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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: 9a2b8188b326848⋯.jpg (41.45 KB, 768x384, 2:1, ellen-chris-1547590697.jpg)

81931c  No.769361

No threads about this shitstorm yet?


81931c  No.769362

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d4bd54  No.769381


Chris Pratt did nothing wrong!

He's our Lot in the Sodom that is Hollywood.

8e0a4c  No.769395


>He's our Lot in the Sodom that is Hollywood.

There's a few others (Jim Caviezel has my complete admiration.. despite me not being Catholic). But yeah, these brothers are outnumbered.

8e0a4c  No.769398


Oh yeah.. although, I heard Jim tell a sad (but kind of funny) story when they filmed the Passion. He was so caught in up the role of our Lord that he overheard Mel take God's name in vain.. and Jim blurted out in front of everyone: "Hey! Don't take my Father's name in vain".. but was seriously stern about it and shut everyone up.

I think Mel's heart is in the right place, but he's a bit troubled.

8e0a4c  No.769400

Oh, I somehow left out the best part. He was trying to say he was still in "costume". But he didn't feel vain about it. He said it made him feel like an even more emboldened Christian. And when they saw him there, looking like Jesus, it shut them all up.

12fe7a  No.769402

File: 31b425c9ea9d23d⋯.jpg (92.17 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 6cdeb9b9-0234-453c-b249-6d….jpg)

The Chad Pratt vs. The "virgin" Page

9c4c7c  No.769418

File: dbac6a452ebfe27⋯.jpg (9.68 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images (7).jpg)

File: d9b565c64191cc5⋯.jpg (53.59 KB, 528x656, 33:41, f4085f4281fe53325dcf5e8039….jpg)

File: eae519df6b24298⋯.jpg (85.41 KB, 497x861, 71:123, 653d571fed1bc402f241ed8514….jpg)

This is now a Chris Pratt meme thread.

3b291b  No.769425

File: 4fa5c0c897d73e6⋯.jpg (840.44 KB, 800x1512, 100:189, rawr-means-have-you-seen-c….jpg)

File: d79af5b9a367785⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1024x512, 2:1, 2019_02_11_054148.png)


I'm doing my part!

3eeac5  No.769432

File: a80e518e949b849⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1024x855, 1024:855, 2019_02_11_062925.png)

Flee from that unholy place, Chris! Flee while you still can!

94508b  No.769446


>Hey! Don't take my Father's name in vain".

Technically not incorrect though. I still need to actually watch that movie.

a89be5  No.769465


I think we missed this because nobody cares, not even Chris Pratt. It's just a cheap shot which incidentally passes through the black hole of the American consciousness. Viz, which is more politically incorrect? religion or progressivism?

The only other question which produces such a standoff in the American mind is which Marvel superhero is best

d6fb2c  No.769481

File: 07874018f17cbf6⋯.jpg (82.48 KB, 509x755, 509:755, passengers.jpg)

Chris Pratt is based, saw one of his movies. Pray for him.

1d0df8  No.769502


Ah yes, the "good Christian" Chris Pratt, who divorced his live and is now living out of wedlock with his new girlfriend. Truly a good rolemodel.

431d36  No.769521

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ah, too bad. Well, he's one of those Hillsong type of Christians. Lord have mercy. We should pray for him.

Jim Caveizel is still based though. Truly intense, actor or not.

4cc686  No.769529

File: 9ee7688e80ba9db⋯.jpg (8.13 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download (1).jpg)


Bruh, he plans on marrying pic related's daughter. Calm yourself before you wreck yourself.

a0aa6e  No.769531


that's still adultery, and who should applaud a man for bringing a woman into an adulterous situation?

the adulterer will not inherit the kingdom of Heaven

66d139  No.769533


Sure, but when he gets married it's not adultery. Pratt has a kid, you don't just marry the first gal you see until you know she is good with your kid. He is literally a better rolemodel than 99.99999% of Hollywood.

71c294  No.769537


Then you wait. Marriage is a sacrament designed by God. Done on HIS TIME. Not according to our whims, thinking "I'll get around to it later, but may as well practically consummate it now." It's either fornication or adultery. Just like you're not supposed to have sex before marriage, period.

I'm sorry about the guy, and at this point, don't want to focus on him individually.. so I'm just speaking in the abstract. This is the scriptural teaching that applies to all of us.

