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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

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39305d  No.731246

>High Tail Hall data breach exposes over 400,000 furry fans

>Earlier PornHubp got Infiltrated by hackers and millions got exposed too malware

>Ashley Madison got BTFO fews years ago by based hackers exposing adulterer personal information

Remember. It's not sinningI if you don’t tell credit card numbers. It’s not a sin if you humiliate and exposed degenerates.



51e119  No.731252


how the winnie the pooh do i become even half as articulate as him?

df2951  No.731264


The guy is an actor, his part is cut in. So he time to write his lines.

ca570e  No.731267


Is it "Notice me, senpai" guy?

ec4596  No.731268

>Remember. It's not sinningI if you don’t tell credit card numbers.

Any time you see the words "massive security breach," that's what folks are up to.

fc24f1  No.731269

I never had any account on any porn sites. Feels good

762cfe  No.731270


> ashley madison

> the site full of fake accounts that also "got breached" and revealed nothing because anyone could have been falsely added to the site

The site was designed for that day and was to be used as a hit piece on semi-famous people who were getting out of line with their handlers. Literally who in their right mind would sign up for a website like this unironically?

b6a69a  No.731272

File: 4d59b48a47938f9⋯.jpeg (74.7 KB, 349x647, 349:647, 8C000EA0-2B2A-4F70-94CA-2….jpeg)

File: 852451b1f111f71⋯.jpeg (111.56 KB, 642x600, 107:100, 2514F88B-C316-4130-BF70-4….jpeg)

File: d905a226ac57e96⋯.jpeg (590.63 KB, 1025x1476, 25:36, 70060AA1-35EE-48C4-A855-9….jpeg)

File: 83993e3a7b5613f⋯.gif (58.9 KB, 248x319, 248:319, 98B22748-7CEA-421D-9C57-1D….gif)

>ancient Anthropomorphic animals: Used to tell stories and teach morals, St Christopher was even depicted as a Dog-Man due to a mistranslation of Canine as Canaanite.

>modern Anthro animals: kinky bullshit and bastions of liberal degeneracy

Lord have mercy. Modernaity was a mistake. I hate to say it but furries are also notorious for being gullible and getting hacked, so I would say it’s a little justice.

b6a69a  No.731273


*canaanite as canine.

39305d  No.731275


Burn furs did nothing wrong

b6a69a  No.731276



df2951  No.731308

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I know him as the Arby's guy.

39305d  No.731321

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I feel bad for the furries back in the 90s that tried to stop the fandom from becoming a LGBT propaganda factory full of sexual degenerates. It’s so uncanny how the anti-burn furs were all using proto-SJW language and cried anti-alternative life styles.

8e1032  No.731325


Anthropomorphic animals and furryism isn't the same thing, the first is just in good humor the latter is sexual fetishism and hatred against God

ee9ba3  No.731328

Is there a relationship between furryism and "spirit animals" that is present in many cultures? Is there a biblical answer to this aside from idolatry?

2c5133  No.731358


A girl I knew from college, apparently.

80e739  No.731362


That’s true. Still, the idea of having a fursona or spirit animal is a demonic corruption of something Jesus and Solomon and even Pagans like Aesop and Buddha used as a teaching aid: seeking traits we desire from animals and imitating that trait (the toiling ant, the carefree bird, the clever snake, and the peaceful dove to name a few).

80e739  No.731363


This happens with everything. In fact, that’s why we have martyrs: people who warned the world about what is sinful, only for their words to go unheeded until it’s too late.

cc3112  No.731386


>furries == "Animal sex fans"

that headline alone was worth giving putin my clicks

cc3112  No.731389

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






>works at Arbys

Makes sense

39305d  No.731392


A little too much sense.

a241f8  No.731397

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

39305d  No.731414


What is his end game?

a332a9  No.731555

eh, I am sorry for the furries who are away from God…

f970ef  No.731564

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fd1667  No.732082


Yeah, the problem, IMHO, was the approach…I am a furry and I am very vocal about my issues in the community; but since I do not go around acting like a sort of puritan, but engage in talks and try to make people understand why I oppose all that, at least there's no vitriolic reaction towards my opinion and some of the less crazed furries even agree with me. Sturngeon's law, my fren…we ought to work with those who are not completely deaf to those issues and problems.



I am a furry, I do not worship nor have a fetish towards any fursona or character; the fandom is infected deeply, but isn't that the case with pretty much all fandoms? I am and always will be part of it, since it saved me when I was a teen; I am a Christian first and foremost, of course, so indeed I know the dangers of that place.

