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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 23fcfba9c877050⋯.jpeg (30.24 KB, 640x434, 320:217, sdhfgg.jpeg)

f883a7  No.748849

What books are you reading at the moment?

What are you up to?

d08ef9  No.748852

I just started Confessions by st. Augustine.

347274  No.748939

reading the benedict option right now. its boomer pro-israel garbage overall, but it has some wisdom in it and its definitely worth a read.

i think next i'm gonna read By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed: A Catholic Defense of Capital Punishment by edward feser. i don't know anything about it, but it popped up in my amazon recommendeds and it looks interesting, anyone read it?

864968  No.748942


Just started "Becoming" by Michelle Obama and am almost done with "Broken Things" by Lauren Oliver.

347274  No.748944

File: bb8aa11550364ec⋯.jpg (68.24 KB, 640x960, 2:3, michael obama.jpg)


>"Becoming" by Michelle Obama

is it about her transition to becoming a woman?

476489  No.748945


Tried reading it but its bad. I should have known it would be by how much mainstream press it got. I'll have to get the other one thow. Thanks.

ac6194  No.748955

I'm reading through the Divine Comedy, almost done with the Inferno. I tried reading it before, but the translation I read back then was written in a way that put me to sleep every time I tried to read it. I'm reading John Ciardi's translation now and it's much better.


I pirated that book and read a little of it. It makes some solid arguments for capital punishment. Ed Feser's stuff is always good.

c9a6de  No.748979

Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike.

44e445  No.748985


are you an actual homosexual?

9c8f75  No.748991


No, I just don't LARP that I'm reading some "holy lofty marble encrusted super duper" books. OP asked and I gave an honest answer instead of trying to pretend I'm sitting in a monk's hovel reading ancient tomes.

84ac63  No.748992

I'm waiting for my book to arrive.

"Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma" by Ludwig Ott.

347274  No.748995


the mom-fiction i can understand if thats what you're into, but really, michelle obama? why on earth would you read that?

75dc9e  No.748996

Bible, psalms

864968  No.748998


I like politics. Funny thing is, though, if I said I'd read Trump's book, I'd be met with praise and ass licking. Such is the state of /christian/.

0c16f9  No.749004

Currently reading through Numbers.

After reading the entire NT first its mindblowing all of the parallels between what was said in the OT and what occurred in the NT

347274  No.749007



>anti abortion

>puts conservative judges into the supreme court, one of which is catholic


>pro abortion

>is literally a muslim

yeah, weird how a christian board would prefer one to the other.

c9a6de  No.749008


>I like politics


>Funny thing is, though, if I said I'd read Trump's book, I'd be met with praise and ass licking. Such is the state of /christian/.

No, not from me at least. Especially if you mean "Art of the Deal", there really is nothing good about learning such a vulgar trade.

91bcf2  No.749012

Trump makes me laugh sometimes, but I didn't even vote for him.. and not sure the Supreme Court will really change anything. America is broken by design.

I'm just re-reading the scriptures (started around church calendar beginning). I must have read them many times, but never front to back, funnily.

842914  No.749013


Anything by Ed Feser is good

00b5a9  No.749017

With Epiphany coming up, I'm re-reading Psalms and Ephesians. Otherwise, just whatever junk book I have laying around.

cc1214  No.749022

Phillipians and Collosians I read almost weekly. They're my favorite epistles. I just finished CS Lewis' The Great Divorce.

347274  No.749026


>The Great Divorce.

whats it about?

cc1214  No.749041


The Great Divorce is a fictional account of what souls in hell experience in the afterlife.

Specifically, souls from hell are brought to the edge of heaven once a year and are shown its beauty and asked to enter. These souls, still obsessed with themselves, refuse repent and choose to stay in hell.

It's a fairly decent illustration of the brokenness and wickedness of fallen man's soul. The dialogues consist of a person who is in heaven trying to convince an old friend or aquitance, who is in hell, to come to heaven.

I'll leave it at that. It was a good read.

d96169  No.749090

File: 4f34788234571c6⋯.jpg (38.63 KB, 544x366, 272:183, 4f34788234571c6f88556207ec….jpg)


Those shoulders.

145bd8  No.749091

the second book of History of the Christian church by philip schaff, 1 Corinthians and nipping on the Gulag Archipelago.

d96169  No.749093

I honestly don't know *what* to start reading. Can someone give me like a book to start with? Books on the Christian theology, etc.

145bd8  No.749097


The Canon Revised is a good start. It addresses the objections by secularists regarding the origins of the New testament.

4d1c0f  No.749099

File: 4ea23ed7ad387a8⋯.jpg (39.14 KB, 333x500, 333:500, 51D-03JcW8L.jpg)

8f41c5  No.749100

File: acaa3f892bf888a⋯.jpg (45.82 KB, 474x564, 79:94, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

File: 26de4cffca55b09⋯.jpg (87.41 KB, 446x800, 223:400, Asland sings into existenc….jpg)

Right now. I'm reading his whole chronicle right now. Along with more serious material the priest gave me, Catechism book, a book to help with reading the new testament from Blessed Theophylact.But mainly Mr. Lewis most popular book after i got through his, Mere Christianity book. Pic related from the Magicians Nephew. Really was probably one of the most memorable reads in my recent memory. And just the sheer fact of having a Creation ex nilo event happen. Which i don't see that often in pop culture. Cause everything is just saturated in this Darwinian outlook on life. Or *Insert Kermit the frog, Jordan Peterson voice*,*Order out of Chaos It's order out of Chaos*, Yea it's not. And that's not the biblical worldview. So it was actually nice to see that in some pretty good literature. Overall really good book. But his apologetic's what i'd still recommend out of all his works. C.S Lewis's journey out of Atheism really helped me in the Intellectual department.

82233d  No.749111

File: 04d6abad2641644⋯.jpg (49.53 KB, 546x900, 91:150, 1224x.jpg)

I picked this one up a week ago

84ac63  No.749118


Triggered Americans in 3, 2, 1…

d96169  No.749119


Thank you, anon.

86b70c  No.749135


Any recommendations for a beginner christianity book? An illustrated bible would be great (not drawings but additional notes/texts beside the biblical scripture I mean, sorry if not the right word).

I'd like advice on how to get more into the christian faith, the churches near me or not ones I'm interested in because reasons. Books would be a good way for me to explore on my own.

86b70c  No.749136


replying to myself here: Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis looks good

2911a9  No.749141

File: 734fa45e503dc09⋯.jpg (26.92 KB, 316x499, 316:499, 51kd3usWfaL._SX314_BO1,204….jpg)

File: 0eac21fdf2e5494⋯.jpg (246.13 KB, 1256x2063, 1256:2063, canticle.jpg)

Reading both of these right now, though I put the former down for a minute because it's just so profound. I need to read fiction with my nonfiction or I start getting burned out. I used to be a much better reader than I am; I blame the internet for stunting my attention span.

36acee  No.749144

File: 3e89681bce4e51c⋯.jpg (129.22 KB, 800x1130, 80:113, 3780064.jpg)

Believe it or not, actually has a section from William Jennings Bryan himself. It'll be coming in tomorrow along with some others, a great way to kick off the new year.

fe18ef  No.749145

File: 5fd8983f6f8037d⋯.jpeg (2.12 MB, 2273x3341, 2273:3341, D2A4A8D1-8CAA-4228-A223-4….jpeg)

c9a6de  No.749243

ffdc29  No.749256

b1a94e  No.749335

File: e55f30963221cac⋯.jpg (65.28 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, bb37726aa432c655c2195602ad….jpg)



>not Guenon, Evola, Schuon or Eliade

c9a6de  No.749378


Not that guy, but Secret Teachings of All Ages is simply an overview of all religions that have ever existed. Or at least, that Hall knew of.


It's not just western, but I guess you could skip the other chapters.

f883a7  No.749959

I am currently reading Black Edelweiss - war memoirs. Apart from that I try to read Scripture. When I am done with the war stories I will probably move to church fathers.





f883a7  No.750431


> "Becoming" by Michelle Obama

hard to believe anyone reads those books - as well as "Trumpwave" literature.

But well everyone's got a different taste I guess

d96169  No.750449


More than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell

b254e8  No.750459

File: 8c7226d0c7f042c⋯.png (548.13 KB, 640x1000, 16:25, breadpill (1).png)


Mere christianity is good

have a bread pill

af618f  No.750461

im trying to read the bible and the going is really slow

i heard youre not supposed to read it like a novel (front to back) is there a preferred order im supposed to read it in?

f883a7  No.750852


Fun read maybe. Personally I would not read it because it would probably be a waste of time. For fun I mostly meet friends, go out. When reading I prefer serious stuff.

