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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


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Christchan is back up after maintenance! The flood errors should now be resolved. Thank you to everyone who submitted a bug report!

File: 35d8c756913ba7b⋯.jpg (1.94 MB, 2700x1838, 1350:919, the-delivery-of-israel-out….jpg)

55fd2f No.479593

Glory to God in the highest

Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ! Grace to you and peace.

As I'm sure many of you would agree, /christian/ has had it's fair share of troubles recently. There are some deep divisions in our small community, and as time has passed, these divisions have become more and more prominent. The last survey showed that there are two main, opposing ideas as to how we should confront this: about half of you believe that we ought to have much stricter moderation, and the other half think we should have much laxer moderation. We've done our best to walk the line, but unfortunately the situation is not improving. In truth, a problem like this is almost completely out of our hands; but there has always been one option available to us, and today we are ready to announce what that is.

/christian/ now has it's very own imageboard! Glory to God! The control and freedom this provides cannot be overstated. First and foremost, this allows us to accommodate the needs and desires of all of our users. Initially, we will have three boards: /d/ - Discussion, /f/ - Fellowship, and /g/ - Gehenna. Discussion will be the closest to /christian/ as it is now, where a balance is struck between preventing inflammatory posts and permitting free discourse. Fellowship will be the board for those who are sick of interdenominational conflict, and it will be heavily moderated. Gehenna will be, as the name implies, the board for sinposting, and it will be essentially unmoderated (although still SFW). In addition to this obvious benefit, there are many other more subtle advantages. For example, we will no longer have to see 8chan's NSFW advertisements. Having access to the source code of our site means that we can make any modifications that we like to it's functionality. The sky is the limit, and I'm optimistic for the future of our community.

The new website can be found at https://christchan.is. We hope to see you all there soon. I'll be answering any questions you might have in this thread.

With love in Christ Jesus,

the sinner and unworthy board owner, Ezekiel

And on earth peace, good will among men

031c5c No.479600


>50% of community want more moderation

>50% of community want less moderation

>admins respond by making new website

Is there more that went into this decision than that? It seems like there is more.

Why is this needed? I have never heard for calls for a new website. Are the admins living in a bubble or something? (pls no ban I shill for you constantly)

16f337 No.479604


>50% of the community wants less moderation

So what, that means the board has a total population of like, 30 people? Since only 11 people during the survey complained about moderation.

6b7d5a No.479605


I can't post, it says flood detected.

385a58 No.479606

what's going to happen to this board?

e01921 No.479609

File: afc47d461c75e05⋯.png (149.16 KB, 376x439, 376:439, 1.png)


Same. I made a couple posts and now

bb1be7 No.479610


Absolutely nothing is changing with this board. We were somewhat concerned people might misunderstand this, so rest assured, this board will be exactly as it has been. No one is leaving this board.

e01921 No.479612


If they want to make a new site, so be it. Hopefully they can keep the /pol/ influence off of it.

16fb7c No.479614


How in any way will this stop any of the moderation or interdenominational problems with /christian/? We want you to open the mod logs, so rather you decide to open a new website.

Also ban the turktard already. It's obvious he is a goon who is trying his hardest to D&C the board.

If you really want to go somewhere else, use endchan, because at least it's not the same moderators as the ones on this board.

e01921 No.479621


Of what use is the mod log?

eeae8b No.479623


>How in any way will this stop any of the moderation or interdenominational problems with /christian/?

That's precisely what's being addressed in the OP, one of the three boards will be heavily moderated, one will be moderately moderated, one will be a free for all(including baptists!) sinposting storm.

So, if you personally have an issue with the moderation you might appreciate not having any on one of the boards.

55fd2f No.479624



There's a 90 second timer between posts. I can reduce this if people prefer it that way.


As I said, those who want more moderation have a board, and those who want less also have a board. There's a third board for the two groups to coexist on. You are free to post whatever you like, within reason, on Gehenna.

cad57d No.479630


It should be noted all boards are tolerant of all christian denominations and the /f/ board will be strictly fellowship so you dont get bullied

Post last edited at

031c5c No.479631


If there isn't going to be any change to this board or deletion, then why is there a new website? It seems rather pointless.

I sort of like the idea, though. 8ch is a very immoral place, and I would hate to see /christian/ go down with the rest of it should anything happen.

Maybe we could keep both for now, and we just play around with christchan.is and you guys can fix what needs to be fixed (as there are already problems with it). And then, at the right time, we all go there and this board is deleted.

It could be a sort of Ark - a completely Christian chan with a ton of boards, all of which are Christian without necessarily being about religion. We could get people from other chans and other sites who want a non-modernized Christian community and bring them there.

Make a /h/ board for History please.

