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File: 744e9d6163ec8d7⋯.jpg (149.71 KB, 600x900, 2:3, ortho.jpg)

4291fb No.495415

Being Orthodox in America and the west at large.

Whats your experience like and what led you to it?

a13ff2 No.495439

I was a Atheist/nihilist for years and when I finally came to Christ, my research led to Orthodoxy. Honestly I've just started to check out the classes at my local church but so far everyone has been really kind.

118c85 No.495469

File: 19001da049e17df⋯.jpg (198.83 KB, 481x600, 481:600, Annunciation.jpg)


My story is similar, but I was raised Southern Baptist and just fell out of the faith. But my research pointed to Orthodoxy being the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic church. So I sought it out because it has the strongest claim to being the true church. I was blessed with a single Orthodox Parish being within driving distance and it has been great. It's filled with old people, but they're all nice.

The biggest criticism of Orthodoxy I can give is that I knew nothing about it until I did my own research.

The USA is prime ground for Orthodoxy. A lot of Protestant churches, even what used to be the most conservative of Baptist churches in my area of the Bible belt have been modernizing into entertainment clubs for christian rock music and praise songs in a desperate effort to attract secular degenerates who aren't even interested in the church. So all this does is alienate those who are actually interested in Christ. These people are the ones that would be most interested in Orthodoxy. But most Orthodox churches are centered in the north. The ones in the south are like mine, often understaffed and being forced to focus more on fundraising to sustain life rather than evangelizing.

333037 No.495477



Fedora "research" leads to ethnic clubs. Interesting.

834eb6 No.495480

File: 63f091cbe2e842d⋯.jpg (60.25 KB, 1022x862, 511:431, not an argument.jpg)


>ethnic clubs

Of all the things you could attack Orthodoxy with, you chose "ethnic clubs".

I am next expecting the abortion map, the next non-argument on the list.

1733a5 No.495484


>Catholic church in my town is a spic "ethnic club"

>Ortho church in my town is a Greek "ethnic club"

>LCMS church in my town is a north German "ethnic club"

Don't judge a church on any critereon other than whether it teaches and practices Truth.

cc0480 No.495526

File: 30de724caaa3286⋯.jpg (1.82 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 1488409092956.jpg)

Don't derail the thread.>>495477

Orthodoxy is the most spiritually filling thing I've come across since fleeing from agnosticism. It's gotten to the point where I can't sleep without saying the Jesus prayer at least once a day. The liturgy is beautiful, the priest has been very helpful in answering my questions and overall I'm very happy to be back on the path to salvation. I can't remember what sparked me to look at orthodoxy or why I even bothered to look at the local parish, but I know I am home.

11ee04 No.495530



588e3a No.495561


I converted from Judaism without any real prior knowledge of Christianity. The liturgical life seemed most compelling and the theology most sound and consistent. The spirituality seems the most sincere as well.

7455de No.495579


Born agnostic, raised a jew by my mom who converted to be a jew (never did their barmitzva, they were furious with me), became an atheist around the age of 12, converted to Orthodoxy at 18. There is one church near me, but it is purely greek; everyone is greek, everyone speaks greek, the building structure is greek, and i work saturdays&sunday, and no one is there any other day of the week that ive noticed. So i dont ever go. If&when i move up north, there is a russian orthodox church within driving distance of where im looking to move.

I had sleep paralysis for about a month straight, and it was the eorst experience i've ever had. On the final day of it, it wasnt frightening at all, but rather warming and comforting. I saw a cross radiating the purest light i've seen, and it compelled me to look into Christianity. My friends are all either lutheran or catholic. I wouldnt be a catholic for numerous reasons, but there was just something different about Lutheranism and Orthodoxy that made me look into them more. Orthodoxy was more appealing (interestingly enough, they dont require Lutherans to be re-baptized) and the more i study it the happier i am with "my choice" of it, though i dont feel i really had much a choice to make. I don't think its confirmation bias either, because i dont usually experience that. If my cross comes out of my shirt people sometimes ask about it, because i sometimes wear the one "with the extra bars on it," as its referred to.

