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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
Expect frequent attacks during the next two weeks as we approach the US midterm elections.
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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 0f6028efdbc86ad⋯.jpg (130.83 KB, 635x794, 635:794, moses01.jpg)

0f7904  No.520608

Glory to God in the highest!

You can continue discussion with others,as well as reach the mod team on our Discord server! -> https://discord.gg/Qcrm9r9

As a rule, we do not partner with any other website or server. If someone is claiming to be partnered with this board or our discord server, disregard any such claim.

You can reach the board owner at this email: tutorNC@protonmail.com

This board is for fellowship and discussion among Christians. Please be mindful that some general rules are enforced to encourage constructive discourse.

Please read the rules and ban policy before posting!


1. This board is strictly Safe For Work.

Please consult the global rule page if this is not clear.

2. Interactions must be for the sake of Charity. Post made in the spirit of disruption or spite could earn you a short to permanent ban.

Charity is a foundational concept in Christianity. It is the virtue of supreme love for God and others. It is the greatest of the three virtues Paul emphasizes, and governs all Christian conduct. Just because this is an 8chan board does not alleviate Christians of their moral duty. All interactions must be done with this in mind.

This includes all antagonism. Personal insults, trolling, disrupting/derailing a thread, raiding from other boards, spamming, and scandal are all considered part of this rule.

Scandal includes encouraging people to commit sin like fornication, masturbation, blasphemy, apostasy, abortion, lying, taking the Lords name in vain, suicide, and the like. Any esoteric topics will fall under this as well.

Interdenominational debates are allowed on this board, but they are still governed by charity. Insinuations must be accompanied by explanation and/or primary resources.

3. This is a board for Christian discussion and fellowship. For the intentions of the board, a Christian is one who believes in the Nicene Creed (Specifically the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed) and the Chalcedonian Definition.

This board recognizes Christianity as a religion that exist in real history. Because of this, it chooses these two criteria as the cut-off point for what officially constitutes a Christian for the sake of the board. Not all groups who label themselves Christian simply are by assertion of the title. All who claim to profess the faith must adhere to these two creedal statements and their implications in order to post in Christian fellowship threads.

4. Non-Christians are welcome to post here, and are encouraged to ask questions in good faith. But they cannot proselytize non-Christian beliefs or post antagonistic or otherwise scandalous material.

If you are a non-Christian, you are more than welcome to create a thread asking questions specific to you, but please avoid Christian fellowship threads. This is because the primary purpose of fellowship on this board is for Christians to get the view of other Christians.




Ban Policy

The mods will use their best judgement when enforcing the rules, and you can contest their decisions by appealing the ban, posting in the meta, or talking to us directly on the discord. The discord server is the fastest way to get a response, followed by the appeals page. Posting in the meta is the slowest and least efficient. Keep this in mind. Do not dispute the ban in the thread the ban took place in, or make a new thread to contest your ban. This is disruptive.

Post that break the rules will be met with temporary bans in accordance with the severity of the post, up to 5 days.

Permanent bans will be given out for posting pornography, explicit material, after being given multiple temporary bans, and raids or obvious trolling from other boards.

Please post any questions you have in this thread, and we will try our best to answer them.

And now there remain faith, hope, and charity, these three: but the greatest of these is charity.

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4dd9b4  No.688941


Funny coming from the guy that's constantly agitating for more deletions and interference into the site. Would reddit be more your speed?

>If the BO/Vol decides your post/thread is breaking the rules, then it'll get deleted.

And then I'm gonna post again, and I'm gonna keep posting because this isn't reddit and you can't shadowban me because I don't have an account.

1c98e6  No.688947


>Would reddit be more your speed?

If it were, then I would be there. Obviously, I've been here for quite a while.

>then I'm gonna post it again

Ah, the edgy anarcho-teenage angst. "The rules don't apply to me!" Well, enjoy that.

4dd9b4  No.688950


You can't even quote my post accurately. How can you be trusted to run this board when you can't even read correctly?

1c98e6  No.688954


I don't run this board.

3ef958  No.689081

The thing you can't answer is that this board was better before you came in with your rule changes. It used to be run by someone with a semblance of impartiality, now everything's just become a tool to one-sidedly promote the moderator denomination. Everything from the way the rules were changed, the avoidance of answering questions, the intellectually dishonest method of changing things in the middle of the night (like how he removed flags without just admitting it was his plan up-front, but jewishly announcing it was permanent later) and the drunken purges of posts by catholic mods whenever they happen to decide to log on.

This board was better before you got here, and that's why you have no backbone to answer. And I've been asking since day one practically. Because I've seen what was possible before this biased group began.

154161  No.689090


>That's literally how everything works on every website and even in real life.

If we had laws as subjective as rule 2 in real life, everyone on this board would be in prison.

1c98e6  No.689127




How is rule 2 subjective? If you spew vitriol and insults, you're violating rule 2. That shouldn't be difficult for any rational adult to understand.

6fe6f6  No.689152


Yeah they seem to think that they can just remove whatever posts they don't like, and somehow not disrupt the whole thread, but end up having to delete the whole thread. This keeps on repeating and the meta thread is simply left unanswered. There's really nothing they could say that would explain this behavior anyway, it's base reddit mentality. Too bad they couldn't take it somewhere else.

1c98e6  No.689413


That whole thread was garbage.

6177ad  No.689531


Based. (the mods, not you)

bc4e1d  No.689590

1c98e6  No.689592


>says the (1)

bac50f  No.689638

Why was my webm about how Chinese characters describe bible stories removed in this thread ? >>688647

bac50f  No.689644

File: ef2b4314bb629e8⋯.webm (1.24 MB, 854x480, 427:240, The bible told in Chinese….webm)


It wasn't, it showed how the bible is told in the oldest language, it didn't bash the Chinese. This is the webm.

ceb1d9  No.689648


well I dunno, mods are easy to trigger. Maybe they will answer to you.

bac50f  No.689936

File: 37ea316ef9dfe61⋯.jpg (331.72 KB, 1989x954, 221:106, asdadaddd.jpg)

File: 76b48ebe4de6057⋯.png (719.58 KB, 1564x1891, 1564:1891, Jesus and the jewish messi….png)

File: 5d4d62ff01bc52b⋯.png (236.85 KB, 1761x937, 1761:937, Jesus was a jew because of….png)

Don't bother replying to these kinds of threads in the first pic, they never ever listen. They have only taken the parts that agree with their view. You could sit them down and show them every difference between Judaism and Christianity, or every bible line that has Jesus talking about the difference of the two religions, and it will go one ear and out the other. They simply can't separate them or Christians Zionism.

7f9fbf  No.690589


Esotericism is banned here, i learned the hard way

bac50f  No.690617


bac50f  No.690618

File: 85d7758569731eb⋯.png (1022.58 KB, 2225x2160, 445:432, last ban.png)

Was it the image, and the webm i posted that got me banned, or the question about the bible?

b3ba5c  No.690704


I don't see what's wrong with any of that. What are you doing mods?

660d29  No.690746

Why was the self-improvement thread deleted? I was interest in OP's opinion and developing a Christian-based self-improvement general, but no, that's not conducive to the Romanist's ideal of a Romanist board apparently.

What the hell are you doing mods? First anime is banned without any discussion or actual rule change with utter hypocrisy on your side >>682876 and now you go off deleting any thread or topic you dislike that aren't even sinful to your own disgusting Pharisetical standards. I'm sick of your dead religion and your dead rules destroying Christendom and this board. I'm sick of you blaspeming my God with your God-dmaned idolatries plastering this so-called board while you ban any guy who wants to condemn you with Scripture. Go to hell with your dead church and pedophile priest!

You probably delete this post and snicker and smug. Go ahead! Prove this board is /Rome/ and unredeemable spiritual filth.

1c98e6  No.690833


You can always submit banners.

File size must be lower than 500 KB and dimensions are 300x100 exactly.

You may upload up to 300 custom banners per board.

Allowed file formats are .jpg, .png, and .gif.

bac50f  No.690902

File: 2b0c15e6a1c256b⋯.mp4 (10.62 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Obama - Yes We Can = Thank….mp4)



here is the webm

1f623c  No.691010

File: 76af2ed00ee6036⋯.jpg (169.47 KB, 1137x490, 1137:490, 76af2ed00ee6036b10b5806808….jpg)

Can anyone edit this down to size to make it a banner?

1c98e6  No.691015

File: 768476c971f2e17⋯.jpg (38.97 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1313.jpg)

52cebd  No.691034

File: 4ecdc48355e5d6e⋯.png (53.34 KB, 780x770, 78:77, 3273025116cd5591ff894752f6….png)

We could clear up a lot of the confusion brought by these false beliefs of Christianity, i still see /pol/ saying that Jesus is a copy of pagan gods. The majority of 8chan are either pagan or occultist, There is clearly a need for one, could we have a containment thread for addressing and debunking Esoteric/New Age/pagan concepts of Christianity?

Then you wouldn't have to delete and ban people who post threads like >>690995

1c98e6  No.691045


Why should the /christian/ board be required to defend Christianity? Shouldn't this board be for fellowship and Christian discussion?

Maybe I have the wrong idea about this board, but I seriously don't believe it needs to defend itself against /pol/. I don't think any "containment" board is needed. And, as for threads like you've mentioned, that crap should be banned, deleted, and shunned forever.

6155e4  No.691046


I know you guys hate Muslims, but /islam/ has the right idea. They have a rule that says "/islam/ is a place for Muslims to gather and discuss Islam and not intended as a place where Muslims must defend themselves or their religion from outsiders."

We should adopt something similar.

52cebd  No.691068

File: 5e15fd2ab002303⋯.gif (33.38 KB, 468x240, 39:20, 5e15fd2ab00230365b1c6ce81c….gif)



>not intended as a place where Muslims must defend themselves or their religion from outsiders.

>Why should the /christian/ board be required to defend Christianity?

