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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: b7976910f548f19⋯.jpg (43.33 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 1-2.jpg)

f43b5c  No.763310

What are some good Christian YouTubers who use their platform in order to speak truth and guidance? Is Fr. Mike Schmitz good?

daf4a1  No.763311

I like most of his stuff; good introduction to Catholic way of thinking, for good or bad.

Mysterium Fasces, the Distributist and Fritz Imperialis are good; Missing the Mark has food for thought too. Sensus Fidelium has some excellent sermons by Fr. Chad…

66f0cc  No.763313

File: 799c941430ded67⋯.jpg (29.68 KB, 236x459, 236:459, Dx7hIFIXQAEMr7i.jpg)

From what I've seen of him, he's pretty good and accessible for the easy going tier, the more mild people. Overall he does seem a lot better than Bishop Barron, who doesn't talk much about sin, constantly shoves in how he doubts if there are any humans in Hell, and thinks that Jesus discovered his true purpose in life after being baptized, just for starters. Best Catholic/Christian channel in general on youtube hands down is Sensus Fidelium.


f82e36  No.763315


Yes it is.

That being said, I think its not made for me or people who have gone and read out about the faith. I've multiple times thought to myself, "Just be humble and check the video, maybe its something you don't know", and it happened to be something I knew form early on.

I'm not saying that's bad(its good actually, it gets people to talk), but I wager most people here have enough interest to search if they can "pray after sinning", or when they can take the Eucharist, or whatever, so maybe this is the wrong audience.

66f0cc  No.763318


Have you checked out Sensus Fidelium? https://www.youtube.com/user/onearmsteve4192

You can learn a lot from the homilies.

4f4468  No.763320


His channel is great, to the point and easily approachable yes.

I don't watch a whole lot of Christian Tubers with the exception of Jay Dyer, it's usually just channels that upload chants.

5b658e  No.763329


Jay Dyer's massive ego is a turnoff.

When I used to watch him a lot, I spent more time debating theological issues that are way above a young Christian like me, than actually practicing faith, hope and charity.

7e0e76  No.763332


Jay dryers newer vids are great. All his theological/political stuff is worth watching.

Try him again.

4f4468  No.763333


Massive ego? I don't really see it tbh, even then he's also a mere member laity, a well learned one but still, prone to sinning.

I get the latter part though, personally I'm thankful to him for in part through his videos, debates, explenations, talkshows I learned about many key theological principles, but it's easy to get caught up in debating while losing sight of ourselves.

It's hard to be a Christian without knowing said principles I think and he was definitely a great help in educating me on many of them in that way.

24cae7  No.763335


winnie the pooh, that was very good vid. coming here from atheist/"humanist" perspective.

the thing that troubled me the most in Christianity is that you do everything only to save yourself, you help others so you can get saved, not because you want to help them.

thanks for vid

daf4a1  No.763336


At the beginning yes, you do for your own salvation alone…then it turns into a call and a “necessity”. I’m bad at explaining this…

ea9e4f  No.763433


Fr. Schmitz is pretty good imo. He is fairly Orthodox but uses his 'ecumenical' presentation to lure in the normies. Definitely worked on my fiance and also played a role in my own conversion.

ea9e4f  No.763436


In the beginning, sure. I'm at the point where I am far from perfect but when I look around me almost every single person I interact with daily and my whole extended family are doomed to hell for all eternity. That realization is a big motivator especially when people begin to die or get deathly sick.

b44cf6  No.763438


>winnie the pooh, that was very good vid. coming here from atheist/"humanist" perspective.


>the thing that troubled me the most in Christianity is that you do everything only to save yourself, you help others so you can get saved, not because you want to help them.


>thanks for vid

That's Protestantism that emphasizes salvation of the individual, and not salvation of the world as a whole or transforming entire societies/kingdoms. And it sometimes attributes just about all of history of the Church (or anything "not Bible") as the work of Satan. They're either a-cultural when it comes to church history, or very nitpicky about it.

But funnily, as they dismiss the renewal of culture through the church, they always tend to adopt Jewish culture instead. Since they only fixate on the Bible in isolation and dismiss church tradition as a work of evil, they hold up only the Bible's culture as a good model.. and then project this idea on to modern Jews. This is why so many blindly become Zionists.. and then end up destroying the world themselves through allying with usury, greed, and supporting unjust wars.

c3599a  No.763442


> salvation of the world

Nice lie.

b44cf6  No.763451


What lie? Even their idea of spreading across the world is done through the filter of individualism.

