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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: c1d29a87e4893ce⋯.png (21.75 KB, 804x743, 804:743, frog-kek.png)

be3a05  No.766664

It's against natural law. I'm curious, did you start doing because someone told you about it or started doing it without outside influence?


2410f6  No.766676

>mosquito bites you

>why did you scratch the itch, did someone tell you?

no, they told me not to scratch the itch but I did anyway

379a6c  No.766683

i did it because my friends told me about orgasms and i had access to porn which gave me boners which kind of felt good to rub. i rubbed myself many times looking at porn, thinking that that was it before i actually came for the first time.

i definitely had the will to seek out the porn though, and i probably would've ended up masturbating at some point later on anyway.

be3a05  No.766689

I don't think I ever would have thought of it myself. Same with how sex works, how would someone know to insert themselves inside of a woman?

745ffa  No.766691

I didn't manage to orgasm until I was 19. For some reason I never rubbed it long enough, always enjoyed having a boner and rubbing it but always got bored before climax. No idea why.

be3a05  No.766692


This happened to me the first few times.

67f080  No.766700


Read Leviticus where a man is considered unclean after nocturnal emission. Add to the fact that you are intentionally making yourself unclean especially with unclean thoughts. But of course you never read the Bible but you spend countless hours surfing Pornhub. Idiot.

ede636  No.766702


Nocturnal emission isn't masturbation, your point is correct, but the argument is not. A better argument would be Onan, who reduced the marital act to masturbation when he left his partner before he could finish coitus.

a571fe  No.766732


Clean/unclean is a ceremonial distinction, it's not about sinning (at least in this case).Nocturnal emissions aren't a sin. Masturbation, porn, entertaining lustful thoughts etc are.

f72124  No.766761


>But of course you never read the Bible but you spend countless hours surfing Pornhub. Idiot.

>you spend countless hours surfing Pornhub. Idiot.

Why are you insulting me? Is this what they call projection? lmao.

d16412  No.766764


I did it without outside influence and I was raised atheist, so I'm pretty sure it's natural.

8376d1  No.766797


The devil sent me a pop-up ad with pornography when I was but a wee lad. I have been a lustful sinner ever since.

Thanks to the power of Jesus Christ and with the love and support of His Church, I've been learning how to deny my lustful passion.

Praise be to the Lord!

6e6b3a  No.766825


Terrible digits.#

I noticed it by myself. Then I discovered online games then later porn.

Then I dropped fapping and porn and I am doing good now.

Thank God

e7d316  No.766841


I think i've discovered it by myself, don't really remember. Porn though, it was one of my schoolmates that showed me a lewd video, and that stayed on my mind. When i came back home, i did it. Since then, it's been hard to quit.

46286a  No.766847

File: e7d5f7d52fd8f27⋯.jpg (26.37 KB, 550x550, 1:1, fc,550x550,white.u1.jpg)


The same happened to me, mate. I was 12 when I discovered that filth. I still struggle with it at 22.

b2ba6a  No.766849


Onan argument is good for believers but for anyone doubting it doesn't work

For one Onan was committing another sin, disobeying God, and most people that read the verses will assume it was just because of that.

866502  No.766856

File: a03b8d8c65f2fef⋯.png (902.91 KB, 613x594, 613:594, _.png)


you could use that story for non believers. pitch it as:

>committing selfish acts for personal gain (and screwing others around you in the process (in more ways than one)).

onan wanted first-born gibs, so he decided to steal it from his sister-in-law.

having sex with her (incorrectly) shows he was trying to lie/trick others around him (his father/tamar/god).


calling you out. are you saying masturbation is natural? i would disagree.

95d60e  No.766861

I think it was a joke in South Park that made me first experiment with touching my dick. I was like 12.

