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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 19e2bdecc343257⋯.jpg (33.75 KB, 462x640, 231:320, 19e2bdecc343257816eb0ef49c….jpg)

007661  No.722985

Post your successes/troubles.

The responsibility is yours. Since you're the man you are the driving force behind starting a relationship. It is your job to do the first move as it is to lead all other moves.

Women seek stability. A woman is like a flower that grows towards God. A man is more like a stick. He can direct the married couple towards God. If both of them are flowers, then they stay in mud.

>Be yourself

Be confident about who you are. It will give you a special aura around yourself

>Work on your confidence

Start at nofap thread, eliminate porn and masturbation from your life. Increase your testosterone levels by working out…./fit/

>Get hobbies

If you lack interests, you are less interesting to women. Women want men of action.

>Visit places where high quality women hang out

Church, library, your hobbies…

>Become more educated about your faith

If you want a good Christian girl you should study scriptures. If she takes her faith seriously she will probably be impressed.

Your future wife probably will not just appear out of nothing and ask you out. It is your job when she appears all of sudden to be confident enough to ask her out and handle that situation.

Purity thread:


If any of you guys have some useful meta, please post it so we can include it in the future to the OP.

7f9b10  No.780059



I've already been hugged, this was hand holding, which I consider to be another step up

But seriously, how fast should a Christian couple proceed when we clearly like each other? Fiedt day was a week and a half ago, and since we've been on 4 dates, had dinner a few times, and studied together a couple times too. I have no idea when to kiss her or when to ask her if we're dating or what. She held my hand once during a movie but I have no idea if it's acceptable to do that freely at any time now. I don't want to make her lead the 'relationship' and I don't want her to think I'm not interested, but I also don't want to be creepy and move too fast. I'm overthinking this way too much, I know.

e8a2fe  No.780181

How malleable are women? I'm dating a girl who was raised in the church and is a Christian, but doesn't go to church every week and might have some liberal leanings from the way she was raised. I know in some ways a woman will treat her husband with the respect he had for God. Is it possible to convince a woman to submit?

d2ba13  No.780192


With God all things are possible.

Set time aside to pray the rosary with her.

Couples that pray together Stay Together.

3f5453  No.782128

She doesn't love me. I've thought about suicide, my chest and stomach hurts and I have trouble sleeping. How do I make it stop?

c28b7f  No.782133


Pray the rosary, fren.

4f2901  No.782306


tfw no qt orthodox wife


4f2901  No.782308


Don't think about suicide because a girl doesn't like you that's really dumb. You are confusing lust with love. They lust after an image but don't love you unconditionally.

The only advice I have for you is to get your mind off it. There are many fallen women in this world. We can pray for them but their own pride will destroy them if they don't repent. These women don't sound like good wife materal anyway so maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

a45221  No.782378

File: 459016de77201fe⋯.jpg (19.3 KB, 252x400, 63:100, 459016de77201fec01ca546d17….jpg)


Understand that all women are no better equipped to work, fight, reason or vote like you. They are not your equals by any margin. You are a provider and conqueror. A protector of the faith. Don't let a thot drag you down. You should be above that.

e97185  No.782967

File: 54957dc285fe6ad⋯.jpg (54.39 KB, 530x800, 53:80, hangup.jpg)

Help fellow christ bros, today was the relationship birthday with my girl that broke off last year.

I was feeling pretty drag these last few days, again got crushed by the expectations that she somehow make contact…

No dice, I want to get over, started finally cleaning up the remaining pictures and ended up reading some old chats.

This got me missing her dearly again, I couldn't help but to try to contact her. Sent a message with "happy birthday", probably bad joke, either that or delusional.

Next I see that she saw it but ignored, then I write:

>Well alright, I was hoping we could talk and share news, but you leave me no choice, I wont have any doubts anymore.

And just silence, seriously I just hate when women just give the silent treatment, I was really hoping for her best, but these action just shows she was always just fooling me all along, now I hope she gets screwed up and heart broken for her next relationship.

I know its a bad for a christian to think, tomorrow I will be better off I know, but goddamn, isn't it so messed up that someone who could so close to you at one moment, the next ends up being the equivalent of a strange monster, or just a stranger that you used to know.

e97185  No.782969


Do you always re-candle the passion towards the same girl?

Either way it seems bad, if your relationship is decomposing you have to ask yourself if its really not meant to be or you're just being lazy with commitment.

Remember that perseverance and commitment are the most important part in relationships, otherwise you will just keep hopping from girl to girl.

And also, you shouldn't be catering to passionate thoughts with another girl, all this points to you not being someone they can thrust with.

2d51bc  No.783320


Anime is gay.


Unless you’re talking about icons of saints like the Theotokos... no.

b43124  No.783358

File: d04deb8673989d4⋯.jpg (202.57 KB, 1024x762, 512:381, 1552319795584.jpg)

Posted this on other relationship thread, Apparently it hit the bump limit.

Hey bros, I've fallen in love with a Muslim qt recently. It was she who was hitting on me, I might let it all out to her sometime soon. She's a really conservative girl, I've heard from her friends that she used to be modernised but then she repented and became a hijabi :(. I really like her and I do not wish to miss a good chance. I don't think it's possible to convert her, is interfaith marriage allowed ?

Yep, I'm a old man.

fe677b  No.783360


>good conservative muslim girl

>flirting with kuffir

>bro she totally repented

Look at this dude

No it's not forbidden, but you'd have to be a first class retard to think it's a good idea

0bec4f  No.783362


please don't be a protestant

b43124  No.783363

File: 6c4a86d2af99224⋯.gif (937.69 KB, 412x264, 103:66, 1552275848958.gif)


R-right in my feels….


I am…

0bec4f  No.783368

File: b030c355c1c815a⋯.png (479.09 KB, 772x804, 193:201, maniac.png)




The answer is an emphatic NO, you cannot mix faiths. It is forbidden in 2 Corinthians 6:14.

<Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?

Not only that, taking the whole counsel of God in scripture into account would forbid racemixing

>St. Paul referred to the broader meaning of these laws against hybridization, and against yoking an ox and an ass to a plow (Deut. 22:10), in II Corinthians 6:14. . . . Unequal yoking plainly means mixed marriages between believers and unbelievers and is clearly forbidden. But Deuteronomy 22:10 not only forbids unequal religious yoking by inference, and as a case law, but also unequal yoking generally. This means that an unequal marriage between believers or between unbelievers is wrong. Man was created in the image of God (Gen. 1:26), and woman in the reflected image of God in man, and from man (I Cor. 11:1-12; Gen. 2:18, 21-23). “Helpmeet” means a reflection or mirror, an image of man, indicating that a woman must have something religiously and culturally in common with her husband. The burden of the law is thus against inter-religious, inter-racial, and inter-cultural marriages, in that they normally go against the very community which marriage is designed to establish.

b43124  No.783373

File: 250b315bf3e7730⋯.jpg (595.99 KB, 1242x1320, 207:220, 1552436561950.jpg)


>The burden of the law is thus against inter-religious, inter-racial, and inter-cultural marriages,

>mfw she falls into all three of these

Though I agree with your stance on inter religious marriage now, I don't really agree with forbidding inter race and culture. I think it's allowed.

Back to the point, guess I'll just friendzone her, eh :(

dde1d8  No.784552

Stayed a virgin until I got married.

Never even masturbated.

Struggled with porn from late high school. Didn't always win the struggle. However, see above.

Now married to qt314 devout Christian who also kept her virginity for the wedding night.

Expecting to be a father before the first day of summer.

All while being an awkward internet native.

I'd call that a success, and if you're reading this, it could happen to you, too.

2118cc  No.784553

File: e9a6f0651948882⋯.jpg (21.75 KB, 540x540, 1:1, e50f7accc39783ba1343c9b71a….jpg)


>it could happen to you, too.

4f2901  No.784606


I don't think it's possible. Intercultural marriages will end in ruin and interracial marriages will create cultureless mixed children.

Nation refers to ethnos. The nations are ideally to be separate as that's how they are referred to in the Bible.

Multiculturalism / racialism is an unholy Tower of Babel built without God and it will never lead to any meaning.

58bdde  No.784665


>Back to the point, guess I'll just friendzone her, eh :(

Convert her, then there should not be too much to blame, depending on the area in which you live.

d07a83  No.784696

Date tomorrow lads. Give me some tips.

d90a40  No.784706


just bee urself :)

04a5ad  No.784710

File: dc9a89121c21918⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 205x211, 205:211, dc9a89121c219182f16afa40de….gif)



''remember to get a haircut and take a shower teehheeee'

be nice and respect her brooooooo

a9b054  No.784714


Get her talking about her self. Women love to talk about themselves.

dde1d8  No.784723


Talk about family and core values. Find out how she was raised.

Above all, though, focus on the content of what she's saying, not what she looks (or sounds or smells) like. That way, you can respond to what she's actually saying, and possibly even remember it later (don't focus on memorizing it, though, as that will drive you insane).

Early on in my relationship with my now wife (before we actually started dating), I got her a small gift on a trip I went on. It cost me nothing, but I thought she would like it based on something I remembered her saying in a conversation we'd had earlier. When I handed it to her, I didn't even know if she liked it or not. I found out over a year later that that was the moment she AND HER PARENTS knew I'd end up marrying her, when all I was doing was being polite and thinking of her.

And it wasn't memorization or anything. She said something I thought was interesting, and because I was listening, I remembered it later. That's it.

5c49f4  No.784744

File: 751f143461de09b⋯.jpg (40.41 KB, 425x516, 425:516, 1500118609871.jpg)


If you want some honest advice, don't worry so much about how you think it should be going. There will be silences and you shouldn't rush to fill them up, sometimes it's nice to digest the conversation and enjoy some food. But I've always found that as long as you're not fixated on how you think things should be, but rather allowing the date to just happen it goes as well as it can. A personal prayer to God for his peace if your stressing.

God speed anon

796ff5  No.784803


This post is comfy to read

e642ef  No.784821

File: 384aa3e97a45b51⋯.png (350.64 KB, 500x738, 250:369, 1535789616522.png)

The older i get the more i resent and hate women.

0389ca  No.784838

Lads, I'm torn here.

I love my girlfriend very much, she's wonderful in many ways (she is a Christian, although adventist, which is a shame, I'm currently begoming ordodox).

But I'm seriously thinking about dumping her (we have been together for 4 months, we met in college), she is sort of leftist (we argue about politics and religión often), but that is not the dealbreaker here. She has opened up about her sexual past completely today, I can't say I'm surprised anymore, not even cultic religions can keep their girls away from the world; she has had 2 sexual partners in total, she had been in an abusive and manipulative relationship by age 16-17, she was coerced into giving oral sex (a few times) and finally intercourse (just once, after that, she ceased all communication with the kid), she took emergency contraception the next day, so I really don't know whether or not she had an abortion (She has PCOS)(I've done many prayers for the unborn), she was depressed and ashamed to go to church right after that, that led her to look for comfort in her ex (which also used to be her best friend for a long time). Long story short she was coerced in her depression to give the guy a really weird and awkward blowjob (atleast that's how I understand it, it could have very well been a handjob of sorts), she felt really uncomfortable and bad and she left, she dumped him during that week.

After all that garbage she took quite a bit of emotional abuse from a new friend (that she liked romantically), she was really emotionally attached to him, the guy was sort of a depressive incel from her church.

She then met me, and we've been great buddies for a long time (she's 19 now). She has ceased any sort of communication with the aforementioned men, she only still talks to her last friend due to church activities, but I told her to drop any real friendship they had, I can't really take any chances here.

She has repented deeply, the events have traumatized and tortured her for almost 3 years, but I can tell from my experience with her that she still can get clouded judgement when we are making out, I'm the only man she has ever been attracted to sexually, the aforementioned experiences have been terrible on her.

I've cried and prayed a lot about this. Yesterday I asked her to talk to her parents about this, she resisted to the idea but eventually gave in, I asked her to not avoid the uncomfortable information and be honest about the whole ordeal. She will be doing that today, on sunday I'm going to her home to clear things up and ask her parents for councelling on the issue.

She wants to marry and start a familiy with me, it breaks my heart.

I am disgusted by the fact that my girlfriend had two dicks in her mouth, she's not a virgin. She's clearly a broken woman, she has only kept going due to providence I would guess, she's not depressed anymore, and she's really happy to be with me, since I'm a chaste man and I will not push her into fornication, she says I'm the only man that has ever made her feel like a woman, she never respected her previous boyfriends as men and she initially did not like them, she was subject of peer pressure for the most part. She was always guilt-tripped into fornication and the like.

I must add, she most likely has fear of abandoment, likely from her infance, that would be an explanation as to why it took her so long to stop an abusive and immoral relationship.

I fear for a marriage with her, she has a lot of issues, I'm afraid of it ending up in divorce. Sins may be forgiven, but the scars remain, and that could very well winnie the pooh my marriage with her.

I love her, and the whole situation saddens me to no end.

What should I do lads?

Break up with her?

Should I struggle anyway and try to make it work somehow? (the images of fornication really disturb and pain me)

Should we just split while I don't feel comfortable kissing her or being her boyfriend in general?

Am I just a bluepilled retard that's going to get divorce-raped?

I'm sorry for the shit formatting, if any, I'm writing from my phone.

Refrain from posting reddit-tier responses, I will not be guilt-tripped into disregaring premarital sexual activity as a factor in marriage stability.

Any honest answers are appreciated, I'm tired of the pain christanons. The world is really evil.

I might just become a monk after all.

a9b054  No.784843

File: 5ef64d93f3f9562⋯.mp4 (127.77 KB, 854x480, 427:240, BmvcehRm.mp4)


Hate is not good for the heart. Don't hate the gift God gave to all mankind.

f5c584  No.784893


>she is a Christian, although adventist, which is a shame, I'm currently begoming ordodox

If she refuses to begome, then that's a problem in its own. The only instances where mixed marriages tend to "work out" are:

<when one spouse manages to convert the other (therefore no longer being a mixed marriage)

<when the husband gives up and lets his wife have her way with everything (the kids, the house, what church the family attends, etc.), only being allowed to practice his faith alone in his cuck shed

Don't you wish to share the beauty of the Orthodox faith with your spouse? I'm in the process of converting to Catholicism, and couldn't imagine having a non-Catholic wife (or girlfriend, even) at this point… but I digress.

>She wants to marry and start a familiy with me, it breaks my heart

Most girls today want those things. I had a Christian girl tell me that a few months ago; she was 23, slept with numerous men (all of which she "regrets", of course), had an abortion (she apparently had "no choice", as her boyfriend and his parents "forced" her to), along with emotional problems and other baggage. I didn't act on her interest in me, and right now, she's cohabiting with her secular boyfriend, who she expressed an interest in marrying only a week after dating him - so much for regretting her past! I've seen the same story play out many times, so tread carefully.

>Yesterday I asked her to talk to her parents about this, she resisted to the idea but eventually gave in, I asked her to not avoid the uncomfortable information and be honest about the whole ordeal

That's a pretty good sign then. Hopefully they can help to get her on the right track.

>I fear for a marriage with her, she has a lot of issues, I'm afraid of it ending up in divorce

If you're getting that impression this early in the relationship, that's not good at all. Meditate on your relationship some more after you meet with her parents, and if it still seems hopeless, you know what to do.

>I will not be guilt-tripped into disregaring premarital sexual activity as a factor in marriage stability

Good lad.

0389ca  No.784934

File: 6f232133a66cbcd⋯.jpeg (371.99 KB, 710x508, 355:254, 6f232133a66cbcdfdbfc0a9de….jpeg)


Thank you anon, the situation has been driving me crazy


Too close to fornication indeed, I would say that making out itself becomes sexually immoral rather quickly, so no reason to distinguish one from the other. She decided to be honest with me about her past relationships on the first week, but she didn't tell me whole story, because my reaction was too strong and I didn't give time nor space to continue, I was mad, I didn't want it to continue at all, I was being too judgemental though, fornication of the heart is pretty much the same as the sins of the flesh, and I've been there, pornography had been an issue for me for a long time. I don't worry too much about virginity, but it's certainly sad, and I feel terrible about it sometimes, virgin marriages have a greater chance of success though, that's what I'm getting at, that's why this worries me. I can get over the fact as long as she shows me she would make a good mother and wife, but that's a long road.


she's not a blue haired feminist, thank God, religion saved her from falling into that place.

>I love her

I've known her for almost two years, I know many of her downsides, this issue in particular being one them, I'm the only one who knows the full story at this moment, she's only talked about this to her best friend, and she doesn't know all that I know. I like that she was honest, but knowing all of this makes me trust her less tbh, that's why I asked her to talk to her parents about this, I'm tired and I feel like garbage. I might be infatuated, but I don't know.

>She wants to marry and start a family with me, it breaks my heart.

I agree with all you say.

>I fear for a marriage with her, she has a lot of issues, I'm afraid of it ending up in divorce.

don't worry, this is something I'll do once I'm out of college, I have over 3 years still.

Thank you for your suggestions anon, God bless you.

0389ca  No.784949


>If she refuses to begome, then that's a problem in its own. The only instances where mixed marriages tend to "work out" are:

Oh, don't worry about that, I'm not some cuck that's going to have the wife dictate the terms of marriage, we don't even know whether or not she'll be my wife anyhow, I might just dump her.

