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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
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File: b60a22257c18e82⋯.png (36.32 KB, 750x252, 125:42, IMG_2434.PNG)

7ea0ce No.521743

Well /christian/ is he right?

c06b72 No.521747

1bf6cc No.521748


If by behave he means keep all the commandments, develop all virtues and live according to Christ's example then he can do what he wants which would be to do what is true and good.

68547e No.521776

File: d21ae1be75d640f⋯.webm (66.37 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1434564764456.webm)

cc546f No.521820


No, because he says he'll "behave", which means he's putting his faith in his works

3f205f No.521825


He's being oxymoronic. How can you "behave" and also "do whatever you want"? I just don't get it

63e9a7 No.521847


He's got the wrong order, missing something, and gets the last part wrong which contradicts the entire statement. He errs thrice, nice!

413630 No.521849


I assume it was a typo or autocorrect and he meant 'believe' not 'behave' otherwise it makes no sense.

9bc633 No.522297


If you are in some mainstream protestant church then yes. If you actually try to be Christian then he is so incorrect it hurts.

2fbb48 No.522314


Perhaps doing whatever he wants doesn't violate the state of "behaving." Probably a type, though, as >>521849 said.

61ccc4 No.522527

>accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and the Son of God

>follow His example as best as you are able to

>pray for forgiveness if you mess up

>follow the ten commandments

Everything else is people arguing over things that you'd need to be a theologian to understand and/or aren't necessary for your salvation.


Maybe he doesn't want to sin?

3394a8 No.522694


is behave equal to dedicating your life to christ. If you truly believe in christ, and follow his commandments, you should love god about all, with all your soul, and your being.

Can you truly love god, if you don't want to live a life doing what he wants? You would want god's will to be your motivation, you should help others, learn the bible.

Other than that, do whatever else in your free time, you are here not to suffer, that's not the objective. But remember to spare some time everyday for god, through action and though, and reading as well. Don't reject oportunities to worship god, and help others, and don't live for yourself, it wont lead to anyones development, which if you love others as you love yourself, you should.

Remember the story about the wifes that were, and werent prepared for her husbands arrival? It's pretty relevant in this case.

268d1f No.523021

File: 8bdbd25a4231cc2⋯.jpg (117.08 KB, 576x768, 3:4, 10798_0-20581900-146926194….jpg)


You forgot the Sacraments of Baptism,Confession and Eucharist which the Lord EXPLICITLY SPEAKS ABOUT

You are leading people away from Christ by leaving out his active body on earth which he offers to all Christians to accept or reject

d96ad9 No.524392


My first thoughts too.

I mean yeah as long as you follow God's law you are allowed complete free will to like what you like and do what you want.

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