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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 9cf39c1a84a7152⋯.jpg (641.29 KB, 1400x800, 7:4, YoungAdultsTalkingAug2016-….jpg)

511f52  No.756476

Young adults dropping out of church in large numbers…

Large numbers of young adults who frequently attended Protestant worship services in high school are dropping out of church.


Two-thirds of young people say they stopped regularly going to church for at least a year between the ages of 18 and 22, a new LifeWay Research survey shows. That means the church had a chance to share its message and the value of attending with this group, but it didn't stick, said Scott McConnell, executive director of LifeWay Research. "That's a lot of folks saying, 'No, that's not for me' or 'It's not for me right now' at that young age," McConnell said. LifeWay Research released its student dropout survey on Tuesday. The Nashville-based entity interviewed 2,002 U.S. adults ages 23 to 30 who attended a Protestant church two times or more a month for at least a year in high school. The interviews were conducted from Sept. 15 to Oct. 13, 2017. LifeWay Research is a ministry of LifeWay Christian Resources, which is the publishing arm of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The high dropout did not surprise Pastor Chris Brooks, who leads the Kairos congregation at Brentwood Baptist Church in Brentwood, Tenn. The majority of those who attend Kairos' Tuesday night service are between the ages of 22 and 29. "There is a substantial amount of people in this age demographic who for whatever reason decided that the church is no longer integral to building their faith or their faith is no longer integral to them," Brooks said. He loves young adults. They are selfish, but also still trying to figure out who they are and what they want to do, Brooks said. It leads to lively and challenging discussions at church, which he welcomes. "It's identity and purpose, which are common themes throughout the Bible," Brooks said. "And, they're becoming aware of do they like the God that they were given growing up?"

b95f0c  No.756478

File: 1d4cc8ef5dec9aa⋯.gif (360.76 KB, 931x682, 931:682, 1d4cc8ef5dec9aa4a298498d32….gif)

A lot of people in this age group think that looking at porn isnt a sin so this it's astounding that any go to church at all :(

682bd8  No.756482


>who frequently attended Protestant worship services in high school

No wonder they're already cancer, I blame the prot church, hopefully these people still christ dear and will become proper catholics.

b95f0c  No.756489


I don't really have a good gauge on how young Catholics are doing in my State, since Catholicism is small and most people I know are Baptists.

8d1870  No.756492


>Young adults dropping out of church in large numbers…

Churches are now shilling holy kikes and refugees and mass is done by a brown priest with an incomprehensible accent.


There isn't anything in the Bible you can use to claim porn is a sin without stretching it, and since the churches have betrayed us, appealing to them for morals doesn't work anymore.

3387b9  No.756494


>Churches are now shilling holy kikes and refugees and mass is done by a brown priest with an incomprehensible accent.

as opposed to a "white" priest? Neither Jesus nor the other Apostles looked anglo-saxon or aryan to me.

b95f0c  No.756496

File: bb071b784f59899⋯.jpg (53.33 KB, 696x394, 348:197, article-424.jpg)


>There isn't anything in the Bible you can use to claim porn is a sin without stretching it

8d1870  No.756497


They were Celtic, but the traitorous churches teach that they were filthy sinning kikes.

3387b9  No.756499


>Jesus wuz celtic

now that's a new one

e088da  No.756500


>There isn't anything in the Bible you can use to claim porn is a sin without stretching it

There literally is; Matthew 5:28.

>but I tell you that everyone who gazes at a woman to lust after her has committed. adultery with her already in his heart

You've blown your cover.

8fbda7  No.756513


You are probably a gnostic

752326  No.756515


>Large numbers of young adults who frequently attended Protestant worship services in high school are dropping out of church

Mostly men, no doubt. Protestant pastors generally don't care if men start leaving the church, so long as one or more women take his place and tithe accordingly. Oh sure, they might do the occasional preaching on how men need to "man up" and start coming to church, but that's all just lip service for women. So long as the congregations grow bigger and the shekels keep rolling in, they couldn't care less.

330044  No.756517


In a way this is true, Woman typically take lead in the spiritual life of the family unless the Man is strong in his faith. If the man is a devout, the woman will raise the children as she'll see fit.

I wish I could be a pastor of a Protestent Church to guide boys into man but alas I'm becoming Catholic.