It's just gotten worse over time. Like Rick Warren's "Purpose Driven Life" stuff, which is just Tony Robbins wearing a Jesus suit. Me, me, me.. my purpose. The Gospel of finding some personal fulfillment/meaning. And sadly, I've seen this stupid book translated in many languages. So I could say it's spreading across the world.. but they're just making people into the same self-concerned faggots they themselves are.

33897f  No.763474

File: b3ef4cf6b11e95d⋯.jpg (114.33 KB, 960x720, 4:3, sv19AQi.jpg)


t. Someone that has never read the Bible

It's like you never heard of the Great Commission or something. Like how do you screw up that badly?

cafcaf  No.763495

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Tumblar House has a lot of good videos, mostly on obscure topics but they have videos on general Christian topics as well.

f43b5c  No.763748


I don't like how that one guy speaks. It sounds grating.

0c6638  No.763771

E Michael Jones

9f2b46  No.764007


>I think its not made for me or people who have gone and read out about the faith

I agree, but I definitely think that Fr. Mike can explain certain topics with examples and such that make it easier to communicate things to others.

42baaa  No.764008


do you think "make disciples of the nations" means that nations can become disciples?

Salvation is purely individual.

"YOU must be born again"

"what must I do to be saved?"

"WHOSOEVER believes shall not perish"

Maybe the word you're looking for is "churched", "christianized" or even "western".


>me me me

strawman strawman strawman

You know what's really selfless? Evangelism. Tell me, who does evangelism more earnestly than baptists?

0ea53e  No.764011


If you're full bull, doesn't matter how much you flay yourself spreading your bull.

You're still full of bull.

42baaa  No.764014


nice dodge

da4cdf  No.764049

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>no father spyridon

ee14cc  No.764071

Fr. Mike is good. Also check out Sensus Fidelium, it has a ton of resources on a lot of topics. Some of them have bad audio, but it's pretty much the easiest way to learn a lot about every aspect of the faith, presented in a very orthodox way. Fr Chad Ripperger has very good stuff.

1f8fbe  No.764166

File: b0ddd08d4360027⋯.jpg (31.97 KB, 555x370, 3:2, nath2.jpg)

Let's not forget /ourjew/ Brother Nathanael.

314f42  No.764187


God bless /ourjew/

38c51a  No.764261

File: ada164d538a9408⋯.jpg (107.62 KB, 900x900, 1:1, logo.jpg)

0ea53e  No.764270


There's no dodge.

Lest you mean baseless insults from a deprived fool.

9d6bf2  No.764274


>who does evangelism more earnestly than baptists?

Here's a hint:

Pastor Anderson's soul winning where he just has someone say "yeah I recognize Jesus Christ as the savior" doesn't count as a evangelism because its not Biblical, conversions in the bible are to make someone fully Christian: They encourage bible reading, god fearing, to stop sinning, and so on.

b31f06  No.764282

7350a1  No.764327

f43b5c  No.765033

How about Brian Holdsworth? Is he any good?

a33bb3  No.765243


Its in the bible. You should fully convert people to Christianity so they worship the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit and read the Bible for further instruction.

a33bb3  No.765298

File: 41c3c93f76967df⋯.gif (8.36 KB, 173x188, 173:188, 41c3c93f76967df676fb8de7b1….gif)


>Correctly reference the bible on what should be done

>Give constructive criticism to Anderson

>Point out what is wrong

>Wtf you're entitled

As expected of someone using the monthly feminist damage control word.

7cacdc  No.765316

519203  No.766462


"LizziesAnswers". Young woman, graduate in Theology and converted to Catholicism from Church of Christ (if I remember).

d23422  No.766560

File: 5b73e793cec91d1⋯.jpg (303.77 KB, 1320x491, 1320:491, Untitled.jpg)

File: 5c7e6c3580c073b⋯.jpg (419.62 KB, 1050x672, 25:16, Untitled2.jpg)

i'm a big fan of protestant youtubers

6625ae  No.766584


It's the apostate pipeline

291400  No.766598


Oh no no no

3e29ab  No.768745


>winnie the pooh, that was very good vid

>thanks for the vid

I-it's a jpeg, u ok m8..?


These guys are back? I thought they got kicked off yt?


