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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: a7c557b99169ccd⋯.png (237.37 KB, 470x316, 235:158, screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-….png)

c05350  No.756404

Or who is acting in the same manner in your opinion?

Try to elaborate

In the Orthodox

>old calendarists or the ones of the old calendar who are getting over-sensitive about it

It's like those guys religion is the calendar anymore. They can attack other Christians for the calendar

>Pastor Anderson and his cult

LARPs as saved by God, curses and damns people to hell like he's some kind of God's right hand


No comment

b4def6  No.756441

Progressives who believe themselves to be holier than God.

041f90  No.756454


This and what OP said, but only it only applies to ortholarpers I guess not real orthodoxes.

Anyway I included in the pharisees group like 99% of /christian/

86578c  No.756461

The modern "Jews" are an obvious one, with all their greed and using their lies to control, subvert and destroy everything, not to mention they follow their own ways (the Talmund) instead of God like the old pharisees.

Next I'd say anyone who claims to hold the keys to heaven and if you don't get it from them exactly how they hand it to you, you are going to hell, examples of this are the people who scream "The One True Church, outside of which there is no salvation™", KJV-onlyists "Jesus totally spoke English and the Greek is useless".

>Luke 11:52

>“Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering.”

5d36fc  No.756463


I was going to say Jews, but progressives certainly fit the bill as well. There certainly are similarities between Pharisees kvetching about Christ and progressives having meltdowns over Trump (not that Trump is anything like Christ, mind you). They even demand the authorities to impeach Trump as as the Pharisees demanded that the Romans crucify Christ, funnily enough.

c23af8  No.756469


>>Pastor Anderson and his cult

>LARPs as saved by God, curses and damns people to hell like he's some kind of God's right hand

Evidence needed

b65bdb  No.756490


to be fair, I don't believe Anderson proclaims people damned out in the open, but when he loses control of himself he definitely speaks of them as being the reprobate and speaks of himself as God's chosen*

*he has in fact proclaimed himself a prophet/teacher of God, on video too

4bd2aa  No.756502

File: edd8d9d4cb63a8f⋯.jpg (1.84 MB, 3600x2400, 3:2, 9407f96b96ac853f769c23db74….jpg)

File: 281a7db8de8d7ae⋯.jpg (79.07 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 281a7db8de8d7ae832306b70b9….jpg)

File: 78fb1b7f5968897⋯.jpg (536.78 KB, 450x720, 5:8, 78fb1b7f5968897c79d3734648….jpg)


No one is like the pharisees, the pharisees are like the world. The world has always and will always hate Christ and his followers.

c23af8  No.756505


Where's the lie?

4bd2aa  No.756507


>sola fide

Well, first off, he isn't saved.

b65bdb  No.756511


he's a wolf, not a shepherd

c23af8  No.756522


Isn't your whole dogma that you can't know you're saved?



e07750  No.756603


>Wou would be the pharisees today?

Probably the Vatican

44b099  No.756727

File: ebbf0090e04de62⋯.mp4 (5.73 MB, 854x480, 427:240, liberals.mp4)



>progressive Christians are the new Pharisees

What is this?!

D-d-do you even know what a Pharisee is?

Progressives throw ALL rules and dogmas out the window in favour of what they "feel" truth is.

OP is closer to the mark except that he misses the SSPX or "extra Ecclesiam nulla salus" crowd from the Cathbros.

What you're referring to – I assume – is the militant SJWs. They just made up some academic rules about "fairness" and are now playing Stalin enforcing them. Cultural Stalinists is a far better description.

44b099  No.756731

File: 644ea3826707900⋯.jpg (285.44 KB, 939x1350, 313:450, bear-meme-rough.jpg)


>"heretical Anderson makes claims on peoples' salvation"


>claims Anderson isn't saved

This whole board just memes Christianity, doesn't it?

7de694  No.756756


Hope you realize the 3rd pic, is a pic of odin.


4fc690  No.756760

File: 8925e458abf07e2⋯.jpg (130.53 KB, 911x800, 911:800, download.jpg)


Militant SJWs is what people describe Progressives though. Progressives aggressively pursue laws and ideologies that antagonize and roots out Christianity core beliefs like being against abortion and homosexuality.

Pharisees were a problem to Christianity at the time as they were THE opposing non-Christian moralists who in their history were open to foreign God idols, usury, and corruption throughout Jerusalem's history. Christians were eventually forced to disperse because of them too, similar with how Leftism tried to root out Christians in the last 100 years with Communism.

Maybe back in the Medieval times when we undermine/suppress ourselves in war, but today Churches today would be much more similar to the Church Paul speaks of in Corinthians. Dangerous divergence in ideology, but still Christian churches that needs communication to fix.

The last thing we need is more of the divide and conquer threads that direct hatred against other Christians. There are people that want us to remove our Crosses forever, to completely abandon our faith, and support people who in their religious text condemns Christians to death. One thing is certain and that is it sure isn't the Orthodoxy, Romans, or Protestants. We need to refocus on those who oppose Christianity, no oppose ourselves.

c05350  No.756780

File: 4e631431c63e095⋯.jpg (43.45 KB, 812x457, 812:457, esfigmenou.jpg)

File: 05d20f90e428409⋯.jpg (72.88 KB, 525x700, 3:4, prav2010-10-09-3.jpg)


The people of the calendar aren't exactly LARPers. They are very religious and have their own groups but they are so fanatic they don't even see the irony of it anymore. Their favorite passtime is cursing other Orthodox and fighting between themselves thus creating new groups every now and then. They've even harassed literally canonized saints in the past, people who wouldn't hurt a fly, they say that they burn in hell because they didn't follow their calendar lmao. You can't get more Pharisee than that.

c05350  No.756787


I've realised that we're all jews nowadays. Europeans are the new jews if you think about it, we were given everything and we're the No1 anti-God people. The fact that some are good only adds to our jewry.

c05350  No.756797


No psyop can take root in a clean heart my friend. Although we do live in the worst era as far as spiritual warfare go, we only drag each other down instead of helping.

