I do not question that. Sure he has the infinite ability to drop subtle hints and nudges in the right direction or end creation before I can get to confession , I doubt MY ABILITY to use what he gives.

bbba76  No.772759

File: d3445ff1e6648f6⋯.jpg (47.32 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, 538463-wikimedia.jpg)


>A person cannot simply exist without the internet these days.

Lmao, quit making excuses for your sin and REPENT. Internet is a luxury that no one needs but everyone wants. The sooner you get that through your head the sooner you will be happy.

5a7c5a  No.772763


Yeah. No offense. But you are on the internet. Right now. I am certian you couldn't give it up practically. We all need email for example. I want to end this but our lives are intricately connected to the web. Trust me. I do WANT to give it up if it brings me closer to God, but I do not simply know if I CAN.

bbba76  No.772765

File: bf5eca405a6a048⋯.jpg (151.87 KB, 750x1108, 375:554, Jacopo_da_Ponte_-_St_Valen….jpg)


I am aware I'm on the Internet, but I'm not the one with the problem.

>we need email

We don't need email. There is this thing called "snail mail". Potential employers or you boss can always call you on your phone if they need to get in contact with you.

5a7c5a  No.772771


Fantastic. Hey why not shoot me your address and Ill tell you how this is going in a month or five?

bbba76  No.772772


Okay here you go

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

Get well soon

5a7c5a  No.772774



bbba76  No.772775

File: b424878f8ddc0ed⋯.jpg (59.09 KB, 950x460, 95:46, Donald-Trump-salutes.jpg)

8cceca  No.772805


A nice girl has agreed to date me. Im a loser and I feel so lacking compared to her. Let i love her i believe and if this is going to happen, I want it to be a relationship good in the eyes of God. I met her through church and she is a first time church goer, although she was baptised as a Catholic. What are bible verses which can guide us?

c8ec53  No.772828


If it is not for work or school, ditch the internet if you have to. It's that simple. Use things like pluckeye with a 30 day delay to force you for at least 60 days to use the internet on your computer during certain times only. Use Google Voice instead of a phone, or get a flipphone. Remove tech, TV, news media, secular music, etc, anything not work or school, and is tech, ditch it.

You'll see an improvement.

58f9a9  No.772852


Masturbation is homosexual.

acbd5f  No.772864


>Nofap is completely impossible

>How the winnie the pooh is anyone supposed to succeed

First stop being a defeatist faggot. Yeah we got it. The world is wicked, disgusting, full of porn/nudity/degeneracy. Nobody denies that. Abstain from fapping and staying chaste is probably more difficult than in early ages. That;s all true.

However. You should become a shining point in the darkness by overcoming the sin.

>Will you succeed by yourself?

No. But you need to strengthen your will and overcome yourself.

>Will you need God's help?


Start by praying. You cannot pray and fap at the same time. One activity will destroy the other. Other things you sdhould do: Go to confession, attend mass/communion.

You should limit your online time, avoid nsfw, work out, find more hobbies to keep you busy and you should develop hatred towards sin.

I do not intend to sound harsh. But I do not like people being defeatist. I blame society - and those who subverted it to become a hellhole too. Do not take me wrong. Indeed things are bad. But faithful christians should be avant-garde that breaks from sexual control, especially porn and masturbation. Going around saying it is impossible/blaming outside sources won't help you/us. What will help is if we adopt a monk mindset and purge the sin from our lives.I am quite sure that God will appreciate the difficulty of our times in this regard - each has been given some amount of talents. In this regard we were given less. That does not mean we should be defeatist.Quite the contrary.

>I would like to go a full winnie the pooh week without committing a mortal sin but this horrid, Godless, hell that is internet culture has made that damn near impossible.

Go pray 2 times a day + each time you're tempted then you'll see some results

b34330  No.773043


Agreed. This is a spiritual war. War is hell.

What's this Winnie the Pooh meme? I don't get it.

bbba76  No.773045

File: e0bf708d60cb6fe⋯.jpg (46.56 KB, 750x512, 375:256, jSxJWBG.jpg)

ef5b5c  No.773059


Board censure from foul language.

It and xi jinping.

04a097  No.773256

Tonight I masturbated to something so depraved that I, even though I became so jaded I had not felt deep shame in a year, felt more ashamed than ever before. I just wanted to share this, I don't have anyone I trust irl to confide in. Sorry

ef5b5c  No.773269


Don't apologize to us, anon.

Apologize to God.

033444  No.773288


So anons, I dropped the porn as I think it's disgusting. I tried watching it when I relapsed and felt that I didn't need it. The problem is, I still masturbate… How do I stop anons

0c75a7  No.773303

>>773288 (checked)

>I still masterbate even without p*** how can I stop?

just remind yourself that every time you touch your penis to masturbate

, it's the devil trying to turn you into a sodomite. also just in general keep yourself busy and active and you will find you have no time or interest masturbating anymore.

b34330  No.773386


Maybe try going to the gun range. Go for a run. Go drive somewhere.

Get your mind off it. Pray and fast.

The more you think about it the worse it will become.

2463bf  No.773487

Fellas, I've begun to piss out semen. Should I be worried?

b5508e  No.773513


That's impossible.

Probably confusing nocturnal emissions with pissing.

If you're really going to the toilet and shooting sperm like piss the your prostate is kill and you should see a doctor ASAP.

2463bf  No.773567


Maybe I didn't explain properly. I'm not really pissing semen, but earlier today while I was urinating a small wad of semen came out along with the urine. I don't know if I should be worried.

8c8c15  No.773651


If you've been going a long time on NoFap, that's normal. Happened with me when I started to reach the late 20's in terms of days in a row (i.e. 25, 28 days in a row, for example.). If you've only been at it for a few days or a week, then you might want to see a doctor.

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