>Most girls today want those things. I had a Christian girl tell me that a few months ago; she was 23, slept with numerous men (all of which she "regrets", of course), had an abortion (she apparently had "no choice", as her boyfriend and his parents "forced" her to), along with emotional problems and other baggage. I didn't act on her interest in me, and right now, she's cohabiting with her secular boyfriend, who she expressed an interest in marrying only a week after dating him - so much for regretting her past! I've seen the same story play out many times, so tread carefully.

Yeah, I know, women are retarded, I blame the lack of parental control in this case, shit like this should rarely happen in a religious household. I think she says that she wants to marry me because she is deeply infatuated, also because she fell for me first, not the other way around.

>That's a pretty good sign then. Hopefully they can help to get her on the right track.

I hope, I'm done talking about this with her, I want to address this with her parents, she was badly hurt by what she did and she surely did screw up any trust we had going, I don't care if they spank her or whatever, deal with your child, I'm about done with her if I'm honest, but I still feel like I love her.

>If you're getting that impression this early in the relationship, that's not good at all. Meditate on your relationship some more after you meet with her parents, and if it still seems hopeless, you know what to do.

Yeah, I know, the parents are key here, I want them to realize what's been happening behind their backs all this time, so that they can give me advice on the situation.

If it does end up going well It's going to take a long time to heal the trust issues this produced.

Whatever God wills, God bless brothers, pray for me.

1e5aa7  No.784985

File: cc9097fa14a0867⋯.png (181.23 KB, 357x573, 119:191, yosh.png)

I have a crush on a girl who doesn't like me back, and it's hurting more than it should.

Now I'm trying to find reasons to forget about her, like

>she's too young/not ready to marry

>I just had a crush because she's got a pretty face

>our personalities don't match


Am I doing it right? I'm not very sociable so I don't meet that many girls, but when I do my spirit clings to them and never lets go. I know the next time I meet a girl I like I'll be able to forget about this one, but in the meantime I don't know what to do to just consider her as a friend.

The "feel when no gf" is becoming unbearable these days. I'm 25 and I never had a gf, and I'm always scared about people finding it out. I could tell myself that it's fine to just wait for the right one, but with my lack of experience I will never be able to do what's necessary to get her.

What do bros.

a1d48b  No.785002


I know that this sounds weird, and stupid, but you should try not thinking about her. Just don't do things that remind you of her, and if you do happen to think of her, let go of the thoughts and think of something else. I know that it doesn't sound like good advice, but just trust me, it works. Alternatively, you just have to accept that you are not going to date her, and move on. Time will definitely take away the feelings you have, and from what it sounds, it was mostly a physical attraction anyways. Eventually, the feelings of lust will fade away, and only you will be left.

1e5aa7  No.785034


Thanks anon. We have a group of friend in common, maybe I should just stop seeing them altogether. That's a shame though, I don't want to lose some of the few friends I have.

f5c584  No.785088


You're already familiar with the nature of women, so that's a huge advantage. Most men choose to stay ignorant, marry a thot, and pay the price for it.

>pray for me

That I will brother!


>The "feel when no gf" is becoming unbearable these days

It certainly can be sometimes. I've been content with it lately, but that may soon change thanks to a few recent (but positive) changes in my life.

>I'm 25 and I never had a gf

I'm a few years younger than you, but same here. I've had several opportunities to date, but never took them for one reason or another… none of them were Catholic, so I have no regrets.

>I could tell myself that it's fine to just wait for the right one, but with my lack of experience I will never be able to do what's necessary to get her

Yeah, I'm sort of worried about that too. Really though, if it's only a matter of "getting her", you just need to muster up the courage for all of one minute to ask her out. Keeping her attracted is another story… plenty of guys have had dozens of girlfriends and continue to botch every one of their relationships. Experience only does so much for you.

d07a83  No.785107

File: 6590f9cb20318e8⋯.png (298.16 KB, 790x1010, 79:101, 1539878492748.png)






Thanks lads it seemed to go well. Hoping to build some momentum and ask her out again next week and make it "official." She's really nice and also cute so I'm happy.

498533  No.786154


Dating is vulgar and modern and offensive.

Buncha lukewarms.

ac4a14  No.786627

File: 72b83ebc2ff38e3⋯.png (2.11 MB, 1429x811, 1429:811, 1535772997192.png)

Someone talk me out of buying a Christian Mingle subscription. I'm thinking of getting the three month plan.

3ff32f  No.786650


How much is it?

ac4a14  No.786653


Three months is $50.97 for unlimited access.

3ff32f  No.786655


How old are you?

ac4a14  No.786657

062285  No.786663


Oh shit, might be worth it.

03722f  No.786693


The botnet will consume you at your lowest point (desperate for love) and is, in my opinion, a satanic entity. You're making a big gamble. Even if you only put it fake information you are geolocated and tracked by IP, user agent, and photos which I'm pretty sure are mandatory on dating sites.

That being said I don't know much in alternatives for your age group. Church groups aren't just a meme. My gf is 26 ( she's a bit older than me) and we met there. my understanding is girls generally like older men?

ac4a14  No.786857

File: 3094d77d039a8c2⋯.webm (1.26 MB, 480x480, 1:1, 1549078293363.webm)

a9b054  No.786868


Volunteer at your church.

I don't know what denom you are begome Gadolig if you aren't :p but usually if you help out during mass or after mass coffee hour or with a church sponsered charity or mission you will find a nice woman eventually. Things like that. That way you dont have to spend that much money finding love and you will be doing what Jesus commands at the same time.

47c31b  No.786925

Turn 20 Monday, fit courtesy of the marine corps, go to church and am part of a group, though most of them are a few years older and I also just joined it a month ago.

Never had a gf, how the heck do you ask a girl out? Girls in classes approached me in the past but I am always taken by surprise and don't know what to say/talk about so the conversations, while not autistic, aren't that great.

Send help

e6ba05  No.786927


What if I'm way too winnie the poohed up in the head to fit in with them?

a9b054  No.786935


Define "effed up in the head"?

Like im autistic and shy or in currently going through HRT and want to be a woman effed up in the head. You gotta be more specific.

e6ba05  No.786943


I'm just very incompatible with normies. I'm not afraid of themor shy, but they seem to dislike me. Also I literally lost my mind a year and a half ago. It felt like I was drunk and high and trapped in a nightmare. Also I really really dislike jews and lukewarms and homos and shit like that and I'm afraid to reveal my power level

a9b054  No.786958

File: 6961f9eb1306ee2⋯.jpg (137.26 KB, 466x619, 466:619, handGod.jpg)


Ahh, a sign of /pol/mentia. a term I literally just made up

I used to be like that. You see, anger that lingers too long in the heart becomes hate/a grudge. You gotta let it go and forgive the lukewarm and the kikes.

It'll be hard at first, as you are righteous to be angry at them, just like how Jesus has every right to be angry with the jews and gentiles for literally murdering Him.

But, like Jesus, we are to forgive them and show them the way of love and kindness, as Jesus would want us to. Treat them like you would a brother or sister. Correct them, rebuke them, but don't hate them because most of the time they have no idea what they are doing.

Once you learn how to let go of the hate and use that emotional energy and direct it twords prayer especially the rosary you will begin to transform into a better person.

When it comes to good women, they want a man that emulates their father.

A man that they know are emotionally stable enough to take care of them and their future children. A man righteous enough to keep them in line. A leader they will follow.

Your age helps with this, but you also need to learn virtues of patience and kindness especially patience, and lots of it lmao.

For now, I wouldn't worry so much about finding a mate. Instead pray more and donate the time you spend here on the chans to a Christian charity. Go to the local food kitchen and feed the poor. Cook food and coffee for the after mass coffee hour. Help out the pastor and the ladies with cleaning the church. Spend like 50 dollars at the local 2nd hand thrift store and buy clothes for the poor. Maybr even join a mission trip. My former Eastern priest literally met his wife on a mission trip to Africa. Even if there are no youngish women at your church, make friends with the old people. Most likely they have a daughter or grand daughter they will introduce you to. Things like that.

I also just can't stress it enough, but pray the rosary everyday. It has helped me immensely and I know it will help you too.

God love you anon.

4f2901  No.786967


No, pray the Jesus prayer everyday.

4f2901  No.786969


I'm totally blackpilled on wamen. 1 Corinthians 7 my dudes.

d07a83  No.787492

I went from depressed nihilistic godless neet to having a job, girlfriend, and motivation to do God's will and all it took was reading the Bible for the first time. Thank you Jesus unironically.

a9b054  No.787506

File: f8f87c3fa085f00⋯.jpg (114.11 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 29257859_1657203931028133_….jpg)

File: f508d2f42d44269⋯.jpg (22.17 KB, 236x418, 118:209, 5528b7db8ed794428761606a47….jpg)


>pray the Jesus prayer every day

>im totally blackpilled on wahmens

See here anon e6ba05, this Is why I said pray the rosary. I used to be like this poor fellow and thought the East would solve my problems, but it never did. The East sounds fun like protestantism (no Rome as authority) but with a more mystical aspect to it. Sounds good on paper, but it is still inferior to Rome and doesn't have the same transformation quality like praying the rosary does. The East can't make the same promises /ourLady/ can make.

All I'm saying, e6ba05, you have nothing to lose by asking Jesus' mother to pray for you but your vices. Trust in her and she will keep you close to God.

5aacb6  No.787526


lol this is why Catholicism makes itself look insane to anyone who studies the fathers. Orthodoxy is the eternal faith of Christ, Catholicism is the faith of medieval Europe. Please go tell the desert fathers that they didn't have the transformational quality of Catholicism because neither they nor the majority of Christendom prayed the rosary for the first 1300 years

b0e029  No.787528


hello brother/sister

i'm just testing your code here

<span class="spoiler">it's just me /dk/</span></p>

dbe749  No.787536

when are you tiggas going to figure out that expressions like 'alt-right' and 'incel' and 'optics' are created by intelligence agents to supress your natural optimism, to contain you?

these people SERVE SATAN, they are trash made flesh, and you are doing something even more audacious, you're taking them seriously

it is not your cosmic role to pursue women in some comic-book manly fashion, God is perfectly capable of seeing to it that every soul is brought into a flesh body at the appropriate time, as well as finding a mate for you, if its his will

Whorish pursuit of physical pleasure is not even an important part of life, come to grips with reality

a9b054  No.787554

File: 497eeaf5f9ccf2a⋯.png (249.02 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 497.png)


Oh, newfriend, you are so new, but I love your enthusiasm too much. Here let me help you. See pic related


Which is fine, if you are a monk that lives out in the desert. Unfortunately for everyone else modern times calls for modern solutions. Saying 1000s of Jesus prayers was far too impractical to kill the Albegensian heresy and far FAR too impractical for our modern day lives who have other things to do than hide away at home all day.

There is a reason why Catholicism has be better at converting nations than the East and it goes back to the rosary.

There is a reason why I keep shilling the rosary. It works and /ourLady/ always keeps her promises.

1e5aa7  No.787569

File: 492abacf2038b5f⋯.jpg (56.65 KB, 970x545, 194:109, just.jpg)

Story time for some context:

>be me

>25 yo fellow catholic virgin

>at a bar with friends, we decide to end the night at a rooftop nightclub

>music is really shitty so we just sit at a table for a while

>see some girl staring at me

>a couple of min later they approach us with some bs excuse, but I find it cute

>end up talking to that girl that was staring at me

>obviously into me, tries to initiate contact etc

>I got her number and left, because don't know what else I'm supposed to do

I know she's not a catholic, not a virgin, and most likely not the woman of my life, but holy fudge I wanted to hook up with her so bad, and still do. What are we supposed to do, as christians? Just stop going to nightclubs, because we'll always get tempted there? My friends are already making fun of me for never attempting anything with girls. Also, the girls that look like wife material to me wouldn't touch me with a stick. There's only so much frustration I can handle, lads.

Are we supposed to wait for "the right one" before making moves? What's the point of hanging out with a girl you know you won't marry? Sorry for being so clueless, but hey that's why I'm here.

a9b054  No.787575

File: 1e46f61d7661592⋯.jpg (829.32 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 16079-Wayne-Gretzky-Quote-….jpg)


Tell her the truth that you are a religious man and are looking for a wife, not a whore to fool around with. maybe not those exact words, but something like it it is normal to be tempted to just pump and dump her, but as a Catholic we are held to a higher standard than normal men.

Ask her out. Get to know her better. If she isn't religious but really likes you maybe she will change. You never know unless you try. With God all things are possible.

Think about it this way. If it doesn't work out you will have more experience for the next gal that you talk to. God put her in your path for a reason.

a9b054  No.787577


Also, forgot to add that it is okay to be "just friends" with her as well. Having women friends actually helps you in the long run as

1) it conditions you to not be afraid around women

2) they will help you get women

sage for double post

dbe749  No.787596


reject whorishness is all its forms

reject behaving like a whore

reject the whorish behavior of others

reject whores

reject whores

reject whores


>female friend

a9b054  No.787604

File: 7069f6afa7e1ffb⋯.jpg (56.08 KB, 650x431, 650:431, jesus-magdalene.jpg)


Better to have female friends than no friends. Even Jesus had female friends.

dbe749  No.787607


The problem is that 99% of male/female "friendships" (I'm not talking about friendly acquaintances or cordial relationships) seem to have some sort of sexual tension involved. Women in particular are keen to keep lonely beta orbiters around so they can feed their pride.

In fact, the anon himself stated that, in his case, both parties were sexually attracted to each other. Outside of courtship/marriage, it seems unwise to seek for female companionship when that's the case.

76fc94  No.787612


This is why we have 1 Corinthians 7. The married life is actually a concession we make in order to avoid adultery. But if we can avoid adultury without a spouse, the single life is very holy as well.

We must follow what God commanded. If there are no Christian or virtuous women in our life, then perhaps God is calling us to the single life. I see a lot of Christian men on here playing the dating game, the PUA game, but I fear for them they may be led into slavery to their passions from pursuing the modern harlet.

76fc94  No.787617


Nightclubs are satanic. Don’t go to nightclubs.

You will find EXACTLY the wrong kind of woman there.

Nightclubs are all about men showing off to women so they can have the privilege of having a the one night stand. Think. How many men has she been with from that nightclub on different nights? You want her to settle down with you when she lives this sort of whorish lifestyle? These whores get their egos stroked when they should be in constant prayer repenting, she has perverted Gods creation. Perverted the marriage act to make it a sterile, mutual mastrubatory exercise. The act of consummating a marriage is about creation, but these degenerates have perverted it and they will only settle down and want the real thing when they have grown too old. Once again, our sins come back to bite us.

f8c7a1  No.788702

My gf has never been in a real relationship and she's very anxious about it all the time. She said she doesn't want to kiss etc. This is hard for me because I'm trying to show that I care about her and she doesn't have to fret over ever interaction we have. What are some ways I can warm her up to embracing the relationship and having more physical contact than just hugging+cuddling?

ae8b1f  No.788704


Mine’s the same way, but because of Abbas relationship she had.

Just take time to pray and talk with her, and above all, make her feel loved and respected. She’s only your girlfriend, and you don’t have authority over her yet. It make take some time for her to warm up to it.

Again, take time to really talk with her about how she’s doing emotionally, and show her that you love her. There could be something in her past that’s affecting how she perceives your intentions, like being forced to do something she didn’t want to. Don’t demand kissing. I’m addition, kiss her gently and respectfully when she says she’s okay with it. She’s one of God’s daughters, and you should treat her like one, and you’re one of God’s soms, so act like one.

ae8b1f  No.788705


*because of a past relationship

4f2901  No.788708


>never been in a REAL relationship

What did she mean by that? Has she been in flings or affairs she doesn't consider relationships? Be careful anon. Women lie. You'd be surprised.

Anxiety about touching may also be a signal she's had excessive physical contact with a man that has freaked her out. But of course approach the situation with charity, not saying you should break her heart or anything.

f7a735  No.788748


I mean we have spoken a lot about past experiences and emotions etc. She has never said anything that would make me think that, and more importantly she's very serious about her faith so I'm not worried. I'm a convert with a dirty past what right would I have to be upset over something like that?


The more I think about it the more it occurs to me im just going too fast. The emotional love I have for her is not nearly as strong and she's right that we should develop it further before getting too intimate. I am trying to wrap my head around how to pace this since it's new for me as well

98e819  No.789423

Hey bros, how are ya? Where are you statue anon?

I on the other hand as the anon above, have been nearly 4 months since my last gf broke off, it was really, and I was feeling pretty good lately, however this week I got hit with feeling of loneliness and thinking back, today I couldn't help but feel deep sadness and anger again.

I thought I supposed to be over this already, but apparently no, all that I can think is that she doesn't give any winnie the poohs about me anymore, I tried to talk to her the other day on message and she just ignored it.

Whats hard is thinking about that girl that used to be so lovely and caring, now will be nothing more than a complete stranger. I'm don't get usually so hang up over a girl like this, but this was different, whats even harder is that I know I just wont find a girl so well suited to my taste just as easy. Truth of the fact is that finding quality girls is not easy, and specially one that suits you well.

So yeah, times are hitting hard again, about half way through lent, 28 days of nofap, no development at all professionally. You know when nothing seems to give?

ae6eaa  No.789440

My ex, who I fornicated with regularly, is getting pictures of her posted on the internet.