There are plenty of threads in the catalog about defending Christianity, and one of the most enjoyed banter of the board is poking fun at the other denominations. You would actually defend it less, because it would be moved to one thread.

>Shouldn't this board be for fellowship and Christian discussion?

I don't know what you understood from my proposal, but that is what the containment thread would be, the Christian perspective/answer on those topics.

>And, as for threads like you've mentioned, that crap should be banned, deleted, and shunned forever.

For the people who troll those topics, over and over i agree, however there are those who honestly don't know and post them to get the Christian answer. We do a disservice by treating them just like the ones who do troll.

183b9b  No.691104


>Prove this board is /Rome/

I think you've got it wrong. This is /pomerania/.

ba3771  No.691160

File: 4f5177969860d98⋯.jpg (12.89 KB, 300x100, 3:1, oneandonlytruechurch.jpg)

f31d79  No.691678

To the mods who keep banning/deleting non-Catholic posts, you've done us dirty. And you're killing traffic that once was here.

154964  No.691706


for instance?

d7a024  No.693176

File: 9957b2c2ec77feb⋯.png (642.74 KB, 1994x1140, 997:570, Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at ….png)

File: e413af3542e4fc1⋯.png (169.92 KB, 2532x520, 633:130, Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at ….png)

Mods why did you delete this thread? You could at least lock it and provide a reason leaving it up for a while to explain why

d7a024  No.693201


There's still three of them up, did you miss it and it was one of these?




81fe0d  No.693308


I made one of those after I saw that post, it’s a recreation of the original post with a different picture. I still don’t know why the mods nuked the original one

bc4e1d  No.693766

So mods where is that poll for rule 2 coming at?

a20491  No.693830


That is divine intervention, you really don't want to go to Discord if you knew better. There was this console hacker who got arrested for dropping his real name.

167c2c  No.694648

Wow! Just wow! My first visit here and my take away is that most here have gone completely off the rails. I came here expecting to engage in civil discourse about Jesus, Father God and Holy Spirit. What I was met with was unbridled carnality. Much repentance is needed.

32795e  No.694866


See >>693308

Plus I searched for the thread and the other two did not appear.


It became /catholic/ discord instead of /christian/


Such is the effects of a dead church (Rome) without God's Gospel or grace. Dead men from a dead church have made this board into a trash heap.

4ca54e  No.695355



>defending beastiality

Who would have thought?

God wants male adult humans to have sex with female adult humans, as he designed, no amount of mental gymnastics will change that fact

nice bait

4ca54e  No.695356


>you think cartoons are real people

Why do lolifags always use this strawman? The problem is you fapping to depictions of children, it’s got nothing to do with whether the porn you’re looking at us a drawing or a photograph

5819a4  No.695364


Yes I know he does. That won't be for long if you backwards christians keep sneaking the "same sex" into your Bible. Same species is same sex. You all have the same sex and you are turning people gay if you notice it or not. Why do you think gays have been getting more powerful? You're feeding them by bashing bestiality.

5819a4  No.695368


Honestly you are stupid. You are destroying your own religion by being two-faced. You are not trustworthy you killed Christ

5819a4  No.695371


Thats why you all have been arguing over who did it, you don't even realize you are responsible for it. You are traitors to the faith and Christ himself, hiding behind his name for protection.

5819a4  No.695374


He died because of YOUR sins. He died because you did not accept bestiality. You are criminals and murderers.

4ca54e  No.695383


>same species is same sex

I don’t think you know what species means

Kind of like how you don’t know that the Bible said to put practicers of beastiality to death and that beastially is a drpravity on par with homosexuality

089614  No.695392

Homosexuality is not on par with bestiality because homosexuality is same while bestiality is different sex. People who persecute bestiality are playing a con game like the devil to put us in shackles. God is not so selfish

4ca54e  No.695398


They put Christ to death because He said He was the Son of God and they thought He was lying

Things that were immoral in the Old Testament are still immoral now

Species: a group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding

Sex: either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and most other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions.

Faggotry: you


>beastiality is different sex

A male human having sex with a male animal is different sex?

4ca54e  No.695401


>God is a liar


4ca54e  No.695426


Yes, and thus He was telling the truth when He said beastiality is a sin

mods can you delete all these posts?

4ca54e  No.695428


>God: be fruitful and multiply

>God: beastiality is sin

Reproduction is not “selfishness”, God saw it was good for Adam to have companionship with Eve, not with any of the animals

Furthermore beastiality is not only a perverse abomination but it is also extremely selfish because it is an act purely for perverse pleasure and nothing else, not that selfishness is the only kind of evil anyway

stop shitposting

089614  No.695433


People never really understood the difference, we can have companionship without the reproduction. You have to be very careful with your reading. Such is the difference between "I could" and "I will"

4ca54e  No.695440


Yes reproduction, God created human reproduction system and saw that it was good, you cannot divorce sex from reproduction, that is what homosexuals do


Sex is specifically designed for procreation, pleasure is secondary to that and only exists to reinforce the husband and wife’s relationship for the sake of the famiy unit

You are calling what God said is good


Going against God’s creation for pleasure is very selfish

089614  No.695444


Sex is easily divorced from reproduction. Pleasure is not easily divorced from sex.

4ca54e  No.695448


>Why would God make sex feel good regardless of procreation

Why would God give us hands if we can use them to murder? Clearly murder is fine

Also I explained why in my post it’s to strengthen the relationship of husband and wife

>material people

Outed yourself as gnostic

God created the material form and after the resurrection we will have a material form


> reproduction is greedy

No, it actually costs a lot of time and resources to raise a family, most people are too selfish for that and only want sexual pleasure without the responsibility of raising a child

You are mocking what God said is good and praising what God said is evil


>sex is easily divorced from pleasure

By homosexuals

Sex was created primarily solely for reproduction

4ca54e  No.695449


Not a valid analogy

Furthermore, adultry is a sin, as is fornication. Essentially sex outside of marriage is a sin. A man can only marry a woman. Woman was made to be complementary to man, animals were not

d5f683  No.695451


>For the intentions of the board, a Christian is one who believes in the Nicene Creed (Specifically the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed) and the Chalcedonian Definition.

I'm surprised that no one has claimed that Baptists aren't allowed to post here, since the Nicene Creed includes "baptism ``for the remission of sins``" and "one holy, catholic and ``apostolic`` church.

089614  No.695453


Murder is a waste of God's creation. It is like castration. You are using God's creation to waste both uses. Two wrong

A claw hammer was made to hammer nails and pull them out. Just because you hammer it in does not mean you must use the claw to pull it out. The creator made it that way for us. Pulling nails is good, but if you do it too much the house falls down. I cannot listen to anyone who tells me I must pull the nails I've hammered. don't make a right.

Yes it costs a lot to raise a family. That's why I said if you pull out too many nails the house falls down. You effectively kill the family because you can't support it. Selfish people do not care about support.

You have effectively pited yourself as a blind expansionist. At any cost you would kill your family to expand your wealth.

089614  No.695454


Women and men are not machines made for your exploitation. I'm sorry, but you have no soul.

089614  No.695456


Yes they have no soul and they covet ours. That is why they are concerned about who and what we have sex with. To covet defines a material taking. If you wish to remove from the possession of another then you covet. Otherwise you care.

This is a fine example of devils masquerading as angels, they want us to make kids so they can take them.

4ca54e  No.695459


Simply don’t have that many children, it’s as simple as not having as much sex.

I cannot listen to someone who has called evil what God said is good and called good what God said is evil

Marriage is honourable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulters God will judge - Hebrews 13 verse 4

Now if you’re done whining about the demiurge not accepting your sodimite animal lust you can go

4ca54e  No.695463



>same ip


You know your a hippo right? If you weren’t a hippo you wouldn’t have hair. The fact that you’ve denied this so much shows that you are an enemy of science

089614  No.695464


Oh so now I'm the same as myself and now you have a problem with it when you can use it? That's no surprise. You can use people's sex drive it's good when you can't it's bad. Kek…

4ca54e  No.695465


>what happens when people have too much sex with animals

aids, mental illness, anal fissures in the animal

But that’s neither here nor there, because the real problem is that you hate science. Why do you hate science so much? You’re a hippo, accept it

4ca54e  No.695467


Can’t help but notice you haven’t admitted the fact that you’re a hippo, I didn’t realise you supported torturing children so much

089614  No.695470


Playing God again. Creating accusations like the creator. Oh boy

4ca54e  No.695471


Why do you like eating shit? It’s bad for you, and yet you keep demonstrating that you do it by not admitting that you are a hippo

4ca54e  No.695472


You’re the one who rapes fetuses

4ca54e  No.695475


I mean come on, why wouldn’t you admit to the FACT that you are a hippo unless you consume stale bread

4ca54e  No.695478


Well, you’ve just demonstrated that you are a communist member of isis. I havd nothing more to say to a hippo who try’s tells me the illogical nonsense that you can’t use a blender as a dildo

4ca54e  No.695481


I don’t have all the answer? You’re the one who hasn’t explained to me why you aren’t a hippo probably because you can’t

4ca54e  No.695482


Why do you hate beastiality so much?

089614  No.695483


How do I know you killed Jesus Christ? Oh I don't know… Maybe it's your behavior and I'm taking an educated guess. You homos are all the same, same sex, you don't have sex with animals, and you kill people who know God better than you do. Case closed.

4ca54e  No.695485


I know you hate beastiality because you haven’t admitted that you are a hippo

4ca54e  No.695487


You said I numerous times, when you denied that you are a hippo

089614  No.695489


I love bestiality, I just think it's funny how you had to resort to reverse psychology to bash bestiality. God is most definitely not on your side.

4ca54e  No.695490


If you didn’t hate beastiality you would have no problem admitting that you are a beast

4ca54e  No.695492


I’m not the one denying that I am a hippo

4ca54e  No.695493


You despise beastiality

089614  No.695494


Nobody said religion was easy. I love bestiality and I love God. Could you please go convert to atheism? I'll see you there.