1c6b73  No.756807


Gee, it's almost like our institutions and the reins of power were hijacked by (((some people)))

86578c  No.756853


The story repeats itself doesn't it?

>Jews follow God

>Win wars, find success

>Jews don't follow God

>Get oppressed by foreigners, told to worship idols

>Europeans and other Christian nations follow God

>Win wars, find success

>Europeans and other Christian nations don't follow God

>Get oppressed by foreigners, told to worship idols

Granted the people who have destroyed the west destroyed it and not us, but we kinda let them

486e40  No.756856

Anyone who wants to know every doctrine and rule to show flaws in others, instead of humbly applying what we already know to ourselves, is a pharisee. That includes most of the internet.

7d4ca3  No.756869

File: 73108749b8239b0⋯.jpg (10.82 KB, 327x154, 327:154, download (5).jpg)


it's still technically our fault for letting the Jews in our lands and not forcing them to assimilate/convert. just like it was the fault of the Israelites for allowing heathens in the Israel to corrupt her people.

Same (((Synagogue of Satan))) different point in time.

51c692  No.756875

People who seriously believe Sola Scriptura.

They usually end up focusing on the letter of the law instead of the spirit of it.

8c51e9  No.756917


How could there possibly be a less pharisaical position on salvation than sola fide?

Scriptura and fide go together

4233d9  No.756918


Now you're getting it!

b14261  No.767484


ab170a  No.767485


>It's like those guys religion is the calendar anymore. They can attack other Christians for the calendar

Wow.. no. Their issue isn't merely the old calendar. It's ecumenism and modernism.

And telling how the 20th century turned out, I'm finding it difficult to disagree with them.

And despite being so removed, people still appreciate their efforts (see Holy Transfiguration Monestary and the popularity of their prayer books).

11d887  No.767748


>Wou would be the pharisees today?

The pharisees, obviously.

d373a0  No.767753


/christian/ I think.

acd9ed  No.767915


What popularity? Those guys are not only a very very tiny minority in the Orthodox world that is continuing to dissolve in smaller and smaller groups all the time, they also only attract the worst kind of religious super-"zealots"

And to think that despite all that zealously, they haven't given us a single Saint yet, unlike the "modernists" who've provide us with a ton of them only in the last century. Maybe if spend more energy in living like Orthodox instead of counting days they'd have been more successful in that aspect.

2ea933  No.767944


That was me who wrote that. I mean their works are popular at least. I don't know much about them personally, but they've done a good service as far translating and providing service and prayer books at least. A lot of Orthodox have their prayer books and psalter. They're very well done. I've even seen an Eikona audiobook of one, if you can believe it. You'd think they'd just take a standard Goarch prayer book, but they recited Htm's instead..which I find kind of interesting.

d4d4ca  No.767972


Anyone who acts like pharisee. In Finland we have one evangelic-lutheran woman priest who better not be named for that would glorify her who is spitting image of pharisee. Seeks publicity and constantly brings herself forward as some kind of specially holy person while acting as meek modest person. Spent some time in mental asylum too. She is despite all that ordained priest, bishops are not revoking her priesthood. God help our evangelic-lutheran church back on track for it's a laughing stock of which she is just a visible symptom.

1032d6  No.768148

Jews ofc.

969be2  No.768165

It is anyone of us thats hypocrite, it is Christian, but actually not obeyed Him.

89a542  No.768166



1eb48a  No.768211


I wasn't talking about those guys specifically but old calendarists in general. Walking around denying salvation to others because they don't count the days like you, while proclaiming youreslf to be God's judge on earth, is textbook pharishaism. To me eyes that's Anderson's Baptist cult tier, not Orthodoxy.

dc8cdd  No.768231


The novus ordo popes, bishops and priests. Except as Jesus said with the pharisees you could still do what they said but not what they do as they were hypocrites. With the novus ordo you cannot even do what they say let alone do as they command things that are offensive to God. We have it worse than the pharisees and they gleefully crucify Christ everyday with their new mass abomination

b4def6  No.768250


Speaking as someone who was raised by a Protestant defector from a Catholic family, someone who never once was brought to a liturgy but only ever knew "Rock band Jesus", when I began inquiring into Catholicism and attending mass with my grandmother I was amazed at the reverence and dignity of the novus ordo liturgy. I am now attending RCIA. It is still mass, it is still the Eucharist, it still glorifies God.

Of course the patrician choice is TLM though

fb6495  No.768256


SSPX - say ordinary form is a sin

Sedevacantists - reject the authority they claim to revere because they 'know better'

Old Calendarists - schism due to a calendar and personal sins of bishops

Old Believers - what seems like idolatrous adherence to old russian rites

not familiar with prots so idk, Lordship Salvationists perhaps (if you sin you're not saved).

086ce6  No.768311

dc8cdd  No.768326


It's is very irreverent to spit on and throw away 2000 years of sacred tradition to embrace Talmud phrases and liturgy coined up on a napkin in an evening at a restaurant.

They call the Eucharist the work of human hands, quoting the psalms that it is a dead idol not God. It was written by protestants and satanists to mock Catholics

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