I also run into her regularly at bars and she doesn't give me the time of day.

It gives me a very ugly feeling. I want her to be mine again, but she's now had multiple other partners and is very, very worldly. ultra feminist and fag enabler.

how do I put her behind me?

it hurts to have someone who loved you so much disregard you and fall into the hands of other men.

4f2901  No.789477


Sounds like you dodged a bullet there my dude. Insta whores are bad news.

Don't go to the same bars she does. Or, better yet, don't go to bars as they are full of degeneracy and sad boomers.

94e622  No.789736

>>789522 (checked)

My advice:

Go out and network while you do some charity work. The more people you get to know the higher probability you will find that special someone.

0ba6e8  No.789763

Is making out a sin? I'm never had a gf before, until I started dating a girl a month ago. We're too the point where we tongue kiss for up to an hour. I don't want this to escalate to a point where I can't control my desires, because I can't imagine we'll only be content with this in another month. We're both Christians and I don't want to do anything sinful like losing my virginity before marriage. But kissing feels so good and is so much fun. Should I tell her I don't want to do this anymore, and if so, how?

d07a83  No.789774


It's not bad but you're correct you'll burn through the thrill of it quickly if you do it too often. Just try to minimize it for your sake. Then when it does happen its still exciting. Some people cannot handle it at all and only fall to lust when they try. I know of a couple who did not kiss at all and their first kiss was at their wedding. Pretty extreme imo but if you're truly susceptible to that then extreme measures should be taken

98e819  No.789806


> Anyway my last relationship ended by this: >>784878 >>784883

Funny, I didn't notice that, was it that girlfriend you had when you went to talk to your past ex? Or am I confusing the anons?

> I feel better than before when I challenged my purity by constant seduction of the breasts of ex-gf. But I feel very lonely.I act cool mostly and women do not notice but internally I am thirsty as never…I just want to meet the woman to marry already and get this over with. I feel much better than months ago but as I have said…loneliness is my only friend right now.

Funny, that seems to be exactly how I was feeling as well, the body of my ex haunts me, its not just that I'm making its better, but she had just about my ideal proportions, a bit shorter, wide hips, big bosoms, and a great personality as well. So it just sucks because I know that wont be at all easy to find. It also doesn't make it easy that I've been reading a hentai manga, where the artist is pretty good and draws a very similar body type. It really sucks, so I guess I'm still stuck in this cycle of nostalgia feeling and loneliness.

But speaking of which, I was feeling so sad and praying, just yesterday after posting that I met with the only girl in my church that has shown interest so far, and by interest that I'm not even that sure about. She was literally the first girl I noticed in this church, very attractive, but not so much in a chaste way, and by that I mean very hot, and dresses really well everytime, being just the kind of woman I would be all over in my less christian days. She used to go weekly, but have really disappeared recently (though she doesn't live as near to this church). Its just funny that she appeared just the next day after my prayer, but I'm not even sure if it would be right, or just another path into temptation.

498533  No.789822

File: b8f24ddc21ecad5⋯.png (715.39 KB, 810x485, 162:97, 29yCXez.png)



Don't look at that sh*te anon.

Is is just me or does every young woman I encounter seem sinful? I mean I am sinful too, but they seem unrepentant or unaware about their sinfulness. I could probably get a girlfriend with my good looks but this question keeps hitting me: would I just be tempted into fornication?

Halp pls.

c83a71  No.789902


Think he means this.

>It also doesn't make it easy that I've been reading a hentai manga

You shouldn't be doing that.

697fa1  No.789912




Playing as spain rn

f5c584  No.789938

I'm pretty content with being single right now, the same of which could not be said only months ago. Sometimes, I wish I had a devout Christian gf at my side while watching wholesome movies and shows from 60+ years ago (probably because said media often portrays healthy Christian relationships), but then I realize that's a near impossibility in 2019 and come back down to reality.


>Is is just me or does every young woman I encounter … seem unrepentant or unaware about their sinfulness

That's not just you, friend. It seems there are two kinds of single Christian women today; the promiscuous kind that tries to "find herself" by sleeping around and getting knocked up, or the prideful kind that sees no man as "good enough" and wants nothing to do with them.

7f0288  No.790639

File: 26ae10be1116d9c⋯.gif (488.78 KB, 497x373, 497:373, hard times.gif)

I've never met a girl I realistically wanted to be in a relationship with, do I have some high standards I don't even realize, haven't found someone compatible, or just plagued with severe retardation

b90253  No.790645


>I could probably get a girlfriend with my good looks but this question keeps hitting me: would I just be tempted into fornication?

You're going to be tempted with fornication in any kind of non-blood relationship with women. It's no reason to avoid a relationship, as you can't have a relationship with a lady without temptation in the first place. The temptation has to be there in order for the virtue to be there also. Virtue that isn't tested is not virtue.

bdb986  No.790701


>two kinds of Christian women

Yes. Unfortunately so. Also it’s not like you can really ask these girls out in God’s house, I find that unsettling.


I can’t understand it. I’m a perfectly good looking guy, capable of being witty, but I imagine dating is very fatiguing. And how can you tell the virtuous from the whores? It’s not often that apparent. Women and their head games fatigue me.

c906ca  No.791220


Took this Orthodox girl to church yesterday for Sunday of the Holy Cross, I met her at university and we have gotten fairly close. I have kept my distance as she has told me she is a virgin but she has done other stuff (probably oral sex) in her only past relationship. I have kept myself pure so I am not sure if I should let this slide. She has gotten really close to me, telling me that she has told everyone about me and that she wants to be in a relationship. Hit or Miss? At the end of the day i will talk to my spiritual father about it but wouldn't mind hearing from you bros about this

5e9616  No.791222

File: aa505c193e9b350⋯.png (76.58 KB, 500x333, 500:333, dew-it-0-31737366.png)

981162  No.791228


Full disclosure I'm Catholic.

I'd rather have a secular virgin who is pure than a religious roasty who is sick of the carousel and wants to settle down with betabux. Women were designed to be adapted to their man, so as long as your are religious she will probably just follow you. Also you don't know if she's even telling the truth. She may be trying to justify the lie about being a virgin to herself by adding in the caveat about having down other stuff. I don't trust normies to ever be truthful tbh. But you know her better than I do. I think if it doesn't feel absolutely right then don't go for it. Like she doesn't have to be perfect obviously, but she has to be perfect for you otherwise god probably isn't the one bringing you two together. I hate to sound cynical but this is just my two cents.

c906ca  No.791233


Thanks buddy, i am sorta thinking the same as you. I guess its only through prayer and taking things very slow i will eventually be englightened

Btw she knows i am pretty broke as i am still a student at universisty, she knows im not some beta who is gonna bow to her. I told her nothing gets inbetween me and God, so she is aware that i am willing to walk i guess

981162  No.791234


I'm the same way. Even from before I was religious. I mean I would love to have a beautiful wife and children, but I would also probably not have a problem dying a virgin. The only thing is I really don't want to be a monk or a priest and dying alone and doing nothing with my life sounds very agonizing. tbh I'd rather just die for something. I feel expendable, I feel like I was born to die young

981162  No.791235


OK yeah just be careful. you don't want to end up in a loveless marriage, trust me.

7f0288  No.791268


I know how you feel anon, sometimes I feel expendable too sometimes, I also feel like no matter who it is I can't find myself to care deeply about them

>tfw unironically starting to want an arranged marriage so I can be forced into actually caring about someone

But I don't even know if those are legal in here the states and who would my parents even set me up with if that happened anyway

fd9315  No.791339


I would have to ask the priest about this. Reading st. Augustine: You can lose virginity only willingly. Therefore not against your will by rape. Lust is a sin of heart. If she had intercourse, no doubt that would be losing it. However oral sex is not just "masturbation", even though being in essence similar. I do not know if one can/cannot call the girl virgin since she consented to sex, even just oral.

Aside from this: Did she come first with the idea of you two getting together? Because that would be a huge red flag for me. I do not know her, you do.

c906ca  No.791353


Thank you for the advice,

I actually initiated by letting her know she is welcome to come and join me at church. Afterwards, we had coffee where we discussed the future and so on. she did not tell me that we should be a thing explicitly, but I know the idea is in her mind as she is showing a lot of interest signs. She did say that she wants to get married and have kids when she has a partner who is financially ready to provide, she is 20 so I guess that is healthy, but before even moving on I need to talk to a priest and figure out what exactly she did that was not sex I guess.

b43766  No.791362

File: eb36d63b2253404⋯.jpg (197.52 KB, 579x1400, 579:1400, Saint_Valentine_of_Rome.jpg)


Imo I think you are overthinking it. If God can forgive you for your past sins, forgive her if she has fornicated in the past. The fact that she goes to church and wants kids is a great sign I know alot of anons on here would love to have that.

Unless you come from an aristocratic family and they arrange a marriage between you and their virgin daughter, the chances of finding a virgin wife is slim to none in this modern world. What matters is if she has repented from her past and twords God.

All I'm saying is don't discount her and write her off if she isn't a virgin. The last thing you want to do is live in regret, thinking about what could have been. God put her in your path for a reason, bud. Give her a chance.

fd9315  No.791363


I would say you need to determine if she's a thot or not. One mistake may not be a definitive proof of thotery.

You need to know if you two are suitable for each other.

If she's not a roastie in recovery - seems like she's not but only you know her, you could give her chance.

1e5aa7  No.791379


Not him, but I won't take that advice. I'm not saving myself for marriage to end up with a chick who put another guy's penis in her mouth. If that will make me die alone so be it.

5e9616  No.791384

File: 71e30937c3378ad⋯.jpg (77.51 KB, 395x512, 395:512, TR0187-009-00.jpg)


More power to ya but again, remember the parable of the unmerciful servent. Forgive others as your Lord has forgiven you.

fd9315  No.791413

File: 8a2f9d982f9ca7b⋯.jpg (34.66 KB, 468x487, 468:487, 1547486499531.jpg)



As someone who lost virginity I am in no position to make such demands on the girl I will marry, hopefully there is such a woman (not saying I will settle down with a whore but I will have to cut her some slack because I slept with one woman.)

However I have respect for your flaming attitude and wish you luck Anon.

70cf1c  No.791423




There is a difference between forgiving someone and completely disregarding past behavior. You can still be friends with a reformed thot, but that doesn't mean you are obligated to give her a chance in a relationship. Everyone has the right to pursue a relationship with whoever they want for whatever reason, as long as its not home and it's chaste. Let's say you work construction and you're on a hobbit and one of the new kids accidently drills a hole through a very expensive piece of equipment. Now you can forgive him, but you would be retarded to let him near another piece of expensive equipment with a drill again. You can still keep him as an employee, but you don't have to give him responsibilities that he can't handle just so you don't hurt his feelings.


See I'm half way between you and the anon who is seeing this girl. I'm still a virgin but I got my dick sucked once. Personally I would not date a girl who has sucked a dick. If that makes me a hypocrite then I don't care. Double standards exist for a reason. There is a lot more moral weight to a girl sucking a guy's dick than there is for a guy getting his dick sucked. If I had sucked a dick myself, then that would have been a lot worse, and I would have to accept a girl who has also sucked a dick.

697fa1  No.791429


Are you me?


wew thank God when i had a girlfriend i never asked/let her give me a blowjob. Makes me feel good i preseverd her virginity.

7f0288  No.791439


I 100% agree and it kills me


>I'd rather have a secular virgin who is pure than a religious roasty who is sick of the carousel and wants to settle down with betabux

That just about boils down to it, plus you can always convince her to convert

fd9315  No.791443


I see. My last gf had two sexual partners(not the one I lost virginity to) and I really had problem with that. If we were supposed to be together perhaps I would get over it(I do not think so anyway). I want a virgin wife anyway so my plan is to overcompensate cultivating virtue now, become as good man as I am able to…so I give her as much as I can even though I lost the virginity.

Again..I would consider non-virgin under specific circumstances(probably similar to mine - one partner at most with overcompensating after sincerely regretting it)

fd9315  No.791444


You would be right if they were already married. Even if they were dating you would not be right. they do not have any obligations towards each other…and simply because we should forgive that does not mean he should marry anyone. We have right to decide who to marry or not. If she was his wife the situation would be completely different.

1a135b  No.791453



Idk, man. A lot of people in this board myself included have committed countless acts of masturbation, which is a violation of natural law and almost as grave as sodomy. Would people like us be unworthy of a virgin wife, even after repenting and coming to God?

715afe  No.791458

File: 00b63bb26c8fe82⋯.jpg (55.86 KB, 633x360, 211:120, marriage.jpg)


Think of it in a more pragmatic way.

e642ef  No.791461

File: 126f5a2edfd05ef⋯.jpg (42.92 KB, 640x652, 160:163, 1551732894580.jpg)

How do i stop hating women in my age group? I see them as nothing more than competition in every aspect of life. Especially in the work place. Ive even lost the will to seek them out for love.

1a135b  No.791469


That is unsettling indeed. Where can I find more data on the matter?

0e1104  No.791477

File: da516abaed52890⋯.gif (5.96 MB, 640x480, 4:3, da516abaed5289041962bc0d2b….gif)

Have any of you ever have had success with online dating? Or at least heard of?

I dated a Muslim girl for a short time, was from Albania. Didn't work after she became too demanding for every tiny thing literally gave me a 30 minute lecture on how I chewed too loud and scooped food with a mix of a spoon and my hand. I knew it wouldn't, especially considering our faiths. Before that, she would say she would convert one day then the next day she wouldn't. Almost broke it off then, but came back after a month for whatever reason. Maybe it was because I was very lonely, and thought I was a bad Christian anyway.I still do, as much as a vouch/defend Christanity, mainly Catholism and sometimes the Orthodox. But with Catholism being riddled with gays, liberals/communists, and boy diddlers. I've lost all hope in Catholism, but I don't consider myself serious enough or worthy for Orthodoxy. At that point I pretty much said I didn't care if she was Muslim, but if we where to have kids I would want them to be Catholics. It didn't last long afterwards because I criticized how much she spent on her dad, while complaining she had no money herself. Then hinting that I would give her money, which I wasn't going to do since I wasn't comfortable with it yet.So we fully broke it off. Not a month and a half later she gets knocked up by some German dude who doesn't want to take responsibility, and him and her friends are telling her to get an abortion winnie the pooh kraut and Albanian scum.

So what do you do then? Again, is online dating for Catholics even worth it? Knew a successful couple in my old church who met online who are white happy, had their first kid almost a year ago.

1e5aa7  No.791493


See this >>791423




Also see this >>791423

For what it's worth, a friend of mine who is catholic has had sex with several women, but he now repented and is in a relationship with a qt3.14 virgin. He told her all about his past, including the masturbation/porn thing (mad lad, I know). The girl was shocked but got over it pretty quickly.

IMO it's not because you had sex in the past that you should forbid yourself to seek a virgin wife. If you find one, and if you're honest about your past with her, then good for you.


>I 100% agree and it kills me

We're gonna make it anon.

224615  No.791496


The chick who blew me was a total whore. I wouldn't have done it if she was pure. We went on one date to a movie and she wanted me to winnie the pooh her, but I didn't. She called me a pussy. Also she initiated everything, she even payed for the movie and I blew her off like 3 times before. I don't even know why I did it. Honestly, not to sound like a roastie, but it was just the path of least resistance. I figured "hey this chick wants some dick, why not give it to her?" yeah it sucks that I did that with her but I'm more pissed that I kissed her tbh. Also after this happened I told her that I didn't like her and then ghosted her. Then this made her want me even more to the point where all my friends thought I was gay because I wouldn't winnie the pooh her. Thots are complete bullshit, you treat them like shit and all they care about is good dick. This was before I browsed chans regularly and way before I became religious, but it was a brutal blackpill about women for me.

Also I would add that if I'm being a hypocrite for not wanting to be with a chick who's had dick in the mouth she will kiss my daughters with because I did this, and God won't allow me to be with a pure virgin, then I accept that fully and understand that I'm the one who screwed myself over in the end. I dont think I'm entitled to anything


Idk I got hooked on porn when I was like 12 and I had no concept that it could be considered bad until I was like 19. With sex, you know it's wrong before you do it, pretty much always. And I don't think it's the same as being joined to someone else and ending up with permanent baggage about the person you did it with. Like if a chick I was dating had a history of masturbation, or even if she cut herself, once she stops, that's pretty much that, there's no lingering effect it has on her ability to pair bond ( I think. )

But like I said if I'm being a hypocrite, and I get nothing in the end I'm fine with that. I have no idea where I stand in god's eyes, or what potential things I've screwed myself out of, but I know for a fact I'm not risking my heart or my children with a woman who has had cock in her in any way. Unless she was literally and verifiable raped against her will.

224615  No.791499


Can't hurt to try I guess. As for me though, I'm in no rush and I don't like to force things or even go looking for things. Mostly out of laziness or fear. Plus I'm probably too weird for any girl who would be on an online dating website. If you want to try it, then try it. Actually just go try it, I'm telling you to go do it, so do it. you have no excuse not,

just go do it.

