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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 24ab0e8b11d686a⋯.jpg (339.33 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, Jesus Desu.jpg)

dabe8f  No.717297

Are there good anime and manga which present Christianity in a positive light? Bonus points for anime not taking place in modern day, like fantasy, scifi, and whatnot.

7e0d27  No.717302

File: 09866f38e523284⋯.jpg (513.87 KB, 960x1440, 2:3, p33660_v_v8_ae.jpg)


No. Stop watching Anime Anon

142b94  No.717303

Anime is a sin.

dabe8f  No.717304


winnie the pooh yourself faggot

8a57a3  No.717307

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is the only one I know.

It's a single episode and based on a short story.

It's truly christian not "I killz demons with cross"-tier.

dabe8f  No.717309



7e0d27  No.717310


Of this is the attitude you learnt from life among weebs I pray for you Anon

8a57a3  No.717312

File: a5a761c21420ef2⋯.png (57.87 KB, 456x75, 152:25, mary.png)

File: d510934b2e4acf0⋯.pdf (415.15 KB, Ryunosuke Akutagawa.pdf)


It's very dated of couse but it's a beautiful story. I read the original and it had never ceased to inspire me. It's a great tale.

Here's the pdf where the story is if some of you prefer to read it instead of watching.

Just search for "THE MARTYR" it's the one


You're welcome

8a57a3  No.717313

cd9134  No.717321

Serial Experiments Lain is about teleology

392b2a  No.717325

File: 19b50887c58b632⋯.jpg (264.75 KB, 748x632, 187:158, Flanders.jpg)

The Dog of Flanders is an incredibly pro-christian movie. Highly recommend that.

Vatican Miracle Examiners is another one. It's about miracle examiners exposing lies and falsehoods.

1f1631  No.717339

File: e03a351fb2722e7⋯.jpg (29.57 KB, 323x453, 323:453, HeartCatch_Pretty_Cure.jpg)


Pretty Cure, an allegory for spiritual warfare. (I'm serious.) I mean, the "heart flowers" in HeartCatch Precure are so obviously souls it really can't be denied. It's only presented in a really soft way so that Japanese little girls wouldn't be too upset about a plot in which evil supernatural beings prey on people in their weakest moments etc. There is nothing in the traditional Japanese mythology along the lines. The fairies are really angels and the transformation scenes mean putting on the Armor of God.

40cd72  No.717345


ce9b29  No.717366

We had normal threads about anime but sperging morons always ruined it and it always devolved into a worthless fight.

I mean, I dont even watch anime and I shouldnt even care, but it was disappointing

f1ac95  No.717368


It's always going to be disappointing. Anime that has anything to do whatsoever with Christian themes are 90% guaranteed to be Gnostic.

184a1a  No.717374

Art that doesn't say something is just hedonistic pleasure seeking. What does anime say? "oh its cute, it makes me feel good". You're taking a needle and shooting yourself full of anime. These autistic foreign cartoons are a weapon designed to make you complacent and effeminate and gay

dabe8f  No.717378


why is that the case?

f1ac95  No.717381


Mostly because the Gnostic approach to demons/angels and human spiritual powers makes for more appealing animation. It comes down to what the audience would prefer to see:

1] Humans with magic powers battling demons side by side with angels on astral planes of existence.

2] Humans singing praises and worshiping God, sharing fellowship in church, with no magical powers and merely invoking Christ's name to make demons vanish instantly.

8a57a3  No.717396

File: 0c3630c5c252650⋯.png (157.51 KB, 1283x282, 1283:282, anime fans.png)



There are good anime and manga but the majority of them are just meant to trap you into a world of vain escapism.


The tale of Joan of arc would be the perfect story to adapt into an anime though. But they always have to sexualize her or torn the story with magical (satanic) bullshit when the original events are already perfect.

1f1631  No.717419

Isn't it weird how nowadays cartoons made in Japan are more pro-Christian than cartoons made in America? I mean, that's not a high bar to cross, but anyway…


It sounds like you haven't seen much anime. In any case, I don't think entertainment is wrong. You sound like the people who back in the day complained that The Lord of the Rings was escapism and not about Serious Real World Issues.


They won't vanish instantly if it's a serious case like possession. You also won't always know that a demon is present. Invisibility, you know. And the targeted person isn't always a Christian prepared with the Armor of God.

f1ac95  No.717429


>They won't vanish instantly

Yeah, they will. No demon can withstand even the name of the Lord. Stop watching movies as truth.

1f1631  No.717451


Exorcisms are well documented as not easy. I don't base that on horror movies.

I've actually interacted with some people I felt were possessed in some way. One case in particular felt really scary. It felt like a strong (invisible) black aura if that makes any sense. I think witchcraft is a real thing too. Again, I've had some experiences. (I know the previous must have sounded strange and hard to believe to many people here, but I have multiple personal data points even if I don't have hard proof for any of it.)

184a1a  No.717458


>You sound like the people who back in the day complained that The Lord of the Rings was escapism and not about Serious Real World Issues.

Do you think the lord of the rings is messageless escapism?

1f1631  No.717468


Tolkien didn't put in a message (he outright says this in the Foreword) and approved of escapism. However, you can find plenty of deeper levels in The Lord of the Rings. Those often appear naturally while writing. Tolkien loathed message fiction. Contrary to intuition, fiction written to convey a particular message is often less deep than fiction not written to serve a message.

c4d09b  No.717473

Surprised this thread is still up. Not surprised at what it's already devolved into though:








The same animosity and tired and cliched' "arguments" that can easily be applied to any other form of media/art.

I've literally seen video game, comics, extreme metal, western cartoons, and even horror movie threads with less acrimony than a typical anime thread on here.

Here's some of the general opinions in said threads:

Comic and Video Game threads:

Occasional negative opinions and the one-off "grow up" post. But otherwise mostly civil and orderly.

Extreme Metal:

"Oh sure, extreme metal bands like Slayer have literal Satanic content, but if you just, like ignore that, the music is still cool and stuff."

Horror movies:

"Oh sure, most horror movies are basically just fictional snuff films designed to entertain people with gore and sex, but some of them have crucifixes and condemn fornication! (through grisly murder of course, and hypocritically utilizing such titillation in the first place to draw their audiences in.)

Anime thread:


If that isn't enough to convince you that the anti-anime people on this board have some sort of bizarre personal fixation/vendetta against this particular medium, I don't know what will.

If you want to talk about Christian anime, or secular anime from a Christian perspective without the anti-anime crowd fanatically zerg-rushing every thread, come on over:


8a57a3  No.717489

File: 216b4a91e3716d2⋯.png (136.28 KB, 1274x370, 637:185, My mind is filled with sto….png)


People in this very board have unironic waifus and they don't see why it's unhealthy or even outright idolatry. I wish I screencaped the waifu thread we had two weeks ago.

Like it or not but this level of obsession would never happen with another medium.

1f1631  No.717491


>this level of obsession would never happen with another medium.

How wrong you are… You only think that way because imageboards are rooted in anime culture.

c4d09b  No.717494


>Like it or not but this level of obsession would never happen with another medium.


>Star Wars fans

>Tranformers fans with houses literally filled with toys



>Sonic the Hedgehog


>Death Metal fans in spikes and corpse paint



>Music enthusiasts with rooms covered wall to wall with vinyl records

I could go on and on listing fandoms with obsessive lunatic fringes.


Ding! Ding! Ding Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

6bb7ec  No.717498

File: d8f630bf9b397ef⋯.jpg (18.75 KB, 480x360, 4:3, mylastday.jpg)

File: 635a1f88fd776c5⋯.jpg (17.36 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 2cb31b807-1.jpg)

There's my last day which is an anime about the crucification

There's also "in the beginning" which goes through the old testament

89a0f7  No.717501

File: b31ba8a4a4cfd8a⋯.jpg (48.46 KB, 428x608, 107:152, Trigun.jpg)

What do you guys think about Trigun?

The music will never leave my mind.

e5d9a8  No.717515


Are there any particular places where you can watch either of those? I remember hearing about "in the beginning" but could never seem to find it.

6bb7ec  No.717527

File: 9e14c8c8e298beb⋯.gif (4.25 MB, 400x225, 16:9, 33462ee7dbea87455d2e3bbcf6….gif)

There's also saint young men, never seen it but heard of it. It's supposed to be a comedy about Jesus and Buddah sharing an apartment in Tokyo. Not exactly religious, but an anime with religious characters if that's what anyone is looking for

184a1a  No.717529


>implying waifuism is fringe

c4d09b  No.717539


Show me examples of waifuism outside of anonymous image boards, shut-in hikkikomoris in Japan (or NEETs elsewhere), or the occasional maladapt at an anime convention. Go down to your local McDonald's/restaurant or gas station and take a picture of an anime fan with a body pillow, proclaiming it as his wife right now.

>But I found this picture online of a Japanese guy in Japan with a body pillow in a restaurant!

Even then, it rarely happens, and is a sensational story that goes viral precisely because it's so uncommon and outrageous.

c4d09b  No.717551


Maybe, but honestly, with some of these folks, it's hard to tell.

98df11  No.717610

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Pretty funny tbh. Especially this scene.

16cba5  No.717633

I was reading a "manga how-to" by the JoJo mangaka Araki Hirohiko. He mentioned that he considers Jesus Christ the greatest hero who ever lived.

I was really surprised, almost sounded like he was about to admit he's christian.

a3aa64  No.717658


If I remeber someone said that Jesus was the first JoJo. SOmething about his name being Jeshua bar Josef. Therefore being the first JoJo.

16cba5  No.717681


it's in his book "manga theory and practice" on amazon. I cannot share it without piracy.

111534  No.717683

File: db7eb83ca810cfc⋯.jpg (125.66 KB, 580x472, 145:118, db7.jpg)

1f1631  No.717692


Waifuism is a new word, but the general phenomenon is far older. You just don't hear about them because you inhabit a different area of the Internet.

You have infamous cases like Link's Bride, a woman obsessed with Link from the Legend of Zelda. She wrote bad self-insertion fanfiction about herself and Link and was so extreme about her being the only one for Link that she became e-famous. You see, other people wrote about romancing Link too, and she couldn't handle that. If that isn't (gender-swapped) waifuism, what is? This is just one example; there are many such cases even though most are willing to tolerate other people loving their precious Edward Cullen (the sparkling vampire from Twilight) or whoever else their fictional love interest happens to be.

a2fe0a  No.717708


>Joan of Arc

>Christian tale

Because nothing carries the message of Jesus than an insane woman with visions leading a war percived as holy against a Christian people of the same denomination.

c4d09b  No.717735


Aye, but the argument was that waifuism is a feature that is intrinsic to only anime (implied by this poster's comment >>717529 insinuating that it is not a fringe phenomenon.) I'm arguing that it's a bug, and a rare one at that. Like you, I also agree that it can happen outside of anime >>717494 , but even then, it's a bug, and a fortunately rare one at that. I wrote this post >>717539 from the perspective of countering one who thought the waifuism phenomenon is exclusive to and rampant in anime only.

Btw, I must say I'm rather shocked. Usually these anime war threads are in the 200s to 300s in terms of post counts by now (even more shocked it hasn't been deleted or come down on harder in light of what happened in the last thread from way back.) Have mod antics really pruned the population of this board that much? Is this why this kind of thread is being allowed after being de facto banned for so long?

89a0f7  No.717737



8e8bdb  No.717739


She was literally a witch

9df4b8  No.717750


>re there good anime and manga which present Christianity in a positive light?

There are none, except that one where Jesus gets crucified.

Everything else is japcucked.

But enjoy your "vatican" in Ao Exorcist and co.

412206  No.717790

Anime hate is justified, there is just so much degeneracy and general sinfulness surrounding weeb culture.

But to answer your question, the only christian anime I've ever seen is Superbook and that's for kids.

9efe7c  No.717803


>Everyone who doesn't see Joan of Arc as a saint is English

She was rightfully burned at the stake according to the laws of the time and she would have been burned even in Germany or Itaky.

9efe7c  No.717808


The Protestant general doesn't even have 100 posts yet and the Baptist general is burried.

This board has been cripled.

c4d09b  No.717877


>Anime hate is justified, there is just so much degeneracy and general sinfulness surrounding weeb culture.

Honestly it has about the same amount of degeneracy and general sinfulness as just about any other secular subculture. Once again, you're on a weeb culture inspired image board, so you're exposed to more of said degeneracy and some of the more extreme fringes of said degeneracy, so there's a persona bias aspect going on there, along with others who have an axe to grind with the medium.