I'm in a slightly different boat from you all; I find it extremely easy to not view pornography (besides in pop-up ads, but those do not turn me on), but completely stopping jerking off is hard. Sometimes it just happens, in a moment of tired weakness, with no porn, only mental images.

dcec8c  No.766863


High test bro

be3a05  No.766864

I suppose learning about how sex works would also influence someone to masturbate. Anyone here not receive sex-Ed?

0753b1  No.766875


>16 people who just played with themselves and liked it

>9 liars

7e546f  No.766879

i think outside influences caused me to become more and more curious about that disgusting thing; especially because it’s a taboo (which led me to homosexuality)

e808e4  No.766891

File: 6b3b63c335909f3⋯.jpg (148.61 KB, 1024x596, 256:149, 1536717725501.jpg)

File: 2635d360056462a⋯.png (589.09 KB, 1012x838, 506:419, 1541548145888.png)

File: c88a05a102b9565⋯.png (149.36 KB, 600x623, 600:623, OIVUY.png)

File: 34c603250f8a758⋯.png (179.98 KB, 1459x736, 1459:736, Semen.png)

File: 5d514319936d6b5⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 1440x2464, 45:77, 1530885858346.jpg)

School taught me that masturbation is "healthy,desirable and it helps to learn knowing your body".

I now know that sex education curses are the legacy of Weilhem Reich, a Freudian communist jew who wanted to pervert the sexual morality of the west.

66e4f7  No.766902

Posing the question as either/or is inaccurate. For most people there was likely a combination of internal and external factors. The issue lies in the external factors, however, for it is only from outside, in the form of God's Laws, that inner discipline can be learned.

c2a32f  No.766904


He completely missed your point. Reading comprehension seems to be universally dipping lower each day.

7e546f  No.766913


Move along goyim…errr, I mean guys!

I do not blame all the Jewish people, but for sure there’s a number of them who heartily hates chastity and virtue as intended in the Bible. (And I speak as a filthy furfag)

b19f82  No.766929

We're all sick with sin.. that is, the entirety of humanity is fallen. Natural law is irrelevant here. It assumes that there's some inherent good that we're capable of if we *just had the right conditions*.. even without God's grace. I think not.

5562d7  No.766931

If masturbation is the biggest sin you commit, then you're better off than 90% of the real world. There are people out there who murder, rape, worship idols, and blaspheme all day long; while you sit here crying about touching your pee-pee?

Go to confession, repent, and stop touching your penis except to clean it. Why this board thinks masturbation is such a massive sin that it needs 20 threads a day about it is beyond me. I'm sure the banhammer will come down soon, but for those who get to see this before that happens, touching yourself isn't that huge of a deal. You shouldn't do it, but God is probably way more interested in stopping murder than he is about your self-pleasure.

5f2dd4  No.766932

I never really thought about masturbation but /christian/ talked about it so much that I decided to try it to see what the big deal was.

e808e4  No.766933


>If masturbation is the biggest sin you commit, then you're better off than 90% of the real world.

Yes of course, but this is "advantageous comparison", masturbation is still a very serious and corrupting sin.

95d60e  No.766937


> Why this board thinks masturbation is such a massive sin that it needs 20 threads a day about it is beyond me.

This board is likely largely populated by young single men.

Masturbation is a very easy sin to commit in such a situation. From a Catholic perspective, which a lot of the board works from, it is also a potentially mortal sin, unlike a lot of other "easy everyday sins".

From a more protestant (and maybe even orthodox) perspective, maybe excessive focus on masturbation is silly, if there's no such venial-mortal distinction. Then it may indeed be equal to small, white lies, a single lustful thought, or anything of the sort.

087b16  No.767055

I did it initially without knowing what I was doing. I was genuinely just fooling around, noticed it felt pleasurable to keep fooling around and kept it up until I climaxed. I didn't know what had just happened or why I'd just released something with a weird smell. Once I'd known about it though and I found out that my friends would do it regularly, then at some point, I became a regular.

