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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 1d2693b33fc2322⋯.jpg (38.94 KB, 763x509, 763:509, 1d2693b33fc2322fee3080eb3f….jpg)

e09d9e  No.765251

Seeing one's eyes can tell a lot about a person. It is curious how much people can tell about you just from the way you look/your overall attitude.

I had an experience:

Me and my friends were having a party, playing some game which was….at the very least very very offensive to social conventions, but even to morals.

See I am not the kind of guy who goes around moralizing people, trying to appear sanctimonious. I do wear a cross on my neck but it is concealed under my clothing. When someone asks, I say that I go to church etc. I make no bones about what I believe if it comes to a debate but I do not advertise myself freely.

Here one of the friends, we never talked about religion, we barely know each other. But I noticed she does not like me very much instintcively. Seeing her library once at her place I noted she has plenty of secular/Enlightenment books along with Churchill books, then liberal stuff.

So we played the game and she did not want to take the turn because as she said "she would probably insult my beliefs" Taking look at what she had in her hands it was something like "The Bible is literally a sh*t" or along the lines

That day I understood you do not need to say anything and people get who you are just the way you present yourself, sometimes.

Not trying to make this my blog. I am curious if you had a similar experience. I had a few of them, similar ones. Also I do know few people who give off similar signals even though they do not mention being Christians.

Did something like this happen to you also?

5e6759  No.765277


>That day I understood you do not need to say anything and people get who you are just the way you present yourself, sometimes.

When they begin persecuting/killing Christians it will be difficult to hide our identities even though we may hide our belongings.

be3b59  No.765279


The funny thing is that I had no problem mocking someone's beliefs in that game. Seriously I do not know what else could tell her about it.

9c0ad8  No.765315


Yeah it's weird. When I moved into this apartment complex, one of my neighbors, who I later learned was a furry and homosexual, seemed to have this instinctive hatred of me that no other neighbor did, not even the people I know are nonbelievers considering I share an apartment complex with a lot of Sikhs, Muslims, and Hindus. I've had similar experiences with trannies where they seem to automatically be reviled by me, and trust me the feeling is mutual.

I think it's just reprobates that pick up on us the quickest, nonbelievers of a seemingly decent moral character don't seem to have a problem with me and will at least greet me with a nod when I walk by.

fb7934  No.765328

I think you've just bumped into a person who naturally dislikes everyone.

4ffb34  No.765417

People sense what each other are like. Its weird, unconscious, mysterious even. I dont know about your countries but in my country the cliques in schools (universities included) form quite quickly and naturally, without much speaking. You know, jocks, weirdos, nerds and so on. Its something intriguing, really.

64f1c4  No.765418

Animals love me, but people think something’s wrong and/or typically avoid me.

b01e2a  No.765421

What game was that anon?

e20f88  No.765425


Yea easily, normals somehow immediately know that I am nothing like them, I get the feeling they know even if I don't speak to them as well

2e7c39  No.765427

Eh.. judge and be judged. Someone judges you, count it all joy, etc, etc, James 1:2-18.

Stop living to impress people. You come off as some young teen…. peer pressure, living up to your friends standards, etc. The older you get, the less of a crap you give about how the world sees you. It's tough at first dealing with the judgment of others. But like I said…

It all boils down to the Judgment Day. How will the Lord respond to you for that moment in time? "My child… it was rough for you…. but I am grateful that you endured that small moment of trial"? Or, "You worker of inequity. Depart from me. You lived according to how the world wanted you to be versus how I commanded you to be"? Stop living to impress others. The world hated Christ. Why would the world accept you for your belief in the very man that the world hates?

e83b21  No.765436



Physiognomy is real, enough said. There is a grain of truth to the saying "don't judge a book by it's cover," but whoever takes it too literally forgets that the cover is generally based on the book's contents.

There's even been times where I'll meet people who look like friends I had as a kid, and honestly they practically were the same person, I even started to forget that they were different people and that I'd only known the new one X years rather than my whole life. Incredibly, people who look quite alike mostly are quite alike.

It's almost like there really is something to this 'heredity' thing.

be3b59  No.765444


cards against humanity

not proud of playing it.

be3b59  No.765445


>peer pressure, living up to your friends standards, etc. The older you get, the less of a crap you give about how the world sees you.