I remember the horror movie thread being literally filled with people picking about this genre that literally specializes in mostly murder, gore, sexual titillation, and glorifying the demonic, for any hint of Christian themes whatsoever. it was like the were performing platinum medal level mental gymnastics to rationalize their enjoyment of this genre.

Meanwhile, anime as a medium ranges in genres from kid friendly fare, to art house films, to the animated equivalents of Hollywood Blockbusters, to period dramas, mysteries, war stories, horror, and yes, even the porn, fanservice and loli that the haters love to represent it as being nothing but…. and people proceed to lose their minds. *insert Dark_Knight_Joker_in_nurse_outfit_meme.jpg here*

Yes the fanbase can be cringey in the same way as a lot of fanbases can be cringey (Trekkies, Ricky and Morty, etc.), but if you honestly think that modern Western horror films have more to offer a Christian than some secular anime like Studio Ghibli films or stuff by Makoto Shinkai, you're out of your mind.

>But I didn't even bring up horror.

The point is that on this entire board, in that thread, I was the only person to speak up about it after biting my tongue for a very long time, waiting to see if anyone, literally ANYONE, would say something. No one did. By this board's response, this board might as well have given fictional snuff films it's endorsement as appropriate Christian entertainment. Not one person brought up the genre's negative aspects. It was all "This film had a crucifix in it!" "This monster is harmed by holy water!" "Fornicators are killed!" Yet anime threads get mobbed by haters because people with issues on this corner of the web choose to focus on the worst aspects of the anime medium, while the good gets ignored and smeared with the same brush. The blatant hypocrisy and bias is just absolutely mind-blowing to me. That there are people on this board that hate anime so much, that they are willing to give murder movies a free pass. What is wrong with you people?


A blatantly degenerate genre of film that revels in evil and the macabre, like modern horror movies, is discussed civilly and endlessly combed for so much as a speck of Christian subtext.

Anime, which consists of a wide range of genres, gets mobbed by people who can't just grow up and get over the fact that they used to be anime fans involved with the darker aspects of the culture, and can't separate their personal emotional bitterness from the more complex reality of the medium.

236c81  No.717898


I didn't say that other forms of media are completely virtuous, I just think anime is unique in the way it promotes sin. For example, one of the major ways in which anime make money is merchandise. How do they sell merchandise? Promoting idolatry towards the characters by making otaku fall in love with them (waifuism). So they cram all the "cute"/"moe" tropes in an anime girl they can. Otaku are often depressed and lonely, and those who are seek fulfillment through false idol worship and masturbating to hentai. This promotes obsession and leads unsaved people away from God because they feel like the only way they can feel decent is worshipping their false idols.

Remember, Japan's culture is completely different from ours. A majority of the population has never heard the Gospel. Over half of people there are agnostic, and only 2% profess to be Christian. What the majority of otaku want often dictates what kinds of anime are made, and what the majority of otaku want isn't godly at all. Everyone should pray for these men.

ce9b29  No.717900


Are you sure that you arent projecting at least part of your problems here?

236c81  No.717901


I haven't watched anime in over half a decade, I was never that into it and never got involved in the community. It's been on my mind recently because I work with nerds and they like anime and talk about degenerate stuff.

c4d09b  No.717913


>Selling merchandise by promoting attachements towards fictional characters.

>Only anime does this.

This is literally the business model of just about any form of fictional entertainment ever. Cartoons and comics of the 80s like Transformers and G.I.Joe were specifically made to cause kids to form emotional attachments to the toys the companies wanted to sell them. People buy t-shirts, posters, water-bottles, mouse pads, cereals, fruit snacks etc., associated with a particular movie, franchise, tv show, etc., precisely because of the emotional warm fuzzies they get from their franchise of choice. And if you think that the Japanese have some sort of monopoly on obsessions with fictional characters, you haven't hung out on DeviantArt or Tumblr very much (in fact, if this is true, I actually applaud you.) Whether it be Loki fangirls, Spock and Kirk shippers, the Avatar/Korra shippers, or the various other communities I've already mentioned, >>717494 the tired "anime is the only medium that promotes character obsession ever" argument simply does not hold up.

There's also the fact that you are right about Japan having a different culture from us. The cram school hell/work yourself to death culture that encourages the hikkikomoris of Japan accelerates the character obsession that happens in any fiction fandom. Not to mention it has perverted even otherwise normal people into various other relationship placebos:


The state of Otakus and the anime they prefer is a product of their degenerated culture, not what is inherent to the medium itself. Before the economic recession of the early to mid-2000s, anime was marketed to a more varied audience. It is in the aftermath of this recession that Otaku pandering anime began to be produced. Even then, these Otaku are a minority that is only visible due to their outrageousness.

So, again, why does this medium get targeted while other equally or even more degenerate mediums get a free pass? The only logical answer is personal bias.


I'm not completely buying this. you just went into elaborate detail about your issues with anime here >>717898 and then proceed to say "Oh, I just overheard some anime nerds talk about some degenerate stuff, that's all." Uh huh. Sure.

The only thing I agree with you is that yes, Otakus do not desire what is godly, and such men caught up in the Otaku/Waifusim lifestyle are indeed in need of prayer.

44c9ee  No.717915



Waifuism isn't idolatry you autists. You're just upset that some people have found love in fictional characters and since the bible doesn't say anything about waifuism being a sin, you claim it's idolatry instead. By your logic, marriage is idolatry because it involves loving someone other than God. And what if the man quits porn for his wife? Idolatry! It would be so much better for him to fap 3 times a day!

3f0317  No.717917

File: 1177baf6fbcb6af⋯.png (330.16 KB, 540x706, 270:353, dio.png)


>Jesus never said anything about [this particular modern thing]

Like I told you before (because I know you're the same guy) you use the same rhetoric as modern sinners to justify their unhealthy and destructive ways.

If you use your head a bit you can come yourself to the conclusion that fantasizing so much about a fictional character made by people to prey onto nerds' emotional starvation is NOT something God would want for His people but you keep deflecting the problem and you DARE to compare your cartoon """"wife""""" to a real human being with a soul.

If it's not sinful, go outside and say proudly you're in love with a cartoon girl in front of everyone in your church. It shouldn't be a problem, right? "Love is Love" after all

c4d09b  No.717918


Dude, he's obviously a troll; don't waste your time. I've already hidden his post in my feed.

3f0317  No.717919



He might be a troll but I fear there are people who genuinely thinks like this. On imageboards at least

c4d09b  No.717923


I've already done a "Treatise Against Waifuism" so to speak. I'm not posting it again. Those who are interested can go read it:


44c9ee  No.717926


>you use the same rhetoric as modern sinners to justify their unhealthy and destructive ways

I don't and it isn't unhealthy or destructive. You're just trying to associate waifuism with sodomy because all you can think to do is try to associate it with sin because again, it isn't actually a sin.

>made by people to prey onto nerds' emotional starvation

That's not even close to correct, and I told you before, I didn't seek this out. It's not like I'm some autist pissing in bottles and screeching for tendies. I don't have "emotional starvation".

>NOT something God would want for His people

Who are you to speak for God? Show me ONE verse that says waifuism is a sin. You're consumed by hate just because it's not something you have. I'm sorry your relationship with your waifu didn't work out, but that doesn't give you a right to lash out at those who still have one. It's not your place to judge.

>you DARE to compare your cartoon """"wife""""" to a real human being with a soul

You know full well I'm pointing out inconsistencies in your logic. What is it about a human soul that makes the exact same reasoning not count?

236c81  No.717934


I'm glad we could agree on a few points and thank you for helping me realize that the idolatry problem isn't unique, but I still feel like anime shouldn't be disregarded as a major bad influence on young men. Also, I can observe a subculture without being part of it.


This is bait, don't bite.

14a3d2  No.718049


Samurai Champloo is a good one. It isn’t completely pro-Christian (has the stereotypical “Manupilative charlitan using people’s faith for personal gain” character in one episode) but it has some very strong themes of self-sacrifice and mercy and it actually touches on the history of Christianity in Japan.

Not to spoil the plot but it prominently features historical figures in Japanese underground Christianity, touches on the persecution and execution of secret Christians in Japan when Christianity was outlawed, etc.

Very good series. Definitely not for all ages as it can be very violent/sexual/etc at times and has a lot of evil characters but the overall portrayal of Christianity is positive and interesting historically. Also the Christian values that reoccur in the themes are great.

b9ff38  No.718289

Now and Then, Here and There seems to have very Christian-friendly morality

633c2e  No.718987

anime related sort of:

i see lots of you anons in other threads with all kinds of pretty anime girly pictures that aren't lewd at all. where does one go to find these pictures without being exposed to lewdness?

every where i know that has anime girl pictures is full of pornographic filth and sexy pin-ups and even a robust tag filter on searchable sites doesn't really help.

all i want is some cute+sweet anime girls to practice my drawing with, without having to scroll past humongous racks, bare thighs, and seductive poses / facial expressions (in the best case scenario)

9791da  No.718989

File: 9e7e05d3b5680d8⋯.jpg (57.17 KB, 700x711, 700:711, 93bb8e7702b3200034161b2db9….jpg)


I use twitter to directly follow artists. Of course you need to made sure they're not doing any nsfw but it's better than browsing gelbooru and things like that.

Some artists who draw "cute anime girls" (I don't know which style you like though) that I find cool





And unironically google image with safe search

ce9b29  No.718990


>i see lots of you anons in other threads with all kinds of pretty anime girly pictures that aren't lewd at all. where does one go to find these pictures without being exposed to lewdness?

Tbh, my mind simply filters pictures like that. Perks of using sites hosted by Russian servers with…ads.

With that being said, try to avoid stuff like sankaku and similar

401c56  No.719075


Christian weeb discord servers

45a28c  No.721906


You could try safebooru(dot)org, all pictures there are "safe for work".

Though remember that bikini pin-up tier stuff still counts as sfw.

ddcd9c  No.722000


Haibane Renmei might be my favorite anime of all time. I don't even want to give any details, but it's packed with things a Christian can appreciate. No lewdness or weird autistic stuff.

Even if you don't like anime, I'd recommend this anime to any Christian. All the episodes are on youtube.

16eb60  No.722023

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Sage as it isn't about Christianity, or any religion for that matter, but Hakumei to Mikochi is a very enjoyable recent show.

It's not about violence or fanservice. Just the characters and their daily adventures in a beautiful nature setting.

391e99  No.722189

File: a1b0d08f91bf328⋯.png (829.06 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, chino ja cocoa.png)

Any good art can be valuable to a Christian. Including anime.

You aren't supposed to uncritically learn life lessons from any media or literature, anyway, so it doesn't hurt to apply the good things in anime to your own, more Christian life.

Anime is often very positive when compared to western media, which I rather like. I would rather see anime characters overcoming their obstacles with hard work, friendship and love than always only nihilistic western stuff.

142b94  No.722190


Boku no pico.

c84994  No.726389

File: 06cb74306dd1561⋯.jpeg (11.1 KB, 220x182, 110:91, 68E2534B-C73F-495D-A060-5….jpeg)

c84994  No.726398

File: 409fbaf8cd7b722⋯.jpeg (151.63 KB, 500x621, 500:621, 908D9E0B-A9CA-49F7-800A-2….jpeg)


I find Berserk to have Christian friendly morals as well, with Griffith symbolizing the antichrist.

(The only problem is too much nudity and gore.)

31d0af  No.726421



The Bible positively portrays stuff like people getting tent pegs bashed through their skulls and a king so fat that his assassin's knife was lost in his flesh and couldn't be found in the autopsy, not to mention Israel's numerous judges and wars. In light of these, what's wrong with a man killing some ungodly abominations with a big sword?

a3aa64  No.726423

File: 314746054f68781⋯.jpeg (80.24 KB, 482x427, 482:427, 9071C313-E557-474B-8762-6….jpeg)


No. Don’t do this to them. This is the worst of the worst you could recommend. Why would you do that on a CHRISTIAN server? Don’t ever search this up guys. Here’s a synopsis. Little boys winnie the pooh other little boys and all the shit that is not pure in the eyes of God. It’s not worth a watch.

tl:dr. Little gay boy hentai

ce9b29  No.726472


>king so fat that his assassin's knife was lost in his flesh and couldn't be found in the autopsy,

I love that one. Also, he was a retard. You know, when your rebellious vassal is arranging meeting with you, you SHOULD probably check him for any weapons…

c84994  No.726541


Yeah Misa Amane wears crosses with almost every ensemble, but it’s more of a goth fashion sense.

c84994  No.726542


Well the gore is not really a problem for me personally, it’s just the manga can get a bit pornographic at some times.

c84994  No.726546

File: 181039f6ba4f27c⋯.png (137.3 KB, 519x298, 519:298, E8BB94D9-72E8-4D71-AA5D-11….png)


Also Nausicaa is good as well. Pretty much anything studio ghibli or Hayao Miyazaki is good. There is some remnant of Shinto spirituality in some of his works but overall they respect good aspects of tradition.

c84994  No.726627

File: 705265eef871546⋯.jpeg (70.92 KB, 400x576, 25:36, 4BDFA41C-16A0-4225-8F16-1….jpeg)


Neon Genesis Evangelion is rife with Christian imagery and borrows some concepts from the Bible.


c84994  No.726635


Violence is not depicted on just evil monsters, there are rape scenes and murders of children in the manga.

c84994  No.726636


Not to mention that the main character represents a sort of messianic figure.

c84994  No.726638


Also the name L being similar to El. During his investigation he gets a secret message that reads “Lord do you know gods of death love apples?”.

ce9b29  No.726684


…Have you ever read the bible? Do you even know about the reason why civil war against tribe of Benjamin was waged? Or story of Tamar?

