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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


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ac005e No.480755

I was watching this trailer and I was wondering what /christian/'s thoughts were about life elsewhere in this universe

043897 No.480761


it's quite possible given the size of the universe and the fact that God likes to create.

why do you ask?

2b8794 No.480772

Bible says adam was the first human. Not the only human. Not the only sentient species either for that matter.

Extraterrestrial life is total possible.

6911ad No.480787

I don't believe in aliens, they are entirely a construction of scientists wet dreams. The argument that the universe is so large that there MUST be other life only makes sense if you think life occurs randomly anyway.

If there were Aliens then they would be there because God put them there maybe they even have their own incarnation of the son who knows, i still think they are not real and are made up because Steven Hawkins wants to fuck some grey goo.

c78d60 No.480792


Why are the actors so ugly? Why does Cara look like an aborigine?

1c2f8a No.480794


>Steven Hawkins

… didn't think up aliens. Lucian of Samosata wrote "A True Story" in the 2nd Century about people from the Sun warring with people from the Moon.

d57600 No.480800

aliens = demons

6911ad No.480808


did i say he did??

as for these 2nd century "aliens" they are not the same thing as the modern conception which is eternally linked to atheism and trying to convince people that earth is not the centre of the universe created by God.


anon knows

b3a3a8 No.480830

We can't know. However, unless there's undeniable amounts of evidence otherwise, my default view is that aliens are demons. I've read and watched things wherein people managed to stop alien "abductions" by calling on Christ.

1c2f8a No.480840


Uh … the Earth is not the center of the Universe. Maybe you should use some of the intelligence God created in you. God wants us to understand His creation, not remain ignorant.

Take off that flag and stop LARPing.

6911ad No.480848


>Uh … the Earth is not the center of the Universe

He calls me ignorant but cannot see what my words mean, so i will say again Earth the realm where the story of creation unfolds truly is the center of the Universe.

6911ad No.480850

>God wants us to understand His creation

Also this is one of the dumbest memes i see thrown around, people should use their intelligence and see that "progress" leads to nothing but a load of mess and while they say that learning more about creation brings us closer to god then how can they explain our current state? where we know the inner workings of an atom but don't see what is plainly in front of our faces.

1c2f8a No.480863


>"progress" leads to nothing but a load of mess

So, you'd rather we have cholera in our drinking water and have every other child die of an easily preventable disease?

Also, if you don't like progress, gtfo the internet. Hypocrite.

48b907 No.480873

we live under a dome anon. Seriously, believe what the bible says, it's correct. The earth is flat, there is a dome and the stars are signs for us. No life outside we know of, we're in a realm with niphelium, demons and angels anon, not ayy lmaos.

86cac2 No.480877


He's talking about the inherent wickedness of mankind. Scientific understanding hasn't brought us any closer to God nor made us better people. We're Sodom with gizmos. It doesn't mean everyone should go live in tents again, just means gain isn't Godliness, just as the Bible told us.

48b907 No.480879


Steven Hawking is a hoax now anon. Look at the old pictures of him, look at his atrophy of muscles and how small his hands/legs/face got then look at the poor sap they're wheeling around saying it's "steven hawking". It's a different drugged up dude that they pretend is a genius. They use a computer to simply reply with whatever new theories they want to propose. It's a collective of (((scientists))) that give a message through your given science celebrity. Don't fall for jewish tricks anon. You're based on not falling for (((cosmology))) though. It's all just mathematics based on a fantasy.

1c2f8a No.480885


>Scientific understanding hasn't brought us any closer to God

Maybe not you; but you don't speak for everyone. Every scientific advance brings us closer to the miraculous nature of Creation.

86cac2 No.480898



Proverbs 3:5

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

1c2f8a No.480903



Proverbs 1:5

Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance.

Proverbs 18:15

An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.

Proverbs 1:7

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.

86cac2 No.480910



1 Corinthians 3:18-21

Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise.

For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.

And again, The Lord knoweth the thoughts of the wise, that they are vain.

Therefore let no man glory in men. For all things are yours;

6911ad No.480912


such hubris next you will be commanding everyone to join together and construct a tower so tall we can see god.

6911ad No.480913

1c2f8a No.480917


Get off the internet, hypocrite.

