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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
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File: 47a2845a5fdca99⋯.jpg (11.43 KB, 284x177, 284:177, images.jpg)

4e277a No.500663

I mean the /r/christianity/ frequenters who argue that homosexual sex and transgenderism is okay and feminism is Biblical. Can we safely say these people are (probably? definitely?) unsaved, or is making that kind of judgement call not proper for us as mortal men? Should we even consider them to be Christians? If we deny that they are, is that committing the no true scotsman fallacy?

3a3104 No.500664


3b5d84 No.500665

No. I once debated with them in good faith thinking they might be saved people who just differed over doubtful disputations. I said I was a conservative Christian and wanted to talk to liberal Christians about their perspectives and their views. I was called a satanist, an ISIS member, strangely enough I wasn't called a nazi, I was told I was going to Hell kind of, they do that shit where they heavily imply something without stating it, then when you respond to what they said they go "what do you mean? I didn't say that, but you seem a little defensive. They blasphemed Christ, they blasphemed The Bible, they attacked the character of St. Paul and other Biblical writers, and to top it all off, an atheist responded to my post and I asked him "why do you, as an atheist, even care about an inter-Christian debate?" And I was repeatedly attacked by the other Christians their saying that I was being close-minded, bigoted, and attacking this pooor widdle afeist without cause. I used to think they were saved people who differed on a lot of shit, but now I realize that they are demons in human flesh. I pray a remnant will be saved at the least. Two or three people stuck up for me and got downvoted to Hell. Those guys are alright

5696db No.500669


Going to 90% of Reddit is mortal sin.

3b5d84 No.500670


In this thread on redditors talking about religion, you can see the Quaker calling me Satanic. I can't find the post right now, I get legitimately upset when I think about it, it's the only internet argument I've ever been on that's actually impacted me in any real way

0a3963 No.500671


We don't know who is and who is not saved. How do we know that the people posting about Biblical acceptance of homosex aren't just trolls trying to get a rise out of you? Maybe they're truly Christian irl, but turn on troll mode when on the internet.

We don't know. Only God knows.

9a492d No.500674


No one on reddit is saved or worth saving.

4e277a No.500677


If you find it post the link. Or if anyone else has engaged with them, post a link to your conversation.

23add3 No.500680

File: 0d6f9217885a31f⋯.jpg (341.24 KB, 800x1063, 800:1063, St. Ignatius of Antioch (p….jpg)


>Can we safely say these people are (probably? definitely?) unsaved, or is making that kind of judgement call not proper for us as mortal men?

Depends on how much do they willdully go against the truth. Invincible ignorance excuses from sin, so if they genuinely and in good faith believe what they do, it won't be counted as a sin to them. In this case, their salvation depends on other factors. If they lie to themselves and are willfully ignorant, their heresy is indeed sinful and liable for punishment. However, even in this case, their final fate is unknown and dwelling too much on it can lead one to commit the sin of rash judgement.

>Should we even consider them to be Christians?

Yes, as long as they believe in at least the most basic and fundamental tenets of Christianity (I'm unsure about whether people like Spong should be considered Christians). Being a heretic or mortal sinner doesn't prevent one from being a Christian.

>If we deny that they are, is that committing the no true scotsman fallacy?

Depends why you think they aren't Christians.

3dde56 No.500684



If the Quaker is who I think it is, you should just ignore him. The guy has zero biblical or traditional basis for most of his beliefs and simply equates whatever he "feels God is telling him in his heart" with what is Christian. Whenever he says "God is clear on this or that" he just means that this or that is his opinion on the matter and has absolutely no other justification for it being the Christian position other than the fact that is the position he holds.

Link: http://archive.is/SLJND

3b5d84 No.500686


Here's a ceddit link. It supposed to show the deleted comments. I don't know if you can organize comments from earliest to latest, but you can see when I start to just give them up. Whoever is filthy, let him be filthy still


db2d36 No.500687

File: 044b3766b6402c6⋯.jpg (171.25 KB, 800x800, 1:1, c4a8fbdb4ab1bf8a3466b9dfa8….jpg)


I used to be like them. 100% hippie Jesus, love sin because Jesus says stuff about liking things or something, it's the current year so I don't need to follow out of date teachings, that kind of stuff. I'm going full monk mode now though.

3dde56 No.500693


Posting porn on an sfw board is a bannable offense. Don't do this.

7c4b88 No.500698


But god made that body, you were naked in eden

5145be No.500710


>But god made that body, you were naked in eden

fucking redditors lmao

417cbb No.500730



I'm not sure Satan is right.