727bea No.479634


This is good, but needs more boards. Like /Catholic/, /Orthodox/, etc. Otherwise there's no point in mover to a slower website just for pretty much the same experience as here…

e01921 No.479640


We have a /catholic/ here. Nobody uses it.

031c5c No.479641

Also admins, install a skin that is not cancer. Please and thank you.

6b7d5a No.479643


My concern is with the admins and mods (from my experience with your discord server) who have a clear Roman Catholic or Orthodox bias. What will you do to address this, if at all? And I don't mean watering down the gospel or anything. I hope you understand what I'm getting at.

Also, thanks for the Christian chan. I will do everything I can to support it. I think you guys are right on the mark with the global rules: https://christchan.is/.static/globalRules.html

727bea No.479645


Probably more people would use it if it was advertised here… /xpi/ died because there's just no advertising.

6b7d5a No.479646


I agree, Yotsuba should be the default skin.

e01921 No.479647


>clear Roman Catholic or Orthodox bias

No, there isn't. Just because you don't get to scream about how the Pope is the antichrist or post about "muh dipah" doesn't mean there's a bias. It means you can check your idiot memes at the door.

55fd2f No.479651


This is something we are actively considering, but splitting the community along denomination lines is a highly contentious idea. For now, we will wait and see.


There is a yotsuba theme available, which should mimic 8chan closely. That said, we would be hugely grateful for any and all CSS submissions.


We are actively recruiting protestant moderators. All the global moderators will be contactable via email and Discord. They will maintain a public presence on the board so that you can get to know them as individuals.

6b7d5a No.479652


>Just because you don't get to scream about how the Pope is the antichrist or post about "muh dipah" doesn't mean there's a bias.

I don't do this and this is considered trolling. We are all one in Christ.

031c5c No.479654



Sorry I had to do it.

By the way, is there going to be red text on the new chan? Oh and how do we refer to the new chan? /christian/ we call /christian/ obviously, with the slashes. Is it christchan.is? Do we just call it christchan?

385a58 No.479655

need any graphics done?

banners and such?

cad57d No.479657

File: f698fbc6fb26d48⋯.jpg (36.79 KB, 854x541, 854:541, sinners in the hands of an….jpg)


I'll keep an eye on them fam, but they're good people. If you see actual bias by all means contest it in the meta thread or the meta on discord and we'll see it.

Post last edited at

6b7d5a No.479660


>is there going to be red text on the new chan?

Yes, https://christchan.is/.static/posting.html

031c5c No.479662


>(aa) for japanese characters

Why do we need this? Instead, make a special tag for Scripture.

6b7d5a No.479664

File: fbe2847f8f2b0c9⋯.png (141.85 KB, 285x285, 1:1, logo.png)


Can you make the global rules, at least the part with the Nicene creed, prominent on the home page?


6b7d5a No.479666


Thank you. If you're going to keep using the discord server, would it be possible to add another channel (e.g. #protestant or #non-denominational)? I don't mean this to be schismic, but right now people who aren't Roman Catholic or Orthodox just leave the discord (and the chan). Anyways, just my opinion.

Also, would it be possible to also host an IRC server? Thanks.

024322 No.479671

bring back matthew when?

6b7d5a No.479674

File: 0069a3960400bdd⋯.png (20.05 KB, 518x505, 518:505, Untitled.png)

Can you remove this clutter at the bottom of the page. It's very confusing for newcomers.

6b7d5a No.479678


I tried to report a post, but it said "Bad Account" or something.

Can you reformat the report and delete so it does a popup. Not have it all cluttered to the bottom of the page like that?

031c5c No.479680


This. Make a [+] button or something if someone wants to see that.

41037e No.479683


A few other boards have made their own separate imageboards to use as bunkers and ride out the turbulence from last year. That's more or less what I see this as.

bb1be7 No.479691

Thank you to everyone posting problems you are running into. These are the sorts of things that help us very much. You have our deepest thanks and gratitude.

Keep them coming.

d64874 No.479692






cad57d No.479695


We're making an effort to not split people up based on denominations on the discord server and the main board. I understand the frustration, but you kinda have to live with em and everyone else. show them grace where they would show you none, they still confess Christ as lord Rest assured we won't be banning you for simply dissenting from that crowd either.

Post last edited at

d64874 No.479696

File: 5b4730f638cec37⋯.png (197.35 KB, 820x645, 164:129, Screenshot_10.png)


>There's a 90 second timer between posts. I can reduce this if people prefer it that way.

It's been a lot longer that 90 seconds, and I still can't post.

031c5c No.479698


How do we get onto the Discord server? I must be a retard. I went in and clicked that link in the christchan.is links page, and it just took me to a login screen. I created an account, but still I'm not in the server.