0fb1d3 No.495589


Why are Catholics so arrogant? If you are a prottie convert it is because you have been brainwashed to hate the pope, eventhough in spirit Protestantism is far closer to Catholicism. And if they are an atheist they just didn't do thw right research?

c764e0 No.495592


>I converted from Judaism without any real prior knowledge of Christianity.

Brother Nathanael is that you?

702b49 No.495595

Converted from atheism after a year of research. I was going to begome Cadolig but I wanted to look into Orthodoxy at least once before that, and incidentally, the one day I decided to go take a look at an Orthodox church, I found myself at a presentation of Eastern Orthodoxy by the parish priest. Two Divine Liturgies later, I became a catechumen.

My experience has been great so far - I meet many people of different traditions, who are all hungry for the Word of God and thirsty for the Wisdom of God. I had a couple of bad experiences though - one Greek parish in the US where everybody was a hardline Trump supporter, clergy included, and one Romanian parish in France where everybody was extremely superstitious and the priest even refused to baptize someone I know who suffered of possession because they were scared the demons would haunt them back.

702b49 No.495596

By the way, more precisely: I became a catechumen after 1 year of research, and was baptized and chrismated after 1 more year, during which I made more research.

0fb1d3 No.495597

I was an atheist, i realised God pretty much had to be real as a concept, looked at religions and their concept of God saw the perfection in Jesus Christ a character unique to Christianity. I then began looking at the claims of the Church and found the main roman Catholic dogma of the Pope at the head of an infalible magisterium was a fairly new invention and dispite the quotes spammed by Catholics which they think prove it was the veiws of the church fathers but only do so if you already assume the dogma Obviously i won't bother getting into polemics in this threaf but no doubt someone will respond to me anyway. I was also put off anyway from the virtue signaling i found at my local Catholic church. I went to my local Orthodox Church and i use the word local Liberaly because it was an hour and a half away by bus. I talked to the priest there and he gave me very good direction which helped me to open up my heart to God and not just my mind. This is the Church where i found God.

I think it is pretty shitty being in a non Orthodox county i have to travel ages to go to church and since all the converts are men as women tend to not stray from what they are brought up with/dominant social veiws, meaning it is unlikely i am going to be able to find a wife and i don't feel called to be a monk.

32d00b No.495600

I believe Protestant beliefs right now, still relatively new to Christianity, but I must admit I'm attracted to the discipline of Orthodoxy. Something about it is more extreme. I plan to learn more as I grow.in faith.

2d9c2c No.495602

>tfw catechumen

>tfw (((southern california)))

>tfw everyone at church is either much older or small children

>tfw no peers to do bible studies with

>tfw no orthodox qts

at least I have Jesus

2d9c2c No.495604



a13ff2 No.495639


My local Antioch church has very few arabs in it; mostly white people tbh. Thanks for the ignorance though.

a13ff2 No.495649

File: 274d65c42a7bb4b⋯.webm (1.05 MB, 600x401, 600:401, 274d65c42a7bb4b7cdbecf7a9….webm)


You have awakened him.

a13ff2 No.495654


>Greek parish in the US where everybody was a hardline Trump supporter

Sounds pretty based to me; at least Trump does something to stick up for Christians unlike any liberal.

702b49 No.495659


Yeah, like sending Iraqi Christians back to where they ran from.

There is also no excuse to base the homily entirely off something Trump said, rather than the gospel reading.

Also, Trump is not a Byzantine emperor. He's a Calvinist, who holds onto the prosperity gospel heresy, who has led a lifestyle that is very, very far from what a Christian leader should have done, and who says ridiculously heretical shit even today like "I never asked for forgiveness". He's better than Clinton, and I'm happy he got elected over her, but I'm unhappy that him and her were the only choices the US ended up having.

a13ff2 No.495660



I do agree that politics have no place in the homily though. I also don't go in for the "god emperor" memes or whatever but I think he's doing more good than bad by a pretty wide margin.

896efc No.495661


>all the converts are men as women tend to not stray from what they are brought up with/dominant social views

Sorry for the off-topic in this wonderful thread, but just one little insertion: in the Churches in the Orthodox countries women are majority.

a13ff2 No.495664


I wish it were like that here in Burgerland - our women have been so badly damaged by modernity.