As the Orthbros say, we can be sure where the Church is, but we cannot be certain where she is not. While it may be perfectly acceptable for us to pronounce judgement on their stupidity, I do not think it is up to us to pronounce judgement on their souls. That is Christ and Christ alone's job.

That said, I would steer clear entirely, unless for evangelism's sake. Because stories like these >>500665 just turn my stomach inside out.

417cbb No.500735

File: 33c04b28b8a2361⋯.mp4 (182.97 KB, 480x360, 4:3, church-lady-could-it-be-sa….mp4)


dang, I'm twice the noob today: forgot pic and "Satan" should be Satan not just italics. Sorry triple-six bro >>500666

300d13 No.500740


>Maybe they're truly Christian irl, but turn on troll mode when on the internet.

The Holy Spirit will testify against this type of behavior. When your knees hit the floor and you have to account to God Face-to-face, do you think you'll be defending this type of behavior?

f3fb00 No.500745


i doubt it. /r/christianity is cucked and has an athiest mod.

/r/christians is where you want to go. they are conservative chrisitians who love what Jesus has to say. I could argue that /r/creation is pretty good as well

969ad0 No.500747



f3fb00 No.500748


wew lad

0a3963 No.500754


Considering you're sitting on the website that has the largest and most villainous group of trolls on the internet, you better hope so.

0a3963 No.500755


>No one in Sodom is saved or worth saving

Lot would like a word with you.

322d4c No.500757


Sodom still got decimated off the face of the Earth, Lot was ordered to leave the place.

0a3963 No.500758


Yes, but not until he was found. Go there and find Lot before you condemn the entire place to Hell.

322d4c No.500770


>Yes, but not until he was found.

God sent angels to Lot and told him to get out. If you've even bothered to read the Bible instead of you inserting your own imaginations into it, you'd know Lot debated about this and the angels basically had to force him and his family out of there.

If you disobey God, your blood is on your own hands.

25e8ad No.500775

They professed Jesus to be lord. That means they are eternally saved by the doctrine of OSAS. Do you doubt the saving grace of Jeuss that much?

4e277a No.500777


Are you just trolling me because you saw a Baptist flag? Grow up.

25e8ad No.500780


Are you doubting the eternal security of the saved?

19aff9 No.500783


Yes, I used to be one of them before.

0a3963 No.500789


Maybe you didn't read the bits leading up to the angels being sent to Lot. You know, the whole bit where Abraham begs the Lord not to destroy the cities because surely there must be righteous among the wicked?

Maybe YOU should read the Bible.

3b5d84 No.500807


They don't profess Jesus as Lord, so they're not saved. Like I said, I thought they were saved believers who differed over doubtful disputations, they are not. They hate Jesus, they hate The Bible, they hate God, they hate his Saints, they hate his angels, they hate his judgement, and their only existence is as a little petting zoo for atheists to watch them as a freak show

3b5d84 No.500809


They are not saved.

25e8ad No.500810


If they were not saved then they would never be able to say that Jesus is their lord and savior. Since they can do so, then they are saved. Jesus can overlook doctrinal mistakes since their intent is the rescue of all souls, even homosexual/trans people's.

3b5d84 No.500811


Wrong. Matthew 7:21 says outright there will be people who recognize Jesus is Lord but aren't saved. And even if your theology that every single person who likes Jesus is getting saved, they would still be unsaved because they hate Jesus.

25e8ad No.500815


The people rejected by Jesus just did stuff in his name for selfish vainglory, they never professed him to be the savior with their mouths, thus ensuring their eternal salvation.

3b5d84 No.500820


Neither do these redditors, who hate Jesus and don't profess him to be their savior

Honestly, I don't see what you're trying to prove. These people don't believe Jesus is their only savior, they don't believe they aren't good enough of their own merit to get into Heaven, they don't believe Jesus is necessary for salvation, and they don't believe any scripture. So I'm not sure what point you're trying to make, there is no denomination that says these freaks are saved

67a677 No.500895

File: 6e1e35f0ff6a0c7⋯.png (565.47 KB, 1185x1029, 395:343, 2a65c5f99c351fcdadc5e1436b….png)

It's been said before and it'll be said again. r/Christianity is subreddit about Christianity, not a subreddit for Christians. I mean, for God's sake, I once had one of my comments removed because I questioned a mod's Christianity because of how they cherry-pick the Bible, such as viewing Homosexual acts as okay despite it being condemned, and I said, "Well, if you don't condemn homosexuality, will you also not condemn bestiality? The condemnation for that practice is in the same paragraph as the one for homosexuality. And if you won't, then you're not a Christian." In the end, I was told not to question the Christianity of the mods, which is hysterical considering one of their mods is a bloody atheist.

