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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: a08df3f744acf18⋯.jpg (26.42 KB, 224x250, 112:125, 20180208_232612.jpg)

a98fa7  No.770651

I hate to be that weirdo

But I can't stop feeling like God is speeding things up.

Everywhere I look, society, church, theology, philosophy, they all seem to culminate at a certain time period.

I'm not saying the time is near and I'm not trying to profess the future. But,

It really seems like God is starting to seperate his flock more and more from the world. Even the lukewarm people of faith are either becomming more traditional or are falling completely from the way.

I'm just wondering if any one else is seeing what I'm seeing or am I legitimately going mad?

d40050  No.770673

You're not the only one Anon.

Society is literally unravelling at an unprecedented rate. Seraphim Rose postulated, I want to think from his book Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future, that a demonic Pentecost was coming, and I think he was wholly right.

What's going on is wholly bizarre. Transgenderism for instance - this is nuts! Children do not have a concrete grasp of reality until age 5-6 on average, a 2 year old claiming to be a girl shouldn't be indulged, nor should a 10-year old for that matter.

Homosexuality - there's the meme that was made and stuck that "you're born that way." It's a meme, but because it's been so heavily pressed, the victims of the meme believe it with all their heart and condemn themselves. It's very tragic and painfully sad.

The destruction of the family - no-fault divorce and the "womans always right" attitude have wrecked HAVOC. What's worse is that homosexuals - get this - generally come from single mother households. A statistically significant portion of gays come from single mother households, that's not to say correlation is causation, but there's some kind of common factor in play. Also destruction of the family is bad, mmkay? I'm sure there's more damage than just the increased proclivity towards homosexuality, but I'm not going to harp on one point when I have more in mind.

The outright hedonism in society, between drugs and promiscuity, and pornography… It's going nuts. In my brief stint with hedonism, dude, it's bad news. All the stereotypes are true, and the fact so few people are condemning this is going to just amplify things.

And of course abortion. 50-60 million. MILLION! Unlike the Jewish fanfic everyone knows and loves, these kids were actually KILLED! MILLIONS MURDERED. God is the same today as he was yesteryear, the hammer is going to drop HARD. (I personally speculate Soviet-tier communism with extra brutality and a hintmore fagness, but that's just my own speculation).

Oh and hyperreality, +VR. Already the pervs are looking into making porn more "lifelike" with VR and robotics. But beyond that, I think we're verging on people being incapable of discerning reality from fiction. The MSM highlights this to a disturbing extent, already people believe in whacky fantasies. Throw in some VR goggles and the delusion will just get worse.

I don't know how depraved people will get between hyperreality, drugs, sexual lust, no moral foundation (no family) and other factors…. But it won't be pretty. We think it's bad today,but this is nothing - we'll look back on these years as being reasonable.

Now, I'm not saying this is the end of days. But, yes, there's certainly acceleration going on. Which indicates to me, we're past the point of no return, and we're on a downhill slide.

So, God have mercy on us all.

ea4bbd  No.770675

File: e732c0f02d224ae⋯.jpg (7.09 MB, 3497x5500, 3497:5500, Juan_de_la_Abadía,_'The_E….jpg)

You aren't going mad. All things tend toward decay except for God himself. Now with technology where it is, the globalized market and the metastasis of spiritual and mental cancer flowing through it, decay in one sector of civilization is feeding off the other and increasing exponentially. Some people say, "every generation has said this". Those generations were correct in their own way, but none of them could have ever conceived of what's going on now. I get the impression that we truly are a people in our 10th or 11th hour, but I could be wrong. There's a slim chance of another flourish of faith and humanity, we've had them before, through God all things are possible. Realistically though, we're on the downward spiral toward apocalypse with no hope of turning back. Just be ready for your judgment.

2c0653  No.770677

To me, it makes no difference. Christ judges us at the end of our lives no matter what. Stay focused on the foot-race.

53fb9d  No.770701

Accelerationism is real. I honestly expect the Antichrist within our lifetimes.

a98fa7  No.770703





It's honestly reassuring to me that there are brothers in faith among us who see the things as I do.

Do you think people like us should group up? Denominational differences asside?

3b9412  No.770731


I have also thought this too. I swear I think the Antichrist is alive on the scene. Let's put our trust in Christ and win souls to the Lord.

a6094a  No.770793


I agree as well. I'm fairly certain the end will be within 100 years or less. (Also why I believe in YEC, I'm pretty sure the age of the world in total is around 6000-7000 year - days of creation). It just makes more sense.

550920  No.770919

Don't worry Brother, all things must end. Do not worry about the end. Enjoy the present because this is a once in a life time experience.