That's just me though.


How about getting a calendar/subscribe to daily readings of a particular church and then stick to it. You read what you read. If you feel like it take one book apart from this and read it regardless, perhaps a page a day or so.

That's my system

f883a7  No.751848

Finishing Selected Writings - Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera.

A good read.

7c3f0e  No.752280


The Communist Manifesto

It's really confusing though. Marx sucks. He's a bad man.

f883a7  No.752289


Yeah I remember when I read it.

Tear down family, tear down nations, tear down religion.

Pure poison. One needs to read that to understand bolshevism

766751  No.752304

File: 390e9681c696b03⋯.jpg (100.45 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 17951928_10154703202535756….jpg)

Getting through pic related but honestly I keep getting sidetracked

ebd124  No.753356

Religious Vocation: An Unnecessary Mystery by Fr. Richard Butler

55251e  No.753930

Sort of off topic, but it has to do with books so…

What is meant by Ecclesiastes 12: 11-12? I'm pretty sure it's not as simple as "don't read/write books outside the Bible" or even "don't read/write about things other than God and Christianity" though it might be a caution about other kinds of wisdom books or false teaching? Not sure.

6343bd  No.753943

Can I get some recommendations for Christian books on audible?

I like to listen to books while I work

c2b283  No.753951


there is always text to audio converters but some sound too synthetic. But some might be fine.

779a09  No.754208

Just finished Tom Soyer, now on to Cuckleberry Finn.

8a8311  No.754395

Libido Dominandi by E. Michael Jones

40c04c  No.754555

Libido Dominandi.

What do you guys think about Meditations on the Tarot?

817c41  No.754558

I’ve got Robert Hugh Benson’s ‘Come rack! Come Rope!’ after hearing about his Lord of the World book.

370456  No.754566


It's wonderfully articulate heretical trash that brought me back to the faith, but heretical trash nonetheless. The wheat can easily be found in the notable mystics of the Church, particularly the spanish, and the chaff is the kind that plays off of the same air of secret wisdom that leads people to seek gnosticism out of pride. It would be a competent bridge from the occult to the Church if readers could expected to separate said wheat from said chalf, as I, by God's grace, was able too, but sadly I see no reason to believe so.

27c7c4  No.754661


Melanchthon's Treatise is top tier

c2b283  No.754724

The Protocols.

9fa73b  No.754798


Liberalism in this context doesn't mean "leftist" like it does in an American context. It means something more along the lines of putting man as the measure of things, centering society around rational thought, and enlightenment values, with a focus on liberty, democracy, equality and so on...

11228e  No.754807

I am currently reading Apologia Pro Vita Sua.

c7b7ad  No.754882

File: e8a27946cf86efa⋯.jpg (547.59 KB, 1578x1164, 263:194, dostoevsky.jpg)

I just finished The Brothers Karamazov. I think it may be my favorite piece of fiction I've read yet, even above Dostoevsky's other works. I like that Dostoevsky grants ideological opponents like Ivan the most credit and fairness possible, while still showing the truth and imparting a Christian message through Alyosha and Zossima.

I only wonder how so many profligate writers such as Nietzsche and Sartre could have read and loved his works and yet continued to promote their atheist and arrogant philosophies. It seems odd that so many have read it and yet tragically so few have understood and taken to heart the beauty of Dostoevsky's message at the end, which is the foundation of Christianity; to love others absolutely as you would yourself.

Regardless, I really liked it.

ac6194  No.754885


>I only wonder how so many profligate writers such as Nietzsche and Sartre could have read and loved his works and yet continued to promote their atheist and arrogant philosophies

It's amazing how many people love that book yet completely miss it's message. Even Hilary Clinton claimed that it's her favorite novel. I guess the themes just go over their heads.

c7b7ad  No.754886


>Even Hilary Clinton claimed that it's her favorite novel. I guess the themes just go over their heads.

Exactly, the sheer arrogance of someone like that who can read of Alyosha's final speech and continue in their infirmity astounds me, not with contempt, but just sheer confusion. I think their simplicity of intellect can be an explanation (not excuse) for some, but for others I can only think of pride as an explanation for that level of mental gymnastics and willful-ignorance; they either think they know better, or simply chose wickedness regardless out of convenience or weakness. Probably the greatest tragedy about the book is people's not adopting or at least understanding it's message.

00c3eb  No.755021


Thanks for the info. I guess I'll skip it, then.

020248  No.755073


Any books about a Catholic defense against the charges of paganism?

020248  No.755075


Should I read Crime and Punishment before reading this?

a192d3  No.755080

File: f707992877a270f⋯.jpg (23.72 KB, 310x475, 62:95, 2830937.jpg)


The Pagan Temptation by Thomas Molnar might interest you

c2b283  No.755116


Western liberalism is just a logical conclusion of

>muh liberty

>muh equality

>muh democracy

Either in its most extreme form or its more subtle form…it's still the same thing.

797fd2  No.755123


It's really not. . . Totally different perspectives on

> The role of the state

> The role of the individual

> Freedom of speech (of thought really)

> Different definitions of freedom on general

It's a confusion of terms. The one anon is talking about is a product of the enlightenment, Voltaire et al whereas progressive liberalism in the other sense of the word is a product of Marxism. The former was and is all about the liberation of the individual in the pursuit of realising his full potential in the world free of the tyranny of state and church. The latter was and is about the liberation of classes of peoples from the oppressions of other classes. Eg. the bourgeoisie/proletariat economic oppression which developed into what we have today in identity politics. The difference between the two is most clearly seen today in the free speech debate.( See for example: https://www.spiked-online.com/2019/01/04/we-must-be-free-to-criticise-islam/ which a classical liberal could easily say but a progressive (american) liberal couldnt as minority rights need protection.) What the two have in common is they both place man at the centre with no place for God so if that's what you mean we are in agreement. But they go about their business with different modes of discourse which need be recognised of they are to be spoken against in the public sphere.

fc2ac4  No.755143

Inb4 getting called a /pol/ock, but I tried reading Mein Kampf just to see what it said, but i gave up on it. Most recently finished the Rule of St. Benedict, will try to see if I can find the Rule of St. Basil and start the Sayings of the Desert Fathers.

92e533  No.755148

File: d2ac73347794b12⋯.jpeg (42.41 KB, 450x450, 1:1, b7e6fe16-527d-43b6-beeb-a….jpeg)


>i tried reading Mein Kampf

For My Legionaries > Mein Kampf 10000% and a more enjoyable read.


Codreanu, fed up with [((communists))] ruining his country, creates the Legion of St. Micheal the Archangel and does good deeds for his people while undermining the [((synagogue of satan))]

6343bd  No.755162

I started reading David Copperfield

c7b7ad  No.755206


>Should I read Crime and Punishment before reading this?

I think Brothers Karamazov is the better of the two, honestly. But ultimately it depends entirely on what you are interested in. Crime and Punishment is a bit shorter and better for people interested in penance and are newer to Christianity, while Brothers' message is best for those struggling with faith and learning to love other people. I definitely recommend reading both, though.

e35059  No.755258

Currently read Behold A Pale Horse. Should have picked up a copy years ago.

e35059  No.755264


Actually the majority (perhaps slim) would are conservative and would probably agree that liberalism is a sin, if they were believers that is.

You would be surprised at the number of Christian conservatives in America.

55251e  No.756329

bd71d5  No.758756

I read Twilight over England by William Joyce. Quite an interesting read

3cd472  No.758825


I'm planning on reading "Absolute Surrender" by Andrew Murray in the near-future

b14614  No.758841


Good choice anon.

bd71d5  No.758877


Looking forward to Libido Dominandi.Would like to read barren metal first…but I do not have the book

274a3c  No.759704

Thinking about it reading really is the thing that separates you from being a dull mass. You won't find enough food for thought in tv/series, etc. In order to get to the truth you have to read.

6ef3f9  No.759769


I've been reading Edward Feser's Intro to Aquinas and The Last Superstition.

32e01c  No.759773

File: 9cd361b445df8f9⋯.jpeg (84.68 KB, 400x354, 200:177, Igor_Shafarevich.jpeg)

Shafarevich's book The Socialist Phenomenon.

