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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
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File: 68ee935622385de⋯.jpg (98.33 KB, 640x566, 320:283, 68ee935622385de7fed3f8bb65….jpg)

fc3dda No.587978

How am I supposed to believe hell is real when daily living already feels like hell?

Basically Hell sounds like having to be stuck in my life forever, unable to die.

0451d4 No.587993


>Basically Hell sounds like having to be stuck in my life forever, unable to die.

you got it

any other questions?

fc3dda No.588009


So I'm already having a taste of Hell?

2befe6 No.588010


Yep. Repent and trust Christ to find your way out

fc3dda No.588012



Well now this was unexpectedly realistic.

So depression may be caused by spiritual problems then. No wonder the pills don't work despite intensive research.

0451d4 No.588015


yep,you should take a look at Kierkegaard's book the Concept of Anxiety

>For Kierkegaard, anxiety/dread/angst is unfocused fear. Kierkegaard uses the example of a man standing on the edge of a tall building or cliff. When the man looks over the edge, he experiences a focused fear of falling, but at the same time, the man feels a terrifying impulse to throw himself intentionally off the edge. That experience is anxiety or dread because of our complete freedom to choose to either throw oneself off or to stay put. The mere fact that one has the possibility and freedom to do something, even the most terrifying of possibilities, triggers immense feelings of dread. Kierkegaard called this our "dizziness of freedom."

> according to Kierkegaard, anxiety precedes sin. Kierkegaard mentions that anxiety is the presupposition for hereditary sin (which Augustine was the first to call peccatum originale, "original sin").

>However, Kierkegaard mentions that anxiety is a way for humanity to be saved as well. Anxiety informs us of our choices, our self-awareness and personal responsibility, and brings us from a state of un-self-conscious immediacy to self-conscious reflection. (Jean-Paul Sartre calls these terms pre-reflective consciousness and reflective consciousness.)[6] An individual becomes truly aware of their potential through the experience of anxiety. So, anxiety may be a possibility for sin, but anxiety can also be a recognition or realization of one's true identity and freedoms. Alternatively, sin exists in the very resolution of anxiety through right and wrong; why to embrace anxiety is to not pass judgement.

2befe6 No.588017


That isn't to say meds can't be useful but OF COURSE there is a spiritual aspect to depression (and illness). Read psalm 88, probably the saddest psalm, and one without a happy ending. It feels like depression, right?

2befe6 No.588018


I should also note hope is an essential aspect of faith. If you don't have hope, how can you trust God?

fc3dda No.588026


Interesting, thanks.


Struggled with this for a while. The more hope I put in God, having that hope translated into doing my daily grind in the most Bible friendly way possible, the less depressed I feel.

Used to be into some serious depression, reading the Bible and trying to follow advice from there worked.

Ben Sira was interesting. It dismantled the idea of hedonistic sex by putting in a very persuasive way a well chosen wife is still much better than plenty of poorly chosen ones.

2befe6 No.588036


Well, yeah, there you go. Now we've been offered sure signs of grace, to our benefit -the sacraments. I would, of course, recommend you join a church, fellowship and sacraments will help keep you in life.

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