702b49 No.495690


Hell, politics can have a place in the homily. I've seen a few priests use current events to start the homily and reconcile with what was in the gospel reading for instance. And my priest has done a few homilies on politics at relevant times, although it was more along the lines of "let us not put too much trust in rulers and nations and instead focus on changing the world around us and teaching our children the faith". But basing the homily entirely on something Trump said is simply not good, and in fact I'm not even sure that's canonically allowed.



There are not more Christian refugees arriving under Trump than Muslims. That is true, proportionally. But also, proportionally, there are less refugees arriving now than before, so in fact, comparatively, there are less Christian refugees arriving under Trump than before. And this isn't relevant to what I addressed, namely, Iraqi Christians being sent back, even if they've been in the US for years.


Uh? I've been to a few parishes in Texas and they were about 50/50 men/women. Same thing in Europe.

a13ff2 No.495721



Buttpained liberal detected

702b49 No.495722


It's biased against Christianity and panders to Evangelicals if anything. It's no less shitty than every other "news" outlet.

a13ff2 No.495723

>biased against Christianity and panders to Evangelicals

What did it mean by this?

702b49 No.495724


It's biased against Christianity, and instead appeals to archeretics like Evangelicals and Jews.

a13ff2 No.495728


You sound a lot like those evangelicals you say you despise. Good job!

702b49 No.495729


We can say they are archeretics because we and the Catholics were there first.

a4c6c5 No.495773


You truly are in Sodom and Gomorrah. If I were in your place I would want to get out, don't you?

0fb1d3 No.495877


I would say that it is about 60/40 men/women in the churches i have been to of course this is including married women and babushka in reality there are almost no women for the young men.

f08eaf No.495968

>>495877 this

Orthodox life is hard life, but closest to the life of Apostles and Saints and, dare i say, Jesus.

ac939a No.495980


I was born and raised Jewish. For several years before I visited an Orthodox parish, I was interested in Christianity (mainly Anglicanism). However, I found it shallow and inadequate. Admittedly, when I first starting looking into Christianity, I wanted a "brand" of it that conformed to me and my nature which really hindered me for a while. One day, after dealing with a lot of despondency at the time I picked up a book about depression by Fr Thaddeus of Vitovnica and it got me interested in Orthodoxy. So a few months of reading later I asked this board about Orthodoxy and lo and behold I ended up going to a Russian church. Was baptized about a year later and am now considering monasticism and/or priesthood.

In terms of my experience I have enjoyed it I have meet some really solid people. Of course, there are difficult times and in those times I ask God for his love and mercy. Many people seem to think Orthodoxy is like an ethnic club but that really has not been my experience at all barring one Antiochian parish I went to.

To me, Orthodoxy is the Biblical faith and makes a lot more sense than modern Judaism as the true profession of the Bible/Torah. Also in a way, coming from my (((background))) I found Orthodoxy to be more intuitive to understand than other "western" Christian churches.

373824 No.495982


Yea i can't complain much, i didn't join the church because i thought it would make me happy

daf5d1 No.495986

File: e1f73d768d7f0bf⋯.jpg (5.5 KB, 225x225, 1:1, téléchargement.jpg)


Just a question… What do you think about Judaism now ?

Pic unrelated

f3d577 No.496001


I'm 100% certain my Father browses /pol/ lmao

ac939a No.496002


Well while I will always be fond of my childhood memories and celebrations like Seder meals, I think its obvious Judaism has diverged in many ways from the Bible. Not to mention in "orthodox" Judaism, the rabbis have created a very heavy burden on the laypeople. The Hasidic groups (the ones from E. Europe who practice kabbalah) operate essentially like little cults where each rabbi is basically the pope of their respective community. My biggest qualms with Judaism though have to be:

1) There seems to be little meaningful forgiveness/atonement.

2) Their temple and priesthood has been defunct since 70AD (though the settlers in Israel are trying to change that).

3) MUH ORAL TRADITION which they claim was revealed to them by God and in some regards supersedes the Bible in terms of the Law.

tl;dr: Meh.

ac939a No.496004


Also another qualm I forgot to mention: Jewish people seem to be messy as fuck (except me and my dad for some reason).