Or what Elisha did to degenerate children?

c84994  No.726691


All I’m saying is it is not suitable for all viewers, personally berserk is my favorite manga along with death note.

c84994  No.726697

c84994  No.726698

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c84994  No.726701

File: 83e3483294f7148⋯.jpeg (43.85 KB, 300x300, 1:1, A45692E3-A757-4CB0-A130-D….jpeg)

a7bee6  No.726817

File: 26308e7a16cf425⋯.png (341.3 KB, 960x623, 960:623, christian.png)


Vague superficial christian symbolism + milquetoast righteous values = christian

pic related


If anthing Evangelion is sacrilegous because it crucifies Lilith, a talmudic invention (Adam's second wife) instead of Christ

Fortunately, Evangelion is pure style and no substance, even Hideaki anno admitted it. They used christianity because it's exotic, if they knew it was going to be popular in the west they would have used something else.

a7bee6  No.726832

File: 837bc1c4aee2f05⋯.jpg (134.77 KB, 800x455, 160:91, lilith.jpg)


I don't deny there is meaning in Evangelion, it was certainly an outlet for Anno's depression. I deny there is a CHRISTIAN meaning to it, and the staff itself deny it. If you look for a deeper interpretation of Evangelion, don't go there.

>Can you explain the symbolism of the cross in Evangelion?

Kazuya Tsurumaki: There are a lot of giant robot shows in Japan, and we did want our story to have a religious theme to help distinguish us. Because Christianity is an uncommon religion in Japan we thought it would be mysterious. None of the staff who worked on Eva are Christians. There is no actual Christian meaning to the show, we just thought the visual symbols of Christianity look cool. If we had known the show would get distributed in the US and Europe we might have rethought that choice.


Also yes. I talked with you about it. And while you're right (and others are right when they say "X anime has christian themes" ) we must remember that "love, acceptance of pain, individuality, etc" are only means to and end.

Because the modern world also preaches individuality, Nietzsche also. As for love and justice those are the most beloved ideals on the whole planet; leftists talk about those all the time.

>Is there an Eve at all in Evangelion?

Technically,the Evas are Eves since they were made from Adam's DNA... which is clever but ultimately shallow from a christian perspective.

The polar opposite of Evangelion would be Lord of The Rings ; that is, a story completely devoid of any christian namedropping (in fact it's quite pagan on the surface) yet it's full of the catholic spirit of J.R.R Tolkien.

c4d09b  No.726868

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Interestingly enough, while the Christian symbolism that is there is indeed superficial, the show actually has more Kabbalah symbolism than Christian, and also arguably has anti-Kabbalah and anti-Buddhist themes (i.e. anit-annihilationism.) Vid related.

392b2a  No.726871


>Vague superficial christian symbolism + milquetoast righteous values = christian

It's funny because most people here recommend video games/movies on the same basis.

fb4658  No.726880

>mfw there’s a kemono manga (furry comic from Japan) with some interesting lore and even some questions about what is God’s will on one’s call and a story of harm and self sacrifice in search of that answer

I am baffled by the fact this comic gripped me so much and has some things which makes it closer to a Christian manga than most of those out there with Christian symbols and imagines…

db70b3  No.726884


Nothing wrong with furry animals as long as you don't make it sexual (but everything gets sexualized nowadays, even cuphead characters)

What is the manga? I'm interested.


> and only a few movies

You need to look deeper, there are * a lot * of christian movies. Perhaps not as much since the XXIth century but cinematography is older than 100years.

fb4658  No.726887


Pandemonium Village, by Sho…guy made also porn, but I love his style and the story is good; not exactly “Christian” as something written by a true believer, but better than many things I read. IMHO as a chaste furry, of course. I am currently reading the spiritual sequel, Flower Knight Dakini, and even there plenty of interesting themes…

fb4658  No.726888


Pandemonium Wizard Village, sorry…

db70b3  No.726891



Oh. I know that manga. You're right it's excellent and I've been recommanding it ever since I read it.

not exactly christian either, since it's shinto mythology but Highschool Inari tamamo chan, is a nice sfw SoL Kemono manga. It's relaxing


Imho, I'm not against manga, anime or even vidya. I just think you shouldn't try to justify your hobbies as "christian". Because it tarnishes your doctrine and make it seem anything can come close to the truth. Enjoy what you enjoy but keep what's important as your priority

fb4658  No.726899


I know what you mean…that’s why I wrote chaste and not Christian.

Yes, I should be careful with not turning my hobbies into obsessions; waifuism is pure idolatry.

db70b3  No.726901

File: 630dabf13ac6123⋯.jpg (218.57 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 630dabf13ac6123a876a094672….jpg)


I feel you anon. I've been there. Keep up the good fight.

655c21  No.726903


You know, I've seen people say "waifuism is idolatry" and I always just brushed it of just like all the Baptists asking "is x idolatry? (Whilst worshipping the KJV, just kidding haha). But I never really understood or considered what waifuism was. I sort of knew it was somewhat real cause I'd seen some clips of Japanese guys saying stuff, and I think I stumbled on a board where people were saying how did you meet your waifu/husbando. I still didn't take it that seriously until just recently someone here said they're struggling to quit their waifu. That got me thinking, like wow, it's just like creating a golden calf and then imagining that they're real and forming a relationship with it. It's like us thinking that Jesus is here with us and we may even talk to Jesus and stuff. They're doing the same thing but with a man made image. So now I get it - literally, literally idolatry. Fascinating though.

We say that Jesus saw all of the sins of the world at the Garden of Gethsemene. No doubt when he saw waifuism it causes him to sweat blood. I'm sure it was then when he asked the Father to let this cup pass.

fb4658  No.726906


Furry guy here, it is indeed a fascinating topic…even read a book on the topic (called The Moe Manifesto, if you’re interested). I need to confess that sin in the future as well; also I am glad I’ve not been called names for my hobby. I am well aware of the huge problems in that community, but there are also good persons in there, and many are very talented and with a great gift when it comes to create their own stories and characters (something we should applaud when done within the framework of Christian morality and His commandments)

7af78e  No.726910



Certain christian values play a key role, like self-sacrifice, love thy enemy, penance etc. but on the other hand the priest with the huge cross (serious spoiler following now) gets into a relationship with the Best Girl and it's heavily hinted that they had sex the night before he died.

fb4658  No.726911


I cried when father Wolfwood died…them feels, bruh, them feels

c4d09b  No.726955


Which video was that? I know that they definitely lean left and tend to be slanted towards secular philosophy, but up to this point, most of it was tolerable for the sake of some of their interesting insights.

7af78e  No.726998


>Spoil plot

>Quote me with unspoiled plot I just spoiled



>I guess it's just what society sees these days as normal.

That's the whole bloody problem mate.

We could've all gone out and got a gf, christian or not, if it weren't for the mandatory pre-marital sex that's now commonplace and mandatory.

c84994  No.727056

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Might as well post this since its already spoiled.(It offers a good look on Trigun's moral outlook.)

c84994  No.727116

Is Jojo's bizarre adventure christian? I heard somewhere that it is but i cant find any evidence.(I know nothing of the manga, maybe its just a meme.)

89a0f7  No.727126

File: 005768bf004944c⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1232x634, 616:317, 1468512932299.png)



Just finished it

I didn't want these feels anon……………

c84994  No.727130


Jesus is a character in one of the mangas, im not sure if it is sacrilegious though.

da0e3d  No.727141


Absolutely sacrilege.

It implies Jesus wasn't the son of God and didn't die for our sins; he was whisked off to America and lived a natural life.

16cba5  No.727145


two things:

1. I doubt it's intentional sacrilege on Araki's part

2. the characters and story still treat Christ as Christ, just obviously from the perspective of a japanese mangaka who isn't even remotely aware of the intricacies of the Trinity

f4f3d7  No.727247


I know, man…right in the feels. I am reading it's kind-of-sequel Flower Knight Dakini, and already I can see it being a great sequel, alas its last chapters haven't been translated yet, but I am glad I found out about this artist and his works are very good.


Sorry, I was at work and forgot to put the spoiler protection…forgive me :(

c84994  No.727255


I feel like his character is a sort of spoof of mormon jesus.

f4f3d7  No.727270

ca2257  No.727285



>maria-sama ga miteru

>no results

cmon guys

f22464  No.727300

File: d2f913c1814aded⋯.jpg (691.36 KB, 1860x2631, 620:877, 67184890_p0.jpg)


My autism has become so strong that I can only watch cartoons and animes that portray the Church and the Faith as positive.

Even if isn't all orthodox, if it is portrayed as good and there isn't much heresy i will be happy.

I got sick and tired of this disgusting anti-christian drivel that modern culture likes so much. If there is even one single negative thing about the Church/Faith I instantly drop the show

6a5bcd  No.727396

File: 68bd87f390d3a19⋯.jpg (156.86 KB, 640x960, 2:3, haibane.jpg)

What is everyone opinion in haibane renmei?

89a0f7  No.727411

File: 75a3c065775fa60⋯.jpg (121.8 KB, 893x629, 893:629, 1468808617327.jpg)


They should really make an anime about it

9814a1  No.727519


*deep sigh* how I wish for this comic and the other ones set in that universe to be turned into animation! I would love to see that…but at least I am glad we have such a nice comic with such topics explored in a good way. It's difficult to find clean furry and kemono comics, especially ones with good story and characters one can relate to (to a level, of course). Did you find that other one I suggested you? The first six characters are great, now we are stuck on a cliff-hanger the size of the Grand Canyon…and I am waiting for the remaining ones to be translated. I just can't get enough of his art, style and storytelling/lore.I always play bitter-sweet music when reading his stuff…fits perfectly with the tone of the art and stories. I fill like I want to get in an old hut, set a fire in the old fireplace, sit on a cushion and wrap myself in a blanket with a loved one next to me…


6a5bcd  No.727688

File: 20c3dddc1c8a58d⋯.jpg (134.44 KB, 640x486, 320:243, Haibane2.jpg)


Well, I've seen the show and in my opinion, i consider it a great show and I'm sure it can be a pro christian anime.

The show deals with something that can be a little messy in religion and that is the concept of the afterlife but over all, i interpret that the show has a message of self forgiveness and self love which is specially strong in the middle and the last episodes

89a0f7  No.731351

File: 99a4b6c05e162ea⋯.jpg (360.17 KB, 1024x726, 512:363, 17MYvN4.jpg)


> It's difficult to find clean furry and kemono comics,

Yeah is the same in the west specially now,

>Did you find that other one I suggested you?

I didn't find it translated though, do you know where to find it?

Seriously though, I really love the way this guy writes and draws.

89a0f7  No.738150


man, favorite scene

111534  No.738173


>haibane renmei

But not strong enough to recognize that nuns DO NO SHOW THEIR HAIR OFF LIKE THAT

ddcd9c  No.740198

Haibane Renmei is kino af

111534  No.740208


The wing-growing scene was a weird flex, but okay

fb4658  No.740211


Sho has an amazing style…and the Italian lady translating his work knows how to make his thoughts and idea shine even in a different language. How I wish to find a way to create that safe small pocket for Christians who like the creative side of that wretched community…

fb4658  No.740213

65ee79  No.740286

File: 16dc749b6fe47b7⋯.jpeg (556.7 KB, 2000x1412, 500:353, animeburning.jpeg)


fb4658  No.740294


not a very deep argument…

74d4dc  No.740510

File: d0670117f9c17a1⋯.png (3.45 MB, 1900x2920, 95:146, christian anime list2.png)


We tried to make an list in the past…

a8cb1e  No.740636


Monster, Mushishi and Haibane Renmei are the best anime, don't @ me just rt.