It's not the worst Christian sub on there, since r/RadicalChristianity and r/OpenChristian are a thing, but there's also r/TrueChristian, r/Reformed, and other denomination-specific subs that are actually pretty nice places to hang out and have a discussion.

db2d36 No.500903

File: 6b7ff8db7fe420e⋯.png (4.65 KB, 480x82, 240:41, ss (2017-08-13 at 10.50.14….png)

r/Christianity seems pretty heretical

67a677 No.500908


My initial reaction:

>I'm pretty sure theft is forbidden in Christianity.

My secondary reaction:

>Romans 13

My tertiary reaction:

>Communists massacred Christians by the millions.

My quaternary reaction:

>Oh, it's a Quaker. Of course he's a heretic and a delusional idiot.

67a677 No.500909

File: 6fe521595ac2aa7⋯.png (184.54 KB, 456x480, 19:20, 6fe521595ac2aa755e8784a467….png)


My final conclusion:

85fb9f No.500933

553201 No.500940


All nice, but

>for God's sake

Profanity is a sin.

25e8ad No.500942


If they profess Jesus to be lord with their mouth, then they are saved. A unsaved people could never do that. Read your Bible with the spirit and become truly born again.

3b5d84 No.500943


They don't profess Jesus to be Lord though, so they are not saved

I don't disagree with your theology, I disagree with your version of events

67a677 No.500946

File: 34bf0f0453b099a⋯.jpg (52.26 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 6ee.jpg)


Oh sorry, *for G-d's sake.

Memes aside, it's fantastic that we agree on something, but what is it with you Catholics on /Christian/ derailing threads with pointless nonsense like this? How exactly is that quote profanity?

0a3963 No.500948



Who is "they"? Because I'm a regular on /r/Christian and I profess Jesus to be Lord. Remember that God will judge you the same as you judge others. That broad brush you're painting with will be turned around on you. You, who are laughing now, will be weeping.

3b5d84 No.500957


>God will judge you the same as you judge others.

Well I believe Jesus is Lord and judge them for not believing Jesus is Lord, so it looks like I'm covered. I pass the standard of my own judgement!

>Who is "they"? Because I'm a regular on /r/Christian and I profess Jesus to be Lord.

I don't believe you. For one thing, it's r/christianity not r/christian. For another thing, they called me Satanic for saying Jesus is Lord, and they insulted The Bible and God to my face, and I know those people were in the mainstream and representatives of the zeitgeist, because those people were upvoted like crazy and I was downvoted to Hell. The couple of faithful people I've seen on that board have also all agreed on the sorry state of it. You'd be the first person to say it was in a good state and was generally right about God. Ultimately, you're an obvious troll trying to get a rise out of me. I don't believe you're saved or even a person on r/christianity, you're just trying to be funny.

db2d36 No.500958


p…praying for this guys salvation

bf8713 No.500965


> they willfully go against the truth. Invincible ignorance excuses from sin

The Bible is readily available to them, and very clear on many heresies that they profess. Willful ignorance, and proclaiming to follow Christianity without even reading the gospel.

> Being a heretic or mortal sinner doesn't prevent one from being a Christian.

And the road to heaven is a narrow one. The simpler explanation is they are likely not saved and actively working against Christianity. It's actually more evil in many ways since they may steer other people away from the Word and following false teachings.

af53b3 No.500969


If you think that's bad, check out /r/radicalchristianity. They literally think Antifa are soldiers of God and communism is the most Christian form of government.

f8c743 No.500972

So I went on r/christianity

Scrolling through, I saw 11 threads about the evil of white supremacy im not a white supremacist or even a /pol/ack, but there's no reason to be obsessed and 5 threads about homodemons and how great spreading aids is. They are not a Christian group, they are the Christianesque wing of leftist politics, a way for Marxists to not abandon Christian culture completely. I don't think any of them even believe in God

db2d36 No.500975

File: 4cb83613dab22cd⋯.png (14.25 KB, 870x135, 58:9, ss (2017-08-11 at 10.49.24….png)


>I don't think any of them even believe in God

bf8713 No.500976

File: 5d80a68ac8eaff3⋯.png (7.67 KB, 623x92, 623:92, 5dd7d57d1134b3fa755de056fb….png)


Jeez, you weren't kidding. Thankfully it's a really tiny community.