6911ad No.480926


This is such a pointless argument, i live in the 21st century and there is no turning back the clock, me living without any of the benefits of modern life would be dumb. I would be rejecting all the good aspects while having to still live with the moral corruption, pointing out this fact doesn't mean i am a hypocrite. It is plain for people to see that "progress" has lead to the decline of virtue you are seriously delusional if you don't think this, of course you could also be some flavor of liberal who seems to think we are progressing closer to our "final form" as we go on.

8be59c No.480934

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6911ad No.480939


reminder the Amish did nothing wrong.

1c2f8a No.480948


Except you want cholera tainted water and baby's dying. You said so when you answered my question. So, you want to revert and turn back the clock. It is hypocritical of you to not practice what you preach.

ac005e No.480953

f3a0cb No.480954


1 Corinthians 8:1-3

>Now about food sacrificed to idols: We know that we all have knowledge. Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up. The one who thinks he knows something does not yet know as he ought to know. But if anyone loves God, he is known by God.

Deflate yourself

17da36 No.480959


So many questions about other beings. If they were to exist, would they too pray to our Lord Jesus Christ and The Father? I wonder.

a84eab No.481273


Why do all the aliens have their body parts in the same place as earth live?

Is it because these character designers are plebs?

1c2f8a No.481288


Imagine opening the first church on an alien planet. How cool would that be?

fe4c6b No.481297


And i'm saying if i could go back in time i would, but it isn't me being hypocritical because the whole point of going back would be living my life in that era growing up fully, i can't un-learn the things i know and i can't make the rest of society act in a proper way either so me using the internet or not doesn't really change the state i am in.

1c2f8a No.481302


You choose how you live your life. You can't make a single other person live their lives the way you want them to, but you control your own life. Just because others refuse to live life in the 7th century doesn't mean you can't.

Join a monastic order of penitents and spend your days praying and gardening and off the internet and away from the world of men.

d57600 No.481329


Christ came as God Man, earth is the only planet with native human life, therefor Earth is the "center" of the entire universe.

d57600 No.481335


absolutely nuts

accf5e No.481483

Going by pure science, it's unlikely life ever existed anywhere in the universe besides here. Well, if life didn't already exist here, life would be considered impossible all together. Abiogenesis is impossible without divine interference. Since the Bible never mentions aliens, I have no real reason to think they exist. UFOs are probably demons though.

c9be62 No.481839


True, I've seen more creativity in those silly "how to talk to short people" memes.

4a1547 No.481882

File: bfa57991e7b3f1b⋯.png (597.51 KB, 1226x1006, 613:503, 170718-aliens-thread.png)


We already done had this thread, dinwe? Only a month ago, too.

looking fwd to that movie tho

4a1547 No.481897


What does this mean?

I mean, good song, but … relevance?


>Going by pure science

Which science would that be? God centred thus informed by the Word, or materialist science?

"Pure" science is inconclusive on whether life would or would not evolve elsewhere, but would probably suggest the odds are good

84bfd6 No.481906


>I mean, good song, but … relevance?

The Amish show that advanced technology isn't necessary to be close to God.

accf5e No.482010


Rather than materialist science (with its own assumptions), I mostly refer to the fact that there really isn't any good data suggesting that abiogenesis by natural means is possible. Many cientists would assert that it's possible, but that's mostly because they assume that even if it is inexplicable, abiogenesis by natural means occurred on Earth one way or another and that the uniform is (on the macroscale) uniformly distributed. If something happened once in the universe, it can and will happen again multiple times by the logical conclusion of the latter assumption.

b02aea No.482072

watching scifi with aliens makes you believe in aliens

why is this?

86cac2 No.482133


People are retards

be62a6 No.483031


Because people have questions that at least your religion or denomination should be able to answer for no matter how "inconvenient." You can't just lock yourself up in a monastery and flog yourself, you have to go out and preach the Gospel and pray about these things.

357f95 No.483379

File: fe4b28872b91c00⋯.jpg (64.64 KB, 640x360, 16:9, p01hjx85.jpg)


Watched the whole Amish documentary, it's really about a small group of Amish being spiritually reborn, a reformation within their community if you think about it. The religion they practice is extremely legalistic (Isaiah 29:13). I was very touched by this documentary back when I was unsaved, I do believe even to this day they did their little part to help me come to Jesus Christ.

cc6536 No.483503


Through Adam, ALL sinned.

For extraterrestrial life to exist, there'd have to be a separate incarnation of Christ for every species. On top of that, "all creation groans" because of te Fall caused by Adam and Eve. Are you saying that God would have another species millions of light years away suffer for OUR wrongdoing?