3b291b  No.769538

File: 594ec5ffaf330bb⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1080x1086, 180:181, 2019_02_11_015133.png)


FFS, they are already engaged


So get off your moral high horse and leave the man be.

a0aa6e  No.769539


Luke 16:18

Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery, and he who marries a divorced woman commits adultery.

a0aa6e  No.769540


are you even a Christian?

66d139  No.769542


Are you?

5c3fac  No.769544


>So get off your moral high horse and leave the man be.

It's really not a high horse. It's Christianity 101. Why do you think some people here are so miserable and just want to get married and have it done with? :D

It's either doing it the right way or being in danger of hell. So they're wise and follow what Christ actually said. Not pretend Gandhi Christ and what we want him to say.

a0aa6e  No.769546


Of course, which is why I am calling Chris Pratt an adulterer.

see >>769539

Who should we listen to? Christ Pratt and some anons, or Jesus Christ?

909f40  No.769577

Mt 7:3-5

5ce5db  No.769580


I think people are already looking at the speck in their own eye by pointing this out. They are living up to a tough requirement. So it's disappointing when they see someone say that simply following Christ means nothing.. that's all the same no matter what, and they should make role models out of whoever.

At the very least, it's unfair. It's like saying it's OK to just cut in line. While the people who are upset are made out to be the bad ones for simply following the rules. This is ultimately how society's fall apart.. literally. There's no standard. It's just chaos and every man for himself afterwards.

afbea3  No.769584


Are you saying that people rebuking adultery are adulterers?

f244ce  No.769587

Chris Pratt, an openly unapologetic Christian, who proclaims Christ as King even among the liberal atheists that surround him and what happens? /christian/ immediately denounces him.

This is why Christians are afraid to be open. You LARPer anons force Christians to stay in the closet.

a8d87d  No.769595


I thought we were saved by faith. I didn't realize we had to do works like "obey the church" to be saved. What happened to John 11:25?

909f40  No.769613


No I’m saying they’re worse, probably degenerate tourists from /pol/ that obsess about daddy Hitlers tiny willy and decided to take a break from their larpagan hobby for a few days

37e3ac  No.769620


Why would anyone "LARP" about being chaste? It invites more ridicule than anything. Even from other Christians. I'm a 40 year old celibate and barely anyone outside my family knows. I don't care to announce it, but it's hard to talk about to anyone (even now as an anon, strangely. I know this will get ridicule here too). I'm literally in the "closet" on this. I have ZERO role models except Christ and his saints. I want to be like they were. Not whatever the world considers good enough. Not because I think I'm better. It simply scares the hell out of me not to.

And for others here who simply want a traditional marriage, they're just as much in the closet. They get laughed at too for being "old fashioned" and not having sex with 20 women before they're in college and simply wanting to follow Christ's prescription on marriage. They fear hell.. and they warn others of it. Listen to them. And if they happen to be "larping", the message is still true. It's what Christ expected of us.

What closet are you afraid of?

37e3ac  No.769621


Well, I for one am not in some monastery. I'm just some nobody in a nothing town, USA… just trying to get by. But everything I'm saying is from the heart.

c5a7e3  No.769627


>and is now living out of wedlock with his new girlfriend

Looked it up, and it's true. I am very disappointed by this news. I am sure that Pratt is a sincere Christian with sincere beliefs, but this is showing a poor example to the kids he wants to bring to the faith.

99df17  No.769667


>faith alone

If you're a heretical prot.

22e2bd  No.769680

File: 9b72a4e7c2afd2f⋯.png (74 KB, 310x558, 5:9, tips zucchetto.png)

a0aa6e  No.769725


>I think people are already looking at the speck in their own eye by pointing this out.

How, friend? Going by the Scriptures, he is OBJECTIVELY living in adultery. He has also led his own (true) wife into adultery by this as well.

>At the very least, it's unfair.

What's unfair is that you're giving a movie actor license to sin.

a0aa6e  No.769726



Do not condone adultery. Do not condone adultery!


There's no other way to read this but as:

Jesus Christ is wrong! Chris Pratt is right!

Adultery is fine! How dare you!

2fade0  No.769733


Except for cause of fornication.


You don't know what went on between him and his wife and any other party involved, only God and the people involved know.

a0aa6e  No.769735


So now you accuse his wife of fornication?

a0aa6e  No.769736


Adulterers will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. If you condemn me over the words of Christ, I'm blessed.

a0aa6e  No.769741


>Stop blaspheming and hiding under your lame understanding of Christ's words.

How is calling a sin like adultery...adultery?

I'm Catholic too, fornication isn't even an acceptable cause for re-marriage! Re-marriage has always been banned by the Church.