1922be No.479701


Why do you believe in a Semitic desert cult when you know what kind of people (((they))) are.

cad57d No.479703


It was posted in the meta thread.


b9a77d No.479704


/cath/ - Babylon

/ortho/ - Turkey

/prot/ - 30,000 denominations

b9a77d No.479706


>There's a 90 second timer between posts. I can reduce this if people prefer it that way.

Can you remove it entirely?

d7c36f No.479747


>divisions have increased

I haven't noticed any changes in this board to be honest.

3b19b5 No.479763

This place seems fine to me. A lot of shitposting, but it's an imageboard. Not sure what you'd expect.

d64874 No.479764


Will flags be added eventually?

3c7100 No.479784

Ezekiel, why haven't you banned tutor like you promised? He is a cancer on this board to be honest, and anyone who has been around long enough can tell by the global ban log when this faggot is on. It's quite obvious with his insipid ban reasons for harmless posts while ignoring C*tholic shitposting about how everyone who isn't complicit in sexual abuses their clergy commits is destined for Hell.

be77a0 No.479819


Tutor got a promotion, get buttmad

264edc No.479899

db24b2 No.479903


Could you clarify?

be77a0 No.479908

wat up?

websites down

eba377 No.479909

>down already


why even bother with this new shitpost engine?

cdb3d6 No.479910



It's down due to Ezekial fixing a bug with the site. It'll be back up shortly once it is fixed.

be77a0 No.479914

55fd2f No.479923



Thank you for raising this issue. After investigating, I discovered a bug which was causing the flood timer to be shared between all users! This is now resolved, and the flood timer will affect each user individually as originally intended.

I have also reduced the timer to 60 seconds. Please let me know if you run into any futher issues. Bug reports are extremely helpful

2d513d No.479940

File: b6e99ede5d2bcb5⋯.jpg (62 KB, 600x498, 100:83, spurdo-deebly-goncerned.jpg)


I-I-I'm not sure this is a good idea.

Rather than leaving it to Jim and codemonkey to worry about DDOS attacks and such crap, you're making that now your problem.

Besides, what extra moderating powers will you have on Christchan that you don't have here?

I mean, God bless your efforts, and I hope for its success, but … my heart hurts for you.

1ab8e7 No.480059

It's good to have when we need a bunker, for when 8ch dies. But for now we are fine here I think.

72a6ae No.480069



Have you left it yet? What was your streak?

72a6ae No.480071


Who would send DDOS attacks?

396b28 No.480079

I have mixed feelings about a new board - on the one hand I think it's great to have a separate place from 8ch, where there arn't links to often deviant and degenerate boards looming at the top of every page. I genuinely like the idea of our own place, as long as people actually start posting there and discussion and fellowship can grow.

However part of the appeal of /christian/ is that it's a becon of light and hope in an otherwise very dark place ("darkest corner of the internet" after all) and, being a relatively active/popular board means that lots of people from other places surely lurk here and as a result get exposed to the gospel, arguments for the existence of God and other such interesting and eye opening discussions that they otherwise would never have. I know I'm one of the many that came here after originally coming to 8ch for a wholly different and unsavoury board. That element would be missing from christchan. But like I say I am also fond of the idea of our own chan too, and particularly think having the three boards could be a good thing. That the new board exists should maybe be advertised in a sticky on /christian/? (I know we have this sticky now but I mean later on if this one gets unsticky'd because it's considered old news - where the link is more prominent and isn't after a para of preamble etc.)

I'm not sure how it works creating your own chan, and don't know how much power you guys have to change these things, but can I request if possible that as the board gets established and set up the you can think about addressing the following points to make it function similar to good ol' /christian/?

- post IDs within threads - useful for keeping track of who's who in discussions (may as well remove the name field once this has been implemented)

- Hovering over the time a post was posted gives however many minutes/hours/days ago - useful because the timestamp on the post doesn't ever seem to match up to actual time irl?

- I've got the yotsuba theme on but every time a page loads it loads the default theme for a second before reverting to the other one you've selected - this is pretty jarring

Also hovering over post no. featured in a reply to bring up the replied to post isn't as responsive - takes a little longer with a "loading" thing - this doesn't seem to happen on 8ch for me

^All minor things but thought I'd share. Ty for listening and setting it up in the first place.

72a6ae No.480103


>Hovering over the time a post was posted gives however many minutes/hours/days ago - useful because the timestamp on the post doesn't ever seem to match up to actual time irl?

Don't make unnecessary questions out of statements. Also, how do you mean? The options should fix that. I'm guessing you haven't been here long, no?