0a3963 No.501005



There's that "they" again. Why do you condemn an entire group to hell fire on the actions of some? You're lumping in the wicked with the righteous and you are NOT God. I suggest you repent.


>there's no reason to be obsessed

<implying this board isn't obsessed with reddit

Mote, beam, eye, etc.

3b5d84 No.501007


>There's that "they" again. Why do you condemn an entire group to hell fire on the actions of some? You're lumping in the wicked with the righteous and you are NOT God. I suggest you repent.

Nice response to your hallucination of what I said, now let's see what I really said


>I pray a remnant will be saved at the least. Two or three people stuck up for me and got downvoted to Hell. Those guys are alright

Nice try, faggot

f8c743 No.501011


There is one thread about Reddit on this board, and it's not outright condemning them completely. There are 11 threads on the alt-right on reddit. The reason they are obsessed with them is because they are the enemies of leftism. r/christianity isn't a board for Christians, it's a Culturally Christianesque branch of Marxism. You'd know if you ever went there, but as >>500957 showed, you are neither saved nor do you go there, and you're just trying to be funny.

0a3963 No.501017


>There is one thread about Reddit

There are 3. With the way larger crowd on Reddit, their 11 threads is far less obsessive than 3 here.

So you believe >>500957 determines my salvation and you call redditors heretics? HA! Oh ye hypocrites.

f8c743 No.501026


Look, what you say on salvation is right, but I don't think you actually believe it. I think you're a false-flagger, probably a Catholic, who's trying to disprove OSAS by saying that according to its doctrine these people are saved. The first person to respond to you was right >>500777

Now if you really do believe all this, I misjudged you. But I truly think you're not genuine, and you're just trying to get a ride out of us.

PS: these people aren't saved according to the doctrine of OSAS. They are haters of God who reject that Jesus is the way to salvation.

0874cd No.501030


>The reason they are obsessed with them is because they are the enemies of leftism.

The reason there's so much shit about alt-right on reddit right now is because there was a car-attack recently by a supposed neo-nazi or something. They're discussing the media wheel.

90% of the time, /r/christianity is boring babby's first theology discourse or clickbait. It's not a board for christians. It's a bored for spam, fail and aids.

0a3963 No.501043


No, see, because unlike you I am not lumping all of "these people" into a single category. I'm not saying they're all saved, but you are saying they're all damned.

It has nothing to do with church doctrine.

>They are haters of God

There you go again. That broad brush with which you paint will be turned on you.

f8c743 No.501048


Except nobody has said all. Saying "they" in regards to a group is acceptable common practice, and most of us agreed that there was a small remnant of saved people on it. But the zeitgeist is against God.

Also you don't go there or believe in OSAS, you're just trying to get Baptists riled up

0a3963 No.501060


No, the word "they" can only be replaced with the entirety of the group. The example being "they are haters of God" can ONLY be replaced with "redditors are haters of God".

It is just as easy to say "many of them" or "some of them" or whatever. Why do you refuse to say this? Is it because it's easier to hate than to love?

You even accuse me of "false flagging", being a "troll", and even of being a Catholic! Assigning boogiemen instead of owning up to your own error in judgment. If I have spoken falsely, then point out the error; but that is the reason I never wear a flag (any Vol can confirm this by clicking my IP hash).

87e1a2 No.501073

Wolves in sheeps' clothing are easy to spot. Picture that image. It's actually an amusing metaphor. Cain provides the prototype of the false Christian.

Cain wanted to sacrifice fruit to God, while Abel wanted to sacrifice livestock. God accepted Abel's sacrifice, but rejected Cain's.

Cain valued his own will above what God said He wanted. Cain didn't care about what God said. Cain wanted to inflict his own false religion on God. He wanted to innovate, to put his stamp on religion. God had no regard for that, and rejected Cain's sacrifice.

The key to spotting a false Christian is Cain's reaction to that rejection.

Cain reacted with envy, hatred, and rage against his brother, which built up to murder. The easiest false Christians to spot are those who, seeking to introduce innovations and teachings of their own devising, and subvert the established Gospel, react like Cain to Christians who keep to the tradition, the law, and the Bible. They will assert their own superiority, and react with anger, contempt, mockery, insults, and wrath. If a world-devoted "Christian" reacts like this to conservative or traditional Christians, then you know they are of Cain. If they show genuine patience, civility, tolerance, and humility, and seek to make peace despite disagreements, then they are likely simply misguided or immature in the faith.

The giveaway is in their emotions.