108a9c  No.740652


Great Teacher Onizuka

Romeo's Blue Skies

de5d87  No.740770

File: a0d24be1376221f⋯.jpg (185.96 KB, 1011x674, 3:2, ascensionofjesus.jpg)






Virtue and anti-virtue, beauty and anti-beauty are both results of abstractions of the neutral reality, the difference is in the way they do it - whether the result is resonant or discordant.

Anime, in my view, is very much discordant. It's quite nihilistic, dishonest, manipulative, unintelligent and quite frankly lazy. Mostly because it is so commercialized, and because it is entertainment designed specifically to financially exploit mental retards. I can not watch your average seasonal anime without feeling insulted, because it is completely obvious that the author of the work is treating me like an idiot incapable of subtlety, and also wants me to buy merchandise.

Such attitude of contempt towards the audience rubs off on the anime fandom and their art as well. Anime art is never about painting a story of a character, their traits or their worlds. The entire design and presentation of a character / artwork is to either make me horny, trigger my cute response or just a juvenile attempt at being "cool". They are a set of abstract symbols that hold no meaning behind them and represent nothing but themselves. And that's what makes them profoundly ugly. And that's the aspect of worldliness that I so hate. Anime is, quite literally, porn, regardless of how explicit it is: an attempt to pander to and stimulate the body, rather than the mind.

488d98  No.740777

File: aabf6787fbe2268⋯.jpg (196.83 KB, 2000x1125, 16:9, Poppy Hill.jpg)


A pretty morbid take on the medium. Anime used to be good, then it became what Miyazaki of Ghibli Studio fame described. "Most" animes these days comes in two types: 1) Made by otakus who cannot look another person in the eyes for other otakus who also cannot look at another person in the eyes who pay for those merchandises and the cycle repeats. 2) Made to turn people into otakus so the former can gain more traction and flooded the whole industry/hobby with otakus. Love for money rots everything it touches.

Even so, I rather take anime over what the western side spewed out these days. Despite the flavour/fetish of the year shit (harem, sisters, isekai/otherworld, monstergirl, etc.). The story mostly revolves having fun living in a rather wholesome way or slice-of-life romcom. Spending time with friends, finding love, overcoming obstacles, making dreams come true, etc. The west these days spew out straight propaganda (Handmaiden), glorifying dystopia (Black Mirror), and other edgy shit.

Also The accompanying musical pieces for anime are also better than what the west churns out. Those western rubbish did not go along with the story at all e.g. latest rap/hip-hop/award bait music for every damn thing. Here, have an example of good music that accompanies anime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpENe4GOMAw

c4d09b  No.740785


What anime have you been watching? I've experienced the polar opposite of everything you've described. Just one example: Last Exile is the epitome of an anime that does no hand-holding whatsoever: even when there are ample opportunities to do so and even when in most traditional stories it would actually be appropriate to do so, but rather chooses to have complete and utter faith in the intelligence of the audience.

Then again, to be fair, I don't watch your garden variety modern otaku pandering anime, and tend to seek out the classics and standouts. Your opinion comes across as someone who just metaphorically blindly throws a dart at whatever group of anime happens to be airing on Crunchyroll at the time, and sees what happens. Once again, your opinion could easily be copy and pasted towards any form of art/entertainment if consumed without discernment.

>Alex Trebek: This artform/entertainment is nihilistic, dishonest, manipulative, unintelligent, lazy, commercialized, and designed to exploit.

<Me: What is most television, motion pictures, music, and modern art in general?

>Alex Trebek: Correct!

53630c  No.740790

File: b0df6a4cc28990f⋯.jpg (96.89 KB, 470x313, 470:313, proxy.duckduckgo.jpg)


thanks for the heads up.

c6ae63  No.740812

I'm the poster of >>740770 but in a different location so my laptop's IP address has changed.


There is also a distinction to be made about art and escapism; art attempts to reveal something truthful about the world, while escapism is all about escaping it.

I would place anime, porn and gore in the same category of exploitation. It's no wonder there's so much overlap between the three.


I've never seen Last Exile so I don't know how truthful you are, but granting that there exists anime which is non-exploitative and sincere does not defeat the spirit of anime as a whole.

"Exceptions" do not defeat spirit of the medium or genre, so the existence of exceptions if essentially meaningless. I can find exceptions in almost any genre or medium, and then point to these exceptions to excuse the rest of the genre/medium.

If the general trend or most common trait of a genre/medium/media is good, then the genre/medium/media can be justified in the face of bad exceptions. To not do the same in the opposite case; that is, if the general trend or most common trait of a genre/medium/media is bad and an exception good, the appropriate response is to not justify the bad genre/medium/media in the face of good exceptions, otherwise is extremely hypocritical and an indication of one's attachment to a genre/medium/media regardless of its teachings as a whole.

488d98  No.740821


>There is also a distinction to be made about art and escapism; art attempts to reveal something truthful about the world, while escapism is all about escaping it.

I think this argument can be carry to almost all forms of medium whether it is a romantic books (which was deemed daydream rubbish back then) or a stage play. And this argument is not really that sound either.

We all draw up our dreams based on our imagination and want we want and we want to live it whether to keep living in the dream it induced or make it come true, one way or another, we do it. I believe that even if it is a fantasy, even with naughtiness and childishness of it, I believe that anime seeks life, hope, and joy; while on the contrary, most western media seeks death, despair, and hatred.

Those above might be just me being biased towards anime and just ranting in general though. I cannot really look at western media downplaying death and violence anymore, even them shooting video games, I do not even want to touch it even if back then I thought nothing of it. I just cannot anymore. Anyone may say what they think, but animes made me appreciate life and small joys more. I am not going to the deep end of it (not just anime, any obsessions are bad in general) though, just saying.

288ac6  No.740935

File: 5e3ea966f0eaa5b⋯.jpg (225.91 KB, 1142x594, 571:297, animevswestern.jpg)

anime isn't very christian, however the alternative manages to be openly anti-christian, while anime is neutral ground in comparison.

c4d09b  No.740960


I've seen one too many "exceptions" to accept your grand sweeping condemnation of the genre as a whole. And once more, I stand by the fact that you don't come off as someone who's truly experienced the genre as a whole in the first place. This statement…

>I would place anime, porn and gore in the same category of exploitation. It's no wonder there's so much overlap between the three.

…reinforces that fact. Either your experience with the medium is limited, or you're trolling for the lolz.

>There is also a distinction to be made about art and escapism; art attempts to reveal something truthful about the world,

And I've seen anime that's revealed truth about the world, once again, a lot more than to be dismissed as mere "exceptions." But of course you're just going to fall back on your "exceptions" argument no matter how many I list…exactly as this argument has gone in the past, time and time and time again. You think you're being innovative, and have finally "broken through" with an argument of substance, whether out of sincerity or trolling; but this is just the same NPC regurgitated meme argument…different remix.



d44f67  No.740963

File: 702bb5fa6b6e344⋯.png (162.67 KB, 454x800, 227:400, 702bb5fa6b6e3441df4e355b50….png)




If you think that the Church Canonized someone wrongly you can go talk to the same Inquisitors that put Joan De Arc at the stake and ask what they would do to you.

How come literally nobody in this thread replied to those posts yet?

c6ae63  No.740974


What is anime known for?

Is the "artful" anime you cite the anime that most people are exposed to and enjoy?

Anime is not a hill to die on, friend.

c4d09b  No.740977


What is Christianity known for amongst those who hate it?

"It's oppressive!" "It's intolerant!" "It's outdated!" "It's on the wrong side of history!" "It's irrational!" "It hates women!" "It's myth, folklore and fairy tales!" "it's a crutch for the weak-minded!"

Yet we don't listen to these distortions, do we?

I'll give you three guesses as to what I'm going to do to your painfully predictable cries of "Hentai!" "Fanservice!" "Loli!" "Waifuism!" etc. that all anime haters resort to.

Take your own advice about that hill, friend.

4def45  No.740981


>muh anecdotes disprove the obvious tend of anime being trash and degenerate in general

>posts the equivalent of #notallanime while calling others NPCs

>thinks crying troll is a legitimate dismissal of opposing views

>spams …

You're straight up retarded and gay dude. Imagine defending corporate products to the death online while thinking you're totally not one of those dumb NPCs.

c4d09b  No.740982


>You're straight up retarded and gay dude.

And you're being a wonderful Christian!

c6ae63  No.740983


I have not said anything about the reputation of anime amongst anime haters in my post.

You have conjured that up and used that to argue against something I have not said.

eea86c  No.741004

>tfw ffffuuuu- winnie the pooh 8ch eats my post …. YET AGAIN

c4d09b  No.741048


You knew exactly what you were getting at. Don't try to hide behind a "strawman" accusation. Man up. Admit you were hinting at the exact cliches' you were called out on, and have nothing further to say because you were called out on them.

de5d87  No.741124


I was not specifically arguing from the point of view of "anime-haters".

I was arguing about what anime is to the average anime "fan".

Using what you have cited; I agree that some things like Loli and Waifuism are partaken by only a subset of anime fans, but things such as Hentai and Fanservice are widely consumed and appreciated.

The prevalence of these indicates that there is a considerable market for them, and that that market is actively acknowledged.

Additionally, if Loli and Waifuism are not discussed sincerely, then they there are often joked about in a lighthearted way (Loli less so however), and not rejected outright.

Ask yourself this:

Can you point to any anime community that is sincerely religious (and not just satirically)?

Sometimes I wonder if this board is just a satire about religion, and I'm just not in on the joke.

c4d09b  No.741188


>Can you point to any anime community that is sincerely religious (and not just satirically)?



And a few a Facebook groups if you look them up.

Also, I wanted to more thoroughly answer an earlier argument you had:

>Is the "artful" anime you cite the anime that most people are exposed to and enjoy?

This is a variation on the tried and true "only anime has ever had this negative aspect" argument. Think about these examples:

Are most film goers exposed to and enjoy works like The Seventh Seal and Rashomon? Or are they mostly exposed to entertaining popcorn blockbusters, slasher/snuff flicks, and over-the-top toilet humor comedies? Even the Criterion Collection contains soul-polluting waste like Salo' and the early works of John Waters. Even the art house circuit, both now and then, is populated with a lot of Marxist garbage, or outright exploitation masquerading as art, or "teenagers/college students on a road trip film, finding themselves through random whimsical life experiences and/or revelations of their traumatic pasts #5,399,672"

Are most book readers exposed to the works Dostoevsky, Plato, and Milton (Outside of obligatory exposure in a High School or College English/Reading/Writing course, soon to be forgotten after?) Or does the New York Times Best Seller List tend to consist of boilerplate paperback novels by John Grisham, feel-good self-help and Oprah book club books, or the pseudo-intellectual ramblings of the talking head/rabble rouser du jour?

Does the average music fan listen to Beethoven, or Byzantine chants, or at least tasteful traditional jazz pop from the early to mid 20th century? Or are they listening to the crooning over cardboard cutout House music of the current oversexualized late teens/early 20s diva, materialistic, drug and crime glorifying rap/hip-hop, or insipid middle of the road love songs?

Don't even get me started on television.

Whereas, if you simply poke your head outside of image board culture, you'll find that the average anime fan simply wants a little more out of their animation than Scooby Doo and the gang discovering that the supernatural apparition terrorizing everyone is just some costumed jerk trying to swindle people out of property money for the 11 billionth time, or some bugs bunny character hitting people over their heads with a mallet, or the latest Ren and Stimpy-esque gross out humor, or Disney recycling a Grimm's Fairytale or mythology for the 5 millionth time (as much as I love Disney when they're at their best.) At worst, the average anime fan IRL is exposed to mostly "I want to be the best/grow/challenge myself and make friends along the way!" shonen anime #6,732,578, or cheesy bishoujo rom-com #9,345,234.

Certainly better than the Marxist propaganda fest that is Western Animation nowadays as a whole. At least the worst fringes of anime are marketed to adults. Nowadays you have cuckolding and polyamory (Adventure Time), lesbianism and effeminacy (Steven Universe), and LGBTQASDFKQWER+Tumblr culture either being implicitly or explicitly promoted (Star vs the Forces of Evil, Hilda, the She-Ra Reboot, Shezow etc.) to children .

c4d09b  No.741191

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh yeah, as a bonus, Shonen Jump, a manga anthology with a surprising variety of genres and demographics in spite of it's title's implications, is poised to put SJW Marvel and the like in the grave. See vid related.