224615  No.791504


Lol I can't even imagine having that conversation with a girl. I would have to tell her about how I used to dry hump p my dog when I was 13, how I sniffed my sisters panties, all the Pokemon hentai I've fapped to, the incest porn and literature of basically any imaginable male female familial relation, all the piss porn I've watched, the one time I unironically watched fart porn and came to it, all the clothed jailbait pics of 15 year old girls, the 13 year old gymnastic thots on instagram, this one time I fapped to a naked underage girl on a questionable website who had tits at least. Yeah, I will have to tell her all this and if she is repulsed and leaves me so be it lmao.

b0a0f8  No.791505


I thought this and that I in no way deserved a virgin (I still don't). I've been working on self improvement for a year now and have met all my goals. A few weeks ago I met and am dating a girl that is absolutely perfect for me. I didn't think she was a virgin and was ok with it for the aforementioned reasons, but she is. God knows me by name and has not forgotten me! I also used to think that there was no chance I would meet someone so great on a dating app. Lesson is we need to do our part to allow God to do his. Have faith in him.

b18c03  No.791519

File: 07e2a09ca2eb2c4⋯.jpg (28.74 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 07e2a09ca2eb2c439edf29070a….jpg)


Damn anon, I thought I was bad.

224615  No.791521


Well I'm glad I could make you feel pure by comparison. For what it's worth I know I'm winnie the poohed in the head and would gladly die in a crusade instead if one were available. I'm too winnie the poohed to be a priest, possibly too winnie the poohed to be a husband, which pretty much leaves monk and crusader and I will lose my shit if I have to be a monk. I might just kms if that's the case

f5c584  No.791526

File: dcd189ec4ac2b1b⋯.jpg (127.55 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1235235.jpg)


I'm pretty sure any girl who hears that level of detail isn't going to stick around anon, no offense.

715afe  No.791527

File: 417dc14dfe4b4ad⋯.jpg (2.69 MB, 4920x4161, 1640:1387, promiscuity.jpg)




Even if one weren't a Christian, the link between female promiscuity and divorce rates is undeniable. Women's ability to bond is strongest when she's a virgin, in fact many of them feel much more strongly about their first time than men do.

715afe  No.791528


I mean, the success rate for married couples goes from 95% (for virgin women) to less than 60% if she had been with another man before. That's all the proof you need

Sage for doubleposting

5808b2  No.791531



God loves you, anon.

224615  No.791538


he's the only one who could ; )

d07a83  No.791591

File: a8e1f1882f863f8⋯.jpg (91.72 KB, 540x720, 3:4, 1509924426539.jpg)

What are some ways to be smooth and make your girlfriend feel loved/special?

f9face  No.791662

So how much should I be friends with a woman before asking her out? I've known this girl for 6+ months but never talked to her until this month. I don't know if it's more God honoring to pursue a friendship to judge our compatibility before dating or straight asking her out.

I've asked women out from church before only to cancel when I see their true personality, it's weird after and I'd like to avoid it with this new girl.

fd9315  No.791666


You do not have to describe details Anon. She does not care about exact fantasies you got off to.


>he now repented and is in a relationship with a qt3.14 virgin. He told her all about his past, including the masturbation/porn thing (mad lad, I know). The girl was shocked but got over it pretty quickly.

That's my best case scenario I already prepare myself for the conversation. It is mad…on the other hand he is sincere…I want to be too.

I am not forbidding myself seeking a virgin wife…it's the thing I want the most tbh. But there probably could be circimstances I wrote here that would go well with me. But so far I did not live up to that "cutting some slack". It felt bad she slept with 2 guys.

fd9315  No.791671

File: f8dd0fabeba0ced⋯.jpg (28.92 KB, 332x500, 83:125, 7df3fd851cdd8b9cf4d8bea775….jpg)


> I've been working on self improvement for a year now and have met all my goals. A few weeks ago I met and am dating a girl that is absolutely perfect for me.

After two years of self improvement and two relationships in that period which lead nowhere I still hope this happens to me too.


>would gladly die in a crusade instead if one were available.

Lol are you me? Not that I ever watched such things as you…but there are days when I wish for it all to be over….death in a crusade would be an easy way out of troubles of life.


Flowers, make time for her, take her out to dinner. Sing her song, just listen to her/read her something nice….


>So how much should I be friends with a woman before asking her out?

Sometimes it works out well if there's still tension between you…that is…you are friends but still attracted to each other. Sometimes it just does not work out and the interest is lost.

You know her for 6+ months…I would ask her out. If it does not work out you may still be friends afterwards.

Personally I tend to dislike the friendzone approach because there;s less action. Perhaps just personal preference of mine.

1e5aa7  No.791734


I love you anon <3

15bd2c  No.791736


Bring her something she likes. Find out her favorite color and bring her the appropriate bouquet. I've surprised mine with milkshakes from her favorite dairy bar. I've sent her poetry too, she always loves it.

ae1ce4  No.791773


Listen to what she says and then do things for her that let her know you were paying attention. Also, have character, and consistent character, at that.

It's how I got my wife.

d07a83  No.791933

So my gf said she wants to wait 6 months before kissing and all her friends waited until their wedding day to kiss for the first time. For those of you you itt begging for a strong christian relationship, ask yourselves if you can handle this.

I asked God what to do and He told me when i could kiss her again ( the exact date isn't certain but it's likely not that far away.) The point is there is a lot to give up here, and God knows what your weaknesses are and will challenge you.

I know most of you know this but I wanted to share to reaffirm. Thanks for reading my blog.

697fa1  No.791935


Holy shit! I wish i had a pure virgin gf, but not that pure lol

>all her friends waited until their wedding day to kiss for the first time.

Where do you live?

d07a83  No.791936


The reason I posted this is because I'm not sure I can handle it but I'm going to try. I'd love to hear how others have faired in denying themselves the intimacy they crave

d07a83  No.791939


I live in central canada. We met at a prayer group and many of her friends are from home-school communities so it's not that hard to believe. Her and I kissed a little a couple times which is way less than I was hoping but to her it's going way too fast so we had a long talk then went and prayed at an adoration chapel. I asked God what He thought and I was basically told my desires are too strong and I can't just have what I want. But thankfully I wasn't left hanging and I got somewhat of an answer as to when I'll know it's time to break that barrier between me and her.

94201b  No.791946


Live there too. I've found that being close and kissing is satisfying enough for me for now at least. Knowing that sex will be really bad the first few times is enough to not tempt me into it as the temptation isn't even short term pleasure. Good things come to those who wait. God bless.

5b111e  No.792062

Is it a problem that I haven't had any deep conversations with the girl I'm dating? Our conversations usually focus around her friends, our families, and things that we both like. Otherwise we usually watch TV and make out for a few hours. I tried once to start deeper religious conversations but I'm not sure if it was my fault or if she's just not into thinking about that stuff as much. Is that a problem if she isn't?

ae8b1f  No.792065


Same for me, but for different reasons. I just hope I can make that part of marriage good for her. The bastard she had dated in the past really made her afraid of sex.

715afe  No.792071


I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, it will certainly be tough but consider that a test

fd9315  No.792263


It is difficult to get into better conversation if you watch TV and then you kiss.

Better to go out for a walk…park, forest, trip…whatever. You will get more time and the conversation might flow freely. You do not have to go hard on it…simply discuss the values you hold dear…That;s the way I would go about it

fd9315  No.792264

I met my ex yesterday. She seems to have moved on. That;s good.

I was also at church. Saw a girl there and just cannot get her out of my head. This happens to me each week…not necessarily in church.

d1049e  No.792396

File: 729fa4758fe4978⋯.jpg (28.29 KB, 510x348, 85:58, ER elephant.jpg)


I would give everything I own for a woman that chaste. Continue to cope, you are being ridiculous. Women that faithful are borderline impossible to find. Recognize the gift you've gotten, the grass is NOT always this green.

bcf08c  No.792475


I would give everything I own for an elephant that based

8933e4  No.792792

File: e5d91ee409251e0⋯.png (5 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1554286618417.png)

So I met my longer time friend today. I kind of liked her before but this time it was different. She made an impression on me by her bearing and calm attitude. She's such a nice, sweet girl. I was already a bit interested before but now she looked more attractive than ever. Moreover I noticed she wears rosary bracelet and on the neck she wears picture related

Now thinking it all over I am like wew. Perhaps I should just ask her out.

7f0288  No.792813


>We're gonna make it anon.

Let's hope so, I guess if I exist some similar female who's similar to me with the same values is out there out of 7 billion people

I sometimes have these thoughts of just letting the "you're only a virgin cause you're an incel" memes get to me and just going and having a bunch of one night stands with desperate whores to feel better with myself

Obviously I wouldn't do but you know how it is

2acd04  No.792830

File: 1ce16bcd138f6db⋯.jpg (28.03 KB, 786x442, 393:221, 90259c16-6e06-4321-a718-74….jpg)


>she prays the rosary

>she wants to retake Jerusalem

These are some big positives man, you should totally ask her out.

f548ed  No.792831


Did you talk to her?

03d8f2  No.792861

Brothers please pray for me, I met a girl at a church when I was traveling for work last Sunday and we really hit it off. She's on the other side of the US though so I'm counting on being called to her city again for work to see her again next month.

Now I know I'm getting a little ahead of myself here, but given the situation I hope to find myself in, what does this general think about 1) traveling with a girlfriend before marriage and 2) relocating to be near her? In the second scenario of course I would get my own apartment or house and simply reside in the same city as her, but in the first, should separate hotel rooms be reserved? My work involves a lot of travel to some interesting locations and I'd love to share that with a future girlfriend, but in a way that won't cause our priest to worry.

8933e4  No.792932


Yes. We're friends so it was not difficult to engage in conversation.


I am quite short on time right now but I will probably do it anyway soon. It is not just the rosary…I have a soft spot for calm and energetic women.

8933e4  No.792933

>what does this general think about 1) traveling with a girlfriend before marriage and 2) relocating to be near her?

Depends on your work. With my work it would be unadvisable. I also would not want to lose my social circle based on one week acquintance….but who knows it would depend on the woman..there are women who would drive me do it.


good way to get to know the woman. Just be careful not to fornicate/sin with her.

061068  No.792986


>traveling with a girlfriend before marriage

I don't think that's a good idea, unless it's a a day trip. Think of it, you'll have to sleep in a hotel either in the same room (terrible idea!) or in rooms next to one another. As nobody knows you, there's no social pressure to help you fight temptation. It seems like asking for demons to tempt you, honestly.

If you do go, it's better to stay at hostels because there are less opportunities to sin when there's no privacy.

1e5aa7  No.792987

So there's this girl I've known for a while that I had a huge crush on, and I found out that she's got a bf now. I shouldn't care because I knew the girl had no interest in me, but what a crushing feeling that is, man.

I heard this saying recently: "God doesn't show you gold and give you silver", but in that case I don't know what to believe anymore. The girl was perfect in every aspect, and I feel like I will just have to settle for someone not as good. You don't meet potential partners every other day, so I feel really discouraged. Are we supposed to just try and fail until some girl accepts us? How can you ever find a meaningful relationship like that?

I'm probably putting that girl on a pedestal just because she's really cute though. I'd like to stop seeing her but we're in the same group for Bible study so I'll see her every Monday. I'm seriously considering to stop going there for a while now.

I hate this game so much, but I'm 25 and I must find a wife before I get old.

Sorry for the pessimistic post, I'm feeling really down today.

fd9315  No.792990


>I hate this game so much, but I'm 25 and I must find a wife before I get old.

Looks like we feel exactly the same.

>You don't meet potential partners every other day, so I feel really discouraged.


>Are we supposed to just try and fail until some girl accepts us? How can you ever find a meaningful relationship like that?

I believe so. I believe God sends us the right person at the right time. At least I want to believe it because I would be otherwise getting pretty desperate. I am old and tired too. I just want the wife already. Like…I believe I was not prepared two years ago. But I have changed for better so much and….nothing so far. Meanwhile guys who still act as little kids do have gfs and they sometimes even prepare their weddings while I sit on the edge, not having anything in this sense.

Yep sure,,,,I had options but none of the 3-4 options during the last two years looked like marriage material. I got excited about it too early on, as always, then got crushed by it not working out. I do not want to get excited too much about the new girl, not even if she wears Jerusalem cross because I am so tired of being crushed.

Sorry for the rant I am pessimistic too I think my post did not help you in any way. I believe we're going to make it. Perhaps I should start praying rosary daily instead of posting here too much

1e5aa7  No.792999


>I believe we're going to make it.

Hell yeah dude. We must not let anything put us down. It's only a matter of faith in the end. Normies seem to have it easy because they hook up with random people, but they aren't any happier, and we're doing the right thing even though that's more difficult. All this struggle will have been worth it in the end, I'm convinced of it. How old are you? I'm sure that whatever happened in the last couple of years made you stronger, and you will learn some experience out of your failures.

Also you know what, f*ck it. I never prayed for success at anytime in my life, but I'm gonna straight up start praying for a wife dude, I've had enough. "Ask and you shall receive", very well then let's do it.

>praying rosary daily

I'm gonna start doing this too, it looks like a good idea to deal with nofap and anxiety.

fd9315  No.793019


twenty four, almost as old as you. Funny enough I am happier than most normies. But that means little since they're all so miserable. I feel I have purpose, I am glad I am better. I just feel lonely that;s it. Have been praying for year and half to st. Raphael - prayer for those who seek spouse. Now looking up the prayer I have been praying just the first paragraph…..f*ck. I should learn the whole thing asap. There's only one positive thing: Each failed attempt with women makes me somewhat more responsible and more able to lead the next woman. As well as reducing anxiety when talking to women. So at least that.

Perhaps those things are designed to make us good men for their wives. That's what I want to believe because otherwise I would give up by now.

Yes. rosary helps with nofap. Nofap then deals with anxiety too. I should be grateful for God already gave me in my self improvement and I should trust Him more. But it is easier said than done.

915d23  No.793521

Daily reminder that anyone with a sense of self-respect does not use TINDER. That app is basically a catalog for sex and the chances of finding a righteous woman there is very very low. Stay strong and do not fall for satanic endeavors, my frens. Satan does not care for your happiness.

2acd04  No.793557


Fun fact, TINDER is part owned by the Clintons. So if you use TINDER you are supporting satanists like the Clintons.

1e5aa7  No.793636


It was also created by jews (imagine my shock)

442f19  No.793705


same minus college and 22

d81710  No.793895

What's the surefire way to "get over" a girl I had a crush on but it turns out she's spoken for?

Any biblical verses to help get over a broken heart?

42f55e  No.793923

File: baa0e5ac4e6cb60⋯.jpg (373.63 KB, 1195x1600, 239:320, baa0e5ac4e6cb601545fa221f4….jpg)


>That app is basically a catalog for sex

Wew lad calm down your antisemitisms.


Usually a long way to go. What works for me: trusting that this was not the right woman for me, God has his plan with me and the woman I am looking for is actually somewhere else.

b9a71b  No.793979

File: 5021fbb3ef08e81⋯.jpg (38.8 KB, 650x488, 325:244, 1484734150279.jpg)

I'm 34 and my gf just turned 21. Is she too young to marry? In terms of social norms, my parents said "it's fine if you date her, but she's too young to marry and have a family with". And I told them I agree, but that was a year ago…

Also she's asian and looks a bit younger than normal…

ae8b1f  No.793983


Seems silly to me. I’m 25, my girlfriend is 21, and her family knows we’re going to be married. 21 seems like an ideal for a woman to marry, in my opinion, since she has many years to bear children before she starts producing expired ova. If it’s the age gap that bothers them, have them think ahead 15 or 20 years. Would anyone notice or care about the age difference by then? I think not.

98e819  No.794004


Interest case anon, I'm 32 still arranging my life and recovering from past relationships. I think the good range would be to find 24~26 yo women, that's not too old for them to be jaded broken and not too young for them to be immature. But the ideal thing I would have to agree would to meet someone in the early 20s, still pure and with a hopeful heart, young that you can enjoy her prime, we can find someone post 26 like that, but its admittedly very rare, since by then they will either be taken already or got messed up somehow.

In my church for example, there seems to be a gap from the age 20~28 more or less, either they are younger girls participating in teenage groups, or they are coming back after being messed up by life and early adulthood, coming back ready to settle, I don't blame them honestly, since I've done quite the same. but its rare to find an older girl like that that still piques up my interest.

On the other hand I find that picking up one really young girl like that to settle, would be a great luck to her, since we're older and more mature, were more likely to know how to handle her swings, to be more stable and more supportive. There are a couple of girls like that, and its funny that sometimes they really seem to show interest (after all girls do like older men), I certainly would be interested in them (since they are still just entering the prime of their femininity). But on the other hand I am afraid, since not only it would be a great responsibility, but there is a high risk on her immaturity, like she freaking and wanting to drop out for no good reason, to not even knowing what she really wants for her future.

So yeah, this is something I wonder about as well, and not something easy to answer, specially considering the christian side here.

7bd203  No.794020

File: fa15ef9d021f433⋯.jpg (33.29 KB, 580x548, 145:137, ee1393c3b6e99f5a3d604e5849….jpg)

> tell gf I love her

> "Thanks"

f88f31  No.794023



Never tell your gf you love her. Always let her do it first. "men are the initiators of love" is a nice guy soiboi meme.

7bd203  No.794029


Men are supposed to initiate the relationship though

f5c584  No.794037


>my gf just turned 21. Is she too young to marry?

