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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
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File: ab8d7829aee140f⋯.jpg (729.96 KB, 696x850, 348:425, c8d06ec23653164c5c9b573701….jpg)

66ffa9 No.587656

One of my most common sins is wrathfulness, I have been made bitter over the years by my own life and by imageboard culture, and in every day life I find myself becoming so angry that I'll curse them and HATE them until hours or days later when I'll repent to God but feel as though I was justified in being angry. How can I deal with this, and does anyone else suffer with the same thing? It could come down to immaturity but I wasn't always like this.

20b599 No.587868

aeb3eb No.588266


I share feelings with OP, and your post was quite helpful. Thank you.

8ae27a No.588275


What frustrates me is that people can indulge in hedonism for a part in their life and suffer absolutely no consequences.

cf7aae No.588314


That sounds more like a form of envy…a bit like the older brother of the prodigal son.

2d20e6 No.588335


So you’re mad that God forgives sins? Really ni🅱️🅱️a? You should be glad that God is merciful.

980943 No.588340



Does that mean I can do the same thing then? I mean, why suffer and try to control yourself then? There's 0 reason to not do it then.

cf7aae No.588348


You should understand that is up to God to dish out the right type of punishment for them and us, at His leisure and time. Maybe they will come back to Him the day before they die, it does not matter: lead by example and pray for them no matter how hard it is (and it's gonna be a challenge throughout our whole life as Christians, but God is always helping us).

2d20e6 No.588350


> Does that mean I can do the same thing then?

Sure you can, but at some point you’re going to have to have real faith and real repentance if you don’t want to go to Hell, same as anyone else. Maybe you end up becoming a reprobate after sinning too much. Maybe you die suddenly while still in your sin.

2d20e6 No.588351


I should add that by “sure you can”, I mean it’s a possibility, not that you should do that

980943 No.588356


I don't know, it seems to me that people spend their youth carousing and just live their lives pretty consequence free once they've had their fill. I also think that repentance is defined too broadly, have you even heard anyone say 'I'm sorry I slept with 30 beautiful women and had fun drinking with my friends'? Also, can you truly repent if you do something that you were told not to do ever since you were a child?

7de348 No.588684

I hate everything attached to Christianity, even though I consider myself a Christian.

I can't stand going to churches. Prayer makes the hair stand on the back of my neck and burning bile churn in my stomach. Something good happens and I'm told it's some kind of divine favor, and I want to ram it in their faces.

The worst part is that it's all completely rational for me to hate, because I was raised by pathological obsessives that misused, distorted, and weaponized all of the above against me in various ways. But I can't seem to help it. I've even been thinking of finding a church to go back to, but once I part from the ideal and start actually looking at my options I just get furious again. I know fellowship is important, but I can't fucking stand the charade that every church I've been to is. The fake smiles, the trite fortune-cookie theology (or "die for Israel, goy; Jews are never wrong" theology). I can't stand any of it.

What do?

4f3e71 No.588689


>Jesus saith unto him, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follow thou me.

d719fe No.588691


I used to think that way, if you want to be a pathetic and hedonistic person, you can do that. If you do though, you are a weak person. Is that all you are capable of, and are you satisfied with being that kind of person? I'm not, I can do better than that. You can too, and the only person who can stop you from being strong is yourself.

84a7f9 No.588751


If it makes you feel better, I’m sure that there are any number of false Christians who never truly repent of their sins and they go to Hell. There are even more non-Christians who never even attempt to repent and also go to Hell. At the same time, no matter how serious the sin, it can be repented of. Paul was a terrible Pharisee and persecuter of Christians and yet he was saved. Realise that if God can forgive and save such people, he can do the same to you. Spend a lot less time worrying about whether other people are saved, or the circumstances in which people are saved. God will ultimately render justice.

2d4d58 No.588762


>the trite fortune-cookie theology

>"die for Israel, goy; Jews are never wrong" theology

What on earth kind of "Christianity" are you talking about?

d6cf0c No.588765


American evangelicalism I presume.

2d4d58 No.588775


I thought so too.

What kind of Christian can this be that hates it so much?