Due to my psychotic issues as of late however, I haven't masturbated since January, 2018. I'm too scared too as my mental health noticeably deteriorates when I ejaculate (how am I ejaculating despite supposedly not masturbating? Wet dreams unfortunately). I'd like to return to masturbation some day but unfortunately, now that I know God's real, I just cannot do that so I guess I've quit it for good.

266e56  No.767065


You sound almost sad you cant masturbate anymore.

087b16  No.767071


Well, yes, I do part with it with a heavy heart. The consumption of pornography was something I enjoyed but I know what's right now.

71ca96  No.767084

I went 27 days without having a nocturnal emission until I gave into my urges again. I do not think nocturnal emissions are natural at all since I've only ever had them accompanied with sexual dreams and thoughts, also from what I've heard your body will absorb any seed that goes unused.

95d60e  No.767085


It is sad.

Without the aspect of God not willing it, it would be ideal to jerk off every now and then. Maybe once a week, maybe a month, either way, a small amount to satisfy the desires and then forget about it - less time spent on the issue.

b04708  No.767087


>I'm curious, did you start doing because someone told you about it or started doing it without outside influence?

I grew up pretty sheltered. My journey leading up my porn addiction started with me watching fetish videos on YouTube when I was about 12. At the age of 15, I grew fed up with the wet dreams I was having and Googled "how to stop having wet dreams". The results I got basically said "masturbation" was my only option… I honestly didn't know what that was, so I Googled it, got a rough idea of how it worked, and then tried it while watching an erotic video. I started fapping once a week, which soon turned into once every 1-2 days. I didn't know I had an addiction until I tried stopping that and porn about 2 years ago, which are both things I continue to struggle with.

7e546f  No.767091


Please can we stop saying nocturnal emissions are bad!

Also, a few time I had them while dreaming non sexual stuff; once it was me giving a political speech, for example.

18d288  No.767092


>which soon turned into once every 1-2 days. I didn't know I had an addiction

Geez, i masturbated 2 to 3 times a day back in my high school days. That's an addiction.

be3a05  No.767097


I went 27 months without fapping until today. I did it 5 times not including my wet dream. My doubts in faith took over. Going to confession on Sunday. Pray for me.

9a2e30  No.767280

My cousins were sexually abused by their babysitter and they got me to start "experimenting" as well. I have a lifetime of shameful deviancy to prove that sexualizing children too early is absolutely demonic.

e7d316  No.767291


>nutted during a political speech


c25a77  No.767336


You managed 2.25 years. What happened to suddenly break that?

74ebe2  No.767347


winnie the pooh the same.

8d3033  No.767647

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Technically, it's Orthodox too. We are called to conquer human passions here on earth.. We are called to live in the Kingdom of God here on earth, and live according to the Spirit's directions.. Ideally, we would have the transition from to death to life be a fairly seamless one (at the very least, would it not be MORE humiliating to be flown up to the courts of heaven after death in this dejected state? Wouldn't it better to clean yourself up and be presentable to the King already. I'm a sinner myself and by no means innocent and still in the fight.. but the thought embarrasses me). Only Protestants take a "one and done" approach to salvation.. or least many do. I suppose the Calvinists and such have a doctrine of "sanctification" that is similar.

c4a89c  No.767661


the same for me, seeing sex-related stuff online piqued my curiosity and it was all downhill from there

c4a89c  No.767663


If you think the only reason to not masturbate is God not willing it then you're missing out on the entire point of the moral law. These rules exist because they are the best way to live. The evidence against masturbation and pornography in particular is accumulating quickly, meanwhile the progressive arguments in favour are limited to nonsense about "sexual liberation lmao" and so on

fa033c  No.767684

File: a462bf93d167e7c⋯.webm (717.19 KB, 640x358, 320:179, Oedipus mad.webm)


>Weilhem Reich

>mfw listening to E. Michael Jones talking about how Reich went about corrupting the sexual mores of innocent women

95d60e  No.767702


Do note that I would be for moderation either way, none of that "5 times a week is the healthiest!" stuff.

