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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
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File: af3e8aa4b93bd23⋯.jpg (76.75 KB, 522x987, 174:329, DEYP-UpWsAAvdEo.jpg)

3296e1 No.500197

new thread for connecting with christanons in your region

>red hot christanons in your area! clik here

1) post your country, or if you're cursed with yankhood; then just post your state

2) if you get more than a couple then go ahead and start a thread

3) ????

4) prophet

6e10e7 No.500199

I'm right now in New Hampshire. In two weeks I'm moving to Tampa

5aae12 No.500209


he's probably thinking about taco bell

6c04a7 No.500213

File: 755f0b26caa33b7⋯.jpg (71.09 KB, 335x500, 67:100, 0000001690L.jpg)

Frenchman here

447bed No.500215

File: 264f92c2615a6e5⋯.jpg (29.37 KB, 359x305, 359:305, ab745f7b42e074b1663ad34c2f….jpg)

>yfw you realize Reviewbrah is a Catholic

32efa6 No.500226


I don't know if anyone has asked him about his current faith practice. He could have fallen from graces following his sudden rise in internet fame.

ba21bf No.500232


I'm in Still River, MA

Right on the NH border. :D

eaf16b No.500233



I've said it before, but I fear that he isn't a believer. I remember from one of his VORW shows, where he described how he felt pretty pessimistic about the future of humanity, and thought it likely that we would die out. Now I'm often pessimistic about most of humanity too, but it sounded to me like Reviewbrah's pessimism was based on the idea that humans are just another species, not created by God, and that we could disappear from the universe without it mattering at all. I'll see if I can find the particular show.

838382 No.500234

Portland, OR here.

bf05d9 No.500235


>ctrl-f datamining

>zero results


4e7840 No.500236

atlantic canada

738301 No.500242

southern hemisphere

56f54f No.500250

File: c338889b08f875f⋯.jpg (39.14 KB, 639x426, 3:2, 157a24b8b060b022062c60ccfa….jpg)

I don't think demographics of /christian/ have changed much since the last regional thread, but fuck it, I want to be again the first one from Poland to check in

2c4a21 No.500254

File: edcb35fce46e28b⋯.png (115.06 KB, 399x382, 399:382, edcb35fce46e28b2e308cd2bf4….png)


Rochester NY checking in.

c8e844 No.500287

File: 8d4237ce4e18dcd⋯.jpg (426.8 KB, 800x633, 800:633, Danmarks_flag_1219_Lorentz….jpg)

I know it's late, but we got any danes in here?

If yes, what's you denom?

3e3d3f No.500310

(((New York)))

33ab44 No.500311

>another data mining thread

8e4a03 No.500317


Sodom on Lake Ontario here.

also known as the GTA.

ead655 No.500327

Kansas City, Missouri

tfw 50% atheist city

d51336 No.500332

Doomstadt Latveria

5fd455 No.500335


b4c42c No.500351


KCMO as well brother. Just watched the Chiefs lose the first preseason game. Feels sort of bad, but it doesn't really matter.

7d0daf No.500359

File: 940ebd0201511e9⋯.png (39.62 KB, 800x509, 800:509, 3f43a48d1548e3a3bc14ef4cea….png)

Hongcouver reporting in. Might visit the Holy Rosary Cathedral regularly during the lunch hour on weekdays starting in January maybe.

9f337c No.500367


05f001 No.500380

File: 26138eed20c3c9e⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1280x942, 640:471, Alegoria_às_virtudes_do_Pr….png)

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil here.

e7b2b0 No.500432


33e873 No.500434

File: 537800d29a1664a⋯.jpg (93.12 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 13.jpg)

File: b9ea4683acb7c1a⋯.png (86.99 KB, 500x318, 250:159, google-how-lo-subjugate-li….png)

File: 797e3af8caea563⋯.png (279.82 KB, 641x497, 641:497, ufmu6x4d890y.png)

File: f35cb11efa3c63d⋯.jpg (38.63 KB, 620x440, 31:22, z14049447IH,Tymczasem-w-Po….jpg)

Polska reporting in

e69d62 No.500446

Italian living in London here

242b80 No.500453

5c87c6 No.500458

Singapore here.

3296e1 No.500465


he's also expressed existential angst from a nihilist perspective before

you guys are in a position to interact and change him thought - never forget that. all it takes is engaging

3296e1 No.500469



i feel your pain, my brother of the commonwealth

maybe one day we can rise up against together against the yellow menace. did you listen to Zeiger's Leafensraum 2017 Speech?

