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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
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File: f5f9902410274f1⋯.jpg (236 KB, 1051x1360, 1051:1360, games.jpg)

8c22bc No.587595

Is anyone here a fellow computer science major/software developer?

With the descent of our culture so aided by technology, it feels immoral to participate. What can we do?

3bb5c3 No.587601

well we don't need anymore computer tech, so it's a pointless sector to be in unless you just want an easy payday.

get a physically demanding job, sitting on your butt looking at paper and computer screens all day is for secretaries

9e971c No.587602


>With the descent of our culture so aided by technology, it feels immoral to participate.


e34454 No.587611

About to graduate.

With every profession there's the option to do bad or do good. I'm not going to go out and make only christian themed games and programs, but I'll do what I can to help people and make an honest buck instead of something harmful like writing viruses. I'm a bit leary about AI though.

3bb5c3 No.587612

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I'm a bit leary about AI though.

AI just does what its programmed to do

f6eef8 No.587694

File: 02d1281a9b2c2a6⋯.gif (2.85 MB, 200x234, 100:117, Happy terry.gif)

8f4053 No.587742

File: b6206a21579d817⋯.jpg (61.12 KB, 489x462, 163:154, godfreyhead-56a48f333df78c….jpg)


I feel quite the sam, even if I don't want to become a computer scientist or a professional developer.

Maybe I have some sort of cognitive dissonance… Being an extreme reactionary, I consider that the industrial revolution was a grave mistake and wish we could go back to a more simplistic yet meaningful life.

I'm also very interested in computers. I'm learning python and I know the basics of C, I don't plan to work in these sectors tho. Maybe I'll go studying law at college (I'm 19 btw).

20ca49 No.587746


Don't take jobs for projects that will be used for immoral purposes.

Software is a tool, it's as bad as we choose to use it.

38d6df No.587762


One semester remaining for me. My long term goal is to form a right-leaning clique in tech.

8f42df No.587769


I'm starting to think we should rename this board to /scrupulosity/

3ff30c No.587771


Learn Urbit.

20ca49 No.587805


>Learn a meme language

Learn C and Common LISP instead

e34454 No.587816


>best language in their respective areas

literally my languages

/christian/ is really the best board

20ca49 No.587841


We've already managed to have more technology discussion in one thread than in the entirety of /tech/.

d05485 No.587857


/christech/ when?

a7e143 No.587865


C programmers are the KJV-onlyists of programming.

cc99ad No.587969


What are ASM programmers then?

08385d No.587998

I am but I do things that are VERY back-end - distributed competing/GPGPU work. People ask if I can make a website, I could, but it's really not my area of practice. Making things work properly and reliably is very Christian, near as I can figure.

08385d No.588000


Interlinear only

08385d No.588003


This but I would accept Haskell and Rust too

69d12d No.588014

Anybody have ideas for a christian themed coding project?

cc99ad No.588019


Video game

01b09e No.588041


No, but I have an old program that spits out sigils and gematria calculations. I could probably change it into something holy like a prayer generator and redeem it.

20ca49 No.588066


Baptists: C

Anglicans: C++

Catholics: Java

Prot: Python

Orthodox: Common LISP

Lutherans: Perl

cc99ad No.588077


Holy C?

e34454 No.588082


>Orthodox: Common LISP

>Catholics: Java

I didnt know they were that different

a7e143 No.588085


So Eastern Catholics = Clojure?

20ca49 No.588088

a11bcc No.588826

Alan Turing was gay.

b4217e No.589070


Yeah he was gay, and that is why his work is shilled so much. If you are really bothered by his homosexuality you can use lambda calculus instead of turing machines. Both models of computation can express everything that is computable.

51e8e2 No.589122

File: 3fec07393caac2b⋯.jpg (45.69 KB, 411x578, 411:578, larry_wall.jpg)


anything written in perl

3cbead No.589226


Von Neumann was a Catholic who created and executed the stored program concept (through the creation of an EDVAC) before Alan Turing. Turing is shilled because he's a fag, but the world would have gone without him as he wrote out the theory.

3cbead No.589228


Neuman also created the IAS machine, which set the foundation for computers today.

a7e143 No.589235


Are you sure Von Neumann was Catholic? I could've sworn he was a Hungarian Jew.

a7e143 No.589238


Oh, he was a deathbed convert.

53d9eb No.589415

File: cf12cb828536c20⋯.gif (281.09 KB, 490x639, 490:639, JohnvonNeumann-LosAlamos.gif)



>deathbed convert

Born Jewish, he converted upon marrying his first wife. He began to take the faith seriously when death was near.


a85145 No.590278


C is good, but Common Lisp will only be useful if you either find a handful of people who are also enthusiastic about it or do it all by yourself, and never intend to grow the number of programmers. Everything decent that gets written in Common Lisp gets eventually ported to another language because you cannot find enough Common Lisp programmers to grow the team. In addition to that, I would not trust a language without static typing with anything important.

c54757 No.590281

File: 09f313e69c4559f⋯.png (769.87 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, cathofags.png)

d7370b No.591796


>Using a quote specifically talking about someone repenting of their sins and turning to god, and even remotely comparing it to those that defend sinful practice.

Unless you are a Pastor Anderson-tier fundie, there is literally no room for dispute with what the Pope said in this quote. If a man who has committed a grave sin but wants to turn to Christ, and as such give up these old ways, then yes, you shouldn't hound on them for that.

d7370b No.591798


Was supposed to link to >>590281

d9b60b No.591898


Do wall street related programming. Stocks, bonds, etc. I'm in a brokerage in the Midwest, and pretty much everyone who isn't immediately replaceable to the company (traders, comp sci guys) are all right wing Christians.

20ca49 No.592187


How would I get into WS programming?

08385d No.592194


The best way is a degree in a quantitative science, or CS. The banks and insurers recruit on campus. If not that, any kind of programming experience that shows you can hack verifiable code will do it - embedded systems/real time programming, industrial work. You can also go frontend and that would be a typical webdev path. The great preference is for someone who'll take system ownership, not a brute force javashop. Not to say Java the language is bad, but the culture around it is not great.

If I'm interviewing, my big question is, can this guy produce consistently correct and readable code with reasonable performance? And to do that, I need to know you have an idea what's going on under the hood - the basics of CS, if not the bones.

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