2c70de No.480106

File: 758ac79d6d76cca⋯.png (289.91 KB, 1102x720, 551:360, Capture.PNG)

If we're going to have something like pic related we should have links to resources from various denoms, not just ortho links.

Also personally I don't really like the fixed typeface. Can you add more themes or customizable CSS?

72a6ae No.480110


There's Yotsuba so far, and he said he's going to add more and that submitted CSS are welcome.

72a6ae No.480112

72a6ae No.480119

File: a97629d5c6d5c4b⋯.webm (2.39 MB, 908x512, 227:128, can't_ctrl-a.webm)

Vid related. Mostly just a minor nitpick that is inconvenient.

IIRC, 8chan was like that way back when.

15887f No.480166

File: 0d934578fdd4d2b⋯.jpg (176.69 KB, 716x900, 179:225, christ-and-the-woman-of-sa….jpg)

why? this is completely retarded and anti-Christian. we are sanctifying this image board and we are converting many. God used this image board for my conversion. Going to another site is stupid and we lose all our potential for evangelization and opens up a way to divide us.

you can remove 80% of the impurities on here, you put all images as spoiler and you can remove the images of advertisements from the site.

this new website will just split us and remove all our potential for evangelization.

>You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt lose its savour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is good for nothing any more but to be cast out, and to be trodden on by men.

>You are the light of the world. A city seated on a mountain cannot be hid.

>Neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but upon a candlestick, that it may shine to all that are in the house.

>So let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

396b28 No.480186


Acknowledged that the grammar was poor, but I'm lazy and only meant to indicate that the fact that the timestamp on posts does not necessarily match up may only be an issue for me and not everyone else for some reason?

I haven't explored the options admittedly didn't realise there were any and don't know what constitutes new but I would say I've been lurking here for about 2 years pretty solidly before posting more recently but really chans are and never have been my native territory I must confess

cdb3d6 No.480199


Satan dubs aside, /christian/ isn't going anywhere. The website is a place where we can have more security and control over the posting and site conditions to be more edifying. On top of that, we'll be able to have designated boards for different types of posts, and according to EZ, posts can now be moved between boards instead of requiring being deleted/banned.

15887f No.480207

File: 1422893099b6006⋯.jpg (175.6 KB, 711x900, 79:100, jesus-raising-jairuss-daug….jpg)


your post didn't address any of the concerns I talked about, and who cares about your features? what we would be giving up to get the features YOU want is about as stupid as giving up eternal life for a bit of fun in your mortal life.

I want to save souls for Jesus Christ and this New website is threatening that.

396b28 No.480216



sauce on these comfy pics pls?

396b28 No.480223

File: 24de39609621efc⋯.jpg (55.12 KB, 570x414, 95:69, 94a1ed276ab700ff307f6c3cdd….jpg)



7091cb No.480226


Make sure to link to Faithful Word Baptist Church

3b80e3 No.480232


>please link to the Sedevacantists of the Southern Baptist Council


15887f No.480272

File: ece58dae1da3428⋯.jpg (152.3 KB, 711x900, 79:100, the-last-supper-john-lawso….jpg)



to all redditors, please lurk. You might think you pass unnoticed, but your posts are obvious and they make this board less attractive because your post quality is low. Lurk until your post quality is better. when you can spot reddit Posts is about the time you should start posting, because you will know what to avoid. I'm not saying this to insult you, I'm just concerned about the Board quality ( and you should too since you're here).

396b28 No.480332

File: d3a52f2f6d74c1e⋯.jpeg (32.58 KB, 607x530, 607:530, d3a52f2f6d74c1e01a99d841d….jpeg)


Have I rustled ur jimmies m8? Apparently because I made the mistake of not looking at your pic's file names before posting, and then acknowledged my mistake by posting a facepalm pic? That or there's something else I'm missing that you're reading into. You can only take my word for it that I've never spent time on there but whatever. I could never be bothered to get learn and try to make sense of the weird formatting/structure of threads in that place

265206 No.480726


Just do what /a/ does and use the new site as a bunker for when 8ch starts hiccuping.

19739b No.481351

File: 710d23f25721ccd⋯.jpg (109.65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault (1).jpg)


>christchan will have a /d/ board

i know it doesn't mean what i think it means, but i find the irony of that fact to be mildly amusing.

464b1d No.481526


Mods, please open /h/ it'd be pretty nice

b0424e No.482146

>/d/ - Avoid […] genealogies

What exactly does this mean? Serious question.

be77a0 No.482156


Its a scriptural reference

72a6ae No.484191


lol, just realized it's just like 32chan

737eb9 No.484632


To a CHRISTIAN board?! Pff, take a pick from our long list of magnanimous friends who would love to post their pr0ns at first and ddos later when they get b&

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