4ca54e  No.695496


What do hippos have? Hair, skin, teeth, bones, and muscles. All of these things are what hippos have. You cannot have these traits and not be a hippo. There is nothing God hates more than a liar, and that is what you are, by refusing to admit the undeniable FACT that YOU ARE A HIPPO you are SPITTING IN GOD’S FACE

You hate beastiality and you hate GOD

4ca54e  No.695497


>I love beastiality and I love God

If you did you would have admitted that you are a hippo, but you haven’t. And because of it you’re going to hell. It’s too late to repent now

089614  No.695500


Thats now how this works but I would have sex with a hippo.

4ca54e  No.695501


You have cursed yourself by denying your nature and now you will pay the price, go on, keep babeling about how you’re a man, it means nothing. I know I the truth, and God knows the truth

4ca54e  No.695504


> that’s not how this works

Yes it is

> I would have sex with a hippo

You’re a homosexual?

4ca54e  No.695505


There is no choice in this, you are a hippo. Hippos are not a social construct

4ca54e  No.695511


If God could write a book He would tell you that you’re a hippo

4ca54e  No.695514


Just don’t have sex with hippos, because having sex with your own species is gay, kind of like how traps aren’t gay

4ca54e  No.695518


I find it funny how you say “you might as well winnie the pooh dogs” as if it’s a bad thing, could it be because you hate beastiality because you can’t accept the fact that you are a hippo

089614  No.695522


Nah it's because you fake Christian carebears bot replaces Fu ck ed with a childhood book character's name.

4ca54e  No.695539



Then why don’t you have faith in yourself? You refuse to admit that you’re a hippo

07c4f9  No.695544


I have faith in myself to not be a hippo just like I have faith in God to have not made me a hippo and that's why I practice bestiality. Because I am not a hippo.

4ca54e  No.695551


You were made a hippo, you will always be one, accept it and move on

07c4f9  No.695554


Is this about the "people are animals" thing?

Yes, people are animals but they are the "human" animal. We do not have to be hippos to practice bestiality. Everything is ok and God is still ok. God is not going anywhere.

4ca54e  No.695555


This isn’t about humans being animals this is about you being a hippo

07c4f9  No.695557


God did not say that. Just like God did not say bestiality was bad.

4ca54e  No.695560


He doesn’t need to, it’s as evident as the sunrise

The fact that you’re a hippo I mean

4ca54e  No.695566


How can you be right if you deny your hippo nature? That’s like saying wood can be a magnet

07c4f9  No.695567


Wood is a magnet for termites

4ca54e  No.695569


Kind of like how hippos are a magnet for those little birds that eat paracites off their bodies

07c4f9  No.695573


In that case I am similar to a hippo but not the same. "Parallel" to a hippo. Because I have parasites trying to prevent me from practicing bestiality which is my nature.

4ca54e  No.695582


Your true nature of being a hippopotamus yes

4ca54e  No.695588


Stop deflecting and admit you’re a hippopotamus

4ca54e  No.695596


You can’t become human, that’s not how this works, you are and always will be a hippo

4ca54e  No.695601


Could you please just admit that you’re a hippo, this is getting ridiculous

4a0660  No.695605


chinese is nowhere near the oldest language, rofl

most of those radicals or characters have like 7 different readings btw, and several of these readings are invalid

4ca54e  No.695607


>I can admit to anything that’s not true

I wasn’t asking you to do that, I was asking you to admit the infallible fact that you are a hippo

4ca54e  No.695615


A hippo whose into cows, that’s a first

4ca54e  No.695618


That you’re a hippo

c50712  No.695622


An anonymous hippo

c50712  No.695630


He knows you're a hippo

07c4f9  No.695635


He knows I am not a sinner. You are expressing envy.

c50712  No.695640


He knows you are a hippo

07c4f9  No.695642


He knows I haven't tried them.

c50712  No.695645


He also knows that you're a hippo

07c4f9  No.695657


What would you do if I wasn't a hippo?

c50712  No.695660


Stop denying facts hippo boy

c50712  No.695661


>what would you do if 1 plus 1 equalled 5?

Nothing because that's impossible

4e043e  No.695675

What is this hippo stuff?

c50712  No.695682


Beastiality sporter here>>695657 kept pulling arguments out of his ass as to why his degenerate sin is fine so I've been pulling arguments out of mine as to why he's a hippo

I don't know why we haven't both been banned for derailing he started derailing by the way don't ban me

c50712  No.695694


You know, I remember a thread where a guy was saying liking traps isn't gay, and whenever someone would criticize him he would say ">he doesn't like traps what are you gay?" that has been you this entire time, you are the guy you likes traps and is calling other men gay for not liking traps. I've been calling you a hippo this whole time to demonstrate how autistic your arguments were

Furthermore, there are no contradictions in the Bible, it is the word of God and far more reliable than your fallen nature


I don't know why the mods haven't banned you yet but I hope they do soon, even if they ban me too

Also you're a hippo

d14463  No.695947


Ok I'll be fair and say there are no contradictions in the Bible if you were not contradicting the Bible.

c50712  No.696022

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yes, and Jesus Christ affirms the scriptures both Old and New, as do all of His Apostles and early church founders, I think Christ is a bit more reliable than your fallen sin nature that wants to justify it's sin

You cannot have two masters, you cannot declare something good because your fallen nature doesn't feel like it's wrong it or "doesn't hurt anyone" and certainly not because you enjoy it, after all no one sins simply because it is the wrong thing to do

You cannot pick and choose which sins are and aren't sins and call yourself Christian, you cannot pick and choose parts of the Bible and call yourself Christian

Matthew 5:17

“Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.

nice ip change hippo

c50712  No.696049


>implying Christ affirmed the laws of sinners

You cannot pick and choose, you're not a Christian if you do so, stop pretending to be one, if you want to "have sex with animals but still believe in good" translation: do one sin I like doing but reject sins I don't like doing then pick another religion, because you're certainly not following Christ

Though to be honest I'm pretty sure you're just an atheist larping

Exodus 22:19 “Whoever has sexual intercourse with an animal must be put to death

If you look at the previous chapter you can see that it was God who spoke this to Moses


If you're going to keep denying scriptures that Christ affirmed, then that's the end of the discussion

c50712  No.696077



Christ affirmed scriptures, the scriptures say that God gave those laws against bestiality. You saying that Christ lied

You cannot pick and choose scriptures and call yourself Christian. End of discussion. Hippopotamus.

c50712  No.696088


By the way, genesis was written down by Moses

c50712  No.696128

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




If one scripture is invalid then you have no basis to believe any of them are

If you believe Moses was lying about God telling him these laws then you cannot believe he was given the account of creation, and thus you cannot believe anything from genesis, you cannot use anything from genesis as an argument not that anything you've said is, you've just put a Bible verse down and then pulled nonsense out of your arse and since Christ affirmed the Old Testament you cannot believe Christ. You cannot be Christian

>God stopped being God after original sin.

God is the same yesterday today and forever, He exists outside of the universe, outside of time

>I can pick and choose whatever I want from the Bible just as god said we could eat from any tree in the garden

This statement is the most illogical comparison I have ever heard in my life.Truth is not fruit, scripture is not fruit. You cannot choose what is true and false like you can choose fruit.

All you have been doing this entire time is making things up, saying things as if they are true but providing no basis as to why they are except for more statements that you are saying as if they are true without proof

All the Apostles went to their violent deaths professing that they had saw Jesus after the resurrection, many of the people who claimed to have saw Christ ascend to heaven also went to their deaths instead of renouncing Christ. Hallucination may explain one or two of these people but not all of them, and it's impossible that they could have all had the same hallucination and it is highly unlikely that they would go to there deaths for something they know is a lie. The evidence indicates that Christ was who He said He was, and thus was always telling the truth in His ministry, meaning that when He affirms the Old Testament He is telling the truth, meaning that Moses was telling the truth when he said that God told him that bestiality is a sin

I know now you're shitposting but I still can't let this slide, and I hope the mods become proactive enough to ban you as soon as you change ips,

Your entire argument from the start has been based on false statements, grasping at straws and flat out lies. That is why I was calling you a hippo, to demonstrate the same kind of logic you were portraying, except the difference is you really are a hippo because a hippo is an animal and only animals have sex with animals and hippos have bones and so do you so you are a hippo and hippo exist therefore if something exists it is a hippo and thus you are a hippo

You cannot pick and choose scripture and be Christian, end of discussion.

c50712  No.696135


>he was deceived by the devil into writing falsifications about God

Then you cannot use Genesis as an argument at all because Genesis was written down by Moses. You cannot be a Christian because Christ affirmed the Old Testament as being truth

You cannot pick and choose scripture and be Christian, end of discussion

c50712  No.696139


>God's ways change from a creator to a destroyer later in the bible

>old Testament God is bad

No, God creates and destroys, what is immoral in the past is immoral now. The difference is we are under grace now, which means we don't excecute beastiality practicers anymore, it doesn't mean what they have done is not sin.

The Old Testament has not changed from the time the new Testament was written, as evidenced by things like a: the New Testament quoting the Old and b; the dead seas scrolls and similar findings. So if the Old Testament is not accurate then Christ was a liar. And He was not a liar.

If you think God is nicer in the New Testament then the Old one then you clearly have never read revelations.

You cannot deny scripture be Christian

71ef8a  No.696141


You are a devil worshiper, worshiping the yin yang. God is not the creator and the destroyer.