>Pratt is literally one of the few bastions of the faith in Hollywood, the man is preaching the good word to the masses

oh, you're just trolling

a0aa6e  No.769747


yes, go back to reddit already. or /tv/, or whatever hole you people crawl out of.

a0aa6e  No.769750


really big fan of marvel movies huh

2fade0  No.769751


It's quite possible; I don't know the details of why they divorced, nor do you. That's between them and God.

a0aa6e  No.769752


no, in the eyes of God re-marriage isn't allowed

luke 16:18, as I already told you in that other thread.

a0aa6e  No.769756


>pseudo christian

Sorry bub, I'm Catholic. The original Christian.

afbea3  No.769761


It is amazing how perverse people like you have no problem defending adultery and trashing those who defend virtue.

afbea3  No.769764


Why are you mad that people rebuke sin like we are commanded to do? Are you so much of a celebrity white knight that you get offended when someone points out the things you want to ignore? People get a free pass if they are popular enough?

Your compromise is disgusting, and the way you attack those who have integrity is even worse. Pratt has not repented. So stop talking about "reason and forgivveness". You are only an enabler who wants people to sht up when your dear celebrities are rightfully rebuked.

afbea3  No.769766


It is strange that you say that, considering we know very well he lives in adultery.

I claim to possess the virtue of rebuking evvil, something basic that you don't seem to meet. You seem to think that forgiveness is this hippie thing where someone keeps sinning and being evil, but you just ignore it and tell people who point out to shut up. That is not forgiveness, that is you being just as guilty as him, as it is written. Forgiveness requires repentance, we are not talking about some pure soul that has repented and now seeks forgiveness.

You are a weak celebrity lover that has no problems trash talking christians who follow standards, but ignores the sins of celebrities. You are as guilty as him.

afbea3  No.769767


You can't marry twice. I tell you to stop talking about "reason and forgiveness" because what you label as such is apathy and a refusal to rebuke someone because he is a celebrity.

We are consistent. We do not live in adultery and we rebuke adultery. You are a hypocrite snake who has no problem spitting every single condemnation you can against actual christians while turning a blind eye to your dear celebrities.

afbea3  No.769769


OH so he did repent? He left the woman he commited adultery with and now lives with his actual wive?

Now any defense of good and rebukal of evil is "larping virtue signaling". You are insane and clearly not a christian, so go away, snake. The teachings of Christ must be like poison to your kind.

Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery, and he who marries a divorced woman commits adultery.

afbea3  No.769853


More than anyone else I don't know. But more than you, me and pretty much evveryone here.

It seems you hate any opposition to the scanda of your true gods: celebrities.

48f863  No.769895

File: c02664fbb4ca5f7⋯.jpg (22.62 KB, 640x425, 128:85, gAHbCaN.jpg)


The look of shock on the Jewess bitch Plaza when he says God is real.

df123c  No.770199


Anna Faris was married to another guy first IIRC. His newest marriage might be even "purer".

a0aa6e  No.770202


well, he'd actually be entering into a legit marriage in that case

ef256e  No.770218


More dinosaur memes please

81931c  No.770426

File: 22f3e103aad8af7⋯.jpg (255.4 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, 11-chris-pratt.w1200.h1200….jpg)



>Faris started dating actor Ben Indra shortly after they met on the set of the 1999 indie slasher Lovers Lane.[137] They married in June 2004.[138] Faris filed for divorce in April 2007 citing irreconcilable differences.[139] As part of their divorce agreement, which was finalized in February 2008, she agreed to pay Indra $900,000 in addition to other property and acting royalties.[140]


a76881  No.770430



2108c6  No.770436

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

He starts reading from Luke at 50:41.

d191d3  No.770439


>anons cowering in fear on the internet with their light under a bush

>while Pratt puts his light on a hill for all to see

b-b-but h-h-his m-m-m-m-marriage D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:

a0aa6e  No.770636


I'm sorry!

2fade0  No.771486

File: fbab7887941b9e3⋯.jpg (286.02 KB, 700x1050, 2:3, chris-pratt-ellen-page-res….jpg)

Thoughts on his response to her?

At first glance it looks /r/christianity/ tier. Reading more carefully, it seems likely he does hold traditional Christian views, given how careful some of the wording is. He specifies relationships should be free from 'the judgement of their fellow man' but conspicuously avoids mentioning God's judgement. It seems like something the pope would say in that sense. I can pretty much guarantee you his career in Hollywood would be over had he said anything about homosexuality being a sin. Which is not to say he shouldn't have said it anyway.. people have given their lives for their faith, so sacrificing your career is not so bad by comparison. But I understand why he didn't want to.