Some furries have "spiritual animals", others don't; the furry community is very "thin" when it comes to what makes or breaks your belonging to it.

47a476  No.732100


suicide is a sin

80e739  No.732115


I’m also a furry (and poster of >>731272 and >>731362), and you’re right about it being something that is pretty harmless for the most part, and there being problems with the fandom that are obvious to even the most degenerate members (heck, it wouldn’t surprise me if /fur/ and /christian/ had a larger percentage of cross usership then one might expect).

That said, a large and vocal minority of furries are not only liberal, but far enough libertarian left to make most Green Party members uneasy, and degenerate sex is something that was a part of the deal from the start (let’s face it: rule 34 isn’t just an internet meme, it’s a product of the Fall). Not to mention the fact that identitfying as a “Christian Furry” and not simply someone who is Christian and is a furry shows one of the biggest problems of all: the furry fandom, with its hyper-inclusivity and use of anonymity through it’s mostly online presence and those rare people who can afford fursuits, becomes almost like a cult to some people, and as a product of its aforementioned hedonism, those who are “in charge” don’t seem to really care or even encourage it.

Sorry for the long response, but I feel like the fandom splitting into two political factions might actually be the first step to making a more healthy and balanced side of Furry.

fd1667  No.732139


I totally agree…that is why I do not consider myself really a "Christian furry" but rather a Christian who also enjoys some aspects of the furry fandom. And you nailed with the "cult" part; hence why so many anime enthusiasts are also part of the furry world.

As for the "coming split", I do believe we are already starting to see it…the 2016 election showed that there were right wing furries, and more are coming out accepting the fact that they agree with the right (be it the secularized version of it or the one grounded in Christian values). I do believe we could work in the future more openly in the community, and that there could be a re-evaluation of "adult content" in a more mature way (by which I mean: topics like sexuality, death, our fears, etc…could be explored in a way that does not forces it to be pornographic, where explicit things can be used to pose questions and answers or provoke real emotions and characters: eroticism is a double edged sword, and if used in the right way is even a tool which can serve a person who wants to send positive messages); however, the road is long and alas, like many pointed out, sadly the fandom was infected from pretty much the beginning with a sense of fetishism, and since it wasn't rebuked but tolerated, this made it only a gaping wound into which all that filth flew without anything to stop or counteract it.

But it's not impossible to renovate a small portion of this community and turn it into something healthier, even if it's not going to be an easy feat..but I still hope that, with the help of God, some of us will be able to create this small pocket where the hobby is not a fetish nor a cult nor a source of idolatry, but a meeting place for creative people to create something unique and with some meaning too (I'd call it a furry distributist approach, in which the individuals are both the creators and the consumers…)

2e594b  No.732148

What is the furry fandom you two are speaking of? Anthropomorphic animals? Anthropomorphic animals are not a piece of art or something like that which can be rallied around, it is not cogent enough. Is it dressing up in costumes? Again the same problem. The problem with the furry fandom is that it is inherently sinful because it is inherently lewd; without the lewdness there is no furry fandom, because it has no distinctives left.

3fdf01  No.732156


That’s debateable. While yes dressing up in fursuits in an almost paganistic ritual and drawing sexually provocative art of anthro animals is basically what the fandom itself is, using anthropomorphic animals to tell stories or even as a sort of representation of one’s self isn’t sinful, provided you don’t make this the entire focus of your life. Basically, while making a religon out of going to conventions and identifying oneself with their fursona is unsavory, we can christianize and create a small faction that works to produce art that is spiritually enriching, or at the very least does not contribute to the culture of Death.

fd1667  No.732157


you already made up your mind on the topic; glad for you. I still believe with God's help that "non community" can be changed enough to the point where there are small groups of furries who also have values. Not all of the furry community is bad, even if I do know that the bad at the moment is overwhelming (hence why I posted Sturgeon's law in my first post). Same goes on a smaller scale in the political movements I am a follower of, and to an even smaller scale in Christianity. But guess what: we ought to work with the good parts and try to mend or rebuke the bad and unhealthy ones. If that "good" is only 1-2%, then we'll work with that 1 to 2%; if it's 5%, with 5%; and so on.

c8a482  No.732179






But you're missing that dressing up as an animal or even projecting your psyche onto a "fursona" like that is inherently fetishistic behavior. It is a vice that harms you, there can therefore never be a functioning "community" of furries that doesn't spiritually damage the "members".