>"I hope that no one present will suspect me of expressing my partial criticism of the Western system in order to suggest socialism as an alternative. No; with the experience of a country where socialism has been realized, I shall not speak for such an alternative. The mathematician Igor Shafarevich, a member of the Soviet Academy of Science, has written a brilliantly argued book entitled Socialism; this is a penetrating historical analysis demonstrating that socialism of any type and shade leads to a total destruction of the human spirit and to a leveling of mankind into death. Shafarevich's book was published in France almost two years ago and so far no one has been found to refute it. It will shortly be published in English in the U.S." - Alexander Solzhenitsyn Harvard address.

Shafarevich's book The Socialist Phenomenon,[6] which was published in the US by Harper & Row in 1980, analyzed numerous examples of socialism, from ancient times, through various medieval heresies, to a variety of modern thinkers and socialist states. From these examples he claimed that all the basic principles of socialist ideology derive from the urge to suppress individuality. The Socialist Phenomenon consists of three major parts:[7]

Chiliastic Socialism: Identifies socialist ideas amongst the ancient Greeks, especially Plato, and in numerous medieval heretic groups such as the Cathars, Brethren of the Free Spirit, Taborites, Anabaptists, and various religious groups in the English Civil War, and modern writers such as Thomas More, Campanella, and numerous Enlightenment writers in 18th-century France.[8]

State Socialism: Describes the socialism of the Incas, the Jesuit state in Paraguay, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and China.[9]

Analysis: Identifies three persistent abolition themes in socialism – the abolition of private property, the abolition of the family, and the abolition of religion (mainly, but not exclusively Christianity)[10]

Shafarevich argued that ancient socialism (such as Mesopotamia and Egypt) was not ideological, as an ideology socialism was a reaction to the emergence of individualism in the Axial Age. He compared Thomas More's (Utopia) and Campanella's (City of the Sun) visions with what is known about the Inca Empire, and concluded that there are striking similarities. He claimed that we become persons through our relationship with God, and argued that socialism is essentially nihilistic, unconsciously motivated by a death instinct. He concluded that we have the choice of either pursuing death or life.

32e01c  No.759774

55251e  No.759978


Self-bumping my own question. I know it might sound ridiculous, but I genuinely want to be sure.

55251e  No.760480


So basically just a warning against modernism, secularism, and atheism/nihilism?

274a3c  No.760559

File: f755d2eeb10509a⋯.jpeg (55.48 KB, 788x460, 197:115, serveimage.jpeg)

Anyone read this?

Dreher - Benedict's option

Is it worth reading?

50cc5d  No.760575

"A Textual History of the King James Bible" (written by Norton..who also did the Paragraph KJV). It's kind of interesting how many odd variations there are of the KJV.. even after the advent of the printing press (or zealous printers/Protestants mangling things).

50cc5d  No.760582


I'm surprised he's a converted Orthodox, with a title like that. Seems interesting enough though, but I don't think I'm going to get anything out of it personally. I practically live that way already. But he appears to be coming from an activist conservative/political point of view.. and discussing "cultural wars" and whatnot. People who heavily invested in the way the world runs. Maybe it's more appealing to them.

a7df2d  No.760639


Politics? She was the wife of a President. You can read whatever you want and I am myself not someone who reads lofty pretentious titles, but seems strange you would spend time on that out of all things.

274a3c  No.760830


all right. I will give it a try. Seems like quick read anyway.

c2ba9e  No.760963

File: dae22026d908630⋯.jpg (31.88 KB, 322x499, 322:499, 51UKbd xawL._SX320_BO1,204….jpg)

274a3c  No.762893


Just finished. Really interesting book if you want an alternative view of history.

aef8ae  No.762895

I'm reading Rule and Exercises of Holy Living by Jeremy Taylor.

I finished Rule and Exercise of Holy Dying a while ago.

It's really well written.

57a65e  No.762903

File: b8a04930244d683⋯.jpeg (77.16 KB, 817x545, 817:545, chesterton-distributismo-….jpeg)

Everlasting Man by G.K. Chesteron. I've read other books by him during this month too, Heretics, Orthodoxy and What's Wrong with the World. Amazing writer, definitely.

Planning on rereading the Confessions by st. Augustine or maybe start The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis.

335df2  No.762907


Potestas Clavium by Lev Shestov.

4a5e68  No.763448

On page 520 of Libido Dominandi. Pretty great book would definitely recommend to all.

274a3c  No.763453


I'm coming at it right now. No time to wait.

274a3c  No.763454

I have started reading "Men among the ruins". It seems like a great book but it takes longer time to digest it so I prefer one chapter at a time approach and even another more leisure book at the side has made it for me.

This has worked very well with Revolt Against the Modern World

d96169  No.763455


I've yet to start Everlasting Man. What do you think of it so far?

274a3c  No.764441

Reading Libido Dominandi.

So far it's pretty good. Recommended

eb173e  No.767515

cefdb9  No.767869

File: d49733908a726a6⋯.jpg (11.74 KB, 260x390, 2:3, Analects_Watson.JPG)

File: 0d9bd8a15de1f9c⋯.jpg (25.53 KB, 254x400, 127:200, Tao Te Ching_Mair.jpg)

File: 2a858b9d9cd224d⋯.jpeg (14.1 KB, 450x450, 1:1, Introduction to Old Occit….jpeg)

cefdb9  No.767871


Also reading Lewis' Screwtape Letters.

4ef500  No.767897

File: 281cb1f7c953b5b⋯.jpeg (22.23 KB, 360x460, 18:23, tpp.jpeg)

f6d093  No.767931

File: fd82dbde3e7ee4f⋯.png (501.44 KB, 939x469, 939:469, Recent IQ.png)

Currently, I have quite a few books I'm reading:

>Catechism of the Catholic Church

>Discernment by Henri Nouwen

>Hadith of Bukhari Volumes 1-4

>The Modern Witch Book of Tarot by Skye Alexander (I'm a curious fellow and never got the point of those cards.)

>The Sacred Enneagran: Finding your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth by Christopher L. Heuertz

>Anatomy of an Affair by Dave Carder

>Introducing the Orthodox Church: Its Faith and Life by Anthony M. Coniarris

I know, some of the book choices are questionable, but I can't throw out the baby with the bathwater in case there is something useful.

89ba0a  No.768273

File: 371c62c5f785806⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 2696x2842, 1348:1421, IE7239.JPG)

Reading through the Nibelungenlied. I got a lot of books to go through.

c2c824  No.768280

Piano for Dummies. I memorised a string of notes from the main theme of Crash Bandicoot 1 so that was nice but ultimately, I don't musically understand anything so I hope to remedy that.

Who knows? Maybe some day I'll play the etudes of Liszt!

eb173e  No.768391



nice I have him in my e-library too.

However I am stuck in the middle of "Men among the ruins" and "libido dominandi"

1d0d84  No.768432

Does anyone have any good book recs on the problem of evil? Also looking to build my library in anticipation of kids, any good catechesis recommendations?

1d0d84  No.768433


Reading this right now and it's pretty epic.

a192d3  No.768502

File: 620bdd717302732⋯.png (143.4 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Thinking_Face_Emoji_grande.png)


>Hadith of Bukhari Volumes 1-4

6f6623  No.768508

Joseph Ratzinger - Spirit of the Liturgy

eb173e  No.768599


It is. I definitely want to read Nest leader's manual and the Prison Notes. But I am unable to find the prison notes

a7df2d  No.768611


>The Modern Witch Book of Tarot by Skye Alexander (I'm a curious fellow and never got the point of those cards.)

For playing games. Read Dummett and Mcleod. As someone who plays French tarot and czech taroky often enough, and also latin suited card games, the tarot cards pretty soon lose any mystique they may seem to have.

eaff1d  No.769879

What is your take on Rene Guenon?

Is he worth reading?

00b5a9  No.769900



>Worth reading

You decide.

34de01  No.769916


>Is he worth reading?

Maybe, Seraphim Rose did and his interest in Eastern spirituality ultimately lead him to Orthodoxy. As a Christian I'd recommend Wolfgang Smith instead.

eb173e  No.772637

File: 3a2604a0edd1e4d⋯.jpeg (21.63 KB, 300x400, 3:4, serveimage.jpeg)

Reading right now.


Libido Dominandi is solid but I kind of dislike the tone of the second half. I also seriously despise when people use "judeo-christian values" .Term that emerged in the last century. I find this term very VERY subversive. I like EMJ a lot but this book kind of shifts my opinion on the guy I cannot say I agree with him on many things.

df2ad7  No.772679


top tier.