Heavens no. Assuming you want a stable marriage and kids, you don't want to settle down with anyone much older than that. It seems that most single Christian woman older than 23 have significant baggage.

>In terms of social norms

The same social norms that say infanticide is okay? Pay them no mind, and be proud of the beautiful, young woman God has introduced into your life.

>my parents said "it's fine if you date her, but she's too young to marry and have a family with"

With all due respect OP, it sounds like your parents either don't want Asian grandchildren or have a very unChristian, Boomer-esque view on relationships:

<"It's okay if you mess around with her, son, but don't you dare tie her down with marriage and kids. Let her enjoy college, partying, and sex throughout her 20s for cripe's sake! Settle down with a single mother your age if you want kids so badly."

>Also she's asian and looks a bit younger than normal…

I can see the youthful appearance being an issue with your parents and others, especially if she looks underage, but don't let that stop you from tying the knot if she's a good woman.


initiating a relationship =/= showering someone with love/compliments

Girls get annoyed and turned off by the latter. Ideally, she should be longing for your affection, and not the other way around.

42f55e  No.794059


21 is ideal age to get married for woman. Young mother —— healthy children.


26, if the woman had just bad luck/pursued studies BUT is actually normal (not a career psycho) can be ok. but early 20s are always better than 26.

>But on the other hand I am afraid, since not only it would be a great responsibility, but there is a high risk on her immaturity, like she freaking and wanting to drop out for no good reason, to not even knowing what she really wants for her future.

True. There is a risk in this respect. It pays off if she's older mentally than her peers.


I would also bet on them not wanting mixed grandchildren. No offense.

The modern meme is that people will get ready for marriage by playing video games, visiting night clubs/otherwise wasting their time while in their 20s. This is a serious mistake of our generation. If I didnot have to study and had the girl…I would gladly marry in 21 and have kids. Alas…that is not my case. When I look for the girl I will definitely look for young, early 20s. Too bad all of them just start at the university and therefore they will study for some time. Meanwhile I age…too bad.

>initiating a relationship =/= showering someone with love/compliments

The compliments should be given as a grain of salt otherwise the girl gets annoyed but I do not think >>794020 this si what necessarily happened here. Whoever goes out to say the love word exposes himself. And men are supposed to initiate the relationship, as well as pursuing the next stages of it.

bff06f  No.794084


Not even. Women are the true initiators. Men have shit to do, if a woman is interested it's up to her to let you know in a non verbal way. There is no point in asking out a girl who doesn't give you good signals. Men literally can't initiate anything (romantic) besides rape. I really have no idea where the meme came from, but don't fall for it. If anything, god is the initiator. he literally made eve specifically for Adam. He initiated their relationship implicitly, through eve's mere existence. As a man, you don't go out and "look" for a woman, you just wait for god to send you one. Anything else is a waste of time and, quite frankly, cucked. At least, that's my view.

7bd203  No.794111


I'm not saying you're wrong but my relationship has been like that. She gave me strong signals and I took her out. We've been going out for a month and I generally see her 3-4 times a week. We've had a lot of good talks and alone time. We have known each other for 4 months. She has introduced me to all her family and friends, as have I. I don't think it was out of line for me to say what I said but I probably won't do it again.

c94696  No.794121


A month seems early. Has she ever dated before? Is she a virgin? What denomination is she?

f5c584  No.794427

File: dc6af052fe74f32⋯.jpg (94.98 KB, 542x760, 271:380, 12342.jpg)

>be me

>had a crush on a girl in one of my college classes (we'll call her heather)

>heather is very sweet, bubbly, and innocent acting

>I get the vibe that she's a wholesome Christian woman (I got this vibe with a different woman last year, and I was dead wrong)

>heather starts talking to me during class today, re-sparking my interest

>find out her full name for the first time today through some investigation

>decide to vet her via Internet research

>from the looks of her FB, she seems wholesome

>heather's parents' FB profiles suggests she comes from a conservative family, and there's even some catholic stuff on her mother's profile

>her dad is obsessed with trains

>things are looking great so far

>see a "suchandsuch photography" watermark on a picture of heather

>look up the photography company

>it's some old man that does photoshoots in my state, and he seems to be obsessed with trains too (perhaps a friend of the dad)

>the photography company's FB is all trains and environmental shots, but the instagram is all nude/scantily clad women

>heather is confirmed scantily clad (e.g. shedding a robe with nothing worn underneath) in a couple of photos, and is possibly pictured with breasts/buttocks visible in other photos (can't tell because her face isn't visible in those, but they're in the same environment as her more "modest" ones)

>do more digging and find out she has a modeling page

>she's modeled since the age of 16-17 for the same photo company, but only started doing lewd photos after her 18th birthday

>she mentions that she's part of a church choir on her modeling page

I'm the type to fall hard for women, so you could say I'm feeling incredibly anxious and depressed right now. I had high hopes for this girl, especially after seeing the Catholic stuff, but what a slap to the face. It angers me so much the way women like this get corrupted by perverts, especially if it was Heather's dad that got her into modeling with the photographer in this case (the train thing seems too coincidental), but enough of that anyway. I need to stop paying college women any mind and bide my time until I meet a single woman at Church, I suppose… it's just so tiresome, lads.

061068  No.794432


Modelling is the gateway drug to porn and prostitution. If anyone here ever has a daughter, you have the moral obligation to keep her as safe as possible from those pervert photographers.

d07a83  No.794560


Not relevant

42f55e  No.794568



This is what happens when fathers are weak/incompetent. This is the father's responsibility. Truly enraging but what can you do but to move on.

The thing I hate about our age is that there are so many sweet girls, beautiful, even kind..but they are corrupted by the world so much that there;s not point in pursuing them. While 50-70 years ago they would make good wives because the corruption was not that rampant. But this is what we got on our hands we have to deal with reality, not wishes.

Yesterday I met again the girl >>792792 and now decided to ask her out. It;s been some time I got disapponted the last time, like a month or so…I should try it again since it;s the only way forward.

1e5aa7  No.794585


How on earth is this not relevant?

f5c584  No.794590


Indeed it is. Too bad her dad is just another spineless Boomer coward who cares more about trains, cars, and other worldly crap than his own daughter.


>This is what happens when fathers are weak/incompetent. This is the father's responsibility. Truly enraging but what can you do but to move on

Yep. I have tremendous trouble moving on after falling for girls unfortunately (couldn't sleep last night because of it), but that's all I can do at this point. I'll be polite if she talks to me again, but otherwise I won't acknowledge her for the rest of the semester. It's for the best.

>The thing I hate about our age is that there are so many sweet girls, beautiful, even kind..but they are corrupted by the world so much that there's not point in pursuing them. While 50-70 years ago they would make good wives because the corruption was not that rampant

That's exactly how this girl is. If pornography, feminism, and other corrupting influences weren't tolerated in our society, I'm confident she would've gone on to be a wonderful wife and mother. Instead, she'll likely live the very unfulfilling life of a nobody model (it's just old men commenting on her pics), indebted college grad, and career woman. Such "progress" we've made over the years, huh?

Well, I wish you luck with this girl nevertheless. There's a few young Catholic women at Mass, but I haven't gotten to know them at all. They seem very friendly though.

cc3698  No.794594


What is the name of the "photographers" company? This man needs to be dealt with.

d07a83  No.794607


There's nothing i can tell you over the Internet that will make you know her well enough

ae8b1f  No.794609


You have the big gay.

1e5aa7  No.794628


This isn't about knowing the girl or not. Are you implying that it's ok she's not a virgin because of some special circumstances?

b90253  No.794629


You are supposed to SHOW love, not tell.

Think of it in terms of money-printing. Saying "Love" is printing money, which this world does a lot of, basically inflating the currency and now its worthless.

You can tell family that you love them and even your bro friends (if done correctly) but outside of the blood telling women you love them will get them to roll their eyes, flattery is common for them but deeds are not.

But as men, we have to show love, we can't say it. The word is meaningless, but the act is not. SHOW, don't tell.

0ac693  No.794645


For some reason I find myself incapable of uttering the words "I love you", it just feels too contrived and awkward. I love my mother, but I very much prefer to hug her than to tell her directly.

42f55e  No.794654

File: 6e8536609aacf77⋯.jpg (42.71 KB, 474x433, 474:433, b19895acb038c44ec79bc000dd….jpg)


Yes. great progress we've made. Thanks for encouragement. We already set up the date. The thing that bothers me beforehand is that she is younger, if she is the right girl for me I will have to wait few years before she finishes the bullshit studies…..another thing I hate so much about this modern world. Good women(and less good women) study something, waste their best years, meanwhile many of them become whores, kill their babies in the womb just because "muh sex". Meanwhile we age, are replaced by foreigners, sink into the abyss of degeneracy and low birth rates among the black hordes.

I think I will probably make the commitment not to date girls that have more than 3 eyars before them of studies because it is too long time and meanwhile I will age.

This however I will try out because the girl made an impression on me and she looks like the kind of girl that I could actually stand by my side. We'll see.

Sorry for the rant I am just so low in spirits today and needed to get the hate for the current world off my chest. It's all so tiresome I just want the family already. I just want to be useful to my people and good servant of Christ. That's all for today's rant.

42f55e  No.794656


Go for other women. This girl will be a bad deal with the "modeling stuff".

>nfulfilling life of a nobody model (it's just old men commenting on her pics), indebted college grad, and career woman.

In other words: failed women who often turn into feminism to compensate their hatred that should be turned against the feminism and the system that made them into inferior men. Lucky women still retain the faith, get the career, still get married because while studying they meet their husband adn they hae the family afterwards. Not all women are able to do this because:

>It takes superhuman effort if the field of studies is demanding and so is the work.

>Not all of them have the luck to meet the man early enough to form such a bond.

>I have tremendous trouble moving on after falling for girls unfortunately (couldn't sleep last night because of it)

I do it the way: This was not the girl for me, Christ will send me the right one when I am prepared Let's get to work and struggle towards meeting her.

It might sound very crude,simplistic and frankly like a zealotry but it is the only thing that keeps me motivated after each failed attempt.

6dc540  No.794657




Yeah I'm way too blackpilled to care about girls. Sometimes I see a pretty girl and then later when I'm falling asleep I think about what it would be like to have a family and kids with her, to have our child sleeping between us in bed. Then I wake up and go work my ass off all day for a shitty, worthless paycheck. All I really want to do is fix this shit, but it could never happen peacefully. I want to stop these people but I'm broke and alone, what could I even do? It's all bullshit, man. winnie the pooh this gay world, I hate being a part of it.

8d4a55  No.794669


I know this but at the time it seemed appropriate. We talk a lot and have strong communication, know all of each other's family, spend multiple days a week together, hug a lot, have the same aspirations, are very strong in our faith, go to mass together, she's a kissless virgin; Guess I'll dump her over a word slip then?


No I think your armchair relationship advice is rude and uncharitable, and im not interested in hearing how you would be a so much better boyfriend if you had a list of trivia questions in front of you.

f5c584  No.794687


I'd rather not… I might as well be linking a porn site here. I tried reporting some of the images, but you need an instagoy account to submit said reports. The ones he posted are very random and seem to barely abide by the guidelines (the girls all look like adults, full frontal nudes use very dark lighting, exposed buttocks aren't "close-ups", etc.), so I doubt IG would do anything.


>I will have to wait few years before she finishes the bullshit studies

That's a shame. I'm getting done with college (it's not for me) and going into a trade instead, so I might be doing myself a favor by distancing myself from college women.

>I think I will probably make the commitment not to date girls that have more than 3 eyars before them of studies because it is too long time and meanwhile I will age

That's a good idea. It's not worth wasting your time on girls spending years in college only to have things not work out between the two of you. Better to go for a college grad or high school graduate who has her shit together, especially if you're older (30+).

>Sorry for the rant I am just so low in spirits today and needed to get the hate for the current world off my chest

No problem friend. I'm feeling terrible today as well, and I'm also anxious to start a family… I have little trouble attracting women, but I simply cannot find a decent one that isn't already married. Even this woman I believed to be a wholesome Christian small-town girl turned out to be a sexual deviant.


>Go for other women. This girl will be a bad deal with the "modeling stuff"

Yeah, that's one lesson I'm taking away from this. Every time I see a girl that's into modeling, I'll think of the porn industry and move on.

>This was not the girl for me, Christ will send me the right one when I am prepared Let's get to work and struggle towards meeting her

That's been my mindset over the last several months, and I have done much better for myself since adopting it. I just wonder how much more improving I'll have to do before He introduces her into my life, because I'm at my wits' end.

42f55e  No.794771


No…I am barely 24. I would like to be father asap. But you know what….I will give this girl a chance. We've been out and we do have quite a few things in common. She seems to be an interesting person generally, also seems to be catholic not only in cultural sense, but also devout. If it is not supposed to work out, it won't probably sooner than later. I have learned to quit the non meaningful relationship early on already.

Also she felt like she needed to compensate for a little favor of mine, she gave me rosary from Jerusalem and a little jerusalem cross. That being said….she is pretty but somehow I do not feel the horniness I sometimes feel. But she does attract me although I do not have sexual thoughts when I see her, that is to say.

I want to meet her again so probably I will. She even hugged me at the end on her own initiative. It seems that if I did not go for it, she would anyway….So I have a good feeling about it all.

>I have little trouble attracting women, but I simply cannot find a decent one that isn't already married. Even this woman I believed to be a wholesome Christian small-town girl turned out to be a sexual deviant.

Yep we seem to have a lot in common. My last issue with ex gf was lack of common interest but also that she was with two guys before. I am no longer virgin myself but I will compensate for that now. At least this feeling that I have to offer something if I lost this will push me to forge as good a man as I can.

>I just wonder how much more improving I'll have to do before He introduces her into my life, because I'm at my wits' end.

yeah. I wonder that too. Perhaps we're closer than we think and just stopping the constant worries is enough. Either that or something is yet to be done with ourselves. Like…more faith, more sport, more this or that. It will come out naturally if we just do our thing and trust God. Perhaps even trying out one or two relationships is the thing. What I noticed is that with each relationship I grow more "skilled" and somehow wiser. I still lack the responsibility and stability to carry the whole family on my shoulders but seriously….those two years ago I was in no way to become a father. Now it's beginning to look like I might be prepared for it when I make some money and strengthen my self esteem.

42f55e  No.794772


Do you have some hobbies aside the job? church? perhaps you could meet he women there. And perhaps even get distracted from the work.

I get a bad feeling that this awaits me when I start working….work overload, less time, less people to meet. That's why I will retain my hobbies no matter what.

632bfc  No.794797


I have no hobbies, no friends, no mattress even. I basically live in complete destitution. My only hobbie is work. If I'm not working, if I'm left alone with myself, shit gets ugly. I start to lose my mind. I live in a tiny windowless basement room, so I have no room for hobbies. I can't do anything without a window. I went on vacation once and got to sleep in a bed and wake up to sunlight for a whole week and I felt like a god. Not in a blasphemous way, I just felt insanely good. But my parents are getting divorced right now and my mom is getting a new house, so I might end up in a place that doesn't make me want to die. Not sure if it will have enough bedrooms for me to live there though, so if it doesn't I'm going homeless.

As for church, no one ever talks to me. There is one guy I went to high school with who lives one town over who sometimes comes to my parish when he has to work on Sunday because we have a 7 o clock mass. I've seen him there 3 times and we talk a little bit. One time I saw my moms friend who I knew when I was a kid at mass and she said hi to me. It felt really good. And they asked me to do the collection twice. I've been going to church for a year and this is the e tent of my interactions. Mostly I just get dirty looks from old people.

And I think I've watched too much winnie the poohed up porn to ever be with a girl. I think I screwed myself over in that regard and disqualified myself from love. I'm very lonely though and think about girls a lot. Then I remember how winnie the poohed up I am and I laugh at myself for wanting such things. That's what keeps me going. I tell myself I'm a piece of shit who deserves nothing except punishment and misery. I see happy people and i think "hey that looks nice, oh wait I'm human garbage and I get none of that." I wake up on the cold hard floor in pitch black darkness at 5am after a night of restlessness and I open /christian/ and read some posts about how anon wants to make sure his kids grow up right or about how much he loves his wife and then I remember how worthless I am comparatively, so I say "fug it, time to plunge myself back into the meat grinder that is life because even if I get 15 more minutes of sleep, that's less than trash compared to what normal men get" so I lift myself up and go take a cold shower and drink a half gallon of Red Bull and drive around listening to anime songs, killing time before I have to be at work. Yeah, work sucks if you're constantly checking the clock wanting to go home or wanting to go hang out with your friends, but if you have nothing you stop caring. The only time I ever check the time at work is when I feel like a physically can't go on much longer. Today was one of those days. Long hard days are good for man, though. You gotta learn to enjoy it. If you end up working some shitty desk job, then I can't speak to that. I bet it would like hell, but at least it wouldn't be physically painful. I could tell you a lot about dealing with the physical pain of work, but nothing about how to deal with the physcological pain of sitting at a desk punching numbers so some millionaire boomer can profit off you. I could never take that. My advice would be not to get I to that situation in the first place. I think you could do anything if you had a family to feed, though. But that's another thing. If you end up with a wife you resent, or worse even hate, you are going to be in hell. If you end up hating your wife, you'll end up treating her like shit. And if you treat your children's mother like shit, your children will hate you. You will have nothing, but you will be bound to this life of toil supporting people the who hate you. The only way out is suicide and you're too pussy to do it or you're too religious. It sucks being alone, but being with someone you hate is about a billion times worse, always remember that. It can always be worse.