3296e1 No.500470


cool it with the anti-semetic remarks

71bd49 No.500494


me 2 :) ha ha where are you in in the north part

20dda1 No.500495


da6c91 No.500500


devi votare PD

cdebb1 No.500531


You mean 'rado??


How do you feel about Brazil? Is it as brown and dirty as it is always seeming?


'Rida here

50a797 No.500539

File: ebcf4576b361c73⋯.jpg (47.68 KB, 319x425, 319:425, genera10.jpg)

France here !

bfe02b No.500551

File: c75937e178f9ab0⋯.jpg (143.95 KB, 640x994, 320:497, c75937e178f9ab0c90fc59d7ca….jpg)


Bonjour mon frère !

8ca91c No.500583

Nice try, FBI.

09a3d9 No.500588

Belgian Limburg reporting in.

>>500500 (checked)

Dai cao, votiam'l.

838382 No.500590


Yeah, close to Vanc, WA

211289 No.500598

File: bf66f4c24550441⋯.jpg (25.67 KB, 460x391, 20:17, 1500955245966.jpg)

Los Angeles here (well, closer to Pasadena really)

e69d62 No.500603


io spero di andarmene dal continente…altro che votare

da6c91 No.500655


*lo prende per il collo*

lo ripeterò solo una volta.. devi.. votare.. PD

*lo lascia cadere pesantemente a terra*

poi puoi andartene dove vuoi, nessuno ti trattiene

71bd49 No.500761


Huh we are probably pretty near eachother then, what denom?

9b854c No.500763

Central Florida pleb here

ffba25 No.500766

File: 5125d3017fb1342⋯.jpg (336.93 KB, 600x2738, 300:1369, BigMonk.jpg)

Paducah Kentucky here.

ccf2b2 No.500778

The place where Hipsters and Dixiemen live in very close together.

G.A. atl metro.

e36665 No.500786

File: a1f851b40569bda⋯.webm (3.1 MB, 640x360, 16:9, japprowrestling.webm)


2c4a21 No.500788

Would it be okay to start an American Christian thread, or is that too general?

We did have that Australian thread a while back.

bb82cc No.500793


could probably do an east coast thread

7d0daf No.500795

File: c45176503a030a6⋯.png (9.63 KB, 743x632, 743:632, 1468972639685.png)


Jokes on you, I'm in one category of the yellow menace. I ain't no /pol/ LARPer, but me being on 8ch should be more than enough to tell you what my overall beliefs are.

I probably dislike the Chinese more than you do anyways.

a43135 No.500804

File: d0489304777248e⋯.gif (2.72 KB, 324x216, 3:2, flag of wichita.gif)

flag is my city.

2fc4fe No.500805


lol your flag is four handed goatse

e69d62 No.500921


looks like New Mexico had a child with England and then spliced the result flag with the radiation symbol.

e69d62 No.500922


Ah ah ah, ti aspetto in piazza per darti tanti di quei calci…se nascevi al tempo dei fascisti, scommetto che eri pure uno squadrista; durante l'epoca dell'((unificazione))), ti avrebbero visto esaltare per la caduta dello Stato Pontificio.

Vergognati, la gente come te ha rovinato il Bel Paese: come i galli-banderoual, sembrate 'sta gran cosa ma poi appena il mondo butta un'alito, voi lo seguite senza nemmeno pensarci.

0daaa9 No.500925



Kempenzoon uit het Zuiden van de provincie Antwerpen hier

2e0f3f No.500964

File: 076f3f676243f7b⋯.jpg (106.86 KB, 650x833, 650:833, saint_louis_louis_ix_roi_d….jpg)



Génocide des Vendéens, on se souvient.

Retour de la fille ainée de l'Eglise quand?

50a797 No.500992

File: 53334c7f5f78ba4⋯.jpg (64.86 KB, 550x650, 11:13, autocollant_coeur_de_jesus….jpg)




Bientôt j'espère.

838382 No.500997


Cadolig of course. I just recently decided to follow the Lord. I'm planning on attending RCIA this fall. What are the churches like in the area? Full of blue-haired hippies?

ad96ed No.501010

File: 722b250eb2d5161⋯.jpg (178.49 KB, 412x550, 206:275, Philippe_Pétain.jpg)

File: ffa6a9257175e54⋯.png (26.55 KB, 136x102, 4:3, 1480068404-moinetg.png)

French here.