As for me, I'm on part 2 of City of God. Helps to have the bible open, so I can constantly review his references, and gain a deeper understanding on his arguments

df2ad7  No.772680


If you do find the Prison Notes, hit me up with that pdf or I'll have to learn Romanian

c62349  No.772761

I've got a copy of Institutes of the Christian Religion on the way, so that'll occupy me for some time.

I'd also like to get my hands on Calvin's commentaries, Spurgeon's Sermons, some of John Owen's works, and Turretin's Institutes of Elentic Theology.

eb173e  No.772867


The protocols were really good thing to read. It was on to read list for a long time.

City of God. I recently downloaded the book. Intend to read it soon. I expect it is useless to ask whether it is good.


All right. But after searching for half a year I have little hopes of finding it, unfortunately.

As far as the guard/codreanu is concerned I got:

>For my legionaries

>Nests leader's manual

>the history of th elegionary movement - Sima


>some other book about history of legionary youth

Do you have Barren Metal - EMJ? that is also one book I have been looking for for some time

eb173e  No.772941


I also got "tragedy of Iron Guard" by Julius Evola

eb173e  No.773478

Just have read Tragedy of Iron Guard - Evola.

If you do not know anything about the Guard/you did not read For my Legionaries, this short article is a fine introduction. It features many quotes and outlines the overall spiritual ideas of Codreanu

a4c1c9  No.773482


What’s this like? Can I get a tl;dr? How are you liking it?

cc5d03  No.774053

File: cd0938551d4af27⋯.jpg (28.16 KB, 263x377, 263:377, A_Canticle_for_Leibowitz_c….jpg)

I finished reading A Canticle for Leibowitz 8 days ago, I liked it.

eb173e  No.775073

File: 2d39812ad219f8f⋯.jpg (36.58 KB, 408x599, 408:599, Ernst_Juenger_inSG.jpg)

Anyone read Ernst Junger? How was it?

I intend to read Euswemil but I also want to read spiritual exercises of st. Ignatius of Loyola. Too much books around

fbb46c  No.775194

reading God's battalions: the case for crusades atm

eb173e  No.777072

Reading Hammer of the patriot.

eb173e  No.777295


Hey. I have found pdf in Romanian. Perhaps we could use translator to turn it into english. Better than nothing. But google translate does not swallow more than 5000 characters and other translators are even worse.

What do?

95fe57  No.777302


I'm reading the deuterocanonical books in The New American Bible translation.

Starting with Tobit.

056287  No.777595


Just finished College Apologetics by Fr. Anthony Alexander. Great book on the basics of proving the Catholic religion. Very accessible too.

Right now I’m bouncing back and forth between J.F.D Kelly’s Early Christian Doctrines and How Christ Said the First Mass by Fr. James Meagher.

c3de18  No.777631


The Rule of the Master as part of my Monastic studies. Also rereading the bible as usual. Currently on 1 Samuel.

eb173e  No.777686

I have just finished Libido dominandi.

Now I am moving on to "In Praise of the new knighthood" by st. Bernard.

eb173e  No.777687

Also finished Metaphysics of war. Worth reading

If you need sources where to search for books:





00b4b1  No.777690

File: 9335c818c855053⋯.jpg (307.74 KB, 959x1210, 959:1210, Paradise_Lost_1.jpg)

Rereading Paradise Lost for the first time since high school. Made a profound impact on me, more so than the bullshit we had to read in required English classes like Catcher in the Rye (most boring, pretentious heap of crap i ever had to read). Even when I was not Christian I always admired its poetic beauty and ability to describe the ethereal, and now that I have seen the light of Christ I think it was Milton who first laid the seeds in my mind.

bfeff6  No.777691

The Bible ;)

df2ad7  No.777732


City of God is basically a compendium of western philosophy, so except to learn a lot more than just Christian theology. If you don't know anything about the Greeks and Romans and their histories, this book will most certainly introduce you

eb173e  No.777734


Good. just what I need.

eaff1d  No.778072


I finished In Praise of the new knighthood.

Now I will read "Handbook of the rightwing youth"

Then I will move to City of God finally.

21ebe8  No.778157

File: 886d5f4e3bd60b8⋯.jpeg (28.94 KB, 372x400, 93:100, ic.jpeg)

The E Allison Peers translation of The Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila

e76da1  No.778169


The metaphor of your soul as a castle composed of a single diamond is an awesome image I use in my meditations. It synced perfectly with a piece of mystical wisdom I derived from the Bible;


>37 And that which thou sowest, thou sowest not the body that shall be: but bare grain, as of wheat, or of some of the rest.

Grains such as wheat contain lignin. Keep that in mind;


>11 I indeed baptize you in water unto penance, but he that shall come after me, is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you in the Holy Ghost and fire.

A laser (The Fire) applied to wood (Rich in lignin; the grain/wheat) produces graphene (Metaphorically the diamond;)


>Laser-Induced Graphene Formation on Wood.

>Here, a facile approach is reported to transform wood into hierarchical porous graphene using CO2 laser scribing. Studies reveal that the crosslinked lignocellulose structure inherent in wood with higher lignin content is more favorable for the generation of high-quality graphene than wood with lower lignin content

The Bible prophesied something intimately improrant to me, and St. Teresa gave me the conceptual tool to realize it.

cd2292  No.783890


The paperback and ebook on Amazon is pretty cheap.

878a91  No.783910

Roger Scruton; The Soul of the World

It's a good book, at least so far. I'm primarily trying to find new ways to evangelize by stealth and subterfuge because I'm too bashful, polite and English to make known my convictions without appending a philosophical proof.

a590b0  No.783946

I'm digging through the classics. Going to try to troop it out through Aquinas' Summa Theologica. I really want to read the "Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture" collection, but the price is ridiculous.

f955b1  No.783948

im just starting the old testament listenin to some lo fi


3a8d75  No.784123

File: 0cef26ec05dc7e3⋯.jpg (243.81 KB, 800x1068, 200:267, Martin-Chemnitz.jpg)

Does anyone know where I can find an English translation of Martin Chemnitz's Examination of the Council of Trent? I really want to read but I can't find a pdf or epub of it anywhere online and physical copies of the book are like $200.

fd34ea  No.784133

File: 6790ab5964b1a09⋯.jpg (96.59 KB, 546x900, 91:150, 0106x_1.jpg)

I'm about halfway through The Secret of the Rosary. Aside from that I've started The Man Who Was Thursday and am trying to read through all four Gospels for Lent.

dbf8e6  No.784146

Enchiridion militis Christiani - Handbook of a Christian Knight by Erasmus.

I could only find it in old english so its hard for me to follow at times but still im enjoying the lessons.

f512dd  No.784208

I'm currently about to start Leviticus and Acts and I'm also reading the Ladder of Divine Ascent and biography on Father Seraphim Rose. I hope to certainly finish The Ladder before Lent ends.


I've been thinking about picking that one up, have you learned things that are useful for our accursed day and age or is it more of an interesting historical work?

dbf8e6  No.784521


Well, knowledge for virtuous living is timeless so it doesnt exhaust itself as simply historical.

REad this article and see if it interests you, it got bits of the book:




You have it here in various different formats. I got the simple .txt.

dac92a  No.784537

Pascal et saint Augustin - Philippe Sellier

It's about how Blaise Pascal was influenced by Saint Augustine. It's fantastic but it's a difficult read.

878a91  No.784655


A short version would be to say that Roger Scruton rapes and pillages his way through evolutionary psychology, neurophilosophy, and cognitive science leaving no survivors. He very eloquently defends cognitive dualism, and then takes people to task who hope to understand "consciousness" by arguing that really the self-consciousness of humans is a different animal entirely, something which is actually the "first premise" which lies behind all thought, and is placed on the limit of nature in some relation to a Christological God.

40cc71  No.784733

Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy by Father Damick. Fascinating read on how Orthodox Catholicism relates to just about every other denomination of Christians, from Anabaptists to Quakers.

963ee9  No.786397

File: d7bac1cd2907de8⋯.jpeg (419.33 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, A74D50D1-E824-4038-AD90-A….jpeg)




27a9eb  No.787476

File: c57dc0084dad3dd⋯.jpg (37.13 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 9781849025621.jpg)

Pic related

GK Chesterton is alot harder of a read than I had thought. Really thought provoking stuff, but kinda hard for me to digest

40cc71  No.787731


Is it not great how he can whirl between hilarious and profound without skipping a beat?