Personally, I do feel its speeding up.I'm glad I didn't kill myself.

e1017d  No.771180


This has a lot of good things in it. You basically described what's wrong with society at its core.

e8a4e9  No.771184

The end will come when the end will come and there's no need to worry about it, just be an active worker akin to the parables of Matthew 25.

If I can make an assumption, you, like many of us, are living in the Western world. What we are seeing is not, I believe-course I can be the wrong-the end of all things but rather the judgment upon the western world and the nations within that sphere for what has happened.

This may belong more in the political thread than anywhere, and God bless the /pol/acks for their almost unhealthy desire to save the white race but from an eternal perspective is it worth saving? Is the West as it currently stands? As >>770673 pointed out these are realities in the western world now the sins of the nations of the West may have finally reached the point where God will not tread out the winepress of His wrath upon them. How will He do this? Well, we have example after example within Scripture, most notably the nation of Israel.

Just as in the time of the Judges, or the divided kingdom, God has allowed us, by our own free will, to elect leaders who are corrupt, insane, and inept, along with this He has allowed the passing of foreign people into the land to display the native population with their culture, their beliefs and their practices. In time we will see the results of this in the collapse of our current society, government, etc. The righteous shall suffer along with the wicked, however, those of God have the community of the Lord's Body to fall back on and in times such as these, we have an even greater opportunity to spread the message of Jesus to the dying world of the West. Christians, in these times, will be forced to ask themselves which matters more, God or the world. They will be forced to go back to the Scripture for authority in their lives, the Lord's Body, the church, will have to purify herself and, as I said, when all around us there is hopelessness, we who have an eternal hope will have a great chance to preach the good news of Jesus.

So be of good cheer my brother, keep to your work and study of the word of God, the written word, study and show yourself approved a workman rightly dividing the word of truth, be active as a faithful servant and look not to the grimness of the coming days, but the hope that on the other side of the darkness we may see a resurgence in the Western world of a Christian faith that has finally, after many years, been purified and all the dross burned off from it.

e8a4e9  No.771187


Sorry I'm tired. I mean that God will now tread the wine press instead of not

07a652  No.771189

Hrrm, oddly enough reading this thread has lightened my spirit. I've been very pessimistic about the deterioration of everything around me. But now I'm thinking differently, if we've finally began the slip into the end times the kingdom of Christ is coming. And even if I'm not around in the end times I'll hopefully God willing be with my Lord Christ for eternity. It doesn't really matter, that is not to say I won't fight for what is right. But it is reassuring to remember that when the battle is fought we'll eventually get to Christ after we die, or battling through the end times. God bless you all anons and stay strong, take this time to try bring all you can to our Lord Christ so that they too may inherit the kingdom of Heaven.

d8161d  No.771202



Just work hard and raise a family. People willingly send themselves to hell and you're aware that you're on the proper path. It wasn't easy at any point, especially for Jesus' disciples.

3f79bb  No.771369


/our lord and saviour/ is our only shield from this degerate materialist world of sin. Churchs need to stand up to this decay. But what is a church with out it's people? What is a nation without its people? A people who have been corrupted to a cheap world. Morality is treaded on and even pushed to the limits.

31f9e8  No.771372

File: f83796e4c1467b8⋯.jpeg (6.48 KB, 225x225, 1:1, feelinblue.jpeg)


You are not crazy.

I have been thinking the same thing for the past few months, and havent been able to explain it to anyone without sounding crazy.

Just look at how things like accelerationism are being memed on /pol/ and in general, people are feeling antsy. I will admit that I started memeing aobut it too because I've been down in the dumps. And then the church on my street closed.

And i thought it was sad.

Then i got a letter in the mail and apparently my church is closing too.

Lots of churches are closing. Internet censorship is getting worse in alot of places. I have a hunch (though i could be wrong) that they are going to try to spin the narrative that US christians are actually russian agents and traitors to America.

Even on my campus recently the attitude of people is just, really ansty. Like people are trying to provoke each other more and more.

Sorry for the blog post but stay steadfast. Trust Christ above all else. We live in confusing and fast times but God has promised to keep us in His hands. God bless you all.

1250b4  No.772047


>Just look at how things like accelerationism are being memed on /pol/ and in general, people are feeling antsy. I will admit that I started memeing aobut it too because I've been down in the dumps.

It seems like everybody has the sense that something bad is about to happen. It's not even just fringe survivalist types anymore, I've talked with upper middle class neoliberals talking about prepping and SHTF scenarios. There's just a sense of looming dread over all society.

91fe63  No.772057


Demonic pentecost happened alreadt with the counter-culture of 1968 which is now the mandatory ideology we are fed (feminism, antiauthority, CV II, lgbt).