There are other types of false Christians, but these Cainites are the most readily apparent.

4a624c No.501104

File: ea5e20de3c74803⋯.png (680.51 KB, 856x679, 856:679, reddit christians.png)

this was the most upliked thing on reddit an hour ago

9cc3b1 No.501108


>there's no reason to be obsessed

Some /pol/ack-tier nutjob just murdered someone at those protests. It's not anymore obsessive to have multiple threads about that than having multiple threads about Islamic terrorism after an ISIS terror attack.

87e1a2 No.501120


>having multiple threads about Islamic terrorism after an ISIS terror attack

T-they do that?

3b5d84 No.501127


No they don't. I started one after an attack and it got deleted

5832c8 No.501128

File: 51da780be4f2fa1⋯.jpg (176.84 KB, 940x788, 235:197, C29oJhgVQAELk5z.jpg)


Where is Love God'? Isn't that the first commandment?

Also, as somebody who ministers to the poor and the homeless, it's sad these liberal denominations use the homeless as their mascot to push other abominations such as homosexuality and "religious tolerance" instead of truly understanding the Bible with the power of the Holy Spirit, with the Love of God.

Very sad, and unfortunately those who get hurt in the crossfire are those who really need help: the poor, the homeless, those that are suffering in the hospitals that need prayer, those that are alone and lonely and need fellowship.

87e1a2 No.501139


Other mysterious abscences:

thy white neighbor

thy fundamentalist neighbor

thy evangelical neighbor

thy conservative neighbor

thy traditionalist neighbor

thy Nazi neighbor

thy Republican neighbor

Why did they leave these off?

9cc3b1 No.501144


I meant that in general or on this board. Though they usually have prayer threads after something like that happens.

65a357 No.501162

File: ed881d65e5b95d6⋯.jpg (208.24 KB, 720x934, 360:467, IMG_20170813_233357.jpg)


Sorry I stole it from you. I'm curious, how many downvote will this comment get ?

9cc3b1 No.501172



Probably a bunch. Your complaint doesn't even make much sense because that original list already has "Christian neighbor", so no point in complaining about fundamentalists and evangelicals not being on the list. Furthermore that poster didn't list "liberal neighbor" or "Democrat neighbor" or any other neighbors based on ideology so conservative et al don't make sense either. The only one that would have a place on that list is "white neighbor", but if most people who live in that area are white then they probably don't need to hear that they have to love their white neighbors.

4cdb1f No.501182

File: 7e8d03e21306c10⋯.jpg (70.11 KB, 500x749, 500:749, e6d37e8bbaa1d46044afeaf0c7….jpg)


yes. we are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone, no amount of leftist quackery in a persons mind can take that away from a person.

>inb4 but that's antinomianism


considering how many different beliefs and denominations their are on this board alone that directly contradict each other, most if not all of us are heretics to some degree since we cant all be 100% right. granted some heresies that directly contradict grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone such as Gnosticism, Islam, kikery and paganism/occultism.

3b5d84 No.501185


As demonstrated earlier, they hate God and Jesus, so aside from a small remnant, they will all be unsaved. They are generally atheists, cultural Christians

4cdb1f No.501186


are still dangerous.

aslo sorry that i forgot to finish that last sentence before posting

87e1a2 No.501253


It should be obvious that the original list was intended as a slam against conservative Christians by listing various liberal grievance groups.

And Islam is a political ideology.

09441c No.501278


Matthew 12:35-37

A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things.

But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

d096ac No.501339


i wonder how many CIA agents post there

0a3963 No.501356


You should take those words to heart as you sit around shitposting on 8chan. ;^)

4b3155 No.501449


>Who is "they"?

OP specified

>I mean the /r/christianity/ frequenters who argue that homosexual sex and transgenderism is okay and feminism is Biblical

That is who we should be talking about in this thread. Few of us think anyone who visits or posts on reddit is unsaved.

8434cc No.501456

File: 2aaa9e7658a9043⋯.jpg (32.76 KB, 736x414, 16:9, fff-love-live-s2-03-079896….jpg)


I go on /r/christianity for a while now off an on.

You have the mix of regular redditors which are like the liberal ones who downvote tbh bible verses they dont want to read.

But you also have a large conservative group of redditors that try to make it more "real"

It is just that the mods are obviously biased with the reddit agenda rather than the Christian agenda. They also censor like crazy.

7dd29b No.502063


>I used to think they were saved people who differed on a lot of shit

Some ideals of theirs are clearly un-Christian. Any fool could see that a mile away.

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