755d32  No.790739


Have you read Lord of the World? It's one of my favorite books, I highly recommend it

db4a9d  No.790923

"The Truth about What Really Happened to the Catholic Church After Vatican II" by Bro. Michael Dimond

"The Anti-Modernist Reader" by Fr. Anthony Cekada

"Work of Human Hands: A Theological Critique of the Mass of Paul VI" by Fr. Anthony Cekada

"Orthodoxy and Catholicism: A Comparison", by Dave Armstrong

"The Right Side of History", by Ben Shapiro

b46dd6  No.791037


How is the secret of the rosary? Never heard of it but I don't feel like I'm praying the rosary very effectively.

9a58b0  No.791057

File: 83158b99edca1ec⋯.jpg (145.25 KB, 624x990, 104:165, 325f4076a51a0acf08906edbb9….jpg)

37713d  No.791861

File: 8e8810751d5917f⋯.jpg (24.05 KB, 474x474, 1:1, e1ccdd872fe18163a92558b7fb….jpg)


6fa91c  No.791863


Reading brave new world rn

2aa1e7  No.791865


it's a black version of that male bodyguard from Game of Thrones

6cc6ec  No.791958


It's pretty good. Montfort gives some pretty practical advice about how to pray the Rosary more effectively, especially in how to avoid speeding through it (which he emphasizes is probably one of the worst things you can do when praying it).

2920ae  No.791995


I've seen this guy posted here before, but I don't know who he is.

37713d  No.792013


Alojzije Viktor Stepinac

37713d  No.792014



He was showtrialed by communists and declared a martyr and beatified by Pope John Paul II.

He's a controversial figure though.

f194e9  No.792094

File: b69049b44900ead⋯.png (273.51 KB, 1507x756, 1507:756, b69049b44900eada7f84b598c5….png)

Highly recommended and you can read it legally and for free right here:


6c0b4f  No.792096

Joined a Bible study group at church. Its going from Genesis to Revelation over several years if it doesn't fizzle out.

37713d  No.792262


thanks will read that book. Exactly my type

1c7144  No.792794

File: de0c1bbc22cf7cd⋯.jpeg (223.84 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, ffa.jpeg)

what's your excuse for not having read this book?

Read st. John Chrysostom.

8e19dc  No.792801


>what's your excuse for not having read this book?

I'm not a power-fantasy having, self-stroking /pol/ack with daddy issues.

250fcd  No.792807

I'm sitting at home wanting to read, but I've finished everything on my shelf but the Bible (which I like to read in moderation so I better digest it). I need to order more Christian books.


>Its going from Genesis to Revelation over several years if it doesn't fizzle out

I do hope it works out for you, as they do tend to fall apart… in the last Bible study group I was part of, there was a member or two leaving every month. I left it after the woman leading it claimed to speak for God, kek.

2920ae  No.792844

File: f2cc00cfc3ff3bd⋯.jpg (84.83 KB, 510x650, 51:65, pay-back.jpg)


>what's your excuse for not having read this book?

Because I abandoned my hate and learned to forgive (((them))) as my Father in heaven has forgiven me.

7b1c5f  No.792904


Everyone look, this guys better than Saint John Chrysostom! How holy!

7b1c5f  No.792906


>Saint John Chrysostom is a power-fantasy having, self-stroking /pol/ack with daddy issues


9ab32c  No.792919


Look at this guy, he thinks one church father is enough to ignore Jesus' parables, how holy!

681ba2  No.792921


>Saints are infallible and sinless


1c7144  No.792931


Just because YOU interpret parables in some way that does not make chrysostom wrong.

If you read the book you would know there is hardly any "hatred", there is an honest desire to protect church against judaic disease and to convert jews to one true faith.


>anything politically incorrect it hate

>it is because I/jews claim so


lame excuse actually. Looks like you are too afraid to read the book to learn something that would contradict your worldview.

Just so you know..chrysostom is not /pol/ because /pol/ was nonexistent then. Which is quite obvious. Also his book is not used on /pol/ because of the pagan larping


Nobody says that. However discarding his whole homilies on the basis of feels being inconvenient in the current age is pathetic.

If you're convinced about what you believe in you should be able to read the book without changing your views.

I still think the opinion of st.John Chrysostom is of more value than yours or of >>792844 no offense really.

The guy warns the whole church even to this day.

4be7cf  No.792947


bad-mouthing Saints is actually a form of blasphemy

6bb9fd  No.793063


Some of the greatest Saints were also the greatest sinners. There is no blasphemy in pointing out the truth.

45ed07  No.793066


>too afraid to read the book to learn something that would contradict your worldview

That book isn't what people think it is. I've actually read it and it's not "lol h8 jooz!" It's about judaizers in the Church and has little to do with actual Jewish people or their religion.

>not /pol/ because /pol/ was nonexistent then

/pol/ mentality has always existed, regardless of what it was called.

4be7cf  No.793067


Attacking Saints whom cannot defend themselves against malicious personal attacks (at least, not in -this- time) doesn't sound very Christian to me.

I mean (>>792801) do you really think St. John C was a "power fantasy-having, self-stroking /pol/ack with daddy issues"? How in the world is this guy from 1,600 years ago a /pol/ack?

a33d85  No.793068


John C was not that. Anyone who spams it everywhere because of the title is a "power fantasy-having, self-stroking /pol/ack with daddy issues". Literally not one single other work by John C has been even passingly mentioned ITT, which means the poster of the book doesn't actually care about John C. The poster just wants an excuse to show his righteousness in his hatred of Jews.

Just. Like. A. /pol/ack.

6ef214  No.793131


>It's about judaizers in the Church and has little to do with actual Jewish people or their religion.

If you read the book you would know it talks fairly enough about jewish religion because he dismantles it to help the christians keep from being judaized.

The only person here claiming "muh j00z" is you.

I am not using the book as a meme. I have actually read it.


>There is no blasphemy in pointing out the truth.

Sure..if it is the truth but this is not the case.

6ef214  No.793136


Wew lad. You do not even know me and you know what I read or did not read. are you clairvoyant or something?

>Literally not one single other work by John C has been even passingly mentioned ITT, which means the poster of the book doesn't actually care about John C.

So you talk about the authors you read all the time non-stop? all right man.

>The poster just wants an excuse to show his righteousness in his hatred of Jews.

So now you want to convince yourself that recommending a book is really not about the book. lol. man you are pathetic. So I recommended st. Augustine here why? another great theory for that?

Oh you're that guy with reddit spacing. ok

8e19dc  No.793154


>you talk about the authors you read all the time non-stop

Well it IS a book thread.

>reddit spacing

Oh, you're one of those. ID filtered.

6ef214  No.793155


Also I do not mean to be uncharitable or mean. But I actually got a ban for spamming that.

Otherwise I am far from "self stroking polack with daddy issues". My father is a great man and as far as "stroking" is concerned I am almost one year and half on nofap . I hope you're doing this well in this respect since you insult people just because they recommend people to read some book you dislike.

Or are you projecting your insecurities on others? It seems to me so.

I did not spam it because of the title. I spammed it so few people may actually know it exists and maybe read it because it is a good book by a great man.

6ef214  No.793156


>insults you

>gets offended by you mocking reddit

>ID filtered


6ef214  No.793157


non argument.

If we talked about every author we read here, we would not do anything else. I read tons of books. Does the fact that I did not discuss Charles Dickens here mean I do not admire the guy?

Do not be ridiculous

4e16ad  No.793212




Don't even bother. This guys so ass-blasted by the /pol/ boogeyman he thinks a guy who died 1600 years ago was LITERALLY a /pol/ack. You're not talking to a person, you're talking to an npc and a protestant.

dc46b4  No.793213


>he thinks a guy who died 1600 years ago was LITERALLY a /pol/ack

Showing your illiteracy in a book thread is a sin.

4e16ad  No.793227


No it isn't. Defending christ-killers is, though.

12de92  No.793462


>Don't even bother.

kek. You just post a book and:

>No you did not read the book kid it is something other than you think

>Oh man did you just find the book? cringe

>Self stroking daddy issues man

>Saints were also great sinners I am just pointing out the truth

>No I mean the polack is just the guy who posted it.

>gets hurt by you mocking reddit

>filters you

I do not care if it is uncharitable or anything. It is more of pathetic.

Anyway I wish this Anon/Anons best. Hopefully he/they do not have the issues they project on you when you just post a book by Chrysostom.

I knew this would probably evolve into some kind of dispute but man. I did not expect people going so viciously ad hominem.


