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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: dad1aa0849a7727⋯.jpg (28.73 KB, 300x383, 300:383, ReturnofTheNephilim.jpg)

753af2  No.767884

I have this old friend who can't stop referencing the man. Missler teaches bible codes, ancient astronauts, the anti christ is going to appear in the iraq war and garbage that 90% of american evangelicals probably believe in some way. I can't get through to my friend with logic, so I was just changing the subject for years, but a couple days ago he embarassed himself so badly I wanted to shake him until Chucky Missler fell out his ear. Has anybody soundly debunked this fool yet? I can't find anything that would convince him. A link to an essay or a video would be greatly appreciated. This bible code horse shit was pushed hard in the 90s, and I feel like it only subsided recently. His kind spread false prophecy about the end of the world and get away with it by saying they were only making predictions. This gay earth.

269cf4  No.767938

Never listen to any preacher (or anyone really) named "Chuck".

That should be a rule somewhere.

82eeee  No.768021


>garbage that 90% of american evangelicals probably believe in some way

Don't generalize like this

What if I said "90% of catholics probabiy believe in gay marriage"

753af2  No.768150


lol I haven't tried that yet. Thanks.


Don't you remember this garbage getting pushed hard back then? A lot of people took the bait, as it tied into Zionism and the recent slaughters the US perpetrated against nose-picking tusken raiders.

37bf12  No.768312


Non-denominational here. It's definitely not an egregious generalization. Maybe 60 or 70 but since they vote and they fell for the Liberalism and equality memes they hold a lot of social power in the church.

11a9b3  No.768315

>be me the other day

>listen to some Missler sermons

<All languages point toward Jerusalem


>Fact check

>Languages in the East that do not point to jewland:

<Hindi/Sanskrit (depending on time period)


<Old Persian

>Welp, that's enough to prove him wrong

>Timeis2email Chucky and say "What gives?"

>Lookup Chuck

>Chuck dead


Also, Chuck was pro-Zion. If that's not enough to shake your friend then he is a lost cause, it would seem! Just kidding. Kind of.

c7ad44  No.768815

I've always been wary of his Zionist tendancies and while not really knowing much about the bible code thing was also aware via wikipedia he got done for plagerism from some other iirc new agey or something writer on that book. I always used to shill his learn the bible in 24hrs lecture series on here when noobs asked though as always thought the first half covering the OT was great.


>ancient aliens


8a7b61  No.768998

Answer presented…not yet revealed

8a7b61  No.769291

Knowledge transfer complete…standby

e1ba08  No.769319

File: 90869881575b106⋯.gif (12 KB, 470x470, 1:1, yGSNHpBG.gif)



Let's see where he is going with this

8a7b61  No.769337

One second to midnight…prepare his coming…alter cognitive dissonance…confirm

466169  No.769448


As well as the learn the bible in 24 hrs that I shill he was also where I got the 'old in the new, concealed, the new in the old, reavealed' re: the relationship between the OT & NT and specifically Jesus Christ's place within them

4a9030  No.769450


>I got the 'old in the new, concealed, the new in the old, reavealed' re: the relationship between the OT & NT and specifically Jesus Christ's place within them

Nothing wrong about that for sure. He just should have stayed away from the fringe stuff.

7da47f  No.769653


No yeah didn't mean to imply it was wrong, just that i got that neat phrase from him

>I'd even say a fringe element now and then is good to test your faith now and then.

tbf this, take it all with a ipinch of salt but still keep an open mind

7da47f  No.769654


>tbf this, take it all

meant for


b2c119  No.771043

Message transcends time domain…all shall be revealed without hesitation

7a367a  No.771048


Than stop wasting time and do it already.

cd165d  No.771124

time Will telll and tell it shall…for truth is truth and can not be undone by man or beast

fe8a10  No.771126

File: 451926fe4a75618⋯.jpg (11.37 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images (11).jpg)

fac045  No.771687

One day closer to the truth,,,that which evil, limited to a finite of dimensions can not impede upon in the coming days…prepare for muted response upon deaf ears where light has no refuge among the lost and moments of sarcastic rebuttal are no more…reply with your last strength of resistance and wait for the answer you have impatiently been searching for…CM

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