You're a piece of shit who deserves nothing, so shut the fug up because it can always be worse, and, all things considered, you got it pretty good.

715afe  No.794805

File: 3563607bd1e0b6d⋯.png (11.39 KB, 645x773, 645:773, well.png)

>friend asks for advice

>he's with a very modest and down-to-earth girl

>wants to marry her in due time

>the problem is that she's not religious at all, and was possibly promiscuous at one point

>friend takes his faith seriously

>she wants them to have sex regularly before marriage, he gives in from time to time but tries to abstain as much as he can

>wanted to told him to dump her (promiscuity and fornication is bad news), but I couldn't really do it because he's so much in love with her, told him to talk to an experienced priest instead and recommended him a few good ones

I'm kind of mad I didn't tell him what I really think of their relationship tbh, but on the other hand it's easy to make judgments when you're looking from the outside.

f5c584  No.794821


>We've been out and we do have quite a few things in common. She seems to be an interesting person generally, also seems to be catholic not only in cultural sense, but also devout

That's terrific news.

>That being said….she is pretty but somehow I do not feel the horniness I sometimes feel. But she does attract me although I do not have sexual thoughts when I see her, that is to say

Not at all a bad thing. I can think of a very pretty woman I worked with a few years ago that I was strongly attracted to, but not in a sexual way. She was something special. Unfortunately, I found out she was married.

>She even hugged me at the end on her own initiative

That's a very good sign.

>Perhaps even trying out one or two relationships is the thing

I've never been in a relationship to be honest. There were some decent girls in the past that liked me, but I was too shy/uninterested at the time to do anything about it. One that bothers me to this day is a cute Christian girl from my first semester of college that smiled and stared at me during every class (and yes, I vetted her social media; she looked to be normal), but I never acted on it. I always have my doubts about whether someone truly likes me and don't realize it until months later, upon reflection. Perhaps I should build some relationship skills by dating even those I don't see a future with… I dunno.

7e8c33  No.794837


My GF of a couple weeks so clearly wants kids. What a great time to be alive. I went 4 weeks without porn and fapping before I asked her to be my GF and I've relapsed already. I will always be an addict. The problem is that it kills my desire for her, not that we're doing anything immoral but more the emotional connection we have. On the plus side, I stopped jizzing my pants when she holds my hand.

7e8c33  No.794838


dude, you need some help. See a therapist, you definitely have some self esteem issues. They can help you with that and make your life better. It doesn't have to be this way. I'll pray for you anyhow.

1e5aa7  No.795037


>your armchair relationship advice is rude and uncharitable

Welcome to the internet my fellow redditor

>you would be a so much better boyfriend

I have a rather low self esteem anon, I never implied that.

>she's a kissless virgin

What are we even arguing about then? Go for it buddy.

4aadf5  No.795044


I'm fine. I don't need no Jew therapist trying to convince me I'm a faggot.

42f55e  No.795075


>One that bothers me to this day is a cute Christian girl from my first semester of college that smiled and stared at me during every class (and yes, I vetted her social media; she looked to be normal), but I never acted on it.

You answered yourself what you need to do: The next time a girl catches your attention, pursue her, ask her out. One has the habit to find out "who she is" before you go out by searching social media. That is a good thing - you will not waste your time with a thot. But also a bad thing - your skills are neglected. Moreover from my experience when I established whether to ask the girl out or not…I would veto the girls on the basis of them liking the page Emma Watson(muh feminist) even if I did not find anything else because I was just afraid to ask them out.

When I stopped doing tnis I had few bad dates, but also good dates! It forced me to ask them out IRL.

Look if the girl liked you, you might still have the good chance ifyou go for it. Like…this girl I know she was open towards my attention the very first day we've met. I somehow discarded her I do not know why…because of the city she comes from, I was in love with another. But looking back if I asked her back then she would probably go then, as well as now she did.

My advice would not be to just practice skills by dating anyone. But take the picks, do not be to autistic about social media, give the girl a chance. If it does not go well, you get experience points, the willingness to move on, etc. It is not that bad….we're talking only about going out, talking and stuff like that. No fornication, or anything. That would do you harm, not good.

42f55e  No.795076


How about stopping the sex and see where it goes? I mean if he likes her so much he wants to marry her, he must be able to set her straight, not bend when she makes amends.

58e0a1  No.795082


This. If she loves him she will respect his decision to no longer fornicate. If thats a deal breaker than he lucked out.

If she does love him but also likes sex, than it'll be a rough ride until marriage as she will miss it, alot.

42f55e  No.795169


She abstaining from it because he says so won;t guarantee her to be a good loyal wife..but her manipulating him into submission would be a huge red flag and a sign to let go.

Good wife respects her husband

f598f7  No.795203

File: 89198c939fc31f4⋯.png (37.25 KB, 329x160, 329:160, thinktank.png)

I've known this Christian girl for a long time, about 6 years now. When we first met at a community college club, she seemed pretty into me. But back then I was with another girl, was not at all a Christian really, and was a fairly extreme sexual degenerate. She also had some weird sickness, and as a result didn't want kids, so that was that for the time. We still hung out together, increasingly occasionally, and only as friends.

Fast forward to later last year, I accepted a contract to go be a cargoperson down in Antarctica for four months. Seemed exciting and something to do. A mutual friend invites her along to my going away party and she comes. At this point we hadn't seen each other for more than a year. By this time I was regularly attending an Orthodox church in my city and making a serious effort to clean up my act. Despite the crude jokes that still made it past my filter, she seemed more interested and went back with my friend, his wife, and me to their apartment for an afterparty. We had a great time, and when it was time to go we hung out on the street for close to two hours, into the morning. We swapped numbers and agreed to hang out more. She also told me that she was feeling largely better and over whatever affliction she had had.

So we hang out a few more times before I had to leave, each time just spending another hour or so just talking and low-key flirting afterwards.

I went to Antarctica, and a few months in my friend messages me, tells me her mom is dying of cancer, and could I pray for her from down there so she could tell her mom that she was getting prayers from all over the world. I said of course, I would even request one from the church down there.

The stupid bit is, when I got back, we started right back up again with the hanging out late at night, this time as everyone was leaving my welcome home party, we secretly went to play more bowling. We were in a diner parking lot at 3:30 am when I asked her to dinner, she said no due to her mom and some stalker shit she had been dealing with at work. Normally I'd have dropped it at that point, but she did send me follow up texts later that morning apologizing for being awkward. I responded saying it was fine if she wasn't interested in me, and she said she had to "currently say no due to everything in my life"….which is almost a half yes?

Anyway, normally I'd assume bullshit is up and cut it out, but I've never known this girl to lie, and given that she is a particularly strong Christian (extreme Presbyterian family, virgin too), and keeps showing interest (a dramatic increase in interest once I revealed I was actively going to church and had changed my views on sex and the like), I have to assume that this is still an option, right?

I don't intend on ghosting or avoiding her, but I also don't want to set myself up for the friend-zone here. This one seems like a particularly rare breed for a modern woman, and I don't want to screw this up. How do I approach this?

Thanks guys. Love you all.

c3d1f7  No.795218


Alright, it sounds like you’re in a tough spot here. If I were in your case, I wouldn’t force myself into her business (not saying that you are) and essentially say to her, “Hey I know life is hard for you right now and I’m praying for you. If there is anything I can do for you by all means let me know.” I know this is a tough position, anon, but hang in there. If she’s meant to be for you, pray on it, and it will come to you.

>stalker guy

I’d recommend to her to stay cautious and to perhaps get police involved if needed.

de5b6f  No.795219


It's her mom that is dying from cancer? If so, then of course dating probably isn't her priority right now. If it were my mother who had cancer then I would absolutely stop trying to date. Now you do have an opportunity here, but you can't mess it up: be her rock during this hard time for her. It's not "friend-zoning" to just be there for her rather than try to get her out to dinner while HER MOTHER IS DYING. If you stuck with her through this and are actually helpful, she'll remember that. But it's a big endeavor. Good luck friend.

697fa1  No.795220


Be chill about it and dont get too hung up. Like, if it's bullshit then you won't feel as bad and you would not have wasted your time. See if you can talk and see other women as well, in these types of situations it's never good to exclude yourself to one option.

aa23ce  No.795221

File: 99e24783e8d72aa⋯.jpg (96.54 KB, 1080x1520, 27:38, w6nlwrsu74l11.jpg)


The perfect opportunity to employ: The DENNIS system

c3d1f7  No.795222


If he wants to go out with her talking to her about other women is the worst thing he could do

b43304  No.795223


Nah the worst thing he could do would be to cut off her face skin and wear it like a mask and then rape her dying mom in the ass.

697fa1  No.795224


i didn't say to him to talk about other women though

b43304  No.795225


Actually no, it would be worse if he cut the moms face off and wore it while he was raping the qt in the ass.

f5c584  No.795229


Good advice. You're right - I should be less autistic about social media and just ask them out… I think part of me is just paranoid about getting rejected. If I see that one girl from my first semester again (doubtful), and she still seems interested, I'll ask her out. Otherwise, I need to find a good way to meet women.

c3d1f7  No.795237


My bad, I misread what you said


Seek a psychiatrist

42f55e  No.795264


Sometimes the signs are so subtle men do not recognize them. Women are terribly afraid of rejection - most of them.Some of them are even afraid to make a strong eye contact because it would "say too much". When you consider whether to try it, give less emphasis on "signs" because you might be missing them. On the other hand some girls give out signals to receive attention and then reject you because the attention is all they want.

The good way to go about it is stopping putting the woman on the pedestal. YOU are the man. YOU make the first move, YOU make the offer. Therefore you are the one with the upperhand, if she rejects, so what…her mistake, she misses the opportunity to get to know you. Other girl- perhaps even better - will take the chance.

>I need to find a good way to meet women.

I generally use strong social circle - hobbies, church. etc. Women have female friends and it helps when they introduce you while already knowing you're a good guy. It's low effort and it suits me more than approaching women.

42f55e  No.795265



Are you ok? This is not /b/

42f55e  No.795391

File: 6ed949c6ac37b6d⋯.png (8.24 KB, 245x206, 245:206, 1555011515870.png)

The spring is a difficult season. All those distractions. I am terribly thirsty all day, each beautiful girl that passes by stirs my attention, sometimes even the fantasies that should not occur but they do unfortunately. It's all accentuated by the warmer weather and women choosing the springtime clothes.

How are you guys holding up with this? I cannot be the only one being in dire straits. This happens all the time there's no end to it.

On the lighter note. Today I met a girl in library, just passing by, not talking to her. She kept the eye contact for a second or two, then smiled and looked down with a little flush on her face. That really made my day a little better. That kind of submissive look on the ground a girl has when she's nervous.

e44990  No.795424


You gotta just stop giving a winnie the pooh. Just give up and accept that it's over. It never even began.

f598f7  No.795435

File: 6957693165a68c0⋯.png (548.73 KB, 766x439, 766:439, pewds.png)




That's pretty much what I'm doing, but I wanted to run it by you guys first. It was dumb to ask her out that night, but it felt natural and I'm inclined to listen to that. Next time I see her I'll try to get it across that I can provide help somewhat.

Thanks guys. Brofist.

42f55e  No.795535


>Just give up and accept that it's over. It never even began.

What are you talking about?

834d5c  No.795541

File: f3d95122e5a79ee⋯.jpeg (58.53 KB, 400x542, 200:271, BBF0584D-DC7B-4A9C-8178-B….jpeg)


Anon let those unwanted thoughts float through your mind and pass away. Return to your Jesus prayer. As long as we return to our Jesus prayer the demonic attacks will never be successful.

Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.

Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

This video might help.


42f55e  No.795929


will do. Prayer is the only way to avoid thots.


We went out again, just for a walk and it was a pleasant experience. I did not have to "make up" any topics for conversation, it flowed easily, no long silences. I will probably pursue this because I like her style and she really looks like a chaste girl. Also she is beautiful but that is secondary.

Perhaps the jerusalem cross was a good sign after all.

697fa1  No.796279

A girl i know seems to be interested in me. But i'm pretty sure she's a feminist and all that jazz..she's very young, virgin and inexperienced ( she didn't even kiss yet kek ), but don't worry about the legality, it's legal. I like to talk to her, she's very fun but there is all this ideological stumbling block..should i try to convert her or just drop it entirely? Thanks in advance.

42f55e  No.796284


>should i try to convert her or just drop it entirely

Eventually if you date her? of course.

At the spot before you date her? perhaps not. would not go the way you want anyway.

>she's very young, virgin and inexperienced

That's good.

>she's a feminist and all that jazz

Depends on how feminist she is but it can be handled if she is mild feminist. Men shape their women's opinions more than we think.

You should find out if you want to pursue the girl or not. If yes…go for it, if not, drop it. Worry about such things as conversion later. Either it will come out naturally or it won't. Nobody will tell you if it will work out based on parameters X Y Z, you have to find our yourself

697fa1  No.796297


yeah thanks for the response. Even though i haven't talked to her much i think she's a good girl, i just hope i don't lose my head endlessly debating her back and forth, i don't have much patience and feel very tense for these things.

42f55e  No.796348


You do not need to debate some things. Women follow men. If you happen to date her from the beginning just be the one in charge(setting things up, leading the way).

When it comes to "debates" take it in a light manner and just explain why you believe feminism/whatever to be false.

I shaped my ex to a large extent during months time into admitting feminism is garbage. starting point: "muh men"

I just did not support her larping as emancipated and showed her that she will not lead. She respected it.

But one should not expect to take up 100% of your opinions, she will not align 100% but to a large extent those things adjust themselves if you work your way towards it steadily. At the end of my last relationship I was able to freely condemn feminism, faggotry, globalism and other things in the harshest sense and mostly she would agree.

tl dr; worry less about the starting point of opinions. What is more important: chastity, virginity, character, faith, kindness, etc. Her political opinions are secondary, she is a woman and will follow.

697fa1  No.796370


All right. Thank you for the advice!

b2423a  No.796399


you're welcome. Good thing you managed to read it now the posts will probably disappear soon. lol

2f16af  No.796488



Immediate red flag

12addc  No.796513


Young women are feminist by default nowadays. Maybe trying to "convert" a feminist-lite isn't that much of a bad idea.

21dd23  No.796925

So I have been going out with this girl, a catholic. She is pretty and we do have many things in common although we've been out three times. The only downside is that she is younger than me and I would probably have to wait a bit for her to finish studies….but this might be settled in the meantime. I resolved to give it a free flow..because I already fell for the girl to a large extent. I am glad God sent her to my way. I could be wrong but judging so far this could as well be a girl that I would not mind devoting myself to. Also since we have similar interests it will be easy not to get bored with her.

Looking forward to meeting her again and I have seen her today. So we'll see hopefully I won't ruin it by my autism. But she already gets the idea I am a nationalist minded and she seems to be ok with that…she even seemed to be pleasantly surprised. So that is a whitepill

04a5ad  No.797345

File: 170c2a9845722c4⋯.png (52.34 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 84AD07E3-0531-4FAF-90CA-87….png)

Checking into this thread as I do ever couple of weeks or so. Gonna be 24 in 2 months and still unmarried and never had a GF. Hope fades by the day. I read every post here hoping something will help me or lead me to success but nothing works. I will keep checking in though. One day it’ll hit me right… someone will have the answer I’m looking for… surely.

We live in a clown world where a 23 year old stem graduate homeowner devout Christian can’t even get one woman to like him. Sin has destroyed this planet. Lord, Have Mercy!

21dd23  No.797446


Hey anon. Do you actively seek? I mean no offense. Just that mindset/your approach to the whole thing has an immense effect.

Also the character traits play a great role. No offense meant here again. What I mean to say is that men overestimate looks and financial security(those play the largest part for thots - that is not the type you're looking for) over confidence and your masculinity. One often sees a beautiful girl with not so much beautiful guy and if you know them it's not about cash (always), they're good together because he;s a stable point for her…

I always thought I am no good. As far as looks and money are concerned. That lowered my self esteem…that ruined my chances. When I got my stuff together and gained a healthy self esteem I feel like I do not have much problems asking the girl out

What do you see as the ultimate issue/obstacle in finding wife/gf?

I know we live in a clown world…but there surely is a wife for you out there…perhaps the only thing holding you down is your approach to things.

>Sin has destroyed this planet. Lord, Have Mercy!

That's all true but we're going to make it. If God is with us, who is against? Let's rise in spirits and stride with disdain through the swamps of modern world untouched by its decay.

ae8b1f  No.797450


Just got my now-GF of 6 months at age 25. I wouldn’t change a thing, it’s been worth the wait. Don’t be a doomer it’s bad for your mental and physical health.

581bc6  No.797452

Should I seek a girlfriend if I don't have the income to raise a family?

d1049e  No.797664

File: e5bcad4161f183f⋯.jpeg (111.85 KB, 622x923, 622:923, w0rhud.jpeg)


> Do you actively seek?