7de348 No.589073



On the nose. Hagee is a prophet, don't you know? Don't forget your offering on top of your tithe; you won't be blessed otherwise. :^)


A quick rundown of my experience in the Christian community, the majority of which is from my 'devout' parents:

>Have severe health issues since childhood; be shooed away for issues like seizures, heart condition, spine injury, etc, told to just pray more

>Regular abuse of almost every kind; told that 'rebellion is as witchcraft' and I'll go to hell if I protest

>The pastors at the churches I gone to to run it as a cult of personality where you're expected to help out not just the church but the administration's personal lives for free

>Women accepted into the clergy turn it all into a social club for self-congratulatory harpies to get together and wax emotional about things they refuse to try to understand

>Head pastor gives (((wife))) equal standing in the clergy; she literally does not even know the meaning of the word 'Hermeneutics' when she was asked; she's a leader now

>"Covering theology"; gotta have someone above you at all times, or you have no connection to God! This is in a Protestant church, mind you.

>You're disrespecting authority if you don't refer to clergy by their titles at all times. The pastor's kid, who I grew up with, now demands to be called "Pastor" by everyone.

>I discovered that that church in question is connected to a bunch of other churches like a pyramid scheme, the highest of which says "nulla salus extra ecclesiam" on their website

>Again, this is a Protestant church

>Church literally exists at railroad line between rich and poor part of town; twist prepubescent children's arms from the ghetto, out of sight of their parents, to tithe the money they have

>Clergy lives exclusively in rich part of town

>Gift shop out front is larger and better stocked/maintained than the kids' church

>They now host a Christian-themed diploma mill that targets said harpy flock with worthless pieces of self-affirmation (((for a nominal fee :^) )))

>The curriculum contains things such as "Temperament Theology", which is literally pagan Greek humour-based personality-determination pseudoscience

>We're seriously one step from listing blood type on profiles like the Japanese do, but as long as the women can feel empowered into leadership, whatever I guess

>Regular big-name guest speakers who are announced and treated like rock stars. They get their own separate tithe/offering event and always bring tables full of merch to sell in the back of the sanctuary itself, not even in the gift shop

All full of the most plastic, shitty, one-dimensional brown-nosers I've ever known that act like they're on set for an infomercial and have to act like every breath of the host is the greatest thing they've ever heard. The simulated wonderment on their eyes reminds me of Disneyland commercials every time I see it.

I am, somehow, against all odds, still a Christian. I think I'm more Christian than the people who told me to be, sometimes. I'm not a good one, but at least I actually believe there's a truth to be found and adhered to. I can't stand people using it as an identity. You don't use things you truly are as a stylistic flourish. You just are them. Actually, saying that just made it dawn on me. It's all words over actions. They're pretenders. I want something real. In some sense, all this bullshit backfired horrendously on them because now I have a deep-seated and burning, wrathful need for truth and integrity.

I've seriously considered telling the world to fuck off and going to live in a stone monastery or something, but then aren't I just abandoning the world to the above outlined version of Christianity? Seems to go against the spirit of 'go ye therefore and teach all nations'. Even if I don't think I can be a leader in literal terms, shouldn't I at least find something I can be content with and be a purveyor of it by example?

I don't even know what denomination I am. I've started to refer to myself as a "Matthew 21:12 Christian", because nothing else seems more appropriate.

e5ba3c No.589082


Sad! This is what happens when fleshly lusts are allowed to corrupt the things of God.

20b599 No.589138


>a "Matthew 21:12 Christian", because nothing else seems more appropriate.

They don't even deserve to have Jesus come flip tables there, what you described is not even a church or a temple anyway. Just keep searching for an actual church my friend.

884642 No.589141


Link to church website?

7de348 No.589146


The hardest part is that it's all I've ever known churches to be.


In light of the above, it's hard to want to look at all. I don't lack for churches around me; they've got one on every corner here. But that just makes me all the more suspicious if any McLeader can open one.


I almost don't want to, but the place is so fucked up I feel like I'd be covering for them by omission if I didn't.


They stream their services live if you want to sit in. They probably have something going on right now, being Sunday night.

2d4d58 No.589164

File: 26e699f5c356e08⋯.jpg (308.57 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, Rome 138.JPG)


So basically your gripe is that you are put off by heretics and sinners, and therefore all Christianity is like this?

There is one solution. You must b e g o m e

20b599 No.589165



Click on your state's abbreviation on the left, all the blue ones at the top of the listing use the King James. I just saved you some time, the rest is up to you.

490e8b No.589246

The evil will never stop as long as good men lie quietly while the enemy ravages everything on its path, if the will of god manifests itself in various ways then should it be considered insanity to propose that the will of god could bend the will of man in order to rid the land of evils? What afterlife would have in store for such a man?

23fead No.589249


I'm sorry to hear you grew up in that kind of environment. I too would be quite angry if I kept going to a 'church' like that. Find some other church if you can.

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