330044  No.756518


Unless the man is a devout*

a287ad  No.756520

File: c66c489ae033dad⋯.png (24.61 KB, 310x645, 62:129, PF_15.05.05_RLS2_1_310px.png)


Catholic decline in the US is almost identical to mainline protestant, as compared to the slow decline in evangelicalism

eb9a1e  No.756528


Are they aware I can math and see over 10% of the population are missing? What are they - mormons?

561a2e  No.756534


Not going to touch some of the FUBAR stuff like porn not being a sin, but you've happened onto a correct point (at least with regards to Catholicism) about foreign priests. There's a reason the Church was called upon to make disciples of all nations, so that they could preach to the people in a voice they knew. How can the church be the centre of communal life if the head of the local church is a foreign transplant who literally isn't part of the community? We used to have a local priest who everyone loved, but of course he was sent to Africa. So Africa gets our priests, while we get a succession of India's priests, in what world does that make any sense? There's no more sure way to kill attendance, save preaching full homo-acceptance judeo-christ.

a287ad  No.756535

File: 9c42e35c9a69b8c⋯.jpg (97.08 KB, 1193x324, 1193:324, Screenshot_20190115-202056….jpg)

752326  No.756536


>I wish I could be a pastor of a Protestent Church to guide boys into man but alas I'm becoming Catholic

Same here friend. I grew up Protestant, eventually saw through the propaganda aimed at the Catholic Church, went to my first Mass recently, and couldn't be happier with my decision. In regards to turning boys into men, you could always do that as a Catholic. Disillusioned young men today are longing for role models and tradition, which the Church provides.

489d58  No.756537


>In regards to turning boys into men, you could always do that as a Catholic.

Wrap it up boys, we got em

6059bd  No.756544


Yeah, true. But also I raise the pastoral role into my discourse because I would like to facilitate correct theology.

What denomination are you comming from? Presbyterian here, I was heavy into James White for a few months but he's the one that actually turned me into Catholicism in the end by virtue of his debates, and rancid attitude towards Catholics by his denoucement of their brotherhood in Christ.

752326  No.756676


Baptist. Some of the realizations that led to me pursuing Catholicism:

>tradition is important (thanks St. Paul)

>the Church was founded by Jesus Christ hundreds of years before the Bible came to be

>sola scriptura is never mentioned in the Bible

>Luther removed several books of the Bible that supported Catholic beliefs and otherwise went against his Protestant agenda

>KJV-onlyism being ridiculous (to the point of burning non-KJV Bibles)

>Baptists staunchly support Jews who reject and hate Christ while demonizing Catholics

>"saved by faith alone" leads to many Prots ignoring the teachings of the Bible and engaging in degeneracy

>Prots in general being very lukewarm in their faith

>stepping foot into a Church for the first time and seeing how genuine the Christians there were in their friendliness, prayer, bowing before Christ, etc.

That's not a comprehensive list of course, but just some of the reasons that come to mind right now.

4704fe  No.756689


Read "Rome Sweet Home" by Scott and Kimberly Hahn, former Presbyterians as well. It's a nice book about their conversion to Catholicism and marriage

fc0272  No.756705

File: ce44c80f00abceb⋯.png (78.5 KB, 1856x2400, 58:75, Belief_in_God.png)


Catholics are much more nominal (lukewarm) than Baptists and evangelicals broadly

>Sola scriptura is never mentioned in the Bible

Neither is ice cream, but it exists

Do you follow the regulative principle?

6059bd  No.756712


>baptist fun poster at it again

fc0272  No.756715


Am I wrong?

6059bd  No.756718


You're wrong to try to start another denominational debate in this thread yeah.

fc0272  No.756719


Not my intent

I see an assertion and I challenge it

3f8f32  No.756721

Youth attendance is up at traditional Latin masses

6059bd  No.756724


An O'wise baptist, how does your image refute his claim?

Do you think his intent of said lukewarmness was to say they didn't have a belief in God?

fc0272  No.756726

File: c3629d2c7fff68b⋯.png (78.9 KB, 1856x2400, 58:75, Attendance_at_religious_se….png)


No, I'm offering a piece of empirical evidence to show one symptom of lukewarmness in comparison among religious groups

6059bd  No.756728


I believe anon was also drawing into comparisions about their congregations when he was inside the church buildings.

fc0272  No.756730

File: 2b75508530b7814⋯.png (191.21 KB, 1500x1940, 75:97, Frequency_of_reading_scrip….png)


Maybe, that's fine. I don't intend to challenge his experience.