71ef8a  No.696143


You are a yin yang not a Christian

c50712  No.696145


I don't worship two gods, God is not a pagan deity that is limited to one aspect, He can and has both created and destroyed, He can and does love and hate, He loves good i.e. the marital union of man and woman and hates evil i.e. bestiality

If you deny that God has destroyed you deny the flood and Sodom and Gomorrah as well as every other time He has destroyed evil things like bestiality, if you deny the Scripture which Christ himself affirms then you cannot be Christian. The Bible has not changed since the time of Christ and He affirmed the Old Testament

You cannot deny scripture and be a Christian, end of discussion don't you have anything better to do than shitpost for hours here? I just did some yard work

71ef8a  No.696148


You are preaching ding dongery not Christianity. We only worship the creation that's why we are pro-creation. Bestiality belongs to the creation because it was proposed before the yin yangery.

c50712  No.696150


Christ affirms the Old Testament, the Old Testament shows that God both creates i.e. creation and destroys i.e. the flood, sodom and gomorrah and that beastiality is sin

You cannot deny scripture and be Christian

71ef8a  No.696155


The testament shows there is a problem with your calculations and a major problem with your faith in the one and only God.

You cannot worship a God with two faces and be a Christian. That is a Yin Yang.

c50712  No.696156


I don't worship a God with two faces, God destroying evil is not two faced. God is good and it good to destroy evil.

Christ affirms the scriptures

If you deny the scriptures you deny Christ, if you deny Christ you are not Christian

c50712  No.696159


Are you writing a reply right now?

c50712  No.696160


I bet you are

c50712  No.696170


Christ affirms the scriptures

If you deny the scriptures you deny Christ, if you deny Christ you are not Christian

c50712  No.696179

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Jesus believed that the Old Testament was divinely inspired, the veritable Word of God. He said, ‘The Scripture cannot be broken’ (John 10:35). He referred to Scripture as ‘the commandment of God’ (Matthew 15:3) and as the ‘Word of God’ (Mark 7:13). He also indicated that it was indestructible: ‘Until Heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass away from the law, until all is accomplished’ (Matthew 5:18)

When dealing with the people of his day, whether it was with the disciples or religious rulers, Jesus constantly referred to the Old Testament: ‘Have you not read that which was spoken to you by God?’ (Matthew 22:31); ‘Yea; and have you never read, “Out of the mouth of infants and nursing babes thou has prepared praise for thyself”?’ (Matthew 21:16, citing Psalm 8:2); and ‘Have you not read what David did?’ (Matthew 12:3). Examples could be multiplied to demonstrate that Jesus was conversant with the Old Testament and its content. He quoted from it often and he trusted it totally.

Throughout the Gospels, we find Jesus confirming many of the accounts in the Old Testament, such as the destruction of Sodom and the death of Lot’s wife (Luke 17:29, 32) the murder of Abel by his brother Cain (Luke 11:51), the calling of Moses (Mark 12:26), and the manna given in the wilderness (John 6:31–51).

The list of examples goes on, and the evidence is clear: Jesus saw the Old Testament as being God’s Word, and his attitude toward it was nothing less than total trust. Many people want to accept Jesus, yet they reject a large portion of the Old Testament. Either Jesus knew what he was talking about, or he didn’t. If a person believes in Jesus Christ, he should be consistent and believe that the Old Testament and its accounts are correct

Christ affirmed the scriptures. If you deny the scriptures you deny Christ. If you deny Christ you are not Christian.

>by proposing Jesus as the Lord

And you have undoubtably denied Christ

c50712  No.696180

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


c50712  No.696185


If you deny Christ you are not Christian

c50712  No.696242

I see you've deleted his posts mods. I can tell you he's probably going to show up again soon with another ip so you should be prepared to ban him again

1c98e6  No.696257


>Posts made in the spirit of disruption or spite could earn you a short to permanent ban.

154161  No.696259

File: e9b6d4f3ac5f7ff⋯.jpg (20.94 KB, 400x300, 4:3, bfd7e4108c437b995b9d74badf….jpg)



This was the image, by the way.

1c98e6  No.696361


That picture is clearly designed to trigger Catholics, which means it is in violation of rule 2. There is literally no other reason to post that image than to troll.

1eec7d  No.696639


lol furry go away

c50712  No.696831


>What was in them?

Bestiality supporting, and saying that parts of scripture that condemned beastiality were corrupted by satan, and saying that Christ had sin because he affirmed those scriptures

154161  No.696962


154161  No.696963

File: e93afdab9815a77⋯.png (134.34 KB, 759x449, 759:449, Capture.PNG)

File: dfd1644105a1f4a⋯.png (76.69 KB, 978x564, 163:94, Capture1.PNG)

File: 2d3c142d0aed376⋯.png (239.79 KB, 1001x521, 1001:521, Capture2.PNG)



Why do my posts keep getting randomly deleted? They were up for days, and the mods had to have seen them before since they've been deleting other posts itt. I feel like the mods are just targeting me now because I said something bad about ** * on their discord.

022776  No.697201

File: fc6f60576c1e95d⋯.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1490x1740, 149:174, 89FFC4AD-B6DF-4BDA-80D9-4….jpeg)

the person calling me a heretic unsubstantiated is violating rule 2 and should be banned.

022776  No.697213

File: 0b4757cb4053198⋯.jpeg (73.32 KB, 845x142, 845:142, 2233F067-0F7B-40D4-A033-D….jpeg)

heres another person violating rule 2

154161  No.697694

File: 4f4b702c8d3fceb⋯.png (53.48 KB, 352x345, 352:345, d561c50ba249d2174abdfaa9e6….png)


>check into old threads I had posts in

>they're all deleted

>still have a 20 day old post in the meta so the mod couldn't have used delete all posts by IP (like last time "by accident")

<mfw the mods are so vindictive that they went through my IP history and deleted dozens of random posts one by one all because I made fun of the pope

I miss Alex

022776  No.697695

why did my “sup /vatican/“ thread get deleted?

022776  No.697696

File: 33c9b7a490d5a73⋯.jpeg (268.03 KB, 1078x515, 1078:515, B7A3DE2B-0632-4291-9892-6….jpeg)


same thing happened to me.

tutor this is verity

youre moderating your shit like a bitch, my man.

you know ill just screencap all of my posts, switch airplane mode on and off, and spam your board with the evidence for all to see.

1c98e6  No.697700


Are you 12 years old?

022776  No.697705


r u jew?

1c98e6  No.697708


Ah, yes. You're 12 years old.

022776  No.697717


ok great, now that we have established that, 2 things:

1. dont molest me

2. why is tutor modding this board like a bitch?

becc6c  No.697815

File: 7d894616aa52d2a⋯.jpg (20.07 KB, 590x421, 590:421, serveimage.jpg)


Because it was a bad thread and you know you indiscreet troll.

154161  No.697861

File: 2703d8395c1ca0b⋯.png (59.22 KB, 795x494, 795:494, cantsayfagevenblockedout.PNG)


It's really pathetic. I tried going to their discord, but the entire time my comments kept getting deleted for saying "bad words" even though I was blanking them out, and the mods were using the same words with no problem.

1c98e6  No.697875


Maybe you should learn to express yourself in a civilized manner.

154161  No.697879


>Maybe you should learn to express yourself in a civilized manner.

First off, I was civil the entire time I was on their discord, so I don't know what you're implying. They were the ones accusing me of sinning, telling me my opinion doesn't matter because I don't have some worthless title on a discord server, and spamming links to bury my posts. Second, the word I used is entirely civil, it's just a slang word for homosexuals. Third, I literally blanked it out with stars, how is that not civilized?

And like I said, the mods alone had used that word dozens of times before I posted my comment, so it obviously has nothing to do with being "uncivil".

022776  No.697889


>deleted because it was a bad thread

if it was a bad thread why did it have almost 100 posts in it, you insincere, dishonest fag-lover?

oh i get it.

the thread wasnt a catholic circlejerk. if it isnt one, then its automatically a bad thread.

022776  No.697904


oh i get it,

i thought that i was dealing with honest people.

if the mods cant be trusted to consistently and unbiasedly enforce their own rules, then i suppose the rules no longer apply and ill just change my ip address.

becc6c  No.698016

File: 13bd8627f8a3cfe⋯.png (4.05 KB, 370x320, 37:32, No thank you.png)



I'm not a mod, your thread was just stupid trolling, I'm surprised it wasn't taken down automatically. You said the mods were jesuits, and when asked for evidence you just said "the bible says that you will know them by their fruits". Stop acting like you're doing anything other than shitposting, i don't like a lot of how the mods handle the community either but you're THE reason why they are so strictly dismissive when posters disagree with their moderation.

1c98e6  No.698029


>why did it have almost 100 posts in it

Don't clean the shit off the floor … look how many flies it attracted!

becc6c  No.698083

File: 6ccf5be23ebb920⋯.webm (9.47 MB, 640x360, 16:9, They still think we worsh….webm)

>Muslim thread deleted

I actually agree with this but i had so much to say, much of the point could have been debunked. Deleting it early will make people consider it as a possibility.

154161  No.698220


>Don't clean the shit off the floor … look how many flies it attracted!

What happened to "expressing yourself in a civilized manner", hypocrite?

c19d02  No.698380

File: ba2a696a00cb852⋯.jpeg (451.48 KB, 1392x1104, 29:23, 6985AA72-9C7D-4B4C-AA9D-2….jpeg)



did you ban these people for violating rule 2 too, tutor?

if so, prove it.

c19d02  No.698382

bc4e1d  No.698398


They are of a "might makes right" mindset. That's how things got to this position in the first place.

f14c3b  No.699360


Are the mods going to do anything about the Barabbas poster?

becc6c  No.699490

File: f4f5a33c5abffb8⋯.png (165.31 KB, 1755x574, 1755:574, Barabbas Theory.png)


They have, he keeps coming back, self moderation is the best moderation.

a6eb1e  No.699648

Mods, obviously this guy is stirring things up. First, they trolled as a muslim going autistic all over about Barabbas, then there is a thread which calls for violence against them, probably to fish out more bullets so he can go cry on reddit for social justice point or something.