It is not. But I would argue that insulting a church father in this way is. The funny thing is that my ban was justified as "trying to dishonor a great church father" Simply for giving the picture alongsie random posts in random threads. Here the first posts suggests the book is for "power-fantasy having, self-stroking /pol/ack with daddy issues." and that's fine

fd9239  No.793466

Spent a load of money to buy the books that are recommended in The Orthodox Way. Therefore this is the "training regiment" I'll put my girlfriend through so that she can begome ordodox:

- The Living God, pt. 1

- The Living God, pt. 2

- The Incarnate God, pt. 1

- The Incarnate God, pt. 2

- The Orthodox Church

- The Orthodox Way

- The Jesus Prayer

I've already read The Living God (in French). It's a great, although basic, catechism that goes over the events of the Gospels, from the Nativity of Christ to the Second Coming. I notice that the English translation removes a chapter originally titled "Jews and Christians" (I assume because it can be interpreted in a "dual covenant" way) and a chapter originally titled "A Perspective on Orthodox Eschatology" (I assume because of the universalist implications - too bad, because it's a good chapter).

I've aleady read The Orthodox Church and The Orthodox Way too. The Orthodox Way introduces or re-introduces the experienced Christian faith to someone who may not know about it or who may be Orthodox but not practicing. It's really basic but at the same time really good to look back on now and then. The Orthodox Church is interesting on the history side, but almost pathetically simple on the side of doctrine and faith, although it also addresses modern issues that The Living God doesn't touch upon, so it's still worth it.

15f1ee  No.793471


which one is it where Timothy Ware talks about how cool contraception, divorce, and homosexuals are

489864  No.793525


When you're posting a book for no other reason than the shock value of it's title, you are literally a power-fantasy having, self-stroking /pol/ack with daddy issues.

e86d41  No.793526

File: 35b6ce4d69bbc36⋯.gif (151.84 KB, 312x252, 26:21, tenor.gif)

Not honking anything.

fd9239  No.793529


What are you talking about and why are you so randomly hostile?

28a757  No.793547

A book on the Chernobyl incident atm, after that I shall start a book on how to live a proper Christian life whilst dealing with SSA.

aba4d6  No.793564

File: db1d945cebfb571⋯.jpeg (62.75 KB, 336x500, 84:125, 0C196F8A-07CB-4043-99CE-1….jpeg)

Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare Manual

6ef214  No.793632


Are you retarded or did you not read what I just wrote here? I read the book and I post it because of its content. Apparently you did not read the book and you're the one with the issues here.

There's nothing "shocking" about the book or its title.

6fa91c  No.793653


this. If a person wanted to shock with the title alone, he would show "on the jews and their lies" from martin luther.

3c53a4  No.793655


Too common. The St. John C book was recently discovered by the anon who posted it ITT and got such a joy-boner about it being "omg le so shocking" that he posted it in literally every single thread until the mods came along and had to [D+] it all.

ae83fe  No.793658


Since this seems to be what you're asking about… Here is what he says about contraception in "The Orthodox Church":

>Concerning contraceptives and other forms of birth control, differing opinions exist within the Orthodox Church. In the past birth control was in general strongly condemned, but today a less strict view is coming to prevail, not only in the west but in traditional Orthodox countries. Many Orthodox theologians and spiritual fathers considerthat the responsible use of contraception within marriage is not in itself sinful. In their view, the question of how many children a couple should have, and at what intervals, is best decided by the partners themselves, according to the guidance of their own consciences.

About divorce:

>The Orthodox Church permits divorce and remarriage, quoting as its authority the text of Matthew xix, 9, where Our Lord says: 'If a man divorces his wife, for any cause other than unchastity, and marries another, he commits adultery.' Since Christ, according to the Matthaean account, allowed an exception to His general ruling about the indissolubility of marriage, the Orthodox Church also is willing to allow exceptions. Certainly Orthodoxy regards the marriage bond as in principle lifelong and indissoluble, and it sees the breakdown of marriage as a tragedy due to human weakness and sin. But while condemning the sin, the Church still desires to help suffering humans and to allow them a second chance. When, therefore, a marriage has entirely ceased to be a reality, the Orthodox Church does not insist on the preservation of a legal fiction. Divorce is seen as an exceptional but unavoidable concession to our human brokenness, living as we do in a fallen world. Yet although assisting men and women to rise again after a fall, the Orthodox Church knows that a second alliance canot have exactly the same character as the first; and so in the service for a second marriage several of the joyful ceremonies are omitted, and replaced by penitential prayers. In practice, however, this second marriage service is scarcely ever used.

>Orthodox Canon Law, while permitting a second or even a third marriage, absolutely forbids a fourth. In theory the Canons only permit divorces in cases of adultery, but in practice it is granted for other reasons as well.

>From the point of view of Orthodox theology a divorce granted by the State in the civil courts is not sufficient. Remarriage in church is only possible if the Church authorities have themselves granted a divorce.

On homosexuality:

>Sexual intercourse is a gift from God, but a gift given for use between man and woman only within the sacrament of marriage. The Orthodox Church for this reason cannot approve of sexual intercourse outside marriage, even when a couple has the firm intention of eventually getting married; the marriage blessing is not to be anticipated. Still less can the Church give its approval to sexual unions between persons of the same sex. But in all specific cases of homosexuality we should of course seek to show the utmost pastoral sensitivity and generous compassion. 'A brother who has committed a sin was driven out from the church by the priest. But Abba Bessarion rose up and went out with him, saying: "I too am a sinner".'

6ef214  No.793939


Anon you realize that bearing false witness is a sin right? You realize that the time aspect when I read/discovered the book is merely your assumption and nothing more right? You realize that you ridicule yourself with the constant insults?

You also seem to be very let's say "genitals - centered" when it comes to insults. I find that interesting it seems like you're projecting your insecurities or something. Also your claims that "you do not know what;s inside, you just discovered it" imply to me that you did not read the book at all, you do not wish to read it. And moreover you do not wish others to read the book so you insult/ridicule anyone who posts about the book.

I will say it for the last time: I read the book one year ago, after a years time I do not consider it to be "shocking", you apparently do. The reason I shilled the book: So people would look it up and perhaps read it.

Look man: just because you consider it to be "edgy" to talk about eight homilies against the jews by Chrysostom, that does not mean everyone finds it edgy to get "a joy-boner" out of it. If you do that's your issue.

Now let's stop spamming the thread with your projections and insults ok?

6ef214  No.793942


>>Orthodox Canon Law, while permitting a second or even a third marriage, absolutely forbids a fourth. In theory the Canons only permit divorces in cases of adultery, but in practice it is granted for other reasons as well.

interesting I was wondering where orthodoxy stands with this.

3 marriages seem like a lot though. You know…the whole one flesh and one spirit thing.

ea3ab6  No.793947


Maybe he just likes that book? Did that possibility ever cross your mind, or are you so filled with hatred that you automatically assume everyone else is, too?

a4d963  No.794005


The wedding services differ between first and second marriages too. The first wedding service is themed around the joy and love of God and the union between husband and wife. The second wedding service is more solemn and themed around repentance IIRC

6ef214  No.794062


RCC has "jury" that can establish the marriage is invalid…but there are specific requirements for it.(The spouse has made secret something vital for the decision to marry, etc.) I am no expert in this because I consider it to be sin anyway and I know that this "process" has been misused few times in my city.

0d33f7  No.794067


I don't want to derail the thread into fighting about divorce, and the book doesn't say more about divorce and remarriage than what I have quoted.

It should be noted, though, that sacraments aren't some kind of legal contract. Our disposition affects them. Someone who does not have faith cannot be validly baptized, for instance. Likewise, the disposition of the couple matters. The bishop or priest gives the sacrament of marriage, so that the married husband and wife may grow to become one like the three divine persons are one, but if one or both of them rejects this grace, and the couple moves in the direction opposite to that which marriage intends, what happens then? They blaspheme the sacrament, like how one would blaspheme the sacament of Baptism by not actually having faith when being baptized, or one would blaspheme the Eucharist by not having faith when receiving it. The Church then has a choice: either to let them preserve the sacrament even as they blaspheme it, with the hope that their love blossoms again and they actually come to embrace the sacramental grace, or else, to take the sacrament away from them, which is divorce. Neither is a good thing and both are cases of economy.

As the book mentions, normally only infidelity is a valid motive for divorce, but recently (well, especially in Russia) other motives have been accepted, being considered a kind of "spiritual infidelity" so to speak (for example, violent abuse, although my Ukrainian priest has told me that in 90% of cases infidelity is the motive for divorce anyway).