I did not say I cared for what she thinks/whether she likes me or not. I feel no desire to live up to "their standards" I am just saying that what you believe forms you and it eventually shows even without you saying a word. At least that was my experience so far

b01e2a  No.765475


Just googled. Shitty game.

By your description in the first post I though it was that game with the bottle (don't know the name in English) were people do immoral stuff with eachother.

f296d1  No.765563


>When they begin persecuting/killing Christians

god, i wish they would already. i fugging hate it here

d4efe4  No.765564


your probably reading to much into it

bc9ce1  No.767281

Most people are their mien it is true big guy, be glad that you have yours at what seems to be a close 1:1 with your soul


c77fba  No.768149



Strange; many of my close friends are atheists and some maybe even reprobate and know that I am Christian, they don't seem to have the same attitude y'all have been describing.

9fa431  No.768172

Probably confirmation bias. You may not be considering people that looked at you wrong but didn't have views opposed to yours.

8e3c2e  No.768609

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f860b7  No.768614


Almost definitely not just confirmation bias, how many people do you meet who just glare daggers at you for no reason? It's pretty much common sense and perfectly intuitive that you can gain information about people from how they look (i.e. biology effects character as well as lifestyle and habits effecting looks [smoking causes rough skin, brain diseases cause blue hair, etc.]), as time goes on there's only likely to be further confirmation of the scientific validity of physiognomy.

2bd4b2  No.768961


Do not make friends with atheists

95bf78  No.768963

File: c45511b05fed157⋯.jpg (48.1 KB, 500x500, 1:1, c45511b05fed1572cbd53f27ae….jpg)


>brain diseases cause blue hair

Took me a second to get

bd2c63  No.769650


>Physiognomy is real

as real as palmistry

a19083  No.780264


I always think of it, there are atheists who deny God for whatever reason. Then there are anti-theists who actively hate religion, name christianity, in it's entirety.

40289c  No.780281


>you are just the way you present yourself, sometimes.

I avoid looking other people in the eyes. Not really autistic, just do not like crowded places and like the quiet and the silence. I wonder how many people think I am autistic (I know a few that do).

56dd36  No.780335

If you live a sexually pure life (no sex (outside of marriage and procreation and even there, do not abuse it), no porn, no masturbation, no ejaculation,…) you'll have soulful eyes.

0048e5  No.780535

File: 81657ac590918e0⋯.jpg (708.78 KB, 1242x1557, 138:173, image.jpg)

people intuitively put other people under typological categories even though they might not know any typological system. I don't know if physiognomy is real (I'm inclined to think it is), but stuff like the way you dress, your body language and the way you walk do indicate about your personality. This has been proved with "big 5", for example. People could guess, based on photos, part of the personality of those depicted. Other personality typologies have an even more explicit visual identification.

I'm very good at reading people through their faces, although I'm also very judgemental.

9301b7  No.780753

So here is one practice I've learned, meditating with a lot candle, and focusing hard on the flame. Supposedly it helps getting used to maintaing stronger eye contact. Now the interesting thing is that I haven't noticed all that much, but instead people have been looking me quite strongly, it course no one would come up to me and say something like that, and more often than not I feel like looking away just to not embarrass the other person. So how would you even know if you have a strong look?

d2cfd9  No.780856

File: 72ae80c0efd9847⋯.jpg (73.51 KB, 442x600, 221:300, c70144a794deebcc1636144636….jpg)



Physiognomy is real, once you understand it and start seeing it completely changes your ability to read people. Just sinful thoughts become sinful words which then become sinful actions it's the same with the body, a twisted mind and soul will twist the body. Most people are able to instinctively read another person with just a glance, but they dont know or understand they are doing it. Most of the cultural propaganda of the last 50 years has worked towards lying to you about things like opposites attract and that you shouldnt trust your instincts.

d9bacc  No.784789


the wicked flee when no man pursues

ee31f3  No.784854



1738f6  No.784860


Play winners drink instead

708f05  No.784876

File: 8d7a22bad7fd57d⋯.jpg (75.63 KB, 640x561, 640:561, IMG_6474.JPG)


I played Disturbed Friends which is similar and the questions are pussy-tier. I was honestly hoping it would ask me questions that would let me show my inner pic related

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