Just IP ban him and if he IP hops, then blast him out again. And for us all, just ignore the troll. [-], report, and do not even bother to reply to him. Don't feed the troll.

c50712  No.699654


Well, we kind of did >>699647

Furthermore we have reason to believe the Bible is an accurate description of Christ




You want to wake us up to the joys of drinking camels urine, I know

I have a feeling you're the beastiality guy from before, am I correct?

Am I a "yin yang" ?

23aca8  No.699782

Why was the Western Rite thread deleted?

21a813  No.699877


Scroll down more

4f42cf  No.701469

File: 7736a1019bf902c⋯.jpeg (610.53 KB, 1458x640, 729:320, 9175A574-F6B9-4E92-9AB1-B….jpeg)

im not this guy but why was this banned?

2a03c5  No.701532


Rule 2 and general retardation

8d1e1f  No.703602

How much longer is this corny Winnie the Pooh thing going to continue?

It's not funny, it makes entire threads look mentally deranged. Period inevitably curse from time to time; it's an anonymous message board for heavens sake. Get 100% compliance today and tomorrow you'll still have new goofballs floating in like jetsam who'll Winnie the Pooh all over again.

Can you PLEASE work up a substitution that affords the thread some dignity??

—- or * work just fine for newspapers and magazines.

Are we all so hopelessly millennial that even this must be "cute"??

8d1e1f  No.703763

File: f60ad45b0086831⋯.png (230.23 KB, 480x800, 3:5, wp_ss_20180918_0003.png)

Also, is there something that can be done about the ads for porn?

I don't know if this is something we can control, but good grief this is the kind of thing that pops up all the time. Might help with the proliferation of the please help me stop masturbating threads.

635b21  No.703820


I don't know how this works, but you could add a line to uBlock Matrix or Scriptmonkey/Greasemonkey that allows you to selectively block that element.

If it all comes from the same subdomain as thumbnails for threads, then you can test the image ratio for banner size/resolution and delete it.

68dd8b  No.703922


Jim himself says its fine if you use adblocker because he already has the ad money(soft serve system)

>But that lowers ad views


He still doesn't care, probably because most of the site would hate if he said that you had to turn off adblock.

3a72ea  No.705213


AMreN BOrther,, !!!

98c50b  No.705263

The (((mods))) deleted all my posts? Lol

bc4e1d  No.705315


Welcome to the club. The best part of being in the club is posting all over again.

38b15d  No.705580

>deleted the link to Psalms


0fb882  No.705617


You should thank the mods for saving you the future embarrassment of looking back at them

6a33fc  No.705674

A few of my comments have randomly disappeared. What's going on?


In this thread I made a comment saying that false religions always dislike the cross. It got two replies



I don't know why it was deleted

Then in another thread >>700885 here, I made a pretty long effort post where I went over every concept of Jesus OP mentioned and explained what was wrong with it and why he should return to the proper Christological position. That post was also deleted. What's going on?

6212bd  No.705807


What, were you expecting the papists to tolerate scripture?

1c98e6  No.705899

File: 281240871143ada⋯.jpg (27.64 KB, 500x491, 500:491, b5f.jpg)


000f77  No.706256

File: c09d2abf448c3cb⋯.jpg (17.8 KB, 390x390, 1:1, 17155727_10155111842224204….jpg)

This isn't the place to advertise your dead boards. Don't do it.

4c53a7  No.706306


Well, maybe you should get the BO to add a Psalms page here. It's a very handy reference and prayer tool.

000f77  No.706330


That'd be fine, but I was mostly referring to the link to the board where people were discussing ban evading here. :)

38b15d  No.706348


Oh, that. It's a stupid thread that got anchored. People shouldn't brag about such crap unless it's on /b/. /christ/ is not the anti-/christian/.

7aec3e  No.706441


Hey bolek, just a piece of advice, why don't you and tutor and tutor's other cronies chow down on a full diaper and piss up a flagpole, you pretentious heathen swine

ceb1d9  No.706491

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I think he describe us well.

And maybe he has good arguments to bring back flags. It should be of interest for you mods, maybe.

62b369  No.706509

File: 26d31aa54a41746⋯.png (233.42 KB, 1774x933, 1774:933, christians that watch anim….PNG)

File: b6b3e929f102f79⋯.png (208.81 KB, 1806x840, 43:20, christians that watch anim….PNG)

File: a3e5d1c5efc8ad3⋯.png (95.92 KB, 1795x771, 1795:771, christians that watch anim….PNG)

File: 0da2aec733b789c⋯.png (35.92 KB, 1776x347, 1776:347, christians that watch anim….PNG)

File: c36e51782a974aa⋯.png (169.13 KB, 1790x655, 358:131, christians that watch anim….PNG)

A few months later and we still have not an iota about the rules and moderation of media discussion like anime and movies. Nothing. God damn your hypocrisies you stupid Romanists! God damn it all! Why continue heaping condemnation on yourselves, ruining the imageboard experience for Christians when your own f–king satanic church is just one more scandal away from breaking up. Re-posting some dialogue reminding the kind of clowns that rule this board and the people they listen to.


Liars and slanderers do not enter the Kingdom of God. Repent!


Funny is it not? The mods, who believe in a Bible that says that God can bring good things out of evil AND that silly Thomistic/Neo-Augustinian theory of natural goodness (the same kind that leads some Cathopologists saying God loves "Satan concerning his good aspects"), won't take their sweet ass time and briefly read a thread to see if anything redeemable in a thread before clicking "delete all". Who knows if such a discussion, if kept up, would have led a muslim or atheist anon to Christ or to more thorough resources like David Wood or Sam Shamoun? Nope, gotta satisfy their pompous garbage dump hearts and look like they are actually doing anything good. No anchor, no lock, just ctrl+delete.


>we can't talk about wholesome anime because some bastard may have made rule 34 somewhere but we have to use a site that shows porn ads even on our board


Who the hell knows anymore with our current mods? Your post must've been pretty good if I said those thing in the second post you quoted. If I have the time, I'll go to the archives and pull it up.


Even on a board for Christians, doing this name-fa.gging and emoticon crap is just as pathetic as when done on pagan boards and -chans. Even most cuck mods on Cuckchan don't do this sh-t. Repent and humble yourself!


Thanks for this! Can't say I agree with him, especially when there are many people in Scripture that are called righteous, yet barely described and never named.


Alex made the mistake, like many Baptists and conservative Protestants, of trusting Romanists merely because we both use similar vernacular and because Vatican II said Romanists could call Protestants "brothers", which doesn't even truly mean what Scripture means by "Christian brother" because they still think we're all going to hell for believing God's grace alone by faith alone in Christ alone saves and keeps you saved. All of the sudden, jokes on us, we have to support a Roman standard of moderation and kiss the digital pope's ass lest we are banned. I respect his moderation when he was active, but he had his hand in this board's downfall unfortunately by trusting these heathens. Only true Christians show good tolerance to other Christians, true and otherwise. Romanists, believing in a false gospel, with their consciences seared from Alex's kindness, ruthlessly show no such thing.

Hell, there's more tolerance for /pol/ pagans nowadays than there is for Baptists and other true Christians. I swear, Tutor, Lind, Bolek, and the rest of you purple popery poop heads, if you can't get your s-h-i-t together, I'm going to start bugging C0demonkey until this board is made public like what happened with /pol/. I'd rather pagans spam shit here then this board continue its deplorable state all in the name of Christ and His Kingdom. God help us.

PS. I take back supporting the flag ban, not because it's a bad decision, but because a better mod and actual Christian needs to be the one to enact the ban in a truly honest, transparent manner.

91581d  No.706515


hey, cat friend here. sorry to hear about this. i really love you guys, i'm watching some christian movies. i love you protestant guys, and i don't know much about this but yes it would be nice to discuss wholesome anime - is there much of it around though?

i'm searching for wholesome movies and such with christian themes. i can't believe i haven't seen a walk to remember! my friend used to talk about it before and i think i tried watching it but at the time i thought it was too cheesy. i watched it and it's pretty nice overall.

and hey, mods are tough to deal with wherever you go really. sorry that this isn't going well right now. God bless you :(

62b369  No.706526


Miyazaki's anime are universally praised, including by Christians, for a reason, promoting universal morals and goodness like fighting against evil, being good stewards of creation, purity within relationships, working for what you love and not for war or profit, etc. His anime is the most obvious I can think of and I can search for more if I had the time and we were allowed to.

I'm sorry my for my vitriol in my post. As you can tell, I'm not too happy with the church of Rome or the mod team right now. Don't let mislead you. Some of you Catholics like Chesterton are mighty swell fellows, more so than some Protestants I know, my anger notwithstanding. God bless you too! Omnia vincit amor.

91581d  No.706536


That's a good point, i've seen a few miyazaki/ghibli movies and yeah they are pretty wholesome overall. Not sure how many strong christian themes are there, but I think you could probably make a case for some of them. To be honest, though I've seen a few, I could never really tell the theme or the morals that it was trying to portray. Maybe I have to rewatch them again.

While searching for Christian movies I did actually come across a few articles on "Christian Anime" and yeah there surprisingly didn't seem to be anything super christian, some with some possible themes, but yeah, it was disappointing that there wasn't any really strong Christian anime series. I guess considering the low population of Christians that's inevitable, but also considering what probably drives anime sales, which is sadly stuff leaning on the lewd side right?

Didn't know that anime was against the rules here, but yeah it could be worse. I mean it's pretty hard to find a good christian board to begin with, and most of it ends up in bickering anyways. Have you checked out this blog? https://medievalotaku.wordpress.com/about/anime-for-christians/

Maybe there might be some good discussion there for you. And don't worry about it, things can get stressful on forums, especially here. I've been there myself!