I'm only sharing that, in the aggregate, Catholics are clearly more nominal than Evangelical Protestants. He used the phrase "in general".

6059bd  No.756732


But you're just spamming photos? You're not really engaging the anon directly are you? Question

If you God called you to become Catholic would you?

fc0272  No.756745


What is with this hyper criticism of my posting habits

I'm substantiating my point: Catholics are more nominal than Baptists

God does not ever call anyone to be a Catholic. Even if an actual angel came and said so, they are to be accursed in keeping with Galatians 1 and the urgency against false gospel to include Catholic works salvation.

Put another way, for God to call me to be a Catholic would make God a liar and contradict his word in the Bible

6059bd  No.756755


>God does not ever call anyone to be a Catholic

>Put another way, for God to call me to be a Catholic would make God a liar and contradict his word in the Bible

I see so you just straight up deny the faith of the Catholics. I bet that's because you don't understand Catholics, as evidence;

>Catholic works salvation.

Which doesn't exist.

My point is proven you where here to just belittle Catholics. I hope you overcome your heart of stone. God speed anon. I'll pray for you.

a890f4  No.756758


>You don't agree with me, so you're uninformed but also just spiteful

Ok bud

>Sanctimoniously announcing "I'll pray for you"

Don't do that

6059bd  No.756763


I'm an anonymous poster, no deeds I have done on this Forum will ever come to fall upon my identity for your judgement it falls else where.

This anon denounces another mans faith simply because he disagrees. That is frankly quite disturbing to me and I urge you to pray for him as well.

Praying for a brother is a humble task and I draw no light to me, but simply show that I encourage growth in their faith by being there for them in spirit.


e1ba31  No.756767

>Massive drop in church attendance after V2

>"V2 was a great success"

Looks like the sedes are right.

a890f4  No.756768


It's a theological conclusion not a personal condemnation you goober


I have never been sprinkle baptized or participated in any other catholic sacraments. Am I going to heaven?

Typical Catholic answer: No

Is that Catholic being mean spirited? No

>Frankly I'm quite disturbed

Are you literally shaking too?

>I draw no light to me

Obviously not since you typed it out and clicked post

6059bd  No.756771


>It's a theological conclusion


You claim that God has saved no baptised soul in the Catholic Church by virtue of saying he's called no one to the Church.

You claim God would be a LIAR if he took people into the Catholic Faith.

You claim to know better than God it seems, for many people are called to be baptised in the Catholic Church.

6059bd  No.756773


>I have never been sprinkle baptized or participated in any other catholic sacraments. Am I going to heaven?

The answer is it's possible but unlikely, if you're un-baptised.

If you claim Faith what's to stop you from being baptised? We are called to be baptised if we are professing members of Christ.

ce7a64  No.756775


You dont even need to be a sede. Vat2 was barely even a council, there was no dogma that came out of it and it didnt condemn or approve of very much. Even all the changes in litrguy a disciplines are rarely found in vat2, it was boomers meddling with stuff they shouldnt

a890f4  No.756776


Are you a relativist, or a universalist?

Evangelical and Catholic statements of the gospel are mutually exclusive. This is not controversial.

4f45fa  No.756777


Flawless logic

6059bd  No.756778


The Gospels message is that Jesus Christ lived and died for our sins.

d0279b  No.756796

File: 6c98e810ea3154e⋯.png (36.35 KB, 562x376, 281:188, fossil_fuels_1.png)


Gosh it looks like it also created the current climate change problems too!

fd1803  No.756837


climate change isn't a problem

c10fc3  No.756873


Of course sola scriptura isnt mentioned, its implied. If you think catholicism is anything but lukewarm, you are delusional. Most "catholics" dont even believe in God

bb62e8  No.758949


Remind me again the catholic rationale for the hatred of Jews? Bonus points if it doesn't involve conspiracies

156624  No.758956


(1) They're not the israelites from the bible

(2) They hate and attack christians at every turn

(3) usury bad

(4) They're technically heretics

659d60  No.758963

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Food for thought. I don't think a children's service is necessarily bad as long as it is relevant and doesn't water things down, but having it at the same time as regular service could be problematic.