It is Gods will that makes is absolutely bad, no matter how often or rarely you do it. My human will would tell me that moderation is the best.

>These rules exist because they are the best way to live.

As a whole, sure. But there are rules that function more as crosses to bear than direct goods.

d84367  No.767724



where you giving a speech in support of the reclamation of Constantinople?

polite sage for banter>>767091

abc2fe  No.767935


I masturbated for the first time at around 3 or 4 years old. I didn't even know what it was, I just liked the sensation.

4c72ad  No.767945


Nocturnal emissions can be a sign that some of your daily thoughts have to be checked. I have a very easy time not touching myself and not looking at porn, but I do have small, short sexual thoughts multiple times a day and when I stop taking them seriously and start entertaining them, I get nocturnal emissions. In fact I got one last Sunday when I thought I was fit to receive the Eucharist. It pushed me to go to confession instead, thank God.


I must've been 3 years old when I started fapping and I did it just for the physical pleasure. I used the pillow method and actually had to force myself as a teenager to accommodate to the "normal" method.

0d6bae  No.768051


It should be a sin to be single at marrying age. Maybe then we wouldn't be fapping ourselves into hell.

Technically, we shouldn't be burning in our lust anyway.

Sad to think so many of us are alone.

e538bb  No.768053


Why is it sad? I do it because God led me here. I was only sad when I fought him about it.

And you're calling something a sin that the Lord himself recommended.

" His disciples say unto him, If the case of the man be so with his wife, it is not good to marry. But he said unto them, All men cannot receive this saying, save they to whom it is given. For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother’s womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it." - Matt 19:10-12

If you're not called to it, by all means, rectify the situation. But don't tell others they're sinning.

0d6bae  No.768056


I never told others they were..

My point is more hypothetical. The fact that so many men fall to masturbation implies they don't have a partner, and badly wish they had a good woman in their life.

bdb691  No.768060


can't agree more. A lot of lonely people in the world many drop off alone. I'm so lonely…

5f2264  No.768061


I didn't start masturbating til after I was told that it was a thing, I can't speak for everyone but for me it definitely wasn't a thing I just discovered by accident.

0d6bae  No.768068


33, no wife, no kids, no friends, only child.

I thank God for all I have. But I do find myself screaming my prayers sometimes.. wondering if I'm even being heard anymore. Praying for better days for all of us.

e538bb  No.768079


I'll just say you won't likely be immune from these passions, even if you seek a life with God. Look at this vid I posted earlier about St. Anthony >>767647

Even he was tempted by demons of fornication. But he conquered them. The passions remain, but is your desire for God greater? That is the question.

That said, if you don't actually want this, and are more of an incel (rather than a "volcel), then by all means, "be fruitful and multiply" as the Lord says. You can still serve God that way. Fair warning: You'll be distracted.. even by a "good woman".

e1d62c  No.768170


> natural law.

What is this and how does it not belong there?

c54452  No.768189

4chan /b/ in 2004 made me do it.

I remember seeing Katja Kassin big ass and why not pretend I was winnie the pooh her.

Worst decision ever. I could not ever stop. It was instant gratification and then a rush of sadness.

Internet is a mistake. And Jesus' is the only way.

c54452  No.768194


The thing is… looking masturbation as if was really a 10% little sin… IS BAD.

Masturbation is a serious sin.

It drains the mind, the will, the power, it saddens the person. It destroys the most valuable thing a person wants, to have family.

It's horrible. Makes you fill dizzy, unfocused, weak.

Masturbation needs to be seen as something really serious.

e7912b  No.768213


Actually hypersexuality is caused by high levels of estrogen thus low levels of testosterone. High test men have no urge to masturbate

e7912b  No.768230


As St Paul said, masturbators do not go to heaven. That's the worst thing that can possibly happen.

