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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
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File: 651b839bd17397b⋯.jpeg (10.38 KB, 188x200, 47:50, 14b22d2d.jpeg)

0b83af No.500800

This a simple thread for Christians on the US East Coast (and Canadian EC) to discuss Christianity in the region.

I should be more descriptive but I don't really know what to put here tbh

f7a514 No.500808

>tfw live in NH

>one of the most religiously diverse states in terms of Christianity

>no Mosques, no Synagogues, no Hindu temples anywhere

>but there are literally, within twenty minutes of my house, two Roman Catholic Churches, one Roman Catholic Cathedral, one Melkite Catholic Church, two KJV Baptist Churches, three non-KJV Baptist Churches, two Greek Orthodox Churches, one Russian Orthodox Church, a Lutheran Church, an Episcopalian Church, and a Masonic Temple

>and I'm moving away from here in only a couple weeks

Any Floridanons here?

7fe9aa No.500833

Why limit ourselves to just a coast? Let's make a /christian/ zeemaps:


8chan /k/ and /pol/ are starting one for themselves, why can't we?

0b83af No.500848

c633bc No.500905

fae6d6 No.500968


Any good Church recommendations before you leave NH? Just now trying to find a decent Baptist one near the southern border.

803bcf No.500973


Gospel Baptist Church in Manchester is pretty good

fae6d6 No.500981


Will check it out, thanks anon.

5ca8ff No.501035

Does Christianity even exist in modern New England?

4ca79f No.501241

I live in New York, but going near Philadelphia area for school purposes. Any good Bible believing churches (Baptist preferably) around Glenside area?

7fe9aa No.501376


Yes. Armenian, Greek and Slav orthodox churches abound and Catholic Irish and Italian parishes as well.


bbb75c No.501398


wew, we're all spread out

7fe9aa No.501428


I just started a day ago, give it time! Its already more than the /pol/k/ version.

0b83af No.501450


I set up a bunch of labels but I forgot to hit submit and I ain't doing that shit again.

Just add your denom to the description.

7fe9aa No.501468


Retard, its ok, I already had mine on it. I forgot to add contact info.

7fe9aa No.502326


How is this thead so dead?

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