3ffeb8  No.758965


You want those churches filled? Start preaching honest morality and be a voice against immorality.

333965  No.759071

can't wait till all the boomers finally die off and its just a hand full of people at Mass who actually give a winnie the pooh and aren't just there for the music. maybe then the church will get her shit together

01caf9  No.759074

File: 1039d58ec44fd5e⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 350x204, 175:102, tenor.gif)

>Trying to get the lowest denominator to the point where the gospel is blurred and the church becomes useless

>Isolate people from ungodly, secular tactics, not teach them how to combat it

>Embrace subjectivism

what could ever go wrong?

752326  No.759124

File: 4d8c24d9c4d8be8⋯.jpg (67.57 KB, 600x681, 200:227, 124234.jpg)

File: cce0b5d6f52e3f5⋯.jpg (120.66 KB, 630x800, 63:80, 22432.jpg)

File: dc4a9df05143357⋯.jpg (91.19 KB, 514x636, 257:318, 3234423.jpg)


One could hope. There's no denying the large number of disillusioned young men and women who long for what their (pre-Boomer) grandparents had; tradition, morals, class, stable marriages, happy families, safe neighborhoods, etc.. If Gen. Z is anything to go by, Western Christians will become fewer in number but more devout as time goes on - a necessary trade-off, given the current state of affairs.

71331f  No.759132

File: aa92a95ef5f6e1c⋯.jpg (277.23 KB, 810x450, 9:5, 2017-06-06-LGBT.jpg)


No wonder. Being Catholic at this point is just the same as being in some LGBT-group, just that you have to pay church tax, and nobody wants that.

5b068e  No.759169


>what is the rationale for hating a group with a history of deceit and treachery

<they're deceitful and treacherous

>that sounds like a conspiracy theory

A conspiracy is any agreement between two or more people that happens in secret. This happens every single day, believing otherwise is gullible to the point of stupidity.

3387b9  No.759171


I wouldn't slander Christ's Church

71331f  No.759199


neither would I, that's why I only slander Catholics

3387b9  No.759200


I'm sure Michael Cerularius and Photius will welcome their own.

71331f  No.759204


Two men who defended the Orthodox faith against Catholic heresy, I don't see what you mean to say.

3387b9  No.759205


Michael Cerularius was a complete thug, and there is a reason why the Orthodox never made him a saint.

As for Photius, I still cannot find any satisfactory answer to how this guy managed to become a priest -> patriarch within six days.

71331f  No.759206


Just some more baseless accusations, in typical papist fashion.

When it comes to pedophile thugs and mafia connections I can only find one so called church in the news: Roman Catholic.

3387b9  No.759208


>Just some more baseless accusations, in typical papist fashion.

"The bishops, knowing the piety and extensive knowledge of Photius, informed the emperor that he was a man worthy to occupy the archpastoral throne. Saint Photius accepted the proposal with humility. He passed through all the clerical ranks in six days."

This isn't a "papist lie", this comes from the Orthodox of American website: https://oca.org/saints/lives/2012/02/06/100442-st-photius-the-patriarch-of-constantinople

Tell me, friend, did they really promote Photius into a Patriarch in LESS THAN A WEEK because he was so good, or because he was corrupt and played politics?

If you cannot defend him, you cannot defend Orthodoxy, for these two are the originator and executor of the Schism. Most Orthodox sources I find don't even bother defending Cerularius, btw.

71331f  No.759210


A single child molested by Catholic priests is a thousand times greater sin than some priest being promoted too quickly could ever be.

Every Christian understands this, but you Catholics are deceived by the Whore of Babylon so you value lawyering higher than goodness.

3387b9  No.759212


>A single child molested by Catholic priests is a thousand times greater sin than some priest being promoted too quickly could ever be.

Don't be a complete fool, the reprobate will be separated from the faithful on Judgement day. If we follow your logic to its conclusion, Judas betraying Christ destroyed the Church from the very beginning.

>Every Christian understands this, but you Catholics are deceived by the Whore of Babylon so you value lawyering higher than goodness.

Ah OK, no wonder you offer no defense. You don't even know who Photius or Cerularius are, do you? Protestant.

71331f  No.759218


>And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

You are nitpicking of the most minute details in the Orthodox church, yet glaringly ignorant of your Catholic failures, starting with your heretical man-made papism. If you want to kvetch about secular involvement in church matters you should look at your Avignon papacy, you'll find more substantial material there.