78dbf2  No.746089

File: 12a1883b883af79⋯.png (131.77 KB, 238x380, 119:190, 23369E77-E338-4407-8CA5-6C….png)


Also, the universe in part seven is an alternate one. Perhaps the creator is using that as an opportunity to display an alternate version of Jesus. In the original universe the first jojo is very Christian and so is his family. Following image is a Joestar family grave.

a578c5  No.746110


No. How could there be? Christians have never been more than a small minority in Japan. The most you can hope for out of an anime is that it either doesn't mention Christianity at all or that it gives it a small, mostly respectful mention. For the most part, any mention of Christianity is anime is either to add "exoticness" or else it's to wave away the idea of religion in general in favor of nihilism.

daee5c  No.746127

It's pretty common, actually. Just don't expect orthodox theology. Symphogear's first season is about the story of the Tower of Babel and later it explicitly states Jesus Christ is the Son of God. There's alchemy involved and the main characters use artifacts with pagan names, but the alchemists are villains and the gears are sufficiently advanced technology rather than magic, the "gods" they're associated with are implied to be advanced aliens while God is clearly and actually God. Kemono Friends is a Christian allegory.


This is a better situation than western media is in. To the people who produce Japanese media, Christianity is a foreign oddity. Some like it, some don't, but nobody's deeply invested in hating it. To the people who produce media in the West, Christianity is the enemy they hate above all else.

439a1f  No.746141


>This is a better situation than western media is in.

That may be so, but OP's question was specifically about pro-Christian anime, not just anime that can be tolerated by Christians.

22c2ca  No.746353

22c2ca  No.746354


>Griffith symbolizing the antichrist


Fu ck I'm retarded

b51dff  No.746363




Those were written down as factual explanations of what happened and as important pieces of information, meanwhile the gore and lewdness in Berserker was probably here to titillate viewers.

Same reason you can't look up at porn, but artists are allowed to reference nude models to practice anatomy.

164761  No.746563


Lord have mercy

c48200  No.746680



>Are there good anime and manga which present Christianity in a positive light?

Not that I am aware of. From what I've seen, people seem tto be recommending stuff based on vague morality lessons. I don't think watching Dragon Ball Z is a sin, but it's as Christian as Star Wars or Marvel stuff.

78dbf2  No.746691


Dragonball is very shinto inspired. also it is the most overrated anime of all time, it is garbage.

7c32a5  No.746896

File: 60e7e9ea9da2d3b⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2217x3260, 2217:3260, Leighton-Duty-1883.jpg)


>people seem tto be recommending stuff based on vague morality lessons

Massive emphasis on "vague". There are always anime threads like this and it's the same stuff. I've seen anons legitimately recommend lesbian bait anime just because one character mentioned God. Or praise anime that basically promotes God-less pseudo anti-nihilism or watered down Nietzsche, the poster child mindset for secularism. Might as well recommend Yuri on Ice for showcasing the "traditional beauty of masculinity".

Even acclaimed "classic" anime like the original Devilman, Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Ranma 1/2, or Dragon Ball is comparatively degenerate if you compared it to Western shows of that era. It's the same for today as well. And no, I'm not defending what Western shows are today because they're worse. Still doesn't make the bad parts of anime any better.

Don't forget that Christianity, after being virtually stamped out in the 1600s, is a minority in Japan. And from what I've heard, Japanese Christianity is in a bad state. Japan, or more specifically, the anime/manga industry is wholly uninterested with Christian values. BBC is absolute shite but look at how Takeshi Nogami defended people "venting" their "dirty desires" appropriately with erotic media.

>Oh, on top of that, she [the interviewer, Stacey Dooley] said, with a look of a hitman in BLACK LAGOON, “My desire is to put all pedophiles, and ones who produce pedophilic media into jail”. Ah, “Justice” is kinda scary when it infects people.

I doubt any sort of Christian moralizing is gonna start popping up in animes anytime soon.


Pretty much this although there are handful of animes that actually feature either Christianity or Japanese Christians prominently in a respectful manner. 'Kids on the Slope' is a good one.


But Beserk also consistently portrays late medieval to reformation/counter-reformation era organized religion, aka 'Christianity', as backwards, evil, corrupt, selfish, and ignorant. And with the introduction of Schierke, Berserk started to portray the more "relaxed", individualistic spirituals beliefs as morally superior to organized religion. I don't think it ever portrayed organized religion in a positive way.

c4d09b  No.747322



>>Are there good anime and manga which present Christianity in a positive light?

<Not that I am aware of. From what I've seen, people seem to be recommending stuff based on vague morality lessons.

<Massive emphasis on "vague".

Ever hear of "Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise"? It's pretty much "Christianity Gets Mankind Into Space: The Movie." It's noteworthy for it's fictional world-building, such as costumes, customs, language, currency, etc., and even includes a fictional religion which the main character, starting out as an amotivated loafer, is eventually inspired by to go beyond his initial motivation of entering the space program in order to impress a young girl passing out tracts and witnessing said religion, to wanting to give mankind something to aspire to beyond the impending war that his nation and another is locked in. Though it's not called "Christianity", in terms of basic Theology and message, it's painfully obvious what said religion is a stand-in for. Hint: It's not Shinto. There is a critical point in the movie where said girl's capacity to follow her beliefs in terms of forgiveness, is put to the ultimate test. At the end, the protagonist even says a prayer to God asking for the forgiveness of mankind's sins. In terms of animation quality and themes, it's a true classic of anime, in terms of pushing the medium and industry forward, in contrast to these "classics", which are mostly "classics" due to being popular and entertaining:

>the original Devilman, Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Ranma 1/2, or Dragon Ball

What's so vague about repenting of sloth, doing God's purpose for you for the sake of lifting yourself and mankind beyond wars of ego and resources and hedonistic pleasure, and practicing forgiveness? What's so vague about Trigun(an anime recommended in this thread and literally written by a Roman Catholic)'s message that living as a pacifist, as Jesus preaches, in a fallen, brutish, violent and cruel world, is difficult, and may necessitate those (like Wolfwood) willing to engage in Just War, as a necessary evil? What's so vague about this video?: >>717307 What's so vague about the message of enduring suffering for the holy and good, even unto death, in "A Dog of Flanders"? >>717325 What's so vague about these?: >>717498

>inb4 "muh exceptions/anecdotes"

c4d09b  No.747323



Also, considering that anime recommendations in this thread and others are being criticized for being "vague" in their morality, the criteria for degeneracy of certain anime in comparison to comparable Western entertainment is…well…vague. You say:

>Even acclaimed "classic" anime like the original Devilman, Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Ranma 1/2, or Dragon Ball is comparatively degenerate if you compared it to Western shows of that era. It's the same for today as well.

First off, are you comparing these shows, all aimed at teens and young adults, to cartoon shows in the West aimed at children? Not exactly fair to compare Devilman to Huckleberry Hound. Are you comparing them to adult oriented Western cartoons of their respective eras? Anything by Ralph Bakshi ("Fritz the Cat", "Fire and Ice", "Heavy Traffic", etc.) and others of his ilk ("Rock and Rule", "Felidae," etc.) are infinitely more degenerate.

Perhaps you are comparing them to Western live action material? Let's see…. the 70's was chock full of subversive anti-Christian Liberal propaganda pieces like "All in the Family", "The Carol Burnett Show" and "Maude." ("The Carol Burnett Show", in particular, had a skit pushing for trangender acceptance, decades before the T was remotely close to being added to the LGBTQALDJFLJF alphabet soup movement.) 70's cinema in general took a dark and nihilistic turn, particularly via the grindhouse cinema of the day; not to mention that the late 70's through the late 80's (possibly into the early 90's) was the golden age of the gore fest slasher flick. The 70s and 80s were also pretty much the birth of the over-the-top racy toilet humor comedy ("Blazing Saddles", "Porky's" "Animal House" "Beverly Hills Cop", etc.) Better not forget the violent and sexualized action flicks of the 80s either. These trends, started in the 70's and 80's, just accelerated and have further degenerated into the 90's and beyond.

"But what about material aimed at teens/young adults?" "The Breakfast Club", "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", "Pretty in Pink", "The Lost Boys," "Ferris Bueller's" Day Off", "Class", "The Graduate"… themes of angst, fornication and rebellion galore! And you know very well that teens and young adults were checking out the adult stuff I already mentioned.

c4d09b  No.747326



So what about the shows you mentioned? Let's see: the original Devilman: I've never seen the anime, but I remember reading how the manga was notorious for violence, so I'll give you that one. I agree with >>746691 that Dragon Ball Z in particular is one of the most overrated animes of all time. But outside of martial arts based violence, and being stupid and slow paced, there was some racy humor here and there, but at worst, it was par for the course, if even that, in comparison to similar Western media targeted at a similar demographic during the 80's, as outlined above. In the U.S. it was marketed it towards a younger audience, but said scant racy material was scrubbed out. Ranma 1/2: Been a hot minute since I've seen it, but I can't remember anything particularly racy about it. If you're trying to imply that the gender swap humor was crypto- transgender propaganda, you're being silly. Despite being scrubbed from the U.S. release, I acknowledge that Sailor Moon had down low lesbianism implied by two of the outer senshi IIRC. Though Revolutionary Girl Utena, in the manga and the TV series, IIRC had it's initial gender dysphoric undertones rebuked at the end, the movie "Adolescence of Utena" backpedaled hard.

What it ultimately boils down to is this: would I rather have my teenager/young adult watch a typical Western "Teens coming of age and exploring their sexuality through fornication and being angsty, rebellious and nihilistic" drama/comedy of today or yesteryear? Or would I rather them watch Ranma 1/2, or Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z with some of the racier bits included, or even Sailor Moon with the lesbianism scrubbed out (which was pathetically easy to do, due to being so low-key)? While your argument applies to Devilman and Utena, the other shows, to my recollection, do not hold up to the being "more degenerate than comparative entertainment in the West" argument.

To put it into more perspective, let's take a look back at another anime you mentioned earlier. "Yuri on Ice." A show with blatantly homosexual undertones. Yet they still did not go through with showing an unobstructed on-screen kiss: it was implied. Meanwhile, I can tune in to a typical prime time show on NBC, ABC, etc. and see full on same-sex making out.

Anime: "Showing an ubstructed on-screen kiss in a mainstream anime is a major step forward for LGBTQALDFJAJ in Japan!"

Mainstream Western Media: "Hold my beer." *Note: Beer has been perpetually held for at least the past 3 decades.

I know you said you're not defending Western shows today, but what you said definitely comes off as defending Western shows of yesteryear through rose colored nostalgia goggles.

c4d09b  No.747327



Also, I took a closer look at the Takeshi Nogami article you mentioned:


Honestly, I think both parties are equally right and wrong. Takeshi's take on humanity's tendency towards depravity is in line with Christianity, but his Maxx Reen from "Videodrome" "People need to watch trashy entertainment for catharsis!" argument is garbage. Stacey Dooley, is dead wrong about humanity being inherently innocent, but in terms of the need for people to be protected from exposure to questionable materials that could corrupt them, she is correct. Though I also think that Takeshi is correct in calling out Stacey for using anime as a scapegoat for the UK's own problems with rape and crime and poverty in comparison to Japan. Guess which country actually effectively addresses the Muslim Question?:


Nevertheless, I concur that Takeshi endorsing loli is evil, period.

5f7116  No.747357

File: 3c7eceb755b3d9f⋯.jpg (2.3 MB, 1600x4400, 4:11, say no to cuckime.jpg)



7c32a5  No.747444


Except this thread isn't about animes with good values. It's a 'Are there good anime and manga which present Christianity in a positive light?' thread. Hence why I recommended 'Kids on the Slope' which actually deals with Japanese Christians respectfully and shows real Christianity, and characters having faith in Jesus Christ, The Church and her traditions. How many animes can you think of where characters actually mention how wearing a rosary as a necklace is wrong? There are plenty of animes that have some kind of stand-in for a generic monotheistic religion or Christianity and also express wholesome values. But that's not what the thread is about.


I can't find any legit source about Nightow being a Roman Catholic. Here's a quote from the 2009 Anime Expo:

>Trigun contains a lot of moral themes. Are any of them based on Nightow's personal / religious views?

>Nightow doesn’t follow a religion. “Maybe I’m just a great person.”

Again, Trigun has a made up religion. No real Christianity. No Jesus Christ.

>A Dog of Flanders, Jesus Christ anime, etc…

I don't think you can say that the Jesus Christ anime is wholly japanese but I'll grant you those. You can also recommend the anime Anne of Green Gables. However, it and A Dog of Flanders are based on classic Western literature, and the Jesus Christ anime was directed, and produced by a Westerner.

>First off, are you comparing these shows, all aimed at teens and young adults, to cartoon shows in the West aimed at children?