Eastern european former communist nations are better than the west precisely because they never went through the 1968 movement.

1968 was like a mass antichristian ritual.

31f9e8  No.772090


They called woodstock the "Aquarian Exposition" for this reason. The CIA engineered alot of those 60s bands to spread LSD culture and plant seeds for what i think seraphim rose was talking about in "Orthodoxy and Religion of the Future"

8d3a4d  No.772422


They're still at it, shilling DMT to the youth

7177b8  No.773112


Curse the CIA

00952d  No.773130


Honestly, none of this is new if you read history. Read Petronius's The Satyricon or Aristophanes's Assemblywomen for a glimpse into eras of Greece and Rome, obviously they are works of fiction. Wealth and leisure breed decadence and moral regression. Just be mindful that none of this is exceptional and there is always a correction.

e11165  No.773168

File: 3dc66be7830a51c⋯.png (168.34 KB, 1894x989, 1894:989, 1530964070463.png)



I agree with you anons. Many saints have continually prophesied these days and the Blessed Mother herself has done so time and again in her apparitions. Repent, for the end is near.

e11165  No.773170


To add, history buffs can also recognize how everything has just been coming together over the past century - a making of which there is no undoing.

>Revelations 20:7-10

>7And when the thousand years shall be finished, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, and shall go forth, and seduce the nations, which are over the four quarters of the earth, Gog, and Magog, and shall gather them together to battle, the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.

>8 And they came upon the breadth of the earth, and encompassed the camp of the saints, and the beloved city.

>9 And there came down fire from God out of heaven, and devoured them; and the devil, who seduced them, was cast into the pool of fire and brimstone, where both the beast

>10 And the false prophet shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

64334b  No.773198


It most likely won't be the end times, but you are sensing the end of an era. The beginning of a dark age, but not the end. Decadence is nothing new and this cycle has played itself out before. Pray, live faithfully is all we can do. Anxiety is the work of the Enemy.


I'm of the opinion that there is always an antichrist on this Earth, that Satan is constantly raising new ones up in the hope that one will eventually be the one of Revelation, but of course, hoping that he will win. Food for thought.

f1c72b  No.773229

God bless you all. I love you christanons.

1ecbea  No.779307


>And of course abortion. 50-60 million. MILLION! Unlike the Jewish fanfic everyone knows and loves, these kids were actually KILLED! MILLIONS MURDERED. God is the same today as he was yesteryear, the hammer is going to drop HARD. (I personally speculate Soviet-tier communism with extra brutality and a hintmore fagness, but that's just my own speculation).


Can't be a coincidence.

ac7641  No.789201

God is not speeding it up. the devil knows his time is short so he is rushing things.

b54ddd  No.789220

In light of NZ looks like accelerationism "isn't just a meme anymore".

I wish the church would wake up already and get the lead out of their ears.


God is sovereign.

Acts 17:26

"And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;"

c8b1a1  No.789251

There has always been degeneracy, but what is especially bad is how normalized it is. I used to think this was just what people do at the late stages of industrial society… go crazy. But now I see it’s partially orchestrated by Jewish elites.

c8b1a1  No.789252


Tell me more about LSD. One of my past loves told me she wanted to take it, and I tried to stop her.

7632b2  No.789286

File: a4ed48442be437b⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1000x3000, 1:3, Jews.png)

File: 37959f9fa04eccd⋯.jpg (146.83 KB, 737x664, 737:664, Jewish Beliefs on Jesus.jpg)


>they are going to try to spin the narrative that US christians are actually russian agents and traitors to America.

Given how much the Jews hate Jesus Christ, they'll likely condemn the Bible for hate speech and force us in re-education camps similar to what China has done.

419105  No.789357


>Given how much the Jews hate Jesus Christ, they'll likely condemn the Bible for hate speech and force us in re-education camps similar to what China has done.

That won't reach that far. It's either the Jews stop their Jewishness and go b ack to being good Jews under an autoritarian Sicut Judaeis Non, which is a relatively peaceful solution, or violent people will take the matter in their own hands and will exterminate every single Jew on the face of the earth, which is not what is wanted but that's what is going to happen if they don't stop their corrupting influence.

b54ddd  No.789446


I've never done it but alot of my friends and an ex used to do it. Some of them are actually schizophrenic from it.

It's bad news it can bring up underlying mental problems.

c8b1a1  No.789647


I read news stories about a man who cut off his own penis, and another who stabbed his girlfriend while on LSD.

I’ve also known dumb, lazy, immature, immoral people who took LSD who think they are enlightened, but it’s just an illusion. They had weird experiences of perception and think they are better people.

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