Of course I know who St. Photios and Kerularios are. Calling somebody a Protestant seems to be the papist's last line of defense, but to me it just means that I've won the debate, because it shows how wrong your intution is. The Holy Spirit truly doesn't dwell within papists.

3387b9  No.759225


>You are nitpicking of the most minute details in the Orthodox church

These are not "minute details", if you fail to defend Photius' actions, you fail to defend the Schism. You're only focused on whining about reprobate priests.

>Of course I know who St. Photios and Kerularios are

You seem to offer very little to defend them! Cerularius is recorded, even by your own people, as being a complete thug. After he schismed with the Pope, he sought to place himself as a bully-bishop, telling everyone what to do.

With Photius and Cerularius as your representation, who can deny that Orthodoxy is a complete sham?

71331f  No.759230

File: 61e7d96af9fd058⋯.jpg (53.31 KB, 620x320, 31:16, c2sYn.jpg)


>if you fail to defend Photius' actions

There is nothing to defend, St. Photios did nothing wrong. Advancing quickly through the ranks is not a sin.

>Cerularius … After he schismed with the Pope

The Schism was preceded by a mututal anathema, which was started by the papists.

Also, I'm glad the schism happened, because we don't need you. It was God's mercy alone that kept half of the church save from the pedophiles clutches of the Quran-kissing Vatican.

3387b9  No.759233


>There is nothing to defend, St. Photios did nothing wrong.

He did everything wrong. He stood by as St. Ignatius was deprived of his seat by an adulterer emperor, and became complicit in the crime by accepting the righteous place of St. Ignatius.

He was not only part of the priest-hood, he was a layman. Yet, in SIX days he went from Priest-Patriarch. This is ridiculous, what kind of a baboon would accept this as legitimate?

>Also, I'm glad the schism happened, because we don't need you. It was God's mercy alone that kept half of the church save from the pedophiles clutches of the Quran-kissing Vatican.

The drowning goat taunts the sheep in the boat. Get in before it's too late for you.

71331f  No.759236


>The drowning goat taunts the sheep in the boat

Catholic churches are closing in Europe, Orthodox churches are being built. Let's each do what we think is best, and God will decide who is right.

3387b9  No.759238


>Catholic churches are closing in Europe, Orthodox churches are being built.

There could be only one Catholic Church left in the world, and it would be the only one Church of Christ. Christ built His Church on St. Peter, and it'd be better to die than to leave it.

c3f733  No.759239


Saint Cyril of Alexandria also did more than a few thug-like things. Are we now supposed to disregard everything he wrote and become Nestorians? And regarding Photius, all we know is that he rose through the ranks very quickly. While this is remarkable, to immediately assume it was because of some behind the scenes corruption is pure conjecture. He was also one of the most learned men in the world at a time when the Byzantine Empire was in a state of great turmoil and desperate for scholars.

f0b24d  No.759630


Muslims attack Christianity more, and plenty of goyim work for lending businesses. And similarly, Jews definitely hate Muslims more than they do Christians. You can't be a heretic of you're outside the church. Finally, as Christians we are called to love and pray for all of the above groups, and not be hateful towards them.

3387b9  No.759647


>Saint Cyril of Alexandria also did more than a few thug-like things. Are we now supposed to disregard everything he wrote and become Nestorians?

Saint Cyril isn't objectively responsible for the Schism between half the Church of Jesus Christ.

Moreover, to brush off the ascendance of a layman to patriarch in SIX days is just…I don't even know, who in the world cannot conceive of this as massive corruption?

Did Photius even preside over the consecration of a normal Sunday Mass?

3387b9  No.759649


let me add, this was so stunning and obviously corrupt to everyone else, the Church (both of them) made sure that nobody could become Bishop/Patriarch without a minimum of ten years!

984d09  No.759728


Who told you this? The Holy Spirit?

e4efba  No.759750


Not amazed.

'Murican protestantism is mostly evangelical or baptist where OSAS rules all.

This means that the church has essentially done its job (saving people from eternal punishment) once they started believing even if it wasn't for long.


>The one non-shitpost of a baptist

>People still call it shitposting

I take you up on it mate.

Those statistics are absolutely right and you didn't say anything negative of any denomination either.