I didn't name any specific Western cartoons but I was comparing popular anime to popular Western cartoons during the same era. Ranma 1/2 or the original Dragon Ball were not the Fritz the Cat of Japan. Fritz the Cat was incredibly controversial during its release and it was definitely not aired on television for kids to see. Take a look on what actually was on air, and what was popular in the Western Hemisphere during the 70s and 80s. The original Transformers, He-Man, G.I. Joe, Superfriends, Looney Tunes, or The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. None of those shows has countless scene where an old man pervs out on a teenager showing her snatch or rubs his face in a pig-transformed-into-a-girl's boobs.

>"The Breakfast Club", "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", "Pretty in Pink", "The Lost Boys," "Ferris Bueller's" Day Off", "Class", "The Graduate"

You've mentioned a bunch of films and haven't really talked much about them. If you're going to talk about themes of angst, and rebellion then you know that it also includes countless of anime. Teenagers acting out. maturing and finding their place is not a bad thing to show. Films like The Breakfast Club or Ferris Bueller's Day Off don't have any sex scenes in it so I don't where you got fornication from. And I don't know why you included The Graduate in your list as it's very different in tone and theme to the rest, and none of the main characters are teenagers.

I don't how the history of Hollywood during the 70s-90s got involved into this talk but that deserves a wholly separate debate. Because if you do, then you'd also need to talk about Japanese cinema of that time as well. It won't be hard to find equally violent or sexual Japanese films too. One thing though, violent 'action flicks' have nothing on the literary epics beloved by Christians of the early middle ages and renaissance. Read 'A Song of Roland' some time. It has enough gore to put any classic slasher flick to shame.

7c32a5  No.747463



>Dragon Ball

I think Dragon Ball Z is less racy than Dragon Ball. But many scenes with Bulma or Lunch or any girl and Master Roshi during the original show were frequently inappropriate as I've talked about before. Don't forget how popular Bulma in her playboy bunny outfit became.

>Ranma 1/2

Compared to something like the Ghostbusters show or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (both far more popular and accepted than 'Heavy Traffic'), yeah it's pretty racy. You're not going to find a popular Western cartoon during the 70s-80s that shows nudity.

>Sailor Moon

Down low implied lesbianism? Mate, it was pretty much a confirmed lesbian couple. And the author is supportive of hentai of her work too. Stuff like Takarazuka that popularizes schoolgirl lesbianism was around for a long time. Which is why Japan was okay with lesbians in Sailor Moon, unlike the US which scrubbed all that out.

>Revolutionary Girl Utena

It's chock-full with lesbians, bisexuals, and incest. Girls constantly swoon over the female main character like Takarazuka fangirls. The series builds up the romantic relationship between Utena and Anthy. And the movie has them make out in the nude among other sexual/romantic things. Completely unobstructed. None of this is used to say something negative about homosexuality.

>Yuri on Ice implied kiss

Homosexual undertones? Come on, it's blatantly homosexual. Whether this shows an "obstructed kiss" or if a Western Show shows two guys kiss without obstructions doesn't matter if we're talking about if a show is unchristian. They're both unchristian and should not be recommended.

I don't think this forced dichotomy between Fritz the Cat and Dragon Ball works. If you let your kid watch popular aired cartoons during the 70s-80s, I'm struggling to imagine how TMNT or Transformers would be worse for your kid than Ranma 1/2 or Sailor Moon. Because you won't have to scrub anything out. There won't be a scene where Master Splinter tries to shrink himself down to perv on April in the toilet. Breakfast Club or Ferris Bueller's Day Off has none of this "teens exploring their sexuality through fornication and being angsty" stuff you keep accusing those films of. Not to mention, these kids generally grow out of being angsty and nihilistic. Do you not remember the ending to The Breakfast Club? Cameron's angsty mood is portrayed as negative. It does not endorse nihilism. Even Ferris Bueller, the impossibly charming rebellious teenager, is hinted to grow up as a loser. And for racy comedy films like Porky or Animal House, then you'd avoid them like how you'd avoid Takeshi Miike or Tetsuo the Iron Man.

And the main point is this: you're not actually forced to choose from these options. As a parent, your kid has a lot more options than angsty sexy kids Western films and Dragon Ball. There's more to both but as Christianity has been around and supported in the Western world longer than Japan, you'd find more Christian Western works.

Yes, Ralph Bakshi is degenerate and so were lots of those films of yesteryear but the yesteryear also had Fulton Sheen (who won an Emmy btw) and Mother Angelica on television, The Mission, A Man for all Seasons, The Flowers of Saint Francis, Diary of a Country Priest, Hacksaw Ridge, The Passion of the Christ, The Passion of Joan of Arc, and pro-Christian horrors like The Exorcist. Many of these films were lauded, and some of them like A Man for all Seasons, The Exorcist, or The Song of Bernadette were very mainstream and went on to be nominated and won Oscars. In terms of Christian art, Japan cannot match these because how can it? Japan is and has never been a Christian nation.

But I am not saying that all anime is trash or something. Western media has degenerated completely, and it has fallen down more than any Japanese media. I still watch and enjoy anime a lot despite some people claiming that all modern anime to be trash. And there are plenty of very wholesome anime in nearly every genre that puts many Western shows to shame. But uniquely Christian anime is almost impossible to find, and many shows are absent of actual Christianity or portray religion as corrupt/useless or promote anti-God/atheistic characters positively, i.e. Berserk. If you want Christian media, then you'll look into the yesteryear of Western films and shows. If you want entertaining Japanese animation, then watch anime.

78dbf2  No.748689

File: 9b95e0dfeb8a27b⋯.jpeg (119.44 KB, 630x459, 70:51, EF08550C-1800-4D12-BC49-A….jpeg)


Platinum End.


(I believe that the angels and god are actually fallen angels and satan due to the angels tempting the main character to steal and murder, there is also an angel of lust in the roster.)

c4d09b  No.749851


>Except this thread isn't about animes with good values. It's a 'Are there good anime and manga which present Christianity in a positive light?'

>There are plenty of animes that have some kind of stand-in for a generic monotheistic religion or Christianity and also express wholesome values. But that's not what the thread is about.

The heavily, blatantly implied Christianity is portrayed as inspiring a layabout chasing girls into becoming a man who wants to follow a grander mission through to the end, in spite of danger to his life, in order to potentially save humanity from killing itself off through endless wars, as is in in Wings of Honneamise, goes beyond merely being "an anime with good values." The Christianity presented in that film is literally the keystone of that anime. Take it out, and it falls apart. Try to replace the Christianity in that film with a generic "don't be a bad person, be a good person" religion, and the plot collapses like a house of cards. Forgiveness, and the guilt and desire for redemption that comes with the knowledge of man's fallen nature within a uniquely Christian context literally pushes the plot forward.


That same site you referenced also mentions this:

> Wikipedia once referenced that he grew up Buddhist, but studied Catholicism and converted to it, while retaining Buddhist principals. However, that reference to his faith was removed when the citation for it, which was to his U.S. website, became a dead link.

The reference to him being Catholic, that is now a dead link, linked directly to his U.S. website, not just some random article. Thus, he may have been Catholic while writing it, but may have deconverted since then, which if so, is tragic.

>A Dog of Flanders, Jesus Christ anime, etc…

Your statement regarding these basically comes off as:

<They portray Christianity in a positive light, but since they're Western inspired, they don't count!

Which comes off shifting the goalpost.

c4d09b  No.749852



>I didn't name any specific Western cartoons but I was comparing popular anime to popular Western cartoons during the same era.

>The original Transformers, He-Man, G.I. Joe, Superfriends, Looney Tunes, or The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Thank you for clarifying. This also hurts your argument in the same manner as I mentioned earlier. All of the popular anime you mentioned are Shonen anime (or in the case of Sailor Moon and Utena, Shojo) - aimed at males or females who are in the teenager to young adult (college age, etc.) demographic, and sometimes older. Shows designed to appeal to teenagers and young adults, and programs clearly aimed at selling toys to kids in the single digit age range demographic, are not comparable, as you claim. That's why I brought up live action entertainment and adult animation in the West, during the same rough eras, because the comparison is more sensical and valid in terms of themes and content. Since comparing teen/young adult shows to glorified toy commercials for toddlers and pre-teens makes no logical sense, I ventured to guess that perhaps you were referring to these forms of entertainment instead.

>f you're going to talk about themes of angst, and rebellion then you know that it also includes countless of anime. Teenagers acting out. maturing and finding their place is not a bad thing to show.

A lot of anime with those themes ultimately do have positive resolutions, with the teen characters eventually coming to terms with their place in society and ultimately respecting their elders and traditions. Most Western shows with similar themes, however, tend to come to a resolution along the lines of: "Authority is like, so lame and oppressive! Act out and be yourself regardless of the consequences! Your elders are old and out of touch and stuck in their ways, man! It's up to you to push things forward, because being young and having fresh eyes, you know better than those old coots!" This theme is especially apparent in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." Yes, it didn't have sex scenes, but many of the others I mentioned did, and I was pointing out a general trend. I included "The Graduate" because the main character and much of the main cast, are young adults (about 21 if I remember correctly) and thus the movie audience would be in a demographic comparable to Shonen/Shojo.

>One thing though, violent 'action flicks' have nothing on the literary epics beloved by Christians of the early middle ages and renaissance. Read 'A Song of Roland' some time. It has enough gore to put any classic slasher flick to shame.

There is a big difference between violence and gore shown in the Bible and classic literature for didactic purposes, and the violence and gore in slasher flicks and action films, which is for pure stimulation and entertainment.

c4d09b  No.749853



>Dragon Ball

Fair enough, but once again, in terms of target age demographic, Dragon Ball is somewhere in-between Bakshi and He-Man (probably closer to Bakshi, considering the content you brought up), not comparable to He-Man.

>Ranma 1/2

Once again, comparing a teen/young adult targeted show to kids shows makes no sense. Plus, I remember the nudity as being incidental and not fan servicey (i.e. like how many anime show nudity not for fan-service purposes, but because nudity isn't a super big deal like it is in the West.)

>Sailor Moon

Down low enough to the point where scrubbing it from the TV show was effortless. It was literally some glances and subtextual dialogue (I have never read the manga though. I'm also having trouble finding anything on "Takarazuka" except for Japanese live performance plays.) Also, unfortunately, I can't remember where I read it to save my life, but I distinctly remember the creator of Sailor Moon lambasting the, in her words IIRC, "moral guardians" of the time who got up in arms about said implied lesbianism.

>Revolutionary Girl Utena

I remember the manga having an ending which implied that Utena gave up on trying to be a "prince" for Anthy, and went to pursue her real prince. There was also an article or book I read a long time ago that viewed the manga at least, as having a subtext of Japanese conservative values triumphing over Utena's desires to break gender norms. As I said before though, "Adolescence of Utena" backpedals on this at mach speed, and if the content you mention was in the TV show (my memory on this is rusty) then yes, this show is no good.

>They're both unchristian and should not be recommended.

Indeed, but the fact that they can't even show a full kiss in Japan, while my Mom can turn on a prime time ABC show and see a borderline soft-porn lesbian make-out session (I'm not even exaggerating for effect, I literally witnessed this, and she promptly acted disgusted, as she's been disgusted by dudes kissing on such shows as well.) says a lot about the state of our two cultures. Open, celebrated, and full-blown mainstream accepted LGBTQetc. is far more degenerate and dangerous, than the same that is still on the fringes in comparison.

c4d09b  No.749855



>I don't think this forced dichotomy between Fritz the Cat and Dragon Ball works.

I did not create this forced dichotomy. In fact, all of the perversions you described in Dragon Ball, make it a lot closer to Bakshi's works than *insert title of 80's toy commercial du jour here* You did, however, create the forced dichotomy of teen/young adult shows contra kids shows. Which, in light of you claiming to enjoy anime, as you do later in your posts, baffles me. How can you enjoy anime, which comes with it, the knowledge of anime consisting of a multitude of genres and target demographics comparable to live-action entertainment in the West, yet still compare shows clearly intended for teens/young adults, to cartoons obviously for children, like a typical Westerner with the attitude of "All animation is for kids, period."

>Breakfast Club or Ferris Bueller's Day Off has none of this "teens exploring their sexuality through fornication and being angsty" stuff you keep accusing those films of.

>Do you not remember the ending to The Breakfast Club? Cameron's angsty mood is portrayed as negative. It does not endorse nihilism.

Once again, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" is the epitome of the "Teen rebellion is awesome!" theme I outlined earlier, and I don't recall it ever having a subtext of Ferris growing up to be a loser. The ending of "The Breakfast Club" has all the kids in detention, once they get out, going right back to their cliques, as if none of their bonding and coming to understanding ever happened. Implying that their instinctual adherence to the social structures of high school ultimately take precedence over deeper love and understanding. Very nihilistic. Not to mention the fact that Claire decides to break her pristine virginal image by getting racy with John.