Perhaps not now, but it's possible that there will be more created beings in the future. Plus, who needs ayy lmaos anyway when you have:

>Warrior/messenger beings

>Four-faced throne bearers covered in eyes

>Six-winged bodyguard animals

>Fiery six-winged chorus beings who's name translates to "incinerate"

cc6536 No.483504


On top of that, the typical "message" people receive from these things is "You can be God".

b7e609 No.483622


It's possible sin would only apply to here on Earth and not outside of this world per se. Although I wouldn't know exactly where to draw the boundary. That said, I would agree with >>483504 that this UFO/alien phenomenon reeks of demonic activity and something Christians of all denominations need to be on guard about.

26ea3d No.483677


>let me keep taking things out of context and putting words in your mouth

How many times are you planning on doing this ITT?

37a359 No.483766


But what if they follow a different gospel?

467982 No.483791


>Imagine them opening their first church on an alien planet … Earth

How cool would that be?


>people should use their intelligence and see that "progress" leads to nothing but a load of mess

We are neither more nor less heathenish than previous centuries when you take the whole earth into account. I don't see how anyone can read aaaaaaaaaall the sh!t the Israelites got up to that so annoyed the Lord and not see the moral equivalence to today.

da7ba3 No.484063


>How cool would that be?

That's a valid point, Jesus said we need to preach the gospels to all the ends of the Earth. Then the End will come.

678183 No.484106


We have a scientific community that is now being forced to grapple with the evidence. A large proportion of scientists are now some kind of theist. They are grappling with the evidence. Scientism-fetishists don't actually seek knowledge of creation and they aren't actually doing the science. They seek self-satisfaction.

2b8794 No.484109


>For extraterrestrial life to exist, there'd have to be a separate incarnation of Christ for every species.

Did Jesus die for the sins of my goldfish? What if extraterrestrial life is no more complex than single-celled amoeba. No need for an incarnation to save amoral extraterrestrial life.

678183 No.484462

File: fb064e649128e40⋯.jpg (47.6 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 18882066_1320280624759069_….jpg)

A whole string of at least twelve posts just above this one has been deleted. I still see them because my app has them cached. Most of them are totally innocuous. Why delet? Mods? Technical difficulties?

678183 No.484464

they all came back when I posted… wtf now I look crazy

cc6536 No.484490


OP is clearly talking about reasoning beings, not jellyfish.

1c2f8a No.484495


And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15

>Did Jesus die for the sins of my goldfish?

Yes. Every creature.

fd43f8 No.484503


Through Adam, all his descendants (humanity) sinned. What of a race not descended of Adam?

c8205b No.484506


this tbh

6b7c99 No.484819


To be fair, all of Creation suffered as a result as well. Perhaps that would include all life in this Universe we live in.

8be59c No.484834

Just saw the movie. Was pretty good overall, the slightest bit liberal near the end, but you'd hardly notice it. Intro sequence was prolly one of the better parts.

9a523a No.485303


Mark 16:9-20 was added later so it needs to be cross-referenced with the other three gospels. It's just a summary concerning Jesus Christ. Preaching the gospel to every creature can be interpreted as, preaching the gospel to the whole world as in Matthew 24:14:

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the world as a witness to all nations, and then the end will come.


dd70c3 No.485305


Maybe there are aliens and they all have their respective Jesus equivalent.

The difference is that we're the only ones who killed our savior.

4e7117 No.485307

File: 243889ebdb6496f⋯.jpg (48.31 KB, 452x518, 226:259, 1500444451637.jpg)


can you please refrain from stating foolish statements?

9a523a No.485337


I think it's dangerous to talk about this kind of stuff, especially if you're not firmly rooted in Christ. I understand why some will try to shy away from this topic, but we are all to a certain degree firmly rooted in our faith in Christ Jesus. On top of that, many of us are from different Christian denominations so I think we can have a healthy debate on this subject from many different perspectives.

The Bible never mentions any other sentient life. That Man was created in God's image. However, this does not necessarily preclude other life being created. In Scripture, we see God created other beings of the angelic class (cherubim, seraphim, etc.) and that man will one day even rule over angels as well.

>Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life? (1 Corinthians 6:3)

The above Bible verse, along with Jesus Christ giving parables about us granted control of kingdoms and rulers over such from God hints that there is more to Heaven than just going there and enjoying our mansion room.