I do want to point out that there's a statistical overlap between the once-a-week churchgoers in the catholic stats and the catholics reading scripture and being against same-sex marriage.

ea98c4  No.759862

File: 8a1d288a538469a⋯.jpg (72.61 KB, 725x439, 725:439, 51161_w_725.jpg)

File: f8c7fe57a7e23db⋯.png (850.55 KB, 883x768, 883:768, 884px-Sarfaticrop.png)

File: a03617857c99e4e⋯.jpg (15.32 KB, 300x300, 1:1, avatar_small.jpg)

I say it's because clowns like these make our faith look like a joke. They used innocent people to get funding, and turned their faith in God's Word into a sideshow for the masses. Anyone who seems to actually understand the Bible is an enemy in their eyes, driving more wedges amongst God's children.

<inb4 contrarian bastards defend this

634fb0  No.759864


>criticizing Christians that go against the grain of the world

Wheelchair-bound Black Lesbian Tranny Flying Spaghetti Monster would be very proud of you.

c3f733  No.759889


>Saint Cyril isn't objectively responsible for the Schism between half the Church of Jesus Christ.

Sure he is. The schism between the Cathodox and the Nestorians and Coptics.

2b1453  No.759900



Did you not watch the Ken Ham - Bill Nye debate?

752326  No.759960


>Of course sola scriptura isnt mentioned, its implied

Why would Christ create the Church (a physical one, mind you) and declare St. Peter the head of said Church, only to state the Church's rules are not to be abided by and to follow scripture alone instead? That makes no sense.

>If you think catholicism is anything but lukewarm, you are delusional

Implying Protestants aren't lukewarm themselves.

>wearing shorts and sandals to church

>gossiping about other people, sports, cars, etc. just before/after the service

>"how dare you accuse me of placing cigarettes/booze/pot above God just because i smoke/drink daily and refuse to quit! catholics worship idols, not me!"

>"tithing" your pocket change each week and patting yourself on the back for it

>praying in church only when the pastor tells you to

>most see nothing wrong with drunkenness, gambling, usury, fornication, cohabitation, etc. despite "muh sola scriptura"

>mass-produced NIV Bibles in the back of every seat

>abandoning tradition to appeal more to secular society

>would sooner help out a secular friend than a christian stranger

>pastors joking throughout their sermons like comedians

>hillsong and other "jesus jams"

The list goes on. Strong Christians become Catholic, while weak Catholics (often cradle ones corrupted by modernism) become Protestant/secular.

>Most "catholics" dont even believe in God

Kek, so you say. Most Prots only go to church today for community, music, entertainment, and free coffee/food, not to honor God and better connect with Him. As for Protestant pastors, most of them only do it because it's lucrative… I say these things not out of spite, but out of disappointment after finding out the hard way.

72f483  No.759971


These people ARE the world.

You can't argue for Divine Revelation by observation of this world. First because it's Theologically wrong and on a practical level because you've ceded ground on metalogic, if you believe we can get to Truth without the completeness of Divine Revelation; then you agree with the atheist 100%.

How can you convince someone you agree?

4a6f67  No.760940


Why would you start this debate when we have popes like the Borgias and plenty of corruption to point out throughout Catholic history. You cannot prove that God will not use wicked or weak men to bring about His will when the Papacy has had a number of examples of such a thing happening. Popes that we safely assume are in Hell now.

c10fc3  No.760954

File: 111142a277f229f⋯.jpg (44.55 KB, 500x422, 250:211, pilgrim.jpg)


thats a meme reply to a meme post. Wherever you look, many so called ""Christians""" have zero true Faith (which is infinitely more than a mere believing) and while I dont disagree with any of your points, I say those apply to catholics or orthodox as well. People here pretend that all of the catholic world is devout and tradcat, but the truth is everything you just levied against prots applies to your papal church as well. Sure, yours might be devout and your priest a true man in Christ, and so is my baptist church, but the infection spreads deep, and the devout church is becoming the exception not the rule, atleast in the comfortable West, and catholics don't have some special immunity to cultural "christianity", where faith is becoming "I believe, and act like Christ on some sundays, but I like to keep my religious life separate than my real, errr ummm, my secular life!"

156624  No.760974


Muslims are just arian-bedouin syncretists, they're also technically heretics.