506263  No.771501


>I am a man who believes that everyone is entitled to love who they want to without judgment from their fellow man

I'm sorry, anon but this is pretty clear cut. The subject matter is sexual deviancy (LGBTQABCDEFGBBQ), and his statement here is clearly at the very least creating a false equivalency between homosexual "love" and natural man-woman love. I understand the argument that he could lose his career over standing firmly to Christian doctrine on homosexuality, but he's condoning it here, which is entirely different than a cordial "I don't hate anyone, love everyone" letter. He certainly is no Lot in gammora. I'm convinced he has genuine faith but it's dillute and shallow.

2fade0  No.771505


It's definitely a 'people-pleasing' statement. It's vague enough that it could placate moderate people on both sides, while still pissing off the more passionate people on both sides. That's why I compared it to something the pope would say.

4b9ebb  No.771506

File: 7d4e2d8ebd85cf9⋯.gif (1000.78 KB, 450x234, 25:13, fug-this-gay-earth.gif)


Hey, I watched this just the other day.

>someone mouths-off that Zoe Church is anti-alphabet

f–king gays. they be all like

>someone told us it's wrong to be gay. awwww, but I like being gay… this is wrong … no, they're wrong … I'm perfectly normal because I want to be gay …

(nsfw pic related)



There's even a website dedicated to them. Producers, editors, production people, costumers and make-up, writers, etc

They're in your Hollywood, making differences


>but he's a bit troubled.

best description of Mel in a while. But then, look at what craziness raised him.


>This is now a Chris Pratt meme thread.

< I-like-where-this-thread-is-going.jpg


>now living out of wedlock with his new girlfriend

< evidences-required.png

>>769531 >>769537

You seem a little butthurt about this, anon. Are you his brother than you are responsible for his behaviour?

The truth is he married a non-Christian and his faith means more to him now.

Not saying that justifies his divorcing, or marrying Arnie's daughter – Christ alone will justify if Pratt remains in Him – and Pratt's no perfect role-model as a result, but imperfect people can still be applauded for bringing the light of God into some very dark places.

And, for this, he deserves all the prayer and memes we can muster for him

4b9ebb  No.771507


I swear I spoilered that pic

4b9ebb  No.771513

File: f17640322c1bafa⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.57 KB, 422x563, 422:563, unafraid.jpg)


Uncomfortable silence would have been better, but I don't suppose his publicist would have endured that for long. The twitterverse abhors a vacuum.

I don't think he's wrong to say they're free to live their own lives, just as others are free to worship the Moloch of their own choice, he's right to note that the Church does have open arms to gays any time they desire … to surrender all their lives to God, and I don't see this being more than a minor blip that he has opportunity to really exploit this in a career-ending explosion of Righteous Indignation a.k.a. a Mel-tdown, but I agree that the third-column last-line is a little too "endorsementy" for my tastes

I wouldn't last long in Hollywood, that's a fact. It's why I don't have any social media. You lot are my subscribers and retweeters.

4b9ebb  No.771515

NOW the spoiler works?!

0edea0  No.771526

File: 43c5838fbfd684e⋯.jpg (132.29 KB, 798x1020, 133:170, jeremia_jeruzalem.jpg)


From your post alone, I feel like if you lived in Downtown LA you would end up going all Jerimiah on the heathens. Which is definitely what a shithole like LA needs. You are too good for that place. Never change, christanon. God loves you.

0edea0  No.771541

File: e91e96920dc836d⋯.png (423.18 KB, 1024x609, 1024:609, 2019_02_15_103243.png)



>There is a gang of angry sodomites outside

>I don't know what they want

>but at this point im too afraid to ask

4137d3  No.771542


how do i unsub

0edea0  No.771546


Delet system 32 folder

8faf77  No.771551

File: f99249f4c7a5347⋯.jpg (11.72 KB, 180x280, 9:14, download (10).jpg)


>that genesis 19:5 reference


This makes me want to unironically write a movie script based on Lot and his time he and his family spent in the wicked cities. Pratt would make an excellent Lot. He just exudes wholesomeness and innocence in a den of vipers.

a0aa6e  No.771618


>You seem a little butthurt about this, anon. Are you his brother than you are responsible for his behaviour?

Yes, I am my brother's keeper.

1a2f14  No.775124


Matthew 7:19-20

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