They can only become real "communities" insofar as they help their members to escape from the furry fetish. And that's even stretching the term community, because really, groups of people who communicate online aren't a community, even if they improve each other. Your community is where you live, the people you have a relationship with, and the place you have an investment in. Even /christian/ isn't a community, it's a time sink and occasional tool for self improvement.

cc3112  No.732206

File: 8b0d15263bbd446⋯.jpg (38.94 KB, 250x250, 1:1, dafuq-cube.jpg)




What?! Is this guy for winniethepoohing hire or something?

fd1667  No.732209


I disagree; surely escapism can be dangerous, and mixing it with the other issues still plaguing the furry community is an even more dangerous thing…but it's up to each individual person in it to make it a good or bad thing. I still hold hope for a small change and to keep it as a way to vent out a little when life stresses me, and only after making sure I did my prayers and fulfilled my duties.

2e594b  No.732277


>using anthropomorphic animals to tell stories or even as a sort of representation of one’s self isn’t sinful

It also isn't "furry" in and of itself. >>732157

Again, what is the basis of this "community"? What are furries "fans" of? The "furry community" is basically the porn addict community, and you can't have a Christian community based on a fetish

fd1667  No.732309


>What are furries "fans" of?

anthropomorphix characters in all kinds of medias; again, I do not deny the issues in the community (I was in that dark spot as well); I do not want a Christian community based on it, but I would like to have a spot for those who also happen to have as their foundation for how to live a Christian faith. Does this mean we are "Christian furries"? No, we are Christians who happen to be inside this community and who enjoy the parts of it which a Christian would be allowed to enjoy. I like movies, does that mean I watch heretical movies and agree with them? I sometimes play videogames; but I know that's an escapism which should never take too much time away from my life or replace the time I should spend praying, reading or doing something constructive. Etc…

Everything in moderation, even moderation. Let not put down our guard, but let's not be puritans either.

3fdf01  No.732323


Honestly, if there were even church booths or even a church service with free food to intice people at cons, I could see that as being a good compromise. The spirit will lead people to wherever God wills, but we could make it easier.

fd1667  No.732326


I knew a young guy who entered seminary and who wants to help furries find God…he is sure there are many who are already close to Him, but are "wounded" and afraid to accept Him. I was in that place as well…especially after I had someone abuse me physically and the furry community was the only place where I could find some help at the time; later I returned to the faith, but it was a long journey home, and that part of me, even if it's a secondary and very small part, will always stick with me.

4ab4e6  No.737329

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

90cb37  No.737344

I remember that as a child I was really into the Redwall books and I eventually found a weird social game where you made an animal character and just interacted with people. I don't have any bad memories from it but in retrospect I think it was some kind of fursona thing and I shudder to think of some of the creeps I was probably talking to.

04ec50  No.737360

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Robot Chicken did it.

246af3  No.737373

>favorite cartoons always starred animals that acted human

>now humans want to act like animals

It'd be hypocritical of me to be too angry, as I'm writing a fantasy story involving monster girl-ish characters, but I actually justify it. These people just want to be something they aren't.

Also, here: https://web.archive.org/web/20181110200540/https://www.cnn.com/ampstories/us/what-you-dont-get-about-furry-fursonas

6de4ac  No.737376



Christ have mercy upon us

246af3  No.737633

File: 4fff074f9f062a6⋯.png (357.25 KB, 475x792, 475:792, 4ff.png)

e6746f  No.737638


Lol I actually agree now. Like you can like cartoon animals without making a whole community around it. Identifying as a furry is basically like saying you like shoes to everyone you meet and going to shoe lover conventions: people are going to assume you “like” it a little too much

that being said, Disney’s Robin Hood depicts the one religious figure in a good light and King Richard is implied to be the God Ordained king

dbf62a  No.737719

> a thread about furries


662fbe  No.749153


But you still visited porn sites. You shouldn't feel good about that.

c1add1  No.749734

As someone who was sexually rekt by Disney cartoons as a kid and faps to the art, I think there are subgroups that are definitely possessed by demons. Like therians and the people in that metokur video.

As for myself I am probably disappointing God immensely by fapping to what might be stylized depiction of demons. There are probably plenty of demons that are just half human half animal hybrids. B*ph*m*t and the goetia comes to mind. I can't help myself. Jesus pls cleanse my mind.

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