Bonjour frères. Heureux de vous voir. :D

Gesta dei per francos.

71bd49 No.501019

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No they're pretty solid fortunately, we have two latin mass parishes near us even. A Byzantine Catholic Church (St. Irenes) as well which is worth going to see the liturgy atleast once I'd say.

For Latin mass these are the two nearby

St. Birgittas a bit north of St. johns bridge along the west side of the river and

St. Stephens a bit further away but still pretty close depending where you are, it's kind of near hawthorne/the mt tabor area. Cardinal Burke performed mass there recently and they have a philosophy night meeting every month.

Both are very solid though I haven't really interacted with other parishioners much so can't speak for them.

One closest to me Holy Cross is much more modern and I've only gone there for daily mass. Still no blue hair or anything and nothing really offensive but the priest does face the people and the Eucharist is given in hand which is just weird to me. Not bad by any means but of the latin mass parishes are probably better even if you plan on going to the english services.

I'll also be starting RCIA this fall, I'm dergo on the discord if you're interested in talking

We have a pretty good archdiocese from what I can tell, Archbishop Sample is pretty enthusiastic towards the latin mass and stuff. Vid related is Church Millitant praising him

bcc2d0 No.501022

File: 1cc66f3613cad40⋯.png (234.65 KB, 553x685, 553:685, why.png)

Burlington, VT

>tfw living in Sodom

838382 No.501039

File: ca8cdfb9a5f66cc⋯.png (15.62 KB, 750x151, 750:151, IMG_8546.PNG)

bc2856 No.501052

File: 11ebb2b0d3a2c13⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1066x1304, 533:652, 6b10cb6234b0e1c79f9da0699b….png)

North Carolina. 30 min north of Raleigh.

09a3d9 No.501058


T*rck of paaps?

dbe058 No.501061


So there are many french here ! Nice, we could make a general !

122011 No.501082

Englishman, send help.

39f874 No.501094

File: e0a49e0d58506d6⋯.jpg (268.21 KB, 962x641, 962:641, 1494081114942.jpg)


>tfw in Birmingham

1abfba No.501098

Living in Japan, originally from Canada (RIP in peace).

858fe3 No.501113


Shoo, BPS

TX here

1abfba No.501134


Second time I've been called that today lol

Seriously though I think BPS is an atheist/agnostic.

2e1292 No.501138

Inland Empire, Southern California


Not too far from LA county

a43135 No.501147


New Mexico's state emblem has 4 lines all around though.

sometimes I really hate the flag design of my city, but I can't complain too much.

549230 No.501195


why did they invert the image

the left is south korea and the right is north korea

but the title has north on the left, and south on the right


211289 No.501224


Ah, whereabouts? I'm actually very close to the border of San Bernardino county.

211289 No.501226


http://www.stpeterantiochian.org is my usual church when I'm home from school.

74adb3 No.501482


Redlands, although I'm originally from San Bernardino/Colton area. I go to my local Gadolic :DD church, kinda small but cozy community.

e69d62 No.501679

File: 111a941d61b2f3a⋯.png (30.3 KB, 238x500, 119:250, Imperia-Gonfalone.png)


[autism engaged] hence why I said it was the spawn and not a direct clone: inheriting the traits, some of them get mutations. So, it is possible for one of the lines to disappear [autism disabled]

Honestly, i like the weirdness of it.

Pic is the emblem of my city.

da6c91 No.502005



>governata dal PD


f09b74 No.502047

Klamath Falls, OR checking in. Gradually turning this Trainwreck around.

0daaa9 No.503272


In de Kempen zitten geen protestanten

eee420 No.503285


Whereat in Texas? I'm in east

6db65e No.503362

3296e1 No.503984


like i said: best to do it by state, or region

3296e1 No.503987

seems like a dixie thread is in order

420bae No.504010

File: 99d719679e198be⋯.jpg (459.75 KB, 800x1453, 800:1453, eu65.jpg)

Spaniard here.

8f6dbe No.504017

File: cbb9d906fd46494⋯.jpg (230.63 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, cathedral.jpg)

Filipino here


When will Great Spain rise again?

d4e879 No.504064


putang ina mo

420bae No.504133


First we must get rid of all the atheist, leftist and Moors

09a3d9 No.504160


Gespuis zit overal.

9f375c No.504664

File: 35b304366f4514b⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1512x1512, 1:1, 35b304366f4514b9f7c5f14dca….png)



>all these KC bros


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