>And for racy comedy films like Porky or Animal House,

The point, is that these racy films were specifically created for and targeted toward teens/young adults in the West. Porky's was considered especially influential in shaping the direction of the writing teen films to come.

>Yes, Ralph Bakshi is degenerate and so were lots of those films of yesteryear but the yesteryear also had Fulton Sheen (who won an Emmy btw) and Mother Angelica on television, The Mission, A Man for all Seasons, The Flowers of Saint Francis, Diary of a Country Priest, Hacksaw Ridge, The Passion of the Christ, The Passion of Joan of Arc,

The more recent examples you cite are becoming as exceptional as you say uniquely Christian anime is. I agree with you that pre-60s/70s Western entertainment is the way to go for Christian media in general. My jaw dropped to the ground when "The Star" came out about a year ago. "A mainstream animated Christmas movie centered around the actual Nativity of Christ?" I thought to myself at the time. The last time I can think of a Christmas animation with that theme was one of the direct-to-video "Animated Stories of The New Testament" episodes that got put out by Nest Entertainment in the late 80's/early 90's (I think it was also shown on the Family Channel or TBN at the time for awhile IIRC.) But now, honestly, I would say Western media has only a slight leg up on anime in terms of uniquely Christian shows, for reasons that you have already outlined effectively, but not by much (a lot of Evangelical media, like "God's Not Dead" and "Saving Christmas" barely counts to me due to quality.)

Also, I have a big problem with this:

>pro-Christian horrors like The Exorcist.

"Christian Horror" is an oxymoron to me. Making a little girl curse/swear and act demonically possessed, even for a role, is not good for her spiritual health. And just as you observed before:

>I've seen anons legitimately recommend lesbian bait anime just because one character mentioned God.

I've observed a similiar phenomenon with horror films: anons claiming a horror film is Christian because it has a crucifix in it, or passive-aggressively condemns fornication (even as the film blatantly utilizes such content for titillation and shock.)

Finally I don't think finding uniquely Christian anime, or anime with Christian themes or portraying Christianity in a positive light is as impossible as you say.

9cd623  No.750373

File: cdcb1114bb958b7⋯.jpg (39.04 KB, 736x414, 16:9, 9c1bae4c7e4bddba7da37f9095….jpg)

Black Clover has religious side characters.

27c6b7  No.751822

File: d755822e5abcb21⋯.png (1.7 MB, 820x1250, 82:125, ClipboardImage.png)



8f6951  No.751831

I do not want to be the "weebooism is a sin!" kind of guy.

But please…please. Do not ruin icons by weeboo faggotry. I would not recommend watching anime and related genres at all…but do what you want.

Just do not screw up icons with this shit.

>muh beauty

It has a long way to go to get to "beauty"

3c9ae6  No.751858

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

561d23  No.751924

I know you're not supposed to say this in these threads, but Neon Genesis Evangelion. Yes, I do know that the cross imagery was said to have been included purely for "exotic" appeal, please read my post before you meme on me.

While NGE is not explicitly Christian, well-read viewers will recognize homages to and themes from western Christian authors such as Cordwainer Smith, CS Lewis, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and Soren Kierkegaard.

The series as a whole is a condemnation of self-loathinng, pointing out that loathing yourself makes it impossible to love others, and accusing self-loathers of actually going out of their way to harm others to have an excuse to hate themselves even more. Christian viewers should be reminded of the Second Great Commandment here: " Love thy neighbor as thyself," which implies that loving yourself is a prerequisite for loving your neighbor. Viewers should also be reminded of Father Zossima from Dostoevsky's ''The Brothers Karamazov", and his warning that self-delusion ultimately leaves one unable to love. The characters of Shinji, Asuka, and Misato, in their efforts to delude themselves into thinking that they're terrible people, hurt and push away everyone around them, thus actually becoming terrible people.

Another thing you'll find in NGE is a staunch refutation of a common trope in traditional atheistic science fiction: the dehumanized technological utopia. It's not something that's likely to ever happen, but it's unfortunately something you see all too often. People reject the notion of getting to Heaven through God in favor of achieving a sort of technological/scientific "Heaven" within the universe via transhumanism. Indeed, the whole NERV thing seems like an homage to CS Lewis' pro-Christian science fiction novel That Hideous Strength, which is partly about how a secretive scientific organization called the NICE attempts to use fallen angels to bring about such a world. NERV attempts, after the fashion of atheistic science fiction writers such as Stapledon, Clarke, and Asimov, to combine scientific and occultic methods to elevate mankind to a sort of inhuman "godhood", only to be derailed by the potent humanity of the characters of Shinji, Rei, and Gendo, demonstrating that science doesn't provide any true solutions for the human condition, and effectively slaughtering the atheistic sacred cow of transhumanism.

And I'm not going to say that Anno necessarily did this on purpose, but is it so crazy to say that the character of Kaworu is a sort of Christ-like figure? A higher being comes among the characters in human form, is mistrusted by everyone, offers nothing but unconditional love, and finally chooses to be killed by mankind for the good of mankind. The intimacy he shows with Shinji is better described as something similar to agape than anything else, and this may represent the unconscious desire of the non-Christian writers for a figure like Christ in their own lives.

344e68  No.751966

Watching anime is a sin

Also there aren't many, I need to point it out: Evangelion is not based on Christianity it has nothing to do with it, it's etymology lies within Jewish manuscripts and Kabbalah

Only manga I know of is JoJo especially part 5 and 7, it is full of clever refrences which will not be seen by those who have not read the bible, despite its siplisity it is very complex, it face the threads from renaissance and author expreses need for understanding time, space, soul, evil, humanity it aproches both science and christianity more educated you are the more refrences you will see


What are you talking about? Last chapter is direct refrence to Bible and Holy Trinity

344e68  No.751967

I wanted to say more but seeing how much dumb shit written under this thread I gave up

5fe0c1  No.751991

File: 1fad48e8f24d018⋯.jpg (34.81 KB, 379x281, 379:281, 1530384606152.jpg)


>Watching anime is a sin but [my favorite mango is ok]

> it is full of clever refrences which will not be seen by those who have not read the bible, despite its siplisity it is very complex


Yeah I remember that one time in the Bible when Jesus went east and died in BASED AMERICA lmao that was wild

8a842d  No.752266

3c9ae6  No.752281


This is an excellent post. I would like to hear more of your analysis of Evangelion or other animes in this regard.

>is it so crazy to say that the character of Kaworu is a sort of Christ-like figure? A higher being comes among the characters in human form, is mistrusted by everyone, offers nothing but unconditional love, and finally chooses to be killed by mankind for the good of mankind.

It's been a long time since I've watched Evangelion, this hadn't even crossed my mind. I think you're on to something.

dbf859  No.752311


The further you go back in time, the less you shall feel the sting of modernism's whip. The opposite is also true.

The difference of eastern or western means less than this.

e21802  No.752314



Also it has nothing to do with Christianity as It was pointed out earlier

dbf859  No.752315


Evangelion is just the emo kid of anime, calling himself "deep" because he whines every moment of every day without variance.

(edit-delete, and further…) The moral situations anyone could describe are a common thing in fiction. Anime especially NGE is a clone of a clone of a clone (etc) with entropy in overdrive. If you like what you see and want to know where the rest is hiding, seek it in classic literature instead of TV shows. (That's what anime franchises are in Japan.)

e87163  No.752340

File: f4a861d2553a586⋯.jpg (35.05 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Aphrodite.jpg)


>this was a thing

I can't blame him though.

e87163  No.752342

File: 14940022495a679⋯.png (333.74 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

On a side note, since you're talking about Evangelion.

How do you guys felt about Ergo Proxy?

Its a very deep anime with several philosophical references, it probably has some deep hidden message about religion and liberation in there as well but I don't quite remember.

And on the topic, just finished watching Globin Slayer yesterday, and it was pretty good with proper storyline not that much fluff and fan service. Anything of recommendation similar to either of those?

f4e34c  No.752348


Not intentionally having anything to do with Christianity doesn't mean it's not a good watch for Christians. Japan is a secular country with a pagan tradition, in a thread like this you more or less have to accept that very, very few of the reccomendations are going to be intentionally about Christianity.

f9dac2  No.752350

File: 1a421c7bcca61c5⋯.jpg (35.26 KB, 480x480, 1:1, truelove.jpg)


>Its a very deep anime with several philosophical references

Usually when anime fans say this it means it's a work full of pretense that only works if you've never actually studied philosophy in your life.

Regardless, even if it's really philosophic it probably namedrops and references post-Cartesians thinkers which means it's mostly useless in a christian perspective.

Watching Dragon Ball and delighting in the simple but truthful themes of self-improvement and friendship will do you more good than jerking off about the sentience of androids and other promethean themes

111534  No.752352


>just finished watching Globin Slayer yesterday, and it was pretty good

Anon confirmed for shit taste

f9dac2  No.752353

File: de212eff7a1b6a1⋯.png (17.12 KB, 1143x111, 381:37, Would you look at that.png)

450eaa  No.752407


I didn't watch it for more than a few minutes, but couldn't stand it.


>Usually when anime fans say this it means it's a work full of pretense that only works if you've never actually studied philosophy in your life.

You can drop the "anime fans". What most people consider "philosophy" isn't philosophy at all.

7422e0  No.752412


>simple but truthful themes of self-improvement and friendship

that sounds very nice, too bad I can't force myself to watch anything that has more then 30 episodes

56697b  No.752422

File: 6f802992018f2fd⋯.png (33.6 KB, 1000x831, 1000:831, (You) in the middle.png)

f255b0  No.752470

File: 38ae2a111fa09fe⋯.jpg (70.2 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Namedropped.jpg)


>My animu which half-assely namedrops contemporary philosophers and heretic gnostic concepts in a labyrinthique fashion is really deep guys!

83d3aa  No.753124

Most anime is secular, so how do we know what's acceptable to watch? How do we separate ones that are just entertainment or have acceptable messages from those with sinful messages or bad influence? How should we feel about portrayal of violence?

I'm not that big into anime to be honest, but I think the same questions can be asked about other narrative media.

e5d9a8  No.753180


I think it just comes with research honestly. Where do the creator's intentions lie in this work? What sort of people does it attract? What does it promote or bash? Does it align with my values or morals? What value does it add to my life? That is how I tend to look at things when it comes to narrative media.

976eca  No.753213


It's like you didn't even read your own epic meme image

98b7b0  No.753242


i like this pic

83d3aa  No.756362

So, about fantasy anime, there are a few topics that I'm curious what people think of.

>Fictional religions and Gods

Sometimes these are just there for no reason or are in the background. Sometimes you can tell they are stand-ins, but sometimes you can't tell.

>Fantasy powers

Sometimes these powers are specifically called magic, sometimes they are specifically something else, and sometimes they aren't explained. If it's obviously occultic/witchcraft then I think it should be avoided, but not all fantasy powers come from that.

>Non-human races

These can include generic fantasy races that are sentient but non-human. They might also be animal companions, which might reference dinosaurs or evolution, or they could be outright bad if they're some kind of occult/pagan spirit. They can also include undead. Outside of the usual fantasy though, there's also sci-fi. Aliens might fall under the same as generic fantasy races, though I'm not sure. Though you also have clones, robots/A.I., etc, basically any sentient being created by science or whatever other explanation.

Just curious about people's opinions on which of these are problematic, or if some aren't bad with a good message, and at what point we can tell in secular media.

92ab74  No.756368

File: 1d4199dd4419f9b⋯.jpg (82.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, picturesque.jpg)


This is a pretty good answer. I find that most animes, even the most banal harem romcom with no substance seeks life and love as the highest as it shows loving and being loved is good as also the camaraderie and having fun with friends. Dark and edgy shit are rare and few as they are not made into animes for the mass but stayed in obscure manga form.

On the side note. Just watched Yuru Camp, pretty comfy anime about camping. Made me want to try it, would be good if I find it enjoyable as camping is a pretty wholesome hobby (and I also enjoy travelling).

c4d09b  No.756393

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Evangelion is just the emo kid of anime, calling himself "deep" because he whines every moment of every day without variance.

This common criticism is the product of a shallow dismissal brought about by a conditioned contempt for real depression. In addition to some of the observations made here >>751924 and in this video >>726868 and Hideaki working through his depression, there's also the fact that Evangelion was Anno's meta-critique of Otaku culture, and his attempt to stop and dismantle said culture. Sadly, and ironically, he unwittingly poured gasoline on the fire of Otaku culture with Evangelion, to the point that the Rebuild series (especially 3.33) is his attempt to rectify this mistake (see embedded vid.)