I was really even thinking, maybe I should try and start a reddit which is just like WholesomeChristianity or PositiveChristianity (although the latter sounds sort of like sex-positive or even worse haha), where people would just share positive news, and just happier stuff. Although I have no idea really how to mod anything, and will probably just mess it up. Everywhere I go, anything I read it's all just more and more negative stuff, oh well. At least I can read my bible more :)

62b369  No.706558


>Didn't know that anime was against the rules here

That's the sad thing, it wasn't and still isn't officially; and for a time, it seemed like the current mod team would allow anime after Tutor banned, during one discussion, that dumb "anime is idolatry" guy you can see blabbering in the first 3 of my pics. It wasn't until the next anime thread that Lind did this arbitrary, ad hoc, decision, without any word from Tutor or other mods, that anime would no long be allowed because someone could get a compromising picture that may or may not be official through (((Google's))) image search.

Supposedly, anime falls under rule 2 via "scandal", but that rule, especially the scandal part is so arbitrary, harsh, and broad that it becomes not just unfair but also sinful, adding beyond what God has commanded. As long as we act civil and Christian, any work of art that has what Paul describes in Philippians 4:8 should be allowed for discussion, despite weaknesses or sin in that art. Like I said elsewhere, even works that Catholics artists have made, and many Catholic thinkers have praised, have elements that would be, if made by a non-Christian animator, considered "scandalous" by the current mod team. Heck, many pagan works are praised and studied by both Protestant and Catholic thinkers, like The Aeneid or The Odyssey, the later which has tons of scandalous material.

62b369  No.706563


>Have you checked out this blog?

No, but now I will. Thanks mate!

Here's a good blog that I like with many Catholic, Protestant, and secular conservative thinkers who discuss topics like art:


And here's a a blog that's been mentioned on this board before, I think, that discusses sci-fi and fantasy with a Christian, albeit a heavily Protestant, worldview:


91581d  No.706567


Thanks for the suggestions, i'll check them out! I think I should start checking out blogs more instead of reddit and messageboards, seems like there are could be some good ones out there.

5e7f6d  No.706834

I was asked to come to this board to post on behalf of Christians.

Now I see why. Allowing, encouraging, particiating in, and condoning the catholic censorship of Christians on a "christian" board in the name of "charity" is satanic.

If you want an inoffensive gospel message, Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, the son of the living God who died for the sins of mankind and rose from the dead on the third day, is not for you. His gospel is, and always will be, hugely offensive to those perishing in their sins, and to those who live in darkness.

Roman Catholicism is nothing more than 4,000 year old Mystery Babylon with a thin veneer of Christianity peeling off of it. For the past thousand years, Romanists have murdered tens of millions of Christians, Jews (whom they call Christkillers in their ignorance), and innocent human beings in their unslaked bloodlust and desire to rule the world "in the name of Christ". To tell the truth about these vicious monsters and be "warned" and eventually banned for it from a "christian" board is anathema to me. I will not abide where the Word of God is so distorted and condemned and where the satanic lies of the False Prophet of Mystery Babylon (aka the pope) are revered as "inclusive", "ecumenical" and "charitable".

It is not "charity" to watch deceived people descend into madness, and eventually into hellfire. It is quite literally the opposite of "charity".

I shake the dust from my shoes onto this board.

May God have mercy.

1c98e6  No.706894


>I was asked to come to this board to post on behalf of Christians.

No, you weren't, and don't ever dare speak for me again.

bc4e1d  No.706989


I agree on that.


I've been speaking against rule 2 since November (>>559249), and I've been asking mods to give us polls or allow polls which they consistently avoid to answer me definitively, giving hints that they will and then going completely silent when they are asked again. It's clear that they are backed into a corner and dug in their heels on the rule 2 issue. And on the broader issue of having changed the rules without giving any reason for doing so, which they did last year.

I said it then and I'll say it again now. This is a constitutional problem and it requires a fix. We're only going to keep seeing more new problems arise as long as these deliberately vague and controversial rules are here. The best solution would be to go back to the rules as they were before being changed a year ago, and if there were a poll allowed that would be what the majority of regular users would be saying.

480708  No.706999


>I was asked to come to this board to post on behalf of Christians

By whom? I take it from the style and content of your post you're that dispensationalist from 4/his/

480708  No.707005

Why is >>706706 404ing?

c1968e  No.707031


It seems like it was supposed to be deleted; but for whatever reason, the site's databases aren't cooperating.

24810b  No.707036

Why are so many threads being deleted all of a sudden?

1c98e6  No.707057


Every now and then the trash gets taken out.

154161  No.707107

File: 1c9d3c9a2b222c2⋯.jpg (69.66 KB, 750x918, 125:153, Dn3l7OVU4AAHVyp.jpg)


It was just 8ch messing up for the most part. If you can see the thread from the catalog/index and it only 404s when you click into it, it wasn't deleted by the mods.


It's funny how you're so willing to jump to defend the mods' overreach, that you've literally started defending site errors eating posts. Not to mention when someone calls you out, or proves you wrong, you run away.

431cb6  No.707155

Seriously mods, what the FVCK? There was actual discussion going on here >>706329

1c98e6  No.707250


I'm defending the mods against site errors because it isn't the mod's fault that the site has errors.

Also, nobody ever proves me wrong and I never run away. I don't even change IP.

154161  No.707264


>I'm defending the mods against site errors because it isn't the mod's fault that the site has errors.

No where did you bring up site errors, or how the mods weren't at fault for them being deleted. You called the threads trash, and said it was the mods "taking them out".

>Also, nobody ever proves me wrong and I never run away.

I have multiple times. I proved you wrong in this post >>697879 when you said I wasn't being civil, and I proved you were a hypocrite in this post >>698220 . both times you suddenly stopped replying, really makes you think.

1c98e6  No.707266


Well, I accept that spergs believe getting the last word = victory, so it'll keep going and going nonstop until the heat death of the universe. So, I shrug and move on. Doesn't mean I'm running away. It just means I'm giving the baby their candy. The fact that you're still desperately clinging to a 3 week old posts actually proves me right.

154161  No.707282

File: de0581427ccfdc9⋯.png (454.29 KB, 662x545, 662:545, de0581427ccfdc974d56b4eafa….png)


>Well, I accept that spergs believe getting the last word = victory

Is calling people spergs expressing yourself in a civilized manner?

>So, I shrug and move on. Doesn't mean I'm running away. It just means I'm giving the baby their candy.

Yeah you're really being the bigger man by passive aggressively attacking people with your low effort one-line replies, and then ignoring people's replies proving you wrong.

>The fact that you're still desperately clinging to a 3 week old posts actually proves me right.

>notice a pattern over several months of you defending the mods deleting posts, even when it's a literal site error

>call you out over it using previous examples of you doing it

<wow why r u so desperate to use my own words against me

807ab5  No.707308

File: c81be734007ba9f⋯.png (736.13 KB, 1050x870, 35:29, christchandisgust.png)




You're arguing against another brick in the wall of St. Peter's basilica. Don't even bother giving him attention.

By the way, why was the discussion on Catholic sexual ethics deleted? I know it's not the alacrity daemon acting up because I can't find the discussion on the catalog and updating the thread, yeah I still have it up, gives me "Thread pruned or deleted" instead of the expected 404. >>706482

What? We can't talk about sexuality in a civil and frank manner? Or did the discussion begin to show the failures and faulty logic and exegesis of Catholic sexual ethics? If anything that shows a bit of controversy or negatively portrays Romanism ever is banned, why pretend this board is for all Christians? Hell, why pretend it's for all Catholics because it's clear by now that not all Catholics here agree with the current state of this board or with the mods' current moderation philosophy. How about just call this board what it is: /the_vatican's_elite_suck_off's/?

Don't give me that "scandal" bulls-hit because the Bible is filled with not just frank discussion of sexuality, but erotic praise of marital love. And get off your damn Discord circlejerk and actually talk with us here, and not with that condescending soy boy passive aggressive bull that you mods have been showing this year. Solomon was right: "The wicked flee when no one pursues" and "when a wicked man rules, the people groan."


Did you even have to ask?

183b9b  No.707487


>You're arguing against another brick in the wall of St. Peter's basilica

Credit where credit is due, this is a good one.

> How about just call this board what it is: /the_vatican's_elite_suck_off's/?

see >>691104

1c98e6  No.707489


>this is a good one.

I have to admit, too … that's a good one.

154161  No.707496

File: d011768c1c3fc6f⋯.png (226.34 KB, 639x408, 213:136, 7y.png)


>17 minutes ago


>14 minutes ago

It's all so tiresome

32e588  No.707729

>Makes a board to convert 8chan

>Deletes questionable threads

>No mod logs

>Communication only on Discord

its like everything anons would hate bundled into one board.

I don't care about the Protestants in the moderation team. It could be a mono-catholic team if it was a fair one, and protestants wouldn't even notice.

5ba56f  No.707747


> If anything that shows a bit of controversy or negatively portrays Romanism ever is banned, why pretend this board is for all Christians?

I just come here to post anti-Catholic stuff until I get banned, rinse and repeat. The world is full of evil/Catholics, why should this board be any different? It's naive to believe you can create a righteous place by just saying "this is a righteous place now".


>could be a mono-catholic team if it was a fair one

Catholicism is a worldly religion and thus cannot be fair by definition.

32e588  No.707780

File: cc9851a3c16d348⋯.jpg (92.85 KB, 719x825, 719:825, Thanksanon.jpg)


So basically?

000f77  No.708079

File: ada45804969727d⋯.jpg (60.79 KB, 630x400, 63:40, DhN1QTWWAAAhOTL.jpg)


Stop trolling and accept Christ.

1b01f5  No.708135

The discord invite is broken, can you post a new one?

0296b7  No.708136


Hopefully not.

8d1e1f  No.708179


I must agree. Maybe I'm delusional but I remember this place being far livelier and much more entertaining a year ago. Now it's repetitive to the extreme, and weirdly cold.