We're supposed to pray for heretics, but also resist them and their works.

2f960f  No.763608

>go to church every Friday, Sunday

>start only going Sundays because Friday is a fellowship day and it can get annoying

>fall back to a porn watching habit I thought I overcame for a year

>feel like a hypocrite

>stop attending church

>the only girl I was interested in at church stopped going anyway

>see her in person

>don't recognize her because she's dressed casually

>smell weed smoke as she rode by

>33 years old, no wife, family, single for almost a decade

There comes a point when you stop praying, and start screaming your prayers. For some. I still believe.

3387b9  No.763611


What do corrupt Popes have to do with Photius and his corruption? These Popes, despite their best efforts, did not successfully splinter the Church of Jesus Christ.

Photius did.

ac3ec9  No.763638


It's no surprise. The churches are almost entirely corrupt. They worship idols and refuse to address reality because it will cost them money and put them in legal jeopardy. Christian preachers are some of the most despicable people on the planet. They've evolved into carbon copies of the scribes and pharisees in Jesus day. More people come to Christ through /pol/ than through the church and the reason why is because /pol/ is honest and preachers are liars.

e78755  No.763639


Who said anything about liking muslims?

ac3ec9  No.763640


>went to my first Mass recently

just remember- the people at the bottom, never know what's going on at the top.

ac3ec9  No.763644


Doubt those are catholics. more likely a group of satanists feigning catholicism because they know the media will help them in their charade

0df828  No.763685


Honestly the reduction in Catholics is cutting out the modernist fat. I've firsthand known people who have left Catholicism because they realized they couldn't make it suit their degenerate lifestyles. That's the difference between Catholics - EO and Protestants, tradition preserves faith and Protestantism is a revolutionary, modernist belief system that changes its tune to whatever is being broadcast.

cfdac9  No.763688


Evangelical protestantism (the one that actually affirms the Bible and Reformation theology) is the least affected by the surrounding culture. The RCC had Vatican 2, but the SBC had a conservative resurgence.

acdcb7  No.763690


>do they like the God that they were given growing up?

Man they were really onto something when they wrote down that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

21fa45  No.763730

File: 3edca8e3d9eff43⋯.jpg (624.99 KB, 1920x2767, 1920:2767, df5428388fc2b18b3e6181140b….jpg)


Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Goods. tigger.

21fa45  No.763735

"And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites

are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and

in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men…But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly." - Mathew, 6:5-6 KJV.

The truly pious respect that religion is between a man and his God and do not seek to advertise their belief or inflict it upon others. The sole utility of church is communal union, the promotion of a sense of belonging, familiarity and responsibility to a community of people.

This is not necessary not strictly ideal to purity of faith.

051cae  No.763759

File: e47125ef19182d0⋯.jpg (225.52 KB, 878x599, 878:599, IMG_6136.JPG)


Keyword there is “adultery” meaning married men who are ogling at other women not their wife. If Jesus wanted to extend this concept to non-married people as well as married people He would of used “fornication” and the Bible in both old and new have no problem using that word as it is used frequently. That said I am definitely against pornography for secular reasons (creates addictions, makes people succumb to prosttiutes or camwhores don’t even know their existence beyond their username, is literally a Jewish weapon to undermine Christianity etc.)

def380  No.763770


What if I enter the house just to take picture of the furniture?

06c433  No.763774


Its still a sin, a transgression to be precise.

def380  No.763775


Gotta find a new hobby, I suppose

06c433  No.763780


Well, my friend, I got some good news for you. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, can help you sin no more.

6d2e75  No.763787

maybe they're dropping out of church because of all the paedophiles, usurers, boomer priests/pastors and other cringy/hypocritical bullshit that infests Christendom today

def380  No.763796


I know that but still can’t believe it fully…I grew up in a devout family yet ended up Winnie the pooing hard times.

def380  No.763797


If I was to judge humanity without the awareness we are all filthy and in need of Jesus, I’d gladly pray for a nuclear holocaust and a general sentence for all men and women of eternal damnation. I’m disgusted by these traitors, but I am gonna judge His Church as a whole due to what men made of it…

6f7b10  No.763807


What's certain is that he wasn't a kike.

>who is the 1st heresiarch of the Church and what was his claim?

it just happen he was correct all along, and that those kike "converts" were in fact subverters.

imagine my shock.

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