Even sadder is the truth that even this attempt is probably doomed to fail. In fact there have been many anime made with the theme of "Stop being an otaku/hikkikomori/NEET, it's bad!" (Rozen Maiden, The Sky Crawlers, MeMeMe, Welcome to the N.H.K., Paranoia Agent etc.), and yet Otaku/hikkikomori culture (and a wider culture of general escapism amongst even the more "normal and well-adjusted" segment of the population) continues to march on over there. The reason being, is while such anime addresses the "Stop running away from reality. Escapism ultimately hurts you in the long run in spite of it's short term dopamine hits." It does this while failing to address the ultimate root issue: that Japanese culture, on an education and work level, has become so broken and horrible, that it actively encourages the desire for escape in the general populace; whether it's the robotic rote memory cram school hell of childhood, or the literally work yourself to death and/or see your family maybe once a month, of adulthood. To put it in perspective, only after the suicide of a Japanese office woman, due to snapping after working excessive overtime hours, has a cap been put on overtime hours… from 70 hours, down to 65..


As long as this living hell remains, people are going to continue to drop out in droves in one form or another: whether by becoming recluses, or abstaining from relationships and marriage due to having no time because of excessive career focus.

Animes, like those previously mentioned, can metaphorically shout "Accept reality! Accept reality!" till they turn blue in the face. But as long as the reality, that is modern Japanese life, continues to be a robotic meat grinder, said Animes might as well be shouting "Suck it up and throw yourself into that meat grinder like a good boy!" To which the populace at large is going to continue to say: "No." Until the meat grinder is disassembled, and the Japanese can look forward to something better, escapism is going to continue it's unstoppable Godzilla-like rampage through Japan's youth, society and culture.

On a deeper level, others in this thread have correctly observed that Japan is primarily a pagan-secular culture. The efforts of men are doomed to fail without God. Or to put it more bluntly: the Japanese need Jesus.

92ab74  No.756411


The corporate machine does not last forever, anon. In SEA and even in Japan there is a small trend of people going back to country-side, having small local/family business or going back to craftsmanship or agriculture or choosing cultural vocations such as being a small label musicians or artists; in other words things are going to back to simpler times and that is a good thing.

The catch is that most people were educated and groomed especially to fed the corporate society and machines. Even with those back-to-nature options available, they find themselves severely lacking in skills to take that path that one alone must pave the way. It takes tremendous effort and will and the grace of God to trek those grassy paths and only a few can even decide to do it. So while the brave few found life comparable to earthly paradise of family, friendship, and living with nature; many fell into NEETdom or worse. Sounds familiar to something close to us? Christanon. The narrow gate and the wide gate.

78dbf2  No.756425

File: 9d3798e9ecb15c0⋯.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1459x1589, 1459:1589, 0D30D96B-2287-4DF5-9D3B-9….jpeg)

File: f26eb0a50ffc564⋯.gif (547.27 KB, 312x178, 156:89, A5615BF4-6E7F-4384-AEB5-63….gif)

6a5bcd  No.756578

File: 0109aae97e94b8a⋯.jpg (30.93 KB, 600x338, 300:169, hbrnm.jpg)

Why is literally nobody talking about haibane renmei? That is literally the most religion friendly anime ever made that doesn't show a direct religious figure. And Religion aside, the show by itself is excellent with the management of his characters and themes.

bb410d  No.756582


Please stop posting Neitzches

c4d09b  No.756594


Lol. It's Shinto/Buddhism is more habit and tradition than anything resembling sincere religious belief. And that pagan flavored secularism has been doing wonders for raising it's birth and lowering it's suicide rates.

183285  No.756610


>christian europe

what? europe hasn't been christian for at least 100 years. What you see now is the charred burned body of the former christendom.

c4d09b  No.756620


Lol, first you say:

>Japan, one of the last pagan last places.

Then you say:

>No, the lowering birthrate is ONLY a thing in modern Japan

>Shinto Japan has no problem with birthrate in its inception.

Implying that you concede that modern Japan is not truly pagan, but then try to have it both ways:

>Which makes it freer than anything resembling the Church.

>You need spirituality, you need guidance, you need tradition, you don't need the church.

Lol, first it's pagan...then it's modern...then it's "spiritual but not religious." Sure, it's birthrate is circling the drain, and it has the highest suicide rate in the developed world, and it's citizens are checking out due to a society that lives to work rather than works to live, but hey, it's Free! It's "Spiritual but not Religious!"

>And Japan declining birthrate hasn't happened since the last 100 years.

GWA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Have you been living under a rock for the past few decades, or are you just showing your hand as being a troll at this point?

28f202  No.756627


Modern Japan is still majorly pagan/buddhist, but it is not the Japan that once was, christianity is still entertained, and christian heads are not split in half.

>Sure, it's birthrate is circling the drain, and it has the highest suicide rate in the developed world, and it's citizens are checking out due to a society that lives to work rather than works to live

Point to me where that has to do with Christianity? Nope, it doesn't, that has to do with labor laws, which need reform, it doesn't mean corrupting the youth with yet another jewish poison.

>GWA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Have you been living under a rock for the past few decades, or are you just showing your hand as being a troll at this point?

Please tell me how 1800s or 1900s Japan have declining birthrate, please.

Or how about 1300-1400s Japan where they hunt and kill christians, declining birthrate?

c4d09b  No.756631


What you say is most encouraging. It may be a tad off-topic, but do you have any links, sources on such movements? I have not heard of this and am curious about reading more about this phenomenon.


>On the side note. Just watched Yuru Camp, pretty comfy anime about camping. Made me want to try it, would be good if I find it enjoyable as camping is a pretty wholesome hobby (and I also enjoy travelling).

Speaking from personal experience: go for it! Camping is absolutely wonderful, whether alone or with a group of close friends to spend some time with. Just sitting out in the woods in the dark out in the wonders of God's creation, being hypnotized by the fire's smell and motions, as well as nothing to clutter your mind but tending to the fire and engaging in contemplation in such an environment is invigorating.

c4d09b  No.756637


> or 1900s Japan have declining birthrate, please.

Lol, Just look at the very first graph:


As for the rest:

>It's still pagan/buddhist! Even though it's not… if only they would still kill more Christians! Christianity, an insignificant minority of Japan, is to blame! But Japan and Western Europe in decline has nothing to do with them rejecting or abandoning God whatsoever!

Lol. Keep telling yourself that /asatru/.

28f202  No.756642


>Lol, Just look at the very first graph:

Hmm, so before 1950, where Japan was even more Shinto/buddhist, where the imperial religion is actively worshipped, the birthrate was higher than now, Christianity-infested Japan.

>Christianity, an insignificant minority of Japan, is to blame!

Yes, they are, the more christians appear in Japan, the lower the birthrate.

>But Japan and Western Europe in decline has nothing to do with them rejecting or abandoning God whatsoever!

Japan proposed without the jewish god, and will continue to prosper, as long as it continues to split the head of christian (and their kin, the jews) apart.

78dbf2  No.756652

File: 0496c3ef83df905⋯.jpeg (143.72 KB, 640x916, 160:229, 7672084B-2476-4476-B523-B….jpeg)


Anno purposefully plays this game with the audience that NGE is devoid of any subliminal meaning and that he essentially got lucky by putting together a bunch of vague spiritual and phylosophical concepts. This is all a ruse, in reality the show is deeply profound and does not simply borrow Christian imagery for the sake of shock and awe, at its core root the show has meanings that are similar to the passion of Christ and his sacrifice for man in the case of kaworu and shinji. I think that in a way kaworu represents the divinity of Christ while shinji represents the humanity of Christ.

031468  No.756653


>Christianity-infested Japan.

Christianity (2.3%)

78dbf2  No.756654



bb410d  No.756660


I should move to Japan and take a japenese wife, I will then have many Christian Children with her. I'll pray that they will have my blue eyes and blonde hair.

031468  No.756665


>That's an infestation and woes be upon us.

Didn't you say that you were vietnamese?

But you probably are neither, just a butthurt /asatru/ faggot falseflagging as usual

And still, 2.3% of the population

bb410d  No.756670


I'll make beautiful love with my japenese wife if that's what it takes to allow Christianity to flourish in Japan.

I bet she's going to be extremely cute, I know the woman over there have a thing for men that have blonde hair and blue eyes.

611dc5  No.756673


White men has more racemixing tendencies than Stacy with jamal. I think white bois deserve white genocide.

bb410d  No.756675


:) Gods will be done no matter how another man judges me. I think some Asian woman can be very pretty!

611dc5  No.756678


ok hapa creator

921ae8  No.756798






There are some articles here and there, I am not going to make an archive because I am lazy and this is not /pol/. Like I said, it is a 'small' trend (which at the time at that post I just told you something I noticed myself, did not saw the news or articles until you asked me for them), so it does not hit the big news and good thing that it does not so the corporate vultures cannot follow people there.

Some big suits made a big fuss about city brain drain and labour shortage so they can "import" the worst of the worst who are likely to go into debts from the third world country. Of course, everybody know it is bollocks.

On the side note, I should get going and try to carve a spot of countryside just for me. To paraphrase something I really like from those articles: "A job is not something is that provided but it is something we ourselves create."

b20ea4  No.756819

File: 93e748324bef6b0⋯.png (257.15 KB, 640x480, 4:3, HUMAN NATURE KILLS THE DIV….png)


>at its core root the show has meanings that are similar to the passion of Christ and his sacrifice for man in the case of kaworu and shinji. I think that in a way kaworu represents the divinity of Christ while shinji represents the humanity of Christ.

This is blasphemy of the highest level. You love your anime more than God I swear.

And even if your interpretation was true, it means Evangelion is downright satanic. Pic related

78dbf2  No.757419

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Kaworu sacrifices himself for humanity, he would have easily been able to destroy the Eva. You cant make an argument by simply posting a pic with no explanation. Ultimately shinji is the one who saves mankind and is crucified so perhaps kaworu is not a Christ like figure, but he does make a sacrifice for mankind.

78dbf2  No.757422



See this post.

6c0be7  No.757424


Why is this thread even a thing?

78dbf2  No.757615


> wondering why people on a Chan website are interested in manga/anime, and want to find entertainment that is not degenerate and pro Christian.

Hmm… I wonder.

83d3aa  No.757666


I'm not big into anime, but I could guess it's similar to what I've experienced with other media, mainly video games in my case.

Say you enjoy a hobby involving some form of narrative media. At some point, you worry about at least one of two things; either that you are spending too much time in this hobby, or that the narrative media is a negative influence. You then cut out any narrative media with an outright bad message and attempt to moderate your hobby to a healthy amount of free time where you don't put it before what's important.

For some people, the problem ends here. But others are so worried they quit altogether. They no longer spend any time with this hobby, or they cut out not only the media with bad messages, but also media with messages they have to think about, or all media altogether for fear of secular influences.

And for some people, this works. It's not a bad thing to cut out what's unnecessary and spend more time on what's important. It's good to have time to just think about what''s important and not use something for instant distraction from difficult thought.

On the other hand, it doesn't work this easy for everyone. For some people, they quit that narrative media hobby altogether. But then what do they do? They now have free time that they don't know what to do with. They might try to use that time for something more important or find another hobby, but maybe they're just used to one thing and they don't do anything. And in that time they find themselves being inactive; maybe they fap more. (or sometime the media was a bad influence on that, and the bright side is that they fap less) or maybe with all that inactivity they find themselves consumed with intrusive thoughts of all kinds.

They know that the inactivity is terrible for them, so they seek out moderation instead. So they'd rather try to limit the time spent on that hobby to a healthy amount that doesn't come before more important things, and to avoid media with bad themes or messages.

Disclaimer: In no way have I accomplished healthy moderation of activities. I still struggle with that, and I'm in the "avoid all media" stage. I don't know what the best method is for everyone. It's certainly good to prioritize what's more important, and not to seek an immediate distraction every time you're confronting troublesome thoughts. Maybe moderation works if you're really consumed by intrusive thoughts or inactivity. But it's important that it's actually moderation, not just deciding that the narrative media (or maybe it applies to other hobbies as well) isn't all bad and going all the way back to the problem. It has to really be moderation; actually selecting only media that isn't bad and actually limiting it to a healthy amount of time where it takes a backseat to more important things. You can't just go back to the start of the problem, and even when practicing moderation if you aren't careful you can slowly slip back into that problem.

Anyways, at least I think that's part of it, but maybe I'm wrong about this thread and only talking about my personal experiences. EIther way, I don't know the best answer for everyone.

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