I have actively tried to date, using both secular methods and faithful methods. In college (graduated 2 years ago), I was active in both secular (engineering clubs) activities and faithful ones (weekly bible study and worship). There just weren't alot of women, and the ones that were there wanted nothing to do with me. I don't regret doing this things; I actively enjoyed them. But there were no women wanting to become Mrs. Anon.

>What do you see as the ultimate issue/obstacle in finding wife/gf?

Opportunity. People, both in real life and online, have told me so many solutions to my problem that I've lost count. Just do this… Just do that… be good looking… looks don't matter it's all confidence… I've heard it all. I don't really know or care who's right, I just want a wife. But I get no opportunity to even meet women. Or talk to them. I could get good looking, but none would see me. I could become confident and personable, but none would be around to see it. I could flaunt my "money" (I probably make more than the average 23 year-old), but none would see the it. You now see the issue… I have no exposure to women at all. I can't even diagnose the problem if I can't run test to study it!

To add, I'm not particularly tall or good looking, though I am not overweight and take care of myself enough to appear normal. I have Asperger's Syndrome and I am extremely inexperienced with women. I'm not particularly desirable "on paper", FWIW.


elab on how.

Also, I'm no doomer, I'm fully happy and repentant. But I am a doomer regarding women, they seem to have abandoned good men. My suffering is alot for one man to bear.

21dd23  No.797723

File: bc9d3b363a7bcd7⋯.jpg (21.94 KB, 474x589, 474:589, 898c5f740d2fa93258e3363faa….jpg)


yes. You will get that when you date the girl if you intend to have the family. I suppose you do not want to be without income for ever.


Interesting. Did you ask out the girls in the college that you intended to date? Like women won't ask you out on their own. If you asked many girls out and actively seeked them out I would consider it strange that you had no girlfriend at all.

Look I am going to be honest I am not an expert on women, I do not want to pose like one. I do what works in my area and for me. Besides the studies I go to church, attend the events around that church and then I have lot of contacts, if there are women that I consider nice I try to ask them out. Sure some will reject me, but some will go out you know.

So my take on this would be to change the fact why you have no exposure to women. Is there not any way for you to meet them (preferably around church or something like that, I am not implying you should go to bar and talk to thots of course). In my area it can sometimes be harsh, but it is not impossible to meet women in this manner.

21dd23  No.797726

File: 071c4470e1d75da⋯.jpeg (26.33 KB, 421x608, 421:608, sa.jpeg)

All right guys I want to share this. You remember me talking about the girl with the Jerusalem cross/rosary bracelet? >>792792

I was on verge whether to ask her out or not…you see I got work right now, I am overloaded with it. But she made a strong impression. I saw her on a mass again and I just resolved to ask her out, she was stuck in my mind. The next thing I knew she has more than half of interests same as me and showed every possible sign that she wants to meet me again.. I was not really in love after the first date(I liked her though) but I fell for her strongly after the third for sure.

The last time we were out: she made a sign of cross before eating (seldom I have seen that, I would like to do that but unluckily I almost always forget). And other things…she seems to be devout in her faith. Maybe even more than I am, she just does not really larp about it.. She is beautiful and kind. Just thinking about it at length after meeting her today I do not understand why God sent this girl into my path. I did not deserve even a mere chance of asking her out if I consider how sinful I was and still am.

I will pray tonight just to thank God. I know this is for a large part my mind being infatuated with the girl…but this time it is different. Looks came in the second place and I started liking her after I got to know who she is…and her character. This girl is a high quality woman for sure.

As I have said I have deserved none of this. I am puzzled.

47e3ce  No.797727


Congrats, anon! Hope all goes well with your pursuit and you manage to start a nice family.

> I did not deserve even a mere chance of asking her out if I consider how sinful I was and still am.

Be careful not to put her on a pedestal though. She is also human and a sinner.

472c09  No.797728


God bless you anon! If God put her in your path there is a reason! You can do it!

also this >>797727

God first and foremost

9bd965  No.797740

File: a0f23792e01f8e6⋯.jpg (91.66 KB, 540x324, 5:3, download_20190306_213447.jpg)

We made the switch from a NO parish to the FSSP in January and my husband has now decided to do RCIA. Three years at the NO parish did nothing for him, but after only four months at the FSSP he now wants to begome. Praise God!!

03d8f2  No.797882

I haven't had a woman my age so much as give me a hug that she truly meant in almost a year now. Sage for depression.

21dd23  No.797887



Thanks anons. Yeah I know I should watch myself so I do not put her too highly. From what I gathered so far she is the woman I was looking for in so many respects so that's why I am saying I do not think did not deserve this.

I will wait with the whole relationship a bit. There's no hurry I want to know her better. Thanks for response.

03d8f2  No.798416


That is great news, do you know what specifically about the FSSP changed his mind? Or do you think it was just the general traditional mindset of the services that did it for him? I think you should still BEGOME ORDODOX, but this is still happy news

9bd965  No.798757


I think it is because the liturgy really emphasizes that the focus of the entire Mass is on Christ's sacrifice of the Eucharist being recreated, that was a big paradigm shift coming from the NO where the focus seemed to us to be mostly on the priest's homily. My husband has said he wants to learn how to suffer better and that this is going to be a practice that will show him how to do that. There are also usually always six or so altar boys serving at a time except for low Mass and we definitely want our son to participate in this when he is older. The FSSP parish is also really family oriented compared to our old church, there are lots of other young couples our age with kids and there's frequently time for socializing after Mass with snacks and refreshments, it feels like a real community here and we're hopeful we will make friends here soon. And plus it's knspiring to see a whole pew filled with a beautiful family full of kids; that's our goal some day and it's great to be around other people who are living the dream and can be role models for us.

37b926  No.799744

I’ve been dating this girl for 3 months and we’ve talked about the possibility of marriage and kids a little while ago. She was very into it and was so bubbly and excited but last night she confessed she hates the idea of having kids and feels like marriage would ruin her life plans. I tried to talk with her about and tell her that marriage isn’t about ruining your life to be with someone else but the exact opposite and how great kids are but I know this will take a while. She also said she’s not into sex,apparently, never has been and evem now doesn’t think of a husband as soembody you have sex with and have a family with but “some one you loves you a alot alot alot alot and will always be there for you.” She’s really great and loves Christ but she has that young millennial view of “I only have one life and I’m not letting someone else ruin it in anyway.” (Basically YOLO now that I think about it). Ive had to rationalities her away from abortion being okay, before and last night got pretty far hopefully in why gay rights aren’t godly even if it “doesn’t hurt anyone” (also explained that it hurts the LORD). I don’t know guys there’s a lot to unbundle here. We finished talking 5 hours ago and I’m still processing. I'm very hurt by how she lead me on and seems to want to just be stuck in happy dating times forever.

This is part venting and part me asking your guys’ opinion. Should I keep trying and praying for her mind to be change? Or if no progress is shown in a few months or a year, part ways with her. Mind you this isn’t just some random girl for me. I’ve had a crush since last May and felt like she may truly be the one, but this is a devastating blow to my heart.

d05610  No.799748


Maybe she is thinking that you will absolutely want to have kids right away.

That could be quite frightening (at least in times where the whole word tells you that having kids is the worst thing you can harm yourself with - obviously wrong).

Marriage without consummation until later is a possibility and your (hopefully) good influence may change her mind.

God with you, brother.

1e5aa7  No.799749


How old is she? She sounds really immature. That isn't necessarily a bad thing. Girls need to be told what to do. She says she's not interested in sex but you know that's bs. She won't say that once she isn't virgin anymore. I would say don't try to rush anything though. It's only been 3 months. You musn't look needy, so just let her subtly know that your goal is to marry and have kids, and that if it's not with her it'll be with someone else. If she really cares about you she'll change her mind in a heartbeat.

03d8f2  No.799751


>there's frequently time for socializing after Mass with snacks and refreshments, it feels like a real community here and we're hopeful we will make friends here soon

This aspect alone makes or breaks a church, I'm glad your family found one that the parishioners stick around for coffee hour!

715afe  No.799903


>I have Asperger's Syndrome

Hello fellow sperg, I can relate. I don't have any issues with talking to women at all, but flirting/asking them out is basically uncharted territory.


She seems to be a rather naive person. Try and change her mind, but if she's hellbent on not having kids then I don't think you're compatible

21dd23  No.800738

File: e8933d9458c828c⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, cb457b9c699ab4d5676ffb2bbc….jpg)


I told her I like her and she said she does as well. This is great news for me. I tend to be a bit larpy about my faith but this girl seems to be as grounded in faith as much as my larpiness sometimes goes. Also she dresses very modestly, yet attractively. She indicated that we should not "rush things". As I realize now some things may have come out as a bit too early like her visiting my apartment. Other girls did not mind that earlier than her…although it was quite obvious that there was no ill motivation. I get that she does not know me well to know I do not have any ill intentions with her. And I have a great respect for her saying this. I did not "rush" anything at all, I just held her hand when I told her I like her. Since she hugged me afterwards with saying she does too…the issue must have been us meeting at my place once before.

I mean…how many girls do you meet nowadays like that.

Either this is the girl for me or God sent her in my way to shape me into a good man, to hold myself to a higher standard.

37ccf5  No.800753




Thanks for the advice guys. She is kinda young so it may just be her acting childish. Im her first boyfriend and she’s my first girlfriend so we’re both new to this. She’s told me “Before you I figure I would have lots of dogs and die alone lol”, but then she also told me earlier in the week that “marriage requires a change in all your life goals and all you planned out” so she seems to want to die alone for some reason??? I support her career plans but I’m not sure what the problem is with all this flip flopping. I think the best to do for know is keep quiet on any semblance of marriage and kids for a while and just focus on growing closer to each other and God. She’s not talking to be right now cause she wanted a “break” til Friday so any advice for what to say tomorrow would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God Bless!

1e5aa7  No.800755


Just spend some good time with her dude. Women don't know what the winnie the pooh they want, so you have to tell her what to do, but that should come later.

4f3959  No.800807


>no mattress even

I know that feel, anon.

21dd23  No.800930


As the other anon said. Take it like a light rain that passes. You need to know her anyway to marry her right? So the only way is to spend time with her and then you'll see. Women have no idea what they want. All of them.

e13167  No.800954

is it possible to find a cute black girl in glasses who is christian or am i hunting unicorns? also is it sinful for me to fetishize a race like this?

e13167  No.800957


>It sucks being alone, but being with someone you hate is about a billion times worse

but i hate myself

322f01  No.800960


On a regular imageboard we would tell you to Kill Yourself.

But on this imageboard we tell you to Improve Yourself!

You're welcome.

322f01  No.800962


>Is it possible

All things are possible with the Lord

> to find a cute black girl in glasses


>in glasses


>who is christian

eh not impossible

>(who falls in love with me is implied here right)

Good luck anon.

58e0a1  No.800965

File: e60f785aa08938a⋯.jpg (136.82 KB, 1200x700, 12:7, 3940.jpg)


If you are a black man than it doesn't matter. But it sounds like you aren't. Wanting a woman of only a specific race (that isn't your own) would mean you are fetishizing race. When you are ready, God will put a good woman in your path of His choosing.

21dd23  No.801330

Hey guys. OP here. After two years of searching and self improvement God seems to have awarded me with finding good woman. I do not want to get ahead of mysel but so far everything seems to come out naturally, she never had a boyfriend so she does not have any baggage nor any expectations. The last few days I just praise God and thanHim that he lead me this way. Now I will have even better motivation to work out and be better since the girl seems to already be here.

Thanks for reading my blogpost.

efeae8  No.801364


Congratulations, OP! Best of luck and many blessings for the both of you!

21dd23  No.801735


Thanks. I will try to do my best not to screw this up. The good thing is that she never had a boyfriend therefore I do not need to play any games. I'll just be myself and it will come naturally.

1e5aa7  No.802261


Godspeed OP. Thank you for what you've done here.

Can you greentext your story or do you want to wait for now?

20d280  No.802315

I'm dating a girl who is a Christian but she has some liberal tendencies. She supports female pastors and says women shouldn't be slut shamed for how they dress, despite dressing reasonably modestly herself. How do I convince her she's wrong?

c2124b  No.802362


Show her the Bible quotes that go against those ideas. If she tries to squirm around that, see if your denomination has an official statement on the matter to show her.

21dd23  No.802401

This is what I dislike about women. They have a special sense for men who are in relationship, that in process increases their value in women's eyes and then women go hit on them evenif they were not interested them were they single in the first place.

I am old enough to fall for this but it amazes me every time. This time too…2-3 girls right after you start dating someone show their head after longer time

>hey Anon let's hang out

>Anon I heard this cool song right now lmao.

Every. single. time.

21dd23  No.802416


Oh yes…the catholic guy. Hope you're doing fine.

I do not want to get ahead of myself We've been dating for a very short time…but you know I wasn't haunted by her looks, rather by her inner beauty which shone in a way I could not explain at first, it drove me crazy so I just had to ask her out and we found out we have many things in common and we like each other. I know we will probably clash a bit about politics since my opinions are….considered edgy by most people, also she will be oblivious about our pope etc. But that is a different matter, I do not care right now. In the essential matters she will be conservative for sure. After all she is very devout….more than me(even including all my larping), she dresses modestly and she is probably the last person that would fornicate. The only downside is the age. If she will make it a point for her to finish her studies, even if I could secure her in future, I would have to wait for years. Never mind…we're not there yet and I have resolved to give this a chance.

My summary:

>Blue pilled lukewarm autist

>Took red pill during election

>crashed a relationship with a very good girl because I was not prepared for it

>Soon realized I have to change myself to become something better than I am

>realize I just make my ancestors look bad and ashamed

>addressed the porn/fap question first

>started working out

>became nationalist, proud of my heritage

>Came back to Christ - most important of all

>took up about 3 new hobbies

>Started socializing for the first time in my life

>realize that girls actually like me, just me being autist kept me from talking to them

>Few relationships in the meantime

>Found /christian/ on 8ch

>Turns out my sperginess from chans does some harm so I tone it down a bit

>Last relationship crashed because of lack of common interests

>Resolved to have a break from it all because muh work

>a girl I knew appeared, dressed modestly but very attractively, Jerusalem cross, rosary bracelet.

>Hey anon how are you doing

>Let's go to church together


From then it went just naturally. I did not have to do any "game" or bs such as that. I did not even have to try to make jokes/conversation. It feels like if I did not read anything about dating girls, did not date any girls before and was just an honest guy it would go that way just the same.

So that's it. It feels liberating…for the second time in my life I feel like I do not need to play any acts, any game, nothing. Just be myself and it's enough.

f5c584  No.802681

File: e032b17627396b1⋯.png (659.37 KB, 426x547, 426:547, 2352431.PNG)

>be me

>shy guy

>on lunch break at college

>grab food and sit alone at a big table

>feeling super bored, depressed, and all-around hopeless when it comes to dating

>go to next class

>black woman (mid-20s) sits next to me

>i'm not typically attracted to black women, but this woman is very pretty

>after taking our test, the professor hands out a bonus experiment

>we have to pick a partner and make a "child", with its features being determined through some silly coin-flipping process

>black woman turns to me, puts her hand on my arm, and looks into my eyes

<"Do you want to make a baby with me?"

>we do some minor flirting here and there while doing the experiment

God works in mysterious ways… my day was quite miserable until that lady brought joy and a bit of hope into my life. If only white women weren't so difficult to converse with.

8c3a3a  No.802744

>gf left me on Sunday.

>trouble eating, trouble sleeping and I've lost all motivation to study for my exams in a couple weeks.

ec73c6  No.802770


It'll get better anon. Trust me. But more importantly, trust God. For tits are temporary but salvation is eternal.

ae8b1f  No.802772


Yikes, sounds kinda slutty tbh.

8ff21b  No.802787



St. Francis of Sales wrote the following teaching about balls in 1600s France:

>Balls and similar gatherings are wont to attract all that is bad and vicious; all the quarrels, envyings, slanders, and indiscreet tendencies of a place will be found collected in the ballroom. While people’s bodily pores are opened by the exercise of dancing, the heart’s pores will be also opened by excitement … while you were dancing, souls were groaning in hell by reason of sins committed when similarly occupied, or in consequence thereof.

Do you think his lesson also applies to modern nightclubs?

860532  No.802788


I've prayed to God to ask for wisdom as to what the bigger picture is here because with the suddenness of the breakup it feels as if this is a springboard into something else soon. So far I have gotten into playing piano again and during the summer might try and attend some jam sessions at the local jazz club so idk maybe that has something to do with it? You're right though Anon I need to trust in God. He's been there for me many times before and countless times when I didn't even know it. God bless you, brother

1e5aa7  No.802795


I didn't know you were an apex chad thundercock anon. Congrats I guess. Would you say it's okay to get into several relationships before finding the right one? I feel like I shouldn't ask a girl out lightheartedly, but it sounds like that's what you did. How did you manage the break ups? Were they Christian? Were did you meet them?

5051df  No.802804


Nightclubs are demonic

21dd23  No.802806


>apex chad thundercock

I would not call myself that lol. I am an average guy.

> Would you say it's okay to get into several relationships before finding the right one?