As for remarriage, it is done out of mercy, if, for example, someone gets divorced because their partner was beating them or cheating on them but they themself are innocent of wrongdoing. A second marriage is supposed to be penitent, portrayed as a second chance given to sinners, but this second marriage service is hardly ever used now. A third marriage is really exceptional and I don't think I've heard any story about one, but I assume it would happen if, say, one's first partner died and one's second partner also died. It's actually so exceptional that the limit of 3 marriages was instituted because a certain emperor wanted to remarry a second time and the bishop simply could not let it happen. Mercy has been extinguished after a third marriage.

Priests and deacons are held to a higher standard, so they cannot remarry at all.


In Catholicism the sacrament is given by the husband and wife to each other, with the priest (or deacon) only being a witness and blessing the union.

In Orthodoxy the sacrament is given by the priest (or bishop), in the name of the Church.

As such it is much more difficult for the marriage to be considered "invalid" in Orthodoxy. There would need to be something wrong with the priest himself. I imagine that if a priest were defrocked, but managed to get taken in by another church without revealing that he is in fact not a priest anymore, and gave the sacrament of marriage to a couple, and it came to light later that he was not actually a priest at the time, the marriage would be invalid, but you can imagine how rare such a situation would be.

6ef214  No.794072


>In Catholicism the sacrament is given by the husband and wife to each other, with the priest (or deacon) only being a witness and blessing the union.

No I would not say so. The sacrament must be given by priest. Two people cannot marry without priest. There is however the divorce issue somewhat different…But as I have said I think it is a sin anyway. It's kind of dancing around "divorce or not". I know if a case when the case was "not even just" so to say….those people jsut wanted to divorce and then have marriage in church. Well it does not work that way. Once he married the woman they become one flesh.

6ef214  No.794074


>I don't want to derail the thread into fighting about divorce

Do not worry this thread has been derailed already by the whole dispute about St. John Chrysostom.

0d33f7  No.794078


>No I would not say so. The sacrament must be given by priest. Two people cannot marry without priest.

A deacon can officiate the marriage however.

I might be mistaken about the sacramental theology of marriage in Catholicism, of course - feel free to correct me, I'm not a Catholic. But this is what I was told by a Catholic priest, as well as an Orthodox deacon who is a teacher in seminary, so…

By the way, I forgot to add - here is an edition of the Book of Needs which has both the service of marriage and the service of first remarriage. Since it's in liturgical services that our theology is found, it might be interesting.


(as you can see, third marriages are so rare that the service book doesn't have it)

0da36f  No.796429

File: baa0e5ac4e6cb60⋯.jpg (373.63 KB, 1195x1600, 239:320, baa0e5ac4e6cb601545fa221f4….jpg)


264084  No.796734


I started the Divine Comedy just the other day, finished the Inferno today. There's a pretty great LibriVox dramatic reading done for audiobook lovers. I've been blowing through the material which is great for a first reading. I plan on going back with a more fine comb to study the symbolism utilized afterwards using some online lectures. It's been 4 months since your post, what did you think of the Comedy?

ebe278  No.796811

File: 6d0a1b1cc14c162⋯.jpg (47.03 KB, 350x233, 350:233, Alojzije_Stepinac_on_trial.jpg)


Why is it allowed on /christian/ to make threads worshipping war criminals?

>Stepinac served as Archbishop of Zagreb from 1937 until his death, a period which included the fascist rule of the Ustaše over the Axis puppet state the Independent State of Croatia (Croatian: Nezavisna Država Hrvatska or NDH) from 1941 to 1945 during World War II. He was tried by the communist Yugoslav government after the war and convicted of treason and collaboration with the Ustaše regime.[1]

>Stepinac's failure to publicly condemn the genocide against the Serbs, “cannot be defended from the standpoint of humanity, justice and common decency”.[12] The historian Robert McCormick states, “for all the Archbishop’s hand wringing, he continued to be a tacit participant in the Independent State of Croatia (NDH). He repeatedly appeared in public with the Poglavnik (the Ustaše leader Ante Pavelić), and issued Te Deum's on the anniversary of the NDH’s creation. His failure to publicly denounce the Ustaše's atrocities in the name of the NDH, was tantamount to accepting Pavelić's policies".[13]

>Additionally, Stepinac never publicly condemned the numerically greatest Ustaše genocide, that against the Serbs, [116] and Stepinac continued to support until the very end the Ustaše state that had committed these crimes.

>The Ustaše killed 157 Orthodox priests, among them 3 Serb Orthodox bishops (cutting the throat of the bishop of Banja Luka and killing the archbishop of Sarajevo),[128] while they jailed and tortured the Orthodox archbishop of Zagreb. The Ustaše expelled to Serbia 327 Orthodox priests and one bishop, while 2 other bishops and 12 priests left on their own.[129] Thus 85% of the Orthodox priests in the Independent State of Croatia were either killed or expelled by the Ustaše, in order to “leave the Orthodox population without spiritual leadership so the Ustašas’ policy of forced or fear-induced conversions to Catholicism would be easier to carry out” [129]

>The Ustaše destroyed and desecrated numerous Orthodox Churches,[129] forbade the Cyrillic script and Julian calendar (both used in the Orthodox Church), even prohibited the term “Serbian Orthodox Church”. Orthodox schools were shut down,[130] and the Church was prohibited from collecting contributions from believers, robbing it of income.[130]

>During the war, German military commanders gave different figures for the number of Serbs, Jews, and others killed by the Ustaše inside the NDH. Alexander Löhr claimed 400,000 Serbs killed, Massenbach around 700,000. Hermann Neubacher stated that Ustashe claims of a million Serbs slaughtered was a "boastful exaggeration", and believed that the number of 'defenseless victims slaughtered to be three-quarters of a million'.

>750.000 Serbs murdered by the Croatian Ustase puppet-state

866ba4  No.796815


Isn't it supposed to be purgatory?

231eac  No.796855


Wrong thread?

3e4259  No.796873



9d73e9  No.796924


Nobody "worships" Alojzije Stepinac. I just respect the guy. And for your information the guy is beatified and declared a martyr. So that's why.

This is a book thread. It has been around for months apparently you had no idea who the guy is by the picture. If you want to get into wwii/fascism/bolshevism/etc dispute, create a separate thread for it, do NOT derail the book thread. This thread is about books, not about you disliking a catholic martyr.

Thank you.

9d73e9  No.797031


>Beatified and yet sentenced for war crimes against Orthodox people.

>victor's justice

ok. Good to know your opinion. I do not agree and do not believe in the official wwii narrative you know. That's the issue here. I am yet to read his full biography but I seriously doubt the numbers and claims around this. In my country there are also attempts to "milk" the story of wwii for the benefit of nationalism/finances etc. So I am highly skeptical to say the least.

I hold no grudge against serbs even though their patriarch was the only one who sided with the bolsheviks, even in orthodox world.. I do not hold grudge against you why should I. You could be more charitable >>797027 but I have no idea how they insulted you…so ok. I dislike the people writing "s*rb" too.

Nobody here "worships" the martyr. And controversial pics are posted all the time(Salazar for instance). I could argue the same with Nicolas II and the WWI business. But guess what…even though I dislike the part of Russia on WWI and I am not Orthodox I consider him to be a martyr for faith. I do not go around claiming "vile hateful church" perhaps you should try that.

Again if you want to discuss any of this, feel free to create a thread for it. This thread is just for books.

Thanks in advance brother.

878a91  No.797114

Two books, I got a falling apart version of the Brothers Grimm for 2.50, and a pocket sized Mansfield Park (Jane Austen) for only 5 at my local used book store

I'm off philosophy for a while, it's getting repetitive with angry nihilists and modern Christians who have lost the art of apologetics by either floating away into the land of liberal nonsense or trying to cage the reader into thinking a certain way.

Both the Grimm Brothers and Jane Austen were based and breadpilled, and reading the latter will make my mom happy at least.

110ce3  No.797134

Can someone recommend me a Catholic version of the book "The Orthodox Church" by Timothy Ware? I'm sure there are plenty. I want a book that introduces me to the Catholic faith.

9d73e9  No.797265


I got myself a catechism for that….well it is a short version, pre-v II edition. Isn't there some brief catechism for this purpose?