>Inspiring Philosophy


I don't watch his vids on the reg and haven't for a while but I haven't ever got the vibe he's catholic, or indeed can recall he's excplictly espoused a catholic stance.

e331c4  No.768822

File: 73ae0a3df5ee712⋯.png (123.5 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190102-193241.png)

27f953  No.768918



InspiringPhilosophy is definitely not Catholic, he has made videos saying why he disagrees with the Catholic Church

3e29ab  No.769002

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I really enjoy his content but in this vid (link for time jump to 1:54.27) when his friend KJ from ScariestMovieEver channel has a little 1minute segment setting out his position on his faith and his love for Jesus Jay barely registers a response, and only does so through a 'hmm mm' when prompted to ask if 'he's still there' by KJ because he's just stayed silent otherwise. I mean he might not agree with everything the guy said if he's expressed it as a prot instead of on orthodox terms, but Jay's otherwise enthusiastic when talking about his deepstate geopolitics conspiracies and philiosophy, and yes, he does quote scripture from time to time, but when a brother in Christ pours his thoughts out and wears his heart on his sleeve affirming the basics of his faith as per when KJ did above, you stay silent? Such behaviour really kinda shocked me, would have thought for anyone not literally autistic any kind of confession along the lines of KJ would have moved the listener and been cause for celebration joyful exclamation or a little 'Amen!', even if necessary caveating that you might disagree on the specifics but you appreciate the thrust or sentiment of what your brother in Christ is saying. The fact that Jay stayed silent to me just seemed very cold and like he's not comfortable as a Chritstian emotionally, only intellectually. Obviously that's a massive charge which I admittedly have no basis and am not saying is acutally the case, in reality I don't know him and, in the words of Borgoglio its just a prank browho am I to judge? But this is just the impression I was left with after that.


c3333b  No.769506


I can see what you mean. I believe in much of what Jay basically says, but not his indifference. Considering the state of the world, I'll often take what I can get.. and rejoice at anyone trying to follow Christ. I'm wary of spending time with charismatics or too many extra-revelatory stories (Prot or Cat), but I try to think they mean well as long as they're not degenerates. He's also very left brained about his approach and has an all or nothing outlook on systems in a "holistic" sense and whether they work or not (and once he sees the flaws, he has disdain for it). But he misses the "trees for the forest", so to speak, when he does this. It doesn't mean the individuals in those systems are representative of all of it.

bb0e16  No.769524


>Calling everyone "fag" isn't a debate.

lmao what a fag

94f0fe  No.769528

Jay not a channer confirmed.

4ac18f  No.769545


Check this one out! CHUTZPAH 4 CHRIST


He's brave and full of love to Christ in his heart

3b3546  No.769629


>he has made videos saying why he disagrees with the Catholic Church

Any links?

42a809  No.769659


what did he mean by this

27f953  No.769678


Dunno where but he definitely said somewhere he isn't Catholic

655a5c  No.769802


I wonder what secrets he's hiding…

154ebf  No.769806


Sorry.. I'm the anon you're quoting. ID changed. I'm just making a joke. That he dismisses the use of the word fag is a good sign he doesn't use 8chan or halfchan. Maybe to his credit perhaps.

0ea53e  No.769808


Guy seems really on edge.

5b8aac  No.770766


Most Holy Family Monastery is all you need brother


0ea53e  No.770866

File: c48f61e85bae722⋯.jpg (70.36 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Db5nxhCU8AAZi3f.jpg)



5b8aac  No.771217


The Most Family Monastery is one of the only remaining lights in this antichrist world. I believe everything Brother Peter and Brother Michael say, because it is so well documented, and footnoted. It is not statements out of the blue, because it can be proven by the teachings of the Catholic Church. Teachings that are ignored by today's novus ordo.

27f953  No.771261



I have to admit sedes aren't as crazy of a theory as I once thought. If Paul VI was an apostate/heretic that means he was no longer pope which means none of these other popes are popes. At this point I dunno how to confirm it though, apart from like divine revelation or something. Didn't Jesus say to test false prophets by their fruits?

23741d  No.771644

I really like Paul Vanderklay:


and occasionally enjoy David Wood:


Even though I'm orthodox and they're both protestants.

8076c8  No.771648


>accept Peter Dimond into your heart

No thank you

3dd6eb  No.771859


good one

0ea53e  No.771863


I know how confirm it. Sedes are even more crazy about their succession laws than even the staunchest Catholics.


Believe all the footnotes you want, won't make either of those bozos more or less holier-than-thou than they already are.

Damn gnostics.

Let me see them do miracles, if they're beyond doing charity and helping those in need.

Otherwise let them spew whatever vile upon others. God will sort us all out either way.

23741d  No.771923

If you're interested in geopolitics from a Christian perspective, Blackstone Intelligence is pretty good:


6ea129  No.771932

I'm pretty fond of Theopneustos man.

1e13db  No.772454

I found Brohoshaphat G here 2 years ago and his casual discussions have been perfect to watch for breakfast. He also talks about porn addiction and how to get rid of it in great detail so thats a bonus.



44c480  No.773109

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

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