Yes and no. There's nothing wrong with the relationship if you go out with the girl, talk to her, go to church together, hold hands, etc. This is how you get to know the girl. If the "relationship" would include fornication, then that would be very very bad. First you sin against God. Second it will tie you down to a girl that might not be the one. Either way you lose if you let yourself be tempted by devil to fornicate(Even masturbate or anything of the sexual sort with the girl)

For my case…I see no other way than trial/error trusting God that he will guide me to the right girl for me. He has already toughened me against fornication so now I feel really alive in this sense. I literally care for one thing: to meet a good girl, get to know her, marry her, have kids. In this order.

>I feel like I shouldn't ask a girl out lightheartedly, but it sounds like that's what you did

Not exactly. I asked her out because she seemed to be high quality girl and she had this aura around her I could not explain(in other words I fell in love with her personality first, then her looks). Then when we were drinking coffee I realized she's very beautiful and that we are very similar in our tastes.

The last time I asked a girl out in a lighthearted manner was two years ago, and it did not go further than coffee because she was an outright thot. I regretted wasting my time. I asked her out only based on looks, not knowing her. Did not do that ever since. It;s a waste of time.

> How did you manage the break ups?

The breakups are difficult, yes. Sometimes easier, sometimes harder, But there is a breakup only if you tell the girl your feels, which is later than going out for few walks with her anyway…so I had to do this just two times during the last two years, the other "breakups" were more of that we stopped talking, then just did not go out.

The last breakup was difficult a bit because the girl was attached to me and I knew it would not work. I also learned that fornication is the worst thing you can do(capitain obvious). We did not fornicate but were I not watchful it could have easily happened. Basically straightening my stuff together with God made me realize that my judgement was clouded by her body, in which I was not interested anyway since I did not want to sin against God. Clearing my head from lust also cleared my mind about the prospects of me marrying the girl one day. It would not work

This time I will do it right all the way…Even when it comes to kissing. I will kiss her on the cheek but will wait few months. Then perhaps on the mouth but that;s it before marriage. Otherwise devil will get you on the slippery slope.

>Were they Christian? Were did you meet them?

They were/are all christian. The girl I go out now with is very devout so even for this I am grateful to God. She will be the last person to tempt me, unlike college thots on campus.

I met them all in church/around church.

f5c584  No.802942


I got the vibe she has thing for white guys and a dirty sense of humor is all, the latter of which I'm guilty of as well. Nevertheless, that was just the confidence boost I needed.

1e5aa7  No.803118


>I am an average guy

The average guy here is an incel anon.

>Not exactly.

I was referring to this :


>>Few relationships in the meantime


>I met them all in church/around church.

How the hell do you not get into all kind of troubles? There aren't so many people in a parish, everybody will know if you've been with someone, and you will meet a girl again even after your break up. I wonder what it's like, people seeing you at the church with a new girl every couple of months? How do you avoid the drama?

f1a2c2  No.803122

Today is my 2 month marriage anniversary to my Asian Christian wife. Feel blessed and thank God every day. It's everything I have dreamed of. Hope you guys find your Christian wife.

21dd23  No.803136


Yeah well…two of them were the kind of relationships when we both said we like each other so there was a breakup. There was one instance when the girl had a boyfriend and said no(I was a fool to go out with her but I was badly in love….she was orthodox though), in the other instances it was few coffees with both of us seeing it leads nowhere.

So i guess it could appear lighthearted not knowing the details…. but I never took it that way and I think the girls did not think I just chase them for satisfying my lust or something of the sort.

>The average guy here is an incel anon.

perhaps…but irl I really am an average looking guy, nothing special about me except for my autism. My "success" with asking women out comes from me defeating masturbation and porn. That helped me find my confidence.

> I wonder what it's like, people seeing you at the church with a new girl every couple of months? How do you avoid the drama?

Well first of all not all of them are regular attendees in church. Second I never asked them out with dishonest intentions and even the two breakups were calm and honest with both sides eventually agreeing it is the best way. The first one was actually quicker than me to say she thinks we should just end it.

Third most of them did not come to church with me… The first one "did not have time for mass". The second went few times just because of me, she did not really want to go herself I think. This girl would go even without me as I have said I admire her faith/.

Of course if my intentions were dishonest and carried out, it would be bad. I really do not feel any bad vibes from the girls I asked out when I meet them. With one we're still good friends.

Oh and I do not ask them out in church or church events obviously…in my area there are more communities to go to anyway.

I do not care about chasing women. Tbh I would be glad if the first woman I asked out was the right one for me but that did not happen.

If this is the one I will praise the Lord. If not I will have to keep searching….and that is just tiresome.

ae8b1f  No.803142


>The average guy here is an incel anon.

citation needed. Volcel until marriage here, and in a stable relationship.

21dd23  No.803460

File: 86a45f65601a75f⋯.jpeg (66.92 KB, 356x516, 89:129, rrrrrrrr.jpeg)


>Volcel until marriage here, and in a stable relationship.

Congrats on both!

fda86e  No.803471



Sip those monsters

f8878a  No.808042

I am happy right now. Really God has granted me a chance. Now I should not screw it up

a513e4  No.808874

File: d94f653499af01f⋯.jpg (99.41 KB, 798x855, 14:15, dc31f16dd2523d543575cdc26a….jpg)

Hi everyone! I am feeling really disheartened with dating.

I'm a young woman looking for a life that honours God. I'm having massive trouble finding somebody who wants the same. My church is older adults/elderly. I've been to a large young adult bible study at another church but it's too far for me to get to consistently. I try to make friends at university. I'm very socially shy/anxious but I'm trying my best to step outside my comfort zone.

I am getting concerned about my romantic future. I feel hopeless. I pray and tell God about my worries all the time. I want a partner in life and children. I want a lot of children. I feel called to raise a bunch of little rugrats on a homestead in the middle of nowhere. I've been having dark thoughts of forgetting about my calling to be a mother and commit myself to academia. I know I must wait on God's timing for something as massive as a life partner but it's HARD when I feel like my biological clock is ticking every day.

I only found God about a year and a half ago. I'm not perfect by most standards but I am trying my best to live properly. I feel too messed up for a devout man, but too religious for an agnostic/average man.

I started working out regularly, I focus on studies, I am practicing crafts/home skills. I am bettering myself as much as I can. I don't know if I have a question here, just posting my troubles. How do you guys wait on God's timing patiently? Do you think your partner is predetermined?

e70005  No.808884

File: 9d1c4f1e8b29a8f⋯.jpg (192.45 KB, 1361x485, 1361:485, 2d6mws.jpg)

I'm about 3 days away from 6 months with my gf. Dating a Christian girl is much better than any secular one, I hope every anon here has the opportunity to do so. This weekend we're going to Gatlinburg together with my family and we're both really excited for it. I feel really blessed, and I think everything in my life is starting to come together in this nice little crescendo towards the end of my college career. I don't see a wedding in the near future just yet - it's still quite a bit early for that - but I hope it's in God's plan for me someday.

b1e150  No.808914


>This entire post

This is so ridiculously wholesome and I love it! I love hearing that women still want children and want the lifestyle you desire. But onto your post in detail:

If you don't mind sharing you are age, how old are you? I know it can be seen as rude to ask a woman her age but I think it might allow for me/us to better understand your fear/worries.

Glad to hear that you found God and you have allowed him in your heart. I feel exactly the same constantly, that I am much too broken and sinful to be properly loved. However, as painful as those feelings are, I feel they are necessary and allow you to see your mistakes much more lucidly.

To answer your questions: Waiting on God's timing is really difficult, but I see these moments as training before a big fight. You want the desired event so badly but these moments are here to strengthen you and rid you of your flaws rather than create more. You know yourself better than I do so I really hope you can be honest with yourself and be open to criticisms from others about your flaws. Always remain humble and stay focused. I don't really know if partners are predetermined but I do think people come into your life for various reasons so try to foster as many meaningful relationships that you can. You might not even notice the man who you end up falling in love with immediately. I know what it is like to be shy/anxious but do not let that stop you from finding happiness. You would be surprised what people find attractive or cute.

f8878a  No.808948


>woman on 8ch

What. I do not want to imply that I doubt that…but I certainly would not expect it.

>the entire post

You're doing great. Prayer is the most essential in awaiting the partner. If you keep the pace up the guy who was sorted by God as your partner will be a lucky one.

>How do you guys wait on God's timing patiently?

I go trial/error asking girls out, getting experience with how to interact with them. Besides that doing self improvement and praying.

Of course, woman is not supposed to ask the guy outright so this part is not exactly for you.

>Do you think your partner is predetermined?

Perhaps or there are more options for you to choose for. However it is, there is the right partner for us, one should prepare for that moment. But I think we do have several options anyway…what matters if we pick the best we can.

Right now I started dating a great girl….now it seems like two years of self improvement was just God preparing me for this special person. It feels…strange. only once in my life I was so deeply in love with the girl because of who she was. Of course I won't jump to conclusions, long way to go to marriage but this last month all I am doing is thanking God.


based. congrats

f8878a  No.808950



>Waiting on God's timing is really difficult, but I see these moments as training before a big fight.

This. Dating is nice. But eventually one learns the most by being single in the terms of self improvement. When the partner is already there you will have less time and energy for that. He's not there yet..one feels anxious, sure, but you got the time to work on yourself and you're doing it for your life partner.

One learns a lot by break-ups too. After few wholesome relationships you might get good experience as to what you want in the future. I am not saying crush relationship on purpose. Go where God leads you….perhaps you will marry the first guy you date, perhaps few of them will be a lesson from God to you. Take it all with gratitude. Our earthly journey is a way towards God. Priesthood/celibacy or marriage are ways towards that. If you are called for marriage you are not just "preparing yourself for the partner" you are preparing yourself for the msot important thing …. for eternity. God should be the most important element in every relationship. What you are doing is that you prepare for this.

Temporary solitude is a gift from God to you…he gives you space you need for preparing yourself.

d07a83  No.808956

File: 85ba1a73769fc32⋯.png (91.76 KB, 500x478, 250:239, 85ba1a73769fc328cd69f1e303….png)

> tfw you think everything is going great but she drops an "I still have some doubts. "

f5c584  No.808990


I can very much relate to this, especially when it comes to shyness/social anxiety and feeling like an outcast. People say I'm very "traditional", but of course, I've never met a woman who's the same way.

>I've been having dark thoughts of forgetting about my calling to be a mother and commit myself to academia

Becoming a career woman with no kids is about one of the most unfulfilling life choices you could ever make. For your sake, I really hope you don't go down that path.

>I know I must wait on God's timing for something as massive as a life partner but it's HARD when I feel like my biological clock is ticking every day

I can only imagine how difficult that must be… nevertheless, you must stay strong even when things seem hopeless. One day, you'll be rewarded for your efforts.

>I'm not perfect by most standards but I am trying my best to live properly

None of us are perfect, of course.

>I feel too messed up for a devout man

I think you're being too hard on yourself. I wouldn't consider myself "devout" (I certainly try), however I've taken an interest in various "messed up" women before who also liked me, and they started to express an interest in having kids (which drove me nuts, because I really want kids), however I never asked them out partly because I'm shy, but also because I had my doubts due to them sinning terribly and not caring to repent or otherwise be reformed by the teachings of Jesus Christ, instead acting as if the world owed them a favor. So no matter how messed up you may be, know that repentance may be a quality that will make or break a guy's attraction to you.

>but too religious for an agnostic/average man

As you should! Never settle for an atheist man; they'll drag you down, disrespect the Faith out of spite towards you, play mind games, and make you more miserable than you ever could imagine.

>How do you guys wait on God's timing patiently?

By knowing that I need to continue improving myself until I'm truly ready for a devout Christian woman.

>Do you think your partner is predetermined?

I believe God may work in our lives to introduce that special someone to us (or vice versa) once we're both ready, however we can't sit around and expect it to happen to us one day. Continue bettering yourself, sister, and God bless you on your journey!

a513e4  No.808993

Thank you for the responses everybody! Just to be clear, I have been in 2 relationships before. Last one ended 3 years ago. I've done the trial and error thing.


I'm 23, 24 in half a year. Thank you for your words of reassurance. I am open to criticisms from others and I've been working on issues I think are limiting my success. Thank you!


It's my first time on 8ch, first post even. I saw there is a Christianity board and felt happy because 4chan can be pretty gross. I understand what you're saying about self improvement, but I'm in the best place I've been in years (arguably ever). I feel ready for a forever partner but I guess God decides that, not me. Thank you.


"Temporary solitude is a gift from God to you…" Thank you for this, I'm actually going to write it on a sticky note to put on my desk.


I agree with you about the career woman thing. I couldn't see a life without a husband and children. I don't want that path in life but my lack of faith is making me contemplate it. I agree about the atheist man thing. Years and years ago I dated an atheist and his soul was so dark. The relationship ended up being extremely damaging to me. Thank you.

re: everyone: These responses have given me a lot to reflect on. Although I feel I've progressed greatly and I'm antsy to settle down, I probably have a lot more to work on to be ready to receive that gift from God. Folly on my part. Thank you. :)

1817a0  No.809191


I know that feel…

>Anon I….

>I do not know why I did not tell you I am unsure about my feelings when you said you liked me….

Always hurts


> I feel ready for a forever partner but I guess God decides that, not me.

I understand. A year ago I was like "hey I already gave up masturbation, I work out, I read, I am on my way of having a good job…I go to church…so where's the girl already????"

I have to say that asking several girls out and desperately working on myself for yet another year made me a better person and even though I met an awesome girl 9 months ago, we started dating only recently. Now those 2 years of self improvement seem to have been a training session for having my stuff together and I am glad.

Actually this lent I got particularly larpy about it all, made many plans for it and called it always "building the new man". As larpy as it was…there was truth in it and it worked to certain extent. When God touched me with me falling in love with one girl, now it really feels like the very end of lent was a dawn of something new for me.

>I probably have a lot more to work on to be ready to receive that gift from God. Folly on my part.

It might be closer than you think. I always adopted this mindset when I was sad. "God judges I am not still ready, work more" it works to an extent to push you out of your comfort zone and it is great unless you overdo it. Remember it might be closer than you think. Pray.

1e5aa7  No.809209

I don't really think I am ready to marry. I am 25 and in good shape, about to start a new job, but I'm clueless about so many things. I still have some kind of social anxiety, and I still kinda hate myself. I thank God for the time I spend alone, because I learn and progress so much during these times.

All that being said, I'm still looking for "the one". I had a question about this that wanted to ask: how do you know whether a girl wants to settle down/is looking for a partner? Do you just have to know her well enough until it becomes clear? Or are there other signs? Or maybe we should just date them regardless then shove it down their throat that they must marry.

109967  No.809210


There's no need to shove it down their throats, just be honest with them about your end goal. That goal being you wish to marry and bring children in this world for the greater glory of God. If she doesn't want be a part of it, move on. If she has the same goal as you, court her and see if you two are compatible and actually love each other.

1817a0  No.809224

File: 14f825b5448b037⋯.jpg (45.79 KB, 474x543, 158:181, 97cd16f5a45662b4dc8b7513ca….jpg)

I am going out with a girl for some time now. >>792792 the Jerusalem cross girl if you still remember. This experience renewed my hopes and made me alive again from my pesimism. It was disheartening the past 6 months. One girl I dated kind of accepted my faith, yet she did not want to go to church herself, mostly she went there because of me. We had little in common. It was a bad deal. She was no longer a virgin anyway. But she was from christian family.

The other one was virgin, more grounded in faith but she was insecure, cold and when we parted our ways she said I am "too conservative for her anyway" and she even complained about my icons…Then I realized that I am in a bad position with my faith since I will hardly meet a woman that matches my requirements. I figured most girls will despise my nationalism and me not taking the faith lightly.

Well then this girl appears after months of me knowing her as a friend. At first I was skeptical about her being so devout and her having my interests…I know girls often slowly boil you with pretending to be like you when they fall in love then they change the game soon. Now I know you just cannot pretend this….I am sure she is honest with me. I won't go into details again but we go to church together often now that we date already. We have common interests, many, so that we're not bored anytime we meet. We literally spent a whole day together on the road and we did not run out of things to talk about.

Recently we discussed our faith and our relationship. Wew…we both agreed that God is the first most important element in any relationship. We even discussed that sex is only a part of marriage, that neither of us has intentions to have it before marriage. She basically said that she likes my "revolt against the modern world" attitude (not worded this way but as a quick rundown she basically said that) and that she is so glad she met a guy who has this view.

I feel like she is more devout than me which forces me to become better myself. When we finished our talk she even grabbed my hand which really uplifted my spirits (I tried that two weeks ago but she said she is not ready for this yet).

So that's it.

b1e150  No.809235


If you are 23/24, then you honestly have nothing to worry about from my perspective. I know the 20's come with a lot of anxiety and self-comparison to those around us, I am no stranger to those feelings myself but you are you and you know yourself pretty well I am assuming. We always want to be where someone else is or who they are at this moment but not all of us are equipped for such a thing. Some folks move faster and some move slower, it is just how things are. Just keep radiating that positive feminine energy and it will attract someone.

f5c584  No.809249


>I am going out with a girl for some time now. the Jerusalem cross girl if you still remember

It seemed like only a short while ago you made that post, and here you are now, holding hands with her. Congrats anon! I can only hope to meet a good woman like that.

1817a0  No.809309


Yes. It feels like it's been few weeks yet it's already 2 months or so.

Hopefully you will meet the woman you are looking for anon.

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