542686 No.496233

Interesting article on the experience of being Orthodox in the West.



d575e1 No.496275

File: 3ad85e20fbf60ac⋯.png (73.75 KB, 193x185, 193:185, larp.png)


>"I'll be seeing you at Great Vespers tonight."

d575e1 No.496278

File: 59db4f73b942c7b⋯.png (48.08 KB, 123x171, 41:57, headcovering.png)


>Excellent, she's even wearing a traditional headcovering. Now's my chance!

8bead2 No.496417

File: c6508b9a3398d48⋯.jpg (37.69 KB, 228x360, 19:30, Jet Jaguar.jpg)

I had a mixed Presbyterian/Non-Denom background. Eventually fell out of the church when I couldn't drag myself to the rock concert/mosh pit format of the Non-Denom church anymore. It felt like an hour-long icebreaker from a middle school drug awareness meeting. Never lost my faith, but I didn't want to go to a different church than my family so stopped attending entirely.

Once I moved out, I was looking into local Presbyterian churches, hoping to reconnect with the church experience I remembered more genuinely. In the process of searching, I stumbled upon a Russian Orthodox church close to where I live and looked up the basics of what Orthodoxy teaches. The more I learned the more I liked, so I sent the Priest an email and haven't stopped attending since. Now I work as an altar server and reader.

The parish has been welcoming, but I definitely had to find a place for myself when I started since I'm not Russian in the slightest. It took a while to integrate, but once I did I've felt an amazing sense of community. I look forward to weekly banter with the other converts and the babushkas give me extra food and dessert during the agape meal. The Priest in particular has been very good to me – he bought me a small pile of books during catechesis and will ask if I want to come with him on errands to check out other local parishes. It's been wonderful and I'm extremely grateful to him and everyone else in the church.

01ec1c No.496551


Not cool but very very funny

702b49 No.496559


8/10 - funny but too easy to expect

f732f9 No.496565


>It's dismissed out of hand by some as the preserve of "Greeks" with plastic ikons, but those who love live-action role-play describe it as a form of interactive salvation, writes Basil (formerly Peter) Ray Allison.

2fc9b3 No.496608

File: 289e649ddcefc22⋯.jpg (34.76 KB, 720x481, 720:481, 289e649ddcefc22b2480500d57….jpg)

Typical conversations between my non-Orthodox mother and I:

<Ma, sit down, I have to tell you something.

>*Ma makes a very serious face

<I have thought for this for a very long time, but I have made my decision. I want to become Orthodox.

>*Ma starts to tear up

>You are joining a sect, anon? What did I do wrong, anon?

<No, ma, Orthodoxy is *insert super long explanation here*

>*Ma clears her tears and smiles

>Oh, I'm so glad. And here I was thinking you were going to, you know.

<What, ma?

>Well, when you told me to sit down and how you wanted to tell me something and, you know, you have never brought a girlfriend home before, so I thought…

<NO, MA!

This came out better than I thought it would.

>So, is that Russian guy Kerril your pope or something?

<No, ma.

>Wow, anon, you lost a lot weight lately. Have you been dieting?

<Fasting, actually.

>Oh. Okay.

This happened during the Lent.

>*Ma has a very serious expression on her face*

>Anon, we need to talk. I found this on your desk

>She puts down my copy of 'Evangelical monasticity' on the desk

>Anon, do you want to become a monk?

<*Have to explain to her that it's just interesting book and nothing more

<*Also have to promise that she will have grandchildren some day

>Do you have to grow a beard now that you are Orthodox, anon?

<Not really, ma.

>It wouldn't suit your face, you know.

>That's a really pretty picture you've got on your desk, anon!

<It's called an icon, ma.

>Ooh, like on a computer?

>Not really, ma.

>Who's that person with beard on that eyecon?

<That's Saint Justin Popovich of Chelye, a 20th century Serbian writer, philosopher, monast…

>Oh, you know, I had a friend in High School and her parents were Serbs or something. And she talked about this and that blahblahblah…

<That's really nice, ma.