Thanks guys. Post more smuggies about how it's such a drag having to follow through dealing with the firebrands you've provoked. Really stirs pangs of sympathy.

dfd169  No.708607

File: a08e9d2efeeb3e7⋯.jpg (104.68 KB, 1200x881, 1200:881, pope_john_paul_ii_burning_….jpg)

154964  No.708698


You wish, Satan

1f6604  No.708891

Could anyone answer this: Is there scriptures on how heaven will feel? Will I still have my curiosities? Will I be able to ask god about my life? Will I be able to cuddle god in heaven? How can you be happy in heaven if your family have gone to hell?

ecf4e9  No.709362

I would like an invite to the discord as well please. I'm not a shitposting, falseflagging baptist.

2e0b54  No.709372


Updated it.

ae19b1  No.709907

I didn’t know all discussion of gnosticism (even against it) was banned. Can the mods PLEASE just make a list of banned subjects on this board?

1c98e6  No.709913


It's a Christian board and that is defined by the board rules. Gnostics aren't Christian, so why would discussion be allowed? Do you really need a list? "Christian Discussion and Fellowship" sums it up nicely.

38b15d  No.709915


See: >>520608

>Scandal includes encouraging people to commit sin like fornication, masturbation, blasphemy, apostasy, abortion, lying, taking the Lords name in vain, suicide, and the like. Any esoteric topics will fall under this as well.

ecbd77  No.710558

File: b813b24a4a37ff7⋯.png (15.92 KB, 702x456, 117:76, Screenshot_2018-10-05 Bann….png)

File: ccf4234d469809d⋯.png (584.45 KB, 1903x4803, 1903:4803, Screenshot_2018-10-05 Were….png)


Posting info of my ban here since an appeal was denied and to see if I might get more of an explanation. Currently also using a mobile IP to do it since apparently I also can't even post in this meta.

I was banned for Gnosticism on thread >>709641.

The post I was banned for and that was deleted read: "Unlike antilegomena, apocrypha is actually profitable."

To be clear I was not referring New Testament apocryphal gnostic texts but to the as it's commonly known and on here often argued about OT apocrypha.

I asked in my appeal for the posts of my ID to be read more carefully, specifically >>709704

>Meant OT. Some of the Church Father writings, Didache, Epistle of Barnabas, Shepherd of Hermas, and Apostolic Constitutions look pretty dope.

Link here


I get that some people might disagree with my opinion but I don't feel that it was a blatant breach of rules compared to a lot of the other stuff that flies here.

In my appeal I also mentioned my suspicion of someone misusing their administrative privileges for ulterior motives like a crypto-Turk cathlishill/KJOist falseflagger perhaps. I pointed to another thread which I felt the suspicion a few days earlier. https://8ch.net/christian/res/708354.html#q708388

I was not even given a warning before being banned permanently.

ecbd77  No.710560


I feel that I've contributed plenty of my share to providing greater quality discussion to this board that isn't more of the same endless cathlishill kjoist shit flinging and /pol/ tier posts.

I will unashamedly post links to some threads that are currently still up with my ID number in them so that people may see them if interested.

>>701174 ID: 62d301

>>709051 ID: a2d73b

This was a particularly good example of contribution on a bible translation thread

>>701044 ID: 41399a

This is one were I could more easily have been accused of gnosticism but was not.

>>704059 ID: 983ba7

And there others where I did not expressly try to break any rules where others might have.

>>699410 ID: e99af0

This might all be a vain effort as whoever reads it might be having a good laugh but I feel it's the least I can do to make others aware and ask themselves whether much if any of this is so ban worthy.

1c98e6  No.710664



>look upon my works!

Pride is a sin, anon.

0f8b7a  No.710671

File: 9ec93d3fbc90e48⋯.png (643.75 KB, 742x758, 371:379, Wellthen.png)

e1edc7  No.710677


It turns out however that particular sin doesn't appear to be against the rules.

It's not like you're supposed to be fond of unwarranted punishment which now that it's mentioned is also sinful.

2e0b54  No.710733


I posted a discord server AND an email to send stuff exactly like this to. The meta thread was meant to talk about meta issues, not just turn into a place for people to try and publicly complain (though essentially it's turned into that).

The appeal you wrote was garbled and came off rambling. It wasn't clear what you were trying to say. If you had just put the first explanation you wrote in your post, it would have made everything immediately clear (that you didn't mean gnostic text but things like Enoch, Shepherd, and so on).

I even asked about the the thing to another mod because it was such a weird appeal.

In the future (this goes to everyone), please utilize the posted email if you want to get directly in contact with me which no other mod can see if you are concerned about the actions of a mod.

I'll look for your post to unban.

Post last edited at

263ccc  No.710780


Thanks, seeing this just now. I thought I had mentioned everything but it's good that it was noticed. Will make note of all the info and advice that was given.

84b09f  No.710905


>I posted a discord server

Please leave this board, thanks.

4e043e  No.711306


I really don't like the way permabans are just handed out like candy on this board. Especially permabans+total post deletions with no explanations. I get it if someone is specifically sinposting (and by sinposting I mean flooding the catalog with spam threads that are actually designed to be deleted, like pagans spamming kike-on-a-stick memes), but beyond those special exceptions why is permaban the first instinct go to of this boards mods?

fabe73  No.711333


1eec7d  No.711666


Is that you low iq wiz?

2dc82f  No.711671


>Catholic defending Gnostic heresies

Just stop

1c98e6  No.712222


I asked a vol on another board that hands out permabans as the first option and he said, "I'm usually too lazy to fill in the time box, so I just hit enter and move on. If the BO disagrees, he can always unban." So, lazy vols + indifferent BO? Then again, it's not like there are clear rules for moderation or any "break X rule = Y time ban" parameters in place. Like in the real world, you know that if you steal a car and get caught, you'll face X amount of jail time. Nothing stops the vol(s) from hitting [B&D+] on every infraction.

670440  No.712597

File: 9e7e05d3b5680d8⋯.jpg (57.17 KB, 700x711, 700:711, 93bb8e7702b3200034161b2db9….jpg)

Why was the "Waifu" thread deleted?

It revealed that a significant part of this board have unironic, strong, passionate (in the negative sense) for fictional anime characters and don't even realize why it's borderline idolatry or even mental illness.

It couldn't be because the thread was "against charity" or controversial when you have 2 or 3 thread full of people telling the OPs to kill themselves or plain idiotic stuff like "Flat earth vs globe"

And here's an animu to get everyone's attention.

8d2360  No.712606


Stop pretending you get to decide what is and is not sin, you're not God

b5080b  No.712630

File: a98b1b1f9781289⋯.png (260.22 KB, 680x486, 340:243, 057.png)


I know that idolatry is a sin because God said so.

When someone overcomes sin for the sake of his waifu and not for God

When someone gets REALLY angry when people insult his waifu

When they consider her akin to a real human being, a human being with a SOUL

Then it means it's idolatry. And not meme idolatry like protestant speaks about cathodox venerating saints but a real genuine one.

A waifu is an idol. The very definition of a false one

What happened to pic related? It's a problem that needs to be adressed

b5080b  No.712634

And I'd also like to point out everytime waifuists are called out on their destructive passion they use the same rhetoric as regular modern sinners

>Jesus never said anything about X!

>It doesnt hurt anybody!

>Love is LOVE!

8d2360  No.712635


>overcoming sin is idolatry

>having a natural emotional response to insults to one's woman is idolatry

>recognizing bad logic that would make loving a real girl idolatry is idolatry


b5080b  No.712638


You can overcome sin (lust) for bad reasons, just look at reddit. They're all doing nofap in the hope of having sex for real, just like waifuists are doing it for the sake of their waifu, not to be holy, not for god.

>one's woman

A drawing made for commercial purposes*

And we agreed that you can be idolatrous towards a real girl, but at least she is real.

8d2360  No.712643


>They're all doing nofap in the hope of having sex for real

But that doesn't make their abstinence bad, it makes their subsequent fornication bad.

>And we agreed that you can be idolatrous towards a real girl

You're not necessarily, and likewise it's not necessarily idolatrous to love a fictional girl

ff1a42  No.712646


Waifus are only metaphors of real girls.

Christ-chan is just the archetype of trad christian girls.

If someone overcome sin for the love of his fellows it's great, that's not the best because he should do it for God in his fellows. Yet it's still good for him, don't judge people, they are not all advanced like the best mystics.

bd78d9  No.712649


Came here to ask this

b5080b  No.712650

File: 48ef5b475003500⋯.png (127.06 KB, 407x711, 407:711, Cs leWis.png)

And to my defense I was once a waifuist so I know the mental processes that leads to it. I understand waifuists's feeling and I also know why it can be very dangerous, from a simple emotional immaturity to full blown demonic possesion in case of a tulpa gone wrong.

It's not healthy, period.

It's too easy to act high and mighty when we laugh at "degenerates" in gay/abortion threads when we fail to adress our own problems. Problems inherent to weeb/imageboard culture.

If mods are concerned to the well being of christians here we will have a proper thread adressing the waifu problem that might perhaps help some souls.

I will let CS Lewis speaks now. He talks about masturbation but you will notice how close it sounds to the waifu subject.

It's simple.

A waifu is emotional masturbation

God bless you

8d2360  No.712652


>A waifu is emotional masturbation

There you go insulting her again

6eb620  No.712658


Please don't sage pinned threads.

7f89e4  No.712674

15b219  No.713045


Because it has no purpose as sage is not a downvote

3be99d  No.713991

The NoFap/Purity thread should be named "Chastity Thread" instead because Christian purity is more than what's linked to sexuality.

159615  No.714371


Petition to ban Baptists who oppose Ephesus and Chalcedon.

In this thread, the replies by Baptist users show that they have contempt for Chalcedon and Ephesus. When a key authority for these councils was quoted, they sperged out and cry idolatry and say Mary is "mother of Christ", denying the title of Mother of God.