All those people who are rapists, murderers and idolators? They usually start off as masturbators

7e546f  No.768251


Still, nocturnal emissions in themselves are not a sin, and they accur naturally, for the most part: your body gets rid of the old and not fertile seed.

I’m not saying they are good, just that, unlike masturbation, they are not a sin in themselves.

e7912b  No.768341


Nocturnal emissions are a sign of someone still labouring under concupiscence and are to be avoided. Hence why in completorium the psalm asking for protection against night time pollutions is said.

If your body is working perfectly it recycles the old seed for important nutrients, rather than getting rid of it.

103e83  No.768352

File: 95426c1046e388b⋯.jpg (233.5 KB, 1102x1102, 1:1, joy.jpg)

>natural law

No such thing.

678bd5  No.768374

I committed sodomy first, then masturbated in a curious attempt to see if I could orgasm alone - it wasn't as good as it was with another person.

The sodomy was induced by me seeing porn as a child, hearing people talk about women's bodies and sexuality, and seeing sexy images of women in the media.

7d756a  No.768379


If someone has nocturnal emissions without an erotic dream, good for them. In my case I am quite sure that they are caused by an excess of daily impure thoughts.

I read a quote from st Jean Marie Vianney about how it's ok to let a bird fly over your head, but you shouldn't let it nest in your hair. Sinful thoughts are the same.

be3a05  No.768385


pretty sure that's impossible

e538bb  No.768393


Even /christian/ can meme, surprisingly. Obscure, but based.

7584d5  No.768560


>I committed sodomy first, then masturbated in a curious attempt to see if I could orgasm alone

hummm what?

7584d5  No.768563


>It drains the mind, the will, the power, it saddens the person. It destroys the most valuable thing a person wants, to have family.

>It's horrible. Makes you fill dizzy, unfocused, weak.

>Masturbation needs to be seen as something really serious.

This, we can't stress this enough. All sins have much real life reflections than we care to pay attention to.

Fapping just makes you numb, with clouded mind that you can't see reality for what it is, I see that now, but it takes battling through the first ranks to realize that.

To share my story, I begun around 14~yo, one of my brothers told me about it, and then later I found out more, it was early internet age, where there wasn't that much porn, cable TV had adult channels but they were coded in a way you could only the shadows, still I dreamed about it. When it finally came around, I was amazed at those early days JAB disney porn, I got insta hooked, and delved into hentai and other forms of porn, degeneracy became my goal.

Looking back in my life that's around I started going downhill, underachieving things, being more timid and encroaching on my hole. Since then I don't think I ever spend more than a week with a single fap, if not circumstantial conditions, where I literally couldn't do it. God have mercy on my soul.

19f691  No.768672

I remember getting aroused as far back as 5 years old, I used to fiddle the diddle when seeing women on tv, and I was always thinking of slaying but I never really started masturbating until I was 13, started getting into porn and honestly that's when things went downhill and I became beta. Sex is the type of thing that you definitely don't need to have constantly, having some sexual energy all the time is a good thing because it energizes you to move forward. I think Catholic teaching on having sex with one women for procreation is the ideal way to do things

8153ae  No.768718


>Katja Kassin

8153ae  No.768727


Firstly, look what God did;


He revealed that I wanted to know what this 'Katja Kassin' woman looked like to everyone. Even though I don't masturbate anymore, I still like to look at women - and I swear Jesus said that looking at a woman with lust = adultery.

This is the fruit of sodomy. When I was 12, I had sex with another boy. I imagined myself and him as lesbians - so I wasn't even loving him on any level. I wasn't even a true homosexual - he was just a sex toy to me.

So, it was easy to just move over to masturbation after this.

1d2054  No.769660


>crying about touching your pee-pee

It is a mortal sin which is one of the easiest to commit and that makes it quite worrisome.

d11711  No.769695


Abortion prevents life

Contraception prevents life

Masturabtion prevents life

I'm not saying jerking off is murder, but I do understand the perspective of why it should be avoided as much as abortion.

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