15f1ee  No.797269


The catechism is more in depth, specific. For that you


is a pretty short/concise one there are plenty others by saints and many you can find online

most recent one is good as well http://www.vatican.va/archive/ENG0015/_INDEX.HTM

https://sensusfidelium.us/bible-catechesis/ this has a list of a bunch of them

for some more general stuff you could check out Orthodoxy by Gk Chesterton, for more popular Why We're Catholic by Trent horn

General introduction to theology


Decent intro to the history of the Church


There is lots of variety, I know of a couple more comprable to the Orthodox Church but they seem pretty general and these would go more specifically on stuff. Orthodoxy by GK Chesterton is more sort of general world view.

I would recommend the above stuff more that will give more in depth takes, catechisms being great for specific point (just google X idea catholic catechism works pretty well)

But for stuff that is directly like the ware book Pope Benedict has an introduction to Christianity, Bishop Barron has a book called Catholicism.

Another book I love and will throw in is


Which basically analyzes the parables and show's many truths of the faith from that. I really like this and it will cover everything important while showing how deep the parables are.

http://loretopubs.org/divine-parables-explained.html can buy it here

15f1ee  No.797272


Oh yeah another important thing related to the Orthodoxy Way


Here's a good Catholic Book on marriage and why divorce isn't possible


This also touches on that but more heavily on contraception and why it's immoral

I know ware has seemingly approved of homosexual unions, and the Orthodox have approved of abortion before but I dont think those are in the orthodox way atleast, got two other degenerate things atleast he is proud of.


this helps to demonstrate the unchanging teaching of the Orthodox Church

6c659c  No.800192

To spanish speakers:

Permitidme que os recomiende esta página


Tiene libros como la nube del no saber, apotegmas de los padres del desierto, el peregrino ruso, imitación de cristo, el santo abandono… Lecturas básicas espirituales que todo buen cristianon habría de leer

4ac983  No.801064

File: e9aa3b4ec125310⋯.png (3.35 MB, 2560x2739, 2560:2739, latest.png)

920e69  No.804438


how legit is this chart and are there anything here that i should avoid?

664a30  No.804505



9d73e9  No.804762

File: 308bc115c3acfed⋯.jpg (47.57 KB, 425x635, 85:127, bc427597429d980c4349ead0a0….jpg)


d5940e  No.804766


Bump bump

9d73e9  No.805390

I am reading Beauty by Roger Scruton

0416ea  No.805583

Are there any good biographies on Saint Boniface?

d5940e  No.805638

File: a683ae5b0ccca45⋯.jpg (39.3 KB, 350x528, 175:264, 9780231120937.jpg)

File: a7aa869d5277c1b⋯.png (127.69 KB, 752x1100, 188:275, 2019_05_09_080647.png)

2e3df2  No.805640



God will repay you for your evils.

0416ea  No.805661


Awesome! Thanks.

19b32d  No.805664

The Cherubinic Wanderer by Angelus Silesius, and Meister Eckhart's sermons, with a bit of Jacob Boehme. Excellent meditative literature, especially the first one, which is just a collection of short poems that summarizes everything you need to know to become a friend of God.

19ba75  No.805702


You're welcome bud!

I assume you're going to try to learn from Saint Boniface and try to convert some LARPagans?

d06bd8  No.805757


Yes. That's exactly my plan

d5940e  No.805761

File: b0be8b32ea44146⋯.jpg (16.17 KB, 236x281, 236:281, 68b6526c8f9fde37ee37eb94ad….jpg)


Godspeed you magnificent gentleanon!

68dada  No.805798

What is the best book on the fall of the roman empire?

d55192  No.805801


How Rome Fell: Death of a Superpower - Adrian Goldsworthy

32b2d4  No.806427


Very Christian of you… NOT have fun in Hell forever

5042c0  No.806431

File: 6e03d6205be878f⋯.jpg (297.14 KB, 1429x927, 1429:927, Ramiro-Ledesma-Ramos.jpg)

File: e121f66f247783e⋯.jpg (18.41 KB, 340x349, 340:349, redondo_onesimo.jpg)


After you finish reading him,try reading the other 2 spanish falangist Ramiro Ledesma and Onesimo Redondo while not as relevant as Rivera , I believe they still expanded alot in the thought of spanish fascism.

Now as a fair warning Ledesma can be kinda of too lefty since the guy really hates the bourgeise and Redondo focus a little too much on race but I still think their writings are worthwhile.

248031  No.806439

File: 638ab9f9d3b1207⋯.png (4.53 MB, 3212x2148, 803:537, 638ab9f9d3b12077a5b89d1150….png)

03d235  No.806442

File: bbf9f7d4312a50e⋯.jpeg (44.12 KB, 559x556, 559:556, 86B3BF22-2819-4BE5-8233-E….jpeg)



bbf364  No.807387


You still probably believe in many liberal concepts (equality for all citizens, republican style government despite it never working, capitalism)

010689  No.807390



>The Bible

As a Catholic I lol'd

110ce3  No.807394



>New age

what? kek

c0718a  No.808435


Thanks a lot I will check them out for sure.

Are they available in English?

c0718a  No.808436

This time the world.

82ef6f  No.809288


The book's written by an Orthodox monk

55251e  No.809290


I'm not sure about the Shack, that might be worth avoiding. Also not sure about Wrinkle in Time.

I haven't read the Brothers Karamazov yet, from what I know it's genuine yet a lot of atheists seem to like it for some reason.

Other anons probably know better than me.

cd2292  No.809334

File: 590e3f72c4e1e5d⋯.png (1.06 MB, 559x885, 559:885, hgpotter.PNG)

Been reading "never leave your monastery ". Likely most haven't heard of it but its a Catholic fantasy book written by a priest. Im more then halfway through and its pretty great. Melds the fantasy setting very well without condoning or supporting the obvious problems fantasy has with the Catholic faith.

37c47d  No.810452


Just finished with This time the world.

Now I read St. John Chrysostom - Homily on marriage

And I move on to : Joseph de Maistre: Considerations on France, great read btw

655ae7  No.810458

File: 9e4514eb0dfd8b6⋯.jpg (250.74 KB, 462x557, 462:557, 1504087379539.jpg)


Storm Maze by Raindrop Freefall

"The 2nd American Civil War is dawning and the sounds of World War 3 can be heard not far off in the distance.

Western Civilization is facing its extinction as people continue to fall away from Christianity and begin to gravitate towards atheism, secularism, hedonism and nihilism.

All hope seems lost until a secret society of Christians sets out on the first Holy Crusade on American soil in order to defend the western world's morals and values.

Their enemies? The tyrannical United States Federal Government."

ISBN: 9780359577675

(On Amazon)

37c47d  No.811592


Finished the Homily on marriage and Zero Tolerance

55251e  No.811942

Just started the Hobbit, would like to read LOTR for the first time after. Hopefully they are as Christian-themed as this board says.

3f942b  No.812187


an old question which was never answered. It means to not devote to God through study. You can study God all you want but true worship is through prayer.

6e3974  No.812582

Finished today God's Battalions since i've seen it being mentioned some times here. Good book and eye opening to the byzantine schemes.

76e2cd  No.812597

Recently finished Silence by Shusaku Endo, now rereading The Way of a Pilgrim.

After this I'm going to finish the Harry Potter series.

Any short christian books/stories are much appreciated.

37c47d  No.812643


Good thing it is being mentioned it is on my to read also.

37c47d  No.812645

Finished Roger Scruton - Beauty

Started with few Interwar Articles by Ernst Junger but I will finish de Maistre too.

21da7a  No.813501


Im sorry man but what screen are you using to have a resolution like that

a22c10  No.813987

Brothers Karamazov

4362e6  No.814834


"A canticle for Saint Leibowitz" is an excellent book as well. Follows the Catholic church through a nuclear fallout and post-apocalypse revival of humanity, each time period following a new person.

90f24a  No.814840


The Imitation of Christ, The Confessions, The Sayings of the Desert Fathers, The Rule of the Master, Fear and Trembling, Le Morte D'Arthur, The Lord of the Rings, The Demon Wars Saga, The Lost Fleet series, The Ember Wars Saga, The Heritage Trilogy, The Things They Carried, 33 Strategies of War, and of course the Scriptures (RSVCE2).

Some purely as audio books, some purely as text, and some as both. I tend to rotate them dependent on my mood (except for Scripture, which I read daily in the Missal at the very least, if not also on my own time).

If you couldn't tell, I like Military Text, Military Sci-Fi, High Fantasy (especially classics), and Christian Philosophy. They're probably my 4 favorite "genres" of literature.

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