>Anon, I have a present for you.

<Really? What's that, ma?

>*Hands me a small package. There is a rosary inside

>Anon, I want you to know that, no matter what happens, I will be still your mother and love you no matter what, okay?

<Thanks, ma. I love you too.

<*I put that rosary in my iconostas and still keep it there

That's just from the top of my head, but there are more.

8587fd No.496610

File: 36cc791cb66b635⋯.jpg (46.8 KB, 550x367, 550:367, 159296.p.jpg)


Western Orthodoxy is a thing you know. :)

As an Eastern Catholic I think my experience would be similar to an Orthodox so I'll chime in. Divine Liturgy is what brought me in. When you walk into an Eastern church you feel like you've stepped into a time portal back to 300 AD. The incense, the icons, the choir chanting, the Liturgy itself, it's all so beautiful I could cry!

Being raised in the Bible Belt of America I had never experienced something so ancient looking, only the normal protestant churches usually built in the 50s. Quaint and nice for growing up in but they have nothing on Orthodoxy's appearance. I just love the traditionalism and ancient feel of the East so much.

8587fd No.496612

File: 65197dc74c5f67c⋯.jpg (328.14 KB, 360x484, 90:121, S85lg.jpg)


You know Orthodox can use the rosary too right? Just instead of the Hail Mary I suppose you could do the Jesus Prayer on the beads like you would the knots on a prayer rope. I personally use my prayer rope for both the Jesus Prayer and the Rosary. Though the Hail Mary isn't heretical for Orthodox from what I've seen.

This is from a Western Orthodox site if you're interested: http://www.spokaneorthodox.com/rosary.html

396a06 No.496666

File: 3f6724fbe07b733⋯.jpg (28.24 KB, 390x310, 39:31, FACE.jpg)


This was so funny it didn't deserve a ban.


>So, is that Russian guy Kerril your pope or something?


6d9980 No.496904


>>So, is that Russian guy Kerril your pope or something

i kek'd have a (you)

e1f143 No.497135


>you've stepped into a time portal back to 300 AD.

Wait arent the Orthodox practices meant to be the same of church immediately following the Ascension?

3c6417 No.497152


yes, however i think he is referencing the fact that the orthodox have continually used the same "service" structure, the liturgy of saint basil (4th century) and the liturgy of st john chrysostom (5th century) since then

e1f143 No.497176


isnt that kind of innovation a problem?

89127a No.497183

File: 791bf57ea23fedd⋯.png (153.06 KB, 945x745, 189:149, Church History.png)



Baptists were right again!

3c6417 No.497188


not really innovation. see the diadache. same thing really

3c6417 No.497189


funny meme but you can't really claim "unbroken line of succession" when baptists practically have nothing in common with early Christians.

834eb6 No.497195


I don't think it's a problem because Chrysostom's liturgy reflects the same things found in earlier liturgies, especially the Eucharist.

e1f143 No.497200



Why change what was practiced for 300-400 years earlier though?

871e99 No.497204

File: 610d36ee76df07c⋯.png (2.51 MB, 1200x3828, 100:319, IMG_1176.PNG)

File: 8deb0f16c61882c⋯.png (125.15 KB, 544x484, 136:121, IMG_1244.PNG)


Baptists use genuinely funny memes to laugh off the fact that not only is their denomination relatively new like all Protestants, but that they were essentially the unwanted offspring of Luther and Calvin. They wouldn't have existed without the original Reformers, yet the original Reformers hated them.

2d9c2c No.497800

File: 63fe9f5a3f43d2f⋯.jpg (10.04 KB, 240x213, 80:71, checked.jpg)



d63afb No.497816

File: 588b8a6b22adaf9⋯.jpg (124.82 KB, 1375x749, 1375:749, 588b8a6b22adaf96e9ebd1ee94….jpg)

3c6417 No.497856


nothing was changed, just organized, structured.

a3ddd5 No.497999


So what is the actual difference between what happened and was practiced in 400AD and what was practiced before?

045610 No.498032


I heard that the actual Liturgy of St. James took pretty much all day to accomplish and John Chrysostom's liturgy shortened it drastically. I could be wrong though.