Howard Storm is a born-again Christian and I genuinely believe he is saved and has a relationship with Jesus Christ. If you cross-reference Howard Storm's testimony with Mormonism (which is a false religion, denies Jesus Christ as the Son of God, etc.), you'll see something interesting parallels where Mormons believe they will become their own gods and rule over other planets and frequently talk about other life on other planets in this Universe, celestial kingdom, and such. I believe this is where Mormons believe theirs is the right faith when they read the Bible, because they cherry-pick Bible verses such as God giving them kingdoms and believe that is speaking directly to their faith while no other Christian denomination even touches this topic with a 10-ft pole.

I believe Satan, since he fell from the third Heaven, would have knowledge of this kind of stuff and created a false religion that implants many ideas from that realm into human consumable knowledge. I think Mormonism is very crude in their representation of "Heaven" because it appears they literally believe their god resides in some star-system in our current dying Universe. However, from Howard Storm's testimony and other prophecies I've read, it appears God is so much more than that, and that Heaven is truly indescribable in human words and that these terms like mansion and such are just representations because Heaven resides in some other dimension and it's very hard for us to comprehend.

I'll admit I don't know where humans fit into the big picture and how Jesus Christ, the Son of God who came in the flesh, would be represented in these other worlds and creations. At this point, I only have one source and haven't been able to cross-reference it. However, we can draw from the Bible how Jesus Christ will reign on this Earth as a righteous King. Perhaps if mankind didn't sin, perhaps if Adam and Eve were able to successfully overcome temptation and Satan thrown into the Lake of Fire along with his fallen angels, that Adam and Eve would replenish this Earth and Jesus Christ would come and reign as King and they would live in peace and harmony. Something to think about and how if God made other Creation how it would play out over there.

467982 No.485349


We already know you are, so don't feel too bad

I've had that happen to me before, too. I think they get hidden for some js glitchy reason

251c8f No.485384

Isn't that chorus in the OST from Eminem's Gangster Paradise?

01f4e1 No.485398


>Yes. Every creature.

No need for a new incarnation for every other planet then. Jesus got 'em covered. :)

f240a7 No.485408

There might be intelligent life in out galaxy, but honestly, by the time we will be able to communicate, humans will be long gone. Space is fucking big, likei fucking huge, data would need to travel faster than the speed of light to communicate with anyone during our time in earth, by the time our messages reach them the second coming would have already passed.

4e7117 No.485429

File: 1ad1ff999633bb2⋯.jpg (1.97 MB, 3299x2549, 3299:2549, 1499625680913.jpg)


Frankly speaking, Its hard for me to conclude your final statement, but what I have got from your post, it does agree with mainline Christian teachings.

Above all creations, men was exalted. And yes, we were created for Domination. One of the first attributes, that God grants mankind in first chapter of Genesis is Domination, As God bestows His creation to us. And yes, Mormons got this in a very weird and somewhat retarded way, but it is true, that we shall have, being made in His image, foremost attribute of God fully revealed after Judgment day: Domination.

My problem here stands regarding accepting others as equals to us, even in theory (I will go to a practical part downwards). Consider the following: In your quote, we will rule Angels. This also does include their inferiority. Now take an account all the traditional sources, regarding their glory, beauty, intelligence and so on and that Angels are closest to come to Human, In fact, in traditional cathodox statements, Guardian Angel is regarded to be humans closest kin. And even through this, they are considered inferior. Now lets think that if such magnificent creatures, as Angels have this position, what can we say about theoretical sentient life, whose existence is more of a product of a science fantasy.

So even if sentient life exists, we should not consider them their equals. But we dont have to worry about that, since the chance of this is miserable. Now lets consider the fact, that most who propagate for this theory are atheists, agnostics and so on and so fort, who at the same time propagate theory of evolution.I have to admit, I accept theory in evolution, regarding non-human lives only, as it fails to show us how consciousness, self awareness, morals and so on are formed. Also if we apply theory of evolution, it always mean survival of the fittest. Not who can think of high morals, because it will largely annihilate it, by showing weakness in survival. So its not a coincidence, that Steven Hawking said, that if alien life will be discovered, it will be space cockroaches.

So to come to a conclusion: Christian shall state that even if other sentient life exists, it shall be inferior to us and atheists, who propagate for alien life, states that this alien life will nearly-definitely wont be as humans, in terms of morality, sentience and so on. So by both views Humans are unique: One states that they were made as gods (psalm 82:6) and other one states, that they are absolute anomaly of evolution.

pic not related

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