We therefore request that either Baptists be now branded as Nestorian, be banned from this board or forced to affirm Chalcedon and Ephesus

ee2662  No.714388


Catholic, I oppose for the following reasons:

1. The Chalcedonian definition refers to accepting the fully human and fully divine nature of Christ, it does not deal with the virgin Mary

2. Although Marian devotion appeared early in Christian history, it is not clear that Marian devotion is in any way necessary for salvation and I don't believe that any church, including the Catholic, has defined the rejection of Mary as heresy

3. This board was started by a Baptist that did not accept Mary and I believe that Baptists add to the Christian content here.

4. While heresy should be discouraged, the inability to congregate with other Christians and the inability to tell other Christians (ie. Baptists, Lutherans, from heretics like Mormons, ECUSA) shows a lack of proper spiritual discernment and reveals a soul not properly guided by the holy spirit

159615  No.714410


Your proposal shows how dont possess much knowledge of Chalcedon or Ephesus. Both of these councils use the writings and insights of Cyril to articulate proper Christology. As Ephedus shows, Mary's status as the Mother of God is a (((must))) to ensure proper Christology. As that thread has demonstrated, Baptists care not for this safeguard at all. They straight up attack Cyril when his voice is presented.

Also had you actually looked at Cyril's own tomes against Nestorius, the devotion to Mary is used to argue against Nestorius, from him being inconsistent and risking to dishonor her, to an argument that implies Nestorius' own logic entails Mary as not being different from the other "Holy women". Contrary to what you want to think, the truth is the devotion to Mary is also a key aspect of this controversy

But barring that, the simple fact that Baptists oppose Cyril's own words and follow in the logic of his enemy entails they deny two key councils

72929b  No.714427


Read the rules it's been in there a long time, report stuff rejecting Chalcedon.

159615  No.714445


Done. We urge swift action

1c98e6  No.715094


You win the 2018 Most Triggered User Award. Congrats!

bc4e1d  No.716115


The rules didn't used to say that, and I've been arguing against the rule change for the entire time since then and I will continue to.

d6f633  No.716277


>Interactions must be for the sake of Charity. Post made in the spirit of disruption or spite could earn you a short to permanent ban.

Translation: Interactions must be for the sake of compromise. Post made in the spirit of truth could earn you a short to permanent ban.

1c98e6  No.716288




"There is a sex scandal within the Catholic Church" - This is truth and does not violate rule 2.

"OMG Catholics hump little boys all day err'day!" - This is not truth and violates rule 2.

It's all in the presentation. You can express the truth without violating rule 2.

dabbbb  No.716294


It's the guys from >>>/chrsit/ who love bearing false witness to feed their persecution complex and show off to each other "standing up to the big meanie catholics" while at the same time creating flase flags and bait posts.

d6f633  No.716315

File: 5a05bd4594201c1⋯.png (87.28 KB, 555x675, 37:45, proof against the mods (4).png)


>Catholics worship idols and need to repent

>Catholics follow a false gospel that will lead them into hell

>the pope is the Antichrist

These are all truths and I have been banned many times for speaking them. How am I to expose these sins without offending the sensibilities of those guilty of them? If you say merely presenting these facts is uncharitable you only prove my point. This rule is worldly, it defines harsh truth and legitimate disagreement as "unloving" and demands we all pretend the truth doesn't matter and hold hands united in falsity.


Well mr. sycophant, tell me all about how pic related was part of the ebil /christ/ conspiracy against our immaculate and absolutely perfect mods who can do no wrong and not proof that the mods just really like the dopamine rush they get when they ban somebody for giving an opinion they disapprove of

d6f633  No.716323


To give some background info in the pic, the thread was full of prople complaining about the obvious corruption in the moderation here. They were all be banned. He was not ban evading as the ban reason claims, he specified on /christ/ that the mods were well aware of this (and that he didn't think that they would stoop so low as to ban him and delete the post). This ban proved rather controversial so a vol claimed the ban was reversed, but he said on /christ/ that was a lie and he was still banned. That vol's username? Tutor. All you who think this board was just fine before tutor changed rule 2, look at the date. This was before he took over and changed the rule. The mods have been hopelessly corrupt since cuckvol was ousted, make no mistake.

dabbbb  No.716325


You're just proving the point. You don't care about truth, only about how you can attack the Church out of hate. You're not here for discussion, not here for charity, and not here for Christ. You preach something else entirely opposite to Christ which is not allowed here. Your new age heresy hasn't superceded what Jesus Christ established.


>take the word of a guy from /christ/

Why? I'm not even a vol and yet I haven't been banned since I came here in 2016 so where is it since apparently I'm not a person? The evidence doesn't add up.

>cuck cuck cuck cuck cuck

Go back.

1c98e6  No.716327


>These are all truths

No they're not. They're your opinions.

d6f633  No.716331


>You don't care about truth, only about how you can attack the Church out of hate

See? You're a worldly modernist, "oh boo hoo hoo you didn't agree with me or my behavior you must hate me".

Jeez, this whole post reads like it was specially crafted to prove me right


Good point, we shouldn't listen to user testimony, they're just trying to slander our most immaculate and ever truthful Glorious Leader

>I came here in 2016

Yeah you're such an oldfag, that's why you think using the cuckvol's nickname that everyone used is saying "cuck cuck cuck cuck cuck". How about you go back, to the subreddit from whence you came


Nah fam, they're facts

1c98e6  No.716336


>Nah fam, they're facts

No, they're your personal interpretation of your personal choice of scripture. Ergo, they're not objective truth.

d6f633  No.716337


Nope, they're objective facts about the RCC. The bible does forbid idolatry, it does present a different gospel, and it does identify the pope of Rome as the man of sin, it does these things objectively. That's objective truth.

dabbbb  No.716338


>"oh boo hoo hoo you didn't agree with me or my behavior you must hate me".

You expose your hypocrisy and prove me right once again because I never said this while you're on some crusade against the board with your imagined persecution. Your openly attacking the honor and legitimacy of the Church, no matter how I feel about it, is not only breaking Rule #2, it doesn't even contain a hint of virtue behind it. I couldn't care less if you disagreed, though I do care you engage by the Holy Spirit or not even bother coming here.

>Jeez, this whole post reads like it was specially crafted to prove me right

You mean your whole dishonest strawman was, what a shock.

>Good point, we shouldn't listen to user testimony, they're just trying to slander our most immaculate and ever truthful Glorious Leader

Are you even capable of making a post that isn't smarmy irony? If you have a point why I should take word alone as fact, make it, otherwise, you're shamelessly barking up the #metoo tree and getting mad when nobody buys it.

>How about you go back, to the subreddit from whence you came

How about you go back to your heretical gnostic board from whence you came?

Nah fam, they're facts

New age tripe intepretations shunning historical reason are not facts.

d6f633  No.716354


>I never said this

Right you never said this, you might have said it right there but you never said this

>Your openly attacking the honor and legitimacy of the Church, no matter how I feel about it, is not only breaking Rule #2

You remember what I said earlier about how saying this just proves my point? This is why you're a modernist. Persecuting uncomfortable truths about your "church" might not be modernist, but couching it in language of compromise being 'love' and holding firm being 'hate' most certainly is.

>If you have a point why I should take word alone as fact

You do take word alone as fact, the mods' word, because you're a sycophant, and that's why you think we should take for granted that any testimony which exposes the corruption of moderation is a complete lie. Of course they've never banned you, you don't hold any opinions they disapprove of.

>How about you go back to your heretical gnostic board from whence you came?

<I know you are but what am I

You sure showed me

91c0e0  No.716762


you believe God is a liar and all early Christians are idolaters. Apologize to them

1c98e6  No.716863


>otherwise we'll have the admins come and make this a global board.

Yeah, no you won't. /pol/ was made global for a variety of reasons and the admin specifically said that it is NOT precedent. Turning off the board log and not giving a reason for bans is not against the rules of the site. The BO is under no obligation to make the board log public and a lot of boards have their log turned off. This hollow threat of yours just sounds like you being a petulant child.

4c53a7  No.716897


Phone posting is a sin.

1c98e6  No.716900



So, email admin@8ch.net or go to /sudo/ and air your grievances and beg for globalization. However, you should keep in mind that these are the people who would be running /christian/:


Do you really want the BO of /cow/ (a Pagan) and /egy/ (a Muslim) running this board?

2bd643  No.716918


People who don't care about Christianity probably won't ban me for having a different interpretation of the bible

1c98e6  No.716923


Well, then go present your argument for globalization on /sudo/. Posting/whining about it here isn't going to do you any good. It just makes you look petulant, like a tantrum throwing child.

3d7a85  No.717053








Why did the mods delete and realistically, probably permanan the anon who posted the lazerpope clip?

f14c3b  No.717059

File: 3dc930b19a509cb⋯.png (248.2 KB, 1322x484, 661:242, Screenshot 2018-10-21 at 1….png)

Explain to me why this thread was deleted?

Is it because this is now basically /catholic/ and you want to promote your precious Latin only now in hopes to rid this board of all Orthodox Christians and Protestants?

4e043e  No.717082


They've been banning Greek discussion for a while now, I remember the shitstorm when they permabanned a baptist for posting Steven Anderson's Greek lessons

ee2662  No.717843



check the catalog, there are two threads on learning Greek up from several weeks ago

1d6112  No.717995

Hi, silly question, but what do people mean when they use "winnie the pooh" in an expression?

a4dbba  No.718047

File: 2674ed56727baef⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 57.64 KB, 750x512, 375:256, BC8BD98A-CC61-44F2-B939-9….jpeg)


Type in the four letter f-word it’s a reference to this pic

183b9b  No.718088


Prolly a server bug, or deleted by the OP, given the OP's behaviour in the follow up threads, and the disappearence of the thread I responded to, it doesn't seem out of the question.

17412f  No.718126


If only there was something to keep track of these things, some sort of log, you could say, to show who deletes whose posts instead of accusing the OP of deleting his posts with no proof. Man, if only.

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