5073e6 No.500839

File: 281bf959653e8a2⋯.jpg (13.24 KB, 180x249, 60:83, Innocent_of_Alaska.jpg)

I was led to the Church due to several hardships I was facing some 4 years ago. I was raised a nominal Christian, but decided that most churches around my area weren't cutting it and I left to join either the Catholic or Orthodox parishes, and instead of doing hard research, I decided to go first hand what each Church had to offer.

I went to the Catholic Church and it seemed so heavily protestant that I recoiled in fear and never looked back. I went to the two Orthodox parishes here in town, and after seeing the beauty of the Liturgy, the icons, etc. I knew I found the right Church.

716dc9 No.500893


Greek Orthodox

I was born into it.

Grandfather - Greek Orthodox Priest - came over on the boat after the war in '48

Uncle (Mother's Brother) - Greek Orthodox Priest

Uncle (Mother's Brother In Law) - Greek Orthodox Priest.

Had to be an altar boy for my uncle with my cousin - goofed around behind the scenes - just doing immature stuff. nothing too serious.

Was supposed to be the next priest in the family.

Me? I'm not a practicing Greek Orthodox at all.

I have come to believe that God is Everything and the Spaces In Between

I have become a sort of Spiritual Teacher though, on a small scale.

cf7275 No.500901


>Me? I'm not a practicing Greek Orthodox at all.

Why not? Feels like you're squandering a beautiful tradition.

>I have come to believe that God is Everything and the Spaces In Between

But that's wrong so why would you believe that?

cf7275 No.500902


Stop giving me feels. My mother <still> thinks I'm a satanist for wanting to convert to Orthodoxy.

cf7275 No.500907


Jews hate Jesus Christ. So much, they founded an entire religion around the fact that theyy hated Him. Surely this should be the number one reason why Judaism should be avoided?

282673 No.500910


that was funny and also a bit hearthwarming

b242cb No.500911


Old Believers still use the old 3-4 hour services. I think even the liturgy of St John Chrysostom has been shortened a bit.


I was born into it. Experimented with edgy atheism but came back through Traditionalism and Fr Seraphim Rose

59bb45 No.500970


>But my research pointed to Orthodoxy being the One, Holy, Catholic

>The biggest criticism of Orthodoxy I can give is that I knew nothing about it until I did my own research


a48560 No.501232

File: 42b7d2372467835⋯.jpg (46.54 KB, 675x470, 135:94, 1502568170157.jpg)


I don't get the joke

716dc9 No.501407

File: 921986a10422432⋯.jpg (164.48 KB, 782x1052, 391:526, brother-lawrence.jpg)


>But that's wrong so why would you believe that?

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.

Where there is hatred, let me bring love.

Where there is offense, let me bring pardon.

Where there is discord, let me bring union.

Where there is error, let me bring truth.

Where there is doubt, let me bring faith.

Where there is despair, let me bring hope.

Where there is darkness, let me bring your light.

Where there is sadness, let me bring joy.

O Master, let me not seek as much

to be consoled as to console,

to be understood as to understand,

to be loved as to love,

for it is in giving that one receives,

it is in self-forgetting that one finds,

it is in pardoning that one is pardoned,

it is in dying that one is raised to eternal life.

- - - - - -

This - Brother Lawrence, Practicing the Presence of God

Amazing little book - you can buy a copy for $6.00

but here it is online sort of:


4128ee No.505101

File: 5331583b25a6395⋯.jpg (27.39 KB, 258x326, 129:163, pope-quran.jpg)


your papist church is also "ethnic clubs", look up "eastern catholic"

your church accepts all things orthodox as correct, so any criticism you throw at it you throw at your own church as well

but then again modern catholics accept all religions as correct apparently, your church is kind of a whore

4128ee No.505108

File: 68bab395a219aaa⋯.jpg (374.55 KB, 1224x1508, 306:377, b0db6632787c5ab08abc924ea9….jpg)


jesus got short hair but he's also wearing A ROBE in your pic

pastor anderson said robes are for false prophets

this is the image of jesus you need to use, this is what he REALLY looked like

11ee04 No.505168


you do know catholic means universal right

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